Saturday, November 25, 2023

Gamma testing in progress, L51 extraction protocol minimum requirements met


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    1. what for? nothing has changed! also demons now invading the dream consciousness if anyone has been paying attention

    2. @Douglas, they will attack vulnerabilities or high priority targets. If they can attack then they will till the end. I am sorry if you are being attacked. Cintamanis and other tachyonis stones, tourmaline, shungite, amethyst, and sage can help. Even bowls of table salt in the corners and other places.

  2. Where is l51 and how can I get extracted from it

  3. Wow!! LET'S GO! 👊😀👍

  4. (FRANCAIS / FRENCH) REPLAY Cobra Situation planĂ©taire+ Importantes victoires+IsraĂ«l +MĂ©ditations +biopuces+ "RÔDEUR" et anomalie+ Ashtar et Saint Germain+Codex Galactique +Noblesse noire et sauvetage d'enfants...

    REPLAY Déprogrammer Implants : Flamme Violette+Bulle bleue de protection+Technique / Protection ATVOR +Méditation de la LumiÚre + "Command 12-21"(Code Pléiadien) +annuler contrats d'ùme +Protocoles contre implants. Prévoir papiers/stylos / bouteille d'eau.


    "Until physical intervention occurs, Lightworkers and Light Warriors should HOLD THE LIGHT GRID as much as possible:

    a) The construction of the Cintamani grid:
    COBRA | 29th may 2017 : The Cintamani Network
    people who are involved in the surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones at times when they are in conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in an extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.

    b) The construction of the Tachyon chamber grid
    c) The construction of the Soul Family connection grid:
    COBRA | 2nd april 2018 : soul families
    d) The construction of sisterhood of the rose (with physical meetings)
    COBRA | 16th june 2018 : Planetary Activation of SOTR
    e) Prepare for physical contact with the Light Forces according to the internal guidelines:
    COBRA | 18th March 2018 : Contact
    COBRA | 9th May 2018 : Protocols of entry
    F) Refrain /Avoid From Interpersonal Conflicts By Choosing Non-réaction and Conscious Positive Action Over Reaction .

    Let's Continue to hold the Light together 🙂

    You can find some useful healing tips/meditations here :
    "Let’s Heal Together: Preparing Ourselves for Liberation and Ascension"
    We are so much stronger togetherđŸ’«

    ✨If you missed the recent "Let's Heal Together: Preparing Ourselves for Liberation and Ascension" live session, you can still benefit from this powerful session by participating in the replay, you'll find it on the Sisterhood of the Rose YouTube channel at:

    ✨Theme for this session: Shadow Work Part 2 “FREE YOURSELF WITH THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS”
    Forgiveness is a powerful and transformative tool we can use to help free ourselves from the shadows that hold us back from our fullest joy and dim the light of who we truly are. It is a key step in our evolutionary journey of liberation and Ascension. Join us as we discuss the importance of practicing personal forgiveness towards others and ourselves, as well as the importance of collective forgiveness to heal our world. We’ll share tips, affirmations, and meditations to release yourself from the energetic ties that bind you, so you can set yourself free!

    We will also do protocols and meditations together for protection, healing, and anchoring Goddess energy, and end with an optional group meditation to bring peace to the situation in the Middle East.

    ✨Key time markers for this session:

    OPENING 12:03-18:17
    - Intention Setting 12:03-13:17
    - Astrology Report for Scorpio Season 13:17-18:17

    PREPARATION & PROTECTION 18:17-01:01:53
    -Command 12 21 Invocation 18:46-21:32
    -Violet Flame 21:32-24:54
    -Blue Bubble of Light 24:54-26:15
    -New ATVOR+I Am Presence Meditation 26:15-30:35
    -Goddess Meditation to Neutralize Negative Rituals + Goddess Energy 30:35-01:01:53

    HEALING PRESENTATION 01:01:53-01:55:01
    "Shadow Work Part 2: Free Yourself with the Power of Forgiveness"
    -What is Shadow Work (review) 01:03:51-01:07:52
    -Importance of Forgiveness 01:07:52-01:22:13
    -Ho'oponopono 01:22:13-01:36:52
    -Forgiveness Meditation 01:36:52-01:46:41

    LET'S HEAL TOGETHER 01:55:01-02:16:30
    -"Command 771" Invocation 01:55:01-02:00:20
    -Bonus Meditation (optional): Peace in Middle East 02:00:20-02:16:30

    (Note: To review "Shadow Work Part 1: Identifying Our Triggers", visit beginning at time marker 41:48)

    ✨SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at 8PM UTC!
    The next free session of "Let's Heal Together: Preparing Ourselves for Liberation and Ascension" takes place on November 29th at 8:00 PM UTC (3pm EST/9pm CET), broadcasted live on the Sisterhood of the Rose YouTube channel.
    Topic is "Healing Our Inner Child" plus powerful group meditations and healing! Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more information coming soon!

    1. Light workers and light warriors are under a constant attack, it is terrible! Very difficult to hold the correct frequency according to the levels of each individual frequency code, but we are here for a reason. We must continue even if is inhuman some times to keep going.

  6. Bonjour 🙂
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  7. Continue to prosper the Forces of Light, Justice, Freedom, Love and Peace. It is done! ☀️💎⭐️đŸ‘œ♾️✨️🟣

  8. Something huge seems to be happening!

  9. Indeed, hope it goes better for US, than it did for those guys. ^

  10. I portend that the software is in the final phases of testing on surface Earth. As is evidenced by DREAMLAND becoming operational.

    1. And the extraction of data was successful, so I agree, they are good news.

    2. Would you care to extrapolate on your term "software"?

    3. The human mind is a super computer, thus the testing of DREAMLAND software on humans is taking place. It's a really good thing!

  11. I probably will do the same, but I think I'll need a long healing time on some nice planet. Plus I'll want time to acclimate to my restored self, and start putting together a killer wardrobe.

    Girl needs her swag before going on any travels, right?

  12. You can design your spaceships what ever you want , outside there's no meney limitations because monetary system doesn't exist so you can build your spaceships what ever you want, I think the design limitations will be if you belong to the " military" of certain race. But for materials will be any problem, plasma engines etc. Are very easy to get with the replicators and are for free.

  13. Mantra:
    Planetary Liberation NOW!
    Victory of The Light NOW!
    So It is!

  14. We are very happy because even if is not the first time we see this codes and apparently seems to be part of a software or something, the word " extraction" seems to be from information from leve 51 of some place or some system but it seems positive because the extraction of data was totally successful and the next code is related whit Dreamland protocol so it seems to be something very positive , I hope everything continue in this way. Victory of the light!