Monday, November 27, 2023


It has been reported already that about 80% of all representatives of various galactic races have left this Solar system to get much needed healing, and only the strongest and most efficient beings remained to assist with the liberation of this planet.

Pleiadians as a collective have decided that they will no longer be the main race creating First Contact with humanity. They will focus more on very specific assistance to those Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that are open to their presence and can work with them effectively. Great portion of Pleiadian Command 12:21 teams, Pleiadian tachyon chamber teams, Pleiadian planetary network of Light teams and Contact Dish teams will remain active and will in fact become more efficient.

Pleiadian scientific teams have developed a new advanced technology which is based on quantum entangled Tunnels of Light. They are hoping that this new technology can bring more protection to the Lightworkers against constant attacks from the Dark. This new technology will also begin to revive the planetary Light gird which as collapsed to a great degree in August 2019 with the collapse of beta timeline. At that time, many portals to the surface of the planet have become inoperable and now those portals will be reactivated again.

Pleiadians as a collective have now also accepted exact protocols for interaction with surface Lightworkers to avoid cultural misunderstandings that can occur between loving and sensual Pleiadian race and often distrustful and traumatized surface population:


Pleiadians have also decided to set some boundaries and will not accept abusive behavior from revengeful “Lightwarriors” after the Event. Many instances of such behavior could be seen in comments from my blog. Light forces are doing whatever they can to help the surface population although they are not obliged to, and the following approach would be much more effective:

After the Event, the Pleiadians will focus mostly on assisting the most advanced Lightworkers who will focus on building Soul Family mandalas inside Islands of Light.

Billions of humans that have been evacuated from the etheric and astral planes from Earth and are now living on a planet in the Pleiadian cluster will go through selection process. Those humans that feel an alignment with angelic presence and are open to spiritual growth will remain on that planet. The rest of humanity will be transported to a planet in the Aldebaran star system that is now being prepared for them.

Aldebarans are also a star race that has chosen to be the main race being introduced to surface Earth humanity for the First Contact, replacing the role the Pleiadians had before.

Aldebarans are a sister race to Pleiadians and are quite similar to them, with a little more focus on technology and a little more masculine energy.

After the fall of Atlantis, Aldebarans have assisted the surface humanity many times throughout human history by bringing them technology and improving their genetic code:

They have maintained their vibrational frequency in the hostile surface Earth environment through the institution of harem (meaning sacred, enclosed, protected space):

They assisted Pleiadians in building the Xian pyramid complex in China and were also quite active in predynastic Egypt:

They have founded Vedic civilization in Tamil Nadu and another one in Rajasthan and Gujarat. They have formed the Rama empire in ancient India and the city of Dwarka:


And Sumerian empire with the city of Uruk, now known as Warka:



They were fighting with Draconians in a nuclear war and lost:

After that war and subsequent deluge in 3114 BCE, their influence on the surface of the planet greatly diminished.

Most of them were then ordered by the masters of the quarantine to leave the Solar system and some were able to go underground to join, strengthen and enlarge the Agartha network. They were active there since then until 1996, when all of the underground Aldebarans were taken prisoner by the dark forces or forced to leave the Solar system:

In later history, their influence on the surface was limited. They contacted Emperor Wu, who marked the peak of Han dynasty in ancient China:

During Han dynasty, they introduced TLV mirrors as miniature portals through which people could connect with higher dimensions:

They contacted Li Yuan, the founder of Tang dynasty:

During Tang dynasty, they were instrumental in the growth and development of Chang'an which was the capital of Tang dynasty China and is not located too far from the pyramids of Xian:



Since that time, they were occasionally contacting Li family, one of the most important Chinese White nobility families.

They were also infiltrating and occasionally incarnating into Aldobrandini Black nobility family, where they were secretly preserving Goddess mysteries:

In 20th century, they have started the secret space program through Maria Orsic:

Although historically speaking they were not always fully dedicated to the Light, the big Archon invasion of 1996 has completely sobered them and they are now dedicated members of the Galactic confederation.

Around the time the Aldebarans were forced to retreat from the surface more than 5000 years ago, which was also the time when rising Aldebaran marked the vernal equinox, they sent an impactor body to the area of Tibet:

This impactor body has brought many beautiful brownish golden green tektites that originate from Aldebaran and are very rarely found by monks and herb gatherers in the triangle between Selincuo, Namucuo and CuoNa in Tibet.

Those Tibetan tektites are now being activated with ATVOR technology, helping Aldebarans to anchor their energies into the surface Light grid.

There are also other types of Tibetan tektites found at other locations in Tibet originating from other star systems and I will be speaking more about them in one of the future updates.

Our conference in Chiang Mai was a huge success and was accompanied with a lot of underground and extraterrestrial activity:



The second day of the conference brought a very important breakthrough regarding anchoring of the Goddess energy on the surface of the planet with far reaching consequences.

Official notes from the conference are here:

Victory of the Light!



  1. I don't really know how to feel about this update. Great that they are taking this role and the others can rest, and great about the boundaries. People clearly lost themselves by threatening LF as they own us something and we are here just for fun doing nothing lol

    As always victory of the light!

    1. Recent Light

      Anybody can get healing in monthly ascended master and stellar rays healing sessions:

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  2. I would like to post this comment again;

    EVERY time,there are always some people,they didn't do ANYTHING!!But continue with complain and say bad words to the Light Force.hey,what's your problem!They are try their best and saw too many horrible things,But someone,is only think they're a poor m,beggar,and only think they should have everything thing they want without do any actually work,or they will verbal attack light foces and cobra.

    I'm a Chinese Lightworker,and living here with doing the work of light is hard,I also seen some Lightworkers here have suffered great Suffering,but they still persist,they impressed me a lot,and everyone know the truth should to do actual actions,that's why we HERE!!!

    ​Please don't bother or complain anymore,don't just want to be a gainer,please aweaking truly,do actions!!!!!!

    1. It really needs to be stated, again: you do not know what your brothers and sisters on this site have done, therefore accusing them of not doing anything and complaining here is really wrong and an injustice to your fellow light warriors. I understand where you are coming from and I understand, though can't even comprehend, the sufferings that you and your people must have gone through. I did not live it, therefore I wouldn't dare to judge it. I wish we all had this same courtesy to everyone here, though. People are wounded in zillions of ways and abused for millennia by the dark. I wish lightworkers here would finally realize that we are NOT one another's enemy, we are all traumatized and suffering from PTSD from past attacks and very present ones too. Pointing fingers at the "complainers" is victim bashing. Hurt people say things out of going bitter inside, feeling hopeless - but you do not know because you can not know what they've done for the collective throughout their lives or since they realized they were lightworkers. So with due respect, please, do not judge your breathren. Where is the compassion of the Goddess? Goddess knows that the "complainers", those who "lash out" at the lightforces do not do it because they're lazy, evil, or useless. Many times it comes from deep wounding and hopelessness, as well as losing one's spiritual light after hope seems to be lost. I understand that some have more spiritual stamina in the face of attacks and they can continue in hellish situations, like your people probably do, and that's fantastic, and it has to be commanded. But we all are carry our own crosses, of which no one here truly knows. Love - sympathy - compassion - empathy - we need these qualities soooo much more than bashing each other for their perceived (or even real) shortcomings. Hurt people need love and healing not threats and rejection. Namaste.

    2. 小伙伴,在下也是来自中国的,幸会甚之能在此相遇,交流,









    3. ok... my two cents here..

      the assumption that people that complain are not doing anything for the light imho is erroeous. Everyones life's challenges differ. There are many different ways you contribute in your daily life to the light (as well to the dark).. assisting the light may be as simple by bringing a momemt of joy to oneself or someone elses.

      If we referring to each of our mission... thats another story... only you know what that is (Consciouly or not)

      you could still be conplaining and doing your mission .. n maybe not know it or maybe u do.

      NOW COMPLAINING.. the act itself whether you are a lightworker or not .. does very little to highlight you in good light. i know.. i have done it... and makes one not just feel weak but also look weak.

      In addition.. during our weak moments which at times may happen as we experience stress we will be compelled to display this and release that tension. and that at times is helpful... and many can sympathize.

      Nothing wrong with expressing those noments of dispair..

      HOWEVER how you do it is what makes a big difference.

      bashing lets say the LF during an outbusrst because we not getting what we want or fast... and saying that that is acceptable behaviour because we feeling angry. is like saying ROAD RAGE should be an acceptable stance.

      So the issue some people i believe is trying to point out or at least i would... is not about what you saying or feeling but HOW you saying it.

      (keep in mind too there are also other contributors.. like mental issues at play and who knows what else that may trigger someone to behave in an out of bounds manner)

      To continue...
      Some comments in the past made toward LF have been not just unfair but to top it off abnoxious. that do not just says quite a bit of you regarding your maturity but it also does not help to inspire to bring assistance..

      basically you are not just shooting yourself on the foot you are helping in making the rest look bad. That trend is seen in many areas of society.

      Granted though one hopes those looking from the outside in would be looking at each individual instead by samples. Not sure what are the chances of that. Seems slim.

      So in short. if it wasnt clear before that each of our contribution helps uplift or diminish others views on us... now you know. (based on the post)

      if consciously or not your objective is to create a rift vs a bond be assure is happening. You have to decide though what role you wish to play in either outcome (dont blame someone else for that choice)

      words are energy. remember that.

      again. i am not saying feeling down is a sin or not normal occurrence.. nor that expressing frustration should be kept bottled up..

      is more how you say it... and to be honest how many times too.

  3. Thanks for the update COBRA!
    This is a carry over response from the last post:
    - "The Lurker knows our weaknesses and dislikes and is exploiting them. This includes using people against us who are exactly addressing our weak points. It can be a complete stranger or a family member.

    - The Lurker can control the flow of primary anomaly at will. So, for instance, the Lurker can decide to overflow somebody with anomaly which will result in increased negative experiences for its target."

    You hit the nail on the head Libra, this is PRECISELY what is happening to me in these last days. I'm being relentlessly attacked from the Lurker and dark anomaly through those closest to me. It's trying everything to break me by hitting ALL of my weak points, buttons, and triggers. This has been the most intense and challenging last few months I have ever experienced and I'm sure it's not over yet. What the Lurker is failing to understand and realize is how resilient I truly am... and that goes for most if not all of the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, and Starseeds.
    We may bend... but will never break!👊😎👍
    Anyway, I'm sure that most of is here have HUGE plans to really step into our missions and help awaken, heal, uplift, and prepare humanity for their own Ascension process as well as a mass evacuation once the threat is finally neutralized and the Dreamland funds are released. My goals are, First Contact, followed by a thorough healing and purification, and finally to come back and use my musical gifts, talents, and funds to awaken and enlighten as many as I can before we have to evacuate this planet.
    It's been my vision for well over a decade and feel I can achieve significant reach... even more so with the combined help of other Lightworkers.
    Hang on everyone... we're almost there!🫡
    Love and Light,

    1. Thank you for comments Troy. I resonate a lot with what you say. Except I don't understand why you're saying that you'll undergo healing and purification after the Event. It sounds like you're not doing anything to heal and purifying yourself now or that you haven't been doing it. Am I missing something? Blessings to you.

