Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Planetary Situation Update

The main focus of the Light forces is now the clearing of the plasma „head“ of the Yaldabaoth entity, toplet bombs, black stone and primary anomaly associated with all these.This is a very sensitive operation and I hope it is understandable I can not provide much intel about it until it is completed.

Towards the completion of this operation there will be sudden and unexpected breakthroughs that will cascade into the Event.

The Chimera group is worried more and more about the „invasion of Galactic Confederation fleet“ and they are beefing up their defense positions in Low Earth orbit. They are behind the creation of the sixth branch of US military:

This backdoor deal took many congressmen by surprise:

Also the Air Force itself is preparing for a possible confrontation between the Galactic Confederation and Chimera-infiltrated Air Force last line of defense against the Light forces in Low Earth orbit:

That military confrontation is possible just before the Event and if it happens it will be brief, spectacular, limited in its scope and will be resolved in a complete defeat of the Chimera.

Meanwhile, the Light Forces are pushing towards full disclosure.

The first promising sign is this new proposed „planet 10“, which is much more like the real Planet X than the previously proposed „planet nine“:

The orbital elements of this new proposed planet are quite close to the real planet X as you can see here:

NASA (Never A Straight Answer) was forced to deny the existence of Secret Space Programs when Alex Jones interviewed Robert David Steele and the interview reached the mainstream media:

But then again, Elon Musk's future Mars colony is getting mainstream support, simply because they can not hold it back any longer. Humanity will break from the quarantine and is going to space, one way or another:

Meanwhile, on the surface of the planet, the Light Forces are beginning to activate certain objects and places of power inside the planetary energy grid as part of the New Atlantis project under the guidance of Comte de Saint Germain.

The first place that is in the process of activation is the Temple of Love near Petit Trianon:

The cabinet of movable mirrors in Petit Trianon building is the place where true Goddess mysteries of Atlantis were anchored in 1776 by Princess de Lamballe and Marie Antoinette as instructed by Comte de Saint Germain.

The Queen of France was initiated into the mysteries of the Goddess and here is the occult proof for those who are ready to understand:

Activation of Petit Trianon sends powerful Goddess energies through a leyline that goes through the Temple of Love on Long Island, effectively healing the eastern US plasma anomaly vortex:

The other object of power that is in the process of activation is the Crown of St. Stephen:

This talisman of power is now transmitting strong energies from the Sirius star system, empowering Positive Templar forces behind Viktor Orban in his fight against the Cabal forces trying to destroy Europe.

He is against Soros:

And against the destruction of European civilization, which was initiated by Angela Merkel, the main promoter of Kalergi Plan:

Positive Templar forces and many positive White Nobility families from the former Austro-Hungarian empire are standing for Europe:

Here is a hint:

I will release intel about other objects and places of power that influence the geopolitical situation when I receive the green light to do so.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Thank you Cobra for the update as always, hope we are closer, hope the Event is closer than 2025

    1. Given what Cobra said after the succesful Etheric liberation meditation this february, that we have managed to cut the time to the Event by half, and considering that the window for the liberation of this planet is 'till 2025, than we will probably live to see the Event taking place some time until 2021. I'm still hoping it will be this year or at least the next, because the energies are almost the same as they were in years 1994 and 2011/2012.

      Victory of the Light!!!

    2. I don't think it will happen anytime before 2021, because until then the time is not right

    3. I have to be brutally honest and say that I see the Event happening before we reach the end of 2018.
      Following all the back ground work that has been happening an given the latest update, I do see this happening very soon.
      Let's All hold the Love and Light and make it happen.


    4. Yes, I also hope and i have a feeling that it can happen at the end of this year, or 2018,.

    5. The Event will most likely take place this year.

    6. Do you even astrology bros? Until 2021 the date is not right for any changes, there's no way it can happen sooner because the galactic time doesn't allow for any real visible changes until that date...

    7. As much as I leave angry and disillusioned comments and all, I have the same hunch about it possibly being this year.

    8. I also think there's an excellent chance The Event will happen this year!

    9. Life doesn't get any better than the changes taking place around this orb .I always thought my life mission was a bigger part in helping this to happen.Feels not right to be on the side lines and not shouldering my share of the heat of this change.Yes I have always done my earthly share ,still do.But I always thought I'd be ,up graded to my former status ,sooner than later. Great ,great news ,Victorious is THE LIGHT

  2. i don't think you can stop inter racial marriages or inter ethnic sex or mixing or whatever you want to call it. oh and don't censor my post. stop using censorship.

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    2. Most people dont realise that our physical dna must be compatible with our etheric dna blueprint. Different races are compatible with specific soul groups. Dont expect to find our soul mates from a diferent race. Look at who is promoting interacial relations and multi cultralism. Its the maintstream media, the elite or cabal.

    3. @Robert Tomkinson My soulmate/twin flame is Hispanic. And I bet you yourself would be attracted to her, as literally everyone who's seen and talked to her says she's beautiful and very kind. Even friends are jealous. The situation is not so black and white. There is an agenda from the elites to destabilize humanity, true, that is why they impoverish so many nations, but we cannot have this absolutism destroying humanity either. People should not feel bad for choosing to love who they do. Racism must be avoided in addressing this topic.

      RaJah did a great job of explaining things down further in the comments. Worth reading.

    4. Humans must rethink and transform our thinking,as we have been lied to for longer than the last one hundred years of technological suppression.God made our souls that inhabit these human space suits. But this space suit is made up from 20+ extra terrestrials dna.
      We are all mixed races from birth .

      More and more hybreds are creating their own channels on youtube.They are "NO" different than we are.They just have another version of us. So let's just rethink this situation we are all ET.

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    1. ...and gravifity...

      Hmm... Arbre, Arbre...

  4. All updates are great updates in my opinion, this one is no exception. I can sense the excitement in the tone of the writing this time. I can sense the elation! Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am projecting how I feel when I read it! Either way our hard work is paying off, given the circumstances...Light and love to all.

  5. Love it!!!! Om, Mani, Padme, Hum

  6. Thanks for the update!!

    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  7. I keep feeling huge bursts of light in the energy grid around the same time as the Russian space observing instrument detects those massive spikes.

    Whatever is happening I am incredibly thankful to the light forces for their efforts. Much love all around!

    Victory of the white light!

  8. If the Galactic Confederation is so overpowered by comparison to the Chimera group, why are the later still preparing for a confrontation. Don't they know they will get obliterated? Or do the Chimera actually have some secret and powerful plan that will assure their escape?

    1. Well, we are hostages, i think is just because that. And i think these last bombs is actived for some x reason, is like a script in a game where is saying if player do "x" thing the "y" happen, so Light forces just know these script and avoid to no activate the bombs, but it is the only and last protection of the chimera, in a 1x1 they just loses for light forces. That's why they just don't escape or attack, they just can't anymore.

    2. My understanding is this is their last safe haven, and like most backed into a corner, they wanna fight their way out


    3. It's due to the war/warrior mind set. If you have it, you are not able to imagine your defeat, no matter the circumstances, or you fight no matter of consequences...

    4. Zady: Entities that have chosen the path of destruction have chosen (for whatever reason) to go against Source, Divine Intelligence, God, the Almighty Father of All, the ONE. So however great their intelligence and amassed power is exhibited, it can only fall way short of the All-Knowing Supreme Intelligence and Omnipotence of the ONE. However, they have caused tremendous darkness, destruction, and imprisonment to the people on earth and other bodies in space. That is my understanding of the anomaly that's undergoing correction currently by the Light Forces.

