Thursday, June 27, 2024

CC restoration in process, security breaches deflected at 504


  1. this cant be a coincidence, all of a sudden i feel very good, it must be this CC grid! I feel very positive. I think I'm starting to understand what's going on now.

    1. Plant Morganites also. It will activate G-dess vortex, think its important to balance out the CC grid.

    2. Yeah, last night I felt that something changed for the positive. It fluctuates.

    3. Curious what CC actually means.

    4. you should maybe work on strengthening your aura

    5. Oh man. I so relate to your message. I was like OMG did any one get the plate to the mack truck that hit me? I woke up so tired and my entire body ached. Took me three hours to pull myself out of it. When i read cobras message I couldn't help but think that had something to do with how I was feeling

  2. just a reflection: ve have an infinite universe, then we have an infinite number of other universes, and the last unfree planet is liberated by only three sweaty factions?

    1. I think, some people should portray more gratitude towards those who try their best to liberate us!

      Believe it or not, but many of the lightforces are at the front as well, do actual killing and risking their lives for us while on the other hand, most of us readers enjoy the protection of our screens and some of you complain that everything is not going fast enough!

    2. I think the universe is not infinite, but that it is always expanding

    3. Yep! Just three "sweaty" factions. Try not to strain yourself with any other deep reflections.

    4. I also have the same doubt too!

    5. To learn so much we have.

    6. Anunaki seems to no longer want to care about this, or rather, a long time ago, these three factions all belonged to Anunaki, but later separated from them. I really don't quite understand this. Various sources indicate that looking for the origin of humanity (current civilization) should start with anunaki.

    7. >B

      Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter says it takes only 400 nuclear weapons to destroy everything of significance on the entire planet.

      Russians have more than 1550, so its easy for them to send 5 warheads spread-loaded over a large western city - make sure its all gone.

      If they really want to.

      Instead they opt for cheap $800/- drones with high explosives, a relatively static defense line with WW1 artillery shelling tactics & time on their side to grind down their NATO sponsored adversaries while NATO keep repeating the same mistakes and bleed themselves dry. Meanwhile the cheap but effective drone warfare while slow serves to keep the war cheap & avoid the war debt trap every nation at war falls into.

      Russian weekly losses are already higher than the worst week for US forces in the Vietnam War, but it would be much higher if they committed a full force to rapidly take over Ukraine a few months.

      In many ways the Russian SMO & its long drawn out attrition methods in Ukraine and the geopolitics around it mirrors the Light Forces tactics for the situation on Planet Earth.

      The ethnic Russians in Ukraine who suffered in those first 8 years post-Maidan including children lost to shelling by Kiev are still mad at Moscow for not intervening sooner, which mirrors our own frustration waiting for the Event.

      Maybe this will offer some clarity through a superficial comparison.

  3. I have use Atvor meditation in the noon,and I felt great,like I just connected to the Light.

  4. "If Israel withdraws troops from Rafah and simultaneously launches an operation in Lebanon, the conclusion can be drawn quite clearly: Tel Aviv lost the war with Hamas and after that went on a collision course with a much more dangerous enemy - Hezbollah. Where is the logic here? And it is: this is how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting for his political survival, and possibly freedom.

    Netanyahu can remain in power only through permanent war, and he is successfully doing this. At first, the operation in the Gaza Strip, instead of defeating Hamas, turned into collective punishment of the Palestinians. When it became clear that an all-out war in Gaza would not bring any particular results, but would put Israel on the brink of international isolation, Tel Aviv included the option with Lebanon.

    Netanyahu is like a roulette player who has already lost big, but hopes to jump out of the loop by constantly doubling his bet. Will he succeed? It may well work out, despite the bloody swamp he created. Because Israel can do almost anything in the Middle East as long as the United States stands behind it. And they will not put serious pressure on Tel Aviv before the presidential elections in November.

    The Biden administration needs to win the election, and a quarrel with the powerful Israeli lobby in the United States is not the best way to do this. Another thing is that before the fall, Netanyahu, who is saving himself through war, may make such a mess that it will be impossible to clear away the results of his activities. Realizing that the Israeli prime minister will still bet on a big war, Washington intends to at least correct its course.

    To do this, he is trying to “freeze” the conflict in Gaza and convince Netanyahu to focus on Lebanon. For the US, Israel's war against Hezbollah is simply the lesser evil. Here, at least, it is possible to strike at Iran’s main proxy tool in the Middle East. Gaza has turned into an endless bloody dead end."

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  7. I primi sei mesi dell'anno stanno per lasciare il posto agli ultimi sei mesi dell'anno. Per cui il 30 giugno 2024 segna un punto di svolta. Potrebbe essere un nuovo inizio. Potrebbe o meno essere notato, ma credo che questa data coincida con una situazione nuova.

  8. Caro Cobra sento di ringraziarti per tutto ciò che fai, io ci sono, non mollerò mai e sono al tuo fianco, così come sono a fianco degli Operatori di Luce nel lavoro per la liberazione della Terra 🙏🛸

  9. Is Israel attacks Lebanon and Hezbollah responds by attacking Israel I believe shit will hit the fan on another level. LFs must intervene and stop this circus as soon as the Atleantean network is done, or at least after the elections.

  10. Had a real tough day (Wed in the US) now feel better. C'mon Source, finish off evil once and for all! On Wed night I caught a glimpse of a big snarl of black "roots" while dreaming. I think Cobras right, the lurker entanglement is quite complex and tricky to remove. Hope there's a shortcut! 🤞

  11. Eagle Sheriff and the Sheriff's Association with Security Companies (including Securitas & Allied Universal) made our truck into a 4th Reich gas chamber. They use toxic chemical gasses, biochemical dusts and narcotic gas to torture and human traffick us. They then put biochem on my genitals after they go in our truck starting each of 2 Saturdays before Christmas 2023 and continuing through last night. The mason mafia uses strong EMFs & EMPs along with knockout gas to human traffick Americans. This is why so many children and adults go missing in the USA every year. It needs to be common public knowledge for safety.
    Basically there is an international satanic extremist church that calls itself the masons (MM) & they human traffick, terrorize & torture the people to discredit them to kill them. They call the public terrorists for not liking being terrorized. It's a fraudulent ponzi scheme where the federal government passes money all the way through municipal governments (all MM captured) to target "persons of interest" in this way.
    There is no recorse to the law because all courts, police, sheriff, fbi & fps are all captured by the mason mafia extremist church in the USA.
    We are currently in Eagle County and the Sheriff Van Beek here was directly involved with blatantly tampering with our truck including interior panels & hooks to make our truck into a gas chamber.
    I was sold to the US government by my family when I was 2 years old.
    I will survive the concentration camp around my life.
    Victory of the Light!

  12. Power is taken from the "administrative state" (as in the Deep State and the big blob of bureaucrats who have been telling everyone what to do) and is given back to the Judicial arm of the US government with this US Supreme Court ruling in the last 24 hours.

    I'm thinking this would, for example, given judges power to decide how the country will handle a plandemic -- rather than the FDA, Health and Human Services and their web with Dr. Fauci, etc.

    I find it quite interesting that it just happened now -- immediately after the very public take-down of Joe Biden in the debates last night.

    Take a look:

  13. “when enough people see through the lies and manipulations of the military industrial complex”

    I hope you can use VPN and translation software. This video perfectly explains what Cobra said. Let me briefly introduce that this is a volunteer from China and a commander of the Donbass militia. He was fed up with the war because the Russian military commander made mistakes and foolishly disregarded the lives of soldiers(Basically, it is to have these foreign volunteers act as human flesh reconnaissance to the Ukrainian military's firepower range without their knowledge.)and then he led many volunteers from around the world who joined the Russian army to withdraw from the war. "When you can't find the people involved in this war, it will naturally end."

    1. Minden háborúban a nők és férfiak feláldozhatók, tehát emberi töltelékek, akik meghalni mennek a háborúba. A háború semmit nem old meg, mert egy körben vannak benne.

  14. Never forget the light forces did nothing to stop the Gaza genocide, the Covid-19 genocide, and the mRNA Covid vaccine genocide. And they will do nothing to stop the next pandemic like the H5N1 Bird Flu.

  15. Key to manifesting the victory of Light

    Jubilations of the Planet engage the keylocks.
    Castles open.
    Darkness to Light.
    Blindness to sight.
    The matrix unveiled.

  16. STAR seed

    "Brightest star in the night sky, can you hear..."

    Gaiaportal vom 22.4.2015
    Star seeds have chosen their paths for this moment.
    Clarity of purpose is now clearly defined, within energetic grids supporting transformation.
    Foundationals are set.
    Practitioners of Higher Energetics come to the front.

  17. I just want to say that maybe my legs are feeling better. So I started to use Mother Mary who is a little softer than the medbed. And also because I really like Mother Mary!! Anyway, maybe it is too soon to cover this but my bladder started to get stronger. Which means I can hold pee for longer, but also when I start to pee, there is a stronger steam. Anyway, when I am surer of change I will report it, but I'm still walking, a bit unbalanced... Maybe it is starting to get better...we'll see. I still have about a month to go or less in the prediction to get better.

    1. Mária anya mindig segít annak, aki őt kéri, hogy segítsen. Mária anya az egyik boldogasszonyunk, a nagyboldogasszony, a legmagosabb ég anya egyik aspektusa.

    2. Legs definitely getting better. No comments in other languages, as I can't be bothered translating it. Speak English.

  18. ***INTERVENTION FROM THE 6D & 12D ANGELIC KINGDOM!*** | Ashtar Command Energy Update

    There's lots of angels and angel love around us!!
    I'm glad Archangel Michael is with the light!