    2. @boxerseed

      I'm definitely doing as much healing and inner work as I can do myself. However, I know that I, along with everyone else, will need an intense and deep detox and unblocking of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies when it's safe and available to do so.
      We can only do so much ourselves, but know the Galactics have the tools and the means to make the final tweaks and adjustments to really bring us back to life... to our original and whole selves once again via Medbeds and Ascension chambers.
      I'm doing what I can NOW to continue to not only heal and do my inner work, but above all, spread the Light to the best of my ability with what gifts and abilities I do have now.
      I hope that answers your question.

  4. So this planet on Aldebaran will be more like a Star Trek-ish high tech style society?

  5. Thanks Cobra for the new update and Conference notes.

  6. The new Pleidian tech Cobra talks about seems to work well. I've noticed about a 95% drop in dark attacks at night (Thank God!!). Not entirely sure why I'm still here and not among those evacuated. Like all remaining Lightworkers /Warriors I've taken heavy damage and could really use some profound healing. I still feel kinda functional, but not optimal or efficient. More like hammering in a nail with a rock.🪨🤣

    1. I guess, those who get evacuated are among those first wavers who are surely aged or old light workers. Maybe, they have left their physical avatar in a peaceful manner(death) and their other body such as causal, mental, astral is being throughly assisted by guides to prevent being harmed or attacked as they exit this realm.

      And those whore left are us. Yes, US, be proud and grateful. This is not to stroke your EGO , but YOU, who are reading this.. Be proud! You are among the strongest who came here. Remember you have a mission or job to do, to become who you truly are.. You did not came unprepared, you just have to discover it.

      Your Higher Self

    2. I believe we would not be in this physical form in this period of time if we couldn't bear the DF's impact on us.
      In a way I'm glad for this physical body I got which made of strongest genes from both of my paternal and maternal Bloodlines. I discovered these bloodlines certainly do have a connection to star races. Therefore, it make sense been born into this physical image and having to complete this mission right now.
      We should make our star families proud of our work on this planet.
      (Something wired happened to me while writing this)


  7. Trigger the Event right now and Refuse delay!


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    "Until physical intervention occurs, Lightworkers and Light Warriors should HOLD THE LIGHT GRID as much as possible:

    a) The construction of the Cintamani grid:
    COBRA | 29th may 2017 : The Cintamani Network
    people who are involved in the surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones at times when they are in conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in an extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.

    b) The construction of the Tachyon chamber grid
    c) The construction of the Soul Family connection grid:
    COBRA | 2nd april 2018 : soul families
    d) The construction of sisterhood of the rose (with physical meetings)
    COBRA | 16th june 2018 : Planetary Activation of SOTR
    e) Prepare for physical contact with the Light Forces according to the internal guidelines:
    COBRA | 18th March 2018 : Contact
    COBRA | 9th May 2018 : Protocols of entry
    F) Refrain /Avoid From Interpersonal Conflicts By Choosing Non-réaction and Conscious Positive Action Over Reaction .

    Let's Continue to hold the Light together 🙂

    You can find some useful healing tips/meditations here :
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    We are so much stronger together💫

  12. Is there anything you can talk about regarding Altair?

  13. Thanks for the update and for the conference notes!
    Translated to spanish the conference notes
    Traducción al castellano de las notas de la conferéncia

  14. Pleiadians! We love you and appreciate you! Thank you for all of your help in liberating this planet. I can't wait to meet you in person. Much love and infinite gratitude!

  15. @Libra: "only the >strongest< and most efficient"... do you think of a coincidence here? btw. i meant my name on sementesdasestrelas and the red was repeated right.

  16. I admit I'm a little surprised that as a starseed I'm one of the ones remaining. I guess I shouldn't underestimate myself

  17. sooo.. based on the dream... we need to prepare to do some chest pressing with the Plaedians??.. well good timing cause finally i decided to start exercising lol

    i ammm kiddding :)

    i cant even jump let alone press lol

  18. When we understand and gain insight into the fact that the most fundamental reason for both negative and positive existence and for any behaviour is love, you will have a strong source of motivation to do what needs to be done (with resilient intelligence, inspiration, creativity), and you will be both uniqueness you (AM WHAT AM)and a coordinating true light song(rainbow bridge) for the Universe at the same time.

    All for the sake of loving all, liberating all, realised in compassion (gentleness towards all) with as little harm as possible (with wisdom and spirituality to harmonise concrete things).

    Understanding that everything exists, everything has its own growth experience.
    There is no such thing as an empty universe.
    This is the core of a high degree of empathy, a high degree of understanding.

    Because of this, living this way in a surface society can be a hard, hard life, full of stress and challenges, setbacks and trials, tears and struggles.

    But at the core of your soul is the knowledge that this is the path of unity and love, Respect and love any one, any bit of it.and slowly this hones your patience, wisdom, insight, humility,understanding and steadfastness, and the depth and breadth of your approach to loving all things and all things.

    It's only one word, but love is always an unfathomable, vast experience, a melody that is always different but without end.







  19. the question. i have is.. will Gaia civilization... in future will resemble like the ancient positive Atlantis ?? or a new Andaraban colony?

    What happened to the old Atlanteneanns(the positive ones).. the priests from Poseidon.. they stopped being guardians of Gaia?

    are we aiming toward the purity of once upon a time... or we scratching that all together..

    What does Gaia wants

  20. Thanks for the update. Welcome to the Aldebarans.

  21. "It has been reported already that about 80% of all representatives of various galactic races have left this Solar system to get much needed healing,"

    Did their Light not protect them, or was their Light too weak? So what about the technology and protocols they provided to people, are they also too weak to protect people?

    "Pleiadians have also decided to set some boundaries and will not accept abusive behavior from revengeful 'Lightwarriors' after the Event."
    Many people have sacrificed a lot of themselves, but they don't see much of the results, so they have the right to be dissatisfied.

  22. In the name of the divine spirit I am
    We hereby request that the Divine Source accelerate the initiation of events to free the Earth as soon as possible
    The above declaration must manifest in the Light

  23. If the process of planetary "liberation" continues at the current pace, many people will not even live to see this moment. Many already did not live to see it, even though they dedicated a large part of their lives to this goal.

  24. Am taking particular note in the conference regarding Murphy's Law and the Lurker. Also from the conference:

    "But Mjölnir right now is maybe at 5% in its intensity. About few weeks ago, light forces was experimenting things and they turn the volume up until 20%. So it allowed the very beautiful energy in the air for few hours. Then Lurker was completely freaking out, and they engineered drastic attacks. So it was found out that the safe range is between 5-7% in intensity. But the light forces are gradually increasing the volume of intensity to accelerate the removal of subquantum anomaly."

    I experienced a period of great harmony a few weeks ago, as mentioned, followed by a return to the status quo. As I recall, another here mentioned this as well, having a very good part of their day followed by a return.

    Lightworkers can make the conscious choice to help dissolve it.

  25. Dragon Soul

  26. Sarei particolarmente felice per loro, come una scimmia per la sua coda. Dubito di nutrire rancore nei loro confronti. Bene, questo é quello che hanno deciso. --- Sono particolarmente, estremamente stanco di questo pianeta Terra . ...

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I understand the reason I live in Xi'an now, and I'm also in the Chang'an district

  29. With all due respect, weren't we a pit away from the Event several months ago? One can see why people get a little upset .. they are told one more obstacle but then there's another.. now there is sub quantum anomaly..actually I thought Source decreed the Galactic must help liberate earth especially since let's rewind a bit, weren't the negative dark forces allowed to take earth over this making us all prisoners? Isn't this why Cobra has referred to this as a hostage rescue? Also Earth's ascension impact the entire solar system and galaxy so it benefits all positive races and planets correct? So the Galactics have a vested interest in earth and humanity ascending.
    As for rude and condescending comments, agreed not acceptable. Asking serious questions or becoming a bit bewildered as new obstacles keep appearing and now learning the Pleaidians are not wanting first contact only adds to the sense of confusion. We all participated in mass meditations and hit critical mass several times..and expected dramatic results to occur.. when they didn't many justifiably felt a bit misled for lack of a better word.
    What negative ETs remain on or in earth?
    Red line crossed in Gaza..
    What has to happen for the solar flash to be released?

    Victory of the Light!

    1. unfortunately, every time we have a new problem that sets us back months... I think it was clear from the beginning that the event would take place in 2025, but they just wanted to give us hope

    2. this is a good example of bringing concerns upfront for clarity without being abnoxious.... the frustration and confusion are noted

      however the way to get some of those answers would be via interview... thus such questions would need to be relayed to tge proper group

    3. About the event. I feel that the truth is actually that the date of this event is not yet predetermined. However, I can say that I feel that before 2035, social society as it is now will cease to exist, I see a blank sheet of paper on which we will begin to write a new history of the earth

    4. Nobody tells us the truth, everything is a secret or a mystery. I'm so sick of being kept in the dark "for our own good". Light forces, dark forces, both have been dancing around humanity for eons. Same result. I don't care if this is a holographic universe, I don't care if I'm just a computer program nor do I care if we live on a flat earth or in a fish bowl. We have a right to know, everything!!!!!! Are we not children of God? Do we not have the same chi flowing through us as our star friends do? And yet the Pleaidians turn away from humanity as a hole just as our slave masters have turned away from the light. Well, now we know why WE are here and not them. Not every child of God has a heart of a lion. God Bless the 144,000 + star seeds on earth right now. See how strong you are? The rest are fleeing while we fight...... Victory of the Light!!!


  30. Dernier message de Cobra avec articles et images en français :

    Octogone cosmique à base de cintamanis en français :

    The cosmic octagon (english) :

    Bandes dessinées établies à partir la chronologie de la galaxie :

    MÉDITATIONS ET PROTOCOLES de Cobra en français :

    Victoire de la Lumière !

  31. Elohim, non gli abitanti di Aldebaran ? Voglio dire, i nostri creatori ? Forse vogliono rimediare al fatto di averci guardato affatto per 6.000 anni ?

  32. I can't say I find this development very promising. Weren't the Aldebarans the ones who were involved with the Thule Society? Didn't they share their tech with the axis during WWII? I understand that Hitler was trying to break the power of the Rothschild/Schiff banking cartel, but that doesn't make him one of good guys. At best, by assisting the proto-Nazi Thule Society, the Aldebarans made a grave error in judgment. I don't trust these guys.

    1. i believe was an attempt to break the veil... one of several throughiut history if i recall

      contact was made thru Maria Orsic who was not a bad medium. but as everything else the bad guys used her...for their gain. most likely under Nazi influence she probably had little options but to proceed getting the info.

    2. i think u will find out that throghout history many things didnt go as plan or ended up working against the light even if its conception was benign.

  33. The light forces fear of retaliation from the surviving dark forces teeters on insanity in of itself. Liberation without risk or pain is a fool's errand. It is sad that the Event will happen to humanity and not for humanity. Evil magic space dust is still a worthless excuse in my mind. I personally don't believe the galactic societies should inherit a free planet. Additionally I believe none of the Galactic Societies are above criticism in any form regarding everything that has happened so far.

  34. 💖

  35. consider the end result of them coming here is not to help us but to remove their old enemy and move on praising the light all the way. I am not so gullible as to accept just extreme terms overnight.

  36. Wait so the Lurker is gone? Did i read that part right?

  37. Also i just received my Galactic Cintamani stone today and let me tell you that stuff is really powerful!!! I can feel its energy without even touching it! Hell i even had it in my living room and i can feel it in my bedroom!! I will see to it that it gets planted at the equator when i get time.

