Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December Monthly Cobra Interview By Prepare For Change

Here is the December monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The transcript and the audio version are available here:

A short notice from Prepare For Change:

You can submit questions for the next interview here:
We are getting far more questions that can be answered in a one-hour interview. We will ask as many Cobra questions as can be answered in the hour allotted.

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here: 

Victory of the Light!



  1. Thank you for everything Cobra!

    I'm sorry you have to keep repeating the same information over and over again. I hope this is because you have many more followers now and not because people don't want to listen.

    1. I don't think it's that people don't want to listen. It could be because they forget what Cobra has said. Sometimes it's wise to look at the intel again. It might cut down on the repeating info due to the same questions being asked.

    2. I agree. Those who are drawn to Cobra's messages are conscious, we are awake. But not everyone reads or hears every single interview. And then there are those that are new. I don't see why there is resistance to refresh the information when questions around the Event come up. Especially when things continue to seem darker and darker. It helps us to have faith and hope, and to disentail other stories floating around about the Event. This is so important to everyone who understands what it entails. Thank you..

    3. Time has come for Cobra to stop doing the question and answer thing and do more panel discussions with other people in the community and compare Intel .My other thought is leave links in discription for first time veiwers so the long time followers get the most current advanced updates and not " burn up time" with nurturing the late initiates. It's very upsetting to wait weeks for new Intel and get just a morsel ,because they coddle newbee's,explaining credentials of quests and hosts.
      "Victorious is The Light "

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    5. I think i forgot to hit publish on me last comment on this matter.. So here goes again.

      Thought: how about either before or after the interview a recap or summary of events from day "1" to date would be included.. So it would bring old or new listeners upto date.. Sort of putting the puzzle together specially for the newbies... Or this could be a total separate project done on a monthly basis... Either provided as a voice recording or in paper... Like a timeline... And when new info comes up it gets added to the timeline..

      Which reminds me.. I started a simple one a while back but is not uptodate... Maybe someone could work with it and transform it to a more useful tool... I will post it later when i find it..

      This might not resolve the repeated question concern but i feel it will address the need to bring old and newbie upto date... and a quick fix on where to find more relevant info if links provided

  2. The repetitive questions are drowning out totally new and interesting ones. Cobra had even lost his patience with repetitive questions in one of the last interviews. Many people are not going to ask questions at this rate. Enough is enough. The PFC team sorely needs an old timer like Dragon Heart to vet the questions.

    To their credit some original sparklers managed to make it through, especially the one about the twin flame having to endure billions of years of loneliness !! May this never happen to any light being in creation!!!

    Cobra, let the PFC interviews go on but you also need to talk directly to us here.

    1. You mentioned a plane between the physical and the plasma. Is that plane too filled with exotic and/ or spiritual weapons and implants ? Will more such planes of existence filled with exotic weapons be revealed in your future blog posts ?

    2. The next time Source wants to get creative It might end up in a worse situation. How do we tell Source that enough is enough, You screwed up once, either stop creating once and for all or have endless iterations of the current creation project (that will soon be hopefully free of prime anomaly) for all time. (Those who do not subscribe to Cobra's concept of prime anomaly i.e. Source screwing up, your point is noted so there is no need to repeat it ad nauseam by posting lengthy replies to this comment. )

    1. I agree with you, time missionary. I end up feeling so deflated after reading the PFC interviews. I understand that they get an overwhelming number of questions submitted to them and I am so grateful for their time and effort in putting all of this together. It may be time now for a different format or something else, though. I'm not sure what. I feel like my brain gets scrambled here lately anytime I try to think of anything, maybe someone will read this and can brainstorm some ideas.

    2. Correction: Creation is a result of Source attempting to deal with prime anomaly (if my memory serves me right.) So we need to stop Source from doing something in the future that is more or less similar to whatever It did last time (that allowed prime anomaly to pop up in the first place) or better still either do nothing at all forever or have endless iterations of the current creation project (that will hopefully be free of prime anomaly in the near future.)

      And if Source is none other than us how the devil are we going to convince ourselves to do the above once we are all One. In short how are we going to tell ourselves that we are grounded forever !!!!!!

    3. I completely agree... its even worse on Simon Parkes's radio show!! After a couple years listening, I got so fed up of hearing the same questions covered over and over again, I stopped listening!

      It's almost as if Simon has amnesia; because he answers the same questions in a long and tedious manner - as if they've never been asked before.. haha.

      I want someone like David Wilcock to do the COBRA interviews.. he wouldn't just read out the question verbatim and not follow up on the details.. he probes for deeper insights.

      And good luck getting COBRA to respond to you ;)


    4. Time Missionary:

      I'm willing to bet that you and many other people have no idea how complicated it is to do these interviews each month and try to accommodate everybody's desires and questions. People have varying levels of experience with reading Cobra's blog and varying levels of understanding of what is going on with earth and all these other planets and other levels of existence.

    5. Big thank you to PAO (Sheldan Nidle) newsletter for this share : An excellent example of Source (god/ dog) trying to resolve prime anomaly :

      Let those hip movements run in a loop through your mind. You can also stand in front of the mirror and mimic the hip movements.

      This would make a great cartoon in MSM. In the last panel, as Garfield stares at the dog and asks WTFM?! the dog being a secret follower of Cobra's blog replies "cryptically" in it's speech bubble : "This situation gets resolved the moment the Light Forces disable the top/strange bombs thus enabling the RM to push the Event button and Source to send the Event pulse to put an end to prime anomaly once and for all."

      HAPP NEW YEAR Meg, DNA and all those who are reading this !

    6. Divinasion: Yes, David REALLY does a great job in his investigations and interviews! I´m sure we can rely on everything he writes. Also stop reading those monthly interviews. Tired of "we are not there yet". It comes for sure in EVERY interview.. Mostly everytime when we think of a progress being made, he pulls it down by saying: "We are not there yet". Asking myself WHEN..

    7. Many different formats for these interviews have been tried but there is always too much bias in some direction.
      And regarding the repetitive nature of many questions I think alot comes because Cobra is always somewhat too distant from the listeners state of mind so he is too short and abstract. But maybe that is also how he wants it too be because since this is available to anyone nothing important can ever be said here. And probably some misinformaton to the other side is also said here.

    8. Guys pfc is trying to serve you all the best they can. Just imagine for a min if someone like DW would have managed the interview... How many questions (from the tons that were submitted)do you really think he would have covered (if any) in one hour ?...

