Saturday, June 27, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Final Update

Time is approaching our Age of Aquarius activation and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.

Next 60 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in over 40 languages:

The main page with instructions for the activation is here:

Many people are supporting our activation.

Corey Goode here: 

Alfred Labremont Webre here:

Christina von Dreien here:

Magenta Pixie here:*F 

Stillness in the Storm here:

Kauilapele here:

Sementes das Estrelas here:

Waking Times here: 

A blogger from mainland China has made a blog post about our activation, and it has reached amazing 1.7 million views until now:

Another influencer has mentioned our meditation on Tik Tok and received 1.5 million views and over half a million likes:

A comprehensive post with all information, videos and memes for our activation is located here:

Exact time for our Age of Aquarius meditation is here: 


Activation of Versailles vortex will begin on Tuesday June 30th at 7 am sharp at undisclosed location in Versailles. Those who wish to participate can contact , and they will receive an email with all instructions tomorrow evening when all details are finalized.

Let's do this:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Yes!! I believe we will hit crucial mass thank you

  2. 1.4 million views only in China🤯. In seeing the views on the meditation video I did not think that we will exceed 144000 but there we have a chance to exceed that or even 1million let us be crazy. Pay attention to you starseed I had my attack strength which consisted in making me believe that nobody will do meditation, although I will do it no matter what. It gives us the impression that no one is going to do it when it is wrong. This is not the time to be discouraged, we are building ourselves to the end and we have enormous support from our Chinese brothers and sisters. We all have, in one way or another, injuries and problems including myself (I have been attacked with great intensity in recent days) but I managed to get back on my feet every day is a new beginning so please do this meditation with me. You are one of the most resistant souls in the galaxy, nothing can destroy your spirit. Let the light protect you.

    Life always wins over death.

    Translated by Google.

    1. I'm quite confident we will reach critical mass. 40000 participating in booster meditation is as good sign.

    2. Congratulation for all chinese ! you are so wonderful ! may God bless you and bring us the positive outcome of this special activation mass meditation ! much love and light !

  3. Yes! Let’s do this! Victory of the Goddess! Thank you dear Cobra! ( M-H and V)

  4. Let's do it. Victory of the Light!

  5. How will the mothership-IAFW, which is larger than our Sun, participate in the Event ?

  6. I'm in as well. Let's make a big change. Victory of the light. Let the sun in. 🙏🌞❤🌞💜🌞🧡🌞💙🌞💚🌞💛🌞🖤🙏🙋‍♀️🌈

  7. 开始吧,以爱之名,汇聚冥想
    start,named for love,meditation together
    we are family
    we are life
    we are bro&sis
    Love is our mark deep In heart forever

  8. Please provide all possible information about the Jesuits, is this not operational information and can be made public?

    1. Here are a couple of posts by Ahuwahzeus/Izrealzeus on the Jesuits and related groups :

      -Thats a few with a lot of info. He is always updating them with new information too. Hope that is relevant to your request.

      Also, on another note, Cobra, a Pleaiadian stardust protocol for multi-planar targeted and general healing and inflammation reduction/ came to mind, would be nice if possible.

  9. Italian add here:

  10. During each key stellium, a fierce battle breaks out between the Dark Forces and the Light Forces. The closer the next Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on June 30, 2020, the more intense the DFs escalate tension in all spheres that are susceptible and actively respond to the separate and combined vibrations of these two planets. These are primarily Finance (global and national), pandemics, social and racial riots, and power issues.
    The Dark Forces have already planned to hold a meeting in Switzerland in January 2021 on all these and other topics of their New World Order agenda.
    The mainstream media is a part of the DFs’ propaganda ops that distract the people from what really matters. The current global crisis is not cyclical or the result of misguided policies. This disaster the Dark Forces deliberately created to completely demolish the entire world economy. As the trigger they chose the United States - an important pillar of international Finance, trade, and manufacturing.
    The NOW’s scenario, according to the Dark Forces plans, can’t permit the existence of U.S. in its current geopolitical and economic dominance. The DFs’ plan requires the destabilization and total demolition of America. The most important element of this plan previews the removal of the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency, that will devastate the entire US and global financial system.
    The Fed, cornered by the DFs, continues to throw out astronomical amounts of dollars on the market, in fact unsecured, to support the solvency of market participants. But after 2008, a decade of Fed money printing and debt creation, the bubble is even bigger than it was before. The new $2 Trillion coronavirus “stimulus” bill will thrust stocks into the stratosphere. The regulator’s medicine is far worse than the disease, and the crash the US faces now is far more deadly than it could be ten years ago.
    In the last days of June, 2020, bank stocks fell as the Fed “stress tests” revealed that financials could collectively lose $700 billion, and suspended stock buybacks and dividend payments. The Fed's actions were unprecedented. It was the first time since the central bank implemented stress tests during the 2007-2009 financial crisis that it had to fundamentally alter its annual exam for a dramatic economic swing.
    Market participants are already suspicious. Earlier they thought that the Fed actually tries to save the financial system, but this already is not looking like that. They suspect that the Fed is an underminer, a shaheed that is willing to blow up even itself as an institution in order to ruin the US and entire global economy for paving the New World Order. A single world currency system controlled by the Dark Forces and, by extension, the global governance.
    Suspicions are reinforced by information that those central bankers stole at least $7 trillion, primarily from poor people during the government-forced COVID-19 lockdown which destroyed small businesses all over the world.
    After all, the Fed is in reality a private bank and must comply with the decisions of its private owners - the largest global banks. Although formally, the Federal Reserve ceased to exist after the expiration of the 100-year period provided for when it was created. Hence, the global reset in the DFs’ version using the 30 June’s and every new Jupiter-Pluto conjunctures’ energy for negative purposes. (To be continued)

    1. Dear Lev, at this level everything you describe looks actually very bad. However, your information is as usual detailed.

