Friday, June 5, 2020


It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction on June 30th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the Age of Aquarius closer to us:

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to further stabilize the timeline that will lead into the long awaited Age of Aquarius. Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! We can even reach one million! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

Jupiter Pluto conjunction on June 30th is the turning point of the 2020 Age of Aquarius timeline stargate which has opened on January 12th with Saturn Pluto conjunction, has its turning point on June 30th with Jupiter Pluto conjunction and will close on December 21th with Jupiter Saturn conjunction:


The purpose of the whole 2020 Age of Aquarius timeline stargate is to stabilize the Age of Aquarius positive timeline for the planet, and our activation on June 30th is the turning point of this process. This powerful activation point is located almost exactly in the middle of the whole 2020 process with 170 days between January 12th and June 30th, and another 174 days between June 30th and December 21st


In astrology, Jupiter Pluto conjunction symbolizes great societal and spiritual reform which will bring abundance of spiritual and material wealth to humanity:

We will be doing our Age of Aquarius Part 2 meditation at the exact moment of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on June 30th , which will be at 7:48 am CEST in Paris. This equals 10:48 pm PDT on Monday June 29th in Los Angeles, 11:48 MDT on Monday June 29th in Denver, and then we cross into Tuesday June 30th for other time zones: 00:48 am CDT in Chicago, 01:48 am EDT in New York, 6:48 am BST in London, 7:48 am EET in Cairo, 1:48 pm CST in Taipei and Beijing, 2:48 pm JST in Tokyo and 3:48 pm AEST in Sydney.


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to co-create the trigger that will start the Age of Aquarius

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize soft pink Light of the Goddess embracing all beings on planet Earth and healing their emotional bodies. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

Updates about the Age of Aquarius:


  1. The Lunar Eclipse of June 5, 2020 (19: 13 GMT) in Sagittarius showed itself as the end of the past life stage, when a person says goodbye to something that has outlived itself, with ambitious plans that have lost their relevance. At the same time, the Eclipse coincided with a new 1.5-year cycle of Venus, associated with the renewal of value concepts. Therefore, at the moment of the Lunar Eclipse, past programs "burned" in the rays of the Sun.
    The Eclipse occurred at the Southern Lunar Node in the sign of Sagittarius. This means that the new value concept of Venus will be associated with the availability of the necessary experience for its implementation:
    Do we have unique expertise, talents, and knowledge that we can bring to people, and that are of practical use to them?
    Are we able to generate ideas that reflect our mission and unique purpose based on our value concept of the world?
    Do we have a big dream, idea, projects that we are ready and able to implement?
    Are we able to learn to translate them into reality using new information technologies, tools, approaches, and skills?
    Are we ready to form new connections, negotiate, find common ground, and communicate knowledge and information in a language that is accessible to our partner and other people in order to implement our ideas?
    Are we able to maintain the main goal, build a strategy to achieve it, find the necessary information, data, people, and helpers for this purpose?
    Are we able to expand our boundaries of the possible in order to participate "here and now" in the dismantling of the 3D Matrix?
    On June 5, 2020, the 30-day period of the Active Phase of Changes and Transformations began. This will affect everything, both the Earth itself, humanity in general, and each person in particular. Starting from June 5, 2020, previously launched processes of Global Zeroing in our Local Universe will increase until they reach their peak, the Phase of Complete Zero by June 20-21, 2020 - the moment of the Solar Eclipse and the Summer Solstice. Then the phase of active pumping of new energies of the New World, the New Matrix, will begin. It will continue until July 5, 2020 - for another Eclipse. Then we will have a short stabilization period for the qualitative assimilation of new energies and new programs.
    The Eclipse corridor 2020 will be the most energetically and informationally saturated in the last decade. And the most fateful, laying the real system foundations of a New World, a New Earth.
    During this period, we will have a complete reset of all our Soul Contracts, Programs of the Higher Self, that is, individual incarnation programs. And not only the current Programs of Personality and the Evolution of our 3D human body and mind here on the 3D Earth. Future Programs of the Higher Self and the Soul itself will also be rebooted. In fact, it will be a New Book of Life, a Book of Experience, new tasks and programs that will determine our evolutionary goals and objectives for the rest of the future. And they will be consistent with the New Unified Evolutionary Task of the Absolute.
    Ahead lie difficult, complex times and processes, lifetime transformations, global changes, transition to New Evolutionary Programs. FULL REBOOT. Therefore, one needs to be prepared for everything. (To be continued)

    1. Wow! Let's meet it heart on!

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    3. Listen to this in the background to SUPERCHARGE this mass meditation .

    4. Thank you for the information!

  2. A separate topic is the upcoming changes in the Evolutionary Phases of the Earth and Humanity. In the New Matrix, there is no incarnation-training format and Mahayuga Mechanism, which provided for a gradual plunge into chaos, entropy, and deterioration of planetary evolutionary conditions. From complete Prosperity in the Satya-Yuga era to complete degradation and deconstruction in the Kali-Yuga era.
    The format of the Cosmic Day, which ran parallel to the Mahayuga and in accordance with It, also provided for two phases: General Prosperity and the prevalence of the Light Forces (Cosmic Day) and General Degradation and the prevalence of the Dark Forces (Cosmic Night). This was also due to the passage of the Earth and the Solar system through the corresponding parts of the Galaxy, carrying certain energies and the dominance of the corresponding Logos and civilizations.
    We are now living in the Cosmic Morning phase, which is gradually flowing into the Cosmic Day, the full-scale start of which was expected in 2023. But everything has changed, and this format has lost its relevance. It ceases to exist on 21 June, 2020. It is replaced by a New Format of The new Matrix of our Local Universe and Earth.
    However, this does not mean that everything was in vain. The New Format of Life will take all the best that was in the Old World, the Old Matrix. For example, the energy basis of the Cosmic Day is formed by the Sacred Hierarchical energies preserved by our Great Ancestors at the onset of the Cosmic Night. Today, as in previous years, the Light Forces and their ground teams actively remove from storage these sacred energies in many places on the planet.
    What does the transition from Cosmic Night to Cosmic Day mean? This is the entry of the Earth into another part of our Galaxy during its rotation around the Galactic Center. And entering a new Belt of Galactic Energies. During this transition, the energies of the Cosmic Night and the Old World are gradually replaced by the New Energies of the Cosmic Day. At the moment, the energies of the Old and New Worlds are approximately interchanged, are in equilibrium manifestation. That is, the volume of old energies removed from the Earth's field is approximately equal to the volume of new ones.
    Full balance is adjusted to June 20, 2020. And starting from June 21, 2020, the volume of new energy will prevail. This will happen due to a massive influx of energy from the Galactic Center.
    THE NEW FORMAT of the EARTH's EVOLUTION IS a NEW GALACTIC YEAR. IT IS COMING, OR RATHER, IT WILL BE ACTIVATED ON JUNE 21,2020.t is coming, or rather, it will be activated on June 21, 2020.

    1. 2020 is the best and last chance for the Event with this many conjunctions. If nothing happens after December 31st, pack your bags, its over.

      The Light Forces were able to prevent most scenarios but just one oversight with this Coronavirus thing has prevented me from getting back to work longer than necessary, and been used as an excuse to introduce tyranny and polices that turn an entire country into an open air prison. One pigeon turd can ruin a bowl of fruit punch.

    2. Lev, do you consider that there is already a form of 5d Earth in place, that can be accessed at least in altered state of consciousness by each of us who supposedly has a 5D mindset?

    3. The Earth, Unknown, is still in 3D. The Light Forces artificially slow down the full transition to 4D and 5D, so that earthlings can gradually adapt and withstand new, higher cosmic energies. The vibrations will only increase during the transition from Cosmic Morning to Cosmic Day. An important part of adaptation is the transformation of the atomic structure of human cells from carbon to silicon base that will help to stand up of high frequencies. This also takes time. It can't be done by simply turning the switch. Mass and personal meditations help these transformations of people enormously, raising their vibrations to 5D and higher. A man is not a bag of meat and bones. A human being is first of all an energetic, multi-dimensional entity that is deployed, like the Russian dolls, from 14D to 3D, where the DFs keep him/her in prison. Thanks to meditations, internal work, many people are already free to leave this prison, easily move along their multi-dimensional ladder in both directions. The plasma Veil, the 3D power grid, are not a hindrance to them. The strategic goal of the Light Forces is to make this ability available to every current earthlings during their lifetime. This is why mass meditations on June 14, June 30, and other key dates in 2020 are so important for the Light Forces, as Cobra never tires of repeating.

      Dear SpecOps, on December 31, 2020, nothing ends. New stages of very important work, individual and collective, are ahead of us all. It is better to tune in to this.

    4. @lev
      Will only mean a damn if we're alive to enjoy it. All this slowing down artificially delays it, and keeps us suffering.....and don't give me a lecture about the immortal soul, I'm never reincarnating EVER again. This so-called life on this rotten planet has put me off EVER incarnating again.

      So, I need to get SOMETHING good in this life while I can.

    5. Lev@
      "An important part of adaptation is the transformation of the atomic structure of human cells from carbon to silicon base that will help to stand up of high frequencies".
      But, what will happen with the entire earthling 3D environment? Will it ascend to a certain degree, or will we find a preestablished 5D environment to live in after or during this transformation??

    6. The Earth itself, Unknown, or "earthling environment" in your term, can withstand the 5D energy of the grid deployed on the planet by the Light Forces. And even higher vibrations.The LFs started the installation and testing of the Nevic Grid between the Medium and High Orbits. The Nevic Grid is a crystalline grid, similar to the energy grid that existed on planet Neva in Alpha Centauri. The Nevic Grid and its seven mobile pillars on the ground can accept 32D energy. It will strengthen the LFs' Interstellar Portals, blocking the DFs' negative interference from planet surface. The Light Forces' main task now - the earthlings transformation, including by mass meditations when their frequencies already not once increased from the current 1.5-3.8Hz to 100-200Hz.On June 14,June 30,2020, we can repeat and strengthen this success.

