Monday, June 1, 2020


Pandora in progress, ongoing gamma grid ratio disruption, L2LSIP recovery failure, Project 502 on hold. MPD filter active.  Minimum M / HP requirements met, VTX / SD / DL requirements not met. 


  1. I'm with the light til the end of the mission. Give me/ us the signal when you wanted us to take action again.


    1. The light is older than the dark.

    2. The Construct by Neil Kramer, Feb 10th, 2013

  3. “Pandora in progress, ongoing gamma grid ratio disruption, L2LSIP recovery failure, Project 502 on hold. MPD filter active. Minimum M/HP requirements met, VTX/SD /DL requirements not met.”
    “Pandora in progress” - LFs’ Pandora ops against negative entities as a part of Freedom Earth 501 Operation successfully continues.
    “Ongoing gamma grid ratio disruption” - There is a limited damage in a part of the new 5D energy grid within the gamma timeline installed by Light forces on Earth.
    “L2LSIP recovery failure” - «L2» is a channel for transmitting info collected in specific regions and structures, which is then accumulated and analyzed in the main data center. «LSIP» - Land Surface Imaging Portal - system for monitoring the Earth from Space in every important areas. The system’s recovery is temporarily failed due to technical problems.
    “Project 502 on hold’ - «Project 502» is the LFs’ mechanism of using the cosmic flows as a laser beams to destroy negative entities on the plasma, etheric, surface and underground levels, temporally suspended due to the need of using at this stage a more selective, point-based weapon against the DFs.
    “MPD filter active” - The magneticplasmadynamic (MPD) filter regulate the energy field created by the interaction between the current flowing through the plasma and the magnetic field. In this case, the LFs use it to eliminate the damage of 5D crystal infrastructure breached by the DFs.
    “Minimum M/HP requirements met” - «M» are multichannel or areas of monitoringI. «HP» - high-power, i.e. designed to operate at a high energy level; capable to withstand high energies. It means that LFs’ Sentinels control each movement of the negative entities.
    “VTX/SD/ L requirements not met” - «VTX» is a vertex – a common point of curves of energy flows created by different vortex areas. «SD» - Systems Displays – electron beam indicators for monitoring energy flows and energy fields. «DL» - Downlink – sending data from Space to ground stations; transmitting information from a spacecrafts or satellites to Earth. All that means that positive energy has not yet reached necessary vibrational level to 5D leap for total disintegration all remaining negative energy on Earth.

    Other the LFs’ operations are also can be disclosed. Two very important ops Light Forces have conducted on the island of Dilmun in Bahrain from 24 to 26 January 2020 and on the Islands of Koh Samui and Phangan in Thailand from 27 January 2019 to 19 February 2020.
    But the main LFs’ operations are carried out on the quantum level WITH TREMENDOUS SUCCESS.
    These operations are part of a General Plan to rebuild our Local Universe. It will be single-vectored, that is, it will have only one evolutionary vector, ONE FORCE -THE CONSTRUCTIVE FORCE OF LIGHT. There will be no more polarization and confrontation. The past Local Universe was two-vectored - constructive (Light) and destructive (Darkness). Between them there was a constant and irreconcilable war and confrontation, as the implementation of the principle of unity and struggle of opposites, laid down in the original scenario. To be continued)

    1. thanks so much Lev

    2. Thank you very much. Please, continue.

    3. >Lev
      "«L2» is a channel for transmitting info collected in specific regions and structures, which is then accumulated and analyzed in the main data center."

      I was under the impression 'L' was for "Lagrange Point", although L0 being mentioned in some of these coded announcements was presenting a problem as such a designation did not exist in astrophysics.

    4. How do you know all of these? I see no proofs

    5. Lev: it is interesting to read your conclusions but I don‘t think you have as much Intel as you are portraying.. mostly just assumption and story telling.. I‘m not sure if this is helpful to the process.

    6. Thank you! We know the Light wins they have creator God Source in their corner we are just all anxious of course to get the party started but realize battles are still ongoing and lives on both sides are being taken. I send light and love to all involved as we are all 1 then we are all Source. Hard to believe Source and the GCS birthed the souls of the chimera reptilians and dracos still dont quite understand how all souls are divine yet there can be ETs who have shut down their heart space. If anyone can explain this and a high level timeline of earth when we arrived and how and when we were taken over and how 10 DNA strands were severed or were they ever online? Thank you!

    7. Recall also for those who may be extra-sensitive to the current energies-
      Cobra's post Tuesday, December 10, 2019
      Another Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in June; in fact June is an active month for sure.
      It may feel like one is in labor and giving birth (for the men the contractions are different on an empathic node) for Creator-That Which gave birth to the Cosmos- is giving birth to the New age.
      This is both historical and evolutionary
      and we are witness to it!
      Shall we meditate and grid for the Flower of Life and a smoother transition?

      Victory of Light!

    8. Thanks to provide us with informations Lev. We appreciate a lot

    9. the Islands of Koh Samui - Loved that place! I celebrated their Loi Krathong festival to the water Goddess Ganga to release worries/dark issues and ask forgiveness.Floating flowers of wishes into the Cambodia Sea was magical. Yet another minor 11:11 event for me 8 yrs after the first one.
      In fact I almost died in the rubber forest there. Something saved me just in time; An invisible hand of sort.That compelled me to release my karma and give thanks at the Loi Krathong.
      Thanks Lev (again) for the 'markers' that remind me of my life adventures while looking for answer to Spirit. I step back in awe how this Portal 2012 swirls me into a quantum soup of connections, like putting a life puzzle together.

      Storytelling is a wonderful art BTW, otherwise tribal legends and history would not have been handed down before pen&paper and computers.
      I took a storytelling class at Vassar after returning from Bolivia and the 11:11. Some things are just a challenge to covey to others who 'weren't there' or are not fully focused.
      I appreciate your reports within the Cobra report. I appreciate Cobra.

