Thursday, December 1, 2016


Pandora in progress, EELA in progress. Systems/Isidic security breach, HVBN substable to stable. M minimum requirements met.


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    1. It is most beneficial to connect not just to the land, but to the spirit and consciousness of Gaia herself.

      Gardening blogs are definitely helpful, especially if they incorporate a focus of love of nature.

      Reference Cobra's most recent "Love Signal" post... where you can hear plants' music. To connect to their consciousness is important, for to connect with plants is a way to connect with Gaia herself.

      I hope this makes sense - it is a concept which is hard to describe via writing.

      Perhaps a better statement is that the development of a direct energetic connection with all life on "The Blue Jewel" is an extremely important aspect of humanity's awakening.

    2. The best way to solve a problem is for the one who mentions it to take the first step in implementing the suggestions they've made.

      I'd love to see the gardening blogs you post the links to here in these comments, I'm sure many others would also appreciate seeing the gardening blogs that inspire you. :D

  2. I am just posting to say that I too initially fell for the pizzagate silliness.
    Obviously now I see it is just a distraction. A useful one that might get internet laws passed.
    The elites definitely do those bad things, but through instagram and comet pizza.

    1. What are you talking about? I haven't heard anything about pizzagate being a distraction or psyop. That makes no sense. Why would these pedophiles try to distract us from their pedophelia by makingvup a story about themselves being involved in pedophelia?

  3. Hi. We are on the victory way. Thanks


  5. RM/LF in case you haven't read the posts in the past 3 updates I put in a request for your assistance ... hope you have seen it. Thank you for reading my post.

    Happy Holidays! :)
    Victory of the Light

  6. Keshe devices for sale! They work by creating plasma, same as Cobra describes. It's chi basically, but very much physical. Eastern medicine explains how chronic disease and pain is actually in the emotionally body. With these pens you'll discover your emotional body is basically physical because it alters your entire being, not exaggerating. Physically you'll feel cold "liquid" and tingles sinking into your body. It's incredible for pain relief and is mentally/emotionally healing like nothing else. Only takes minutes for (small) permanent changes. It's so strong it's scary in a fun way, like seeing a ghost! Very healing, 100% positive. You definitely want one, it's real magic like in the Bible and Egypt.

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  7. Health Pen pictures.

  8. EL_O_EL..12.1.2016 State Of mission report: Bank account: Drained, Hope: Minimal, Despair: Active, Search for truth and integrity: Close to Breach.

    1. ... you're not going to like it, but a "True" church would not let you die alone... and where they will flock at the "time of times", and... there are many


  9. Pray With Standing Rock

    Our second Global Synchronized Prayer will be December 4th at 10:00am CST. (4pm UTC)

    This seems to coincide with the Ascension Meditation synchronized time.

    1. It's so interesting. I strted an event for the 4th, and have been invited to 6 or 7 other prayer events focused on the 4th. I'm excited! See you all there!

    2. @astral traveler Yes, it is all over twitter and I am following some tribe members, so I see things not reported in mainstream news. There is also a great unification process where many people from all walks of life are astonished, saddened and angered by what is occurring, and trying to overcome a sense of powerlessness by donating time, energy, money, supplies, prayers, and sharing the stories and videos of what is occurring. I am stunned to see not only the horror, but the lack of response from the government to protect the people, despite outcries by ACLU and others who decry these heinous and illegal acts. MSM is lying, as for some reason, they just don't seem to have access to the readily available truth! >:( :(

      @LimerickLynn Wow! That is synchronicity in action! :) Sounds like a big, powerful day! <3

      As long as we're all meditating and praying so much, my Dad is having several heart-related procedures, started yesterday and a big one Monday and a few more after that before he can cut up the dance floor again as usual. Please include him in your prayers, if you feel so inclined. Much appreciated! <3

    3. Ruth Hopkins ‏@RuthHHopkins Dec 2

      So many people are divesting from Wells Fargo that they want to meet with Standing Rock elders to talk. #NoDAPL

  10. Something has changed energetically. I'm finding myself crying over the littlest things or for no reason, but it feels good, as if sorrow is being purged from me.

    I'm also having similar experiences with anger. I get angry over little things, but I don't act on it and it feels like anger is being purged from me.

    Is this happening to anyone else?

    1. Evolution. Yes. I'm not experiencing the anger per se, but certainly the sadness/crying. I woke up feeling very anxious today.

    2. Yes, these are purifications....

    3. Evolution: Yes...hmmmm.... I'm bouncing off walls with energy... or more angry... (then the anger stops)... then want to go out and run and run. In other words, I'm all over the place.
      I wake up in the middle of the night scared trying to figure out if I'm okay financially... and then try to talk to Dou Mu, who is there. The other night I was talking to Dou Mu (with my cintie stone) and felt a huge rush of energy.... very truly is. We all must hang in there...