    7. And WHEN will we know when we are actually silicon base life? Are we gonna see or feel ANY specific differences?

  3. COBRA, Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Peace Meditation: “As we are approaching the Eris-Pluto square on June 14th, tensions and potential for violence will increase for the next two weeks in the United States and worldwide. Dark Forces might attempt to use this astrological configuration, and the newly starting new solar cycle to drastically escalate the situation in the USA and to try to engineer a war between China and India, Hong Kong or Taiwan, or any other major conflict…”

    No doubt that the Dark Forces will use the negative energy of the Eris-Pluto square for destructive purposes not only in the countries mentioned by Cobra. But, like all radiations from planets, stars, and constellations in our Local Universe, the energy of Eris is DUAL. It also has a very powerful POSITIVE aspect that will help the Light Forces in their operations against the DFs. How does it work?
    Eris was officially opened on January 5, 2005. Before that, the cosmic and previous Earth’s civilizations knowledge about it went into legends and mythology. The discovery of new planets is not accidental. It occurs when the world is again ready to resonate with new energies.
    In paired planetary cycles, the energy of each planet is mixed and interpolated.
    Pluto's energy is used in two ways. If it is directed by the Dark Forces, it feeds authoritarian and dictatorial regimes, fanaticism and terrorism, totalitarian sects and organizations, oligarchic structures, occult organizations, special services and secret special operations, destructive psycho impact on the population, total destruction, mass death, fate, oligarchs, special services, terrorists, total destruction, death. This is very clearly seen in current events in the United States and other countries.
    If the Pluto energy is used by the Light Forces, it is directed to positive global changes, total transformation, collective mass movements, progressive political parties, purification and rebirth.
    The situation is similar with Eris. Heraclitus, Aristotle, and other philosophers for a reason consider the Eris energy as the implementation of the "Struggle and unity of opposites" law.
    The Eris vibrations actively affect such actions as competition, contest, battle, scrum, and fighting - all of this has entered into the very name of Eris. Provoking clashes, Eris frequencies act either on one or the other opposing side. The winner is the one who uses the Eris energy more successfully. That is why the Greeks worshipped her. For them, Eris was a "guardian angel".
    As tools, the Dark Forces actively use Eris vibrations under the names Ponus – Hard Work, Lethe – Oblivion, Limos – Hunger, Algea - Pain, Grief and Misery, Suffering and Sadness, Hysminai – Violent Fights, Makhai – Battles, Combats, Phonoi – Murder [not in battle], Androktasiai – Homicide [in battle], Neikea – Quarrels, Enmity and Resentment, Pseudo-Logoi – Lies and Falsehoods, Amphilogiai – Disputes, Dysnomia – Iniquity, Ate – Delusion, Confusion of Mind, Horkos – Oath, Punishing Those who Deliberately Lie During the Oath.
    The Light Forces strive to use the Eris energy only for positive purposes. Thanks to the LFs, this planet is the bearer of a new economic and social reconstruction of the world community, of the processes of humanistic globalization. The Eris vibrations help to destroy the borders between civilizations (metacultures), the formation of new universal values. (To be continued)

    1. Lev, what do you know about the O'daysha Cristals, and what kind of 'light' get the Pleiadians from them, and how do they?
      Have you some intel, please?
      Rumors are that Pleiadians, maybe among others, use them as light sources, as well for metaphysical light as well...

    2. Unfortunately I have no intel on O'daysha Crystals, Unknown.


  4. At the quantum level, Eris is used by the Light Forces for destroying negative egregors, and after the full activation of the New Quantum Matrix on June 20-21, 2020 – to create new positive egregors on 3D Earth. In this aspect, Eris acts as the progenitor of the positive basic principles or paradigms that underlie the new egregors.
    Eris most vividly represents various ways of organizing space, the historical connection of cultures and civilizations, the processes of population migration, the transpersonal connection of times and ways, the connection of everything with everything in this world. Therefore, it manages large-scale geopolitical processes of human development.
    But for the Light Forces, it's not just the Eris energies are important. The characteristics of Eris vibrations in different Zodiac signs are different. Passing through a particular sign of the Zodiac, not Eris changes her qualities under its influence, but the sign under the influence of this planet shows its features most emphatically and vividly. If Eris is accepted and mastered in high degrees, it releases the previous programs and replaces the quality of life by converting the circle of the Zodiac— the personal "Wheel of Samsara" - into an evolutionary spiral.
    Eris entered Aries on May 1, 1923, and will remain in this sign until April 2046. Under their energetic influence, globalism, sharpness of approaches, events and changes, active manifestation of force, strong-willed claims, aggression, violence and belligerent instincts acquire a special scale. All the events of the XX -beginning of the XXI century confirm this.
    The Light Forces skillfully apply the ability of Eris energy to create turmoil, reorganization and disorganization of stagnant, ossified structures. The influence expressed by Eris is always stronger than that of Pluto. It is in her sector of the Zodiac the question "you can't live like this anymore" comes up. And if Eris energy of renewal is not accepted, the her vibrations create a feud and information war, an intrigue "the whole world against", expose the weakness of former life orientations and then attract the Pluto’s radiation to break and destroy what obsolete clings with all its strength. Pluto's resonance deconstructs and breaks things down to their fundamental level. Pluto is a pattern disrupter and deprogrammer. It is the Eris power that helps the Light Forces’ fundamentally new solutions, controlling the activity of Mars through the Libra — Aries axis. . (To be continued)

    1. Скажите пожалуйста, как понять что это позитивный эгрегор. СЕРДЕШНО БЛАГОДАРЮ ВАС ЗА ИНФОРМАЦИЮ 💐 🙂


  5. The Eris energy makes it easier for the Light Forces to reveal enemies, open and hidden. It increases the LFs’ ability to compete and negotiate. Eris makes one to think which way the scales will tilt, and that will be the result. It is for this reason that the sign of Libra is the abode of this planet. For a reason, Libra, in mundane astrology, governs unions and treaties, international relations and agreements, foreign policy.
    Eris - the last in a row in the Solar system, with its powerful cycle of 562 years of rotation around the Sun, represents harmony and completeness. The discord Eris creates often results in a positive outcome in the longer term. Her disruptions can catalyze and result in vital changes in our lives that we would otherwise not initiate on our own, or by impelling us to embark upon new paths forward that lead to more fulfilling outcomes.
    The effect of the Pluto-Eris square, occurring throughout 2020-2021, will catalyze deeper levels of transformation within the very fabric of Earth’s human society. This stellar placement, perhaps one of the most progressively disruptive, suggests it may be a catalyst for tremendous accomplishment and attainment away from the establish evolutionary models of the past. The extreme acceleration of progressive disruptive developments brings about tremendous illuminating psychological repercussions for earthlings.
    Realizations about the ramifications of these accomplishments help the Light Forces to initiate a total make-over of human society. It will extend into every facet of present society. The most prominent area that the Pluto-Eris square would affect is global economics and the global financial system with Pluto directly associated with the plutocracies and oligarchies, and with Eris exposing well known families clandestine activities in these systems and the subsequent control of banking, money and politics worldwide.
    On June 14, 2020 during the second Pluto-Eris square will be another battle between the Light and the Dark Forces. Over the past 20 years, as before, the LFs, skillfully using space flows for positive purposes, more than once thwarted the DFs’ plans, when they started wars, revolutions, crises and provocations. But the outcome of this war is already a foregone conclusion. The victory of the LFs in this war will be crushing and complete.
    By anchoring on Earth strong positive cosmic energies the mass meditation on June 14, 2020, that Cobra and the Light Forces are calling for, will accelerate this victory.

    1. Muchísimas gracias, tus explicaciones siempre son lo mejor para alimentar la mente que se hace preguntas y quiere respuestas. Lo demás, alimentar nuestra intuición es labor de cada uno y en eso estamos, pero teniendo referencias todo es más fácil. Estas aclaraciones con una gran ayuda.
      Thank you very much, your explanations are always the best to feed the mind that asks questions and wants answers. The rest, feeding our intuition is everyone's job and we are in it, but having references everything is easier. These clarifications with great help.

    2. >Lev
      I am not sure how they can tell this June 14th war is a foregone conclusion. The last time they thought they had it in the bag was in 1996 and we know how that turned out. Same goes for past cases where they discovered more hidden strangelet devices.

      Either way time is running out. Singapore's minister in charge for the 'Smart Nation initiative' is using the CoVID 19 excuse to distribute tracking wearables to everyone under the excuse of weeding out 'asymptomatic' cases. The scumbag clearly got 'the call' and was promised a cut of the deal:

      I am concerned they will make it compulsory by law. When that happens I may consider using drastic measures to avoid becoming a tagged livestock animal. The Light Forces have to push harder for the Event.

    3. @Spec Ops
      ALso, for them to be willing to get ugly against the baddies. As in RUB them out.

    4. They were? Mass meditation on June 14 or June 30?

    5. Leo, hello, I am writing from a past message: what is the role of the Jesuits in the big game? Please name the largest Jesuit operations in the last 600 years. If you can, specify how they wrote their story to the Chinese.

    6. The fight on June 14,2020,is only a next important battle, SpecOps. Like the one on June 30,2020, and others in the coming months. Unfortunately, the war goes on, but in our power to help the Light Forces (and ourselves) to win by our mass meditations contribution. That is why the Cobra's call for it so persistent.

    7. Sorry,Grsfsr, currently I'm not in a position to comment this topic. But many times Cobra in his posts already made and continues to make terrific investigations on it. Nothing could be better than his insights.

    8. >Lev
      I hope so. Maybe I will participate in this one. Which for me isn't doing much really. Just stating my intent in my mind and then trying to keep the constant mind chatter down with music.

  6. I m coming again , everyday meditation! everytime calling I will join!
    never give up ! I love love love everyone ,love love love all stars , love love love earth and all life on it, let.s shining! let.s feel how miracle life we are.

  7. Just like in the last Age of Aquarius meditation I am of course also this time again!

    And please, don't complain.

    We all know what the purpose of mass meditation is.

    We are in the Endtime Madness.

    Victory of the Light.

  8. Lop Nor CARTOON DISCLOSURE - Lake Laogi , Avatar The Last Airbender. MkUltra / Infiltration

  9. Time for another critical mass!!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  10. Thanks cobra part 2 I'll be ready

  11. insist,insist,insist until final victory!

  12. I'll be there, Cobra.👄❤️

  13. April 4th, 2020 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction – a new cycle of Jupiter and Pluto – an opportunity for the surface population to say something about the financial system.
    June 14th, 2020 – second Pluto-Eris square
    June 21st, 2020 - Annular solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer – another opportunity for the surface population to empower itself in regards to the financial system.
    June 30th, 2020 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.
    November 12th, 2020 – the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of 2020
    December 11th, 2020 – third and last Pluto-Eris square (more pressure)
    December 14th, 2020 – Total Solar eclipse
    December 17th, 2020 – Saturn enters Aquarius
    December 18th, 2020 – Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center
    December 19th, 2020 – Jupiter enters Aquarius
    December 21st, 2020 – Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius - astrologically this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Mars in Aries squares Pluto at 23° Sagittarius.

    1. Большое спасибо, будем знать. Доброй Вечности Вам! 🌺 🙏 🙂


  15. I feel like most lightworkers don't trust the light forces anymore and no wonder I'm not surprised really and I don't blame them because of the lack of action and intervention. Unfortunately too much empty talking and not enough action so I understand how most people are feeling. We have seen zero help from the light forces no matter what they say. The human suffering gets worse every day and they seem to be on vacation and not very worried about us. I can guarantee you one thing the light forces will pay for their sins with their karma because there is no escaping that. We greatly regret the lack of intervention and integrity. The Galactic Federation has the power to implement change. Humanity has been wrongfully treated with disrespect. If the Galactic Federation cannot hold the Spiritual Law of Oneness, it will no longer exist. In this the case, we will replace them with completely new Guardians with Divine Light Resonance. The Galactic Federation has already been put on notice and is fully aware of what is stated here. We will not allow this corruption to go unchecked any longer.

    1. True in some way, but I will always trust the light force. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here on this planet.

    2. This is exactly what the channel Cosmic Agency informs in its latest videos. Representatives of the lower-level (5D) Federation are unable to understand the emotions and perceptions of the racial origins of the Lyrians, and are therefore not suitable as guardians of the evolution of the people of Earth. They believe that everything is in order on Earth and that human suffering is a necessary component of development. I completely disagree with this, and Cobra himself had written that suffering was not a prerequisite for development. They act in exactly the same way as corrupt national governments. It is time to change them too. Down with double standards! Victory of the LOVE!

    3. zero help? they have been busy enough preventing the worst of the worst. think about it that way.

    4. Меня тоже удивляет, почему эта Иерархия Земли находясь здесь не спрашивает мнения при выборе сценария.. Между собой все решают... Нас ведь не 1 и не 2 нас много. И я думаю если рассказать людям всю правду о том кто и что делал все это время, то мало не покажется всем этим красавцам Обращение в Совет Душ и дальше поехало...

