Wednesday, December 7, 2016

RR8 complete


  1. Nice. Really really awesome.
    Good Work once again, everybody.

    Jetzt geht das los! Nu geht das ab hier!!!

    Das muss Kesseln in den Ohren, das muss Drücken im Gesicht.
    Das muss Hämmern unterm Schädel, denn sonst....
    Sonst taucht das nich


    Volles Rohr und Straße frei!!!
    Mit Karacho ohne Tacho!!!

    Love, light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All



  2. Dr. Maree Batchelor, MD, New Human physician & energy medicine DNA healer, works with Blue Ray Founder Race ETs for planetary density Ascension to Golden Age
    By Alfred Lambremont Webre


  3. I posted my stuff at 11:11, and the mobile phone which only serves the purpose of showing Dini's photo switched itself off for the first time in quite a while.

    "Whaaaat???!!! A Cycle has ended!!! Thank You SO MUCH, my Love!"
    That was my reaction :-)

    So the phone went dark and I switched it back on on. Since then it is once again constantly showing the beautiful face of my one and only Love Of My Life. And that has never, ever, happened so quickly. At the same time (give or take a few minutes) the new UpDate was posted on here.

    Timing, Baby, TIMING.
    Ich liebe Dich, Süße. Du bist Die Beste, Die Tollste, Meine Traumfrau.
    Und Du hast Millionen Legionen hinter Dir


  4. is there any way to know what those abbreviations mean?
    thank you

  5. Sitting Bull

    Here's something I learned on the Arizona at Pearl "harbor" so called.

    It's wise to listen to Sitting Bull. And to pay very close attention to what he's holding in his hands as He speaks. Because when HE stands, it will be final.

  6. SWEET! Wish I knew what it meant! Sounds good anyway!

    1. I was wondering myself... I am new to this blog,, I thought there was a link to a video or something.

  7. Relay Replacement For Higher Voltage?

    1. What do you mean?
      Be more specific!

      What would you like to replace, and where?
      Higher than what?

  8. Replies
    1. "Rolling Stones" that keep Space moving
      And with Your Time

  9. We are getting closer!!! Victory of the light!!!

  10. Oh hell yeah
    The droid from the new Star Wars is complete!

    How's it look?!!!

  11. Is the Earth flat or spherical ?

    1. The Earth is flat, everyone around the globe knows that.

      Really, cobra said that our planet is spherical .

    2. Beloved s flower,

      It is a very simple theory to know whether Earth is flat or shperical as follows :-

      1) If Earth is flat, by now with our GPS (Global Positioning System) we would be knowing the edges of the Earth. But did anyone fell from the edges of the Earth till now?

      2) If Earth is flat, then the rainbow on the sky will be a straight line instead of a curve. Rainbow is the reflection of the Earth's circumstance from the sunlight.

      3) If Earth is flat, then there will be no day and night cause the flat Earth will be daylight every day.

      4) Are other planets around this solar system flat too? Is this the best clue, my dear. Is our moon and sun round or flat?

      5) Pota77 given you the hint also, he said "The Earth is flat, everyone around the GLOBE knows that". Hahaha, that's the answer - GLOBE.

      May the LOVE be with you always!
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.

    3. I do not know and I want to know what Cobra said.

    4. Thank you for answers , love and light

    5. Piperon. I highly doubt that the curvature of the rainbow is connected to the curvature of the earth. If you look at an rainbow you can see that is curves way more than the ground. The real reason for the curvature is that it is created by the angle of diffraction when the light is split in small raindrops. When we look at it only certain angles reach our eyes and that creates the spherical nature of the rainbow.

    6. To add to the list...

      - If the earth was flat then you would see the same star constellations everywhere in the world at the same angles.

      - Nobody has found the edge of the world. If you can travel around the world and end up where you started I think that's a good clue.

      - Not fact but somehow it would seem like a waste of space not to make the world spherical... where would the sides/bottom be and what purpose would that serve. Also comparing with nature around us I don't see a flat sheet representing the earth being very "natural" where compared with what we see in our daily lives.