  4. First, Light Forces reformatted the Hierarchical structure of our Local Universe from a two-vectored to a single-vectored. Now – the next stage: the withdrawal of the destruction energy from the Local Universe. The principles of polarity, polarization, unity and struggle of opposites, antipodean forces and energies will remain in the past.
    The change of multidimensional Matrices goes in live, without switching off the Local Universe for the transition period. Previously, the change of Matrices meant the complete demolition of the building (the collapse of the Universe) and the construction of a new one in its place, with the relocation of all residents from it. Now this process is happening online, together with us, its inhabitants. Replacement takes place in stages, gradually otherwise all this would be impossible in principle. Simultaneously with the replacement of the house, its residents, are being transformed on all levels.
    The first half of 2020 is the period of final cleansing and purification from the energies of the Old Matrices throughout our Local Universe. On our 3D Earth, this feels especially hard. The squeezing out of the energies of the Old World, the Old 3D Matrix, has entered the final stage, and this is the most painful one.
    The draining of the energies of the Old World and the incomplete process of filling the energies of the New World created some vacuum, as a result of which all the transition processes were temporarily slowed down, stalled. There were a series of evolutionary reversals. This process is absolutely natural, because the transition and change of Matrices is similar to climbing mountains. When you reach a certain height during the day, you need to "roll back" a little during sleep and overnight, go down lower for acclimatization. And the next day continue climbing even higher on the same principle.
    This natural transition pause was taken advantage of by the dying, departing Dark Forces. The DFs, feeling the end is near, decided to have a last feast or Sabbath. Human feelings, emotions, and thoughts are the energy that various extraterrestrial civilizations feed on. The Light Forces consume our good, high frequencies energies, the Dark Forces - low vibrational energies of fear, aggression, and hatred. General psychosis and world hysteria associated with CV-19 is artificially heated by DFs. This is why it is so important to maintain harmony around you, in your home.(To be continued)

    1. >Lev
      "The first half of 2020 is the period of final cleansing and purification from the energies of the Old Matrices throughout our Local Universe..."

      Interesting that an ex-NSA agent who worked for the Deep State at some level alluded to this.


      "HEADS UP: As soon as Corona failed they launched an 'American Spring' with the hopes of destroying the nation. Now that the 'American Spring' [a reference to Arab Spring] is melting away, watch for a huge third event.

      The speed at which they launched the second hoax (race riots) strongly implies they have another one ready. BE READY, and whatever happens, look for the lie, they have a lie buried in everything.

      I believe this site played a major part in having the riots get canceled as quickly as they were. It is far too well read and I watched the web, what was posted here spread like wildfire.

      This was the site that blew the lid off FIRST, and stopped it all. I said exactly who set this up, the year I noticed they started setting this up, and then told people "IT IS GOING TO BE PATHETIC AS HELL IF AN ARMED POPULACE ACCEPTS GETTING BURNED OUT OF THEIR HOMES".

      I was the only one with this message. I was also the original who pointed out the hoax aspect of how not-so-pink floyd was handled by the "emt's" (total B.S.) and then having KSTP point out the two worked together was a huge bonus, and THEN once again, this site was the original that pointed out the cop they arrested was not whoever actually partook in this B.S. psy op.

      When Soros gave the order to burn neighborhoods I actually thought it might be game over, but fortunately Trump alleviated the need for people to follow through with my suggestions by instructing the National Guard to stop it... THAT PROVES I WAS RIGHT.

      And the enemies of this site know that, which is why they will again try to kill this site via deprivation of financing. I am the one that has the balls to say it like it is." - JS

    2. Hey, thanks for sharing, at first (one a previous post), I was kinda doubtful about someone interpreting COBRA messages. But somehow, on this blog, within the first lines I get a sensation of limpidity or opacity (like if text was water), and yours is limpid for me. Even thought what you say is actually quite complex. (Kinda like when I read Franz Bardon)

    3. Thank you so much for all the informations Lev. Thank you thank you

  5. The purification of quantum space in our Local Universe has been activated since 21.12.2012, when a significant part of the negative karmic substance in our Local Universe and in the 3D Earth field was annihilated by Light Forces. From February 2020, the second cleaning of the remnants of destructive karmic energy is carried out.
    Immediately after Easter 2020, the Light Forces began operation "Zeroing". THIS is a GRADUAL, COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL, DEACTIVATION, ERASURE of OLD PROGRAMS AND ENERGIES from the field of our Local Universe and the 3D Earth. Active measures are taken to reduce entropy and destroy negative egregors. We are steadily approaching the point of Complete Zeroing, the Absolute Zero-Phase of the field. Then there will be a complete transition to the New Matrix, its programs and algorithms.
    The LFs’ measures to reduce entropy are carried out in absolutely all eons and dimensions of our Local Universe. In April-May 2020, the entropy level in planetary field began to go off the scale in parallel with the exponential increase of Covid-19. The Light Forces made tremendous efforts to curb the raging entropy.
    From April 1 to May 13, 2020, the LFs’ ground team also contributed to these efforts. They introduced portions of entropy negative energy into their Light bodies, burned it out and brought it out in the form of Order and Harmony energy. At the same time, they gradually increased the amount of entropy for its Harmonization. They started with a 50-50 ratio. Then increased received entropy portion to 60, then to 70. The team leader even went to the extreme experiment - increased portion of taken entropy up to 100. And with this volume, he successfully coped.
    A lot of work is done by the Light Forces with constructive and destructive egregors. Behind each super-egregor (a planetary scale energy formation, for example, big pharma, cinema, gambling, etc.) there is a certain force – usually some Extraterrestrial Civilization. It controls it by draining the life energy from the people involved.
    Now the Light Forces are erasing to zero the total planetary egregor field together with egregors system. All tentacles are cut off along with external links. The humans as a bio objects to which various egregors, both constructive and destructive, were linked, are to be completely freed from egregorial bindings. After our Local Universe Matrix reset, new egregors will be introduced into the Earth's 5D evolutionary field on fundamentally different – positive foundations and principles.
    This process will continue until June 20, 2020, before the new Galactic year. And as the Light Forces planned, on June 21, 2020, the day of annular solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer, THE NEW WORLD MATRIX ON THE QUANTUM LEVEL WILL BE FULLY ACTIVATED. (To be continued)

    1. Lev, thank you once again...can you tell us how best to prepare for the new quantum matrix coming on June 21st? Will we feel it, see it?

