Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Update

Over 40,000 people have participated in our Booster meditation at the moment of the Solar eclipse and this has greatly improved the probability of reaching the critical mass for our main meditation on June 30th.

Few days before the Booster meditation, our Taiwanese team has seen this Pleiadian cloudship which was doing gridwork preparation for the activation of Dragon vortex in Chiayi:

The Dragon vortex was successfully reactivated after more than 200 years of dormancy and our Taiwanese team has taken this photo mosaic of the annular Solar eclipse close to the location of that vortex:

Some people feel that nothing has been achieved in our April 4th meditation. That is absolutely not true. Without that meditation, Jesuit plans for world domination would be in a far more advanced stage than they are now.

Also, coronavirus pandemic has been contained to a great degree. On the graph below you can see that the spread of the pandemic peaked exactly on April 4th and then its speed receded for at least a month and a half. Blue line on the graph shows the most probable spread of the pandemic without our meditation, indicating that we would have tens of millions confirmed cases by now:

Also, our meditation on April 4th had a huge effect on the planetary plasma field and on the Schumann resonance:

So if we reach the critical mass on June 30th we can expect a far better future. Although there will be no immediate big physical effects, our collective timeline will go into a far better direction and many negative scenarios will be prevented:

Light Forces have communicated that at the moment of our activation, double Paris/Versailles Goddess vortex needs to be reactivated after more than 200 years of dormancy.

We would need a person with purity of heart and strong leadership qualities from Paris who would be able to organize reactivation of that vortex and then to hold regular weekly physical Sisterhood of the Rose meetings in Paris. If you are such a person and if you feel so guided, you can contact project501@tutanota.com for further instructions as soon as possible, as everything needs to be organized in the next few days.

Another short update about our Age of Aquarius meditation is coming in a few days.

Instructions for our meditation are here:

And videos in over 30 languages here:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Thank you Cobra, I’m looking forward to it!🌹❤️✨

  2. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  3. COBRA"...if the reach the critical mass on June 30th we can expect a far better future. Although there will be no immediate big physical effects, our collective timeline will go into a far better direction and many negative scenarios will be prevented..."
    As additional prove to Cobra words - the Light Forces’ operation on Dilmun Island in Bahrain from the end of October 2019 to January 26, 2020, which can now be disclosed. It also shows what capabilities people have in increasing their energy, so that they can participate in ground battles of the Light Forces. What overload they have to suffer when they confront the DFs. And how important the key stelliums are to them not only on 30 June, but also in preparing the New Quantum Matrix on Earth.
    Once on the territory of the modern Arabian Peninsula was a powerful channel of vital energy - the Tree of Life. After the Dark Forces invasion of Earth, this channel was divided into two parts – the Light (Tree of Life, Sefirot) and the Dark (Tree of Death, Klipot). The localization of the main Tree of Life is in Machpelah, Palestine, and its copies - in Lalibel, Ethiopia. The location of the Tree of Death is on Dilmun Island in Bahrain. It used to be part of the Garden of Eden.
    After the Unified Tree of Life was divided (first on the Subtle Plane, then on Earth), the area around the Tree of Death became completely controlled by negative entities, which desperately needed a powerful source of Life Energy.
    All Dark Forces came to Dilmun: Sumerian nobles, Anunnaki, Nagas, Reptilians of all stripes, and many others. They fed on the Life Energy emanated by the vital core in the Tree of Death (in fact, it was still the Tree of Life). There were also the embryos, and the laboratory of the DFs.
    The hills around (and there are more than 100 thousand of them) are necro mounds. Their purpose is to preserve the incarnation matrices of the Anunnaki, Sumerian nobles, Nagas, and Reptilians. For Sumers, their main life goal was to be buried on Dilmun. Of course, only the Dark Forces Hierarchs could afford that.
    In fact, every necro mound was connected with the Tree of Death, as his artificial appendage, branch. And it sucked the Life Energy out of him. But the reality was even more complicated. The Tree of Death provided life support for the entire anti-world, for the Hellish worlds, for the higher demonic entities and civilizations in our Local Universe, which could not exist without the Energy of Life.
    Over time, the synthesis of Life Energy in the Death Tree’s core began to fade and stopped altogether. The Dark Forces suffered from severe energy starvation. They tried many times to restart artificially the Tree, in various fanatical ways, but nothing worked. Then human sacrifices were used, at the expense of which it was possible for a short time to replenish the vital core of the Tree of Death with the Life Energy and feed all the negative infrastructure on the Earth and quantum levels. But it didn't last long.
    On Dilmun was formed the strongest necro field. The very territory of the mounds was like an ulcer rash, necrosis of the Earth's tissue. A terrible place that causes unbearable pain to the planet. The entire Island became one big cemetery of negative entities.
    The Tree of Death existed only in an energetic form. But on the physical plane of the Island, there is also a Tree of Life. It is located in the desert part of Dilmun, 2 kilometers from the Jebel Dukhan Mountain - the highest point of Bahrain, on a sand hill 25 meters high. There are no surface or underground water sources, but a lone acacia tree, called Shajarat al-Hayah, which means "Tree of life", has been growing for 400 years. It has become a tourist attraction in Bahrain. At the same place was the Tree of Death energy projection. (To be continued)

    1. Merci pour cette éclairage

    2. Lev@
      In the transition to 5D Earth, what happens with plants, animals, and mineral kingdom, which, supposedly are on a lower level that does not reach the 5th density?

    3. My dear greetings Lev, thank you Cobra for your work. Thanks Lev for your enlightening explanations.
      I would like to ask you some questions kindly Lev.
      The land of the Arabian Peninsula is blessed, does this explain the presence of all messengers and prophets in the past in this area?
      Is Mecca the center of the earth?
      Does Yemen play a role in the ascension of the earth? If you can tell which one.
      The earth is inhabited inside (Agartha) and inside are the answers of the origin of the human species, and the origin of the evil that people live, why don't we talk a lot about this?
      Does the book named "Necronomicum" have anything to do with the Tree of Death and the area of ​​Bahrain?

      Thanks Lev

    4. The world of minerals (1D) and plants (2D), unknown, will withstand the transition of the Earth to 5D. In all living beings, under the influence of high-frequency radiation from the Source, the body's cells will gradually transform from a carbon to a silicic basis. This will allow you to transfer energy from 5D and higher, without killing the body.

    5. The Light Forces' ground team, Nooor, had conducted several operations in the countries You have listed. Today, I can reveal these ops. In the info about them, I will answer all Your questions.

    6. On The Tree of Death ... Some of half-dozen books named "Necronomicum" mention The Tree of Death. But none of them have anything to do with Bahrain.

    7. Dear Lev, I would like to ask you who the Custodian of the Local Universe is and what is his job? Thank you for your answer and send you warm regards.

    8. The entire Higher Hierarchy of Light, Sjsbxbxjsjs, collectively acts as Custodian. It also includes the Curator of our Local Universe, who created it - together and for the Dark Forces. But in 2019, he switched to the Side of Light, participated and continues to participate with them in many operations on Earth, and now he radiates such a powerful Light, which many LFs Hierarchs have not seen for a long time.

  4. Before activating the New Quantum Matrix in our Local Universe, the Hierarchy of Light decided to restore the World Tree of Life in its former unified form as one of the most important channels of positive cosmic energy to Earth. Members of the Light Forces’ ground team were involved in this very difficult and dangerous work, and they were warned that it could be deadly for them.
    During the preparatory stage, the ground team members were inoculated with doses of the Tree of Life vitality, and then of the extremely toxic Tree of Death energy, which they had to burn out with their own vibrations. Its contamination was minimal in the branches of the Tree of Death, moderate in the trunk, but most deadly in the roots. The ground team completed this part of the prep successfully.
    Then the operation itself began. Remotely at first. One part of the group linked energetically to the Tree of Death field, another – to the mounds’ necro field, then the ground team from a distance by their high-frequency radiation annihilated the negativity of that place. For the team members, this was the hardest test. For several days in a row, they had a pre-infarction condition, severe heart pain, almost paralysis of breathing ... Nausea, vomiting, chakral choking cough, symptoms of poisoning, high blood pressure... Some of the team members even had several vertebrae twisted from the energy overload, and had to go to a chiropractor.
    Then the third stage of the operation started - directly with the Tree of Death itself. In all participants of the ground team again were administered doses of the mortal substance from the Tree of Death branches: in some - through the Crown chakra, in others - through the legs, and in the team leader - through the third chakra. On the physical plane, this substance resembled cadaverous poison. It also smelled the same, and indeed was a deadly poison, as a result of Living Matter decomposition.
    Each drop of the Death Tree’s energy injected into the body was accompanied by a loss of life force in all participants of the operation, because the annihilation was carried out by their own vibrations. As in the previous stage, this was accompanied by suicidal thoughts, nervous breakdowns, irritability, and extreme fatigue. All had symptoms of poisoning, flu with the accompanying physical manifestations.
    The Tree of Death cleaning was carried out sequentially on the Thin Plan and on the 3D Earth level. First the core (the Seed of Life) was cleared, then the roots, then the branches.
    By the end of December 2019, the processing of the negativity in the surface part of the Tree of Death was completed. Its part on the Subtle Plane was cleaned up by the Higher Light Hierarchy according to a similar scheme. All work was done in parallel, taking into account the speed on the ground and at the quantum levels.
    By 26 December, 2019, the Tree of Death Global Cleanup was completed. The next stage has come - the restoration of the Unified Tree Of Life of our Local Universe. This happened during the Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019. It is noteworthy that it began with the entry of the Earth into the penumbra of the Moon just in the waters of the Persian Gulf, over the localization of the Earth's part of the Tree of Death, on the Dilmun Island in Bahrain.
    Exactly at the peak of the Eclipse, within three and a half minutes of its maximum phase, the LFs’ ground team remotely conducted a final Light sweep of the entire infrastructure of the Tree of Death. After this, the two parts, the Sefirot and Klipot Trees, began to merge into a single Tree through Light Bodies of all operation’s participants on Earth level and on the Subtle Plane simultaneously. This was felt by the symptoms of pain and aching throughout the body, in every cell. (To be continued)

    1. Lev@
      Are there details on the web about the 5D body anatomy?

    2. The energy "skeleton" of a person, unknown, is described very well and in detail in Eastern manuals on acupuncture, in Indian treatises on yoga, and in esoteric literature. Energetically, this "skeleton" can withstand 5D vibrations after the transition of the human body cells from a hydrocarbon to a cilicic base.