      If this is not a joke then I commend you for questioning all you see around you in order to build a true picture of things. Discernment as cobra and others have said is important :-)

      Love to all

  12. This rythym from above takes practice
    We've had enough of things that distract this

    Follow the trail to the very end
    The grail is just around the bend

    There's no time left to roam
    Keep driving this on home

    For reasons we don't know
    But we know that we could

    This treason has got to go
    And they know that It should

    1. With All Your Forces
      Remove the "seel", push the lid from the "box"
      and show me inside

  13. Cobra, can you give us, if not genuine images of Plejadians, at least most accurate depiction of them?

    1. He did give us real images.

    2. I know it, but not from Cobra.
      I found it on Google about Adrieiuous as:
      "Real Pleiadians Alien Humans"


    3. Where did Cobra gave it, or at least has confirmed the authenticity?

    4. A'drieinous:

    5. We neeeeeed, Cobraaa,.... genuine images with Semjase...

  14. Omg, had to go to traffic court today. Some of the biggest demonics I've had the displeasure to come across. Of course being a pleadian soul pretty much meant I didn't get a good deal of course. That's never gonna happen. Any way a reminder of how good it's gonna be when the Draco's are dead. They made the hair on the back of my neck stand up just being in the same room. Dark mf's. And I do mean dark...

  15. for the last week to ten days I have not had any negative plasma goo sprayed into my wheatgrass - I think this is a good sign!
    Victory for the Light!

  16. Well, at least something is complete! Maybe now we can get this party started! Trying to put that positive vibe out there.

  17. What's more boring than a Draco trying to be funny? A Draco who copied a creative funny lightsider idea and trying to pass it off as theirs. Boring. Hey Draco's why are do u even try to copy us cause u suck at it.

  18. Do dark siders ever do anything that deosn't suck... Anybody

  19. Novelty!
    Kent Dunn speaks good about ETs, Ascension, crystal bodies, so on.

    1. COBRA has stated many times that the russians (puyin) is working with the pleadians and works for the light. I have listened to braodcasts by this person before and I am skeptical of his ifo.
      we will not know the truth until this is all over, but anything that takes our focus away from the end result is just a distraction. focus on liberation, peace, joy and happiness and don' get pulled into the opinions of others. blessings to all.

  20. Tsszzs...dzzzzhh!...
    ...tsszzzzzz!.... dzzzzzh!.... :-) :-)

  21. I've mentioned this before and I mention it again, but there's two purposes in Cobra putting these encrypted messages on his blog. One is to relay information openly to the resistance group, the other is to show us progress in the background.

    We don't have to know what the codes mean, in this message the word "complete" gives us assurance and hope. Keep doing the Good work!

    1. we know that, others do not and make ridiculous comments sometimes not even knowing what the codes really mean.

  22. December 8, 2016 - by Christine Preston

    Christine: Hi Lightworkers, this morning I have received the following telepathic message from Mother Mary. It is as follows:
    Mother Mary: Know that you are loved, dear ones. You are doing well. I have been associated with the concept of the Immaculate Conception because I came to Earth with a pure heart to be the Mother of Jesus, Yeshuah, in that moment of time more than 2000 years ago, which it has become traditional to commemorate on December 25, in the Christian tradition, and even in those nations that are not, as this celebration has been amalgamated with the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia as well as other feasts of Eastern Nordic legends. By that I mean that wonderful story of Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, who is portrayed as coming down chimneys. It’s a wonderful idea and you may not know this, but the idea originated from the fact that in the country of origin of this legend the entrance to the peoples’ homes was by the roof. We in the heavenly regions, the higher dimensions, are looking forward to the Christmas Season as we can use it to sweep more souls into the Great Fisherman’s Net, that cosmic Web of Ascension into the 5th dimension in consciousness. One of the results of this awakening was the recent shift into 4th density in your physicality, the lower body of your multi-dimensional system of operation, so to speak, and eventually your Reality, as you are creating the 5th kingdom and the process of recreating Gaia has started. There is much to say about what is taking place right now. Progress is being made in the general process of Ascension, as well as the shifting of the physical atoms of planet Earth into 4th density, bringing many changes that are still to be manifested as time goes on after the New Year. At the same time you are being elevated upon the ladder of the dimensions in consciousness. Your attention has been drawn to the fact that there is shortly to be a stepping up of energies once again. The American lands have been the stage of a battle in the psyche, a great Armageddon in which you have seen different views and narratives emerging in your media, reflecting the level at which souls dwell in consciousness. The Presidential elections have been the catalyst for that Harvest of souls in the end time, bringing a victory to the forces of the Light over those of darkness that had for their agenda to keep mankind in captivity with their various systems of control and psychotronic warfare, for their program and manipulations of supremacy and of conquest, even of the whole solar system. But this is over now, or practically so.
    Dear ones you have entered a new Day, a period of Transition which will bring to you disclosure with enlightenment, as well as the manifestation of Saint Germain’s Plan for the Earth. (1 of 2: continued below)

