Saturday, January 13, 2024

Situation Update

Now it is time to release more intel about current developments behind the scenes.

After the Source began to clear the subquantum anomaly directly in early December, the Dark forces totally freaked out because they felt cornered and trapped.

Some members of the Indian Illuminati network have activated ancient jumprooms that were located in underground tunnels beneath some Hindu temples in India. Some of those jumprooms were inactive for centuries, sometimes even millennia. Through those jumprooms, they have teleported about 300 million reptilian beings from the etheric plane into humanoid physical bodies and tried to recapture the Solar system by teleporting those Reptoids through ancient jumproom network that spans the Solar system and was inactive for centuries as well. They were even able to infiltrate some bases of the Light forces on Planet X, which were swiftly recaptured by the Light Forces with heavy casualties on both sides.

This attempt of the Dark forces to recapture the Solar system was repelled, the tide began to turn after heavy battles in various bases on remote asteroids in and beyond the Kuiper belt in early January, and the Solar system is expected to be completely free from that darkness in a few weeks.

That Indian Illuminati network has also teleported many of those Reptoids through the ancient jumproom network below the surface of the planet and merged it with ancient Atlantean dark network which exists below Africa. Those dark subterranean networks are being cleared also.

Of 300 million Reptoids many were cleared already and now only a little over 100 million still remain, the vast majority of them on asteroid bases in Kuiper belt, some of them on Earth underground and very few of them on the surface.

The Indian Illuminati network was created during the Kurgan Archon invasion about 5000 years ago when one branch of Kurgans invaded Indus valley and formed Vedic patriarchal civilization in India with strict caste system. They were the ones who brought the mind programming belief in karma. The remnants of this network are mostly prevalent in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The African Illuminati network was formed 14,000 years ago at the last polar shift in the late Atlantean period. When the equator shifted to its current position, the Dark forces built a network of dark temples along the current equator, equipped with jumprooms though which Reptilian entities could enter incarnation into humanoid cloned bodies. This is how many Reptoids entered the human surface population since late Atlantis, and formed their own network under control of a few Black nobility families. That network is still quite powerful in subsaharan Africa, especially in Cameroon, Gabon and Congo, in South America in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil, in Central America in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, and in India in Sri Lanka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Both of those networks are under the control of the Pallavicini family, which also controls the BRICS alliance though their secret connections in Israel. Both the Indian and African Illuminati networks are now in intense process of final removal. The signs of that clearing are everywhere:

Orsini family controls the Western Illuminati network, NATO alliance and biolabs. There is some important intel about Western Illuminati network that needs to remain veiled for now.

As a result of clearing of all that darkness, the Galactic central Sun is increasing its activity.

First, it activated our Sun on New Year's eve and triggered an X5 solar flare:

Second, it activated the Galactic Central race in full to start the energetic process of the final liberation of Earth's energy grid. 



In early January, the Galactic Central race has activated all hidden Atlantean crystals, including the 30 feet tall Astar crystal which is located beneath seafloor near Bermuda:

Those Atlantean crystals are now connecting with Cintamani and Galactic Cintamani grids and empowering them.

Galactic Central race has also activated dormant spaceships from Atlantean period which are buried beneath Giza complex, beneath Amazon jungle, in Antarctica and other locations. Those spaceships are now connecting with the planetary energy grid and connecting it with midway space stations which the Galactic Central race has built in ancient times and which extend throughout the Solar system.

They have also reactivated the Chaco canyon site:



As a result of all those empowerments, the Light forces were able to increase the volume of Mjolnir technology to 10-12%.

We are just a week away from the entry of Pluto into Aquarius, and the Cabal is in deep fear. This is why they have plans to reset the system through a global cyberattack:

and survive the Reset in their bunkers:

I have received several reports in the last decade that the mega rich are reading my blog and it seems I was able to instill some honest fear in them about the Event:

As Pluto is traversing the last degree of Capricorn before entering into Aquarius, there are already signs hinting at Disclosure:

There are also first attempts to make humanity interstellar:

Pluto enters Aquarius on January 20th/21st, and you can participate in that strong energetic event with the following meditation:

2024 will be the key year for the United States influencing the planetary situation, with total Solar eclipse coming on April 8th and election on November 5th



It is very important for the Lightworkers to anchor the Light as much as possible during this year in the USA. For this reason I am inviting everybody to participate in our Ascension conference in Phoenix, where important intel about USA and 2024 will be released:

People are also welcome to be initiated into Stellar and Ascended master healing rays, which will open their central channel and prepare them for the strong energies which will hit this planet in the coming months and years:

Victory of the Light!


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    2. I loved the update but I wanted to understand why the cabal is so afraid of the financial system crashing, since 'they can reset it with CBDC' so that's my question, I wanted details on the Aldebaran moon base too, COBRA said that in September the dark forces have crossed a certain line, I believe that everyone wants to know what line was crossed and what RM is doing about it, in that update COBRA said that this is still confidential but will it be released later? and the DREAMSPACE operation?

    3. Now it is also explained why a civil war is almost happening in Ecuador, Nicaragua is completely isolated in the world with a crazy Dictator, Venezuela wants war with Guyana, COBRA always said that reptilians never liked developed places, the Dracos like development, that's why Latin America as a whole and Africa are completely under-developed

    4. Recent Light✨🤛🌌

      Until them, surface humanity can accelerate the removal of the Lurker by healing their relationship traumas and sexuality traumas, because that is the deepest place where the Lurker tends to hide.

      Anybody can get healing in monthly ascended master and stellar rays healing sessions:

      What the single person can contribute to get rid of the opressors of this Planet, besides the meditation? I mean, in more active way .

      Spread the intel, plant Cintamanis, be kind and loving.

      🖐🏻️ It is time to forget our apparent differences and join forces in our fight for freedom. It is time to admit that nobody among us has total understanding and absolutely correct view of reality. If somebody has a different point of view, it does not mean he is automatically a disinfo agent. So it is time for each one of us to allow others to be who they are. We are all human beings. We all make mistakes. It is time now to forgive. And then join forces. United we stand, divided we fall.

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    6. I ended up accidentally coming across an article by Benjamin Fulford from 2019, the following quote is quite interesting in relation to April of that year and the US: 'It is also related to the announcement on April 9th that Japan would be issuing new currency starting in 2024, the sources say.'

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    1. 2023 our common story🙏🏻🎉

      Start 2024 !!! starry sky land !!!

    2. There is only one week left for Baojian to enter Aquarius, why does Cobra say there are still a few weeks left?

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  3. Thank you COBRA, Saint Germain, Lightforces, and Resistance Movement!! Let's keep pushing forward and HOLD THE LIGHT!🫡

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  6. Thank you dear Cobra! Stay safe, happy and having a lot of success at the upcoming new Ascension Conference! It's great to have a new update, it is very welcomed! Victory of the Light!

  7. I have found it exciting to meditate almost all the time now. I feel the energy of light in me and make it expand throughout my body so that I radiate it to the Earth. I feel I am doing a lot more now spiritually speaking, then I have ever in the past. I feel good about the future.

  8. A complete document explaining the 4 pleiadian codes/protocols (Command 12 21, Command 771, Command RCV Stardust, Command PB Stardust) has been created. It is being translated in different languages

    Here are the presentations in different languages:

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  10. Thanks cobra awesome update victory of the light ✨...

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  12. Victory of the Light everyone!! Let's ride the wave to the finishline!🌊❤️

  13. Victory of the Holy Light paladins !

  14. Rama's White Knight News Report - January 10, 2024

    It's time the transfer the last .also outside world, also within myself...let it go with just pure blessing...maybe uncomfortable and pain but soon will be fine more than old...

    Then ready to embrace a totolly brand new Golden ages shining in blue dawn...

    It will be Christo-Sophia Rainbowful worldwide full of unconditional love and awareness of passionate.


  15. german/deutsch:

  16. If you want to trigger The Event early, support Ashton Forbes!

  17. VOTL! Discord with over 300 members:

  18. I'm confused. In past posts Cobra, you have said that the Pleadians were working with Russia. Now you say the bad guys control the BRICS alliance. Is Russia good or not? Is Putin just naive thinking he is on the right path with BRICS or is he also part of the Cabal? How does this all fit in?
    The demonising of Putin and Russia by the west, is that just a game? I don't think so. They would love nothing more than to remove Putin and end Russia as they have been the one country that have thwarted the Cabals plans for world domination.
    Again, critical thinking is dead even amongst those who are awake.

    1. My thoughts exactly now Brics is dark..sorry I am not buying any of this anymore. The galactics clearly could shut down any of these jump rooms..notice we don't hear about the pits anymore it's just another obstacle each time.
      Seriously the galactics could easily teleport any of these Illuminati people off the planet and arrest them or whatever.
      The west hates Russia and Putin and loves Ukraine full of bio labs dumbs and child trafficking ...Putin is backing brics..Trump is too bricks hates trump..this I support him.
      Another election?? No no ebs nesara correct 2020 ..we don't need another fake election here in the US!
      Seems the galactics keep under estimating the dark ones..

    2. It has always amused me how people living in a different country than the person about whom they are trying to say something good, naively believe in the infallibility of these people... for some reason I don’t want to say anything about Trump, although I have some information about him (his connection with Ashkenazi Jews and the Italian mafia which helped him survive several bankruptcies), but I think this will be disrespectful towards people who live in the USA and they know much better than me in Russia whether he is good or bad (again, what means good - good for whom? bad for whom? for me in Russia? for them in the USA? or for all of us?). As an ethnic Russian with Russian paternal and maternal ancestors for at least 4 generations (considered indigenous peoples), I assert that Putin is a protege of the mafia structure of CIA agent Boris Yeltsin, as a guarantor of the safe removal of resources from Russia (1/6 of the planet’s landmass) for next to nothing by Jews oligarchs (physical raw materials are still being sold at the prices of European and American stock exchanges - the “war with the West”, while the industrial revival program was supposed to begin, but it did not begin). I am not a professional criminal investigator, but I am sure that what has been happening in Russia since the destruction of the Soviet Union will require the creation of entire divisions of forensic investigators for the most complete investigation of the large-scale ethnocide and genocide of the Russian people - the largest people representing (and perhaps previously representing) the white race in planet.

    3. At the moment, I have several direct and indirect sources containing evidence of the organization of the collective “Putin” (we don’t know if he actually existed, does he still exist and in what quantity and quality?) - now there are officially 6 people with the appearance of a publicly recognized personality called Putin (they have different eyebrow ridges, earlobes and nose wings) - the policies of genocide of the population of the Russian Federation are not only Russians, but also other peoples on the territory of the Russian Federation as historically living together with the Russian people; as well as the policy of ethnocide in relation to the Russian people as Slavs with haplogroup P1a, known in Jewish misanthropic books as “Canaanites” and according to their covenants, “Canaanite” male Slavs must be mercilessly destroyed - it doesn’t matter a child or an adult man, but women and the daughters of the Slavs must become Jewish sperm tanks, and the lands of Canaan are captured - this is what is written in their “holy books”. If you form your opinion about Russia on the RT channel, I can disappoint you - you have succumbed to professional propaganda aimed at a foreign user. If you form your opinion based on the stories of a “Russian” who went abroad (to study, work, or moved permanently), with a 95% probability this is a person brought up under programs for cultivating hatred of his cultural code and his nation and ethnic group - after the destruction of the USSR, the sphere of education and culture (including TV, the Internet, cinema and cartoons, music) were maximally aimed at instilling in the children of the 1980-1990s a disgust for their ancestors and especially a feeling of guilt for “communism” (which, by the way, was never built, because communism is the finale of socialist construction). These Boston Dynamics robots, smart homes, free energy, natural food, and many other incredible things, but not for a handful of rich people, but for all people - by the way, by the end of the USSR, many super technologies were discovered that were not needed by the party that through the Jewish diaspora has already agreed to sell the country, and with it the hopes of the poor around the world, while they themselves sell oil and withdraw profits to foreign banks, take children and mistresses abroad; while the inventors of these technologies and items were dying of hunger and cold, because in 1990 there was no money for food or heating - just think - people who developed technologies capable of the most incredible things died like dogs without food and warmth. They were born, studied, worked with the idea that the state in which they were born would help make them better. And the state was betrayed. Sold and betrayed. Jewish diasporas: one was in the Central Committee of the CPSU, and the other was the Zionist world diaspora.