  5. But then, as during the LFs’ operation on Mount Shasta, the unexpected happened. On the night of 5 to 6 January, 2020, clearing the core of the Klipot Tree led to a critical defect in the negative mass and it started to implode. At the same time, there was a release of the remnants of the negativity that was in it, and it did not annihilate itself.
    Immediately, the Higher Light Hierarchy gave the ground team a signal "hazard code-red", which indicated the highest, critical level of threat to life, including the Monad.
    It turned out that at the moment of self-imploding of the Death Tree’s core, a Chimera escaped from it in the form of living biomass, which served as the genetic material for creating entities of Absolute Evil.
    Between the Chimera and the Light Forces’ ground team began a real battle for life and death. By the morning of January 6, 2020, this Chimera was destroyed. The team members looked like ashes, ruins.
    The next morning, after a roll call, making sure that everyone was alive, the ground team began to restore their power, which was long and difficult for them. But they managed the main thing - to win. Imagine what would have happened if this Chimera managed to escape somewhere.
    On January 10, 2020, the day of the Lunar Eclipse, after merging the cleared Tree of Death with the Tree of Life, that is, after restoring the original integrity of the Tree, it was decided to destroy and annihilate it as a part of the Old Quantum Matrix. And later in its place to plant a New Unified and Indivisible Tree of Life, as embodiment of the New Quantum Matrix of our Local Universe. After uprooting the old Tree of Life, its elimination began. A group of the Highest Light Hierarchy broke it up into segments and annihilated it in their monads.
    On January 25, 2020, the ground team arrived at Dilmun Island to complete the entire operation. On the same day, a new partial cleanup of the necrotic field of Dilmun was carried out.
    On January 26, the ground team first united the Primers of the New World Tree, and started a magical birth of a new core of the Tree of Life. Immediately it has activated and began to emanate its own Light and Life Energy.
    At the same time, the new core of the Tree of Life on Earth merged with the new Mother Tree of Life in the Higher Eons of our Local Universe and Pleroma (including 4D and 5 D Earth). The Tree of Life’s trunk is like a Rod, the Axis of the Local Universe. One of the main purposes of the Tree of Life is the accumulation and distribution of the Substance of Life (Universal Amrita), received from the Source.
    The new Substance of Life is self-fulfilling, self-generating. Thus, the Substance of the Absolutized Amrita began to fill the entire field and framework of the New Quantum Matrix of our Local Universe.
    The next work of the ground team was the rehabilitation of the entire necro field in Bahrain. Team members have stretched the new Tree of Life energy branches on all Dilmun necro mounds. If earlier from them the stretched vampiric tentacles to the Tree of Life pumped out energy from it, now on the contrary, the new Life Energy comes to mounds through the same channels, erasing toxic fields and the necrosis itself on the Earth surface.
    At the same time, the Seed of the Tree of Life itself multiplied, creating hundreds of thousands of clones, according to the number of necro mounds. These clones of the Life Tree’s Core spread like small Amrita crystals into the field of each mound, radiating the Substance of Life and clearing the entire Bahrain-Dilmun energy field of the residual negativity.
    Mass meditations on June 30, as well as during other key stelliums in 2020, will allow to anchor and consolidate even more positive cosmic energy on Earth, which will greatly help the Light Forces operations.

    1. Lev, thank you for sharing. I needed to read this and know that all I am expected to do is to meditate and tolerate some pain as a result. Its a war and I'm in it to win it with LOVE.
      I would like to help with my limited capabilities but I feel that I can be trained to participate in minor operations.

    2. I simply love your info, Lev.💓 It touches my deepest parts😊, gives me goosbumps and gets my mouth open for couple of seconds.😲 Thank you🌹✌💖💞

    3. Lev, again thank you so much for your detailed information. It is highly appreciated. I send lots of love and light to all the brave warriors of the light who risk their lifes on a daily basis.

      Victory of the Light

    4. Hello Lev, thank you for your answers. Good talking to you.

      As usual, I appreciate your above-average knowledge. I think a lot of people have been waiting here for some time for what you write. You always surprise me. It's very important for us to get a little more information. It's sometimes very difficult to wait for a bit of positive things. I think that times are so unbearable for us that we all need support, help, guidance and most importantly motivation. Although I understand perfectly well that not everything can be said for obvious reasons.

      I wonder if you have any data on yesterday's grid activation? Has it been activated?

      There was a lot of peace and lightness all day on Sunday after meditation.

      However, on Sunday afternoon (Polish time) I started to feel great sleepiness and think I fell asleep during the day. I barely woke up, I felt a great weight of the body. It was all really strong.

      Also on Monday and yesterday I felt a sudden and strong need to sleep during the day. I wonder what the reason is.

      I run a page on fb, where I sometimes ask people how they feel. Yesterday I read an alarming number of comments about their very bad mood for several days.

      And now I'm wondering if the grid activation is perceived by our bodies in such a way that we feel sleepy and as if we have a great lack of energy in our body?

      Actually, I thought that activating the net would make the body lighter, like a release.

      But on the other hand, when I analyze, maybe these energies are really strong enough for our bodies to feel overwhelmed and confused.

      If that's how it looks, I have the impression that the Light Force has already had to let in this energy many times, but maybe not as much as yesterday.

      Additionally, I have the impression that darkness is manipulating the magnetic resonance. After meditation it stopped working (for us), so maybe they want to hide some activity from us?

      Do you have any information you could share with us?

      Thank you, by the way, Cobra for another important intel. I'm sending ❤️ Aga

    5. Thank you for your information clips Lev.

    6. Bonjour,j'ai toujours eu beaucoup de mal à travailler avec l'arbre de vie, car je ressentais une autre énergie négative.
      Depuis le début de cette année je le ressens différement et maintenant j'ai l'explication. Un grand merci pour nous éclairer.

    7. People living on the planetary surface have no idea how long the LF have been struggling to free the planet. Thanks to all of them!

    8. Yes, ditto to what PukekoParadise said. My heartfelt gratitude and utmost respect to those of the LF who are voluntarily engaging in such high-risk potentially lethal work on OUR behalf!

      Such selflessness is the epitome of High Source LOVE in action and we honor you. May you be kept safe and your precious life force restored to optimum levels.

    9. Dragă Lev,această operațiune(fantastică)pare venită din altă lume...Legătura dintre arbori şi matrice este de neconceput pentru mintea mea.Aşa ceva puteam găsi numai în almanahul Anticipația ( povestiri ştiințifico-farmaceutice),de pe timpul lui Ceauşescu.Ca o vrajă ( magie ),mai uşor aş asimila-o.Lovitura pe care mi-a dat-o narațiunea ,m-a lăsat "mască".Mintea mea obişnuită să simtă adevărul, opune rezistență.Sunt năucit.Ce se petrece defapt cu mintea mea ?
      După expunerea ta respectivul loc al epopeii nu era păzit.Având în vedere că importanța acelor arbori era " de viață şi de moarte " pentru FORȚELE DEATH,ca apa sau ca aerul pentru noi,cum de nici o armată de soldați 3d nu a căutat să vă atace ?!

      Aştep răspuns urgent(A.R.U.) !

    10. Thank you for your new questions, Sjsbxbxjsjs. I promise to report on the progress of the New Quantum Matrix activation as soon as I receive info about it. The activation will not affect only the Earth. And this is not a one-time transition.

      To better understand the scale of the event, it is appropriate to recall exactly which space the New Quantum Matrix will cover.

      Our Local Universe is one of the 100,000 Local Universes that make up Super Universe (there are seven of them).
      Our Local Universe includes 100 Constellations, each of which unites 100 Local Systems.
      In our Local System, there are 619 inhabited worlds in 562 Solar Systems. Earth is its 606th habitable planet.

      The activated New Quantum Matrix will cover all these Constellations, Local Systems, and habitable planets. Given the scale of coverage, the transformation process will not be instantaneous.

      Regarding Your malaise during the days of Solar Eclipse which coincided with the New Moon… This is a normal phenomenon. It is caused by a sharp surge in such days of planetary energies, which were overlaid by a direct (through the Cancer) high-frequency stream from the Source on June 20-21.

      As to "manipulating the magnetic resonance" ... Technically, the Dark Forces can do this. But the power of the ground and space Light Forces is such that it easily stops these DFs’ attempts.

      About Michael Love (from Your previous comment)…This is one of the hundreds and thousands of info channels that everyone must evaluate with their intuition and inner resonance.

    11. To make it easier for me to answer you, Unknown, I first, with your kind permission, tried to translate Your letter from Romanian to English as accurately as possible:

      “Dear Lev, this (fantastic) operation seems to have come from another world...The connection between trees and arrays is unthinkable to my mind. I could only find such a thing in the Almanac anticipation (scientific-pharmaceutical stories), from his time Ceaușescu.Ca a spell (magic), I would easily assimilate it. The blow that the narrative gave me, left me "mask". My mind accustomed to feeling the truth, resists. I'm stunned. What's really going on with my mind ?
      After your exposure, that place of the epic wasn't guarded. Given that the importance of those trees was "life and death" for the DEATH forces, like water or air for us, how come no army of 3D soldiers sought to attack you ?! Waiting for urgent response (A. R. U.)!”

      An attack on the participants of the operation by 3D soldiers, unknown, was impossible, since the operation itself could not be seen physically. Although the Light Forces’ ground team are earthlings, the entire operation was carried out by them on the Subtle Plane – from the surface of Dilmun, and on its energy projection in space – by the Higher Light Hierarchy, where only strong personal vibrations were used as weapons. The Old and New Tree of Life are not plants, but powerful energy channels through which the vital Source’s radiations came and are now coming again to Earth, but today the Dark Forces are cut off from them.
      As for your emotion reaction, this sometimes happens when the information is new and too unusual for a person. In varying degrees, each of us goes through this.

