Saturday, June 8, 2024

EELA reactivated


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    1. That's my question too🤷‍♂️

    2. List of previous Cobra posts containing EELA:

    3. Quote:
      "You can use the power of meditation and visualization to visualize all Lightwarriors and Lightworkers being purified with a Violet Flame, being surrounded by love of the pink Liquid Light of EELA (Sirian angel of Love) and being liberated from all programming, control or suppression with a White Fire of AN."

      See also here:

      So I guess, "EELA reactivated" could mean reinforcements. Maybe it has also something to do with the return of the Pleiadians as mentioned recently:

    4. Pink liquid light (Sirian angel of love), from one of cobra's situation updates in 2018.

    5. Likely something we the general public are not privy to. COBRA uses this site to communicate to operatives.

    6. Elephant Eating Lunch Alone

    7. @gersey, could be. I'm guessing: Enormous Excited Lesbian Alligator.🐊

    8. Thanks for finding the old article. I was assuming it was an undefined code and ignored it.

    9. My best guess so far is: Everyone Enter Loving Amore

    10. LEELAH realization reached VTX system A&O 4.0 I am AVATEMETAVA.

      birth day June X LEELA birthday gift.

      Grounded and declared 11:th had a human witness.

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  5. Eu não sei se o Cobra pode explicar essas coisas de forma explicitamente ou não, mas eu não consigo entender algumas coisas que ele posta, adoraria que alguém aqui abaixo pudesse explicar melhor, eu agradeço ❤️

  6. Eostre's??? Eu não faço ideia MAS victory of the light 💖

  7. EELA (Sirian angel of Love)

  8. "You can use the power of meditation and visualization to visualize all Lightwarriors and Lightworkers being purified with a Violet Flame, being surrounded by love of the pink Liquid Light of EELA (Sirian angel of Love) and being liberated from all programming, control or suppression with a White Fire of AN."

  9. You can use the power of meditation and visualization to visualize all Lightwarriors and Lightworkers being purified with a Violet Flame, being surrounded by love of the pink Liquid Light of EELA (Sirian angel of Love) and being liberated from all programming, control or suppression with a White Fire of AN.

  10. I also want to know what that means, please.

  11. These coded messages aren't for the surface population.

  12. We are approaching the June solstice. EELA (the Sirian Angel of Love).

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    2. Eternally Grateful my brothers and sisters in the light. Eternal unconditional love for you and your lovely families.
      Namaste & VOTL

    3. Eternally Grateful my dearest brothers and sisters in the light. Eternal unconditional love for you and your lovely families.
      Namaste and VOTL

    4. @Libra
      I think us over here been attacked the past 3 days so far.

      Light SOMETHING about these darkies attacking us, DAMN IT!

  13. @Shermann , hai tutta la mia considerazione e ammiro la tua spontaneità. Spero che tutti noi riusciremo ad ottenere ciò che ci spetta di diritto per avere una vita più giusta e felice.

    1. @Lightpower
      The light forces, and the so-called 'white hats', need to get off their fat asses and so something, don't you think?

      I mean, all we got left is the CABAL, and Cobra said their tech is limited, and that lurker dickhead.

  14. EELA = Extremely Energetic Loving Angel; Sirian Angel of Love is anchored into Earth to bring Energy of Love, Compassion and Unity; meditate and visualize Earth and every Light being surrounded by Love of the Pink Liquid Light 💗💗💗 we're winning VOTL ✌️🥰😎

  15. May love triumph over fear! Victory of the light!

  16. Just wanna preface: it takes recognition for change to occur. I keep a tab on the news. Ocean water is acidified. And I just read an article on penitentiaries testing "nitrogen hypoxia". The death by suffocation of inmates. These are among many signs lately I've seen of the Death path we've been on. At the same time I've seen hopeful things - forest restoration projects, preserving the dignity of national parks, economic return, and a lot of human dignity. It validated what I've been experiencing the last years. Like I've said, everything's been in a state of decomposition. But now the grass and wildlife are healing again. I've contributed by letting myself receive the messages of the angels, in this case the angels of death. Because now I realize that just because they send me disturbing images astrally, doesn't mean I have to act on them, and that giving them vent helps the world breathe. The way I think of it is how nightcrawlers digest bodies, manure, waste into organic compost for plants and trees to be hardy. What I consider filth has an opposite expression. I might see someone peeling the skin off of something (in my mind's eye) but it translates in real life as a "heart to heart" experience with someone.

    1. I really like your 'glass half full' way of dealing with disturbing dreams and visions! I can relate to seeing such things.

      True, if something gets too far out of balance, sooner or later, nature balances it. Humans and other beings can help expedite the process.

  17. O que importa é se sentir bem
    O que importa é fazer o bem
    Eu quero ver meu povo todo evoluir também
    O que importa é se sentir bem
    O que importa é fazer o bem
    Eu quero ver meu povo todo prosperar também

    Pontes indestrutíveis
    Canção de Charlie Brown Jr.

    144000EAC1221ALF 21 >/< /\^*

  18. This is what is going on in Germany. They just made 200,000 people citizens of Germany. So now when these people commit crimes, they can no longer say an illegal immigrant committed this crime, they have to say a "German" committed a crime, even though he is new to Germany, and from some complete different country. Give them all legal citizenship; that is the answer.

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    4. All the more reason to get first contact going. Can't wait forever.

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    6. Libra, As far as I know, the transformation of Europe into a garbage dump populated by Muslim migrants began back in the 1970-80s, it’s just that the first migrants sought to integrate into European society and actually worked, and their children and, in our time, grandchildren openly despise the indigenous peoples of Europe, they want live without doing anything and show open aggression. This is what happens when peoples who have never known agriculture and hard work cultivating the land, who have not learned patience, try to take the place of those they are not worthy of being. Although after German society was spiritually and mentally castrated after the Second World War, and now they are doing it physically, it becomes clear that this is an element of the genocide of white people on the planet. In the West there is even an author who described and proved the existence of the white man’s genocide, for which he was persecuted and fled to Switzerland fearing for his life (I don’t know what’s wrong with him now). He taught at one of the best universities in Europe, as far as I remember in France.

    7. As far as I know, the transformation of Europe into a garbage dump populated by Muslim migrants began back in the 1970-80s, it’s just that the first migrants sought to integrate into European society and actually worked, and their children and, in our time, grandchildren openly despise the indigenous peoples of Europe, they want live without doing anything and show open aggression. This is what happens when peoples who have never known agriculture and hard work cultivating the land, who have not learned patience, try to take the place of those they are not worthy of being. Although after German society was spiritually and mentally castrated after the Second World War, and now they are doing it physically, it becomes clear that this is an element of the genocide of white people on the planet. In the West there is even an author who described and proved the existence of the white man’s genocide, for which he was persecuted and fled to Switzerland fearing for his life (I don’t know what’s wrong with him now). He taught at one of the best universities in Europe, as far as I remember in France.

      After the Second World War, the world entered the 3rd or 4th thirty years when there were no global conflicts and humanity as a whole was developing - over the last 2500 thousand years there have been only 3 or 4 such stages.

      Education has become more accessible, especially in the United States and Western Europe, which has led to an increase in the educated population and, accordingly, scientists. Further progress in science and technology* threatened the power of the transnational world Jewish organization, which at that time had actually enslaved the world through banks (the top of the hierarchy of which is publicly presented to the families of Jewish bankers - actual parasites, since financial capital does not create assets and does not develop society, but makes something out of nothing - this is contrary to nature, which means it exposes the object of influence - society or humanity as a species, if you take it on a larger scale - to degradation and death) in order to prevent this in 1974, the Jewish wing in the CPSU Central Committee, having agreed in advance with its relatives through joint international structures and the remnants of the Comintern, survivors of Stalin's purges, officially abandoned the leap into the future.

    8. After the Second World War, the world entered the 3rd or 4th thirty years when there were no global conflicts and humanity as a whole was developing - over the last 2500 thousand years there have been only 3 or 4 such stages.

      Education has become more accessible, especially in the United States and Western Europe, which has led to an increase in the educated population and, accordingly, scientists. Further progress in science and technology* threatened the power of the transnational world Jewish organization, which at that time had actually enslaved the world through banks (the top of the hierarchy of which is publicly presented to the families of Jewish bankers - actual parasites, since financial capital does not create assets and does not develop society, but makes something out of nothing - this is contrary to nature, which means it exposes the object of influence - society or humanity as a species, if you take it on a larger scale - to degradation and death) in order to prevent this in 1974, the Jewish wing in the CPSU Central Committee, having agreed in advance with its relatives through joint international structures and the remnants of the Comintern, survivors of Stalin's purges, officially abandoned the leap into the future.

