Wednesday, January 10, 2024

VTX security breach deflected


  1. Fantastic! Keep pushing forward LF and RM... you got this! 🫵😎👍

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    2. @144K , sono contento se riesci ad andare alla Conferenza di Cobra a Phoenix. Non vedo l'ora che possa arrivare una Conferenza in Italia , magari nuovamente a Torino o anche a Firenze. 👋🌈🌎😄

    3. thank you Libra... is possible i made an error on copying link... thank you i will make correction

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    5. fixed it thank you. i was hoping i had copied the right link from a previous post

    6. @Lightpower

      Even though this Ascension Conference is in the states, I'm not sure I'll be able to attend for a few reasons. Even though the Conference amount is more than reasonable for a two day event, the outside expenses to get there and back such as gas, food, and lodging would set me back close to $1000, which is a huge chunk for someone that's barely scraping by. However, I would love to finally meet COBRA and all the other Lightworkers attending... so I'm pretty torn. The other issue for me is that I would be traveling alone. I'm not a fan of flying anymore, so I'd be driving 16 hours there and 16 hours back. I'm sure I could do it... but for someone that's become quite the reclusive introvert these last few years, it would be very challenging.🤔
      I've secured my spot to go to the Ascension Conference and have until January 21st to make my final decision. I tried to ask @Sherman if he'd be willing to go and possibly ride there together... but he never responded. So, I'm quite torn as to what to do. Either way, going or not isn't going to affect my overall mission. And I figure I'll meet everyone after THE EVENT anyway, so I'm good no matter what I choose to do. I hope you get a chance to go to one too @Lightpower, but I would rather have THE EVENT instead of more conferences.😉

      Love and Light...

    7. 144k

      are you in the east coast or west coast.. i am in the southwest... i have to drive too...but wil be goimg eastbound and will be crossing arizona anyways... i have not yet sorted out the accommodations still thinking about it. since you will be driving back i guess i cant offer to drive with me to arizona.. but if u can get a ride back the offer stands .. well i guess all depends where we actually live lol

    8. ok i am alot closer to phoenix. seems we are not in same region.. 16hrs indeed is a long ride.

    9. Doubt I could get out there. I'm in the midwest, and I do not want to fly there, don't like flying.

    10. would be nice too if someone that may have large property could offer jt as a camping ground lol.. low rates ro stay in... of course not everyone is into camping but definitely would be of great help fot a two day affortable stay... as long as there are bathrooms lol... err wait is cold over there at night hmm nm..

      any hotel owner out there that happens to be into this newage stuff and that could offer discounts?.. what are the chances of that lol...

      ok any entrepeneur even if not into newage that could profit even by giving us good discounts is acceptable too haha..

      can we be choosy.. i would like the room with no ghost please.

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    12. @DH
      It's very cool of you to offer to ride to the conference together, but like you said... we're pretty far apart for that to work. Thanks anyway my friend! If I make it there, I'm looking forward to finally meeting you, COBRA, and everyone else!

      I asked you if you were going to go to the conference and never heard back from you. If I went, I'd be driving from northwest Kansas. If you were close to the vicinity we could ride together if everything worked out for finalizing where to stay once there in Phoenix. Like I said, I have my reservation locked in at the conference, but haven't fully decided on making the trip by myself, as well as coming up with the funds for the other expenses just to get there and back. If you're close to northwest Kansas and you want to go... let me know and we could try to make this work.

      I agree with DH, camping would've been the way to go, but even Arizona has cold nights in the wintertime.

    13. @144K
      Not even close to there. I'm way off from there.

    14. @Sherman
      No problem my friend... just thought I'd check.🫡

  2. Victory of the LightWorkers!👑🌟 #144k #SisterhoodoftheRose 🌹❤️

    1. Re: Pleiadian Healing Pods
      "You are becoming enlightened on a global scale, and this guarantees access to advanced methods for not only healing, but all other of society’s activities. Let us stick to the healing pods…
      They are ready for transport. There are more in production as our goal is to serve just as much of the population as we can.
      It will require teaching, and also places where they can be found. It is a logistical nightmare that has been in the works for many years.
      What we expect, and this is not a guarantee, is that there will be mass pod deliveries to countries as a unified operation. We do not know exactly when, but for some reason many of us feel it is to happen sooner rather than later – the first portion (1/2?) of this new calendar (2024) time-frame.

      The trafficked ones are already being helped. I refer here to the pods for the rest of the population.
      These are our gift.

      You may or may not know they come from off-planet – that is part of the hold-up."

    2. Protocol for Physical Rejuvenation
      ​(English, French, Russian, German, Spanish)

      "I enlist the assistance of the Pleiadian Pods"
      "I am using the Pleiadian Healing Technology"

      "Je m'enrôle à l'assistance des pods pléiadiens"
      " J'utilise la technologie de guérison pléiadienne"

      "Я использую Плеядинскую технологию исцеления"

      Click here for German translation

      "Solicito la ayuda de las cápsulas pleyadianas"
      "Estoy usando la tecnología de curación pleyadiana"

    3. NATO plans to mobilize 90,000 soldiers for biggest military exercise since the end of the Cold War — dpa

      Steadfast Defender 2024 will start on January 22 and run through to May, Supreme Allied Commander Europe Cavoli said.
      The reinforcement will occur during a "simulated emerging conflict scenario with a near-peer adversary", Cavoli told reporters in Brussels after a two-day meeting of national chiefs of defence.

