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EXFIL low boundary crossed


  1. "In military tactics, extraction is the process of removing personnel or units from an area; when conducted with stealth in an area controlled by the enemy, this is referred to as exfiltration":

    1. @Libra
      Let's hope this means what I think this means. o_O

    2. @Sherman

      "After 26,000 years of existence, this dark network is finally about to be defeated. The outer ring is gone, the middle ring is gone, and from the inner ring only the main stronghold remains."

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  3. merci Cobra <3 petite erreur sur la date 23 juin 2025 ? ..... Gratitude aux FL VOTL

  4. Ainda que eu ande pelo vale da sombra da morte não temerei mal algum, porque tu estás comigo. Certamente a bondade e a misericórida me seguirão todos os dias da minha vida e habitarei na casa do senhor por longos dias. Obrigada, CoBRa

  5. man im just waiting for them to remove the fuckin lurkers!! they have been giving me mad hell!

  6. Exfiltration, Tactic -
    The adversary is trying to steal data. Exfiltration consists of techniques that adversaries may use to steal data from your network.

    1. I had a look at the previous post again - makes sense! I only knew of exfil as a military term!

  7. Mark Passio - 2 Masks, Same Face - The Dark Occult Origins of Fascism and Communism

    1. Mark Passio is amazing. He is a former satanic priest who was put in place by Anton Lavey the founder of the church of satan. His information is free and absolutely priceless.

    2. Hi glad you find it useful.

      See you on the other side of The Event.

  8. I just saw this video. The food is totally fake food, and we are buying it and eating it. But it really really looks fake. Yuk!

    Go to 7.45 to about 15

    1. Minden étel, valójában moslék, amit a disznóknak adnak. Még azok is ezt a moslékot eszik, akiket ti sötétekenk neveztek. Magam ismerem mindkét piramist, akár a fény, akár a sötét piramist, így számomra nincsenek fényesek, sem sötétek. Nálam mindenki egy, "g" = eg = ég, ékírásban kettős kereszt, vagy égi = ige = egó. Az egó ugyan azt jelenti, mint az ige, csak minőségileg alacsonabb. E földön a magar (mag árasztó) nyelvben a mássalhangzók hordozzák a szó, szótag, betű jelentését, míg a magánhangzók a szó, szótag, betű minőségét mutatják meg.

    2. I want to know what IS that in the first 5 minutes.

  9. Promise me not to let my motherland(CN), an evil place that dumps public opinion garbage every day, lead the world, okay?

  10. Wow things really warming up now haha,
    Maybe sounds like the light forces are coming closer?
    Also hey everyone hope you are all doing well i didn't comment as much at I used to but when I get time I still love too read you guys comments it nice to see all regulars and to look at your updates too! So keep it up ! ☺ oh! and for new people if like to join the 2012 portal discord here a link!

  11. During the last couple of days, I have encountered an unusual high amount of baiting attempts coming from the Lurker. He has indeed a lot of fun playing with his toys!

    When I speak about toys, it's exactly as it has been described by the Unveiling blog, quote:
    "On Earth, nearly nothing is what it seems to be. Promoted important things are most times not even connected to the important things for the cabal. For example it is very important for the cabal is to sabotage their key-opponents while not making them look like sabotaged opponents. This happens daily in this way towards targeted individuals on the surface, they oftentimes get heavily sabotaged without anyone (including themselves) ever noticing.
    This sabotage is mainly carried out by the 'toys and tools' of the cabal.
    Toys are of course those humans the cabal can manipulate without any conscious recognition of that manipulation - these people do not realise that they speak and act according to the will of the cabal."

    See also here:

    The Lurker is literally exploiting every weakpoint; even the smallest one!
    However: The Lurker has also a crucial weakpoint: Unveiling him and his tactics!

    It's basically the same with every being that wants to pull the strings while remaining invisible:
    They hate being exposed and those who are doing this unveiling!