    4. @Richard I think what cobra meant is the infiltrated part of the BRICS which is still large considering they still have China, India and Brazil under their grip. Now Iran, Saudi and UAE has joined the bloc and we know these are not cabal free nations.

    5. @Richard Also in an interview last year cobra said that Putin, Trump and Must are all fluctuating between light and dark agenda.

    6. Obviously I'm not speaking for Cobra, but my personal perspective is that on Earth in positions of conventional power you have outright black hats and you have gray hats. Putin is a gray hat.

      I think it's more useful to think of people as Trump and Putin as gray rather than either white or black.

      And yes, from my perspective, the Pleiadians were trying to work with people like Putin and Trump, but getting exasperated in the process. This was channeled in . Note these channelings do sometimes contradict what cobra says, so use your own guidance.

    7. Putin has many doppelgangers. It's a dark project. It's a real Chabadnik. He's acting on behalf of the Jewish archons. Wake up, guys.

    8. All rulers must be overthrown. They are waste material. They destroy everything. They're bastards.

    9. "Obviously I'm not speaking for Cobra, but my personal perspective is that on Earth in positions of conventional power you have outright black hats and you have gray hats. Putin is a gray hat.
      ... "

      "Putin is a gray hat." this statement? funny. On what basis do you make this statement? according to the author known as K? according to other authors? but they do not live in Russia (visited as a tourist or have a friend, an ancestor from Russia does not work), which means their words must be divided at least 4 times. Alas, to truly understand what is happening in any country in the world, it is enough to know the native language (or the ability to directly translate speech into video, but I don’t know such services yet, someone is trying to experiment with AI in this area) of this country and for about 2-4 months to establish a list of direct and indirect sources of information, fortunately in telegram it is very easy to follow links and find the original source.

      But in the case of Russia, it means nothing for text sources - all sites whose opinions are not satisfied with the “Putin” regime are blocked by the state censorship service - ROSPOTREBNADZOR - “Russian Consumer Surveillance”, an analogue of Goebbels’ service in Nazi Germany, and this is done “officially” through a decision of the Court, When you try to go to a site that the regime does not like, a white sheet with small text appears on the entire browser screen: “This site is blocked by ROSPOTREBNADZOR based on a court decision under the “law on fakes.”

      The average age of people using the Internet in Russia is 38.9 years old, the quality of their mental state is of serious concern due to the lack of medicine, nutrition and mental problems against the backdrop of poverty and a terrifying socio-economic situation (compared to the former superpower of the planet) - such a complex of symptoms does not improves brain activity, and hence the desire to learn new things, for example, use computer equipment and smartphones.

      Why am I writing this? About 9/10 of my friends of this age do not know what a VPN is (in 2018-2022, all the free VPN services that I used before were blocked, even Proton VPN, which transmits data to the CIA, works in 1 out of 5 cases), they cannot install something ( they don’t know how to use sorting in Google Play, but even turn on the application. Because of this, a huge information “fork” has developed in Russia regarding information consumers - people 15-28 years old (know how to use the Internet, VPN), people 35-45 years old (90 % do not know how to bypass censorship) and people over 55 years of age (they do not watch anything except TV, on a smartphone they can only call relatives and watch old films, listen to music on YouTube).

      Based on demographic data, Russia is among the top 5 most aging and dying countries in the world, by the way, as well as the most smoking, drinking, abortion (a sin in Christianity, right?) and suicide.

      Now imagine the number of people in the Russian Federation who, unlike you, don’t know the obvious fact that Putin is a kind of “Grey Hat” (they won’t even understand the context - what kind of hat is this? And why, by the way, a hat and not a cap? Or a cap? A hat! ? After all, it’s cold in Russia, why is he wearing a hat or cap, and not a hat with earflaps?)

      Against the background of the replacement of Russians by migrants from Central Asia at 600-700 thousand people a year - and the death of the indigenous population at 500-600 thousand; 1.5 million deaths per year after coronavirus (note, according to the UN, the population of the Russian Federation has not changed for decades - 146 million people - the Russian Federation is the world's first "immortal" country) this is a dying country of old people.

    10. 2.
      A dying country of old people, from which, due to unbearable economic conditions and the lack of social elevators, almost all of the few urban youth fled (descendants of the few young parents who survived in 1990-2000 and decided to have a child), and the entire village (agriculture) was destroyed in 1987-1999 after the liquidation of the collective farming system, the lack of work drove tens of millions of people to large cities where there was no work either, and tens of millions of people disposed of each other in criminal squabbles for the right to collect criminal rent from small enterprises of the speculative type of the emerging “market” of the “market economy.”

      The industry, sold for next to nothing to Jewish oligarchs through loans-for-shares auctions, was liquidated because it competed with transnational corporations that came to the country and captured the market for bribes, the destroyed system of science management and the flight of millions of scientists due to lack of wages to all countries of the world - tens of millions of people poured into the newly created “market economy”, the first stage of which - the accumulation of initial capital, is known in historical science as the era of the largest series of robbery and robbery ("fencing" in England and piracy as a phenomenon preceded capitalism) - everyone began to speculate in rubbish and engage in crime.

    11. 3. Russia has actually become a gangster state, both at the lowest (population) and at the highest (bribery of officials, law enforcement agencies, special services) level. Something between the movie "Mad Max", the villages at the beginning of the movie "Borat" (stupid movie) and America

      And to the survivors and survivors of this purge, you want to say that the person who, all 23 years after his predecessor (CIA agent), helped and led the dismantling of one of the two planetary-scale superpowers known to the world over the past 2500 thousand years, is some kind of super-ultra- mega-secret "James Bond" - Stirlitz (double, but no, "gray" is like a mixture of white and black - that is, neither here nor there, cannot decide - TRIPLE agent) Putin (still unknown - this is a real person or a socio-economic project created in the bowels of the KGB in agreement with the world Zionist diaspora to divert the eyes of the goyim whom they rob) - supposedly during the day he joins evil (probably when he is in an unimportant or frankly bad mood), helps and serves him; and at night (probably when the noise around him subsides, he calms down and his nerves too) he mercilessly RESISTS him.

      You can reverse the day-night sequence as you like. Or is he an eccentric self-sufficient dictator with manic tendencies who, in a fit of mental disorder (74 years old, right? gerantocracy) today spoils the world behind the scenes, and tomorrow he panders to it - he just wanted it to lift his spirits, nothing personal (people in the trenches in the war, of course Well, there’s no need to know about this, right? They are absolutely sure that Putin has challenged “world globalism”).

      This is the mythical “god” he is, an avatar, an incarnation - Janus, a god with two faces. A certain analogue of Sheogorath of the world of the Elder Scrolls in the modern world can only exist in two constantly changing guises - either absolute madness or absolute order (... it’s really strange that this person (?) is responsible for decisions to use one of the two largest arsenals of nuclear weapons in world, actually capable of destroying all biological organisms on the planet due to the consequences of explosions in the form of the atmosphere, dust devils, water waves and radiation).

      or these weapons are not there at all after Yeltsin carried out the “uranium deal” - because of which, according to rumors, a coup was carried out in the RSFSR and the parliament was shot from tanks, and thousands of people were shot to death in the surrounding courtyards of residential buildings - they cleared out witnesses. But then why didn't NATO invade earlier? not invading now?

      Questions, questions...

      Perhaps the population of the Russian Federation does not know that they are the “price” of the Janus-Putin fight against globalism? Why didn't he tell them this? Dying in poverty would not be so sad if you realize this fact, don’t you think?

    12. Yes, I agree, it is confusing to read that the BRICS are controlled by the Cabal.

  19. German translation of this article and the recommended meditation / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels und der empfohlenen Meditation:

  20. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    The post in French / L'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! / Victoire de la Lumière !

  21. Oh my God! We didn't realise just how complex the process of planetary Liberation was! A huge thank you to the forces of Light and thank you dear Cobra for informing us so precisely! (V and M-H)

  22. Information on movie Leave The World Behind
    Original Source of Leave The World Behind Mind Weapon Revealed

    Leave The World Behind sonic weapon explained (part 2)

    Awaken Video has a lot more movies that they have analyzed.

  23. Here is Finnish translation of this article / Tässä on suomenkielinen käännös tästä artikkelista:

    Telegram group for Finnish translations of Portal / Telegramryhmä suomennetuille Portal artikkeleille:

  24. 💜🌈💜🌈💜🌈💜🌈💜🌈💜


  26. 300 million Reptoids! ! ! How come it wasn't discovered before? How much darkness remains undiscovered?

    1. Well, obviously they were not in physical bodies before now. They were forced to expose themselves.

  27. The BRICS alliance is not under the control of the Dragon Clan and White Hat!!? It's really surprising

    1. 2016已經滲透了,之前信息説了的

    2. don't be surprise... all goverments, hospital, school is inflitrated by darks... there is no light, only darks with light mask...

      I know you are confused on another C's blog posts because its a bit contradicting. First there are no more darks outside and inside our solar system and they're now compressed here in 3D only.. and now this another find again 300million reptoids.. something is not right C.

    3. Not entirely. It's highly infiltrated by the cabal for the last 6 years but to a degree there's still a positive presence within the BRICS. We can definitely say China, India and Brazil are with the cabal, Russia and South Africa maybe not that much. The new members like Saudi, UAE and Iran are definitely cabal infested.

    4. I've been wondering if they were infiltrated for a while. It may have been started with good intentions, but when the Chicoms get their hands in it, it seems like they want to institute the social credit scores everywhere.

    5. Looks like both the eastern and western systems are run by black nobility families.

    6. 螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后,

      trust the grand whole pictures which connecting all beings...
      Public Informations will come out at the best time!
      Not earlier or later.
      Just the best right time working with synchronicity...
      We are so closed nearly seeing the portal.

  28. Replies
    1. It's always 2 steps forward, 1 back. The closer we get to the EVENT, the more they will throw all they have left back at us. Pretty soon they won't be able to counter.

  29. Wow, I'm sorry about all the fighting. This is a lot to take in.

    Also, I know the Chimera are now gone but they kept watch on this blog also, I feel...

    Victory of the Light!!

  30. Light Forces are severely lacking in military strength.
    More troops must be recruited, otherwise how long will it take for the liberation of the earth to be completed?

  31. As was reported on this blog, the chimera are gone, the toplet bombs are gone, the positive timeline is secured. Just trigger the Event already. All the new excuses for why it has to keep getting delayed are getting old. Let's get this done. The light forces need to stop being afraid of making the big move.

  32. The BRICS alliance is a pioneer in de dollarization, but it is controlled by conspiracy groups, so

  33. I was occasionally hearing "trapped" as a thoughtform over the last couple weeks. Today I heard "exiled."

    Silica intake may help to activate abilities. (There are various brands that sell it as a supplement.)

    I've seen that cyberattack movie. It's horrific. It's difficult to see a viable path forward for the USA. Most of the world hates the USA. I won't give into gloom and doom though. Difficult does not mean impossible.

  34. Any remaining dark procrastination will fail with ever increasing speed. Patient, calm, deliberate plans of the Light has morphed into fully ignited power of Source. Evil will find out you DO NOT blaspheme and fuck with the Divine! Swirling unavoidable torrents pull the last remnants of nast into the Singularity. Us humans cannot fully comprehend: "Vengeance is Mine, so sayeth the Lord!"