    4. #5D Great Awakening Map

  3. Today marks the 28th anniversary of the Archon invasion, and Benjamin Fulford says there could be a black swan event today that will make 9/11 seem insignificant.

    1. I also always read Fulford. I like him but he is wrong many times when it comes to predict events unfortunately.

  4. Has anyone noticed you can withdraw money online and send it to another bank online, then go straight to the second bank, check it has gone over and it has. It instantly goes to the other bank. No waiting for days for it to transfer, like it used to. It's groovy.

  5. 💠💎💠💎💠💎💠💎💠

  6. When I open my mouth police shoot neurotoxin and fungus spears into the airway. See?

  7. Please ask aliens to strike against authoritarian countries and gray hats

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    1. I really hope we are able to stop the never ending security breach this time.

  9. I heard for the first time, dimensions are merging because of the government dangerous experiments. That's amazing!! It could explain it! They are definitely merging, and leaving footprints. This could actually be WHY there are so many mandela effects. i.e. CERN did it.

    Also, the simulation theory. I know there are plenty of videos about this. You can see in many videos how planes just freeze while flying, how birds are frozen while flying also, you can see people just disappearing in the video, just like poof they are gone. So there are definitely glitches all over the place. We are in the matrix.

    1. Merging and leaving footprints: 👣
      Radio signal that took 8 billion years to reach Earth came from seven interacting galaxies
      "There are some signs that the group members are interacting. In other words, they could be trading materials or possibly on a path to merging. These groups of galaxies (called compact groups) are incredibly rare environments in the universe and are the densest galaxy-scale structures we know of." ancient fast radio burst (FRB)
      The researchers traced the FRB, dubbed 20220610A, back to a group of at least seven galaxies using images captured by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Their findings suggest the galaxies appear to be interacting with each other and might be en route to a merger. Such rare interactions among galaxies lead to conditions that can trigger an FRB.
      FRBs are short but strong radio bursts that flare up and disappear within milliseconds. They produce more energy in one quick burst than the Sun emits in one year."


    It seems that Thay really went, they are going really crazy. Aren't they?

  11. Mulțumim Cobra . Victoria Luminii .

  12. For those who feel led to do so, the creator of the recent video 'The Event And Beyond' has kindly shared their PayPal link and a revised version of the video which you can find below:

    Thank you and Victory of the Light!

  13. The "Galactic Councils" and "Earth's Governments" are not allowing the "Feline Aliens" to eradicate hunger and poverty from the Earth-

    Therefore, kindly help the poor humans by signing the following petition-

    Also share if possible.

    1. something fishy about this whole thing.

      one petition was enough.

      the fact you want to make us beliece that this second pwtition is to be valid... it translate that you want us to believe the previous effort was invalid...

      the 144+ already have spoken...

      rhere should not be any more need dor another more kites no more carrots...
      we believe on first thus we expect it it will be fulfilled at earliest feasible and possible moment.

      more and more this swaru and you kid.. starting to look like a divider

    2. all the star beings need to do is ask each and every soul.. at soul level... the paperwork already has been done..

      if felines or any other group intended to intervene. is because and only because there is no more exotic weapons dangers... there is no need for any more petitions.

      they would have access the situation and act upon it..

      and frankly i would not take the word of swaru or yours at this point as there is something not quite right about your deliveries..

    3. DH,

      Also don't forget to read this article which mentions that the Felines have also fought to liberate Earth-

    4. anonymous.. i think i will prefer to hear the info from the felines directly.
      maybe one day they will tell us or if they feel i can be trusted they will tell me.

      so my main question is simple.

      is swaru telling the truth regarding the latest activities of the felines (the event in texas.. the rebelling and the ship inspection etc... whatever is in the article)

    5. DH,

      The supporters and agents of Earth's Governments and Militaries like you will not be able to stop this petition.

      I can clearly observe that you always target people on this blog who criticize the Galactic Confederation. You have even given me bad words like 'Nick'

      Anybody who tells the truth is termed as a divider. When will this discrimination stop?

    6. who is nick? ah u mean about the anonymous... i will explain at the end of this short observation

      i work for military and government? lol ok... i need to get a raise...

      look kid... the galactics supposedly are many races ... isnt the felines part of them?

      what we know there are groups working hard to try to bring the efforts of galactics hmm what is the name of the other guy... hmm commamder Ashtar down throughout history... so imho to start believing on someone that would like to tell us what we want to hear ... what would in turn create division.. is not only foolish but naive.(to say the least)

      btw the only thing i know about the galactics n ashtar in fact of anyone else is what i have learn from this blog.

      here are many things i dont know ...