  12. This is how you defeat the Lurker:

  13. How the darkforces are using thoughtforms for guilt tripping and more:

    How the Lurker takes control over people to use them as toys:


    "Because we are coming closer to the end of lurker, lurkers have to be exposed. They have to show their faces. After that, they will be defeated. The last place they can be hiding is in the human body of the surface of the planet. This is the real reason there is so much psychological problems. It is not just about trauma and hard life experiences. It is lurker lurking in our shadow of aura, influencing our consciousness. This is the reason for mental disorder and emotional problems people are still suffering. This is the real reason for disease. That is why there are so many cancers. Although the symptoms are removed, there is lurker hiding in subquantum field influencing the quantum field, and from the quantum field, they influence the etheric plane, plasma plane, and physical plane to our immune system. This has to be cleared to a certain degree before the Event can happen. Otherwise, there would be too much chaos and much violence."


    "The problem is that lurkers are influencing light forces also, because lurker is working on subquantum plane. People in motherships in Mars or Jupiter are alco quantumly entangled with lurker, and they can be influenced as well. The main way lurker is influencing the light workers is fear. Fear is the main tool of lurker to influence the surface population. So, the fear is the main problem and blockage for everybody in this universe to defeat the darkness. Fear cannot be erased completely, but fear is manageable. The key to manage fear is to face the source of fear. And you go beyond the fear, things that you are afraid of, and gain experiences. Gaining experience is the key to reduce fear. Most of light workers on the surface of the planet tend to avoid having new experiences. They tend to avoid going experiences because new experience is painful, so they try to stay only in their comfort zones. Not only the light workers on the planet, but the light forces beyond the surface have tendency to stay in their comfort zones. The radius of comfort zone is determined by the amount of experiences and understanding you have gained. By saying experience, I am not talking only about the amount of risks you have taken, but more about balance and understanding. But by taking risk and gaining experiences, we conquer fear. And we will dissolve the quantum anomaly."


  15. The US has published a list of people exempt from Covid vaccination:

    • All senators and members of the House of Representatives.
    • All Congressional staff.
    • All White House employees.
    • All 2,500 Pfizer employees, 1,500 Moderna employees and 120,000 Johnson & Johnson employees.
    • All 15,000 CDC workers.
    • All 14,000 FDA employees.

  16. Dagestan: CTO regime introduced, clashes continue

    A counter-terrorist operation (CTO) regime has been introduced in Dagestan. Clashes continue in the cities of Derbent and Makhachkala.

    According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of the clashes, 7 law enforcement officers were killed and 25 were injured.

    The sounds of shooting can be heard in various areas of Derbent and Makhachkala. Local authorities urge residents to stay home and not go out.


    Does anyone doubt that a whole series of bloody events of the past day are timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Prigozhin rebellion? So I have no doubt.

    Terrorist attacks in Makhachkala, Derbent and Sergokal (already almost 30 people were killed and 40 hostages), the indicative severed head of an Orthodox priest (as in Crocus), shooting on the border with Abkhazia, and most importantly - an attack on the beaches in Sevastopol with a huge number of wounded (hurts more than 140 people), including children - all this is a serious request for people in Russia to understand how the West really feels towards the Russian Federation.

    And he is determined to promote the escalation of the “imperialist war” (the confrontation between the Russian Federation and NATO) into the collapse of Russian statehood (as in 1916), and then into a coup d’etat and civil war, that is, into direct intervention in the Russian Federation no longer 14 ( as in 1918), but 40-50 states.

    Today the West has once again shown that its tentacles are deep in Russia, in the federal and regional “elites”... It dictates the agenda to the Russian leadership.

    I will not explain where those eccentrics are concentrated today in the Russian Federation who cannot understand the essence of geopolitical alignments and behave on the chessboard of history like pawns who are only allowed to move forward 1-2 steps - into the enemy’s embrasures...
    Let me just remind you that back in November 2021, when our eccentrics issued an “ultimatum” to the West, I made several videos about what awaits Russia. And everything that was predicted goes like clockwork...

    It is unfortunate that neither the protracted military campaign (and the West intends to wage it to the bitter end), nor the Prigogine rebellion, nor the terrorist attack in Crocus City ever forced our eccentrics to come to their senses (they are still holding on to something else) ...
    Just like today’s demonstrative demarche of a bunch of British planners, radical Islamists and Banderaites will certainly not be a lesson for Russian pawns who imagine themselves to be kings and queens in the Great Geopolitical Game."