  23. (2 of 2: Continued from above)

    Mother Mary - by Christine Preston

    And I have come to this messenger today to announce to you that you will shortly be picking up the pace upon the Path of Ascension and of the Golden Age. You will indeed be on a fast track and experiencing an acceleration now, a quickening, and further awakening as a result of the descent of the Lightbody or Christ consciousness, as well as all of the prodigious contacts you will be experiencing in the years to come. I would also like to inform you that your Galactic family are watching your progress and providing you with assistance in all the ways they can. The acceleration that you are about to experience is the result of the recent progressive shift to 4th density and of the victory of the Light in the matter of the opposition to the darkness of the Establishment, for behind the scenes of what you see with your physical eyes, a conflict with the overlords who held the strings has been taking place. It’s happening in other nations too and is a revolution in consciousness demanding Freedom. The door is now opening to the Peace of my son, the Ascended Jesus Christ, as well as Archangel Michael’s, and it is descending upon Earth from the higher octaves. Infinite blessings and wishes are coming your way, dear ones. Healing, changes in your DNA, will eventually restore you to full consciousness and a condition in physicality that is not affected by illnesses, changes, and death. That recovery is on the timetables after you have renewed contact with your celestial, ascended, or Galactic, may I say ‘so heavenly’ family. It has been a difficult year. We looked forward to that confrontation and now, we can celebrate, especially as the Christmas festivities are approaching. We are very joyful and want to let you know that you are very tired because you have lived through years of stress, on adrenaline, as the dark lords have created atrocious conditions, particularly during this last decade. But let’s turn to the future now and let’s enjoy together the wonders, fairy tales and magic of the Christian tradition of Christmas, as well as its good tidings. The New Year will bring a most wonderful set of events as this is just the beginning of our reunion. You are being caught up in more waves of Ascension, and we are pushing on with an activation, or acceleration, that will eventually manifest a new golden age, and the fulfilment of prophecies. I Am Mother Mary and I am keeping you safe and consecrated in the love of my Imaculate heart. As always, I am interceding for you and mankind, and I am eternally devoted to my tasks upon the Emerald Ray, as a mother and friend. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear ones, Namaste, Mother Mary!

  24. As of 8:18:46 pm Tuesday night PDT A Great Event Occurred! The final “pillar” of the matrix came tumbling down. All curtains fell and all as we have known to be this reality is no more. There will be a delayed effect from this anticipated Moment and occurrence and all will begin to see an even greater acceleration in the dismantling of what was once The Matrix, all Matrix Systems, programing, and its components.
    As was previously stated, all systems of control have been uncreated. A VERY specific sequence of uncreating has occurred and is complete now!!!!!!!!! READ MORE >>>>

    1. When anything has in text .. all, always or never... it is to be taken with a grain of salt... at least tone it down a bit when digesting it.

      It doesn't mean that the person that make such claims have bad intents... however by now we should have already learn to use caution and discernment on anything being publicized.. I am done falling for or being the Peter that cried wolf.

  25. We are breaking through. Keep your intentions high, your heart warm and your thoughts in the directions of love, unity and abundance.
    We are breaking through.

  26. Sow, (teacher, teacher) how do you teach...
    The "magic" of Christmas... if not for "greed"

    all praise to "extortion"
    as you would pretend to be
    "Creation of Present"
    (even a lump of coal has a use)
    but what have you taught me..?
    to serve as a sow...
    (hmm... did I put the ending in another place, over-paste)
    The last chakra... mixed bag of tricks
    The Flow of Creation

    1. More doom & gloom
      (to it's end I hope, sorry)
      As to how you will cheat Life, so many times
      Even I, would have you removed from this map
      and as luck would have it...
      maps made of paper
      save for the shadows of places you hide
      Only to know, you will be removed
      Biblical Storm sent by God
      Dec. 1st... under 3 minute video
      Moon Day 25

  27. Especial petition for plasmatic clean, if help...join.

    Victory of light!