      I also keep in mind that there is much trickery .. double agent.. infilttation in this movement.. and seeing you not even offering a note of caution to the rest .. it tells me two things..

      you are probably part of the effort to try to confuse humanity... or you also too naive... at the moment...
      offering caution is a must in this age when we are walking blind.

      now why i give Cobra more weight on what he tells us... than others... because he has demostrated over time to have chacteristic that are trustworthy. last i wouldnt be here if i didnt believe he is being candid. until he shows signs of alterior motives i would still listen. whether news are good bad or ugly.

      this is something that cant be said about whoever is swaru... maybe at some point like many leaders was trustworthy... i dont know i never heard of this character until recent... however the feedback i have heard from people here about swaru.. raises the flag of caution...

      last your nick. if you are the same anonymous from before im sorry to say but your reputation does not help you in this argument.

      you know several people may have used such nick to hide their identity usually when they had wished to act in ridiculous ways... and to bring confusion.. this has been observed before and the fact u using such nick.. questions your intent.

      granted u could still use multiple random niks.. and still would not matter... u would still show ur true colors regardless.. howeever using this nick makes it more blatant. if u didnt know it u know.

      so please sit steady... when u wish to speak with clarity n courage then ur words and attempt will weight more... belive it or not ur steadiness in nick will also speak volumes

  14. Thank you Cobra and Light Forces! Victory of the Light!

  15. In New York, police arrested ( about ten people who were trying to protect a dug secret tunnel into a closed synagogue. The conflict arose after police tried to detain members of the Hasidic Jewish community who dug a tunnel into a closed synagogue in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.
    It was this Schneerson congregation that raised $7 billion for Israel and support for Netanyahu in the first week after 10/7/23.
    They were also the ones who shorted the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq 6 hours before the Hamas attack.
    As a result, they earned more than $1.3 trillion, and half was offered to Egypt plus the repayment of all its state obligations for the reception and care of 5 million Palestinians.
    Egypt categorically refused. Then the community made the same proposal to a pool of African countries, increasing the budget to $3.5 trillion. The proposal is being considered. Apparently, the raid on a community in New York is a form of objection on the part of the US Democratic Party.

  16. The Spiritual community of the Earth is largely Anti- Muslim --

    The contribution of Muslim Spiritual Mystics and Masters has been unfathomable on the planet Earth. But the spiritual community which is largely dominated by Hindus and Christians has unfortunately failed to understand the greatness of the love of these muslim mystics. Though the spiritual community tries to relate these mystics to Sufism, it is an absolute wrong interpretation. Majority of these mystics were born in orthodox Muslim families and not in Sufi families. Some examples include Bulleh Shah, Rabia of Basara(female), Sheik Fareed, Mansour al-Hallaj, etc.

    Meaning that, when people talk about Christian saints they don't say that Yeshua never started Christianity. Similarly, the Hindus never say that Krishna never started Hinduism. But the Christians and Muslims do say that sufi saints actually boycotted Islam.

    The Hindus forget the religious persecutions done by them on mystics like Kabir, Ravidas, Tukaram, Bhudda, Basara, Mira Bai(female) etc. Similarly the Christians forget the religious persecutions done by them on Cathars, Joan of Arc(female), Giordano Bruno, etc.

    Note- Though I am legally a Hindu, I don't follow any particular religion. This comment was made to make people understand that all religions on the Earth are terrorist organisations.

    1. Felines are undoubtedly benevolent Beings.
      Jesus was never a Christian - that's an invention of the cabal. The Paris cathedral was built on an ancient pagan temple.
      The religion that comes closest to the truth, with its strong connection to Gaia, is the pagan religion.
      Not all religions are bad, they've simply been perverted to control humans and incite them to hate each other and to control and enslave feminine energy.
      Santa Claus is a very good example of manipulation by Christians and Coca-Cola!
      He is in fact the God Odin revisited in the cabal version.
      I can already see the shadow of divine justice hanging over their heads.

  17. Breaking News-

    The Urmah Felines again disobeyed the orders of the Galactic Councils to make the Councils inspect the Urmah Spaceship. The Urmah told them go fuck yourself-


    Only one alien race in the entire galaxy has a backbone.


    1. inspect their spaceships?

    2. @Anonymous

      If this is true, that only means they are hiding something, if you have nothing to hide, you would allow inspection... it's like working as a police officer and drug diler at the same time and when inspection comes to check you vehicle, you say to them go f yourself, then it's even more suspicious....they can be hiding God only knows what.

    3. GPiksel,

      You are forgetting the fact that the Felines contributed a lot in killing the Archons and the Chimera and other evil aliens for the Earth. The Urmah denied the permission because the Galactic Council sent Ethortans Tall Grey Orions for the inspection, who had killed many Felines in the past.

      Watch the video before commenting.

    4. @Anonymous

      I think that it's very hard for us to actually know something from our position. We don't have any proof for anything, every channeled information can either be: 1. truth, 2. lie, 3. truth mixed with lies, option 3 is the most common. We can only speculate about everything, we can believe this or that person, this or that web page, this or that channeled information but in the end truth is only the one and we don't have hard proof for anything so we can only believe our instict and intuition about informations we read. Many times in the past very big change was supposed to come, every channeler was channeling that information, everybody was talking about that and nothing happened. No matter to whom we give our trust, in the end it can all be lie, that's why we should have open mind about every information we receive, that information always have three options, we should never put our trust and belief that information is 100% true, in my opinion it's always truth mixed with lies but what ratio? And what are the truths and what are the lies? Only instict and intuition can give you some clue...but we can never know until things actually start to happen...