      I have the impression that this 3D level cannot be saved. And that the only sensible solution for beings with light is to move quantum to a higher and calm level.

      And is there any sense at all to pay attention to these geopolitical topics? They are vibratively pulling down hard. I think that the only and the most effective option for this time is to completely cut off from low-vibration information.

      Moreover, this Matrix is already closing, I feel that the end is near. Am I wrong?

      So I wonder if this expected shift is equivalent to Solar Flash?

      And since it will move us to a higher level, we shouldn't see the fall of this matrix?

      Do you have any information on the Light Islands? Cobra mentioned that only there will we be safe.

      Also, do you have already any information about the grid activation on June 21st? I have a feeling it hasn't been fully activated.

      Thank you for your work. I send love to you and Cobra ❤️

    2. Hi Lev, thanks for your work and your explanations. Last time I asked you about "Agartha", my question is; why do you avoid talking about it? Can you say something about Gog and Magog? If you can dear Lev. According to my information, the United States has been given an important role on earth to lead the world towards a better life and preserve peace in the world, not by chance in the United States there are many Warriors of Light. Americans have abused their strength and done a lot of damage in the world, if they do not return to their divine essence and connect with the Creator and ask for forgiveness, they will pay for what they have done to other peoples, and as you have well described what is going on in United States, it seems the beginning of the payment of the account. I pray the Creator forgive them.

    3. so, we should all leave and let humans ruin this 3D which we will still quantumly experience as quantum beings?

    4. What is perceived as "actually very bad", Sjsbxbxjsjs, is only part of the overall picture, and the smallest part of it. It is given only for one reason: that participants of the mass meditation on June 30, as well as on other days of important stelliums in 2020, better understand for what problems resolving their combined energy is so necessary for the Light Forces.

      was once again recalled by Cobra, who showed in his last post the possible dynamics of the pandemic and its real slowdown, thanks to mass meditations. Mass meditations helped the Light Forces to thwart four DFs’ attempts to bring down the world economy and many other Light Forces operations that cannot yet be disclosed.

      Regarding "this 3D level cannot be saved. And that the only sensible solution for being with light is to move quantum to a higher and calm level..."
      Earlier the Higher Light Hierarchy had such plan. It previewed the creation on each Multiverse level - from 4D and up to 14D – its own planet (their names I will not mention here) and to settle on them earthlings in exact accordance with the vibrations that they emit with their bodies, emotions and thoughts. But later it was decided to abandon this plan and to focus on another option: to unify 3D, 4D and 5D Earth into one and help ALL PEOPLE to rise to its level with the help of the Source energy and their increasingly mass meditations.

      About "this Matrix is already closing, I feel that the end is near. Am I wrong... " Yes, Sjsbxbxjsjs, this Matrix is being dismantled at full speed – first on the Subtle Plane, and already partially on the Earth level. Its complete zeroing will occur when the New Quantum Matrix, which was launched on June 21, completely displaces the current Matrix in our entire Local Universe. Given its scale, the process will take some time.

      "Light Islands", which You are asking about, the ground and space teams of Light Forces have been actively creating on Earth over the past years. This is greatly helped by mass meditations that anchor the necessary energy for Light Islands on the surface. At the same time, hundreds of Dark Forces burial grounds are being cleared, which they built during the Cosmic Night around multidimensional Portals, places of Power and Vortexes, shrines and other sacred centers. It’s all coming back to people now.

    5. Thank you for your questions, Nooor. I do not shy away from the proposed topics and will certainly comply with Your request. It's just a very tough time. One key stellium closely follows another, strongly affecting the most important events on Earth, the results of which largely depend on the interaction of people's assistance to the Light Forces, which are greatly helped by the powerful positive energy of mass meditations. After the Lunar Eclipse on July 5, which will complete the summer Eclipse corridor, there will be a little respite, and I will answer all Your questions.
      Your assessment of the situation in the US is largely in tune with mine.

    6. Lev, I love to ask you, thank you for your answers. There's still something I don't have confirmation for, so let me ask.

      Can you tell us more about cleaning underground bases?

      Is it true that covid was rescued from underground bases during quarantine?! Have those who died there already been released from astral prisons? Have the people at these underground bases been completely rescued?

      I understand that these underground torture hells were meant to lower the vibrations of the Earth. It all looks like a multi-level dragging of the planet into a low-vibration abyss.

