Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Dragon Endgame

In January 2019, the Chimera group realized they will be defeated, so they issued a distress call for assistance across the Galaxy and received no response. Realizing that and being aware of powerful Age of Aquarius planetary configurations of 2020, they have instructed the Black nobility families and the Jesuits to activate the endgame New World Order plans in January 2020.

Many of the negative scenarios were prevented by the Light Forces, but one slipped through and that was the coronavirus scenario. Before their final defeat, the dark forces were determined to create as much chaos and suffering as possible. Exactly 24 years later, this is the repeat of the Great Forgetting of 1996, which also happened just before the scheduled breakthrough:

On the physical plane, the coronavirus plandemic has consolidated the power of the Black Nobility families and their minions:

It has given some advantage in the nanotechnology war between the Light and the dark forces to Chimera-controlled DARPA:

Nanotechnology available to the military was far more advanced than most people know, even almost two decades ago:

Advanced nanotechnology, developed by the Chimera, is diminishing the efficiency of the Pleiadian stardust technology which is removing the coronavirus. This is the reason the Pleiadian stardust technology is only 75% effective in removing the virus. Certain breakthroughs are expected in this area in the coming few months, and if they do materialize, the Pleiadians will be able to remove the coronavirus completely.

Also, the Chimera is backing Elon Musk and his Starlink satellites project, to reinforce the quarantine Earth electromagnetic fence:

Also, some HAARP technologies are still not completely removed and are still posing a threat to trigger a premature polar shift:

On a more positive note, the Chimera has almost completely lost the war with the Light forces regarding advanced quantum exotic weapons. Also, practically all plasma primary anomaly has been removed, which is extremely good news.

The Solar System beyond lunar orbit is being actively activated into a multidimensional Ascension portal with many positive cosmic races being present within the Solar System with their Living Light motherships. The last remnants of the dark Draco fleet there are being chased down.

In sublunar space, however, the situation is quite different. Draco fleet of cloaked ships is still holding a degree of control of the region, although that control is being challenged by the Light Force fleets even close to the planetary surface, which is being widely reported:

If Pleiadian or other positive fleet would fully decloak in sublunar space, it would be instantly vaporized by the Draco fleet, with one part of Draco fleet going down with them.

The Draco still keep a part of their scalar electromagnetic fence technology on the etheric plane close to the planetary surface, and there are still some huge Chimera spiders on the etheric plane just inside lunar orbit, making entry of Confederation fleet into sublunar space difficult. All plasma Chimera spiders have been successfully removed a few months ago, and there are some etheric spiders left, and they will be easier to clear:

Since both Chimera and Draco know the Galactic Confederation forces will reach the surface of the planet soon, they want to protect USAF secret space programs they control, under the umbrella of US Space Force, as their last line of defense against the Galactic Confederation:

On the surface of the planet, the Positive Military and the Red and Blue Dragons are conducting operations behind the scenes to prepare for the Event. However, they are not yet completely connected to reliable extraterrestrial intel sources, so therefore their understanding of the extent of Draco/Chimera control of the planet (especially on the non-physical planes) is limited, and their intel sometimes not completely reliable. One such example would be the plan for mass arrests in April 2020 by the Positive Military.

Dragon sources from mainland China have communicated that after our meditation on April 4th, the Light forces are on a final critical offensive on all levels to achieve the liberation. They are expecting some big moves culminating in November 2020 at the time of US elections.

The leaders of Chinese positive secret societies are called the Red and the Blue (Azure):

They originate from Antarian Fleet which won some decisive battles against the dark during the Galactic wars. Their origin is the Antares star system, which is a binary star system of red supergiant Antares A and blue main sequence star Antares B:

Many of their subordinates within the Red and the Blue belong to the positive faction of Draconian race, the so-called Thuban Dracos, which they now incarnate in human bodies and are positioned deep within Chinese government (Red) and within Taoist spiritual groups (Blue):

Quoting Dragon sources about the Blue:

The Dragon Gate Society (lóngménpài 龙门派) of the Complete Reality School (全真派) of Taoism incorporates elements of Tibetean, Mongolian shamanism, Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism into a comprehensive form of Taoism. The Dragon Gate society is an offshoot of the Northern school of the Complete Reality Taoism. Its spiritual descent is traced to the thirteenth-century master Qiu Chang-chun, Chang-chun means "Eternal Spring". The master of Eternal Spring was one of the sages who advised and supported Genghis Khan to preserve the ancient civilization of China during the dark Mongol invasion. Genghis Khan appointed Chang-chun overseer of all spiritual traditions culture and knowledge in China, and the Dragon Gate sect thus played a critical role in the preservation of the China Tartary knowledge and acted as Guardians of knowledge and wisdom for China ever since, and now after 2009 are extending this to the entire world during this critical present time of threat and the evolution of humankind.”


Quoting Fulford about the Red:

"When the Manchus invaded China in 1644, the Ming army became an underground society aimed at overthrowing the Qing (Manchu) and restoring the Ming. They supported the Boxer Rebellion but were put down by imperialist powers. Later, with the help of overseas Chinese and the Japanese imperial family, the society managed to overthrow the last Emperor and install Sun Yat Sen in his place. They last appear in the history books as the Green Gang and the Red Gang that fiercely fought the Communists in Shanghai in the 1940's. They were defeated by the Communists in 1949 and once again became an underground organization. Since 1949 they have steadily increased their influence throughout China and the rest of the world. They have members at the very highest levels of the Chinese government but they are by nature anti NWO, and are not an official Chinese government organization."

The Red are now active in Taiwan and to a degree also in Japan through this organization:

Taiwan will have a very important role in the Event which can not be disclosed yet.

A very indirect hint:

Another Dragon source from mainland China has communicated that their threat to reveal the Chinese secret space program if the virus is not removed from China has borne results, as we now usually have less than 10 new confirmed coronavirus cases in mainland China daily.

They have suggested that their Western counterparts should take a similar approach and should seriously consider leaking classified intel about Western secret space programs.

Cloning laboratories could also be revealed:

And the use of nuclear explosions to create a negative anomaly portal on Jupiter by NASA:

The toroidal shape of the Universe should also be officially discovered soon:

And the second law of thermodynamics finally disproven:

A source that must not be named has communicated that Paris is a Goddess vortex which must be fully reactivated as soon as possible and that White Nobility families from Paris who still have access to Goddess mysteries from ancien regime need to reconsider taking more active role in the reactivation of the Paris vortex.

The main message of the Light Forces for the surface population now is that people need to connect to their Soul, release their dependency from digital media, be honest and sincere with themselves, connect to what is beautiful, pure and true, develop nobility of character and release judgement and denial.

Light Forces have observed that many people react with unnecessary harshness, selfishness and are overly judgemental. Due to extremely negative conditions on the surface of the planet this is understandable to a degree, but those kinds of people are not only making life worse for other people, they are also making it worse for themselves, based on their flawed understanding of Nash equilibrium:

Also, many people have been programmed through trauma based mind control in the past, and many of those programs are triggered as we are getting closer and closer to the Event.

Some of those people were put as sleeper agents to infiltrate all positive groups on the surface of the planet.

One such example is the main organizer of some of my conferences in Hungary, who together with his wife has turned against me. He is actively engaging in a smear campaign against me by posting lies and fake news about me, fabricating evidence, doctoring emails and was actively turning people against our meditation on April 4th. Their actions since summer 2019 have directly caused the collapse of the Hungarian Goddess Vortex and have opened the door for the dark to infiltrate Lightworker community in that country. Their actions have managed to negatively influence the flow of Ascension timeline in the beginning of 2020 to some degree, and because they have been actively involved in a smear campaign against our meditation, they are indirectly held accountable by the Light Forces to a certain degree for some of coronavirus deaths in that country which could have otherwise been prevented. They are an example of key people who can greatly influence the planetary situation, for better or for worse, and I am hoping I can give more positive example of key people influencing key situations in the future:


As the number of negative etheric and astral entities on the surface of the planet decreases in the coming months, more and more Light will be present and more people will have a tendency to exhibit a more positive behavior.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Thanks for the update.


    1. >Brandon Stamps

      Yeah, we can only hope for the best, little else we can do.

      Hi Cobra

      "If Pleiadian or other positive fleet would fully decloak in sublunar space, it would be instantly vaporized by the Draco fleet, with one part of Draco fleet going down with them."

      Thanks for referencing one of my earlier comment to Lev's and replying to it. So that's the grim situation facing them.

      I don't think I am Pleiadian, but I have been trained to pull the trigger and I wish I could help in that way to reduce these Draco ships to flaming wrecks. I just need to get my body fixed from the training injuries while in the service 15 years ago so I can run like I was 21.

      "Also, many people have been programmed through trauma based mind control in the past, and many of those programs are triggered as we are getting closer and closer to the Event."

      Yeah a lot of old stuff especially from the early pivot point that took me away from the "life" I had planned for been coming up lately in daydreaming and sleeping.

      A good idea for everyone would be to keep a dream diary and jot it down objectively as soon as one wakes up. However do not reference those guidebooks on dreams as that kills it.

      "One such example is the main organizer of some of my conferences in Hungary, who together with his wife has turned against me. He is actively engaging in a smear campaign against me by posting lies and fake news about me, fabricating evidence, doctoring emails and was actively turning people against our meditation on April 4th. Their actions since summer 2019 have directly caused the collapse of the Hungarian Goddess Vortex and have opened the door for the dark to infiltrate Lightworker community in that country."

      In your past posts of the Cosmic Central Race, the Lengyel Goddess Vortex located there is the main gateway of the their energies. I wish you luck in rebooting the Vortex or shifting it somewhere else as we need their help at this time.

      "...Their actions have managed to negatively influence the flow of Ascension timeline in the beginning of 2020 to some degree, and because they have been actively involved in a smear campaign against our meditation, they are indirectly held accountable by the Light Forces to a certain degree for some of coronavirus deaths in that country which could have otherwise been prevented. They are an example of key people who can greatly influence the planetary situation, for better or for worse, and I am hoping I can give more positive example of key people influencing key situations in the future."