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. It seems that the 5D Federation has time to drain its swamp as well. I wonder if the liberation of the planet can be achieved at all in such circumstances and if it is true that the members of the Federation are cooperating with the Illuminati. No wonder LF's plans regularly fail. Maybe that someone is deliberately leaking information because they want to keep their superviser chair up there. We deserve answers to all these questions. It is enough to consider us idiots. I reject the next level deception and demand the truth about what is really going on here on Earth!

    7. Right now, I just want OFF this planet and purge the human elements....contaminatation, from my own genetic makeup.

      It's my conclusion, being human is a punishment, since we seem to the equivalent of the first slime that crawled out of the oceans ,since it seems no one cares about us.

    8. And now for everyone on this blog I have information that I came to myself.

      What is the situation.
      In many cases, they really try to help us, but they want it to be help on their terms.
      Where does this behavior come from?

      The point is THAT THEY ARE AFRAID OF US !!

      Of course, not now, we're harmless now, but if people do things together, they can become dangerous.

      Where does danger come from?

      You see, as I wrote earlier, the point is that people are a very unusual species, a hybrid. We have HEARTS and we have MINDS.
      We now exist in an unsynchronized state when these two energy centers do not work coherently and are often polarized.
      The heart says something different and the reason says something different.
      It's beneficial for them because it weakens us.

      Unfortunately for them, when a man does work on himself, he IS able to run both centers, synchronize them and run all his potential !!!

      I say it with full responsibility because I have come to this by myself.

      And then, when individual units do it, it's not a problem for them either ... worse when there are more of us !!

      You see, the physical realm for disembodied beings is just like Disneyland for us. They always treated this place as something like fun or entertainment, you take on a body and .... you are finally somebody! :-)

      As I wrote earlier, we are REALITY PROJECTORS, among others, thanks to us it all exists. They would very much like these PROJECTORS to be under THEIR CONTROL :-)

      If this is not the case, we will start to design our own realities, completely without their control ... and they like it less :-)

      Therefore, do not count on greater help, count on yourself and each one individually, WE HAVE THE POWER OF CHANGING THIS SITUATION. Work on yourself, do not give energy to unknown hands !!

      It is all even more complicated, I do not understand everything yet, but it is certain that NO ONE WILL DO THIS FOR YOU !!!

      So much in a nutshell .....

    9. Good lord people... first. They are here to save a planet. Claims that they are doing nothing cause we dont see the stimulus check every week or because they have not done a supercalifragilisticexpealidocious magical change of events completely ignoring the current situation that this is a hostage situation makes your statemnt frankly look almost like u are control opposition... yes we all tired of waiting and not knowing.. we all can see the suffering. I am sure they all already know how much earthlinga are suffering. They have heard it each and everynight. If not in this blog. It is in somes daily thoughts or if not in dreams.. so even if they wrre not aware before of our situation i am sure they know by now.. so lets not live in the past ..or past mistakes.. there is plenty of finger pointing to go aroudn. Everyone doing what they can at their capabilities..

      They doing what they have to do and what they can do. The question is.. have us?

      So lets put our big girls panties and big boys boxers on and snap out of it.. if you are willing to make such a broad statement that they definitely not helping at all withtout even making an effort in listing things that they may have done.. makes ur starement uniquely one sided.. and frankly almost like with intent to divide...

      Look lets put it as simple as this.. if u recognize that indeed humanity needs assistance to get out of this mess i would suggest you dont bite the one trying to assist.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. A federação galática apenas coordena as facções alienígenas q controlam o planeta há milhares de anos, e o q tá ocorrendo no plano não físico, é uma guerra entre elas pelo controle do planeta nos próximos milênios, e infelizmente o gado humano vai apenas mudar de dono.

    12. @Esac
      No, it's not because of a check.

      We keep waiting, and waiting and WAITING...and, yet, we see nothing significant. And don't bother saying "But....BEHIND the scenes!" for I am SICK of that phrase.

      And we ARE doing what we can....but, guess what? We have no effective weapons, no real technology (just the dinosaur tech the elites ALLOW us to have, which is pretty much decades, at LEAST, behind the real tech the bad guys have), no super powers, no intel, no tools.

      Put yourself, for example, in the shoes of the prisoners in the nazi death camps, in WW2. They were put into a maximum security area, wrapped with barbed wire, guard posts, and dozens of armed, trained killers to keep an eye on everyone.

      Also, remember what happens in Tienanmen Square, in the 1980's, when those protesters TRIED to take on the Communist Chinese government....they got their poor asses run over by the tanks.

      WHAT, pray tell, can WE do, hmmmmmm? How are WE to slay a dragon like the cabal, and their Archon/reptile/spider masters, hmmmmmm? Gonna take a LOT more than a long winded, pre-match pep-talk, Esac.

      We'll wait for you.

    13. Besides this whole 'lower-level 5D' not listening to Lyrans etc sounds like more disinformation. Most of the time I don't know what's talked about here in regarding Exopolitics and I don't care as I haven't been higher than 30,000 feet above sea level

      Besides we Surface Population who have our own toilets to clean have too many problems to worry about some off-world bickering if it was true. They are the ones with the tech let them sort it out. Demanding it from our side won't make a difference.

    14. Lev, With so much infiltration and delusion in the light worker community how do we discern where to speak up and where to let go?

    15. We human beings have to do our part. We cannot just sit around and have other people clean up our mess. The Galactic Federation and Light Forces are here to help us, to meet us half way but we as a collective consciously HAVE to take the steps, and do the work needed. There is saying that goes "Help others that help themselves". By participating in mass meditations, we demonstrate we care and are doing our part. Our positive energy will be matched.

    16. Sherman when i get the answers to ur other questions i would not just let u know. I would show u.. but i dont have the answers.. i am in same boat as u and everyone else.. however if we indeed slaves the very least let not our last breath be a synonym for it...
      n btw imho the problem i see in all those examples u noted.. was the lack of unification.. n communication.. as each and everyone of us voice our opinion we bring it forth from a point of an individual.. the proper support lacks .. n actions get done from naive origin. Brave.. but naive.. imho

    17. Exactly, Drew.

      We're stuck like rats in a maze.

    18. @DMB

      Hold it!

      Not 'our mess'. WE did NOT make this mess, the BAD GUYS made this mess. We're just the ones who suffer from the mess THEY made.

  16. Let's punch the ball across the goal line!

  17. God bless...
    Article: NESARA Update Via Military Intel Contact!!

    Much love everybody!!!

  18. Dear Soul Brother COBRA, what would you say to promote a new meditation to overcome the critical mass as the last time?

    Endless Blessing, Love and Light

    Your Soul Brother Fabio <3

  19. For our German speaking community:

  20. Alot of people here seem to be depressed about the new mediation now

    1. @Unbeknown Universe
      That is because we NEED to see RESULTS....see actions, and the light forces actually DOING Something..and I don't mean all this "BEHIND THE SCENES" CRAP, which means, to us, LESS than nothing.

      We kept doing the critical masses needed....yet....instead of absolute victory, the bad guys rounded up, the disclosure, contact, and a Star Trek/Orville like life....what do we get.....asked to yet ANOTHER meditation.

      We need to see SOMETHING....not be told to KEEP meditating, and shouting "VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!" like a catch phrase. Imagine doing a job, and you work real hard, sacrifice a lot to do that job....and NO pay raise, NO benefits, no perks, no vacation time, not even a bloody than you. What do you think said person will do in a thankless job that seems to bear no fruit....they give up on that job.

      SOMETHING needs to be shown and presented to us, we can't just 'have faith' that things will somehow come out right in the end...for that is no different from RELIGION.

      Also, read THIS article.

      Lightworkers: the most thankless job EVER.

  21. Sounds like a plan :)

    I was doing some thinking and may have realized the reason why lightworkers fight with each other. When the cabal are, for the most part, able to commit continued crimes against humanity and are not stopped (not stopped on a grand scale), this creates frustration among lightworkers. The lightworkers can't get rid of the cabal, but their frustration remains. So, the only ones who are there to vent the frustration on is each other. People who are in a real-life prison center, for example, who are abused by their guards are unable to do anything about their guards. So, the prisoners form gangs and so forth, and fight among themselves. Another example: If an abusive caregiver cages his animals and abuses them, the animals turn aggressive toward each other.

    I'm sorry to use such crude examples, but this is how trapped energy operates. Hopefully lightworkers can realize this and be able to transcend this through awareness. I very strongly request that this comment be brought to the forefront of awareness not just to lightworkers, but to the light forces as well.

    I hope the critical mass is far surpassed for the next meditation. Thank you.

    1. >Starlight432
      That's exactly what's going on. I have seen it all before, not in prison but when I was drafted into the military service.

    2. Also, Operation Delta (arresting of mid-level cabal minions) would greatly reduce the amount of fighting between lightworkers, as there are likely many mid-level cabal members who infiltrate and engineer conflicts between lightworkers.

    3. @Starlight432 and Spec Ops

      THIS ---->

      Best bits:
      "For you … after a day of hard work fighting darkness, you get to retire to a 5 star resort & sleeping quarters on board some ship.

      We get to go to our bedroom that we have to work hard just to pay the rent for, and have darkness as our constant companion.

      We have the charming honor of fighting (oops, sorry … ‘working’) all over again on the non-physical planes during our sleep state.

      You have the very best technologies to heal yourself with, when required …

      We have to wait & save up for technologies only a fraction as good as what you have access to.

      Try living under such conditions for 11,000 to 25,000 years … and we’ll see how easy it is for you to keep calm next time darkness jabs real hard on an unresolved wounding through what another Lightworker says or does, below the level of their conscious awareness.

      The accurate physical analogy of all this is … if darkness manipulated me through my conduits to hold a red hot piece of iron to your skin … would you keep calm & refrain from taking a punch at me?

      That’s what happens to our emotional bodies, when darkness works through one Lightworker for the deliberate purpose of attacking another, to break up the network & comradery.
      Do you understand now?"

    4. Thinking further, there are 3 reasons I've found just far why lightworkers fight with each other. The first two are what I just mentioned - frustration among prisoners and cabal infiltration. The 3rd was a mentioning in a previous Cobra post regarding how entities can give the image of someone having certain thought forms/vibes that are not their own in their fields. Therefore, someone thinks that someone else is thinking something derogatory, when this someone else is not thinking it, or harboring it, but it is instead parasitical entities giving off a false impression of this someone else thinking it, or harboring it.

    5. When I saw this line:

      "Reason #1: Most of us are just a few lifetimes away from going dark."

      it was coming from one of those former blog regulars who left and then came back briefly to add his 2 cents when Cobra was thinking of turning off the comments section.

    6. @Starlight432 I agree with you. Mosto of the thoughts we experiance are not our own. Sometimes, it's enough to ask them to stop. Every thought that does not take us higher, instead makes us feel bad, is NOT our own. Energies are inviseble and we have not learned how to evaluate them.
      Just close the door to anything negative and continue your work!
      Anyone who claims to be a starseed, should know well enough that he/she has come to this planet for a purpose. He/she is commited to a job. So, let's do the job and stop thinking what others do! Criticizing other's actions not only prevents us from doing OUR job, but also gives birth to negativism and in no way helps others to do THEIR best.
      Fellow-worriors, let's stop opening doors to dark energies! Focus on the Light, and that's that.
      Maybe we should create a team to help every light worrior who is strangling really hard with dark attacks.

