Monday, November 13, 2023

A Lifetime of Silence



  1. Huge prophetic message about UsDebtClock secret message comes true for those interested:

    #FlyMeToWonderland #WhateverItTakes #Goddess #ArchangelMichael #410

    1. March 4, 2018 Surface Situation Update

      October 10, 2020 The Final Battle

      June 4, 2021 GREEN DOOR detected

    2. SURFACOM mentioned here too

    3. The other Jean then because the evangelist is married to Jesus and that is really a discovery at the same time Jesus adored this brother what could be more normal he had entrusted his "mother" to him.

      Saint Jean 19, 25-27
      Standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother
      and his mother's sister, Mary, wife of Cleophas,
      and Mary Magdalene.
      When Jesus saw his mother
      and the disciple he loved standing by her,
      said to his mother:
      "Woman, behold your son!
      Then he said to the disciple:
      "This is your mother.
      And from that hour
      the disciple took her into his home

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    5. Stop calling yourself a prophet

    6. @Huh he's not calling himself a prophet

    7. @Huh. So glad you updated your Blogger profile to being created this month, November 2023, Mr. Rothschild.

      Does 'Jacob's Ladder' have any meaning to you, even slightly? I was influenced to mouth those words but it felt like something was missing.

    8. @Huh. Also, Mr. Rothschild or whomever you are, I'm sad to see the degradation of your English. Perhaps the End Times Madness is getting to you? I think surrender would be your best option at this point. Love ya, mean it!

    9. @Huh. I've never claimed to be a prophet. Your comment is a lie and you aren't telling the truth.

      Why don't you let the kind folks in this comment section and beyond make up their own mind and think for themselves like adults?


  3. This is mysterious. It strikes me as a reference to "Special Forces" who do covert operations. But I am simply guessing.

    Joe Biden and Xi of China are meeting in San Francisco, California this coming November 15. Ben Fulford is saying that Biden is "surrendering" the US corporation. And that Biden will try to give the state of California to the Chinese. But the Chinese will not take California.

    What is happening to the US?
    May God watch over all of us.

    Victory of the Light!

  4. Does this mean, those secrets are about to be secrets no more ???

  5. I was just thinking about this, I'm excited to have this stuff revealed some day and understand more of what we've been following all these years. It's great to be miles above the normies, to have them shocked by all these things I've known about since I was a kid. To have Cobra's blog be a galactic famous page I read from the beginning. Some day when Mehran Keshe is one of the most famous people in the history of the planet, and I was not only astute enough to understand the technology and know it's real, but to make it. Some day to be validated as right about everything. Look back at life on a prison planet and see I broke out in a way 99.99999% of others couldn't. A lot to look forward to. Also hurry please haha or none of us will make it.

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  8. Dear Cobra, what specifically did you mean "no negative outcomes" on your mid September report. So the economic crash is not happening and anything associated with this...could you expand a little on this, possibly. Thank you

  9. Earthquake hits western Texas. Same location as red star on patch. DUMB destruction operation suspected.

  10. from AuRA444-The light is eradicating draconian energy at the fastest speed I've seen. Indeed salvation is here and it within you for you hold the codes within your DNA. You were created to assist this mission! Diamond Sun DNA lightbody activations are happening now as you rise in truth, courage and unity within you so does love and harmony, peace and ease. You are the bringer of light, drop all illusions of yourself and bask in your light. Archons mind control to lower the frequency and we came to amp up the frequency!
    Stabilize your pillar of light from anxiety with this surge of light, with grounding to the core, not surface of planet. Centering the mind in the now, with I am. Telling your body you're safe with I feel. Your cells are always listening and give your body rest when you need. Hydrate and fruit to avoid headaches. Much ease and love, victory of the light!!!

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  14. (FRANCAIS / FRENCH) REPLAY Cobra Situation planétaire+ Importantes victoires+Israël +Méditations +biopuces+ "RÔDEUR" et anomalie+ Ashtar et Saint Germain+Codex Galactique +Noblesse noire et sauvetage d'enfants...


  16. Cobra can you please talk about the MASS amount of reptilian parasites that are roaming around 3D attaching themselves on you while awake! its very freaking annoying and they have been attacking like this since late august. I'm not sure what i can do against them, they keep coming back at my place like crazy even after i called upon saint Germain and used his violet flame and banished them, they just keep coming back anyways. Right now I'm at a lost on what to do so i brought a "GALACTIC CINTAMANI" in hopes it will help.