    12. @Semillas
      All the more reason to make direct contact with 'em. I'm tired of being left in the dark, and hearing about "behind the scenes!" all the time.

    13. Thanks Lev! A thought that came to me was that just as the physical sun nourishes/sustains physical life on earth, there are many kinds of nonphysical light that nourishes/sustains the life of subtle bodies.

    14. @Sherman
      You have the feminine energy within you. You already said it. She is your guide.

    15. @Semillas

      *sighs frustratingly*
      NOT good ENOUGH. My soul is a WOMAN, and I DEMAND....I GOD DAMN DEMAND, that I be allowed to get access to what is needed to PHYSICALLY transform me into a woman, or, at LEAST, to look and sound like one, and to be augmented to have a real life span like the aliens, and be ageless like them.

      Do YOU understand, now?

  6. Let's all share the meditation on Facebook, Youtube and on blogs. Writes David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Fulford and other famous people! 🙏

    1. Don't be worry... David already know. He began a new private session tommorrow!

  7. My blog, which has been under ShadowBan and worldwide censorship since July 2017, has been massively attacked for a few weeks now. This month the spam filter will explode.

    All German blog & channel operators ignore my altruistic work for more than 6 years. Here I would like to emphasize the team of Transinformation and the YT channel operator Spiritscape.

    For years there has been talked, written and philosphated about the ground crew and teamwork over and over again, but NOTHING happens. In recent years I have asked many of these self-proclaimed "leaders" for support, but the arrogance, ignorance and egocentricity is obviously boundless.

    For almost a year I have not written any comments here, as I was only a silent observer and analyzed the situation of the ground crew. My last two comments were completely misinterpreted, because the criticism was never directed to the blog of @Cobra (I registered how fast my last comment was activated. Thanks!) even though I don't agree with the analysis on Elon Musk in any way. Based on my information and its sources, the opposite is more likely to be true.

    As for the various new blogs and channels that have been hyped in the last months, especially since the 4th quarter of 2019, I can say that I do NOT trust you! Trust has to be built and is based on mutuality, when I see that my first comment on Brianna's blog is not activated by her, something is NOT right.

    And when new actors on Cobra's blog, who are not active for more than a few weeks or months, take the comment column for themselves and lyrics to long-time comrades-in-arms with their phrases, I say STOP. For many years, these very same Starseeds, Lightworkers & Light Warriors have suffered from heavy attacks of the destructive elements and fought to break the critical mark of 144.000 in relevant, path pointing meditations. Throwing numbers of 5 million into the room now is NOT the way to go.

    Already last year I decided that I will reduce/ stop my engagement if there is no significant change in this regard. I have set a target for myself how many contributions I will publish until then, there are now exactly 9.

    NONE of my more than 200 posts are listed in the Google search engine. The Deep State Instruments FB & YT/Google have destroyed, annihilated 8 years of my work in digital space!

    Many of the questions on Cobra's blog, have already been answered by linking information sources on my blog.

    To end the comment positively I would like to thank Cobra, the team of Alcyon Pleiades and FM144!

    "You are made out of parts of infinity and the stars, but you do not know it because you are asleep." Krunula, Commander from Messier45

    Victory of the light!

    1. Wo finde ich denn Deinen Blog?
      Ein Link wäre hilfreich.

    2. @Mohoimeister,
      gib seinen Namen bei Google ein.

    3. What I am hearing in this comment is alot of ego projection. First, no one OWNS the comment section, it is a public forum. Instead of feeling slighted and attacking others, why not add your support to the "newcomers" and become ONE UNITED VOICE?!

      This commenter is making countless assumptions. Sometimes people change their name here for various reasons so alot of us could have been here from day one but you wouldn't recognize the new names. I have been here from the very beginning from 2012 and read every single word of this blog and been one of its biggest supporters.

      Also I am an old soul/starseed and have suffered some of the heaviest attacks imaginable for DECADES (including after the meditation on 6/21) so it is petty to say that only you or a handful have been attacked. NO ONE is any better than anyone else. We are ALL in this TOGETHER and scores of us have been massively attacked!

      This comment is the VERY REASON we have not made more progress. Until people start focusing 100% of their efforts on liberating our planet and stop wasting so much time wondering if their comment was approved or countering the statements and efforts of others, we will NOT make the needed progress.

      The endless CRITICISM of other heartfelt Light Warriors who are actually doing the work is very unloving and needs to STOP. I do not know which comment you are even referring to but I will say two things about comments on my blog:

      (1) Sometimes there are glitches and comments may not get through or can get lost, overlooked or accidentally deleted when one is busy creating critical time-sensitive content and doesn't have much time to spend on comments and is quickly scrolling through them

      (2) The INTEGRITY of the work being done must be preserved.

      I have stated several times that my blog is NOT a forum for debate or criticism of any kind, nor do I have time to engage in this kind of banter. If you wish to expend your time debating instead of supporting those who are doing the same work you say you are doing, you can do so on your own blog. Please don't distract us from our work or interfere with it. This is not kind or helpful.

      Honestly, I believe it is rather disrespectful to go on someone else's blog and begin criticizing what they are doing or take issue with everything they say.....especially if what they are doing is of a highly POSITIVE and important nature. I don't do this to others and would expect the same courtesy. Just because I have a comment section open does not obligate me to approve every comment and that should be respected.

    4. AS FOR THE FIVE MILLION........I completely disagree with you and for the record that is simply your opinion that the number is "too high" or "unrealistic". Most people said the same when I proposed ONE MILLION MEDITATORS.......that it was impossible.....yet we met that goal and even exceeded it! I salute those who DID believe and helped make it happen!!

      So what do you propose then......think SMALL.....and keep ourselves STUCK in this endlessly looping Dark Matrix?

      I will NEVER THINK SMALL! My job is to be the Visionary and see the big picture and where we are really going and how to get there the FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE. I will not waver from my mission, so doubt if you must, but you only hurt yourself and the near 8 billion souls that share this space with us.


      I kept saying that we have a very RARE and UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY in June to create a Continuous Wave of Light with THREE Mass Meditations only one week apart......this has NEVER happened before!

      So my question is why haven't more people rallied around that number at the most critical juncture of the year and KEPT THE MOMENTUM GOING FROM THE APRIL 4TH MEDITATION? WHY?

      Cobra himself keeps saying that the MORE people who participate the MORE the Light Forces can do and the FASTER we will escape the Matrix! Lev just helped us appreciate just how much physical distress certain branches of the LF endure to Clear Out All This Negative Distorted Energy on our planet. So let's do MORE to help them do their work!

      <<< We only have ONE Global Meditation left in this Window of time....LET'S PICK UP THE PACE AND GET THE WORD OUT FOR JUNE 29/30 FARTHER THAN WE EVER HAVE! >>>

      Out of 7.8 BILLION SOULS on the planet, 5 Million is really a drop in the bucket and very EASY for the Universe to manifest IF we BELIEVE it is possible and keep holding that belief!!!

      The Matrix wants you to think small and remain its prisoners. The Goddess and Source Creator are asking us to Step Up Our Game and think and ACT BIGGER than we ever have!


    5. Thank you Sacred Architect5D, that were exactely my thoughts. We have to unite, we have to dance together and we have to think big to create what seems impossible. Yeahhhh, lets do it, lets reach the 5 million this time.

      Victory of the Light!

    6. @Sacred Architect 5D

      BUT we need to see an actual, tangible victory. A lot of us are burned out, bummed out, and downright depressed. A victory needs to be presented, a tangible one, otherwise folks are gonna quit.

    7. WE are an integral part of the Victory! When we combine our consciousness in mass numbers during a synchronized meditation we literally alter the quantum field in a very powerful way - the more meditators and the larger the energy field.......the more miraculous the results. Everyone here can make this happen by simply spreading the word about the June 30th Mass Meditation - one of the most powerful astrological days of the year. Quitting is not an option - that will simply prolong the misery.

      Cobra already explained how we prevented many deaths and far worse dark agendas from playing out, the huge purging of darkness for clearing and revelation of many truths that was a direct result of our April 4th global meditation with 1.1 Million participating - so a Huge Victory was achieved.

      Imagine what we can do with up to 5 Million Meditators when Jupiter and Pluto come together in the sky on June 30th! The wealthiest people and largest companies in the world were born under this alignment and the last time this Stargate opened was 700 years ago when the current banking system was established - we better not sleep through it or we will deeply regret it!! It is one of the biggest opportunities of our lifetime to create massive tangible change on this planet!

    8. @Sacred Architect 5D

      And what happens after THIS on? Are we gonna get yet ANOTHER posting on "yea, we had a lot of folks participated....but now the bad guys have done this or that......so....ANOTHER meditation is needed."

      WHEN are we gonna see TANGIBLE winnings? And no more 'behind the scenes' stuff...and actually see the bad guys destroyed and the aliens finally landing?

      I gotta get off this prison planet while both alive and young enough to enjoy it.

      OR am I gonna be rotting away in some old age home in about 40 or 50 years, on a rocking chair, and still wondering where the hell are they?

    9. FOCUS ON THE NOW......that's all there ever is.

      And.....if you want to get off "this rock" that bad.....help us get the Five Million. That's how you accelerate your exit. We can't keep doing what we've always done or we'll keep getting what we've always gotten. It's that simple.


      And we will continue doing Mass Meditations on key dates until we manifest Total Freedom, Abundance and Healing for all life on this planet. That's been the other problem, not keeping MOMENTUM going. The dark never stops....and neither must we. You have to be "in it to win it" - Victory never comes to those who slow down or deviate from their mission no matter how tired you may be.

      We will rest and celebrate......when the War is Won....how soon that will be depends on our individual and collective efforts.....especially over the next 3 Days!!! Make every moment count!

  8. Thanks for the update Cobra👄❤️👑

  9. I took part in the Booster Meditation on June 21st and I am proud of it.

    I hope that we can all come together again like a family on June 29/30 and reach or exceed the critical mass.

