Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Peace Meditation

After the plandemic plan did not have the desired effect, the Dark Forces have stepped up their efforts to increase End Time madness.

The Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus are now polarizing political left and political right in the United States to engineer civil war. The protests which erupted last week have been deeply infiltrated and manipulated:

To de-escalate the situation, what is needed now is to hold the planet in the Light, as Kauilapele has said in his newly re-established blog:

Light Forces have asked as many people as possible to meditate every 4 hours for peace in the United States:

As we are approaching the Eris-Pluto square on June 14th, tensions and potential for violence will increase for the next two weeks in the United States and worldwide. Dark Forces might attempt to use this astrological configuration, and the newly starting new solar cycle to drastically escalate the situation in the USA and to try to engineer a war between China and India, Hong Kong or Taiwan, or any other major conflict:

According to Dragon and Resistance sources, the Cabal has a plan to flee from USA to China and hide there after the civil war in the USA, in a similar move to what happened with Nazis in Operation Paperclip after World War 2. Dragon sources are stating that this plan and the dark infiltration on the Chinese side is being dismantled right now by the positive Dragon elements and positive faction within the Chinese military.

Another Dragon source has communicated that if China tries to attack Taiwan, they will release ALL secret documentation about what the Chinese army is doing in Lop Nor, including the extraterrestrial and Secret Space Program aspect, through the mainstream Chinese media.

This Dragon source has also pointed to the following cryptic message:

The Light Forces are asking that as many people as possible meditate for the world peace at the exact moment of Eris Pluto square on June 14th:

On a more positive note, Space X has managed to get two astronauts to the International Space Station as the first public human spaceflight from American soil in the last nine years, which has long lasting positive consequences of breaking the Veil and will contribute to breaking the quarantine status of planet Earth, as a new cycle of space human spaceflight has begun:

Elon Musk is in essence a positive being who has been subjected to Illuminati trauma based programming and now wants to break free, as you can see in his sometimes unusual tweets.

Victory of the Light!


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    1. For anyone that considers himself a lightworker and is passing his days bored and waiting for the change/event to come , there are people like me that are suffering all day attacks from whatever forces of darkness.

      Most of my life I've been under some sort of attack but It has gotten much worse in the past 4 years with constant attack day in day out. Things got even worse past 2 years , where I have to sleep at least 12 hours a day .

      At least 5 days a week I get to have almost all day head aches and body pains, the kind where it hurts to think and to move.

      Especially after the May activation things got twice as bad. The days of activation I had to sleep 2 days in row only waking up to eat. Now things are even worse where I can stay only 10 hours awake.

      The reason why I'm writing this here is not to ask for pity, but to serve as a wake up for those that are complaining.

      When I was better I used to participate in all daily meditations, but now I can take part only in the Sunday one.
      On the weekends as the world relaxes/feels more positive and the sunday meditation gets closer, the dark forces loose their grip upon the quantum field of earth and the light forces do their job more easily. Usually on weekends I feel much better and this reminds me of how much we can change the world through the power of meditation.

      To my understanding everyone agreed to do something upon coming on Earth , but among us are lightworkers that aren't doing the bare minimum. There are thousands of people visiting this blog daily and we can't even reach the critical mass on the sunday meditation.

      For all of those that are complaining, YOU SUCK BIG TIME!
      Every moment that passes, there are people like me that suffer and who knows how many more little kids are suffering hell on earth. You could use your power to do good , but instead you show your weak side and give up to whatever etheric weapon/implant is used. Do your meditation !!!

      For all of those who are working hard , I wish you the best there is around.

      As for me, if this goes for 6 more months on this level, I'm going to wither like a plant with no sun and water left in a corner.

    2. It sounds like you need some kind of protection around your Aura. If you're not able to thought project it strongly yourself (it requires energy to do so) maybe seek out someone who can visualize one around you regularly, for you. Putting up the same kind of thought projection barrier inside your living space will help, too. I hope you find the relief that you deserve.