  6. At the present time, there are many meetings in our Galaxy and Local Universe focused on the Earth. It is currently watched by 1000 billion living beings, and about 100 billion are taking direct part in the planet’s transition (of course, the figures are approximate). Everything is done very carefully to minimize the panic of the people. As the vibrations of the earthlings increase, they will see and feel everything for themselves, this is already happening.
    Previously, the Light Forces gave time to all extraterrestrial civilizations that are not part of the new 5D Earth to leave the planet. They were warned that soon the Earth will be taken in a ring for cleaning, eliminating up all unnecessary and for subsequent transformation. Now the planet is in the ring (quarantine), and there is a complete global cleanup, both inside the planet and outside. At the same time, energy flows from Cosmic Central Sun, the Universal Central Sun and the Galactic Central Sun which erase the negative anomalies and direct the gigantic positive radiation to the Earth are smoothly cushioned by the Light Forces for helping the earthlings to adapt to 5D transition.
    Now the entire DFs’ infrastructure, the network that is entangled and permeated the Earth, is being deactivated. In the past this web of low vibrations was kept under the tough control of the Dark Forces, and played decisive role in their plans for the development of Earth and life on it. During deactivation, cleaning is performed, negative entities are "turned off" - mainly biorobots that serve the system for maintaining low vibrations.
    Also, there are human biorobots that are still in power structures, but their power goes away due to the saturation of the planet with high cosmic vibrations. In a certain period of cleaning, they will not survive in high frequencies flows, due to the cellular structure of their body. There were those who had a soul, but for certain reasons it left its physical body and returned to the etheric, plasma, or astral planes. But these levels the Light Forces are now actively cleaning from negative entities.
    There are also living souls in power who for survival take high vibrations in doses realizing that life now needs to be lived in a different way. (To be continued)

    1. When are we gonna MEET them?

      I am sick of waiting for the 'benefit' of the masses...getting SICK of the excuse of 'panic'.

      When do those of us ready finally get to be happy?

    2. Well previous posts did say weeks, months, years to work on stuff around earth so prepare for the long run 2 1/2 years ?

    3. @Fun Times

      THEN what? Another several years AFTER that as well, hmmmm?

      What good will it do ME if I am elderly, withering away in some old age home, in a rocking chair, coughing up blood, sitting in my own feces, and wondering WHAT went wrong, and HOW incompetent are the light forces, that a small GANG/space Mafia running this ONE, little planet can't be taken down?

      Do you understand?

  7. Saturation of the planet with high vibrations goes in several ways:
    1. Internally, through people who feel they need to help the planet, this is their choice, and this task is now relevant for many.
    2. Externally, through highly vibrational cosmic sources; this goes in cycles, in doses, to enable people to accept and "digest" them, and then relay them around the planet.
    3. Combined, there are other civilizations living on Earth that also saturate the planet with high vibrations.
    The planet balances these processes and develops harmoniously.
    The high vibrations received by earthmen are natural vibrations, although they do not yet reach the natural vibrations of our Local Universe, because the human physical body is not designed for such strong cosmic energies. And now the Light Forces undertake restructuring of all life on the planet and together with the planet its population, in order to get as close as possible to the nature of our Local Universe. The restructuring of the human bodies is accompanied by the activation of their Light Bodies or Ascension Bodies, for which there are necessary crystals in the fields as activators.
    People want to speed things up, thinking that everything is so slow, but they have no idea what this race can lead to. The Light Forces see the whole picture differently, without the time energy, so their decisions and actions are carefully weighed and thought out strictly considering people’s current energy level. Everything works out best over time. But people continue to react in a childish way when they want to go to school from kindergarten as soon as possible.
    There are many LFs’ plans for transition, one of which is moving vibrational trained people from this 3D reality and transferring them to another realm, where they will undergo the main transformation. This plan is good for its speed and creativity, but it is not easy technically. There is also a longer scenario, where everything will be gradual, but the main disadvantage is the duration, the lack of a new experience, approach, experiment, through which you can find an even better option.
    Perhaps they will come to something in between. There is no exact solution yet, but it will be soon. In the new 5D world, there will be a transition from dimensionality to dimensionality during life, bypassing death, that is, without a "vacation" for the soul on the subtle plans. People no longer need to live in the 3D low energy Matrix. The Final Count Down has begun.

    1. I need something to happen, before we die of old age.

      Won't do ME any good if I am dead or elderly when the good stuff happens, you know.

    2. Vielen Dank Lev für diesen ausführlichen Bericht. Grandios.
      Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland.

    3. Thanks for coming forward, especially with these latest options.

      Hopely I Will try to put together something, but I don't promise.>

      Otherways, I will comment here, but I need a bit more...

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    5. Sherman you are your own worst enemy. Don't take anything you have right now forgranted it could all be taken away in an instant. You're lucky you're not starving or being tortured, I don't mean to sound rude but it doesn't seem like you have enough gratitude and that in itself can cause a lot of internal trauma.

    6. Hello Dear Lion🙂I want say"A big thanks for you!"And sending For you big Love and Light 🌈 🌼💜🌼God blessing you 💖🌈🙏🙂

    7. >Lev
      Is it true that if we tried to approach Angels and Gods/Goddesses' higher dimensional selves directly with our current vibration of 3D carbon based bodies, the result would be similar to us trying to approach the surface of the Sun?

    8. Fascinating Lev...Thanks so much for your contributions, I Really Appreciate them...Blessings,Adami ��������

    9. June 20th the new matrix is set in place? The energies are increasing so we can acclimate. I had heard via a qhht session source that there will be 5 weeks where all truths are told to the collective via mainstream media (after MSM is taken over by the Light of course) the purpose is to awaken everyone before the main event wave. Any thoughts on this? Great information.

    10. Gratidão pelos esclarecimentos !!! 🙏🙏🙏

    11. Thank you infintely, from all the universe thank you for those informations. Thank you.

    12. Lev thank you sooo much for your detailed update on the situation. I highly appreciate this and it gives us earthlings a bit more understanding what is going on.

    13. Sherman, you are already eternal brother. There is no time. There is no death. Only the shedding of one form for another. Allow yourself to flow towards that true reality. Victory of the Light.