  19. FM144 update - 28.06.2024 (TIMELINE ACCELERATION):

  20. they just won't stop striking back

  21. 作为中国大陆的一个人,迫切等待着事件的发生

  22. Here's some insights on Lightworking & Why LFs aren't connecting to Starseeds massively(condensed intel from TheUnveiling33):

    > Human aura is rather completely drowned in Implants and Parasites, and humans' own spirits are usually connected with other larger and oftentimes parasitic spirits for basic intelligence.

    Quote from Sebastian:
    "The truth is that the average human body is completely drown in these implants there thousands upon thousands (depending on size to take them seriously of course) of them, like a black cloud around the average human body. Most of them are around the head for confusion/mental blocks and oftentimes you will feel pain in the ears upon the removal of those implants."

    Also see:

    > Mental Plane :Your own spirit is connected with other parasitic spirits;"You're not your thoughts." As most of the thoughts often times come from these spirits other than your own spirit, making original thoughts pretty rare.

    And to add to these issues, these spirits are also connected with the Archon Grids.... Which are The background mechanisms of the Asymmetric Retaliation oftentimes mentioned by Cobra, which gets fired in case LFs decide to communicate themselves. Hence, a lot of things need to be cleared first before a safe communication can commence.

    See on Grids:

    Mental Plane Explanation:

    So, what to do about the Implants/Parasites/Abyss/Distortion Field/Milking Station/Solar Plexus Primary Attachment/Dead Mental Plane Spirits/Cabal-control-of-your-Higher-Bodies/Lurker-in-your-Shadows?

    The Answer:
    Orienting your day-time consciousness to the LFs. As you can't clear those Implants yourself.

    This is the way to #1 Lightworking. In other words, it would be a one way communication, until it is made a two-way communication, as this orientation allows the LFs to clear those implants/parasites/spirits more easily.

    Orienting your day-time consciousness to LFs allows swift implant removal (which eventually leads to communication and then slowly but surely evacuation) has recently been confirmed by FM144 as well:

    "The Pleiadian Fleet has now returned closer to Earth and another sign that we are now entering the final phase of Liberation is the fact that over the last two weeks they have brought a small number of Key-Lightworkers from the surface to their ships by transferring their consciousness.Onboard, these Lightworkers underwent further negative implant removal and have been given precise instructions for the final phase. Then they got sent back to their day consciousness to instruct other Lightworkers on the surface and prepare them for the final Ascension Process."

    So, Orienting your Consciousness > Implant/Abyss Removal > From One-Way Communication to Two-Ways > Then Stable Communication > And then Finally Evacuation in the end.

    1. ⛥Asymmetric Retaliation Mechanism upon Telepathic contact with the LFs(From TheUnveiling33):

      The Mental Plane-->
      "As the mental plane is slowly clearing up in this phase of Liberation, here are a few explanations on the mental plane, mind and spirit interactions and what it meant and still means to human behaviour.

      As you might know even by traditional religious teachings, your human presence has a spirit part. Usually there is one main spirit per human. Problem is that most humans only have comparably small sized spirits, you might know the phrase 'small-spirited'. That means in comparison to the remaining spirit-sphere on the mental plane, most humans are pretty dumb and inferior to the rest of spirits there. Therefore they have to rely on other non-ensouled and bigger spirits especially for behaviours that require high intelligence. Problem is that most bigger spirits are mainly demonic, parasitic and controlled by the chimera. Nevertheless that kind of interaction is necessary for most humans as intelligence is fundamental in nearly all human societies. Therefore most humans do what these parasitic and oftentimes even biblical spirits want from them in exchange for basic intelligence. All this happens subconsciously of course."

      "but your thoughts, your inspiration and ideas are oftentimes from ‘them’. Almost everything that goes on inside your mind is just an interaction of spirits on the mental plane. Your own spirit is in constant communication with a lot of other and oftentimes bigger spirits, your brain is merely acting as an intelligent receiver of these interactions combining these communications with your own memories and experiences."

      "Most of those spirits in those communications are parasitic though, the mental plane is still dominated heavily by archons and other chimera hierarchies - making original, positive thoughts quite rare to this very day. "

      -> Hence, the popular phrase: "You're not your thoughts." As most of the thoughts come to you via these external and parasitic spirits. And as stated in the last paragraph, it's heavily tied to the Archon Grid.

      "If humans are cut off from these nefarious spirits though, even then most humans do not want to do the ‘good’ positive things but rather fall into lethargy instead. That is the reason why removing the big members of the chimera is so difficult, most humans would be behaving similar to braindead zombies and worse pretty fast."

      Hence, LFs face stability issues upon clearing these spirits, and these spirits have to be removed and detached from the Archon-Grid for safe communication to even commence.

      What you could do is to "Orient your Consciousness" to the LFs for faster progress.

    2. -> These dead-Mental Plane Spirits tied to the Archon Grid, need to be cleared maintaining Stability. Basically, your own Spirit need to be stable on its own, meaning higher ensoulment is needed along with full detachment from the Archon-Grid.

      -> Abyss: A Parasitic Bubble around the higher bodies (Astral/Mental/Spirit layers) that goes densest towards the edge of Aura. This renders higher bodies of most humans under Cabal/Entities control.
      As most humans, don't have any conscious control upon their higher bodies, their bodies are rather under Cabal/Entities' control which they use to attack the LFs. Remember 98% of Soul-energies is stolen and through these captured higher bodies of humans they prevent the progress of LFs. So, about (20L fuel/second power multiplied by about 8 billion humans, that is how much the Cabal steals per SECOND to attack LFs.)

      -> Implants: Human Aura is totally drowned in implants. Thousands upon thousands of them exists, which hinders basic intelligence, allows higher bodies to be under Cabal control, and drains soul-energies to about 98%. and the Lurker gleefully lurks in the aura through these Implants.

      Mental Plane Spirits/ Lurker/Implants/ Abyss... These need to be cleared, ensuring higher ensoulment to retain stability of your own spirit, for a true genuine communication to begin.

  23. Some more quotes on Keeping consciousness with LFs from Sebastian to emphasize what's been written in this comment:

    > "If you can, please orient to the Lightforces and concentrate your consciousness on Liberation as much as possible - that is pretty much which counts most by now."

    > "Please keep your consciousness with the Lightforces if you got the chance."

    > " Meditations drain the cabal of their much needed consciousness energy they use to attack big souls and the Lightforces progresses."

    > " If you can, please orient to the Lightforces and concentrate your consciousness on Liberation as much as possible - that is pretty much which counts the most by now."

    > " Also, you might want to direct most of your free time to the Lightforces to support solving the current critical processes."

    > " Remember that all processes of liberation can be speeded up by orienting your consciousness to the Lightforces as often and as much as you can. The more humans that actively support the Lightforces with their day-consciousness, the less energy the chimera has to counter the advance of the Lightforces."

    6 such quotes stating the same.

    Therefore, Orient your consciousness-energy to the LFs> Get yourself freed up > establish a secure communication channel > And finally an evacuation after all the operations are over.

    A final quote from Sebastian on how worth consciousness-energy really is:

    "The amount of such energy an average ensouled human gets in about two seconds could fuel a small city car with one full tank (~40L). Bigger souls even have higher income. Repeated in other words, you could drive a car approximately as much as you could with a full tank with just two seconds of your own energy income. This is of course slightly varying between the ensouled humans but it gives a rough example of how much your soul-energy really is worth in human terms."

    1. Hét megemelkedés lehetséges, és az egyiknél fontos a tudatosság, a fegyelem. A tudat azt jelenti, hogy a tudás útja, ami nem is út, csak egyfajta megélés. A többi hat megemelkedésnél más lesz a fontos, pl. türelem, a figyelem, a jóság, a szeretet, a szerelem, és a boldogság. Sebastian ezek szerint csak egy megemelkedést szeretné elérni, a többi hatról nem tud semmit sem.

    2. @Csicseri Barat
      Consciousness is prior to whatever points you've written.

      +If you're so concerned about Love, then orient to LFs, get your Implants cleared, go from receiving 2% Soul energies to 99%+ energies. Remember 20L/second is the
      energy income, for average endouled humans.

      Also, your comment has completely ignored the depths of Sebastian's insights.

      I don't understand how "Kindness, Affection" etc. is more important than Getting your implants cleared and retrieving your soul-energies.
      That's beyond Insane...

      Seemingly people are still suffering from the Chimer- induced new-age nonsense,

      People rarely have self-awareness while so swiftly ignoring the core reasons why LFs are taking time to progress and face stability issues, and promoting Irrelevant Bullshit only to deviate attention to meaningless things which contribute absolutely nothing.

      Ascension IS Removal of Implants/Abyss/Lurker/Cabal-Control and Raising Ensoulment.

    3. People need to get out of this Old-Religious Oblivious Mindset and get detached from the New-Age Nonsense and vent out the remaining debris.

      DFs have filled the Human Aura with Implants/Parasites... etc. And Ascension that we will be going through is from a defect species into a fully functional species.

      Knowledge,Wisdom, Discipline bla-bla-bla
      . gets immediately recovered with receiving Soul-energies at 99% from the current 2%.

      People need to wake up from their filthy Archon-derieved irrelevant concepts and nonsense to things that actually matter.

      No wonder, people are programmed to ignore the Real Things, ie, Implants being the main problem for everything,while absolutely ignoring and even attacking the real sources, and contribute absolutely nothing to Liberation Process at all.


