Monday, June 3, 2024

Isidic security threat in deflection, systems security breach deflected, alert downgrade to red



    -The funds raised through this donation effort will be used to help with some of the travel expenses and also some of the cost of the tachionized stones which will be needed (Colombianites, ordinary Cintamanis and Galactic Cintamanis).
    -the US Cintamani team is humbly requesting support from the Lightworker community, to ensure that this key leyline gets properly activated as soon as possible.
    -The Pan-American dragon leyline begins in Alaska, passes through Canada, the U.S., multiple countries in South America and finally ends at the southern end of Argentina
    -At the Colombia workshop, Cobra confirmed that it is safe to begin the activation of the Pan-American Dragon leyline.
    -divine masculine activation is the activation of Dragon leylines. Those Dragon leylines mostly follow main mountain ranges on the planet, and a network of Tachyon chambers, a network of Cintamani stones and a network of Galactic Cintamani stones is to be activated there.
    -More information :

    1. Cindy being in LUZ, please contact me I need to talk to you. My name is Ari, I live in Brazil, and I need to activate Peru, email- Please be quick. thanks.

  2. (FRANCAIS /FRENCH) Replay Situation planétaire +AGARTHA (Terre Intérieure) + Méditations en direct+ Pléiadiens+ Portails de Lumière +Atelier de Cobra (Emeraudes / Tablettes d'Emeraudes, Nouvelle Atlantide)....

    Rejoignez "PREPARE FOR CHANGE FRANÇAIS OFFICIEL " L'UNIQUE chaîne YOUTUBE OFFICIELLE de l'équipe française du réseau "Prepare For Change" avec des vidéos/émissions explicatives+méditations+outils spirituels...
    (Merci de largement partager 🙂)

    Groupe officiel Prepare For Change pour la France et les pays francophones
    “Prepare For Change #France#Francophonie"
    Page Facebook officielle du site français Prepare For Change “Prepare For Change Francophone”
    Liste officielle des groupes officiels PREPARE FOR CHANGE en Europe liés au réseau

    vous y trouverez des sous-groupes intéressants y compris des méditations, emissions,articles,salons vocaux…
    facebook "Libération planétaire et Ascension"

  3. You have eliminated the threat.
    My knight.❤

  4. Gratidão as forças galácticas de Luz, que Deus nos abençoe a todos e que liberte de tudo o que não pertence a Luz

  5. “When you spend decades deliberately, mercilessly and purposefully destroying entire industries that you inherited from a more developed civilization of industry, players from the outside look at this, are perplexed and shake their heads. Then suddenly a war happens for the destroyers of industry, they urgently begin to need the industries they destroyed, they are running with their hand outstretched to China, and there the Chinese dragon, who has been carefully observing the market madness of the Yeltsin-Putin Russia, makes demands that are terrible for market worms: to supply gas almost free of charge.

    The Power of Siberia 2 gas pipeline deal is said to have stalled due to China's price demands. Beijing wants to receive gas from the Russian Federation at domestic Russian prices, which are subsidized by the state. Checkmate to the marketers of Gaidar's nest."

  6. We're all very very lucky this blog exists. The situation updates that we do understand is arguably some of THE most important info on the internet. So by that logic, anyone with an internet connection has access to what only would be known by the 1% otherwise. When you really think about that, it fills you with gratitude🍀💚🌍🌏🌎


    1. "...Their main objective was to overthrow the rule of the Illuminati and give advanced technologies to humanity. Personal computers that we know now were developed with assistance of Organization and I have personally seen a room full with rows of computers as they were being developed in their main underground command center back in 1977. The Organization had contact with the positive civilization of Agartha that existed in subterannean caverns for millennia.

      They had contact with positive Andromedans already in 1977 if not before, as I have seen a sleek silver Andromedan cigar shaped craft in their underground hangar as well.

      In early 1990s, they had some influence in assuring that internet expanded from military ARPANET into public domain."

      -COBRA on the origins of the Resistance Movement.

    2. The time stamp of your comment...

      June 3, 3:33 PM

  7. Ufaaaaa!!!! 🤗 Gratidão 🙏 Gratidão 🙏 Gratidão 🙏
    Eu Sou, ativar libertação total da Terra e da Humanidade!3x

  8. Here's another part from Vadim Zeland's Transurfing, Chapter 16, that may be relevant to conflicts, both on an individual and global scale:

    When balanced forces bring opposites into collision, pendulums will do everything possible to inflame the energy of the emerging conflict - this is the law of the pendulum. All pendulum battles, whether they be domestic fights or armed conflicts, take place in accordance with this law. When the law of the pendulum is at work, the rational mind has no power. This is why the actions of individuals as well as governments seem to make no sense at all.

    In conflict situations, the individuals’ subconscious motives are under the power of the pendulum. This is also why we sometimes look back on our actions as if they were a dream, wondering how we could have been devoid of common sense and reason, and what could have made us behave so strangely. The reason of course is that a person acts without awareness. Consequently, when one’s consciousness is no longer subject to external influence, events are perceived from a clearer perspective.

    Pendulums are a universal source of evil. You only have to observe for a short while for this to become obvious. Whatever the circumstances of any confrontation, events always move in the direction of the energy of increasing conflict. This can die down, and then come back with renewed fury. There are many different types of pendulums, but all are destructive to varying degrees.

    It would be impossible to free oneself of pendulums completely, but people can avoid being puppets on a string, using conscious awareness to use these structures in their own interests. To break free, wake up and be aware of how pendulums are trying to manipulate. Understanding what is happening is half the battle. The power of pendulums is inversely proportional to awareness. They only have power over you while your consciousness is asleep in waking life.