      In turning away from Source, God, they have exalted themselves above the Almighty. That's the story of Lucifer in scriptures, that he thought he had a mind above all else; and he convinced 1/3 of the angels to go along with him to take over the world. Cobra has said that being has come over to the Light, if I'm not mistaken. But we still apparently have the chimera, archons, and their followers operating in the satanic force of de-volution.

      They are exhibiting arrogance and pride, independent self importance and worth what they think is above God. So do they think they will be obliterated? Not really, it seems. They are acting irrationally, unreasonably, out of spite and hatred which I think has consumed them. I think they are satiated in lust, power, satanic ritual, obscene sacrifices of children, drinking of blood, abominations, that all increasingly harden their heart and soul from God. And they remain innerwardly dissatisfied, I believe. Because only the Soul connection and God Spirit is everlasting and productive of true happiness and peace within.

      They have what they think are their secret powerful plans, but are so sure of themselves that they don't mind broadcasting them so they're no longer secret. They think nothing can touch them. Except perhaps the ones who have surrendered or will try to surrender in the end.

      Unexpected, sudden breakthroughs SOON, cascading to THE EVENT!

      Thank you, Almighty Father, for your grace and liberation to your children and creation on earth -
      and beyond.

      Peace and Abundance for All.

    5. Me too.
      Which brings me to my saying of the year - let your alone desire be to have the boon of Devotion to the Divine. Amen.

  9. One can clearly see, how the French revolution was infiltrated by the dark ones - killing the women, who anchored the Goddess mysteries says everything. And I find it also interesting, that the famous quote ''Then let them eat brioche'' is mistakenly attributed to Marie Antoniette.

    Oh man, I can't wait for this operation to be completed!

    Victory of the Light!!!

  10. thank you so much cobra! i can feel an energy that thing are really accelerating and maybe we'll see many things still this year. thanks for bringing and hope and accept our own opinions. thank you. you make me have faith in humanity <3

  11. "effectively healing the eastern US plasma anomaly vortex:", the RHIC and Brookhaven?

    1. Yes, and beyond...the plasma anomaly vortex extends to much of the Northeast, including where I live in Boston. So yes, please, let's heal it and keep us all safe from Toplet Bombs, etc.!

    2. Yes, it sounds like they are sort of sending a laser beam from Paris "across the pond" straight to Long Island to zap the nastiness at Brookhaven Labs.

  12. yes, I can feel it, it's activating, steady now....

  13. Thank you Cobra!!! Sending you and all the Light forces lots of love and light!!!💕 Victory of the light!!!🙌

  14. Thank you for mentioning the planned genocide of the European peoples. It really is a plan. The political elite are creating economic and cultural conditions where males of low genetic stock proliferate from middle eastern and African patriarchal countries into Europe. These men are being told they deserve to take white women against their will and breed with them, in exchange the political elite will turn a blind eye to abuse by having the police not investigate and cover up rapes:sexual assault, banning abortion, banning birth control, not protecting the borders, preventing the European females of any race from defending themselves by banning even pepper spray, stun guns, etc. This same program was used by evil European men, who were blessed by Christianity and the elites, against the indigenous people around the world. Worse, a lot of indigenous people say the regular Europeans deserve it because of "colonialism" and "imperialism" when it was really the elites and their spiritually weak crony men who have kept the common European down. All the people of Earth are complaining about the same monster. Do you think the lineage of the starving Belgium peasants, who were never permitted to even backtalk the king without being killed are the ones really responsible for King Leopold killing millions in the Congo? Are the common people of Europe responsible for having their wishes for free energy thwarted by forced Capitalism which instead of giving free energy for everyone in the world chopped the hands of tribal peoples in the Congo for rubber for cars, when the common European person preferred public transportation? I hope the different races of the world will begin to see they have the common enemy and must work together to fight the common enemy. We all want and fear the same things.

    1. SIONISM is behind this of course and Merkel is a well known SIONIST.

      The great question: why sionist hate white race soooo much?

      Thousand stars for the winner!.

  15. *When the Final Battle takes place, the White Hats Faction in the Military will be able to Officially come forward and the American public will see that there are 2 Military factions: the evil Cabal owned new Space Corps/CIA/NSA and the Benevolent Military who will be fighting them alongside the RM/GF ships.

    The MSM Media whores will spin it as "Alien Invasion" and that the Cabal is protecting us, but there is a solid group of Truth websites who will tell the public that the RM/GF Aliens are actually liberating us, and all the White Hats in the Dept. of Defense, FBI and all agencies can go public, and destroy the Cabal's Fake News narrative.

    *Great Intel about the Kalergi plan, this places an "origin" plan to the insane forced migration into the EU, making Malmo,Sweden the rape capital of the developed world. Paris,Germany, Norway and other Nordic countries all have lots of Muslim No-Go Zones where it's so dangerous even the Police and Postal Services will not enter.

    * Planet X - Barbara Marciniak who channels The Pleiadians (since 1980's, prior to the Archon 1996 Congo Invasion), she said that The Pleiades is vast with many groups. That her group came from the future, from Planet X which they call Planet 12. This seems to match up with Cobra's post from Jan. 2016. Is the "came from the future" part true, Cobra ?

    Re: NASA - I consider everything NASA discloses to be at least 50 Year old news. Since they had space telescopes that could show nebulae from zillions of light years away, they certainly saw what's closer to home in the Kuiper Belt, with all the Space Probes sent out over the last 50 years. not to mention the Secret Space Program craft exploring it.

    I love the leyline going from the Temple of Love in the Petit Trianon to the one on Long Island. Yay!

    Thanks Cobra !

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  17. He's anyone felt that Jesus is incarnated on earth and is Influencing global events?

    1. Lord Maitreya is incarnating now and influencing global events.


    2. Hello,

      Yes, Jesus (Yeshua) is presently present on Earth, it is a certainty. He reincarnated in the same region, in Syria in the 1970s.

      Many people have met him, but he does not want to let humanity know that he is there. It is essentially there to help by its light and to help mankind in this important period.

  18. Cobra what is you honest opinion onprotoi? I think they are clueless on 3d issues and label anyone that works on that layer as conspirAcy theorist. Theydon't realize how wrong they are.

    1. Those Protoi people are doing what works for them. They seem to get results doing what they do, and that makes them happy, but they are too much of a cult. I don't want to completely close myself off to everything but their way, just because they believe everyone is out to get them. Their way of doing things is also next to impossible to figure out for someone like me who is not mathematically or technically inclined in the slightest.

      I understand their anger and frustrations, though, at Cobra and the Light. I am still on the fence with whether I believe The Event will happen. Ironically enough, their accusation is the opposite of what you said. They say that Cobra is caught up in playing fantasy games and distractions, claiming progress while 3D issues don't change, and taking credit for stuff that they do. They believe everything to do with the Light is evil and deceiving. They say the third eye is evil, astral projection is evil, psychedelics are evil. I can't vibe with that.

      They are interesting to analyze, though, cuz the stuff they are doing with healing actually seems to work for them. But as I said, it's too complicated for me to ever figure out.

    2. The protoi only exist in Frank's head.

    3. Really? Illuminating, but already known. We can't trust ourselves when we feel the delusion with far greater comfort and reality than what's right in front of us.

      I can't say I don't have those moments, either. In the end, we all just want a different world. I want to put it into more extensive words than that, but my mind cannot find them at present, partly out of distraction, and partly out of a subconsciousness that it isn't time to use them.