  24. 8 years ago a version of this was not approved by this website staff.
    Let's see how we go this time around, shall we? :-D

    Living in Germany I can confirm that we're the

    Kids In America

    New Wave Coming.


  25. New portals for assistance the “humanity to Hue-manity” conversion process have opened

    [...]. Such are aligned with new Higher Light influxes currently ongoing.

    Current portals also enable more facile communication with Inner Earth beings. No longer are such exchange portals limited to a few limited locations, eg., Shasta. Communication exchanges with Inner Earth beings will now occur readily, and often.

    Fabricated “Light Work” is being exposed for what it is, and that “purity of intent” is lacking in such. Following Higher Light Guidance in Self is the norm at this time point.

  26. This is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO LISTEN TO. This is Ashtar explaining in detail (long 25 mins) he explains EVERYTHING here. We know the gray hats have utterly failed us. People still expect them to help us. They will not. They keep certain black hats alive!!!!!!!!!!!! They break the constitution. They don't care about us. Ashtar is now talking about certain galactic intervention. I think they may need this. It now seems VERY VERY VERY unlikely humans can now free themselves. The gray hats don't want us free. They are just taking the place of the black hats. A very good listen if you actually want to know what is happening.

    I highly recommend it. Help us galactics! We cannot free ourselves at this point.

    1. This is example of "Fake Channeling", Cobra stated long time ago that only timeline remaining where Humans are Free is Direct Galactic Intervention, that's old news, in this channeling they are trying to present that this option is something new, like they're just now realized that they must intervene 😂 Another thing in this channeling they're saying is that they don't control Solar Flash, on the other hand Cobra stated that Dyson Spheres (Alien Technology) are preventing premature Solar Flash so Galactics, Angels, Celestials etc... are actually controlling it. Third thing is that they are trying to drag this shitshow till 2026, why wouldn't they intervene at the end of this year or 2025, why they even mentioning 2026, seems like more unnecessary delay. That is not "Ashtar" they're channeling, probably some Negative Alien Entities who wants to make us mad by stating they will drag this shit till 2026, next year those same channelers will say that The Event will happen in 2027 and so on, every year they're trying to delay for one more year so it never happens. Those are "Fake Channelings" by Evil Entities giving us Fake Informations over and over again, those same entities were saying few years ago that The Event is around the corner just to crush our hopes in the end when they Fake Predictions are exposed, they're doing this over and over again, don't believe those channelings. We must manifest The Event Now, set your mind to Now Moment, not some future indefinite years, it's a trap. VOTL ✌️💕😎

    2. Azok, akik nem kezdenek magukra figyelni, azok egyre nagyobb ütemben elkezdenek egyre butábbak lenni. Ez a butaság növekedése, már régóta elkezdődött, és egyre gyorsuló az üteme. A butaság növekedése, a sok hazugság, és a másokon való uralkodás miatt történik, tehát következmény. Akik most hatalmasoknak mondják magukat, ők előbb lesznek egyre jobban butábbak, és így sok, sokk hibát vétenek, majd elérik, hogy állati létállapotba kerülnek. Nem fognak tudni sem irányítani, sem semmit megjavítani, sem munkát végezni, hanem csak az élelemszerzés, és az üzekedés lesz számukra a fontos. Az egyre butább állapotot még a most tudósoknak nevezettek is hamar elérik, ha nem kezdenek el magukra figyelni.

    3. Thank you for the video. Sent me back on the right track.

    4. It's not fake. You can believe as you like. Your explanation seems utterly foolish to me!!!!!

    5. @Arkavian Was that for me? Thanks back at you. Or, you're welcome.

  27. Should be restored by now. I was able to clear out a lot of dark stuff this morning :) Confirmation is requested.

  28. Run | ...Source and the Light forces will begin...
    After 26,000 years of existence, this dark network is finally about to be defeated. The outer ring is gone, the middle ring is gone, and from the inner ring only the main stronghold remains. After that is gone also, the Source and the Light forces will begin a very risky, complex and challenging process of disentangling the surface population from the Lurker

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. A valódi segítség, csak magadban, a magodból fog jönni, és senki nem tud neked segíteni, ha nem segítesz magadon. A segítség abból áll, hogy alkalmassá teszik a környezetedet arra, hogy tudj magadra figyelni, de helyetted nem tud senki magára figyelni, csak te. Az égi űrhajósok, azt teszik, hogy számodra alkalmassá teszik a környezetedet, hogy magadra tudj figyelni. Nincs felsőbb én, és aki felsőbb énről beszél, az valójában hazudik neked, úgy hogy még Ő sem tudja, hogy hazudott. Most a duális világban élsz, és neked kell elérned, hogy felsőbb világba kerüljél, az örök élet titkának segítségével, amit a mag árasztók (magar) szernek neveznek. A magyar mást jelent, mint a magar. A magyarok nem magárasztók, így nem a magyarok fogják a megemelkedést titkát tovább adni.

  29. Starseed reminds Starseed



    The spiritual sun is aligning for July! Bringing purification, renewal, cellular regeneration for your soul growth. As the sun and our planet align to Sirius this will bring much change through transformation. Purification and renewal are how transformation works. Much heat will come through the body to transmute your soul lineage and the grids of consciousness that connect to the ley lines. Those who have done the spiritual work will feel much freedom and peace allowing a safe space for others to Quantum heal through frequency attunements that are light. Those needing a higher shift of consciousness may notice heat, anger or sadness. The light is here to support that transition, but it’s free will of the soul to choose. As the codes of freedom and empowerment will be surging just as the 4th of July symbolizes freedom, our ancestors of Egypt did the same for this gateway of light from our spiritual sun. Freedom is a state of consciousness, free your mind of all burdens now and feel your mind, heart and soul with peace. Freedom brings spiritual expansion and abundance. Stay balanced in unity with yourself in the expressions of acceptance that is unconditional love that allows peace and freedom to soar! Remember this is the summer of truth and love. Many illusions will be busting like fireworks…caliente it will be



    THE SIRIUS GATEWAY IS APPROACHING , Every year from July 3-7, a gateway of energy opens between Earth and Sirius, which is known as our Spiritual Sun, helping to awaken, activate, and elevate the ascending collective to higher levels of consciousness.
    The Sirius Gateway in July holds powerful astrological and spiritual significance.
    Ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and Shamanic traditions, have known Sirius as a portal to higher realms and a source of profound spiritual knowledge and wisdom.
    Sirians,also known as the blue rays are the all knowing wise ones. The mystics, the teachers the parents amongst ascending souls and are attaining mastery in this life time. While some ascending souls are informed by their star families about their specific origins, others discern their seeded origin based on their personal resonance and intuition.
    We are accessing the energies of Sirius, and this will strengthen and support personal and collective growth. This includes expanding awareness, receiving messages from higher beings or spiritual guides, and finding new freedoms in various aspects of life. Starseed Souls are seeing many things more clearly now. The stagnant energy in life is finally dissipating. The fog that once clouded judgment has lifted. Anything that no longer serves the higher good moving forward will simply fall away, and those that are meant to stay with you… This Gateway is known as a time of increased connection and communication with higher dimensions, offering opportunities for meditation,activating the third eye, and engaging in spiritual practices that develop introspection and inner exploration.
    The Sirius Gateway in July represents a potent planetary phase for ascension advancement, inspiration, and transformation. It invites Ascending individuals to connect with higher frequencies, to embrace accelerated growth taking place, and to explore the depths of their ascension journey.
    Compared to the previous months, July offers a loving and calm energy, serving as a respite before the fiery and unpredictable energies of August.
    The essence of July reminds ascending of the importance of self-love and care becoming their own healers- caretakers, a highly activated month. Its universal frequency serves as a gentle reminder for ascending collective to nurture self and seek inner balance. Navigating the upcoming phases of intense integration with greater ease and grace.
    It encourages of preparing the self for integration of higher conscious being.

    1. A Szírius az nem spirituális napunk. Ezt nem tudom honnan szedted, de bárhonnan is hallottad, akkor hazudtak neked. Mind a két napunk és persze a naprendszerben lévő bolygók is tudnak segíteni egymásnak. Mivel még duális világban élünk ezért lehetséges az energia átvitel (Az energia átvitel, valójában hazugság átvitele. Ez nem valódi segítség.), de a valódi segítség, az tiszta érzelmekkel történik.

  32. Article en français - arrêter les conflits entre travaillleurs de lumière
    Article in French - Stop conflicts between lightworkers

  33. Since Lurker resides in the subconsciousness of surface humanity, its location maps down to the lower two Subplanes of Astral and Mental Bodies, most concentrated around the head region, and in the Implanted regions in the Etheric Body.

    Transversing consciousness to the stated regions along with Violet Flame/Sky-Blue ATVOR/Sky-Blue Galactic Pillar may accelerate the removal of the Lurker.

    1. Also Note: "Chained-Strangeness" is almost certainly from Lurker, while the more direct attacks are via the Remaining Entities and Cabl attacking us via the remaining thousands of Implants/Abyss etc.

      Since, most people are tied to other non-ensouled Parasitic Spirits, they're by definition connected to The Archon Grid at least partially.

      The only reason the Archons are unable to attack on a regular basis is because of the Guarding of the LFs.

      Lurker also tends to perform simulation upon Minds, and then generate Artificial traumas, or tries to fluctuate between different genuine traumas and may even trap you in an anomalous state of Consciousness due to "INCOMPLETE SLOW PROCESSING."

      Incomplete and Slow Processing are the Key Features it targets and then enlarges the Traumas via burdening it with Primary Anomaly.


