Monday, June 15, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Update and a New Cobra Interview

Time of our Age of Aquarius activation is slowly approaching. We have managed to stabilize the planetary situation last weekend with Peace Meditation at the exact moment of Eris Pluto square, and now the annular Solar eclipse is approaching on June 21st:

We will use the energy of this Solar eclipse to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people participating in our main meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation on June 29th /30th.

Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do this preparatory booster meditation at the exact moment of the Solar eclipse, which will come on June 21st at 06:40 UTC, which you can convert to your timezone here:

Videos for the Booster Meditation in many languages are here: 

Instructions for the Booster Meditation:

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to reach the critical mass od 144,000 people meditating for our Age of Aquarius Activation part 2.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light activating Soul star chakras of millions upon millions of people, presenting them with the possibility of joining Age of Aquarius activation. Visualize those who feel so guided actually participating, their number exceeding the critical mass, and the activation itself having a massive positive healing effect for all sentient beings on Earth and stabilizing the Age of Aquarius positive timeline.

90 minutes after the Booster meditation, the Solar eclipse zone of totality will reach Chiayi city in Taiwan and activate a very special Dragon Vortex near Chiayi, which will give the necessary positive energy boost into the planetary energy grid.

In the days following that, and until the main meditation on June 29th/30th, energies will begin to rise and will culminate at the exact moment of our Age of Aquarius activation.

In the moment of our Age of Aquarius activation, the double Goddess Vortex of Paris/Versailles will be reactivated after more than two centuries of dormancy, and this will initiate the next phase of the return of the Goddess for the planet.


Age of Aquarius activation videos have been created in over 30 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!



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Most of the above promotional videos can be found on the following Youtube playlists:

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Guided audio meditation video in English is here: 

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Playlist of guided audio Youtube videos in over 40 languages is here:

Manga video in English is here:

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And in Japanese here:

A special visualization help video in Persian is here:

Live broadcast for the promotional videos is here:

Live stream in real time will be available here:


And here.

Our main Facebook event for Age of Aquarius activation in English is here:

A new Cobra interview has been conducted by Sisterhood of the Rose.

You can listen to it on Youtube in English here: 


  1. Meditation on June 14, 2020 was a very important event. The next such event will be the Summer Solstice on June 20 and the Solar Eclipse (SE) on June 21, 2020.
    The Light Forces did not allow the Dark Forces to use the powerful energy of the Lunar Eclipse on June 5, 2020, to provoke a mass bloodshed involving armed demonstrators, the occupation of the White House by millions of protesters, and the attacks on the US military on June 6, 2020. Instead of all that passed off relatively peaceful demonstrations against racism.
    But one of the most devastating energy blows the Light Forces will launch to the DFs on June 21, 2020 on the Thin Plan that will further reduce their ability to counterattack.
    On this day, at 06.41 GMT, there will be an annular Solar "Ring of Fire" Eclipse at 00°21′ Cancer when the Earth will be aligned with Galactic Center. This alignment is the World Axis, a degree point where important cosmic and Earth events occur. This is the central and most high-powered Eclipse of the summer season, which coincides with the Summer Solstice (June 20) and therefore gives everything that happen a great energy. The balance of forces will begin to change around the world.
    Once again, the Dark Forces plan to use the powerful vibrations of an important cosmic event to strengthen their weakening energy, to stop the successful attack on them by the Light Forces.
    But these are hopeless attempts. On the quantum, astral, plasma, etheric and many parts of the Earth level, the LFs have already removed and continue to actively remove all negative energy sources which sustained the Dark Forces for the last 13 thousand years of the Cosmic Night, including such important source as the goo vaults. They are already de-energized. That is why the DFs, Archons, and remnants of the Chimera are so desperate for life energy, which they are squeezing out of global and national hysteria with their last strength.
    On June 21, 2020, the Light Forces will deal another devastating blow to these efforts. On this day, they will activate a New Quantum Matrix of our Local Universe, which will radically change the entire situation not only on Thin Plan, but also on Earth.
    This means the deactivation of the previous evolutionary format "Cosmic Day", switching to a new layout of evolutionary conditions "Galactic Year". Higher Light Forces, Matrix Architects, and Light Hierarchy of Absolute install new fundamental programs in the Matrix at the quantum, system level, and activate new programs at the physical level as well.
    At the moment of the Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020, the New Galactic Year will also begin. This was reported via a Single Hierarchical Channel.
    Activation of The New Galactic Year is, first of all, a RESET of the MATRIX, a TRANSITION to a NEW EVOLUTIONARY FORMAT of DEVELOPMENT AND an UPDATE OF the complex of COSMIC ENERGIES brought to Earth. This is a new scheme of the World Order and human society. This is also an increase in vibrations that will affect the entire fractal eon of the 3-4-5D Unified Earth.
    How will the transition to the New Galactic Year format be technically implemented?
    Our Milky Way is a spiral 4-arms Galaxy. Its graphic symbol is represented by an ancient image of swastika. It shows 4 Spiral Arms and 4 points - Spiritual Suns for each Arm. Plus the Central Spiritual Sun in the Galactic Center. Our Solar system is located on the edge of the Milky Way, in the Perseus Arm. Although we are supposed to be in the Orion Arm, this is not quite correct, for the Orion Arm itself is a branch, part of the Perseus Arm.
    Our Galaxy and its stellar and planetary objects exist at the expense of two types of energy: received from outside and generated independently. Our Sun receives some of the subtle energy from the Central Sun, and also generates it independently (sunlight). The Earth receives part of the Life Energy from the Central Sun, through a cascading system of Portals-Spiritual Suns, the nearest of which is our Sun. Plus - its own generation by the Earth's core.(To be continued)

    1. For those who might have missed it, you can use the poster I made for the June 30th Meditation:

    2. The new galactic year always starts on the 26th of July, not June 21st. 🌞🌈🛸

    3. Thank you CoBra. Thank you Lev.

    4. This. Aquarian Maiden, has been the case until now. According to the New Quantum Matrix in our Local Universe, The New Galactic Year will now begin on June 21, Earth time.

    5. Lev@
      Thx again for all your work!

      What can you tell us about 'the New Lemuria'?

      We know from Cobra about only 'the New Atlantis', but about the new Lemuria, so much in discussion on the web?

    6. Is this the final chance to jump to a level without darkness on 20-21 June?

      Will this GALACTIC impulse that is to come to Earth on June 21 dissolve implants in people?

      And those who don't pass now, do you close that window for them?

      There are a lot of good and helpful people but, for example, involved in loans, it lowers their vibrations now. Does that mean there's no chance of a better life for them?

    7. Interesting, but I will stick with 26th of July as I haven't read to the contrary.everyone is saying g the same except you. No disrespect, but I don't know anything about you at all, so will trust my intuition. Peace to you. 🙏🌞

    8. I fully respect your intuition,Aquarian Maiden. Inner resonans always confirms whether we are ready to accept new information, as well as whether it is true or false.

    9. No, Sjsbxbxjsjs, this is not "the last chance.'This is one of many opportunities that will be many more ahead to get rid of negative energy and everything created by it here on the 3D Earth. Implants are fuelled by Set channels, through which negative energy circulates, regulating the implants. The Light Forces earlier began actively remove Seth's channels, crystallizing them. This work will continue after June 20-21... Everyone has and will have a "chance for a better life," Sjsbxbxjsjs. This does not depend on the next open portal (or window in Your term). It is important that the saved help themselves and others in this salvation.

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    11. Is there a guided meditation for june 21?

  2. But all that is now changing. In the New Matrix of our Local Universe, this scheme is reformatted. The chain of a number of Spiritual Suns and the Zodiac as relay portals for transmitting the Galactic Ray is eliminated. Previously, this scheme was necessary, because each of the Spiritual Suns (Star Logos) performed the function of reducing the vibrations of the Galactic Ray, and its adaptation for the lower level.
    This is similar to generating stations, substations, and transformers on Earth. We can't use 12,000 volts at home, but only 100-127 Volts. Otherwise, everything will instantly burn. By the same scheme works the Galactic Ray transmission.
    Passing successively through the cascading system of Portals-Spiritual Suns, the vibration of the Galactic Ray is equalized, lowered, and adapted to the lower level. The most attenuated vibration is received by our Sun. But even this vibration for earthlings is beyond the limit, so the Sun still lowers it and only then transmits it to the Earth’s core (and to other planets in the Solar system) through the North Pole.
    The Galactic Ray spent by analogy with the air consumed by man is withdrawn through the South Pole and goes back in reverse. This is how the Galactic Energy Cycle functions in our Local Universe.
    It used to be that way. There were many pros and cons of this scheme. The main advantages are listed above. And the disadvantages are that under the Dark Civilizations influence, each Logos - the Spiritual Sun - could bring negative, aggressive and destructive programs to the Galactic Ray. These civilizations openly interfered in our evolution and were present on Earth in various guises.
    What will happen after June 21, 2020?
    The culmination of the restart and direct receipt of the Galactic Ray is scheduled for June 21, 2020. At present, the Hierarchy of the Absolute, the Evolutionary Council, and other structures of our Local Universe are conducting tremendous preparatory work for receiving the first pulse of a new Galactic Ray, for implanting on quantum level a Galactic Crystal with new strongest positive energies, information, and programs that the Dark Forces couldn’t withstand.
    The Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2020 belongs to a very difficult series of Saros (chain of repetitions) eclipses № 4N. They often create unbearable conditions for existence, are associated with the most destructive disasters and natural phenomena, because they create a "transition through a critical point". Their energy provokes resistance, struggle. The old systems that are not viable begin to collapse, giving way to new ones.
    Eclipses of this series are bringing about a crisis. But the crisis is simply a transition to a new stage, to a new formation. The №4N eclipses are focused to destroy and to zero all outdated political and socio-economic systems, remove a poorly performing management, an inefficient economy, and to build another one. The SE of June 21, 2020 will trigger a big change in the World and not in favor of the Dark Forces. (To be continued)