    4. I wish all darks and cults would return to the light. This fractal virus screws itup

    5. I try to enlighten them as i believe it is my mission yo bring balance and order into this fallen world. It amazes me how arogant and cold this world can be and some ppl ( if you can call them that) won't even listen. Hail victory!

  19. Cobra what happened to some powerful ppl that could influence global events?

  20. @hamourapi or any affiliated protoi
    Can you explain how aliens are fake and where are all the darks in 3d? I had not seen any posts about ETs or any involvmemt in this world. You guys are perpetrating fraud against ppl with your occult gibberish. Unless you can counter my argument, please give me a satisfactory reaponse

    1. I don't answer your hundreds of stalker emails. What makes you think you will get an answer here....

    2. What's with you?why don't you realize I was dedicated to the mission from the start? I told you I wanted an alliance but you ignore me like an ass. Is there a reason for that?

    3. See this moment for its face value, for it is the truth of him.

    4. If the protoi were as smart asthey say they were then you would've realized that I was being manipulated. Who are you referring to Kati?

    5. Frankly, I refer to Frank with that statement. The Protoi are a force of deception, else why would they be so exclusive?


    1. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the real prince.

  22. Yes, yes, these are the '' relics items'' of great power, that were under the control of Cabal. I was glad to know that they will now be used by positive forces.

    Victoria de lumine!!!

  23. Probably the chimera can not understand that, they are psychopaths and their brains together with their soul-lost can only understand the world as a war space to dominate. It is their nature, they are part of primary anomaly. There will never be a solution with them.


      * Dinar Scam Takes On New Twist - Forbes
      Aug 10, 2016 - There's a new twist in the Iraqi dinar story. Here's what you need to know

      * You Can't Fix Stupid: The Iraqi Dinar Scam Lives - Forbes
      Jul 30, 2012 - No country which is borrowing money is going to have an "imminent revaluation" (the term often used by the scam artists to sell Dinars) anytime ...

      * Inside a $24 million investment scam: Buy the Iraqi dinar -
      Jan 15, 2015 - How scammers pitched a nearly worthless Iraqi dinar as a sure bet to appreciate in the future. "Crime & Punishment" takes a look.

      * Iraqi Dinars | Scam Detector
      Scammers claim they are registered to sell Iraqi Dinar, but what they omit to add is many aspects of the Dinar trade. Beware of the Iraqi Dinar scam.

      ** Just google "Dinar Scam" and you will see the Truth and the history of scamming people into buying the World's most Worthless Currencies. ( the Zim will Not Revalue, and the Dinar "Has No Market" according to the legitimate Financial Industry.

      *Also people in "DinarLand" who bought Dinar and Zim years ago, have "Dinar Detectives". People in this community are well aware of the scammers aka "Dinar Pumpers", many of whom are in FEDERAL PRISON.

      On Dinar Daily dot net forum, one commenter said of One Who Knows aka Richard Lee McKim Jr. aka Swervy McGee : "this charlatan should be in prison". Another post showed Richard Lee McKim Jr.s Police Mugshots: a younger mugshot, and a middle aged mugshot from his prior Arrests.

      *Kent Dunn is also well known in the Zim/Dinar crowd as a Dinar scammer.

      *** Ascension With Earth Blog and Luisa Goldfish should know that hosting known Currency Scammers foisting a Zim/Dinar Scam well known to Law Enforcement constitutes "Aiding and Abetting" the dissemination of this Scam. Know that you are their Accomplices.

      Let's stop these Zim Dinar SCAMMERS from Infiltrating the Ascension Truth Movement !!!

  24. Cobra wrote...
    "And against the destruction of European civilization, which was initiated by Angela Merkel, the main promoter of Kalergi Plan:"

    Surprise surprise!! LOOL

    "Bill Gates Urges End To Generosity, Fears African Refugees Will Decimate Europe"

    1. Yes, I saw this Bill Gates article on Zero Hedge... Glad you posted it...

      When I read it, I was thinking "what is Bill worried about? Is he worried that the people of Africa will leave and he won't have anybody to inject with his vaccines?"

      And then I thought: I don't think he is worried at all.... This is just some hoo-haw he puts out to the press, to appear as if he cares about somebody, somewhere...

    2. agree West.. is part of maintaining an illusion. Is part of seeking trust and loyalty... is necessary for their game.


    1) You know your defeat is seal cause you know the future and why continue to hold on to your power? This is foolishness, surrender now is bravery and you will be honoured throughtout the universes.

    2) You know by killing the human, it is only a physical death and not real death. The soul will live on eternally. But if you insist to continue the domination and control here on Earth, you will be send to the Central Galactic Sun for recycle eventually and that is REAL death to your soul, you will lost everything. Think wisely. It is sad to see that cause we know you are part of us too.

    3) Even if you win this round, the Light forces will come back and try again until this planet is liberated. And eventually, human will be liberated. So, why the hold on to the power now? You know you will lose everything in the end.

    4) And if you think destroying the whole planet, the whole civilisation and yourself in this end time game, will prove your might and power, this is the most foolishness thing. Even that is your goal, not forgetting your souls will be captured and send to the Central Galactic Sun for recycle. Don't seal your fate in this foolish way. Be wise, put down your weapons and join us NOW.

    May the LOVE be with you always!

    NOTE : I know someone will laugh at me for writing this comment (knowing the Chimera will not complile) but if there is a slight chance, then this comment is worth it.

    1. I am sincerely impressed and grateful for this inspired message, thanks so much from the deepest of my heart.

      Let me join to your, heart inspired, request.

      +1 ;)

      With infinite LIGHT, LOVE AND GRATITUDE...

      Fabio :)

    2. Unfortunately, I think they cling to what they know, false power and their current half-human incarnation, not seeing a future, they cling to the past, to merely exist for as long as possible, wreak as much havoc as possible, since their refusal to comply means NO FUTURE, for their very existence as a soul shall cease to be. How terrifying is that? False power cannot live on forever.

      They cannot fathom the importance of owning up to their errors (personal responsibility) and finding compassion (possibly healing and forgiveness) which would save them from a fate worse than death.

      The "recycling" goes out with the rest of the "trash". They won't even rate as high as compost!

      Archangel Michael's Sword of Light is double-edged. It can hurt or heal, but he takes no prisoners. Your choice.

      At the tone, the time will be: TOO-LATE!

    3. Nicely done Brother!!!!
      That's the way to keep on working on our Last missions on Earth! Standing against them one by one, and becoming a worldwide ARMY OF LIGHT and LOVE!
      Oh, and pelase, don't give up on playing your flute on 432HZ. It upgrades your DNA, but they can't stand it! 😊)...

    4. Beloved Fabio, Phoenix Boulay, Hye Angel

      Thanks for the comment, I am just doing a small part for the liberation of this planet. It has been dragged for too long and the suffering here on Earth is unnecessary. Hope there will be a breakthrough soon.

      May the LOVE be with you always!

  26. Thanks Cobra these updates are excellent news. Should we focus unconditional love and violet flame towards these objects. We all need to hold the vision and feel what it's like to be already there, instead of a future timeline

  27. Thanks Cobra these updates are great news. Lets all hold the image of mission accomplished and feel how uniting and amazing it will feel instead of in a future timeline

  28. We will trigger the Event with our Light Forces as soon as possible!

    Victory of the Light!

    Victory of the Light!

    Victory of the Light!

  29. Thank you so much dear Cobra for the update! I find this very encouraging, and my heart feels excited..sensing the energy.