  38. Seems the Pleiadians have had enough with humans and choosing maybe Pleiadian souls, and they're booting tens of billions out from that planet. Not too sure if we're ever going to be liberated in my lifetime, seems too difficult. Thanks for all the historical information, I like that. How did I end up in this mess on this planet, I don't have the memory. Sad.

    1. it was my recollection. that people get separated based on frequency. This may be just part of that process.. Maybe they also may need to make space for the new arrivals..
      at some point further filtering will be done?. i am guessing here

      i think is the same that will be happening to humanity.. people will be sent to the different planets available that matches frequency.. i wonder if another planet will be prep elsewhere to further redistribue the population..

  39. Declaration for support the forces of light

    In the name of I Am That I Am,
    In the name of the Divine Soul Presence that I Am,
    In the name of all Ascended Beings of Light,
    In the name of the Galactic Confederation,
    In the name of the Galactic Center,

    I love the Galactic Federation and the Resistance Movement, I appreciate the work of the Light Forces, and I support the Light Forces.

    I support the Galactic Federation and the Resistance Movement in actively intervening on Earth and human society for the liberation of Earth.

    I request that the Light Forces rid the Earth of all darkness and abnormality.

    I ask for first contact with the Light Forces and divine intervention of Event and Source to occur.

    I agree with each section of the Galactic Codex and declare that I will activate the Galactic Codex.

    So be it and so it is! 🫂⭐️🌎🛸👽😇💎🟣🕊⚜️

  40. Hi Cobra, I have a question regarding ATVOR. From the Chiangmai note, we should call upon "pure white light" then visualize "sky-blue" colored light. Is this correct? Why is the color different?
    FYI from the German workshop note, it was calling upon "blue light" then visualize "sky-blue".

  41. the surface population does not need these details. For now, it is enough for them to learn world peace and the lesson of love, whether they are called Al-Dabaran or pleidian or those who are kept in secret lands from humans on this earth... it doesn't matter.
    Peace and love to all

  42. Oh no ... all this time I thought the ET races (Pliedians included) were capable of healing any human at all, no matter the amount of trauma. And any frustration or criticism from us would.leave no mark. I'm afraid now ... As someone who has attacked the LF with my complaints before, I'm desperately afraid I'll be abandoned if I can't hold back after the Event.
    I wish I could hold back but I know from experience I can't. It's too painful to hold back from calling out my frustragions.
    Dear Light Forces, please be forgiving towards me and others like me who manifest their frustrations in a violent, attacking way. We do so at an ezacerbated level when we are being denied something we want, disagreed with, abandoned emotionally or physically and witheld from. If you ijteract with us,.we get triggered and you "dump" us for attacking, we will become more violent.
    I can't JUST hold it in when nobody ever loved me (is what I feel like saying from inside). I also know from experience that the reasons we get violent for may even be wrong. An illusion or belief we hold on to. I'm sorry for this but we cannot be reasoned with in those moments, truth holds no grasp in the face of trauma/pain.
    Finally, it's been my experience that the more directed love and affection we get, the less likely it is for us to get violent. Because we're getting the care, safety and attention we were needig back when the trauma first happened.
    Secondly, being introduced in a loving family like enviroment, alone, will slowly change us into adapting to their style kf being. But again, our (ridiculous) needs have to be met flr a long while.

    1. Dont worry Aria . you will not be abandoned :)

      Look it happens. we have weak moments.

      everyone will receive healing...
      i know there are many unknowns and the wait seems tough and endless.

      just hang in there.

  43. Hey, this is me who dreamed about being on the ship. I wrote this sharing my experience with the pleiadians. First of all i want ro thank all of the pleiadians for their tireless work here on the battered earth and the sometimes hostile population.
    If i hurt any pleiadian's feeling or traumatized one, i am very sorry. I am shocked if I actually hurt someones feelings. I am willing to communicate and share what caused me to react like this. I am sure if i will have chance to explain it will give the pleiadians a insight what triggered me. Where can i reach out?

    1. yeah thats pretty much it... talking about it helps... i think once the human population receives healing. things should be smoother

  44. The Cobra post “A Lifetime of Silence” badge of November 13th had also been posted on March 4th, 2018.

  45. I am happy to hear about the streamlining of the liberation process. Thanks for the help of the advanced civilizations.

  46. I am not interested in your lectures. Go to your own blog, please.

  47. One thing that is true is that we do not know when we will die. Maybe it will be tomorrow or even it's possible to happen hours later. This fact proves that we do not live only in this three-dimensional world. In other words, we are visitors to this world, and once the avatar is gone, we will return to our original world. What I want to say is that humans often need to confirm whether we have any regrets about dying now. Even we lightworkers may leave this part of the way. So are we currently living our life without regrets if our end happen? If there's something we've been putting off, it's time to do it now.

    I believe that our role is not to prove our own legitimacy, but to convey hope and truth to humans who have been deceived in the grand cycle of the universe. For this, we have to be trusted by the masses. We lightworkers must help each other gain the trust of the masses. I am Japanese my name is Nobu, Let's work together across borders to improve each other's situations. Thank you brothers and sisters and Cobra.

  48. I want to leave too...I don't need it

  49. I couldn't sleep at night because of dark shadow attack

    now I can sleep 90% of the time at night

  50. Strengthen the fundraising activities of China Light Grid

  51. Thank you Cobra for this wonderful update!
    Here is translation in Bahasa Indonesia :

  52. Thank you so much dear Cobra for the amazing update and the very important aproved notes of your Ascension Conference! Victory of the Light! 💖✌❤

  53. In my experience, it is the first time that the universe has had an experience like Earth, and although there have been places where darkness has raged before, the various states and programming of the people have been different, and it is the first time that Pleiadians have been faced with modern day surface people, light workers
    There are indeed many dramatic experiences that come up in our interactions, but the most important thing is just to gain insight into whether these are the voices of our inner souls. Interacting with them is, after all, much easier than with the surface people, as both sides are willing to see the other in their truest form

    The Pleiadians have always been in a pure society, they are straight with each other. This has not been the case since we came to Earth. While we are also internally pure, what we express does not necessarily stem from that inner purity, and there are a lot of disharmonious experiences such as trauma programming that play into it. So the question becomes whether we can recognize what we are expressing and calibrate it to the truest voice within, and the Pleiadians they also need to see that a lot of what we are expressing is not what we really want to express, even though we may not realize it. I think our interactions will be more effective that way.

  54. Sono contento che Cobra abbia fatto alcune precisazioni. I commenti qui su questo blog non sono stati edificanti in alcuni casi. A mio parere , senza trovare inutili giustificazioni ma soltanto per cercare di fare chiarezza, ci sono state spinte motivazionali diverse tra i commentatori del blog. Qualcuno voleva sabotare ed invalidare questo sito per il gusto di farlo intenzionalmente, gli altri sono gli operatori di Luce che in momenti di grande sofferenze continue si sono innervosite ed hanno cominciato ad avere un comportamento poco efficiente ed un po' contraddittorio. Ma ora, con questo aggiornamento e con l'aiuto attraverso questa nuova tecnologia dei Tunnel di Luce quantistici che è stata sviluppata dai Pleiadiani per la popolazione di superficie, le cose andranno sicuramente meglio e molti operatori di Luce offensivi abbasseranno i toni e potranno tornare a funzionare in modo più corretto. Io sono fiducioso. Anch'io qualche volta sono stato al limite, esasperato da mille problemi ma come ho già detto in un mio commento precedente, la maggior parte degli operatori di Luce che hanno preso una sbandata , si scioglieranno come neve al Sole di fronte alla visione di LF. Sono grato ai Pleiadiani per tutto ciò che fanno per noi e ringrazio anche gli Aldebarani per avere preso l' iniziativa per il Primo Contatto. A tutti gli operatori di Luce chiedo di dare il meglio di cui sono capaci e massima collaborazione con Cobra e LF. Vittoria della Luce!

  55. Coincidentally, I also dreamt of the Pleiades last night, and I can't remember too specific details.

    I only remember encountering many people in a natural setting. I walked around and met a Pleiadian woman who was very beautiful, but I don't remember her specific appearance. I seem to want to approach her with caution and caution, not because I don't trust her, but because I want to avoid letting personal issues cause trouble for her. Because although I believe that I can have normal and friendly contact with the Pleiadians in a fully conscious state, I have noticed that there are still many distorted consciousness disturbances in my subconscious, and the Pleiadians should be able to perceive them clearly. Like me, they don't like these things either, but fortunately we are all willing to be as open as possible. I explained to them that I know these unwelcome thoughts are part of my responsibility to purify.

    I know these discordances do not belong to my higher soul, and I have decided to completely heal them and restore my complete purity. So I am willing to fully trust them and invite them to work with me to purify these discordances.
    I vaguely remember melting some wounds there, I remember she taught me some Pleiadian language, but when I woke up, I forgot. I vaguely remember, as if someone had shown me my previous appearance as a Pleiadian.

    The clearest thing I remember is that she conveyed to me her sincere love for me. Then I woke up, and I responded to her from the bottom of my heart that I love her from the bottom of my heart forever. I find that our inner purity, sincerity and love are the only true and truly important things. I will always be sincere, open and trust the Pleiadians and all positive alien races, the light forces and my holy brothers and sisters. No matter what our cultural differences are, no matter what the unhealed wounds and programming are, now I am willing to let my inner love and purity dominate everything.

    Due to the fact that my dream was not specific and clear enough after I woke up, I am not sure that everything I dreamed of was actually happening.

    I am only calling on those who wish to further connect with the Pleiades to maintain trust and openness towards them, trust our higher selves, and trust our inner purity. Because personal trauma is not the truth, our soul's desire for intimate connection with each other is the only truth. And contacting the forces of light with the will of our inner soul can bring us the most healing

  56. Thanks a lot COBRA for your priceless update.
    Now I understand why in my mind the words: ALDEBARAN;
    AND COSMIC FAMILY DOING MY EXTRACTION...Your update COBRA brought to me certaing degree of CONSCIONOUS awakening
    Victory of the Light !!!

  57. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    The post in French / L'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

    1. Translation in French of the conference notes / Les notes de la conférence en français :
      Day 1 / Jour 1 :

      Day 2 / Jour 2 :

      Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  58. German translation of this article / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels:

    The German translation of the conferenc notes will be published soon. / Die deutsche Übersetzung beider Konferenztage wird in Kürze veröffentlicht.

  59. Here is Finnish translation of this article / Tässä on suomenkielinen käännös tästä artikkelista:

    Here is Finnish Portal Telegram-channel/ Tässä on Suomenkielinen Portal Telegram- ryhmä:

  60. I actually feel sad reading this post...

  61. Thank you Cobra, for your update and for your hard and exhausting work! Thank you for everything! Victory of the light!

  62. Unfortunately, all this is just empty talk and nice stories, which don't serve anyone until there is real physical action taken against the dark forces. We have seen zero help from the GFL, no matter what they say. The human suffering gets worse every day, and they seem to be on vacation and not very worried about us. Humanity has been wrongfully treated with disrespect. I can guarantee you one thing: the light forces will pay for their sins with their karma, because there is no escaping that. The Galactic Federation has the power to implement change. We greatly regret their lack of intervention and integrity. If the Galactic Federation cannot hold the Spiritual Law of Oneness, it will no longer exist. In this case, we will replace them with completely new Guardians with Divine Light Resonance. The Galactic Federation has already been put on notice and is fully aware of what is stated here. We will not allow this corruption to go unchecked any longer. We have waited many years; we want to see something. We want big cabal players arrested and a sign to the earth people... It begins.