    1. Lev, please,

      What happens if we invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a wall of protection around our homes.
      As case may be, if we leave in a housing block, around the entire housing block, and as well another one around the particular flat (in the housing block) we live in.
      And if we ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

      What happens for our particular home (the flat we live in), and also what happens for the entire neighbourhood of the housing-block?

    2. Nothing, Unknown, will happen to the house or things. Only negative energy will be removed, which permeates everything in the apartment and, unfortunately, sometimes the residents themselves, if they emit only negative energy.

    3. Lev@

      What about the Proxima-B planet in Centaurus constellations?

      Are there human-like aliens in Centaurus? Or even earthling humans related?
      Can you give us some details?
      Thank you in advance

    4. Lev@
      Yes, of course! it's very good if negative energy will be removed, which permeates everything in the apartment.
      But is it better to invoke the Violet Flam,e from its primary source, to place a wall of protection around each one of the particular flats in the housing-block, and the staircase and the entrance as well?

      What about a 'paper radionics device' to be used, to do it day and night, while, from time to time, we do it during meditation?

    5. The Proxima-B planet, UNKNOWN, which was discovered in 2016, indeed had many similarities to Earth and it was assumed that its inhabitants could be like earthlings. Everything changed on March 24, 2017, when the star Proxima Centauri threw into space just a colossal flash in its size and power. If there was any form of life on the planet Proxima B, the flash, which was 10 times more powerful and brighter than the brightest and most powerful flash on our Sun, simply burned it out.
      In just 10 seconds, the brightness of the star Proxima Centauri increased 1000 times that day. During this time, the planet Proxima B was exposed to a level of radiation that was 4,000 times higher than the radiation that the Earth is usually exposed to during solar flares. For all life that could be on the surface of the planet at that moment, this event was the last. Unless it had been evacuated from the planet in advance, or had taken refuge deep below the surface, as not once has happened with our subterranean civilizations.

    6. If during the meditation on June 21, UNKNOWN, You would be able to hold long enough the Violet Flame from its primary Source in your energy field then You could easily "place a wall of protection around each one of the particular flats in the housing-block, and the staircase and the entrance as well." After such success, repeated several times, You will no longer need any devices.

  3. This fact the Dark Forces categorically do not want to recognize and accept. During the Solar Eclipse (SE) on June 21, 2020, they will try to maximum harvest of negative energy, exacerbating the situation, provoking conflicts, as they have done many times in the past.
    How did the Dark Forces put this into practice? Here are just a few examples out of many.
    SE on 17 April, 1912. The sinking of the Titanic during the night from 14 to 15 April, 1912. The shipwreck killed almost all the most important opponents of the creation of the Federal Reserve in the US elite.
    SE on 21 August, 1914. The First World War, which began with the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand on June 28, 1914, led to the collapse of five empires and the complete re-making of world order.
    SE on 8 June and 3 December, 1918-29 May and 22 November, 1919. Spanish flu - around 550 million people, or 29.5% of world's population, were infected. The number of deaths is up to 50-100 million people, or 0.9-5.3% of earthlings.
    SE on 1 November, 1929. The collapse of the New York stock exchange, created by the Dark Forces, turned into a global crisis, and the beginning of the Great Depression. In Germany, this crisis brought Adolf Hitler and the Nazis to power.
    SE on 24 February, 1933. Arson of the Reichstag by the Nazis on February 27. On February 28, an emergency decree was issued in Germany, abolishing the freedom of the individual, speech, press, assembly and unions. March 23 - the Reichstag passed the "Law on the elimination of the plight of the people and the state", which transferred a number of legislative functions to Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler. The adoption of this law was the final stage of the Nazis' entanglement of power in Germany and the beginning of their course for a global repartition.
    SE on 19 April and 12 October, 1939. The Second World War began on September 1, 1941.
    SE on 27 March and 21 September, 1941. Nazi Germany's invasion of the USSR on June 21, 1941.
    SE on 9 July, 1945. 16 July - the world's first test of the Trinity nuclear bomb.
    SE on 12 September, 1950. Korea. September 15 - Operation Chromite begins, which decided the outcome of the Korean war and the fate of Korea. Coincidence between war and a solar eclipse was the SE on May 9, 1948, there was a total solar eclipse that passed right over the center of Korea. Violence on the Korean peninsula soon erupted in a major way. And by 1950, the conflict had grown into a full-scale war. (To be continued)

    1. Titanic was sunk by a negative ET weapon from a flying craft, put a hole in the side.

    2. Dear Lev, thank you for your information. Can you please tell if 20-21 will be the time when some beings will be moved through the portal to a new reality?

    3. Yes, Sjsbxbxjsjs, this channel of high-frequency positive energy can and will be used for movement by anyone who emits the same vibrations.

    4. World War II started in 1939.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Thank you,Angela, and sorry - it's my typo. The WW2 indeed started on 1st September,1939 by Nazi invasion of Poland.

    7. Lev, thank you for your answer. Does that mean that those people who pass will completely disappear from this matrix? These people have families, loved ones, can you write what it will look like? :)

    8. Absolutely not, Sjsbxbxjsjs,on 20-21st June just once again, a portal and channel for the influx of powerful positive energy to the Earth will open. Those who have the same vibrations can use it for interdimensional trip. But this is not necessary if they have loved ones who need their love and care here on the 3D Earth. In addition, there is still an old dual Matrix in our Local Universe. It will take time to fully activate The New Matrix. On June 20-21, the Light Forces scheduled very important test of it during the reception here on Earth of a direct Galactic Ray.

    9. Lev, you came at the right time. You help us understand a lot of things here. Thank you very much. I'd still like to ask you how dark creatures will feel when this expected galactic light arrives on Earth on June 21. Will they just suddenly start dying? Will it be a process of mass death or will they die gradually over time? Also, if you can answer the last question... I'd like to ask you who you are :) Your knowledge is impressive! Do you work in the Resistance? Are you an earthly man? I hope I didn't offend you with these personal questions, I greet you from Poland. And by the way, I thank you Cobra for your invaluable work, I send a lot of love and support as much as I can ❤️

    10. Thank you, Sjsbxbxjsjs, for your questions and warm feedback. Let's better once again thank together Cobra for his courage, patience and determination, and for his wonderful blog, without which this exchange of information would not be possible. Now your questions…
      Scheduled for June 21, 2020, activation of the New Quantum Matrix, coincided with the Solar Eclipse and the Portal’s next opening, will not be accompanied by a giant powerful flash that can kill all life, including DFs. It will be a stream of high frequency energy, which the Light Forses will control given the current state of the earthlings, who are encouraged (including through Cobra), to anchor by mass meditation as much as possible of this energy on the planet that will greatly help LFs.
      Since it will not be a flash, but a flow of energy, the DFs will stand it in different ways. Those who still carry Light in their souls will bear it a little more easily than those who exist only on negative energy. They will use the strong Eclipse energy to provoke even more anger, hatred, and aggression around the world that they feed themselves with and still survive.
      Given the state of the Earth and earthlings, the Light Forces are now focused on other and most important things. This is the launch of a New Quantum Matrix in our Local Universe. This is the creation of a new multi-level energy structure on Earth: from 5D on the surface and up to 32D in near-earth space, which will allow the LFs to manage space flows to the planet even more effectively for its further transformation. This is a very thorough rearrangement with these radiations of the cells of the human body from the carbon to the silicic base, so that it can endure high energies. The 12 genetic chains on the physical plane and the 12 chains on the Subtle Plan will also be gradually activated to return people to their original state. There are many areas of work…
      And the last thing... I'm not a Resistance member or participant. I am not an alien, but just like you, I’m an earthman who is grateful to the Cobra for the opportunity to give as much food for thought as possible.

    11. Dear Lev, I guess I have to ask you one more question 😊❤️ Please, can you confirm this video from the camera installed aboard the International Space Station?

