Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cobra interview by Iruka Umino

You can now read the transcript of the new Cobra interview by Iruka Umino from Japan. The interview was not recorded and what you can read here is the English translation of the interview notes in Japanese, so the answers are just an approximate wording of what I have said.


The transcript is available here:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Cobra, of course we are interest in music and art. Vangelis is a draconian too.

    Perhaps you were talking about the anomalic draconians, so it's ok...

    1. Draconians have hybridized a long time ago, just certain "breeds" maybe. But many decent humans have some draco-reptoid ancestry that has blended in.


    December 5, 2016 by Nova Biscotti

    It is time again for us to take action! On this coming Winter Solstice, we will join together to activate the grid of light for the planet – anchoring the energies of Ascension while stabilizing the consciousness of humanity to such an extent that the surface population is ready for the EVENT.


    We will be doing this meditation collectively on the moment of the Winter Solstice at 10:44 UTC on December 21, 2016.

    A guided audio version of the meditation is posted on the Prepare For Change Community Connector (COEO) meditation page, and it is set to start playing automatically at the exact time of the meditation:


  3. Thanks for sharing, but not this interview is the novelty.

    The previous one, the 'Plejadian Interview' brought us a new item into attention but no one has to comment about till now! Isn't it?

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  5. Greetings Cobra,

    I have sent you an email regarding the stance of yourself and your affiliated allies towards a specific Draconian entity. Your response will be appreciated, please send me an email reply.

    Thank you,
    - Fates

  6. This link has been blocked by symantic.

  7. Victory of the LIGHT!

  8. Quote from Benjamin Fulford's website:
    "There is now a major campaign unfolding to remove remaining senior Rothschild agents like the so-called “Vladimir Putin” of Russia (the real Putin died long ago)"
    But Cobra says Putin is on the Light side, so which is true?

    1. Равшан, не читайте жёлтой прессы. Путин жив и сражается за Мир.
      Говорит Москва.)))

    2. Putin is very uch alive I feel.benjamin has a habit of giving misinformation(deliberately) , quite often as I have observed. He even called the dalai lama a Rothschild agent once, I vividly remember. So I don't buy everything that he says.

    3. Dear Ravshan you and many readers have problems with information posted by Fulford. Many times his information are conflict because what Fulford do is rely on many sources. Some of them are cointel/negative faction. This doesnt mean he is disifno. He post those small disinformation because this allow for publishing his whole work. Most of the time he trying to make them as oblivious as possible. Its very similar to wrtings or other arts that where made in soviet era and need before publishing acceptance by censor.
      So when he post that: "The dominoes keep falling, Hollande, Renzi, Sarkozy down, Xi, Putin, Abe and Merkel now targeted". He doesnt mind that Putin is bad but that he is targeted in retalitation by cabal and resistance takes down cabal.

    4. I was thinging a lot...No Pleadians, Sirians, Cabal....Cobra not the "RM" contact. Hes only be a good man. Few years ago his dreaming a big dream, and his fabricated a good story, and gathering followers. Cobra is a big dreamer, and a good man. Nothing more.

      And one more thing: I'm not the Cabal "agent". Just a man, who disapointed this "Event" tale.

      Many people in here immediately "attack", and cry, if someone trying to tell his own thoughts. We too far from peace, and love. Not the mantras, songs, meditation brings any Event. The future is ours. We write our future, not the "Pleadians", "Sirians" or "Cabal".

      Think before judging....

      Yes...Sry my English. Maybe the google translator did not make me evil Cabal agent.

    5. Fulford has been wrong on so many different occasions it's safe to say Cobra is right. The fact that Putin has prevented any escalation into a world war is a clear indication he is working for the Light.

      Remember when Fulford stated Clinton would be indicted the 27 of Feb. 16? Remember when he said Clinton was dead? The list could go on and on ...

      Fulford can give an interesting tidbit now and then, but that's about it.

    6. Putin is with the Light. BF is going along with the idea that he is not


    7. Russia, almost alone, fighting against onopolyarnogo the world, I hope you realize that this world is controlled by a handful of people with mental Reptilians. losing their sons and daughters in Syria, trying to prevent chaos in the Middle East, fighting for happiness and equality of all people on the planet. President nashny countries do not rank to blame someone or adherence to any clan. By the way, if the Pope Illuminati agent why the Dalai Lama can not be a supporter of the globalists? Any official religion fulfills a social order of the state.
      Winning Prvdy!

    8. I trust Putin over all politics. He's the only real guy of them all...
      People also say Cobra is disinfo. Many trolls and many being told disinfo, including Fulford.
      But Putin is definitely a good guy. He does wonderful things for Russia, practically revived it from death.. I wish stupid Parasha to just piss off though lol - I hope Putin kicks his zhopa soon ;))))

  9. Short but sweet ... so they killed Micheal Jackson ... well it they killed him it's a good bet they killed Prince too.