    On April 4/5, we managed to contain the coronavirus pandemic together with the Light Forces and prevent the greater damage that the Dark Powers had originally planned. We can all be proud of this.

    I know that many are frustrated and wonder how long this Endtime Madness will continue. And I don't know.

    We are at war and the dark forces will not stop creating hell on earth before the event can be initiated.

    I, too, am waiting for that day.

    Yes, I am tired too. But this is about the future of mankind. Therefore I will stand firm and continue to fight.

    Victory of the light.

    1. The tiredness can be remedied through rest, but also by reducing inflammation in the body. There is still experimentation with diet protocols; there may now be a protocol that is very effective, but it's very individualized. For example, I've surprisingly found that many fruits and vegetables increase inflammation in my body. I've also previously stated that excess sucrose (more specifically the fructose within sucrose) is universally pro-inflammatory. Sodas, candy, candy bars, donuts, and other sugary foods cause the most inflammation for all humanity.

      There is also an emergency protocol I've discovered that is an off-shoot of Emery Smith's A2M. I won't mention the specifics because doing this should be the exception and not the rule. Just research on youtube ways to stop a tooth ache and you may discover what I'm talking about. It involves a specific way of administering an NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug).

      The theory (possible theory) I'm now really interested in is: If inflammation in the body goes down enough, a human becomes superhuman, with an unlimited amount of energy and stamina.

    2. @Starlight432

      Thanks for the information.

      Fitness, fruits, vegetables, walking in the forest and contact with people I can laugh with help me a lot.

    3. You may well be onto something Starlight & I've experienced similar reactions. Have been using a triple dose of Inflavonoids and Theracurmin with reasonable success. Also the golden milk before bed.

      Definitely Lightworkers advice with nature & laughs, mind you our sense of humour is having to undergo a warped adjustment to accommodate the current environment 😊

    4. Everyone has his own way to raise his own frequency. Music, nature, fruit, vegetables, family, pets (also family), the sun, water, movies and so on. The list is long.

      Just be happy.

    5. @Starlight432 Prepackaged junk food snacks (of both sugary and salty varieties) are rat poison and should be consumed in extreme moderation (once a week at most) or ideally not at all. Same for most dairy products, with the exception of unsweetened, unflavored natural yogurts.

      Some fruits and vegetables can have adverse effects and inflammatory effects when overconsumed, but even in that case they're probably less harmful than junk food.

    6. Glad that there are those who are taking charge of their health! There are also nonphysical influences that influence health. When I get bad ideas for health protocols, there can be a nonphysical influence(s) that may have been causing me to think in harmful ways. For example, a few days ago I dreamed that lights were being turned off. I know from past experiences that when lights are being turned off in a dream, this is a negative influence. This can work with positive influences as well though, causing me to have good ideas.

  10. We have to keep on pushing to bring the Ascension timeline into reality to serve the highest good for all living beings on the planet

    The force that guides the universe is behind this Divine Plan.

  11. Vamos compartilhar o link do agendamento da meditação.🙏🏽

  12. 你懂个锤子🔨

  13. Thank you for keeping us regularly up to date. Really appreciating it ❤️

  14. Here is the latest from Michael Love:

    By Michael Love


    1. I am all for those supporting n spreading love. Even in "channel messages". However i still have to say there is something that does not feel hmm "authentic" about this character...

      Nevertheless since i am fairly n easy going character.. i dont care if is pikachu claiming of receiving a channel message... however. What is dangerous about channel messages even if filled of hope and promises.. is that if those promises as claimed do not come to pass as expected... it has the worse side effect of shutting down potential active lightworkers.. or make those unawakened even more reluctant to look at the occult information with the respect and validity it deserves.

      Thats is all i am saying... so take any information and or disclosure with a grain of salt...

      So again. I am all for the message this michael love spills... but keep filters on... and that is of course just me opinion n feeling

  15. Lev
    June 16, 2020 at 6:26 AM

    This, Uknown, is a topic for a very big conversation. But here I will be as brief as possible. This is just one of the ways of gaining multidimensionality. And at the beginning of this path, everyone must answer to himself: Who am I? Why am I here? Did I come down the 14D stairs to get another experience before returning to the Source? Or on the way to It, I was born here and chose this difficult path of ascent through inner work and spiritual practice? Did I come here to colonize, exploit, and parasitize anything and anyone? Or is my goal to help others return to the Source? The technique described by Amargi Hillier is just a mechanism, one of many. But how high you will be allowed to climb this ladder depends on the answers to at least the few questions listed above.

    1. Lev@
      Is there also any case of lightworkers, starseeds, whose answer is 'yes', to the question "Did I come here to colonize, exploit, and parasitize anything and anyone?",... as a way of gaining multidimensionality?

    2. The true lightworkers, starseeds, Unknown, never answer 'yes', to the question "Did I come here to colonize, exploit, and parasitize anything and anyone?" It's a mutually exclusive events.

    3. Some of us were FORCED against our will to incarnate here.
      I KNOW that I was.

  16. I want to meet the good et's. Need advanced healing
    Many starseeds need healing. Save and protect the children.hugs

    1. A LOT of healing.

      Get the lead out!

  17. Another way to get the meditation out is to post it on the Q catalog, as Q has a huge following. Here is an example of a post for the meditation. As far as I know it has successfully posted:


    I encourage as many other people here as possible to also post on the Q catalog promoting the June meditation.

    I think the main Q research catalog is here:


    Victory of the Light!

    1. This is a great idea! Also post it in the comments sections of relevant facebook pages and youtube channels.

    2. Yeah... Post it on all Q pages

  18. Real Stalin (with subtitles in English): https://youtu.be/7GZBYgMlPcI






    Audiție plăcută !

  20. Thanks for the update Cobra. Victory of the light!

  21. I tried to take part in the last meditation. I was awake in time too, but I couldn't keep myself awake, I fell asleep a few times and only woke up when it was too late. I'm a little afraid of the big meditation on June 30th. (My late mother had a birthday that day).

  22. For our German speaking community:


  23. Thank you Cobra for the update. No doubt I will be doing the mediation on the 30th for sure! I have not missed any of the mediations since I found this blog back in 2012 and would not dream of missing any now. Looking forward to it! See you all there! Victory of the Light!

  24. Thanks for the update, Cobra.

  25. 🌷🌼🌷🌼🌷🌼🌷💖💚🌍💚💖💜💜💜🌈🙏💕😊Victory of the Light!

  26. Doesn't really help. On the verge of being homeless. Good luck guys. I hope you find what you are looking for.

  27. "Over 40,000 people have participated in our Booster meditation at the moment of the Solar eclipse and this has greatly improved the probability of reaching the critical mass for our main meditation on June 30th"

    You are welcome.

    As a reminder, you can use this poster featuring the planets involved in this conjunction for spreading the word, created by me:

  28. Beloved COBRA. I've been following your blog since 2013 and holding the vision and believing in the EVENT since then. There are so much info on the net regarding the dark agenda and so many newly awakened ones are reading and watching those. My belief is that there are many more now preoccupied with and energizing the dark hologram. We need our light workers to focus on and energize the light love new earth hologram, boot there is not much info. Even I when I searched your blog struggled to find info on what exactly is the event and what good there is to expect.
    I know you're busy, but there are so many of us looking towards you as a leader. We need some good news, some solid good news. Please can you take some time to make a list of good things that has happened in the past few years and months so that we can believe again in what we are meditation and giving our energy towards. Thank you COBRA

    1. Read the articles on this website from Michael Love.They will make you feel much better.

  29. Com certeza estaremos juntos. Obrigado Cobra

  30. Reading the Japanese website, why do they want to kill everyone or lower the population (before) even though the tsunami will take everybody out anyway in 5 years so if that's why they have a seed bank.

  31. I spent about 10 days of my salary to promote meditation.

    I really hope we reach critical mass.

    1. I used to do the similar things until I got disappointed, good luck with that one bro

    2. Thank you so much Wing! Your sacrifice will be greatly rewarded. June 30th is not an average day - it is one of the most powerful astrological alignments there is to create massive change on our planet! The wealthiest people and largest companies were born when Jupiter and Pluto came together in the sky and this Stargate last opened 700 years ago when the current banking system was established - so June 30th is an extremely rare opportunity to create Abundance and Miracles for the masses!!!

      Do NOT underestimate the Power we will be harnessing on June 30th!

  32. I found it an interesting synchronicity that the ancient Chinese dragon Goddess Nu Kua came up to oversee my latest collective consciousness energy reading. She is here to bestow order and harmony. You can find out more on the following link if you are interested:


  33. Lev obrigado. vamos continuar. sempre. A fé remove montanhas. Vitória da luz.

  34. Like always thanks for the update. Let's all do the meditation.
    French translation of the post

    Traduction en français :

    Victoire de la Lumière

  35. The Light Force liberates the Earth as slowly as the tortoise, and I suggest the Light Force ask for help from other universes. Obviously, light forces,Your technology is too weak, your bomb disposal is too slow, like the tortoise.You don't have the ability to solve the darkness of this universe, please immediately ask for help from other universes, your speed is as slow as the tortoise.Immediately ask for assistance from the other universes to remove the bomb.

    1. The tortoise did beat the hare.

    2. holyspirit qingse, this isn't about speed. We are in a hostage position (the surface population). The Light forces are ensuring that the planet is liberated as safely as possible.

    3. @VD

      BUT one can be TOO patient, you know.
      Won't do ME any good if I am dead, or elderly when the good stuff happens.

    4. @Sherman I think you or whoever passes will just be helping out on the other side. I am annoyed and impatient as well but I have zero control over this except meditate. Eventually tangible things will need to happen or we will just be humoring ourselves. It seems the way things are described that tangible things won't happen till the EVENT or maybe a few days before? Probably the biggest frustration besides the long wait with now limited intel is that we can't even recruit many people who need to see to believe.

    5. @Spider Man

      IF I am denied what I want in this life, you REALLY think I am gonna help 'on the other side' when I have been DENIED and BETRAYED and ABANDONED?