      Lower Two Subplanes at Mental,Astral and Etheric Planes, around especially the head region, Central Channel and the Implanted Region at respective Planes of Surface Humanity.

    3. Most of the time I believe, The usual Consciousness stays at 3rd Mental Subplane.

      Travelling to the Subconsciousness meaning taking consciousness to the Lower two Subplanes of the Mental Plane and Astral Plane for Emotional Traumas.

  34. Wellsir ... I typed out a comment, but when I hit the publish key I didn't see anything about waiting for approval, so I don't know if it went through or not. If it did, please excuse this repeat.

    I bought some emeralds from Esty, they are very small ... 20 of them. Should I glue them into one rock or should I glue them to a necklace I made with Tachyon energy cells and citamani stones. For those that know the answer please advice. Thanks for reading my post.

    1. You made a necklace with tachyon cells AND cintamani? Nice! I would keep it just energy stones. If you do add them, have them on their own towards the ends of the strand and not glued directly to an energy stone.

  35. Dear source and Light forces,
    You don't know what it's like to be pushed, attacked, criticised and hurt from all sides for anything you do.
    P.S.: Maybe you should know.
    Sincerly: A traumatised human being.

    1. It's this trauma that gets cleared when the lurker gets cleared from the surface population. This can make people with destructive tendencies no longer have them. Those with abusive tendencies would no longer have them. That's my understanding of disentanglement.

    2. You get criticized for not doing anything either. But I don't want to support any tax system...

  36. Over the last few weeks, I've encountered 4 different Lightworkers who have been very critical of Cobra when communicating with me. Because I don't communicate with many Lightworkers online, this number has struck me as highly unusual.

    Maybe the lurker is trying to turn followers against Cobra. Whatever the case may be, my stance is to not get caught up in the 'small stuff,' and have the common goal in mind, which is the Event/planetary liberation.

    It's probable that by now, the dark atlantean stronghold has been completely removed, or is very close to being completely removed. If the dark atlantean stronghold has been completely removed, all that remains is to clear enough of the lurker (and lurker implants if this is still a problem) from the surface cabal and surface population.

    The surface cabal are still extremely dangerous. I've had some very nasty dealings with them in the dreamstate as of late, in addition to painful stinging sensations on the skin - painful enough to feel like I'm getting stung by a bee or wasp. I've actually never had the stinging become this severe. This stinging is not all the time though, and has decreased since a week ago. (There's one source of intel claiming the stinging is just from cosmic energies coming through, but I'm not so sure about that.)

    Anymore, it's mostly global issues that cause me to become upset. I'm currently working on being more detached from such issues. However, the Event needs to happen very soon. It would be awesome to have enough lurker cleared from the surface population to have the Event before election day in the US. About three months or less to clear enough lurker to have the Event - sounds like a plan to me.

    In the meantime, I advise not to sweat the small stuff, and stay 'cool, calm, and collective.'

    All the best.

    1. Well you can purify your soul mirror and polarize positively without believing in a particular teaching. Character enoblement is always good in every spiritual teaching.

      hm What I ask myself: Cobra posted revelation long time ago. Does that mean he believes the Lurker creates an Antichrist? Other Christian channels claim there is another pandemic, but that also fits Cobras information, because the bioweapons probably are hard to clear and still exist.

    2. It was wrong of me to give a desired timeframe. This was a mistake. I'll leave it up though.

      Chinchilla, I'm not sure.

  37. How could they not know Biden is not home? It's like now they have suddenly realised? What?? For years Biden has not been well... a series of clones or masks. Whatever. Are they waking up now?

  38. Obviously, the cabal finally ran out of enough resources, so they can't attack people in the same way they did before.
    However: Like me, you might still experience or have experienced the feeling that nothing regarding those attacks changed, despite progress is being reported.

    This is very easy to explain:
    If you are a preferred target, they will keep spamming you with attacks - even though their reserves in the background are getting depleted more and more. They try to keep the illusion that nothing has changed, but it gets more difficult for them with every passed day!

    Also obviously, the more resources you have, the more freely you can spend them.
    It's similar to money:

    If you have 100 million dollars on your bank account, you don't have to worry too much, even if you spend a couple of thousand dollars on one thing at once.
    But, if you run out of money more and more - if you have, let's say, only $10,000 left, you must be very careful with your expenses!
    Respectively, you simply CAN'T sustain a high living standard anymore!

    Same goes for attacks:
    With less anomaly and negative beings left, the enemies have to calculate attacks more carefully.

    Even though the darkforces have still enough "soldiers" left to do some serious damage (otherwise, the Event would've happened), it should be logical that one has limited options with limited resources!
    It should be also obvious in the meanwhile that the main strategy of the lightforces is it to starve the enemies out!

    The bases from the Aldebarans on earth as well as the lightful wormholes also contribute to more stability and make movements between troops more efficient!
    So, what the lightforces do before the Event, among other things, is to create security layers and strengthen existing ones!

    1. Ailish-Libra, well said!
      They do their best to make everything seem like 'business as usual.' They target key individuals for that purpose.

    2. @Starlight432, non mi sono mai ritenuto un operatore di Luce perfetto , però visto come vanno male le mie cose ed il mio malessere a questo punto credo di essere scomodo agli oscuri. Molto scomodo se lo rapporto al mio stato generale e complessivo. So di essere bombardato in modo forte , lo capisco in quanto l'esperienza che ho acquisito in questi anni mi ha aiutato a discernere molte cose, soprattutto quando il mio malessere è indotto e forzato da qualcuno o qualcosa e sappiamo chi e cosa.

    3. @Starlight
      WHY is 'business as usual' a GOOD thing? o.O

      Does not make ME feel any better.

    4. Akiket sötéteknek nevezel, azoknak nem fogyott ki az erőforrása, hanem elkezdtek egyre butábbak lenni, és ezért sok hibát, butaságot tesznek, aminek a következménye, hogy még butábbak lesznek. Hiába van sok pénzed, azzal csak látszólag jobb lehet a helyzeted, de a valóságban kellemetlenebb helyzetbe kerülsz. Nem a pénztől függ a valóságban a jóléted. A támadásokat, ha magadba küldöd, akkor leállítod ezzel a támadásokat. A mód, hogy miként küld magadba. Csukott száj, csukott szem, és addig mond, amíg tart a támadás: "Minden támadás, menjen magamba, most."

    5. Akiket sötéteknek nevezel, azoknak nem fogyott ki az erőforrása, hanem elkezdtek egyre butábbak lenni, és ezért sok hibát, butaságot tesznek, aminek a következménye, hogy még butábbak lesznek. Hiába van sok pénzed, azzal csak látszólag jobb lehet a helyzeted, de a valóságban kellemetlenebb helyzetbe kerülsz. Nem a pénztől függ a valóságban a jóléted. A támadásokat, ha magadba küldöd, akkor leállítod ezzel a támadásokat. A mód, hogy miként küld magadba. Csukott száj, csukott szem, és addig mond, amíg tart a támadás: "Minden támadás, menjen magamba, most."

    6. Sherman, business as usual is definitely not a good thing. It's the veil the dark forces do their best to maintain.

    7. @ Csicseri Barát:

      "In reality, your well-being does not depend on money."

      Umm.... I need:
      - food
      - new clothes sometimes
      - need to pay my rent
      - need to pay bills
      - have to pay for Internet access
      - and I want at least some entertainment!

      IF I would live on an alien planet, then I wouldn't need money - theoretically!
      But... as long as the cabal has something to say, as long as I'm a slave, 99.9% of the people are DEPENDENT on money / the financial system to survive!

      So... if I had zero income, then I would be homeless (or would've to live with someone else) and that would be a SEVERE decrease of my well-being!

      Perhaps, you can't buy everything with money, but it makes the existence on this planet much easier.

      We need money like heroin!
      That is the reality!
      So, as long as I need it, I say:
      "Gimme the cash!"

      I don't want to live as a naked werewolf in the woods, you know? 😂😂😂

    8. @Libra
      We need either Nesara or the St Germain fund.
      One can't improve oneself living on a rather fixed budget.

  39. ‘Strongest sign of aliens’: James Webb Telescope discovers an exoplanet with gases produced by living beings on Earth, scientists suggest otherwise

  40. Some folks enjoyed the AI songs (many, understandably, did not) so all of them have a new home here on Vimeo. There are some new ones in there, too:

    Vimeo Link

  41. Gli attacchi verso di me sono piuttosto pesanti. Ma sono un guerriero e non arretro di un millimetro. Possono avere la mia pelle ma non corrompere il mio spirito libero e la mia anima pura. È un problema continuo, recentemente è morto il mio migliore amico, mia madre dà segni di esaurimento e spesso è negativa e continua a non capire che il suo atteggiamento non fa altro che colpire se stessa e anche me. Non ho un lavoro e non ho molti soldi ultimamente. Ho amici giovani ammalati di cancro. Per tutto questo ho ricominciato ad avere attacchi di panico. Mi sento come un equilibrista sulla corda che può cadere da un momento all'altro.

    1. Mi dispiace leggere che sei stato aggredito. A volte vengo anche attaccato. Ho qualcuno vicino e caro a me che ha anche il cancro e tutto questo è abbastanza difficile e doloroso, lo so. Penso che Cobra ci direbbe "Prenditi tempo per te stesso. Rimani in equilibrio. Vai dentro. Medita. Esci nella natura. Mangia correttamente e rimani in salute". Devo ricordarmi tutto questo! Auguri. (Adoro leggere il tuo bellissimo italiano.)