    Above all, don’t get involved the destructive battles of pendulums unless it is necessary to you personally. When you find yourself in the crowd, leave the stage and stand in the auditorium. Ask yourself, “Why am I here?” “What am I doing here?” “Am I aware of what is happening?”

    1. We've read all Vadim Zeland's Transurfing books... To be recommended!

  9. Just a note. At the website it states they have over 33,000 successful users a year. A scam huh??? Really. Word of mouth is powerful, very powerful. Oh no 33,000 people are year are spending $3,700 and getting everything fixed. Aren't they all silly? Hahahahahaha
    Oh silly silly people, all getting fixed. It's certainly fixing me but keep believed those who want to nay say it. There are 33,000 people a year buying it, but no, they must be all wrong. Gee, what a surprise.

    1. Don't got 3,700 to spend, for some of us, lots of us, that is a LOT of money. Why can't it be, you know, Cobra mentioned?

      And I'm always dubious to HUMAN tech...also, I remember all those 'religious healers' that would claim to heal people....making people walk, or see....on those televangelist shows.....don't you suspect this could be all a farce, like the said religious guys were.

  10. Also, they put up 1,200 in video feedback that you can watch at

    Wow, I wonder why 1,200 people would lie about 90.10 working. Aahh, that's a bit naughty. Going on VIDEO and just pretending it works. Well I have watched a lot of them, and I along with them can say that 9010 works. Wow, the medbed works. There is the proof. Gosh you idiots are totally wrong.

    1. What about MAJOR and CHRONIC problems?

      As for me, I have the following, but not limited to:

      - Transsexuality (MTF)
      - shortsightedness
      - multiple allergies (against birch and grass pollen; against cat and dog)
      - irritate bowel syndrome
      - asthma
      - various mental health problems

      I don't believe that this so-called 9010 "medbed" would help me with the listed above!

      Cobra himself said already that the REAL medbeds will be introduced after the Event! Personally, I trust Cobra and the good ETs... not some humans who want to make profit!

      I don't believe that this "medbed" has the same effect like the quantum correction chambers the resistance movement has!

      Also - at the latest - once my body transmigration is done, I would say that all of my aforementioned problems will disappear at once!

      Health must be BASIC right like tap water and has to be FREE for all!

    2. Sherman, where is your proof??? All I can see are several websites for 9010. WHY HAVEN'T THEY TAKEN THEM DOWN IF IT IS FALSE. Where is your proof, hmm??? Show me.

    3. @ psychic:

      I mean, I'm not stopping you from advertising something you obviously believe in, but regarding common sense, it's good to have a healthy amount of skepticism!

      What would be more convincing though is a documentary or something like that. Something that shows an actual device, explains IN DETAIL how it works and shows people using / working with it!

      Personally, I believe much more in the healing powers of the German miracle healer Bruno Gröning who worked during 1940s and 1950s, IIRC.

      And yes, there is a documentary about him on Youtube in different languages:

      My 2 cents, take them or not, but they are at least for free!

    4. Keep us updated. If it's psychosomatic, your symptoms will come back. Anything is possible so I'm open, but I've been into this stuff my whole life and 99.999% of what's out there is fake. This thing is not convincing. Who are they? How did they learn about this? How does it work? None of it is addressed. Cobra is convincing. You've read this blog; I'll listen to this guy. The problem with testimonials is people aren't methodical about analyzing what's happening to them. They're like "It worked great for awhile." But they're not scientific-minded enough to know that's classic placebo. So yes, 1,200 people can have false positive effects. Out of 33,000 a year? And it's been going on for how many years? Placebo numbers are actually even higher. The fact that people are impressed by this shows they don't understand medical studies. It's fine to try it, I would if I had the money, but to act like it's so legit is unsupported. Let us know how it works out. If your symptoms come back, you need to have the honesty to say it never worked, and let us know. You can't just act like you're right, then disappear when not.

    5. I'm looking at the website more, this is just too ridiculous. I was considering trying the free test because I really do care, but this is too creepy and I don't want to be involved. People don't have this technology:

      "If the MedBed is used in the business field, e.g. in a medical practice, no financial or other compensation may be demanded for its use. The operating system of the MedBed continuously checks whether this requirement is met. In case of non-fulfillment, all MedBeds entangled at this location are immediately and permanently deactivated. After a waiting period of three years, a new MedBed can be activated."

      Seriously? They can remote spy on you and see if you're accepting money? How convenient. I looked at the book more and was considering buying it. It says the book itself heals you because it's made of intelligent matter!! That's embarrassing. They sell pendants they don't explain. Most of the testimonials are decrepit elderly people. I spent a good 30 minutes looking into this because I do care. But it's so goofy, if real, they make it look worse than a scam and I don't feel bad for saying it. The video with the "expert" in a lab coat with a microscope behind him lol. And especially how the device is watching to see if you accept payment. Do you believe that? Do you believe the book is made of intelligent matter that merely looks like paper?

    6. This is why I'm apprehensive about operating a tachyon chamber and trying to pitch it to people. The only info about tachyons sounds exactly like this fake stuff. With plasma, there's tons of scientific information about it. I can riff for hours and convince any skeptic. With tachyons I'm going to look like these medbed dummies. I'm working hard to come up with marketing that sounds legit, but it's a tough situation. I care more about waking people up than giving them minor healings. Plasma was better for changing the world. But oh well, it's still super cool, I'll take any alien tech I can get. I'm hoping it will protect the house and property from the crazy scalar (or whatever) raining down from the sky. Being anywhere in the vicinity of a tachyon chamber makes you feel great, so it probably does. I'll have to get it here to test because there's no scalar anywhere else that's this bad. Once Starlink went up, game over. I wonder if the mountains act like a dish and focus it on us here in the bottom.