    7. @Michaela
      That MIGHT be all well and good, but HOW do we do this without weapons, without equipment, without super powers, without intel, without even contacts with the fleets in orbit? Not even our past life memories. It seems like "we got a job to do, BUT...let's make this as DIFFICULT as possible!"

      This is WAR, Michaela....and the stuff I mentioned above, makes all this TACTICALLY DANGEROUS. We need SOME sort of weapon or tool in order to win this war.

    8. @Sherman
      Of course we are in a war. Obviously it is very hard for all of us lightworriors, because we do not "fit" in the society. Additionally, we often suffer from negative energies and attacks. The bigest weapon that you/we currently have is our spirit. We must be really conscious about what we allow to enter our brain/spirit. Many situations/technologies are designed to soak our energy and leave us helpless. Just try to focus in your inner streangth instead of waiting outside help. You CAN be your higher self, and he/she is all the help that you need right now (to do your work). If we could all focus really good, everything would speed up.
      I often hear you saying "enough for me, I wont out of this planet" and I want to tell you that I understand you. I use to have the same feelings. Not anymore. This planet is amazing, Gaia is a perfect mother, I deeply love her and if I have a chance of some short period of time (20, 30, 40 years?) to make a difference, then I will do my best.
      Just remember, sent away EVERY negative thought you have.They are not yours! Focus on the greater version of yourself, and act as if you are him -right here, right now.

    9. @Michalea needs require outside help.
      No way in HELL can I
      1: Become the woman I should have been born as. Current earth science/medicine won't do it. Nor will it give me the life span of the aliens. I require from from OUTSIDE this planet. All the inner work there is won't change me from Golum of Lord of the Rings to Kim Bassinger, nor will it give the lifespan of millennia like the aliens. And I dare you to prove me otherwise.

      "I often hear you saying "enough for me, I wont out of this planet" and I want to tell you that I understand you. I use to have the same feelings. Not anymore. This planet is amazing"

      ....if I got a dollar each time I heard someone tell me that line.....

      Earth is NOT amazing to ME. To me, it's just another planet, this one on the backwater outskirts of the galaxy no one seems to give a damn about, otherwise we'd be full fledged members of a vast space alliance, now.

      The greatest version of me is a SHE, not a he. You seem to be forgetting that bit. And she is screaming for help to the universe, for her to be made REAL, made flesh. Sorry, but I need OUTSIDE help for that.

  22. Thanks Cobra. Let's do this with as much people as possible.
    Translation in french / traduction en français:

    Nous pouvons le faire, ne baissons pas les bras, continuons le combat jusqu'au bout, la victoire est proche.

    Victoire de la Lumière.

  23. For the Dutch:
    Parlementsleden raken bevoegdheid kwijt wegens Corona.


    1. Making a Citizen's Arrest against the Incumbent Bilderberg Mafia Hitler Cabinet of the Netherlands -- Rinus Verhagen

      Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

      June 7, 2020

      Dear Donald J Trump and Vladimir Putin.

      I have sent the following letter to the Minister of Public Health Hugo de Jonge together with the entire cabinet and all civil servants, judges of the Netherlands.

      I ask both Presidents to assist us, the people of the Netherlands, with the intention of making a citizen's arrest against the incumbent Bilderberg Mafia Hitler Cabinet of the Netherlands, in order to make the Netherlands sovereign again and to comply with the GESARA condition.

      Also the arrest of the stadtholder of the Netherlands Willem Alexander von Amsberg the Fake King.

      With this I hope to prevent the intended Genocide of the Bilderberg Satanists.

      Yours sincerely,

      Rinus Verhagen.

      Dear Hugo de Jonge, Fake Minister of Health.

      By order of, and part of, the post-war Hitler Cabinet, you cannot impose laws, due to lack of a valid constitution.

      Requiring a muzzle on July 1st is just not going to happen.

      The stupidity and arrogance to believe that this is going to happen is just shocking.

      Since the Dutch population has been taken hostage by a psychopath Bilderberg Nazi Hitler Cabinet, who wants to stay in power through abuse of power and deceit, I have bad news for you.

      With the introduction of GESARA the CCP has also been dissolved, so China is no longer a communist state to meet the GESARA condition.

      Play YouTube video

      By your misconduct and deliberately inflicting damage on the people of the Netherlands, you have already been relieved of your duties, along with the Union against Government Affairs.

      All members of the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament have lost their authority to take new decisions. This is claimed by the National Union against Government Affairs, which has annulled the right of the members of parliament in extrajudicial declarations. The union did so because of their behaviour regarding 'corona'.

      In May, the union personally sent each member of parliament an undertaking demanding that the MP withdraw his support for Mark Rutte's and his own corona-measures and postpone the imminent entry into force of the emergency law on 'corona'. The union warned the members of parliament that in the corona crisis they risked becoming co-responsible and co-responsible for the actions of Mark Rutte (prime minister) and Hugo de Jonge (minister of Health, Welfare and Sport), with Jaap van Dissel (director of the Centre for Infectious Disease Control RIVM) as advisor.

      Unappropriate board

      The Members of Parliament were informed that as early as 26 March 2020, the Association had written questions to the aforementioned gentlemen about, among other things, the coronate tests, the registration of coronadalities, the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations and the underlying validations. The Association did not receive an answer to these questions. This failure to provide correct substantive substantiation that could justify the coronate measures led the Association to conclude that Rutte, De Jonge and Van Dissel were guilty of 'mismanagement in serious negligence'.
      Source: Operation Disclosure 8-6-2020

    2. part two:

      The Members of the First and Second Houses of Parliament are obliged, on the basis of their duty of office, to take careful decisions. The union exposed the lack of a factual basis for the coronation measures and demanded that the members of parliament draw consequences from this. No member of parliament did so. "This is extremely serious," says Jordy Zwarts, chairman of the union. The members of the Upper and Lower Houses are not doing their job. Apparently they don't ask Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge any research questions to determine whether their coronary measures are justified. It strongly seems that they accept their story as if they were toddlers.'


      It is 'bizarre', according to Zwarts, that a complete parliament fails to fulfil its monitoring task, while doubts about the official corona story are growing day by day. Hundreds of scientists, medical specialists and independent researchers around the world ask logical questions about that story based on their expertise, but they are ignored. The reputation of Bill Gates and the WHO is dented after dent. Zwarts: 'All the more reason, you'd say, for a member of parliament to check the substantiation of the coronary measures. But nothing happens. You can't justify that if you flatten the whole country and cause colossal economic, social and psychological damage to the population.

      Bill Gates

      The Association has ordered the members of the First and Second Chambers of Parliament to conduct behavioural and background research on Bill Gates separately. This following a speech that an Italian member of parliament recently gave to her fellow ministers. Nothing has been done with that,' says Zwarts. Those members of the Upper and Lower Houses may think that they can ignore our mission with impunity, but then they are wrong.


      In the last week of May, the union informed the Dutch members of parliament that they had lost their 'discretionary power', their room to make decisions independently. With their discretionary power they also lost their official immunity that they would otherwise have in good administration. The bottom line,' says Zwarts, 'is that the members of the Senate and House of Representatives are outgoing. They are only allowed to deal with current cases and not to decide on new policy. Waiting for what the union does, that's all they're allowed to do.

      According to Zwarts, it is up to the Association to determine to which areas of content the withdrawal of the discretionary power applies. In any case, the ban applies to all decisions concerning 'corona', as the politicians will understand.


      Now that the Federation has annulled the right-wing actions of the Dutch members of parliament in extrajudicial declarations (official letters), the Federation is going to ask a judge to ratify these actions. When this will happen is not yet known.


      All letters sent by the National Union against Government Affairs to the members of the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament, as well as the letters to Mark Rutte, Hugo de Jongen and Jaap van Dissel, can be found here:


      People who want to participate in the Corona action (phase 2) of the Bond can register here:

      The abuse of power and violence against the population is the reason that we will proceed to a civil arrest against the incumbent politicians in The Hague.

    3. part 3
      In order to realize this, we ask assistance from Donald J Trump and Vladimir Putin, to join us in deposing the government in order to make the Netherlands sovereign again and thereby meet the GESARA condition.

      The English translation will be sent via the Russian and US embassies to both presidents.

      The entire administration and civil servants will be dissolved, with a temporary administration to oversee the restoration of democracy and the rule of law as the Republic of the Netherlands.

      Who will eventually be tried for which crime (MH17) for Genocide and against humanity, will become clear through the prosecutors of a tribunal.

      On behalf of the oppressed and misled Dutch and world population.
      Source: operation disclosure 8-6-2020

  24. Many thanks for your new initiative. I will certainly participate.

    For me it is very clear that this is an important part of the process. Just do it.

  25. The Pkanet Earth will not enter the constellation of Aquarius for over 100 years!

  26. visuals for meditation in French:
    visuels pour la méditation en français :éditation2.jpg

    visuals without text for other languages:
    visuels sans texte pour autres langues:

  27. Do you know why I started giving references to the German translations on my blog? To point out my altruistic work, because in contrast to you (transinformation) I am censored worldwide and the blog is under StadowBan.

    Without looking, I know that this comment comes from Alkione, the newest member of the Transinformation team, who copied my sources and my style almost 1: 1. You all believe that other Starseeds & Lightworkers do not register such details, but far from it! I also know who is behind this synonym!

    By you BOYKOTTIERT by Transinformation, just like Wolfgang (Spiritscape), my involvement in this disclosure and liberation process for years, you are not doing yourself a favor and ensure that relevant information is withheld from all interested people who are looking for the truth .

    The comment that I wrote to you a few weeks ago, including a link to one of my blog articles and the note that I saw, photographed and filmed plasma UFOs (light ships), you have NOT activated for the readers of your blog , that means you CENSORED me!

    The fact that I have been able to view various UFOs at different geographical locations in the past 5 years shows me that at least the light forces have registered my work and, with their presence, give me the confidence that I am not alone.

    In the past 8 years I have met many self-proclaimed Lightworkers, I have founded groups (communities) and helped many people with relevant tips, I have answered ALL questions that have been asked in detail, even though I have massive attacks by destructive forces at all levels exposed, thousands of trolls and psychic agents on the Internet destroyed my work and ultimately shot up the hardware.

    In a recent blog post, we were told that there would be no financial support for the Lightworker before the event. How are we supposed to pay for the property damage that the destructive forces have caused us because of our work?

    Now an announcement to the new readers of this blog, who want to prescribe longtime starseeds / lightworkers how they have to think and what their job is. Each of us has unique abilities and as long as it is not internalized by everyone, there will be no visible progress.

    When I see like new blog operators who have only been taking over and hyped the comment column here since late 2019 or early 2020, I lack any understanding of this!

    @Lev my respect to you! Thank you! (I always read ALL comments!)

    Since I could register absolutely no response, I will soon withdraw completely after 8 years!

    1. When I try to post a comment on this blog, sometimes it doesn't go through with "your comment will be posted after approval." Instead it remains blank without loading. I have to reload the page and try again, sometimes having to do this a few times. Other times there is no issue with this. My theory is something is going on with google that makes this happen. Also, sometimes it can take a few days before the comments are updated. Also, there is an option at the very bottom of the page to load more comments when there are hundreds of comments. This button at the bottom sometimes has be used more than once to load everything.