    1. They don't help fibbers. You'll need to stop fibbing if you want to know the Truth.

    2. I only speak the Truth. ;)

  10. THE DARK SECRETS (Author : Teller) :-

    1) Is this how they created the Scalar Weapon (Low 7 Herts)

    2) How the CIA created the Zombie :-

    3) Secrets of the Bohemian Grove :-

    If the above 3 videos are still not blizzard to you, check out this one - the found footage (Full Version) about Teleportation (the bigfoot can do it too), Lone Sea survivor for 40 over days and disaapearred, etc :-


  11. Good interview. Microchips in canned soup 20 years ago, that's a new one.

  12. keep seeing movin stars in the night sky. sometimes very high n movin slow. sometimes low and moving extremly fast. I think i cought the lowest on i ever saw the other day. I keep my eys lookin up when out in the nite and been seein this for many years. altho i belive we live on a flat earth ive been personallyvery critical towards you cobra for the past months as i discovered the flat earth theory and evry fiber in my body resonate with this idea from using my common sense and eyes. water below and water above. Still tho i havent dissmissed what u say cobra and i feel there have been teachable moments from your interviews and such. I hope u can take your time to comment on the movin stars and what they r or who they r. cus it seems to me its not a coincident i keep seeing them in the exact moment they fly by extremly low and extremly fast. i mean it would be more likley to miss it cus the go so fast but i keep looking up the right moment. I also came across some military footage of these movin stars and pvt footage using nightvision. Really hope u can give me an answere cobra. mvh joon

    1. you're going to be critical of someone just because they have a different opinion to yours...?

      Don't think I should have to explain, but the Earth rotates on its axis and orbits the sun, which funnily enough, is also round. plus the moon. plus other planets. How can seasons exist if earth was flat.

      One question for you to challenge your flat theory: Where is the edge..? I don't think you're using enough common sense.

    2. Id know were the edge is. If i new i could take a pic and show u. August Picard, Nikolai Tesla, Annonomys, Trump, Admiral Byrd. The 3 abrahamic religions also state the earth is flat and in a closed enviroment. Check out this new movie scientism exposed if u like. If u belive that western media is controlled by 6-7 bigger corps and push an agenda isnt it also likley that sciense is under that same type of control etc. Ball earth in my opinion biggest deception ever. If u guys feel like ur more woken up or enlightened or whatever. Than u should really check this link out and take a pause.

      Scientism Exposed

  13. Thank you very much Cobra for recommending the Return of Light! When I read the book there were many parallels to what you have told us, but in different words and more depth.

    Here is the link for anyone who wants to read it http://www.thenewearth.org/returnoflight.html

    It is definetely worth it if you already like the information Cobra is giving us but want to know more about our universe, the darkness (primary anomaly) and more.
    The concept is that darkness was never planned by Prime Creator, suffering was never intended. It was just kind of an accident. And this feels very comforting for me. But when I ended the text there was talk about an Absolute Creator, and it seems that he is above all Prime Creators. So this feels very confusing.. I am wondering if maybe that Being was the one who planned darkness, a challenge for all of us so that we can grow. And that being has a divine plan, creating duality and helping us finding back to unity.
    I will most probably not get an answer to this, but that's ok :)

    Another thing Cobra said was that all game companies are linked to the Cabal. This feels very sad because I can really enjoy computer games. It sounds as if all those games were created to make a slave out of humanity and that they have no positive purpose at all..

    1. I have read somewhere.

      The reflective nerve a game requires, that's useful for steering of a spacecraft. A quick reaction is needed for operation of a spacecraft.
      So your capacity of game maybe useful then.

    2. the anomaly is actually a fractal virus..

    3. Yes. Anything deemed, "creator" is not from the Eternal Realm. In the Eternal Realms, all have always existed in perfect truth. Why should the Infinite Spirit create when all has already been perfectly created?

      When the Church (Unity of Eternal Principles) was given the opportunity to realize individuality and its relationship to the Infinite Being, its personality split as it could not comprehend the overwhelming revelation of Eternal Truths. This mind split into duality containing the fearful Yaldabaoth and the ignorant yet hopeful Adam has it fell out of the Eternal Realms and into the Void. Survival instinct consumed the Yaldabaoth side as it decided the foreign power presented to it must be fought and conquered. Notice that major religions all have some false idea of fighting and conquering for the soul to survive. War, death, and suffering are creations of the mind.

      It is for the Adam side to "wake up" from this false death and accept the Loving Truth being offered to his heart. As long as Adam allows his Yaldabaoth personality to hold power on him, he will remain asleep and suffering in his nightmare. So, we are "Prime Creator" of our own nightmare. Now is the time for each Adam to wake and realize, he was always the creator of his false world and may exit it anytime he chooses to reach for the Divine Love offered by the Infinite Parent. The time is now as the baby in the crib is beginning to stir as it hears its Parent lovingly call it to awake and be taken into loving arms.

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  15. ''Clearing of the Chimera group continues''....Hahaha. I think I've heard this before. Like 2 years ago. Jesus Christ.