      Frankly given their role in working for the Light and then turning against it, they would definitely have a date with the Galactic Court, as well as the relevant Cause and Effect consequences of negative internet smear campaigns.

      People like them are what keeps this dumpster fire going.

    2. "The main message of the Light Forces for the surface population now is that people need to connect to their Soul, release their dependency from digital media, be honest and sincere with themselves, connect to what is beautiful, pure and true, develop nobility of character and release judgement and denial."

      Well said, and I agree with the Light Forces it doesn't help the situation.

      Digital media (especially Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and most sections of Youtube) is to be avoided, unless you know a couple of channels like Thomas Sheridan's channels and a few good music channels like the link here [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=docaRTtIt3s ], the rest is a dumpster fire of smear campaigns and digital vomit that brings down your vibes.

      "Light Forces have observed that many people react with unnecessary harshness, selfishness and are overly judgemental. Due to extremely negative conditions on the surface of the planet this is understandable to a degree, but those kinds of people are not only making life worse for other people, they are also making it worse for themselves, based on their flawed understanding of Nash equilibrium..."

      At least the Light Forces are aware enough to acknowledge the problem. As for the 'unnecessary' part I would suggest that's relative to the situation. People's nerves have been frayed by decades of delays of the Event. Had the Event taken place by 1996 as originally planned it would have prevented a lot of detrimental situations that have come into my life in the decades that followed.

      As a matter of preserving my psychic integrity, I use cynicism and apathy to reduce the emotional impact negative intel or information has on the psyche.

      On its own information is neutral, its how one reacts to it based on the implications. Especially in situations where emotional outbursts on the comment section don't do any good and in fact gives the Dark Forces what they need and one's psychic energy is stolen.

      I have no idea how that will impact communication with ETs at a later date, though. It will be like the East Germans not communicating with the West Germans after the Wall came down because of the perception they had the better life, with some of the former GDR people wishing the Wall is still up.

    3. @Spec Ops
      Was watching a few episodes of the Orville tonight, we COULD have HAD what was depicted on that show, if not better.

      How many more delays, as well as the bad guys having some trick up their scaly sleeves, MUST happen before we FINALLY have a life like the ET's themselves?

    4. >> If Pleiadian or other positive fleet would fully decloak in sublunar space, it would be instantly vaporized by the Draco fleet, with one part of Draco fleet going down with them.


      Why not send in decoy ships to bait them out and trick the Draco into revealing themselves? No more secret wars. Humanity has a right to know that they are being held hostage. It would trigger an awakening within the surface population which would cause humanity to remove their consent on a deep soul level. If the Draco destroy the decoys then humanity will learn we are not alone in the universe. If the decoys reach the surface then the result will be the same. Win-win for the light.

      Humanity deserves to know the truth as the truth itself is a form of light. Light is information and darkness is the lack of information. It is only through secrecy and deceptions that the Draco have been allowed to rule humanity as long as they have. The time has come to end this. Let the light shine forth with no more secrets.

      Victory is at hand

    5. @Novusod

      I agree...enough secret crap, and since the bad guys use deception all the time, one has to fight deception WITH deception.

      The baddies can not afford to NOT strike at a target, even a mock target....bait them, trap them and get rid of them.

      Secrecy is the reason this planet's the crap hole it is.

    6. Excellent, rich with unique and precious details, Cobra’s post allows not only to further reveal information about the main actors mentioned in his new update, but also to complete the story of the joint operation of space and ground-based LFs in April 2019 in Turkey and Iraq (May 16, 2020 at 3:56 AM).
      During the first stage of the operation in Turkey, the Light Forces destroyed the places of accumulation of goo and other negative entities in Göbekli Tepe, Sogmatar, and Nemrut Dağ. The second stage of the LFs’ operation was conducted in Iraq - in Etemenanki, Ur and Eridu.
      In Etemenanki there are not only the ruins of the Babel Tower, but also a direct portal, the point of junction of the Earth 3D and 5D. For Light Forces it was impossible to get into the Etemenanki’s field. The DFs have constructed there a defence-in-depth, that the LFs couldn’t get through even with Light Hierarchy’s help.
      Then the Curator of our Local Universe came to the rescue. He led the commander of the LFs’ ground team into the field of the Babel Tower’s "back door" - from other side of the Earth. This was a complete surprise to everyone. With its help, was carried out preparatory actions for the operation. After that, the Curator quickly led the commander of the LFs’ group through the “front door” in the energy fortifications of the DFs. There was no limit to their surprise and shock.
      After a comprehensive analysis of the situation, the Light Hierarchy and the Curator outlined the action plan and the main task - the annihilation of the self-resurrection matrices of the Repto-Humanoid Hierarchs, which were located in the Etemenanki, Ur и Eridu energy field.
      After the LFs destroyed the Dark Forces facilities in Göbekli Tepe and Sogmatara, (Turkey) they woke up, that served as the trigger for a fierce counterattacks on the LFs. After awakening, they were programmed for only one target – a ground team of the LFs’ volunteers.
      On the eve of the decisive events, the Light Hierarchy decided to release the main Earth Dark Hierarch from karmic arrest. This was done after everyone was convinced that he fully realized and rethought his life and actions. He had a lot in common with many other Dark Hierarchs. They were created as a mechanism for implementing the goals of the DFs, without freedom of choice, not knowing the Light, trained on people like chain dogs.
      During his arrest from 2012 to 2019, this Hierarch received access to all the information of the Universe, to the consequences of his actions. He sincerely repented of what he had done, for he did it out of ignorance and lack of choice freedom. He was able to overcome the overwhelming darkness in which he had been born. It turned into Pure Light, glowed in its own Radiant Synthesis, and "flared up" very brightly.
      It was decided to give him a chance and release him from prison on probation. The Hierarch could provide the LFs with invaluable help on the ziggurats that he created, even if it was only consulting. The LFs’ ground team was instructed to contact him.
      After communicating with him, the LFs believed that he was now firmly on the side of Light and decided to act together. During the fighting in April 2019 Etemenanki, Ur and Eridu ziggurats fields were cleared. The LFs acted according to the scheme: first entered in action the main assault ground team, and then the final cleanup was completed by the LFs’ volunteers.(To be continued)


    7. The main stronghold of the Dark Forces in the whole region was Etemenanki. The second most important ziggurat was in Ur and Eridu. By operations in Göbekli Tepe, Sogmatar and Nemrut Dağ the Light Forces got into their Holy of Holies - their last hope. And the DFs came out of hiding and went all in. Blows rained down on all the LFs. It was agony, hysteria, last chance.
      On the morning of April 22, 2019, the Dark Forces used their favorite destruction technique - while members of the LF ground team were sleeping. It was decided to end this immediately. The Curator of our Local Universe immediately personally took part in the cleanup operation. Almost all the self-resurrection matrices of the Dark Hierarchy were destroyed. On April 22, 2019, the LFs’ blitzkrieg ended.
      However, the next day, April 23, 2019, something unexpected happened. The remaining negative entities rebelled against their former Hierarch, who had become an ally of the LFs. They refused to obey him and being converted in the Light. The "civil war" began. This coincided with a series of bloody terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.
      They immediately hit the LFs’ ground team. A series of violent energy blows rained down, which significantly battered the team members, disrupted and deformed the entire structure of their light bodies. The situation was critical. The entire group had to work in a state of emergency, of martial law.
      By looking at all this, the Light Hierarchy urgently came to the ground team aid in restoring their subtle bodies. For protection against negative energy impacts, a special protective suit technology - "armor for light bodies" - was hastily developed. It was a special program that was installed in the Higher “I AM” and through it, in case of danger, performs reformatting of the etheric body, turning it into a diamond shell in a few seconds. Further experience has shown a very high efficiency of this technology. It was literally life-saving for the LFs’ ground team.
      The last counterattack of the Dark Forces was an attempt to deliver a crushing energy blow to the core of the Earth. It looked like a harpoon that the DFs had used to pierce the planet through the Portal of the World Tree of Life and through it went on to the heart of the Earth. A few seconds before touching the planet's core, the Higher Light Forces broke off the tip of the energy harpoon, then stopped its movement and annihilated it, did not even allow to touch the heart of the Earth.
      As a result of the joint actions of the Light Hierarchy, the Curator, the former Dark Hierarch, and the LFs’ ground team the DFs’ resistance centers ware eliminated, and the irreconcilable negative entities there were destroyed. On May 11, 2019, the global cleanup of the remaining unauthorized extraterrestrial presence on Earth at all levels began - in fact, a combat operation of the Light Forces, the Ashtar Fleet, and the Curator. With different waves of intensity, it continues to this day.

    8. I have mentioned Thomas Sheridan's channel earlier. Here's his latest videos in the last few days on how to survive after the virus lockdown:



  2. "I will not be visible for two and a half KADIGAI (The esoteric meaning of the word 1 Kadigai = 60 years. 2 1/2 = 150 years = 1874 + 150 = 2024 AD)."

    Pg 91. CHAPTER 30. Footsteps of SAINT RAMALINGAM.

  3. Thank you Cobra. Victory of the Light! <3

  4. Thanks for the update
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  5. We know some people gonna come here saying we are dying, event now, etc, but thanks for keeping us informed to a certain extent.

    And for everyone, please keep the love all the time, it is hard of course but it will be better not only for your life but for the whole planet.

  6. We need more time and should be insist on until final victory.
    Thanks for the updating.

  7. And the situation with plasma bombs???
    That's the main thing preventing the event. Can you please update us on that.

    1. Cobra doesn't like to repeat itself. If he doesn't write about toplet bombs, it means the work is in progress. the removal seems to me to be the same as the Event. So they haven't been removed yet.

  8. Whatching now Jordan Sather's latest: It's a marathon not a sprint!
    It's about surviving the long run, and we thought this would be a fast and swift victory.....but we're still here, and we are surviving and keep learning! Such and epic final battle of the war it has to last, enjoy the show! Victory of the Light, we are!