      Your comment may have not been censored, but instead there may have been technical reasons. Also, as rule it's a good idea to copy and paste your message into a word document before publishing.

      The new people are here on this blog because it was spread all over the internet from past meditations, especially the recent mass meditation with over 1 million participants. Many who have been here since the beginning are probably worn out to the point of no longer being able to do much, which is very unfortunate, but I hope they can be assisted with healing to make a good comeback. Much healing is needed for those who have been relentlessly and mercilessly attacked over the years. I think these attacks are subsiding now and it's much safer to participate, so maybe this critical healing can take place.

    2. @M(पञ्चचत्वारिंशत्)ystical0802, for a few months earlier this year I could not comment or post anywhere except my own blog, which was strange. I have had pictures taken down from my blog before too. Hye Angel, as far as I know, has not been able to comment here for years.

    3. As a general note to everyone new here, after 200 comments one needs to go to the bottom and click 'Load More'.

      This stacks up in multiples of 200 so when the comments hit 400, 600, 800, you have to click 'Load More' 2x, 3x, 4x, etc.

      Now that's out of the way the reason why these technical issues happen is this is an old platform over 20 years.

      Blogspot has been upgraded recently with new templates but it appears little has improved, like a lack of function to block people with a long history of complaining.

      Its not just those who have been meditating, those whose everyday lives are on minimum wage. Some of them are now are looking at a real dystopian tyranny being imposed on them are tired and worn out and now feel their backs are to a wall.

      'Show me the proof' they would say, holding on to a belief for 8 years with little to show for it is tiring.

      This blog despite its increased popularity remains fringe for this reason, its managed to get a following only because there's fresh people coming in to replace those who are worn out.

      A lot of comments in one blogpost where Cobra thought of removing the comment section were from people no one heard of because they were the first generation of people following the blog from its earliest days who gave up long ago. One website that led me to this place called The Event Chronicle is also no longer functioning, most likely for this reason.

  28. It was necessary to finish the post with our flagship phrase: victory of the light!

  29. Maybe I'm crazy and ignorant but i feel that some part of the Light forces are betraying us. They are neglecting the needs of the lightworkers on the ground and delaying the event all the time. I feel the Goddess confirms this. I complained a lot to Her.

  30. Never above you.
    Never below you.

  31. The only concern i got is the sales pitch... see i believe participation in grand scale finally was reached last time around because there were common clear goals.. that even uninitiates of the metaphysical resonated with...

    This time around with the current setup we can most likely hope that the bulk if not all will only be people that understands the concept of timelines . Wat light forces are etc. Now i think there willl be enough people to meditate for this change but i would be very surprise if many average joes would be part of the bulk... average joe meaning individuals not yet into the metaphysical occult and other worldly material... just saying

    1. I have zero faith in Average Joe....the lowest form of human intelligence on this rock.

    2. You know what sherman. I have more faith on some of them than i have on some so called lightworkers just aiming to complain about everything and doing nothing.. at least some of those "unwanted" try to do something even with limited understanding of universal laws.. question is what we got to show for?... a trail of blames .. pointing finger and kneeling down that we get helped cause we feel so helpless.. pity me pity me is the call.. someone save me cause i am afraid to fight to me last breath for the sake of all the sake of gaia..
      so i say let me have 1 strong of heart of those unwanted and u can keep 100 of of the elite complainers... those u want to label lowest form of human intelligence are not much different than some of us ... everyone started from a point of ignorance ..i did.. and although i dont know all..i know where i came from... their blockage ... we are as much to blame for their blockage as we are for our inability to break it.

      And this is not a rock.. is a living being.. so address it with as much respect as u wish it to be address yourself..

    3. @Esac
      The average joe and plain jane are the ones who only listen to authority figures, while lashing at those who speak against it. The average joe and plain jane WELCOME new world order, they greet the loss of freedom with booming applause.

      What I need is the aliens. To ME, one of the jewels in the crown of knowledge is to know one can't do everyone by one's self....sorry to say.
      There are 2 lines that take FAR more courage and guts to say, rather than always trying to tackle a problem alone.

      1: I don't know.
      2: Please help me.

      To ME earth is a prison, I will NOT cherish or want to have anything to do with ALCATRAZ, which is, let's face it, what this planet is. Otherwise, we'd all be having FAR better lives than now.

      YOU wanna be a martyr, GO FOR IT, I won't stop you, but some of us want OUT. Some of us were FORCED to incarnate here against our will, sorry to tell you, sir.

    4. >Esac
      By your definition the 'average Joe' probably would be me since while I am aware of some spiritual aspects I haven't experienced some of the stuff like 'travelling' to a Light Ship or out of body experiences.

      I never saw myself as a 'Lightworker' or 'Lightwarrior', I see it as too noble and lofty.

    5. Average joe for me is someone that may have no interest yet in metaphysical topics or refuse it to be real... or even aware of many of the control mechanisms being employed toward humanity... or the magnitude..
      -How many things are connected from. vaccine human trafficking.. to the bad guys agenda

      is not about how many skillsets u possess.. i about how aware u are.

      Btw i believe We all have skillsets whether we aware or not... we go astral everynight but we may not rem.. highly intuitive.. telepatyic etc.

      But getting back to topic.The problem i see.. and u even see in those forums from Q how they call those that have not yet awaken to their understanding calling the others sheeple among other worst things..

      Anyways for me .. as described above is the average joe.. even some from q following are still average joe.. they r awakening to some of the threats.. but there still is a disconnect.. as we are aware the rabbit hole runs deeper than just governmental corruption. Or world corruption. The horror they see still earthbound

    6. sherman i understand your predicament and your statements ring true.. there is nothing joyful or fun about being trapped.. i dont think anyone would be please knowing we are slaves .. that free will is not real.. and that the system is setup for stupidity nonesense and cowardness to thrive.

      We know those as facts...

      asking for help and or acknowledging we need it is not detremental shouldnt be frown upon.. however i do believe ther are ways to do that... i believe we all have prayed or asked.. for a better tomorrow wished there could be something done.. however reality is.. there is as of yet no magica instant solution. We have seen this thru the years.. is a process..
      We go in rage cause the solution is not around corner and want to blame others.. we seek to find salvation that other will pick us up and put any effort aside on trying to change something about our present predicament for the better and completely give up on the lil that we have a hold of... ourselves ( i am guiltty of such)

      I understand that you had a bad experience when u tried to "persuade" others about other worldly realities or even about the control the bad guys have on us. You got burned. There are many that probably are presently going thru that.. u even hear it from some account by those from Q trying to convince their peers or family about what they have come to understand. You all have the desire to change others and that is great.. the problem is if u dont play it right.. like everything else u will get burn.. time after time we fall because we use the least proper approach. I know u dont like the term game.. but unfortunately sherman.. in order to succeed in things one needs to find and utilize the proper tactic. Right from the very first moment u make a decision for a goal. Same goes when attenpting to persuade

      Now i am not that successful in life i can tell u that.. and i am aware as to why.. cause i also refuse to do things by the rules.. i dont like rules from one side or the other.. if i see something wrong any rules i have seen does not free u.. or free those who should be free.. i only see them as means to create more games for others.

      I am speaking earthbound rules.. btw.

      Finally.. i am not here to be a martyr sherman... i seen enough of those and for what... we need those martyr alive today.. not be just mere memories.. memories dont move mountains. Actions do.. those so called martyrs were the doers... i believe they should have been protected.. and kept alive.. but anyways.. i guess we cant argue with that.

    7. @Spec Ops
      I would not even call lightwork noble....more like masochists and or people who REALLY hate themselves.

      Me, either a disgruntled starseed that wants to hand in my 2 weeks notice, or just some poor soul, probably killed in a space battle up in orbit, 40+ years ago, and sadly, got stuck, like a fly in amber, on this prison planet.

    8. >Esac
      "But getting back to topic.The problem i see.. and u even see in those forums from Q how they call those that have not yet awaken to their understanding calling the others sheeple among other worst things.."

      Yeah that's why I gave up on the truth movement.

      In the next comment you also mentioned about getting burned if we don't play it right. I went through that when trying to tell my 'pHD educated' relative who studied biomedical engineering about vaccines. She had that smirk on her face about Illuminati and frankly my attitude to deal with being put down like that is let them learn, then drive the red hot iron rod up their rear ends when they come begging.

      Later I learned that it was destined to fail, because majority of alt-media has been taken over by the Christian Bible Belt bunch, and one thing that puts most people off about them is their evangelizing.

      That's what sank the truth movement is they turned those who got overwhelmed by the information to evangelise to others who hadn't been through a personal crisis to be on the same level as the alt-media community.

      The truth movement was also heavily infiltrated by everything from no-planes-on-911 to flat earth which has put the alt-media community to the same level as a network marketing dupe.

      Bastille - Pompeii (How Am I going To be an Optimist About this?)

  32. From "Russia" with Love:

  33. Thank you! Endgame..phiuuh..hold on there everyone♡♡♡

  34. Wow, what crazy energies.. A shop assistant almost wanted to kill me because I didn´t wear a face mask.. Although I had a writing from my doctor. He went totally mad!

    All the people inside there wearing masks like a herd of sheep..

    Don´t know what more it takes for people to understand the situation. I almost give up on the majority of people.

    They are either reptoid or other aliens with no emotions or they are already emotionally dead humans..

    For the meditation we certainly need another BIG player to promote it.

    It´s working time on a working day at least in middle europe. Let´s hope the other countries will come together!

    Victory of the Light!

    1. @Noris1986
      I call it the epitome of what I call those:

      STUPID monkeys with a strong sense of Stockholm Syndrome.

    2. Absolutely @Sherman😑🙈🙉🙊

  35. unfortunately all this Is just empty talking and nice stories which doesn't serve anyone until there is real physical Action taken against the dark forces this is not helping anyone we have just more stories with no physical action. we waited 8 year we want to see something. I want big cabal players arrested and a sign to the earth people.. It begins.

    1. And see some of their heads on a pike to prove they been taken down.

      We need TANGIBLE results, NOT faith, not blind hope-porn, either.

    2. We waited 8 years?! Much more like from around 1960 since it started all this movement! 8 years it’s only since this blog is alive.

  36. Originally the Galactic Federation was created as the Spiritual and Physical Guardians for Earth and its inhabitants.

    They were created to:

    Offer Spiritual Guidance

    Aid and Assist when needed

    Protect from Dark Force invasions

    Provide physical healing when needed

    Help with Ascension Preparation at the Time of the Shift

    Unfortunately, the Galactic Federation did not hold their Spiritual Integrity in Love. This caused them to become infiltrated by the Dark Forces. This was accomplished through extraterrestrial races allied with the Dark Agenda who were seeking to control and infiltrate the Galactic Federation as well as the human race. The Darkness overtook them.

    1. Now we REALLY need the good Et's, and the ones who have the technology, weapons, and GUTS, to take down the dark ones, since the Federation, as you described, seem incompetent and totally impotent.

    2. Who is this (Galactic) “Federation” that people here are so worked up about??
      Cobra has made it clear that it is only the (Galactic) “CONFEDERATION” he speaks of. There is a big difference! I don’t recall exactly when it was that he posted about it (maybe 2 or 3 yrs ago), but he stated it was important we understand the difference between the two! many people incorrectly refer to them as the “Federation”.
      The following link explains, using governments as example:

      Love and Light to you all!✨

  37. Imposters of the Light have proliferated on Earth for a long time. They mislead, misdirect, torture, kill, and steal Life Force Energy from the Earth and its inhabitants. These dark forces have covertly infiltrated all societies on Earth.