    7. I'm going to look for a book about the history of tachyon science so I can have some data to pitch to people. My plan is to basically ramble and distract them so they'll be like "okay I'll try it." Because once you do, the chamber speaks for itself, then they'll come back and tell others.

    8. I decided to watch a 90.10 testimonial video. It's exactly what you'd expect. The one I randomly click on is a homeless guy who can't even take care of his daughter anymore. He believes the Medbed claims he will get money from the abundance energy. Dude, sad! It's 8 minutes of him rambling, nothing even happens. I'm watching some others and it's people rambling new age terms. I'll eat my words if this turns out to be real, but from an hour of research, this is disgusting.

    9. You can get your money back Psychic, do it. If you're going to do faith healing at least do something free like pray to Mary. That literally has more evidence of working.

    10. This next video they say it didn't actually help the problem, just gave them more peace in the process. Come on, can you not spot a scam? I still haven't seen an actual healing! Get your money back and buy some supplements and good food.

    11. For a fraction of the cost, you could buy a bunch of tachyon and plasma devices.

      Buy an extra pen, cut it open and put the gans in this reactor, it's 10x more powerful and fills a whole building with energy.

      All tachyon products are great. Buy crystals and take a trip to a tachyon chamber.

      If you're really sure about this medbed thing, okay, but once the date approaches where you can't get your money back, consider bailing because there's tons of stuff out there that can really help, including supplements like vitamins and herbs.

    12. @ Patrick:

      Just skimmed through your comments above but... I guess, we had the same intention in mind! :D

    13. Indeed, I saw your comment at the bottom of the page.

  11. I wish all the issue will not be repeated. 🙏🏻

  12. Playlist of AI songs if anyone is interested:

    YouTube Link

    1. Evil Neuro sings: Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab
      (sung by AI)

      From the lyrics:

      Get out your guns, battle's begun
      Are you a saint or a sinner?
      If love's a fight, then I shall die
      With my heart on a trigger

      They say before you start a war
      You better know what you're fighting for
      Well baby, you are all that I adore
      If love is what you need, a soldier I will be

      I'm an angel with a shotgun, fighting 'til the war's won
      I don't care if heaven won't take me back
      I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe
      Don't you know you're everything I have?
      And I wanna live, not just survive tonight

      Sometimes to win, you've got to sin
      Don't mean I'm not a believer
      And Major Tom will sing along
      Yeah, they still say I'm a dreamer

      More songs here:

    2. i don't think anyone is interested, plus AI is bad news!

    3. @Xylar
      Only STUPID AI, is dangerous....stuff programmed to enforce agendas. In otherwords, retarded AI.

  13. Feeling that there are options to integrate opposing sides, taking the best of both sides, with anomaly removed from both sides. This relates to political sides as well.

  14. "The fake pandemic's chief ideologue, Anthony Fauci, has admitted that he "made up" Covid rules, including six feet of social distancing and wearing masks for children.

    Republicans from the US House of Representatives have published the full transcript of their interrogation of Anthony Fauci, which took place in January of this year. They also plan to question him about his Covid restrictions, which he admits have done little to “slow the spread” of the virus.

    Children's learning loss and social setbacks have been well documented, and a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study called the impact of mask use on students' literacy and learning "very negative." The effects of social distancing caused "depression, generalized anxiety, acute stress, and intrusive thoughts," another NIH study found.
    Source: "

  15. “This was published by the Watan website.

    🌐There is an international report prepared jointly by five international non-governmental organizations, in collaboration with three Israeli non-governmental organizations. The report faces pressure, especially from the US and generally from the West, to keep it from becoming public knowledge. Some of the report's highlights include:

    1. In occupation prisons, 112 cases of sexual violence were reported against female prisoners from the Gaza Strip, three of which occurred against (virgin) girls. The rape was a group rape, and one of these cases involved the transfer of the victim under international surveillance to a secret location because she was pregnant.
    2. Occupation forces executed 87 Gazan detainees in detention centers by shooting them directly in the head with pistols, and dumped the bodies in various streets of Gaza.
    3. Torture in detention centers is barbaric and insane, and what is happening is worse than what happened at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and various secret prisons.
    4. Israel deliberately bombed, on orders from the chain of command, families and children belonging to Palestinian organizations, and the occupation army from the second day approved the plan to exterminate the families of activists, and that the target list ("bank") includes 150,000 civilians.
    5. Israel uses mercenaries and has contracts with 22 military companies. There is an American ship, which is a floating morgue, with 1,327 bodies of mercenaries, whose families have not even been informed of their deaths.
    6. The amount of gold and money stolen in Gaza, according to secret army estimates, is approximately $370 million.
    7. 70% of the bombs dropped on the Gaza Strip were treated with depleted uranium, so now the soil in the Strip is heavily contaminated with uranium elements, which produce 60% of natural uranium radiation, and consist of three isotopes of uranium: uranium-234, uranium-235 and uranium -238. The depleted uranium dropped on Gaza contains the same types of radiation that come from natural uranium, and the radiation from depleted uranium is 40% of the radiation from natural uranium. Uranium-238, which makes up 99.8% of depleted uranium, emits alpha rays and has a half-life of approximately 450 years before disappearing from Gaza. Depleted uranium particles from the explosion cause cancer in the chest of anyone who inhales it.
    8. 90% of Gaza's women and children suffer from deep psychological trauma, and in the sector's medical centers more than 5,000 cases of complete insanity have been recorded, most of which occur among women who have lost their children.
    9. Some 213 Israeli pilots refused to fly sorties to bomb dozens of targets. One of the pilots recorded in his testimony to the Israeli organization that he refused to bomb a residential tower in Tal al-Hawa that contained 48 children. However, 17 minutes later, another pilot carried out the bombing, killing all 128 civilians in the building.
    10. The purpose of the American creation of a temporary port is to transport Palestinians en masse and facilitate their passage to Europe, and the three European countries are fully involved in a concerted plan to depopulate the Gaza Strip.
    11. The Israeli Military Council approved the use of starvation as a weapon in late November.
    12. Israeli intelligence services made more than 3 million phone calls to Gazans, threatening to bomb their homes and kill their families if they did not get the information Israel needed from them.
    13. Two Arab countries made very attractive financial offers to South Africa in exchange for the withdrawal of the case against Israel from the International Court of Justice.
    14. The drop of aid into Gaza by Western aircraft was based on the advice of legal advisers, aimed at preventing the risk of being accused of complicity in genocide, especially from those countries that supplied weapons without restrictive conditions for their use against civilians.”