    2. @Dea d'oro, grazie di cuore , è bello che mi stai vicino. Un abbraccio forte anche a te ☀️🌻

    3. @Dea d'oro, grazie di cuore , è bello che mi stai vicino. Un abbraccio forte anche a te ☀️🌻

  42. New Atlantis Workshopin Paris by Cobra 2024

  43. The movie The Cell illustrates what happens to someone who is too intertwined with the lurker to be saved:

    (Warning - this movie is not for the faint of heart)

    For those who are not too intertwined with the lurker to be saved, both sides of trauma will be dissolved. The two sides of trauma are victim tendencies and abusive tendencies. These tendencies cover an enormous range, with sexual traumas and relationship traumas said by Cobra to be the main ones.

    I recently heard thoughtforms telling me to shut up, along with accusations against me for delaying the Event due to my distortions of consciousness from my traumas and programming.

    I was thinking that I'm not the problem. It's just a matter of removing the lurker from me along with the surface population.

    Keep in mind, oftentimes the dark forces play both sides. They program distortions into a person and then blame the person for everything.

    I'll be bold here and say it's not my fault.

  44. Seems like the Lurker ought to be disappearing soon, given the greater strength of Mjolnir and Gungnir ... and... also this:

    (from April 14, 2024, update): "Many Light reinforcements are already arriving from other Universes and they are positioning themselves now in their motherships at the heliopause.

    Many of those Light beings brought new advanced technologies dealing with the Lurker, and new, faster hyperdimensional wormholes that allow faster and more convenient travel between the Universes."

    So ... given that these new technologies have been here probably about 3 months, "dealing with the Lurker," maybe we are nearly finished with the Lurker.

    Once we're finished with the Lurker (or eliminate enough of the Lurker so that it is simply a "weak little baby lurk") we ought to be able to have the Event, right??? ??? ???

    Sending some love to the Light forces, and some compassion and cooperation and love to all the light workers I know and to those I don't know....

  45. This just shows, suddenly America is waking up. For me personally, I already knew for years Biden wasn't well! They were following a fool and pretending it was all "normal". NOTHING IS NORMAL. All the billions they gave to Ukraine - 200 Billion, all the open borders, why are they open? The war they are trying to start with Russia. If Biden is totally incompetent, then WHO is doing this?? Are Americans starting to wake up suddenly, and notice that Biden is totally incompetent? Jesus, finally! So who is steering America. Come on, wake up! You are almost there... Just wake the hell up!

    Just the first little bit.

  46. Today is July 2, 2024. So, 248 years ago (the number of years of Pluto's orbit around the sun, and when Pluto was in the same position, therefore, as it is today) on July 2, 1776 the Signers of the Declaration of Independence gathered in Philadelphia (with Saint Germain materializing in the room) to sign the document. They were declaring independence from the British Crown. Two days later, on July 4, 1776, it was ratified by the Second Continental Congress of the US................... What is in store for our USA 248 years later?


    Representatives of the British elite are engaged in sexual exploitation and corruption of minors. Organized violence against children is also committed by members of the British Parliament. People from both major parties (Labour and Conservative) in Great Britain are involved in the trafficking and abuse of minors. King Charles III, former Prime Minister David Cameron, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and his likely successor Keir Starmer have personally protected high-profile pedophiles from prosecution.Among the victims of the British pedophile lobby are Ukrainian children, people from British low-income families and children of migrants.

    More details in the investigation ( FBI

  48. It's time to inject real innovation into this comment section. Because here I rarely see creative thinking and opinions truly starting to talk about attractive things. I really want to talk about things related to races and aliens. I think if I have enough resources, I can even become a seasoned scholar in the interstellar circle. I would like to discuss the issue of race. I would like to make a bold guess and hypothesis (which I came up with through a response from Cobra in an interview) that I believe both white and black body templates are entirely derived from extraterrestrial sources. The body template of the Yellow race was created on Earth. That is to say, the Yellow race people are the true indigenous people of Earth, created on Earth, while the other White and Black races have genes entirely derived from extraterrestrial beings and are descendants of extraterrestrial beings. The Yellow race is a mutation of the native white race by extraterrestrial beings in the constellation of Draco, who implanted their genes through genetic engineering 5000 years ago. In fact, white people are the ancestors of yellow people. The yellow race is a white race that has incorporated the dragon race gene and thus completely transformed into another human race. This is really interesting because China already has a large amount of archaeological evidence sources showing that the races living in East Asia 5000 years ago or even longer had characteristics of Caucasians. Modern genetics also proves that white people lived in East Asia long before the emergence of yellow people. This is really interesting to me because for future extraterrestrial contact, both white and black people will lose the analogy between Native American and white colonizers because they are facing their ancestors. However, the true difference between Native American and white colonizers is between the yellow and extraterrestrial races, both genetically and technically. This is also the reason why we rarely see aliens with pure yellow race characteristics from almost all resources. Those sources are either white aliens, black aliens, or aliens that are completely different from humans. All the information sources and genetic history of the Yellow race people are only a short 5000 years, and they are truly the new born races of the universe. The genes of the White and Black races can be traced back millions or even hundreds of millions of years, and even to the time of the birth of primitive humans.

    1. This is an interesting and bold statement. I can't add to it, but I remember reading cosmic race theory, races coming from other galaxies. Its possible we're being holographed in. But whether that's based on race or spiritual ray, or if the two are one-- I can't say.

      Who knows when we were brought in?maybe it was like insemination. I used to believe that the aboriginals were the eldest race. Their music and their nature show it imo. Maybe skim I am ra and Edgar cayce for leads.

  49. I recently found a short, inspiring movie scene:

    It's a bit bloody though and if you don't want to watch it, you can also just read my analysis instead:

    The first thing I want to mention is that I never heard of the movie The Cell before, thus, my interpretation is limited.

    The woman seems to be a warrior and a high priestress at the same time who is fighting against a guy that looks like a reptilian.

    The guy on the floor says:
    "Me got boy.
    Boy got me.
    You can't kill me."

    It seems that the Reptilian guy and the boy are connected with each other somehow.

    The location seems to be some kind of goddess temple and the hint for that is the pink emblem in the background which strongly resembles an open vulva.

    The woman then decides to bathe the boy in some kind of holy water. What happens then is that the Reptilian - who claimed to be immortal - is obviously feeling pain (which seems surprising to him, since he claimed that's not real).

    So, the woman first tried to kill the guy with brute force, but it didn't work - but on the other hand, the bathing ritual seems to be effective. The ritual as such is a clear indicator for me that the darkies (the Lurker included) are highly vulnerable to feminine energy / goddess energy! Well, you actually cannot blame somebody who is trying to destroy a bad guy with brute force, but in such a case, the answer is clear:

    Goddess energy!

  50. Az érdekes az, hogy ha az új szert, amivel akár mester is lehetsz, nem sikerül időre elérnie mindenkinek, akkor azok, akik nem magukra, a magra figyelnek, azok egyre butábbak lesznek. Az egyre butább egyre gyorsabb lesz, végül elérik az állati szintet, ahol az élelemszerzés, és az üzekedés lesz csak fontos számukra. Megnéztem, a föld alatt kiépített városokban sem lehet túlélni, azokat ami lesz, tehát ott is egyre butábbak lesznek a nők és férfiak. Azok, akik elkezdenek magukra figyelni, azok védett helyeken fogják megélni, jó környezetben az éveket. Talán erről hallottatok már. A magadra, a magra figyelés nagyon fontos, tehát az elmédről a magra kell áthelyezni a figyelmedet. Az új szer az, amivel meg tudsz emelkedni, és ez szükséges a Tejút galaxis megemelkedéséhez is, ezért a külvilági értelmes fajoknak is át lesz adva a szer titka. A szert titkát, most csak E földön lehet megkapni. A magra figyelés, nem azonos a felsőbb énre való figyeléssel. Valójában nincs is felsőbb éned, csak ezt sokan nem hiszik el.

  51. What remains when trauma is no more? Indescribable joy. 💖

    1. People need to understand that they're not operating on their Real-Spirit. Most humans by design have a small-spirit and hence, need to Rely on other non-ensouled and parasitic Spirits for basic intelligence.

      Furthermore, the entire processing cores(Parasitic Spirits) are Anomalous, and tied to Archon Grid and the Lurker.

      Hence, Trauma Processing isn't at all efficient and most traumas might even be fake.

      To really, heal the process of Trauma Removal.. People need to raise Ensoulment and then detach from these Parasitic Spirits first and learn to rely on their own Spirit.

      Otherwise, without lack of much self-awareness or original spirit intact, people will bounce like a ping-pong ball between various traumas and programs... well endless shits sre there to be cleared... Implants NEED to be cleared as well... Trauma Processing will then smoothly execute afterwards.

    2. Note: Spirit is a part of the higher Bodies, and Soul is part of even higher aspects of yourself.

      Your own Spirit: must be the Ideal Personality-Psyche that you wish for (that's how it precipitates to the Astral Layers), while Soul is part of even higher aspects of yourself, ensoulment (Soul/Body ratio) being the primary indicator of how much Consciousness one has.

      Problem with detaching from other Spirits is that Ensoulment needs to be very high, as your Real-Spirit on earth is kept small to enslave you more easily and raising Ensoulment directly leads to Enlightenment, meaning raising ensoulment is not as easy because the Thousands-Of-Implants and the Abyss, prevent Higher ensoulment and constantly keep you at Lower Ensoulment levels.