    14. Lev, many thanks for this amazing intel.
      Victory of the Light!

    15. @The Prodius

      BIG DEAL!
      I was FORCED to incarnate on this prison planet
      I was forced to incarnate as a MAN, and an UGLY one at that.
      ALL my life I've been an outcast, a mutant, a reject, treated like GARBAGE as far back as I can remember....even by my own FUCKING FAMILY!
      Each time I attempted a romantic relationship, it goes to hell, often ending before it even begins.
      TRIED to help awaken the idiot masses to show them this is not how the world should laughed at and beaten up.

      And we live on a planet ruled by power mad conspirators.

      Sorry, but I will NOT be does not be grateful at being bullied, rejected, ridiculed and forces to incarnate as a member of a genetically wounded species of dumb monkeys with Stockholm Syndrome.

      @Master D.
      Don't care....this will by my FINAL reincarnation....THAT, I think, will show how 'GREAT' this so-called 'life' has been for me, and I have ZERO intentions on doing this again. So CUT IT with the tired old immortal soul speech....since it it IRREVERENT, because, for me, there will be NO MORE REINCARNATION, I will NOT risk being born as ANOTHER human male EVER again.

      I said it once, I'll say it again

      The ONLY good Archon is a DEAD ARCHON!

      You hear me, Archons? DIE! DIE! DIE!

    16. Thank you guys for your kind feedback.But we all should thank Cobra for his work. In my humble capacity, I am just trying to help him in the best way I can.

    17. Sherman is what I refer to as "The Drowning". That person that cannot be helped, and will absolutely drag you down into their misery because... well that's all they know how to do. Victim mentality 100%. Had a friend in public school like that. Ugly as sin, negative to the core. Bullied relentlessly and never recovered from it. Just a manchild who blames everyone else or God or whatever they can, so long as they don't have to come to accept that their petty sorrows are actually the real problem. The reason Sherman is so butthurt is because he is trapped by his ego, but will never do anything about it because of the permanent tunnel vision applied to everyone thought and action. Sorry Sherman, but you're gonna be on this carasoul for a while yet me thinks ;)

    18. @mg2323

      OF COURSE, it's all MY fault for EVERYTHING that happend to be.....riiight.

      You sound like a rightious catholic.

      If YOU went through the pain I went through, you's be tooting a different song, Mg. Walk a mile in someone's shoes before you judge, me, sir.

      And I TRIED to solve the problems on my own....BUT

      Gender, lifespan and space travel I can not get on my own, nor will 'going within' do it, either.

  8. Um there is a Mass-Meditation on June 6,right? Or was it the 4th?
    I mean we do have an eclipse or two this month.

  9. We remember those who helped us from the other realms.

  10. I am watching America fall apart with everyday Heroes coming out to show the strength of humanity, peace and blessings to you people. This is part of an ugly process that will end up in a higher state of freedom for us all. All strength to these everyday Heroes.

  11. I'm finding it very challenging to hold the light at this time.

    1. Hugs, stay strong. You're cared for, even by strangers x

  12. Polychora - Electronic Visions - Sustain

    [Right click on video and press Loop to auto-playback]

  13. "Mars will be quite active during this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Being the warrior planet, it will ignite the warrior and fire within us. Emotions may escalate easily, but we need to stay grounded."

  14. There is that thing called Divine Timing. Even for the first wavers waiting for the implants to be removed from dormant DNA (are there to monitor your body when is ready to awaken the avatar on the Jerusalem Mothership) by an energetic event that may take place this week when Sun conjunct Venus on June 2nd. and Transcend outside the bounds and limitation of physical existence and experience the oneness of the entire Universe.

    An Explosion of light
    (to clear all the blocked chakras to connect with your Higher self - avatar) inside your body need to occur before becoming fully functional human being or a master with 90-100% dna activated.

    The inner-conjunction
    I liken it to 10,000 orgasms pouring through every cell of one's body and gushing out the top of the crown, threatening to explode one's head. The charge of the Inner-conjunction as 10,000 orgs. The degree of ecstasy is unexpressible, other than to say that every cell in the body is lit up with God...with bliss in the extreme.
    "As Kundalini moves up through the sushumna, She transforms the body and makes it fit for spiritual sadhana; it is only after the body has been purified that the Shakti can work with full force."

    1. Thank you for this wonderful info, this is what I am experiencing.

      My head, specially my heart wants to burst, Ascension symptoms? Maybe.

      Come what may, the divine Plan!


  16. Daily gridding the Flower of Life from below surface to the Great Universal /Central Sun and back.
    Peace on Earth -
    No consent to A.I. infiltration and robbing our connection to Source.
    Yes this is war
    and yes we have the Power of Mind to push back and create Greater.
    Turn off the news.
    Go Inward.
    Ask -
    That Which gave Birth to Creation
    ye shall receive.

    Dark to Light
    Victory of Light

  17. VotL. May we hang in there...

    🔥 ...Here is the latest 🎹 Piano Transmission for《Peace, Strength and Support》 to help us in these times •••

  18. Thank you, Cobra, for your unstinting service. We are deeply grateful.

  19. Дорогой Кобра и все воины Света огромное спасибо!❤️💖💚💜🌈🌼🌼🌼🙏🙂Доброй Вечности всем!!! Доброго Бытия!!! 🙏 🙏 🙏

  20. I just had a short dream, it was huge explosion of light and my heart keeps pumping, felt like I was riding a roller coaster.

    I woke up suddenly, my mobile phone's clock is 4:44 AM.

    1. The same thing happened to me last night! I was asleep but aware that something was happening to me. It felt like a intense rush of energy flowing all around and through me. I was a little startled at first but I decided to embrace it. Can't wait to find out what that was about lol

    2. @11:11, this is something many have been experiencing for a while. It sounds like the event. 4 is supposed to mean angelics are interacting with you.


  22. For only who might be still interested...

    New posts on our blog concerning 'cold electricity' and 'one-wire transmission'.

    New images on a previous post:

    P.S. If not highly interested, do not lose time and energy!