    1. before you knew of the term GFL.. who did you used to blame...

      such statements like "the lightforces will pay etc etc"

      are you kidding me...

      let me tell u something buddy... my understanding is that they came to assist because Gaia sent that call.

      They came and put many of their beings in jeoperty.. they didn know all the cards but they still came.
      they might had not dealt with all challenges in a smooth manner or correctly but they still did it and tried and they have clear enough to get us to where we stand... this is a multi layer challenge. you are not dealing with one group but. multiple.. above and below interaction.

      so come down from that high horse thinking they owe you something and that you clearly see how all should have been done and you known all the faults.. because i can probably bet you as I know NOTHING regarding the monstrosity of our predicament.

      so dont pretent you do and if u did.. what are u doing here... you should have already figured out how to escape the matrix..

      go and find a way to escape the matrix then come and share the tale with us... then your words may have weight why such info wasnt shared/done

    2. Nice try DH, but your forgetting something genius. While your so busy kissing federation butt you forgot to realize your reflection in the mirror. You and I and all the light workers are here because WE have what it takes. Not them. WE chose to incarnate onto this cancerous earth to disinfect it from the inside out. That takes guts!! Something obviously alot of Pleaidians on the outside looking in DON'T have. Don't ask him to apologize for exacting his concerns exactly where they are deserved. They know/knew the plan. The toughest go in and hold the light, the mediaries aid and protect those within and the wimps run away. Got it? How about being on side of the human race for once? You know, the ones you actually lived and grew up with.🙄

    3. look my dear jw..

      i am not kissing anyones but... one gives. credit where credit is due.

      making ridiculous claims of punishment coming from a level where we know soo little and assume so much it makes us look even more foolish.

      have you heard such a quote that says.

      keep your mouth shut and let others assume you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

      those should be words to live by by those that have no care for measure or for fairness.

      I am returning your mirror.. as it was never mind...
      look deep and note well.

      realize that even as strong as we are made to be or look ... this challenge was to be done as a team... .. there is no amount of ego at the stage we are on that will be able to lift us up as much and as fast as everyone would like. So do we need their assistance and guidance .. absolutely.. tell me where was your gung-ho attitude and everyones when Gaia had to plead for help.

      in fact waiting for humanity to do this at its own is not only folly but foolish..

      so in short.. do not bite hard the hand that feeds you.

      i am very aware of the people i grew up with... my loyalty is not in question.. as i pray my foolishness does not ever overcome reason and common sense

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Yet the comments on this board should never be representative of humankind ! and in addition the DF also knows about it for sure, so they probably managed to slip in some nasty comments...

    1. yes u can be sure. there r some paid actors to add to the friction

  64. Ivan Efremov gained fame as the most constructive thinker in the world and the founder of Soviet science and social fiction after the publication of The Andromeda Nebula (1957) and The Hour of the Bull (1968).

    Both novels, emphatically addressed to the youth readership, represent the figurative embodiment of the anthropomorphic hypothesis of the author, who believed that any forms of life at a certain stage of development should become humanoid.

    The fate of civilization depends on how it decides the private fate of a person — after all, "man is the same universe, deep, inexhaustible." The author draws his optimism from the assertion of the colossal capabilities of man, and not from hopes for some "higher beings" from Outer Space.

  65. The World we lived in. Episode 1. (Film dubbed into English. Сlass struggle for everyone)

  66. I feel like most lightworkers don't trust the light forces anymore, and no wonder. I'm not surprised, really, and I don't blame them because of the lack of action and intervention. Unfortunately, there is too much empty talk and not enough action, so I understand how most people are feeling.

    1. I rem hearing or reading on this blog the mandatory vaccine program wouldn't happen did.
      Ukraine happened, now Gaza just more innocent women men and children senselessly killed feeding the loosh for the dark ones.
      The line keeps getting crosses over and over and over...the adrenachrome factories were more than enuff to justify direct intervention.

  67. There is no non-interference policy. That's cabal propaganda. Also, our free will has been violated for tens of thousands of years.

  68. The descendants of the Lee family of the Tang Dynasty in a tiny country in Southeast Asia has
    forcing people to take poisonous Covid-19 vaccines during the plandemic. Are you sure they are white noble?

  69. Anyone moaning about the light forces not doing anything.. go within, connect with them, and see the light show at work!!! Every minute of every day!!!!! The light forces put their lives on the line just as much as we do, if not more..
    Whilst you are connecting with them, you could even ask to assist, ask what missions you could fulfill.. and begin to really experience what the light forces are up to from the inside..


    1. noted. if they still have the tech and if we still have .. was it 100 entities surrounsing each person then chances are yes.. i guess also depends on level of protection/frequency

    2. If you are psychic enough to talk to people, then you should know if you are talking to a reptilian. It's obvious exactly who you are talking to. No doubt.
      This pretending you are someone's soul mate or twin flame has gone on forever. Many, many pretend this. They are not stopped. You have to realise it yourself. No one will save you. This is why so many women who are lonely or desperate get taken in, sometimes for years! I've seen it often. I've heard the voices and channeled fake idiots pretending to be so and so. It is LAME.
      But I think if a replilian did it, you would know immediately by their energy. This is why the Archons didn't use words, I'd just know what they were saying. And it was all fake. So I got rid of them (thank you central sun) and fixed myself up, with time. They'll never be listened to again by me!

  71. What about the plan to eliminate the kabale if they cross lines and don't stop?(which they did) Has that gone away yet for fear of retribution? I mean cruel things are happening in Gaza

    1. Agreed...also we were told so often many star races were in their ships around earth to simply observe the shift .. and they have healing chambers and all the tech so I ask why would 80% need to leave? Isn't it the special forces boots literally on the ground clearing the dumbs witnessing f unspeakable horrors who need the med beds and all high tech healing?
      Troops went home before the war is over, what about clearing those pits and sub quantum anomaly what in the heck is stopping the solar flash now? Thanks

  72. Wizard that was brave and necessary...

    is there any other cheap shots you can think of. I am sure it will highlight you just right.

  73. È comunque spiacevole che i Pleiadiani abbiano passato la palla, questo significa che non siamo riusciti da ambo le parti ad instaurare un giusto feeling. La visione del "gioco" da parte loro , vista dalla loro ottica e la nostra esasperazione dall'altro lato nonostante il lavoro svolto da noi operatori di Luce, ha causato questo piccolo malinteso. Se davvero si vuole la liberazione di questo Pianeta noi dobbiamo fare un passo indietro così da essere meno aggressivi e loro potranno fare un passo avanti di nuovo , per cercare quel punto di incontro che fin'ora è mancato. Io sono sempre disponibile nei loro confronti se vorranno incontrarmi e sicuramente non sarò mai vendicativo. Mi piacciono le storie a lieto fine e sono sicuro che tutto si chiarirà nel migliore dei modi. L'importante è non cadere nella generalizzazione. Quindi, da parte loro che sono in una condizione vantaggiosa rispetto alla nostra , mi aspetto un po' più di comprensione, mentre da parte degli operatori di Luce mi aspetto più collaborazione. Non c'è bisogno di ricordare ai Pleiadiani che l'altruismo basato sulla compassione è la medicina migliore per guarire tutti i tipi di ferite, tralasciando tutte le ragioni dell'ego. Idem per noi, è ciò che dovremmo sempre tenere a mente se vogliamo creare un mondo migliore a partire da noi come "razza umana".

    1. Sì, sono d'accordo, queste sono le parole giuste

  74. Cobra nunca diz nada de meu país Brasil, mas percebo um caus terrível, e ao mesmo tempo, Tb está visível a limpeza sendo feita, as pessoas não acordam pq não querem, está tudo sendo esfregue na cara das pessoas, o mal aparece em tudo, parece ser todos dominados pelo mau, mas sinto a limpeza. Obrigada cobra.

  75. Un grazie agli Aldebarani per la loro disponibilità e la loro fiducia. Non è molto importante chi avremo davanti per il primo contatto, l'importante è creare le condizioni per l'Evento affinché arrivi il prima possibile. La Federazione Galattica è sempre la benvenuta in qualsiasi sua forma. Grazie.

  76. "Wake Up" | Animation clip

    This short animated clip is a prophecy.

    A prophecy, because the events described in the video will happen in absolutely all historical scenarios. In some - a little earlier. And in others - a little later.

    "Wake Up" is about human evolution and freedom. The writer Ivan Efremov described our time as an era of inferno, the only way to overcome which is to wake up.

    The video “Wake Up” is about life. About the choices that everyone makes. Does he want to live in such a society? What needs to be sacrificed and what can be gained? Sleeping people do not see what is around them. They cannot understand and appreciate. Need to wake up. Start thinking and acting. Need to.

    Yes, this is not a simple and painful awakening, but it is an awakening of the mind and spirit, morality and justice. Awakening a new future. Isn't it worth waking up for this?

    This is the result of joint creative work of the studio “Think Yourself/Think Now” and the rock band “Adaptation of the Bees”.

    Comrade, distribute the video wherever you can!

    Rock, animation, cartoon about class struggle. The most proletarian cartoon of 2022. (English subtitles)

  77. The big mistake that the light forces did they underestimated the dark side they thought they could deal with them quicker but the dark forces turned out to be more resilient and powerful than they expected. Remember the dark side have this strong grip of the planet since the fall of Atlantis and even before. The methods of the light forces have never been effective and too much love and compassion has worked against them because the dark side has used that against them. Sometimes you have to use their methods because thats the only thing they can understand so they have to taste their own medicine. Honestly i don't resonate with the pleadians they are too weak. I have a more feline warrior energy connected to Sirius yes i have a loving heart but at the same time i can crush you if it's necessary. Nobody and i mean physical or non physical can use me as a dormat!

  78. Light workers on the surface dont want to hate or hurt or get revenge from light forces.They are tired from so many delays.They done everything light forces and resistent movement asked so far.They want to see something positive about light forces and the liberation mission.They need something to physically see to get their hopes up.They want only peace and see this madness end quickly.They have gone through a lot on this life time and past life times.They dont want revenge on light forces.They are tired,exhausted and hurt.Some of them need healing immediately l.They are suffering from pain,discomfort due to diseases.some of them are in war torn countries they need help too.most of them are broke cant fulfill their basic needs.some of them get attack by df daily.Thats why they are depressed and traumatised.Thats why they show their frustration against light forces everytime event gets delayed.we dont hate light forces we love them what they do.we only ask them to speed up things and connect with us directly.just think about what we have to go through another 2 years.Mentaly and physically we are exhausted but still we do whatever LF and RM asked.we are human we have a breaking point.80% of LF left.we know this is not a easy fight.we are from the surface we go through this only thing im saying is we are not mad or angry at Lf we are frustrated because of the delays.we have no weapons,armour or resources to fight against DF.thats why we are looking for your please dont blame us .we will still do what you ask.only thing we ask in return is end this quickly as fast as you can.VOTL!

    1. @ Speranza Condivido molto di ciò che hai detto. Hai espresso molto bene la situazione, bravo! 🌈😃

    2. I also agree. They are just upset like a child whose parents promise a toy on Christmas and then when Christmas arrives they say 'sorry, no toy this year, wait for the next holiday'.