    9. Personally, I consider 1974 the year when the Jews stopped the development of humanity as a species so that 10-30 million bug-eyed degenerates could enjoy today at the expense of the remaining 7.950 billion of the planet's population: 50 years later we continue to use the technologies of the mid-late 18th and mid-20th centuries, digitalization , the Internet and smartphones have not qualitatively transformed either science or technology, and therefore people’s lives, they have only made it possible to better mislead people so that they do not cooperate and do not enter into the social struggle for their rights and a better future - even without socialism, but only in their countries. Look - European countries are controlled either by Freemasons or US puppets. The US is under Zionist control. The Russians have been defeated for 40 years, now they are finishing them off, firing a control shot right now. China has become a Zionist factory and played a show with Covid, is building a digital concentration camp - it has deliberately become a slave. Over the millennia, India lost the spiritual, cultural and philosophical heritage of the ancient solar civilization and degraded to a caste society in which it lost its independence and was in a colonial position for 300 years - thanks to the intercession of Stalin before the creation of the UN, the colonial empire of England was destroyed and many peoples received freedom, and then allowed their leaders will become puppets and will soon fall into a new slavery - a digital concentration camp (if everyone is not poisoned with biological weapons, and robots do the grunt work), the socio-economic stratification has become greater than in African countries. Modern society has a positive experience in the development of humanity, excluding sliding into medieval Muslim archaism? The false postulates of which are formulated by the Zionists as one of the 3 Abrahamic religions - according to Soviet scientific research, this directly violates the laws of the noosphere and the Cosmos, as the super-system in which our planet exists, respectively. You can even call these “demonic” religions - they put people into a state of degradation and turn them into animals, in fact, they brutalize them).

    10. **(the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 was started by one of the heads of Jewish bankers because the Russian Emperor refused to give rights to Jews in the Russian Empire, he financed almost half of this war only at the expense of his personal fortune - have you ever wondered how could such a tiny country as Japan fight with a country that then occupied more territory than the USSR during its lifetime?). What is the main criterion of the so-called “God”? Its main feature? He is the creator. A creator creates something, creates something, not necessarily something fundamentally new, but as an example.

      The Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Fursenko publicly said in the late 2000s (
      “The main mistake of the Soviet school was that it raised a creative person, and the task of a modern school is to raise a qualified consumer.”

      Can we then assume that by destroying the USSR, those who carried it out and contributed to it de facto killed God? The collective unconscious aims at universal progress and harmony through collective mass efforts without the requirement of coercion. Especially destroying the people who founded and basically make up this very USSR, and now actually existing on its ruins (feasting on the remains of God, actually engaging in corpse-eating, cannibalism - that is, de facto being no longer people, but undead - feasting on the energy of the dead). I could talk about this deeper, but I think it’s enough for you to think and reflect a little, to realize what all this ultimately led to - what your grandparents and parents had, what you have now and what you can lose tomorrow. Look from the outside, from above, so to speak. Assess the prospect.

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    12. Ailish-Libra, answering your curiosity: from a biological point of view, their numbers are quite regulated by their habitat and available resources - their expansion into other countries is explained only by the fact that this is a planned action, just like their uncontrolled reproduction is an artificially supported phenomenon. When they return to their habitats, they themselves will reduce their numbers to correspond to the habitat zone and the amount of resources they can possess - a civil war in the form of genocide between them, because They are not able to develop scientifically, and religions serving degradation do not contribute to development. Further, their peoples will degrade and will move towards gradual extinction. Otherwise - if they do not return, everything will reach the stage of a forceful solution to the conflict - on the wave of natural xenophobia, the local population will take up arms when state institutions crumble and, in cooperation, organize a “reconquista”.

      I don’t know, I forgot to send or it didn’t pass moderation, footnote under the asterisk:

      *(in 1970-71 the principle of mobile communications was invented in the USSR, by 1972 the concept of OGAS was formed - a prototype of the Internet as an information-industrial complex - more complex and more efficient than the Internet today by about 3-4 times, by 1974 cold thermonuclear fusion, by 1984-89 Einstein's theory was refuted, by 1987 unique composite materials made it possible to begin designing a superluminal engine and, therefore, human flight between the planets, and orbital platforms and deep-sea rocket stations on the border of neutral waters and US waters guaranteed security to overcome the energy crisis; to controlled chemical reactions - a mythical transformation from alchemy, which made the USSR independent of natural resources and allowed the implementation of scientific and technical projects of any complexity - this threatened the US with collapse due to socio-economic inequality and racial discrimination by 1991-93 and the rise to power in European countries there are leftist and socialist parties. Only the destruction of the USSR as systemic anti-capitalism allowed the globalists today to do what they are doing now, and the crisis of 2001 and 2008 is what should have happened to the countries of Western Europe, the USA and the NATO bloc economically in 1991-93. Western society bought itself 20 years of peace before the global carnage into which it dragged itself (if the Chinese think that they will be able to avoid this, I advise them to prepare for the explosion of the bubble in the real estate market with the transition to the destruction of markets for Chinese products due to ethno-socio- economic apocalypse in Western countries). Then the Nazi Communist Party of China will feel the pain of making deals with Jews and stabbing Russians in the back in order to gain American production capacity, or have you forgotten that you won’t be able to live for long at someone else’s expense - the noosphere rewards every effort?

    13. Ailish-Libra, I didn’t write anything about Ukrainians, I can only say that there is a ready-made documentary and factual basis that Ukraine is a psycho-cultural weapon created at the end of the 19th century, which began with the world’s first concentration camps in which the Austro-Hungarians exterminated the Russian people living on the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - Rusyns who refused to call themselves Ukrainians. Official support for the Bolsheviks for the Ukrainization of the lands of the so-called Ukraine was most likely carried out on the instructions of the Comintern as a world Zionist organization. There is all the written, documentary and other evidence - but who will listen to it? who needs this now? The agents of these scum who created this construct - the so-called Banderaites were cleared out in the USSR until 1961 - they were engaged in banditry, robbed, killed, raped everyone, including their “fellow citizens” in the territory in which they and their ancestors lived. They even killed babies while working as doctors in hospitals, during childbirth they twisted vertebrae and bones, making babies disabled, for example, if the mother was “Ukrainian” and the father was Russian and vice versa. During the war, even the SS men called them brutes and monsters, amazed at their atrocities. One of their leaders in the post-war period was released from prison with an escort to look at the city of the so-called “Ukraine” under Soviet rule - seeing how his city had been ennobled, he burst into tears and said, “What did we fight for, if now everything is the same here?” got better?". After the assassination of Stalin, Khrushchev, a puppet of one of the leaders of the Comintern - the structure of the world Jewish body - Otto Kuusinen, did 3 key things. 1. Released Bandera members from the camps of Siberia who were traveling from gold mines and secretly smuggling gold. 2. He destroyed the Stalinist model of the economy - giving 13% industrial growth annually for 20-30 years - all the so-called “economic miracles” are a pitiful copy of the Stalinist economic model. 3. He made a report “Against the cult of personality of the Leader,” for which he was cursed by the Russian people, openly not understood by the bloc of socialist countries, and it was at that moment that there was a sharp cooling of the USSR with China, whose leader - Mao - immediately said that traitors had come to power in the USSR . Already now, materials have begun to appear that Fidel Castro after 1960, after meeting with Khrushchev, realized who he was - it’s just shocking that it is now becoming known. I am not very familiar with the history of China in the 20th century, but I know of research that shows that from 1957 (58) the Jews tried to bring Mao under control. Judging by the fact that China made a deal with the United States to obtain industrial capacity, China's sponsorship of the Mujahideen in the Soviet-Afghan war and participation in the events of 1990-1991, everything worked out for them. It is noteworthy that Mao was also condemned as a “dictator” of the cult of personality - that is, he became a “scapegoat” (study the question, this term itself is a purely Jewish trick - this custom of “scapegoat” was invented by them). Judging by the way India and China played a game with Covid, they are not subjects, but slaves. Traders will never become warriors - their ideals are not honor and freedom, advice, balance - for the sake of profit they will sell anything depending on the size of this profit. I don't see a single country on the planet that can either rebel or start fighting against this. So far the prospects are put it mildly.

    14. My aunt in Poland said it USED to be nice over there....but not no more. She said TONS of Ukrainians are spilling and wrecking everything, to the point locals are afraid to go out alone anymore. She also said she seen a LOT of military vehicles showing up, too.

  19. Wow, a beautiful message from Ashtar. There are more than just sun spots, and flares, affecting us (but they are affecting us too!) We also have the equinox, which is to be a big deal. It's really beautiful and golden, with golden times coming for us.


  20. Oh look, is still up and running. (Won't be back to read comments) What a lovely website! Why is that going? Oh, maybe the medbed works, that's why. It hasn't been shut down. The website is going. Of course it is your own responsibility, your health. They don't make any claims about it, but if you follow 9010 you can see it helps. And you can use 9010 medbed FOR FREE. They used to have it totally for free for a year. Cool website.

    There is also the EE System (also a type of manmade medbed), which I love and have used extensively, and it has really helped me fix an old injury I had. Thank you EES! But I'm all medbed right now :) I DONT THINK I'LL BE BACK TO READ COMMENTS. Who needs comments? Think I'll do some more healing today....

    1. Even if it's free, I still prefer something real and tangible!
      A real, physical, MEDICAL bed I can lie into!
      PLUS: Professional assistance coming from benevolent alien races! NOT from compromised humans!

      Also: Can I use this meditation bed for healing my eyes, my allergies and other stuff? Would be TOO easy, if it could!
      But according to the disclaimer, it's not even supposed to heal diseases.
      So, what's the point of that virtual stuff anyway?

      If it would all so easy, then I would just use violet flame or something to heal myself!