      Do you have any data on Poland, is it karmic free? I am from Poland and I wonder if there is really a spark of awakening from here? There is a lot of prophecy that Poland will play a special role in the future, I wonder how much truth in it.

      You wrote that it will take some time for the old matrix to be displaced by the newly activated matrix. What does it mean in linear time: a little time? Is it months, years or more?

      Cobra has repeatedly said that Earth is the last planet to be enslaved in the universe. I keep wondering, is this about our Local Universe or the whole?

      Many dark creatures are now being purified as well, they are being given a choice: they can move to the side of light. I have heard that only 10% of them choose to do so. Is that true? If so, are they mainly prisoners of the dark, who had no choice but to act with the dark?

      Are there any special areas that astral, mental people could purify at this point?

      Thank you for your work :)

    7. I misspelled my question in the previous comment, I'm sorry.

      It was supposed to be: Are there any special areas that we could purify at the astral ethereal level?

    8. “The cleaning underground bases”, Sjsbxbxjsjs, is carried out in full speed by the Light Forces.
      “Covid was rescued from underground bases during quarantine?!” – It’s possible. But COVID-19's main sources are surface military’s labs.
      “Have those who died there already been released from astral prisons?”- The presence of Soul on concrete level of Subtle Plan depends on vibrations Soul emanated. If the vibrations were mostly negative it will stay in low astral level.
      “Have the people at these underground bases been completely rescued? “ – Not yet. But soon will be.
      “I understand that these underground torture hells were meant to lower the vibrations of the Earth. It all looks like a multi-level dragging of the planet into a low-vibration abyss.” – What you think is right, but it is already changing by the Light Forces and our mass meditations’ energy.
      “Do you have any data on Poland, is it karmic free? I am from Poland and I wonder if there is really a spark of awakening from here? There is a lot of prophecy that Poland will play a special role in the future, I wonder how much truth in it.” – Some time ago the Higher Light Hierarchy completely destroyed karmic mechanism zeroing all accumulated karma. There is a spark of awakening not only in Poland but in many other countries, as proved by increasing mass meditations’ participants.
      “…it will take some time for the old matrix to be displaced by the newly activated matrix. What does it mean in linear time: a little time? Is it months, years or more?” – No one can predict it precisely due to the size of our Local Universe. But all of us have to simply do our inner work to “let the sunshine in” that greatly helps to meet this Event sooner.
      “Cobra has repeatedly said that Earth is the last planet to be enslaved in the universe. I keep wondering, is this about our Local Universe or the whole?” – Cobra is absolutely right. The Earth indeed is the last enslaved planet not only in our Local Universe, but in the whole Super Universe.
      “Many dark creatures are now being purified as well, they are being given a choice: they can move to the side of light. I have heard that only 10% of them choose to do so. Is that true? If so, are they mainly prisoners of the dark, who had no choice but to act with the dark? ” – The numbers are constantly changing. The positive dynamics are very stable with every new mass meditation.
      “Are there any special areas that astral, mental people could purify at this point?” – People by their positive vibrations can heal all Thin Plan’ levels, especially during mass meditations.

  11. The global reset is not a reaction to the collapse the United States is trapped in now. This reset as carried out by the DFs’ central banks, the Bank for international settlements, and the International Monetary Fund is the cause of the collapse. The BIS knows perfectly well when financial collapse will start because it wrote the central bank policies that created this collapse. For instance, in 2007 the BIS predicted the derivatives and credit crisis in 2008. The same warnings the BIS made in 2020.
    The current events in the European financial sphere confirm how strong additional negative impact the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on it can be.
    The Europe’s banks, and Italy’s most of all, are ticking time bombs. And coronavirus will hit them harder than US banks because in the US most lending, such as commercial and residential real estate loans, is done on an “originate and sell/securitize” basis, while European banks keep many more loans on their balance sheets.
    The 2Q results of most large Western European banks reveal further increases in credit losses as the economic outlook has worsened substantially since the 1Q results. Banks suffer a capital hit of up to €380 billion as a result of the economic disruption from coronavirus.
    In the first quarter, COVID-19 hit, forcing many banks to provision for expected credit losses, with the result that sector-wide ROE slumped to 4%. Many large banks reported sharp drops in profits. Five big banks — HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Unicredit, BBVA and Societe Generale — posted net losses.
    In the second quarter, more banks took a hit due to so-called “loan-impairment charges” (LICs) — an amount that a bank sets aside in case its customers cannot make the required loan repayments — rose sharply. At the 20 banks LICs almost tripled year on year in the first quarter, to around €24 billion, eating up more than 55% of pre-impairment operating profit (compared with less than 20% in 2019).
    Bad loans are a problem in many parts of Southern Europe, including Italy, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus, a long-lingering legacy of the 2008 crisis. There was a sharp jump of non-performing loans in Eastern Europe. The banks in the region are hit by a wave of bad loans that will last beyond 2021.
    With full certainty is anticipated three waves of bad loans: a first wave in the fourth quarter of this year as anti-COVID stimulus measures expire and struggling borrowers begin defaulting; a second, slower and more spread-out wave that may follow in the first half of 2021; and a third wave, resulting from the contagion effects of failures in different parts of the economy and supply chains, that will appear towards the end of 2021.
    Due to the DFs’ forced interdependency of globalism, crisis in one country created a domino effect of crisis in other countries. Therefore, according to the Dark Forces’ motto “all countries and their economic policies must be managed by a global central authority” to prevent “knavish governments" and "scammy central banks" from upsetting the balance.
    According to Dark Forces’ plans, the reset has to be the nearest stage in the building of a one-world economic system and one-global government. It was offered during the Event 201 pandemic simulation - a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic that was held by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on 18 October, 2019, and in the course of the World Economic Forum on 20-24 January, 2020, two week after Jupiter-Pluto conjuncture on 12 January, 2020, that ratcheted up sharply the COVID-19 eruption. (To be continued)