  79. It's funny that people easily forget what WAR means. If the reached their limits, ok, go heal.

    I had my tantrum reactions too, but "m back at my center and make a decision to work with the Aldebs. But I need a stronger protection. My relatives are being used against me to prevent me from practicing manifesting a better life for myself and my family.

    Back me up harder and I will do my part. Its an exchange.

    Forgive me for me being butt-hurt about you and I forgive you for not feeling what is like to be in my shoes.

    We are all doing our best here.

    Aho, Adonai!

  80. Even if we are angry of the light forces sometimes, I don't see its a valid reason to avoid us. Most of us don't aware of the situation, because many things classified. Many things we read forgotten by us so not calculating with many aspects. So I don't think it's real anger, or have solid base. Mostly it's venting. And anyway it's not logical to be angry to anyone after the quarantine is raised. Personally I don't even care about the black nobility members, from me they can go free also just let us live in the after Event time.

    To be honest I feel sad and dissapointed some members of the light forces not even taking the risk to be energetically hurted, but they not pushing us more to the liberation and allowing more energetical, emotional and physical suffering on Earth. I'm not sure why we have to wait for planets to align, instead of do a final push and let the liberation to happen. Even if they would hurt they could heal with us after. Their battle took few weeks on their planet, we doing this for 10s of thousands of years. If we can heal that they can heal also. And if only 500 million people the problem basically have 16 person to stop that 1 who can be problematic. And I don't believe we could hurt any extraterrestial being, with their tech it's not possible for us to hurt them, and most of us don't want to hurt anyone. We just want a good life what worth to be lived, where not everything goes wrong always....

  81. Oh Gosh, I'm sure anyone (deserving) enough can have contact with Pleiadians, whilst those who have trouble with the whole thing can interact with Aldebarans. Maybe. Yes I can understand how it can be difficult to have to deal with the surface population. I think this is probably better. I'll just read the links later and the conference notes.

    Thanks a lot Cobra and Light Forces!!

  82. To Be Brutally Honest

    Over the years, I've experienced several lifetimes of experience through the dreamstate. It really is that vast. I'm concerned that my mind will start falling apart because it's just too much to fit into one mind.

    One of my abilities is to momentarily have someone else's perspective, completely experiencing it as my own. I just had the perspective of (probably) a member of the Light Forces about me, and it was not exactly positive. The perspective was:

    "I love you, but you are still very brutal."

    I didn't know how to exactly say it, but yes, it's true. I'm am one of the most brutal people on the planet. However, I am a Master in the truest sense at keeping the brutality to myself, unlike the cabal. If someone were to call me a lightworker, I would be the lightworker who by far has the largest shadow, who by far carries the most anomaly. It's actually quite rare for someone like myself to still try to contribute to planetary liberation.

    Even if I can say all the right things (occasionally), this doesn't mean I'm good natured. I just wanted to let people know who may look up to me that I'm not someone to look up to. I'm not being too hard on myself either. No, seriously, don't look up to me.

    I have a good heart, but again, I've had too much interaction with the anomaly over the years. People would be very shocked if they knew just how bad it really is. The Light Forces may know. If not, I'm giving them fair warning. I suspect they know though because it feels like they are being especially cautious with me.

    I have some ideas to better manage my shadow, but it will take time.

    On another note, an unmarked black helicopter with more than one rotor flew extremely low over where I live. It was so low that the place shook. It was so low I'm surprised it didn't run into a tree. The probability of this being coincidental is virtually zero because I live in a somewhat remote location. There is a small airport not far away, but it's only for coast guard, and their helicopters are not unmarked. So, as anomalous as I may be, perhaps I'm doing something right to be harassed on this level - who knows.

    But again, don't believe I'm positive. A part of me kind of even enjoys being messed up. I'm just being 'brutally honest.' It's better that I do so now and not try to be someone I'm not, and/or portray myself as someone I'm not.

    1. Libra, yeah, I want to unleash my brutality on the ones with the directed energy weapons. Maybe there is a positive aspect to this. Leadership, could be. I kind of feel like I do belong on the front lines, in a way. Goddess energy is very helpful, but these assholes with their energy weapons need tough love (permanent deletion).

  83. "Aldebarans are a sister race to Pleiadians and are quite similar to them, with a little more focus on technology and a little more masculine energy."

    As soon I read this I paused and opened Elena Danaan's book - A Gift from the Stars. And there it is - Jadaiahil - one of the numerous Ahel colonies exiled from the Lyran wars. The so called tall blonde Pleiadians are also an Ahel group settled in Taygeta star system of Pleiades.

  84. Voglio postare questo resoconto di Benjamin Fulford di lunedì 27/11/23. Sembra che le cose stanno per cambiare:

  85. I hope you guys heal really fast

    and take rest for a long time

  86. Non vorrei che questo disappunto degli Operatori di Luce nei confronti dei Pleiadiani e viceversa, possa dare origine ad una faida. Non ne abbiamo bisogno e sarebbe un peccato rovinare tutto proprio ora. Invito tutti a soprassedere a questa situazione e andare oltre, nel pieno rispetto della decisione dei Pleiadiani di delegare gli Aldebarani per il primo contatto. Un vero operatore di Luce non deve cadere vittima di situazioni di questo tipo. Alzatevi e create al meglio che potete la vostra migliore realtà possibile in questo momento. Diamo prova della nostra integrità e del nostro valore in qualità di portatori di Luce Divina! Solo così in un prossimo futuro potremo avere il ruolo che ci spetta nella Federazione Galattica.

  87. Questa è la classica situazione dove tutti hanno un po' di ragione. Ma vorrei ricordare che i Pleiadiani ci hanno fornito assistenza come hanno potuto, salvandoci da situazioni molto gravi insieme al resto di LF. Vorrei anche ricordare che siamo in estrema difficoltà come Pianeta e che certi risentimenti creano soltanto ulteriori danni e ritardi. Chiedo ai Pleiadiani di essere comprensivi nonostante i nostri limiti. Abbiamo bisogno anche noi di essere curati dai traumi ricevuti e non tutti gli operatori di Luce la pensano allo stesso modo. Inoltre a seconda della situazione che ogni operatore di Luce sta vivendo, cambia il modo di pensare ed agire, a volte un po' troppo scontroso, altre volte più disponibile e positivo, per cui vi chiedo di essere indulgenti nei confronti della nostra piccola comunità di Operatori di Luce. Ci vedremo presto cari Pleiadiani e sarà una grande festa.

  88. I'M CONFUSED (for Pleiadians) 1/3

    I actually don't know how to feel about this update. First of all i must say that i love Pleiadians very much, they seems to have beautiful, lovely and sensual energy and they already did a lot of things to help us and i appreciate that. My understanding is that we're all fighting Devil (Lurker) and it's minions to save this Fallen Universe and the Planet Earth which is like cancer cell, so goal of the entire Universe and it's creation is to transform last remaining cancer cell (Earth) to Light so that entire Universe can evolve into Higher Dimension. We who decided to sacrifice ourselves and incarnate here see ourselves as a Ground Crew Troops who will be Cannon Fodder for darkies, which means to get beaten, tortured, raped, killed and at the same time trying to lift our and vibration of the Planet as much as possible until Air Force (Our Alien Family in Space) can help us more on the Surface. So i don't understand Pleiadians when they say they aren't obligated to help us??? Hello? We're Ground Crew and you're the Air Force, of course people will be mad because help didn't arrived in time or it's arriving a little too late. We didn't incarnate here to be a tourists on somekind of adventure. If we're together in this fight to save the Universe then you're obligated to help us because we're also helping you by our sacrifice to incarnate into this shithole. That's why i disagree with Pleiadians position and perception of all of this. By saying you're not obligated to help us, it seems like we're somekind of beggars that begging your help, like when you see beggar in the street and you decide to give him money or not because you're not obligated to help him. I was thinking more like we're into this together, we're Ground Crew Troops and you're (Pleiadians and other Alien Races) Air Force. So i must say I'm really surprised by this position from Pleiadians, and I didn't know that they see things like this. Imagine if for example USA goes to war with another country and send their Troops first, to be Cannon Fodder and after they become mad because they suffered too much and help didn't arrived in time, and they ask Air Force for faster help, the Air Force say don't be mad and revengeful we aren't obligated to help you, aren't we in this shit together???

  89. I'M CONFUSED (for Pleiadians) 2/3

    And one more thing, Pleiadians needs to understand when people say some bad and revengeful words against them or others, it's not because they hate them, some people are saying that out of depression, it's their cry for help because they suffered too much. I have my whole gratitude for Pleiadians and other Star Races for their help, a lot of them need to rest and get much needed healing. I think Pleiadians are maybe too much sensitive and feminine oriented for First Contact, they are more for nurturing and healing humanity, so it's best for now for Aldebarans to take action, we need stronger masculine energy for First Contact. And for the end i will repeat we're not beggars, by incarnating here and sacrificing ourselves we're saving asses for everybody that didn't have courage to come here, if this Planet falls, the whole Universe will fall. So i find it very disrespectful when Aliens say that they aren't obligated to help us! Yes you are and we are also, that's why we incarnated here in the first place because we're together in this shitty situation to save the Universe and we're all One in the Source, One for All. I think that everyone who works for Light should have that perception in mind. Also Pleiadians shouldn't take people's words that much serious, heeey we're traumatized down here, we're like patients in mental hospital so don't mind us that much, most people doesn't see what you and others have already done for humanity, I'm very happy for someday when we will work together with you. I'm also very excited to be sexually healed someday by beautiful Pleiadian woman or women 😄💕 i have some deep feelings inside my soul that I'm also Pleiadian or mostly Pleiadian in my DNA, so I'm very curious about my genetics, i want to know from what Star Races my DNA is mixed. My advice for everyone, Ground Crew or Air Force to take things more Lightly and try to understand more each other.

    VOTL 😎😇🥰

  90. I'M CONFUSED (for Aldebarans) 3/3

    I'm very grateful that Aldebarans are helping and that they will be the first one that will have contact with us, Pleiadians are probably too much tired and they need healing. As i mention in my previous post if Aldebarans will be the first one to contact us, then Pleiadians will be probably more focused on nurturing and healing. I don't know about other Star Races and their roles because we don't have much information about them.

    I'm very confused about this that Cobra wrote for Aldebarans:

    "They have maintained their vibrational frequency in the hostile surface Earth environment through the institution of harem (meaning sacred, enclosed, protected space)"

    Now I'm very very very confused, so in Harem you have Eunuchs, castrated Male Slaves, mostly Blacks, so they don't have opportunity to have sex to connect with Source and Higher Energy or to Reproduce, then you have Ugly Women who were only servants because Sultan didn't want them and you have Beautiful Women that were mostly kidnapped from conquered countries and taken by force from their families to be Sexual Slaves to Sultan and/or to be there only to entertain him. So Aldebarans maintain their vibrational frequency by doing very big damage to everyone else. They castrated Male Slaves and kidnapped women from conquered countries to be their Sex Slaves and take their Freedom away to maintain their vibrational frequency??? Like WTF??? And there were also women that Sultan impregnate and only wants them if they have male child and if kidnapped women were good Sex Slaves, Sultan would give them some political power acting like a sugar daddy, also beautiful Young Women were presented to Sultan as a Free Will at all...

