Monday, April 2, 2018


Pandora in progress, EELA  / VTXC in progress, wipeout sequence classified. 741L50 recovery in progress, VTX realignment in position, all subprotocols approved, basic VTXC systems GO!, minimum hyperphasic requirements met (n=1), minimum VTXPOS requirements not met.  M minimum requirements met.


  1. Love and Light y'all! Cherie here, to thank those of you I connected with yesterday. I got feelings of warmth, and like my spirit was being streached taught. Like our body does in the morning. What a reprieve from the endless stream of karmic transmutation! How wonderful to swim in the energy of unity conciousness with other selves! Peace.

  2. By what is visible here - almost everything is positive , only the minimum VTXPOS is negative . I was wrong with "VTXC systems GO!" assumption - its now obvious its a part of code ( maybe its both ? ) . But still sounds very crucial .

    What I see here - not much left . MANY things were finalized in these few months recently , or opened to be finalized after many years of being dormant .

    It would be good to hear from COBRA for clarification of some things that could be known publicly now .

    By the way - something occured yesterday , regarding the ear ringing . It wasnt just a personal happening - this occured everywhere , many many people said to me they experienced it , almost in same period of time . The ringing wasnt the usual , flat tone . It was oscillating heavily and almost sounded like music or voices at one point . I am very sure this is connected ... the important thing is , now we , on surface , can easily experience some things that serve as a direct and instant feedback to us .

    1. I woke up yesterday to somebody saying “hi Nic” . Very strange

    2. Yessss!!! The ringing!!!! I felt it really deep like if I was going deaf or something!

  3. We are all ready to win this war together! I am in an ascended place every night in my dreams. My waking reality has been under attack for way too long. I fight the feeling of depression and thoughts of suicide every day. I will do whatever I can to help defeat evil so everyone can grow in love and light. VOTL!

  4. Blessings. There are many of us who have been patiently awaiting the best results but I think we would do whatever it takes to help this mission succeed. Naturally we have our hands tied, as we don't have the knowledge or equipment necessary, but there is no limit to what a positive mindset can achieve!