    (I see I have 'a bit' of reading to do tonight with all the links..😊)...

    Endless Thanks, Respect, and much Love to Cobra, the LF/RM, and Lightworkers everywhere for all you do. We are getting ever closer!

    Victory of the Light!!!

    1. same sentiments from me as well. much love, respect and gratitude

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. He is brilliant, and undaunted. I still can't get over that small UFO that zipped by and blew up his rocket on the launch. Glad to see his more recent endeavors are more successful.

    2. I think Elon's a well-meaning human being, but he is also deep into the Cabal's way of thinking. He promotes and puts money into transhumanism, which is about transferring human consciousness to a robot/computer to have 'immortality' (or what they believe to be immortality).

      And I don't feel his car company lives up to Nikola Tesla's name in any way. By going electric, the environment is still being destroyed with the manufacture of car batteries. It is nowhere near free energy or even water/hydrogen-powered cars. His company is certainly a step in the right direction, considering the system of control we are under, he'd probably be killed for attempting anything else. But I still feel with his billions he could do A LOT more. And he talks a lot about traveling to Mars to escape the problems here on Earth, but he easily has more than enough money to end world hunger and better the situation here on Earth.

      I never liked the worship associated with him. He still very much represents the old order, as far as I'm concerned.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. show light shining on surface life

  32. Thank you Cobra. I'm sensing some positive progress is being made.

  33. MUCH GRATITUDE COBRA, RM, GF. My heart felt the power and joy as I read this update. I cried with humble thankfulness for all the work that is being accomplished on behalf of the Liberation of Our Sacred Mother. I send my Love and Light to you all. May the Force be with you...
    VICTORY OF THE LIGHT. And The Event!!!!
    So mote it be....

  34. Europe needs migration, I have no idea why all these countries are so afraid of refugees. If they don't want the refugees, they should help stop wars in Middle East. Central European Countries are in the middle of demographic crisis, they need immigrants.

    1. No. Immigrants aren't the cure for demographic problems, but rather poison. Each nation has its own culture and collective soul. With centuries, it becomes more sublime and pure. People get along better and better with each other. When people from totally different culture invade such nation, the cultural war starts and all the cultural progress regresses.
      The cure for demographic problems is appreciate our own children, our genes, or family and our land. Elevate man as the head and power of the family, and woman as the blessed mother. No more "equality".

    2. Yes. And they must be Muslims. Impossible that they may come from India or China or Japan. Muslims, which by mandate of the Koran, must convert all the Humanity by full force to their religion.Next phase: shut all Universities, burn all books. Only memorizing the Koran. All what is needed is there. So what is the use of all the rest. Eliminate all the laws. The Sharia is enough and complete.
      and so ...on.
      Unknown, Are you making joke of us and the whole Humanity?.To begin with,I would like to listen a thoroughly discussion of what a "demographic crisis" means and their short and long term consequences.

    3. Put them in YOUR HOME if you love them that much.
      You are blind to see the problem

    4. Need immigrants for what? I think we should accept refugees, but true reafugees, but those who come from country without war? Europe more dense then most part of Africa... The problem is lot of them just want aid and they don't work. Lot of them don't want assimilated, only the money... Look those 2nd 3rd generation who made terror attacks... And the main reason, you don't even needs humans for run your economy, automatization will do it, locals will be unemployed, how do you want to employ those uneducated immigrants who come?

      So I think we let them come for enough time, true refugees are here, we should close the borders now.


    5. You're missing the big picture here, mate.
      The "demographic problems" were deliberately created by the same cabal that wants to get more immigrants into Europe.
      The so-called "leaders" of European countries are not going to stop any wars, they want and need those wars so they can sell the idea of more and more people coming in.

      What is going on here is basically an exchange of population, and it is only speeding up.
      Why? you may ask? Well, because people who were not actually born and raised in a country feel less attached to it than people who have their spiritual roots in the country they were born in.
      Which makes it easier to control them by putting them on a guilt-trip of "hey, this here government allowed you or your parents or grandparents to come here, so you must be thankful to us and abide by our rules and what we say."

      Plus, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, some of people coming here are just f*cking chauvinistic a$$holes who treat women like sh*t, making derogatory comments on the streets and just behaving incredibly rudely towards women.

      It also makes it easy to get extremists into the country so that you can stage false-flag or real attacks on the population and then get away with more surveillance and spying on everybody.

      The ideal scenario, of course, is to stop all wars and build up the poor countries to makae them just as rich as the West, so that nobody would have to or want to leave their home. But that is simply not in the interest of the cabal, and the poor immigrants are used as pawns in the global chess game.

      What's going on here is a population exchange, and that has been planned and executed for decades. They make it harder and harder to afford having children to the home population and in return fund wars and subsidise the immigrants coming to Europe.

      And please do not get me wrong:
      I have got nothing against any of the refugees or imigrants coming here, most of theem are really nice people and I'm glad we can help them out of a terrible situation. Some of them are a$$holes, some of them are extremists, and those guys can fuck off, but most of them are totally nice and cool.

      However, they are being used as pawns to destabilize our societies.
      All of that is done deliberately, and Angela Merkel ("Der Hosenanzug") is right at the top of people planning and executing this atrocity. She really is one of the worst of the bad tools in the cabal's shed. Disgusting!

      SO!!! Rant over, getting off my soapbox now ;-)
      Let's end this bullshit and make this world a place where everybody can live peacefully in the town or country they were born in, close to their spiritual roots.
      Let's kick the dark assholes off our planet and make it a place where each and every single one of us is happy, joyful and feels the Love.

      Can I get a song, please?
      Gee, tanks. I'll take it :-)

      Solsbury Hill (DNA)

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All



    6. P.S.:
      They had chemtrailed the sky all day long since 6am, the sky looked just like total SHIT.
      And while I was ranting and raving here, guess what happenend? ALL of the chemtrails dissolved, and now it's a perfect blue sky with a few white clouds around.
      It's a beatiful day now!

      Guess the Divine Universe is kinda supporting what I wrote there ;-)

      So there you go.
      Higher and Higher. Keep us from Temptation.
      Heaven 17


    7. Angela "Hosenanzug" KASNER. Complete name


  35. Good.
    Very very good.

    Läuft. Weiter so, Leute! :-)

    StarShip - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us

    Victory of Love and Light!


    1. @Rajah
      Hahaha I like your '' musical style''.
      There's a starman waiting in the sky. Ooww yeehh


    2. Thanks, leo.
      I appreciate your words and song choice.
      I'm flat-broke, but Hey! I do it in style :-)

      Domo Arigato.
      Lighting a Million and One Candle Lights


      Cheers, mate.


    3. you are the best
      I love you too
      Thank you brother


    4. WOW!
      How great was THAT?!?! Totally awesome!
      Thanks, brother!

      Okay, tongue-in-cheek I will now totally pull a Han Solo ;-)

      "You are the best"

      I KNOW!!!


      Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All
      All of YOU are more valuable than GOLD for me

      I Love You


  36. Europe needs migration, it has demographic problems. Western based cabal started the wars in the middle east which created the flows of immigrants. Fear of refugees is based on lack of compassion.

    1. Everything can be made in an infinite amount of variations that can be bad or good. The trick is to make everyone understand what are the good ways and see when it is not.

    2. COBRA posted a link in relation to the Kalerji plan that was first conceived in 1925. you may want to read the article and see if you still believe the hype about immigration. it is all part of the cabal plan. many of the refugees are just pawns in a game of ethnic cleansing which i am sure you know.

