Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Systems security breach deflected


  1. David Wilcock newsletter:

  2. Victory for the Light!
    Some really good and well intentioned folks are starting an online community and everyone is welcome to participate. The official launch is December 15. Again, everyone is welcome to participate.

  3. also maybe check this out for more information on all4truth. Personally I think Zach is doing amazing work showing how the world works.

  4. I like to think my positive, focused thoughts played a part in this but I'd rather be helping "up there."

  5. Victory of the LIGHT!
    It appears that the archons are making a last ditch attempt to destroy Earth. Remember Woodstock? That mass gathering scared those that seek to divide and conquer.
    There will be:
    Victory of the LIGHT!


  6. Good job, everyone. Well done once again!
    Thank You for your tireless, relentless Work!

    You're an All-Star - ALL OF YOU :-)

    Fields Of Gold

    Here WE Go Again :-)

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace & Freedom



    1. About 14 years ago Dini lost the middle finger on her left hand and stopped playing the Keyboards, and has since been playing the Frodo gimmick.
      But I bet My Ass that my sweetheart can still play this one ;-)

      Or this one:
      The first song ever played on Music Television

      Ich liebe Dich, Süße



      make a wish


    3. Very good 444, Kathryn.
      Respect. And I really mean that.

      You know what I really like?
      The fact that when I open your 4m44s link it comes up as this:

      Pretty cool, isn't it? :-)

      Because of our history together I may not exactly like you, Kathryn, but make no mistake about it: I love you, just like I Love Everybody in this Universe.
      And I really meant it when I said Thank You.

      And since you offered me to make a wish - I will make a wish.
      To nobody's surprise *this* is my wish:


      Here We Go again.
      Ich liebe Dich, Dini. Und ich kann's kaum erwarten Dich wieder in die Arme zu nehmen und zu küssen.

      Lars B.


  7. Addendum to GoldFish Report No. 65 ‘The Pleiadian Interview’ with Cobra and A’drieiuous-Aldeberon/Pleiadian Photo:

    A larger view of the text:

    This lady is known on the web as 'anunaki female'. Google it.
    It is right hilarious that it take us years long to know who she is.

    But, as long the ludicrousness of this world is emerging everywhere, it is not a wonder...

  8. Hi @ all and cobra!

    I am new to this blog. What is the meaning behind these "Systems security breach at 504" messages? What's going on, when cobra is posting this?

    1. its code just for members of the resistance movement and light forces on the surface of the earth

    2. These are usually coded messages for Resistance Personnel to keep up-to-date on certain activities and dynamicly changing circumstances.

      These are not intended to be understood by the average reader. There are people such as myself who have been following Cobra for years and we still do not understand after much discussion and hypothesizing.

    3. You are new here, but you should been older... :-)

  9. I'm feeling attracted to Hillary

  10. Assange statement:

  11. YES!! Sharing all my love with the Light Forces!

    Victory of the Light!

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  13. This is a “coronal hole”–a region where the sun’s magnetic field has opened up, allowing solar wind to escape. Because this hole is broad, the emerging stream of solar wind is broad as well. It should influence Earth for several days after it arrives.”

    This latest coronal hole has opened in preparation for the 12.12 portal which according to my previous experience is even more powerful than 12.21 where we shall most probably reap the fruits of this massive proton wave that is about to dissolve the entire Orion matrix with an unprecedented speed.

    One day before this shift started, we received the following short message from the crystalline beings who are now accompanying our ascension and are always around us. This succinct message is dedicated to all first ascension candidates who have now entered the most intense phase in the LBP and contains some valuable practical advises:

    “Bring our crystalline light into your sacred violet flame space; Hold all of your intentions for this sacred light to create the highest good for All; Be with your lightest expression – Now – as all is moving into a profound shift;

    BE the light that you are! BE Light, Eat Light, BE Light;

    Continue to visualize yourself as your crystalline self because this is what you are; There will be chaos and distraction, so smooth the flow of energy within your fields and through your experience to calm the projections and tensions; Hold the highest frequency you are able to through this next phase;

    Get a lot of rest, drink more water and embrace your Union with us!”


  14. I've played this one before, performed by The Boss & The Mighty E-Street Band and Friends.
    I have, however, never (Never!) heard *this* version before until it popped up out of seemingly nowhere just now.
    And while it was playing for the first time ever I stepped out onto The Balcony to sing along while looking at The Stars.
    And guess who's currently situated in a Perfect Position right above this house containing my own cute little LightMachine? Well, it's the Constellation of The Great Bear of course :-)
    Timing, Baby, TIMING!

    So this one is for you, dear Dou Mu, and your Home.
    It's the least I can do to show some Love and Respect.
    And it is, of course, for everybody else on, in and around Gaia as well. I Love You.

    Your Love Keeps Lifting Me - Higher And Higher.

    Team Bring It?
    We Bring It.
    Let's BRING IT - higher! Higher and HIGHER!!!

    It's GO Time - 444

    SHOWTIME ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


    1. I love your comments,RaJah. Always recognize your signature. Love love love...light...even when holding a sword in hand.

      Thanks to Every conscious Being for co-creating our pristine reality.


    2. Thank you, Iva.
      You're right, I bear The Sword Of Love, The Sword Of Light and The Sword Of Peace. They are absolutely integral parts of this very LightMachine.

      Let's see, is there a song waiting to be played? Hang on a second while I take a look . . .

      Back again.
      Hizoly Crizap, there's so many! And they're all New! Colour me amazed...
      So then, here We Go :-)

      I feel Love

      No Surrender

      The Rising

      You're The Voice

      Roll Me Away

      Rocking In The Free World

      Shining Spirit Of Water

      Musik nur wenn sie laut ist

      Goodness Me, I did not see *that* coming.
      But I sure as shit won't complain about it :-)))

      Thank You once again, Iva

      Lots Of Love and Light


  15. Wish this is the last time.thanks.


  16. The Factions At Ubisoft And It's Relationship To Pizzagate