  52. (Note: Someone gave me further explanation to what I posted about The Cell movie before)

    1. I could post here if that works:

      Yeah, the symbolism connecting to the Goddess is prevalent in this scene - excellent analysis of that.

      The woman is inside the mind of a psychopath serial killer using sci-fi technology. The serial killer has a dual aspect of an anomalous self and his inner child. When his anomalous self is mortally wounded, his inner child is also mortally wounded. In order to defeat his anomalous self, there's no way to save his inner child, so he dies. Too much of himself has been consumed by anomaly to be able to exist without it, being so intertwined with it that wounding the monster in him wounds his inner child.

      In the physical world, it's said that people can be killed, but ideas cannot. Certain tyrannical and very destructive ideas will simply take over new replacements when pre-existing adherents are killed. Removing the lurker removes the source of anomalous ideas, which blades and bullets cannot destroy.

  53. The entanglement between the Lurker and surface humans is similar to conjoined twins:
    It needs a high amount of skill to separate them without causing damage or even killing them!

    It is like a surgery, but: You are performing it on a very unusual patient! You might have general experience with performing surgeries, but nevertheless, the patient is a very peculiar case, something you never encountered before! So, the lightforces are forced do learn while doing - there's no other way. This is among other things a reason why everything takes so long!

    And speaking of:
    Being a surgeon requires an incredible amount of knowledge, precision, patience and nerves of steel in general!

  54. For those interested, a big prophetic message comes true.

    I was divinely guided to make an AI 'photo' of Melchizedek (name means King & Priest), make it my profile pic on Twitter & post about it. I saw Melchizedek in my mind's eye strongly which means it's very important.

    115 minutes after posting the above message on Twitter, the USDebtClock account shared a 'photo' featuring a crown (King) with the words 'DETHRONE THE FED'.

    Flawlessly, the word assigned to number 115 in Strong's Concordance (index/translation of every word in the King James Bible) is 'athetésis' which means cancellation, annulment, nullification and abrogation which means 'the repeal or abolition of a law, right, or agreement'.

    Everything in one post:

    Twitter Link

    1. This is quite interesting, Jonathan.... The crown in the "Debt Clock" image has the year 1694 on it. (So what's the meaning of that, I wondered?) I looked it up and found this -- an indication that in 1694 is "when debt began" and a tale of the Bank of England, financing a war (as we might expect.) As of July 27, 1694 – The Bank of England is founded through Royal charter by the Whig-dominated Parliament of England, following a proposal by Scottish merchant William Paterson to raise capital, by offering safe and steady returns of interest guaranteed by future taxes. A total of £1.2 million is raised for the war effort against Louis XIV of France by the end of the year, to establish the first-ever government debt.

    2. Apologies about these links! I've been doing this while tired. Here is the link to the prophetic Twitter post if anyone is interested:

      Twitter Link

    3. @Golden Goddess Very interesting. Thanks for digging that up. These Debt Clock posts seem to have a lot of information in them for those who want to dive in!

  55. (I am aware of possible risks by posting this comment)

    @ The Lurker:

    It seems that you are really allergic to goddess energy!
    I mean, shortly after I made a certain statement, you attacked me by using Murphy's law.

    So, in other words, this is what happened today:
    - I spilled drinks multiple times
    - I broke a glass after 2 or 3 years
    - a package of sandwich broke and I scattered some slices as well
    (everything happened within a few hours)

    But you know what?
    I remember the patterns, so I am not too surprised.

    You are nothing but a video game boss!

    I dunno, what went wrong in your existence, but it seems you still want it the hard way! If my mere existence (even in my cursed form) is an offense to you... oh my...

    Theoretically, you have still a choice and same goes for your cabal minions and their minions as well.
    Seems nobody can change your mind.
    Anyway, enjoy your short-lived victory!

    Even though it's still annoying at times, your moves (including using your mind slaves) cannot impress me anymore!

    Let's say:
    I can forgive you.
    But, if you still want it the hard way... then, so be it!
    After all, source has tolerated your antics long enough... pretty sad that we even had to call for Divine Intervention in 2021!

    And again, I suffering the most brutal attack during the Divine Intervention meditation - EXACTLY at the moment I had to spoke out the decree out loud 3 times! Which, in other words, means that my vocal cords felt paralyzed! But somehow, I still made it!

    1. @ The Lurker:



    1. Also, I absolutely do NOT Agree with most Implants Gone.

      There clearly are thousands upon thousands of Implants left... And if the heavier implants were even touched, you would feel extremely high-energies.

      Implants/Abyss/Dead-Spirits/Distortion Field/Milking Station still exists... and the Ascension we will go through means removal of these and Improving the configurations.

      Especially if Implants were gone, Consciousness and Soul Energies would be SUPREMELY HIGHER than NORMAL.

      The Solar Plexus Primary Attachment Certainly Still is a Big Problem, yet to be Catered.

      Can Literally Feel
      being drown in Implants, without Implants, Starseeds would simply Work out the Non-Physical Entities on their own assuming Higher Ensoulment... At least the Bigger Souls certainly could Liberate the planet on their own without Implants, no matter the defects in the Human Vessel.

    2. 在台灣,刻意且人為的社會總崩潰正在持續,LFs不立即介入,大概是無法撐過事件了。超過光速的不是只有快子,還有政客貪婪腐敗的速度,你見過如此公開的與詐騙集團合作的政府嗎?這個地方是全世界寶珠最密集的地區,顯然埋下再多寶珠也沒有意義,因為有太多光工作者支持與Cabal勾結的政黨了

  57. Before election day in the US? Do people actually believe there will be an election day? Really? I'm not so sure at all. They will definitely try to stop it. War is what I'm thinking. I know most people are talking of alien invasion (boring) or a cryptid invasion but I don't believe these will successfully happen. Hehe. Well they can't just let Trump win, which he will as long as they don't cheat. Interesting days ahead.

  58. tell me why albaran have bases here and the rest of "the allstar team" is waiting outside the star system? but for what? when the post office delivers them the invitations?

  59. Not looking good for Australia. I don't even watch the news but it looks amazingly bad to me. How can people not do anything? Maybe they are trying. Looks like the lizard PM is trying to remove sport off free tv. How does that even work? I paid money for Stan, but even then you aren't allowed tennis. You have to pay ON TOP of what I pay each month. Bastards. By summer, I don't think there will be sport left, anywhere on free tv. Please hurry up and wipe them clean off this planet. Or it really will be boring and a sad place to be.

  60. A very important piece of info about The Lurker from one of Sebastian's reply to a question:

    Q: Does Lurker have its free-will intact?

    A: "These beings are like Animals, if they can get more (food, for example) they simply do. It is not exactly the "will" because they're lower Lifeforms, while the will that you meant it first appears above Animal-Level( on somewhat like a Human-Level). "

    And furthermore, it means that Lurker can't really Attack "Directly" like the rest of the DFs do. It's somewhat Strange-random looking but although diffused, its attack can be really strong.

    Note: That utilising your own Free-Will is very efficient especially against the Lurker, similar to just being threatening towards an aggressive dog puts it away.

    Also, remember you yourselves mostly stay at 3rd Subplane of the Mental Plane (and Astral Plane in case of emotions arising) of your own body at especially head region and central channel during usual day-time Consciousness, while the Lurker stays at the lower two Subplanes of the Mental/Astral Body, which corresponds to the Subconscious aspects of the Human Psyche, and obviously most Concentrated in Traumas, especially relationship aspects of Traumas, out of all the stored Info in your body at those two Subplanes of the respective Planes.

    So, a despicable animal is right below you, and it would attack you at random times, in rather a Strange-mannerism than a direct attack. Be Aware, and Do Utilise Free-Will to put it off, and the LFs will begin strongly clearing the Lurker/Implants/Abyss/Parasites etc. in the coming months.

  61. @ La(w)li(e)t !!

    I appreciate that you're posting helpful comments, but I have to warn you:

    By doing so, you make yourself also more vulnerable!
    I know it from my own experience, because, I posted a lot of helpful comments on various blogs, too.

    The more you do useful stuff for everyone; the more you shine your light, the more you attract potential enemies! I hope, you understand what I mean, because, if you notice those patterns too late, it might lead to a serious burnout!

    I had my first burnout in 2019 and what I can say is that you feel like a zombie - it's so awful because, normal ways of recovery are NOT working anymore! Even a 3-week holidays wasn't enough for me to fully recover from work stress!

    After quitting my job, I needed about 3.5 months of absolute rest!

    Burnout is like trying to step on the gas pedal:
    No matter, how often or how strong you push it, it simply does.... not... work!
    Or let's say, you can only drive 10 km/h (6 mph) - but you cannot reach a reasonable speed of at least 50 km/h (30 mph), not to speak of Autobahn speed which is at least 130 km/h (80 mph), if I remember correctly (last time I drove a car was in 2014 😅)

  62. Believe me or not, but every time I feel down and then listen to David Goggins, his speeches are lifting me up!

    "They don't know me son!"
    "Who is gonna carry the boats and the logs?"

    Personally, I use the words "boats" and "logs" in a mental context!

    Goggins is one of the greatest men out there! 💪

  63. (copied this comment from another comments section and repost it here, because it's important to me)

    @ Sara gubits:

    Gender dysphoria is caused by living in the wrong body which has the wrong biological sex!
    Healing is done by getting the right one (plus better DNA), a body with the right biology!

    To repeat what Sherman said:
    "Never liked being a man, never. Never FELT like a man"

    So, there's no point in going back to a body that caused gender dysphoria in the first place!
    Becoming a 100% woman is my life dream and I pursue it until it becomes finally true!
    After all, we trans people suffer for many years and even decades!