  10. コブラいつもありがとうございます。数年前から見ております。ともに命輝く光の世界に。コブラはじめ全ての光の存在に深く感謝です。

  11. Thanks cobra!! VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!!

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    1. Yeah me too Megan. I'll keep preparing for this being a life long game and do my part vibrationally, plus with action where it doesn't imbalance my health further.

  13. Keep the focus - Victory of the Light!

  14. The period of 2025-2030 still worries me and I hope the planetary situation is massively cleared up before the year is out. This planet is surrounded by the light forces and cosmic energies yet the draco fleet and some spiders can still resist? I don't think humans can give anymore energy until the Event. Also what of the implants in human auras?

    1. As I write above, Cobra doesn't like to repeat itself. If he doesn't write about toplet bombs, it means the work is in progress. The removal seems to me to be the same as the Event. So they haven't been removed yet.

    2. It's time those spiders get SQUASHED.
      I am sure the universe will NOT mourn their extinction.

      I won't.

  15. In the past there have been feeling that nothing will ever change. Eons of suffering, disbelief, pain and poverty has sometimes despond the very best of us. We needed to go inward and grow before things would change.
    Now, cycle of darkness is coming to an end. Light is swooping in and around earth that will awaken humanity from their nightmare. This awakening is a start to new cycle of light, new humanity. Light is getting stronger and stronger until it reaches compression breakthrough.
    In a flash everything changes. New dawn rises and humanity will integrate to become balanced being of light. There will be love, compassion and abundance fulfilled life where there are no limits. Ascended humans are the new humanity. Humanity will thrive with beloved planet earth. Earth will be paradise like no other, where beings all over universe will come to explore and enjoy.
    - We are strong, we are powerful, and we are sovereign beings of light. Let us show ourselves and entire universe what we are made of. We will give everything we have to make this transition fast and smooth as possible. Imagine the new dawn with strong emotional charge and send that pulse of thought. It will be heard amongst collective human consciousness and throughout universe.
    Victory of the Light!

  16. Thank You Cobra!

    I also felt the light that is coming to our planet.

    We as light worker are the most sensitive are feelint the calm and positive behavior despite of the chaos.

  17. "Paris is a Goddess vortex" 🙂

  18. Ever the martys, so tired.


    Bring it on, burning alive
    Got that barbed wire heart 4sure

  19. Amazing update Cobra! We will keep holding the light and speaking for myself, I will keep striving to be loving kind and forgiving!
    Victory of the Light!

  20. These people running the countries are out of control. Help!!

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  22. I found this item about smart dust on one of the websites I look at "just for fun." It's a little trashy, I admit. Sometimes interesting though.

    The website is www.crazydaysandnights.net

    This website is mostly underground celebrity (Hollywood) gossip, but it is written by an entertainment lawyer, who seems to know a lot of things (usually negative things, but occasionally positive) about famous people.

    Occasionally the website talks about heads of corporations or people running for office, but it's mostly about television and movie people.

    You have to guess who he's talking about. He writes each item as sort of a riddle. He describes the person or organization in roundabout way. In the comment section, people figure out who he's talking about.

    So I came across this item about a week ago. With Cobra's post today about nanoparticles, it may be applicable. This item talks about smart dust.


    "Two CEOs of the vaunted vampire's tooth ((slightly obscure description -- he is talking about 2 CEOS from FAANG--Facebook, or Apple, or Amazon or Netflix or Google)) are the two individuals that people should be looking at.

    While you are looking at the nerd ((probably Bill Gates is who he's referring to here)) these two are beta testing smart dust in two smallish towns in Northern California.

    The mayor and chief of police in town are the only ones they notified. The rest of the local elected officials, and the public have no idea.

    I always assumed the concept was still several years away. Apparently not."


    It would be very worthwhile for everyone to know which companies are doing this (one of the companies mentioned in the FAANG description) and where they are beta testing smart dust.

    1. Wow this needs to be shared widely. So even the vaccine and 5g arent the end of the danger

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  23. Oh My God. Disprove the second law of thermodynamics. Please do that one, like right now. That's a giant f-ing domino that would ensure it'll be a fun ride all the way to The Event!

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  25. Throw Your Hatred Down



  26. I am energetically depleted. My mind and body are broken and aging fast. I can't start my mission when every night is a struggle to sleep, and every day is a struggle to be. I was born dead. When will the medbeds be released?

    1. Damn straight.
      When are WE finally going to be thrown a bone from the light forces.

      Contrary to popular belief, we are NOT indestructible, Hulk Hogan like warriors.

    2. Try to excercise kung fu.it helped me a lot with energy

  27. Everything is unfolding as it should. Thank you Cobra for everything. I know it isn’t always easy but we are all here to support you and each other!!! VOTL ❤️❤️❤️

  28. The updates are most eye opening and refreshing outlook on the bleak situation afflicting most countries.

    Liberation of the planet full speed ahead.

  29. Thank you COBRA. We keep moving forward; whatever it takes!

  30. Mote it be so! Sooner than later would be much appreciated by so many :)

    Victory of the Light!


  31. Amazing times to be on Gaia. I will share.

    1. I'd prefer to be on a BETTER planet, myself.
      This is not amazing, it is agonizing.

    2. >Sherman, I know! How can people like it here haha. Even if my body and life were great I would still hate it here because I can feel the agony around me. Yesterday I saw a woman at a park who was 100 pounds overweight, skin lumpy grey and red, horrible posture, looked like a giant goblin. I was like what the hell. This isn't just about you lady and your right to sit around eating Cheetos. We have to share this place with you. We have to look and you and be super bummed out for days after, just from seeing you. It's so depressing. I remember being a little kid, waist high on adults, at the grocery store looking around at all the monsters I mean people, and thinking "this is not right." It's not about eating too many carbs and getting fat, these people are mutated and sick on a deep level. Being in public is so disturbing I have to come home and crawl in bed. I wonder if America is unique in that people look like they belong in a Rob Zombie movie. It wasn't like this 40 years ago (before I was born.) I'm terrified actually. I take good care of myself yet have a dozen unbearable health problems. I think we don't have much time left. Worse than death is the grinding attrition we're in leading up to it. I'm afraid all the time, I can't handle any more suffering. The past couple years it's begun affecting me on a deep level and I think I'm discovering what PTSD is. The suffering and fear is so bad, been going on for so long, and with no end in sight, I've mentally cracked. I'm not just worried about being overwhelmed, it happened awhile ago and now I hardly recognize myself.

    3. "I hardly recognize myself."
      I know I am a very different person than I was in 1996 when the Event should have taken place.

      Apathy and cynicism as well as dark humor and memes are what keep us going.

      Being emotionally swayed by the intel is a bad idea. By itself its just information, its how one reacts to it.

      I look at humanity and I see wasted potential.

      This is what happens when master psychologists with a knowledge differential of the occult over the masses take advantage of that differential and wield it against them.

      Its been going on for long enough that we have confused the human conditioning with human nature.

      The good news is with this post we can be sure we did our part and ignore the accusations that we didn't do enough for the mass meditation in the past one year.

  32. Cobra Although I agree with most of the information here but I still feel this liberation process is taking too long and more serious action should be taken now by the light forces to fully defeat the dark forces and trigger the event."Chimera group almost defeated"that's just not good enough they need to be eradicated from existence NOW.The light forces are still not doing enough with this whole liberation and much more can be done!!!

    1. Much more? Not enough? Are you serious?

    2. @Sekhmett888
      I agree.
      Time for action...IF a large group/fleet can't do it...send a small group or lone fighters.

      Give me my PROPER body, good weapons, ET abilities, and equipment, so I have a decent chance to both do the job, and get out alive...and I will GLADLY volunteer to be a one person assassin squad.

      Like THIS ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrsspTTpApI

      I USED to abhor violence, BUT the bad guys will NOT surrender and go down fighting....I have no problem in HELPING them go down fighting.

      Anyone got a BETTER idea, I'd sure like to hear it.
      Otherwise, my offer stands.

  33. Well, from 2012 still nothing new. Invisible battle. May this planet is exploded. But with such a game something will happen, people are tired and soon will start hang themselves on the trees. Thank you.

    1. I don't mean to tell what yous should do but, if you want things to speed up, then use your intent. Did you forget about the law of attraction?

    2. Stop calling this a 'game', unknown....this is WAR.

    3. When you look at the title, you can see he´s not the only one calling this a "game"...

    4. For the higher selves it's a game by every definition. Remotely controlling avatar characters in a false realm for a limited time to gain experience, it's fun for them. Don't you still have fun when your video game character loses? They don't care one bit for our suffering, we're just used as pawns. Do you care when your elf, mage, or archer is injured? No it's all part of the game. What's in question is the mental health of our higher selves.

    5. @Patrick Kehoe

      Playing a video game, and the 'game' you keep calling it are TOTALLY different. One can have fun in a video game, even if one looses....for there is nothing lost. Losing in this so-called 'game' is NOT fun, and I got NO desire to either suffer, or DIE.

      And yes, I do take care of my character in video games. Why? Why not? And a healthy, strong character in a game either wins, or takes down as many opponents as possible if defeated.

      And I also take care of my team mates in video games.

      THIS is not a 'game', this is a WAR, where real life gets destroyed.

  34. Thanks for the situation report, much appreciated.
    If people are holding onto that ball of darkness inside them (fear, anger, hate, regret), if this has become part of who they are, it is time to let it go. It is not who you are. It is like a spiritual tumor. It is time my friends.

  35. UFOs ISS Live Feed May 18, 2020

  36. Thank you Cobra for your untiring work. I look forward to studying this post in detail. All blessings to you
    and personal thanks from your friend in Crete

  37. Thank you, Victory of the Light!

  38. Więc Trump pracuje dla ciemności? Patrzę na jego flagę sił kosmicznych i coś w tym logo nie działa na mnie, nie wiem co.