      Nope...gonna tell them "YOU did NOTHING for ME...why SHOULD I bother to help ANY of YOU!?" I'd just wonder off into the cosmos, as an angry and bitter soul and shout "FUCK YOU!" to the light forces and say "You are now on your own, BITCHES!".

      And I mean that.

  36. On June 30, 2020, two powerful energy streams – of Jupiter and Pluto - will join in one flow as they move towards Earth. Their frequencies coincide with the vibrations of many important aspects of human life and affect them. For example, Jupiter - on international interaction, Pluto - on the globality and intensity of processes and events.
    During this period, the Dark Forces will make the most of this flow to deal the strongest blow to anyone who resists their plans. The colossal success of mass meditation on April 4, 2020, which reached more than a million people and over a billion star seeds, scared the DFs to death. And now they are trying to make a split and disbelief in the Light Forces, pitting them against each other, fueling frustration, mutual claims due to the alleged lack of immediate and visible results, siphoning people's energy through doubt, intimidation, hatred and aggression. To have as few participants as possible in each subsequent mass meditation, that would be a real holiday for the DFs.
    The Dark Forces’ tactics are not limited to this. For centuries, the DFs have used the combined energy of Jupiter and Pluto to impose a debt–based version of the financial system, further redistribute cash flows and property in their favor, and concentrate all capital, and through them, all power in their hands on the way to the NWO.
    The best example of this is the global crisis created by the Dark Forces 13 years ago, which was specifically timed to the last conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (and the beginning of their new 13-year cycle) at the turn of 2007 – 2008.
    What was happening then in the US and the World? The financial crisis began in 2007 with a depreciation in the subprime mortgage market. On the day Jupiter and Pluto conjoined, the Fed was forced by the DFs to lower the rate to help all biggest banks, American International Group, Fanny May, and other financial institutions which were hit to death by the credit drain. The Fed launched the Troubled Assets Relief Program to supply short-term funding to banks, AIG, and others with sub-prime mortgages. This was the beginning of the financial crisis that increased DFs’ power in the domestic and global financial sectors. Two months later Pluto moved into Capricorn and the Dark Forces caught its radiation for further transforming the banking and finance - Capricorn industries.
    When Pluto and Jupiter were in Capricorn in 2008, although then they did not come together exactly, the DFs ignited the fall of the US and global financial pyramid. Jupiter’s energy was used for bailouts and pumping $17 trillion in the To Big To Fail at the expense of the taxpayers that took the main hit. In one major European country, the uncovered liabilities on derivatives of only one bank were four times higher than the then state GDP. The housing crisis, financial collapse and economic fallouts of 2008 are still here at the present time.
    In fact, today's global crisis is a continuation of the 2007-2008 events. In 2020 there are the similar themes with the same stellium. As the Pluto’s energy is linked to debt vibrations, the Dark Forces make avail of it to tighten the personal, household, small businesses, and corporate debt garrotte as a result of the Coronavirus which is also tied up to the negative aspect of Pluto-Jupiter conjuncture.
    With the help of Pluto's energies, the Dark Forces launched and managed the pandemic, and the vibrations of Jupiter - to exacerbate economic and social problems. When Jupiter and Pluto combine, they maximize the hype of phenomena and events, which DFs actively use for their own purposes. (To be continued)

    1. Yes exactly Lev! The Dark will use the amplified power of Jupiter-Pluto exact conjunction to the MAX on June 30th - we need to do the same and gather in larger #'s than we ever have for the 6/30 Global Meditation!!

  37. This is clearly seen in the current situation in the United States. In the second quarter of 2020, the world's largest economy will experience the largest drop in history — up to 50 percent of GDP. The country has been hit by record unemployment, which could rise to 25%. Companies report a collapse in revenue and file for bankruptcy en masse. In the first quarter, operating profit for S&P 500 corporations fell by $661 billion in annual terms — almost 50 percent. This is an anti-record since 2009. In the second quarter, the situation deteriorated even more due to the collapse in sales and production volumes as a result of COVID-19.
    But the stock market is a completely different picture. Over the past three months, the S&P 500 stock index, which takes into account the capitalization of the 500 largest American companies, has soared by 40 percent and almost recouped the losses incurred due to the pandemic.
    Under the pressure of the Dark Forces, the Fed had to take unprecedented measures to support the economy. In March, the regulator twice lowered the key rate (to 0-0. 25 percent per annum), launched a program to buy up $ 500 billion in government bonds and $ 200 billion in mortgage — backed securities. And later announced that he did not intend to limit quantitative easing and would buy as many government bonds and mortgage-backed securities from the market as needed. The Fed has also launched several new lending programs. Its total spending on supporting the economy and markets has reached 30% of GDP.
    By the end of June, the stock price-earnings ratio for the S&P 500 index had surpassed the extreme levels of the dot-com bubble in the early noughties. The gap between markets and economic realities has never been greater.
    As the Dark Forces planned, excess liquidity has inflated a giant bubble that they are preparing to burst, bringing down all domestic and global markets. Only once in the past 20 years have the US stock prices been more inflated than they are now — in 1999, on the eve of the dot-com crisis.
    The DFs knew full well that hopes for the Fed's stimulus policy and the excessive liquidity that the regulator is pumping into the market to restore the solvency of companies will not be fulfilled, despite the regulator's promises to buy high-yield corporate bonds, that is, securities with a high risk of default.
    Right now, the risk-return ratio in the stock market is the worst that market participants have ever seen. According to the calculations of the Dark Forces, the prepared markets fall will be so strong that after junk securities and corporate debt bonds, the Fed will have to buy shares from investors. Funds and exchange-traded players have already lost the ability to make bets on the decline, which threatens to collapse the US stock market, and will cause a domino effect on all others.
    The beginning of a global recession was announced by the International Monetary Fund. According to the IMF forecast, the current crisis will be the deepest since the Great Depression of 1930s and will surpass the financial crash of 2009. The coronavirus pandemic will cause at least $9 trillion in damage.
    In the short term, the dollar will still rise in value due to uncertainty in the markets. But by the end of the year, the trend will change. First of all, because of the Fed's aggressive measures to support the economy. As early as next year, the dollar may lose at least a third of its value against the basket of currencies of the leading economies. Especially in relation to the Euro and the Yuan due to the shift in the balance of competitiveness of the economy and the money supply in favor of the EU and China. . (To be continued)


  38. In 2020, the us budget deficit will triple to $4 trillion, the highest since The Second World War. The Fed’s balance will swell to $10 trillion by the end of the coronavirus crisis. And since all this money is only the result of the printing press, the flight of investors from an unsecured currency is only a matter of time, which the Dark Forces has once again scheduled.
    However, the Light Forses have their own counter-plans. Since the fall of 2019, they have already four times thwarted the DFs’ attempts to bring down the US economy, and after it, the current global economic system. And the mass meditation, as well as the Light Forces ground teams’ operations, provided an important help to the LFs in this.
    The LFs know: although the economic crisis and COVID-19 are certainly negative phenomena, the vibrations of Jupiter will help the Light Forces to turn things around for the better. Pluto's radiation will be directed at making people more resilient so that they can have a better chance of survival in the long run.
    We all need to take responsibility for what is happening in the World right now. Are we stale? Too calm? Disappointed? Lost faith? Pluto shows us that change is a permanent part of life, and we'd better accept it so that similar things don't happen in the future.
    The New World Order hatched by the Dark Forces installs their absolute power over national and global money and resources, total control over ideology and the media, collective terror in case of disobedience, and the establishment of strict restrictive laws. All this can be expected in the event of a departure from the path of evolutionary development.
    Evolution, New Quantum Matrix and 5D Earth are requiring us to take full responsibility for our politics, our country, and our people. We must overcome apathy, inaction, and lack of critical thinking. The new Source’s energies require a way out of stagnation, avoiding shifting responsibilities and illusions of security.
    The Jupiter - Pluto conjunction on 30 June, 2020, inspires faith and gives hope. This is a do-not-give-up influence, but we have to go through doubt to arrive at faith. Faith is the keyword of this 2020 year. When we lose faith, we fall into despair and fear. Have faith in our ability to weather any tough patches and make conscious life decisions.
    Pluto brings destruction, but Jupiter ensures that whatever is built in its place is brighter, better, and more abundant than before. Things may feel like they are crumbling around us, but as they do, the ashes pave the way for a new way to be birthed into existence. Nothing is ever lost, it just comes around in another form.
    Many are feeling the strain of the economy, but Jupiter and Pluto come together to rebirth a new and better way. As the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto is not afraid to destroy things in order to rebuild them. Pluto will find whatever is weak, and cause it to crumble. But Jupiter’s optimism allows us to quickly get to work on fixing things so they can be better than before. That is the Light Forces’ main message to all of us for new mass meditation on 30 June, 2020.

    1. Mulțumesc Lev,PENTRU răspunsul cu cei 2 "arbori".Nu bănuiam să existe conducte ascunse.Credeam că energiile sunt receptate uniform.














  41. Look I missed the booster meditation time because recently I sleep for hours even after noon.perhaps I need that sleep on some level or It's my way to escape the grim reality we're confronted with now.my situation is that I'M locked down in India and it's very rough for my physical and mental health. I could not imagine that they will attack me so much and that in the holy mystical realm of India ! They are really pushing to destroy us. I don't know how many others are experiencing this. Damn wtf are they doing with us ??? Is it 5G or MK ultra or similar ? Basically they keep us LOCKED in houses under threat of fines or arrest.it's so hot really hot sweat flowing on the body. I try to eat healthy food but am denied direct access to organic fruits and veggies .am cut off from other people from various countries since I don't see many coming without masks on the street like they did before. Trying to keep the faith but at times this situation makes me very scared.i don't see children playing. Must depend on indian people bringing overpriced fruits. Feeling so horrible. What are the others doing ? This is pure tell. Do you really want us to live on a mask wearers dictatorship being hassled and terrorized by intrusive practices like thermoscanning testing etc ? The other option to staying here is trying to go to Germany but after passing various testing scanning being forced to sit 10 hours or so with mask on the face the situation won't be much better on arrival at destination. There is no way out right now

    1. I live in Japan and no one here forces you to stay home or to wear a mask. The government doesn't force people to do anything. And the virus hysteria is practically over here. Half of people on the streets don't even wear masks anymore and no one is saying anything even if I don't wear a mask in a supermarket.
      So just come here if you need to. I can help you and explain how to get a visa, how to find work in Japan, etc. But it's not easy and quick unless you'd come here on a tourist visa (you just get it automatically at the airport, but it's only for 3 months and you can't work). Other visas will take 1-6 months to process even if you're eligible.