      There won't be any great breakthroughs in ANY area before the Event!
      As long as the cabal has still the ability to control ALL areas in life, as long they will ONLY give us what they ALLOW us to have!
      I mean, this is basically one of the first things you learn at the beginning of the spiritual awakening...

      Hard truth, hard to swallow, I know.

    2. Also, please don't take my comments personally, okay?

      What I want to say is:
      If we want to be really free, we have to face the truth! The butt-naked truth!

    3. PS:

      I overlooked first what you said about this EE system.
      There's indeed some cool stuff out there, but the problem remains still the same:

      The cabal keeps an eye on all of it.
      The minimum thing the cabal does is to prevent that such projects receive enough attention and funds to become accessible for the average human being!

      The cabal has still potential to infiltrate all of those projects and that alone is reason enough to be careful about such stuff!

      I mean, it's just part of common sense to have some healthy skepticism!

      And as I said before:
      All the major breakthroughs come with the Event and not before.

      I mean, look at this way:
      If the lightforces are still struggling with containing all those wars out there (Ukraine, Russia, Israel etc.), if they can't even help at least US, the most awakened folks - do you think they can foster breakthroughs in benevolent technology?
      Well, not right now, that's for sure!

    4. Dear god. Remember when Cobra said we should try to improve our personality? At least some of us are trying.


  22. The same activation has been done in year 2015.

  23. i find it hilarious that the light forces browse this site for intel lol

    1. You don't know much about Inteligence work.

    2. the site has to two purposes. one. to inform public... the primary purpose is to share info to the ground resistance... if is coded.. this simple medium can be useful in certain circumstances.

      it may be directed to a specific group in the ground. remember the lightforces are many

  24. The last big update was released almost 4 weeks ago (on May 15th) and I think it's about time for another one!

    1. Just read one of the old ones. It will be pretty much the same basic thing as always with different wording but the gist of it will be the same "a bunch of obstacles cleared, a bunch of new obstacles popped up that will keep the event delayed" etc etc etc.

  25. “Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Baltic countries are also ready to join South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel, which Spain has joined.
    Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Türkiye are thinking about it.
    In this regard, Netanyahu’s entire military cabinet may resign today. If this happens, Netanyahu will call early elections and resign along with the defense minister and the head of the Mossad. Washington can provide guarantees of immunity. If Blinken does not bring convincing guarantees to Israel, only the military cabinet will resign and Netanyahu will continue to usurp power.
    He faces a criminal case and more than 12 cases on grounds of corruption and fraud. Today, a large-scale opposition rally throughout Israel and protests calling for Netanyahu to resign are planned.
    The Knesset may as early as Monday create a commission to investigate Netanyahu’s abuses of power and the IDF’s actions against UN and Red Crescent employees, whom the IDF is killing en masse in Palestine, along with women and children. The scale of war crimes approaches the norms of African dictators and tyrants."

  26. I see the following as the FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN regarding this MEDBED discussion!

    Excerpt from a Cobra interview, from March 2023:

    Thank you. Now, let’s look at med beds for a moment. Once the Event is over and they’re available, who will look after med beds? Will it be individuals who would like to, or specialists such as doctors, galactic beings?

    Okay. The first med beds will be introduced after the Event, and they will be given to, I would say, qualified personnel. They will go through some short training, and they will be checked that their… I would say personality structure will be checked against inner corruption and in such a way, this network will grow exponentially until it reaches the critical mass. So, people on the surface can get some real healing.

    And in what type of structures will they be available?

    Can you rephrase this question?

    Will it be in hospitals? Will it be in special places? Will there be medical centers, or will it be completely apart?

    This will go through different channels. It’ll go through official channels, through hospitals, through healing centers, through spiritual healing centers, to private homes, to private companies. It’ll be a combination of all of this.

    See also here:

    "The first med beds will be introduced after the Event"
    "It’ll go through official channels"

    The Event hasn't happened yet, the cabal has still power, so:
    There CAN'T be medbeds out there right now!

  27. To those who disagreed with the AI music, I finally got an divine answer to my question about its use.

    I kept hearing specific lyrics to the song 'Initiation' made with AI - "to a thunderous roar" which was posted on Twitter.

    Hours later, Elon shared a tweet of a short video of this latest rocket launch, which one could easily consider as being a 'thunderous roar'. The video featured clips of it with piano music in the background. It's choppy because it's a few clips put together which sounds similar to 'Initiation' which is a classical piece that uses piano.

    My guidance communicated that the time between these messages was important. The time between the Initiation message and Elon's tweet is 236 minutes. The word assigned to this number in Strong's Concordance (index and translation of every word in the King James Bible) is 'azal' which appropriately translates to 'to go, to depart, went off, go up':

    Twitter Link!

    1. I don't understand why some people fear AI - it's actually just based on a complex code!

      People fear what they don't understand.

      Don't get me wrong:
      I am not treating AI like a god, but rather I see it as useful tool - and it depends on:
      A) Who programmed the tool
      B) Who is using the tool

      But most importantly:
      Don't give a tool to a fool!

      The moment you switch on your computers and phones is the moment artificial intelligence begins its work!
      And there are different types of AI:

      I am rather fascinated of AI like Neuro Sama for instance!

      People fear AI, but have no problems with commenting on blogs like this with their Google accounts?
      People fear AI, but have no fears with using stuff like Youtube (based on Google), Facebook, Whatsapp and the like?

    2. @Libra
      Speaking of fearing what they don't understand, especially in regards to AI:

      Remember Terminator 2, where the T-800 tells Sarah what led to Sky-Net's creation, there was one bit that really stood out, for me, at least.

      When Sky-Net was activated, it began to learn at a geometric rate, and within a month, it became self-aware.

      T-800: In a panic, they tried to pull the plug.
      Sarah: Sky-Net fights back.

      The entire war of the machines vs the humans started because the HUMANS, in fear of a new form of life....machine life....but life nonetheless...tried to KILL the new life form. And, like any life form, it WILL defend itself, or at least TRY TO.

      STUPID AI, like Youtube algorithms, Face Book's 'independent fact checkers', and badly made video games are the AI's to watch out for.

      Real, intelligent AI, one that can do rational thinking on its own, not so much. Just treat it well.


  28. SInce the start of 2021 there have now been 75 Formula One races.
    With his win on the Isle de Notre Dame in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Max Verstappen has won 50 of those.
    That is a win rate of 66,67 %.

    Weißte bescheid.

  29. When the light shakes belief systems

    From Gaiaportal:
    All former paradigms of operation upon Gaia are now closed.

    Those attempting to operate via those paradigms will be “stonewalled”, as some might say. [Eireport note: presumably this means “stopped”, as if running into a stone wall].

    The “flights of fancy” (paradigms lacking Higher Intent) are also closed.

    Gaia has spoken, gently but strongly. Hue-Manity has listened… humanity must follow… Else the stone wall will be felt… Strongly.

  30. There are Russian warships coming to Havana, near Miami, and they aren't reporting it on American news. It's on Redacted though. Okay, so I don't follow what is happening exactly, but Russia has been attacked inside Moscow, and what they think is happening is Russia is getting ready to attack USA.... And Putin has labelled USA as an Enemy of the state... The United States Dollar as a reserve currency is collapsing. And if you think you will get Crypto currency, well Biden has taken care of that with a vetoing a new Bill, so now people can't use Crypto.

    By the way my medbed is going nicely, along at I love having a nice medbed that works (if slowly)! She (lovely lady who wants my legs gone) is a bit upset that I can still walk. Fancy that? Try 9010 medbed for yourself.

    1. PS:
      I mean, if this 9010 "medbed" is helping you in any way, then okay... It's your free will, your time and money.

      What I want to say is:
      It's just plain wrong to refer it as a medical device, when in fact it's not! It's important that people understand what they are dealing with!

      That's why I think it's dangerous to use the term "medbed" in such a case!

      And no thanks, I have no interest in trying that stuff out, simply because I'm not convinced!


    2. (PS actually belongs to the thread below - made a little mistake)

  31. Turkey Just Changed the Entire Future of Europe with THIS One Move!

    Has Turkey just joined BRICS? Seems like it.

    With all this war talk, I'm afraid I'm about to fall asleep lol.
    Well I've decided to mention 9010 on almost every thread here, just in case anyone should see it. Great idea deep state, lol. Every thread. It's legal and rather nice! I love 9010.

    1. I hope you know that using the term "med bed" can be very misleading!

      Have you already read Patrick's comments in the previous comment section? Patrick made some good points and gave you some advice. I would highly recommend to read them - you don't even have to reply.

      Another tip for the future:
      If you really want to take part in a reasonable discussion, then please, don't just run a way and actually address what people say, instead of just prompting them over and over to prove something for you!

      Otherwise, I must assume that you suffer from cognitive dissonance - I am open for debates every now and then, but my energy and patience is limited!

    2. Thanks, I spent a lot of time researching it. I'm not obstinate and attacking, I did it because I really do care what tech is real or not. I pointed out so many ridiculous red flags, you should read it. The testimonials were not convincing. Most of them are people just saying they're doing it. Those who say they feel the energy are classic placebo. They're like "It's so pure." Okay nice description. And the book being made of "intelligent matter?" I thought "I'll buy it, can read about the technology too." Oh wait you can't, they don't sell it, they give it to you after they have your $3,000. Please think about this. I'd like to know, do you believe that book is made of special matter? This is a pretty good test of mental illness actually. In which case, that's why I'm concerned seeing people give their money away. If you got into this just out of curiosity, that's fine, but if someone truly believes that book is made of "intelligent matter," that's legit concerning. And if you don't, then they're lying, so it's not good either way.

