Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Systems security breach at 504


  1. "Wake Up" | Animation clip

    This short animated clip is a prophecy.

    A prophecy, because the events described in the video will happen in absolutely all historical scenarios. In some - a little earlier. And in others - a little later.

    "Wake Up" is about human evolution and freedom. The writer Ivan Efremov described our time as an era of inferno, the only way to overcome which is to wake up.

    The video “Wake Up” is about life. About the choices that everyone makes. Does he want to live in such a society? What needs to be sacrificed and what can be gained? Sleeping people do not see what is around them. They cannot understand and appreciate. Need to wake up. Start thinking and acting. Need to.

    Yes, this is not a simple and painful awakening, but it is an awakening of the mind and spirit, morality and justice. Awakening a new future. Isn't it worth waking up for this?

    This is the result of joint creative work of the studio “Think Yourself/Think Now” and the rock band “Adaptation of the Bees”.

    Comrade, distribute the video wherever you can!

    Rock, animation, cartoon about class struggle. The most proletarian cartoon of 2022.

    https://youtu.be/MvNIlZ6KgR4?si=ph-7CMmFuQX5DomB (English subtitles)

  2. Best to get these things out now, and not have them hit everyone really hard in the future, so if I caused a security breach (I don't think it could have been me - I can't be that ridiculously important), I'm sorry but this needs to be said. That way the timeline can be more stabilized in the future - no nasty surprises. That's why I'm not deleting my post about how bad it is. That's why I just went on a rant in my own 'privacy,' letting it all out in the open. That's why I mentioned a possible pattern of weaker races (no offense intended - they are far more powerful than the surface population) taking a more passive role.

    Only the strongest of the strong are going to be able to liberate the planet. I keep having dreams that the Light Forces are being stretched too thin. The Galactic Central Race and Cosmic Central Race need to take a more active role.

    Mine as well get this out as well:

    If 80% of the previous Light Forces left the solar system for healing, what percentage of lightworkers (and previous lightworkers) need to also leave the solar system for healing? Although it's not feasible now to evacuate them, hypothetically, I wonder what percentage it would be. Taking into account the energy weapons and attacks that would very quickly destroy the 'average joe,' I suspect the percentage would be very high.

    I'm not saying lightworkers should quit and give up, but even currently, it's still not understood by the LF and RM how much abuse and anomaly resides within many lightworkers. If I were to give an estimate, the LF and RM believe the damage to be 35%, when it's actually 90% or more.

    1. I definitely resonate with your observation @Starlight432... keep em' coming. 👊😉👍

    2. Silverfire, yeah, it's important to keep going, and learn what one can.

      There also needs to be more communication regarding the negative things that are being done to lightworkers, letting the LF and RM know about it more. Otherwise the abuse builds up and then explodes when it gets to be too much.

      The communication needs to be more raw, where people don't try to put up a front, and instead are honest about what's being done to them, as a way of reporting abuse so that the abusers can (possibly) be more efficiently found and deleted (physically and metaphysically exterminated) using the feedback. It shouldn't become whining though. It can be factual, as a "These are the facts" approach.

    3. Küldj minden negatív érzést magadba. "A kellemetlen érzés menjen magamba, most. A támadás menjen magamba, most." Csukott szem, csukott száj, és magadban mond a mondatokat. Ez a legjobb védelem főleg, ha ezt magyarul mondod.

  3. Quantum Generations Space-Based decentralized QPhone®
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    ladies and gentlemen-welcome to your new quantum computer systems....if this aint it;its coming for sure.....no more harmful wifi.....

    im guessing we will have X phones and Q phones to replace the dark forces controlled harmful illegal systems in place.....and the glass pads from the ssp will be introduced early in the liberation times;kind of like an ipad on cosmic steroids;if you will-hahahahaha.....

  4. Last night was terrible, there was something very strange in the early morning! 😔

    1. I also slept and dreamed very badly yesterday and today.

    2. @Uilian Brasile Anch'io l'altra notte non ho dormito bene.

    3. @Light777 - Feeling sick, wanting to vomit, last night there was something very strange in the air!