      The interview service is my understanding is to present to Cobra all the questions posted by the public per verbatim or not... I dont think the interview is intended to be a discussion session... For that perhaps one of you that feel compell to provide more details and in debt discussion in some topics could arrange to setup a monthly session... This way the public gets the best of both worlds... Variety

  3. Interesting interview ... for those that still think Trump is the new savior here is a quote from Cobra interview ...

    Lynn – Donald Trump was confirmed as the 45th President of the United States after a vote of the Electoral College on December 19th. President Trump says and claims to be “anti-establishment” but yet he is choosing and appointing transitional CEO’s and Zionists to his cabinet. Do you have any comment on this Cobra?

    COBRA – OK. I think I have already answered this question about Trump, who is behind Trump and I would say that actions speak louder than words and few months from now you’ll see how his presidency is. And I would not give fuel to any speculation. Just watch and learn.

    Lynn – Do you think he is at all working for the Light? Is there an inclination there?

    COBRA – There is a certain potential within him for the light. I would not be overly optimistic.

    I totally agree ... Trumps actions are speaking far louder than his words. And I'm not overly optimistic in his potential to work within the light.

    Great info on the "fake news" phenomena ...
    Here a great article at The Event Chronicles about Breakthrough for the nothing is happening group.

    Victory of the Light ...
    Happy Holidays! :)

    1. Here's a tweet Trump put out that gives an indication of what his action(s) will be.

      He tells the war criminal state of israel to stay strong in their efforts to steal more Palestinian land with the illegal settlements they continue to build. Clearly the war criminal state of israel is part of the cabal ... just like Trump.

      It's a good bet that Trump will continue where Obama left off. He will have to be held accountable for the war crimes he will undoubtedly commit.

    2. Thanks for posting this

      I have been trying to be 'cautiously optimistic' (which I get condemned for, out here in WestCoast US, which is still smarting from Hillary's loss) but being 'cautiously optimistic' is getting harder. Hmmm....

    3. spirittoo: You cannot know what Trump means by anything he Tweets or says. He is brilliant and playing a very strategic plan to defeat the cabal. There are two aspects to Israel: The Israeli people who Trump supports; his daughter is Jewish. And there is the cabal faction which you refer to. One is separate from the other. Just as Cobra attempts to judge Trump by his past heritage associated with the cabal, IN ERROR I may add, no one knows the inner workings of God's plan and how God is working though Trump to bring The Event and New Age of Heaven On Earth. Stop judging when you do not know for sure. I believe Cobra has been guilty of this as well and it comes across as not spiritual and arrogant.

    4. You are trying awful hard to put Cobra down without much success I might add. You tell me not to judge so what right do you have judging Cobra?

      Cobra have given me NO REASON to doubt his intel. Trump tweet for israel to stay strong in their attempt to steal more Palestinian land which is NOT part of God's so called plan is not because he cares for the israeli people.

      The world acknowledge the crimes israel has committed against the Palestinians, and they are violating international laws by stealing land from the Palestinians, yet Trump like the other puppets before him support israel in this effort.

      I judge Trump by his actions as I do all people and his actions are those of a cabal member. When he takes office on the 23rd, his true colors will show to the less perceptive.

      I have no doubt when Trump start committing war crimes like the rest of the puppets you will continue to pretend God is working through him and ignore the blatant truth.

      The cabal selected Trump to be president years ago as they did all the other puppets.

    5. DivineNewAge.. tell us the truth... you voted for Obama, huh??


  4. Here's a question for you.How long before the Cabal find your blog and kill it as "Fake News"?Just let them go untouched much longer, they'll do it.

  5. So almost no new intel yet again. I hope to have some atleast at the end of 2016

    1. I started listening a few years ago and he rarely said good things were happening like he does now. The details such as battles and territory gained in the solar system have actually been pretty coherent. Cobra does okay, it's LIFE that's the unbearable loop of torture.

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  7. time missionary: If Cobra's concept of prime "anomaly," i.e. "Source screwing up," is an accurate interpretation and portrayal of Cobra's view by you in your post,
    then that would mean nothing that Cobra bases his knowledge and perception on would constitute a WHOLE, COMPLETE appraisal of life. In other words, IF what you interpret is true, Cobra's words and actions would be in effect without a sound basis. I invite you to reevaluate.

    1. time missionary: Cobra's current quote indicated in the interview transcript is: "The Light Forces are waiting for the very dangerous exotic weapons to be removed and then they will just push the button."

      Note: I see NO mention, nor have I heard from Cobra, what you ADDED to the end of that quote, i.e. "...and Source to send the Event pulse to put an end to prime anomaly once and for all."

      If you or anyone believes that the omnipresent being, Source, God, Almighty Father, whatever one wishes to "call it" - the complete intelligence of ALL - could truly, ultimately make a "mistake" or "anomaly" anywhere, at any time, past, present, or future - the one who has created the very concept of what a "mistake" is, and every other definition and understanding of life - I would re-think who is mistaken in that evaluation. Is the human being limited in his or her understanding or is the OMNISCIENT timeless reality True and Everlasting?

      “I only know that I know nothing.”
      ― Socrates

    2. With respect, it sounds like you haven't really delved into the vast archive that is the ESACCoalition website.. because I know COBRA's said on more than one occasion that the Event will be triggered once the last of the bombs are removed.

      COBRA has also explained how Source did not CREATE the Primary Anomaly - it already existed - and it was in fact Source INTERACTING with the Anomaly that created our universe. What apparently couldn't be foreseen was what would happen if a soul were to immerse themselves in the Anomaly - because the Primary Anomaly is separate from Source, not a part of.

      That's what I'm getting from what COBRA's already told us, anyway...


    3. divinasion: I have been with this blog since its inception and a spiritual seeker since childhood. There is ONE which is omnipresent and therefore, because it is in ALL, it is ALL KNOWING, at all times, past, present, future. Whether there is a so called mistake or anomaly, that is ALREADY KNOWN in the ONE which is NOT created, IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN. Therefore, there is NOTHING that is separate or outside of the ONE. Source and Primary Anomaly - and EVERYTHING, for that matter - are NOT separate. Everything whatsoever comes from the ONE and the ONE permeates everything, simultaneously.

      You say, "what apparently couldn't be foreseen," etc. There is NOTHING that is not foreseen by the ONE. How could there be, if the ONE is ever present, never having been created, and permeating its own creation - all at once! If Cobra doesn't see this, then I will say Cobra is in error. But I think Cobra realizes there is only ONE. And any "anomaly" he speaks of didn't happen outside of the knowingness of the ONE. So called "mistakes" or "anomalies" cannot be mistakes to the Almighty ONE. Think about it.

      I was highlighting that the anomaly would not go away once and for all, it is a part of the ONE! The ONE and what Cobra calls the anomaly are inseparable.