    1. Trump nie pracuje dla ciemności. Jednak siły, z którymi pracuje po zwyciężeniu ciemności będą miały bardzo dużą kontrolę nad sytuacją na świecie. Czy oddadzą wszystko ludziom, czy postanowią zostawic sobie kilka stref wpływu - tym należy się martwić. To nie jest grupa złożona z oświeconych mistrzów, ale z generałów, polityków, sekretarzy... W pewnym momencie będziemy musieli sami sięgnąć po prawdę. I tak będzie

  39. I have deliberately not commented here for almost 1 year, in view of the current situation I will make an exception today:

    Alcyon Pleiades News Report 88 – 2020:
    Electromagnetic field-5G, Covid, Economic collapse, UFO

    Alcyon Pleiades 91:
    Noah’s Arks, Bill Gates, Microchips, Hunger, WHO Agenda, Vaccine, De-population

    Alcyon Pleiades 90:
    Current and historical pandemics, Monarchies, Poverty, Lockdown, Global crisis

    Alcyon Pleiades 89:
    Deadly Covid-19, Global confinement, curfews, Vaccine, Economic collapse

    Alcyon Pleiades 88:
    Coronavirus, Event 201, Pandemic, Wuhan, Biological warfare, Vaccines, 5G

    That's 7.5 hours of footage. No one needs to answer me if they haven't watched it all!

    My blog is under ShadowBan worldwide, so I rely on the feedback of other Starseeds/Lightworkers. Without a significant increase in the number of visitors I will stop my engagement. I do not work for the digital trash.

    In the past years I have approached many blog and channel operators and hoped for teamwork, but the ignorance is boundless, especially in Germany!

    I will NOT start a 4th time from scratch!

    @Cobra - Many thanks for your tireless work! 🕊

    Victory of the light! 🕊

    1. Das ist leider auch mein Eindruck. In Deutschland wird die Bevölkerung systematisch belogen und betrogen - und merkt es zum großen Teil nicht einmal. DDR 2.0 ist eine sehr treffende Bezeichnung.

  40. The situation on the planet is really very tough at the moment and you feel hopeless at times .. But stand against the light? No way! I hope there will be positive news soon

  41. Beautiful! Thank you for all you do! Why was the head of the space force killed?

  42. Thanks for the update, Cobra.
    I hope you will accept my apology for lashing out on people on your blog. I should have been more responsible. Out of character kinda moment, I was in a very bad mood, so i took it the wrong way.


    1. It helps to be emotionally detached. There are people out there who do get their kicks out of making someone angry.

    2. @Spec Ops
      Facebook and Youtube are full of them....I run into them often, sadly.

  43. I met him and his wife. They seemed like good people back then. I'm so sorry this happened. It's so disheartening. I stand by you Cobra. I always have since your first or second post ever. Also, I'm happy to realize that I'm ahead of time when it comes to connection to my soul, digital media dependancy, honesty etc. I'm currently working on (strugling with) the nobility part now. I'm not sure how I can influence and support others to do the same but I can have a semy clear communjcation with my guides and I will trust their influence.

  44. Benjamin Fulford site can not be reached. Page not found etc. Happened some weeks ago after Kaulipele site was taken down, whom reports on BF info.

  45. It looks like there is a lot of work left to be done and the dark forces still wield power. It won't be quick and easy.

  46. I have been thinking about Dragon family a lot lately.🐉💚👽 I "knew" you would post an update. My intuition has been getting stronger. You know, last year in December you had a conferance in Taiwan, i knew about it before you had even shared it on your blog. A couple of days before you made it known I was looking at Taiwan on google maps and started crying?!

  47. A medida que el número de entidades etéricas y astrales negativas en la superficie del planeta disminuya en los próximos meses, más y más Luz estará presente y más personas tendrán una tendencia a exhibir un comportamiento más positivo. Me quedo con eso, haré mi parte. Muchas gracias. Somos la luz

  48. I smell victory.

    A little treat: Brazil Video Evidence

    Victory of the Light!


    In humble service, Love & Light,

    1. Note: The clip used at 0:43 is a video from Israel showing Israeli Iron Dome missile defense.

      Discernment strongly advised.

  49. I'm not thrilled by the update but appreciate the honesty. Benjamin was right, meditations are good but in the end taking action is the only way to take matters into our own destiny.

    1. Like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrsspTTpApI

      hit them fast, hard and right where it hurts, and don't give them a moment to rest.

      Time to spill some cabal, archon, lizard and spider blood, I say....this is war, and it's time to ERASE the bad guys.

    2. Nice clip Sherman!!! Love me some Terminator.❤️💪

    3. @jw301330
      As I said, have the ET's give me my PROPER body, some real weapons (not this primitive junk we got...takes more than lead pellets), et super powers, and a decent chance at coming out of this alive, and I will HAPPILY go in and slaughter as many cabal, archon, lizard and spider assholes as I can.

      I won't have a problem putting those 4 groups on an endangered species list.

  50. victory for the light 💖💖💖

  51. Thank you so much Cobra! This is great news! Victory of the Light! *sends love and strengh to you, all lightworkers and all brothers and sisters of the Confederation! *

  52. So it was them who speed up the polar shift? Oh geez...

  53. We will not give up! We must believe in success, believe in winning. Things on our planet are very serious. Since this war has become official and public, things have been happening fast. I want freedom too. I want happiness and health for all of us too. And I will not give up! I wanted more information here, but I understand that as much as you can say has been said. Let us love each other and be good to each other. Thank you, Cobra. I trust you. And I'm giving a lot of information from you and Therese Zumi on my fan page on fb. A lot of people are gonna find out what the Truth is. ❤️ Aga

    1. We need some weapons, down here, effective weapons.

    2. Harsh language is not effective???????????????? !

    3. @Gunnz
      Harsh language is never effective.

      To phrase Scotty: "The most effective diplomat I know of is a fully charged PHASER BANK!"

      I say lock and load.

  54. We will not give up! We must believe in success, believe in winning. Things on our planet are very serious. Since this war has become official and public, things have been happening fast. I want freedom too. I want happiness and health for all of us too. And I will not give up! I wanted more information here, but I understand that as much as you can say has been said. Let us love each other and be good to each other. Thank you, Cobra. I trust you. And I'm giving a lot of information from you and Therese Zumi on my fan page on fb. A lot of people are gonna find out what the Truth is. ❤️ Aga

  55. «Many of the negative scenarios were prevented by the Light Forces… Before their final defeat, the dark forces were determined to create as much chaos and suffering as possible…»

    Dark Forces understand that they are powerless to win the huge cosmic power that purposefully, step by step, destroys all their bases, the entire infrastructure of the 3D Matrix, which the DFs have created for thousands of years at all levels – from underground to quantum. Therefore, the DFs are retaliating against the population of the planet, to demolish the entire world economy.
    Today, the DFs continue to strike at its main goal – the United States, in order to finally paralyze and disintegrate the country. The main weapon used is the financial battering ram, forcing the Fed to throw more trillions of dollars into the market, which inflate financial bubbles to the lethal sizes. Their implosion, according to the DFs’ plan, should break up the country into several pieces.
    The DFs try to use negative rates as additional explosives. They are literally twisting the Fed's hands, forcing it to cut rates below zero. All the power of the controlled MSM and politicians is mobilized to implement this plan under the cloak of the most "plausible" and "convincing" arguments. Like what?
    Now the US economy is not growing (stagnation and recession). Prices are falling (deflation). Falling prices and declining incomes push consumers to postpone purchases for later. Declining demand is hitting manufacturers. They are not motivated to expand their business, and are forced to save money and cut costs. Because of this, the income of the population (wages) and the State (taxes) are further reduced. Businesses are forced to lower their prices even more in order to survive. Vicious circle, the closed-loop system with negative feedback.
    The DFs try to convince that the negative rates will break this circle. With negative rates, the loan becomes very cheap and profitable for the business, since it will need to return a smaller amount. Banks will be able to issue low-priced or even free loans to businesses and people. Cheap loans will stimulate businesses to expand production. This will increase employment, wages, and taxes. It will push the population to more active consumption, which is so much needed by manufacturers and service providers. This will break the vicious circle and "lead the country to prosperity".
    Negative interest rates devalue the dollar. Keeping money in the US for foreigners will become unprofitable. They will not buy a weakening currency. Falling demand for greenback will reduce its rate. This will reduce imports and trade deficits, but make prices for American products competitive on the world market. As a result, the US will increase production and – along the chain - employment, wages, taxes, GDP, which "will lead the country to prosperity."
    The cheaper dollar will hit competitors – the more expensive Euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Japanese yen, Swedish and Danish Krona, Chinese yuan, Russian ruble, etc. In this situation, these currencies will become a "safe haven" where one can safely "park" money. These countries have a stable political system, a developed economy, and a balanced financial policy. This means very low risks for investors. The influx of foreign money will create an increased demand for these currencies. Because of this, euros, pounds, crowns, francs, yen yuan, rubles, etc. will rise in price. Goods produced in these countries will become too expensive for the rest of the world. Demand will switch to US products, which "will lead the country to prosperity."(To be continued)

    1. Lev@

      How do you 'translate' this: "the Chimera has almost completely lost the war with the Light forces regarding advanced quantum exotic weapons"?