      On 18 May 2020, the camera recorded the mass evacuation of thousands of UFOs that simultaneously took off from the surface of our planet and flew into space.


      Or here:

    12. Escape from the Earth, Sjsbxbxjsjs, the Dark Forces will never be able to any more. The Light Forces completely blocked all evacuation chances up to the Kuiper Belt and even further - up to the Oort Cloud. But the war in near space between the Moon and Earth continues. The downed DFs' space ship over Brazil reminded of this. Not only the DFs, but also the Light Forces have launch pads for their cosmic fleets on the surface and underground.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. Oh Lev, I have so many questions all the time, I do a lot of analysis every day.

      There's one character who's been bothering me for a while now... It's Michael Love from Facebook, who's been passing on information from the Pleiades. I wonder if these are real messages?

      A friend of mine has checked out this man's ways and says his messages are from Demiurg.

      I'm writing about it because I wonder if Cobra checked him out well. Some time ago, Cobra providd a link from Michael chanelling in his report.

      Michael Love always sends greetings to Cobra at the bottom of his channel post.

      That's why I felt it would be important to check exactly who this man is and where his information comes from. A lot of people will trust him, only because he sends greetings to the Cobra every time. Is there any way to verify this?

      Lev, do you have any thoughts on that? 😊

    15. Lev@
      yes, you claim "I'm not a Resistance member or participant. I am not an alien, but just like you, I’m an earthman who is grateful to the Cobra for the opportunity to give as much food for thought as possible."

      How did you get this particular knowledge?

    16. Thank you for your new questions, Sjsbxbxjsjs. I promise to report on the progress of activation of the New Quantum Matrix in our Local Universe as soon as I receive information about it.
      To better understand the scale and significance of this event, it is appropriate to recall exactly which space the New Quantum Matrix covers.
      Our Local Universe is one of the 100,000 Local Universes that make up Superuniverse (there are seven of them).
      Our Local Universe includes 100 Constellations, each of which unites 100 Local Systems. In our Local System, there are 619 inhabited worlds in 562 Solar Systems. Earth is its 606th habitable planet.
      The activated new Quantum Matrix covers all these Constellations, Local Systems, and habitable planets. Given the scale of coverage, the transformation process will not be instantaneous.

      Regarding Your malaise during the days of Solar Eclipse which coincided with the New Moon… This is a normal phenomenon. It is caused by a sharp surge in such days of planetary energies, which were overlaid by a direct (through the Cancer) high-frequency stream from the Source on June 20-21.

      About Michael Love…This is one of the hundreds and thousands of sources of info that everyone must evaluate with their intuition and inner resonance.

      This, unknown, is the answer to Your kind question: "How did you get this particular knowledge?»

  4. SE on 30 June, 1973. An armed action by a Chilean army tank regiment against Salvador Allende’s government on June 29, 1973 in Santiago. It was a "dress rehearsal" for the military coup of September 11, 1973.
    SE on 21 June, 1982. The June 19 murder of banker Roberto Calvi, CEO of Banco Ambrosiano (hanged under The Black Friars Bridge in London), who threatened to publish secret documents about masons, Vatican’s financial transactions and the August 2, 1980 bombing of the railway station in Bologna by the fascists.
    SE on 15 January, 1991. Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait on 17 January .
    SE on 21 June, 2001. Prologue to the 9/11 attacks in the United States.
    SE on June 10, 2002. June 13 - breaking of the 1972 Anti-Missile Defense Treaty between the United States and Russia.
    SE on 7 February and 1 August, 2008. The Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009.
    SE on 20 March, 2015. In Sanaa (Yemen), ISIL’s suicide bombers blew up two mosques. The number of dead was 137 and 357 injured.
    SE on August 11, 2018. The Ponte Morandi Bridge’s collapse in Genoa (Italy) on August 14. The flash of lightning that struck the bridge during a thunderstorm was very similar to a bomb explosion. The tragedy occurred during the highest influence of Italian populists, significantly represented in the government.
    SE on December 26, 2019. December 28 - a terrorist attack in Mogadishu killed more than 90 people. December 31 - attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad. December 31 — first cases of COVID-19.
    SE on June 21, 2020. World trade, currency, energy, information and biological warfare. The global pandemic COVID-19. The World economy’s crises. The social and racial riots.
    After the launch by the Loght Forces of the New Quantum Matrix in our Local Universe, scheduled for June 21, 2020, the ability of the DFs to use Solar (and Lunar) Eclipses for destructive purposes will come to naught. This Solar Eclipse will open a so-called direct reset channel. Accumulated negative energy will be zeroed much faster. The next SE on July 5, 2020 closes the summer Eclipses corridor.

    1. Lev@

      Amargi Hillier (the claimed Egyptologist) claims, already time ago, that using radionics we can
      "Breaking down time/space grids around your house for truly multidimensional living."

      What do you have to say about this subject, in more details, as long as it seems not as simple as
      to put on the radionics device the trend condition and your home (as an image) on the target side...

      And, what can you tell us more about Amargi Hillier, and where can we find on the web now?

    2. This, Uknown, is a topic for a very big conversation. But here I will be as brief as possible. This is just one of the ways of gaining multidimensionality. And at the beginning of this path, everyone must answer to himself: Who am I? Why am I here? Did I come down the 14D stairs to get another experience before returning to the Source? Or on the way to It, I was born here and chose this difficult path of ascent through inner work and spiritual practice? Did I come here to colonize, exploit, and parasitize anything and anyone? Or is my goal to help others return to the Source? The technique described by Amargi Hillier is just a mechanism, one of many. But how high you will be allowed to climb this ladder depends on the answers to at least the few questions listed above.

    3. I have to say that the Chinese do not have the right neither to claim any territory, and even the right of ownership of their current. It is unknown what race are Chinese, but their history was written by the Jesuits, as well as the present territory was obtained from them. This same story was stolen from the Aryans and their descendants, together with the land and rights and their freedom. ( With the same purpose Aria was discredited by the Jesuits, as the swastika - an ancient solar (sun) symbol which is found even in South America(Tiwanaku). It was used by Hitler, the true identity which, as the origin is described by Ben Fulford.Money impoverished after the First World war Germany allowed Jewish bankers of American origin. There were taken of Hitler during the operation Paperclip - the documents have been declassified FBI on their official website( Once this message will appear in this blog, "Light forces", whatever they may be, should start an investigation about the actions of the Jesuits and their alien owners for the destruction of the Slavic peoples, cultures, their rashedeen and grazing, as well as the protection of Indians as a mass of people and the last keepers chronology of the last space wars on the territory of the planet, recorded in the Indian Vedas - is only their sources of information passed to them from the Aryans - related tribes of the Slavs, were able to survive after the invasion of Muslims, adherents of information weapons, created along with Christianity and Judaism on the same pattern - of religion. Also, as a fraternal people is asked to provide protection to Indian tribes, the idols of the Slavic gods has been found on the coast of Los Angeles and used for the construction of breakwaters - (most likely the ancestral temple was destroyed by the Jesuits during the colonization of America). I suspect that it is the Goddess that constantly says Cobra and then was worshiped by all Slavs. White Europeans are Western Slavs, too, were part of the Empire, and also worshipped the Goddess. It was called the Golden Woman (Golden Mother(Woman)). Only with the imposition of Christianity the province began to abandon the Empire and has already appeared kings. The names of countries is almost unchanged. Even the word aristocrat with Russian - related Sanskrit language translates as "arias hundred times", that is noble as a hundred Aryans, naidostoyneyshih. Those bastards stole from us all – the language, symbols, history, sounds, linguistics. Distorted meanings, shared concepts. Read on Wikipedia or in the library – what was in your country before the adoption of Christianity. And that was in a neighboring country? Have something in common? All information is confirmed by historical sources of the past centuries, the only question is, whose will you do, if you conceal this information.

  5. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  6. Are the cell service, internet, and SSI ATM account outages of the last 2 days in the US related to light work?

  7. Com certeza estarei junto. Eu e minha familia.

  8. Victory of the light. This is for the Goddess 🌺 🙂

  9. Peace...
    JFK Jr Will Be First President Of The NESARA Compliant United States!! (And He’s Q!)

  10. Historic Ashtar Command Flyby Over WA!! Ashtar Says “We Already Won The War”, GESARA Update!!

    1. Ok...before anyone in the Usa(or anywhere else for that matter)gets excited about the location of this agreeably stunning footage....this is NOT Washington or Washington is from Port Hedland,Western Australia....coastal North West,Western Australia....mining country.....all the rest of it fine...ive seen meteors like this in suburban Melbourne where i am and while not green they are jaw dropping to behold....Thornews posted this footage via an Australian Msm news channell 24 hours ago and many corrected him on it...Peace.