    This situation has made it necessary for the Creation Lightship to activate Universal Energy Shifts to cleanse, realign, and restore Spiritual Divine Harmony.

    All inhabits on Earth were created to experience Love and Light. Creation will no longer allow this darkness to go unchecked.

  38. Become Free of Entrapments:

    Forced Reincarnation

    Karmic Lessons

    Parallel Lives

    Entities, Mind Control, Cordings

    Endless Reincarnation on Earth
    We did not install your enforced reincarnation process. This again was in accordance with the Galactic Federation’s alliance with the Dark. The reincarnation process was devised to capture and use your energy for the Darks own parasitic agenda, i.e. the theft of souls.

    The Dark Forces built the etheric soul traps for the harvesting (recycling) of souls. Humans are recycled after death to remain in the Matrix. A soul-catching net or soul net awaits us at death – and keeps us in the Matrix – The Dark Forces feed off of our negative energy and this is why humanity continuously reincarnate. To allow our spirits to move on and return to Source/God/Creator would end existence for the Dark Forces.

    All Spirits were created as a unique expression of the Divine, freely expressing their own unique Love and Light Frequencies in all of their creations. This was the original Divine Plan.

    You were created to experience one life at a time.
    Being held captive on Earth without your Twin Flame, reincarnating over and over again to learn karmic lessons, having your Spirit Energy diluted into numerous parallel lives. This all came about from the Dark Side’s infiltration of this planet. This was never part of the Lights Divine Plan!

    Karmic Lessons:
    Negative programming from past lives (karma) was never intended to be imprinted on the physical body. This is not part of the Divine Intention. Born over and over again on Earth without being able to leave and being held captive was a program put in place by the Dark Agenda.

    Parallel Lives:
    I am sure you have heard of the saying ‘spreading yourself too thin’. At this time on Earth, people are living a multitude of parallel lives simultaneously. These lives can affect you without your knowledge or consent. This process was not created by the Light.

    You were created to live one life in the NOW.

    The Darkness has progressed since Jesus walked the Earth. This increased density has caused a situation where people are rarely more than 20% in their bodies and they are often sharing their bodies with Entities, (ghost, the emotional bodies of people who have passed on). These Entities cause auditions and a host of other problems. They need to be cleared out in order for the Spirit to come into the body 100%.

    The Galactic Federation has allowed negative ET races to abduct people and do things to them against their will, such as:

    Install tracking devices

    Inject them with mental and physical implants, use devices that control and alter Consciousness according to their will. Each time just before an individual was incarnated, he was re-implanted again. In this way, the surface population was kept in amnesia.

    Infiltration of the physical body by the ‘Dark Forces Agenda’ has radically compromised the human energy system.

    This has prevented the physical and spiritual development of the Human Race for eons.

    This has threatened Humanity to near Spiritual extinction.

    The Dark Agenda’s many methods have included negative imprinting, mind control, tracking devices, psychic attacks, mental and physical attacks, negative implants, invasion of privacy and freedom, soul theft, abduction, spreading of false teachings designed to distract and lead people away from their own Divinity.

    This has become a very large clean-up mission on our part. The Dark Forces are trying to take over the Light’s Creations. We realize that there is a need to clean up this situation and the Divine Forces are united in this effort at this time.

    Light bearers throughout history have come into physical form to facilitate a positive change and help uplift human consciousness in overcoming the force of Darkness. Many of these individuals have suffered from living under the Dark Agenda’s rule.

    1. Thank you great summary of what has been happening. Many are now realizing past lives and think that is normal and I want to explain how it isnt yet to go down that road means examining negative ETs dracos chimera Archons etc and many are not ready for that Intel. I trust the wave of love will right the ship and all will be brought up to speed very soon.

  39. Cobra, to keep spirits high could we understand more why the April 4th meditation that achieved 1M participating wasnt enough as we were told direct Galactic intervention would occur if we achieved critical mass of 144k.
    Are tunnels not being cleared by special forces?
    Are chemtrail planes still flying?
    Are 5G satellites going to be taken out?
    We need some real tangible intel
    Thanks Doug
    Victory of the Light!

  40. Gaiaportal:
    Frugals call upon the Higher Aware, and are rebuked.

    "Frugal" actually sounds positive. The same applies to many secret installations of the Jesuits in the New Age movement. The Higher Self denounces the "everything is good" attitude, "nothing must be changed". This includes the view that the light forces must do everything for the liberation of the planet and we can do nothing. In recent decades alone, this attitude of starseeds has delayed the liberation of the Earth by decades.

    Turn to your Higher Self and support the meditation that comes from the Light Forces via Cobra.

  41. Dear Cobra, here is the romanian translation of your great post, thank you to hold a new mass meditation and to gather again so much people as we can announce from now, we will made the critical mass for sure and beyond that ! Victory of the Light !


  42. ÉirePort | June 6, 2020 at 15:15

    "Frugals call upon the Higher Aware, and are rebuked.

    Gaia Portals open fully with the Marches of Time.

    Stores of Illumination open.

    Spores of Illumination enter.

    Heavens are viewed within."

    Empire Of The Sun - High And Low


  43. It is very sad to read so many negative comments. Most people seem not to undeerstand the whole picture. Most people only believe the action they see but they still don't believe the unseen. Wake up, we are in the end game and there is more happening than you all can imagine. When you all would have done your research and homework properly you all would now. But most of you only wait, wait, wait and ask for the EVENT. The EVENT comes when the time is right. And the EVENT can't happen as long as it is still pretty dangerous. People, you have no idea what our situation on earth is really like. We walk om an explosive bomb so to say and all earth humans were supposed to die or to be enslaved. To free this planet requires more than just some advanced technology, laser beams etc. There is a cosmic war going on for decades. Join the Resistance, go and fight yourself. Than you will know what it is like to free the earth and humanity.

    We are in the endgame and I believe that we will see results very soon. But the LFs need our mental support. Yes it is not easy for us. I also have my days where I feel weak and sad, where I doubt and suffer. The LFs know this and we should not give up so close. It is worth to keep going and we all will be rewarded. We have to leave the EGO behind.

    Great sign that something big is happening. They now kill all the heads of the Gang members here in New Zealand. I think this is a huge push forward and long neccessary. But bigger tasks needed to be done first. But I'm in joy to see this finally happening. There are lots of small signs thatb the world is changeing. Please keep going.

    Victory of the Light is here.

    1. Полностью согласна с Вами. Дух это важно. Иногда люди падают духом иногда поднимаются.Много было обмана, болезней, усталость людей.. Предательства других гас или кого то тех кому люди доверяли, кто забирал энергию и силу... Я знаете до сих пор задаюсь вопросом и он остаётся неясен.. Правда ли что все иллюзия и мы просто телевизоры, которые наблюдают кино? Тогда с кем воевали русские богатыри Илья муромец, который есть в древних сказаниях он воевал с дракона и отрубил им головы? Так как он захватили землю русскую

    2. Have the aliens come land and visit me, and pick me up. So long as they give me my proper body/gender BACK, a real life span, my past life memories back, and some good weapons and gear, I will GLADLY join the Resistance, up in space. I'd rather be up THERE, in the space battles....least I'll have a FIGHTING CHANCE in a starship, being able to BLAST those Archon and Reptile mother fuckers to kingdom come. BETTER than being down HERE, sitting on my butt, HOPING that things, SOMEHOW, come out right in the end. And the idea of zapping Reptilian and Spider asses with phasers and so on sounds like my idea of a good time, especially considering what they have done to ME since I was born.

      And what is this reward, you spoke of?

  44. Za slovenske bralce:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  45. Unfortunately I won't be able to participate this time because I'm working on that day and it's not my break time. But why is my work more important? Why can't I take a day off to help liberate our planet?
    I want to be honest with you here. We often try to put ourselves in your shoes. So please try to understand our point of view as well. For the vast majority of humans nothing positive is ever happening. Imagine if the Source told Pleiadians to do something, they did it, and then nothing happened. They did what the Source has told them dozens of times and still nothing happened. Their vibrations didn't rise, the anomaly didn't decrease, the negative entities weren't defeated, and none of the Pleiadian's goals were achieved. After many years of doing whatever the Source has told them, exactly like it told them. And on top of that they never actually met the Source and can't confirm it's real in any way. Would they still listen to Source then? Would they still put the Source's orders and suggestions over whatever they're doing in their own lives? Maybe. I don't know. But Cobra as a human being should be able to understand this perspective.
    I'm not saying you're wrong for not giving us enough info or accurate predictions. I understand this is a war, these are plans that are constantly changing, etc. etc. Maybe it's the best you can do from your perspective, but even then it doesn't change the fact that it's not enough from our perspective. Someone could've said that WWII were the End Times. That Spanish flu pandemic were the End Times. It's too broad of a prediction. And none of the positive predictions have happened yet. No soft or hard economic crash. The COVID-19 pandemic wasn't stopped like you predicted in January. No public arrests. As you suggested I went out to meditate in a forest far away from any other people and I still didn't feel the Bubble of Heaven or anything. Blue Dawn update from January - "As the Galactic Confederation fleet approaches closer to the surface as weeks and months go by, there will be more and more contact established" - where is this contact then 5 months later?
    I understand that there are probably many reasons for this. But what's the point of telling us these things if most of them won't happen? It's like with the many channellings predicting the Event date roughly every 3 months or so and nothing ever happening.
    Many people say "this is the year" and with so many planetary conjunctions and successful mass meditations seems like this could really be the year. But if nothing happens again this year you'll just say "I didn't tell you the Event were to happen in 2020. Just work harder in 2021 and then it might happen", am I right?
    Like, again, I understand. This is just how things are and we can't demand proof when you can't give us any. But please understand our perspective as well and don't blame us for not trying hard enough when nothing's happening from our point of view. No one likes to work when it looks like their work is pointless, even if they're told they "succeeded". Well, maybe we did succeed, maybe we didn't. But not knowing whether our actions have any positive or negative effect is the most frustrating thing. It'd be better if we were told we failed and we'd see the failure with our own eyes. Because that'd mean that we can succeed as well if we try hard enough. But no detailed info and no physical changes or effects are the absolutely worst things for our morale.

    Btw. you can delete this comment if you want. I'm glad if at least you have read it, Cobra. And thank you for trying so hard even in these frustrating circumstances. I wish I could know what you know and didn't have to do everything on faith alone. That's the single thing I'm the most jealous about you.

    1. Well said. If this 'progress' has been made its in such a way that it does not directly impact the human everyday experience and therefore its hard to be credible.

    2. Word! You just put in one message what most of the people start to think about this. Unfortunately, at the surface of the planet things get harder and harder with no improvement at all (unless you listen to 1000 channels who tell you that everything it’s perfect and that the even it’s “soon”.)

    3. Well put. We hit it out of the park April 4th per cobra 1M so what more evidence does the Galactics need and arent there millions of Galctics ships and races here to assist? We all expected the economy to crash DOW is at 26k crazy right. We just need something visible to boost our spirits and also to help others awaken. I realize we dont and cant know all the details as this really is a hostage situation with quantum level weapons involved.
      I trust the Galactics just eager for visible results.
      Victory of the Light!

    4. Hence why I say we need some TANGIBLE results.
      Otherwise, we're just another religion/cult.

    5. Come on, Light Forces....we know you can all this and realize it's time YOU show US something. We did our part, we 'paid our dues', as it were. Do YOUR part, now.