  16. As a reminder
    "The presence of darkness in those other Universes is minimal and much less than it currently exists on this planet. The main stronghold Reptilian planet in the most problematic of the other Universes was liberated recently in extremely heavy battles with many casualties on both sides."

  17. 不知道为什么大家都在等更新,等事件,开开心心的每一天不是挺好的吗?

    1. @Angel
      The last time I remember being remotely happy was DECEMBER 1999. When things go so badly in life, and the Archons make sure things go bad, it's very difficult to be happy, let alone every day.

    2. We now have opportunities that will never come again.

  18. Okay... that status changed quickly! That's good news... for now...
    When I speak about "erasing the baddies, I mean something like this":

    I am looking forward for the next report!

    1. I'm down with that, though I do feel it would be a bit more satisfying to actually shoot them in person, or jam a blade in their guts and TWIST the blade.

  19. Možno svetelné sily bojujú aj takto

    Maybe light forces are fighting like this song

  20. 我們除了看LFs放任事情發酵,在無法收拾的前一刻力挽狂瀾,也沒有別的事情能做的了。冥想再多也是枉然,因為類似的事情總是一而再再而三的發生,我們只會覺得,哦,那就是LFs。

  21. So, I had a visit on that website called

    And there's a paragraph that catched my eye, quote:
    "The 90.10. MedBed is a virtual bed programmed with special functions. We do not ship beds like you can buy in a furniture store."

    Here's the link of the quote:

    Oh, it's only virtual...
    BIG red flag!

    But wait, there's even a BIGGER red flag!
    Quote from the disclaimer (from the main site

    "The 90.10. MedBed (short for Meditation Bed) was developed to teleport or beam quantum energy and frequencies into the human body without time delay. It is a virtual bed installed on one’s own bed at home through a sophisticated quantum technology. After the user lies down on their own bed, they can activate and control the 90.10. MedBed by voice or thought. Both, the 90.10. technology and the 90.10. process have already been reviewed by experts. The results were published in the Biomedical Journal of Scientific &Technical Research on September 22, 2021.

    We do not recommend or endorse any specific tests, medical practitioners, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on this website. Any actions that may be taken upon reading, watching, or hearing the content published herein are at your own judgment, responsibility, and risk. The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) or FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

    The 90.10. MedBed is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It was also not developed for these purposes."

    end quote

    So, "MedBed" in that case stands for MEDITATION BED!
    They are selling MEDITATIONS!
    What a huge FRAUD!

    A REAL med bed is supposed to be:
    - physical and tangible / easy to understand for everybody
    - free and accessible for everybody
    - able to cure diseases!

    After all, this is what you all understand by "med bed" - real, alien high tech, right?

    That disclaimer reminds me a little bit of covid:
    In mainstream, they were always saying "You have to wear masks! They protect you from the virus!"
    And at the same time, I saw disclaimers with my own eyes saying something like:
    "This is not a medical product!" or "This mask is not suitable to prevent infections from viruses!"

    The only logical thing that comes into my mind is that this "technology" is triggering the placebo effect, at most.
    But paying ~3 grands for that?
    NAH! 😂😂😂

    1. I once saw, and posted, a video on this blog a year or so back, about a so-called med bed, asked cobra about and it was pretty much a plastic coffin shaped device that looked like it was made of flimsy PLASTIC....with some lights on it, and it SPUN like a top.

      I can see those poor sods using THAT piece of CRAP throwing up inside.

      Yep, saw a box of those face diapers, er, masks, and the side of the box said "not intended to protect from pathogens", aka VIRUSES. It's comparable to putting up chicken wire to keep out house flies.

  22. Here's the meditation bed disclaimer as jpg file:

    What a clever way to abbreviate "meditation bed" as "medbed"!

    But if you want to buy a meditation for a high price - go for it, I won't stop you! 😁😁

  23. Heard the thoughtform last night, "setbacks." Very chaotic and destructive experiences in the dreamstate too. I don't want to dash people's hopes, but something's not right at the moment. Someone's voice was screaming as well. Really messed up 'stuff' going on right now.

  24. Good morning, the Forces of Light can do something about the trading platform scammers. Yesterday the trading platform BTR, stopped providing service, leaving us all without money. Will they be able to do anything to recover our money?

  25. Urgent meditation for de-escalation between Russia, Ukraine and NATO every 4 hours

    June 04, 2024

  26. Anyone getting attacked in their sleep? Something dark and shadowy and very skinny, tried one on me this morning. I then woke up, but was still in a semi dream state and threw several punches at the thing.

  27. So basically - if I understand this right - the Delta Option means to trigger a small version of the Event!

    Read more about the Delta Option here:

    However, this article has been written 5.5 years ago and much has changed since then. The question is if the Delta Option is still a possible option at all.

    Obviously, the most recent posts on this blog are - at least for me - an indicator that the darkies must have crossed another line and regarding this, another question arises whether this means another delay or an acceleration of the liberation process!