  11. A Message For The 144,000 Divinely-Designed Beings, It’s Reunion Time!!

  12. Dear Lion, thank you For this very important information... Thank you that you are here...From all my heart i wish only all Kind and Best!!! LOVE and Light 🌺🌺🌺💗💕💗🌸💗🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌈🌈🌈💜Big hug from Kazakstan 🇰🇿

  13. Dear Cobra thank you... Thank thank you thank you Love and Light!!! 🌈🌼💗🙏🙂Victory of Light

  14. The light forces is very incompetent, and I am tired of the constant false promises of the light forces.
    Keep lying.
    I'll take part in meditation, but I' m sick of the light forces.
    Over the years, the situation on the surface is getting worse and worse,
    the power of light, you will only give disgusting false promises.

    1. Is it in your interest to say such negative things? What is your background? If you don't enjoy it go home.

    2. Breaking!! Secret Galactic War Ends, As MSM Reports Aliens Could Exist And Ashtar Declares Victory!

    3. The Light Forces do the same thing that every driver does all the time: they constantly correct the steering wheel. This is how they reach their destination. (What would happen if motorists thought that their initial setting of the steering wheel did not need to be changed?)

    4. mariaonline@

      Yes, but Cobra will not agree.
      He claims in the interview that the war is far from over...

      How do you put together?...

    5. mariaonline@
      How do you put together?...that Secret Galactic War Ends and Asthar declared victory,...
      while Cobra claims in the interview that the war is far from over...

    6. holysprit qingse@
      Try your individual Ascension, on your own.

    7. @ unknown. Because Cobra's interview is older?:)

  15. Will this one actually work or will the draco ships still stand? Will the cabal be allowed to create even more crisis's to push us back without challenge? It's becoming a great concern that the situation is becoming quite extreme with minimal effort on cabal's part to stir chaos and weave it to their designs. Again I ask why do the resistance and the white hats tolerate this blatant violent activity instead of deposing standing governments or at the least remove the technology of which is the primary threat to planetary liberation.

    1. Yep, IF we're still dealing with this crap by the end of summer....I am gonna have a LOT of question to ask.

      Also, if no tangible results occur....I can see many quitting or even defecting to the bad guys side.

  16. Thanks I'm very excited I can feel the breakthrough coming

  17. Humble, in joy. Cobra, for you and the world:

    1. And oh. Carmina Burana with street scene. Beautiful.

    2. ... and another one. Flamenco. It's called flash mob for all that kind of performances I just learned. Life is a celebration:) After it's possible I'm gonna go to a flamenco school again.

  18. Excellent interview, as always, Cobra.

    Debra brought up some very interesting points that am I glad you were able to answer. It certainly gave us some clarity on the current global situation.

    One thing I wanted to address here, for the sake of others, that you were unable to answer during the interview was the question Debra posed about a lightworker having manifestations of light on their hands.

    This is known as "Shekinah Glory" or simply as "Glory Dust." It is the appearance of sometimes colorful (usually silver), metallic-like glitter material appearing all over the body, most commonly on the hands, neck and face. It is quite literally, physical manifestation of light from the non-physical planes forming on your body during prayer, meditation or worship.

    In fact, samples of Glory Dust were sent to a lab and the scientists there could not identify the material it was made of within the periodic table.

    Glory Dust is well-documented and even mentioned in the Law of One books.

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to educate all my fellow lightworkers. Thank you all for reading. ❤

    In humble service, Love & Light,

  19. What is the return of the goddess? Does it refer to energy or an actual person ?

  20. Share share share to wilcock, Fulford and other

  21. Attention!
    Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Catching Coronavirus

  22. Thank you for your beautiful light and energy in my life💜👄
    Victory of the Light🛸✨👽

  23. prime creators base science-infinitely applied to all levels of existance…..

    booster-this is some fundamental science in the workings of prime creators multiverse by the looks and sounds and feels of it…..

    like for example what some will label as a booster pump(s) that are often designed in say for a heating water system…..

    in such when a heating water energy transfer system utilizes a booster pump,this will increase the energy transfer capabilities of the system…..

    offering often a more efficient stable balanced and powerful energy transmission flow process with addition of booster type implemented technologies…..

    these high end lightforces types have quite large minds…..bravo…..hahahahaha…..

  24. Thank You Cobra, you are a Star! Thank You Light Forces. Wonderful Times await Us All. It's happening Folks. Victory of the Light!

  25. Thank you for your time Cobra!

    Of course I will participate in the Booster Meditation on 21 June.

    I hope that we will reach or even exceed the critical mass on June 30 as well as on January 11/12 and April 4/5.

    5 million is... a very big target.

    Anything is possible.

    I will definitely participate and contribute to it.

    Victory of the Light!

  26. Please, ashtar, this SIMS game is not fun.

    1. Yes, not fun at all.

      I DARE anyone, up there, calling this a 'game' to come down HERE and TRY living here for awhile....they will be SCREAMING for mercy FAST.

  27. This is really good news, makes me feel more hopeful. Thank you Cobra and light forces. I believe in you, everything is as it should be. Victory of the light. 🛸💛🧡💚💙💜❤🖤🌞🌈🙋‍♀️

  28. Thanks for the update. Translated in french.
    Traduction en français:

    Nous pouvons y arriver. Victoire de la Lumière !

  29. Sorry. I took the wrong form. Here it is again:
    Breaking!! Secret Galactic War Ends, As MSM Reports Aliens Could Exist And Ashtar Declares Victory!

  30. We will succeed! It gets tough at times, but we will never give up. Thank you for the interview to both parties! And thanks for the book recommendation/tips

    I've wanted to share this beautiful documentary about Nicholas Roerich and the call for cosmic evolution, for anyone who is interested :) It's very inspiring and well done

    Victory of the Light!

  31. For our German speaking community:

  32. I am looking forward to this meditation, and I wish that as many people as possible will participate. This is one of our personal chances. Let’s do this.

    Many thanks to all those who contributed by publishing videos, and foreign language texts. I have spread the news already. Let us be happy and forthcoming about this. Attitude is everything, and creates reality.

  33. These are dynamic times indeed.
    One thing I am compelled to mention here specifically reaching out to others who may be or have been experiencing this also.
    Reading Cobra' interview and Lev's enlightening comments some parts resonated deeply.

    "I know people were a little frustrated. So rather than seeing things externally, it’s what didn't happen, what was prevented, and that is a super big positive on what these [meditations] can prevent."

    This brings to mind the George Berkeley adage, "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" It is all in the mind and perception.

    I enjoyed participating as a member of an international dream group that used words/bots in predictive dreaming to forecast future events.
    As an empath and a healer my urge was to dream harmful or disastrous forecasts out of existence (changing the dream within the dream) rather than bring it into matter/reality.
    I then became the make up of a subgroup within the collective group to study how that would work. The challenge became how to measure the results. How does one quantify results onto a graph? Obviously as Debra (above) beautifully states, 'that it is not external' rather what is prevented defies external measurements and graphs like the tree falling in the forest.
    It is positively desirable nonetheless.
    Yet like the ravenous media it doesn't get the audience or ratings. so why bother?
    I left the group and went back to dreaming/meditating on my own.
    Interestingly it led me to dream-scapes much like the movie "Inception" and those can be both challenging and exhilarating.
    Is it sounding familiar?
    I sense this can also be applied to meditation practice and that is what I read with Cobra's information- a template on how to prevent or temper undesirable crossroads and events.

    The point here also, is in answering the question Lev poses. Who am I and what is my purpose? Well the answer is in the question.

    I am; my BEing has purpose and the most significant of this is the Divine Field of which I am intricately entangled. It comes with the software package of my BEing starting from conception to ascension.
    I look at my choices.
    That then takes me on a path.

    In reflection, this mirrors (no pun intended) to me the Soul's
    journey to record and to close lifetimes of unfinished business.

    Though I no longer engage a career in trauma surgical theaters,I accept that path is finished. I've participated in the miracles, now I move to another timeline.
    Empathy and Awareness along the way has transmuted the darkness and tragedy brought to that table.
    Service to others now continues from another fork in my timelines.
    Continuing to pay attention to the Soul is daily practice and of course the sweet whispers of Spirit that compels me forward, upward, inward.
    I know I am not alone in this experience as there are so many other Divine entities living their journeys.

    Thank you again Cobra.
    I'll see you all on June 20/21 and 29/30 in the inner planes.
    Blessed Be.

    1. @sojounerble

      We need some TANGIBLE results....otherwise people will either QUIT or DEFECT.

      And I am not in a mood for 'perception' debates and such. We need to see results.....ESPECIALLY in a WAR, which is what all this is.

  34. I'm doing it!! I'm part of the planetary healing network!!! That's what I was being prepared for!

    I'm in the process of starting a personal-development community. We're launching a trend of emotional healing! I will soon be able to provide a link for whoever is determined to remove traumas and improve their life while being surrounded by supportive, informed and encouraging people.

    This community is hopefully the first of many.