  17. I hope everything is alright! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  18. “I have given the Government information about people who are involved in child trafficking in the UK, but no one wants to act,” in Andrew Bridgen's explosive interview on the Resistance Podcast

    This was done to sell them (possibly for organs), not to pedophiles. Nothing and therefore it will happen and I believe the National Crime Agency will not act

    And they told me that they... they used them in the sex trade for about three years, and then they fell into disrepair. And then they removed the organs from them.

    And here are materials about orphans in Russia:
    👉🏻Signora Fratti and the deadly “Rainbow” and the latest project of the Ministry of Education by Kravtsov (
    👉🏻How much are children for export today? (
    👉🏻Orphans for export? Where have 12 and a half million children gone? (
    👉🏻Where do they send our orphans? How to help in the investigation (
    👉🏻"Rainbow" of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice. Orphans for sale (
    👉🏻Elimination of the legal framework for orphans, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution in a childish way (

  19. Atlantis ◌faded◌ | Resolution
    Where are you now?
    Atlantis, under the sea, under the sea
    Where are you now? Another dream
    The monster's running wild inside of me
    I'm faded, I'm faded
    So lost, I'm faded, I'm faded
    So lost, I'm faded
    Gaiaportal from 2012-11-16
    Higher D incoming Light Energies of Galactic Sun origin create bubbles of resolution. Temporary isolation and restriction of anharmonics occur until resolution.

    Some will sense a “popping” of these bubbles once resolution completes. Conscious participation from non-judgment space is helpful in resolving these anharmonics.

    These occur at all levels, individual, group, community, country, planetary. All Hue-mans sense these multi-level anharmonics and subsequent resolutions.

    Resting and communication with Nature is helpful as resolutions process

  20. Cobra when you talked about the lurker story I saw at the last cosmic cycle it chasing something and being trapped in the process,have any of you considered it needs to heal and maybe it might have crucial information from a previous time.i don't know why I keep seeing this and who are the timmers?.and is the goddess the woman who came here 33,000 years ago from vega with a man and started Atlantis?,ok that's all votl...

    1. The Lurker is beyond healing. Destroy the Lurker. There is no healing.

    2. An interesting point for me is that Cobra once said that LF (ET)does not want people to view them as "gods", but they propose the view of "goddesses". Obviously, our question is not whether we should worship gods. But rather worship to whom.


    Renewal season is here for you! Gamma plasma diamond light has been projecting so much light to your DNA and oscillating your cells at higher speeds of light.

    This will make one feel like sitting down or resting. Integration is apart of the ascension process and rebirthing and renewing is how one ascends in frequency. Old identities are falling away and it’s important that you quantum shift with seeing who you are now and not any aspect of past identities.

    One can’t create anew from the past and it was the past that brought you to the now, being in the now and you will see, hear and know what is needed for you to forge ahead. Give yourself grace and strength as they are balanced in both masculine and feminine energies.

    The distortions of these energies feeds darkness and deceptions. Balance in both provides the Ankh of energy, that is unified in the harmonics of light, that was used so much in Ancient Egypt.

    May you integrate in balance and nourishment for yourself during this rebirthing transition from darkness to light


    The Age of Light

    You’ve been training for this for lifetimes.
    Mystics and sages throughout the ages have predicted this period in history, and you decided to incarnate in the middle of it. There is no mistake that you are supposed to be here at this time of great change.

    If you ever feel unprepared or daunted by the path that is calling you, know this: You’ve been training for this for lifetimes. You’re way more than the days that have breathed through you in this life. You’re also all of the lifetimes that came before. All of these experiences have polished your soul into the most magnificent expression that is your authentic self. Your soul has many facets. Imagine a fingerprint; your soul is a million times more intricate than that.

    If you put together all of the fingerprints of all of the people you have been,you would not even get close to fathoming how much of a unique masterpiece you are. You came in with a clear soul plan. You came in with wisdom beyond your years.