      Please don't just accept everything Cobra says as truth. Or realize there are different interpretations of what he says. Cobra is NOT all knowing. He is human, regardless of his dedication and gifts. Like we all are in this realm, body, earth and plane.

      As my high school English teacher posted over the chalkboard:

      "Think for yourself
      your teacher could be wrong."

  8. I can explain what the Little Blue flashes of light are that many perceive. The twinkle in the periphery of the vision.

    Usually this will happen when you are open to communication, but the distance between communication is separated by a lot of space and time.

    Example, I will post this and someone in a far part of the world from me will read it and instantly myself and the person are connected in a stream of consciousness. And they respond instantly with an energy signature that travels to me. This pathway in consciousness between individuals is always open and transcends space/time.

    So on my end when you read this, I can, if choosing , be open to a reception of your energy. But since this information travels at light speed, when I receive it, it blinks. Much like a star will twinkle as it enters the atmosphere of the Earth. When your energy enters my aura, it twinkles also. And if you are open you can receive the good vibes and communication encoded in the energy.

    Not only do we have open pathways with each other, but with other realities, other personalities in other dimensions. The deceased can be contacted. Non-physical beings want to communicate. Consciousness is wide open.

    And the colors can vary, but color is a truth in physical consciousness, Tone is a truth that holds reality in all dimensions. So the variation in color is a variation in personality, the energy signature of each being.

    So a good practice is to be open to the blinks, when they appear practice discerning the source of the communication. Not only is this good practice for telepathy, it's good practice for receiving the information and support that is all around us waiting to be tapped into.

  9. Cobra I'm sorry I don't mean to be rude but you need to be interacting with us A LOT more.

    COBRA – There was progress at the same time there were gains and there were losses. Light Forces have captured Aleppo and have lost Palmyra. I cannot speak about the reasons yet why they have lost Palmyra but I might release that soon, depending on the situation. There is a very specific reasons why they have lost Palmyra.

    Aaron – Should we re-start visualizing the piece of ancient Halafian pottery rotating over the whole Syria pentagram?

    COBRA – Yes, that would be very recommended. (OK thank you)

    Seriously we only ever here these things in interviews how about you actually start posting more and maybe we won't be distracted by other stupid bullshit in our day to days lives. YES YOU DO A GREAT JOB BUT AT THE SAME TIME YOU DON'T. You want us to start helping out more? Then start interacting with us and informing us about different things on a weekly basis even every 4 days or something would be good. Seriously you barely post anything how do you expect us to keep our heads switched on when you're barely even around? DO you realise how many of us look up to you and how rarely you actually post anything significant on this site? SERIOUSLY.



    1. NOBODY need what COBRA have to say or not to reach the final state.

      Is up to every one bring what we want to the self and after to the hole.

      COBRA dont say more because WE dont make more in US.

      It's just infos about it NOT a support thing to give us a push!

      Do your job for yourself and be glad to have some INFO from inside RM.

      I think COBRA is not a RM news guy to act like a reporter.

      This type of behavior is EXACTLY what make ALL humanity stuck in the process.

      Been rude like a dark one is a step back, don't help at all!

    2. @The Prodius,
      That's the main reason why Cobra do not want to interact with us on a more frequent basis - the basic manner doesn't yield the respect. All the F words really drain everyone's energies here. Like Corey Goode, Cobra risked his life and his family and yet some people are so demanding and so damaging to their missions. Likewise, why don't you do this job and make sure you can do it better than them? Saying is easy but action need to take lots of hardwork. Everyone knows how to say coz word is cheap. I think you need to re-express your thoughts in a more sensible and manner way.

      May the LOVE be with you always!

    3. i doubt any of us actually know how much time and energy COBRA actually puts into his mission you seem to assume that all he has to do is interviews for this blog. he interacts with us as much as he is able and still gets kicked in the guts for his efforts. if you are "sick of this shit" then pull away and go with another source i am sure it is no skin of his nose. lack of respect, lack of appreciation and gratitude AND impatience is the exact things we are supposed and to be reconciling and transmuting. blaming another for your emotional state is a pretty good indication that you have work to do on yourself. no judgement, just sayin'

    4. ccc... implant going off...
      love and zeolite

    5. Whether the information has been given or not, whether over-reacting, impatient, or whatever other labels I applaud "The Prodius" for his post. I am too frustrated w/ the endless waits & no real substantial evidence of anything good happening, other than constant chaos. He makes a very good point that I am certain is shared by many onlookers here. I also understand the lack of information & why. I am also one of the many here that are sick & tired of this garbage reality, where the villain always wins.

    6. I think what you're trying to say is you'd take more risks if you were in the RM or some other position to help. I agree, I would too. I don't know about any one person's situation, like Cobra, but I risk my life for fun on the weekends so it makes me wonder how brave these people are. To me, all these aliens doing the same thing for thousands of years is ludicrous. Then we've got the humans who mimic them. All Keshe cares about is continuing to teach his kindergarden physics and have ballroom dinner conferences for eternity. That's what he's going to do with his healing technology, just linger forever like all the damn aliens. You're probably right bro, nobody has courage like us.

    7. The Prodius
      Please clarify which piece of information you feel Cobra should have stumbled accross the table to hint us...

      That palmyra was recaptured?... That was even in the news... And he made a note about it on a prev post.

      That we should try to visualize the halafian over Syria?
      To be honest that should have been ongoing since it was presented on that old original post about Syria... As far as i recall when that came up the idea was not to do a one meditation attempt.. And as far as i know the Syria conflict is not over.. So it should make sense that if your interest was to focus and assist in healing that area.. Then such tool shared by Cobra would have come in handy...

      Lets take a look at Europe for 1 min.
      The issue of the immigration conflict in europe is not resolved yet... Are we going to blame Cobra for not remindibg us to visualize the halafian pottery over Europe?.. Me wonders how many of you are still using that tool on Any areas..

      Imho... I dont think Cobra is here to carry us by the hand... He has done a great deal by informing or introducing us to tools. Is upto us to use them... Not only everytime the topic comes up... And shoot the messenger for our very own shortsightedness, lack of interest or attention...

      So please be reasonable in your demands...

      ... Patrick as far as keshe goes... Not sure what game he is playing but i assume the one that everyone else agreed to... Since we dont know all the details we can just hope that all is intended for the benefit of all...
      .i personally with a passion i can tell you i cant stand the pace all is going... The only thing that really keeps me in check is the thought that the only holdup is the exotic weapons where we have to bite our lips in wait.

      You will find here information about his mission..

      Toward the bottom there are sections such as Mission... Blog coded messages etc.