    1. In respect to the idea of a global healing network, we've created 'Homecave'!

      We're a community of people from all walks of life with a focus towards personal-development and emotional healing. So if you've decided to take on your self-healing journey and you're dedicated to improving your emotional well being, then this is the community for you.

      Make a discord account if you don't have one and join us by using the link below:

      I wish you the Best of Health and Victory of the Light!

  35. If your in the UK this will interest you, if you can't watch all recommend from 28min, basically we have communist mechanisms within but pretending it's outside factors that are making it so. There was no point in voting at all, the people voted conservatives.

  36. Interview transcript in Portuguese:
    Facebook event in Portuguese:

  37. I share it everywhere, I don't care.Who ever needs to get it Gonna Get It.
    Even try to send it to Q himself, figure it's time for it. But I don't really know how to get to him.
    Made a little speech about the meditation(s), post it on Gab, Minds, Fulford, Parler, Facebook...
    It's going to be BIG. 'Gigantic' meditation. I'm already feeling the 'wave' coming.
    Victory of the Light

  38. Thanks to the Sisterhood of Roses Debra who asked my questions to Cobra! I thank Cobra for the answers to them! Thanks to the Pleiadins who saw my request to create a new healing protocol! I thank Saint Germain and the Archangels for contacting me and helping me! LIGHT come to Earth on June 21 and change this world!

  39. Thank you very much Cobra (and Debra) for a wonderful and very informative interview! It is also very good news that you have posted another meditation for June 21st. Please tell the Light Forces for me that they absolutely made my day!

    I spent the last few days creating a very special Guided Audio for the June 21st Solar Eclipse Meditation and since Cobra just posted the 'Booster Meditation' I've embedded that language within my longer guided audio - as I feel it is an extremely powerful time for us to focus on several other positive shifts we are all longing to create throughout the rest of 2020 and beyond!

    ***** SO EVERYONE - HERE IS MY GIFT TO YOU FROM MY HEART TO YOURS - THE GUIDED AUDIO FOR SOLAR ECLIPSE DAY JUNE 21st complete with very uplifting soundtracks and guided voiceover. *****

    You'll find that it's more than just a meditation.....this weekend we are EMBARKING ON A COSMIC JOURNEY.....after which nothing will be the same....WE ARE CREATING OUR OWN DESTINY!!!

    Won't you join me on this journey?


    And we can continue to envision Five Million beautiful souls joining us on June 21 and June 30....together we can Manifest this Epic Level of Participation!


    I may come back and post a Youtube link as well if I can get past several problems I encountered there.

    P.S. I was up all night just getting this out as I had 24 hours of continuous interference/technical issues which greatly delayed things. I need to make a few minor tweaks to the video and will upload an updated version in a day or so but you can definitely start sharing the link now.

    I would also recommend downloading the video or audio file to your computer since we just entered Mercury Retrograde and that's when we tend to experience alot of technical problems. :-)

    1. well done friend!And I have a good post for twitter to promote our June 30th meditation!If you find it useful you can post it to those meditation teachers,lightworkers,lightworriers,or anyone you think they might join us!

      Dear Ones,the Golden Age is calling for us.Too much chaos we’ve been suffered.Time to bring in more Light!Pls join this meditation!With the powerful energy of Pluto and Jupiter we CAN manifest our dreamy future!

      and the sentences below you can put them in a pic and twitter it↓yes I merged Booster Meditation and AOAAP2 Meditation into one post:D(the promoting example you might want to have a look just click here,I've posted to many people:

      We will use the energy of this Solar eclipse to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people participating in our main meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation on June 29th /30th.

      Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do this preparatory booster meditation at the exact moment of the Solar eclipse, which will come on June 21st at 06:40 UTC, which you can convert to your timezone here:

      Instructions for the Booster Meditation:

      1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

      2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to reach the critical mass od 144,000 people meditating for our Age of Aquarius Activation part 2.

      3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light

      4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

      5. Visualize this Light activating Soul star chakras of millions upon millions of people, presenting them with the possibility of joining Age of Aquarius activation. Visualize those who feel so guided actually participating, their number exceeding the critical mass, and the activation itself having a massive positive healing effect for all sentient beings on Earth and stabilizing the Age of Aquarius positive timeline.

    2. Ok Everyone.......




      *** I Am Recommending that you download the mp3 audio of the video to your phone or computer just in case you may have trouble accessing it at the time of the meditation. ***


      Here is the link to that Light Expanding Pre-Meditation:

      Thank You sooooooooo much for Making Miracles Happen! And let me know about your experience with the guided audio and be sure to share your feedback after the meditation on Sunday. This will help build excitement for our next Mass Meditation on June 30th!


      If you can join some of the other Solstice Mass Meditations happening from sunrise Saturday through that evening leading up to our Solar Eclipse Meditation, our Collective Manifestation Power will be even higher and sustained over a much longer period of time!

      I will see you soon for our EPIC JOURNEY in the ethers!

      Oceans of Love,

  40. Lev, what will happen to those who are building followings by telling people they are Gods? Will there be karmic repercussions for these people? Will the event bring them to a place of truth of self and realization? Are these being misguided and of the Light or are they part of a darker plan to deceive and divide Lightworker community?

    1. It's much more complicated than that, DrewsThePits. We all came out of the Source as a radiated spark. Its journey through time and space is a tool of knowledge for the Source, as well as for us personally, as part of It. On 3D Earth, the Dark Forces severed and blocked people's connection to the Source, the memory of It. As the highest gods, the DFs have imposed their own Pantheon, whose worship feeds negative entities with human vital energy. The same goal is pursued by secret satanic rites in a well-known religions. This is one of the darkest and evil aspects of 3D Matrix duality, the time of which running out. The Light Forces made the last offer to DFs to aware of their responsibilities, correct their karmic crimes against humanity and join the Side of Light. Part of the DFs did this. The irreconcilable part responded with a firm refusal and is now actively inciting epidemics, crises, wars, riots and conflicts throughout the planet, the hotspots of which the DFs purposefully created for centuries. The Dark Forces could never deceive and divide the true Lightworkers. And even more so today, when the time of all negative entities is coming to an end, not only on Earth, but throughout our Local Universe.

    2. @Lev
      Your explanation fills my BEing resonating a truth I've experienced for quite a while and a blessing to behold.
      Truly when I look into other's eyes and countenance I can say, "Behold God" for I know in the deepest recesses of ancient mind it is what I am and we all are together.
      It is a recognition.
      Source cannot be separated except in the minds and perceptions of our holographic illusion.
      It is the trap (or prison) humanity on this planet has been in for eons. The grand experiment of sorts.

      I am reminded of a beautiful passage that came upon me this day reminding me of the Inner Alchemist, God within and the Christ Consciousness power of transmutation -
      and in so doing can never again permit myself to accept that I am made less than God by anyone or any conditional place /thing/time/event.

      In matters of idealizing, conceiving,and eventual manifestation; 'we are born again' truly of and in the Spiritual Kingdom of God.
      "It is in this way we can return all things back to the Universal Mind Substance from which they sprang, and bring them back or return them perfect into outer form or manifestation. Then, by holding them in their pure, spiritual, perfect state the vibrations are lowered and the things we wish to create come forth in perfect form....

      "In this way we can take every false belief, every old condition, every sin, all of our past life...and we can say to them all, " I now return you to the great ocean of Universal Mind Substance, from which all things come forth and where all is in perfection....there to be resolved into the elements from which you were created. I now bring you back from that pure substance as perfect and pure as God sees you and hold you always in that absolute perfection"
      Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East; vol 1 pg 60,61. Baird T. Spaulding

  41. We take care of our animals:
    Bumblefoot: What Is It & How You Can Help Your Bird

  42. Hmm, for some reason, the number of 144,000 people is very similar to the 144,000 elected Jews who will allow them to conquer the world. You, guys? Judaism is very fond of the number of 144,000 people.

    1. Good pt.. also we had 1M on 4/4 meditation which was intended to show.the Galactics how serious we are about ascension and if we did they wld intervene directly on the service and we would see dominos fall.. isnt this what the intent was for 4/4 ??

    2. @Grsfsr, charles manson believed that he would rule the world as a jesus figure with 144,000 followers. Religions, cults, tv shows like the 4400, etc have interpreted revelations and the end of the world. the only one that might be true is tne new age 144,000 key light worker scenario.

  43. Healing of the emotional body
    Angel heals emotional body [heart]

  44. Interview with Cobra ~ Polish translation

  45. Thanks again Cobra for all of the works that you do for us, we support you the much as we can. We we'll do our part and meditate as much as necessary. The end is near, the begining is near. Love for everybody. Victory of the Light !
    French translation of the interview.

    Traduction de l'interview en français :

    Victoire de la Lumière !

  46. Here is the interview translated into Spanish:

  47. I feel I'm in a highway, and I'm traveling in high speed inside a tunnel. If you remember in the Sci-fi movies when the ship jump to hyperspace/warp speed everything inside the ship kinda stretching, including the people, I'm stretching...head first. All I see is stars passing by...
    Victory of Light

  48. German translation of the interview:


  49. ÉirePort | June 16, 2020 at 16:16

    "Crystalline Castles are entered with Joy.