  35. UNN 12 JAN 24 NEWS with Kim Goguen

    1. She is not at all a realizable source of Intel.
      The same for GeneDecode, Corey, djuan o',Savin, theUnveiling33, wilcock, and the list goes endless.
      Remember the discussion about Flat earth.

  36. it would be better if mjolnir was turned up to 30% with a 50% burst use and then a 100% test for at least 1 hour a month but thats just me. It concerns me that the reptoid population the cabal control was so much higher than initially reported and can still just incarnate them whenever they wish and teleport them. Is the dragon family just rolling over to cabal corruption while this is going on? 😡😡😡

  37. Dear Cobra! Here is the Romanian translation of this new surprising and amazing post, in the same time.
    Cobra Romanian Telegram channel:

    Thank you Light Forces, Resistance Movement and Galactic Central Race for all the effort, dedication, care and love towards the humanity on this tinny planet Earth! Victory of the Light!

  38. "Can you give an update on approximate percentage of clearings? (Ex: How much anomaly, reptilian souls, Chimera, Archons, underground bases/tunnels have been cleaned out?). Things feel a lot lighter lately, much less dark attacks. Thanks for all the insights and info on this blog!

    Anomaly is in the process of being cleared, <>, Chimera is almost completely defeated, Archons/black nobility still keep most of their power, deep underground bases are all cleared, some shallow underground bases and tunnels still exist.

    Through those jumprooms, <<>> into humanoid physical bodies and tried to recapture the Solar system by teleporting those Reptoids through ancient jumproom network that spans the Solar system and was inactive for centuries as well.

    How could they teleport 300 million reptilians from the etheric plane, since almost all reptilians are gone from the etheric and astral planes.

    1. "... billions upon billions of Reptilians will be cleared away daily from the astral and etheric planes by the Light forces." - What is 300 million compared to that?

      They were also able to hide in black holes and in subquantum space.

    2. "...almost all Reptilians are gone from the etheric and astral planes."

      "Through those jumprooms, they have teleported about 300 million reptilian beings from the etheric plane..."

      Does "almost gone" mean there are still hundreds of millions left?

    3. The way I understand it was those 300 million came through the jump during the course of thousands of years.

      Of 300 million Reptoids many were cleared already and now only a little over 100 million still remain, the vast majority of them on asteroid bases in Kuiper belt, some of them on Earth underground and very few of them on the surface. end

  39. Alpha Protocols have been initiated.


  40. Operation: Thunder Cat is in effect until further notice.

    Pleiadian High Command

  41. Mulțumim Cobra pentru aceste noi informații utile . Victoria Luminii .

  42. Cobra, You speak here about, the disgusting, karma:
    While, as you usually claim, karma in an archontic concept and needs to be not taken in consideration by the Light Community.
    Please put things together for a better understanding.

    1. "Karma" exists in the sense that negative deeds, thoughts, etc. attract negativity.

    2. @Libra
      There is one person who knows when the event will come.
      He was already "Unveiling" it: Long beyond 2025!

  43. Cobra did say that we must forget what we know. Being an Indian it was a rude surprise that the esteemed Vedic culture I was so proud of being a part of is an archon infested piece of trash.
    But anyway it’s a relief that it’s out on the open now.
    However, just to point out that there may be one or two persons of Indian origin who came up with good practices on spirituality like the Cosmic Cobra Breath for example.
    How many more surprises coming our way?

    1. I apologize, but has it ever seemed strange to you that one part of the population perceives another as lower than a piece of garbage (castes, including the “untouchable” castes)? Considering that a person is born with an individual brain and the differences between one person and another in part of the brain can reach up to 40 times! 40-40-40 times! that is, one person can be born with a brain 40 times more “smart” than another. Imagine that such a person was born into the “untouchable” caste and instead of inventing a space engine, energy transfer through the air (aka Tesla), a device for complete chemical synthesis (from earth and water using a 3-D replicator printer to make food from any cuisine in the world from a machine gun) or something else (like the discovery of new energy principles), he is forced to scavenge or mine carbide by hand for less than $1 a day. And in this Indian society there is a whole class (caste) of people who believe that this “Tesla” should never prove himself and help, okay, not all of humanity, but at least his own country - India and himself - to raise his wealth and status , feel like a human being. And these people claim that their ideology - the ideology of castes - is the legacy of the solar culture (swastika as a symbol) found on the territory of the WHOLE globe, even where supposedly “Indians” could not get due to the limitations of technical progress of that time (“America” too "we were looking for a long time"). Even the Ottoman Empire, which brought nothing to humanity except wars and murders, used the principle of cerebral sorting, raising emperors and generals from slaves, but making eunuchs and slaves from the children of these emperors if they were deserved idiots. The existence of such a person limiting his own people is, at the very least, STRANGE, and at most, it looks like a huge CONSPIRACY. A conspiracy of a planetary scale, but its investigation and full proof should be left until better times. I won’t say that to this day the upper caste of India looks up to the British who once enslaved them, trying as much as possible to copy their culture, manner of behavior and communication, consumption - this is what Gandhi (who studied at Western universities, isn’t it strange?) and the USSR (in India) fought for was one of the largest communist movements on the planet) after the collapse of the colonial British Empire?

      Did you know that communist partisans are still fighting the Indian government in the forests because... are they being persecuted? did you know that Indian students use scientific literature on physics, mathematics, chemistry and astronomy prepared in the USSR in 1960-1980? and there are entire sites where volunteers translate literature from Russian into Indian languages - this is a project between Russian and Indian students (due to the price of education and a salary of 1 dollar a day, the quality of modern educational literature, Indian students successfully study and enter institutions in their country according to Soviet textbooks of the 1960-1980s, because in those years entire scientific institutes and their professors translated scientific literature into Indian languages ​​and sent them under the Friendship of Peoples program).

      I am writing this for the reason that I am not indifferent to the position of the Indian people as part of the Indo-European tree of peoples common with the Slavs, together with Iran (Persia) they will be next in line to be destroyed by the Jews if the Russians fall. I think it is quite obvious that with the development of the 6th technological structure, it will not be 6 year old children, but robots, who will mine carbide in mines for the “globalists”, and the population of hundreds of millions will be destroyed by chemical and biological weapons.

    2. Yes I am aware of whatever you said. But I thought that the real Vedic teachings were hijacked by the dark forces. Turns out that the original Vedic culture was archon to the core. That was the rude surprise.

    3. As concluded in this article (which I feel most credible in terms of Yuga timelines), the Kali Yuga started around 3676 BC:

      Cobra in one of his article dated Kurgan invasion around 3600 BCE when dark beings entered through Caucasus dimensional portal.
      This means the first archon invasion happened right after the start of Kali Yuga.

      Now, Ramayana and Bhagavad Geeta (which were compiled in Treta and Dwapara Yugas respectively) reference Vedas. So highly likely Vedas were either compiled in early years of Treta Yuga or even went back to last Satya Yuga (in Atlantean era?) and managed to survived all the global catastrophes because of oral tradition. These were the times when darkness was far less on earth.

      I think when Cobra says Kurgans formed the Vedic Patriarchal civilization, what he might have meant was the corruption of the already existing Vedic civilization. Also in his workshop in India, Cobra said the Dracos after events of Mahabharata (which happened near the end of Dwapara Yuga) started infiltrating into Priesthood network of India, which is basically the society of Brahmins. Since the Vedic knowledge was mostly with Brahmins, the corrupted ones among them started to link Caste with previous lives' Karma.
      Note that none of the 4 Vedas have any reference to Varnas (Castes). The Varna system was actually established by Manu in the early stage of Treta Yuga and was solely based on individual's abilities. What is more probable is that the Brahmins under the Archon influence restricted Vedic Knowledge to the masses by weaponising Varna system with Karma to retain their intellectual supremacy and spread corrupted interpretations of Vedas to maintain their power over Indian socities, since there was a gradual decline of cognitive abilities among masses to grasp such knowledge under the influence of Kali Yuga.

    4. Thank you for the explanations @ProjectCeryx and @K.S

    5. for "K.S":


      I don’t know about the invasions of certain entities, but other part of the information in your message is most consistent with the information about the Vedas that I have, it is truly an amazing coincidence that my point of view (in most cases is based on scientific, that is, reproducible, repeatable information ) was confirmed by a person on this site. I think that further searches for the truth on this topic should be built in this direction.

    6. for "K.S":


      The Vedas are a text (originally some kind of knowledge in the form of a story, because according to legends, human memory in ancient times remembered much more information than now) with two or even 3 meanings, it was specially created in such a way that it was easier to decipher depending on the degree of understanding , one might say "education".

      Relatively speaking, if a person with the knowledge of a Doctor of Philosophy (aka a priest from a high caste, although the Vedas are from the times BEFORE the creation of castes) can immerse himself in the subject of his reasoning, reason out loud with himself and draw some conclusions out loud. For him, the Vedas serve as a set of key (i.e., understandable only to him, since he has a conceptual apparatus for deciphering - knowledge of terms, definitions of philosophy as a science - special education) words, arranged in a certain order, which serve as a guide to the movement of the philosopher’s thought along a certain path.

      Most likely, the Vedas serve as a set of keywords in a certain order, which serve as a guide for the movement of the philosopher’s thought along a certain path (like road signs indicating dangerous places on the road or the location of a gas station - they warn of danger or allow you to prepare, make the path easier. Which path? Most likely the path of life , because as far as I know, the Vedas themselves say that they are the science of life).

      The journey (narrative) has a beginning, middle and end (hello laws of writing). In the case of a book (history written down in the form of text), the Vedas as history should have a positive effect - teach something, the one who reads the Vedas should draw a conclusion, gain experience.

    7. for "K.S":


      So: for conditional peasants (the “caste” of workers?), the Vedas are a literary (folklore) work that constitutes the cultural value of the Indian people - epic, heroes, the concept of good and evil allow us to form a picture of the world of people at a primitive level, which facilitates social control by those who stands higher on the social ladder.

      For conventional “warriors” (the “caste” of defenders, the support of the ruling layer): the Vedas contain so-called sayings - brief wisdom in the form of short memorized texts confirmed by life experience and for this reason not raising doubts due to their simplicity and life-tested - a kind of axiom - motto. OR! Field Manual of Military Service (a set of rules for military personnel whose experience was gained in blood - the price of a mistake in war is life).

      For a scientist: the Vedas are a guide, they are literally capable of directing the thought of reasoning in the direction that the scientist needs, with the condition that a person using input data (correlates his own lived life experience with the conclusions written in the Vedas), he is as if in an algebraic formula looks for unknown variables using the parts of the equation known to him (his experience) combining it with the truth proven over thousands of years (the Vedas are older than Jewish culture, Christianity and the Koran combined). It is on this principle that the time lines mentioned by Cobra are built.

      And then it’s a matter of technology - complex arithmetic calculations, of a very high level, of course, and require enormous computing power.

    8. for "K.S":


      At the end of the USSR and several years after its dismantling, there were 2 projects to create a calculation system and a device for predicting the future - through ultra-precise calculation of the probabilities of events. The most likely problems that prevented implementation: there was not enough political will (the country has already been sold - there is no point in building a machine with which you can “take over” the world by arranging a series of events so that the opponent fails), nor funding, nor the development of scientific and technological progress - probably something similar to what is only now appearing in computer hardware, used in the development of “artificial intelligence” which, as a technology, can only complement existing ones, but does not itself create anything new - essentially useless - as if you installed an engine on a car of the early 20th century from a Boeing - too much, unnecessary power and the frame will not withstand the loads - a fatal ending - meaningless. The authors of both projects destroyed all documentation, considering that humanity is not ready for such technology in a world where the country of systemic anti-capitalism has ceased to exist.