    1. The Halogen Hybrid Incandescent/HID Lamp

      The constriction of the high pressure arc discharge is expected to act upon the tungsten filament, preventing evaporation.
      On the other hand, the high temperature of the arc discharge will keep the filament hotter than its own current, so more lm/w are expected from the filament itself...

  23. Lev@

    what about the 'New Lemuria', beside of the 'New Atlantis' can you tell something more to us?

    1. click reply under his comment, i dont think the '@' thing applies the way you intended here.

  24. Dear Cobra,

    what about the promised "more direct intervention" of the Lightforces after successful Meditation?

    1 000 000 people?

    Adolfo Nicolas taken to GCS would bring "big step towards the planetary liberation"?

    People are now actually SLAUGHTERED in the streets in the USA.

    Traumatizing videos are on twitter, where you can hear bones break, see people dying etc..

    I mean, come on.. How far worse could it become?

    We can´t sell this to the people any more!

    I can already see me promoting the "Eris Pluto square-Meditation on June 14th":

    Me: "Please join our big meditation for maintaining world peace and reach the most positive timeline!"

    People: "Yeah, like last time right? After that we were locked in, tortured by the police when demonstrating, kids being taken away from their parents and many died because of the whole situation, suicides, etc. Now whole cities are burning.. No, thank you. Go away."

    I know what´s all you can say to this: Nothing.

    Grid ratio disruption here, failiure there, project on hold, requirements never met.

    Where´s the sense of this all, when nothing ever works out here, except for the cabal?

    Can´t believe the dark forces can just go on and on and prevent our liberation every time short before we can reach it, like they did 1996, 2001,...

    So tired.

    You told us, many years ago, when this all is over we would have the best time in our lives.

    Wonder if I´m still alive then.. Not just physically.

    1. Hey Noris, that's not new is it? It's the partial history of the last centuries, only that it was hidden or out of sight in foreign countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen among others in the last decades. Can't you focus on your own healing somehow? I also do live in Bavaria and can offer you some small help or a "Ansprechmöglichkeit" at least. Greetings to you, kokom

    2. they are protesting because they aint rich - this is the aggression if you study the street videos (hence the looting of stores... that's not protesting an arrest).
      the arrest is just an excuse to act like monkeys and proceed to send society into ruin.
      Who made them rich... everyone did through consumerism.

    3. Dude, the shield is multidimensional. Meditation alone won't do. We need Event Support Groups, SOTR Groups, and especially stones buried all over. The more stones buried, the lesser the riots, pandemics, typhoons, etc. For security purposes, Cobra couldn't spell all this out when he first announced the burial project. Hence the collateral damage.

    4. Noris1986, I understand how you feel. Nonphysical entities and cabal are probably in panic mode, which is why all this chaos is happening. Regarding civil war, it was stated:

      Sunday, January 10, 2016

      "Dragon sources have communicated that current militia standoff in Oregon is a false flag operation which has been designed by the Cabal to test the reaction of militias to certain conditions. This situation will not escalate as the vast majority of the Cabal does not want civil war in USA, knowing very well that civil war would accelerate the process towards the Event and their final defeat. What they want instead is a state of controlled chaos and tension which enables them to keep control and delay the inevitable for as long as possible."


      Then it was stated:

      Monday, November 25, 2019

      "The Jesuits want civil war in USA to consolidate their power, and wish to polarize the population as much as possible, that is why they have allowed the election of Donald Trump."


      The question would then be, where is the line drawn between controlled opposition and civil war? Why would it be stated that civil war would end the cabal, and then later that civil war allows the Jesuits to consolidate their power? I do understand that new intel changes conclusions though.

      Regarding toplet bombs, now it is stated that:

      "Also, practically all plasma primary anomaly has been removed, which is extremely good news." "All plasma Chimera spiders have been successfully removed a few months ago, and there are some etheric spiders left, and they will be easier to clear."


      If all the plasma spiders are cleared, doesn't this mean that all toplet bombs have been removed, so the event could now proceed? Unless it's implants in humans harboring more toplet bombs.

      I don't understand the draco fleet. Was there no contact when I particpated in Contact Dish because any Pleiadian ship that de-cloaked would be shot down, and it was unknown at the time that there was a draco fleet?

      Amway, regarding all the chaos, well, I just don't know. It doesn't make any sense that things have been allowed to escalate this far. Isn't there some kind of fail safe? Why didn't things change for the better after the mass meditation? None of this makes any sense. Only thing one can do is keep going.

    5. @Starlight432

      As Scotty from "A Taste of Armageddon" said:

      "Diplomats! The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank!"

      - Scott, after Fox leaves the bridge

  25. there is not enough rest time.
    start the event,now!

    1. Yes indeed...i said it for thousands of times. START the EVENT right NOW!!

      Its almost too LATE!!

      With ALL the dangerous violence, who killing us ALL!

      Start the EVENT right now!!

      Or BLOW the whole planet up!!

      Or lightforces/ET,s..GO HOME!!!

  26. Article:
    Insights Into Earth Changes, Coastal Evacuations, And Relocation Of Major Populations

  27. and another one. Article: Whistleblower and Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Exposes Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings (Videos: Warning Disturbing Content)

  28. O co w tym chodzi nie rozumie może ktoś wyjaśnić z góry dziękuję

    1. Hej? Czy jesteś pierwszy raz na tej stronie? To blog Kobry. Należy on do Ruchu Oporu który próbuje wyzwolić ziemię z jarzma Cabal i new world order.
      Większość komunikatów Kobry jest zakodowana, tak jak ten i zwykli ludzie ich nie rozumieją. Czasem kobra daje krótkie opisy sytuacji na ziemii, czasem też prosi o wzięcie udziału w masowych medytacjach. Mass Meditations są główna bronią ludzi w walce z Cabal.

  29. może ktoś wyjaśnić co to znaczy bo nie rozumie z góry dziękuję

  30. did the age of aquarius begin in the usa?

  31. There is a deep & strange connection between us.

    1. You post on every update, are you roleplaying or something to pass the time?

  32. Keep trying Cobra as the world turns to chaos we have hope in humanity and our star brothers and sisters.

  33. We need DIRECT ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY.

    Some of us are getting sick and tired of constantly WAITING.
    I'm tired of having to the "PATIENCE WARRIOR!".