    3. Migration is the destructive effect of cabal programs on certain peoples and countries. There is no need of migration if all countries and peoples are free from the cabal.

    4. You are deceived and your views are cabal programming... It's OK... You are not alone...

    5. agreed. when see a white person screaming "go back to where you came from" or beating someone, I don't see victory of the light.

    6. We need in exchange to migrate alive to other outer worlds...

    7. Jeff: nobody beats a dead dog.
      They have a reason for that, and it is not mere RACISM.
      They see the real problem

  37. Azt mar eszleltem evek ota hogy a magyar szentkorona valoban szent es most ez bizonyitek. Thank you Cobra.

    A feny gyozelme-ert

    1. I wondered why the Hungarian holy crown was fairly holy and now I prove it. Thank you Cobra. (for)the tree of victory?

      ugy van?

    2. Lol. Szánalmas. Orbán mint jó ember.... És ez a korona dolog. Cobra csak vagdalkozik egy két weblap alapján.

  38. exciting Intel. very exciting.
    Victory of the Light!


  39. Cobra's
    Planetary Situation Update - July 5, 2017

    The main focus of the
    Light forces is now the clearing of the plasma „head“ of the Yaldabaoth entity,
    toplet bombs, black stone and primary anomaly associated with all these.This is
    a very sensitive operation and I hope it is understandable I can not provide
    much intel about it until it is completed.

    Towards the completion of this operation there will be sudden and unexpected breakthroughs that will cascade into the Event.


  41. is it true Cobra that the understanding of what a University is was thought to the europeans by the dark skinned man called The Moors in Spain and before that egyptians tought this to europeans in greek for example. And that the French Revulution is apart of the Moors civilizations downfall and they went back into Marocco and The Americas from Spain between 1492 to the 1700. Theres is documents that seem to support these claims such as the first recognizion of USA as a country by the Marrocans. And theres traces of Moors in USA working together with the white new Americans untill they more or less seemed to disapear from history books as we know them today. If this is true it would be more natural that these ancient highly advanced nations such as Kemet(Egypt) was dark skinned ppl in complextion in general. And can explain why dark ppl today is stripped of there history. Cus theres dark skinned ppl all over the world living as second or third class citizens. And if this is true it would also be resonable that evrywere a pyramid was buildt it was cus those societies then were to a majority dark skinned ppl with these knowlage and technology to build them. Even the so called native Americans were then Dark skinned, also there was an mongoloid population there that were much lighter in complextion. But the Olmec civilization in the Americas clearly depicts in statuse Dark skinned ppl with wider noses in generall and thicker lips like ppl with African decent, and the same goes for egyptian depiction of statuse with all the missing noses and lips to cover up this. I guess my question is if the world was mainly runned by darkskinned ppl untill the late 1400 when the power structure seemed to change worldwide slowly into the creation of USA and the french revulution. Cobra u seem to have much knowlage i hope u can enlighten me and others on this topic with your sources of intel. Theres also an former nasa employe that depict his first alien encounter was with tall Black ppl atleast 7 ft tall and then this might also support this ide that these dark skinned civilizations was visited by these more advanced nations from the sky. Egyptian civilization is sad to be highly andvanced and the belived thst earth was flat with a bowl obtop that seperated the sea. Called today most likley the van allenbelt, the firmament. Ik u said the worl us not "flat" but why call a civilization advanced if they even couldnt understand the world was round? And cus the belived the world was flat they used their knowlage to navigate all over the world. How is that even possible the if the world not is flat? The made calenders that was very precis etc. Im currently in Stockholm and the light of the Sun dont set in mid summertime wich also makes alot of sense with the flat earth map and the Suns movment thru the seasons. Hope u can clear this up.

    1. I think you need to study the conventional sciences a little more. Just because you dont understand something directly doesnt mean it is wrong. And in this case there are plenty of good people telling you different which should indicate that there is something more you need to study.

  42. I wish to comment the section about Viktor Orbán.

    Im can't take him seriously. He is a corrupt, insane, inhumane and the most arrogant person, who i saw in the Hungarian political life. He even denies the implementation of (all benolevent efforts like) the Unconditional Basic Income that can utterly support all unemployed people like me or that hundrad thousands, who is in life rate issues or forced to migrate into other country to work. I have a lot of personal experience with the hungarian public authorities and people.

    They are giving to me 72€ per month after 1 full year of registration + collaboration for the nothing! That is be renamed as Income support from the former welfare, i never received before anything from the state. I live with my mother, who helps me as best as possible. But this OV, He even taken over the country! If he would ever be member of the strong and real surface Light forces. He wouldn't be doing such things, to he assists in the extermination of the Magyars!

    Im unemployed because indirect reasons since i left the school. Nearly about 5 years. You are not live in Hungary... But you aren't able to get support from the people even to make a real change. Its really hard + impossible! Im tried...

    All the political parties is a big shit! Pardon for the words, but that is the most saddest part of the truth. They most remove all of them without any whining or revenge, but never allow to regain or remain in these responsible + high-weighted positions.

    So... All the cabal is fully occupied this country of mine! Im ask the Light Forces to make resign them without any regard of they resisting attempts. Criminalistic element never had or will have rights! In my eyes especially never!

    Also im have no rights as i represent myself in sane manner, regardless of the tons of loneliness, poverty, dysfunctionality at anywhere and the other groups.

    I hope that under the Event the Positive Military and its allies will liberate this country (and the rest of the world) from the hands of this insanes! My country has a very small state army... I had a friend who worked there (Hungarian Army) for nearly a decade, but its turned utterly degraded by corrupt and careless effortings.

    Im a member of a community (Apostolic Hungarian Monarchy) whom wish to change everything, but we are still slowly progressing + suffer from public nihilism. Im tried to help in their efforts, but simply the people around me not taking

    They have a website:

    Some of its policy decisions are translated into other languages, but also the Hungarian governmant through a conceptual lawsuit attacked this community in 2013. Just they attempt was failed by our luck on that time!

    The community is been infiltrated in the past, but we was lucky again to survive in one piece! So we are constantly experience the unfoldings of purification, but we would be happy as a sane and full alternative, where i found all possible ideas, unfoldings and setup that be a sane and reliable trait between the Light Forces.

    Pls Cobra: Don't delete this comment, but my nation is at stake! To all enemies of Hungária will lose and turn liberated from every aspects of primary anomaly, fat-topus, the bombs and by any foreign occupiers.

  43. Here is a link that contains a few language translations about our IPC - 2017.

    Russian, English, Japanese and German... Magyar is main...


    Also im forgot to mention that we open-minded for sane collaboration with local, national and international originated initiatives. With full transparency, own and independent currency that is turn shared and distribute between our citizens as monthly UBI: 1.000 Kr/person. 1 Kr (Korona) = 300 HUF.

    But also the base of our foundation is the Magyar Holy Crown that shares it-self equally among each other as we change our quality in good manner + everything belongs to the HHC as basement of our validation.

    Earlier and still we searching the opportunities for public representation, but by the early experiences and occuring silence, media blackout. We are acting on our own!

    But we are have no any taxation system, the entire currency and its mindset is useful and rethinked. We have a bank application, where each registered/validated citizen receive its UBI 1.000 Kr on each month 1st day.

    Im have freedom in this part of the country. Thats why i started to talk about, but the people be attacked me from behind as just a pile of noobs. But of course we are try to supporting each other as best as we can.