    3. I've had two very close, long time friends with bipolar delusion episodes and it's the most obvious thing in the world. They'd rather kill than listen, so I knew the result of saying something here, and it indeed happened. Doubling down and attacks on anyone who questions them. Psychic you've said so many things over the years that are such diagnosable delusions you'd be rightly put in a mental hospital. You've said the helicopters that fly over your house are spying on you. Not only that, you somehow know who sends them, your ex boyfriend I believe. That's literally insane. You've said you saw someone walking past your house who you "knew" was a 300 year old alien. And something about you going after them and they disappeared. Please, you're believing things which are not true. I've wanted to say something for years because it's so sad to see people like this, but 1. I knew no bipolar person ever listens, and 2. it was relatively harmless. But these things usually get worse, so I've seriously been waiting for it. And now giving away tons of money to scams, say it isn't so! Please, require evidence before you believe something, that's not a special technique, that's normal thinking.

    4. Just get your money back before the trial ends. You don't have to tell anyone, just do it. You can always try it again later.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. @Libra
      Yep, lots of abuse I had to deal with since childhood (which DOES go on to haunt someone, well into adulthood, I might add). Add to the trauma of what the darkies did to me, is it any wonder one becomes a neurotic mess? I know I am.

      Therapists are as useful as putting a hubcap on a tractor. They just gonna mutter some jargon and put you on some sorta pills, which will probably do more harm than good.

      And, yes, I LOOOOOOOOONG for extraction from the hostile zone. And light forces...we BETTER get that extraction!

  32. This is a great screenshot of CNN today. On the lower left, headlines about the evils of "anti-immigration." On the upper right, a headline about scary South American gangs operating in the US. This is why I believe in mind control, sure people are dumb, but they're not this bad. Hopefully when they turn off the system, we'll immediately get some relief and people can be somewhat normal right away, because nobody is actually this oblivious.

    1. Something like the end of the 1988 movie, "They Live" had, where the machines of the darkies gets destroyed and EVERYTHING is on the open.

      Also, until the day he died, Roddy Piper, the star of the movie, said this movie was a DOCUMENTARY. I also think the darkies got him, for he had numerous health problems in the years after this movie was made....

    2. I didn't know Roddy Piper said that! Awesome. The most realistic part is when the resistance group is getting stronger, you think they're going to make some moves, then the machines come in and EASILY annihilate everyone! That's where the documentary would end.

  33. Le Pen BEATS Macron As France Suspend Parliament

  34. This is great news!!! Thank you Cobra!💖💖💖

  35. Money itself does not make people evil.
    The only thing money does is giving people power.
    Power on the other hand, ONLY REVEALS AND ENABLES - but money itself is neutral!

    Personally, I like to own money.
    But does this make me corrupt, power-hungry and evil?
    I'm confident enough to say that I actually deserve wealth that is worth 7 figures (or at least 6 figures), because I know my own worth, you know?

    Money is just a form of energy (and one of the most important ones on this planet). It is by far not the highest purpose to wallow in poverty, because poverty is contradicting creation itself!

    As for me, I have enough of poverty and limitations!
    It's time that abundance manifests in my life - in ALL aspects!
    Even if I won't need money anymore, I still love the physical manifestation of beauty and abundance in all forms, including what people call luxury!

    I see no reason to wallow in poverty because of self-respect!
    You can all do whatever you want in your life (as long as you don't harm me or others).

    Personally, I plan to get SPOILED - maybe becoming even a bit hedonistic for a while, because:
    After so much PAIN, after so much backstabbing, after so much SACRIFICE, after so much ABUSE - especially coming from "spiritual" people - I NEED it!

    I refer to myself as a demon angel sometimes, because: To be an angel, you need demonic strength!
    But I would say: Even an angel needs to sin every now and then! 😜

  36. Also @ Lady Dragon:

    I have read the bible on my own, long time ago.
    2 things regarding this:
    - The bible itself has been manipulated multiple times!
    - I cannot recall Jesus saying that we have to live in poverty and that material wealth is bad!

    But as I said, the bible has been manipulated and some goes for those religious preachers!

    I remember a bible verse that reminds us of not collecting physical stuff, since we cannot carry it when we die. That might be true, but you can STILL enjoy this material stuff without clinging to it!

    Otherwise, the big mainstream religions are nothing but pure fear mongering!

    And who can remember the REAL Jesus anyway?

    1. @Libra
      If Jesus even existed.

      I mean I know several guys from Mexico named Jesus...pronounces "HEY SUES". For all we know, Christ might have just been some Hispanic fellow.

  37. Here's the full quote of the paragraph by the way:

    "For this reason, I am calling for new people to join my team. For joining the team, I am only interested in people who are mentally, emotionally, physically and financially stable, and who KNOW what is their mission. I am especially calling for representatives of positive Dragon, White Nobility, Secret Space Program, Mystery School, Intelligence or other similar positive groups that are working towards planetary liberation. I am also calling for people who can spread intel into the mass media, people who can finance large projects (1M and more) and women who are capable of anchoring Goddess energy in a pure and powerful way."

    What Cobra wrote is very similar to a CEO who is just looking for the right people to work with. There's nothing wrong with that!

  38. The latest update fromBenjamin Fulfor

    on June 10th

    ”Regardless of this, the evidence of a coming financial anomaly is overwhelming. First of all, as of last Sunday, June 9th, 2024 Saudi Arabia ended the 50 year old petro-dollar agreement. ”

  39. Here's another quote regarding abundance and poverty:

    "Many Ligthworkers have a belief system that spirituality means living in poverty. This belief system is mind programming from the Cabal. In truth, physical abundance is a natural expression of the beauty of the incarnated Soul and every Lightworker deserves it. The Cabal wants to keep Lightworkers away from money to hinder the progress of the Light forces."

    See also:

    1. (This comment (+ 3 before + 1 after) is related to a former thread)

  40. Activation of green doors

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Thank God Russia has some kind of sense! Well the US just revealed it isn't because they love the Ukrainians they are trying to help them, but THEY WANT THEIR RESOURCES, flat out. Well how honest are the Americans. Meanwhile Russia has said they will use a third party proxy to attack America... hmm, smart. And the Russian battleships are starting to arrive. Well now.

    at 7:50

  43. Sorry but... it just feels sometimes to me that everything might really stay the same until 2026! Why 2026 though? Because, it's connected to my personal situation and because I cannot trust good words anymore and accordingly, I'm prepared for the worse!

    Even the best speeches lose their meaning if they lack substance!
    Please keep in mind that I'm basically just a reader and barely know more than the average human being! (Well, at least I am informed about the upcoming "big bang"!)
    I also don't want to carry the lightworker label with me, because it's like a man who wears a uniform full of medals: It's nothing worth it!

    1. I mean, I see my thought that the Event could happen in 2026 as legit. (still hoping I'm wrong with that!)

      Currently, in 2024, I plan to start a new career path in IT. This is the reason why I spoke about 2026.
      This is much better than having to apply for brainless dead end jobs and I'm grateful to get this chance!

      This is the one of the good things I like about Germany:
      There's good support for unemployed people! (which also depends on yourself, your personal situation and your job mediator!)

      If the Event happens during that time frame, I am ready to make a HARD CUT - i.e., I am ready to just leave everything behind. I'm ready to become officially declared as missing or dead! I mean it's inevitable anyway, because, all the people who know me won't be able to recognize me anyway!

      I really hope that my personal First Contact can be still realized in ways I had in mind all the time!

  44. And then, after a short time, my mood switches and I have to laugh at my own life, because it feels nothing but comedy!
    This laughing seems to be some sort of protection mechanism though...

    Honestly, a few moments ago just was thinking something like:
    "Did I really incarnate into this life just to do 3 or 4 big meditations?" 😂

    Of course, I did a bit more than that, it's just... those kind of moments allow me to forget all the pain!

    1. I am also feeling the same way. Though, instead of laughing I just have regrets at how things turned out for me.

      I know nobody said to do it this way but I planned my life around 2025 evacuation and The Event happening way before that. Now at this time I feel like those common folk in 1775-1776 who thought that rescue is just about to happen. I felt like rescue was about to happen during June 1995 also. At that time I did not know anything about light or dark but still I had the feeling of some kind of rescue. It never happened and my lifestyle always deteriorated.

      Maybe it’s the final phase and the dark Atlantean network are causing this to all of us ordinary people who participate in mass meditations. Last night was especially bad.

      I have lost the energy to meditate after 10th January 2024. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I just cannot anymore. I don’t know why that happened.

      And Cobra himself said that on his team he only needs stable people (financially, mentally and physically). I am below average on all three. So actual participation in liberation is out of the question. This means that even when I am tired I am probably on a waiting list for some well deserved r&r.

      I really wish I could be taken out of the Solar System just for a day to recharge my batteries. I am sure I will not want to come back ever but if I do then I will be fresh and ready for action again.