    This is the part of you that longs to be seen. This is the part of you that is ready to step forward. That is ready to emerge.This is not the lifetime to stay hidden, but to step forth, be seen and rise.

    Work Your Light Activation: Hold your hand on your heart and say:
    “I call forth the soul gifts and soul training that I have received throughout all of my lifetimes. I am ready to embody them all now without hesitation and without fear.I have been training for this for lifetimes.”

    Rebecca Campbell

  23. I was just about to comment how, in Australia, we have NO news. All kinds of stuff is happening on the world stage, but in Australia we just go on as normal, as though nothing is happening. This is all true, but I just found a story in Australia. They are putting something called "Nitazenes", a type of drug or painkiller developed in the 50's or 60's. It is 1000 times stronger than morphine. Yeah, it is instant death. So now people go out and buy party drugs (not me but normal aussies) and they are instantly killed. So the message is if you take party drugs, don't! They will kill you instantly. These nitazenes are even in vapes! Kids are out there vaping... vaping what exactly?

    The illuminati/cabal is trying to kill us obviously though any drug by putting in nitazenes. If you didn't realise, taking any drug at all is now majorly dangerous.


  25. What?? Julian Assange is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I need help from someone within the alliance. Every event on this blog is connected to me. I don't know what my purpose is, except that I am to be a healer. I have received some pretty heavy knowledge while in an altered state, but now everything I do is sabotaged. Please help me out, Im being 24/7 gang stalked by demonic entities. Cobra, I'm losing confidence in you.

  28. Star Seeds plant their Star seeds rapidly, and with ease

    Gaiaportal from 2015-5-6
    Denouement of old paradigm patterns accelerates.
    Foundational grids have been laid and now manifest in all dimensions.
    The paradigm of forced compliance affects only those attempting to enforce.
    Celestial connections are primary at this time.
    Star Seeds plant their Star seeds rapidly, and with ease.
    Accelerations of “abundance” paradigms manifest the Nova Gaia.

  29. Dear SOURCE,
    It seems like, and as Garfield would say... "time to bring home the lasagna"...😉... what do you think?
    Much love

  30. Ragazzi ultimamente ho un sacco di fantasia! Il mio potenziale creativo sta conoscendo un'espansione. Il processo immaginativo è molto vivace e mi acconsente di creare frasi, poesie, aforismi e freddure( a volte anche molto ridicole) attraverso la visione di piccole cose che spesso gli altri non vedono o non osservano;😁 sarà forse un effetto delle potenti energie che stanno arrivando sulla Terra 🤩

    All Quantum and Subquantum Anomalies of the Solar System, Have Been Removed, The Solar System Has Been Liberated.

    Beloved Emanuel and Pastora, I am Commander Ashtar Sheran, Inverential Peace. I wanted to give you information so you know, that the solar system is completely clean, free of all anomaly and all distortions.

    All Commandos have been working hard, to eliminate all those series of quantum anomalies that were presenting themselves in the Solar System as a result of all this situation in the system, throughout this universe.

    All these situations helped the negative forces in their malicious processes and the whole system has already fully recovered. There is no negative force in the entire solar system. Everything has been and has been cleaned and purified by all the Commandos, starting from the sun to the last planet.

    There is nothing to fear, all these anomalies and all these disruptions at the Quantum level, system-wide level, are already resolved. All the protection that has been placed on the whole system has helped enormously. To remove these anomalies has been worked hard and all this mesh that has been placed to protect the whole system, also had a very positive effect.

    We still continue under the influence of other external systems that are already cyclical effects, the passage of those systems. Their step is normal throughout the system, we expect and feel already, the strikes of all the proximity to the Nibiru Star System, but we are also working there.

    Beloved, we watch all the time, in all its linear time as they say, the 24 hours. We are constantly watching, cleaning at all levels and in all dimensions, checking portals, checking any portals they can open. Everything, everything is under control.

    What is missing to liberate the planet, which we are almost there, as all these structures that support this system of control on the planet fall, there we go taking possession and position on all the new and all the new structures that will rise for the New Earth.