    3. >Pol
      I got hammered rather badly myself around the time of the January 11th/12th meditation. I haven't recovered from the damage so I have decided it isn't worth the trouble trying again as I can't afford another hammering that might destroy my ability to exist in this money matrix.

      I have gone back to just posting information that I feel is not too doom and gloom. I realize I am one of the few left-brain leaning science types around here who's not at the level of a skeptical debunker but can analyze stuff so I offer what I see as insights and opinion pieces from a perspective of a laymen might view on this sort of 'fringe' stuff.

      Stellardrone - Eternity:

      Hope this gives you strength:
      [NSFW]Mermaid Goddess Atargatis

    4. Did you try Qigong? I was guided to do it. I'm much prone to heavy weight workouts but during meditation I was told to try Qigong. The feeling you get is nothing like anything. It had made me easy to do my meditation. I feel the energy balance within me. Give it a try if you resonate with it.

    5. Each mass meditation I took part in, when I COULD get into a meditative state, which is VERY hard for me, due to the spasms I often have when trying......I feel SOOOOOOOO worn out and beaten up within a day of it.

      And it takes me DAYS to recover, it not more. THIS is one of many reasons I am so FRUSTRATED that this seems to be taking forever....drip.....drip.....drip....I mean, seriously what am I going to get out of all of this?

      @Spec Ops.
      Same here.

    6. @iiihhh Man I do a lot of protection protocols , but those are for thoughts and things of that level, not weapons.

      @Spec Ops For me it is non stop. I got somewhat used to it before the May portal, but then things got very bad. Ahahahah both the song and the pic are epic.

      @Sasanka I will give it a try when I feel a little better. I've tried it before.

  2. wouldn't a meditation on removing the Draco ships be better? Also how is elon musk kinda good? Aren't all humans under the same boat as to wanting freedom from the cabal? Will there be any updates on the last layer clean up coming forward?

    1. The good news is things are on the ground not working in Johnathon Soros' favor, not just the esoteric realm.

      Various articles from Too many so I screencapped using Firefox's 'Take a Screenshot' right-click function and hosted it on my Discord server.

      " Lock down FAIL. Gun grab FAIL. The only thing lost was leftist credibility, even garden Amoebas, from this, learned what the Left is all about. " - JS

      Here he again repeats his warning of a possible third operation by the Dark Forces after the virus and race card psy-ops failed.


    2. I say snuff the dracos out.

  3. Cobra: “After the plandemic plan did not have the desired effect, the Dark Forces have stepped up their efforts to increase End Time madness…”
    In the "COVID-19 – riots" link, Dark Forces actively use two important links – social networks and digitalization in their NWO agenda.
    The Dark Forces manipulate not a single country, but the entire world, our entire neural civilization. For the DFs, the people are not atoms, but neurons, with their nuclei, dendrites, and axons, connected by modern technology in neural networks. Using multi-level systems, the DFs combined natural neural networks with artificial ones, creating hyper networks that transmit control signals.
    The DFs turned our civilization into a dummy. The air of a culture that was once common to humanity and individual countries has been successfully drained from it. The air of a culture that people and their communities once breathed - scientific, artistic, literary, religious, and so on. The air of a culture through which thoughts, ideas, concepts of truth and beauty were transmitted. Not so long ago, people were not neurons, they were not atoms - they were people. But today, the culture is pumped out by the DFs, processed, packaged and monetized with high efficiency. The new reality, in which human neurons are connected to computers in a single network, is being built into global hyper structures that need to transmit signals as quickly as possible, at the speed of light, without wasting time and energy on the resistance of a dense cultural space.
    All the true information about the "behavioral economy" the DFs carefully hide with the help of the largest digital companies controlled by them, which this model brings in tens of billions of dollars annually. It is no accident that the capitalization of some of them is comparable to entire sectors of the economy, such as energy.
    The Dark Forces develop behavioral products using artificial intelligence from personal and additional data in "data processing factories" located in the "clouds". In appearance, the company is a modest search engine that produces several results based on the user's query. And it remembers everything about it: of course, for improving the quality of services, the search system. However, while in the "pharmacy " part of the druggist lazily searches the shelves for the necessary “drug” for the client, in the underground part the DFs are already taking full advantage of the whole background of this client – to find some of his weakness, wake up his inner demons, and get him hooked on something -anything – so that he never leaves this “pharmacy" again.
    Thus, the most valuable resource for the DFs’ digital platforms is the "behavioral profile" received from users of search engines or social networks. What does the search say about the pizza recipe is storing all queries of a particular person, data about the manner of making a request, if corrected it, how well and quickly he formulates a query, how long has been on the site, which went ahead, where physically located, what websites he likes to visit, what time of day, how long and so on? The Dark Forces know how much one can learn about people not from the data itself, but from metadata, that is, indirect information, even from the history of roams the Internet.(To be continued)