    Progress accelerates.

    Ascension comes with the processes of Light.

    Removal of the dark conveyors completes."

    Also, I had this on all night last night, it's very relaxing and powerful at the same time:

    Boost Your Vibration 💖 Wipe Out All The Negative Energy - Miracle Music Healing


  50. Great interview Cobra! I must admit I was hoping TBs were the main issue stopping the event being triggered not the Draco fleet in sub lunar orbit preventing more direct galactic actions on the surface. I had assumed those fleets in sub lunar and above had been taken out with the superior galactic forces now present.
    No splitting of earth that never made sense to me! As I assumed earth rises in vibration and we follow if not able to match we die or are taken on board a star ship for treatment as so many have stated in their qhht sessions. Yes love era of light changelings but many are not of.the light as 1 stated 5 phases with many dying as they couldnt ascend.. so channeling is easily compromised by the dark it seems.
    Cobra.. George Floyd..I dont think he died:
    Video shows Floyd arrested standing on street he has hair, then later a man is shown on ground by cop car he is bald.. also knee on back of kneck doesnt restrict the windpipe as evident by the person talking clearly the entire time he never fights for his life no adrenalin rush.
    Then staged riots..this was all coordinated.

    Victory of the Light!

  51. 25 years of World Peace and Prayer Day
    June 18-21, 2020

    “Individuals are also encouraged to light candles (that burns for all four days or on June 21st) to join with the spirit of the sacred fires.”

    Chief Arvol Looking Horse 'World Peace and Prayer Day: Honoring Sacred Sites June 21, 2020

    “Maka akantula (People of the earth),
    This is our 25th year in our efforts to bring attention to the importance of the remaining Sacred Sites around the world; where we have visited Nations and honored their ancestor’s place of worship. One day I would like to see “Honoring Sacred Sites Day, June 21st” recognized all over the world, when people will finally understand their importance.  My personal direction and responsibility has been to pay attention to our prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman. She said there would come a time when a sign would show where man’s behavior had gone too far in their destructive choices. And our Ancestors have shared from ceremony — “we warned - people would not be able to control what they have created.”
    In 1994, the same year Global Warming was first announced, in Janesville Wisconsin, a white buffalo calf with black hooves, black nose and eyes was born. She was named Miracle. Many people came from the four directions to pay homage, because spiritual people knew this was a blessing and yet a warning. Since that time, many white animals around the world have revealed themselves to Nations that hold them important in their culture. Memories I recall through this 25 year journey; while with Aboriginal Nations in Australia, a white kangaroo came out of the bush during our ceremony, and being shown pictures of Migalo, the white whale, in the great waters. Many of these white animals are still coming, telling us to pay attention to the choices we have to make, to change our behavior. This attention is to respect the gifts from Mother Earth, to respect one another’s way of life in helping to protect Sacred Sites, bring respect back to Nation’s sacred spiritual items and ceremonies that are now being abused.
    We will come together once again during this time, but now we are being asked to stand apart, in order to be safe. We are told we need to keep distance if we respect one another - because a dark spirit has come upon us that is causing much suffering for all humanity.  In this present time  there is a lot of anger, hatred and racism. We need to create change in all our lives and respect one another’s ways of prayer. We know in our hearts that good will always overcome if we stand in unity.
    Some of the places where we have created a sacred fire will be able to join us during this time.  We will visit them through technology, where they will share what they have witnessed since our visit to their territory.
    I humbly ask people to join together in prayer for a great healing, even by lighting a candle within your home and offer tobacco outside to the earth to give thanks.
    These are now the crossroads: either be faced with global disasters, earth changes, climate changes, different sicknesses causing tears from our relatives eyes - or we can unite spiritually, globally - All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer.
    In a Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no ending and no beginning!
    It is time all People understand Mother Earth is the Source of life, not a resource.
    Onipiktec’a (that we shall live),
    Chief Arvol Looking Horse”

  52. Cobra I have been called a whore, witch and satan many times in my life. Interesting thing is, those are the things Goddess has been called/accused of since ancient times😉💃🏻🙆‍♀️❤️👄

    1. Dear .. lady, a whore must be pointing to the Maria Magdalena you mention. I once saw it mentioned in the bible about Maria Magdalena, not that she IS a whore but the churches calling her that. They have a lot to be ashamed of. And now I know about the roman catholic church and the jesuits. Stay away from it and don't argue with the one who called you a whore. I don't know about the one speaking to you but saying things like that is a reason to stay away from it. Nothing good can be expected. Always choose love. Not the love the churches taught us but general love, also for yourself. Be well.

  53. Simplest basis
    Before incarnating, each starseed has made a contract with the light forces to protect itself. Sounds simple, but is almost never followed. This has consequences for the grid of the earth.

    A protective circle for the innermost part
    Rulers of this world often use the five-pointed star as a sign. It is supposed to represent the human being.,true):no_upscale()/

    However, it is usually not shown with a protective circle. This should energetically cause people not to protect themselves so that they can be manipulated.

    Protect your inner self. Do not let yourself be manipulated and do not manipulate others.

  54. Full speed ahead. Victory of the Light :)

  55. Good news for all who is not cabal:
    Cabal Arrests Happening Worldwide Preceeding NESARA, GESARA, And “Unhackable” Quantum Financial System 209 Nations Signed Into Law To Create World Peace!!

  56. For those who feel guided, I was guided to record some of the things I was getting out while taking a walk. My voice my sound a bit silly in some parts but it came from the heart.

    Motivational Speeches

  57. vIDEO:
    Extraterrestrial Drops JFK Jr. Bombshell News That Will Change America As We Know It!!


    Make sure on june 21th your beacon of light surpasses any other negative collective being form...

    On that day will not be only u adding ur intent... may your light and those with you stand as a pillar of strength love and light. Do not waver.... in u humanity counts on... you are their eyes... you are their ears.. you are their strength.. you are their shield... i speak of all those who walks the path in awareness above n below... whether you are part of the RM/light force, lightworker/warrior or consider yourself just awakened.


  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. revokation for truth seekers
    revokation for expansion ' I call forth to restore the original agreements ive made with infinite benevolent Source May love dissolve all negative constructs of old artifically imposed agreenments So be it .......... It is forever so..........'!!

    "A barrier like Tesla Shield appeared"

  62. The new SOTR&Cobra interview in Hungarian:
    Az új Rózsa Rendje interjú Cobrával magyarul:

  63. Cobra:

    Thank you for these new videos (which I have sent along to many people) plus this GREAT interview with Debra.

    In the interview you talk about releasing some Pleiadian healing protocols soon. How exciting! Most of us who are "healers" cannot get enough of these healing protocols.

    Also, it is wonderful to hear the tachyon chambers are getting stronger. I think we need them stronger. I have been in them and they are STRONG but in fact, some people evidently "don't feel a thing," when they have a tachyon chamber session.

    All quite fascinating information.

    Thank you.

  64. I'm not involved in this anymore. I got tired. Nothing will ever change. People are selfish and idiots. There are very few good people. One million enlightened against billions of people living in darkness? I could put it better in my own language to make it understandable, unfortunately my English is not good. I believe that beings of light are felt by one who is truly good, wise, and pure in spirit. Take them, start a new life. I stay anyway because I think I was born to step over me endlessly or oppress me.


    2. Azért remélem, jössz holnap reggel 8:40-kor meditálni 💚

  65. A note on Abundance. In the interview Cobra talked a little bit about the coming abundance in the lead up to the event.

    What people need to understand is that abundance has already fallen into the laps of tens of millions of families. Past tense here, it has already happened. Since March 46 million Americans have lost their jobs. What is rarely talked about is that people are making MORE money on unemployment and not working then they did when they were slaves to the system. You will no longer have to work to survive in the new paradigm. Cobra predicted this would happen way back in 2012 and "Drake" predicted it as far back as 2011. It has come to pass.

    Millions more people stopped paying their rent and there have been no consequences of that happening. Being forced to pay rent is fraud backed up by violence. It violates natural law as nobody can own Gaia. The enforcers of the financial frauds are being removed. They are going away and will not be present on the new Earth. Never again will police be permitted to throw families out into the street. That is going away. All that does not serve the light is being removed. This is happening in real time as you read this, on the physical plane, right now.

    The media will tell you this is a bad thing but it is an amazing and wondrous thing. They are just trying to keep you in the old paradigm. Stop living in fear and raise your consciousness. Live in the now. The old paradigm is gone and is never coming back.

    The first step in raising your consciousness is to turn off the TV and stop listening to the mainstream media. All it is is fear based programing. You must break away from it. It is as easy as turning it off. The power is literally in your hand just a click away. Turn it off and pull the plug. That is the way out of the matrix. From there abundance will follow you.