    1. Hi Warri, did you try the contract cancelletion. Morning when you get up and before you sleep. It helped. Blessings

    2. can you link me to that please? i need to use whatever i can, just got attack this morning!

    3. J essaye l ail voir si ça fonctionne 🙂🙏💫

    4. Could you specify on the contract cancellation?

  17. Cobra, can dragon's blood jasper be used to clear anomaly, and in what way?

  18. We are so close to the portal to breakthrough.
    Final !!!
    Appreciate each light lovers/holders/anchor/starseeds/workers/warriors walking and living on their unique ways to the Ascension journey

    AM loving with Gaia and every unique beings !
    In the midst of such an intricate interstellar history and super-abundant diversity of consciousness, Gaia has been possible to embrace as much as possible and to flourish to this day This is the divine unity oneness, the will of Gaia. A Peach Orchard Country that shines in the Universe. Gratitude!!! Each of us beings is a little Gaia!

    Absolutely a unique miracle planet!!a thousands bright loving star!!




  19. I provide here several links where this image appeared before. I remember there was also a post titled "green door," but I couldn't find it, maybe I remembered wrong or it got deleted.

  20. I don't get it .... what do it mean? What am I missing?

    1. click on the label SURFCAM. it will list another article that has SURFCAM on its content. SURFCAM are special forces. apparently active atm..

    2. Who live in love with what a Realy living on3D give ...

  21. The People of The USA are awake and ready. Godspeed.

    1. Trump rallies are standing room only and many are realizing even the jabbed that they were duped
      Holding the Light here in Idaho 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️

  22. This is a patch from USAF SP units at Groom Lake. Behind The Green Door Military Space Intelligence Patch USAF Space Area 51 Black Ops Patch. It belongs to a unit operating out of the GMRF that appears to handle "asset retention and information control"...if the MIB have a patch this is it.

  23. Victory of the Light!

  24. I think this badge was posted some time ago as well.

  25. I have made a promotional video of Urgent meditation for peace in English and Japanese, and posted it on X.

    Please help spread the word.
    Thank you.

    - English ver.

    -Japanese ver.

  26. I'd really love a lifetime of silence. Silence, peace and quiet. Where's this green door?

  27. La justice arrive ⚖️🙏🛸
    Goddess Bless You All 🌹🕊️

  28. Looks like the pre event cascade is about to kick off

  29. I'm sure the cabal are terrified

  30. Common Cobra. Please give us proper exact updates instead of vague updates like this. Some of us( including me) are going through a terrible time because of the direct attacks from the Dark Forces. You said attacks are less but that is not true. it has come to a point that our lives are depending on your information. Be more sympathetic and give us straight forward answers. Don't beat around the bush.
    Thank you

    1. You are giving the power to someone else, to something outside you. You are your peace - you have always been.

  31. Forse Cobra ci sta dicendo che tra poco potrà svelarsi al pubblico , appena sarà possibile, dopo aver condotto un abile lavoro dietro le quinte? Ciò potrebbe significare che quel giorno (l'Evento) non è lontano.

  32. Beh, anche la mia vita non è chiassosa. Ho lavorato per questo piano di liberazione planetaria con i miei mezzi , come ho potuto ma con tanta energia, conducendo una vita piuttosto sacrificata e senza la luce dei riflettori. L'importante è il contributo che sono riuscito a portare e che tutt'ora porto avanti con determinazione, con qualche intoppo a volte. Vittoria della Luce!

    1. I love Italian, so I will write in Italian!
      (Adoro l'italiano, quindi scriverò in italiano.)

      Ho molti vecchi amici dei miei tempi al college che hanno "grandi vite". Hanno ottenuto molto in medicina, in diritto, in politica e anche alcuni sono miliardari. I grandi lavori e titoli impressionanti non sono arrivati sulla mia strada. Potrei essermi sabotato in questo, ma nel complesso ho sempre desiderato una vita significativa, ricca e spirituale. Mi piace la soddisfazione di aiutare le persone. Se, in un giorno, ho aiutato gli altri e li ho visti guarire veramente, questo è molto soddisfacente! Se ho fatto meditazioni per la liberazione planetaria, mi sento profondamente soddisfatto. Se ho avuto una giornata equilibrata, se ho toccato la magia dell'energia e ho mantenuto la gentilezza e l'umorismo, e ho lavorato per la mia missione di vita, mi sento felice con me stesso. Andare avanti è così importante – rimanere felici ed equilibrati è così importante – conoscere noi stessi e la nostra missione di vita è così importante.