  56. This scenario is not just false. It is a poisoned pill that hides death under attractive packaging. How? If the rates are negative then:
    The consumer spending will not rebound, no matter how low the rates may be. The top 10% of households account for about 50% of the total consumer spending. These households are most hit by the sharp drop in assets, small business income and the shrinking jobs in education, healthcare, finance, services and so on. All the professions that only served the top 10% are decimated. The top 10% own roughly 85% of all non-family-home assets (stocks, bonds, business equity, rental real estate). These assets value drop and the eroded income generated by these assets will strike the top 10%. And not the bottom 90% who own a tiny sliver of these assets, and for consumer revival do not play a significant role.
    For the US population, at negative rates a bank deposit is becoming a way to lose savings, rather than earn money. Mass withdrawal of money from banks will begin.
    Banks, primarily small and medium-sized (and they are the majority in the US) due to the flight of private clients will lose liquidity, interest income (their main item), capitalization and begin to die out en masse.
    If the population takes all their money from banks, this could be an ideal trigger for banning all cash payments and introduce non-cash payments and settlements using chip tools and mass micro-chipping of the population.
    Negative rates enormously increase investors’ risks. If a pension fund was buying Treasuries, it will not buy these securities further at negative rates. The investor will have to buy corporate bonds for which he does not and cannot have adequate expertise in the current situation, when the entire US corporate sector sinks because of COVID-19.
    The behavior of foreign Central banks confirms this attitude. The peak of investments in the pyramid of Treasury’s bonds and notes was in February 2013 and amounted to $1648 billion. The current level is only 24% of the peak. In 85 months, foreign Central banks have siphoned off more than three-quarters of the volume accumulated over the previous 35 years. The total reduction from the peak was $1259 billion, with an average of $15 billion each month for the entire period. The drain speed does not decrease. Over the past 12 months, $357 billion has been draw off, an average of $29.7 billion each month. That is, the rate of getting rid of the US treasuries is almost twice as high as during the entire period.(To be continued)

    1. The policy of cheap money spurs already grandiose speculation. If cheap or free money is offered, it is taken. And then invested in assets of another country where interest rates are higher. After fixing the profit, the free (or almost free) loans are returning in the original country. This is what the entire carry trade is built on. Huge amounts of capital are involved in this speculative game. It increases capital outflows from the US instead of stimulating its economy. This was already the case after 2008-2009 crisis. Then, for saving the US economy, which, as themselves, "Too big to fail" brought to bankruptcy, the Fed gave them 17 trillion dollars. And almost all that money was spent on new speculations.
      A lot of people want to play this game which rapidly pushing up the prices of speculative assets. This is why bubbles in the real estate and equity markets are rapidly ballooning now in the US.
      The entire world financial system created by Dark Forces has turned into a speculative conglomerate that works not in the interests of national economies, increasing industrial production and people's living standards, but to strengthen the position of the DFs. This is a cancer on the living tissue of the global economy. Its scale is constantly growing. Metastases are permeating the financial systems of an increasing number of countries.
      The DFs’ financial speculation market has become paramount. He has bound all the countries around the largest financial magnates controlled by the Dark Forces with an iron band. This allows them to bring countries to their knees, provoking their financial collapse. To do this, they just need to transfer capital from one regional market to another via a computer system. And often the crisis occurs just in those countries where the economy was on the rise.
      The DFs destroy the link between the real economy and finance. The volume of financial transactions far exceeds the number of actual commodity transactions. Today, the gap between the financial and commodity markets has grown so much that each of them lives its own life
      The modern global financial system created by the DFs is an inverted pyramid. Its narrow base serves the real sector in the amount of no more than 10-12% of the total turnover of global financial resources. All other monetary capital has no real content. This is a market where money makes money, keeping the population, politicians, and entire countries in total subjection.
      Negative rates only increase the power of this battering ram. And the most powerful of his blows the Dark Forces have already planned for 2020. If they will be allowed to launch a blows.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Lev@

      And, what do you believe? Would the European Union be able or succeed to provide all these endless amounts of money promised for each member country for hospitals and economy recover?

      Or will this plan collapse way before all of these are done?...

  57. Thanks for the update Cobra.

  58. Thank you very much Cobra!Should we prepare for meditation on June 21, 2020?This time we will reach two million

  59. LOL...It looks like Dark Forces are much stronger than God & all light forces combined..!!

  60. Thanks for the update,dear Cobra.💖

  61. Still wondering what the "MIGHTY GOD" is doing & what his real role is!! I am done now..officially...!!!

  62. GaiaPortal

    Gaia Energy Messages

    Jubilations of the Planet engage the keylocks

    Jubilations of the Planet engage the keylocks.

    Castles open.

    Darkness to Light.

    Blindness to sight.

    The matrix unveiled.

    May 19,2020

  63. I agree with the statement that some people are conplaining too much. I think it makes sense to consider these times as times where one can take a deeper look at inside. Let us stay friendly and optimistic.

  64. Cobra, Thank you for your update! Your blog saves always my soul! Thank you!

  65. This posting is consistent with what Cobra said before, and I’m paraphrasing, “now is not the time to be an Intel junkie.” Places like Twitter are full of ideologues who, while most are not ill-intentioned, don’t have a clue of what’s going on. Guilty of it myself, so it’s good to get a reminder to not act in this manner.

  66. I dont know if I have shared this on here before


    I updated this post with a little of what I have been experiencing lately


    I thought this was a great picture and story


  67. Interesting to know that the Chimera group has been calling for help all over the galaxy knowing that they will lose this war.

    I'm also not surprised that the lower ranks were ordered to create as much chaos and suffering as possible.

    The Light Forces prevent as much of that as they can.

    The coronavirus is one of those things...

    People are angry because this pandemic is turning so much upside down and they feel deprived of their basic rights. I myself am also annoyed by having to wear them when I go shopping. I feel like an idiot. I feel like I'm in the wrong film.

    I have a friend who already knows that the virus was grown in a laboratory. I didn't tell him that. I just gave him a couple of indirect hints. I can't talk to just anybody about something like that.

    For every victory, big or small, I'm grateful.

    "The main message of the light forces for the surface population now is that people must connect with their soul, dissolve their dependence on digital media, be honest and sincere with themselves, connect with what is beautiful, pure and true, develop a noble character, and let go of judgement and denial."

    Thank you for that message. I think...it's not that simple. People are doing their best to deal with this situation. I know that many are selfish. There is a lot of pressure on the human soul. Some can handle it and some can't.

    The fact is we are still at war and we have to hold the light as best we can.

    Victory of the Light.

  68. Thanks for the article man. Sorry to hear about your friend, it hurts when that kind of thing happens.

  69. I just figured out women's power!

    W are still living in a patriarchal society where the values physical action with tangible results are the most appreciated whilst the subtle passive energies of a woman are ignored and unrecognized. But women are indeed powerful and just because we don't acknowledge it doesn't mean it's not there.

    Think of a woman as a buff/blessing emanating tower (in gaming terms), or a colossal sphere of Rose Quartz. If the tower / sphere are kept healthy and happy, they will emanate positive energies and vibes that benefit everybody. If the tower/sphere is damaged, it won't stop emanating energies, but it's vibes will change for the worst. Instead of buffs and blessings it will emanate debuffs (in gaming terms) and instead of a rosy, gentle, loving energy it will emanate sadness, powerlessness, frustration.

    To some extent all humans emanate these energies but women hold the lead in 'being' these energies. You can see how sexual energy plays a huge role in this. When blocked, the frustrations only pile up and we're not even aware of it. All women would be much more free and happy if they would allow themselves/be allowed to express their sexuality. And all our societies would benefit from it.

    It's up to us to fix our bless towers/crystals. Men can only go so far with being nice, protective, generous to women. Nobody can truly cure your own traumas, this is something you do yourself for yourself, with or without help. It's up to us women to become aware of our power, the energies we're emanating and who we are -being- in any given moment. Our personalities and emotions impact scores of people around you, always. People you are physically close to , strangers you meet on the streets, people you talk to over phone/Skype/text chat, etc.

    Our society is in shambles because we, it's women, are in shambles. Let go of powerlessness and reclaim your power. Or better yet - admit to your power.


    The matter does not apply to the above article, but I suggest you look at the reality that surrounds us, which seems to have no rational sense at all ... from a different PERSPECTIVE.

    Well, we all know that for some time we have been selling the narrative of the great war, and this war has spread not only to military activities but also to all other areas of life, law, medicine, commerce, societies, etc.

    Everything seems to agree, we are dealing with this famous biblical Armageddon, but it turned out that Armageddon is not a field, but the WHOLE EARTH.
    Others biblically could call it APOCALIPSE, but let me remind you that this word originally means LIGHTING, DISCLOSURE.

    Everything is true.
    However, I will seek order in chaos.

    What is certain
    1. People are to sit at home
    2. The planes are NOT TO FLY (of course, I heard, for example, strange luck since the announcement of ZARAZA about 700 flights took place in the destination ROME-NEW YORK, interesting, but not for the dog sausage :-))
    3. We are forced to listen to one right COVID narrative (who, with whom and for how much, get vaccinated or not, wear masks or not, do this or that)
    4. All trade and markets ARE EXTINDED (oil, dollar, China, Arabia, U.S.A.)

    To sum up, the world froze IN EXPECTATION, of course we are told that at the end of DANGER, but we already know that it is a bluff. So what are we waiting for ???????

    I just got interesting information, I found out that during this spring solstice, in June, there will be a solar flare.
    Of course, I do not have apparatus that would confirm this, I'm afraid that nobody has it.

    However, if we look at the above points that I mentioned and add to this the solar flare narration ... EVERYTHING TAKES SENSE !!

    It seems that those who know expect this event, but they do not know or did not know the exact date. We know more or less what will happen after what happened in the 19th century.
    It is certain that most of the electronics will burn, probably the traditional one, not based on semiconductors.
    It is also certain that this will take care of a large part of the satellites launched from Earth, who knows if the last action of Elon Musk with the launch of such large amounts of new satellites is not associated with the flare, perhaps the point is that they count on it to survive if they are not launched and connected to the power supply, maybe they want to start it AFTER EVERYTHING ?, It would also explain why they are still flying in the herd

    It is certain that this will cause a weather shake, as it is unknown. My guess is that the main impact will go to the Atlantic Ocean, around the Azores ... old Atlantis. This will cause a larger or smaller wave. Well, maybe Father Klimuszko saw the truth, he wrote that they will be crossing cruises that will fall into the Atlantic and will wake the monster, but in this place. He described how a wave would crush across the Giblartar Strait and flood a large part of Europe. He said, however, that he would not leave Poland, he saw that the wave would come to Poland, but would probably stop near the Łódź highlands.
    America will suffer too, how much I do not know.

  71. How beautifully the suspension of air traffic is explained, although it is here that you need an immediate start for economic reasons, I mean the sale of oil, and of course the planes themselves, we have heard for a long time that after a failed action with the MAXX Boening series, it was on the verge of bankruptcy, of course Airbus alone will not change much, but in general Boening is the majority of the market, LACK OF SPARE PARTS AND TECHNICAL SERVICE, will turn off the entire fleet.

