Saturday, January 20, 2024

Pluto Into Aquarius 



  1. Magnificence


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    2. Sending light and love to you ALL

  2. Victory of the Light!!! ❤️🙋🏻‍♀️


  4. This is amazing. I'm seeing a lot of UFOs in the sky this night. That's definitely not a drill.

  5. Yessss....I'll be there !!!
    Thanks CoBrA! ✨🙏✨
    Thanks We Love M.M ! ✨🙏✨
    Victory of the Light!✨💜✨

  6. This means the door's open for US, now?

  7. Greetings Community!
    Only things to be more curious about meaningfully now are the
    forthcoming time-travel-maneuvers... or when the most radiant
    one joins the purge...

  8. Meeting in a Higher Visual Sense
    As Hue-manity population grows, Gaia Portal application will allow each to communicate and meet in a Higher Visual sense.

  9. V slovenščini:

    Vabljeni na našo stran na Facebooku:

    Toplo vabljeni na Facebook stran Tahionske komore v Ljubljani:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  10. The Sun entered Aquarius a few hours ago.

  11. I can't help but think are the dark one dreading at the same time we're anxiously waiting for this

  12. finally our final stage, lets go

  13. Em Português:

  14. Hola Cobra!
    Interesante la foto y los mensajes en ella!
    Gracias a ti, a RM, a LF y a toda la tropa Celestial
    Saludos de un Acuariano. Preparado y listo para...

  15. Succederà qualcosa entro tre mesi. Saranno tre mesi intensi ma molto importanti. Abbiate fiducia. È in arrivo una stangata per "alcuni" oscuri.

    1. Hope we won't be feeling cruddy during this time.

    2. @Sherman , ovviamente la stangata agli oscuri mi renderà felice. Piuttosto speriamo che arrivi in fretta quel giorno. 🌈

  16. Vamos lá! Rumo ao primeiro contato 👽🛸🫂🌎 e ao Grande Evento! ☀️⭐️✨️💜🕊🧘🏽‍♂️🙌🏽😇

    1. Vamos lá ♥️♥️ rumo ao evento e ao primeiro contato 💖

    2. @Uilian Brasil , l'anno scorso feci un sogno: ho visto mentre mi alzavo verso l'alto, gli Stati Uniti che si spezzavano in due nella zona sud ovest , non lontano da Las Vegas , in obliquo verso Corpus Christi passando da Albuquerque. Ho sentito il rumore della frattura con un epicentro in rosso nella zona centrale. L'avevo già riportato ai tempi su questo blog. Poi ho saputo che l'eclisse solare avverrà esattamente nella zona che ho sognato. Tra l'altro anche il picco solare del massimo solare sarà intorno a quel giorno. Come già avevo indicato il 31 dicembre 2023 e soprattutto il giorno del mio sogno l'11 gennaio 2023 , circa un anno fa , ho pensato che ci sarebbe stato l'8 aprile un cambiamento geopolitico proprio negli Stati Uniti. Il 31 dicembre 2023 avevo anche indicato il mese di novembre e dicembre 2024 perché in un altro sogno ho visto che novembre di quest'anno è sicuramente un periodo di grande cambiamento. Sono un sensitivo e la notte posso comunicare molto con LF e svolgere la mia missione senza il peso del corpo ed i pensieri della mente. Ciao amico mio, salutami il Brasile 🌈☀️😄

    3. @N'Golo Flamel 🙌🏽🫂👽🛸🌎

      @Lightpower 😇🫂👽🛸🌎

  17. Gaiaportal
    Friability* of new grids has been ameliorated and the increased flexibility of such to respond to 3D-5D changes is assured.

  18. AM READY!




    Ready to Fly.
    Ready to Rising.