      Sappi che stai andando bene!

      Vittoria della Luce!

    2. @Dea Potere Grazie! Dal tuo discorso ho capito che anche tu, come me, cerchi di essere positiva nonostante le circostanze. L'italiano è una lingua complicata😅 ma bella. Sono così abituato a parlare in Italiano che non mi accorgo della sua bellezza. Grazie 😃🌈

    3. Prego. 🌈 Sì! Una lingua così bella. All'università ho studiato l'italiano ma ora il mio italiano ha bisogno di aiuto!

    4. @Dea Potete Scrivi molto bene in Italiano. I miei complimenti 💯%

  33. Ein langer dunkler Korridor …
    dort sahen wir einander das letzte Mal.
    Unsere Leben waren so perfekt …
    Bis zu jenem Tag,
    An dem ich als ein Kind mit „innewohnenden psychischen Fähigkeiten“ identifiziert wurde.
    Das geheimgehaltene Projekt „tree“ (Baum) irgendetwas …
    Seitdem wurden Mutter und ich häufig zu diesem befremdlichen Ort im Untergrund mitgenommen,
    an dem andere Kinder wie ich trainiert wurden, ihre Superfähigkeiten zu entwickeln.
    Tausende von „abweichenden Entwicklungen“ wurden zum Eigentum von diversen Black Projekt Operationen.
    Sie haben uns diese lustigen Anzüge tragen lassen.
    Ich dachte, das sei einfach ein Spiel.
    So tat ich das, was von mir erwartet worden wurde.
    Bis ich letztendlich von den „Älteren Brüdern“ wahrgenommen wurde,
    die sehr zeitig mit meiner ‚Initiation‘ begannen …
    Jahre voller psychischem und physischem Missbrauch aller Art im Untergrund.
    Bitte lasst mich nicht darüber sprechen müssen.
    Während dieser Jahre verlor ich meine Seele. Mein gesamtes Leben zerfiel.
    Doch der grösste Schock bestand darin, zu sehen, dass meine Eltern all dies absegneten.
    Ich wurde mit wissenschaftlichen Methoden zerbrochen. 
Sie verwendeten ein Trauma-basiertes Bewusstseinskontrollprogramm, entwickelt von einigen ‚genialen Deutschen Wissenschaftlern‘.
    Erschaffen, um beides aufzuwerten, unsere Fähigkeiten und unseren Gehorsam.
    Dies verlief Hand-in-Hand mit alten okkulten Ritualen.
    Veranstaltet von einer ‚Bruderschaft‘ von Mördern und Sexualstraftätern, die Schwarze Magie praktizierten.
    All die Kinder meiner EINHEIT wurden in programmierbare Automaten verwandelt.
    Letztendlich konnte Mutter es nicht mehr aushalten, was mir zugefügt wurde.
    Uns beiden … heute weiss ich dies.
    Doch nun war es zu spät für mich.
    Die Konditionierung war zu weit fortgeschritten.
    Ich konnte nicht länger irgendetwas empfinden, ausser ein programmierter PSI Attentäter zu sein und zu dienen.
    Mutter trat sich der ‚Bruderschaft‘ entgegen, in dem Versuch, uns zu retten.
    Sie warnten mich, sie würde …
    Ich habe sie denunziert.
    Es war mein Abschlusstest.
    „Für eine Lebenszeit hinter der Grünen Tür.“

  34. Are we going to get the whole story? Or is it too soon still.

  35. Érdekes, amikor az ember ismeri a fény piramist, és a setét piramist is. Ez azért jó, mert tudom kinek, miben lehet segíteni, ha kéri, hogy meg tudjon emelkedni a magosabb létállapotba.

    1. Mindig nagy örömmel és kíváncsi figyelemmel olvasom összes hozzászólásaidat, Csicseri Barát! Köszönet!

  36. This is a military patch from the 504th flight test squadron operating out of Groom Dry Lake and Los Alamos Air Force Base. Most of these projects are classified and bearers of this patch are prohibited from discussing their occupation. The true meaning of the patch is classified. And the meaning of posting this picture? Hmm.