      At the end of 1980, at one of the universities in Leningrad, one of the professors of the Faculty of Mathematics made calculations that allowed him and his students to develop a mechanism (one might even say technology, precisely as a way) for obtaining information about the functioning (that is, understanding the way it works) of the supermundane reality ( it is also known as the conditional “Creator”, “Great Absolute”, but not “God” in the form of a bearded man “Jesus”).

    9. for "K.S":


      In short, according to some pieces of information - the so-called "Karma" is the consequences projected by the conditional "noosphere" (supramundane reality, perhaps it functions in some space, perhaps the ether (?), the astral plane (?) - there is no single term) for actions (positive or negative) directly in the DNA of a particular person, which is expressed in the form of positive or negative heredity by his descendant (DNA) - perhaps this is the “punishment and reward in another life” mentioned in the legends about the “wheel of reincarnation”, because the only one today day a person’s way to achieve physical immortality is to continue himself (his DNA) in his children)))

      Relatively speaking: if you do positive deeds, broadcast “goodness” (more like goodwill) into the space around you, your DNA in real time is somehow enriched by the conventional “noosphere” - supermundane reality (beams of light from space constantly pierce everything around us space, we just either see them or not, depending on the spectrum - the science of optics, I’m not an expert; by the way, the earth’s core is a repeater, because it receives rays from space and reacts to them with seismic activity?), which serves the reason such a person gives birth to a healthier and smarter, and therefore more successful in the social (and personal) life of a child. It is not known exactly, but it is most likely that the effect is achieved through generations (sayings about the fact that for some people in the family “nature decided to take a break” - delayed consequences of the impact on your descendant as on your DNA, that is, you yourself in time; theories about that Time is a state of awareness of oneself (?) in the surrounding space (?) invented by human consciousness (?) in such a context deserves new consideration).

    10. for "K.S":


      The opposite is also true: people who do “bad” things experience so-called “remorse” - attempts by “supramundane reality” to call a person to think, but after committing a particularly serious offense, crossing a certain “line” (for example, killing a person with evil intent - perhaps Castaneda with his “didn’t kill a person - didn’t become a “Warrior” - didn’t become a “god”?) the “antenna” (in the head? hippocampus? Western science almost nothing) of a person stops receiving the “signal” - the “voice” of conscience disappears.

      Changes in DNA begin - a person’s mental state worsens, mental problems appear. There is a proverb: “a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

      How can this be, you say? After all, the body is not physically damaged, but the person becomes withdrawn, often gets sick, his health worsens, and there are inexplicable changes in consciousness and behavior. But what if the human body, matter (?) - meat, in fact cellular material, changed at the cell level (by waves of the “noosphere” - supermundane reality)? It has ceased to receive a signal that can “enrich” or “fertilize” DNA.

      What will happen to such a person? Its biological mechanism is independent of the “supermundane reality” - the body is renewed once every 8 years (cells of the body completely die and new ones are born every 8 years), but at the DNA level it has already received, one might say, a “Black Mark”, a “record” about the crime." And his son, grandson, great-grandson or descendant 5-10-20 generations later will be born with a physical or mental defect, or not be born at all due to complications during childbirth.

      It was also indicated there that there is a theoretical way to enter into a “dialogue” with the noosphere, but later the information is cut off. We can say that the Russians (the professor was an ethnic Russian and recruited students from the Slavs against the backdrop of the predominance of Jews in the Soviet fields of scientific disciplines, for an unknown reason he did not like them) scientifically proved (calculated using mathematical methods) the existence of “God” the Creator (not “Son” - “Jesus” - there is reason to believe that Christianity and Islam as Abrahamic religions were created by Jews to manipulate and control the population), but they did not have time (who knows, the information is cut off) to create a chat with him.

  44. En Español, en castellano:

  45. I'm also afraid of January 21st... I'm afraid that nothing will happen, but actually I'm sure

    1. It won't be sudden, the news will just get progressively more bizarre throughout the year.

  46. Cobra: does the Indian Illuminati really have the logistical capability to get 300 million human bodies from cloning facilities/labs into long dormant jumprooms within a few weeks?

    1. the appearance of 300 million people in one region will cause a migration crisis unprecedented in humanity, but if they are created as troops with consciousness programming, they will probably be hidden from the surface population until the moment their creators need (if they are not created for war underground at all). As is known from the works of geologists, the thickness of the soil from the surface down is approximately 30 kilometers, but most mines for resource extraction are dug to a depth of 300-600 METERS. Look on the Internet for the most famous deepest holes in the soil. What is in the remaining 29 kilometers 400 meters of soil? Scientists don’t know, BUT! There are known huge drilling machines in the USA with the height of a 5-7 storey building capable of drilling tunnels like worms and strengthening their roof by removing and compacting the drilled earth (a special mechanism). According to rumors, they were used to build underground cities in the United States in case of a nuclear war with the USSR. Several years ago, in the English-language segment of the Internet, I came across a site with the abbreviation Pegasus on which a man posted photographs of those machines (black and white) and the workers who worked in them, as well as a map of the location of underground cities in the United States and the memories of the workers who built these cities . This was done in the period 1960-1980, but what could have remained there from past civilizations? and at what depth? We do not know. The Russian traveler and doctor-ophthalmologist of medical sciences of Bashkir origin Muldashev in 1990-2000 undertook several expeditions to Mongolia and Tibet and the Himalayas, communicated with monks and they showed him the entrance to the caves in which, according to these monks, there is an entrance to the chambers where the bodies of those who Those who will come have also left, as well as their technical devices, but these bodies are alive and in suspended animation. According to the monk-gatekeeper, those who go beyond a certain level of depth in the cave will die due to the existence of an unknown security mechanism - the person simply falls dead (perhaps radio waves in the killing range?). Whether to believe in this or not is everyone’s business, but in Muldashev’s books there is a detailed description of the places he visited, photographs (including interlocutors, for example monks) and, if desired, anyone can repeat the route and try to go down into the cave (but if you are a reasonable person, I can’t imagine why you need even a theoretical probability of death - I wouldn’t dare check). By the way, Muldashev’s books have been selling in fairly stable circulations all 30 years after the destruction of the USSR, and as far as I know, he continued to carry out expeditions until 2008.

    2. There is no talk of cloning.

    3. @ 3k14Pi There was the word clones written I read it too, it must have been edited after.

    4. @1441111

      The word "clone" appears once when talking about the last 14,000 years.

      I translated the text with deepL a few minutes after it appeared. There and in the current text, the word only appears at this point.

  47. Those reptoids must be part (or all) of the entities that were left scattered around in the etheric (and maybe astral) planes after the clearing of the etheric network this summer, otherwise I don´t know where they come from to incarnate. And must be also, if not the last one, one of the few rabbits left to be pulled out of the hat by the cabal before they´re finished. But it´s not like in the old days anymore, where when the next layer of protection was discovered it was huge, this time it´s some hundreds of reptoids making trouble that can be dealt with in weeks. The bad thing would be the big cyberattack, but it seems now the LF are in a position to prevent most of the bad scenarios, probably the risk is reasonable..

  48. Why do not you mention cobra that reptilians talk to us telepathically pretending to be our soul mates and pretending to be Pleiadians, also they are trying to change minds and perceptions of good people and make them believe they are reptilians or offering them rewards to betray the light forces. Write about that.

    1. This is hilarious. As if they could pull that off! Anyone who can talk to them telepathically know EXACTLY who they are talking to because of their ENERGY. You can't be a reptilian and pretend somehow to be pleiadian. That is truly a stupid idea!
      Also, stop being from the light? Hahahaha. As if. That's ridiculous!! Hmm, I wonder why he isn't writing about that?

  49. 美國做票了一次讓拜登贏得總統大選,然後在昨天的台灣現任的政府也透過做票贏得總統大選,現在難道又要讓美國又經歷一次骯髒的選舉嗎?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. 你們光明勢力跟我說,台灣,埋了世界上最高密度的寶珠和星際隕石,結果台灣一直發生這麼離譜的事情,是全界最正面的地方,請問,你們的眼睛難道是瞎了嗎?

  50. Mi ricollego al sogno che ho fatto l'anno scorso perché ciò che ha detto Cobra coincide con ciò che ho detto circa un mese fa. Ho citato i primi di aprile ed il mese di novembre per grandi cambiamenti. È bello leggere questo aggiornamento Cobra, perché siamo in dirittura di arrivo. Ci siamo quasi e non vedo l'ora di assistere a questo cambiamento positivo. Vittoria della Luce!

  51. November election is not going to happen. Suprising event's are going to happen before that wich is going to expose the 2020 stolen election and many other revelations. The cabal is not going to last until the end of the year i have a strong feeling that the entire system will collapse before the end of this year! If the white hats Alliance doesn't take drastic actions very soon..... thing's are going to get very nasty because The People will take action!

  52. OpenAI has lifted the ban on the use of ChatGPT for military purposes.

    The corporation this week removed ( language prohibiting the use of its technology for military purposes from its use policy

    Until January 10, OpenAI's Usage Policies page included a ban on "activities that involve a high risk of physical harm, including" but not limited to "weapons development" and "military activities."

    Now the ban on military use has disappeared/

    It's worth noting that the Pentagon is still preliminary exploring how it might use ChatGPT or other language models.

  53. "The World Davos Economic Forum included ( a discussion of a new mysterious pandemic of “disease X.” According to WHO, the disease can cause 20 times more deaths than Covid-19.

    It is reported that at this Davos they will discuss a future pandemic caused by “disease X”. This disease, like Mendeleev discovered the periodic table in a dream, was discovered by WHO back in 2018. True, the periodic table is here, and disease X is a thing that remains unknown until the WHO makes a decision - the moment has come. And he will give the go-ahead. Actually, the disease itself does not matter, it may not exist, the go-ahead is important here.

    This is the go-ahead that the current Davos will discuss.

    The guys generally liked the coronavirus story, but they probably drew certain conclusions. The main one shines like a lighthouse on the island of Rhodes in ancient times. The pandemic should be short, but much more ferocious than the coronavirus. The target figure has already been named - 20 times more lethal.

    Why short? Because fear and horror cannot be prolonged for long. The threshold falls and people stop being afraid. And this is precisely the point - to frighten people to such a state that they accept any decisions of the authorities unconditionally. Including decisions that in a “normal situation” would cause sharp rejection, even complete denial and resistance.

    A victorious war must be short. It was Sun Tzu who said: war does not like duration. The coronavirus was a target, now a blitzkrieg is being discussed.

    True, blitzkrieg also requires special tools. Specific and previously unknown, like the German tank divisions of Guderian, against which neither the French nor the British armies could do anything in 1940. And with which the Red Army coped with great difficulty, having previously completely disappeared during the defeat of 1941. In fact, the blitzkrieg drowned in the Ukrainian steppes and Russian open spaces.

    This is what the current marshals of Davos will try to avoid by planning a new disease.

    What's interesting is that no one is hiding anything. So great is the contempt of these people for the population of the planet that they do everything openly."

  54. So where from where those 300milion beings from astral plane? They where on earth and now they are gone? Then how did Cabal had 300 million clones?? I mean 300 million bodies is not little so please explain more about it because you need to so you can eliminate doubts in our minds that will grow,, and you don't owe me nothing not even a answer to this question but there is no blog on planet earth to answer me this questions then this one so I'm asking as I do. How much dark beings is there more on planet earth without bodies in our Human reality = I mean they could have start a big war here on planet earth like that. And you can answer this question in general,, it is not important to talk about specific operations but in general like how can they make 300 million clones,, those clones have whos DNA,, maybe ours???? Like human clones,, you said jump rooms are on earth so how big they are and again 300 million enterd in jump room??? They could have been teleported in NY city in theory?? There was more questions but don't remember.