  12. By June 27, 2020, the number of cases of coronavirus in the world reached 10 million people. Died - about half a million, in the United States, respectively, 2 467 554 and 125 039. The number of dead could be as high as 150,000 by mid- July, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Eleven states, from Florida to California, broke records for the average number of cases reported daily.
    For the first time the US reported more than 45,000 coronavirus cases in a single day. That’s the highest daily increase in infections since April 26th, when medical centers reported roughly 36,000 new cases in a day.
    Some places that might have been relatively spared early on in the winter and the spring are now facing cases higher than they had before. At least seven states — Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas — reported their highest-ever rates of COVID-19 hospitalizations.
    COVID-19, like the race riots provoked by the DFs, should not only distract people from the mass meditations called for by the Light Forces. The architects of chaos suggested that the best solution to a pandemic would is the centralized global economic organization setup that will provide the financial response to the coronavirus. The DFs’ lobby argues that while all of us are in the midst of the present international system, we are not centralized enough for such a system to succeed. Order from Chaos.
    With racial and civil riots and demonstrations that amplified by Jupiter impact and are spreading in many countries including the United States, and the pandemic set for a resurgence of infections after the alleged reopening, creating a rationale for a second wave of lockdowns forecasted in July, the economy is being destroyed. The last well-being vestiges, hanging by a thin thread after the 2008 crisis, are cut off in full accordance with Pluto downstream effect.
    The combined vibrations of Jupiter and Pluto primarily affect the spheres of power and control. It can easily guessed, what this power will be, given the current global hysteria around the coronavirus. The Dark Forces’ goal is clear: to terrify the population with pandemics, layoffs, misery, racial riots and civil war, a broken supply chain until they implore the DFs’ help. Then, the DFs will suggest as solution the medical tyranny, immunity passports, martial law, a global economic system based on a cashless digital society in which privacy in trade is eliminated, and at last to form the NWO global government which answers to no one and does whatever it would like.
    Each Jupiter-Pluto conjuncture dramatically increases social activity with its radiations, unwinding large world processes either in positive or in negative direction. The Dark Forces are aware of this and are preparing to use the energy influx from these two planets on June 30, 2020 to redirect social protests in the other direction.
    Earlier, when Americans have risen up, revolted and stormed Wall Street, Washington, DC, suddenly white people and black people are being turned against each other, talking about race, rather than the Dark Forces NWO policy, conducted under the pretext of a COVID-19 pandemic which was manufactured in a biological warfare lab, plotted out in great detail ahead of time, as part of an effort to rob global wealth and power. (To be continued)

    1. The harder they hit the better I focus.
      Lets do it together.
      Thank you :)

  13. The Dark Forces know well how dangerous for them the successful mass meditations like on April 4, 2020 are. The DFs also realize that they can’t achieve global governance by force alone. Such an attempt will only increase the resistance and rebellion. The Dark Forces want all society begs for their global governance. If the population will be tricked into demanding it as a way to save them from paramount chaos, then they will not rebel against DFs later. “As long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be free” (Martin Luther King Jr.).
    Holding out hope for the Pluto and Jupiter negative influence on pandemics the Dark Forces do everything possible to prevent the virus from going away soon. While public health officials are trying to gather data on how many people test positive for the coronavirus and how many people die from the infection, the pandemic has left an untold number dying in the shadows because of the virus. They are unaccounted for in the official tally, and are hiding the full extent of its death toll.
    Now it is obvious that under the DFs’ pressure the US government will renew lockdowns. The Dark Forces hope that due to economic and social disruption the virus has caused, the American economy will be finished. With 40 million people losing their jobs during the last lockdowns, many states only partially reopened, and only 13% to 18% of small businesses receiving bailout loans to survive, the next months, as the Dark Forces plan, would be devastating. And they will try to fully use the Jupiter-Pluto energy flows on 30 June, 2020 and later to maximize the impact of this conjuncture.
    The real test for earthling will be in the coming days and weeks. When stagflation spikes even harder than it is now, the prices of necessities double or triple again, and unemployment skyrockets even higher, how many people will join the Light Forces? How many will be bowing in submission and how many will be ready to fight back? On 30 June, 2020, the mass meditation has to answer these questions.
    As Cobra highlighted in his last info (Tuesday, June 23, 2020, Age of Aquarius Activation Update), “some people feel that nothing has been achieved in our April 4th meditation. That is absolutely not true. Without that meditation, Jesuit plans for world domination would be in a far more advanced stage than they are now. Also, coronavirus pandemic has been contained to a great degree.”
    To Cobra’s words it is important to add: were thwarted the new Dark Forces’ attempts to start the world economy collapse and launch global reset. Every mass meditation helps people to look deeper and realize that they are the answer to their best aspiration and that they are not seeing this because very often, they are missing a basic understanding, that basic knowledge that this is a spiritual battle more than anything.
    Being stuck in the 3D Matrix makes it tough to escape, but once you realize that you can is the first step. Then once you do and you’re free, the 3D system will fall to pieces. We are the ones who need to break our own chains that keep us dependent on the violence and tyranny of the Dark Forces.
    The most important thing to realize is that any solution can found within you. Wake up to the illusion of DFs and control and realize that this spiritual battle will only end when you say it does. Dark Forces and their system itself rests on the hope you never realize how powerful you actually are.
    This is why the amplified by Jupiter-Pluto energy mass meditation on June 30 and all the others during the key stelliums of 2020 are so important for the Light Forces and Light Warriors.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The entire Higher Hierarchy of Light, Sjsbxbxjsjs, collectively acts as Custodian. It also includes the Curator of our Local Universe, who created it with and for the Dark Forces. But in 2019, he switched to the Side of Light, participated and continues to participate with them in many LFs' operations on Earth, and now he radiates such a powerful Light, which many LFs Hierarchs and Absolute have not seen for a long time.