    4. @Lightpower - Cosa ci succederà? Anche alcuni fratelli mi hanno segnalato ieri questo disagio ed ancora persiste!

    5. @Uilian Brasile Resta centrato, fai molta meditazione ATVOR e Fiamma Viola. Ti auguro di stare bene😃

    6. Eu também senti a mesma coisa, tem dias que eu tô passando mal, com sintomas de gripe... Achava que era so eu

    7. @Lightpowet - Grazie Fratello mio. Mi sento molto meglio, un abbraccio! 🫂💎🟣

    8. @N'Golo Flamel - Uma montanha russa de sensações, espero que também esteja melhor irmão, abraço!

  5. Jo sad, but no surprise, cos i planted six cintas today...

  6. Full steam ahead lady's and gentlemen!🫡
    Let's finish this!🫵😎👍

  7. Jo Libra! this new "504-tension-situation" also "coincides" with a decreased red... seems legit still...sorry for being offtopic!
    This also means, that the "pulsing" has reduced from a "months to weeks" perception-period down to a"weeks to several days" interval...!!!...for now! lets see...

  8. I have never experienced so many attacks on me and my until recently acquaintances like in this year .I would like to share some uplifting music wich helps me to overcome the darkness . I hope that the high vibrations coming from this kind of music will help also someone else 🌞🌍😁


    1. thank you for sharing.. enjoyable

    2. Minden támadás menjen a magomba, most. - Ez a legjobb védelem, főleg, ha magyarul mondod ki.

  9. Many attacks! Oh my God, it's still complicated!

  10. Silverfire, Libra has some really good material, and deserves more respect. No need to try to start fights. That's what the dark forces want.

  11. @Libra
    Yep, been there many times.
    There's been so many times I been called a shill for the darkies, or a mole for them. And I said it many times, IF I'm a darkie agent, I outta sue since I don't see any gold Ferrari, nor any large piles of gems, concubines or mansions.

    To Silverfire and the rest of the lynch mob, this is for you:

  12. @Libra
    Yea, I'm all for being one of those volunteers to get out of here.

    I also feel that a "Die Hard", or a "Metroid" scenario, sending one person, or a small group, to sneak about, taking out key cabal members and whatever's left of their darkie masters.

    4,000 throats can be cut in one night by one person. - Klingon proverb.

  13. @silverfire

    Heeey relax a little bit, not everyone is meant to be a leader, you must have specific energy for that type of job. We're HUEmans after all which means that everybody have different set of talents. Not all alphabets are bad and mind controlled, some people are trapped in a body they don't want to be in and that is normal thing, our body here on earth is our prison shell. Libra is not a parasite, wtf? We have free will and free choice by Galactic Codex so we have right to desire and to be whoever we want, only rule not to hurt ourselves and others or to deny their free will and free choice, Love & Light 😇

  14. CIA retrieved ‘intact’ UFOs – Daily Mail


  15. Could have a mass meditation to bring peace and healing to Lightworkers. I did a meditation later today to bring some pink Light through to help heal them.

    1. If you wish to have a collective meditation, you can organize and invite people to participate. Utilizing the energy of celestial phenomena is a good approach. You can also send your proposal to the WLMM website and have them promote it for you. As long as the content is appropriate, someone will definitely respond to you

  16. Good Lord silverfire!.. you are out shooting for the sake of shooting?.. you have no mercy even for your very own shadow. Do you feel it betrays you?

    Is there anything left wholesome that merits no attack in your existence.

  17. Come to think of it, I have another confusion about the post regarding the Pleiadians and 80% of the Light Forces leaving behind the liberation process.

    We were told all these years that "we're in this together" and that they are the "sky crew" and we are "ground crew", working together.
    When some of us -myself included- get fed up with delay upon delay for decades (and yes, I know that most of us here have worked a lot and not just writing empty complaining comments), we're reprimanded for wanting "out", wanting to leave the "less awakened humans" behind, even though we suffered more than the average non-awakened human did because of our lightworking (from both the dark retaliation, scalar weapons and attacks, the human rejection, and the lack of LF promise fulfillment both.)
    We are told it's our job and we took it upon ourselves so we need to see through it.
    Then, it turns out that 80% of the sky crew is "out" because they're too traumatized. Understandable. And yet, at the same time, when we want "out", we're the selfish whiners who are not willing to suffer any more for the "common good".