    Peace be with you.

    1. Dude, how old are you? I really don't want to be rude, but you're being incredibly silly and ignorant about economics here. Where do you think the unemployment benefits and other welfare money for the 46 million unemployed people are coming from? From the 110 million or so people who are left working and paying taxes. You're saying they're "making money" when in reality they're just slave owners of people who are still working. How in the hell is that better than the current economic system we have? And who do you think will make you bread when everyone will get money for free and choose to not work? Are you going to make bread and everything else by yourself without buying anything ever again? Because otherwise you're making other people your slaves by taking welfare money from the government. But yeah, be proud that you can live of other people's work. That's truly a free society where 2/3rd of people have to work so 1/3rd can take their money away and live for free. You just reinvented ancient slavery system.

      As for not paying rent. You realize again, that someone had to build the house you're living in, right? Someone had to pay for the materials, the machinery, the physical labor and everything else. And now you're saying "Sorry, it's mine now and I don't have to pay you for living here anymore. Because I'm FREE and I don't have to pay just to live on this planet!"
      Yeah, if you're so free, then stop being entitled and stealing other people's work so you can live for free. Go to a forest, build yourself a house, make a food garden and then talk about being free. Being entitled to other people's work isn't freedom. Because in this system some people have to be your slaves. You just can't see them because the redistribution is done through the government and you don't have to look into the faces of people you're stealing from.

      Of course everything will change when technology like free energy and replicators will become available. Then you won't need to steal from others in order to live for free yourself. But right now you're just abusing the system exactly like the Cabal.

    2. Troby you make good points as far as those still working to provide the good and services the rest of people are taking for granted that they in a way are keeping rest of nation in survival mode. None the less..everyone is still slave to the draconian system in one way or another not just one group. Now i dont know about finances but is my understanding that money can and has been created out of thin air... what may have transpired during this stimulus redistribution may not be off from such. I am willing to gamble and say that not until the real financial system reset happens the money game of old still is very much in play mode but with a twist... if there is an increase in taxes or so it wouldnt be far fetch that is just an attempt to keep the old illusion. (Not because is necessary.. at least to the present level) ... I do agree this is not the promise abundance.. and even when the promise abundance come to pass.. i doubt people are going to just not do anything.. it will be different then what is at present.. they will focus on what they would enjoyed working on... people would contribute to society.. at least until people ascend or really high end technology is at hand some things will still be needed to be done the old fashion way... so i agree this isnnot the real abundance. And if i remember correctly i believe Cobra stated that the light forces are using this opportunity to study the this present scenario..

    3. WORKDAY

      Rob – Okay. Someone wants to know, after the event how much of the average work-day is going to be phased out? Will we still be working 8 hour-day jobs in the beginning to get things going, or will there be a general relaxing of the, I guess, frenetic pace of work that we currently have?

      COBRA – Right at the event, the working day will still be about 8 hours and this will gradually decrease over a few months, a few years period, to be maybe about 4 hours. Work, it will not be an obligation anymore. There will be a certain minimal income guaranteed to anybody and everybody and those who would like to be more creative, of course, will continue to work in their own way.

      ---ref rp0815


      Rob - A lot of people are asking what will happen after the Event – jobs and stuff. Can you just assure the people that are working in what we call nuclear power plants, chemical stuff? Can you explain a little bit how the Event will take care of them and how they’ll transition to new jobs?
      COBRA – OK. People are basically asking those questions from a perspective of insecurity, that if they don’t work in such and such branch or industry of where they were trained that they will run out of money or anything of that nature. People need to understand that after the Event, there will be a restricting of the whole economy on the planet. Even if you’re job post is closed, many new ones will open which you will bring you more prosperity. This is the basis of the same question. This fear that wants to keep things as they are is blocking evolution and evolution needs to happen even if there is a little bit of shaking and a little bit of change which might be unpleasant for a short period of time. The outcome will be much better for everyone. As an example, if someone is working at a nuclear power planet right now and the Event happens, maybe he’ll be out of work for a few months, then he’ll begin to work on a different project where he’ll be able to use his expertise with a greater pay, less stress and be much more productive.
      ---ref 1215
      Alexandra: He also talks about forced labor for currency upon which one is dependent upon one’s livelihood and cut back on consumption, polluting the air and water we drink and the easiest way to get rid of this is to get rid of business and jobs that do not serve any benefit to humanity. How do you think we will transfer out of that.

      COBRA: This is what will happen. Most jobs and businesses that are useless they will be removed after the event. (Good) A lot of creative potential will be released and people will be channeling their energy into something much more productive than shuffling paper around.

      Alexandra: I imagine there will be so many more job opportunities and because of all the projects that will be popping up to assist the planet and that are contributing (Exactly) On to this:
      ---ref am0913

    5. To me, I'll be LEAVING the planet, and living on a better planet, and exploring space.

      I don't CARE about 'jobs', 'money', 'income' and so's all SLAVERY.

      Money HAS to go the way of the dinosaurs, like in Star Trek and The Orville. WHY pay to live? That is so STUPID!

  66. Amazing article:
    Antarctica Anunnaki Giants Awaken From Stasis And The Giants And Will Discover Humanity Has Their Technology That Still Works!!

  67. so are the event and the flash not the same thing? you have said before that we would experience the event and then the purification event would take place 3 years later.

  68. Article with videos:
    The Antichrist

  69. Count me in!!!❤️❤️💕 VOTL!!!!

  70. OH yes! Looking forward to doing this meditation! Thank you Cobra. Thank you We Love Mass Meditations youtube channel for making the guided meditation booster video, as well. I would NOT miss these mediations for the world! hehehehe Namaste.

  71. By delaying the event again and again the Light forces allowed the dark ones to recover and get stronger until they were able to go ahead with the planetary takeover.

    1. By delaying the Event the Light forces have allowed US to collect ourselves, wake up and survive.
      Have faith and meditate
      We have friends in high places

    2. @Lighthouse
      Faith is a dirty word for me, and I been burned by faith before, many times.

      I Want to see the good stuff happen, and get to leave the planet and get my proper body while still ALIVE and YOUNG enough to enjoy it.

      Also, the longer this takes, the more time the bad guys have to reload their weapons, so to speak.

  72. Impresionante, nutritiva, clara, toda la información. Muchas gracias, Cobra y Lev. Que la luz sea con todos nosotros.

  73. Its clear from this article the President of the Russian Federation's high standing with the Light Forces is well deserved.

    Vladimir Putin: “75th Anniversary of the Great Victory: Shared Responsibility to History and our Future”

    1. Latest about Sagittarius A* i.e. the Galactic Central Sun:

  74. From 'The Veil' (2015)

    "According to that plan, when the mass arrests would start, the non-physical Archons would give a signal through occult rituals to top physical Archons inside SMOM (Knights of Malta) and among 33rd degree Freemasons. Those people would then give orders through their links inside the military and alphabet agencies to create as much destruction and havoc as possible. This goes along with the Armageddon End times "

    1. @Breach

      The only GOOD Archon is a DEAD Archon.

  75. I look forward to the meditation tomorrow afternoon my time(Sunday arvo)...ive had a shift or two this week but i remain skeptical like many as to what actual effect it will have beyond words and post match reports...ill engage as meditation and group meditation is positive regardless....just waiting on that Section zero fleet activation....or failing that a Delta/Surfacom option initiation....cheers


  76. When The Saints Go Marching In

    The New Day will be Revealed


    I made my conscious choice to release this information through website to all.

  78. This was an interesting read:

    And these:


  79. James Dymond & Susana - Love You Are Made Of

    The love they couldn’t show you
    Made you pave your own road
    Vulnerable, you fought for love
    Against all odds

    A calling from within
    Guiding you through the dark
    Into a place of beauty
    A place you call home

    Now they are burning all your bridges again
    Leaving riddles in the sand
    They try to hurt you
    Throw you off
    Away from your own path
    Or is it just the game they play

    I can see your light shining through
    Don’t look back
    Don’t let them get to you
    No matter what they say
    They can never take away
    Your gift in love
    The love you are made of

    The love you are made of

  80. Thank you dear Cobra ! We are so happy to have your recent interview with Sisterhood of the Rose leader, Debra ! we are very grateful for so much intel difused within your answers and let me please to share with you and your readers the romanian version for this awesome transcription for your Interview ! Victory of the Light ! ***

  81. Invoke healing angels
    People have experienced a lot of trauma as a result of the dark control. And now as the cosmic energies will begin to enter the quarantine more and more, many healing energies will come, especially angelic beings will start to contact human race again. They will start to contact beings and healing them. One of the most important aspects of emotional healing is
    to invoke healing angels to assist in the healing process.

    1. Let me get picked up by the aliens, THEN I shall be healed.


  82. Happy Solstice, aeverybody.
    Let's Light It Up.



  83. Can you feel My Love?
    Bombs Away!


    We can make this Leap.