    I hope, the next update can reveal some useful details!

    1. @libra
      If they delay any longer, there will be little to nothing left to liberate.

      There comes a time one needs to stop constantly 'playing it safe' and just do it.

  28. Thank you Light Forces ! Sending you some love.

  29. Sorry that I'm off topic again, but I found a scene from an anime that is a PERFECT representation of myself:

    So, I am that magical girl:
    1. I just want to do something good.
    2. But instead, I am getting ruthlessly pierced from all sides!
    3. As a consequence, I EXPLODE!

    This short clip is a VERY accurate representation for a great part of my mental breakdowns!
    And the worst part is that those stabbers don't even care - any further explanation, any further sacrifice is in vain - they just keep stabbing!

    1. Yea, that seems about right with me as well. Each time I try to do something to better myself or others overall....*does stabby stabby sounds*

      And the stabbers don't only don't care, but they ENJOY doing it. Archons need that delicious energy from misery they inflict on others, you know.

      I WANT to stab THEM. But with either a BIGGER sword, or with a SPOON.

  30. The dark have to be reaching desperatation now nothing to lose, quite dangerous and fanatical.
    Reminds me of the last days of WW2 Berlin is surrounded but the Nazis continued to fight on despite having lost the war at that pt. But as we learned they simply went to Antarctica with their advanced craft.Lets finish this now!

  31. Es ist fünf vor zwölf.

    Right Here, Right Now.

  32. I've been caught in a big sting, kind of. The NDIS paid out $4 Billion illegally. The white hats are here in Australia, and there is no PM or deputy PM. No one to say how great Biden is *puke*. Interesting. As for down at the office where Ry was working, they have got rid of Ry without telling me. He always answered my emails but suddenly he stopped answering them - but they *pretend* Ry is still there. They were "working" on me to join NDIS (for disability payment). No wonder the doctors weren't seeing me. Anyway, the MS I had is slowly fading, thanks to 9010.

    Yes Sherman you can pretend that 9010 is fake but the fact is they have a website, they have over 33,000 people, in fact they have several websites... Where is the proof that they are fake. Have the website TAKEN DOWN. PROVE IT!
    By the way, 9010 works perfectly for me.

    So anyway, they have been stealing from NDIS, basically everyone is stealing from it, up to over $4 Billion... and where is the PM I wonder?? The lizard. This is getting close to the end I think... Come on Galactics and White Hats!! Go!

  33. Wow, I can't believe how big and beautiful that emerald is that I just got off ebay. And they sent a free sunstone, a small one, with it. That emerald is so so dark. Yes, it's real. Beautiful!! Well I can just hold it. Hehe, so nice.

  34. It just a ACG cultural hub. Not more.

  35. Look what I found in Cobra's old q&a's (link to the old Q&A's can be found in my blog post-

    "C: The most dangerous faction of the Cabal is located in the United States. The tension between the light forces, which are present inside the government structure everywhere, and the dark forces, which are also present in the United States government structure everywhere–there is a very strong internal tension right now which can be felt. But nothing is coming to the surface because those scenes are happening behind the scenes. Elsewhere in the world you can see many changes. But the United States will be the last country on the planet where those changes will happen, and when they happen in the United States it will be the moment of the breakthrough. Because it is the turning point. The United States is the key trigger point for the Event to happen. When you see changes in the political system of the United States, then you know it is time.

    E. Is there is a reason why the United States had taken this role of the turning point? Is it because the Cabal has been more entrenched here?

    C: Yes, I will explain. It is a historical process. Many souls who are incarnating in this time have chosen to incarnate in the United States. Many of the brightest souls have incarnated in the United States in the span of the last 150 years. In response to their light, the Cabal had to put their strongest control there to prevent a breakthrough. This has been the focal point of this planetary struggle between the light and dark for the last 100 years at least. When the breakthrough happens, it will happen through United States."

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Another micro intel leak?

    I just woke up from a dream about a short Situation Update from Cobra.
    However, the dream lasted for just about 4 - 5 seconds, so I can remember only very little!

    The core message I remember was something like:
    "xxx and yyy have been removed."

    Whether partially or fully removed, I cannot say, but I remember that the dream was saying something about the scalar network.

  38. Dal mio punto di vista non sono per nulla sicuro che l'Evento si svolgerà in modo come è stato stabilito come da linee guida più volte accennate da Cobra. Nell'insicurezza globale con i rischi che abbiamo ogni giorno è quasi
    impensabile. C'è una possibilità che vengano salvati in extremis, cioè all'ultimo secondo prima che sopraggiunga il caos totale, chi potrà essere salvato. Chi lascia il corpo fisico andrà su altri piani di esistenza ed i peggiori ed irrecuperabili ad esempio gli psicopatici ed i sociopatici andranno sul Sole Centrale per la dissoluzione. Mi domando e dico ma non eravamo su una linea temporale positiva? Se fossimo stati in una più negativa allora che cosa sarebbe successo? Con ciò che è successo e con quello che sta succedendo non credo a questo punto in un Evento su larga scala, abbiamo firmato una petizione per il primo contatto e non è ancora successo per ovvi motivi naturalmente perché gli oscuri hanno messo troppe trappole ed ogni volta hanno qualche jolly da giocare contro di noi. Arriverà il momento in cui il catenaccio che facciamo per fermare i loro attacchi brutali non reggerà più e tutto capitolerà in un gran casino ed allora sarà il "si salvi chi può ". Insomma , un lieto fine ad un prezzo durissimo da pagare per molti purtroppo. Spero di sbagliarmi ma non sono l'ingenuo di turno. Piuttosto cercherò di lavorare su me stesso con l'obbiettivo di creare la condizione essenziale per potere raggiungere uno stato energetico sufficiente per poter sperare nella salvezza del mio corpo fisico.