    Far from me to bash the Pleiadians, for I will not know all their hard work and sacrifices till the Event, and I am super grateful. I am just really trying to understand the developments, and I think I am failing to.

    How are we the whiners, complainers, ungrateful ones when we're too traumatized to continue holding the light, when truly our only way out of this hell is the Event - when the sky crew who are supposed to back us up, can leave at any time if it gets too much?

    And again, I understand very well that it got too much for them. Heck, if it's too much for a more evolved super being with high technology and rapid healing ability and etc, I feel totally justified about feeling like it's too much for us down here, sans tech, sans healing ability, sans everything.

    If we can't get tangible help, so be it, let's manifest it ourselves, we totally can. But can we please at the very least stop the practice of labeling us ungrateful, whiny, moany for wanting the Event asap, and be "out" of this hell sooner than later?

    See, even our more evolved brethren had enough of what's going on and 80% moved on. I don't think any one would dare to call them whiners and moaners for being traumatized and leaving the liberation process. I never would. I respect their trauma and need for healing...

    But we can't leave, so please, please, let's cheer on to one another from here on out, even if we have a bad day or nothing to say but bitterness and frustration. We're truly the ones who are in this together, come hell or high water. And no, we're not lazy if demand our sufferings to finally end.

    Heck, every sane being takes the first opportunity to leave behind the battle with the dark.

    1. The fact that the 80% were able to leave was a result of the Dark Ones crossing the line, otherwise it wouldn't have happened. As a result, the liberation process is now progressing faster, as the fearful light forces had slowed it down.

    2. That's an amazing point that other beings don't want to put up with suffering that's surely a miniscule fraction of what many of us go through. Even other humans can't understand the torture that's been every day of my life.

    3. Tényleg nem érted, de sokan nem értik, mi is történik. Ha a plejádiak helyét mások veszik át, az sem véletlen, még akkor sem, ha ezt nem érted. Ha kimennek a naprendszerből űrhajók, akkor ez egy fejlődést mutat, mert sok minden megváltozott. Mindig annyi űrhajó lesz a naprendszerben, amennyire szükség van.

    4. @Bluestar

      The light forces got their starships, their healing tech, and their weapons to fight with, not to mention being able to live for millennia, no aging, and they seem to have a door of which they can leave this gulag anytime they need to. We, on the other hand, DON'T. I'm still waiting for rewards, supplies, ANYTHING tangible for all this stuff (and I did not chose to incarnate here, I'm here against my will). Kinda like the old saying, "Where's my money, bitch?!", or something along those lines.

      And also, to those chastising us for calling out for help and healing, not to mention wanting out of this 'chicken shit outfit', as private Hudson said in 'aliens', watch this clip.



      IS that 'whining' and complaining? (If 'yes', then go take a long run off a short pier, preferably at a lake during winter time over thing ice, or when sharks are present, mmmkay?)
      I've had breaks downs like in these clips MANY times since I was a little kid on this rotten gulag of a planet.

      Like Rambo said during his trauma break down, "YOU DON'T JUST TURN IT OFF!"

      And for the starseeds "It wasn't my war! YOU asked ME, I didn't ask YOU! I did what I had to do to win, but someone wouldn't let us win!"

      "I come back and I see all those maggots at the airport protesting me, spitting at me, calling me baby killer and all kinds of vile crap, who are they to protest me? Who are they, unless then been me, and I been there!" <----- Exactly.

      "Back there I could fly a gunship, I could drive a tank, I was in charge of million dollar equipment, back here I can't even hold a job PARKING CARS!" <----- SOOOOO FAMILIAR. Was, in my past life, my HAPPY life, I was probably flying grand starships, handing amazing technology that could be mistaken for magic here, being someone. Now, in this 'life', I'm stuck struggling to get by with PREHISTORIC JUNK!

      "We had a code, I watch my back, you watch mine. Here, there's nothing."

      REMEMBER all that when YOU call ANY of us 'WHINERS'. Least those guys up in space can go home when they need to.....what have WE got, huh? Less then nothing it seems, so far.