    1. Maybe the White hats or Resistance Movement are now behind this Green door and arrest finally all the "504"-members ...

    2. So if its 504th squadron then we know what is 504 Red or Black alert ?? Cant be coincidence

    3. Oh fascinating. So that's who's been responsible for all those security breaches...

  37. Telepathic communication between Light Forces and Light Workers is about to happen, I feel.

    -> Biochip/Implant Remnant must be cleaned entirely (100%) from all bodies and the interaction with SQA or any other anomaly has to be nullified to minimal or zero. Lurker/Black Nobility/Other Dark Forces should never able to manifest any kind of anomalies onto us again.

    -> Biochips and Implants have been largely erased... but as Cobra once mentioned the programs from those implants aren't dissolving.

    -> Vertical Programing must be dissolved (from deepest subconscious roots) as fast as possible and a very deep connection with Higher Self and the Source should be permanently established *very quickly* ....

    -> Erasure of all Trauma, buried emotions, patterns, mental garbage and ego from their deep subconscious roots... as well as erasure of genetic heritage which carry nothing but generational trauma and suppressed negative emotions.

    ->Huge expansion of Mental Space, FULL ACTIVATION OF NERVOUS SYSTEM, Astral and Mental Body at their top condition, connection with Higher Self, Light Forces and Source, etc..

    All of these MUST start happening at *immensely higher intensities* and be accomplished very soon so that we reach super conductivity to higher energies... Intensity here is the key and Light Forces needn't worry too much about the comfort of these processes.... The Pre-event phase and the Event will be chaotic anyways, so such Intense cleansing of our consciousness and subconsciousness MUST start at Maximum focus and speed....

  38. Cobra, kindly make the Conference notes be made available soon...
    Quite curious about the protocols shared in it...

    1. Most likely there are roughly the same as we're in the previous conferences.
      Just wait!

    2. I'm particularly concerned about any further updates on ATVOR.... In the Kyoto Conference, White ATVOR was combined with Ashtar Command and in the German conference Blue ATVOR was given... The Blue ATVOR in my experience is the first thing that I can say works for me or that I can feel it.... Cobra was also mentioning that new advanced a lot of new protocols will be provided very soon....

      I can't wait to experience life through a full activated Neural, Astral and Mental body configurations...

  39. There was report in news yesterday about 5 members of USA Special Forces died in EU but don't know is that and this connected ,,this their name is Night Stalkers or somthing like that .

    we do not allow the Light Forces, under any circumstances,
    to erase any of our memories neither from Akashik Records, nor from our personal data memories!
    The supposed "much healing" which is claimed on this blog, as regarding to erasing the allegedly bad memories from us,
    Is that we consider a "Time War" on an individual level.
    We consider that in the way that LF consider to prevent any kind of time-war (in a metaphysical meaning) on a global scale, is that we consider to claim that it has to be forbidden on the individual level as well.
    Kindest Regards!

  41. What does space reconnaissance do? And what does it reconnoitre? Does it put anything interesting out in the media about space events? Yes, it's the media.

  42. See label SURFACOM...

    From February 19, 2019:
    "Our Solar System is now full of beings from the Cosmic Central race and they are cooperating with the Light Forces from the Jupiter Command, Ashtar Command, Atlantis Command, Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedan Fleet, Resistance Movement, positive Agartha factions and certain special forces called SURFACOM."


    "There is an important restructuring of the surface Light Forces teams in preparation for cooperation with Cosmic Central race and SURFACOM special forces...."

    "All that is Done will be Undone."


  43. Merci Cobra <3 Merci les Forces de Lumières <3
    Sandrine Veilleuse des Energies de Gaïa

  44. That “Green Door” symbol looks like a whole lot of land we don’t have access to. In regards to ascension here is a previous COBRA post that I think is important because the energies have started pouring in and and we are all being upgraded whether you can feel it or not: COBRA also said the Event is near.

    The real Ascension process will begin at the moment of the Event. The incoming energies from the Galactic pulse will start to flow through the energy field of all human beings on the planet. They will be loving energies straight from the Galactic heart and will start bringing much needed healing to humanity.