      Many Black Hierarchs, in space and on Earth, followed the Curator's example. The ground-based DFs, having lost this once very powerful support, are virtually abandoned to their fate. This explains their current agony, panic rush to implement their NWO, convulsive attempts to hold the entire world and all earthlings hostage.
      They watch in horror how the Light Forces quickly clear them from all levels on the Subtle and Material Planes, destroying their last sources of energy supply. This is why they so desperately need an economic crisis, a pandemic, racial and social riots, and military conflicts.

      But the Dark Forces no one and nothing will help anymore. Their days are numbered. And our mass meditations, which are so necessary for the Light Forces to anchor the powerful Source positive energy on the Earth, will only speed up the DFs final removal.

    3. Lev@
      You bring in discussion the subject of "the Curator of our Local Universe".
      Can you give us more details about this entity, the origin and emergence, how is related to the Galactic Central Sun, or other Central Suns, the density level of this entity belongs or is able to act,
      how broad this entity is comparative to a stellar logos, or even a galactic one,
      why Cobra don't discuss in his posts about this entity?
      And, why the Curator of our Local Universe is now acting for the Light, and which was the plan for the Local Universe till 2019?

    4. Hi Lev the stats on Texas etc spiking are much more to do with the increase in testing in these states than another huge spike, but also protesters mingling will add some spread. Check out the high wire on YT by pharma investigative journalist Del Bigtree for the stats and the latest info that only 20% are susceptible to carrrying it or passing it from the data so far. Also the fed is an interesting case, it has been quietly moved to a gov domain website so is no longer private. VOTL

    5. I say: this spiritual battle ends with the Victory of Light now and here, with me, in me and around me.

      I do mot consent nor comply with emf weapons - those who use them will suffer all the consequences. Informed you are.
      I am free and always will be.

      Thank you Cobra, thank you Lev for such clean impulses.
      Victory of Light!

    6. The Federal Reserve’s move to the government's website, Loveandlight, did not change the Fed's private capital structure. It was not officially purchased by the State from its owners - the largest global banks.
      Formally, from a purely legal point of view, the Fed ceased to exist exactly 100 years after its official creation in 1913 - from December 25, 2013, as was envisaged by the original procedure, and already seven years is in the process of balance sheet winding up.
      Today the Fed is actually divided into 4 parts:
      The Fed-1 - as unused annuities of the Russian Romanov Royal family, which in 1913 participated in the formation of the initial capital of the Federal Reserve.
      The Fed-2 – as a holder of the United States zero balance.
      The Fed-3 - as the holder of the winding up debt balance where are accumulated all monetary obligations of the main financial « Masters of the Universe».
      The Fed-4 - as a platform for consolidated counter balance, reflecting all current financial operations of the Federal Reserve, which are directly controlled by the UCC.
      All world money printings made after December 25, 2013, including the replacement of worn-out dollar bills with new ones, are absolutely illegal, which the Fed leaders understand perfectly well. And although it has lost the right to issue the dollar after its 100-year existence, it continues to do so covertly through one of these banks, the Fed’s real owners.

  14. I am excited, ready and can't wait!

    Let's do it!

    Victory of the Light!

  15. For our German speaking community:

  16. Sure, let's do this. Even if it brings the Event and mass awakening just 1 day closer I think it's worth it. Unfortunately I had work on the day of booster meditation, but this time I got a day off on 30th since I'm changing jobs on July 1st. Interesting coincidence because I wanted to quit my current job in June, but my boss convinced me to stay until the end of the month. I guess it'll be a new beginning for me as well. And I'm glad I'm living in a country where no one is turning violent (Japan).

