Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Systems / Isidic security breach at 504, grid ratio failure


  1. We have entered the phase of the final clearing of the Yaldabaoth entity and all remaining plasma toplet bombs.

    Cobra, do you mean that those quantum potential chambers have finally been cracked ?

  2. Try again ang again to the victory

  3. The battle is not yet over. Hold the Light

  4. i thought i felt the mood drop. no matter, the gamma pulse will elevate things as it rolls in before new years.

  5. The situation has improved now. It will be deflected soon.

  6. The Purge Of Cabal Has Begun


    VIDEO: The Purge Of The Cabal Begins - YouTube

    Dr. William Mount Intel Update - The Purge Of Cabal Has Begun


  7. Have a few statements for all:
    1. Can people please refrain from posting Thank you, Victiry of the light kind of comments. It is great if the sentiments is genuine and the individual able to broadcasts the frequency. In words, it is more counterproductive, even to the point of annoying. Can we save all the thank you, good job, victory etc till the the war us OVER and the EVENT has materialised

    2. Are the white hats/RM etc focus some effort on ways to engage the common, non physic but merely awakened people on Earth. That is not referring to meditation session. Spare me and all in the same category, this meditation avenue. Not every awakened are 100% competent in meditation, astral projection.etc. If all are, then all these nonsense would have ended months/years ago.
    Unless the forces of light is advocating the same view as Simon Parkes, ie, there are those here whose role are just observers. Then i have this to say, Observers are in a position to only observe, they are not involved in all the happening, and that implies that they are not affected at whatsoever, but able to maintain their status regardless, in order to be able to observe competently. Tell me, how many are affected by Wars, Financial manipulation, Financial challenges etc..
    The common people are not observers. Most, if not all are recipients of whatever manoeuvre the dark or light side undertakes/plan.
    Just a voicing, no malice intended. Thank you.

    1. No, but thanks for the idea. I see it as more of a rally cry than a declaration of finality.

      Blessed Thanks to Cobra, RM, Galactic Family Agarthans Lightworkers/Lighwarriors and all working for Truth, Justice and Peace on Earth.

      Victory of the Light! :D

  8. Major Bummer??? after ALL the R has accomplished? unreal this comment & lack of faith/gratitude. This is a war. And we humans can help or sit and judge and not get in on the action by way of what work we are doing on Earth and what work we are doing on ourselves. Our inner workings.

  9. And with tongues of Fire
    Light Made Crown
    The word they "spoke"
    Sounds of Heaven
    (The Plan of God)
    Sewn in... to Ground

    Will the "last" even see the "first"
    At the back of camels
    Own "flow" contained...
    Stacks of straw "burnt" to dust
    Winds of sight disregard
    Would a Needle "you" seek... ever remain

    For the "new born"
    Portal "stocking stuffer"