    6. Spot on! That is exactly what I would like Cobra to respond to. We cannot anylonger just be blind followers.. there has to be a clear sign by now that shows we are dealing with genuine beings!


  46. Ladies and Gentlemen.
    Start your Engines.

    Summer's here.
    The Time is Right.
    We're going Racing.

    Racing In The Street



  47. This is my church
    This is where I heal all hurts

    God Is A DJ


  48. I made a meditation song and integrated it into protocol Command PB Stardust. This meditation song will strengthen the Pleiadian Protocol for all those who need it. Command PB Stardust really does work. Allow my song to assist in your pain management. I care very much for all people going through extreme pain at this time. I can relate because I am one of those people with a body that has prematurely aged, and my pain can be extreme at times. I am weak because I am strong, and I am strong because I am weak. Here is the meditation video:

  49. Thank you Cobra! (and all the Alliance Teams!)
    Despite the Plandemic, the Lockdown, the Vaccine Agenda, The Civil Unrest, and the Coup being in full progress, we must admit, this has been a groundbreaking year, with so much information, so much awakening, so much compassion, love, faith, unexpected re-connection, and time for reflection.

    We are battle weary, we're still very much at war, Patriots fight! Knowledge is power. Share it. Not to instill fear, or incite...but to reveal Truth, restore insight.

    Here are 2 videos I was inspired to see.
    Counterculture heroes, not letting it be,
    but speaking truth, straight up and real...
    Now watch these, and see how you feel!

    Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Chaziel Sunz exposed BLM, Democrats, ANTIFA, etc.
    •Jun 1, 2020
    A B
    2.17K subscribers

    (Warning: raw language!)

    •Streamed live on Jun 1, 2020
    366K subscribers

    1. It has since come to my attention that Chaziel Sunzwas never affiliated with BLM group, that was added by someone who later shared his video. So here is a post that includes his own original video from 2017 and some updates where he clarifies his message.

  50. Article: Cabal Is 65% Jewish And 20% Extraterrestrial And Here Is The Plan!! Q Is One Of Highest Intelligence Groups There Is!!

    Much love, Maria

    1. ... and on beforeitsnews. I found this one more clear:

  51. Entrench God Into Your World
    By Indian in the machine -June 6, 202009
    We of the Light Forces wish to remind you on planet earth, that your battle now is not between the left and the right, the Republicans and the Democrats, the people and the Deep State… you are fighting for something much more meaningful. You are fighting to re-entrench God into your world. It has been a long time since God has graced your minds, walked your streets and blessed your hearts and it is time again, for the re-introduction of God and all that is One to bless your lives again.

    For anyone who sees themself as having an enemy at all, you are missing the point. The enemy is within and it must be expunged from your hearts and minds, so that God may reign free in your world once more and that you take your places as the cherished divine beings that you are.

    This entire scenario on your world now, being played out for you to see, to improve, to work on yourselves to change, is there for your reaction and your input. You are playing a game, a very important game, of “What do I do next? How do I improve myself and the world for the rest of humanity now?” If these are not the questions you’re asking, then you’re playing the wrong game.

    Know that you are more powerful than those who run your world. They have stolen it from you. Something stolen can only be taken from one who has more, remember that.

    It is as if you are at a movie theater, and the script is being created by you and all your fellow earthlings. How do you wish to influence it now?

    We are with you, always.
    Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

    1. Не архитектор ли создаёт сценарий? Кто создаёт сцены? Кто создаёт голограммы? Фантомов? Коды голограмм? И многовекторный разворот событий... Разве мы делаем сценарий? Мы только выбираем ход...

  52. Article: Oprah Disney Witchcraft Movie Exposed!!! A Wrinkle In My...?

  53. Since many have been saying for a long time that we need to BUILD MOMENTUM with our Meditations.....I have prepared an Invitational Letter that focuses on the theme of CREATING A CONTINUOUS WAVE OF LIGHT THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF JUNE.

    In his post back in January, Cobra listed several Key Astrological Dates this year including June 14, June 21 and June 30. I encourage everyone who is really serious about maximizing the astrological energies this month to personally commit to and massively promote A Mass Meditation on All 3 Dates. That way we will build and sustain a Continous Massive Wave of Light coming into the planet ALL MONTH LONG!!!

    This will create the Huge Breakthrough we've all been working towards!

    Also, June 21st is a Total Solar "Ring of Fire" Eclipse (the most powerful type of eclipse) and beginning on June 20 and also the 21st Earth will be aligned with Galactic Center.....the Galactic which all possibilities exist and there are no limitations to what can arise from this cosmic amniotic fluid of infinite potential.

    With this extremely powerful alignment and the fact that Solar Eclipses mark New Beginnings.....this is one of the most powerful days of the year to BIRTH OUR NEW 5D EARTH INTO EXISTENCE and permanently Anchor Our Consciousness onto the New 5D Earth Grid. This is the Day When We Fuel Our Highest Vision for our planet and ACCELERATE Its Manifestation!



    That is why I Am Putting Out An Urgent Call for FIVE MILLION MEDITATORS / DESTINY MAKERS Around the Globe to come together and eradicate all dark agendas with our CONTINUOUS TSUNAMI WAVE OF LIGHT we are going to create in June!

    While that may sound very ambitious I don't see it that way. Out of 7.5 Billion Souls.....there are easily far more than Five Million who are on the spiritual path and already assisting in the liberation of our planet so this is not a high number for the Universe to mobilize, relatively speaking.

    Just like we did back in March for the 4-4 Meditation, we will MANIFEST this Amazing Result ahead of time by envisioning it and sending out the strong belief and elation of this accomplishment in our regular personal meditations. We Create The Outcome In Advance!

    More important than whether we end up with 2 or 5 Million however, is that participants are of a Higher Light Quotient. For example, it would be better to have One Million fully engaged meditators with an expanded light field and meditation experience vs. 2-3 Million meditators who are un-focused and unable to hold or anchor much light. So we can also focus on attracting individuals to join us who are of a very high vibration.

    HERE IS THE LINK TO MY INVITATIONAL LETTER. It ties in global events over the last 3 months, is designed to Inspire Decisive Action, encourages strong connection with the Goddess and paints the New Earth Vision.



    SOOOOOOO Excited To Join With All Of You Beautiful Meditators and Create the Largest Mandala of Light THis Galaxy Has Ever Seen!


    1. From a previous Cobra post, "The Grand Cross:"

    2. Sacred:
      This is terrific.
      Thank you.

  54. I agree totally with what Sherman is saying! I’m tired getting attacked all the time. Yes I will do the meditation and yes I will make sure I can spread the message far and wide to get another million hits. But ours is a thankless job and there is no way we were prepared for this... to be prepared for this as a starseed or human, whatever I am, I would need to go through full lives of planet earth simulation and then asked if I want to go ahead and do this thankless job.
    Despite what I have written here I can say that only terrific amounts of hard work is keeping me sane money wise or otherwise.
    Though I still cannot afford an tachyon tech or light mandalas or pyradyne products or the products which the resistance makes.
    Working for someone else is an absolute killer. It takes guts to get out and start on your own especially since you know that you are being watched by unseen eyes, ready to torment you and hit you where it hurts. Still I am trying and getting attacked in the process.
    Let’s see how my story unfolds. As of now I will meditate and spread the message despite the attacks. Wish me luck!
    And thank you Sherman for being the only person here who writes what all of us actually feel to some degree...

    1. Может быть не у всех так все плохо? Поэтому мы это и не пишем? А смотрим другими глазами... Красивое золотое солнце чудесные облака.. Не обыкновенные деревья и цветы... Чарующий закат... Понимаю что есть проблемы... У кого то может быть очень серьёзные... Но когда ты понимаешь что можешь потерять жизнь, ты начинаешь смотреть на мир по-другому. Меняешь ракурс. Доброй Вечности всем дорогие Сердца! 🌈💗🌺🌺🌺💖🙏🙂

  55. For polish community

  56. I'll be there!!

    Does anyone know if crystals that have entered the Stratosphere have a positive effect on personal auras when worn, or more specifically what the effect would be?


  57. Sirius
    Eye In The Sky



  58. Unfortunately, the plandemic BS is working just as planned as a social engineering project by the dark side.


    Nowhere else have I seen such Lions led by lambs.

    Light Up The Sky


  59. For Lightworkers.
    A very beautifull and intens Q&A with Blossom Goodchild and White Cloud on :

    Love and Light, enjoy.

  60. (I posted this as a reply to a comment, but felt that it also needed to be posted as a separate comment if that's ok. I won't re-post like this on a regular basis but felt that it needed a higher chance of being seen.)

    I'm seeing that once the light forces actually are able to do more to make drastic changes in 3D that the implants start activating to get people to be angry that 'nothing is being done by the light forces to make changes in 3D.' Once something big can be done, the implants go on overdrive to get people to start pointing the finger.

    (It's the implants in the surface population that are the last layer, along with some remaining entities.)

  61. Also, I was recently shown something very special in the dreamstate. Sometimes I have dreams of other people's experiences. Sometimes the experiences are mine. It's probably a good idea to avoid wondering who's it is at the moment.

    I'll just say that I was shown (maybe a glimpse) of the potential energetic power level a person really has. Let's just say that the potential power level is beyond words, and this power was definitely of the light. I never forget dreams of this nature. The veil was definitely pierced!

  62. Dear Cobra
    Do you think that if more people performed the protocol of deprogramming the implants (I am God/ I am not God) it would help the forces of Light to remove the toplet bombs more easily and quickly? As for the June 30th meditation, of course we will work on it as usual and spread the news everywhere! Victory of the Light! Thank you dear Cobra! (Vincent and Marie-Hélène)

  63. presentation video of meditation in French with English subtitle:

  64. Cobra,
    I was laying in bed and realized what you all are doing for us, for mankind. A lot of work. Thank you. I love you:)

  65. The breaking point has to be reached, for each and every loving soul, one at a time, or, or all at once, either way, being pushed to the brink, to the edge of sanity, to the very exhausting point of our last expendable energy, is the secret to success;
    Some will not make it, some will, but that is our history, then we recycle this process to try and learn better, but each time we pacify out sad depressing situation with all sorts of creative
    mitigation tools, using our power of creativity to make ourselves feel better.

    What we need to do, is use our power of creativity to SOLVE PROBLEMS, NOT make ourselves feel better!

    We look at the ET's who have better tools and less trauma with less trouble to deal with; We think to ourselves that the ET's lightforces may be lazy or have it easier, but the problem with such judgement, is that we are mitigating our own sad sorry situation with all sorts of 'emotional medication'.

    Try this next time you feel depressed and sad; SIT WITH THE NEGATIVE FEELING, until such time it goes away by itself, WITHOUT fixing the problem.

    Then watch how peaceful you feel better with all sorts of renewed energy to ACTUALLY SOLVE PROBLEMS.

    Peace, Frank

    1. @Frank
      What about my BIG problem? The Archons putting me in a human body, and a male body?

      HOW will all you mentioned give ME my true gender body, and a REAL life span like the aliens, and no longer be a genetically raped monkey?

    2. Oh dear, Deary me what ARE you talking about Frank, what absolute nonsense!

    3. >Frank
      Great insights.

      "Try this next time you feel depressed and sad; SIT WITH THE NEGATIVE FEELING, until such time it goes away by itself, WITHOUT fixing the problem.