  19. Wooo!
    I'm so excited!! 🙏🏼🪷💖🎉🎆✨

  20. C'est partiiiii, Victoire de la Lumière <3 <3 Sandrine Veilleuse des Energies de Gaïa

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. 👏👏👏Cobra on the same wavelength

  23. Wonderful Progress Report
    Thanks Cobra and Background Teams !

    Nobody in Nobody out
    Somebody in Some body out

    *Some Galactic Stars Families and some Agartha Families can straight action and connection on earth surface, part of Matrix multidimensional control systerm collapsed , some reincarnate souls are free now *

    2. Big red Crossing ❌

    ***Main Subquantum anomalies onto Clearance Finish, next stage Residual dust clearing will be easier ***

    3."EARTH BARRIER" title disappeared

    *Ready to Say good bye to Matrix on Earth History*

    4.The dark fleet is missing half of the dark fleet in the bottom right of the picture.

    ***The subsequent conversion, removal (including the healing reback into unity~oneness loving) of the vast majority of the Dark Powers group will be accomplished essentially in space with starbases on a number of planets with members of the many galactic families working together to finishe***

    This means We start ready for next Stage!
    From now on.
    Next, Earth's multidimensional restoration, healing, rebuilding, coming together, connecting, and light enhancement will be the theme

  24. hello cobra! when translating videos on the Gaza tunnels for Hervé I learned that the Al Kassam fighters would have special energy foods in boxes that allow them to go days without eating while giving them enough strength to endure life underground and combat. In addition, they would have a kind of hyper-energetic fruit that does not rot.
    Intriguing? Unknown foods that could grow underground?
    new foods provided by the resistance movement? do you have any information about this cobra?

  25. Maybe good to listen this song before or after your meditation

  26. I love the updated image of quarantine.


  28. The "GO" signal
    We repeat, with emphasis, “The “GO” Signal Has Been Given.”

  29. Done! Let the Age of Aquarius begin now

  30. Apparently the large domino is about to fall! The one that sets off all the others to fall.
    So people are about to announce the galactic presence, since our leaders would not do it.

  31. We can support the Light Forces by practicing this meditation as one feels guided.

  32. Please accept my apologies for putting these requests out so often but for those who feel led to do so I am once again trying to gather enough funds to be able to attend the upcoming Cobra conference. I didn't have everything figured out before but meow I do.

    Anything will help and if it doesn't work out everything will be refunded! Wishing everyone much love and light always! <3

  33. there was a rumor that Israel is pumping chemical weapons gases into the tunnels and both Hamas soldiers and captured Israeli citizens are dying, perhaps you know something about?

  34. "Habr will begin to hide articles about VPN and Tor from Russians

    Since December 1 last year, Roskomnadzor has been allowed to block sites with information about VPNs and other ways to bypass blocking.

    Any sites with lists of VPNs or with instructions for creating your own VPNs and proxy servers, advertising of VPN services, and much more are blocked.

    The largest Russian-language technical forum, Habr, announced to its users ( that it will respond to all official requirements of the Russian authorities.

    All articles, instructions and blogs subject to the RKN ban will have limited access to users from the Russian Federation.

    The platform will restrict access to them from Russian IP addresses.

    The blocking can begin on March 1, 2024; the corresponding draft order has been published ( on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts."

    The Russian Federation ranks first in the world in the number of requests to Google with requests to block sites.

  35. Victory of the Light, Failure of the Darkness.

  36. Pluto’s Aquarian Reset

    By Meg Benedicte

    Greetings ,
    Can you feel the cosmic wheel turning this week? This Saturday, January 20th, 2024, the Sun conjuncts Pluto in the final degree (29°59′) of Capricorn, reaching culmination of intense global transformation. Within hours, the Sun and Pluto move together into 0° Aquarius, the zero point void, in a much anticipated system reset. We enter new territory.

    It takes 248 years for Pluto to revolve around the sun. The last time Pluto moved through Aquarius in 1778-1798 was a time of tumultuous revolution. During Pluto’s previous transit, the French Revolution and American Revolution was led by citizen unrest striving to break free from oppressive monarchies, unhealthy living conditions, rampant poverty, and imbalanced power systems. The Aquarian people’s revolutions established new republics.

    More here:

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. The CHANGE Is Coming... A New ERA

    Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi


    "The Light Forces and the Source are clearing the primary anomaly and the primary Lurker with full speed.