    Those who kept them oppressed are already leaving. They don't have much time left like I always tell them. Do not despair, be patient because we are almost there. Results are already showing up.

    All systems are about to collapse, the forces of light will take all these systems and structures and thus the foundation will be laid for the new Golden Age, for this new reality that the planet will have.

    My beloved, we are going from Victoria to Victoria, do not despair, keep calm, that here we are alert and attentive to assist you, we will never leave you helpless, here we are to fulfill the plan of Father Mother Adonai for this system.

    I'm saying goodbye. I am commander ashtar sheran.

    Inverential Peace to all my loved ones.

    Emanuel and Pastora, a big hug from heart to heart.

    Ashtar Sheran.

    Emanuel and Pastora - ServIUM
    ERKS - 24/06/2024
    Commanders Ishtar and Ashtar

  32. Hey. I'm asking the questions here. Did you guys turn things up a notch? The stuff I'm seeing in my inner eye is gruesome. Far more vivid, which is "awesome!" But the bad stuff is traumatizing. Wondering if it was a retaliation by the bads..

  33. That or it's clearing a lot of the stuff that's been boiling under the surface. Which is why I'm asking, if it's connected to the delicate operations of removing the lurker..

  34. Mystery Babylon is run by non human (and some non-corporeal entities) referred to by some top Intel as the Darkside, others call them some of the 200 fallen ones (aka Fallen angels that descended at Mount Hermon). Some believe they are evil alien ET (Dracos and big bugs). Many can shape shift.


    even big bugs being written of now in matrix digital streaming transmissions.....

    didnt cobra disclose to us about those big bugs years ago-hahahahaha.....

    the bugs are beginning to be written about now

  35. "This is how Trump’s advisers characterize ( his actions from January 2017 to January 2021:

    Putin saw Trump as a strong and decisive president;

    like other US adversaries, Putin also viewed Trump as unpredictable and unconventional (this unpredictability played an important role during the Trump presidency in countering the hostile actions of US adversaries);

    Putin could not be sure how Trump would react to Russian belligerence in light of:
    - Trump's threats to destroy North Korea if it threatens US allies in the Asia-Pacific region;
    - Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un;
    - moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem;
    - bombing of Syria for the use of chemical weapons against civilians;
    - dropping the largest anti-bunker bomb in America on the stronghold of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) in Afghanistan;
    - introducing tough economic sanctions against China while maintaining an open dialogue with Beijing;

    in 2018, after a group of Russian Wagner mercenaries advanced toward American bases in Syria, they were met with immediate and decisive action when President Trump authorized punitive airstrikes against them;

    the Trump administration has strengthened Europe's position to contain Russia by reinvigorating the NATO alliance to work in American interests, pushing NATO members to contribute fairly to the Alliance and meet their defense spending targets under NATO Article 3 and the Welsh Declaration;

    reforming NATO to return it to its original intent as a collective security mechanism ensured that the burden of Russian containment no longer fell solely on the United States;

    the Europeans were pressured to step up their defense of regional security and return to being effective allies;

    During the Trump administration, the United States no longer tolerated Russia's repeated violations of the nuclear treaty and withdrew from the Open Skies Treaty and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty;

    the Trump administration also began the process of withdrawing from the New START Treaty with Russia in hopes of negotiating a stronger and more effective treaty that would also include China's nuclear arsenal;

  36. "the Trump administration authorized the first-ever lethal military aid package to Ukraine, equipping the Ukrainian Armed Forces with advanced Javelin anti-tank missiles, naval ships and Mark VI patrol boats;

    President Obama refused to send weapons to Ukraine because he was afraid it would provoke Putin, but President Trump disagreed and sent weapons to Ukraine as a sign of American strength and support for a friendly state;

    at the same time, Trump was open to cooperation with Russia and dialogue with Putin - Trump expressed respect for Putin as a world leader and did not demonize him in public statements;

    it was a transactional approach in which Trump used his deal-making experience to find ways to coexist and reduce tensions with Putin while firmly standing up for American security interests;

    Contrary to the Trump administration's national security stance, Biden's approach prioritized the idealistic agenda of the global elite over a working relationship with Russia.