    1. Your whining is so annoying.

    2. Piece, piece, piece.
      Hi Sherman, still chanting your mantra. Do sometimes, for the benefit of the world, add all those others suffering to your prays:)

    3. @Kai
      As the Maximal, Rattrap, from Beast Wars would say:
      Go tell someone that CARES.

      Thank you. Nice to see someone who understands.
      I feel only with alien contact, will ANYTHING get better on this rotten planet. Because there is no other way that a dragon like the cabal, and their archon/reptilian/chimera masters, can be slain.

  34. Dear Everybody,

    We would like to invite you to The World's Biggest Pirith and Mantra Chanting.

    Your presence an honor for us, and we are grateful for you sharing this event with others in order to contribute to its success.

    The mantra meditation will be live from Sri Lanka, India, and Hungary at the same time with the participation of a Chief Buddhist Monk, a Hindu Swamy, and a Hungarian Saman & a Spiritual Musician together with thousands of Buddhist and Hindu temples. Millions of people of different religions will come together for this joint mantra meditation offered for the health and happiness of the Earth and all its inhabitants!

    This will be one of the biggest and strongest unification in human history, where only one thing matters: UNITY! Because WE ARE ALL ONE!

    The live Mantra Chanting starts from Sri Lanka from a Buddhist temple with a traditional Buddhist ceremony and mantra chanting. Then we switch to India for a traditional Hindu ceremony and mantra chanting. The program ends in Hungary with an ancient shamanic ceremony and a special musical experience combined with mantra chanting. So far, temples and communities from these countries, among others, have joined us: Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Canada, Cambodia, China, Australia, India, Hungary, and the number of participating countries are constantly growing.

    You can join the World’s Biggest Pirith and Mantra Meditation here:

    June 5, 2020, is a special full moon celebration for Buddhists and Hindus. This very special full moon day is a lunar eclipse at the same time, and all actions are multiplied 10 million times. This energy multiplies the creative power, all thoughts, words, and actions.

    Therefore, we decided on this day.

    June 5, 2020

    Time zones:
    07:00 AM Ottawa / New York
    1:00 PM Budapest / Zürich
    4:30 PM Sri Lanka / India,
    9:00 PM Sydney / Melbourne

    The WORLD needs YOU. Come and join us! Let's chant together!

    with Love,
    the Team

  35. Everything will be fine. Why do people worry? Everything happens for a reason. Go deep into yourself and realise your probelms in life can't be solved by the light forces. Reuinite with your higher self and you will see the truth.

    1. In otherwords....

      ....give up on your dreams....

      *slow, sarcastic clap*
      Thanks, Pro.

  36. The event will happen this year!

  37. 光明真的近在咫尺

    1. With Your kind permission, here is a translation for the English speakers:
      The light is really close at hand
      I don't need to think about when it's coming.
      I just have to focus on what I have to do.
      The light will come at us as fast as it can.

  38. My city is one of the cities affected by the riots here in the USA.

    I live relatively close to where the riots are happening and right down the street from a police station.

    I hear police sirens, helicopters and the emergency alert system daily now. It's so crazy, feels like a war zone.

    People sacked and looted the stores in my area and are there are some rioters threatening online, on twitter that they will be moving into residential area soon to burn down houses and kill people.

    I've been hearing gunshots and explosions off in the distance as well. SWAT teams were called in around my area because a massive shootout formed between looters and store owners.

    This is insane.

    All I can say, is that as an American, I am heavily armed and have plenty of ammo to spare.

    Hopefully, it doesn't come to that. God willing. But, if they try to get in my house threatening the safety and well-being of my family, there will be bodies. Damn, Antifa terrorists hijacking a peaceful movement. There needs to be justice and reparations paid for this atrocity.

    I hope and pray this mess is over soon and everything gets back under control as peacefully as possible. This needs to stop right now.

    In humble service, Love & Light,

    1. I am so sorry you are experiencing so much chaos at this time! Sending you waves of protective light for you and your family and envisioning peaceful conditions enveloping your region and all others affected by this manufactured unrest. It is their last stand....but we who stand for the Light are stronger. The Daily Meditation for Peace every 4 hours and our upcoming Global Peace Meditation will help stabilize the situation soon. The Goddess will not allow this madness to continue much longer.....and she will protect you in the meantime.

    2. Thank you, Brianna. 😊

      Much love to you, as well. 💟

      The last thing I want is violence. But, things are extremely crazy right now.

      I may be a lightworker, but that doesn't mean i'm a pushover. We have a right to defend ourselves if our life or the lives of our loved ones are threatened. I must emphasize that the use of deadly force is an absolute last resort in any scenario, but as things stand now, I can only hope and pray that I am not forced into such a horrible scenario in the near future.

      I cannot understate how bad things have gotten. There were people blocked, beaten and dragged out of their cars by rioters in the middle of the HIGHWAY! They were smashing people's cars and setting them on fire. This is not a joke. People have already died because of this. We, also now have CURFEWS as mandated by the city and the National Guard is active!

      A few groups are organizing a huge protest a BLOCK AWAY from where I live a few days from now. I can only hope it stays peaceful.

      I must clarify here: I support the movement and peaceful protest (as protesting is a national right here in the USA and thus protected by law, as long as it is peaceful), but I DO NOT support or TOLERATE violence & theft by the criminals who are taking advantage of the cause and using it to further their own agendas.

      I will definitely be taking part in the meditation, as I am a strong believer in Christ and that belief is what lead me to my awakening. I also am a strong believer in the goddess, ever since I was introduced to her. I believe in her many mysteries and how she strongly correlates with Christ as one. I am strongly connected to the goddess for one, just take a look at my profile picture. It is feminine, regardless, I am a straight male, but I align strongly and resonate with feminine energy. It is a cold, pleasurable/ticklish feeling I get between my brows when I meditate. It is the feminine kundalini energy that I am feeling because I strongly align with it.

      I will be praying/meditating for peace in my area and around the country + world. It is the least I can do to help resolve this scenario. But, I know that it will eventually pass, in deep faith and we shall finally emerge victorious as one people.