    We remember that Alexandra Meadors had many many monthly interviews with Cobra, before Rob Potter did.

  29. This link is about the apparently sudden increase in censorship of news etc. There certainly seems to have been a change, and it could obviously signal something unusual going on 'FAKE NEWS SHUTDOWN PROVES SOMETHING BIG ABOUT TO HAPPEN' (vid 31m)


    Reality? Take heart....the VICTORY OF THE LIGHT IS NIGH❤️

  31. Related to the Cellular Phone problems that COBRA talked about, I have bought a Shungite bi-adhesive crystal to attach in the back of my phone. It's about 2x3x0.1 cm of size and I'm using it from 2-3 weeks with great benefits. Before in many situations I felt "energetically attacked" from my phone, now the feeling is gone or really less, also is I'm continuing to use in in "power mode" modality. Also, the phone is less hot. I suggest EVERYONE buy one of this device in your local market on from Amazon or where you prefer.

    Victory of the LIGHT, ALWAYS!!! :)

  32. Ian RimmerDecember 5, 2016 at 11:17 AM

    Hello James. I have read the whole book twice. The last time a couple of years ago. And I am not criticising the book. What made you think that? Nothing in my original post was a criticism - A lot of the book rang true to me.

    I was just asking Cobra for his input? Was the event very close in 2008? If so, what did the dark do, to prevent it?

    Please don't be so eager to assume a post as negatively orientated.

    Hi Ian, Thanks for explaining your position. I am sorry if I “jumped early” to interpret your post as negative. The wording seemed negative and accusatory to me. I like that book very much and I agree with Cobra.

    As I posted before, much of what the Light Forces do to defeat the Dark Forces is classified. Would it really be a good idea to publish the whole conquer and defeat plan on the internet or anywhere?? I know that we all want to know to have hope and encouragement, but some things must be obscured.

    I am very glad that you read the book twice. Good going! Here is the book again for free to read to those interested:

    1. It's ok James, no problem. This book meant so much to me when I first read it, that it hurt when towards the end of the book, Elora had passed away, Karen seemed to have some kind of breakdown, and the breakthrough didn't happen at that point in time.

      I've listened to some of Andrew Bartzis' interviews, but not had chance to listen to the ones the other poster attached a link to in the "op topaz" thread, where he mentions the ways the dark seem to keep pushing back the Event.

  33. I see the comment section is turned into a everyday jukebox ugh ok, makes it ezz-er I've got them tunes 2…all day long.
    Someone I can't remember who, (no disrespect I loved the comment, it came from the left field, made me pause and wind my gears for a min!) just few days ago said that Vangelis is draconian ;) of the all time fave movie sound tracks ever, from my Top 3 movies like, ever, AND a totally sick remix dub version of Vangelis "Angels Fell" (link below) by the d&b legend D i l l i n j a  has been uploaded on YT! Back in the day you had to get a burned copy from a DJ or pirated it before the hostile clamp-down of internet,  if it even was uploaded! I love synthetic electronica, I melt and drift away but - does it make me "draconian"? hardly lol well I'm trained in classical piano but maybe a hybrid with a splash of the dna of a wicked warlike warrior race then..realized "love wins" not survival of the fittest…everyone can change but I still cherish the grime-y memories though this brings from dark days long time ago so, this is strictly for Space-agers who grew up with sci-fi :