    In clearing the surface, the Light Forces have encountered two ancient Illuminati networks, controlled by Black nobility and primarily made of Draco and Reptilian entities in human bodies. These two networks are anchors for the huge part of the primary anomaly still extending throughout the Solar system until the heliopause:

    The first of those networks is located in India and it firmly established control upon Indian subcontinent after the Draco defeated Aldebarans in a nuclear war in the area of current Rajasthan about 5000 years ago. Since then, Indian Illuminati network has controlled India through dark priesthood network, and it is still the deep force of control behind Indian politics, emanating from certain Indian Black nobility families.

    This network is already being cleared, with Resistance Movement and Agarthan and other special forces emerging to the surface from Patala:

    The second network exists in subsaharan Africa and is even older, originating in Atlantis. Main anchor of this network in near lake Kivu. Clearing of this network will start after the Indian network is almost completely defeated.

    All this will be happening behind the scenes and there will be no apparent progress until Pluto enters Aquarius on January 21st. After that, things will become more interesting again."

    Does the 'things will become more interesting again' bit refer to this new post?

  40. Dai che li tiriamo giù questi oscuri una volta per tutte! 🌈

  41. I wish ..... The Event will be trigger in 2024 asap. 🙏🏻

  42. When does the black magic grid network get deactivated? My mother needs therapy and for cancer. We are calling Command 1221 protocol . When will the therapies be released? Need them ASAP. Thank you all for getting things this far. Blessings

  43. Cobra is rightfully speaking us, in one of his posts, about pleiadians and galactice distancing them against the do called revengefull lightworkers and lightwariors.
    oK! It seems legitimate, and at a first glance, nothing to say.
    But! On the other hand Cobra tells us about a lot of sociopaths that might be a problem at the time of the event.
    Now! We, lightworkers and lightwariors, have to know what is the position of Galactica towards some or more 'fallen' lightworkers and lightwariors who become sociopath like due to have been exposed too much to the anomaly?
    Would they be rejected, marginalized, on a galactic level, or even sent to the Galactic Sun?
    In this the reward from the Galactics for there response and volunteering for earth liberation.
    People need a true answer, not only a question in the comments section.
    We kindly ask for more details!...

  44. The solar event :

  45. Looking forward to updating some information on the dismantling of directed energy weapons. We in China are still harassed by directed energy weapons and electromagnetic attacks are carried out all the time. We hope that the resistance movement and the galactic light forces will remove directed energy weapons as soon as possible and arrest the perpetrators of directed energy weapons as soon as possible. Operators, judge them.

  46. "From the rostrum of the State Duma (Parliament of the Russian Federation): Diasporas - the body of power over Russia?"

    “We see migrant terror throughout the country, which is already demonstrative in nature. Are we not walking the streets? Do we not see a change in the ethnic balance in Moscow?

    Voters say: state policy is to replace us with migrants. They ask me: who are the masters of Russia? According to the Constitution, the multinational people of Russia. But we see that the masters of Russia are the diasporas!”

  47. The Age of Aquarius has finally arrived.

  48. @Sherman

    I completely understand you and Libra, I'm also like that but i want to stay in a Male body, i love my Male expression, i just want to heal and to perfect it. Did you ever consider that you are maybe in a wrong Male body, maybe you would feel much better and able to express yourself better if you were in a proper Male Body that's more beautiful and handsome or you feel that only by being a Female will solve your problems, are you attracted to Males or Females? I actually love being a Man, my looks are above average but anyway that's not what i want, my being function on Extreme Internal and External Beauty, I can't be happy unless i have my Physical Appearance healed and perfected. People that are giving us advice that we should eat more healthy food, go to nature, think positivity doesn't understand our situation or The Core Problem. I can do all of that and fix a little bit of things but everything mostly stays the same, i can't do with all of my powers and my level of DNA activation, i can't do what Cloning Machines and MedBeds can, that's The Core Problem. I want a Complete Transformation of my body, not just paint the house walls to look a little bit better, i want to destroy the house and build a new one and only Cloning Machines and/or MedBeds can do that for me. If i could do that with my DNA, to completely regenerate myself, if someone knows how, please tell me but i doubt that. DNA Evolution created by Source is a Snail Speed Slow, seems like Aliens on other planets created better Technology than Source itself which is MedBed Technology. That is Unfathomable to me but that's the way it is, i can't understand why our DNA Evolution is beyond slow. Until that happens i can't be fully happy, no matter what i do, people seems to hardly understand that, it's not about positive psychology or changing of lifestyle, I have done everything, i had worked on my self, I lifted myself on a very high consciousness level, inside of myself i see that I'm mostly complete being, i just need better Vessel/Physical Appearance to express that. That's The Core Problem of my Chronic Depression together with lack of money, because money is Energy/Abundance. I can trick a little bit myself to be happy but it fades away very quickly because of The Core Problem, that's why i don't love advices from people, they can't help me no matter what they do, only Financial Reset + MedBeds can do that and that will happen after The Event.