  84. World Peace and Pray Day
    June 18-21, 2020

    Pesla, Black Hills \\ the heart of everything that is

  85. If you thought the first half of 2020 was crazy the astrological outlook for the 2nd half of 2020 is looking even crazier to say the least:

  86. Hi Cobra, please erase my comment with pedophiles and giants. I grew up.


  87. This is
    Healing Hands

    live in Pompeii of all places

    Coming Back To Life

    Let the Sun in your Heart Shine as bright as the Universe


    1. Answer:

  88. Yeah !!!
    WE reached more than 144.000 !!!
    Our goal was a huge success.
    The intuition and great happyness in my heart are revealing this fact.
    Exactly like the last one.

    Behold to the VICTORY OF THE LIGHT.

  89. Dragon Vortex Activated for a much needed planetary positive energy boost!!


  90. I know that there is no music on that program anymore, but 39 years ago a certain TV channel launched and changed the World.
    For better or for worse is anyone's guess.

    This was the first song ever played on MTV.
    Ushering in a New Age.

    And now we'll do the same.
    Only better.


  91. Interesting that the satanists are doing a mass ritual Sunday, June 21.

  92. Unbelievable footage recorded by ISS cameras in this month, of what appears to be a laser battle fought by spaceships.

    Confederates vs Dracos ..

    1. OMG, this is a test with plasma, not something ET. Sorry COBRA, sorry everyone.

  93. Reading anything that the 'love and light' community puts out is becoming harder of late. Dunno if this is a side effect of the 'purification' but I feel attacked for being male no matter where I go.

    Everyone talks about how important equality is, how men and women are two sides od the same coin. And then proceed to tell me how horrible men were in the past and how I need to change myself and how the patriarchy needs to die. I'm sick of it.

    Patriarchy isn't the problem. It's those who are controlling it that need to be defeated.I will not allow myself to be guilt-tripped anymore by 'lightworkers' I refuse to apologize to ANYONE for crimes I didn't conmit. You will not hold my masculine power hostage.

    This comment will most likely be censored. Which is another problem with this community. Healing is not always pleasent work. It requires you to get down and dirty. something tht the aliens apparently don't want to do.

    1. >Ryuga Hellsing
      Well congrats this comment made it through the censors.

      This is why after the Event unless things change with the poison that feminism is, I will probably remain a hermit. All this you encountered and more is why men with a functioning brain have walked away from it all. The time for reasoning is long over.

      I don't know what the rest of the Goddesses think of all this, except Goddess Hathor, based on a friend's vision that was shown to him via ArchAngel St Michael.

      As the Goddess of Childbirth and Motherhood she is very angry with those who have engaged in abortion as a 'right' because of the destructive dismemberment of the fetus which from early on is capable of feeling pain.

      Take it for what it is but I have confirmed with my friend that his vision was real. What's scary is that I drew a scene based on that vision and my friend confirmed it to be 100% spot on down to Hathor's anguished expression.

      I also encountered for the first time what happens when one has a massive clean out of psychic energy, I have no health problems at 37 and yet I almost collapsed after doing that drawing.

      My friend's vision showed Hathor was in this lake of blood filled with the dismembered bodies of aborted victims and she cried out, 'My children!'. She locked in those who had aborted their babies to be forced to face their aborted children as they cried out 'Why did you not want me, mummy?'.

      The vision ended with Hathor terminating human reproduction. Lilith was also there in this vision (I didn't draw her, though) and she too wasn't pleased.

    2. Hi there, it's good you bought this up and out into the open. It's food for thought for the feminine and masculine. This is something that has lain in the dark for a long time but is now seeing the day of light. Be patient as many are still asleep, and some ignorant. All will become clearer as we move along. Our galactic family did their work and have moved into 5d and higher. We are just starting, so give it time, all will be well. Blessings. 💛💚💙🧡💜❤🖤🌍🙏🌈💏👫

    3. You don't have to apologize for anything. From what I understand rising vibrations is about acceptance and forgiveness. Not being subservient. You decide who and when you want to forgive and you decide who to accept into your life. Just cut off the negative people or even move somewhere else. I moved from Poland to Japan to finally have a peace of mind and that was the best decision of my life. There are still many countries in the world where no one is victimized or blamed based on their race, sex or beliefs. Mainly in Asia though. So there's the language barrier, since not many asians are fluent in English. But I think that learning another language is well worth it to live in a country that doesn't discriminate against you. The western culture is fucked up beyond repair at this point.

    4. @Aquarian Maiden

      One can be TOO patient, you know. I wanna be ALIVE and YOUNG enough to enjoy the good stuff...and I wanna MEET my galactic family. I can not keep waiting and waiting and waiting....if I wanted THAT, I'd go back to trying to date people again.

  94. ( Just trying to post again because it just said my last comment was broken? Anyways.. the booster meditation seemed to go really good. I enjoyed it. Thank you Cobra and We Love Mass Meditation. Namaste.

  95. I don't tell many people this,
    But, when I was very young,
    I dreamed that my Mother and I were camping, after dark, in the woods, near water,
    There was a campfire, next to our tent, beneath the trees,
    Then came several wolves, enormous, like bears,
    The color and pattern of their fur was exactly like a panda,
    They tore into our camp, and devoured my Mother,
    I was very young, grade school...
    I cannot forget....

  96. You are safe with me.🧚‍♀️🧞‍♀️

  97. Please report, as soon as you may.
    Thank You.

  98. 沈睡者的自私和快樂 不應再度建立在光之工作者的痛苦上 請停止牠們自以為很厲害的投機行為!

  99. Optimism and happiness are my natural state in the last couple of months, good strong vibration. I think my heart chakra is wide open, every time I stumble on an image, video, article that making me feel low my heart chakra is shifting gear and the low frequency is transmuting in to high frequency. That powerful engine work from the inside out and it happens in a mater of minute, and then I'm completely forgetting what I was so upset about 🙂.
    I wasn't always been this way.

  100. I don't know if I ever been attack or I'm feeling the high energies that coming to our planet or what-ever. I don't know how to tell the difference (I think).
    I do know I was attack at least one time. A few days after we did the big full moon meditation last month, I felt a non-physical attack, I didn't know it was an attack at that time, even though the feeling was not physical, it was a weird feeling.

    But then the unknown Light-warrior sent an e-mail where he described a similar attack he suffers when his etheric body was assassinated and how he got it back and I said that exactly how I felt during and after that experience, so I did a meditation(the best I understand how) and got it back(I think).
    In the morning after I felt 'them' doing some healing work on me(maybe it was my guides/soul family/friends it doesn't matter)
    I saw 'pages' of Light language been absorbed into my body. And then I was starting to feel a lot of batter.🙂

    (3 weeks ago I started talking and now I can't stop)

    1. I get attacked all the time when trying to meditate....and feel like hell for days.


  101. Corey Taylor Talks 05 16 20 Guest: Tanath (from Silver Legion)

  102. Promo Video:

  103. Article + video:
    Babies Are Born Alive at 5-6 Months Old With Beating Hearts and Having Their Hearts Cut Out Without Any Anesthesia for Use in Vaccines - Shocking Interview With Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Discussing the Manufacture of Vaccines - Must Be Viewed by Everyone - Great Video

  104. We meditate for various things. Wonder why we never meditate to wake people up? That could help build up good meditation force for our future meditations and hopefully speed things up

  105. June 29th /30th: Let's make that big point
    The cross under the cross

    The cross represents an energy of maximum voltage. This energy can be used for both positive and negative intentions.

    Many negative secret societies and organizations have used the symbol as an energetic support to create tension among people.

    This crop circle shows the possibility of treating this grievance under the appropriate astrological constellation of the square. In 2020 there are at least 3 astrological squares, 3 Eris-Pluto squares.

    My ideas about the big point on the circle:
    ― The series of Cosmic Events enables a powerful cosmic portal to solve the problem.
    ― Our focus to transform the problem into harmony is now supported by cosmic energies (Manifestation through focus corresponds to the powerful symbol of the magic wand).

    Let us make that great point (portal) through the Meditation.

  106. Sowing and harvesting
    Cobra [to the meditation on 20/21 Jan 2019] ― The Sirius and the Pleiadian Stargates are two main source of Source energy […] that assist in the planetary liberation process.

    Cobra [to the meditation on 29./30. Jun 2020] ― The purpose of this stargate is to shift the course, the current evolution, on this planet. […] But this moment of June 30th, we can [through mass meditation] actually sow the seed. We can start triggering the change and this can start…

    … manifesting
    in the second part of this stargate, in the second part of this year.
    Stargate [Sirius]) ― Harvest ― 14 (12 signs of the zodiac + 2 at the golden and silver gate)

    The Godstar Sirius is a Focus of the Great Central Sun in our sector of the Galaxy.

    The crop circle was discovered on 20 June 2020, the day of the solar eclipse, and 1 day after the summer solstice, when the Earth was aligned with the galactic centre and thus with the golden and silver gates.