  17. They have removed the youtube video. It says "This video is not available"

  18. The youtube video at the end of the post says "this video is unavailable"

    1. Can still see it in Australia....its just a music video from a pop song from 1969....Age of Aquarius theme.

    2. Pick a right one for you :)

  19. Probably the final time for me to post the ad for the 30th June 2020 conjunction. Use this material made by me to spread the word, feel free to add your own detail.

  20. Very encouraging and inspiring.
    Thank you Cobra.
    We will reach more than critical mass.
    VOTL 2020

  21. Tell it how it is, we need to hold critical mass for the rest of time.
    Truth. These posts are irrelevant

  22. Victory of the light!!!💛🔥💛🔥💛🔥




  24. Greetings, my dear beloved children!
    My message today is devoted to the new energies which, during the eclipse corridor, make the portal to the transition to the Fifth dimension increasingly wide.
    Why is it during this period that this happens?
    The fact is that any solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.
    They are the landmark of the development of the Earth and humanity in general.

    The word "eclipse" itself symbolizes the temporary cessation of the usual process - whether it is a natural phenomenon or human consciousness.
    And this shutdown is necessary for the "restart" to occur and for this process to continue in a new way.
    But the current eclipses are unique because they simultaneously encompass two energetic processes - the rebirth of your Earth and that of human consciousness.
    The "restart" of the first and second takes place, but this time it is not only a "restart" but a complete transformation - the transition from one dimension to another.
    The eclipse corridor itself, which has been stretching for several months, symbolizes a kind of energy bridge - "adapter" which transforms the energies of the third dimension into higher vibration energies: those of the fourth to the fifth dimension .
    Now, a unique phenomenon is taking place on Earth, which she has never experienced before.
    The new energies arriving on your planet from space literally "force" the old energies of the third dimensional world to transform the energetic space of the Earth into a field of high vibrations where only people whose consciousness and, therefore, bodies will be able to adapt to new frequencies.
    Since the energy range of people and other embodied beings as humans is really wide, being inside the corridor, each of them will behave in a different way - in accordance with the level of consciousness.
    Someone will eagerly absorb the energies that will transform their consciousness towards the Divine, while in others, they will cause fear and rejection.
    For the majority of the population of the planet, this will happen unconsciously, while on a physical level, it will be expressed in the way they feel and in their attitude towards current events.
    Those whose consciousness is open to new energies will see all the tricks of the high and powerful in the raw and, therefore, will do their best to oppose them.
    While those who, for various reasons, are unable to overcome their conscience the barrier between the third dimension and the highest will cling to the old life, tooth and nail, as well as to the mental and behavioral stereotypes that it imposed.
    It is this last stratum of the population, quite large, which is today the main bastion of world government and they will do everything to make these people an example of obedience to others, allowing the current "masters" of Earth to implement their general flea plan through compulsory vaccination.

    And "puppeteers" around the world, unlike ordinary people, are well aware that they have little time left - barely a few months since, in mid-December, after the last solar eclipse, the energy corridor facilitating the transition of the Earth will be closed.
    And right now, as this Portal opens more and more widely, I ask you, dear ones, to do your best to help yourself, and the people who are ready to hear you, to realize the current moment in its grandeur to make the last breakthrough in your spiritual development so as not to miss the unique opportunity given to you from above to make the Transition to a new level of energy with your planet.
    And I bless you for that!
    I love you very much,
    Absolute Father spoke to you

  25. In unconditional love and with deepest gratitude,

    I now call upon the Goddess herself and the oversouls of Cobra, RM, Galactics, the 144k, Starseeds and all the highest vibrational Forces of Light to bring all of us together like never before in one UNITED Field of Light as we travel beyond space-time and anchor our consciousness as ONE UNIFIED FIELD at this very moment - exponentially raising our Vibration and Vision of what is truly possible and what we are truly capable of.

    I ask the Higher Realms to infuse our souls with the deep KNOWING and STEADFAST Belief that we HAVE Succeeded as never before in not only reaching but greatly exceeding the critical mass for our Age of Aquarius Meditation on June 30th.

    Help Us All To KNOW unquestioningly and deeply FEEL that We Are Five Million Strong and that the Goddess and Source Creator are moving the hearts of MILLIONS of the highest vibrational souls on Earth to have the overwhelming desire to actively participate on June 30th......with an unprecedented Sense of this Stargate has not been open for 700 years and we shall not miss this extremely RARE Opportunity to free ourselves from the current financial system and all oppression and suffering.

    Dear luminous beings of the Higher Realms -- we beseech you to help dispel all doubt from our minds and ask that from now until that Powerful Destiny Making Moment on June 30th we hold and strongly FEEL only the Highest Vibrations of Hope and Love and the elation of Victory in our Hearts as we move mountains and create miracles for our society and our planet!

    Humbly we ask you to help us to THINK AND ACT BIGGER THAN WE EVER HAVE as we approach the most powerful moment of the Century to truly Liberate Our Planet and manifest Abundance (as well as deep healing) for all life!

    Bless each one of us and our efforts and all the hard work each soul is doing at this time, despite all of the hardships and obstacles.

    This is my Sacred heartfelt Prayer.......may the Angelic Realms touch your heart and millions of hearts to take Massive Inspired Action over the next 35+ hours and break through all barriers to finally UNITE IN THE QUANTUM FIELD OF ALL POSSIBILITY......and create incredible breakthroughs like we never have before!