    5. @GPiksel
      We got crooked cops down here on earth, you know. They wanna do their arrest/ticket quotas, and the war on drugs makes a LOT of money for police, politicians, and prisons.

  18. who is interested in links to information from Kimberly Hohenzollern, here are a few, there are actually telegrams and YouTube. Find it yourself 1. 2

  19. In questi giorni mi sento come se fossi distaccato o meglio sembra che qualcuno è come se volesse rendermi distaccato. Come se avessi perso i miei "superpoteri". Stanotte ho anche fatto un sogno in cui un mio amico mi ha lasciato un'agenda in cui c'era scritto che non avrei più dovuto seguire i canali per la Luce e questo argomento in generale, con le firme di tante persone che erano contro il mio operato.Sembra che qualcosa non voglia che io continuo la mia instancabile missione per la Luce. Ma ovviamente non hanno valutato bene chi hanno davanti. Sanno chi sono, ma vorrebbero comunque condizionarmi. Ovviamente non ci riusciranno mai. Vittoria della Luce! 💡

  20. @ Jackie, grazie, speriamo che arrivi un po' di vittoria anche per noi Operatori di Luce. Siamo stanchi. 🌈

  21. some 2024 predictions

  22. Oppure una Conferenza di Cobra a Venezia potrebbe ridare energia all' Ordo Bucintoro" già da lui citato circa dieci anni fa sul Portale. Eccolo:

  23. Portals of New Beginnings
    Sammle die 11 Edelsteine ein.
    Collect the 11 gemstones.

    Portals of “New Beginnings” for Gaia open and are traversed by the Higher Vibrationals.
    Segue-ways assist in the transitions.
    Partners of Light engage the depths.
    Storms of revelation come.

    1. Are there new post somewhere from GaiaPortal? What about them??

    2. Higher-dimensional predictions are less time-related and more energy-situation-related. They culminate in the event.

      They describe situations that will take place with 100% certainty, but cannot say when this will be.

      There are no new predictions.

  24. 9/11 operator mocks drive by poisonings

    Police sadisticly laugh about thier terrorist attack

    Police installed weapon to assault us inside vehicle

    Police masons using pathogenic and neurotoxic dust daily to torture, discredit, murder in the name of public safety

    Police are DOOM33 terrorists across USA

    Nothing to see here?

  25. When is this year over? So far it has been nothing but problems.

  26. Alguém pode me dizer o que significa isso?

  27. Please check out the latest Star Races -
    And remember to Like, Subscribe and Share, thanks!

  28. Cobra o que está acontecendo no Brasil?

  29. Dear COBRA, updates on Brazil? After the kidnapping at the Brazilian Central Bank I would like some news about my country, thank you ♥️

    1. I would like to know feels like an abandoned sightings for more than an year now.

    2. Lula is humanity's most important statesman, working to end environmental destruction, an end to poverty, and world peace.
      Lula é o estadista mais importante da humanidade, trabalhando pelo fim da destruição do meio ambiente, pelo fim da miséria, e pela paz mundial.

    3. @zazul vou ignorar completamente o que você disse, primeiro que o aquecimento global é uma farsa, pelo visto você não leu todas as portagens deste blog, o COBRA ja cansou de comentar sobre isso e segundo por ser uma farsa o WEF adora políticos fantoche que acreditam nisso...

    4. Eu quero notícias reais do brasil, é não um brasileiro com problemas emocionais com bolsonaro ou direita e que idolatra um certo 'candidato' de esquerda ou oposição não.. nosso banco central foi sequestrado em 2016 quero saber sobre esse tipo de coisa

    5. @Juarez Arkturos There were a lot of sightings During the year 2023 especially with Pluto in Aquarius, the state of Rio Grande do Sul was undoubtedly a jewel in this, even the mainstream media had to surrender

    6. Eu moro no já vi vários na minha cidade. Mas parou 100% desde 2021, creio.

    7. Eu moro aqui no Ceará, em março do ano passado eu e meu pai vimos uma igual uma estrela, se movimentando em círculos depois deu uma parada e voltou a se movimentar em linha reta sumiu bem na minha frente, eu pirei 😂😂

    8. @N'Golo Flamel se você não vê que a destruição ambiental em nível planetário afeta diretamente ao clima, já que a cobertura vegetal funciona como um ar condicionado que garante a umidade do ar e os rios aéreos, se você não reparou que tivemos o ano mais quente da história humana, infelizmente não posso fazer nada, não tenho a capacidade de fazer cego enxergar.
      Não sei porque você mencionou Bolsonaro, ele é só um criminoso que só foi eleito por ter proteção do poder econômico e midiático. O Banco Central brasileiro, assim como os BCs do mundo todo, à excessão dos bancos do Irã, China, Coréia do Norte, são controlados pelo BIS.
      A guerra contra os banqueiros, será a última guerra da humanidade.
      @N'Golo Flamel if you don't see that environmental destruction on a planetary level directly affects the climate, since the vegetation cover works like an air conditioner that guarantees humidity in the air and aerial rivers, if you haven't noticed that we had the year hottest in human history, unfortunately I can't do anything, I don't have the ability to make the blind see.
      I don't know why you mentioned Bolsonaro, he's just a criminal who was only elected because he had protection from economic and media power. The Brazilian Central Bank, as well as Central Banks around the world, with the exception of banks in Iran, China and North Korea, are controlled by the BIS.
      The war against the bankers will be humanity's last war.