    One question to you Cobra: In the near future, are you open-minded for to make a publicatiob post about at least in a way of continental summarizing about strong and real, but positive initiatives. I am a citizen of the Apostolic Hungarian Monarchy since 2013. So i knowing the system inside out.

    I hope that you later authorized to make contact via e-mail or comment. Im reading your articles since its start and was so good, when you inspired me...

    Thank you, Thomas European

    1. Strange... You are creating an interesting world for yourself... I am also Hungarian, living in Hungary and I see things in a completely different way... Why don't you view things from a higher perspective?

  44. Thanks for this update Cobra, I cried my tears/eyes out by seeing the image of the Temple of Love....curios for the cascade....Jelina Lighht

  45. "If the truth shall kill them, let them die."

    ~ Immanuel Kant

    1. Truth is something very distant in this distorted solar system.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Good news from Brazil. Corrupt politicians being hunted and jailed for crimes

    Thank you. Victory of the Light


    1. Boas notícias? Estão caçando os políticos de esquerda, acusando-os sem apresentar provas de seus crimes, enquanto os políticos mais corruptos continuam impunes? O narco-traficante Aécio Neves ,solto e de volta ao seu cargo? As maiores indústrias destruídas e os empresários corruptos soltos. Isso são boas notícias? Os investimentos sociais conhgelados por vinte anos enquanto os maiores bancos são perdoados de dívidas bilionárias? O governo golpista que tomou conta do Brasil, é apoiado e segue o comando do grupo ligado à Quimera. O Brasil ainda é refém da escuridão. Uma pena você não perceber irmão, Inclusive que o próximo passo dos golpistas é esvaziar a Lava Jato, já que está está ameaçando os verdadeiros corruptos. Deus nos ajude.

  48. Fantastic News, the final push for Peace ever lasting. Thank You Cobra and the Resistance Team... We are One :-)
    Victory of the Light....Yeah!

  49. I always thought Yaldabaoth was synonymous with the primary anomaly. In the first paragraph Cobra seems to imply that they are separate. What am I missing here?

    1. Yaldoboth is just the scalar field, plasma and toplet bombs surrounding our planet.

      Primary anomaly covers this sector of the universe, creating chaos.


    2. COBRA – No, there was no conscious being creating the primary anomaly. The primary anomaly is the random function which just appeared as a result. It was always there as the potential but when there was enough consciousness, that potential manifested in the Universe. (Thank you).
      ---ref pc0316.

      yaldabaoth is an entity created when ancient angels interacted with the primary anomaly... (they went mad... i believe they wanted to undersrand it or somerhing) thats when evil was born when mix with the free will...

    3. Hmmm... Maybe Yaldo is one of the many "results" of the primary anomaly.

      ......May Yaldo simply melt and evaporate...under the July sun....

    4. The primary anomaly is only an adhesive bandage.
      A good way to avoid more salt in our wounds.
      This, sadly, is not a prime time for connecting the dots.

  50. Gratitude and Appreciation for this update Cobra
    Thank You to All Light Workers, Light Worriers and Everyone who is playing a role in the Planetary Liberation
    I feel we are almost there now and that the finish line is on sight - let's push forward

    In Love and Light

  51. We have waitet so long, endured so mutch, we will hold the line as long as it is needet.
    I love my life on beautifull Earth :-)


  52. Sisterhood of the Rose June 10, 2017 Physical Gathering in Taiwan – Goddess Dance!

    July 5, 2017 by Ada Shaw

  53. I feel inspired. What a fantastic up-date!! My heart is beating a little faster now, I believe this will trigger a cascade effect. I live in the UK, and we are having fantastic blue skies once again, especially in the evenings.....I wonder?? I do the meditation on Sundays at 4pm GMT and will continue to do this. Victory of the light.

  54. Much confusion. Too many sources of intel contradicting. Been following this one for a long time as well. Andromedan Portal:

  55. Interesting couple of items from Ben Fulford.

    1. @astral traveler

      The collateral accounts are just scams run by the Cabal to enslave humanity. There is no gold in those accounts. The "collateral" is human beings and human lives. All birth certificates have a number associated with it and that number is traded in a secret exchange that allows the cabal to auction the value of your life for money. The Cabal basically owns you as property and then they sell your "strawman" at auction. People have little idea how much their lives are worth and how they have been cheated by the cabal. Under the "Treaty of Rizq" every human being farmed on planet Earth is worth tens of millions of dollars.

      After the event human financial slavery will be ended and the collateral accounts will cease to exist. Your strawman will be returned to you. As a free and sovereign human being it belongs to you and you alone. It does not belong to the cabal, it does not belong to the RM, or the Galactic federation, or anyone else. For simply being alive and existing you are worth many millions of dollars. If the light forces didn't put an end to the hypothecation of your strawman then they would be no different than the cabal.

  56. omg. mixed races are capable of thinking for themselves. I hated that article about Merkel trying to get rid of the white race. Its ridiculous on so many levels. Why would white Merkel being trying to promote that. Also take a DNA test. No almost everyone is a mixed race and capable of resisting slavery. SO RIDICULOUS. And fear and hate mongering.


    1. Newsflash:
      When the occupied zones called Federal Republic of Germany and German Democratic Republic were unified, the "new" Germany got a fresh, new, competent Minister of Family Affairs.
      A woman who had almost zero political experience, was DIVORCED and had NO CHILDREN.
      "Dear German people, the woman responsible for family matters now: Angela Merkel."

      Der Hosenanzug.
      The cabal's poster-girl.
      The worst of the worst.

      I would say "fuck her" but nobody in their right mind or with a pair of functioning eyes would ever do that.


    2. cool. racist and sexist. cool.

  57. From reading the update, a small feeling that perhaps now the Chimera might consider surrendering. At least here on planet Earth / Solar System.

    1. Like the Moon showing the same face to the Earth everyday, the Chimera will never surrender...

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. I had some thoughts about the toplet bombs I wanted to share since people keep asking why they haven't been used. Even though I believe they're real and it's technically possible they could detonate, I think they exist more as another symbol of control and were never intended to actually be used. The society of the Cabal/Chimera/Dark Forces is based on fear and they fear death even more than they fear the Light.

  60. My heart beating faster when I read news like that one!!!! I working on my self internally, destroying old paradigms healing, changing, and applying in my life new concepts and working every day to rise my vibration in harmony with the universe and Gea. Thank you Cobra because it is help me to be stronger and stronger, and feeling THE EVENT is closer and closer..... VICTORY OF THE LIGHT


  61. How to Use the Paper Radionics Machine for Healing:

    Visit for more information on how you can try the Paper Radionics Machine:

  62. Thanks very much Cobes !!

    Encouraging news!

    Absolutely fascinating to read about the moveable mirrors in the Petit Trianon in Paris.

    These links about US Congress people are rather funny also..... "Why, I just didn't see this coming along !! Why did my staff not alert me????

    They hate to be blindsided...

    Anyway, was listening the other day to an interview of Jim Willie, who is an interesting financial-money guy, who was commenting on Victor Orban of Hungary and Jim Willie said something like this:

    "I LOVE Orban!! That guy has stones below his belt" to take on the EU, etc.

    (This is a way of saying Orban has guts to go up against the EU).

    Thanks for the update.


    By Amargi

    Boogie Nation

    January 1997

    Psychotronics are the "hidden technology," and the "ancient
    technologies." You can use wood, metal to make these machines or
    you can use nature and animal to BE these machines.
    There are many technologies that are kept hidden from the average person.
    A radionic machine can make
    a connection to the etheric body of a tree or to the thoughts
    (etheric level) of a person. And since you and your mind exist on
    all these levels at once, the radionic machine is really only
    helping your mind and awareness to make the connection.