    Here are on 6 pages description of Harem:

    My people from Balkans suffered so much because of the Ottomans invasion, and now to read that they maintained their vibrational frequency by kidnapping women from my country and taking them away from their families and children into Harem to be Sex Slaves for Sultan??? Ottomans also kidnapped Young Males from their families, training them, converting to islam and making them soldiers so they can return to country where they are kidnapped from to kill their own people, they were called Janissary...I'm very very very confused and I don't think that i understand anything anymore...i think that this thing about Harem needs to be clarified, this is one of the most selfish behaviors in human history, take hundred kidnapped women only for yourself to be your Sex Slaves and castrate other men so they can't have sex with them, now i really don't understand anything anymore... I don't want to live in a society with this type of vibrational frequency 🤔

    If Aldebarans are trying to take Earth women for themselves and to castrate us males, they're gonna have a bad time 😄

    1. err.. well that last part is disturbing..(didnt get to read the first 2 parts)
      damn lol

      ok.. i am assuming at this stage those groups assisting in the liberation of the planet had evolved and supposedly
      are of the light. so such practices as castration and every other midevil or neonderthal ways are part of history...

      supposedly... the galactic codex will be respected .. soo i assume such history should not be repeated...
      not on my watch if i am able to be fully awake and fully functional.. not on Gaia.

    2. @GPiksel Anch'io come te credo che i Pleiadiani sono meno indicati ora per questa missione. Vorrei dire una cosa in merito: anche LF probabilmente non si aspettava una situazione così intricata. Quindi tutto sommato penso che non sia una notizia negativa che i Pleiadiani siano stati sostituiti dagli Aldebarani per il primo contatto con gli esseri umani di superficie. Fa tutto parte di un aggiustamento del piano di liberazione che una volta definito, porterà più vantaggi che svantaggi per noi. Se i Pleiadiani non vogliono aiutarci fino in fondo , qualcun altro lo farà al loro posto. I Pleiadiani avranno modo di rifarsi se lo vorranno in altri ambiti nei nostri confronti. Alla fine tutto ciò avrà un senso. Aspetto con fiducia gli Aldebarani che non reputo di serie"B", anzi li ritengo necessari e forse anche più freschi rispetto ai Pleiadiani che sono logorati. Auguro ai Pleiadiani di riprendersi e di ritrovare il giusto spirito per intraprendere altre iniziative in futuro. Grazie. 😃🌈

    3. not on Gaia..meaning such treatment being allowed

  91. Thanks for the information. It saddens me that the Pleiadians are retreating. Somehow I feel connected to the Pleiadians. But perhaps the Aldebarans have the necessary qualities for the final battle due to their stronger masculine side. I hope so!

    1. that is the way i concluded..
      different changes to the plan had been done along the way.. this is just one more at this stage based on their present observation.

      that does not mean we will not have interaction with them and others along the way. just a tactical move?

  92. As someone who worked with individuals of all ages who are traumatized, and as someone who themselves are traumatized in this life and many previous ones that I recall, I always feel compassion for people who come here and complain, and somehow I envisioned higher beings of Light who are loving, having 100x more of this compassion than I, a human stuck in lower paradigm existence, could ever feel. In fact, the more my vibration rises, the more I let go of hurt that others direct towards me, and I see how their agony and wounds are the ones speaking, not their true selves. I then send them love and healing and wishing the Goddess' embrace to show them love, and I do my best to do the same. I guess am confused a bit about some things in this post. It states that the Light Forces don't need to help us but they do so anyway, and I agree, no need to be rude, although again, rude people are often the most hurting ones who've reached their limits and lash out at the only place they expect understanding (and lightworkers are historically alone until such communities as this blog began to emerge so since many have nowhere else to talk and many years of trauma, it's somewhat expected that it'll explode here in face of nonstop delays. Plus, if the more evolved Light Forces get traumatized by the dark to the point that they need to be removed for healing, how much more humans are traumatized stuck in limited human paradigm, with no way out - only by death or by the Event?) Anyway, yes, we're always told two versions of our human lightworker existence (and most of us don't have memory one way or another so we don't know): we had no choice but come here to the planet as hostages, or we came here because we wanted to help. If we had no choice to come here, we're prisoners who are being tortured lifetime after lifetime, and the Light Forces are traumatized by our negative, trauma-borne behavior - but not by the evilness of our captor who traumatizes us? If we were born to this planet from our own free will to help, then I still expect more compassion out of the Light Forces. They (Pleiadians) were here by their own free will to help us, and yet they became too traumatized and thus, get to leave behind. We (if we came here by our own free will to help) we only get to leave by dying and starting our mission from scratch again and again. Our only better hope is the Event to get out, no matter how traumatized we are. And yet, even here, we can't come together as one with sympathy to one another's sufferings, instead we/Light Forces are offended by the negativity we all feel (they themselves too, and pretty badly, otherwise they'd not take the chance en masse to leave the liberation process behind). It just shows me once again that we need to love one another, fellow human lightworkers, 100 times more than we ever did. And I hope that the Aldebarans have a better understanding and respect for what we, the ground crew, have been dealing with, without a way out of this mess, either as unwilling, tortured prisoners, or the true heroes of this Earth liberation who signed up for this gig without having a way out no matter how traumatized we become...

    1. Yes, 'we hope the Aldebaran's have a better understanding and respect for what we do' is an honest request. And I agree with Libra's observation, ' people should get their fantasies of omnipotent aliens out of their head.'

  93. i really would like to understand what is going on.

    Silverfire used a term that seems to raises my curiosity... "downgraded" (even if she sounded defiant but understandably)

    i wasnt sure how to define my concern.. but her word is a start

    i can understand why the boundaries or protocols described on post have been set

    what i dont understand is the abrupt plan in who is leading the contact..

    now we must not forget that there are several star races working together to get to the final push/liberation

    each civilization offers different attributes. my understanding is we will be meeting them eventually... and first Contact does not mean necessarily we automatically become the colony of a specific group... right?

    i assume we will be assisted to build new earth as we get guided by all

    I understand as liberation continues some adjustmemts get made as you learn more of us and us more of you. Modifications to the plan have been happening so the act in changing who will greet us first should not sound too far fetch. Am i thinking right?

    what sounds a bit strange for me is.. why there has been the decision to filter n split those who were rescue previously.. to be sent to another systen . is it due to logistics... are they being assholes out there too err misbehaving :). i do remember reading people will be placed on worlds that matches their frequency. so this act of filtering shouldnt come to a surprise... Or maybe too the plaedians making space for new arrivals. we can just speculate

    hearing this news however ... raises the question.. how difficult is it to heal our afflictions.?.. i am obviously oblivious to this.

    We been so preoccupied with our own macro world. we take for granted that those receiving healing need not our attention and they doing just fine.

    granted there isnt much we can do.. however would be nice to know how they doing.... after all some are long lost family

  94. Vorrei fare un APPELLO a tutti gli operatori di Luce. Cosa ne pensate se ci mettiamo d'accordo stabilendo una data in cui tutti NOI Operatori di Luce chiediamo qui sul blog all'unisono un intervento della Federazione Galattica? Anche perché ciò sarebbe un'esperienza pilota che servirebbe per capire se riusciamo a mandare un segnale stabile che mostrerebbe finalmente una coesione di intenti da parte nostra, si parlerebbe con una sola voce , giusto per dare una dimostrazione di collaborazione tra noi . Non pensate che la base del nostro problema peggiore sia proprio la mancanza di unità tra noi? E forse è proprio questo che ci rende poco affidabili nei confronti di LF. La frase potrebbe essere questa: CHIEDIAMO L'IMMINENTE L'INTERVENTO DIRETTO DELLA FEDERAZIONE GALATTICA DELLA LUCE SUL PIANETA TERRA, AFFINCHÉ SI POSSA METTERE FINE AD OGNI TIPO DI SOFFERENZA! Sono ben accetti consigli e suggerimenti purché dettati da buoni propositi ed intenzioni serie. Attendo vostri commenti al riguardo. Grazie.

    1. I like this idea @Lightpower, and am 100% on board with this suggestion! ☝️😇👍

    2. @Lightpower, you make some interesting points that deserve exploring. Cobra's 12Oct2023 update stated-
      "Let me just say that the dark forces with their collective actions violated a critical mass of Galactic Codex principles, and legally the Light forces have the green light to intervene on the surface of the planet, regardless of local laws which surface humanity is not respecting anyway.Saint Germain was given command to all underground and surface operations, and all Light forces not limited but including the Resistance and Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian and Central race fleets are now under his command regarding planetary operations. Ashtar was given command to all nearspace and space operations."
      Also, on a message from Pleiadian commander, Hakann on 29Sept2023 on era of light message board, a timeline was stated for Grey Hats to initiate disclosure or face direct intervention by Light Forces.
      My question would be if the situation is changed because St. Germaine is now assuming the leadership position and Hakann's message is on hold.

  95. "Pleiadians have also decided to set some boundaries and will not accept abusive behavior from revengeful “Lightwarriors” after the Event. Many instances of such behavior could be seen in comments from my blog."

    So you're telling me that the loving and mighty Pleiadians cannot handle a few mean comments on the internet? Interesting. It is good to set boundaries, but to say that the community YOU created is going to be 'revengeful' is the highest level of disrespect. Personally, I do not care if the aliens 'respect' me, so I'll give my two cents without a filter.

    The aliens seem focused on helping those in extreme danger. This has caused them to lose sight of what life is like for the average human who has nothing to do but wait. From our perspective, nothing is changing and we still have to deal with everyday problems. Stuff that isn't as dramatic as being held prisoner and tortured, but is still pretty serious. People like us need to occasionally throw tantrums to remain sane.

    Cobra, you have once said that we should strive to see people as an 'embodiment of their souls.' It is something I am not foolish to attempt in my current circumstances. And it seems the Pleiadians cannot do this either. Can they perceive the emotions with which I am writing this comment? I doubt it.

    This existence is humiliating. But I REFUSE to be obsequious to aliens for a 'better life'. If they are scared of me, it is because they do not understand me. We can either discuss things like adults or they can shred my soul to pieces and reconstruct it. I don't care either way.

    1. @Libra
      Yes, there are stupid comments on this blog. But even the ones you listed as examples of ‘toxic' comments come from a place of helplessness. The aliens should know this. Frankly, the entire first half of the post seems like it's meant to guilt trip people into falling in line with the Pleiadians' ideology.

      The aliens are not omnipotent, but they expect us to be superhuman.

    2. I disagree, Libra, and not because those types of comments are not toxic, but because toxicity does not equal evilness. Imagine a child that is constantly being r*ped, who has a mother who promised she will always be there, help, protect her, and save her from harm. The child told the mother about it and the mother promised the child she'll help her and intervene. Then nothing happens, things get worse, and the child is now paralyzed from their trauma. If you are the least bit familiar with human psychology, you know that the child, if chance arises, won't only lash out at the perpetrator, but at the mother too, maybe even more, because of the trauma of being betrayed by someone who was supposed to be there for them. The sad thing is that it's very easy to understand on a human level, no superhuman love and consciousness is required. It's beyond me how Light Forces don't understand it. And yes, as Ryuga says, they are far from omnipotent, they get traumatized too, AND they get to leave when they've had it. (Why this late into the game and why they are afraid of our retaliation, is an enigma..) I don't blame them. I know what trauma is. But - we don't get to leave when we've had it, so our trauma is worse and ongoing without an end - and yet they expect us to both support them with our meditations/energy, and be understanding and always calm, no matter how many delays we suffer, even though every delay means further continuation of torture of us and our loved ones! The Pleiadians had enough of the torture, understandably so, but so did we. We can't jump ship. We are the heroes. Wounded heroes with lots of pain without healing that becomes toxic after thousands of years in prison torture chambers. But it's still the prison that's toxic and not the prisoners, no matter how they act in rage and pain.