  30. VotL ☆☆☆☆☆
    fbi paid hit in a Walmart using two illegal immigrants to frame with racism cover. No plausible deniability/"white glove".

  31. Thank you so much. 🙏🏻 I really hope there is no more security breach in future. 👌🏻

  32. I have a mandela effect I found about 911. Remember when the twin towers fell, there was no hotel BETWEEN the buildings? Now there is (or was) a great big hotel between the buildings. Despite people living in that city, people saying nothing of it and denying it, we now live in a world where there was a hotel between the buildings. Strange. Go to the last story (at about 7:45)

    It seems maybe my legs are getting much better now I take D3. Much better. We will see... Remember to CLEAN any pills before you take them using 9010 aluminum card (size of a credit card). 90.10.-card. Soon maybe I can buy another stone but I'm hardly driving right now.

    I'll throw this in: Message from Father Absolute.

    1. If you're having muscle spasms, get the crispy skin of onions. Make s tea with the skins. I add peppermint and rosemary from my garden.

    2. Thanks. No spasms luckily. Honestly I think it is Ascension related. Ascension symptoms? I may have to live with it and hardly drive for a while, except to shops (short drive).

    3. It could be just sea salt deficiency! I was watching Dr Berg, and he had 17 signs you need more nutrients, and I got through to 16 and I had no deficiency. Then he said sea salt, which I only just starting using on my eggs, with pepper and chilli sauce. I never eat salt. Never have. And he said it could effect you like walking up stairs. Bingo! So I just add water, like a cup or shot of salty water. I used to use it to get rid of brain fog when I was detoxing with iodine, and it works! Ohh, I'll try salt for a few days :)

    4. Dr Berg:

  33. Gente, alguém pode me dizer o que significa Violação de segurança VTX desviada?

  34. Ascension Event Update

    I just found this channel. Brilliant. Apparently the Earth, our beautiful planet, is happy and in joy. Wow. From Galactic Federation.

  35. This is great, they're pumping up the volume on disclosure too. I often wonder how the muggles will defend their beliefs when they were always wrong, what kind of cognitive dissonance will they come up with? This article gives an example:

    "For years, the study of unidentified flying objects has been maligned as so much crank pseudoscience and conspiracies about aliens, but the topic has gained renewed interest from both the defense department and the science community as the ability to track, record and identify these anomalous objects becomes more sophisticated."

    So NOW we can track UFO's on radar lol. Okay whatever helps them sleep at night.

    1. That's what I think too, they'll act like they always knew. They never get directly questioned and have to defend their actions, so they can live in a hallucination. Here's a perfect example. The invasion of Iraq happened when I was 18. I knew about 9/11 right away and how all this was fake. I talked to a lot of people, saying the war was a scam and Iraq is no threat etc. Other than my few conspiracy friends, EVERY single person supported the war, and to increase the creepy factor, most said "good, it will make gas cheaper." How many of those people today remember they supported the war, especially for the reason of killing a million Iraqis so they can save $0.50 a gallon on gas? Every single person will remember they were always against the war. This is why I say the average person is as evil and insane as the dark forces, they really are. Or how about 200 million people in America supporting Black Lives Matter race riots that burned and destroyed parts of every major city for a YEAR, the most costly disaster to ever happen. The cabal being removed is good sure, but I'd like to see harsh justice on the muggles. They need to be charged as cabal minions. Anything less is literally letting the cabal free and continue to infiltrate and live among the population.

    2. Either way, I'm leaving with the aliens first chance I get. Not gonna live amongst humans any longer than I have to.

  36. My beloved friend Cobra, sisters and brothers of light here,
    There is a subtle misconception regarding Pleiadian in me for years, and as the divine light continue to surge within me, it has been brought to my conscious awareness, for me to look for truth and transmute it.

    Years ago I come across Billy Meier's materials, a UFO contactee with teachings of the Source, and manymore. A statement caught my attention back then - "Plejaren is not Pleiadian". Recently, as I decided to investigate this, I come across this information:

    "People from the Pleiades who actually do not exist.

    According to Sfath's Explanation, Billy was told as a young boy that by initially using the term Pleiadian, when referring to the origin of his contactors, the fraudsters, fantasists and deceivers who would later claim to be in contact with Pleiadians would and have then been exposed.

    Billy Meier and FIGU information is of a different character and that is obvious to any discerning reader.

    Billy was told that the Pleiades star cluster in our space-time configuration is too young to support life i.e. uninhabitable, and the Plejares is the true star system from whence Sfath, Ptaah, Semjase and the other Plejaren originate."
    ^quoted directly from Billy Meier's official contact report webite:

    As such, according to the logic from this article, this turns out to be an anti-fraud mechanism to distinguish authenticity.