    1. @GPiksel
      Nope, I do not want to be a man. I HATE having a masculine body. I need to be feminine...understand? FEMININE. I do not want a masculine body, perfect or hideous. And I am attracted to feminine beings. And I need to be as perfect as I can be, according to my standards. At the VERT LEAST, make me like Bailey Jay. I want to be both ALIEN and FEMININE.

      I'm currently both in the wrong species, and the wrong gender. Always been far, far more comfortable when it comes to the feminine stuff. As a kid, I was far more into She-Ra than He-Man, Jem! over GI JOE, always got annoyed trying to find figure of female characters in the toy isles (this was the 1980's and early 1990's, and it was VERY hard to find them), always played girl characters in video games when they were available (was thrilled to learn Samus Aran was a girl), and when I was a lil kid, before puberty ruined me, I'd put on my hidden stash of girl's clothes and wig (when my parents went on outings during weekends) and imagine being a lovely alien space girl warrior, fighting the forces of evil, and saving equally lovely alien girls. I think you get the idea.

      And I NEED the aliens, their tech, and compassion, in order to get the transformation/restoration that I so badly need.

      Gotta become an alien girl, GP. You wanna be the best He-Man there is, hope ya get it. I need to be an alien babe.

    2. @GPiksel
      If I had a starting default, or a template, if you will, I'd say Asuka here would be a starting point when designing my proper form, once the aliens GET here.

      It would be like those 3D programs, like Daz or Poser, where you start with a default figure and begin to add/subtract things and features from it. A designer body is what I got in mine, and using Asuka as a start point, more or less, GP.

    3. @Sherman

      I understand you completely, you want to be Female and you are attracted to Females. I think that you are already Alien, because i think most of us here on this Planet are originated from other Planets, i don't know were i am from but i have big affection to word Pleiadian and a little bit to Lyra, so maybe I'm originally from Pleiades. I would also like to design my own body to get my perfect expression as i want. My starting point could be to heal my existing body so i think MedBed Technology could work well as starting point. You're probably looking for Technology that makes body completely new, designing in some Advance programs then printing it into Physical Existence and finally transfer of your Soul Consciousness into it, so i think that Technology is available only on Motherships as i understand. MedBed Technology can only repair your existing body, that's the way i understand how it works and it should be available shortly after The Event. So i think MedBed is good starting point but we are aiming for much more Advanced than that. I don't know how I'm enduring all of this, I love fast things, fast change, higher vibrations etc... this Snail Speed Slow Frequency Slow Change Planet is Hell to me. I really miss Love, to Love someone and to have Pure and Sacred Sex. I really love one Girl but we can't be together like this, I'm completely mess until i get my body and abundance back, we're too much years apart and there are a lot of other obstacles on this shitty Planet so only Aliens with Technology could help me. I dream of a day when i can be with this Girl in my true, healthy and abundant expression, i really miss that kind of Sacred Love Connection, I'm really really tired of waiting, too much suffering and nothing to balance that, i know i must be strong to endure this but i think I'm close to my breaking point.

    4. @GPiksel
      Will only mean a damn being 'alien' if one can be rid of our raped monkey DNA, which is, let's face, what human DNA is all about.