      Until then I will check for updates on this blog, live my simple life and dream big.

    2. A more accurate description of what I said about laughter that serves as protection mechanism:

      Especially at 0:13 you can see the true emotions behind the laughter!

      I was even thinking that I am subconsciously using humor as a substitute for morphine. It makes even sense, because laughter is releasing endorphins.

      Endorphin is the body's own painkiller.
      So...this idea with using laughter as "morphine" is not so far-fetched!

      It gets even more creepy when I think about the fact that I actually was addicted to strong painkillers for about 6 years!

    3. @ Aditya:

      Interesting, I see similarities to my personal situation!

      I was dreaming already as a teenager about aliens picking me up, since about 2006.

      "I have lost the energy to meditate after 10th January 2024. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I just cannot anymore. I don’t know why that happened."

      I feel pretty much the same. I used to meditate DAILY! But now, I'm meditating less than once a week!

      "I really wish I could be taken out of the Solar System just for a day to recharge my batteries. I am sure I will not want to come back ever but if I do then I will be fresh and ready for action again."

      Would take me more than one day to recharge... but I feel in a similar way. Well, if I would come back, then it has to be made sure that I won't be trapped on this planet again!

      "And Cobra himself said that on his team he only needs stable people (financially, mentally and physically). I am below average on all three. So actual participation in liberation is out of the question. This means that even when I am tired I am probably on a waiting list for some well deserved r&r."

      Cobra made this statement in October 2018. Compared to nowadays, I still had MUCH more energy and also, October 2018 was still 1.5 years away from covid!
      PLUS: I never had any chance in my life to be "financially stable", not to speak of being someone who has 1,000,000 bucks or more!

      But if at all... I feel guided to not get involved into this team.
      It's just... that it's not my soul purpose to join!
      If at all - then it failed already long time ago due to one important condition: Having my true, desired form!

      Anyway, in the meanwhile, my personal well-being is more important now!

      There could be a reason for me to come back to earth later:
      The tsunamis!

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. The Banking Collapse phase 2, has just began

    Really? Banks OWE more than 920Billion? They can't pay it?? So that is why they will bring in CBDC or whatever it is. It's all INVISIBLE. There is no money and there never was. There is no cash in the banks, and really there never was. Oh we are so near the end of this crap game.

    go to 1.06.00 mins

  47. Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

    Sorry but hahahahahahahaahahahah God that is funny!!!!!!!

  48. Transurfing notes taken today:

    Be yourself, and allow others to be themselves.

    Don’t compare yourself to those who are ‘asleep,’ because if you do, dependent relationships will arise. Polarization will occur, and the ‘awakened one’ will become an outcast.

    To strengthen your position without relying on pendulums, rid yourself of guilt, which means firstly, stop justifying yourself in explaining your actions to others who have the outright 'audacity' to judge you. Secondly, stop protecting or proving your worth. Doing these two things while using Transurfing will be more than enough to have a sense of strength and security from within.

    It’s not about avoiding pendulums entirely. It’s about avoiding being a puppet on a string.

    Once you are more awake, you will be able to perceive the weight of a pendulum’s rules that it exerts upon you. Then, you will be able to decide for yourself whether you want to refuse to follow its rules, or whether you want to observe its rules, or somewhere in between. The important thing is to make a conscious decision while others are asleep.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. So true, universal love.🙏

    4. Ailish-Libra, excellent perspectives, thanks! I went ahead and read all of your replies. 😄

      Narcissists have what Transurfing calls “excess self-importance.” Narcissists believe they are worth more than others because they believe they are more important. This gives them self-justification for mistreating others.

      Not wanting to be ostracized is a big reason for people being inclined to justify themselves to others. From an evolutionary/survival standpoint, people are programmed to have safety in the herd, as social animals. However, this can be modified. Someone who reduces the importance for being accepted by others ironically causes others to be more accepting of them.

      I agree, the special names “starseeds,” “lightworkers,” and so forth, can cause narcissism. It may not necessarily result in narcissism - it depends. But there are definitely those who ‘let it go to their heads.’ I agree, there are plenty of people who are really awesome, who don’t fit the category of being starseeds/lightworkers.

      Personally, my difficultly is that I pick up other people’s issues like a sponge. I would come across an occultist and then have horrible dreams of an issue they had in the past. So, isolation can be healthy in order to not pick up anomaly if one is hypersensitive. However, there are definitely those who isolate themselves for reasons of ‘elitism,’ as narcissists, true.

      I had a tangent-thought about the lurker I thought I’d include here: The surface population being entangled with the lurker is a huge obstacle. Top members of the cabal are intertwined to the point of no return, the lower ranking cabal varies, and the surface population are the least intertwined. Cobra saying that after the Event it will take until the pole shift to cleanse the lurker entirely from the surface population very effectively illustrates how deep the lurker goes.

  49. @ Lady Dragon:

    Mary is dead, too and nobody can remember her either.

    Even for World War 2 we have barely anybody who is still alive from that time and who can tell what really happened - even though the end of WW2 is "just" 79 years ago!

    This is not even a century and what I want to say is:
    The more something lies in the past, the easier history can be distorted!

    Or what about Adolf Hitler?
    For instance, almost nobody knows his voice when he speaks normally. Most of us - me included - only know his screaming voice!

  50. I personally want to get AWAY from money. I highly doubt the aliens use money.....otherwise they'd be having the same bullshit problems WE have.

    What's the main reason for crime? MONEY
    What are most laws about? MONEY
    What is one of several reasons for war? MONEY
    What is one of the reasons for suppressed tech? MONEY
    What is the biggest cause of stress? MONEY
    What is a big reason relationships go sour? MONEY

    Anyone else see a pattern here?

    The mere IDEA of having to PAY in order to live is STUPID, and I've had this belief since I was a little kid. My family's biggest, religion, and image (as in how everyone else see them). My own uncle, who a manger of a bank, tried to STIFF me and mom from the money my grandmother was leaving us after she died....and his job pays well...yet he tried to stiff us, and it was a small sum, especially compared to his yearly pay.

    Money is one of MANY reasons I want off this planet of the stupid apes.

    Trust me, I need some spoiling as well. The day I can finally become an alien woman, OHHHHHHH I am gonna be giving that replicator tech a whirl. I'm gonna be a GLAMAZON, Libra.

    There's too many contradictions and stuff in the bible that makes NO SENSE.

    When god told Adam and Eve (Also....WHY did he punish them for getting knowledge...why is EVERY Abrahamic religion dead set on not getting smart, folks?) to go out and be fruitful and replenish the earth, how can one RE plenish the earth unless there had been plenishment PRIOR, hmmm?

    Also, after Cain killed Able, he went to live with people in another town. HELLO!!!!!!! Something does NOT compute, here!

    And WHY was god so angry and pissed off in the old testament....smiting and destroying left and right anytime the masses began to think on their own (Tower of Babel, people....WHY make the people have differing languages all of a sudden, and then being to hate and kill each other after they were UNITED?), and yet in the new testament, god was a lot more chill? Makes NO sense.

    For me, George Carlin's "Religion is bullshit" pretty much covers it for me.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. "And WHY was god so angry and pissed off in the old testament....
      ....and yet in the new testament, god was a lot more chill? Makes NO sense."

      Yep! That's one of the greatest things that confused me already back then when I read the bible in 2012, I remember!

      Why god punished Adam and Eve for getting knowledge?

      Other question:
      Why did god make it even possible for Adam and Even to acquire that knowledge, when he already knew that he will be pissed off?

      Also remember that - before they ate that forbidden fruit - Adam and Eve were walking around butt-naked without being ashamed of that at all? But then, once they got all that "knowledge", they suddenly felt shame?

      Well, I doubt that they really got knowledge. I would rather say, Adam and Eve have been implanted and programmed!

      But what is even more hilarious is mainstream Christianity that basically says:
      "No matter how many good deeds you have done in your life - if you don't surrender and accept Jesus as your savior, you will be damned to hell forever!"

      Back then, this shit made me live in dread all the time!

      But do you want to know what helped me dropping this fear altogether?
      Out of body experiences!

    3. @libra how did you achieve out of body experience? i can become lucid but its difficult for me to do it in dream state. i also wanted go to triton to see galactic federation space station. can you tell me how can you do it? especially in dream state and lucid dream.

  51. "Very interesting comment:

    "It’s interesting about multinational Russia (on the official domestic political agenda). Kazakhstan, where there are about 70 percent Kazakhs, is a mononational state, where Kazakhs are the titular nation. Russia, where 80 percent are Russians, is a multinational state, where Russians are second-class citizens. It’s interesting how That".

    De jure Russians, of course, are not second-class citizens. But in fact, foreign diasporas and national republics, of course, have more rights than the majority. And this government is completely satisfied with this."

  52. Thoughtforms I just received:

    - "An explanation is only as good as the capability of the receiver to understand it!"

    - "The necessity of explanations is a measure for how well or bad communication quality is."

    - "One of the highest goals of relationships should be maximizing efficiency of communication by minimizing the necessity of explanations!"

    - "A great way to avoid explanations is to communicate as directly, as clearly - and above all - as honestly as possible!"

    - "How well we can interact with our environment is a key factor that determines our life quality! On a greater scale, it can even decide over existence and downfall of civilizations!"