    Then I would like to kindly ask if the following two inferences are correct:
    - The word "Pleiadian" was first used and spread on Earth by Billy Meier, and is a made up word.
    - The words "Pleiades" and "Plediadian" that we see today are incorrect. The real words used behind them are actually "Plejares" and "Plejaren".

    According to this logic, there is a hypothesis:
    There is a word "starseed", which refers to Extra-Terrestrial souls who have reincarnated on the earth, anchoring high-dimensional consciousness on the earth to help with her multidimensional transformation (eg. Billy Meier is one of them, so as Cobra).
    Earth starseeds, which sincerely follow the guidance of the inner higher self and resonates with the energy of the Pleiades, according to the above logical inference, actually resonates with the higher-dimensional energy of Plejares and Plejaren.
    Is this assumption correct?
    Thank you for your clarifications Cobra, and fellow light workers and light warriorers.
    Blessings to us all in search for the divine truth.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. the plaedians ... i thought were not 3D folks... thus the 3D worlds may be uninhabitable. They exist at a 5+ level? someone correct me on this.

      like in uninhabitable mars... the inhabitants are they on 3D living underground or are they at 4D+?
      as far as pljares or plaedians..i dont know... could it just be a matter of translation. when they communicate they use whatever form seems simplest or closest to us to understand.

      in their home i doubt they speak english.. their language maybe closest to some here maybe not exact.

      so how someone pronounce their origin to a contactee... unless is written or spelled out for him.... the contactee may write it down how they think they hearing it. Which also depends the language of the contactee.

      So where are the Plejares from if not from plaedian star system. Maybe they are just different groups within same system.

      question on the side.. it just dawn on me... how is our solar system called?.. the plaedians is a star system of 7 planets right. i read our system among others names is called copernican system. (multi name)

      so if we were the star beings visiting other places.. we would identify to them as.. "we are copernicans"

      that is what seems is the trend.. So in short the term plaedian or plejares seems to be a general term provided to a contactee of a general celestial region... now some visitor may be more specific and say at one point they are from x planet.. or from x city..

      i think it starts to become tooo complicated if visitors at an early stage of contact get too detailed thus they aim for simplicity.. thus we get names like andromedans.. arcturians plaedians... etc. the truth is their actual home
      may make things a bit more confusing for first contact purposes.. some may have gone that far and maybe that is where this pleadians plejares confusion is at if not merely a specific language translation issue.

      my 2cents

  37. Some used to enjoy the electrifyingly scenic Gakona River, now it seems as though they call the Australian Interior home.

    One must have water or shall turn to dust in the wind.

    Wonder why?

    Look forward to being of aid.

  38. Someone with more comments about time travel having started the whole "mandela effect". This is what I believe, and I think I even read about it once but can't remember it. I think they started using CERN recently (within 10 years ago) and that is pretty much when it started. I was just reading about Tesla, who we thought died at middle age of a car crash, but now it altered to mid-eightes and a heart attack. He got old (gasp), and was really manipulated. I'm p*ssed at what they did to him, I think with JP Morgan.

    Well the woman is saying all the mandela effects happened after 2015. So yeah I think maybe around then. She is saying it is due to Project Looking Glass... but I feel it is due to CERN. We know that they have opened many portals, to let dark beings through. We even know the Light opened it to send the dark beings back (hehe). So it seems that what they were doing totally stuffed up the universe. Figures. No one is really talking about it; I haven't heard anything so maybe it doesn't matter? I hope so. So yeah two of the comments are talking about time travel having stuffed up our timeline... Smart people.

    1. درودبرشما درودبرسفیران نور
      شمایامادردنیای موازی هستیم این کارکابال هست،ازطریق اینترنت به دنیای مامتصل شده اید،چون فقط ازین طریق میشود ارتباط برقرارکرد...


  39. "Wir werden erwachen unter falschen Propheten
    um als Kinder dieser Erde unser Erbe anzutreten."

  40. Ok apparently they are planning a false flag,911 style event by attacking a us ship and blaming it on Russia to start war.also weather weapons I hear they've been testing for massive earthquake to disrupt elections, starting from Canadas West coast all the way down to Mexico with a focus on cause mass panic and fear.hopefully by shining a light on it here prevents the probabilitys of it becoming a reality, victory Of The light ✨


    I want to lament whether we are one step closer to living in harmony with animals

    this is a lovely song🥰🎉

  42. Those who cannot quit Meat can eat Vegan Meat-

    1. No way. The products in your link are loaded with toxic vegetable oils, along with other toxins. I read food labels religiously. I do my homework.

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  44. FLY🤜✨🤛

  45. Note: I myself am still very 'messed up.' I hope no one thinks of me as some kind of leader. I'm not fit to be a leader. I've actually been off course for quite some time now. These posts are for others, so that they may do what I could not.
    Please don't try to heal me either. Please use your inner resources for planetary liberation. I'm not just saying that - I really mean it! I will survive, and that will be enough. Don't think about me at all, and stay focused on your missions!

    Possible reply: "I wasn't thinking about you anyway."
    My response: Excellent! (No passive-aggression from me. I mean it. This is very good!)