    Like I sometimes say:
    The best way to break a woman is to put her in the wrong body!

    I don't want to exclude the trans men though (means, a person is born with a female body, but feels like a man).
    It seems though that trans women (like me - male body, feeling as female) are being hated more than trans men. Perhaps, it has to do with the suppression of femininity in general.

    I need DEMONIC strength to endure this suffering! (even writing these lines here feels a bit tough right now)
    Isn't it paradox somehow?
    I need to be a DEMON in order to be an angel!

    @ Sherman:

    Regarding clothes:
    The thing is that women can look sexy in male clothes while on the other hand, most men look ugly in female clothes! With my current appearance - which is basically the one of a werewolf or a butter golem - I wouldn't dare to shop for feminine clothes IRL, because, it somehow feels like committing a crime!

    Long time ago, I bought a skirt online and I must say that wearing a skirt feels more comfortable than pants!

  64. Okay, I think I posted enough comments for now.
    But remember:

    "They don't know me son!"


    There are people constantly fighting inside LW, which is very interesting. I don't even think I am LW. Because LW is someone who is closely involved in planetary liberation to some extent. I have nothing, I am currently 21 years old, I do not have financial resources, I do not have a job, and my livelihood comes from my family. I even need translation software for comments because English is not my native language. I can do what Cobra wants me to do as long as I am given the tools and resources. I don't lack action, I just lack resources and people who tell me how to do it. I am completely a noob. So I cannot freely participate in the entire liberation process. Although I have a lot of connections and interactions with LF, I still don't consider myself a lightworker because I'm clearly not at work. I tend to describe myself as "some alien prince who doesn't matter much to the situation, and the only value of his existence is being a hostage that prevents his alien twin soul commander from obtaining him." LF-ET - My Pleiadian twin soul female commander, now seems more focused on how to take me away from the surface rather than letting me stay here to do more.

    1. As a long time reader, I want to give the following advice:

      Based on your Blogger profile, I assume that you are Chinese. We have many Chinese speakers inside this community and I highly recommend you to connect with them!

      Rin for instance:

      Via the Starseeds land app:

      English version of the app here:

      Other Chinese websites:

      There's also a huge data base that is focusing on Cobra, planetary liberation in general and the Lurker. In the following, I give you Google translated links - both in Traditional and Simplified Chinese:

      Traditional Chinese:

      Simplified Chinese:

      I think, that should be enough for the beginning.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. (I just stumbled upon the latest workshop notes, so I decided to do some "overtime")

    "There are layers upon layers upon layers upon layers of the darkness, which have been creating this quarantine planet. The Light Forces are now removing these layers that have been there since 25,000 years ago. Light forces are deconstructing the layers in the way the humanity can survive. If they just drop a bomb on this planet, all the darkness are gone, but unfortunately, there are all humans who would be gone as well. That is why they are conducting this disentanglement process for humanity to survive. And unfortunately, humanity is not very cooperative. That is why it is taking so much time and it is so difficult. When all the darkness will be gone, you will know it. You will actually feel much better. So, before your life gets significantly better, you know that there is still key element of darkness remaining on the planet."

    end quote


    Imagine, you would be someone within the top echelons:
    Would you just "drop the bomb"?
    Yeah, the cabal would be gone and the problem "solved", but if you are really a sentient being, then I don't think that you would just act according to the saying "the end justifies the means"!

    The entire operation is about maximum efficiency which is unfortunately dragged down by lack of cooperation - well, we should focus on what we can control and that's our free will!

    Also, another interesting quote:
    "Q. We all have different conscious level, but how do the light forces know and evaluate our consciousness and light work?
    A. They are fuly aware of your actions. They can see what you are experiencing. But they can not completely understand how you think. Because the lack of experience on the planet earth, they can hardly imagine how it is to be here. That is a problem, too. I would say Light forces are doing great work but they also want to stay in their comfort zone. They would rather fight against the dark forces behind shields, and these dark forces all come here. [laughter] The most difficult part is here on the surface."

    end quote

    Well, what should I say?
    Many of us on the surface are basically living punching bags / chewtoys. (be it "Joe Sixpack" or "Starseed")
    I hope that the lightforces have at least a rough understanding that people like me were going through multiple hells and I hope that we are receiving a GODLIKE balance later on - for being a living punching bag alone! PLUS, all the additional efforts someone like me has done - ALL lifetimes included!

    I am serious!

    Read the full notes here:

    1. Must still be quite difficult for them to understand.
      Remember, prior to 1996, Cobra was once beamed up... and he said the Vibrations were absolutely unbelievable in that Spaceship.

      Putting yourself at that vibration, I don't think it's even possible to fully understand the multiple hells people go through here intellectually.

      Well, November seems like a hotspot month from Various people. Might as well say, some evacuations are likely to occur starting somewhere from towards the 3rd Week of November.

  67. Am feeling the need to take a step back and keep it simple for a while - 'processing overload' 😅

  68. Cobra stated this in Paris Workshop:

    "Another situation we have here is that the white nobility families that are living in Paris are still afraid to come out. There are key members of that family who is living in Paris, but this person has not contacted us because they are all afraid. They are afraid because of all the past experiences, all the threats from dark forces. But we need their cooperation in order to get the vortex to the next level. I hope they will find some creative ways to contact me, or be courage to talk to us. There have been already contacts established in other locations, but not in Paris. In order to activate Paris vortex, this is absolutely needs to happen at least in next few years. This is very important for proceeding to the next level of planetary liberation."

    - So White Nobility Families needs to activate Paris Vortex in next few years???
    That needs to happen for Planetary Liberation? I'm wondering how long will we wait for Planetary Liberation, i was thinking that The Event will happen this or next year and that we will be liberated, now there is few more years to activate the Paris Vortex and then next level of Planetary Liberation will start??? Seems like liberation will take forever, how long we must stay on this Planet to be liberated, where is Solar Flash and Pole Shift? Seems like when we get liberated we can expect Tsunami from Pole Shift to be drowned in, that's about same timing, something isn't right here, i think a lot of information is being hidden from us. Reading from Cobras posts seems like Dark Forces are almost gone and now we will need a lot of years for Complete Liberation? How strong Dark Forces are actually? What is hidden from us? This is illogical...

    1. Speaking of, here's a list of Cobra blog posts labeled with White Nobility:

    2. One thing is for sure:
      It can't go on like this forever!

      The question is also:
      For how long will it be still possible to keep surface society stable enough until the point of no return? (i.e. until the Event MUST be triggered!)

  69. Thanks Cobra and One Of 144K for info and help with emeralds. In addition to doing the emerald meditation, here's an idea I had:

    Have the emerald on the heart center while watching The Andy Griffith Show. ☺️

    1. I hope you're getting great results Starlight432... it's VERY worth it! I'll have to try holding my emerald to my heart while watching Andy Griffith... I would assume that any show, movie, or music with positive, loving, inspiring, and uplifting messages would be greatly enhanced and healing for the heart Chakra through the frequencies of the emerald. Speaking of shows and movies, I had always thought that the classic 1972 movie adaptation of Jonathan Livingston Seagal was a wonderful story and had always wished it would be redone for this generation.
      I'll put a pin in it and see if it's a future possibility post EVENT!
      Love and Light... Troy

    2. One Of 144K, great idea! Jonathan Livingston Seagal is one of my favs! 💖

  70. (I am still reading the notes, but I want to comment more about that)

    "All you need to do is recognizing the entities and just release them. Fighting other light workers will not get you anywhere. It would just multiply the number of entities, and they would create the negative energy field to fight each other. The highest purpose of light workers at this moment is building kindness and compassion to other light workers. But, if general surface population try to develop compassion and kindness, it can be dangerous. They can act strangely. It is because the human society has been twisted so much. They are told to be kind to the others, and they can get crazy. You can find your own way to be kind."

    To be honest, it's still difficult for me to be kind (not nice, because that's a negative form of positive behavior)

    About 15 years ago, I suffered from the typical nice guy problem. I mean, I am still not being a typical alpha (and don't intend to be), but I developed a much more dominant aura which can result in too much harshness at times! So, instead of being kind, I am not "alpha", but portray a cold and indifferent demeanor! You must understand that I had basically no other choice but to develop this kind of numbness! Unfortunately, you are just being exploited by most people on this planet for being kind!

    So, I see this cold demeanor as a necessary defense mechanism, because otherwise, I couldn't manage to survive in the world! Back then, before my awakening in 2012, I suffered my first major depression and the reason for that was simply that I didn't have this thick hide back then!

    I mean, it is what it is:
    If you are constantly bombarded with all this hatred, all this mean behavior, then it's no wonder that you become BLUNT! Especially, when you have been emotionally neglected, NEVER experienced real love etc.! Some people might wonder why people turn so damn ice cold, but you must understand that we had to choose between 2 options:
    Either perish or become more hardened!

    If you want to be respected by others in this world, you must be HARD enough!
    Of course, there should be more kindness, but the average human being is so extremely programmed that most don't care about true kindness and think that being rude and rough is natural!

    I am nevertheless working hard on turning this numbness more and more into real stoicism which has, among other things, virtue as a core value!
    Basically, real stoicism teaches you when to be cold and when to be warm!

    Full notes here:

  71. All the suffering on earth's surface can be summarized into something I call TUB which consists of 3 factors:
    - time
    - uncertainty
    - being forced

    I doubt that a simulation can help the lightforces with understanding! It's easy to brush off a negative situation when it's brief and happens rarely. The real problem is the very slow, but effective decomposition of the human mind (which is done through the 3 aforementioned factors)! So, a simulation would make no sense, because you can exit the simulation at any time!