  96. You know what? Humanity is still living in hell. The event still did not happen. Mankind has no idea about the future. First contact with any race would be no different for humans today. The main question now is when humanity will be able to escape from its misery. I don't know what the point of this article is.

    1. Research Aldebaran. It's one of the four guardian stars. Seemingly more powerful than Pleiadians

  97. I don't see anything critical in the fact that Pleiadians flew to the restoration, on the Earth there are still quite cruel predatory laws, which are supported by people themselves (quite a significant part of people), in this regard, it is difficult for other races with high intensity of light vibration to interact with the surface of this planet. In fact, they have two options for action: the first is to intentionally lower their vibrations, which carries a great risk of deviating from the original goal, or to act up to a certain level of consciousness of the planet and society without descending to the surface, inspiring people through more subtle bodies. So it appears that the Pleiadians have had to, to some extent, accept some of the negativity that some humans reproduce in order to keep us from mutually destroying each other, and as a result they have been damaged and need some time to recover.

  98. I would like to state that based on my personal and professional experience (over 10 years in Lithuanian language) starseeds are able to be much more effective in their mission, if they actually know where they have come from and what is their mission. It is possible to determine that thru the process called Soul reading (Akashic reading) during which it is possible to learn about your soul origin and whatever you are a starseed or not and what is your mission if any or maybe you are here just for the experience. So, if you are interested in your soul origins, you can learn about it.

    Here are a few recorded examples of the readings in English language:

    And contact details on how to learn more about it:

  99. Having read the first day's notes from the Conference and seeing the importance of tektites (beyond what I already knew), I realized that I have a tibetan tektite, libyan gold tektite, Moldavite, and several common tektites in my collection. I have added the TT, LGT, and Moldavite to a grid (made of satin spar gypsum with the flower of life pattern carved into the surface), along with Danburite, White Topaz, White Apophyllite, and the center is a golden rutilated quartz. One of the main points I received from this information is that the tektites are still energetically connected to the worlds and people from which they came, and that they are also connected strongly to and amplified by the energies of the Event. I'm using this grid as a tool for reading the energies. If my tektites start glowing up, I'll know right away. I just need to adapt my energy field to get used to the grid in its' inactive state, and I won't even need to 'check in' as often. It also means I no longer feed into anxiety when a long time passes between updates here but I'm having confusing experiences.

    As for the news of the Pleidians, I am sorry to hear it but not surprised. They say war is hell for a reason, and I totally respect their decision to protect and heal themselves. Huzzah to the Aldebarans for stepping up in the face of all this. Y'all are invited to the party. I don't care how great or small the contribution, all who have aided the liberation of Earth have a place in my mental Hall of Honor. I don't judge who stumbles along the path, as the 'right' steps are still taken. By the Will of Love, this will all be made right. I trust that more than pain.

  100. Old and wounded soldiers have the right to be sent HOME.
    I'm an old and wounded soldier, so I'm ready to leave the battlefield. I'm useless here

  101. I wish to say THANK to the LF who fought the chimera spiders and freed 100,000 kids from the GAZA undergrounds. I can't even start to imagine how traumatic that must have been and no wonder so many have left Earth for the much needed healing. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  102. V slovenščini:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:
    Vabljeni na našo stran na Facebooku:
    Toplo vabljeni na Facebook stran Tahionske komore v Ljubljani:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  103. When Light Portals open again
    August 2019 - [The light grid collapsed to a great extent with the collapse of the beta timeline.] "At that time, many portals to the surface of the planet have become inoperable and now those portals will be reactivated again.”

    Gaiaportal from 8 December 2012:
    “humanity (small “h”) not-fully-awakened are not assisted in their sleep desires. And cannot stay with smooth waters. Such may awaken as Tsunamis of Awakening Energy enter the planet during the […].”

  104. I don't think it's wise to send those who created the SSP slave-matrix system. Earth also has to set its boundaries. We do not need new slave-masters.

    I confirm the Aldebarans recently purchased Earth. Let them keep playing musical chair.

    1. No Aldebarans are very very strong. Being one of the four Royal Stars Aldebaran is of Michael.

  105. I have not posted on this blog in a while because I have been serving the Aldebarans for the last 7 years by subtlety spreading the knowledge of their handiwork on Earth. The Aldebrans come from the star system Aldebran which is located in the constellation of Taurus or Tauri. On Earth the Aldebarans are often times called the Tartarians because they come from the constellation of Taurus. Perhaps many of you have heard of a conspiracy spreading across the internet called Tartaria. That is them. To understand the Aldebarans you have to research and understand Tartaria. Look at the beautiful buildings they created all over the planet. These buildings were created by humans but they were built under the direction of the Tartarians to raise the consciousness of the human race. The more beautiful things people see with their eyes the more their consciousness can rise. This is why Aldebrans built Tartarian architecture all over the world. To raise the consciousness of the human race. Please research Tartaria it is the key to understanding everything. Look with you eyes and you heart. Tartaria is real.

    1. Aldebarant elég jól ismerem. Végre ez is elérkezett. Remélem Astar is folytatja munkáját, mert az a legfontosabb most. A változások ellenére Astar a parancsnok. Így l-egy-en - mgr.

  106. Current status of the attacks has not abated. At first I thought they may have, but they haven't. The burning/stinging sensations and electronic dark thoughtform bombardments are still very present. Plus, there is the previously mentioned helicopter incident. I'm not complaining. Just letting you know. 🙂

    1. "A támadás menjen magamba, most." - ezzel a mondattal segítesz a támadónak is, mert a támadó el fogja szenvedni a támadásának az 1,6 szeresét. Utána meggondolja, hogy még egyszer megtámadjon e.

  107. Imagine that, Pleaidians setting boundaries as if we're not the ones in captivity here. Must be nice. "My" star friends, whoever they are, aren't worried about boundaries, they KNOW me and are hell bent on getting their behinds down here to kick some butt!! Unleash our memories to us, time to wake up and break bones💪

  108. Vincent and I would like to say a huge thank you to our Pleiadian brothers and sisters for their unconditional love. As our dear Cobra points out, they weren't obliged to come to our aid, but they did and still do! It must be difficult for them, who are nothing but love and gentleness, to see and suffer the atrocities we encounter on earth! For that they deserve our admiration and our gratitude! We love you Pleiadian brothers and sisters, we love you our 1221 team! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We look forward to meeting you soon! (V and M-H)

  109. With the Aldebarans, the situation could cause them to take a more passive role (in the future) as well. Maybe the original builder races are the only ones who can really set things right. I may not know what I'm talking about, but this is what came through.

    It was also stated that the Ascended Masters are not here in the Q and A, which makes no sense.

    "Q. The ascended masters should be fully connected with I AM Presence, right? So why they cannot save us?

    A. They are not here."

  110. thanks very much mr cobra fine sir and super fierce lightwarrior.....

    and thank you very much pleiadians aldebarons andromedans sirians etc;and all galactic lightforces here in theatre of war operations.....

    and glad to hear many lightforces members who have left the solar system to go heal....may you heal well and be more powerful from such horrors of war you have been experiencing....

    lets get our best nectars out and welcoming performances etc for first contact that will happen sooooon.....

    as we humans on the surface would have all been vapourized by the dark forces without the advanced lightforces here in theatre of war operations;i would propose....

    a vision i had a couple of years ago;that the vast majority of the humans on the earth surface will survive into planetary liberation.....and we can potentially then live to be a thousand plus years in the same sleeve.....imagine how smart we could become then-hahahahaha.....

    we on the surface are not inferior to those on the starships of course;were just in the process of rising out of a sort of forced induced sleeping sickness;that has manifested extreme social problems;violance vampires inequality famine hardships horrors disease etc;we unleash on each other.....

    at the same theres no demon that exists that can break our spirit of unblighted unredeemed quest for freedom and equality for all.....

    just keep growing your wings back and we prisoners of the matrix will fly out of the cage again.....

    oh and thanks very much to the resistance lightforces;since surface operations have increased bigtime by these very special forces lightwarriors;the worm not only has turned;it is being chased away;i would propose-hahahahaha.....


    we begin to speak publicly more now of ideas to improve the civilization perhaps.....

    heres one thanks to a very powerful lightwarrior john trudell.....

    may we begin to reduce the amount of unnecessary doors being busted up by matrix gooonbaaal squads and such.....

    after all like john says;use the key;its in the coffee can;of course-hahahahaha.....

  111. "Q. There is an idea that a person who is completely connected with I AM presence can liberate the planet by him/herself, is it really possible?

    A. Yes, one being with perfect connection with I AM presence could liberate whole planet.

    Q. The ascended masters should be fully connected with I AM Presence, right? So why they cannot save us?

    A. They are not here."

    Why Ascended Masters are not here. If they are able to liberate planet, it is not an excuse that the dark forces are blocking their access here.

  112. Become Free of Entrapments: Forced Reincarnation, Karmic Lessons, Parallel Lives, Entities, Mind Control, Cordings, Endless Reincarnation on Earth.

    We did not install your enforced reincarnation process. This again was in accordance with the Galactic Federation’s alliance with the Dark. The reincarnation process was devised to capture and use your energy for the Dark’s own parasitic agenda, i.e. the theft of souls. The Dark Forces built the etheric soul traps for the harvesting (recycling) of souls. Humans are recycled after death to remain in the Matrix. A soul-catching net or soul net awaits us at death – and keeps us in the Matrix. The Dark Forces feed off of our negative energy, fear, anger etc, and this is why humanity continuously reincarnates. To allow our spirits to move on and return to Source/God/Creator would end existence for the Dark Forces.

    All Spirits were created as a unique expression of the Divine, freely expressing their own unique Love and Light Frequencies in all of their creations. This was the original Divine Plan. You were created to experience one life at a time. Being held captive on Earth without your Twin Flame, reincarnating over and over again to learn karmic lessons, having your Spirit Energy diluted into numerous parallel lives. This all came about from the Dark Side’s infiltration of this planet. This was never part of the Light’s Divine Plan!

    Karmic Lessons: Negative programming from past lives (karma) was never intended to be imprinted on the physical body. This was not part of the Divine Intention. Born over and over again on Earth without being able to leave and being held captive was a program put in place by the Dark Agenda.

    Parallel Lives: I am sure you have heard of the saying ‘spreading yourself too thin’. At this time on Earth, people are living a multitude of parallel lives simultaneously. These lives can affect you without your knowledge or consent. This process was not created by the Light. You were created to live one life in the NOW.

    Entities: The Darkness has progressed since Jesus walked the Earth. This increased density has caused a situation where people are rarely more than 20% in their bodies, and they are often sharing their bodies with Entities, (ghost, the emotional bodies of people who have passed on). These Entities cause auditory hallucinations and a host of other problems. They need to be cleared out in order for the Spirit to come into the body 100%.

  113. The Galactic Federation has allowed negative ET races to abduct people and do things to them against their will, such as: install tracking devices, inject them with mental and physical implants, use devices that control and alter consciousness according to their will. Each time just before an individual is incarnated, he is re-implanted again. In this way, the surface population is kept in amnesia.