    25.06 Reuters writes ( ) that this report dated April 11 was prepared by “two key Trump advisers.”

    However, this is an imprecise estimate. Trump has several such advisers, and one of the authors, Keith Kellogg, irritates at least half of them. Including major Trump donors.

    At the same time, Kellogg was an adviser to the special forces of the Cambodian army during the Vietnam War, and from July 1992 to 1994 he was the head of all US Special Forces units in Europe, when a lot of special things were happening in the post-Soviet space. The first Chechen war began when Kellogg was in the leadership of the US Special Forces, and in 2003, after the start of the US campaign in Iraq, he was appointed to the interim administration in Baghdad.

    “Putin, Trump and Xi are fighting the globalists” wow-ha-ha-ha..."

  37. Now the Biden administration is allowing US forces to be deployed in Ukraine:

    Putin's peace proposal accomplished nothing. The planetary situation continues to deteriorate.


  39. Pentagon chief talks with Russian Defense Minister 🤗

  40. It is important to understand that a similar situation is now throughout the country, in all regions.

    The situation in the queue to obtain a permit to own a weapon in the city of Barnaul.

    Information from the author of the photo:

    “I haven’t heard a word from them in Russian. Some guy with glasses is pushing his speech out the window for them.
    They are all arming themselves. As soon as they were given a passport as a citizen of the Russian Federation, they ran not to the military registration and enlistment office, but to receive weapons. This is not a funny trend, comrades. In light of the latest events in Crocus, Dagestan, and throughout the country in general."

    An important note about the person who pushes documents in government agencies for migrants. This is a representative of those same national diasporas. Only by this one sign can we judge the preparation of an armed rebellion of migrants throughout the Russian Federation. What was the motivation for his presence in this line? Who sent it? Who pays for his services? Why do they need all this? Think about it. Also start purchasing legal weapons. It's not that expensive and won't take much time. Believe me, everything will pay off.


  41. Without denying the bad things and without ignoring what could be better, I spontaneously decided to list things I am most grateful for:

    - having a roof above my head
    - having access to tap water / warm water 24/7
    - having uninterrupted electrical power to virtually 100% of the time
    - no worries about extreme weather conditions like hurricanes or extremely low/high temperatures
    - My PC that is still running good, despite being considered "old" already.
    - Internet access with reasonable speed that works fine to 99%
    - a fridge freezer combination that works well since 2018
    - my washing machine that works surprisingly well, despite I got it from the previous tenant
    - I can reach most important stores and locations within 20 minutes foot walk or even less
    - not having to work / being a recipient of citizen money
    - having almost no financial problems
    - having no enemies in real life, be it humans or wild animals
    - getting along well with my acquaintances
    - being able to walk
    - being still able to laugh and having fun

    I don't want to say that complaining should be avoided at all costs - but I think, a bit mindfulness every now and then is helpful.

    Nevertheless, here is also what I wish for my future:

    - being in the right body for once
    - having not to worry about something like money
    - being physically and mentally healed to 100%
    - having a constant high energy level again
    - quality improvements regarding social interactions in general
    - having the feeling of being a valued member of society (instead of just being seen as a functional component)
    - no more imprisonment and no more torture
    - experiencing true love

    After all, life is not meant to be stuck on "happy slave" level!

  42. "Section IV: The Law of Intervention

    The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the intervention in all situations where the Galactic Codex is violated, regardless of the local laws.

    This section describes the policy of the Light Forces regarding occupied planets. The Confederation reserves the right to intervene in all areas, civilizations, planets or solar systems where the Galactic Codex is violated. It has the right to do so regardless of the position of the local civilizations about this intervention. It always has the right to use all peaceful means of education and regulation. If the critical mass of the Galactic Codex principles is violated, it has the right to use military force. Special cases are planets under direct occupation of the Dark Forces. The Dark Forces usually take the local population hostage to hinder the progress of the Forces of Light. On Earth they have threatened with nuclear war if the Light Forces would intervene. This is the main reason why the Light Forces have not yet liberated this planet (and not the so called we-will-not-intervene-because-we-respect-free-will, we-will-just-watch-as-the-suffering-goes-on nonsense). As in any hostage situation, this requires a lot of skillful negotiation and tactical approach. This situation is now being resolved and planet Earth will be liberated soon.