      Btw. I'd try help anyone who wants to come to Japan for any reason. It's really a safe haven for me.

  42. After meditation, June 21, despite the pre-protection during and after the meditation the violet flame from the source - I am attacked with cruelty . Each meditation made me monitored . Attacks on the physical and astral plane are still ongoing . And I have no one ktoby really helped me and defended - I'm on edge and can break . I need a Keeper .

    1. I am sorry to hear that kid.. if i was a guardian i would in a blink of an eye be right there at the moment in need.. . i am no guardian but regardless we have a fellowship that transcends time n space... for wat is worth... i will :) ask one of meselves to be there in time in need :)... dont be surprise if i show up like spongebob :). Of course only with ur permission.. of course i will ask the angels up there to guard over u :) i applogize if thats all i could do...

  43. Thank you Cobra for your update.

    I'll join our next big Meditation on June 30th.

    Love and Peace to you all! ❤

    Polish translation of this update is here:


  44. Senators want the public to see the government's UFO reports: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/23/senators-ufo-government-reports-336021

  45. https://needtoknow.news/2020/06/moderna-vaccine-volunteer-sickest-in-his-life-after-being-injected-with-vaccine/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=moderna-vaccine-volunteer-sickest-in-his-life-after-being-injected-with-vaccine

  46. Here is this article in German as video:


  47. Thank you Cobra. We will have a great meditation on the 29/30th. Victory of the Light!

  48. I don't want this to be a distraction, but I don't know how to fight an enemy like this. I'm asking for help on how to deal with this. Are they even correct about this? What if it actually is a good idea to wear a face mask? Maybe the masks aren't so bad after all? When I keep getting exposed to this kind of mentality I start to question my own sanity. Please, this needs to be cleared up. I need some perspective from the light forces on this. If the masks are hurting people, this needs to be revealed. Can the real answers please be revealed to the public? What are the real answers?

    Articles like these are practically everywhere:


    1. Hi there, if you listen to dr.Buttar you will receive the information you are seeking. The masks are unhealthy. They affect the way you breath and can cause health issues in the long run. If God wanted us to wear a face mask, then we would have been born with one. It affects your heart, and you are breathing back germs which should be expelled. You need to decide for yourself, not to follow everyone else. Blessings. 🙏🌞🙂

    2. This is the way i see it... masks are good(for temporary use) to stop the wider dispersal of germ when u sneeze... however when breathing in.. i doubt the masks are at the level to stop any microbe germ particle that is floating about from being breathed in. Unless u wearing those hazard masks.. i really doubt the average masks are very effective... in addition... wearing a mask limits i would assume the amount of oxygen intake...

      Out of courtesy to others and perhaps for some minor protection i would wear mask.. but if i am in an open area.. park driving etc.. i would not wear mask... note i am not in medical field and of course im no lightforce :).. i just butt in :)... just my opinion.
      Work on strengthening ur immune system btw... place ur focus on strengthening ur system as we should be doing regardless of present virus or not. Not the focus on the fear of getting the virus.. imho

    3. Thanks Aquarian Maiden and DH. I do agree that long-term face mask wearing is unhealthy. However, I'm a cashier at my job and I cashier the elderly quite often. I don't want to be seen as some kind of murderer, which is probably the way many people see me. The real murder is taking place in nursing homes (some recent Q posts reveal this), but I feel that I could become some kind of scapegoat if enough people believe what the media is telling them. And, there is the possibility that I actually am killing the elderly by not wearing a mask, although there is evidence suggesting that I've already had the virus a few months ago. Myself and the public at large have probably killed many of the elderly during flu season without even realizing it, not even having any symptoms, in the past. I've never thought about that before. What does one do?

      Anyway, I hope this isn't a distraction from the meditation. This issue should be something that's in the background compared to the meditation. It's just that it's really been bothering me and I couldn't help but ask for other perspectives.

    4. I won't deny that wearing masks can cause health issues long-term, but I'm sure these risks aren't serious or only affect a minority - otherwise surgeons, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, lab technicians, chemists, and many other professions that have always required wearing face masks most of the day, would have lots of workers experiencing health problems because of them. There's also motorsport racers, who wear very hot, tight and uncomfortable fireproof balaclavas under their helmets, and in some events have to wear them for many hours straight....

      Many people just feel uncomfortable wearing face masks and keep trying to find any excuse for their selfishness.

      @DH Surgical style face masks and similar do reduce the risk of getting contaminated for the wearer, but only a bit. Their main purpose is to minimize the risk of spreading the virus in case the wearer is infected. The mask I'm wearing protects you, the mask you're wearing protects me. But this is all common knowledge. And like everything else, it's just one more layer of protection.

    5. Arrowflashbr, I have a quote from someone on another forum who discussed the length of time for mask wearing. (I'll have the individual remain anonymous.)

      "Ex ER Tech, Ex ICU Aide, Ex Medical Unit Aide, Ex Pre/Post Surgical Aide <- A small list of my credentials to talk about this subject.

      "With the exception of Surgery Units and - Doctors and Nurses don't wear the masks for hours at a time, they wear them when they enter an Isolation room and immediately remove them as soon as they step out. Occasionally ER Staff have to wear masks for long periods because of patient injuries that require immediate care for long periods of time, but most ER's Prep, Stabilize, and Send to appropriate care.

      During a typical shift I would go through hundreds of pairs of gloves and dozens of masks. Almost never would a mask stay on my face more than 15 minutes."

      I'm sorry that you feel that it's selfish to not wear a mask. I still feel that wearing a mask 8 hours a day for people working in retail is unhealthy.

    6. @Starlight432 Well the person you quote isn't wrong, regardless of their credentials being true or not. But still, there are almost daily occasions when they do have to wear them for most of the day. Especially dentists, they do have a mask on their face for most of the day every day, whenever they're working on a patient's mouth, which sometimes can go on for hours straight.

      And most people working in the private sector, including retail, don't have to wear the mask 8 hours straight. I'm not going to say everyone has this luxury, but most can have at least a couple breaks where they can take off their masks for 10 or 15 minutes.

      Face masks can be very uncomfortable at first, but people can quickly get used to them if they don't focus their attention on them (which I believe it's the cause of the issue in many "mask intolerance" cases). Since the beginning of the pandemic I've had to wear a mask for almost 8 hours straight in a few occasions. They are uncomfortable but I quickly got used to it, after a few hours I'd even forget that I was wearing a mask.

      Which brings another point - of course, the mask needs to be comfortable and fit neatly into the face of the person wearing it, which isn't always the case. These people should try different models. Where I live, there are even tailors who make custom masks designed to fit a person's face perfectly.

    7. Arrowflashbr, it's true that breaks are taken, but the total time in a work shift can be 8 hours or more for some employees.

      If wearing a mask isn't unhealthy, why are doctors such as Buttar, among other doctors, warning about the ill health effects?

      Here is a good example:


      I'm going to 'wash my hands' of this for now though. It's not something that I know how to deal with. I guess some problems have no solutions, and the only thing to do is let go. I want no part of the mask dispute, or anything related to the current paradigm. The meditation is what's most important now.

    8. One final thought: Humanity needs to grow up. People shouldn't be told what to do like children anymore. If someone is afraid of getting the coronavirus, this person should stay home and get someone else to run their errands for them, instead of shaming others for not doing their 'civic duty.' Yes. It's time for the surface population to grow up.

    9. Miccobes and germs are very tiny
      ... yes masks would assist in protecting from direct and some indirect hits however.. not all particles if any especially in air follows a straight path (if there are germs floating about in a room pack with people.. the masks weareers wouldnt be spared. They getting the air they breath from same source as everyone else)... those average masks out there do not have the filters grade needed to filter out germs.. again unless u wearing hazzmat masks. as i said i would wear mask but out of courtesy to ease the potenytial fear of others... but not because i believe it does do major protection. Yes a layer but at what cost.. limiting the air or oxygen intake and having to breath our own germs which body trying to expel is a double wammy .. so indeed in some professions u do have to wear masks for obvious reasons as mentioned when at surgery.. when painting n.working with chemicals etc.. but they would do it as long as is necessary to do the work. Performing long term day for hours ... every day doubtful is beneficial to owns health...

      Anyways just me opinion.

      Work on strenghtening ur immune system... if u can wear the mask just to ease ur concerns then do so.. but balance it by making sure u get plenty of air in between.. also remember that u may also be helping in the herd immunity if such exist... so do not think worse case scenario.. think of any action or interaction u do as if filled with a filter of love.. whatever decision u take. Until things become clear though.. i would wear mask out of courtesy.. imho... just a thought

    10. @Starlight432 Sadly, most people can't have the luxury of getting someone to run their errands for them. Quite the opposite, many have families to support and must go outside, even while having comorbidities or people with comorbidities living with them. Even those who are young and healthy, if they cohabit with people in risk groups they should take all precautions in the world. There are lots of people who are afraid but have no choice.

      I have a proposition. There are people who don't want to take any precautions, not wear masks, not practice social distancing, they should be free to do so, alright. As long as they sign a document relinquishing their rights for any medical care and assistance in case they do become sick (as to not overcrowd hospital space that could be used by another person), and they will be required to fully cover treatment costs for every person they infect, and also cover their downtime in case they're self employed. In case the victim passes away and was the main provider for their family, the signer will be required to financially support the victim's family. So, would you be up for it?