      Wonder if I am gonna be a basket case like Rambo, when the light forces finally arrive.

      *SLAMS the mic on the ground and walks off*

    5. Because we are stuck in prison and unable to leave like them.

    6. If the 80% of those from other worlds and who indisputably supported our evolution somehow withdrew from Earth, it is logical that their part of help has been exhausted, and if there are still a few moments left until the Event, they must Now let's take our fate into our own hands, and thus go through the Event with dignity. It is something logical and normal, no one should consider their withdrawal as an abandonment. We cannot only be the beneficiaries of the transcendence in the Event, regardless of the own subsequent result, i.e. only as beneficiaries of help, and our minimal involvement. We must take their withdrawal, from the Solar System, in which we find ourselves, as something normal, natural.

    7. 对你的所有严苛到了不自然的评判基本上来自负面灵体(执政官,潜伏者等)的误导而非来自光方,毕竟那些坏比只要让你不高兴他们就高兴了,不是吗?

    8. @BlueStar, I dont think the Pleiadians handle anomaly very well, especially here on the surface. I would include the surface population as well with surface anomaly. It most likely means that the replacements will be able to handle things just fine. I kept up with CoBras info since around 2014 and at some point I started looking at the comments because there was useful info.

      Its exactly like you said when someone would be brutally honest about the situation and the surface population. They would be put down by light people for it. People who were alone had others telling them that they had a girlfriend so it must be their fault. If someone noticed how the surface population was not noticing insanity around them and not questioning anything light people would respond with who are you to act superior to the surface population we are all the same and equal. No we are not.

      Its like if you have severe depression and dont belong here and regular people put you down because there are starving kids out there. Meanwhile all of your older family have cancer or heart disease and you are heavily entity attacked. Later I started reading the unveiling. Much of the masses sided with the dark or couldnt stand up to the dark and caved in to it. The dark forces get our stolen energy, the cabal gets some along with money energy and rituals, and the masses get some too by vampiring off of us and others. Not just the 500 million reptilians others are stealing energy too. Most of them probably didnt have much energy to began with as they are smaller souls.

      We are left to run on fumes and try and hold the light against the archon network and lots of human drones, the same ones we try to help. When we cant always hold the light or we notice that we are not the same as the masses and are not equal in all regards we get gaslit by light people for it. Like everything else in human society its mostly gaslighting. We need liberation and spiritual segregation. We need to go home whether bringing home to here with islands of light or leaving.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. @AscendLiberation Hey you can you please email me I have a message for you! <3


  19. @Sherman
    Honestly, that's what has been showing up in my dreams of late. Functioning wand in one hand, lightsaber in the other, clearing out a den of shadowy spiders. I don't feel that I am alone or "The One", but that this particular spider hole is my job to clear. I see myself walking through calmly, fire here and lightning there, blasting my way through. Earthbending the walls to collapse their tunnels. I feel myself almost having fun with it, as if I am being given the chance to let it all out once and for all. One last battle and then never fighting again. Heal all my old pains by using them as the fuel for the magick that ends the dark forever. It feels like my way to turn even my deepest wounds and darkest thoughts into tools for the liberation of this Universe, including myself. While I'm not too keen on embodying or enacting those thoughts, I suppose if I have to, I might as well serve the Light with them. That still doesn't make me a "leader" either. Squad Leader never takes Point.

  20. everyone will have a part to play... you cant possibly already have determined what that is that Libra or anyone else should or should not.

    be at ease... seems you are in a rampage... you wont be alone we are in this together no matter what ... no matter of the uncertainties... there is still much more road to treck... drop those stones you have picked up :)

  21. help me understand.. you guys actually think we already have cleared the lurker.. the anomaly all exotic weapons etc and main bad guys?.. . cause honestly i dont understand the comments here

    i feel i missed a post

  22. In fact I would now neutrally interpret the 504 as a release event of low vibrational energy, which is necessary .
    And with the rapid awakening of the collective consciousness of all mankind as the Earth rises, the low vibrational energies will gradually be depleted.
    Thank you for the natural release!
    Keep growing, keep doing what we're supposed to be doing.
    Become your own butterfly!
    Grow into your own ascension masters!