    1. We are human. I pray for mercy and healing and the end of all suffering 🙏🏼🌹

    2. I don't want to be a leader, anyhow, not on this rock, that's for sure.

    3. I don't care about the energetic attacks though.
      They can go fuck themselves.

  46. We Can Say We Are At 98 % Of All the Completations, All The Preparations, All The Cleanings,
    The Anomaly and The Veils, The Matrix, Are Fasting Coming To The End.


  48. Its getting unbearable here on the surface. Is it possible to be "abducted" at least until the Event? Im done with this world, honestly. What happened with the Entry Protocols? Where they cancelled? I have no attachments nor vices. Ok you know where I am

  49. The news is the US/UK did a strike on Houthis in Yemen ... this is from the 16 Oct.23 Update ...

    The Light Forces are doing whatever possible to contain the conflict in the Middle East. They have communicated to Black nobility families that they will begin removing them from the surface of the planet if this conflict escalates much further ...

    Will this strike be far enough to start removing Black nobility families?

  50. Earth’s axis tilted toward its krystic Stargate alignment! It’s why archons tilted us toward darkness and we are SHIFTING back to alignment through alignments of magnetic fields in the electric universe we live in. Everything is shifting as we restore it back to balance. It’s why archons are playing ping pong with the frequency through chemtrails. As they want to give into distortions as they have always, we have been bringing it back and your trust now needs to be stronger than ever. Don’t allow any fear or doubts as it gives to their satanic beasts and imposter spirits. Bring peace to your heart and mind as they play mind games with collective energy when it’s trying to balance especially! This will help the planet, you and collective consciousness of humanity. Much love and ease as you stabilize your pillar!



  52. this baseless ruthless often lawless psychotronic and physical warfare unleashed on the most awakened humans on planet terra of recent;has been a major matrix buster;a cataylist in facilitating seperation of dark and light;the duality;the jungian thing;the melange that otherwise drives the prison matrix constructs…..

    alternate earths/polar earths;a splitting off has occured absolutely… earth expanding ascending into higher and higher realities now;the other an entropic devolving distortion ridden dystopian;spiralling deeper and deeper into the abyss…..

  53. Dear Cobra and other Managers,

    It is being observed that you are allowing some people to selectively target people who criticize the Galactic Confederation or Light Forces. When those targeted give a reply, then their comments are not allowed.

    This individual who has the profile name of 'DH' have given be bad words like 'Nick' and has selectively targeted me. But no action was taken against him.

    Care to tell why the comments of this individual are allowed and those who give a reply to this individual are not. Do you all work for this particular individual with a profile name 'DH'? Is he paying you money or something?

    I hope that this issue will be resolved without forwarding a complaint to higher ET authorities.

    Don't forget that this blog is representing the Light Forces not the Dark Forces, and the Light Forces allow Free Speech too.


    1. I enjoy reading the comments of DH. Please stop targeting him.

  54. First Full Moon - 888 explained:

  55. There is a new kind of tyranny emerging against the Light workers and starseeds. It's the "spiritual tyranny".
    We are now being obliged to join our alleged soul family and forced, pushed, in a galactic monogamy. We are firrcefully pushed to join our supposed soul group, no matter what is our status about.

  56. @144K , si , ti capisco perfettamente perché anch'io ho problemi con i voli , soprattutto di claustrofobia( spero che dopo l' Evento riuscirò finalmente a curare il mio disturbo con l'aiuto di LF). Inoltre ho anch'io problemi economici da anni ormai. Sono anch'io piuttosto chiuso , la vita mi ha portato a diventare più introspettivo. Sinceramente leggere queste cose scritte da te mi sembra di riconoscere molti lati del tutto simili ai miei. Non è un problema se non riuscirò ad andare ad una conferenza di Cobra, l'importante è, come dici tu, che arrivi l'Evento il prima possibile. Vale lo stesso per me. Un giorno molto presto ci incontreremo tutti noi operatori di Luce e passeremo dei bei momenti insieme. Ciao 😄 un abbraccio da Lightpower e dall'Italia -Lombardia (North Italy) -Inverno 🌲❄️🏔️🥶

    1. You're AWESOME... you know that? It does seem we share alot in common... and perhaps that's just because we ARE Lightworkers and Starseeds. When our final victory comes and this planet is finally liberated... I assure you we will all come together and have one hell of a celebration! 🍾 ✨️
      Keep Holding The Light my friend... we're nearly there!🫡

  57. Sometimes, when I'm reading past interviews with Cobra, there are q that cannot be answered and know what is the answer for the "This is not the highest purpose to answer that question" Because i Would like to share why:
    Cobra doesn't respond to this question because if they were to reveal the "truth" about it, it would only create more division among the already contentious lightworkers, as they are unable to accept information that answers the question. Therefore, Cobra withholds the information, as there will come a time (after the event) when they can receive answers to these "sensitive questions". We need unity. that is the only way to the Oneness

  58. 光明勢力,你們在哪裡,台灣總統大選被人做票這麼嚴重,我們台灣的光工參與了整場選舉,卻被統治台灣的黑暗勢力弄掉一個好總統柯先生。




    1. 大陸的領導人是柯的proplusmax版本,這麼喜歡柯就來大陸吧,這邊很舒服的,笑死

  59. For anyone interested in the astrology for 2024, this has all the different transitions:

    Fascinating science, astrology.