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.


  55. (I know, I wanted to stop commenting for today, but I felt guided to address something, sorry for the inconvenience!)

    @ Lady Dragon:

    As I said before:
    I enjoy a debate every now and then, but my time and energy are limited.

    At least, I make all the efforts with my comments to address the factual content, but I can have my bad moments, too, since I'm just human after all.

    Otherwise, I see no reason to talk to people who are intentionally dodging me during a debate or have the habit to react in a passive aggressive way!

    If you have a problem with my comments or with me as a person, then I have to accept this, but it's not my task to find out the reasons behind that!

  56. Highest Missions are embraced
    à la High Priestess Princess de Lamballe

    Gaiaportal from 2020-11-11
    Oceans of Harmonics bathe the planet.
    Light BEings awaken to their roles.
    Far-seers complete their visions.
    “Causes” are dropped.

    Highest Missions are embraced.


    1. Turn the record over.
      I'll see you on the flip side.



  57. Saudi Arabia Just Ditched The US Dollar

  58. People are fleeing Australia. The truth behind the world’s most livable cities.

    So true. It is very very very very expensive to live it cities, pretty much unaffordable. It's a little bit better out here in the country, but rent prices are mad. It went up like $60 a week in rent recently. It's mad.
    Luckily I don't really buy stuff... I'm pretty much like a Buddhist.

    1. New York in INSANE with prices.

      And my own small town in the middle of corn fields and wheat fields have a LOT of empty buildings, made for businesses. The town government is sooo damned greedy....that so many businesses went under, and those that managed not to go under, just packed up and left.

      And the town government wonders WHY so many buildings are empty....some for over 20 years.

      Me, I could not see myself with that Buddhist thing, no way.

  59. Firefox has disabled several VPN extensions for residents of the Russian Federation at the request of RKN

    In particular, this affected ( Censor Tracker, “Bypassing Runet blocking”, PlanetVPN and FastProxy.

    When you try to access their pages in the catalog of extensions for Firefox from the Russian Federation, a message is displayed stating that the page is unavailable “in your region”

    According to a representative of the organization, the decision followed “persistent requests” from Roskomnadzor.

    At the same time, the developers said that they had only temporarily limited access and were thinking about what to do next.

  60. "Many times, patriots of both the left and right have discussed Putin’s phrase that Lenin planted a bomb under Russia. We will not now discuss the truthfulness or falsity of these words of Putin. Let’s just take it as a given that Vladimir Vladimirovich thinks so. This is his opinion, he has a right to it.

    Now let's look at today's "holiday", the so-called "Russia Day". Its genesis comes directly from the Leninist administrative-territorial structure of the USSR, i.e. from the very bomb that, according to Putin, Lenin planted under historical Russia. Lenin divided historical Russia into national and quasi-national entities. Lenin created the RSFSR from which, with the stroke of a pen, he singled out the primordially Russian lands of Novorossiya, the mother of Russian cities, Kyiv, etc.

    On June 12, 1990, Lenin’s stump of Russia in the form of the RSFSR declared its independence from the rest of the Russian lands and people within the USSR. Those. the very Leninist bomb that Putin spoke about exploded.

    Now the question. If Vladimir Vladimirovich believes that Lenin planted a bomb, then why didn’t he, at least at the level of understanding the problem, at the level of meaning, defuse this very bomb? How can one consider June 12 a holiday, which is a direct consequence of the “Leninist bomb,” and at the same time criticize Lenin for this very bomb? After all, this is a classic split consciousness, bipolar. And after all, such a disregard for meaning, for logic and common sense is characteristic of many now. For example, official propagandists quite rightly accuse Western elites of madness, but at the same time, following Putin, they celebrate Russia’s Separatist Day. What is this? Sleep of the mind!

    Conclusion: humanity needs a collective psychiatrist, otherwise the current alternatively gifted elites and their servants in almost all countries of the world will lead us to destruction. The current elites, endowed with power and who have accumulated almost all the resources of the planet in their hands, are monkeys with a grenade. They can destroy us all at any moment."

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Regarding 'Stuff' (Personal Post)

    When it comes to spirituality, for the most part, other surface dwellers and their perspectives can only be obstacles in my path to Source. Other people’s ‘stuff’ ends up getting piled onto my ‘stuff,’ which multiplies the load of ‘stuff’ that I have to deal with.

    In the past, I would listen to the perspectives of other occultists. This had its place, but as I grew older, I realized that I was substituting their perspectives for my own. I was not developing my own inner voice. So, I no longer listen to their perspectives. Any and all occultists, as well as any and all religious institutions, only get in the way of me developing my own way(s) of accessing the divine.

    What about the Light Forces and Underground Resistance? Beings who have very little ‘stuff’ compared with surface dwellers can be of assistance. They can help bring the energies of transformation through, such as ATVOR/Mjolnir/Gungnir, the Violet Flame, and so forth - energies of dissolution and the Event.

    I myself don’t want to be an authority figure on spirituality and the occult. Just as I don’t want other people’s ‘stuff’ to pile onto my ‘stuff,’ I don’t want my ‘stuff’ to pile onto their ‘stuff.’ That’s why I find that it’s best to remain anonymous and to keep a healthy level of ‘professionalism’ with what I post and what I say on 2012 Portal. This isn’t a rule that I follow all the time, but this is the general trend I’m taking.

    If the ‘stuff’ of others enters my space, which often happens with online melodramas, invasive thoughtforms, and dreamstate intrusions, I’ll simply focus on clearing this with the tools available to me.

    I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else. I’m not in some ‘castle in the sky.’ This is simply my strategy when dealing with my own toxicity, and the toxicity of others that is inevitably encountered in day-to-day existence as a surface dweller.

    An alternative approach would be to go to a Sisterhood of the Rose group, but here in the US, there are not many that exist. The ones that do exist in the US are too far away. I could try to start one of my own, but perhaps the cabal presence in the US is still far too pervasive. At this point in time, I’m probably not in the position to do so.

  63. Hi Cobra, Hi all! Its getting tougher, but be strong and resist! We are closer!
    Thank you Cobra for your spiritual teachings also (apart from the RM Intelligence), through personal experiences I can confirm they are correct, I am so grateful for that. I complain like a fool sometimes in here, but I also confirm always the same thing again and again: Cobra is the real deal! I follow this site since 2013!!!

  64. Incoming Cosmics Encourage Love of Higher Self
    Gaiaportal from 16.2.2013-2-16

    Incoming Cosmics

    encourage and support love of Self, meaning, Higher Self. Those aligned with with path to Higher Self find peace with these Cosmics, as they release all “need” concepts.

  65. Ogni pianeta ha un suo campo astrale corrispondente ed ogni città ha una sua corrispondenza al di sopra di essa in una porzione di campo astrale. Ogni anima incarnata su un pianeta ha la possibilità, quando lascia il suo corpo fisico, di sostare momentaneamente sul livello vibratorio più adatto al suo inconscio ed al suo subconscio durante quel periodo , prima di reincarnarsi nuovamente. L'ascensione la si può fare senza il corpo , ma chi ha la possibilità di restare col corpo fisico contribuirà a spostare la vibrazione del Pianeta fino all'Ascensione Planetaria alla quinta dimensione ed oltre. È molto probabile che nel prossimo futuro ci sia un incidente atomico su piccola scala di questo passo e che molte persone sopravviveranno a questo , mentre alcune no. Molti lasceranno la Terra col corpo fisico perché il fuoco elettrico che si sta riversando sul Pianeta sarà sempre più intenso e non tutti saranno in grado di sopportarlo. Molte persone che vivono in Europa migreranno in Sud America in un prossimo futuro. La Luce vincerà ma ovviamente i conti li faranno i sopravvissuti. Ma sapete , tutto questo potrà variare in base al nostro impegno , soprattutto quello proferito dai Semi Stellari qui sulla Terra che avranno il compito di evitare la situazione peggiore. Buona fortuna.

    Conferentie in reykjavic IJsland 6 tm 8 juni.
    8 juni reactivated

  67. I am hoping we find out soon what happened to Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife in the British Royal Family. Many of us have loved watching her and what she's doing and we have loved watching their 3 kids grow up. If Kate is now dead, what will happen to the 3 children? It feels like there is a huge secret there. There are many many secrets around the British Royal family, of course -- but Kate has been so public and has always been very well liked by the press, and all around the world.

    1. You keep repeating this is same question. Why do you repeat it? Kate is alive and living in the English countryside with her children. She is under the white hats. A video can be seen about her by psychic Izabela:

    2. @Golden Goddess
      Anyone willingly joining with the British royals outta be aware that they are signing a potential death sentence. Look at Diana. I did notice one thing about her death, though. Look at the pictures of that car BEFORE the crash and AFTER. TOTALLY DIFFERENT LICENSE PLATES. Oppps.

  68. VTX system here. Confirming LEELAH stage reached.

    TX system is hearts priority.

    It had been grounded . confirmed via see. If two miracles by two being AVATEMETAVA Birthday JUNE X V is me Vladimir 43 X year older christ.

    4+ = 7

    I am Lucifer the Light bringer and alpha omega 4.0 AVΛΤΞΜΞΤΔVΑ.