      Part of his mission might be yes to inform the general public about the Resistence Movement progress but not at the risk of compromising ongoing operations.

      He will disclose info to the public when he has been cleared to do so... You guys already know this... It comes up everytime some post on historical event gets posted... The ones seeking upto the minute updates goes up in arms and bashes the historical details... and the answer is always the same...Upto date info will only be disclose when is safe and appropriate.

      I think is reasonable to request updates but to demand and make unfounded accussations or assumptions as to why is not being done really puts us in a bad light.

      So guys lets be reasonable.

      I have at times also fell ib that pit of being unreasonable.. So lets do each other a favor and lets keep each others "in/sanity" in check.

    8. I feel the same way sometimes Prodius. It sux to feel like we are being kept in the dark. I'm sure there is a lot more going on then what we are being told.

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  11. It will be a huge mistake to trust the mainstream media to give news about the event or of disclosure. The mainstream media has so little credibility with the people that nothing they say would be believed. They have zero credibility with the people. It would tarnish the event to go through such disreputable channels.

    The Revolution will not be televised. The best case scenario is for mainstream media to simply go dark at the event. CNN off the air, ABC news shut down, New York Times presses grind to a halt. Nobody is listening to these propaganda outlets anyway because they are the mouth piece of the world controllers. Shut them all down and let people get their news as they have been getting recently; through social media, on the internet, and through thousands of blogs like this one.

    Polls show that more people believe in conspiracies than trust official lies or the media.

    Any attempt to mainstream the narrative will be met with fierce resistance.

    1. At the time of Event, RM will take over MSM.

    2. @siketa I understand that but it won't matter.

      People won't believe the RM if they go through the discredited MSM. It will just be seen as another deception and the RM will face resistance from the people they are trying to liberate. Disclosure has to come at the grass roots level. I keep saying this but the revolution will not be televised.

    3. is my understanding: disclosure will be released thru all mediums, msm and alternate news outlets. at the ti e of the event i think is safe to assume many will still be trusting what the msm spills out (but by then as siketaa said it would be under the resistance movement influence) and for those that dont trust the msm well the alternate news outlet will be in full force disclosing as well.


    Well, you said: "Do you remember who you are?
    Did you know you fell from heaven, like a star?"
    Would we like to be that way again?

    *Lachan ai Oshev*

  13. We will get great success this year end ,I am sure!thanks


  14. GaiaPortal's Newest from earlier today:

    "Standbys are engaged as trumpets sound.

    Night shades are raised.

    Decisions commence leading into the forward areas.

    Light swords are raised upright as the parties connect."

    All right then.

    One, Two . . .

    The Original SunToucher

    Raise your Swords of Love, Light and Peace.
    The Universal Will gives Us All Strength like Spinach.

    ATTACKE ♥ ♥ ♥
    What's so funny 'bout Peace, Love and Understanding

    Victory of Love, Light and Peace. Unity and Freedom for All



    1. I'd only been looking for the album version for three years or so;-)
      Nice. Trombone please


      And This:

      Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You



    2. I am not quite sure who to thank, but I really want to say Thank You for the Numerology with the comments in this thread. It may not mean anything to anybody else, but I watch these little details and numbers and they make me happy.

      First there were 2.
      Then it was 2 x 3² =18
      Followed by 11 + 11+ 11 = 33
      and 23 x 2 =46
      Now there's 11 + 11 + 11 + 11+ 11 = 55

      As I always say: "It's the little things that matter," and I really appreciate this Numerology - it plays a large role in Taoism and makes My Heart sing.

      On that note, here's another GROOVE ARMADA song. I do not know this song, but I'll play it for All Of Us because it feels right and was published on 1+1=2.1+1=2.2011

      ATTACKE ♥ ♥ ♥

      Groove Armada - Inside My Mind (Blue Skies)

      Love and Light



    3. It may not sound like it's work, but it is.
      For the last few weeks one of my jobs is to work my way through all episodes of Star Trek Voyager - there is so much hidden symbolism in there it just might knock your socks off - and it deserves to be noticed and celebrated appropriately.

      One of today's messages was in season 6, episode 19 - Child's Play.
      Not only was the gist of the story that "Nobody gets left behind!", it also (blink and you'll miss it) showed the number combination . . . 33 - 46

      I see The Stars are out tonight (True! All Night Long!)
      And everything looks good tonight

      So let's ride and ride and Ride and RIDE

      Lights On and Full Throttle
      Pedal to the Metal


  15. Thank you Cobea for giffing this intervieuw.
    I always waithing for your intervieuws ore update,s.
    2017 i think it wil be an rollercoaster year.
    And wish you and us an ferry happy and an victory of the light for 2017

  16. well with the cabal making so many mistakes we will i mean they are trying to move faster, and its not doing them any favors

  17. My heart goes out to the people of Malawi. Over 440 orphans in this one village (and there are probably many villages there in this situation) -- orphans who are starving there -- it is truly an heart-touching situation there.

    But we all need to know about them.

    To those of you who are bored, angry and swearing (really? using the F--word over and over again?
    because you feel there was repetition in this interview:

    Why don't you redirect your energy and money and send something to the 440 children of this village in Malawi ? You might help the Event come faster and actually help others.

    The address where you can send your check is in the transcript.

    Cobra: Thanks for all the clarification about:

    - Trump

    - Steve Pieczenik (how great that Steve Pieczenik is now on the scene--he is clarifying a lot of stuff and he's really a clear-thinking, no-bullshit guy.)

    - mainstream media vs fake news (all the alternate news sites can't be stopped! The idea of stopping non-mainstream US media makes me laugh...)
    - arrests of pedophiles
    - order of who will contact us (Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans)
    - African Black people
    - Fidel Castro
    - how an ascended society's educational system functions
    - ET bases in Afghanistan
    - capture of 14 operatives under Aleppo
    - Syria (it's good to visualize the Halafian pottery again)
    - the Hong Men
    - anchoring Goddess energy (coming from outer planets)
    - converting carbon to diamonds is a parallel process to converting to a crystalline body
    - Vedic scriptures changed by the Archons over the years

    And there was more information that was new to me.

    Thanks to Lynn, Aaron and Cobra for the interview.

  18. Good interview. Thank you cobra and Lynn Aaron. IMO it's very difficult to vet the questions at the interview, as to whether they've been asked before - how many interviews has cobra done since 2012....

    1. The only suggestion i could think atm is by allowing people or registered users from that page where they sumbit the questions to be able to reply to other peoples questions ... When they reply to provide either the interview quoted answer to the question or at least the link to the interview where the answer could be found... Ideally both. In short everyone will be chipping in and daunting task of filtering all wont be left only to pfc crew. At least then they could focus on the other questions which still will be strenuous enough.