    1. You have read inaccurately. The reptoids did not come from the astral plane. There is also no mention of cloning.

    2. 3K,, they teleported it from India = Planet earth in humaniod clone bodies where those 300 million reptiles went =you have someone evil beings in I guess mature humanoid bodies. What did they do teleported 300 million from some other planet to India then what? And dude relax because what you and I have now is why Cobra need to give more Intel about how is that done in General or we can argue?? Through those jumprooms, they have teleported about 300 million reptilian beings from the etheric plane into humanoid physical bodies and tried to recapture the Solar system by teleporting those Reptoids through ancient jumproom network that spans the Solar system and was inactive for centuries as well. INDIA PLANET EARTH

    3. And it says Etheric Plane and not Astral but you know what =to me they are same because I know about equally about them =NOTHING so I have problems with remembering one big azzzz Nothing.. Wow I've said Astral instead Etheric so explain from your personal experience what is different between them?? Judging only about your comment you know even less then me. Bye Bye Bye

    4. @YouMeWe, "Now it is time to release more intel..."

      It is not yet time to publish all Intel because it would trigger too strong a cleansing process.

  55. I wonder when these extra entity's came through did they get their coordinates wrong and show up at the Miami mall? Lol

  56. “It is not surprising that the right-wing Alternative for Germany and the left-wing Sarah Wagnknecht Party are gaining popularity in Germany. It’s just that German society is trying to build an independent and nationally oriented party system, which has never existed in the country.

    Because the current party model of modern Germany was inherited from West Germany, and the United States played a decisive role in its creation in the post-war years. Moreover, they took up this right off the bat, creating the CDU in June 1945, headed by the future first chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

    Further, American political strategists skillfully interacted with German Social Democrats and even formed the Free Democratic Party, which was very effective as a balancing party in the formation of parliamentary coalitions and not only.

    However, the masterpiece of the work of American professionals is the creation of the “green” party, which was initially raised from an environment that was not very favorable towards the United States. The impulsive left-wing environmentalists, who had declared themselves as a protest (and very anti-American force), already in the 1990s became the main support of the United States in Germany.

    But everything is changing and today in Germany, on the basis of powerful social protest, a new German policy is being born. The traditional big “two” of the CDU and SPD are being eroded (in the case of the Social Democrats, the decline is generally precipitous) and the “new right” in the form of the AfD and the “new left” are emerging based on the Sarah Wagnknecht movement.

    The German Social Democrats are broken through and it will be difficult for them to get out of the hole. In fact, the main support of the United States in Germany remains the CDU and the Greens, who will try to stop the growth of the “alternatives” and Wagnknecht, and, if possible, reverse them.

    In the Berlin report of the YouTube channel "Filippovsky, 13" this topic was touched upon ( and the conclusion was made that German society has not yet said its word. And it will be extremely difficult for the current traffic light coalition to keep Germany in the position of a thoughtless American satellite.

    In fact, in 2024 and 2025, a major political process will take place that could influence the course of the second Cold War no less strongly than the events in Ukraine, the Middle East and even Taiwan.

    Europe and especially Germany cannot be written off. After all, the last two systems of international relations were born on German soil: the bipolar one in 1945 and the current unipolar world in 1989. Who knows, maybe multipolarity will take decisive steps precisely at this geographical point."

  57. "...Tenderness is an energy that every soul should feel with their heart and experience with their soul" -by Love


  58. Message from the Pleiadian Command

    The race needs help. The race comes to its own admission regarding control and shady behind-the-scenes players. This knowledge extends beyond the planet. “As below, so above.”

    You become enlightened on a global scale, and this guarantees access to advanced methods of not only healing,
    but also all other activities of society. Let's focus on healing capsules...

    They are ready for transportation. There are more of them in production because our goal is to serve as much of the population as possible.

    This will require training as well as places to find them. This is a logistical nightmare that has been in the works for years.

    We expect,
    and it is not a guarantee that there will be a massive supply of capsules to countries as a single operation. We don't know exactly when, but for some reason many of us feel like it should happen sooner rather than later - the first part (1/2?) of this new calendar (2024) time period.

    The victims are already receiving assistance.
    I mean capsules for the rest of the population.

    This is our gift.

    You may or may not know that they came from another planet - it's part of the heist.

    There are those who, for personal gain and power, oppose this. This is a struggle both outside the world and within it.

    What you can do is continue to believe in the idea that
    that the Pleiadians have the interests of earthlings at heart and core. This has always been true.

    We don't want to constantly promise and then disappoint. We are very sad when this happens. We are people just like you, and we are connected to you in ways that are deeply embedded in our psyche. Our actions are always driven by love and nothing else.

    1. @1221 Give credit where credit is due, to the channeler. unless you steal content, reword it a little and repost as your own?
      This channeled information comes from Sophia Love

  59. Dear Cobra and italian fellows! Here is the Italian translation of the post.
    Italian Cobra Telegram channel:
    Vittoria della Luce!

  60. Wow I just found out about your blog on Twitter and already love it. Thank you so much for all that you do! :) ❤️

  61. I have to admit, the images and writing on your blog are quite nice.

  62. I just found out about your blog on Twitter today and already love it. Thank you for all that you do!I ❤️


  63. With Love.

    Playing For Change:
    When The Levee Breaks.

  64. А почему эти прыжковые комнаты не были взяты под контроль Движением Сопротивления под индуистскими храмами и в Солнечной системе Галактическим Флотом? Ещё что они упустили из виду, каких ждать очередных сюрпризов ? Почему нет около таких объектов наблюдательных и оборонительных групп, почему не наносятся упреждающие удары? Имея в своем распоряжении мощные технологии и достаточную информацию о планете Земля, может хватит уже гав ловить, а отнестись более серьезно к темным силам и начать наперед просчитывать их возможные ходы?

  65. Why weren't these jump rooms taken over by the Resistance Movement under Hindu temples and in the Solar System by the Galactic Fleet? What else did they overlook, what next surprises should they expect? Why are there no observation and defensive groups near such objects, why are there no pre-emptive strikes? Having powerful technologies and sufficient information about planet Earth at our disposal, maybe we should stop woofing and take the dark forces more seriously and start calculating their possible moves in advance?

  66. Victoire de la Lumière <3 <3 <3

  67. ***2024 Vibes*** Part 1/3

    *What I'm saying here is from my perspective only! This is how I'm feeling right now*

    - First of all i should say that I'm very happy for advancement of Light Forces and about acceleration of Liberation in the coming months. And I'm glad that Mjolnir is now operating at 10-12%, i would like to know what percentage will be enough for these bastards to die already.

    - I think that Cobra has stated in previous posts that Etheric Plane is cleared, now suddenly there are 300 million new Reptoids there to be spawned into our dimension, how these beings are created? Seems like Dark Forces are creating them just like in a video game? Are we trapped in a somekind of sick simulation game?

    - I have feeling that we as a Light Beings/Star Seeds etc... are very weak, we don't have much energy and courage. Dark Beings rape, kill, destroy, dominate, doing dark rituals and feel very powerful but we as a Light Beings are in constant trauma, we must constantly heal damages done by Dark Beings, we suffer a lot and we must forgive everyone and be kind and nice to people.

    - I don't actually understand completely this Goddess Caring Energy that Cobra is talking about, he said that it is a very Powerful Energy. I can understand that we as Empaths care for Nature, Animals and Humans, even though I don't feel very powerful about that, to feel suffering of others makes me feel very weak and like I'm constantly losing energy, Empathetic action with good outcome feels good but only feeling without being able to help feels really awful.

    - Dark Beings kill and destroy while Light Beings help to heal and rebuild, once they start to heal one place, another one is destroyed and it goes like that into infinity. For only few years of war, Light Beings needs multiple decades to rebuild and heal one place, and it's never completely healed, where is Universal Energy Balance in that?

    - Also the thing is that i don't want to give any caring and forgiving energy for negative people and negative beings, I'm saying about radical and extreme ones. They did too much unimaginable and unfathomable evil deeds to us, nature, animals etc... I don't want to forgive them anything, I would feel Powerful if i can somehow destroy them and send them to Galactic Central Sun as fast as possible or actually do something like that.

  68. ***2024 Vibes*** Part 2/3

    - I'm wondering Is/Was The Source corrupted as well to a some degree besides Lurker? How could this shithole Planet exist if it isn't? Because it doesn't distribute energy very well, why Evil Beings are feeling very powerful doing Evil Things and we Light Beings are feeling very weak doing Good Things, shouldn't be the other way around? Or is it because of Inverted Energy Grid?

    - Or The Source of this Universe seems more like Neutral, it doesn't understand humans at all and their suffering, it doesn't matter if you're Good or Bad, it only respects Free Will and Strength? I hope I'm wrong about this one, because if it's like that, then only strongest will survive, pure Brutal Animal Predator Consciousness is respected that way.

    - I want to know when this suffering, weakness and humiliation will end, when will Light Beings start to feel some Powerful Energies, i can guess that it will happen when the Earth Energy Grid is Liberated?

    - When i think about Nature, Animal and Human suffering on this Planet generally, i feel somekind of Black Hole in my guts that's eating me alive, it's like something is feeding itself on that energy, is this all because of Empathy or it's Anomaly (Lurker)?

    - Evil forces were doing very Evil Deeds for 100, 1000, 10000 or more years, they all get the same punishment ending up in Galactic Central Sun, doesn't matter how many years they were doing Evil Things. Who will Repair Energy for all those years lost in vain and in trauma and suffering for Light Beings? Will there be somekind of Universal Energy Reparation Bill by The Source or are we Suckers? Because Souls who are incarnated here are doing worst possible job for the entire Universe to be liberated. Just by being here! That's why i don't agree whit Aliens when they are saying that they don't own us anything. We're together in this... At least we should be...

    - I want so much to get initiated in ISIS Mysteries to learn more and to Ascend this shitty expirience, but first i must get healed in a MedBed.

    - Some people are saying that we're getting our Light Bodies, i think that's New Age Fake Teaching, DNA Evolution is beyond slow, we will need MedBed Technology to heal us because that's more Advanced than DNA created by The Source!?

    - Some Aliens on other Planets created better Technology (MedBeds) than Source's DNA, which is Unfathomable to me, but it's true and now we are dependant on Aliens to heal us?

    - I'm feeling very weak and sad that i can't heal on my own and that I'm dependant on others to do that even after Liberation. Why can't more advanced beings get their DNA activated so we can heal and regenerate ourselves without acting like beggars for Aliens to heal us???

  69. ***2024 Vibes*** Part 3/3

    - I can't get out of feeling that I as a Light Being am feeling very weak, I don't feel any Powerful Energy by constantly forgiving everyone, by being kind and nice guy, by feeling Empathetic with Nature, Animals and Humans, I'm feeling that energy is being drawn out of me. Combination of Empathy and Actions to help someone would feel much better but only to feel without ability to help is torture and suffering.

    - I would feel powerful if i could kill or destroy Dark and Negative Beings, I would like to feel that kind of Powerful and Strong Energy of winning the war, not like this, just being like a bandaid for a wounds, also i would feel very powerful to have a Beautiful and Strong Woman with integrity next to me but i think that will happen only after The Event.

    - Seems like majority of girls don't actually like nice and kind guys, they just pretend to like them but most of them are in a Friend Zone to be a trash can for her life problems and negative emotions. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe situation it's 50-50 but there are a lot of egoistic and selfish girls out there, they are using Social Media only to promote themselves and their fake lifestyle for others to envy them.

    - Most of the Young Vital Female Sexual Energy is taken by Bad Guys because girls love them. And when they get older and traumatized, they are looking for Good Guys to heal them and in return they get polluted sexual energy and if they are lucky they can get another man kid or two as a bonus 😂 It's no surprise that Good and Nice Guys are feeling weak.