    Ascension is both an individual and a group process. Each individual will go through his own inner experience, going through healing, release of the past and inner transformation. With many people going through the same process at the same time, this will reinforce the Light field around the planet and open the door for many that otherwise could not make it. The length of the complete Ascension process is expected to be a few years for the most advanced individuals, and more for others.

    The actual Ascension happens when we release all blockages to the energy flow and reach superconductivity of our mental, emotional, etheric, plasma and physical bodies.

    There is much more to this and I will release more when I receive the clearance to do so.

    At the moment of the Event, the Light forces will contact humanity only indirectly with intel releases through the mass media. After the completion of the Cabal arrest process and after the majority of humanity overcomes the initial shock, the Light forces will begin to contact certain individuals directly. This will most likely start a few weeks to a few months after the Event.

    At that time, contact zones will be created. Contact zones are areas on private property where the owners will dedicate part of their land for the contact experience.

  45. PS:
    I also had a dream about my personal First Contact tonight!

    1. Dreams been foggy and iffy for me as of late.

    2. @Libra
      What was it like?

      Dreams have been problematic lately for me, can't remember most of the past week or so, and what I can remember is gibberish.

  46. What does it mean? SURFACOM is now goin after these guys? Also looking forward to the conference notes.

  47. Well yes you can look it up, a military patch. Hmm. when I asked my guides about it, I got a rather bad feeling. Are they working for the enemy?? Then I got it was not a friendly place; I don't feel they are doing good by us... Maybe it is time to be taken down by the galactics? Maybe they will start getting rid of the green door? Whatever is beginning, I wish them massive luck with it!!

    Victory of the Light!

  48. Hi, I am new here. I wonder whether Indian leaders like Narendra Modi is genuine as India is rising. Is India under dark influence.

    1. i think all leaders or major country leader are veing influenced by glod and bad... is a matter of who they will listen to and when. ..

      rumours out there contradict each other. some say he is forming part of the group facing or going agaist the KM.

      to be honesst.. is hard to tell what really is going on if one follows any mass media or social media. they will pull you in every direction

    2. Hey. It's a complicated situation. Usually, major world leaders are influenced both by good and bad forces. It depends on their actions. But I have seen that Narendra Modi is cabal-oriented. Indi, you can do a search on this page for his name and find articles and Cobra's input.

  49. It means that the liberation of the earth is progressing quietly and steadily, doesn't it? Especially undet the ground!

  50. Acredito que seja operações secretas... relacionadas ao comando da superfície e os esquadrões de operações macabras do Governo/Cabala !

  51. I feel like this has something to do with the Getty museum. Evil evil place and it's said to be guarded by a steel apocalyptic reinforced
    door that cannot be penetrated. Let's hope they are getting the children out to safety.🙏 Here's to hoping!!,🙋🏻‍♀️❤️ Victory of the Light everyone!!❤️

  52. Porta verde sembra un'apertura. Forse la griglia eterica è stata dissolta? Si sono create le condizioni per poter essere liberi e non più un Pianeta prigione. È possibile. Vedremo...

  53. USAF mission patch, 504th flight test squadron, located near Groom Dry Lake, Los Alamos, NM:

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  55. Hope it means the green door is going to get kicked down or chopped down.

    I LOATHE secrecy, like JFK said, it's repugnant.

  56. I imagine they are proud that their silence is responsible for the enslavement of this planet and the enabling of galactic criminals.

  57. I can save you all from this humiliation ritual.

  58. I dont know if the others are able to recognize the RM, I thought is the Cabal , but I was wrong , because they follow me everywhere, finally was the RM. After a while they left, and I want to believe it is so far and of course this post is exactly my expectations. Thank you. I agree with your followers, the Light Forces should contact a couple of people.

  59. Questa è una toppa militare proveniente dal 504° squadrone di test di volo, che opera da Groom Dry Lake e Los Alamos AFB. La maggior parte di questi progetti sono classificati e ai portatori di questa patch è vietato discutere della loro occupazione, da qui "A Lifetime of Silence". In un romanzo degli anni '30 ha una porta verde a cui un personaggio non può accedere. Inoltre, i militari e la maggior parte delle banche utilizzano casseforti verdi. Quindi, la Porta Verde potrebbe riferirsi al fatto che ci sono segreti a cui anche il pubblico non ha accesso. Il vero significato di questa patch è attualmente riservato.