      Or change the present system of collecting the questions. For example there is a website app where people could vote on the questions or they coukd answer the question (ideally with only the quoted reply from cobra interview or blog source)...

    2. Or how about a thumbs up/down voting system for the public to choose which questions should make it through?

      Up = relevant question - Down = previously answered.... oh wait... we never got a proper forum, so I guess we won't see anything like that created :(


    3. Btw the app i mentioned above... comes free with softaculous which usually is a/default installer app included on most website control panel...

    4. Sample site
      How to install

  19. Dutchsinse May Have Just Scientifically Documented First Massive Galactic Energy Wave to Hit Earth:

  20. Thank you All !
    Victory of the Light


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    If you are interested in experiment this new and free energetic way, simply send an email to:

    Dragon and Phoenix

  22. Only a couple days left in December... Lets hope something positive happens

  23. Muito obrigada Cobra por suas informações. Tenho certeza que você está fazendo seu melhor e os entrevistadores também. Minha gratidão a todos que dão suas melhores energias para vitória da luz. Infelizmente haverá sempre os insatisfeitos que não sabem ainda compreender, elaborar e expressar suas insatisfações e acabam se colocando de forma tão pouco adequada e construtiva.
    Muito obrigada por compartilhar informações possíveis no momento que esclarecem as dúvidas de muitos e direcionam nossa busca da verdade.
    Vibrações amorosas e de gratidão a você Cobra e a todos que doam seu tempo e energia para a libertação do planeta.
    Vitória da Luz.

    1. Sim, fui ver uma entrevista do COBRA no YouTube e havia comentários de pessoas o atacando, alguns diziam que ele trabalha para as trevas, etc.

  24. Thank you Cobra for this informative interview! I've been following this blog for a long time and still there is always something interesting and new in the interviews.
    Thank you for dedicating your time for this.

  25. Ok, re-posting this again. However, i really want to ask people DO A RESEARCH by yourselves, please. Especially the new comers. You'll find answers to most of the questions you got, so you won't be asking the same questions over, and over, and over......


    HYE ANGELDecember 19, 2016 at 11:59 AM
    Our "Dragon Heart" has put painstaking hours and efforts to create an amazing site, based on COBRA interviews - from the very first one, up to the latest one.

    If some of you want to know, >>what have we to understand or to think about, if one day Cobra posts a message saying "Event in progress"<<.

    Then the answer is............
    We will NEVER see an RM message saying "Event in Progress". Why? To alarm the darks?

    (Go to this site, and look under "THE EVENT").

    Alexandra: How long will it take for people know about the event before it happens
    COBRA: Within 2 hours it will be all over the mass media around the planet.
    ---ref am0913 (keep on top)



    Here's just a little more on the same subject from another Cobra interview in 2013.

    (Alfred) So could you take us further into the unfoldment of the Event and describe how you see these different Forces modulating and moving forward into 2014?

    (Cobra) I cannot give timeframes for various reasons, because the human mind has the tendency to get attached to a certain timeframe. It’s a very dynamic situation right now and things can change at any moment. It can still take quite some time but it can also change in a minute. For example, developments that happened this past weekend were not expected for months so things that usually take months happened in the span of a few hours. It was really going very fast.

    I expect the final victory to be happening very fast.When it starts to happen, nobody and nothing will be able to stop it. It will take everybody by surprise. It will not be predicted in advance and it has to be this way, especially so that the Cabal cannot take any counter measures. They will be completely taken by surprise. The key element here is the Light Forces taking control over the mass media, because this is what shapes human consciousness right now on this planet. Only then can human beings be ready for the First Contact.
    ---ref aw1213<<

    One more time:

    Please, put the un-neccesarry worries and fear aside.
    That's all we have to concentrate on, and/or worry about N-O-W.

    1. Dear, the problem with 'EVENT in progress' is clear now!...

      It is still in Cobra's latest update,... it is still on the main page of the blog,... it is in place.

      Many of the readers of the blog have found it,...
      It is in no one's interest, probable in the way in which it might be if it should been written in 'text'.

      It's over! No interest from anyone if on this blog is or not anywhere 'EVENT in progress'...

    2. And do not forget!!
      On the time of the quoted interviews there was not on the table the strangele the toples and the octopotus, but instead the only 'etheric archonic grid' which was preventing anything for good.
      And about which no more any repetitive questions in interviews, and no more any updates.

    3. All is a huge ludicrousship.
      It's emerging everywhere,... and ...overall...

  26. Cobra would you have a new interview with Alexandra Meadors?

    1. She is busy talking to Prime Creator:

      Alexandra Meadors | Galactic Connection

      KP Message on Alexandra’s Prime Creator Message [VIDEOs]
      Video is in 3 parts…stay tuned!

    2. I am impressed... She skipped the middle men :)...

      I be lucky if i could talk to pikachu.

    3. unknown (and others): Alexandra Meadors left Cobra and his blog after doing several interviews with him. If you notice on her website, she no longer references Cobra at all. I spoke to her back then and she apparently saw a side of Cobra that didn't resonate with her truth. I agree with her in the sense that too many people on this blog believe everything Cobra says is truth and accurate. It is only HIS intel, HIS perception, and often HIS opinion. Not absolute fact or assuredness. Placing Cobra on a pedestal, as is evident by many at this blog, is not only a limited perspective and wrong, it is bound to disappoint many as certain things are revealed that prove Cobra was unaware or "blinded" in certain areas. Only Source, "God" has that status and omnipresent all-knowing grandeur. Also, Cobra says things in a way as if he is the "authority" and those statements come across as arrogant. For example, when he ridicules the election process as a circus, stating that HIS intel is the only "real intel" in comparison. That is really not being spiritual and uplifting, as a spokesperson for truth. It is being demeaning AND Cobra may be proved to be totally wrong.

    4. I agree with you Divine. Cobra is just a piece of the puzzle with his intel. I've been watching and reading Alexandra's stuff for a while now and it actually has started to resonate more than cobras stuff. I feel kind of attacked after looking at this blog and I don't always believe it's because of "scalar" waves because of being on the good side. However I come to see what he says and like to read people's comments.

    5. What i notice is just the difference in opinion between them both regarding the clearing/removal of implants... But other than that i never noticed there was a major issue between them both and i went thru all those available interviews.

      Tyme you finished reading Cobra's blog too? I have not... But honestly i have not read Alex's blog at all ... Just tge interviews.. my opinion is based on the interviews only...

      Why u feel attacked?