    4. Yes. We had an M-Class Solar Flare the other day, they tend to effect emotions when the electromagnetic energy hits earth.

      There is also a lot of purging going on, things coming to the surface/consciousness for release. Best to observe and not re-live it or let people trigger you if you can manage to avoid engaging with people who are agitated/looking for a fight.

      Stay grounded and get out in nature.

    5. Big energetic shift since Tuesday- fo sho!! Tons of releasing.

    6. I am having similar things happen to me as well. I find it happening with music that has no words, like the weekly asceion vids that smaly7 has posted. Something has happened and its wonderful, victory for the light!!

    7. sounds familiar - the sadness, anyway. Love & peace to all! What a ride!

    8. Yes me too. I have been working a part time job in delivery over holidays to get out & smile but also make ends meet so they say.
      I literally could cry at every turn but it's like a massive purge. I came home last night & just laid on the sofa & sobbed like a baby for hours.
      Despair sadness not wanting to be here
      Insecurity depression for what seems like lifetimes flying up & out.
      I am exhausted this morning but so so much lighter

  11. possible compression breakthrough imminent! the window has opened. the sun is at the very least priming for a direct CME towards the earth. welcome the love of of sol! welcome the love of tsion!

  12. A new interview :

    It's original in Japanese.

  13. On Croatian national TV there is a rerun of Star Trek:Next Generation.
    What a show!

  14. The Perfect Bridge
    Both Halves a Reflection
    Portals of Gaia
    A Tear
    From one Flow
    To the Other
    Added to a Sea of Light
    (oh snap... for the sighted)
    (again you cheat)... the beginning of
    "Bridges made Fast"
    3 Days no consuming consumption
    of any "born" Knowing
    The Breath of Life
    (... err, too easy...)
    as a seed that sprouts
    to a redwood
    A Gift crafted for Your Heart

    1. And as you Strike
      with a Sword of Truth
      Blockage from within are "of" the 1st removed
      Almost beyond all of any "control"
      (keep close to the "throne room")
      (still don't know why I bother cleaning a day before)
      even if fasting "Know it or not"
      (without even knowing if you started a fast)
      (oh... and, plants aren't "born")
      (a direct extention of Gaia, like rainbow-skiddels)

      "And God said, (((Let the earth bring forth))) grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so

      White Crystal Dog
      Kin 90
      Moon Day 20

      I Dedicate in order to Love
      Universalising Loyalty
      I seal the Process of Heart
      With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
      I am guided by the power of Spirit

  15. Hah... Moon Day 18 Waiting for the day to change, and didn't even bother to click ahead

    1. so... like, the answer to the question
      (what snap is that)
      before the answer to another question...
      using the same answer... I think

      (you caught the last few frames of "The Force Awakens" with C3PO... right..?)
      Line-up your Chakras, watching your breath and allowing your hand to float, to your Eye of eyes...
      (should block most of chatter from inside)
      Just when it feels like you are touching your face... move your hand in, to your center
      "reaching for the Light"
      (2 or 3 days time, be watching for puzzles solved)
      The "feather thing", derived from a Judaeo Christian meditation, derived from the Tefillin (black box)
      The tefillin are to serve as a reminder of God's intervention at the time of the Exodus from Egypt.

  16. The most important Q

    THE GAME is designed to be fun whether you are winning or losing. If you are not having fun(d) ask yourself this Question: Y? When you come to a fork in the road, do you always take it? Break the programming. There is a time to take it and a time to bounce. A time to follow and a time to lead, and if you can't stand still too long, you may need to start dancing again - with purpose under Heaven.

    Sometimes the winning is in the losing and sometimes the wrong kind of losers win. When the answers begins to reveal themselves to you, then it's time to ask: "What am I going to do about this and when? Do We? And how?"

    GAME key fun(d)
    EEL is ZebraCake
    Jelly Fish is white
    Swordfish is green
    Clownfish parameters Heyoke, Hunkeshni

  17. Siriusly!! "Cuz We Came Too Far To Give Up...We'll Be Fine... Dancing Thru The Darkness... We'll Be Fine."

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    2. My Sista, The best Teachers are first students. Iron sharpens iron and Platinum can be oh so shiny! We no longer need double crosses because you have served the TTT's in the Highest Way - Teacher, Tester and Touchstone.

      Let's just say Fair thee well shall we? Until we meet again.

      Love In Service
      Grace In Action

      ~The Fleur de Lis

  19. How to put an end to attention deficit, this must have some spiritual origin, that disturbs me in meditation.


  20. Deus ex machina.


  21. Look here!! More videous with Adrieinous:

  22. NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Introduction / Overview: The ‘Healing Computer’ Technology
    Introduction to the ‘Healing Computer’ Technology
    December 2, 2016

  23. Sean David Morton's Strange Universe Radio November 30, 2016 with Guest Ben Fulford:

    Audio from Sean David Morton's Strange Universe Radio interviewing Ben Fulford. Originally aired live November 30, 2016.