    Hey "Newbies" (ie anyone here after 2012), We "old-timers" tend to get impatient because thers so little time and, justifiably arrogant as well bc we've been here since the get-go, lone wolves drudging against the grain and being ridiculed bc we say what lightworkers don't wanna hear without sugarcoating, we don't compete who spends the most time posting irrelevant comments [to our mission] on Cobra as if it was their diary or personal blog with fake "love you alls" and throwing "fuck yous" at next, easily triggered by a word just because of their fragile ego got shaken up by nothing, it does not work that way, young souls...while learning and sharing and not holding back and licking our wounds and shutting up and moving on and never giving up on hope…because..nothing but moving forward matters, we don't dig them channelers and pink bubblegum syrup too much…wishful thinking (no matter how powerful you are heh) and hopium wasn't gonna do it and save  the world so,
    here was the only "safe hideaway" for the "us space-agers" (those who look for spirituality after contact)  from the "new-agers" (who look for contact through spirituality), and no one outsider liked us because we were "dark" and "special", we are the antagonizers to wake you up too! we talk about "scary stuff", anything that rocks your worldview holographic existence flat earth mind control psychotronics pedophilia space war, all that sick twisted  shit, not because we were masochists but to bring the trueth about darkness we know thru experience to light so that others too know how to know the difference when the time comes, we talked about grimy stuff mixed in the sauce here no one else wanted to hear so we didn't come here to "be liked and look for followers" but to share heaby subjects and referanceable scientific break-throughs as in "what-is-possible" and historic occult knowledge and go full-blown multilayered crypto about the other side no one is supposed to talk about without making people angry and upset….w h i l e re-training our own brain (NLP, way of thinking) to focus on the positive "goddess love energies??! Huh?!" That's all Cobra btw..but it felt right I ran with it and buried my first quartz crystal in the grass alonge the Hudson River in Manhattan during the first Venus Transit in June 2012 and had no idea really, I was just learning about this "goddess love energy stuff".

  34. cont…
    There's so much material on this blog, it's not spoon fed to anyone, it's not "for fun" but it's there, stop wasting your time, go back to 2012 find it and catch up, while at it read/study/think/think/think/read more and cross-reference with all others, be the 'real' bad-ass of the resistance, don't believe anyone but trace back years as far as possible everything everyone's said in order to properly 'd i s c e r n ' in your own mind, come back and maybe share what you've found of value from the past, participate! and contribute with authentic material mainly consisting of  'your own words'. Cobra has provided a platform unlike other, stop wasting the time and the precious space, there's over 27 Mil views!

    Here's the "off-beat" again with Sci-Clo - Lucid

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Here's a good one for everyone to get gears going :D Cobra says the Congo invasion happened 01/11/1997. Remember Starseed...think, what happened in your life around that time in January 1997?

  36. from:
    However, observers note that although Vanga prophesied that the 44th U.S. president would be black and that he would be the “last one,” she was not specific about what would cause Obama to be the last U.S. president.

    Although she predicted that the conflict would be resolved by a messianic figure, she did not say enough to help her students identify the messianic figure in advance. She only described him as a “peacemaker” who would “sign the lasting peace.”


    dated 21st July 2016, to the dark element of this planet





    There was a “complot in heaven” around my beloved son Lucifer, similar to a mirror event taking place on your planet in the previous century, which was the main reason why things of change have been failing to manifest over so many years.

    Now I have returned to take this planet back into the light, and I’m calling you for cooperation and assistance. Join hands and hearts, beloveds. Your idea about my return might be totally different than the real deal of the Second Coming. No rapture, and you will not see a softy wrapped in a white robe. My return is a modern return, as I will take advantage of your present tools and habits – and to you I will more look like a space ship commander. In fact, I have been here for decades already, together with my crew, observing and checking out several ways to handle this assignment.

    I am not incarnate by birth, I’m using a different human body, of a very tall shape. I’m well aware that quite a few fake CMs showed up on your plane, gathering an audience and confusing people. Some of these fakes claim to be ME incarnate by birth, and I told you, this is not so – not THIS time.

    We will not delay our schedule just to „see how it goes with Trump“. But if he agitates in our favour we will appreciate it of course.

  37. alien war said to be starting over underground Siberia. Current (not historic) aliens, UN force to defend Earth (HELP!)(LOL) Sounds like a pretty good pantomime story for somebody. Interesting to know how it all turns out, with apparently conventional UN (?) forces around Russian border to defend against naughty alien Greys. Unles they wear bullet proof vests that is. via SITS

  38. Cobra, are there any RM operations taking place from what we consider a "dream-state"?

    1. Is my understanding when we rest to sleep our soul is working in the other realms... the other realms are also being cleansed as is the 3d... operation Pandora for example deals with higher realms cleansing. Double check

    2. Yes, that is my understanding as well.

      I ask this question pointedly because I have been having dreams that are strung together over the course of weeks/months/years and seem to have a linear mission connection.