  26. Thank you Cobra ! I am so sure this mass mediation will reach the critical mass and beyond ! I am sending the romanian version for all people who are speaking this langugae, for those who are far away from their beloved country and home, and are wondering what can they do for us, people who are living in this country and for all humanity! Now it is a precious moment, almost an unique chance to manifest our ferm decision to bring toward us a new age, a new positive timeline full of peace, abundance, care, love and light! I wish all of you good meditation on june 29th/30th all over the world and keep shining, keep the Light for our beloved Earth @!@ you are wonderful souls, and with unlimited and very precious guidance by Cobra, as always, we will do it ! Victory of the Light !!

  27. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  28. 🔥🔥🔥 Let's do dis!!
    I will be posting a Channeled MUSICAL TRANSMISSION via piano 🎹 for us all, for anyone that resonates to tune in before and after the meditation . . .

    It will be on my page here ▪ [ ]

    Welcome all!



  29. This is an article I wrote a couple of days ago which contains the meditation times and guided audio links at the top for easy reference and a Call to Action to forward the invitation far and wide....but I also included alot of astrological information that many would find interesting explaining the historical manifestations of Jupiter-Pluto alignments and a bullet point comparison of the Piscean Age we are leaving and the Aquarian Age we are entering.

    It is truly thrilling when you look down the list of what is coming onto the world scene in the coming months and years.....we will soon be experiencing the long-awaited sparkling Golden Age and all of its amazing loving and nurturing expressions of Life! Just visualizing this new world will make you very happy indeed.

    You are welcome to forward this link to your contacts as it could very well inspire many more to join us!! I don't think most people recognize the RARITY or deep significance of the Age of Aquarius Stargate / exact Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on June 30th -- and the incredible expansive Manifestation Power it provides.

    <<<<< Cobra has said "What has been done.....will be undone." This is our big chance! We can use the same astrological alignment the dark used to enslave free ourselves!! >>>>>

    That coupled with the fact we have not had this Grand Opportunity available in 700 years are the primary reasons we need to be SHOUTING about this GLOBAL MEDITATION JUNE 30TH from our DIGITAL ROOFTOPS!!!


    I desire that each of you be blessed from this moment forth with Abundance, Freedom and Deep well as the world at large. That is the sole reason I do this work. From my yours.

    Sending You Galaxies of Love,
    The Sacred Architect 5D

    1. Thank you, what a 5D Architect you are!
      Let it be 5 million people meditating together for the final Victory of Light! :)

    În felul acesta vom reuşi SĂ FACEM MEDITAȚIA CAM 2 MILIOANE,DEPĂŞIND CU MULT MASA CRITICĂ !Doamne ajută !

    Galactiquewarrior1727 iunie 2020 la 4:46 AM

    1,4 milioane de vizualizări numai în China🤯. Văzând părerile despre videoclipul meditației nu am crezut că vom depăși 144000, dar acolo avem șansa să depășim asta sau chiar 1 milion să ne înnebunească. Acordă-ți atenție stelelor că am avut puterea mea de atac, care a constat în a mă face să cred că nimeni nu va face meditație, deși o voi face indiferent ce. Ne dă impresia că nimeni nu o va face atunci când greșește. Nu este momentul să ne descurajăm, ne construim noi până la capăt și avem un sprijin enorm din partea fraților și surorilor noastre chineze. Cu toții avem, într-un fel sau altul, răni și probleme, inclusiv eu (am fost atacat cu mare intensitate în ultimele zile), dar am reușit să mă întorc în picioare în fiecare zi este un nou început, așa că vă rog să faceți această meditație cu mine. Sunteți unul dintre cele mai rezistente suflete din galaxie, nimic nu vă poate distruge spiritul. Lasa lumina sa te protejeze.

    Viața câștigă întotdeauna peste moarte.

    Tradus de Google.

  31. Sim vamos juntos sempre. E a hora dos trabalhadores da luz fazer isso. Vamos meus irmãos. Juntos venceremos. Juntos temos forças. E Obrigado Cobra. Obrigado força da luz.

  32. WHOOOOO HOOOOO! Here we go! Let's do this! Victory Of the LIGHT! Thank you, Cobra. Namaste.

  33. Will there be more focus on the draco fleet after this meditation? I hope we plan dissolving the main and hopefully last barrier before the human race receives help from the light forces.

  34. Come on .. Share those meditation again everywhere, let's reach critical mass !!

  35. Timing for me on this isnt great as ill be on the bike riding from work to another important place/appointment...tho ill do a moving version as much as poss....will be interesting to see if i feel anything while feeling the burn and dodging

  36. Gracias, estaremos...Es importante no desfallecer justo ahora. Gran trabajo de todos. Victoria de la luz. Gracias Cobra y gracias a Lev los comentarios son magníficos y logras que se visite la página con más frecuencia, siempre es alentador el conocimiento que entregas.