  24. Parlay has been evoked/invoked by PIRATES. Celestia of Esprit Athena will honor. And ONLY Celestia. If you present Parlay credentials elsewhere, you shall bounce although some cases may fall through cracks in space/time or time/space as The Michael warrants. May you find your way to Celestia in time. Amen.

    Walk-ins, braided and otherwise (pronunciation is a choice) are blessed beyond measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing with Splash. Bon Appetite. We forget not our own. We are all in Lake SH. And the Lady Win Ship is very grateful to you for helping her solve that troubling murder mystery. Love to you all - one and all.

    Only the best, the VERY best for mi Familia,
    The Mary Celeste

  25. Great. The veil began to disintegrate.

  26. Cobra interview in Japan:

  27. Anonymous: Next 10 Days Will Rock The World

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    At 5:06

    The Event

    1. Amazing video thanks for sharing. Now this reading I believe. The event has already started. Cobra is wrong about the event being something that unfolds in 2 hours. It won't be like that at all. We are in the event now and the election was the turning point. Trump is being guided by a higher power and that power is of the light. The Ego Trump is an idiot but understand the light is in charge. Wars will not be allowed. Hillary was for the dark and would have destroyed the planet. It was not allowed. The election was the real event.

      Everyone has their eyes in the sky looking for a savior to come swooping down from heaven. Won't happen. Our focus should be on Earth and to look within. We are the saviors we are looking for. We ARE the light. The election was the real deal. First BREXIT, then TRUMP, tomorrow Italy and Austria will be freed. A cascade of light is encircling the globe as country after country will free itself from the darkness. We have are the EVENT.

    2. Trump appointed a new defense minister James Mattis is famous for its belligerent and dangerously aggressive stance. His coming to power could herald only strengthen the US military presence in the Middle East and the escalation of conflicts in the world. It has already announced a possible increase in the number of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, the expansion of the patrol in the Persian Gulf and the concentration of the Air Force in the entire Middle East. He also is known for his uncompromising stance towards Russia and its leader. It turns out that electoral reformer and pacifist Trump made the commander of the berserker incurable megalomaniac. And one Mattis similar discrepancies with the original political course not limited. Doubt and "peaceful" plans of the potential heads of the State Department's Mitt Romney, submitted to Congress by Trump. Incorrigible Russian critic and opponent of the lifting of sanctions as Secretary of State does not correspond to the public friendliness Donald. Romney has repeatedly stated the need for a hard pressure on the Russian Federation and expressed support for Ukraine.

      I'm so glad the appointment Trump may have had good intentions, but aggressive behind the scenes will not realize positive ideas. While the American establishment did not stop the aggression against humanity, war will not stop, they grow fat on the misfortune of other people

    3. Honestly if this was the Main event...then it sucks. There is no greater injustice in freeing and feeding starving slaves then with teaspoons methods and food... As if humanity deserves no more than such.

      We have for milenium been fed with bs illusions... Why do we have to endure more of it to the end of times.

      Imho.. All these events considered game changers are all part of the pre event scenarios... As light grows and disempowers the grip the dark had on humanity and earth (ground base).
      I find it more conceivable to believe that we are being held back from the main event by technological restrictions than from the ability of someone growing or not a backbone. In other words... When such high end technology is taken care above as below.. there should be no reason why our independece from stupidity shoukd still depend on our our leaders solely to say nay or yay to freedom. The main event should happen regardless of anyones state of mind or comfort... Is only fair.

      Of course just my opinion...

    4. Trump was the first Truther talking about bombs in the buildings on 9/11. He knew from day 1 before the sunset on 9/11 what was going on.

      He is just biding his time until he takes power. Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon in Trump's cabinet will lead the arrest of criminals when Trump takes full control of the whitehouse in January. Ignore what the EGO Trump is doing. The light is in control. This is the EVENT.

      Keep in mind this is not just a one day thing but an ongoing process. Look what just happened in Italy today. More big changes are to come in 2017. You will not be disappointed when this is over.

  30. I am posting this not because i enjoy politics but i thought some of you might find it informative.. Of course use discernment. I only listened halfway... There is something about politics and governmental matters that annoys me... Especially the never ending ping pong games.

    Anonymous: Next 10 Days Will Rock The World Audio


    1. Dear Heart of the Dragon, in Russia say: "if you do not think about politics, politics will think about you." I envy your faith in kakoe- the event, although still do not understand what it is. In my country, too, there are lots of people who believe in the destruction of the matrix, but it seems to me that this is a tricky game, which is to divert the human mind from the pressing problems. Two thousand years of humanity awaited the coming of Christ, and nedozhdavshis was to invent a new religion based on the coming of friendly extraterrestrial intelligence. With great interest I read a blog Cobra, but I - realistic and the opinion of my ancestors.
      No one will give us deliverance
      Neither God nor the king and hero
      We will achieve liberation
      His own hand.

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