    1. @Lightpower
      Well, as I said, if I end up on the casualty list/body count before the in no contact, no healing, no transformation/restoration...there will be hell to pay in regards to the light forces AND dark forces. We did this petition, and the meditation.....WHERE ARE THE RESULTS? So far, all we got was the FUCKING UKRAINE nonsense, and a new american president who can barely talk or walk.

      THIS is the best we can get from all this meditation and so on?

      Like Obi-Won said, "Strike me down, and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"....a soul filled with murderous fury...for both sides on this war. If this keeps up, someone NEEDS to do what Doctor Who did in regards to the Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks....he took out both sides and ENDED this war, which was taking so long and destroyed so many worlds and lives.

      IF this is the GOOD time line, I could only imagine what the 'bad' one would be like.

    2. @Shermann, 👍 hai ragione.

  39. Quando sento dire o leggo: "abbiate fiducia nel piano", penso, non è che non ho fiducia nel piano, il piano può essere buono, ma non si arriva mai al punto x , ovvero la parte finale del piano, la liberazione degli ostaggi. Piuttosto spero in un intervento Divino come ultima opzione il prima possibile. Con questo non voglio dire che LF non siano proiettati verso di noi con buoni propositi, ma se le cose peggioreranno ulteriormente non vedo altro che una risoluzione immediata attraverso la Sorgente/Dio.

    1. I gave up on god LOOOOONG ago. Each time I asked god for help...not only did I NOT get what I prayed for, but I also got the exact OPPOSITE. I prayed for the bullies to leave me alone....their cruelty became worse. I prayed to let me find someone nice who could fall in love with me as I did with reciprocate those feelings.....never happened, I'm 45 and had only ONE girlfriend and TWO dates....and she disappeared, along with her family, without a trace, and no goodbye....and all I got to experience was a few kisses and a hand down the back of her pants. I asked, when I started going bald at 16 to stop the baldness and AT LEAST let me keep what I still age 21, I was SIGNIFICANTLY bald, like Jason Alexander.

      This is NOT what should be on the resume of so-called supreme being, it's more like that of a some tech support guy with a bad attitude.

      Even Cobra said god is not all powerful.

      SOMETIMES, I wonder if Dark Helmet from "Space Balls" was right? Dark Helmet: "Evil shall always triumph, because good is DUMB."

    2. @ Shermann, rifletterò su ciò che hai detto, ma sai il mio è soltanto un punto di vista e non è detto che sia esatto. Non conosco la verità. Il tuo discorso mi sta facendo riflettere. Grazie per questo! Ciao.

  40. Sotto buone facciate si nascondono le peggiori anime alcune volte , mentre in quelli un po' burberi non sempre c'è il male , molte volte c'è del buono. Io sono un temperamento di fuoco , non amo le mezze misure. I miei desideri in pillole: fine di tutta la sofferenza dei terrestri umani, sollievo, aiuto immediato a chi soffre per qualsiasi causa e motivo, beatitudine , amore ed abbondanza. Ma come naturale e spontaneo paladino della giustizia ( per propensione naturale e purtroppo senza averne le facoltà) su alcune cose non transigo, infatti se fossi un membro del Movimento di Resistenza o un Militare Positivo o un membro delle Forze di Luce darei il 110 % di tutte le mie capacità per aiutare nella liberazione dei terrestri e nessuna pietà per chi ha creato/ realizzato /attuato il male 🤐

    1. @lightpower

      THIS is why I keep asking the light forces, "PLEASE, pick me up....I want to JOIN in the battle! I'm not asking for much....just pick me up, transform my body so I have a PROPER body to match my soul, and train me, arm me, and I'll GLADLY join in the fight!" , not this 'hold and anchor the light!' CRAP....which equates to meditating and getting zapped by the cowardly darkies on a regular basis, with NO means of fighting back.....

      ....I really don't understand WHY this does not compute with you, light forces. ARE we nothing but assets.....EXPENDABLE ASSETS?

    2. @Sherman , ti capisco perfettamente amico perché sono molto empatico. Io ho tanti problemi e pieno di traumi di vario tipo. Ho bisogno di molta ristrutturazione. Un abbraccio 🌈


  42. Thank you Light Forces, Resistance Movement, Cobra and all beautiful beings of light assisting us everywhere. Sending you all lots of love, light, healing and positive energies. VOTL 🩷🙏💫

  43. In the last throes there are kicks and blows.. but hopefully not many more

  44. Bonjour à tous je suis intervenue il y a maintenant un peu plus de 6 ans pour vous prévenir l'arrivée d'une manifestation en France sous la bannière des gilets jaunes.
    Je reviens vers vous pour vous annoncer l'arrivée d'une nouvelle manifestation qui pourras avoir des résultats considérables en attendant le discours de Macron à 20h heure Paris ce 6/6/24 et si les choses ce passe comme prévu ( des révélations sont attendues )alors démarrera bientôt cette manifestation.
    Je vous en redirais plus quand elle commenceras
    Amour et Paix à vous