  37. Me and my friends in the non physical will be of assistance.

    1. The Ascended Masters can multiply our efforts if we ask nicely ;) :)

  38. Poised for activation.

    Dark to Light

  39. I'm sharing it everywhere.
    I think a good Idea is to create a Community on Parler or Gab/ Minds.

  40. Definitely we will be successful in bringing a new crimson dawn of an immaculate future bursting with rays of great happiness, joy, peace and harmony aligned to Source.

    Victory is surely ours.

  41. Thank you Cobra...Victory of the Light! 💚🌍💚🌈🌷🌷🌷💗💗💗🙏

  42. Finally someone gets the word out to where the population is the densest! We're gonna crack this thing!

  43. A lot of meditators will reach 4 million people !I know I believe I feel !
    You are in this now, and you will quickly go through it because everything is exactly as it should be now, even if everyone around you is in chaos.

    Out of this chaos will come order when you go through this process, and what happens is separation.

    You do together, but for this you first need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    This is what is happening, some call it a shift of the timeline, and this is also true for those of you who are on the timeline that you are now creating.

    They are embedded in the creative process graphics in which they want to be.

    As you move into higher dimensions you create the timeline with the new vibrations and higher frequencies and, of course, you will leave behind those who are not ready for it.

    However, fear not, because those who are not ready, or those who decided not to be ready will be placed as they should be.

    No one, I repeat, no one will die.

    Even if they are temporarily lost to you, even if they are family members, they'll get back with you.

    In many systems and on many different planets you many times left their families and loved ones.

    You've done this many times before, in those moments you said goodbye either through the death process, or simply by ceasing the movement to continue their journey.

    You left them before, always to return again to fellowship with your brothers and sisters, with your family, with your loved ones.

    Since all are part of our family shower, they will always be and always have been.

    You return to them you will meet again with those who left you in this life and in the death process.

    In addition, you will meet again with those who could still leave during this process.

    My friends, you are destined to finish this journey for which you came.

    A long time ago you gave a lot of promises and, as you know, you volunteered to be here.

    But time volunteering is coming to an end, you are close to achieving this goal.

    We know you've heard this before, and that in his three-dimensional illusory understanding you're asking yourself:

    When will it be?

    When will this happen?

    Our answer for you is that you are in it now.

    You are on the threshold of a New Awakening, a New Dawn to come.

    You approach now, and if you look out and see beyond the chaos:

    You will see the Blue sky.

    You will see fluffy white clouds.

    You will see how the flowers sprout in the fields.

    You will see and feel the water, the Consciousness within the water.

    You will see and you will find beauty even in apparent ugliness.

    The obvious deformity is necessary in order to Wake up more and more people, and that's what you expect.

    Many of you might get a raise in 2012, because many were destined to do it.

    But, as you know, all chose at a deeper level within ourselves, on the level of their Higher self, they decided to wait to see more and more of their brothers and sisters here could go up with you.

    This is what you came here many, many lifetimes ago, to prepare the way for this process of ascension:

    To Be A Divine Soul !

  44. The Blue Dawn is Imminent, let it's Light fill the Worlds ❤️🙏☀️✨🌎🕊🙂

  45. This is why, for once, we regret living in a small town in Belgian Ardennes, far from Paris! But we will be in connection with those who will be there and we will support their action! Goddess Victory ! ( V and M-H)

  46. Victory of the Goddess! 🌛🌑🌜


  47. Let's do it! Thank you btw for the living with joy book recommendation; I just started it and it's so full of light :)

  48. ОК ребята.
    В 11.48 в Казахстане.
    Всем привет и удачи.

  49. George Soros' son is in charge of financial quantum system?

    1. Por que tu vem aqui nesse post com assuntos não relacionado à Meditação? Está tentando diminuir o foco das pessoas? Lembra que aquele que estiver atrapalhando a libertação da humanidade, seja como for, vai responder por isto.

  50. Where is the link for the guided meditation in English ... I only see links for the promos.

    1. Youtube account.. Welovemassmeditation


  51. Whatever, just don't claim it changes the planet as it's doing it itself weekly, sometimes daily.

  52. O que você sabe sobre a tecnologia dos programas espaciais não humanos?

  53. For those who feel guided to contact:

    Unify the World

    One World // We Are One


  54. ** Join the Age of Aquarius Activation II meditation ONLINE! **
    Our own Meditations ON-THE-GO platform:
    The WLMM YouTube Live stream:
    Or Joel's web portal:
    �� �� ��

  55. We will hit over 1M possibly 2M Victory of the Light!

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Promotional videos for Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 on June 30th at 5:48 AM UTC !!!
    Victory of the Light!

  58. Thank you to everyone sharing the meditation and all those who are going to participate. Just to say leaving meditation comments across many YT channels' latest videos is a quick way to share across suitable audiences, you may wish to do the same. VOTL, let's do this.

  59. Let the sun shineeeeeee! I felt that in my Heart. The Fifth World is almost here. I LOVE YOU ALL.... 5D.

  60. I wanna kick these dark entities' asses because they hurt a little

  61. Cobra, is SKY DOME ATLANTIS real?

  62. Hey Cobra, is this Azazel still around?

    If so, is he with the light force now?

  63. We need to liberate ourselves our beautiful planet as nobody will help us without something else in their mind.