  72. If ‘divide and rule ‘is the strategy of the Dark Forces, our counter-strategy as forces of light is to‘ unite and fight.‘

  73. If divide and rule is the strategy of the forces of darkness, our counter-strategy as forces of light is to unite and fight.

    1. I like to use the stick analogy:

      You can easily break a single stick, but if you take multiple sticks and try to break them, it won't work!

      That's why I think it's called "stick together"!

      A small team that is working with combined focus is much stronger than a big team with people that don't really know what they are doing!

    2. PS:
      Too many people in one team can be even a hindrance!

      But there's a trick:
      Let's say, you have 50 people.
      Instead of putting them all into one team, it's better to distribute them on multiple teams that are smaller.

      So for instance 5 teams with 10 people each - and those teams are still in close exchange to the other teams.

      People might ask what is the difference.
      Well, you have better coordination!

      There's a strong psychological shift, depending on how many people you have at one spot!

  74. (again, from the notes)

    "Light workers can do this consciously. As the kindness is what will bring goddess energy to the surface of the planet, you know how to do it. Today is June 27. This is the day light workers stop fighting each other, NOW. The time for luxury is over. We are in verge of world war III. We have had similar situation as this in past many many times. One of the cause of this is light workers. Light workers have been fighting each other, and do other stupidities. A breakthrough could happen in 1996, and a key light worker made wrong decision. So, instead of great breakthrough, we got Great Forgetting, Archon Invasion. A breakthrough could happen in 2019. And again, key light workers made stupid decisions in the same year. So, instead of great breakthrough, we got Covid Pandemic. Again, in June 2024, if we could not get breakthrough, we might get World War III."

    (TL;DR at the bottom, if you want to skip)

    Okay, I have mixed feeling about this...

    Personally, I wouldn't see this as a mere reprimand, but an important reminder that beings with higher consciousness also bear a higher responsibility!

    As a former Telegram group leader, I got a taste of it. Having power can be a wonderful thing, but it can also backfire heavily! Even though I don't want to have children, I think that being a parent is another good example to show what responsibility really means!

    And don't get me wrong: Even I have done stupids things that were not too big, but not too little either!
    However: Some of those stupid decisions in general could've have been avoided if people got the help when they needed it the most! But okay, it is what it is!

    While I understand criticism towards people in leadership positions (or other forms of responsibility), you must understand that leadership is a necessary part of a society!

    Working environments are a good example:
    (Unfounded) criticism, whining and gossiping is usually coming from those who would't consider any kind of leadership position, since it takes mental strength and courage!

    Even though I needed holidays or retirement yesterday, it seems that I can't lean back yet. I mean, I could, but I don't want that another major negative event is going to manifest! For instance, I am absolutely NOT in the mood for second pandemic with more lockdowns and all that drama about masks and vaccines! Yeah, it has been said that the positive timeline has been secured - but, this is ONLY possible because of all the people who KEEP GOING until the present day! I mean, writing all of those comments right now takes me HOURS already, but I do it anyway, even though I am not in the mood!

    If we speak about experiences, I am closer to the starseeds and surface people in general, but it its not always easy to keep a balanced perspective - i.e., I want to prevent too much inclination towards either one or the other side! Universally speaking, we are all in the same boat, but the situation of this planet is unfortunately creating a division between us and the lightforces!

    TL;DR / summary:
    The awakened ones might be few, compared to 8 billion people, but they are those who have the greatest influence!
    WE are making the changes! The average people are not initiating changes - they are just following them!

    Full notes here:

  75. I reached a point of overload. When this happens, the analytical mind shuts down, and there is an expansion of consciousness. It can’t be described in words. It can only be felt. Some ambient music with scenery is the best I can do to illustrate this:

    Everything becomes very still inside.

  76. I am adding my opinion to fights:

    In many cases, it is obvious what a fight or a stupid thing is - just use common sense.
    Everybody has a different perception of that and a different tolerance threshold! (but this is also influenced by long term frustration)

    What I want to say is:
    To a certain degree, we must tolerate what we perceive as "stupid" or "fight"! Of course people are taking it too far sometimes, but there must be balance regarding this!
    In other words:
    - Don't tolerate everything, but
    - Don't be too meticulous either and exclude people as working partners, because of every little thing!

    What I find also stupid is that people expect you that you MUST collaborate with literally everyone you encounter!
    Make it context dependent:
    If you can't work together with a person on one thing, then maybe with another!
    If you can't get along with someone for whatever reasons, reduce contact or leave each other alone completely.

    On the other hand, I can fully understand the frustration if you work really really hard, but receive stupidity, ungratefulness or even malice in return!

    Well, as I said before, I have mixed feelings.

  77. Okay, this is the last quote for now I want to address:

    "When there is extract or evacuation or whatever you call happens, you will be off the list if you still fight."

    Unfortunately, this phrase - provided that is has been said in the exact way - can be heavily misunderstood and triggering!

    So, it could be perceived as a threat and could even attract more haters, but I think that people will NOT being excluded from evacuations completely!
    What I think could happen, is that you will be assigned to a lower priority instead!

    At this point however, I want you to think for yourself what kind of behavior could either increase or decrease your priority!

    Full notes here:

    1. Yeah, the lower priority for argumentative/hyper-aggressive lightworkers makes sense. No one gets left behind, except for maybe those who absolutely refuse to board the ships. Priority-increasing behavior would be:

      Cooperate if possible, but if being attacked, maybe say a line or two without attacking back, but just to make a point, and then, disengage from the attacker. Also, if there were conflicts with someone in the past, but later the situation becomes peaceful, wipe the slate clean.

      Regarding another attempted pandemic, it would probably just be an attempt. There would be too much resistance to allow it. The timeline for that has been destroyed. The timeline for non-nuclear WW3, however, appears to still be possible. There would be quite a bit of resistance to any draft though.

  78. Biggest threat for non-nuclear WW3 would be a black swan event in the US:

    A missile strike (or multiple missile strike) on US soil (either from Russia, or simply blamed on Russia) causes martial law, cancellation of the election, and a military draft. As with the pandemic, the power of saying "No" to the draft would result in another retreat of the cabal.

    I'm not saying there will be a black swan event like this, but it's only logical that the cabal will try to play this card. This can be stopped ahead of time through various endeavors.

  79. Replies
    1. Addition:

      In the US, instituting the draft to go into Ukraine without any other reason will not have enough compliance. That's why they would probably want to do an attack on the US to increase compliance. Propaganda could be used to 'fight for our country' if there was a missile attack. Yet even then, enough US citizens could say "No" to stop the draft. Again, this is all hypothetical, but fits the behavior patterns of the cabal. When you see all the horrible atrocities they've committed over the years, they become easier to predict. (Again, this can be stopped before it's attempted.)

  80. Poor poor Cobra. Please don't worry, most of us have your back. I personally think Cobra does a great job! I can see it is a very, very hard job to do. You really really do a great and wonderful job for all of us Lightworkers. We truly appreciate you! If you look at normal humanity, they don't seem to believe there are any Pleiadians. Most really don't believe. It's crazy. Don't worry, we and many others who don't post - we all believe in you. You are a star!! Keep doing such a good job. I think astrologically this and next month will be mad. It is a damn crazy time, already. Astrologically it is CRAZY. Thanks for the great work you do and the rest of the Pleiadians. Top job!!!

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Not ignoring you in my case. I just have an overload of information at the moment and couldn't think of anything to say in response to your comments. Again, I prefer to keep it simple for a while. That's just me.

    2. Again I wasn't specific towards you.
      Furthermore, it was targetted more to a person who replied to one of my comments just to deviate attention away from Sebastian's insights.

      Yeah, some days ago you were speaking about 4 Lightworkers being aggressive and I assumed it was targetted upon me... which wasn't and now I pointed out how plain deviated and clueless that guy was, and this time you took it upon yourself and wasn't even targetted at you.

      I'm gonna delete the above comment, due to misinterpretations. But this PATTERN is Exactly the Work of the Lurker.
      Subtle, Strange, Not Harmful very directly, yet it made an attempt to promote in-fighting....

      Not very Sensible, like a Big Animal that lacks Free-Will, EXACTLY AS Sebastian Explained.

      The Lurker is NOT Logical unlike for example the Chim-, and hence Free-Will is particularly effective against the Lurker.

    3. @ Law:

      The Lurker is strongly intertwined to anomaly. The latter has the characteristic to appear totally random and unpredictable.

      The Lurker basically knows all dirty tricks imaginable! Even using light to cancel light as it has been mentioned by Sebastian, too:

      If people want to be really effective regarding planetary liberation, they must do their homework and this means a lot of learning through observations! Especially, observing themselves!

      Murphy's law is also initiated by the Lurker / anomaly and personally, I see it as the bigger problem, because it includes situations I cannot really defend myself! And believe me or not, but regarding Murphy's law, I have experienced the strangest things imaginable. So strange, that it would be too embarrassing to talk about it actually!

    4. It was also stated that people in general were ignoring. I had already understood that this was not specifically about me, but wanted to provide an explanation for my situation.

      I agree, definitely, this is how the lurker operates. It loves to make 'mountains out of molehills,' and no one is completely immune.

      The lurker is akin to a 'mercury retrograde on meth.'

      Part of the testing phase for its removal involves interactions between lightworkers; this interaction is beneficial.