  45. I walked in on her with a client, and she was trying to force that client to join NDIS! I am not joking. Someone who was seeing a psychologist, and she had the forms to give her, and she just had to fill out the forms. OMG, exactly like with me. So then was my appointment, and I told her how people were ripping off NDIS by $4 Billion, and she just smoothly laughed, and said that will never change, there is always someone ripping off NDIS. Yeah, someone like her. She just sits on the phone all day trying to get people to sign up for NDIS so she can get her kickback...!! She is a baldface liar. Oh wasn't it funny, they are "trying" to fix it up. She is trying to feather her own nest. And I thought she was for me, not against me. But now when they tried to give me cloths for an interview, which I never wanted - she throws it in my face, I had better go to her job expo because they gave me clothes, or she won't be happy. She said that - oh we just gave you clothes. Yeah, clothes I didn't need! Forced on me so she could throw it in my face. I'm in a nightmare, and I may have to swap out of there and go elsewhere. They fired Ry pretty fast and lied about it. Ry was a genuine good guy. He was only in that job for weeks. By the way my MS is getting better all the time. It's nearly 1pm and I can walk around, no stick needed. A week ago I needed that stick to get around and even today my balance is better. Oh, she keeps throwing it in my face that I have a bad disease, like it is fun for her. She tells me soon I won't be walking and keeps telling me what bad things are coming for me. It really is fun for her. Such a joy. People are sick... and she can just get a little extra money off you. So she thinks. Don't worry, she says, they will never fix NDIS she says. Hmm.

  46. From my POV, the core problem is something worse than the lack of visible results:

    The incapability to recover from all the barrage without having proper means to recover in long term! Although the damage input has been significantly decreased - at least in my case - the real problem is the consequential damage that happened over time - especially the last 4 years!

    No joke:

    Although it's not visible for others, I really feel like I am in my mid-50s!
    I feel like someone who wishes to be like 20 or 21 again - but wishing to be MORE powerful than the "normal" 21! (because, even with that age in this world, your DNA is still "circumcised"!)

    I don't think it's a coincidence that people like me age faster in a certain kind of way!

  47. A mag árasztó szkíta törzs tagjaként elmondtam Timea Palacsik Rathonyinak, hol találja meg a társát. Ez az előkészület, hogy akiket fekete nemeseknek neveztek, azok is megkapják Timeától a megemelkedés lehetőségét, ha Timea megkapja a társától a szert. Szernek nevezem azt, amivel meg lehet emelkedni, és ez szükséges még a Tejút galaxis megemelkedéséhez is. A szert, csak E földön lehet most megkapni.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Feel the same. I'm 45, and don't look that old (though the baldness and the uncontrollable facial hair...can grow a full beard in less than a fortnight.....makes me look older), I FEEL old. Like, if the light forces FAIL, and there is NO liberation, not to mention healing or restoration for either you, myself and others with the same crap we got, I'll probably check myself into an old age home in several years. Since what's left if that becomes the case, you know?

  49. Oh and in case you wonder:
    I just do all this talk to additionally kill some time - even if I just write one-way comments.

  50. Moscow is pleased with the growth of the Islamic population in Russia, Putin said
    Putin: Moscow is not against the growth of the Islamic population, but on the contrary is happy about it

    “They write here that Putin’s phrase about our joy that the Muslim population in the Russian Federation is increasing is taken out of context. Here is the whole phrase for you (, the numbers sound especially interesting: “Do you know how much?” population of France? 60 million. Do you know the population of Uzbekistan? 37 million. And it is growing by 1 million per year. If we suddenly recreate the Soviet Union, it will consist entirely of a Muslim population."

    A simple question arises: in Uzbekistan, Uzbeks reproduce at a rate of 1 million people per year, and Russians in the Russian Federation are dying out at approximately the same rate (in 2020-21, the rate of extinction was exactly the same). Why is that? Uzbeks + 1 million per year, and Russians under Putin in the same 2023 decreased by 243.8 thousand (Rosstat data ( /01/2024/65b35c489a79472c59f28fe9)). How so? After all, Putin, according to many, is an excellent leader and national leader, but the population is dying out. How can this be? Maybe there are saboteurs in Rosstat and they are giving us false data? I would like to get an answer to this question from knowledgeable people."

    And supposedly this creature does not understand that “Islam” is not compatible with either development or modernity, but is a feudal-archaic relic that is one of the three Abrahamic religions - And supposedly this creature does not understand that “Islam” is not compatible with either development or modernity, but is a feudal-archaic relic that is one of the three Abrahamic religions - created by Jews for various purposes. To make the freedom-loving Slavic peoples humble - Catholicism and Orthodoxy, to make the passive and cowardly people aggressive - Islam. Judaism was invented for the “infantry” of their sect, for the “elite” cabalism and Satanism, and even worse, about which there is no public information.

    1. @ Il sionismo ha conquistato il mondo le tue considerazioni sono interessanti. Molto interessanti.

  51. The Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Indian company Cadila will invest in the creation of a pharmaceutical complex in the Russian Federation

    The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the private Indian pharmaceutical corporation Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited are investing in the creation of an innovative pharmaceutical complex and an injection drug plant in the Russian Federation. The parties support the document on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on June 6, as reported by the fund’s press service.

    “If for some reason you think that there will not be a new pandemic of “disease X,” then you are very mistaken. People have already invested money and really want to save you. You can be sure that the Russian government does not behave in a way that will make you rock!

    The success of the international vaccines Sputnik V and Sputnik Light, which saved millions of lives in 71 countries during the Covid pandemic, continues to bring results. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the leading Indian pharmaceutical company Cadila Pharmaceuticals, which worked closely with RDIF on the production of Sputnik vaccines, agreed during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum to jointly build a pharmaceutical complex from scratch in Russia.
    The partners plan to invest up to 10 billion rubles in the project at the first stage of production. In addition, the creation of new jobs and new complexes will help solve the problems of import substitution in the production of medicines. The estimated capacity of the pharmaceutical complex will exceed $1 billion. number of medicines.

    Have you already started to rejoice?



    As many of you know, I was a victim of child sexual rape, torture and abuse. I am a survivor of MK ULTRA and monarch programs and child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

    In the extreme events that I experienced in my life it caused me to literally die. I could not stay in my body under the circumstances. After leaving my body, I was shown the story of humanity, healed by the almighty prime source creator God, and given a chance to return to earth to help humanity, from the new healed version of myself with my higher soul as a walk in spirit.