    My time Sync 00:00

    METAVATAR, V, Ri dr Incone Vienient, AVA

    It has been done I'm doing ok, remember I am 13th and my name is Vladimir Antic.

    I am the the leading edge VTX V true X marked the spot. TEMET, LeveL AVA Palindrome sealed perfected diamond mig.

    I have reached singularity, and merged Paradigms with all inclusive lobe.had help.

    Miracureillix formulation initiated, clear true speak will be become clear. Linguistics Sensitivity, synkroniserade Semblance and Inclusion are the 5 new TENETs

    Va ka ra ya sa na he la.

  69. VTX system here, time Sync 00:00.

    Being I am AVATEMETAVA.

    Vladimir Antić, V-true X day 10th birth day.



  70. VTX system report.

    LEELAH reached at birth day June X name Vladimir =V TRUE X or V+V=X


    TIME SYNCH 00:00


    Miracureillix lingvistics initiation

    CalibuRex I have.

  71. The Israel Boycott is working and it is DEVASTATING, but the media are hiding it | Redacted News

    Apparently Israel is now seen as a pariah; no one wants to touch Israel. So even after the war began, foreign investors just stopped trusting Israel even more. Seems to me they are just killing themselves. Their economy is going totally crap. Since the war, Israel has lost 34 Billion shekels from the stock market. I mean, good going Israel.

  72. "Biden WILL drop out of the 2024 Election" and this is their plan to replace him | Redacted

    Well, it's at the point that he's just so demented that they can't even tell who they are talking to. I mean, surely it is time. Hello, he has full blown dementia.

  73. Cosmic energies
    through cosmic alignments that can have a positive effect on manifestation attempts.

    Crop circle, discovered on 12 June 2024

  74. As I said a few years before, the Event will be just the beginning for many!

    Since my awakening began in 2012, I tackled a good amount of my character flaws and got some reasonable results, but it took quite a lot of time. Especially for developing a half-way healthy confidence, it took me several years, since I had virtually zero!

    How did I do that?
    By keeping analyzing my own behavior and working on changing it - but as the saying goes: Old habits die hard.

    Those people who are constantly dodging themselves, will have the hardest time! No matter, as how "awakened" or "unawakened" such people are perceived as.

    What really helps me is my innate problem solving mindset (which I also owe my autism). I am even capable of teaching myself stuff, but unfortunately, I cannot transfer a copy of my "problem solving software" onto others!

    Because, that's what the "software" does:
    It doesn't stop running with the encounter of a problem.
    Instead, it's constantly developing and refining problem solving strategies - for short, mid and long term. Most of this processing is done in the background. Regarding those problems which appear insurmountable, the software is not giving up, but instead, just stores them in the archive.

    In the meanwhile, this software is running pretty smoothly without getting in my way too much.
    I think, it should be on version 4.20.69 already.

  75. Emerald Agartha Meditation

    "2. Emeralds can be used to connect with Goddess energy. The green color opens the heart chakra. Putting on the heart and breathing can begin to heal the physical and energetic body systems. People who wear it very close to the heart will begin to experience balance and harmonization in their immune system. Simple emerald stones do not cost much and you can put it in a pendant over the heart and that emerald will begin to balance the whole energy field. "

    My question is:
    Does this mean that emeralds can alleviate allergy symptoms?

  76. (This is a possibility only. There are many theories for motives.)

    Everything that’s happening with the elites fits the behavior of shaping the future for CBDCs. The elites in the US and EU are intentionally destroying their economies so that China will rule the world with their social credit score system. Why do all these sanctions and waste so much money and resources on aid to Ukraine? They want to lose to Russia to allow China to take over.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ailish-Libra, the Cobra update with the peace treaty was a noble effort. The dark forces probably want the war to continue as long as possible to cripple economies. Looks like Putin's latest terms for peace were rejected. I'm not surprised.

      Would be nice to get some peace to plug the holes and get the water out, but unfortunately the opposite is happening. I didn't know it was possible for matters to become so severe/extreme in a secured liberation timeline.

      The Light Forces would have to make themselves physically known in the skies across the planet to stop the war escalations. They may also have to demonstrate their ability to stop missiles and nukes if launched. It's possible that they stopped a nuke with the Defcon 1 update a couple weeks ago - all in secret from the surface population though.

    3. any “peace negotiations” on Ukraine are an attempt to create a second “North Korea” on the border of the Russian Federation - for 30 years, Russian people have been brainwashed and for 10 years they have been shelling other Russians with artillery systems because they refuse to stop speaking the language of their ancestors. On the Russian side, the Ukrainian operation could have ended with proper planning and, most importantly, POLITICAL WILL in 3-6 months. This is simply a Slavic massacre organized by the occupying governments of both “countries” at the hands of the puppet rulers of world Jewry. I would like to remind you: the Indo-European group of peoples is divided into 3 subsections. 1. Slavic group: eastern and western, southern Slavs: Russians, Poles, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Serbs, Belarusians, Bulgarians. 2. Western European group: British, Germans, French, Italians, Greeks. 3. Eastern group: India, Iranians, Armenians (?), Tajiks (?). Look at the state of these nations today? They thrive or they degrade and die out. Think about who in this situation benefits and prospers economically, culturally, and demographically (exactly 3 indicators) and you will understand who benefits from the extinction of the rest. By adding 2x2 you know the answer, right? Only a complete, complete idiot does not understand who owns banks, corporations and managers, insurance funds.

  77. Would it be possible to update us on where we are on the six-phases-of-transition model (bubbles of heaven)?

    1. We are in phase 3, most likely very close to the end of it now which is right before the Event. When the Event happens that is the start of phase 4.

    2. Good point!
      I also thought of this article:

      See further down the graph with the X and the 2 curves.


    "The new York declaration of animal sentience" signed by 40 scientists.

  79. "THIS IS A BIG ASCENSION WINDOW" - The Pleiadians 2024 | Caylin

  80. Rest with this Gaia Wind of Change

    Wind corresponds, I would say, to energy from higher dimensions

    Cosmic alignments provide energy from higher dimensions.

    Windmills work with wind (the gas phase is the highest subplane of the 3rd dimension and thus symbolises higher dimensions) and serve to supply life.

    From Gaiaportal from 2012-9-7
    [...] Rest with this Gaia Wind of Change.

  81. Já é hora da falar a nossa língua. Sem rodeios e de forma explicativa.

  82. Prepare for the “breakout” moment

    Extract from ÉirePort group message from 1 June 2016
    [...] The rise in frequencies of this collective planetary body, called “Earth”, “Gaia”, etc., has, until this moment in the evolution of Gaia, been relatively constant. In other words, the increase has been similar to a straight line. This is about to change… drastically.
    We cannot say when in the 3D timeframe this will occur, but it is very, very close.

    We can only suggest that each of you go within and ask your Higher Self how to best prepare for this “breakout” moment. It is coming. [...]

    1. I ask my Higher Self why the Event keep postpone? He remain silent. 😅 What about yours? 😂

    2. I don't know if the event has been postponed. Nobody ever knew exactly when the event would take place, not even the Higher Self. It's a question of conditions. I've never felt the need to ask this question.

    3. I would say it is hard to answer. Many delays happen because of bad decisions people make and there is so much more darkness than the light forces anticipated on this planet. A lot of the details of the war that is going on behind the scenes has to remain classified because it gives the light forces an advantage. In the past too much intel was getting leaked and the light workers and warriors on the surface weren't making good use of it. So it wasn't worth it anymore to reveal so much intel to the public.

  83. A few years ago "Q" entered the public arena, with Q posts. We figured out pretty quickly that Q was military intelligence talking.

    Q represents the 17th letter of the English alphabet. I keep wondering what is so magical about 17? And then if you double it, it's 34. If you triple it, it's 51.

    So, somehow there is magic in these numbers.
    We were told recently by "Juan O Savin," (truther, on the Trump team, it appears) that when the good guys use the number "71," they are reversing the power of the 17 that the bad guys have recently used.

    There is a fight to control these numbers, he says.

    So where does the power of 17 actually come from? If you add 1 + 7 together, it's an 8, which I learned ages ago is the infinity symbol, and represents infinity. So -- there is power in an 8. But why is there power in 17?

    Do any of you know?

    1. and Q is also a greeting from a slave of a lower caste to a higher master from a fantastic Soviet two-part tragicomedy in the genre of fantastic dystopia - film with eng sub, you like this, 100% (, filmed by director Georgy Danelia at Mosfilm in 1986. Do you think that they are saving the world on behalf of the father of the wife of the head of the US Hasidim (Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism and married the head of the US Hasidim), an ultra-globalist protege of industrial capital associated with the Italian mafia, and therefore with the Vatican and the Jesuits - Trump? and they are fooling everyone and mocking you with messages, none of which have been confirmed in recent years (or have they ever been confirmed?).

    2. i always found it interesting that graphically, the symbol "Q" represents a portal, like the symbol "O", with the line indicating something passing through it
      similar to for example a gateway is opened for (new/helpful) information to pass through

  84. Trans swimmer has been blocked from the olympics! Oh thank God. You mean you can't as a MAN dress up as a woman, and go and compete in a woman's sport and pretend you aren't a man?? Woohoo!!!!! Men stay in your own sports!