      I have been wearing a silver necklace lately for protection, as silver is strongly connected to the goddess. Thank you for bringing that up, Brianna 🤗, that was an amazing synchronicity.

      In closing, I must state that if a civil war does erupt in America, I will definitely NOT be taking part in it.

      I will have to flee the country, or at least move someplace safe and continue the light work elsewhere in preparation for The Event. I will not be taking people's lives for any cause. I'm neither alt-right or alt-left. I am a free thinker. I choose my own side and that side usually aligns with common sense.

      Thank you for reading, I wish you just as well as you wish me and I hope we can come out of this a stronger people with a better world, victory is around the corner!!! I've SEEN the ships in person, I KNOW this!!! Free ships, perfect health, advanced technology, prosperity & happiness for everybody!

      In humble service, Love & Light,

    3. Make a prayer for your city. Make a prayer for your home, call in the angels, call in the guides, and speak In the Name of Hope.

      Atreianos, you are not the only one passing through that situation. From what i seen, what you are experiencing is one of the worst negative collective timelines. The only way, you can revert that situation in your city, and possibly in your nation, is to fix in in yourself, your mind and hearth the Positive Timeline of "5D" (Call it Ideal, for more precision)

      I would recommend you to do the following meditation, if you would like to alleviate the process you are living:

      1- YOU ARE A BEACON OF LIGHT, CREATOR OF REALITY, _GOD_ OF EXISTENCE. You are not a victim, leveled to the circusntances you face. Rather, YOU CREATE THEM. You, and everyone else around you. If you face this situation, is because YOU, AND EVERYONE else, simply "let" this to happen.

      But most importantly:

      You, AND everyone else...



      So, it is your job, as an aweakened individual, BEACON OF LIGHT AND HOPE, to alleviate this process yourself the best way you can.

      We can do one hundred thoutsands meditiations outside of you area, of your field, of your reality.

      But i believe, NONE of them would be helpfull...

      If the integrants of this reality,

      Don't step in,

      to make the CHANGE.

      And what change, you need to do, to CHANGE THE REALITY of your home, of your neighboorhood, of your city, OF YOUR NATION, IN COLLECTIVE?

      You need, to practice the process, the LIVING, and the METHOD,



      The method, is displayed as follows:




      Atreianos, i would like, and recommend you, to do the following:

      Whenever you see, gunfire, explosions, insult, violence, and ANYTHING of negative origin


      Cover yourself, in a field of Blue Indigo Light (protection) and mentalize, not only whit your mind, but your HEART also, THE REALITY YOU WISH TO INSTEAD HAPPEN IN PLACE OF THE EVIL, IMMORAL CHAOTIC AND NEGATIVE TIMELINE YOU, AND EVERYONE, AS A COLLECTIVE, FOR GODDAMN REASON CHOSE TO EXPERIENCE.


      This, is not work of HEAVEN.

      BUT YOU, ARE, GOD.

      YOU ARE,



      And so, its you, YOU, who COMMAND what will happen, as REALITY, for you and your neighbors in your city!

      You don't accept GUNFIRE?

      You don't accept EXPLOSIONS?

      Blades, REAVING HAVOK?



      Then BE the TRANSCENDENCE of what you live.

      Transcend EVIL.



      Be Truth,

      And _Love._

      I say, that whenever you go, and see gunfire at your doorsteps,

      Cops, Swat, Bandits, Antifa, GIVE OR TAKE,


      Put a Mantle, of DIVINE LIGHT, THE GOLDEN RAY, Over these people and say, CHANT, A MANTRA OF POWER, DEEP WHITIN YOUR HEART.

      Make a decision, make a DECREE,

      _That from now on, YOU, and NO ONE ELSE in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD,_

      Will face, FEAR, and see, all the Violence that you experience as a collective.

      Make the Decree.

      Call EVERYONE to make this _Decree_ together...

      And organize yourselves, and the few awakened people that have left, to organize groups of people,

      Where you will NOT meditate.

      You will NOT "THINK" on a positive reality, or timeline.

      The time, to "THINK" stuff up, has PASSED,

      In the scenario, you live.

      It is time, to ACT.

      TO _LIVE_,

      -R- eaLITY,


      And until you, as a collective, don't...

      Stuff, will, go bad.

      And will continue to do so,

      Until you, and your collective,

      choose again, to NOT face

      to NOT live

      This damning reality, you guys created for yourselves.



      YOU create this, somehow.

      And it is time, for you, and everyone who lives under it, to fix it.

      And only if you, as a COLLECTIVE, do not permit this reality in your lives, and rather, LIVE the Greater reality you would instead wish to have, that you guys can fix this.


      Ignore it.

      Don't let it in.


      In your field, in your home, IN YOUR HEART.


      Rather, attempt, and do your best, to do the opposite!

      Touch the OUTSIDE,

      In the Inside,

      Of your Heart,

      And Intention!

      Manifest, the TRUTH, over the Evil...

      And you will see,

      How Reality,

      Will unfold...



      And beyond all...


      To keep,

      Your own center of Peace...

      You will need it, to face the Enduring Times up ahead.

      And never, ever...

      *Level yourself, to the circumstances you face.*



      _Your Heart, and Your True Self, Knows How!_


      And may the Light, and the Virtue of Greatness,

      Travel along you, in your Path...


    5. Also, i would like to talk to your personally about this issue. Please, call me: Velorace#7974 (Discord)

      Please install discord app and add me as friend so we can chat. =)


    There is going to be an unprecedented energetic Tug-Of-War between the forces of Light and Dark over the next 5 weeks - we need all hands on deck to ensure the Light is undeniably Victorious!

    How we handle these energies.....every thought and emotion we project....every action we take....from now until July 5th will have a HUGE EFFECT on our individual and planetary Destiny and how things play out throughout the rest of this year.

    The Ultimate Power still lies in our hands....those who understand this will be utilizing this TRIPLE ECLIPSE PORTAL to our highest advantage.

    I am waiting for Cobra and Light Forces to announce the Mass Meditation for the June 21 Solar Eclipse (which I am calling the SOLARIS 5M ULTIMATE FREEDOM MEDITATION) that is our greatest opportunity to create a Massive Turn in the Course of Events.