    - Good Men are also the problem, they are giving too much of their Energy to OnlyFan girls for some nudes and fake relationship, guys wake up, don't be miserable and don't give your Energy to Bad, Selfish, Fake and Egoistic girls who don't even know how you look like, it's a humiliation. Good Men need to get Stronger and go their own way as fast as possible, rise of the Sigma Males 😎 No more Nice and Kind Energy to girls for free, don't be fools, they must deserve that.

    - Not every Girl is Bad, here are some gift for you guys 😃 It's a few YouTube short videos with Beautiful Goddess Sexual and Dance Energy to lift you up 🤪

    1. Beautiful Outfit style for Girls:

    2. Liana Blackburn sexy choreography:

    3. Very sensual Samba dance:

    4. Funny beautiful longhair girl:

    5. I would love to play Golf with Korean Girls:

    Enjoy 🥰

  70. Attacks on eyesight seem to be happening these days. Even One Piece author has been attacked for revealing too much of the truth. This seems to be their way to punish those who spread information around them. I've been attacked numerous times lately with this method.

    Time to do more clearing meditations, I guess.

    1. I honestly don’t know if it is a coincidence but I suffered an eye problem in late December (vitreous gel detaching from retina). This caused vision problems which I am still dealing with, but thankfully it’s getting better, but was quite scary when it happened.

    2. Why is One Piece author attacked? What did he revealed?

  71. Всем веганам, вегетарианцам и кто хочет стать ими, советую прочитать книги Геннадия Малахова и особенно его книги "Практическая энциклопедия оздоровления" и " Золотые правила питания". Просто отказавшись от мясной пищи, вы автоматически не станете вегетарианцем или веганом.Переход нужно делать постепенно, попутно очищая органы физического тела от токсинов и вводя в свой рацион продукты,которые будут далее поддерживать и укреплять ваше здоровье. Можете со мной спорить сколько вам будет угодно, но ягоды,фрукты,овощи,злаковые растения, бобовые растения, различные орехи, мед, молочные продукты и особенно кисломолочные продукты, грибы, различные травы и листовые растения, семена,разные продукты пчеловодства - еда для Человека, данная ему самой Природой Земли. Как - то странно гонятся Человеку за куском чьего - то трупа при наличии огромного видового растительного разнообразия. Перестаньте употреблять наркотические вещества , алкоголь ,покупать сигареты ,не растрачивайте попусту свою сексуальную энергию, упорядочите свою жизнь и свой быт,возьмите под свою опеку бездомных животных, кормите зимой птиц и сделайте для них кормушки и домики, посадите растения, уберите максимально негатив из своей жизни: "Высокий забор делает хорошими соседей, а большое расстояние делает хорошими родственников". Дорогие Звёздные Семена, все вы без исключения сильнее кого бы то ни было на этой планете, все вы без исключения имеете способности, так начинайте раскрывать их и пользоваться ими во благо, найдите в себе свой внутренний стержень и ради бога перестаньте уже ныть как тяжела жизнь , задираться друг с другом и обсуждать всякую ерунду в комментариях. На конференцию Кобра можно поехать своим автомобилем, не пожалеть денег на бензин, взять с собой теплые одеяла, одежду теплую , приготовленную заранее еду и воду , а на месте проведения конференции в отсутствии денег на ночлег переночевать в автомобиле. Можно взять с собой компаньона: друга или родственника.Если есть желание и есть деньги на саму конференцию и на бензин, зачем сомневаться? Победа Света! А почему эти прыжковые комнаты не были взяты под контроль Движением Сопротивления под индуистскими храмами и в Солнечной системе Галактическим Флотом? Ещё что они упустили из виду, каких ждать очередных сюрпризов ? Почему нет около таких объектов наблюдательных и оборонительных групп, почему не наносятся упреждающие удары? Имея в своем распоряжении мощные технологии и достаточную информацию о планете Земля, может хватит уже гав ловить, а отнестись более серьезно к темным силам и начать наперед просчитывать их возможные ходы?

  72. congrats to the light forces, i really want to be initiated into Stellar and Ascended master healing rays also

  73. I advise all vegans, vegetarians and those who want to become them to read the books of Gennady Malakhov and especially his books “Practical Encyclopedia of Health” and “Golden Rules of Nutrition”. Just by giving up eating meat, you will not automatically become a vegetarian or vegan. The transition should be done gradually, simultaneously cleansing the organs of the physical body of toxins and introducing foods into your diet that will further support and strengthen your health. You can argue with me as much as you like, but berries, fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, various nuts, honey, dairy products and especially fermented milk products, mushrooms, various herbs and leafy plants, seeds, various beekeeping products are food for Man, given to him by the very Nature of the Earth. It’s somehow strange for a person to chase a piece of someone’s corpse in the presence of a huge species diversity of plants. Stop using drugs, alcohol, buying cigarettes, don’t waste your sexual energy, organize your life and your everyday life, take homeless animals under your care, feed the birds in winter and make feeders and houses for them, plant plants, remove as much negativity from your life as possible. life: “A high fence makes good neighbors, and long distance makes good relatives.”Dear Star Seeds, all of you, without exception, are stronger than anyone else on this planet, all of you, without exception, have abilities, so start revealing them and using them for good, find your inner core and for God’s sake stop whining about how hard life is , pick on each other and discuss all sorts of nonsense in the comments. You can go to the Cobra conference with your own car, spare no money on gasoline, take with you warm blankets, warm clothes, food and water prepared in advance, and at the conference site, if you don’t have money for an overnight stay, spend the night in your car. You can take a companion with you: a friend or relative. If you have the desire and have the money for the conference itself and for gasoline, why hesitate? Victory of the Light!

    1. What you call 'whining' we call survival mode.
      Also, we all can't live like saints or hippies, you know.

    2. Very big thanks for the recommendation. I was just dropping meat today.

  74. At this moment there is On Edge of Science show on our national TV and they are talking about Cloning and how is done,, Clone is identical replica of DNA donors (if you don't touch that DNA I guess),, ha ha

  75. Tuesday, August 24, 2021

    "Light Forces have begun to clear the innermost layer of the etheric and astral dark force matrix with still tens of billions of Reptilian entities present. This practically means that the battle for the planetary surface on the non-physical planes is now reaching its peak. Dark attacks in the last few weeks have collapsed about 40 percent of the Light grid on the surface of the planet, and thankfully the grid is slowly recovering in the last few days."

    Monday, September 4, 2023

    "Anomaly is in the process of being cleared, almost all Reptilians are gone from the etheric and astral planes, Chimera is almost completely defeated, Archons/black nobility still keep most of their power, deep underground bases are all cleared, some shallow underground bases and tunnels still exist."

    Taken into the context of tens of billions of reptilians in the etheric to 300 million with the jumprooms, it's not necessarily contradictory in relation to the current update when Cobra previously stated "almost all Reptlians are gone from the etheric and astral planes." 300 million is still far more than expected, but after these are cleared, the number may be very close to zero.

  76. V slovenščini:

    Pridružite se nam na Telegramu:

    Vabljeni na našo stran na Facebooku:

    Toplo vabljeni na Facebook stran Tahionske komore v Ljubljani:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  77. La scorsa notte ha sognato che ero con la mia compagna in montagna che guardavamo il cielo di notte. Io le spiegavo che c'erano dei movimenti in cielo dato che era in corso una battaglia tra LF e forze oscure. Alla fine il cielo si è riempito di Stelle cadenti che ho interpretato come un segno che la battaglia era finita ed il desiderio della Vittoria della Luce si è tramutata in realtà. La Vittoria è vicina. Prima di svegliarmi totalmente, nel sogno ho pensato di fare una compensazione attraverso una serie di
    parole ripetute prima di fare ritorno nel corpo e risvegliarmi.

  78. Thank you Pleiadians! This is a great update about 2024. It is 3.40 seconds. Also, new DNA is coming soon that will update our abilities!

  79. I just turned on the TV and it is unwatchable. The Australian Open is on, it just started and this happens every year. All the channels are unwatchable. So I won't even follow it this year; we get watchable days and days that are all crapped up - this happens every year with the tennis. They are insane with the tennis. So annoying.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. so stupid sometimes!scripedit🤬🤬🤬

  82. Hey Cobra. I am a deep MILAB. Most people in the Illuminati remember me as Marcus Jordan Rojas. My name changed when I was 6 but the first and middle name are the same. I don't want to post my last name because I don't want anyone to know my identity. Anyways I was known for being a political assassin as well as other things connected to Project Mannequin.

    Anyways I felt guided to make a new blog as well as write a novel for the event. I've written two blogs that received thousands of views. I was wondering if you could guide me telepathically on how I should make my blog. Here is the domain

    So basically my initial thoughts were to make a reblog blog with commentary, but I have no idea where to start or what is happening. I'm way more ascended than I was and I am terrified of leaking intel like I was told to do in January of 2016 when I wrote the WhiteHatDarkHat. I am thinking about doing auto transmissions and channelings as well but once again I am terrified that I will get real intel. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Once again we can do all of this telepathically or in dreams and I'll probably regress and get it. Also I should say, I want to help with the Event and I think you're help would be extremely beneficial to achieving this endeavor

    Also I have been a Pleiadian contactee since February of 2015. I guess that's the first wave of the event. They have shown me UFO's and demonstrated some of their technology for me.

    Spiritually, I have two spirits. One is a Red Ray Commander while the other is connected to a White Ray Commander. I also had a recent soul transfer 2 years ago and now I am Amoulanth Sun Committee 57

    Once again here is the domain

    Anyways, I hope you read this.

    1. Have the aliens show up here, then , Taygeta.
      Some of us wanna be contactess as well.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Víťazstvo Svetla!!!

  85. Hello Cobra, is Kimberley Goguen (United Network News) your enemy?

  86. Anche in Italia ci sono varie famiglie della nobiltà nera occulta, anzi in Italia abbiamo un sacco di cose occulte negative. Ma non è importante questo, non è importante che io sia italiano o tedesco o russo o degli Stati Uniti, ecc. Quello che è importante è essere un anima con la coscienza, un essere in grado di fare del discernimento interiore. In ogni posto di questa Terra c'è la parte chiara e la parte oscura. La storia , quella vera, presto ci sarà raccontata e sono convinto che ci saranno ancora molte sorprese per tutti. Non soffermatevi troppo sui particolari, non restateci male se ciò che credevate giusto o pulito non lo è in realtà nel vostro Paese. Non ha importanza, dovete essere pronti a tutto, a qualsiasi notizia, a qualsiasi verità. Non c'è un Paese o una Nazione modello, giusta o sbagliata. La Terra è stata un crocevia di culture extraterrestri di vario genere e ognuno di loro ha lasciato qualcosa. Ora è giunto il momento dell'epurazione, bisogna solo dare il meglio di noi per eliminare ciò che resta di oscuro. Nient'altro.

  87. Io sono italiano, no , io sono olandese, no , tedesco, oops europeo. Neanche, io sono americano e sono africano e sono anche dell'Oceania. Ma sono anche asiatico e russo. IO SONO! QUESTO È IMPORTANTE! ESSERE il proprio Se Superiore pienamente manifestato qui ora sulla Terra.

  88. During January-October 2023, 1.06 million children were born in the Russian Federation, and for the entire 2023 their number is unlikely to exceed 1.27 million. Since 2015, when 1.94 million children were born, a decline of almost 35% , Equality calculated.

    The birth rate in 2023 may be the worst in the entire history of the Russian Federation. The anti-record was set in 1999, when 1.215 million people were born. But then Crimea was not part of Russia, and Chechnya was not taken into account in the statistics, notes demographer Alexey Raksha. Without these regions, there will be less than 1.22 million births in 2023.