      There are some moments in the dream-state that we actually discussed being in such a state. Furthermore, the people I am working with in this state are familiar and while in the dream-state we can recall years of partnership in this mission to liberate Earth. But once I wake up, the memory is vague, it slips away...but in the dream-state I can easily recall years of memories working with these beings.

      Very interesting and was looking for some insight from you Cobra but I feel I know the answer already.


    Love Signal. <3

  40. Hmm, cool.I'm gonna take a wild off hand guess at the meaning of this one.

    Restored Republic scenario 8 ?

  41. This is a "Heads Up" for all those on the Alpha Calendar.

    Price Waterhouse Coopers is a WaterCompany property. Today is F9 Financial Reporting. As of this day December 9, 2016 the fortunes amassed by ALL those who have profited under the Lord of War along with 100% of the hypothecation and personal assets are forfeit and shall be seized then placed into escrow for the benefit of rebuilding/updating all the cities and infrastructure destroyed by this profiteering.

    Let's begin with Cheney and all his Boar Hunters effective immediately if not sooner. Consider this also an eviction notice. Every one of them shall be removed from Planet Earth according to The Michael's Divine Plan and on His Timetable and fully processed through the Courts of Nebadon. Let it be so. Yea verily, Amen.

    I am Gaia-Sophia and Sovereign of Earth and Titania fka Satania.
    I AM Dominique N for Nebadon

  42. Im hanging in there. I hope to GOD we are almost there.


  43. And just when you think you've seen it all . . . :-)))

    "Stand Up and Bow Down. Performing Australia's unofficial official national anthem."

    In my opinion it is Everybody's Anthem. WorldWide.
    I've only played this about a thousand times on here, haven't I? And I won't get tired of singing along every single time at the very top of my lungs.

    Get the Bagpipes ready.
    Confetti please.

    YOU'RE THE VOICE, try and understand it!
    Make a noise, make it clear!

    We're all someone's Daughter, We're all someone's Son.
    NO MORE will we look at each other down the barrel of a gun.

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


  44. Cobra, can you comment on why Buzz Aldrin Tweeted "We are all in danger, it is evil itself" along with a photo of the pyramid in Antarctica? Apparently it was quickly removed, but it's raising all sorts of questions for people. What is he talking about?

  45. Cmon cobra, atleast some news or a nice video would be much appreciated. Sitting here with no real news since november 24th. Also, you should post the solstice meditation, it's time sensative. And prepare for event meditation of 2016. Just saying

  46. Здравствуйте, дамы и Господа,
    Позвольте мне представить вам возможность в конце года в красоте и радости. Вы переживаете за конец года праздники, вы хотите провести незабываемый и незабываемое Рождество. Я дать вам возможность быстрого и надежного кредита в короткие сроки. Не стесняйтесь, один адрес для получения дополнительной информации.
    Электронная почта:
    Благодарим вас за доверие к мне.

  47. George W. Bush ‘War Crimes’ Trial Begins In California Court:


  48. Jemand anders hat den Song geschrieben, aber er kommt auch von meinem Herzen.
    Für Dich, Gaia, mein Schatz:

    Denn da alle Liebenden innerlich immer noch Kind
    Und da die, die reinen Herzens handeln unsre größten Helden sind
    Rett ich die Welt mit Deiner Liebe in mir
    Denn ich bin für Dich da, nein ich bin wegen Dir hier
    Da Dir die Fähigkeit zu lieben geblieben ist
    Und die Kraft zu vergeben ein Bestandteil Deines Lebens ist
    Wurde ich erweckt und was tief in mir schlief
    Führt nun Feder, und schreibt Dir diesen Liebesbrief

    Ich liebe Dich, Süße.
    Alles wird gut.


  49. Replies
    1. IT's a MUST TO BE READ, and a must to watch VIDEO:

      Now declassified & available online at! Russian Quantum Leap technology enhances RNA, DNA & health, cures diseases (e.g. diabetes, cancer 2), stops Bio-hacking/TI targeting
      By Alfred Lambremont Webre



      More details about the devices.