    I am waiting for the official announcement so I can create and release the Call Letter for Five Million Meditators that we can send out globally. And yes the stakes are higher than they've ever been so we need to quintuple our efforts this time and despite what many might say about the current state of affairs and that people have lost hope, WE CAN DO IT! We defied the odds back in April....and we will do it again!!

    But Time Is Of The Essence....We only have 3 weeks to accomplish this....

    There will be some amazing astrological alignments that will powerfully support our Quantum Shifting activities, but also many extremely challenging aspects. There is a very high potential for huge escalations of anger and turbulence in the world. That is why it is so important that we navigate this Passage with Inner Stability and Grace. We need to be the CALM in the midst of the STORM that will lead to the End of Matrix Control.

    We will each experience that which we are projecting out into the quantum field.....either rising levels of chaos, anger and fear....or a continuous improvement in personal and global circumstances. I personally choose to experience the latter.

    If we wish to truly anchor our consciousness onto the New 5D Earth Grid we will spend even more time in deeper levels of silence and meditation the next 4-5 weeks.....HOLDING and SENDING OUT more Light than ever before....and Holding and Projecting Our Highest Vision of Life on an Ascended Planet. This is very needed to counteract all the of the Fear and Anger the collective will be releasing.

    I just published an extensive article on the astrological highlights of the 3 Eclipses (including start, peak and end times) and guidance on how to best utilize these potent energies to achieve Ultimate Victory of the Light and our 5D Ascension Goals:

    P.S. The Unknown Light Warrior at 144k Ground Crew will be hosting a Mass Meditation on June 5th (Lunar Eclipse). I will post the exact time here when he releases it.

  40. Antifa is behind the riots paid and supported by sotos. Pallets of bricks are conveniently made available to rioters. All is was the Floyd event as both cop and floyd knew each other

  41. There's something I don't understand regarding love. If there is no difference between love and sexuality, then all love is sexual. Yet, there are forms of love that are not sexual. I could love the earth, for example, but this would not be a sexual love. Someone could have a friend, or family member, and love them, but this would not be sexual either. But if there is no difference between love from the heart and sexual love, then if the implant was removed, would everyone have love from the heart but also be horny all the time? If so, I'm not sure if I like that idea. There are different kinds of love but I don't fee that all love should be simultaneously sexual. I may have misinterpreted what was meant regarding this, and if I have I apologize. This is just the thought process I'm dealing with now.

    1. Right now, even meaningless sex would be up, where I am concerned, since people like me can't even get a date. Last date I had was December, 1999.

      Each time I THINK I find a nice one to be with, it always go bad, and they always DISAPPEAR, literally on me. Got so bad, I gave up on humans as lovers in 2013. ONLY aliens I will accept at lovers,, tack that one up with the many other reasons I myself NEED alien contact.

    2. There is a huge difference between Love and Sexuality. Love has different forms. It can be platonic (no sex) and there is the type of love you you have for family friends and other non sexual love. With a person you want to have a sexual relationship with, there are many issues there as well. Very high vibration love with sex is part of the infinite creative process and can the partners move closer to themselves and the spirit understanding of God. But many sexual relationships are not that high in vibration. Lust is sex with lower vibration and does not always cultivate the higher type of romance. You can read about it on various sites. I once read sg from Archangel Michael about the dangers of lust - sex without true love. Our society today through its low vibration music and pornography everywhere encourages the lowest form of sex...where people especially women are just like a "piece of meat" to be used for satisfaction and no love involved. This is the opposite of the Goddess talked about here and other places where women are truly loved and appreciated and the sex in that type of relationship - when they two people involved are at a much higher more ideal vibration. The lower vibrations are what we are working against here... it is very important not to have sex with someone who is not a true loving partner. Multiple partners are very confusing to your spirit. Attune to your higher self in all things and especially in choosing a mate - hopefully a true love life mate is really the only sexual activity that fosters higher vibrations is what I believe.

    3. Right now, "A piece of meat" will be something up, in my case....

    4. Thanks to everyone for their perspectives. It's probable that I have a distorted interpretation of what is meant by the removal of the implant.

      Regarding having a partner, I'm pretty much able to use my imagination to the point of being fine without one. There can still be a longing though.

    5. @Libra
      Some of us can't even get a date if our lives depended on it. And for me, I gave up on humans for lovers in 2013. ONLY an alien will I take for a lover.

    6. @Libra Man
      So, who is this another person?

      And why is it so fucking impossible for ME to find any loving?

  42. I am shocked to see this article on Prepare for change site:

    Is this normal to advertise for guns on a site like this???

    1. @Claudette, guns are like symbols. They are neutral and can be used for good or evil. An armed public can deter violent crime, including genocide.

    2. @LongStar117
      Symbols for What?
      For what good can they be used?
      Deter violent crime is based on Fear, not Love and Light.

      Quote from Cobra:

      "We will bring the Light in,we don't need to fight with them.
      We just bring the Light and the Light will do whatever it needs to be done"

    3. @Claudette

      Say you and your child is walking down the sidewalk, and some SCREWBALL leaps out of a bush, or from behind some other large object, and jumps on your child, with intent to rape and/or kill your child.

      WHAT will YOU do?

      1: Go and BREAK that screwball's head open.
      2: LOVE him?

      Anyone with half a brain will pick #1.

      Also, if a shark is coming to eat you, will you fight back, or let the shark eat you?

    4. Given the extreme circumstances, I would suggest that people who live in large cities own guns to protect themselves and their families. From reports I'm seeing, these antifa criminals have been very violent, and they are threatening to start invading people's homes. Nothing is off limits for what they are capable of doing, including rape and murder. So I can understand why Prepare for Change decided to advertise guns. This would not have been done under normal circumstances, and is probably the exception to the rule.

  43. Cobra it is time to schedule another Mass Meditation with over a million people to stop this rioting and stop Scoros and others who are funding this violence and evil.

  44. �� �� ��

    �� JOIN US ONLINE ��
    for the Ultimate Freedom Meditation (day of the Eclipse)

    ✨ Time: Sunday, June 21st, 6:30 AM UTC (2:30 AM EDT)
    ✨ Place:

    �� �� ��