      Then watch how peaceful you feel better with all sorts of renewed energy to ACTUALLY SOLVE PROBLEMS."

      Being drafted into the military was the closest I got to prison.

      When I was discharged, the fantasy sold in movies about the guy who gets his girl after all that crap didn't materialize and I was put through 4 years on trying to process complex subjects on less than adequate food and poor nutrition, because people who I thought I could trust as my blood relatives stabbed me in the back.

      During that time other problems piled up as attempts to turn my situation around so I could have some money of my own made it worse or went nowhere.

      With no way out and the only options left would have seen me breaking the laws I had to sit in the middle of it all and endure. Its probably why I am impatient for things to roll with this as I am done with having to endure.

      What you said also reminds me of this scene from Platoon:

    4. @ Sherman

      much love to ALL Sherman

  66. so beautiful. I love it.

    5. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize soft pink Light of the Goddess embracing all beings on planet Earth and healing their emotional bodies. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

  67. Recently, I am drawn to scribble sheets with the words "I am God. I am not God"! Many sheets are covered with letters. Tired hand writing this handwriting is changing. Does anyone enlighten me about this method - how do I understand that the head implants are gone and dissolved? It should somehow show me some actions or write at least the whole month but they will surely leave.
    Or these implants will dissolve without our participation by the Light Forces. What should happen to a person whose head implants are gone - will he become clairvoyant or will the third eye open?

  68. Idea about publicizing this meditation...

    This is "old school." But it's more personalized.

    1. Copy the meditation instructions into your email window.

    2. Write a persona note to everyone at the top ("Hey, Jason/Amanda here to say hello. Please send this to another 30 people! We need this to go Viral! ) ... and send it out within the next few days to as many friends and family members as you can think of.

    3. Tell them "you may not understand all of this, but do it anyway."

    Many people don't understand concepts like Galactic Central Sun, and timelines, but they do understand 'healing inequalities' and 'peace.' Most people are wanting peace right now.

    4. Email it out again around June 25-26, that is, a few days before the actual meditation. You're reminding them.

    "Here I am again, your buddy. This is to let you know we all need to do this.. :^)....etc.

    By the time we get to June 25, there will be some videos in different languages you can add to your email, plus hopefully a Facebook page and other information.

    The reason I am suggesting email is that most of us probably have large number of "Contacts" in our email system that we can use.

    You never know who knows who. You never know who will get excited about this and do it. You never know who will send it along to THEIR huge mailing lists.

    This is what we want.

    We need spiritual leaders involved again and others with big mailing lists of spiritual communities.

    Let's go!

    Victory of the Light.

  69. @Astral

    I want to SEE these Draco starships getting taken out.

    I want to see the actual battles happening up there.

  70. In an effort to bring everyone on the same page, I will write down what we all subconsciously know, thanks to Cobras tireless work.
    Don’t expect any surface 3D actions from Lightforces (Ashtar command, Atlantis command) before first contact is established (can happen only at the moment of and after The Event, that’s cruel truth, just get away with it).
    The Earth liberation surface operations will be carried out by humans (special forces cleverly guided by the Resistance on the background, from the underground, in some rare cases some Resistance operatives will come to the surface and some lightworkers may be included in operations also, but on 99% they won’t be, as we don’t have a slightest idea how totally extreamly difficult it will be to perform any of the surface liberation operation).
    Don’t expect truly impactfull surface liberation changes and/or actions from the current regimes nor positive millitary before the Event (even if toplet bombs will be gone it’s our collective decision, that includes everyone karmically connected to Earth, not just us on the surface, that will decide the exact moment of The Event green light signal and the consequential light influx that will strongly and quickly decompose the old Matrix that keeps us imprisoned).
    Right now we need to participate in theese two mass meditations on 14th and 30th. Our concentration within theese meditations is what is needed by now. These are the deeds we promised to our star brothers and sisters to do when we were given the approval to go down or up to the surface, long long long time ago. Even if it’s at the time you are in work, still you can go to toilet, when it’s during a night, you can set up an alarm 5 mins before and continue sleaping afterwards. We came here to do this, not to go to work or have a nice sleep... Your concentration and visualization is what is needed.
    Be brave. Be kind.
    In one of my dream in full color I had few years ago I was on a walk with our dog, when I tooked phone out of my pocket and impatiently reloaded the 2012portal website, just to check if any further info is published, however there still was that title-only article that read: "THE EVENT IS NOW". Our village was calm as it always is, it was apparently safe for me to go outside. It was about half an hour after the rain stopped, the early, mid or late autumn sky with sunset was clear, cropps were maybe harvested, maybe they were not, I can’t recall that. It was not winter. It was not December by past years standards, maybe late August, maybe earlier. Maybe very last days of summer. Year was NOT showned to me.
    Remember - 14th and 30th of June. Simply try to do your best.

    1. We need the event RIGHT........NOW!!

      Before 5G/Corona..and all other cabalthings are killing us ALL!

      No time left anymore for delay/wait.

      Start the EVENT right now!!

  71. For those who feel guided I am requesting translations for my short promo video! The script can be found at the link below:

    Here is the promo video playlist so far:

    Let's do this everyone! Much love!

    1. Apologies, if anyone feels guided to do a translation please send it to

  72. Waiting to get *abducted*🥰🌌🛸✨👽


  73. For Gaia.

    My Happiness

    I love you.

    I AM RaJah


  75. Something important progress happened.

  76. Indianinthemachine tells us about the ring of fire at the moment:

    God bless us all, so also animals, trees and plants, and Earth itself.

  77. I for one am here for a reason what the reason is I don't know. I still can not connect to my higher self whether its manipulation or not. I read all the time of people of succeeding, but the funny thing is I still BELIEVE no matter how bad it gets because I for one have come to notice things about myself where I can transmute enegery. Here's the kicker I walk under a street light it goes out, the same street light many times over always go out, but when other people that I have observed many times over go under the same street light they can't. So what I am saying is we do influence more than what people believe or thoughts and our even our presence influences. This has caught me lately because what's funny is every time I send a thought out for an answer in some weird way it comes to me that I can not explain. I use to always question what the point of life is and I said many times over that 2012 can not be true, but funny enough the more I influenced my own though to action. I was brought to sites like 2012 cobra, starship earth, Corey Goode, BENJAMIN guilford and that was back in 2013 just a head ups before I was about to post this comment its said my sites connection was secured, but now AS I DARE TO COMMENT AND REACH OUT TO ALL OF YOU. It no longer is.😂 DF and DS are terrified of connection.


  79. On june 30th unfortunately, I'm at a work related trainings course that is mandatory to me :/
    But I will still do what I can to participate, even if it means that I'll be meditating during class.
    Just hope that my instructor is still half asleep when the meditation starts at 7:48am in GER, lol

  80. I'm starting to feel fooled. It is completely out of question that the human body can be switched from carbon-based to silicon-based. That sounds more like transhumanism and robotics - what special areas of dark forces are supposed to be.


    So langsam fühle ich mich veralbert. Es ist völlig ausgeschlossen, dass der menschliche Körper von Kohlenstoffbasis auf Siliziumbasis umgestellt werden kann. Das klingt eher nach Transhumanismus und Robotik - was Spezialgebiete der Dark Forces sein sollen.

    1. I am all for being something other than human.

      Right now, we ARE, as I always said it, genetically raped monkeys. We got short lives, prone to diseases and illness, can't handle meat raw, the sun seems to hurt us...cataracts, skin cancers, sun burn, etc. We got lower back pains, very few of us could survive in the wilderness....and an article, a few years ago, goes over how humans do not belong on this planet.

      I, personally, am all FOR being something other than be genetically raped.

  81. ritual psychopaths…..
    bringing in another bloodbath…..
    and now their on the run…..
    from the sacred sun…..
    and so the humans break free….
    from chimeras factories….
    and the nasty little goblins.....
    blow away in the breeze….
    sacred breeze.....
    nasty little goblins…..

  82. Any plans for new interviews Cobra?

  83. Sherman,Thank you for telling many people's feelings. I'm really disappointed with the light force, which keeps making promises, but it never comes true.
    I will continue to participate in meditation, but I am really angry at the light forces continue to break their faith, maybe I am crazy, I want to say that the light forces are very incompetent.sorry

  84. A message from indianinthemachine:
    And Divine Government Is At A Moment Of Breakthrough!!
    NESARA Has Merged Into GESARA And Divine Government Is At A Moment Of Breakthrough!!
    The galactics have told us… first the arrests… then NESARA…
    First The Indictments…Then NESARA Will Be Introduced, Which Will Eventually End…
    How there is talk of a merger of NESARA WITH GESARA, and it resonates as truth.

    The countries will need to remain autonomy, and then there will be a merger into a DIVINE GOVERNMENT.

    Yes you heard it… a DIVINE GOVERNMENT BASED ON LOVE.

    Divine Disclosure Is At Moment Of Breakthrough
    This moment is also imminent like the GESARA moment.

    Keep in mind and heart, that we are figuring things out, with the hints and clues provided on the ground, and ‘off the ground’… our ‘star family’.

    The Divine Plan does involve America leading the way, via re-establishing itself as the Republic, not a corporation.

    Essentially, regarding of the details… it involves a new world financial system, where debt is wiped out, and things are valued as they are without bubbles of influence.

    I share the notions that Hatonn recommends, money that expires and no compound interest… good ideas no?

    What a resetting of the world economy will do, is to create a new economic boom the likes humanity has never seen before.

    What we MUST do, is to find out how to do that, while RESPECTING THIS PLANET AND OURSELVES.

  85. part two:

    GESARA and NESARA represent a system that is not supported by war, harm, competition, rape of mother earth, and the constant financial games that have worn us all down.

    Imagine all the new technologies coming forth… healing ourselves and the planet.

    Imagine the food replicators…

    Imagine no part of the new financial system can be based on human trafficking.

    Imagine a financial system that supports heaven on earth.

    GESARA and NESARA are about freeing energy… so that we can all benefit instead of compete with each other.

    Trump has hinted that this moment is imminent… in that he wants to take a ride in a RV (RV= Revaluation of Currency).

    There will be an orderly outtro, in phasing out the old system, and an intro, into the good stuff and beyond!

    I have enjoyed the following update below and feel there’s lots of great info there…. thanks James, Mr. Ed., and Higher Density!

    Growing Rumor Of NESARA Announcement As Soon As Next Week!

    We’re Gonna Be Rich Together!! NESARA Update Via Military Intel Contact!!
    Further information and pics on the website.
    Source: GESARA and NESARA represent a system that is not supported by war, harm, competition, rape of mother earth, and the constant financial games that have worn us all down.

    Imagine all the new technologies coming forth… healing ourselves and the planet.

    Imagine the food replicators…

    Imagine no part of the new financial system can be based on human trafficking.

    Imagine a financial system that supports heaven on earth.

    GESARA and NESARA are about freeing energy… so that we can all benefit instead of compete with each other.

    Trump has hinted that this moment is imminent… in that he wants to take a ride in a RV (RV= Revaluation of Currency).

    There will be an orderly outtro, in phasing out the old system, and an intro, into the good stuff and beyond!

    I have enjoyed the following update below and feel there’s lots of great info there…. thanks James, Mr. Ed., and Higher Density!

    Growing Rumor Of NESARA Announcement As Soon As Next Week!

    We’re Gonna Be Rich Together!! NESARA Update Via Military Intel Contact!!

    More finformation and pics on the website.

  86. How to deal with whiners?