    How facts and dates are great.
    See predictions for the end of ZARAZY, depending on the country MAY-AUGUST
    Mr. Trump sent an official open letter to WHO, in principle ULTIMATUM, giving them 30 DAYS TO EXPLORE THE SITUATION ... END OF JUNE !!!

    There are many more such convergences, but I will not write about it.
    I also remind you of a strange event from last summer when ALL SOLAR OBSERVERS around the world were suddenly turned off, under the pretext of ASSEMBLY! :-)

    As a SUMMARY, I will only write that I AM NOT A PROPHET, I am a man who ASSISTS FACTS and I DO NOT BELIEVE IN CASES.

  72. Thank you, Cobra.

    Thank you, Light Force.

  73. Cobra, you mixed up two terms: chang-chun means long spring. Yong-chun is eternal spring.

  74. Yes. I still apologize for being such a bleep head.

  75. it will be a hard time until november (if hopefully the liberation succeeds) and i hope the lightpowers don't allow vaccination .. i am now craving ever stronger for a new, bright world that we are waiting for every year. Victory the light !!! And thanks to Cobra

  76. Those who are attacking Cobra are blind and ignorant. I know he's a loving being and has been doing great work although he hasn't mentioned the real reason why this liberation process is taking so long and no it's not really the toplet bombs it'something else.There are powerful beings of light who can eradicate all dark beings if they choose so but there's a deeper occult reason why they allowed all this shenanigans to go on!

  77. For the German speaking community:


  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. But if I knew who these Hungarians are. We are here to defend you COBRA!

    I do not accept anyone to speak ill of you!

  80. Another few year delta dream, this time involving Antares A and B. At the time (I think Summer 2016/2017)I was watching a lot of Naughty Beaver videos (neat stuff) and learned of Red and Blue Kachina of the Hopi Prophecy. The dream was initially typical, walking down the street in a busy city downtown. I looked up suddenly and to my absolute horror were these two enormous Blue and Red planets overlapping like a Venn Diagram. I gasped upon seeing them, felt extreme terror and yelled at everyone around to look up and see. I woke up immediately afterwards quite startled. Not sure if it goes hand in hand with my other dream but it involved a post-apocalyptic city area with a broken down car with ROTHSCHILD in big red letters. Perhaps it was a warning because of said negativity that Cobra has mentioned :S Never quite sure what to think of my "epic" dreams, for better or for worse.

  81. I'm with you, and I sign under all testimonials from the Stargate link. I saw everything that was reported. Victory of light

    Brasil, TPT SP

  82. Without C's teachings these persons wouldn't have no clue about the whole liberation process of the Earth, still they're attacking him. It doesn't make any sense at all.. sure these people now struggle with their conflicted hearts. May the light be with you!

  83. the archons/chimera are synonymous to a bunch of pathetic man-childs.

  84. What I meant to say is...

    Knowing that people who once helped Cobra organize conferences, and now work against Cobra by portraying him as something he doesn't and isn't, feels like a punch in the face and in the stomach.

    It's very sad.

  85. The work continues, we have enough steam left to complete this. Also Cobra would you consider another London Conference as i think there is a energy vortex there if im not mistaken and could do with serious healing there, maybe an upcoming event possibly after CV19.

  86. With all those high vibration energy every day I don't know how the bad guys are able to function, much less to stand. How long until they are overwhelmed by the energy?what frequency?


    By Gabriel RL(Neva)

    Those who have been abducted by negative forces, especially by the negative faction of Zeta Reticuli. These people were taken several times on board their ships, had sex with them, and hybrid bodies were born on board the ships and still suffered even more profound genetic changes, "perfecting"negativity and aggressiveness. These bodies grew without spirits, accompanied in a kind of incubator by the beings of that faction of Zeta. Practically a clone of the human who was kidnapped. After several sections of abductions, the person is again caught and, through a specific technology, has his spirit removed from the original human body and inserted into that clone / hybrid body and returned to Earth. From that point on, that person becomes a "scout" of this negative race, being mentally controlled by them.

    This negative faction is now activating aggressive instincts in these people who don't even know they have gone through this process, several times. Many of them were taken at a certain time in their childhood and returned at a time in the future, such as now, or vice versa. They, this negative Zeta faction, have tried to make a "mess" anyway, because they are trapped in the dimensions of the Solar System and cannot leave, due to the protection belt of the Forces of Light. So, they have activated these hybrids - which are as if they were your ventriloquist dolls. Obviously, not all people who are experiencing these outbreaks of aggression, violence and negativity mean that they have been kidnapped and undergone these changes, but many yes, many of them! They are also called Haters, especially on the Internet.

    These people are being Zeta puppets. The Zeta want to dismantle circles of friendships, spiritual environments and any place where they have harmony. So, they are activating their hybrids in an attempt to do that. Keeping your heart calm - avoiding confrontation or paying any attention to these people - helps in the process of shutting down this program. The Zeta are extremely toxic in terms of sweetness, sweetness and serenity. At first glance, they become irritable when they feel these high vibrations. They activate their hybrids, and if you remain at peace, serene and peaceful, ignoring all the projected negativity, they freak out and walk away, because this high energy is toxic to them. They can't take it. After your controlled hybrid is no longer monitored, you experience extreme tiredness, discouragement and deep sadness. These people, for some reason, they opened up to these experiences and, unfortunately, those are the consequences. Everything is fair and perfect. Let us vibrate with much Love for the healing of all of them.

    How to differentiate, then, the aggressive hybrid from a person who is simply having a bad day? Simple: the hybrid controlled by the Zetas does not usually apologize and does not have the humility to recognize certain things, continuing its ever-increasing aggression (if the attention it wants is given). A person who is simply having a bad day knows how to apologize, retract and rearmonize himself. The hybrid is not usually empathetic; it is aggressive and mocking. The person who is having a bad day has deeper feelings. The hybrid is a kind of psychopath. The person who is just having a bad day obviously does not.

    For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

    In Love and Blessings.

    Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3138308299563314&id=100001525249627

  88. Za slovenske bralce: https://zmagaluci.blogspot.com/2020/05/zakljucek-igre-zmajev.html

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220306748080801

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  89. Cobra, thanks for the hungarian update. Everyone know this now. Unfortunately this very important part of your post isn't readable on cell phone on that site where the translation is found. It is ok on notebook. I can't leave a comment to Viktoria.

  90. June Solstice Surprise from Your Sun ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton
    “Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

    We are continuing to explore the many possibilities that we see leading up to this next very important solstice that you have coming up there on Earth. You are at this time relying heavily upon energies coming from all across the galaxy, and on the solstice it will be your sun’s turn to shine, quite literally. There are many possibilities that humanity is choosing from at this time, and that you can choose from as individuals. Now, we know that many of you have heard about a solar flash, or a solar sneeze, and for a very long time people have been talking about the effects of solar flares on all of you there on Earth.

    But with this upcoming solstice, what we see as the most likely probability is that your sun will be sending out such an enormous transmission of unconditional love that humanity will forever be changed by that transmission. Now, of course you are dealing with quite a bit of chaos and fear on your world at this time, and it is at times like these that every being that you have helping you steps it up a bit in terms of the offerings, the transmissions, the downloads, the activations, and so on.

    You are undoubtedly going to receive more from your sun during this solstice than you have during any previous solstice that you’ve experienced there on Earth. You have been summoning, and the sun has taken notice. The sun has received your requests for help and wants very much to help. Your sun is a living being, a being with consciousness and is a part of the overall plan to help humanity ascend.

    Now, you have reached a point where we feel you have done enough cleansing, purging, and ultimately evolving as a result of the Covid-19 virus. We see very little good in dragging this out till the end of 2020, or even beyond. And so, we can see how this particular timeline will be the one that you will all choose for yourselves, to rise up like a Phoenix from the ashes, to become the version of humanity that is going to live out the years you have remaining before the shift in consciousness is completed.

    We give you this transmission, this wonderful message a month in advance of your solstice, because we are essentially out an invitation to all of you to be on that timeline, to bring about the changes that you want to experience, rather than the ones you are afraid might happen. That is how you do it. That is how you ensure that you are living in the future that you want to be living in.

    We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

  91. Thank you for the report Cobra and sorry to hear about the main organizer who turned against you.
    Victory of the Light!

  92. Tweets: "Heavy rainfall causes two dams to breach in mid-Michigan, forcing the evacuation of ≈10k people, ..."

    When u hear such statements.. i have to wonder .if the dam failed truly sue to heavy rains or was made to fail ..specifically on that day. The rain makes perfect cover

  93. In 5/21, or 21/5, We are entered under the influence of Alcyon, a Pleiades sun.and that will mark the start of the new galactic cycle-(26000 years). The energies will rise dramatically.
    Well at least that what they say.


  94. Dear Cobra,

    Thank you very much for this important update. As difficult as it is to see key individuals turn against you at this critical time, just know that there are many more WITH you than there are against you!

    Humanity is at possibly the most important crossroads of our existence and we really only have two choices:

    <<< WE CAN EITHER......SINK.......OR.......RISE..... >>>>>

    1) We can sink further into anger, fear, hopelessness and despair and empower the dark ones/strengthen their position with a dust cloud of negative energy


    2) We can do as the Light Forces suggest and "develop nobility of character" - AND RISE ABOVE THEIR LAST ATTEMPT AT CREATING CHAOS -refusing to cave in and display harshness, selfishness or judgment of anyone and instead send out waves of Love, Kindness, Compassion and Understanding to all which transmutes their darkness and dark agendas (that is why all plasma primary anomaly is now gone!)




    (continued in Part 2)

  95. (WE RISE……PART 2)

    The word "Noble" means: Elevation of Mind and Exaltation of Ideals or Conduct

    We can choose to RISE Above All Of This and react with Grace and Tact.....Grace Under Fire.

    I'm reminded of Maya Angelou's poem "Still I Rise" (quoted in part):

    "You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may tread me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’LL RISE.