  60. Sunday, January 12, 2014
    Fall of the Archons Update
    'The Aldobrandini family contains members of the original group which chose to experience separation from the Source millions of years ago. They have in their possession secret documents about the existence of Atlantis and fragments of rituals of Atlantean mystery schools. This family is aware of the importance of the Goddess energy. There is a certain fact about this family that will be made public after the Event and will surprise many people.'

    Monday, November 27, 2023
    'They were also infiltrating and occasionally incarnating into Aldobrandini Black nobility family, where they were secretly preserving Goddess mysteries:'

  61. Кобра, несколько раз звучали просьбы рассказать о расах кошачьих инопланетян , прояснить кто такая эта Сумасбродка Елена Данаан, Тор Хан Эредион , хоть немножечко о плеядианцах, но Вы все проигнорировали, зато позволяете печатать комментарии сомнительного содержания неадекватных личностей. Почти все комментарии англоязычные, я не вижу русскоязычных комментариев.Почему Вы их не печатаете или у Вас предвзятое отношение ? Вы написали, что если бы звёздные семена медитировал на Украине, то войны бы здесь не было.Откуда у Вас такая дерзость ?Не смейте так говорить, Галактическая Федерация бросила звездный засев на Земле на произвол судьбы.Эта война- недоработки Федерации, особенно плеядиан, которые сбежали в очередной раз в Тайгету зализывать свою ангельскую задницу.Я обращаюсь лично к Вам: перестаньте делать предвзятые выпады насчёт звёздного посева и отвечайте на вопросы , которые они Вам задают, для них Ваш ответ имеет важное значение.Потрудитесь ответить, иначе зачем был создан этот блог,а то звёздные спрашивают, а Вы"моя хата скраю, я нічого не знаю". Когда в своем блоге Вы дадите QR- коды для загрузки приложения ,,Starseeds Land"? Я обращаюсь лично к Вам : не игнорируйте мой комментарий. Победа Света на планете Земля!

  62. It's said that much occult knowledge remains hidden so that it cannot be misused. When the clearing gets far enough along, maybe it will be safe to disclose deeper mysteries to the public. Yeah, it's all connected to Dreamland.

  63. The "light forces" allowed 15,000 innocent Palestinian children to be mudrered in Gaza. We won't forget.

    1. We Never Forget 💯🌹🙏🏼 If we dared say anything in defense of the People, they would violently eject us from the district. We were constantly under death spells, constant threats to our lives. #SaintAnn Mother of Mary🌟👑❤️
      South Africa Lists the Genocidal Acts Committed By Israeli Forces in Gaza.
      "The First Genocidal Act – The Mass Killings
      The first genocidal act committed by Israel is the mass killings of Palestinians in Gaza in violation of article 2A in the Genocidal Convention. As the UN Secretary General explained five weeks ago, the level of Israels killing is so extensive that no where is safe in Gaza.
      As I stand before you today, 23,210 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces during the sustained attacks over the last three months. At least 70% of whom are believed to be women and children. Some 7000 Palestinians are still missing, presumed dead under the rubble.
      Palestinians in Gaza are subjected to relentless bombing wherever they go, they are killed in their homes, in places where they seek shelter, in hospitals, in schools, in mosques, in churches and as they try to find food and water for their families.
      In sum madam president.
      All of these act, individually and collectively form and calculated pattern of conduct by Israel indicating genocidal intent.
      This intent is evident from Israel’s conduct in specially targeting Palestinians living in Gaza, using weaponry that causes large scale homicidal destruction, as well as targeted sniping of civilians, designating safe zones for Palestinians to seek refuge and then bombing these, depriving Palestinians in Gaza of basic need, food, water, healthcare, fuel, sanitation and communications, destroying social infrastructure, hones, schools, mosques churches, hospitals. Seriously injuring and leaving large numbers of children orphaned."

  64. White Water Rafting in 2024
    Navigating 2024 with Love and Lightness of Being
    Pam Gregory

  65. Light signs

    Elements of institutions are viewed and surpassed.
    Light signs master the travelers.
    Steadfast journeys are beginning.
    Hue-manity brings the news.

  66. Thank You Libra for always sharing great and helpful information. I always appreciate this blog for the high intelligence sharing here, along with all the other combined sources.
    “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”
    "A Stock Market crash is on the horizon and will cause huge ramifications around the World. The RV won’t happen until after the Stock Market Crash.
    “When it comes to the Black Swan/Stock Market Crash, the RV the Arrests, Martial Law be assured it will happen very VERY quickly. Logic dictates to me that since we are so far down the road on this with delay after delay in the past the White Hats not only have to pull the Trigger but pull it in the NOW TIME. Remember “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”
    When Martial Law comes in and they tell you to stay at home, then stay at home for your own safety."

  67. Deixo a minha profunda gratidão a Cobra por toda a informação que nos deixa nas suas postagens, bem como as orientações para as regulares meditaçoes. Bem haja !!!