    Let's take a closer look at women 20-34 years old, who account for 72% of births. In 85-87 they gave birth to 2.05 million children a year. If we take this as the norm, then the birth rate losses since 1988 have been:
    4.3 million – from a decrease in the number of women in the 90s (“echo of the Great Patriotic War”)
    4.0 million – from a decrease in the number of women after 2010 (“echo of the 90s”)
    19.6 million – for other reasons

    During 1988-2023, 46 million people were born, but it could have been 74 million, i.e. total losses - 28 million.

    Capitalism has become the main contraceptive. The change in social system led to mass impoverishment and an explosion of inequality. The growth in income in the 2000s did not compensate for the loss of public funds (free housing, childbirth infrastructure, etc.). The market economy has made children a burden that makes it even more difficult to survive.

    If we take the number of births per 1000 women aged 20-34, the coefficient turns out to be 73 in 2023. In 2015 it was 96, and in the Soviet years 85-87 – 114.

    Since 2021, the “echo of the 90s” has dominated as a loss factor. There are now 12.3 million women aged 20-34 in the Russian Federation, which is 27% less than in 2015.

    Motivation by “maternal capital” is weakening. It is sometimes seen as a bait to get into mortgages and enrich developers and bankers, which is uncomfortable to do with huge percentages (the key rate of the central bank was raised by Nabiulina to 16% per annum. Real incomes of Russians have not grown since 2013, and debt overload and commercialization of services have increased.

    More than 30% of young people are prevented from having a child by low incomes. Without income growth for the majority at 3.5% per year, incl. Due to redistribution from rich to poor, it is unlikely to crawl out of the demographic hole.

  89. A heartfelt hug to you, dear Cobra, and to all Light Forces who work tirelessly for the liberation of the planet Earth and beyond. Dear sisters and brothers who are reading this blog, my affection for all of you is immense.💞💞💞

  90. I'm getting the impression that once Mjolnir reaches 12.5%, a 1/8 harmonic can allow us to perhaps use the octagon geometry to rapidly amplify the reach and penetration, but not necessarily intensity, of the Mjolnir energies. Loosen the "grip" that the dark energies have on us without overloading everyone with the intensity that would otherwise be necessary? I'm seeing Feng Shui mirrors.

    It's looking like finances and health will not allow me to make it to Phoenix, which is sad as it's fairly close to me in Colorado. Maybe if I had a bit more notice I could have put some things together. Regardless, I'm doing what I can with the Dragon Line nearby here and hopefully that can help weaken the dark's attempts to mess with the energies there. Whether I'm there in person or not, I'm gonna participate as I'm able.

  91. Un posto a cui sono molto affezionato. La mia famiglia nasce qui.

  92. Cobra, how reliable are AS's channelings about the supposed pleiadian general named Hakann??

  93. Quote: Both of those networks are under the control of the Pallavicini family, which also controls the BRICS alliance though their secret connections in Israel. Both the Indian and African Illuminati networks are now in intense process of final removal. The signs of that clearing are everywhere: end

    I don't understand how these links show signs of the clearing. Am I missing something?

    Also with the escalation of the fighting in the middle east does it warrant the removal of the Black nobility from the planet?

    You see Beloveds, we of the Ashtar Galactic Command are not your average psychic, astral plane level of phenomena, UFO or ET group. There are many such out there that you may encounter, but we are not one of them.
    What we are is quite literally, the Hosts of Heaven who over lighted, guided and served the Most High God, Adonai Tsebayoth the Lord God of Hosts and His Son, Our Most Radiant One, Emanuel, Yeshua Ha- Mashiah, Jesus the Christ during His Earthly mission.
    We continue to do so, as He continues to serve in ascending this planet, reclaiming it in the Father's Name as His and Humanity's Kingdom.


  95. Very interesting about Orsini family

  96. Grazie Cobra! La traduzione in italiano è qui:

  97. New Hampshire Becomes Second U.S. State To Ban Chemtrails
    "There are factions who mean to spread things in the air above us. They are not shy about it, and if we lack any sense of transparency, limits, or regulation, we might find ourselves subject to man-caused atmospheric effects without knowledge of recourse." VOTL!🌹🌟

  98. I hope you guys felt what happened yesterday. Victory of the Light.

  99. This is nice...

    I have to delete something I wrote yesterday. I knew as soon as I sent it. Bit slow...

  100. This is a post about the Bold and the Beautiful. Firstly Stephi we know is a fake, she is a man. So now they have bought in this new character called RJ, and he is Brooke and Ridge's son. Well I have seen RJ several times with his hand "half hidden by a jacket", which is clearly a sign that he is Illuminati. Plus he can't act - he is horrible! But that is okay because he just has to have a pathetic look on his face while we barf about it. I mean BLAHHHHH.

  101. Kokkinarkis, the aussie tennis player, has no tattoos anywhere (not on his arms I can see) but on one leg, he has a butterfly. STRANGE. MK Ultra I suppose?

    Also, I haven't seen anymore AI on TV but for a few minutes. I'm not even sure it was... Maybe something else.

  102. Dernières informations de Cobra sur les actions galactiques avec schémas et vidéos (sous-titrées) traduites en français intelligible :-)

  103. Cobra avait mis un lien youtube avec une femme d'illuminati qui témoignait, désormais les sous titres sont disponibles avec la vidéo ici :

    Cobra had posted a youtube link with an illuminati woman testifying, now the subtitles are available with the video here :

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  106. 我寫這些有些看似不相關或有爭議,不論各方不同類方會覺得的爭議,或其它任,或啥引發啥,但我已在裡面自圓解釋也襯托更廣互可通用核心道理或任總之答,請別立刻BAN我或怎麼樣或任或先看完,你們任方終會明白,且有用的,我上次發給大家那長好幾篇不論在這網或其它也有先解釋一些點好後續看懂、理解、認同、有用、推動,請看看,可明白,我也寫給其它各方,總之“不不好”,你們若是英文或各方看不懂可翻譯此,總會有懂的,希望真如我下面最後一段講----就是正面整合的也真懂,並如我那段解釋那情況,最終給我個答覆,且也還真算呼應我那!也請各方或萬有,也是整合觀,“不要覺的我煩”,我真心的或任形容通,實,已傾出、倒出,“全部”、力....了,不是倒垃圾,拜托了

  107. 神魔這個密寫的,如上知,也傳給真正派也有

  108. 我不知那何,但另加一提,希望跟龍拼冰釋前嫌,並互相正面、有理、有梗、有啟發,互相的遊戲都為自己也為各、互帶來完全的大活力,並雙方平等,雙方都同成為世上業界一佳話、典範,並也讓大家各方眾人含各國、玩家都自願被說服,且也用正面不卑不亢的,並那些信負面為真理只會在世上死中二、嘴炮人、帶來負面,且客觀看完全本來就能輕鬆得出靠杯!鬼話!只會似是而非扭曲,實際根本意識型態真正比納粹更納粹的“陰謀集團”真相可蒐,真走狗、奴隸、真正被洗腦完全“非常非常深的編程”自以為對反被刁蟲小技小聰明實際真邪惡才完全沒救的“35億”愚民,被邪惡外星執政官獵戶座邪惡帝國(真實際是渣根本沒資格叫官)操控還不知,牠們可悲,這篇你們內部人自己看就好,現在已經全世界全面大揭露幕後真相者無數包含無數世界不只宇宙、正面外星存在,也有無數高維度、或完全不同其它世界正面存在們都來到此我們這個平行世界的這個地球,要讓一切揚升、地球正面解放了,這有無數鐵證,我有意告訴你們,我也暗中私下告訴很多私聊訊息但經我挑選過較好該告知而一起正面的世上各官方聯絡私聊,含一些確定是正面的知名人物,甚至一些正面政客,我對那些死網民只要是跟低賤的國中生、低賤的黑牠媽道我很會看人,那些我一開始就不打算點醒或給牠們機會,牠們沒救了,死中二,我也有發在一些我自己有的網誌、各處,那些可的內容設公開,有緣人我還是想適當點醒,他們自己會找到並正面則會更進一步去相關領域找,那些找麻煩的我們很多正面人都有十足證據或講話能力或證明那些世界幕後邪惡跨國軍工復合體做盡萬惡鐵證,我們法律也比那些邪、人更有理,但我們是不屑法律的,真正正面大成功後的圓滿世界根本不需法律這種教條垃圾,自然會達成圓滿,有興趣去蒐尋大衛威爾科克、科博拉、本傑明富爾福德、科里古德、大衛艾克等人訊息、和今日俄羅斯或還有很多另類正面獨立揭露幕後真相媒體,各國都有,還有一些關鍵字如揚升、地球正面解放、事件、壓縮突破、正面的那個而不是邪的那個銀河聯盟、神聖的太陽閃焰、宇宙中央太陽、種族、銀河的也是,地底的抵抗運動、正面阿加森人(地底另一前代地球25000年前被邪佔領時徹退到地底的正(這段當時沒打完,在這不用打,因這些全大家知,但我在當時密宣傳給那方時要解釋,你們就稍看看吧、就好,也算我自定期理清頭緒或做個自備份、備用筆記、證,自己最少多少有用,甚至有時更說不定有較大,我既願意公開自己寫的,不論大不大或誰早知、另誰完全不知,但總算是種風險,因貼網就有被人惡意檢舉或嘴炮說那種邪道的那種責任而不是正那種,但我都貼那反過來可說我已不怕或本就要貼了,那等於任人在我不知可能反正都可用,我可能也觸不及,這大家早明,這也算相關或可講,如我第一段,那既此,你們這邊且正方就更可用,若你們覺有正用,那盡管用吧!不論正人或正派,回歸剛接原段吧,其它看完我所有篇在整體思一下可大致領悟些整合概略核心、解、理、答、也如我內說不自大,但真....那詳,總謝含看....)我覺你們正而拉攏,網上抹黑他們的別看,那才真邪方,有證

  109. 媽,我2點多就吃飽,所以今天算、真有顧好,只是沒吃飯類而已,我也有猶豫要不要吃,但後來有死中二如上說那類嘴炮,那也如我寫那跟真正派無數、限、大世界觀整合仍真正正、好成了,最近最後一次了,要結束時,最好中間點,靈魂之作,的精華濃縮,劃破無限,跟萬有一起收拾掉牠們,不中二,真正的舉世歡騰,連對邪也是,但仍不邪,更另類跌破眼鏡卻歡樂正,氣息徹底改變,自然傾向好,不爆政、嘴炮、放任,真,所以可了,我在密寫給神魔問卷時剛好邪死中二從最根源無限世界一起來源大邪一路操縱命令到最小邪人愚民嘴炮,那我就順便反牠們同時向各方可能還有希望正的一些各處大小影響力官方含神魔或其它也當然含真正派密寫拉攏,以此做為制裁但不報復邪像牠們一樣做最壞示範,自以為受惡實要分清楚牠們客觀才是最終得出自己才惡,還敢為安慰自己而反而報復,“不論受多大的自認創傷,你們為報復而做惡時就是已經方向徹底錯誤、與初衷相違背”

  110. 所以我寫完就4點多了,後來弄下差不多5點現在,不知該不該吃,我剛有好好跟舅、婆講電話全清楚,並請他告訴媽妳,也問他建議、請他再請妳也回我給我建議,但後來就沒接到有妳回,不怪罪、強迫,但就暫沒去別家吃飯類,而後我寫時又有死中二嘴炮如我剛說,所以就這樣了....我本考慮過要不要東吳或果頌坊或其它,但又覺可能算了較好,畢竟永恆人生算是已啥都經歷體驗過,若是咖啡店或其它更多別的,也有美好的時,也不是真全只不好,只是邪確實讓大多人大多時是不好,也有一次就夠都當最後一次一口氣做到最好大圓滿高潮後結束了,若那是好,可不再需,若不好也不該被邪說啥鬼話業力最萬惡元凶邪道本就為奴役眾生而由邪神創,永不會是真理、錯,用盡扭曲硬要、搞、強逼要讓牠似、成為對也沒用,就是這個最萬惡,當然其牠我也說無限世整合也有無限多萬惡到爆只會同等沒再最、更高了,無數邪,沒用,只被我說仍正好無限整合成一起瓦解牠們,並也已說過無限遍,夠了,不中二,真正的舉世歡騰對萬有都