      Can medbeds fix gender? Or at LEAST feminize me like transgender adult film star, Bailey Jay?

      Wish the Lightforces get the fucking lead out.


    This guy is a GENIUS

    - This video with graphic chart explains why girls don't like Bad Boys and Nice Guys but combination of both and how to achieve that, it greatly explains Male and Female relationship psychology (Zones):

    - Next video is Levels of Thinking, it can help you greatly to improve yourself:

    VOTL ✌️😎💜


  51. Balance
    Rotational components balance the translational.

    Green lights are viewed and obeyed.
    Harbingers of Gold present en masse.
    Flamboyants are dropped.
    Solids are embraced.

  52. Tive um sonho essa noite, onde Cobra estava a me procurar. Lembrei que este ano teve uma conferência onde um membro perguntou para o Cobra se ele estava procurando-o e Cobra reapondeu que Não, ele não estava procurando ninguém na conferência. Então fiquei me perguntando se mais alguém neste Blog teve um sonho aonde o Cobra estava estava lhe procurando ??


      P. Você está me procurando?

      A. Não estou procurando ninguém, pelo menos não na superfície do planeta (risos)

    2. kkk.. Então deve ser porque entro neste Blog o tempo todo... e estou tendo sonhos. rsrsrsr

  53. In India we are having Ram Mandir inauguration and consecration ceremony tomorrow by the current ruling PM Narendra Modi and the current Central Government. Are all these positive signs for us Indians as we entering age of aquarius or just a diversion from the true identity of Rama?

  54. I don't see any more miracles... again empty words...

  55. Was the solar flash always planned for 2025 despite the mass meditations we performed ? Is nesara not able to happen until after a solar flash so all the hype I read is just that?
    Will 2020 election be corrected to show the people the lies?
    How are the wars in Ukraine and gaza raising the planetary vibration?

  56. There is still too much trauma. But it's all starting to rise to the surface. After six years, I have finally reached the beginning of my restoration. This dark night of the soul has been a great experience for me. Next all will face the pain that is hidden. Only tolerance, reconciliation, and acknowledgment resolve these things.

  57. Do you (Cobra) or someone else know if St.Germain was Franz Bardon? Franz Bardon was a magician that was thrown into a concentration camp by the Nazis but they did not kill him. According to his secretary he was a couple of people including St.Germain. Does anyone recommend his teachings?

    1. no idea.. but good question. maybe u could send the question to prepare for change . for when they do their next Q/A with him

    2. while Franz Bardon was alive, St. Germain was reincarnated as a frech guy named Richard Chanfray, there are many videos about him, in one of these he shows in a spanish tv how to transmute the gold. In a interview he told that he didn't need to work anymore to earn money after he awakened his St Germain memory, because some people gave him all the money he needs (it could be because of the ST. Germain trust fund). He also sang with Dalida and told her something about the future. So, there is still a possibility that Franz Bardon could be another fractal of St Germain, who knows... but Richard Chanfray looks like 100% him. He also meet the reincarnations of the old St Germain friends because he was able to access to these infos.

  58. Bardon says in Initiation into Hermetics that you can ask gnomes (earth elementals) for the philosophers stone that transmutes things into gold. But he advises you not to do it, because you become dependent on those beings.

    That is all on the astral plane.

    There are a lot of people that claim to be St.Germain or channeling St. Germain. That is why I asked.

    1. Yes I heard of people that think they are the reincarnation of a couple of people including Jesus and Maria. I am sure Jesus and Maria can send a part of their being into people similar to the holy spirit in Chrisitianity and these people think they are that person instead of one with that person. The holy spirit lives in them instead of being them.

      I was told Bardon is the best teaching on this planet so I was curious what Cobra has to say, but he has his information not from channeling and probably also not those "magicians" like he said in the last conference. He has the information from extraterrestrial if I remember correctly, because the information is usually compromised in channelings.

      I just wondered about St.Germain. There has to be some teachings that he gave to the planet. And that should be the same teaching that every enlightened master of this planet had in one way or another and that is the teaching of the ascended brotherhood and sisterhood that try to englighten every culture on the planet.