    Since radionic machines are only mind/etheric connecting tools,
    they do not have to be full of complicated physical components.
    That is why this knowledge is kept hidden from people.

    Radionics works with settings that makes links between
    thoughtwaves to events/goals.

    A list could be endless in radionic applications but here is a
    list of just some of the things you can do with a radionic
    machine. After you read this you'll see why radionics is so

    This list does not necessarily represent my personal uses
    for radionics since many are highly immoral and radionics is only
    one branch of my work. Consider this a generic list of possible

    - Healing yourself or others of illness, disease, etc.
    - Removing pests from your home without chemicals.
    - Removing pests from crops without chemicals.
    - Teleportation (moving your body around
    the globe with your thoughts alone).
    - Levitation (raising physical objects into the air, e.g.,
    pyramid stones, e.g., sound psychotronics).
    - Assisting with creative artistic endeavors.
    - Personal protection.
    - Psychic warfare if you are under attack.
    - Removal of alien implants in your body.
    - Accessing other dimensions and realities.
    - Gaining secret knowledge.
    - Reading the minds of others.
    - Remote viewing (invisible cameras inside places of your
    - Telepathic communication between individuals.
    - Wireless, invisible telephonic transmission (say good-bye to
    high phone bills and great if a disaster hits and all
    the phone lines are down).
    - As an FM stereo.
    - Military applications.
    - Removal of harmful ELF, electromagnetic frequencies
    surrounding you.
    - Broadcasting music or images.
    - Taping into satellite systems.
    - Remote viewing beyond the planet to other planets.
    - Interdimensional warehouse construction.
    - Making water taste better.
    - Programming water to have particular qualities to enhance
    personal development.
    - Invoking the Light.
    - Spreading Love more creatively to anyone or anything.
    - Winning the lottery.
    - Dematerialization of physical structures.
    - Breaking down time/space grids around your house for truly
    multidimensional living.
    - Accessing higher levels of consciousness and help from
    higher sources.
    - Inducing brainstates and altered states.
    - Programming specific energy patterns into anything.
    - Transferring the energy of ancient power
    sources into psionic, radionic devices.

    The list could go on and on. As you see, the question of morals
    comes up with many applications that are within your reach with
    radionics. You will find that any knowledge that comes to you on
    a higher level has to go through your conscious morals. Most
    people think that because it is "higher knowledge" and awareness,
    it is always on the positive side. This is not so. Higher
    knowledge can be used for both good and bad depending upon your
    choice. You can go to higher levels of awareness and dimensions
    and be a totally "evil" person. The control structures on this
    planet have been set up and implemented by negative beings on
    reside on higher dimensions. A rule to follow is to keep your
    radionic work centered around Love always, with no exceptions.

    1. Hahahahahahaha! I think you forgot one or two...

    2. You are exaggerating... Radionics is truly an unknown science. Few people have heard about it and even fewer actually know how to make things with it. You can count the people who actually know on the fingers of one hand. Meaning almost noone truly does! Radionics cannot do the things you say though!! One example of people who know what they are doing is Mark Hooten ( He used to make some nice things. However he got attacked so much he couldn't take it anymore and stopped.

    3. Anyways, I'm not actually serious with my comments in this blog...


  64. Learn how you can heal your own pain and other issues. With this new method, The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method, you will be able to do energy healing on yourself for any physical bodily issue you are currently having.

    It's not just for pain and it actually works better than The Paper Radionics Machine. August 28, 2014

  65. Thank You Cobra, RM, Galactic Family (I see you hanging out at night...that tell-tale wiggle/meander...and I always say hello!)Light Forces, Angels and Archangels, Lightworkers and might get a bit more intense before it gets better, so lets all keep our heads and hearts open. Nature, the great healer.




  67. Radionics/Wishing Machines - Do they work?
    Oskar Jungell


  68. Bon Soir, PARIS!
    Ca c'est monsieur Phil Collins pour toi.
    Et c'est pour Nadine Mielke, l'amour de ma vie ♥






  71. A radionic camera is a device which is able to take color or black & white photos by similar light emulsion exposure means as a normal camera.
    The difference is there is no scene or object which the camera is aimed at in order to photograph it. With a radionic camera, the "lens" is aimed at a plate, usually magnetic in nature.
    Structured as a radionic device, the location or object in desire is "tuned" into the device via a witness sample and "projected" onto the plate (or in between two plates) as an electromagnetic field.
    The film emulsion is exposed to this field to produce the image. The vibratory nature of radionics allows the remote broadcasting/receiving of the intended location.
    This means that with a radionic camera one can photograph a location in India, yet the camera apparatus is located in London.
    Therefore, we are dealing with a remote viewing technology of sorts.

    Radionic photography is not a new science, but has been around for over a century.
    The Drown and De La Warr radionic cameras of the early 1900's were used mostly for medical purposes (diagnosis and treatment).
    Dr. Ruth Drown of California should rightfully be considered one of the pioneers in the field of medical radionic photography.
    Her unique RadioVision device was highly accurate and produced remarkable photographs.
    In her patent documents for this device (British Patent Office - Patent # 515,866 - July 1, 1938), section 1 of her declaration states: "Method of obtaining photographic records of portions of the human bodies or other objects consisting in forming a magnetic field across a sensitized plate or film by means of an electrical circuit and producing changes in the electromotive force in the circuit by means of a light-sensitive cell or photo-electric cell exposed to the influence of the radiant energy of the object to be photographed."
    Her complete patent is available and is published by Borderland Sciences.


  72. Cobra, and why do you tell us nothing about Amargi Hillier who claims he was catching images from hidden places inside pyramides and even underneath?

    Again, do you feel so good by being so and so mysterious?...

    1. Well, why do you care about what Cobra say or not say? You, me, anyone, have the same "power" of Cobra, you want to know something? just do it, you can, stop "believing" in all things cobra say or don't say, do you work to my friend, you are capable of it. You want to know all the secrets of the world or universe? just do it, you can, we are ONE.

    2. do you feel so good by taking jabs at others...?

      would knowing CoBra's identity make you feel better about yourself and your situation?

      if you still can't feel what is truth - I suggest you re-start from the beginning.

    3. @robinson amarai. the TRUTH is COBRA does not want people to blindly follow his words. he was given the task of being the go between of the RM to the people. he pases on infomation that is relevent to our future. most of us here have had the time and grace to be able to evaluate the information he passes on over a number of years and he has never misled or misinformed. if you are so able to find out the truth about the liberation of this planet then that is great, but there is no need to try and undermine someone who has dedicated his life to the liberation of this planet in service to the people, the planet and all other life forms. if your information differs then that is for you to discern. we do not follow blindly we SUPPORT COBRA in his efforts.

    4. Unknown, you should leave this liberation blogging for a while, and do something completely different.
      Maybe some distilled alcohol ? Quality artisan homemade limited edition vodka (or beer) ? Not the mass produced cabal crap you promote here.
      You are not the only casualty of light in need of healing...
      Yes, we could use the Pleiadean girls with Pleiadean healing techniques , but, we have to figure it out the best we can with what we've got until they arrive ...

      Cobra is cloaked for all the reasons we (you included) know all to well about.


  73. You, the Readers of this blog, especially, you the moralists and 'narrow gauge' minded!...

    Do you know that Amargi Hillier has disclosed hidden tech and mind knowledge in his book "Mind power seduction"?