    1. Az emberiségnek nincs kollektív tudata. A kollektív tudat egy hazugság, amit sokan elhittek.

  23. Advice to Have Greater Immunity from Attacks

    (This advice is in no particular order.)

    Don't drink alcohol.

    Don't smoke marijuana (no THC, period.)

    Don't do caffeine.

    Don't do any drugs of any kind.

    Don't take any pharmaceuticals. (Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and this is not medical advice.)

    Keep simple sugar (the sweet stuff) intake very low.

    Keep vegetable oil intake very low.

    Don't have any 'food vices.' Meaning, don't get addicted to one particular kind of food. (In my case it was a yogurt addiction.)

    Eat 'clean,' and if eating wheat, it should be organic when possible to avoid Monsanto's Roundup. This doesn't necessarily mean go vegan or vegetarian. Vegans and vegetarians do not have a 'superior spiritual standing.' Some people don't do well with oxalates, phytates, saponins, and lectins, so they avoid many fruits and vegetables. It's individualized.

    Don't look at pornography of any kind.

    Have an (individualized) exercise routine. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It could just be taking a walk.

    Practice the art of focus and meditation, allowing for greater internal balance.


    The above advice doesn't allow for invincibility to attacks, but does help quite a bit. Just knowing that oneself is living better - this increases both confidence and 'energetic standing.'

    1. A király búza, és a tönköly búza nem mérgező az emberi testre. Minden más búza méreg az emberi testnek. Magam figyelek magamra, és kávézok, és dohányzom is. Még is minden támadást visszaküldöm azoknak, akik megtámadtak, mert a magomba küldöm be a támadásokat.

    2. Good luck trying to get good food when there's so many shortages over here, and what there is available is comparable to what finds in a garbage can.

      Porn kept me sane during my teens and twenties.

      Living like a monk, or hippie won't protect you from attacks.

    3. excllent,I also love to be a vegetarian. Although I would prefer to drink beverages from the Pleiades or not eat anything like the Ascension Master
      The body needs more energy to digest meat. The energy brought by meat can indeed help the human body (in terms of growing more fat for the body) grow rapidly. But for maintaining the purity of energy, body, emotions, and mind, it is more of a burden. Compared to meat, vegetarianism has more energy that benefits the higher dimensions of the body to maintain health, and vegetarianism can definitely ensure the healthy growth of the body. So being a vegetarian is a wise thing to do

  24. For all of those complaining, you have free will to complain. If you want to b*tch about it, that is fine. But just know, your vibration is not high enough to make it to the new earth. I have read what Father God says about it. If you are complaining , you need to increase your vibration, and you can do it now. Right now, don't wait. Find within yourself much forgiveness. You can do it. High vibration means no complaining. Low vibration means you are complaining with what the galactics are doing. Up your vibrations, but of course only if you want to. It is your free will.
    Find something uplifting to do instead...
    Let's think high, high, high...
    We will make it! Really.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This is it. The biggest business on the planet, what kind of people is it built on ? Yes, it's about healthcare .

    3. NEWS FLASH, one can be angry and be high vibrational.

      Watch "Rambo: First Blood" and "Rambo: First Blood Part 2", if you want to know what all this feels like, Psychic.

      Hippie stuff and 'you can do it!' speeches won't fix anything. The Light forces, 80% having to get healed, tells me otherwise. If THEY are getting messed up, what of US? And THEY got tech, we don't.

  25. @Sherman. I appreciate your enthusiasm, and wish it was as simple as galactic special forces stomping some bad guy ass. I think the 2 problems are this: #1 The evil buttholes have everything booby trapped. You take out the top cabal and they release bioweapons, MK ultra programed terrorists, take out the power grid, use HAARP to cause earthquakes/tsunamis, etc... #2 Where does the non-physical evil/ demonic presence go that is controlling the top cabal player? It would need to be vacuumed up immediately, or it would just find a new host. These are issues beyond the capabilities of the forces on Earth. Soooo, ETs need to take out all the dark physical retribution factors. Higher Light beings sucking up the filth (and the Lurker) and sending that shit right to the Great Central Sun for recycling/erasure. Not sure what factors would facilitate that, it's way beyond my pay grade...🤷‍♂️

  26. The attacks were terrible today.
    Hoping for liberation soon. VOTL!

    1. A támadást menjen magomba, most. Bármilyen nyelven hatásos, ha jól fordítják le. Magyarul a leghatásosabb, ha el tudod mondani magyarul. Ez a legnagyobb védelem Nincs nagyobb védelem ennél.