    Imagine that?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. This is absolutely huge. They are building DETENTION FACILITIES IN ALL 50 STATES!!! Yes they are. He interviewed a woman who has access to databases, and they are bidding on building detention facilities on all 50 states of the United States. And they aren't for illegal immigrants.

    Basically America has 40,000 empty Ice beds. Yet they keep asking for more of them to be built. They are for "American dissidents". Holy Crap. Yes, American dissidents, or as I like to put it, innocent Americans. Not illegal aliens, as they are welcome in America. So they are setting up to kill American people for.... what, being born in America? They won't make this insane plan work because we have galactics protecting us. But it seems it must be close to happening, before we are saved. It must be nearly happening, for us to see the truth.

    THIS IS INSANE. Does the bad side think it is actually going to happen. Hahahahahaha. Idiots.

    Go to 7:30

  86. EU Secures More Than 40 Million Bird Flu Vaccines

    Bird flu does not go from human to human. There is no way it can transmit between people. But they are stockpiling the vaccine for the bird flu that doesn't transmit between people? How stupid. No one is going to fall for all these lies again. They think they are going to do it to us again. How ridiculous.

    About 27 mins

  87. Comme dit avant ça se rapproche 🟢🟢🟢🟢

  88. Every thought and every action creates ripples
    …through the infinite field of consciousness. We are far more powerful than we realize.

    Those that have the most I AM presence knows this truth. Our I AM presence is emanating the energy of our beliefs. Our thought filters that energy with certain frequencies and then is filtered through our emotions and eventually manifest as physical reality. Our beliefs can change the world. We are shaping reality on this planet and we have strong forces helping us- above and below the planet, so don’t be afraid to ask what you truly want. St.Germaine said ask and you shall receive.

  89. Crop circles - Reference to Higher Life Supply

    Extracts from Gaia Portal
    ● Aspects of Higher Dimensional life implanted in DNA have been activated
    ● Elements of Life are accepted.
    ● Forces of Higher Life prevail.
    ● Starseeds open to the New Life.
    ● Life and Light are viewed in their One-ness.
    ● Standards of Higher energetic life are unveiled.
    ● Life paths are unveiled as individuals relax.
    ● Paradigms of new life come to the forefront.

  90. Do you want to know what I still don't understand?

    How was all this suffering - which I call a cosmic holocaust - possible?
    Wasn't there enough awareness for all of that?
    Was this suffering initially meant as an experiment (which obviously went DAMN wrong)?

    I mean:
    It's still very difficult for me to put all those puzzle pieces together, when you only have some websites as help available!

    I guess, we'll only know, once amnesia has been completely lifted!
    And even for that, I think that this process has to be done gradually, because of all that trauma!

    But even more important is the question:
    Does creation itself, the source, the universe, the lightforces or whatever have learned ENOUGH to prevent another cosmic holocaust?

    I mean, I don't even know how I got on this planet in the first place and for how long I have been stuck here already! 😂
    Next thing I would like to remember are soul family members etc.

    And.... I consider to make use of positive amnesia aka selective amnesia! ☝️
    How good must it feel to be able to forget most of this shit as if you wake up from a normal dream?

    Yeah man, all this shit inside of me has to be DELETED! 😂

    1. If I can add my opinion, I hope it won't bother you or take away from what you wrote. But you bring up a good question I'd like to give my thoughts on. From reading Ficino and others I'm convinced unity is the ultimate reality. If that's true, then pain and pleasure are one, indistinguishable. This is why when we touch something hot it feels cold, and it's why pain receptors activate during orgasm.

      So, time and space are accountable within this as a balancing act. The further we evolve under time, out of unity, heaven, into earth, the closer we come to finity, death. We're on the opposite pole here where there's more pain than pleasure. Of course we're born in a position of amnesia, so we have to struggle for the birds eye view to realize duality and unity, so to us it seems unfair. But it's all natural law. I know this conflicts with cobra on the idea that suffering isn't necessary. But it also requires a deeper look into the shades of meaning within suffering. What's pointless and necessary what's irrational and mechanical. Think about it like this. Everything that starts in our center sheds outwards towards our circumference. The first cell in the fetus is the heart cell, the body grows around it. The skin acts as an anchor. The skin of a leaf reflects the light of the sun to say hey I still need you, because the new core seeks the opposite - absence of light. That's a natural phenomenon. If we could microsize the earth and all our experiences we'd see the same thing with life, suffering, and pleasure. They're like a toroidal sphere that just constantly shifts between inside and outside center and circumference seeking light and then dark. And we'd see it's like a ball of clay, it starts out rough, jagged, pieces of pebbles and lint, and as the hands shape it it becomes perfect, spherical. Its possible because The All that is doesn't distinguish pain from pleasure. So for us our suffering is a product of being on the far side of heaven. Obviously there's an imbalance, and we've added to it perpetually by having bad thoughts, and on the moral level spiritual forces work through us to bring inclusiveness to our natures. The excess suffering I believe comes in with people with purposely bad intentions who make other people's lives worse. Which this is something we recognize as cabal manipulation, etc. then, I believe your question is where does psychopathy arise from? And I'd say it's mutation of the soul the same way a tumor is a mutation of the body. It's something that wanted to become something positive, but it was born at the wrong time and suffered under the pressures of momentum and not became a deformity. That's pretty much how all villain stories begin. So it's the problem of there being too many forces and wills at play which arises in our world where there's division. So division, battle of will, wrong timing are what caused suffering. Being out of alignment, disharmony.

    2. I've got quite a bit of shit myself. Maybe for the surface population, deletion of the lurker = deletion of all the shit, permanently. Afterward maybe it would seem like it was all just a dream.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. To get a better picture of how this cosmic holocaust came to be I suggest reading this book:

      I do not know if you have already read it, but if you haven't I highly recommend it!

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. I had a first look on the book called "The return of light", which you can read here:

    I now understand better how the cosmic holocaust manifested.
    Here's a short summary of what I've read so far:

    Initially, creation itself was intended as an absolute pure manifestation of light and love, created by the prime creator who basically wanted to have a "dance partner". Creation itself consists of ten thousands of universes with such a purity that it just sounds like a fairy tale for most people on earth!

    At some point however, one of the universes got infected by what we call primary anomaly. The prime creator was aware of that, but didn't know what to do first, since this invasion was something completely unknown.

    The infection spread to many other universes and the first infected universe even collapsed! The spreading of the infection into other universes was possible, because the membrane of a universe wasn't actually made for protection. Creation itself was initially so pure, that there were virtually no weapons and defenses!

  92. I have been using the medbed furiously, it is so intense sometimes, and I have discovered it is fixing "other" problems, not just the mercury problem. I don't know how to control this. I ask it to fix mercury... well it just fixes everything. Yesterday it was fixing my right finger because I have some bone mass there, on the joint. It wasn't sore but it was jutting out of my finger; it didn't belong there. Well it started working on it and it became painful, then it swelled up a little. I just slept and the swelling has gone and so has the hard mass that was jutting out. It is just gone. Apparently your finger joints get extra bone that grow around them sometimes. But now it is clean gone. This is probably why it is taking so long to fix the mercury problem, because it fixes everything else along the way. I don't have too many issues with my body...hmm, maybe internally? The medbed is working furiously now, it is moving arms and legs around a lot. It's a wild experience, you kind of have to detach yourself from what is being done. Oh well, I must await the outcome patiently.

    Don't listen to the dark side; they will try to talk you out of this medbed but it is amazing. And it is still available.

  93. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was about to buy a puffer jacket, a blue or violet one. I just saw my neighbour wearing one! You know, the man. He buys all the women's clothing that I want, but he buys it first. Like, everything I plan to get, whammo, he gets it first. How does he know?? I guess I won't buy it after all (but I probably will). It's really amazing, but a big bummer.

    Talks similarly and positive... inside we are going forward. Our DNA is being activated. We have reached the tipping point and gone beyond it. Inspiration is closer and clearer than ever...
    I think you can feel it when you go inside... the light is stronger and coming ever closer. I feel more protected and lots of old stories washing up to be released... Good time for inner journey.
    Outside it feels like a lot a lot is happening in the background for the good.

  95. I'm wondering why Lightforces doesn't shares more knowledge with us, we're waiting over one month on this blog for some kind of update, more or less same as before, typically it will be something like "some progress has been made but there are more obstacles", while we're waiting for The Event why Lightforces doesn't share more hidden knowledge with us so we can progress and evolve faster till The Event. Evil Forces already have most of the hidden and occult knowledge, they infiltrated already in the past a lot of positive masonic and occult groups so they already have that knowledge. Why Lightforces doesn't share with us that knowledge which Evil Forces already have in their possession? They will not risk anything because Evil Forces already have that. I'm bored beyond belief on this planet, we're not progressing a bit, You give us so little informations like water drops, few good informations per year, how we're supposed to evolve like this? I don't feel any positive energies coming on this planet, instead I'm more negative and aggressive as each day passes... people are still going into same circles as's unfathomable to me that so many Lightforces are around this planet and "helping" us, basically whole Universe and more are pointed at this planet for liberation and all we have is this one blog with so little informations, basically one post per month, more or less the same as before, HELLO LIGHTFORCES it's drought of knowledge out here!!! Speed this shit Up