    6. @Dragon Heart LOL Well I always tell people that's why I don't need a church, nature is my temple in the trees, and I can talk to my deities directly, thank you. No middlemen or women necessary. Although I do often enlist support from the Angelic realm (messengers/helpers) and also from demi-Gods/Goddesses on occasion. Alexandra channels this information, which is a skill/tool for insight that many can develop, so of course accuracy/interpretation varies.

    7. Phoenix - The fact you can do that is very cool!!

      Someone on COBRA's blog linked an interview Alexandra gave recently with LiAhRa...


      ..Which sounded like the biggest load of BS I'd heard in a while. Alexandra appeared to be lapping it up - which is ironic, considering she allegedly parted with COBRA over a similar issue of distrust..??

      Anyway, I just thought I'd add that, and I'd advise anyone to take Alexandra Meadors' opinions with a pinch of salt.


    8. @divinasion Anyone can do that, it's a choice.

      As a child, when we went to (Catholic) church with Mom, she could not receive Communion because she was divorced. She had to remain in the pew while everyone else went up. I did not know the word "ostracized" but I knew what it felt like. I knew my mother was a good person, so I concluded that there must be something wrong with this church!

      Although I loved the sunlight coming through the pretty colored windows, and I liked the singing, I just didn't buy into the bizarre things they told us, especially in "Sunday School" that we went to on Thursdays (go figure).

      Really, any time we could be outdoors instead -like when it snowed and we didn't wake Mom to drive us, but went out to play instead, or when we visited Dad in summer and went out on the lake boating and water-skiing early instead of to church (don't tell Mom).

      As a consequence of my early disbelief, I don't actually know the Bible very well, but I've always been convinced that the various versions of the Bible, and the existence of various religions is proof enough that God was created by men, not the other way around as we were told. (Well we were created by something but I sense that the various interpretations are mostly wrong.) And let's not even get into how HER STORY was deleted and/or omitted from HIStory when the Patriarchy took over. I didn't get that fact until I was exploring Buddhism and Wiccan practices. (It was later in life that I searched for alternatives and declared to my family that I was NOT a Catholic!)

      As for Alexandria, I've come to understand that everything she says apparently is an "URGENT UPDATE" although I do find these kinds of interviews and channelings interesting, I don't have time to listen to them all, and I don't even draw conclusions half the time when I do, unless it really resonates. I always felt her Cobra interviews were too cryptic as she does not draw people out if they are not the type to volunteer information without being prompted. I often didn't know what they were referring to as she would just move on after Cobra's brief answer. That's whey I loved Rob (and his big heart and big ego) because we got more details, but I seldom listen to any interviews by anyone lately as they take a lot of time. I prefer to read a transcript first and maybe listen later if I can.


  27. I just want to go "home" now and see my galactic family and friends.

    1. Beloved tyme,
      You dont have to go "home" to see the galactic family and friends. Just go to my youtube channel and you will see them :-


      May the LOVE be with you always!

    2. Is there any star race that ressembles spong bob... ?

    3. Beloved Dragon Heart,
      It will be very blizzard for human race to know there are so many odd beings that doesn't look us at all. Some with many heads, many arms and legs. Until the day when we actually meet them in person, some will freak out immediately.
      May the LOVE be with you always!

  28. Dear Cobra & PFC, Thanks for the great interview as I always learn something new...I don't mind the repeated info as there's a lot of new people to your blog and they can't read all the previous articles to catch up with many of us who have been following this blog from the beginning & also I often find refreshment on old info is helpful to me.

    I also realize that Cobra's blog is a Communication Center (in code) to the Resistance Group and feel privileged he takes the time out of his busy schedule for writing updates & providing historical ancient data & receive it as a gift from him to us. And thanks for all the interviews, Cobra!

    Our job should be using to the best of our abilities our highest discernment to try to weed out the nuggets of Truth in all the data we are presently being bombarded with....We need to try to stay above the "garbage dumps" on the web. We need to be a True Lightworker for others and spread our Hope and Light as we journey on our Path of Return. Don't give up as we're almost there!

    1. Hi Sunshine,
      I feel the same way you do.

      There are always new nuggets of truth in his interviews... Questions may "initially sound like" repetition but in fact, time has moved along and his answers do change a little bit over time.

      And you are right that discernment is key to sorting out the wheat from the chaff or the flotsam and jetsam from the truth nuggets.....


  29. very important question(s): Can safe vaccines be developed? and has any safe vaccine ever been developed(and then suppressed)?

    1. No, vaccines are chemicals, and chemicals are NEVER good medicine. In nature, you can find EVERY SINGLE cure for ANY illness, for example, canabbis cures cancer and epilepsy.

    2. It is the cannabis oil extracted (By Rick Simpson), not the cannabis itself - not by smoking or consuming the cannabis, this will be become addictive.
      May the LOVE be with always.

    3. Let's not exaggerate here.. Cannabis is only addictive in that a person may want to take it to escape negative circumstances in their lives. It is not physically addictive, and stopping suddenly will do hardly anything to the body.


  30. I think there is a lot of Intel that cannot be released yet. Everyone needs to calm down as much as possible.

    I will agree that SOMETHING BIG happened over the timeframe of December 25-26... many people are losing it emotionally. But I do not wish to speculate at present.

    We will all find out much more very soon. The key is that we have to be emotionally ready to handle it. The process of Full Disclosure is not going to be all fun... a lot of horrible things will come out in the media over a very rapid span of time... and that may begin to rapidly increase in intensity even "before" the EVENT actually begins.

    Think of the EVENT as a massive detoxification occurring for 7.4 billion people at one time... that experience is vitally necessary for the survival of humanity, but that does not mean it will be easy or enjoyable.

    Look in the mirror and ask yourself: "Am I actually ready for my entire reality to be in complete upheaval yet paradoxically be a pillar of strength for all those currently asleep?"

    Congratulations if you are and you are NOT lying to yourself. The fact is that being that "pillar of strength" requires constant dedication to improving one's emotional fortitude.

    It is a constant 24/7 effort where one must engage all aspects of the shadow self and heal them such that one's emotional baggage does not result in a person crumbling in a pool of tears once everything really begins accelerating.

    Metaphysicians - HEAL THYSELVES INSIDE!! Only once enough of us have done this to a sufficient degree will this mean the EVENT can be triggered.

    We must lead humanity and be the change we wish to see in the world.

    1. Nova where are you knowing all of this from??

      25... 26 December??

    2. Nova, what I can say, during 25, 26, the Hum was taken down, but now it was replaced with another kind of hum, of sound.

      This might mean that it was something with the veil in this period, but it was replaced in a way...


    3. "BIG" means some sort of major movement occurred in the ebb and flow of the energetic battle for Earth.