  111. 已明,所以現在不論是何情況,雖不完全確定真相究竟何,但就說、也真是我說那,但可總結,現在是最後,只有兩條路,一條是邪就是該死無限世界蒙敝操縱未知永不讓大家知真相但總之就大致邪、強、主宰、無限世狗咬狗,但總合在大觀對泛正時就一致假團結實是“終極問題”用牠力量強迫全邪假一致實根本不叫團結早就眾明白那只是所謂操縱、控制、不論完全洗腦讓其無意識化或有意識但基於恐懼互相約束自己都活的不自在還敢搞人或暴力逼就範或有意識但是被洗腦意識型態還自嗨以為是自己的真意識,牠們含那不確定何真但總有,估且也真可整合成一個算仍多少可確定有““半”存在”大邪神-----“終極問題”,只有被另一條路真相無限世界正、好仍強過、成瓦解牠們,並真正的舉世歡騰,如我說,並全真相大白,永恆好大成功到來永遠成了、好了,並即使無限世界整合也是,要不就是無限世界如我剛說另一情況被泛邪的總合毀滅,也“毀滅”也不毀滅,有幾種哲學也現實符合的情況同是此,要不就真可把萬有毀到時空或啥任都於“無”,或一切衰竭死一片慘狀明明有一切卻啥都發揮不了力,像“熵”類似但不同,要不就是無限醜惡世結構邪神群狗咬狗,各未知斷層無數,但總合大致邪在意義上或邪的道義或哲學也某方面現實或精神上或象徵上或武力上或狹義客觀腐爛那種現實上看大致永勝利,然後只終極問題死半調子“半”型式鬼道理、詭異、方式、鬼話、就是個最貼切說“死“醬糊””、不堪入目,“開玩笑,是個“神”或要有、是、該有神或神怎麼可以是這種不堪入目的垃圾態”,不單指形體,而是真各方面太萬惡且也實客觀真的已不能忍另人厭惡,像該死的我最厭惡的還多人中二覺得讚“崇拜”根本不知跟主要異常多近、像、多危險或像科博拉和各真正派說那萬惡“DAATH”宇宙深淵另類平行世界鬼“點”在矛定主要異常,如我說,若不確定下還真有無限其牠世界觀整合,也真有其牠不確定大邪,那有這種超越連維度這種定義、限制的鬼X爆另類平行世界也不為過,去牠的“克蘇魯腦殘邪神群”!!!!不堪入目!!!!

  112. 總之現在也不用拼啥任何人的任何人生大業了,有個證明法,各說法都指向2024、2025不是我剛說的邪成毀滅要不就是奇蹟偉大的互相呼應“靠杯!?太神、太棒了吧!?~....!!~~”感動真落淚舉世歡騰真正的也互呼我剛說但也各方,也大家真都奮鬥、突破各終極的限制、問題,無限強,“反殺”爆,最終那不成功的終極原因、限制被大家巨大累積已久無限大的正、光壓力一口氣爆發、夾殺、被強挖出真相大白、合力終打穿了、大圓滿解開、劃破時空、更廣任何完全不同的無限,超越了、的存在、超越存在與否、昇華、解脫、也消失也出現,就像說哲學又現實,但卻是真正好的,也超越二元性,不只,更廣任,也當然超越時空,既“有”也“無”,不再有、不像邪派經歷擠壓悲傷,我們體諒牠們,但也決不放任,由我們帶領眾做先鋒“超越”“成了”,不自大,而是覺悟,真已了,後所有萬有也解脫,類似揚升可說,當然用任一道理類似也可講,總之是“超越”了,不論互、超越任、任萬有都超越、每個自己、真正的自我、己明確、完全清醒、力量完全提升至無限,但也無視、不需要、不受限於力量,並萬有真正的成一體,而不只是之前那種名義上,並自己跟宇宙一樣大,又無限小,又是任,並意識、所有都超越,無疆,不嘴炮,不是硬解釋或已在有有限中硬要去得出無限就會像這樣不搭嘎,“真不是”,並各方面含意識超越到更高世界,先似瞬間短失去意識,而後立刻完全清醒,更無比清醒,因超越了,但決不階級,又再各世界再互融,不分高低,超越高低,又高又低,但實超越,真象徵實成了,所以也是同時也是稍短後就全再跟著大家也解脫,不矛盾,因超越時空

  113. 就這兩種,現在暫周旋一切大致好,卻又也算是濃縮版廣義完成了人生大業,並也同時無限可能還有其它路,但總都是真正好的,不矛盾,如我解釋,某方面可說是主要的兩條,但其它也很有力,並還有第3者無限就是更再超越跌破眼鏡的解,且無限高,但也是好的,但驚奇,且最終包容包住邪那條、但不放任、整合、消融、無限“既合一也大開放”成了後興奮激發自在無限創一切!!~~~並真光,一切、背景是亮的!!~誠懇覺悟講,實成了、“真”!!~“不“中二””(....

  114. 補充:並影響大局大突破,越快衝向成功,一切驚奇大變、大好、各方共鳴、風起雲湧、連無限世界觀整合一起大影響,大好、正,真相全曝光、被掀出!!~

  115. 我跟天空講了一段話,最後的,直接就那詳細自存在於世過證就夠,跟神聖源頭、偉大的能量、和各大正,整合觀,雖自已有、希望那答,但還是希望在我已先前提好導下步,再反解出答,已先有點固定,好像自這樣有點不知該怎說感各方也,但仍希望他們給我真心但仍有靈活、在此況仍、解、驚奇、無比好,一起爆出,成、答案、他們給我個答覆、齊解、聚合點、打穿、那成、再開(!!~

  116. 最後了,謝謝觀看,另外,我剛把早寫好的從剛我那處復制貼來,結果發時似跳出一段字,不確定是不是google牠邪派在瞬間就可偵測抵制我,抱歉我承認我英文不好不懂那段,但不是因過長,因那種以前我遇過查過就知了,這次不同,也可查啦....抱歉,但先讓我發吧....總之不至於吧,因我以前寫的別的邪派應更不爽內容都沒事,要是這反而應該沒問題的卻有事,那也不知牠們怎判斷了,難不成這裡是正的網站卻還要受制更外殼般啥google自大邪到真自以為、暴力直當乾脆說整個網路、所有電磁的都牠們的就飽啦,或難不成又是啥“邪惡腦殘AI”不堪入目度跟剛說克蘇魯有的比?!~....我真不願負面,但我一直以來在清理邪或黑暗面時,領悟客觀上有時多少不得已,但在跟牠們幹兼清兼正面過程我先暫看似伴隨負但實是為幹牠們、跟牠們幹而此,不是惡用途,後來就好了,雖這樣有用負幹負,有爭議,根本半斤八兩感,但請讓我這樣吧....有時在局部每人情況不同說不定對他來說,例我,反而只有這樣反而才就解開了、竟會好!....我真心始終真只希望一切客觀好,並整合觀仍是,並不論我這樣是否好心卻反做出導致無意壞事,或真的沒效或效果不佳,各層面不論,但總之我出力,“是”,另外我有時點太快跳掉,我擔心會不會頁面萬一是不小心按到檢舉你們?我卻不知道?若是此雖應該不會是,我不盲目怪罪或草木皆兵....算是邪操縱偶然性一種,總會解那任況好,若那,也,請,讓我們大家互相協助合作奮鬥平等一起出力、成、如我剛其一段、篇、內容互呼,例還真驚奇大好互激解、“開”那!!~還有我剛雖寫很久,但後來仍有時間,沒錯過,抓“拉魯拉絲”蘿莉神奇寶貝盡量了,已好,後到夢想咖啡,已來久,等下回,寫夠,全一切夠,結束時到了,“不不好”,我受夠各方陌生或熟人都沒理莫名攻擊或唏洛我這故意惡質對待了,還敢說萬惡只我一人錯,全一切設計好操縱無腦了像機器假的被控針對我一個,然後只說死硬要最終永遠只硬強調一句話逼接受,就又是啥鬼話業力,也永不讓人知,只硬用暴力逼人就範,自以為操縱未知蒙敝只用話術當神主牌,然後明明鬼話根本不對,大家反時就爆怒崩潰抓狂或無限陰險自大只會虐人好像自然優勢氣息,然後總結果都是用暴力做後盾爆打人逼照著,總之可知那元凶有一邪神,像我剛說終極問題,但也解如那詳中另段屬好成的解

  117. Pluto entering Aquarius on January 20th / 21st, 2024

    Guided Meditation:

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    Convert Military Time to 12 Hour Time:

  118. When will we all get emotional healing??? Today it is unbearable... And what will happen to people who do not belive in unconditional love and peace? It is so hard to be around people full of fear and hate.... My heart is crying.....

  119. Meditation for Pluto entering Aquarius
    January 21st at 12:50 AM UTC
    Livestream starts at 12:30 AM UTC:

  120. Hello,

    I came across some information about recent developments in the human collective consciousness. Basically, the Zetas have successfully deployed a "distillation layer" between our spirit realm and the astral plane.

    The "distillation layer" allows human consciousness to be encapsulated and stand alone, outside spirit realm. According to the source, this is the first step to a human collective consciousness which human beings will in the future be able to consciously utilize.

    The video talking about it has been taken down. The distillation layer will increase connections people have to subtle planes. People in the future will be able to be more conscious of their past lives.

    The distillation layer is a big step toward a new spirit realm in which humans will develop the technology to influence and allows the collective to begin concentrating elements which were more or less in flux and undulating.

    Happy times

  121. Arabic translation of this post/الترجمة العربية لهذا المنشور:
    لكي يتم إعلامك فورًا بترجمة جديدة ، يمكنك متابعتنا على تيليجرام:

  122. Air stewardess films pink 'UFO'… during flight from Luton to Poland

  123. ...???

  124. Also, and this is important, the Dark Ones have placed a kind of subtle cocoon of Anomaly around many Surface Lightworkers to break them psychologically as well as physically. This cocoon causes poor health, chaos on the outside, injuries, accidents, arguments with other people, psychological terror, etc.

    It is important to remove this cocoon, preferably in meditation, in which you allow yourself to be brought energetically onto the ships of the Lightforces for asking to remove this layer of negativity. Those who like to work with Archangels, like Michael (to cut open the negative layer with his sword and remove it) can also ask them to do this. In addition, you can go into a Pillar of Light in combination with the Silver-Violet Flame and have this cocoon burned and sucked away. It is also important to recharge your energy and protect yourself afterwards.


  125. I live in Phoenix. Be nice to go to the conference, but my family and I are living paycheck to paycheck.

  126. Meditation for Pluto entering Aquarius
    January 21st at 12:50 AM UTC

    "Pluto is going to enter Aquarius on January 20th/21st. It will stay in Aquarius until September 1st, then enter Capricorn for 11 weeks. After that, Pluto will re-enter Aquarius on November 19th and remain in the sign for 20 years. When Pluto enters Aquarius on January 20th/21st, we are going to experience a strong energetic event. Then in the next 8 months, it is expected that a lot of movement will be made towards Disclosure and the First Contact. This will bring new spiritual awakenings to the consciousness of humanity. The following meditation is recommended for experiencing the strong energetic event when Pluto enters Aquarius."