Monday, April 2, 2018

Project 501 update

Beta timeline with sporadic HV YXRs is secured. Internal YXR flow is disrupted, evaluation in progress. LEVSF pivoting has been position inverted with mdispersion. HVBN target has been replaced with GBN.

Cobra protocols with wipeout sequence are now deep black. 

LJVTX declassified, protocols made public and in execution.


  1. "Deep Black operatives have standard naval ranks and ratings and are theoretically attached to specific ommands as ordinary spacers, but their naval HQ handlers ensure that all of them are assigned where they need to be, aboard
    ships specially designated for Deep Black operations.
    Deep Black ops do not discuss their special roles with other spacers, and do not even admit their unique training to any naval personnel not specifically cleared to support their operations."

  2. Massive moves ahead. Tough decisions imminent with no clear visions of next step. Strong like a rocks but delicate as silk at the same time

  3. LJVTX declassified, protocols made public

    1. Re: the vid...I thought peeping, wary Stormtroopers was worth staying with it, and lo and behold!, I felt as if the breakthrough (coherence) is an Ecstatic Movement! Thanks!

  4. I am not quite sure what this means.

    We are in this together.

    Transparency is important.

    1. We are not part of the RM(Resistance Movement) therefore these instructions and coded messages are not for us. No one lets their enemies know what they are planning in a war as spies are everywhere. This is a public blog. Cobra stated in February after the Cabal killed his soulmate that from here on out we the people who frequent this blog are on a need to know basis. Please understand that this is a war with real casualties.


    2. Cobra is not speaking to us. It’s for the Resistance movement only. But some communications here such as Cobras interviews are made public plus us like minded people get to chat. :)

    3. Thoso codes are to the Resistance People,

      We are together, but this protocols are not made to us,
      our task is to stay in light, and spread love around us...

      With that they can do their part.

      Trust the plan!
      Much Love to you!


    4. Its all way too complicated to understand any of this, causes depression

  5. Thank you dear Cobra for this update ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈 Eternal light and Love to you, light forces and lightworkers ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈

  6. What does this mean for the upcoming days?

    1. Freedom from mental slavery, be patient as it unfolds

  7. Strane phenomena on the skies this days:

    Sky phenomenon in Jerusalem. An energy portal?

    Motheship and ufos over Miami

    1. Interesting sky phenomenon... it looks just like the Sun's convection zone!!

    2. This is interesting as it looks like like the Sun's convection zone

    3. Please girls and boys.. please.
      These both video are Computer Generated Graphics.
      I'm not mean, but they are.

  8. Looking forward to monthly situation update!

  9. Many Thanks Cobra, RM, Light Forces/Workers, Much Love and Light xxx

  10. Gratidão pela abertura dos corações!!!
    Sol Central !!
    Vamos que vamos com os gatilhos cósmicos.
    Grato RM e cobra.

  11. Reference about 501

    Funds can be given ONLY to 501 (c) (3) organizations, registered within the US, preferably to a specific charitable or scientific project.

    These funds are NOT part of the collateral accounts, are NOT part of the Reset process and may or may not be connected with the Dragon sources.

  12. 确实需要用越狱的速度去逃离这上万年的监狱。我觉得必须要有人先逃出去才能让其他人看到这个监狱是现实。不要怕所谓的炸弹。因为那些拥有炸弹的动物比我们还要怕失败才会用炸弹来威胁人和那些仁慈的外星人。如果大家都有拼死的心。那才是他们最害怕的末日,它们绝对不敢按这个纽,因为一旦地球毁灭,它们才是真正从宇宙中消失的物质

  13. 我不认为很多人是因为怕死而不合作,恰恰相反,人是不怕死的。但是人会害怕被愚弄了。所以必须要拿出结果来展示给人看。让人看到有人越狱了,要让监狱的墙暴露在公众的视线里。只要那些狱警就会拿枪对准人,人就会反抗





  16. My dear friends,
    ever since I started writing on here I have never asked for anything, but now I need your help.
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    So I am asking you to please PLEASE help Leo and Vanessa if that is possible at all. Every cent given would really help them and make a very serious situation a bit easier for them.

    They are really wonderful people and despite only knowing Leo via Facebook chat I consider him one of the nicest, most spiritual persons I have ever met.

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    Victory of Love and Light


    1. I have sent something, only small I'm afraid but I hope it helps. Love and Light to you and your friends xxx

    2. Ich werde gerne spenden, weil ich dir, RaJah, vertraue..😍 Sieg dem Licht!

    3. PayPal is not working for this email and returns: Sorry, this recipient can’t accept personal payments.

      If you continue to encounter problems, please contact customer service.

    4. Is the email address leojjockey... correct?

    5. I did a small donation. is working with paypal.

      Good luck for your friend.


    6. I am deeply touched by your generosity, you wonderful people.
      Leo and Vanessa cannot believe it, your kindness is helping them SO MUCH, it is unbelievable.