      Once it is safe for Cobra to release Intel, I think our minds will be blown a bit.

      Roughly half of lightworkers did not respond well to the BIOCHIP Intel, so I can understand the lockdown on updates regarding progress on the space war.

      The point is WE ARE WINNING... but progress cannot be jeopardized. Hold to the highest purpose vision at this time - of liberation and healing - and do not give in to externally planted thoughts/feelings of despair.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. New Age Biscuit:

      I *think* Cobra is saying RM will press the button for the Event once the exotic toplet bombs are neutralized....and this statement is a little surprising, because it indicates that 'beings' can cause the Event to happen ...... Cobra has basically said this twice now, if I have been understanding him correctly.

      I had previously understood that the Event and giant galactic sneeze was more a product of the universe's energies that would just pour forth suddenly, at a time completely unknown to all of us.

      But now, it is sounding like we are, in fact, "just" waiting for the toplet bombs to be cleared and then "the button will be pressed."

      I also wonder about the recent big energy Dec 24 - 25.... hmmmm.....

    6. Yes, but WHO will be "pressing the button"?

      New Age Biscuit, thanks for being a pillar of sanity. Your point is quite valid, but it is not as easy for those of us that already operate from feeling/heart rather than mind/intellect.

      I felt the wave and it was lovely, Until some around me flipped out and I caught the brunt of it.
      Aside from that brief experience, the past month was a whirlwind of fulfilling work and pleasant activity.

      Now we all must also realize the importance of rest, and allow it without guilt, so we can feel refreshed and up to the challenges ahead. There are times to push forward and times to rest, we need to find the balance.


  31. Quote from a YouTube commenter:

    Steven Streight vor 3 Monaten
    The lyrics remind me of God speaking, as we praise Him, He says, "I hear your heart singing." I just LOVE this band SO MUCH, they are the best. The singing is so amazing, then the slide guitars. THANKS.

    I Hear Your Heart Singing

    Thank You, Henry Rollins, for re-releasing that album 20-or-so years ago on the 2.13.61 label. I never would have found it by myself, and I, too, love the "Pastoral Hide And Seek" album.

    So here's some more from Jeffrey Lee Pierce:

    Another Country's Young :-)

    Across The Great Divide

    By the way, without me even touching it my mobile phone which only serves to show My Girl's beautiful face rebooted itself a few hours ago. Instead of showing Dini it suddenly displayed "GALAXY S" for minutes on end in blue/purple colours - and it was Perfectly Timed with something else, of course.
    And now it's back to showing Dini's face without switching off for hours - TeamWork, Baby!!!

    Did I mention that it is all happening? I'm sure I did.
    In related news: It is ALL HAPPENING ♥ ♥ ♥

    Surf's Up



    1. You can't start a Fire without a Spark, right?
      Okay. Done.
      The Spark turns into a Flame.

      The Flames Of Paradise

      Let's Light 'em All Up



    It turns out Keshe is the real deal. With just a simple Health Pen you can feel plasma as physically as running your hand under water. It feels like cold wind and water and electric tingles. It sinks into your body and spreads out, all the way to the bone, it's the craziest thing you've ever felt. I've sold or given away 70 pens, many in other countries and people write back astonished and convinced. They can't believe that it's a tangible, physical feeling, and more. Everything Keshe says about it affecting your mind and emotions is true, it feels incredible. I have even more powerful devices like Gans Reactors and Magravs and you can feel them in the entire room.

    $20 for medium pens, $30 for large. They might not look like much but there's a lot that goes into it. I had to study and practice for a year! Send an email with the number of pens you want and whether it's US or international shipping. I'll send a PayPal invoice so you can pay with a credit card.

    Here are some pictures of the Health Pens. Check out other devices in my timeline photos too. Look at this picture of the Dendera Light, I'm positive it's a plasma device. They can be made from anything, it doesn't have to be copper. It's shown here next to a device from the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute. They're clearly both doing the same thing. I like how the hieroglyph of Dendera has a reptilian or something overseeing things.

    You won't be disappointed.

    1. Patrick A:
      This is very cool... Thanks so much for telling us about how your work has been going. I'll take a look.

  33. Thank you Cobra and PFC, I appreciate the effort and intel. I think there were a lot of hidden gems in Cobra's answers, things implied that cannot be stated. Yet clear signs of hope! I found the following passage very encouraging:

    " COBRA – OK. I cannot confirm those claims and I don’t agree with those claims. Humanity is more than able and ready to handle full disclosure. Actually humanity is more equipped to handle full disclosure than partial disclosure because partial disclosure brings paradoxes into the mind and creates mental stress whereas full disclosure bring clarity. Factions that do not support full disclosure are not of the light. The plan of the light forces is unconditional and full disclosure as soon as possible and as soon as the situation allows it without drastic consequences in the way of dark forces retaliating. But I would say full disclosure is the only agenda we can have here. Everything else is unacceptable. I have not seen David Wilcock or Corey Goode claiming that they are supporting partial disclosure, so I cannot comment on that. (thank you Cobra)

    Aaron – Cobra, in your own opinion, when do you think Money, as it exists today, will be relevant as a tool of abundance or enslavement on this planet? Do you believe money will still exist 10 years from now? If not will you explain why and what this new replacement will be?

    COBRA – OK. I cannot talk about the time lines or time estimates. I would just say that at The Event, very soon money will become obsolete because we will have, first we will have advanced technologies to materialize everything we need with replicators and 2nd, the spiritual awareness of humanity will be reaching the point where money is not needed any more. So I would say very soon after The Event those things will happen but before The Event it’s impossible. (OK, thank you)

    Lynn – So. Does it look like we well get disclosure like immediately following The Event?

    COBRA – OK. Disclosure and The Event are coexisting. When The Event pulse reaches, at that very moment there will already be intel dumps in the main stream media and they will escalate and accelerate after The Event quite, quite fast.

    Lynn – How long after The Event will the Earth be officially accepted as an official “N3” planet/Galactic society member? Will that be like a generation or less or?

    COBRA – Much sooner than that. (much sooner, thank you)

    Aaron – What new updates and information can you give us regarding the upcoming ‘solar pulse” known as “The Event” Cobra? And is there any advice that we should be aware of?

    COBRA – OK. There have been rumors on the internet in the last few days that The Event will happen in the next few days which is not true. We are not there yet; this is what I can say. And I cannot confirm many of those rumors because they are not based on reality. As to the time estimate when the Event will happen, I have said what I can say already. (OK, thank you)..."

    (p.s.) “You will know (the good from the bad) when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.” – Yoda


  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. The Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, etc) don't know English because they don't know England.