    3. Anyone how have tried the devices mentioned by "time missionary" ?

    4. Hi COBRA- Is this type of device compatible with cintamani stones, and tachyonised items please?

  50. 'Grounds for Concern: Examining Possible Signs of Abuse and Attempted Defamation of Corey Goode by SSP Personnel' I think this article has strong merit. (It maybe be too late just now for the weekly meditation to be considered) Thank you - in hope.

  51. Every Sunday, after the weekly ascension meditation, I come here to this blog and refresh the page for a couple of minutes, visualizing a new entry with the title " The Event commences! " and the text consists of coordinations and congratulations.

  52. Now that I am past a horrible, week-long flu, I am hoping to read an update.... Cobes? Got anything? THANKS.

    Sending light and love to the RM and all of us, everywhere.

  53. I was wondering if cobra or anyone could comment on the incoming super galactic wave on the 26Th of December?

  54. Good over Evil, victory to the light

  55. astral traveler: Reply regarding Donald Trump's considerations and appointments to the cabinet. Trump is brilliant and has been studying the presidency and the take down of the cabal for over 30 years. Have you ever heard of "keep your so called enemies close?" Do you realize that regardless of people's PAST affiliations, people change. There are many people of LIGHT who have been associated with the cabal out of no choice in the past. The cabal resorts to bribes and threats to kill one's entire family and/or loved ones by torture. So we don't always know WHY someone has made a choice in the past to "seemingl y and failing to be open to" be part of the cabal. This is where Cobra I believe is in great error. Making these kind of assumptions and failing to look at ALL possibilities of the Almighty Father "God" who is governing all of creation, all universes, simultaneously.

    I invite you and others to be OPEN in consideration of all ideas, including Donald Trump as being an annointed president by God for the purpose of bringing in the New Age. I realize you are not open to this, as evidenced by your many posts that are propagate the old pattern that because the cabal has been in control, they necessarily must continue to be in control. That is narrow, limited thinking, again, where Cobra is in error. It's arrogant, as I have pointed out, what Cobra has said. Yet readers here continue to believe everything he says. Foolishness.

    See what a great statesman Paul Craig Roberts has to say about Trump's appointments:

  56. astral traveler: Additionally, Trump as President has the option to remove any cabinet member and replace them, at any time.

    I agree with the post of some of those who have been on this site since its inception in 2012 (as I have). They see that NOT everything Cobra says, for whatever reason, turns out to be true. It's interesting that so many people kind of fawn over Cobra with a kind of sickening appreciation of syrupy gratitude, WITHOUT considering that he is a human being with gifts that we can revere WITHOUT putting him on some kind of pedestal.

    Note that Alexander Meadors who first interviewed Cobra and was close to him in person, NO LONGER subscribes to his knowledge. You can look at her website and see that there is no mention of Cobra for the last 3-4 years. People need to think for themselves and compare with other blogs and posts and sources of information. This being said, I don't believe Alexandra's "channelings" which have been posted here and other sites are very accurate.

    Discernment is key.

    God ranks highest above all beings. That is supreme intelligence: all knowing, everywhere present, as ONE, simultaneously.

    Each person has some truth in them of the WHOLENESS of God. We each have our equal role to play ultimately.

    And we don't have to end each post with the words,
    "Victory of the Light" in order to share that sentiment. It starts to become mindless repetition of truth and CEASES to be truth. The truth of God is creative, dynamic, in the moment, fresh!

    Peace, people.

  57. I don't know if the Earth is flat or not, but take a look at the following video because the arguments and the evidences are good and numerous:

  58. By the way, I think of the following experiment to indirectly prove or not the sphericity of the Earth. Serial (1h/1h) photos of the sun can be taken with a filter (radiography or welder's glasses, e.g., that delimits the sun's edge more precisely) in summer to be able to measure the diameter of the solar disk in each photo. If the diameter stays the same in all photos, the sun is very far away and the Earth is probably spherical. If, on the other hand, the diameter of the image of the sun gradually increases in each photo to the noon and then decreases to the last photo indicates that the sun is small, approaches the observer (it seems like it went up in the sky) and then moves away (it seems like it went down in the sky to sunset) confirming the flat Earth thesis which says that the Sun revolves over and next to the terrestrial disc.

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