    11. Arrowflashbr, at least in the US, people who don't have a job get paid more money then those who do work, with huge weekly unemployment checks. So there are more than enough resources for those who feel they are vulnerable to get instacart to get their groceries for them. Or, an elderly person could get a neighbor to get groceries for them. It's mainly the elderly who end up dying from the coronavirus, and so the elderly should stay home for their own protection. There are of course headlines of young people dying from the coronavirus, but this is by far the exception and not the rule. Someone who is a main provider for their family would probably have a 99% or more chance of surviving the coronavirus if they get it, because the mortality is so low for the younger population. Here is the mortality rate for various age groups:

      "So far there has been 1 death every 1,166 people under 65 years old (compared to 1 death every 358 people in the general population). And 89% of the times, the person who died had one or more underlying medical conditions."


      If the elderly and those with underlying health conditions stayed home, the medical costs for your proposal would be negligible, and I would gladly sign the document.

      Onward lol!

    12. Btw founs this..i have bot read it os i have no comment


    13. Străduieşte-te să vizualizezi binele !
      Eşti prăpăstios!Virusul nu este contagios !


  49. "Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other." ✨
    -Paulo Coelho

  50. https://www.msn.com/en-sg/health/medical/7-long-term-side-effects-of-wearing-face-masks/ss-BB15ngOt?li=BBr8Cnr#image=1

  51. I feel a connection to you that I can't explain.👽🐉🛸✨

  52. Anyone knows how to create mobile apps.. i know a lil bit. But i am willing to work with others
    so we may get an app that will work with the ilovemeditation website... if they are upto it and want one for them to manage the updates.. or even without updates... i am not well informed yet on what updating an app entailed but tge idea is to make it least intrusive as possible

    We may want to split the tasks.. compartmentalize it.. just a thought..
    Something that will work offsite..
    Just ideas.. respond if interested

  53. These thoughts came to me early this morning: WE are the ones that will liberate Gaia. The Light Forces are only here to assist us. We are in charge of our own destiny. If we want to have a better life and live in a world full of peace, love, compassion and abundance, then we need to do ALL of the meditations that we are called on to do. It starts with us, each and every one of us. We have to make up for all of the surface population that are not awake right now. We need to hold the light and love and raise the vibration of the planet for those that do not. Meditations are a very BIG key to shifting the planetary timelines into a more favorable future for all. Its like tending to a garden, you don't just water the plants once and all is good. You need to continuously water, prune and give them sunlight. You don't just go to the hair salon/barber once and you look fabulous forever. Same rules apply-you need to wash your hair, brush it, take care of it. Meditations are a way of maintaining the timelines/health of Earth. We don't ever stop or give up because we already did a meditation last month or two months ago. There is a war going on. For every milestone we hit with our meditations, the dark forces are constantly trying to counteract our efforts, which results in more work on our part. If you give up, then you are resigning to the fact that you will accept life as it is currently on Planet Earth. This is your right as a sovereign being. I came to this planet to liberate it and I will not stop doing my part until the job is done, no matter how long it takes. This is my mission and I gladly accepted it. Victory of the Light!

    1. @Guessgirl
      HOW are WE to slay a dragon like the cabal, and their dark ET masters, by ourselves? Look how many DIED in the past trying to do so. We need DIRECT et contact, and we need it YESTERDAY. We also need REAL technology, REAL weapons, and REAL tactics to DESTROY the bad guys...this is a WAR. And many of US need to see a tangible victory, otherwise folks WILL give up, or even defect.

    2. Beautifully spoken! Victory of the light. Are you a part of a sisterhood of the rose group ? Do you want to join in with me ? I'm trying to find some people to link up online and meditate with. Send me an email reikiservice@yahoo.com if your interested.

    3. @Guessgirl very well said and I understood the analogy

  54. We must share share share.. The views are bad at the moment. Facebook, blogs, Instagram..

  55. Manga illustrations of the "Age of Aquarius Activation" on June 29/30 in 2020 / 432Hz


  56. I Am holding the Godess Enegeries here!

  57. Visualize: The great spread
    Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light


    emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun,


    then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe.


  58. "Some people feel that nothing has been achieved in our April 4th meditation. That is absolutely not true. Without that meditation, Jesuit plans for world domination would be in a far more advanced stage than they are now."

    Estimation, 0 proof I can say also if we wouldn't meditate that day we could have the even't right now. There is no way to prove right or wrong these speculations


  59. Mr. Rock'n'Roll


    And we'll meet one day.
    Not far away.

    And there's a Happy Ending.


  60. With Faith and believe in God:
    Agarthians Issue Urgent Coded Message As They Emerge From Inner Earth To Walk With Us On The Surface… I Think It's About The Annunaki Waking Up In Antarctica!!

    Agarthians Issue Urgent Coded Message As They Emerge From Inner Earth To Walk With Us On The Surface… I Think It's About The Annunaki Waking Up In Antarctica!!

    1. Gheee Sorry

  61. A letter from David Wilcock. You might want to use it. Received by mail:


    As we get ready to close registration for The Path of Light, I want to introduce you to something I call “The 10 Declarations of the Soul.”

    We are going on a very deep journey with everyone who says yes to The Path of Light… so it’s important that we all move forward together using the same basic operating principles. This way, the collective energy in the group will propel us to new heights without any lingering energies that might try to hold our acceleration back.

    If you haven’t joined Dannion, Elizabeth and I for The Path of Light yet, you can do that here for the next few days!


    Okay, now for those 10 declarations… or another way to call them, codes of the conscious, powerful co-creator with the divine:

    Declaration 1: We are all beings of light
    Declaration 2: You are an eternal being of love and consciousness
    Declaration 3: Your Soul is Incapable of Being a Victim. We have total responsibility
    Declaration 4: Death is an illusion. Your soul is infinite and so is your potential
    Declaration 5: You have the power to heal yourself
    Declaration 6: You are not alone on this journey and can always call upon your spirit guides
    Declaration 7: Separation is an illusion
    Declaration 8: All souls are capable of accessing information from Source
    Declaration 9: Integrating your shadow side is necessary for ascension
    Declaration 10: You have the power to consciously create a new reality
    Most spiritual seekers have a mental understanding of these, but over the next several weeks together in we are going to have a lived experience of them.

    The Path of Light will take your mind and integrate it with your soul, the greater part of your Self that already knows the way.

    You can join us for the next few days on this page.

    Into the Light,

    David, Dannion and Elizabeth

    P.S. Next week in our first special training session, Dannion is going to open “The Boxes of Knowledge...” the prophetic visions he received from the other side - much of which is coming true right now before our very eyes.

    To join us for Week 1 (next week!) click this link, and Dannion, Elizabeth and myself will see you on “the other side.”

  62. Oay then
    Europeans Are The "Lost" Tribes Of Israel - A Rare Documentary That Traces The Origins Of the Tribes of Jacob Surnamed Israel To Europe And America (Very Enlightening Videos).


  63. Today was an unusual explosion of Schumann resonance on a huge an unprecedented dose of radiation . Solid white stripe graphics many hours !
    And what is most interesting precisely when these come super the strongest gamma radiation I have is an explosion of joy and Wake up mood . Anyone feel bad but I'm such a huge energy seemed to increase your own vibration and delight and comfort . That makes me feel comfortable and the more perfectly the better . The most incomprehensible coming from these authentic and beautiful energy perhaps it is from any of the ships of Ashtar ?


    1. Last night there was a big influx of energies, kept me up and active till 7:17am European time.
      Just when I went to bed these energies manifested in those wonderful spikes of the Schumann resonance; and finished exactly when I left my bed in the afternoon.

      Now you could say that this is simply a "coincidence." I thought so as well when this first happened. But this stunning synchronicity has been happening all year long, today was probably the 12th or 16th time this happened :-)


  64. Scrolling down to "Daily New Deaths in the United States," deaths have drastically gone down on the graph over the past few weeks. Interesting.


    1. Thank you Pleiadians and youtube user Age of Aquarius :)

      Command RCV Stardust (English)


  65. Star-Seeds are the paratroopers, they volunteered to jump behind enemy line and to prepare to the 'invasion'. They volunteered for the possibility that we might be alone, surrounded by enemy troop, all alone with nothing but our training, and our spirit to guide us.
    They didn't carry weapons, they were/are a weapon.
    Like the paratroopers some of them were scatter across the land, and these soldiers have to find their buddy and to form a cohesive unit/platoon. Some wonder too far and had to walk the extra Km back to their unit (Awakened to their mission a little late(Or maybe just in time)).

    What is 'surrender'?

    "Some day this war will be over"

    1. That tactic NEVER works...paratroopers....falling cannon fodder, when only a few make it.


  66. High Hopes


  67. Why is there an increase in humans having sightings and encounters with evil cryptids like Goatman, Bigfoot,Dogman,Glimmerman,Deerman, Black Eyed Children, Loch Ness Monster,Men in Black,Jersey Devil, Shadow People, Dinosaurs like small Raptors, Succubus,Jinn and many more etc. Why are they here to torment humanity? Do they come from portals or other dimensions? Will they ever be eliminated like the Chimera etc. Are they part of the Chimera group?

    1. Maybe because the light is so strong on planet earth, that they are being flushed out of their hiding places. 🌞💛💚💙🧡💜🖤❤🌈

    2. @truth seeker, I had a weird dream last night where myself and others were in some city infested with zombies and at least one t rex.

    3. Maybe those creatures aren't actually "evil." Bigfoot especially is a guardian of nature and caretaker of the forest.

  68. Well, that's what I call a positive attitude. Haha.

  69. Article: Tom Hanks’ Twitter And Instagram Accounts Show No Signs Of Life, After He Was Reported To Have Died! Why Is Everyone So Interested In Hanx?


  70. Gray flew octopi which ate the creative energy of people disappeared from the planet, the uterus, the Queen destroyed the Masonic lodges, lodges in chaos and will chew on each other. Trump will open the contacts with the Alliance. Quantum computers reprogrammed. The Alliance fleet hanging around the planet. In General, we really moved to a new timeline. All good

  71. I’m on it!!! I’m here to help in any way that I can!!! Im on a mission and I ain’t stoppin’!!!! VOTL❤️❤️❤️

  72. Artikel: Bekneld in de psychiatrie.
    Verslag van een vrouw die ritueel was misbruikt en na het bekend te maken met de regels van 'onze' psychiatrie te maken krijgt.