  27. for the past week I have encounter last Shadow attack in my dream at night

    but yesterday more like night time I have been attack spiritually

    what happened??

  28. Well, my mother left this stinky hell of a pigsty-world yesterday. Im happy for her that there are no more lords of karma there and that she can be assisted by real lightbeings. Im kind of envious. Dont comeback, fly high!

  29. We would have all had a huge mental breakdown and ensuing trauma if the disclosure had happened within one day years / decades ago. Now many of us have reached a point we can take in the knowledge. Whining that it should be done already is a trauma-response to the information we already have being too much to bear, for those around us at least.

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  31. Jól megfogalmaztad. Magam sem tudtam volna jobban elmondani.

  32. Minden folyamat úgy megy, ahogy mennie kell. ismerem azt, amit meditációban tapasztaltál, de ez régebbi probléma, de ez is meg fog oldódni.

  33. Viccesek vagytok. Valójában nincs sötét, meg világos oldal, de erre majd rájöttök. Magam ismerem a sötét, és a fény piramisát is, de mindkettőnek meg kell emelkednie, ha szeretnének megemelkedni. Ebben tudok csak segíteni. Nem érdemes marakodni, mert csak saját magatokat járatjátok le.

  34. @silverfire
    Do you see now the futility in trying to chase off and intimidate @Libra or any other of your fellow Lightworkers? 🤔
    The absolute core and essence of a Lightworker is to not only enhance and accentuate our own Light, gifts, talents, and abilities for the benefit of humanity... but to uplift and inspire those around us to do the same, ESPECIALLY your fellow Lightworkers. This is why @DH, @Starlight432, @GPiksel, @Sherman, as well as myself come to @Libra's defense? We're ALL trying to find our place in this mission according to our personalities, abilities, experience, knowledge and expertise. @Libra has contributed more information and "food for thought" in the last several months than most of us here have contributed in years of comments. I don't see, and more importantly, I don't FEEL any negative agenda coming through any of @Libra's comments and contributions and would suggest to you NOT to obsess over this any longer and move on to bettering yourself and your view of your fellow Lightworkers... because we're ALL on the same team and striving for the same goal.

    Love and Light,

  35. Shouldn't the black nobility be crippled with stardust2 ?

  36. *sigh* I'm gonna be an old geezer before we see anything tangible if this keeps up. Cobra said god is not omnipotent....yet the cabal, a gang of evil humans, somehow seems more powerful and capable than source.

    Can't fight...but OHHHH, I get to HOLD THE LIGHT!!!!

    Yay......said no one ever. I feel like her, feeling so helpless and useless against darkies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYlQMBLrIz8

    Breaks and healing are not things to be earned, but are entitlements and rights, I feel. And I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO need to have my own, personal, physical contact with the aliens ASAP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7saoB6rLxYY

    Once I get to finally be with the aliens, and get my proper body restored, and even if the darkies are all rounded up. I am still gonna be training in combat, both on the ground and in spaceships. Why? Just in case this crap starts up again. Cobra said source spent eons just trying to figure this shit out. Who's to say this could never happen again? Might happen again, might be a billion years from now. Might not happen, but I go by the motto, "Live for peace, but be prepared for war". A 'Space Militia', if you will.

    Not gonna rest on my laurels after this crap is over.

  37. Great....more 'drip....drip....drip'. I'd REALLY like to have the good life before I become 50.

    Still beyond me how a gang of evil humans can STILL do this crap....thought Cobra said all they got left is 5G networks and scalar weapons, which Cobra said was pretty much primitive toys.

    OH, we sure need some "DIE HARD" action, asap.

  38. Some kind of heavy and brutal attacks evening Nov 30..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjEbHBafvm0. Dark as Faith no more