    I am sharing this very private and intimate story with you all, so that you can understand some of the very interwoven sex trafficking rings, how they work, how they operate through governments, schools, churches, families, neighborhoods, gangs and even internationally , as well as within the Hollywood elite networks. And underground tunnels .

    Please understand, I am an ascended soul and a survivor. I am not a victim now. But the innocent child that I once was, most assuredly experienced so much extreme abuse that it literally killed her. This is the level of evil that is playing out in our world.

    I was also taken into underground tunnels where they used my eggs for hybrid programs. And where they create lifelong sex slaves to abuse and torture.

    I could never have become a healer, had GOD not first saved me and restored my soul. I am a servant of the supreme creator and work day and night to assist the human collective, as this is not only a human battle but a spirital one also.

    If this story touches you, please feel free to share it to as many others as possible to assist humanity in becoming aware of these systems and how they operate.


    1. @Randy Noel , grazie per la condivisione, è molto scioccante ciò che hai detto e sono felice che tu sia stata guarita. Un abbraccio 😊

    2. Thank you for sharing your story. I am grateful for you and keep doing your mission!

  53. Very important Video. 600,000 children have been killed (closer to 1.5 Million), but they were used first by Pedophiles, and brutalized, in America, and no one will talk about it. OMG.

    This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Evil, it doesn't get worse, and no one will talk about it.

    1. 400,000 children disappear in USA alone, each year. Dirty matress in NY synagogue, Epstein clique being mossad blackmail ring...

  54. In a video, it was said that C.E.R.N creates portals through which archons enter and schizophrenics are the traumatized people that archons talk to and influence their minds. How can someone find-out that if they are starseeds or a person invaded by the archons? How can someone recognize that if he/she is a starseed? How can we find-out that the story of the existence of the starseeds on the earth is real?

    Somewhere I read that the starseeds have come in the physical body on the earth to heal because the healing must be done physically and in the matter. What does that mean? How do the starseeds heal physically, who or what do they heal? How do the starseeds hold the light for the planet? How do they help to clear the karmas?

  55. Mosquitoes re-entered my reality. They'll go back to the lower realms soon enough.

  56. Everything is escalating quickly to world war, particularly NATO vs Russia. Not sure how this can be averted for another whole year.
    Cobra has stated that the Event could happen in 2025. That's still a long way off.
    The world wide economy is also on the brink of collapse. Not sure how long thus can hold out either.
    We need more regular updates from Cobra. They appear to be few and far between.
    Seriously, who or what is causing the security breaches? There is only the Atlantean network left. Is it the Primary Anomoly? Is it the Cabal on the surface? Surely the light forces are much much more advanced and powerful than them. What is the big secret behind the security breaches? We have a right to know as a race that has been imprisoned and screwed over by evil for thousands of years.
    It is D Day for everyone. Let's get it all out into the open. What harm is it for Cobra followers to know more info.

  57. This is just one of many videos I've seen, but this describes it well as a GAME. I'm talking about how Trump will go to Jail (not the real Trump as he is safe in Cheyenne Mt). It will be a big game. We are at the end. Izabela talks about it here.

    Also I want to say to Cobra that I won't go back to argue (like I was). It's a big waste of time. We all know how fake he is. It's not worth fighting.

  58. Dear Pleiadians: I look forward to seeing you soon, once we are all finished with this ridiculous situation here on the surface. Can I meet you on Bora Bora? Bora Bora looks like the most beautiful place on Earth.

    1. It seems as no!
      We know it's much claimed that "as above, so below". We are entitled to believe that there is the same misery as here, let's say!

  59. “Putin allowed a model of “authoritarian social capitalism” for Russia. At SPIEF, he referred to the effectiveness of the Chinese economic model, emphasizing the need to take into account “the realities of the country.”

    In short, fascism. Well, that's all, gentlemen, the masks have been dropped. Who else could the heir to the Zionist puppet Yeltsin be if not a fascist? The policy he has pursued for 20 years clearly proves this. Russia is occupied by fascist Zionists (pun intended, right?)

  60. Surgical Castration and Death: New Penalties for Pedophiles

    Listen to this!!! Hahah I hate pedos.

  61. @psychic
    the reason the site for that MEDITATION BED is cause if it WERE real, it would be taken down. look up how many people tried to either bring free energy to the world, or cures for diseases....

    What happens to them?

    1: Tragic "accident".
    2: Sudden "lapse in health".
    3: They "committed suicide".

    Look up Stan Meyers, the fellow who invented a car that ran on WATER.

    And I am NOT going to pay 3,700 of ANYTHING for a VIRTUAL item. This is not an online video game...and in at least in an online game, you can SEE what you have bought. I bought an Excelsior class starship in Star Trek Online....I can SEE that ship and do things in the game with it. Not so much here.

    I outta post on that site that I got a REALLY nice bridge in San Francisco that I want to sell, and that I'll only accept gold bars, ALL IN ADVANCE.

  62. @ psychic:

    Nobody owes you proof of anything (and vice versa).
    For someone like me, this virtual meditation bed is obvious scam. Period.

    I have posted my analysis further above and have better stuff to do - cuz I have a real life, you know?

  63. È una fortuna avere a disposizione questo blog commenti perché ognuno di noi ha la possibilità di esprimere il proprio punto di vista. Ho imparato molte cose sui miei limiti ma ho potuto anche misurare le mie capacità. Restiamo insieme uniti nel cammino per la Luce. Un grazie a tutti veramente per il sostegno, i consigli, le delucidazioni e le critiche (anche quelle più difficili da assorbire). ❤️