      Should you have problems with their PayPal you could send it to my PayPal account instead, I will forward it to them.

      That would be

      I thank you all SO MUCH for incredible support for these people in need. You are AMAZING!

      Help From My Friends

      Vielen vielen Dank
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  17. I'm not supposed to understand the code talk.. I have read on other sites.. higher self for e.g. where they are telling listeners the Event is determined by our thoughts, our ability to manifest it to happen? But wait a minute, Cobra has been clear, there are still toplet bombs remaining right? But, how can the Hammer of Thor be in full operation for weeks now, draco ships being blown from the skies and not trigger these toplet bombs or how can surface operations be in full operation if toplet bombs exist? Once a swat team starts taking out the bad guys holding a group of people hostage, delta force if you will, that pretty much means negotiations are over! I guess what I'm asking here is, how in the hell can there be any toplet bombs if all of these direct actions are taking place, logic says there can't be anymore risk or surely taking out draco ships are clearing DUMBs would trigger them right?? The energy grid we are told is active now to hold the light right? All the pyramids etc? I am positive and optimistic but also rationale and objective and to me, the veil and toplet bombs must not be an issue anymore or how else can all of these other activities be happening? Victory of the Light! We Are 1

    1. Imho, that s why Event hasn t happened yet and operations are in a slower, cautious mode.

    2. @Unknown: We can trust that the Light Forces are doing all that they can and are permitted under agreement with SOURCE/"God" in order to bring liberation to earth. Toplet bombs still need to be removed or else THE EVENT would take place, according to Cobra and his Intel. Therefore, we can trust that more needs to be done to achieve this.

      Cobra - March 22, 2018 post:

      "The surface of this planet has far more darkness than me, the Resistance or the Pleiadians have ever expected. Clearing of this complex situation unavoidably creates delays. I do not like them. You do not like them. Nobody likes them. So stop being a beta, stop whining and complaining and DO something to make the surface of the planet more bearable."

      Your question seems logical but evidently we the general public don't have all of the facts and information at hand.

      Pray, meditate, ask for Divine intervention, follow your innermost voice. That's the most each of us can do.

      Light to All.

  18. So that means we are done chasing the Cabal,... ???

  19. Lets help together to come back to the alpha and light!

  20. hello warriors!

    i've been feeling harsh energies like my chest is cracking and nothing in my life makes sense although i've always lived and still live based on love, understanding, being there for each other.
    late march was so amazing with such lovely vibrations! but yesterday it started to change and it's now more like a breakthrough. does anyone identify with these feelings? i'm highly sensitive and it really hurts physically yet emotionally.

    hope to rise again soon and sending you all much love and gratitude <3

  21. We are in good hands.

    As always, Much Love, Much Joy & Much Light - Peace Be With You

    ~ I AM A Light Sharer

    Adonaï/Until Next Time.

    1. It s nice hearing from you again, A Light Sharer. You bring joy.🌹

  22. The future is looking really bright!!

    As always, Much Love, Much Joy & Much Light - Peace Be With You

    ~ I AM A Light Sharer

    Adonaï/Until Next Time.

  23. my sincere condolences to cobra on your words, thank you to you and the RM, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!

  24. Dear editor, can you please tell if Cobra is alright?
    And maybe, if possible, tell your name?
    Much love, Maria

  25. timeline secure.. dynamite. love it when that happens!

  26. Perfeito...
    Gratidão Cobra... vamos enfrente com as mudanças...
    Esta tudo muito perto...
    Vitória da luz!

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    1. Thank you guys for updating the meditation schedule! Victory of the Light!

    2. Clicked on your invite link. Got redirected to the app discord, after dling it, it just keeps crashing. Can't access anything. What's a gal to do?

  28. No other words than: Thank you COBRA, the RM and the galactic family. May you all be in Love and Light!
    We're waiting for the contact day and all the changes that will in our Earth! Love you all!!!!!!

  29. COBRA can please tell us what to do more to survive the psychic attacks? and the magnetic weapons ? DO ANOTHER POST PLEASE COBRA- THE POINT OF THIS SITUATION IN YOUR VIEW. I have felt the waves of energy, the bath of love and light alternated with periods of intense attacks. my health is deteriorating from day to day, I do not know how long my heart will endure what they are doing. And I still ask: where are the angels? the mentors and spiritual guides) the ascended masters? Where are you all when I call for help? I have no more feeling their presence. I continue to do my job of anchoring Light, but I am increasingly depressed, discredited and disinterested in everything. My body and my mind will not take much more of the intensity and seriousness, the size these attacks are taking.

    1. Maybe you could support your body with supplements? Vitamin d3, b12, iodine... Or eat more unprocessed foods, herbs from the forest aso to get better protection. Just my unprecise recommendation for I dont know you and your habits. Best wishes