  73. From Opdis (Operation Disclosure) today: received by mail: part 1:
    July 5 2018 Catholic Priests Blow Whistle on Satanic Ritual Child Abuse in Vatican: Catholic Priests Blow Whistle On 'Satanic Ritual Child ... https://newspunch.com/catholic-priests-satanic-child-vatican http://beforeitsnews.com/celebrities/2017/05/vatican-global-elites-found-guilty-of-child-sacrifice-2475081.html

    Three Vatican priests have gone on record denouncing Pope Francis as a false prophet and claiming that Satan worshipping pedophile cardinals are engaged in the ritual abuse of children as young as one-month-old inside the Vatican’s high walls.

    Over the past few years, representatives of the Vatican have been accused and caught molesting children, and ties to large pedophilia rings have been discovered. The Vatican has had to spend billions of dollars settling and dealing with pedophilia cases — this is no longer a secret.

    Unfortunately, what many people still do not know is that many of these children are used in ‘Satanic type rituals.’ The Vatican claims to be following the word of God, but multiple insiders have recently come forth, denouncing Pope Francis as a false prophet, and speaking about the widespread practice of black magic and Satanism inside the Vatican.

    In the view of the public, the Vatican and its many representatives from all over the world represent a force of love and peace, but according to Malachi Martin, an Irish Catholic priest who was Professor of Palaeography at the Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Institute until recently, this vision of love and peace is at odds with what really happens behind the scenes.

  74. part 2;
    Jesuit priest Malachi Martin served in Rome for six years where he was a close associate of Cardinal Augustin Bea and the Pope. According to Malachi Martin, an “enthronement ceremony” was held by Satan worshipping pedophile Vatican cardinals in 1963 — and the “smoke of Satan” has been “irremovable” in the Vatican since then.

    “Most frighteningly for [Pope] John Paul [II], he had come up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own Vatican and in certain bishops’ chanceries. It was what knowledgeable Churchmen called the ‘superforce.’ Rumors, always difficult to verify, tied its installation to the beginning of Pope Paul VI’s reign in 1963. Indeed Paul had alluded somberly to ‘the smoke of Satan which has entered the Sanctuary’. . . an oblique reference to an enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican. Besides, the incidence of Satanic pedophilia – rites and practices – was already documented among certain bishops and priests as widely dispersed as Turin, in Italy, and South Carolina, in the United States. The cultic acts of Satanic pedophilia are considered by professionals to be the culmination of the Fallen Archangel’s rites.” (Written in his book about geopolitics and the Vatican, The Keys of This Blood, page 632)

    On multiple occasions he spoke about Satanism being the predominant religion practiced inside the Vatican’s high walls. But Malachi Martin isn’t the only Vatican insider speaking about Satanic pedophilia in the Vatican. The list is a long one.

    The Reverend Gabriele Amorth, an Italian Roman Catholic priest, and an exorcist of the Diocese of Rome, is another example. Reverend Amorth performed tens of thousands of exorcisms for the Church over his half a dozen plus decades as a Catholic priest, and has mentioned a number of times how Satanism is practiced within the Vatican. He also described how very young girls are kidnapped by a gang of Vatican police and foreign diplomats, explaining that these girls are recruited for Vatican parties, attended by cardinals and priests.

    Amorth claimed that Emanuela Orlandi, a Vatican City schoolgirl who went missing in Rome in 1983, was kidnapped for sex parties by a gang involving Vatican police and foreign diplomats. He said that the girl was later murdered and her body disposed of. “The Devil resides in the Vatican and you can see the consequences,” said Reverand Amorth. The evil influence of Satan was evident in the highest ranks of the Catholic hierarchy, with “cardinals who do not believe in Jesus and bishops who are linked to the demon.”

    Malachi Martin and Reverend Amorth should be commended for their bravery in blowing the whistle on Satanic pedophilia within the Vatican, because priests who tell the truth about their corrupted colleagues do not always live to speak out further. Father Alfred Joseph Kunz was a Catholic priest who was found with his throat slit in his Roman Catholic church in Dane, Wisconsin, after launching an investigation into Satanic pedophilia and child abuse within the clergy. A close friend of Malachi Martin, Father Kunz felt his life was in danger in the weeks before his murder — and he was right.

  75. part 3:
    Kunz’s friend, Abbot Ryan St. Anne Scott felt Kunz’s murder was related to Kunz’s investigation of sexual abuse scandals in the diocese, but investigators never arrested anybody for the crime, despite admitting they had a suspect who has been kept under “constant surveillance” since Father Kunz’s murder.

  76. ... and one more:

    Judy Note: Sun. 21 June was Summer Solstice and a major Satanic Holiday where children were tortured and sacrificed in the worship of Satan. Please be aware of any Satanic activities around you and report such to local authorities. Since Satanists were known to infiltrate police and other legal entities, also fill out the ICE form below, detailing your observance, including your report to police and how they handled it: https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form.

  77. Amazing! If everyone here does what you are doing AstralTraveler we will FAR exceed critical mass on June 30th!! I have also been recommending to my groups that we keep visualizing and feeling the power of Millions joining us in our daily meditation. We can create the result we desire IN ADVANCE!!

  78. We have to pay atention to the problem of female circumcision. Worldwide it has, estemated, 135 million victims. It knows three stages, by which the worst turned women into totally mutilated creatures. One of her books by Waris Dirie, Desert Flower, describes the whole procedure. As a young child they are treated by an old woman (midgaam), not sedated, with tools like a piece of glass, a usually old razor or scissors. This removes everything between her legs and she was sewn shut with a match in the wound that remains as the opening.

    A phrase from Desert Flower: "After the old bum sewed me up, the only opening that allowed urine and menstrual blood to flow out was a tiny hole the diameter of a matchstick. This brilliant strategy ensured that I could never have sex before I got married and guaranteed my husband to have a virgin. After the urine collected in my bloody wound and slowly - drip-drip - trickled down my legs and into the sand, I started to sob. Even when the Old Killer cut me to pieces, I hadn't cried once, but now the burning pain was so bad I couldn't bear it.’

    For example: "A friend of my father and his family always went with us. He was a moody old man and whenever I or my younger sister bothered him, he motioned us to leave as if he chased flies, and bullied us by saying, "Get out, you unsanitary little girls, dirty little girls. You haven't even been circumcised! ”He always spat the words out, as if the fact that we had not been circumcised made us so disgusting that he could hardly bear to look at us.’

    Then the daily suffering of urination and menstruation began, which takes a lot of time and hurts a lot. How it goes when the woman gives birth to a child is not told by Waris about herself. She had previously been fortunate to have been treated by a surgeon who helped her with a more suitable opening. She does not give a detailed description of a delivery.

  79. part two:

    The reason for this suffering is given as hygiene, with the threat that a woman will be left alone being dirty cause not circumcised. Many young girls die bled to death with all kinds of side effects such as fever and inflammations. This form of misogyny is spread all over the world.

    "The prevailing view in Somalia is that there are bad things between the legs of a girl, parts of our body that we were born with, but that are still unclean. These things need to be removed - the clitoris. the inner labia and most of the outer labia are cut, and then the wound is stitched up, leaving only a scar where our genitals were. But the actual details of the ritual circumcision remain a mystery. These are never explained to the girls. You only know that something special is going to happen to you when your time has come.’
    ‘With their genitals intact, they are considered unsuitable for marriage, unclean sluts who no man would ever mind choosing them as women.’

    ‘My mother had nothing to say about the circumcision, because she has no voice when making decisions. She was just doing to me what had been done to her, and what had been done to her mother and her mother's mother. And my father knew nothing of the suffering he inflicted on me. He only knew that if he wanted his daughter to get married in our Somali society, she had to be circumcised because otherwise no man wanted her.’

    "Women have been maimed in African cultures for over four thousand years. Many believe that the Quran (Koran) requires it, and use is therefore almost common in the Muslim countries. But neither the Quran (Koran) nor the Bible say anything about circumcising women to please God. The custom is simply maintained and imposed by men - ignorant selfish men - who want to secure their claim to their wife's sexual favors. They demand that their women be circumcised.

    ‘The degree of intervention varies per geographical location and per cultural use. The least drastic damage is done by cutting away the tip of the clitoris, so the girl will never be able to enjoy sex for the rest of her life. The most extreme form is infibulation, which is performed in 80% of women in Somalia. This was also the version I (Waris ed.) underwent. The immediate consequences of the infibulation may include shock, infection, damage to the urinary tract or anus, scar tissue formation, tetanus, cystitis, septicemia, HIV and hepatitis B. Long-term complications include chronic and recurring infections from the urinary tract and kidneys, which can lead to sterility, cysts and abscesses around the vulva, painful nerve growths, increasingly difficult urinary secretion, menstrual disturbances due to accumulation of menstrual blood in the abdomen, frigidity, depression, or death.’

    Waris was five years old when she was circumcised. The executive woman is called a midgaam. All quotes used here are from the book 'Desert Flower'.

    The three books of Waris Dirie that I read are:: Desert Flower (1998), the second Desert Dawn (2001) and ‘Schmerzenkinder’, (2005).

  80. Article: Donald Trump Drops Three Major Hints About New King Of England!


  81. Article: Biggest Coup In History Of The World In Progress Says Hidden King Of England


  82. @Starlight432 You are making lots of assumptions. I wasn't talking about unemployed people under welfare, and I'm certainly not talking about the US but the entire world including developing and third world countries. Now you are cherry-picking examples that suit your viewpoint and being intellectually dishonest, and since I don't wish to escalate this I won't be replying further.

  83. ** Join the Age of Aquarius Activation II meditation ONLINE! **
    Our own Meditations ON-THE-GO platform: http://teasy.space/meditation
    The WLMM YouTube Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISozp9eOBkM
    Or Joel's web portal: https://synchronized-meditation.com.pl/
    �� �� ��

  84. Can you do a call for a global prayer/meditation again for the GCR global currency reset to start? For Sunday, 7/12/20, and Monday and Tuesday. Please look at this page and see that we need this energy to be sent out worldwide immediately. https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2020/07/special-restored-republic-via-gcr_11.html