    Section IV/2: The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the implementation of the Galactic Codex and of conquering the areas of Galactic Codex violation with military force if necessary.

    This subsection gives a legal basis for the liberation of the occupied planets with military force. The military forces of the Confederation remove or give assistance in removal of the representatives of the Dark Forces and set the hostages free. Then other Confederation forces guide the process of acceptance of the planet into the Confederation by instructing the local population.

    Perhaps some humans feel that the Confederation has no right to intervene and that humanity has the right to solve its problems by itself. This is simply not true. Many wars all over the planet and constant abuse of basic human rights have proven that humanity is not capable of handling its own situation. So it is much better that it receives wise guardians to guide it. The Confederation will give assistance in replacing current masters of the puppets (Dark Forces) that humanity has invited long ago in Atlantis. Then the Galactic Codex will finally become the universal code of ethics throughout the universe and darkness will be no more."

  43. Giusto per ricordare ciò che disse Cobra in un aggiornamento precedente: Finally, the Source has started to directly remove the Primary Lurker which was created at the beginning of time when the Source projected a spark of itself into the primary anomaly. The Source is now quantumly disentangling the universe from the Lurker. When a critical mass of the Lurker will be gone, the Source will begin to disentangle it directly from the surface humanity and when that disentanglement reaches a certain critical mass, the Event can happen.

    After the Event, the Source will disentangle all Lurker remnants from humanity and that process will be completed at the Solar Flash and corresponding tsunami, which is most probable at the moment of subsequent solar maxima either around 2037 or around 2049. Educated guess still puts the timing of the Event at 2025, although nobody knows when the real timing will be. The time frame between the Event and the Solar Flash will be a time of great healing for humanity.

  44. Cobra nell'ultimo aggiornamento ci parla della districazione del Lurker dalla popolazione di superficie. Questo potrebbe essere già cominciato o iniziare a breve , per cui se non sorgono altri problemi, appena sarà stata tolta una quantità sufficiente del Lurker , potrà arrivare l'Evento.

  45. Archetype for real and fake higher dimensional work
    And: Archetype for misinformation about higher dimensional work

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  47. EXFILtraded 33 terabytes of sensitive banking information from Federal Reserve ?

    Check the timing of this post on X and above post.

  48. Hallo zusammen

    Mich interessiert es zu erfahren,
    welche Leute ihr auch sonst noch so followt
    zum euch zu informieren, inspirieren zu lassen und zu meditieren
    über alle diese reichhaltigen Themen?

    Ich hoffe es ist in Ordnung wenn ich da soviele Link poste von anderen Websiten. Natürlich bin ich ein grosser Follower von Cobra2012!

    Ein paar Sachen welche ich so anschaue.

    Auf Englisch:



    The Unveilling 33

    Prageet and Julieanne

    Viviane Chauvet (Arcturianerin)

    David Wilcock

    Corey Goode

    Lee Harris Energy

    Tom Kenyon + Virginia Essene
    The Hathor Material

    Auf Deutsch:
    Alf Jasinski Thalus von Athos (KontaktMensch zur InnerErde)

    Axel Klitze (PyramidenForscher)

    Pavlina Klemm (Medium)

    Birgit Fischer (Medium)

    Der Ra-Kontakt: Das Gesetz des Einen lehren

    Blanche Merz, Autorin von "Orte der Kraft"

    Dr. Heinrich Kusch (HöhlenForscher)

    Und ich selber blogge auch ein wenig
    über Kraftorte und Leylinien.

    Auf Englisch:

    Auf Deutsch:

    Danke und viele Grüsse :-)

  49. Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?🤔

  50. If someone would ask me how I got mentally stronger, the following graphic I made would be the answer:

    Feel free to share!

    Quote from Wikipedia:
    "Psychological resilience is the ability to cope mentally and emotionally with a crisis, or to return to pre-crisis status quickly."


  51. Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over (Glastonbury 2022)