    You will be surprised that not all about women seduction is leading you to naked ass crack ladyies...


  74. "Amargi Hillier who reported to have uncovered a deep system of "Radionics" ancient..."

    Read more:


  75. I already apologize for my language, but I did not see this one coming, and I want to share it 'cause

    This is FUCKING awesome!!!

    Electric Light Orchestra - ALL OVER THE WORLD

    FUCK YEAH!!!

    Pardon :-)


  76. Awesome! I live right on the Ley line in CT, much validation as to why I reside and often travel along the Boston - NYC line in air and on land. Great post! Victory of the Light!!!

  77. Rejoicing and blessings to the Resistance and Confederation! I can feel the tension rising, the galaxy on the edge of its seat...

    It's delightful to read the comments threads these days! One can judge what a bright Light has been created here in the darkness just by the number of attracted shadowy things fluttering about!

    Victory of the Light!

  78. I hope once the Event happens the light forces are going to support in massive family planning and reproductive services. We don't want the surface of the planet covered with only people by the year 2500 because free energy devices allowed enough food for our reproductive rates to go haywire. How do the Pleiadians enforce their population to not keep growing?

    1. Hey, I like your point, but think about it. Most of the people want to make kids because of the programming. They have thsese principles that they have to marry and to make kids. They don't marry necessarily out of love. People don't percieve marriage as a love ritual between two people, a love ritual between two souls, they just want to fill their gaps with children. I think, if the Event really comes, the programming will start to fade and we will start to feel the love as it is. Just pure and as a soul level we will choose to reincarnate or not

    2. Through education, check out the nordic European countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc. Their population is having a steady decline in numbers because couples decide not to have children. Also I'm pretty sure we're gonna colonize Mars fairly soon and after first contact, humans may want to travel to other start systems. I'm also personally hoping for a natural and non-hormonal contraceptive method myself once the medical industry gets reformed. But in any case, we're gonna be fine, no worries :)

    3. I expect population growth will eventually halt and maybe even reverse to some exent due to far better birth control methods than we have now, and as we mature and evolve as a species, we'll learn to have enough biocontrol over our own bodies that pregnancy will only happen when a couple desires it even without the help of medications.

    4. Do you recall the words of "God" in the book of Genesis to the "first humans"?

      That sour advice was to: be fruitful and multiply. Words that are ill over-heeded in this age, for we do nor need more breeding.

      Have any others beyond this world heard words such ad these? I doubt it, yet also cannot prove the claim having not met any of them, myself.

      Still, it is merely this, that humans have been given what they think is a divine order to breed excessively. No, it is mere instinct, and one that is to be controlled as I would believe the outer races do.

      Children are less than a future, they are a responsibility and a sacrifice of the self. One must measure their life before they even make that decision.

    5. 'Enforce'? What is it about free will that is not understood?

    6. Cobra mentioned something about the population growth stabilizing. I forgot the wording he used exactly. We definitely need effective natural contraceptives that don't destroy the body, but aren't a pain to use either, free of big pharma control.

    7. The year 2500?
      Your soul will reincarnate as a Mermaid on another planet maybe or move up to another realms...
      Why bother about "distant" future?

  79. With deep gratitude always
    Victory of the Light!

  80. Love and GRatitude to Cobra and Forces of the Light

  81. The line of the New Atlantis alignment goes exactly through the famous Pozar Baths in Greece. If any of you ever get the chance you should visit. The place is like a paradise! The water of the springs has many healing abilities. In the area there is a large complex of 17 caves that you can visit too.

  82. If it is not inconvenient I would like to share something with you
    Today in my meditation and spiritual practices I decided to take three major arcana and to my surprise came these confirmations. Whoever hears the language of the birds knows that the victory is near.
    Spiritual practices should be every day when possible, not just on Sundays. Thank you COBRA
    Victory of the light!

    From left to right. The Empress. Wheel of fortune. The Stars

  83. I have just published the first Alchemical Herb Essence preparation "The Peace Essence", if you feel so guided, take a look here: The Peace Essence

    With infinite LOVE and GRATITUDE...

    Fabio ;)

    1. A meaningful and a fruitful hobby.
      Good luck Fabio!


    I´m sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you!

    Think I´ve lost the horses in my last post and I´m sorry for that. Had a complete feeling of down and hopelesness.. Maybe I exaggerated a bit in my writings. But the question still remains:
    Why being strongly positive in the BLOG-UPDATES and discouraging in PFC interviews? Don´t know.

    But now after what I felt later on I know that GIVING UP is not in our vocabulary any more!

    I received an impulse to listen to a song and I nearly felt on my knees and cried:


    Now I can feel again, that VICTORY IS NEAR. I don´t CARE anymore about anyone writing something about other scenarios. I KNOW we will win. And it WILL be soon!

    Thank you for all your inspiring posts and for your beingness. Thank you COBRA and RM for all the work and support.
    I´m back on this blog now and will stay!

    Wish you all the best. Let´s keep it up!

    Love And Light



  85. I am not spreading this to bring down the vibes, I just want there to be awareness of this!

    Boy-Lover Pedo Symbol Found on Billboards in Glendale Arizona

  86. i dont doubt a minute what you think it happened is what actually happened. As with many other past attempts to restore balance, the end resulted with martyrs to then be written about partially and forgotten...

    why these two ladies were allowed to be so ill treated... one could argue that their supporters above and below weighted the risks as usual... and those two ladies got the short end of the stick.

    thru the ages it seems we had plenty of ill conceived backup plans by the good guys.

    we have plenty of examples of martyrs... only few lucky ones went on to play the game right.. but not absolutely right.. cause humdreds of years later we still playing the same damn game.

    me wonders what Gaia would have decided to do if she could.

  87. Are you sure that's a quote from Voltaire of the Comte de Saint-Germain?
    Sounds more like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Congress of the Workers party speech opening.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. I think i found something related about the Hamburg attacks from today and Yalbadaoth

    Grab the movie "Spectre.2015" (james bond) in the intro credits you will see an OCTOPUS, is in the ring too (from the a italian man called sciarra) , and they are ready to activate the NWO, i recommend to watch the movie and you will connect a lot of dots

    But we have two scenes:
    00:24:00,200 --> 00:24:02,521
    Well, a lot's happened while you were away.

    00:24:02,600 --> 00:24:06,685
    A train bombing in Hamburg and an industrial explosion in Tunisia.

    Then, at 0:40:30,640 --> 00:40:34,406
    After the success of our attacks in Hamburg and Tunisia

    Coincidence? an octopus as the logo of the evil for the NWO, the attack of Hamburg..

    They warned us?

  90. just in case anyone missed this--"need some fireworks in your "life"-- to fit this post of Cobra's.

  91. i have twice now been invited to meet St. Germaine and crew-the first time someone intervened and i ended up missing the meeting as i was just a few feet from the meeting place when i was thrown backwards and landed on the base of my neck-SMASHING it--then a week later was smashed by a car and got the neck broken again. Years later there was another invite-and that one was witnessed and reported on by thousands of people in Kansas, right near where the author of The Wizard of Oz was born. I am pretty sure i made that appt. but again, after being threatened and having a pot of hot coffee thrown at me just before hand. I have no memory of said meeting, but i did have a good 8-10 hours of missing time and the local and state news of thousands reporting ufo's landing a ten minute walk away in a meadow nearby my motel room. Never did figure out what that was all about!