    Infiltration of the physical body by the “Dark Forces Agenda” has radically compromised the human energy system. This has prevented the physical and spiritual development of the Human Race for eons. This has threatened Humanity to near Spiritual extinction. The Dark Agenda’s many methods have included negative imprinting, mind control, tracking devices, psychic attacks, mental and physical attacks, negative implants, invasion of privacy and freedom, soul theft, abduction, spreading of false teachings designed to distract and lead people away from their own Divinity.

    This has become a very large clean-up mission on our part. The Dark Forces are trying to take over the Light’s Creations. We realize that there is a need to clean up this situation and the Divine Forces are united in this effort at this time. Light bearers throughout history have come into physical form to facilitate a positive change and help uplift human consciousness in overcoming the force of Darkness. Many of these individuals have suffered from living under the Dark Agenda’s rule. Imposters of the Light have proliferated on Earth for a long time. They mislead, misdirect, torture, kill, and steal Life Force Energy from the Earth and its inhabitants. These dark forces have covertly infiltrated all societies on Earth.

    This situation has made it necessary for the Creation Lightship to activate Universal Energy Shifts to cleanse, realign, and restore Spiritual Divine Harmony. All inhabitants of Earth were created to experience Love and Light. Creation will no longer allow this darkness to go unchecked. Originally the Galactic Federation was created as the Spiritual and Physical Guardians for Earth and its inhabitants. They were created to: offer Spiritual Guidance Aid and Assist when needed, protect from Dark Force invasions, provide physical healing when needed, help with Ascension Preparation at the Time of the Shift.

    Unfortunately, the Galactic Federation did not hold their Spiritual Integrity in Love. This caused them to become infiltrated by the Dark Forces. This was accomplished through extraterrestrial races allied with the Dark Agenda who were seeking to control and infiltrate the Galactic Federation as well as the human race. The Darkness overtook them.

  114. I think the representatives leaving is a good sign, probably means the worst is over and they CAN take a break.

  115. Sumi-Er and Sumi-An orbit Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus. Sumi-Aldebaran, the star system of Alpha Tauri. The two inhabited planets are called Sumi-ER/Sumi-PP and Sumi-AN.

    ALDEBARAN: Human militarists of a fascist slant who have traditionally sided with the Dracos and Greys They collaborate within a large underground facility below Egypt, the base of a secret "Kamagol-II" cult that has connections to the Bavarian Thule Society and the Montauk time-space projects. This cult is also referred to as the Gizeh Empire or Gizeh Intelligence, and they are working with secret societies on earth in an effort to dissolve all national sovereignties into a global religio-eco-political order. There are also Insectoid forces involved with Aldebaran. Apparently, a neo-Nazi space force may have helped to colonize that system by sending time-space forces back into the distant past to inhabit the 4th-dimensional realm of one or more of its planets. These forces from the past are currently involved with the New World Order scenario, attempting to carry out their dictatorial agenda on earth from their "base" within another time-space dimension of Aldebaran.

    The only hope of our free survival is the much anticipated, expected, and imminent invasion of the true Andromedan and Sirian armed forces of the remaining seven inner planets in order to annihilate the Draconians of the Moon and Lilith, North Pole Kronians.

    Andromedan Message

  116. "But before that happens, Light forces cannot contact any light worker because the dark forces will retaliate. If there is a light worker doesn’t have money to survive, and is expelled from the house. Let’s say the light forces contact this person and give him money, the dark forces could kill ten or more light workers. "

    If lightworkers are enemies of dark forces, why they don't kill them now?

  117. I don't blame the Pleiadians for leaving, hell no matter how kind I was I was always getting shit back from lightworkers and common people, NO MATTER HOW KIND I WAS! Lightworkers and people suck ass.

  118. Once again, you are trying to impress people here. That's why I suggest you take some time off or go to your own blog.

  119. It is clear that true liberation is our job, because we, humans, ground crew, are the only ones who are unable to leave, no matter how traumatized we are, thus we will have to be the ones who see it through. It is clear that we are the true unsung heroes of this battle, if you think about it. Our energy, prisoners or not, is needed, our meditations are what enable higher beings to act.

    So. We now absolutely need to stop looking at ourselves as little powerless humans or tortured victims. I now know that I absolutely have to stop doing that, and we all too. If I am and we are aware that we are one with the Source and able to liberate the planet through my/our I AM consciousness, separately and collectively, then the light forces need to take every word of ours as their command, since we are I AM.

    Now, at the very least, they must begin treating us as their partners. We have been fulfilling every promise they asked, after all. It's time they live up to their own end too. Threatening us and making us feel bad about our own traumas despite our hardest work (while them not living up to their end of the bargain) are types of treatments that the Light Forces simply can not do to the emerging new race of awakened humans, the homo luminous, who are in touch with their I AMness and refuse to act as little obedient slaves to anyone.

    Brethren, you are all I AM. We are slave and inferior to no one. We are heroes, and our demand is the very demand of I AM. Our unified I AM is giving a command that the whole universe has to obey to, light forces included. Enough is enough. The matters are in our own divine hands now. This post has made it ever-abundantly clear.

    1. Az "én vagyok" - mondatot a fényerők egyáltalán nem veszik tudomásul, sőt nem is szabad nekik tudomásul venniük.

    2. According to whom, Csicseri, according to you? One person with full connection to their I AMness is able to liberate the planet, according to Cobra. This means divine consciousness. If you are in divine consciousness, the light forces obey that, otherwise Cobra's information would be falsity about being able to liberate the planet with consciousness alone. Your comment makes no sense, unnecessary, and unfounded.

  120. @Wizard
    Chill... @Libra is one of the impressive Lightworkers on here and has even impressed COBRA enough to use @Libra's words and info in his updates on this blog. So, if you have a problem with this individual you can easily just scroll on past because I'm willing to bet that the majority here don't share your animosity and quite like what @Libra has to say and contribute.
    Please try refocusing your energies and anger towards the ones keeping us captive instead of your fellow Lightworkers.

  121. Arabic translation of this post/الترجمة العربية لهذا المنشور:
    لكي يتم إعلامك فورًا بترجمة جديدة ، يمكنك متابعتنا على تيليجرام:

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  123. I appeal to all who read this blog to discern very carefully.

    1. Aki mag-ára figyel, az nem dönt semmiben, hanem hallgat mag-ára. A mag mindig olyat kér, ami mindenkinek hasznos. Magad is benne vagy a mindenkiben.

    2. I mean to distinguish what is written on this blog.

  124. "Támadás menjen magamba, most. Kellemetlen érzés menjen magamba, most. Gondolat menjen magamba, most. emlékem menjen magamba, most. Vágyam menjen magamba, most." - Ezek a mondatok segítenek, még akkor is, ha lefordítják más nyelvekre.

  125. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The light forces have not been removed from Earth, but from the solar system.

      The dark forces cannot leave or enter the solar system by themselves. But they can be let out - to the central sun. The light forces can of course leave the solar system.

      The quarantine does not apply to the light forces per se. It is also not impossible to leave the quarantine, you just need the corresponding key (to the soul).

      For some Pleiadians, the handling here is simply too rough.

    2. @certifiable

      *80% representatives of various galactic races left the Solar System, not everybody from that percentage was on surface, they are probably transported through portals inside of earth that humans don't have access to or through some advance multidimensional technology.

      *I don't think most of Pleiadians did left because of some mean comments on the internet, that's just funny, they're very sensitive beings and humans don't understand what big and great things Pleiadians already did for humanity. People are mad and crying for help out of desperation, and plus all bad things they're going through everyday, not to mention directed energy weapons or entity posession or chronic depression or poor life misery etc... Pleiadians can easily understand that, they left because they are tired and wounded from various battles and complicated operations to save hostages, they also have traumas and they need healing, also humanity is suspicious and not very trustworthy because of the trauma they expirienced here, Aldebarans understand us better and our perception, their energy is more masculine and that's why they are taking initiative. Pleiadians can easily communicate with beings that are on high consciousness level but most of humanity are nowhere near that level. Pleiadians are perfect for nurturing and healing.

      *I think that The Event can happen from January till September 2024, Pluto is in Aquarius, after that 2 months will be absent and there are elections in America at that time, so it's not very good to arrange The Event at that time, energy of duality will be very strong because of elections and dark forces could easily mess things up, that's why it's unlikely for The Event to happen in late 2024. It would be very cool for The Event to happen in early part of 2024, I'm more than ready.

      *I definitely wouldn't mind if beautiful Pleiadian woman greet me in a sensual way 😎😇🥰

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. @certifiable

      I understand you, women have more traumas regarding that so maybe Pleiadians didn't understand very well our culture and traumas regarding contact. But this woman didn't mind, she was maybe afraid that Pleiadian male would only pump and dump 😂 Maybe Pleiadians by First Contact wanted to organize a giant orgies but humanity was not ready, that's why Aldebarans are taking initiative hahah 🤣

  126. I'm really sad about Pleiadians and sorry for this situation. Thank you Cobra for important information revealed in the transcription of Chiang Mai conference. It was detailed enough to be very helpful for understanding the situation and also inspires to be very carefull in comments.

  127. Dear fellows! Here are the translated articles in Italian and Romanian language (blog and Cobra telegram channels):
    1. Italian:
    2. Romanian:

    Thank you very much dear Cobra, my best wishes of prosperity and success for you always! Pleiadians are the most beautiful, the most shining and the most pleasent race ever! I am happy they will remain in fact, to assist us, to help the top and key Light workers too!

  128. What did I just read??? "Sensual Pleiadians"? Where did THAT come from? as for the Pleiadians worried about vengeful Lightworkers after the event, I think there's more to this story. I don't think this is about statements that have been said by some members of the Ground Crew that are hurting. We get our memories back when the event happens. Personally I think there is a truth that we will remember that may cause some to have vengeful thoughts. We are all master manifestors. They may be able to see certain possible outcomes with the truth remembered and concerned for their own well being. Hopefully with our returned memories we will also be able to grasp The Divine Plan and understanding. Understanding enough of The Divine Plan and Ourselves to not want or need vengeance.

  129. Like I said before Libra, if I notice the harassment, I got your back... many of us do.
    That pretty much goes for everyone here. If any of you genuine Lightworkers are getting pushed and harassed and I "see" it in the comments... I'll come to your defense because that's what we should be doing... supporting and uplifting each other... not intimidating and degrading one another.

  130. I heard that once the Lurker has been defeated, another powerful being that is comprised of extremely deadly cosmic gases will have to be defeated. They call it the FARTER. just a little humor . Hopefully these difficult times will be over soon! Victory of the LIGHT!

  131. so the Aldebarans will be in front for the 1st contact? i remember we signed a petition almost 2 years ago.. i wish they will contact us instead of the Li chinese families..
    the event ..ouf looks like far yet to come and we have so much to give.. please forgive me all you people and the LF if i offended you with ny behaviour and my controled mind.. i am sorry

  132. The Light forces better get used to people being angry at them because the complaints here are nothing. I predict a sizeable portion of society will fall into murderous rage. They'll say "Yeah yeah draco, but you guys have been chillin out there in paradise and ecstasy with magic technology for a million years?!" They'll be more angry at them than the Dark I promise. Look at the torches and pitchfork mobs that come for the king, or even merchants because of their lifestyle. Celebrities get a big house and people want to bring out the guillotines. When people see the "decadence" of positive ET's, they're going to lose their mind.