    Just like moons and like suns,
    With the certainty of tides,
    Just like hopes springing high,
    Still I'LL RISE.

    Did you want to see me broken?
    Bowed head and lowered eyes?
    Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
    Weakened by my soulful cries.

    You may shoot me with your words,
    You may cut me with your eyes,
    You may kill me with your hatefulness,
    But still, like air, I'LL RISE.

    Up from a past that's rooted in pain
    I rise
    Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
    I rise
    Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear
    I rise

    Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
    I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
    I rise
    I rise
    I RISE."

    WE RISE.....by sending out High Frequency LOVING Energy Into The World....throughout the day…..even to those who have hurt us!

    The KEY to being completely Victorious now lies in what kind of Emotional Energy we are sending out into the Quantum Field. We are either feeding the Darkness or the Light.....but we are feeding one of the two constantly.....whether we are aware of this or not.


    As Cobra pointed out in some length in this post....much of the best schools of thought (Elevated Thinking/Mind) and natural healing methods have come from ancient Asian Culture and Taoist philosophy. I have sought out their treatments all my life (via herbal formulas, acupuncture, crystal healing and practicing QiGong/Martial Arts).

    We can take the very wise words of Lao Tzu to heart at this time:

    "Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

    Character = our mental and moral qualities (the way we think, feel and behave)

    As the Light Forces wisely remind us, Our CHARACTER becomes our DESTINY. So it behooves all of us (myself included) to check our character throughout each day to Align it more with Higher Principles and Actions.

    We all have acknowledged and agree that these are the most difficult times we will ever face and they are trying us to the limit of what we feel we can bear.

    Now that we've established that.....let's start building our inner strength and engage daily in activities that will ensure we RISE above all of this drama....and prove to ourselves and the Universe.....just how STRONG and RESILIENT we really are!

    I sincerely hope and pray that we all start disconnecting from the dark digital narrative and re-connect with everything that is Pure and Beautiful and truly worthy of our attention.

    Instead of continuing to DIGEST their online "junk food" why not start CREATING our own highly uplifting content and start collaborating on projects that will create our New World?

    The Light Forces are telling us we need to divert our Energy into a much more positive direction....otherwise the worst case endgame scenarios could play out.

    OUR EMOTIONAL STATE IS HAVING A MASSIVE EFFECT ON WORLD EVENTS. With that in mind, I encourage everyone to remain as Calm and Rational as possible. Never has this been more important than at this time.

    I have faith in humanity. We are much STRONGER than we give ourselves credit for. If we've gotten this far......we can surely make it a few more months. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we WILL Rise Above This and overcome all darkness with the power of our Inner Light!!

    <<< Respond to this post....if you choose to RISE! >>>

    1. Sacred Architect 5D@

      There is some useful resource of geomantic structures on our blog:


      Geomancy - Useful Links

    2. Sacred Architect 5D@
      Please let us put together your call also at from the perspective of an Island of Light development.

      Please come forward with some words in this concern.

    3. Oh we're riding, all right! Sacred Architect 5D is the real deal, listen carefully! I know many people are in pain, but there is a reason the LF keep saying to attend to our inner work...the inner is the outer! Love is unassailable. I have been targeted for decades, but it has merely taught me that agape love is untouchable. Search deep within, connect with your divinity, and all will be revealed. For those who do, the Event is already here.

  96. Is Elon Musk aware of the Chimera and what is really going on with the Star Link satellites?

    1. @unknown and Starman, it makes me wonder what the red pill really represents, because its not necessarily waking up.

  97. Cobra: if the Galactic fleet controls above sub lunar space and is actively taking out Draco ships why is it they cant take out the ships in sub lunar space? Decoys or such I would assume even cloaked Draco ships can be detected by the Light forces and taken out en mass when the time is right.
    Are we to understand DUMBs are not being cleared and children are not being rescued?


    1. @Unknown Doug, I would worry about the internal more than the external. Worry about yourself, which is not selfish if done right. Forget the alt-media circus. Its cabal run and if they cant stop an alt media they will create it and run it. They have done it for decades. If they cannot stop their downfall they will broadcast it, mixed with disinfo, ahead of time just to screw with the "awakened". This leaves us confused, divided, and disillusioned. Its all external. Its an attack and it hurts us internally. If we work on the internal than we affect the external in a good way.

  98. Dear Cobra!
    Thank you for clarifying the situation in Hungary, it was much needed.
    Dragon Endgame in Hungarian/magyarul:
    Compression Breakthrough in Hungarian/Stargate 2020 cikke magyarul:
    Magyar Cobra Csoport a Fb-on:
    Rózsa Rendje a Fb-on:

  99. kauilapele:
    Light Force are spreading HCQ In our atmosphere, instead of the Chem-trails.


  100. Can anyone explain why I would be seeing clouds in the shape of Dragons around me and my family?

    1. @EnergyKeeper, A sign that dragons are watching out for you? Or a coincidence.

  101. Thank you Cobra for your great work! Why don't the star brothers take all of Elon Musk's satellites down? Don't they have that technology?

  102. For those in America dealing with the mask order, I've been looking into it (since you can't trust Facebook memes.) I have a problems with the bones in my face and truly can't wear a mask. I called the Police Covid Quesion Line and asked them what the deal was, because store employees have been asking me for documentation about my issue. I'm like from who? You want me to get examined by a state doctor and carry a notarized, signed by the governor, Official Covid-19 Mask Exemption Certificate? Seriously people are Nazis at heart, it's really sad and frustrating. I have store employees point and shout at me like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. They look just like this.



    The police said I don't have to explain anything to anybody! I assume even to police officers. Since when do you have to give your medical history to a cop? Just don't be belligerent or talk about your rights and the constitution, stick to the medical part (even if it is about your rights.) Not surprisingly they can't do anything. You don't have to explain your medical history to anyone! You don't need to have a damn doctor's note to shop, it's totally unenforceable. What if my issue is I get low oxygen and wet my pants, like I have to tell that to anyone who asks? Yeah right! So forget the masks which are terrible for your health, and forget whatever creepy mass ritual this is. I'm going to talk to lawyers and get someone on standby in case anyone hassles me too much. Because the mask order is bad enough, but when regular citizens try to enforce it above and beyond by making me carry some kind of certificate, they can seriously go to hell. I'm not the suing type, but we are in a type of war here. All these wannabe fascists need a dose of reality.

    1. @Patrick, this is one of the reasons I dont think a mass awakening is happening. They keep comparing the virus to 9/11 and the media keeps hiding behind first responders and heroes, just like 9/11. The grocery store employees here are friendly but the other customers wont even look at me. The aisles have arrows now so they are only one way and its really inconvenient. It is supposed to keep people apart and it doesnt even work. I went down an aisle the wrong way because there was only one person and she stopped me and let me know about the arrows and that I was going the wrong way. I thanked her like I didnt know, which was a white lie. They really believe this crap.

    2. I too think there is very little or no awakening. Sure people are angry at the government but it's just because it's interfering with their money or ability to go to the bar. That's funny about the arrows in grocery store isles. I've seen those too, how absurd. It's Tyranny Lite(c), like zip tie handcuffs. By 2004 I realized nobody was going to wake up to 9/11 and if they couldn't figure that out, we'd never have disclosure. I'm sure people who were around during Roswell thought it was the big one. It was in the newspapers! "UFO Crash". And now 73 years later we have nothing. Toplet bombs only prevent outside help, humanity could have woken up at any time. What could cause people to be like this. It's terrifying! I don't even want to do anything anymore. What's the point? I can barely drag myself out of bed. Every morning starts with a panic attack when I open my eyes, "Oh no! I woke up again! Noo please make it stop."

    3. Yes, a real problem is the indoctrination of "normal" people. And sadly that was our job to correct. The media brainwashing has been too strong for us. I can only seed some thoughts now and then and it takes a really long time to give fruits it seems.

  103. PARIS.....is indeed.....the Ancient City Of Light!

    Now I truly know why the city of Paris has called to me so strongly all these years - it has been my #1 lifelong dream to travel to Paris. And not only did the city send me a strong continuous signal.....but in particular the Notre Dame Cathedral (long before I knew its energetic significance). That cathedral was built on top of an Ancient Goddess Temple to try to "hijack" the pure goddess energy. They actually did this all over the planet attempting to cover up and take control of these powerful energy spots which once blessed the inhabitants of those regions with very peaceful extremely healing spiritually supportive energies.

    I will be sure to focus more of my attention during my meditations on the Paris Goddess Vortex so that it can once again shine forth its radiant light! It's time to resurrenct ALL these spiritual vortexes of Light and completely restore the global network of Spiritual Light.

    1. France:🙂


  104. Who is the Goddess? Is the Goddess actually the wife of YHWH, her name is Shekinah?

    I've never heard of any archeology that says that Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral was the site of ancient Goddess worship. When exactly was the Goddess temple standing in the spot that Notre Dame was?

    Also, what happens when the Ley lines and the energy vortexes close or disappear? What does that actually do, and why is it bad for the Light Forces or people in general?

    1. The Goddess has embodied many forms throughout history. She is our Divine Mother - the very essence of high heart Love - the one who nurtures and protects us (her children) and maintains peace and harmony in all aspects of creation.

      The city's name PAR-IS actually means "Boat of Isis" which is featured in the city's coat of arms. The Celtic tribe who first arrived in 250 BC were called Parisii - they were followers of the Goddess Isis and brought with them the Goddess Mysteries.

      The true history of Notre Dame is not generally known but here is an article that explains it in detail:

      And also this one:

      These energy vortexes (or sacred sites) around the world were once interconnected in a planetary Web of Light that uplifted all life spiritually and harmonized all the energies on the planet. They are very important to the physical health and spiritual well-being of all Earth's inhabitants!

      This is why so many lightworkers do their meditative and energy work on or near these powerful energy spots around the globe.

  105. It was said that we are the strongest of the strong! And I‘m saying Cobra is even stronger!

  106. Very thorough... Well backed.

  107. Are the plasma toplet bombs considered to be quantum exotic weapons?


  108. A quick note about the situation (1322) - Pleiades 1

    May 20,.2020
    Old structures crumble.

