Saturday, April 7, 2018

Prioritize CITA ANNABELLA  modulation, RPS strictly enforced





  3. One of the things that make me happy in this days, that no matter what is achived behind the scenes, and how long we are from Event, that there are so many posts on this blog. I remember when I was looking forward in last years for at least a single post per week on this blog, and sometimes the waitng took more then 2 weeks. Now so many post per week, its amazing!

  4. Also threat with caution, but Ive had vision showing that the Event will happen before Taipei conference, so for me it looks like from 13 april to may is high chance for what we wish for, but I so many times was wrong or dissapointed that please threat it cautious

    1. Cobra mentioned and hinted in previous post, saying that Cobra can assure us the success of the Event after the Taipei conference(May 14). So my take on the Compression Breakthrough time will be around the end of May 2018. "May" flower blossoms and comes to the fruition!! And please enjoy this video, which coincides the potential Event timeline and Biblical timeline:

  5. And is there any protocol for skin healing? I have big problems with my skin and diet and meditation do a little use for it. Command BP skin clear?

    1. oh i want to heal my skin full of scars most of all in the physical body!

    2. Sword:

      You don't say what exactly your skin is doing (acne? psoriasis? allergic reactions?) Maybe it doesn't matter.... is what works for me. Maybe some of these will work for you.

      (I have very nice skin now but I haven't always had nice skin).

      Drink A LOT of water. Basically 8 - 10 glasses per day for an average-sized person. Very large people need more.

      I drink Cobra's tachyonized detox water too. It has helped my skin. (like 10 - 20 drops a day).

      I also use Cobra's tachyonized beauty cream (so do 2 men I know). It is very healing. The calendula in it is used in Ayurvedic medicine and also in Chinese medicine.

      Calendula skin products in general are usually quite helpful.

      Olive oil (such as on a salad) always improves my skin and my digestion.

      Do not get constipated. Don't smoke. Don't drink alcohol (or very little).

      Get a lot of exercise.

      Control your stress. Get enough sleep. Pound a pillow to get rid of anger.

      Eat an alkaline diet (as opposed to a more acidic diet).

      You can try an ionic footbath to pull toxins in your body out -- the toxins pass out the bottoms of your feet.

      Try also a "coffee enema" which helps the liver release toxins.

      Try one of the tachyon chambers Cobra has listed on the website. The tachyon chamber seems to help skin problems, such as psoriasis.


  6. Robert's energy is full this year, do you feel it?

    Does any have any information about it, or it true cause?

  8. Just as soon as I think you are done for the day here you go againπŸ˜„

  9. We are going fast!!Are we ready :D, really ready?? Woaah..I♡This! What a ride :D

  10. Blessings to all LF and to You, dear Cobra!
    Gosh, I really LOVE the resent RM messages!

    When reading phrases/words such as; "urgent APR evaluation requested", "clearance approved",
    "basic VTXC systems GO!"(the best one)", and today we got the word "strictly", I can finally, see Ashtar (and the command), not only saying "ENOUGH", but also taking huge actions, working on multiple projects to show to "the others", that...
    Well... This time - "enough", really means EN(d)OUGH. πŸ˜„

  11. All groups came to consensus to intensify cleanup operations of all malevolent individuals and entities on Earth.
    ~ RV/Intel Alert

    As quiet as it may seem, there is much going on behind the scenes. You may be compelled to move things along, to push through the ‘slow burn’ that is going on now because you are anxious for the next great leap forward. The Universe would like to remind you…events will and are happening for a reason, at the perfect moment for the perfect outcome. As challenging as it may be, allow Divine Timing to take the lead; the outcome will ~ The Creator

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