  36. Breakthrough is about loved ones returning to past as well.

  37. Ganesha and his people are a hidden Earth race that dwell beneath the Himalaya. They are Earth people that live beneath the Himalaya.

  38. there is nothing from your last 10 days promises...

  39. Kent Dunn Intel Update - Mass Arrests Planned for January 2017, Healing Light Ships, Purging of Negative Inner Earth Groups - December 29, 2016

  40. ciao Cobra.
    Esiste un termine ultimo perchè L'Evento succeda?
    Entro una determinata data ci sarà L'Ascensione.
    Possibile tu abbia già riferito che entro il 2025 tutto dovrà esser fatto?

  41. Instant spirit is a game you can play where you can bilocate and travel anywhere outside my body

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Wow. Almost sounds like a bunch of disinformation agents writing posts to create anger and arguments between light workers or negative energy being brought to the surface for clearing? We can do this! Lets remain strong and compassionate. No need to take our anger out on others.

    RM and Light Forces are doing an incredible job! Remember all...if ending evil in the universe was so easy, why didn't we just do it? They are helping us and I am grateful for every once of energy they give to the mission!

    THANK YOU Cobra, RM, Pleiadians, Galactic Federation and Ashtar on Command! I LOVE ALL OF YOU and I am so very grateful for all of your efforts!

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Good Lord woman. Arent you asking too much?... Anger is all i got left :)

    2. But then again i am no lightworker... I am just an nosey observer

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Q: "Is the Saturn Moon Matrix the source energy of the Yaldabaoth?"

    A: "Err no."

    Wow.. great job on teaching the listeners about how the Matrix is constructed, guys! Something interesting that hasn't been covered before, and it's immediately disregarded.

    Am I really the only person who is legitimately interested in how the matrix is set up..?? The connection between Saturn/Satan, its rings, the Moon & The Cult Of Saturn??


    1. ... Post all those questions in pfc website...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Thank you Brother for he update,
    Please post info on where to get more of the Cintamani Stones. I plan to plant few in the Earth. Will chek with rob Potter if they are still available.

  51. Dear Cobra, thank you for posting this interesting information.

    Not long ago, I dreamt of seeing some very big cintamani stones close together and I could feel their energies radiating through my heart. I guess the Earth/Gaia will also (or already feels) some kind of similar energies radiating through her core (heart) now the the cintamani light grid is almost complete, and when the Galactic pulse hits our Solar system, the cores (hearts) of all the planets will be filled with pure Light and Love, which they will then radiate together and thus eliminate the negativity from our Solar system forever. I can't wait to feel it happen again :-)

    Victory of the Light!

  52. From: Jerry

    Cobra, I have cintamani stone which I purchased from your cite. I intended to have wrapped in silver wire so I could wear it, but I live about six miles from Brookhaven Lab and remember you saying that the dark ones have some very powerful weapons there. Would it be better for me to bury the stone on my property and anchor an angelic being very close to The Brookhaven Lab?

  53. Cobra, I purchased a cintamani stone from your cite and intended to wrap it in silver wire so I could we are it. I live about six miles from Brookhaven Lab and remember you saying that there are some very powerful weapons the dark ones have stored there. Would it be better to bury the stone on my property and anchor a powerful angelic being this close to the Lab?

  54. Truly a very good article on how to handle the future technology. After reading your post,thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel happy about and I love learning more about this topic.
    - Mumbai Web, Crocus Web

  55. David has been a wonderful teacher for me over the years, And I appreciate him so much. However his downplaying of 5G threat and Chemtrails is disturbing to my own inner guidance. Also conflicting views in which David says "due process" will be followed but that some "alliance members who will partake in satanic rituals to get next to certain individuals at the time of mass arrests, then assassinate them"? This is very troublesome to me. I feel David has lost his way. Not thrilled about his associations with the folks on "Edge of Wonder" and Jordan Sather who do not resonate with me at all. So much so I cannot ever make it through their videos.

    I still have reservations about Trump & Q. That they are possibly a rebranding of the very damaged Republican party after years of the Bush dynasty. Is Trump and Q lipstick on a pig? Their constant talk of "nationalistic" ideals is troublesome and should be speaking of the unity of humanity not nationalism which has been a divide and conquer tactic for years. A cursory 5 minute investigation into Trumps cabinet members show they are more of the same swamp builders. Skull and Bones the whole lot, bankers, Goldman Sachs. war mongers that do not represent me or my values. I did not get through this videos Q&A sessions yet i will but they are so long. I am noticing that he references "Law of ONE" and other sources quite a bit, Edgar Casey, and Seth. However none of the Truth community ever speaks of Neale Donald Walsh's work "Conversations with God" or Kryon who are the top influences on me OUTSIDE of my own inner guidance. I am also concerned about a couple of 800 lb Blue Avions (gorillas) in the room that is never addressed. Why do these people never have any funding????? Why the expensive events in exotic locations? They speak of having access to higher dimensional beings that want to help. That have portals and replicators, time machines etc. they cannot simply drop a diamond or gold nugget or a wad of fat cash on their kitchen table or mine?. That they can provide no HD photos or HD video??? just cheesy graphics? really? I wonder if the artists that create the graphics wonder that as well? these are all appropriate and relevant questions at this time. Also I cannot understand how David has dropped a bombshell on us just before his last disappearance then has never spoken of it again, and the info has gone missing off of the internet. The info regarding HIP HOP being created as a device to drive people into for profit prisons by the people who profit from these prisons for slave labor. This is as HUGE as the music of our nation being turned from 432 HZ to 440 hz to diminish it's healing effectiveness. Then we see David posing with Steven Tyler????Well soon we will see about David and all the rest. IF mass arrests and a reset does NOT happen during this shutdown, it is doubtful we will ever have another again. A missed opportunity to get this right, right now. ONE thing is for certain, All of the top "Influencers "in our community will have lost all credibility. So we will see if this all has been just another free lunch program for the corporate welfare state while Americans can just sit and spin.

    Please don't bother calling me a hater for asking these relevant and appropriate hard questions. I see all beings in myself, and myself in all beings. And I don't do Guilt or shame for asking the hard questions. if I AM a hater, we are in more trouble than any ONE can imagine. Oh and this is the message I got from my future higher self i call "ONE" at this time...
    "The answer to every question is LOVE. If LOVE is not in it, it is Not the Answer". - ONE

    Would LOVE infiltrate and assassinate? Would LOVE/LIGHT hide in the shadows? Can it even? Ascension is raising ONE's frequency. Can you still wrestle in the mud with the beast on the beasts terms and raise ONE's frequency? HMMM. we will see.

    Sending all beautiful healing intentions, and Love and Light., Namaste.