    MiD(Cabal) are continuously highlighted for elevations.

    * -Humans(hybrids) entering submissions.

    * Hatonnicas(about Goddess Haton) communications are expanded.

    Porto Patrolman reorganizing Special Patrols. Hyperactivating Astral Field.

    New Arrivals adapt to the Terran Environment.

    High morals are amplified.

    MiD pursuits are evidenced in a -4D environment. Catches happen by Sentinels.

    Nobility - (negative) in physical finishes.

    Attention PVSE and the like! * SPELLS +++ in ANCHORAGES and SPECIFIC REVERBERATIONS: 72% (non-regressive).

    Complete updates to * MIRV program in progress. 70% (non-regressive).

    MiD archetypal dislocations occur.

    MiD rites are discontinued.

    Sentinels(Guardians) expand search zones. Árguan(Positive Draco Fleet) present in support.

    Silver Arrow in mental discontinuation.

    Temporarily, end of transmission.



  109. Wow...:) ♡♡♡♡ LOVELIGHT to ALL!

  110. Stephen: Why did you choose that name? [Cobra] … it has a slight fear element …

    COBRA: Cobra is also a symbol for kundalini, the force of enlightenment, the force of liberation and freedom. And yes, that IS dangerous to the Illuminati. It represents a slight fear element to them and they have every reason to be afraid…



  111. Was accidentally taken to the very first blogpost of this site today; April Fool's Day 2012. Let's say that title has nothing to do with deception here. Have just re-read that entire ambitious post. Was not a member here back then, perhaps had probably joined under a different account a few years after 2012, so I have less wear and tear "wait" time than some. Personally, have not seen the aforementioned free energy devices other than old tales of Nikola Tesla inventions in books, on other websites, or in The History Channel bunker. I am a worn out human, disabled to be exact. Served in the military but can no longer intelligently defend myself or my country, let alone an invisible enemy. Have a feeling the LF will win Earth back. Have strong reactive intentions when I hear about the neg's winning at anything where my old training kicks in and want to participate physically in the neg's demise but cannot. Am lucky to still be able to walk and drive and to take care of myself for now. So I read these stories with a grain of salt. Whoever you are Cobra, and I am pretty sure I know, thanks for the memories. None of this prison Earth/Space control stuff is your fault either.

  112. You are wrong about shape of universe. It is not a torus. It is the exact opposite, a reverse torus. I did not want to communicate to you but it bothers me to see incorrect information.

  113. @LongStar117 There are definitely NO coincidences. I’m just trying to wrap my head around why I am seeing so many and who they are.

  114. Honestly, I'm tired of these delays, these mistakes and naivete that the forces of light commit always letting themselves be burned by the wicked. At this rate it will never end and the Event could jump and we would be doomed.
    It would be really better to do things openly, especially since the world is now completely upset and then let's end it. Make it or brake it.
    The Galactic Confederation vaporized by Draco? But what does this mean?
    If they have this power what are we talking about here? That's enough!!

  115. Thanks Cobra for the update

    Today (May 20th) between about 14:50PM and 13:00PM UTC time, I received a very strong impact on the right side of my head, like a shock wave that lasted about 3 seconds. It was very intense, as if someone had hit me with a baseball bat on the side of my head but without feeling the impact of an object. It was like a wave coming from the outside, I felt like my brain had moved a bit to the left and hit my inner skull to the left because it was so strong. Strangely I didn't feel much pain but it made me dizzy for a few minutes. And for a few hours I was a little dizzy as if I had heatstroke. Even now I'm a little dizzy but it's gone down a lot.

    I don't know if it's an external attack with a directed energy weapon. Or if it had something to do with the dissolution of the negative implant in the cerebral cortex.

    This is the second time in my life I've been physically attacked. The first time was an attack that was still aimed at my head and it had caused me a strong pressure inside my two eardrums that caused me very unpleasant tinnitus, as if I had plunged into the water very quickly and very deeply.

    Has anyone had this kind of experience today in this time period?

  116. "Also, many people have been programmed through trauma based mind control in the past, and many of those programs are triggered as we are getting closer and closer to the Event." - Cobra

    I feel like I should share a dream related to above. Where I think I was kidnapped by the Cabal by some unknown means when I was younger and forced to participate in a "Hunger Games" scenario.

    Last year, I had a very upsetting dream where I killed a man. In this dream I was hiding behind a tall, thick evergreen in the middle of a clearing surrounded by the deep woods of some undisclosed location. In this clearing was also a ruined cottage-like structure, with rubble surrounding the collapsed building.

    While hiding behind this tree at this clearing, I spotted a man, who looked no older than 60 running laterally from my position about 20-30 yards away from me, he was running toward the rubble of the building. I remember shooting him with some sort of rifle He fell to the ground and I sprinted toward him and I collapsed at his feet, I then crawled up to him to where I could face him and took out from my back pocket (I remember this clearly) a .22 starter pistol and pointed it at his fore-head. Tears were streaming down my face, as I was saying that I was sorry. He closed his eyes very tightly and clenched his teeth tightly as well. I pulled the trigger, and woke up.

    I was extremely upset when I woke up, immediately I had tears streaming down my face screaming that I wasn't a murderer. Astral Assaults are childs-play compared to this dream that I had. That's how bad it was.

    Now why do I think it was more than just a dream? It's been brought to my awareness that certain sects of the Cabal have access to 'Consciousness Transference Technology' where through some process, can take a person's consciousnesses and insert it into a different body in order to participate in what they call "Blood Sports". Which is similar to a Gladiatorial Arena. Upon completion of the "Blood Sport" the victim will be brought back into their original body with their long term memory of the trauma wiped, only for the memory of the trauma to be activated again at around 30 years old. I had this dream at 27 years old.

    That's one theory.

    My other theory is that I'm seeing memories of my clone, as I am aware that Cabal members will clone children from the surface that they've taken an "interest" toward. A Clone is always connected to the original through the genetics.

    My other (other) theory is that the dream was artificially created and never occurred. It's purpose to get a reaction out of me..as I've noticed upon analyses in the dream I experienced it in the third person. As if I was watching a movie.

    It was one of the most traumatizing dreams that I've had.

    I've also felt the urge from time to time years ago to "attack" the pleadians physically when I wanted to connect with them. It felt like a "third party" in the back of my mind sending strong impressions to assault the beings I was connecting too. Whenever theses feelings emerged I was stopping executing the impression b ecause it made no sense to me.

    I've also felt sudden urges to 'turn off the car' while driving down a busy road. Odd to be sure. Also felt urges to eat raw meat when I was younger, also Odd.

    So yea, I think I might be afflicted somewhat..

  117. ThanQ for the update. I can sense and feel the positive becoming more and more apparent almost daily. Keep fighting the good fight.

    Victory of the Light!!

  118. Thank you Cobra for this update.
    Regarding the crash of the ship in Rio which Cobra talks about via Fulford's article. There is a French \ Brazilian team that investigated the crash. the video is in french and portuguese but here is a summary:
    People say they saw a triangle-shaped vessel, from which came out 7 white luminous balls which had the capacity to change shape: ball, cylinder, saucer .. one of the balls would have become flashing red before crashing.
    It looks like the ship was shot down by the military, by an electromagnetic wave. He crashed in Maché near Rio, behind an arms factory in the forest (there is a video of the trees broken by the impact). a military audio recording counts 6 extraterrestrial bodies including one inside the rest of the ship, the others outside (killed by the crash or the military?)
    The spacecraft was to contain 12 people, so 6 are on the run. They would be light beings. The ship would be organic. the area was cordoned off by the military, Rio airport closed for a period of time in order to divert planes from the area. The city of Maché (place of the crash) is forbidden access except for the inhabitants, a curfew has been established.
    A few days later, it seems that the employees of the arms factory (the only employer in the city) mysteriously fall ill, one of them has died.
    No media, local or otherwise, currently reports on this UFO accident in Rio. https://youtu.be/k4XHhbnu-_I

  119. My Dearest Soul Brother COBRA,

    I'm sorry for all the negativity that we of the Lightworkers/Lightwarriors Community are sending to you, I'm really so sorry for all the pain this is causing you :( you are a real hero to continue with your mission maintaining the 2012portal blog, I send to you sincere and unconditional Endless Waves of the Purest Light and Love, to heal your Heart and to sustain your Soul.

    PS: my Dearest Soul Brother, do you consider the possibility to create a Mass Meditation to Heal and Activate the primary LightWorkers/LightWarriors Key persons? Do you think this could be a trigger to move the current Nash equilibrium in Light advantage?

    Your Soul Brother Fabio <3

  120. Cobra, the Gnostic philosophies and practices are of utmost importance during the Kali Yuga, but even the Gnostics are misled to believe that Karma is deserved because of past lifetimes. How can this be rectified in the spirit of "people need to connect to their Soul, release their dependency from digital media, be honest and sincere with themselves, connect to what is beautiful, pure and true, develop nobility of character and release judgement and denial"? I do not wish to ruffle the feathers of important way-showers, nor do I wish to create disharmony. But it hurts and angers me to listen to the enlightened say that a child's torture has a fitting place in this world. I will continue to strive for serenity in these dark times but that one really gets my goat.

    Thanks for the update and information as always.

  121. I can disclose and i can't deny.... I have become harsh but not toward population as a whole but toward those that insist in keeping each other hostage in foolish childish games.. Of course special dose of animosity toward those keeping humanity as hostages. I to be honest only have two special skills left as all others are 'out to lunch" .. i even lost me sticks and stones.. but before i regress.. one is me humor and the other me sarcasm...both of which i must confess if i didn't have at the moment life would seem very dull(trust me it should be right now but those two lil gold nuggets keep the light on). Without either one i probably would be ranting here everyday about what you guys havent done for me :) whether i know you guys have or not.. mere technicality :)

    point is.. this is just me lil 2cents on being honest to self.. which i have usually... well i try.. so in reality I am just wanting to write just for the heck of it :)

    sincerely Dragon Heart