  4. "Behavioral profile" for the Dark Forces is also a user’s picture: its color, image type, composition, data read from the face, demographics, expression, emotion, and so on. Then the DF's piggy bank is filled with the metadata read from the selfie, down to the style and visual texture. It analyzes the tone, brightness, saturation of images, and other features that automatically create a psychological portrait of an amateur photographer. The activity of people in social networks allows the DFs to successfully create a five-factor model of their personality, on the basis of which jne can establish a lot about a person, from sexual orientation to a tendency to neurosis, from extroversion to suggestibility. Based on these models, the DFs can determine "life satisfaction" or offer the service "impeach your President (Governor, Mayor)". Behavioral micro targeting is not based on demographics, but on processing digital user’s profiles.
    The Dark Forces have accumulated vast experience in emotional contagion and social engineering. The DFs actively use the Facial Action Coding System. By reading micro-movements of the facial muscles, as well as the head, eyes, tongue, and so on, FACS recognizes six basic emotions (anger, fear, sadness, joy, disgust, and surprise) and other emotional shades in a wide range. The FACS model has become for emotion recognition what the five-factor OCEAN model is for building a model of human personality.
    How does the predictive engine work? The DFs built it on an artificial intelligence platform that provides the most accurate behavioral product at the output. Trillions of data points are sent to the system's inputs every day. This is not only data about the location, details of the Wi-Fi network and devices connected to it, but also data from video, audio, analysis of friendships and contacts, similarities and differences with friends, and so on. These data points train thousands of models involved in making predictions in real time, and it produces millions of predictions every second.
    One of the many services that engine provides is loyalty prediction. Here, the DFs analyze an individual's "behavioral profile" in order to make a conclusion about whether he or she may be at risk in the future – near or distant. The DFs do not delay, begin to besiege this person with messages in order to ensure his loyalty in the future. Thus, the product combines prediction with intervention in human behavior and its modification, and provides the DFs with a guaranteed result, changing the future.
    To solve the widest possible range of tasks, the DFs need absolutely all the data that can be obtained - not only information about a person's online behavior, but also data about them after they leave the Internet. Therefore, biometrics, GEODATA, data from medical sensors and health applications, face recognition, emotions and motivations are of great importance for the DFs. It is imperative to get access to a person's skin, blood, and brain. For this, the DFs use "liquid microchips" consisting of "quantum dots" as an injection of a colloidal solution with nanosensors into the blood, after which they are introduced into the organs. This way the DFs can scan the parameters of human body activity. .(To be continued)

    1. The Dark Forces got the masses to build their own prison, in the belief that because action carries the greatest cause and effect, they will escape most of the cause and effect since they only offered a choice.

      Although this choice was offered under a veil of deception, chemical additives in the water and engineered ignorance through the useless state education that shut down the extra sensory perception and ability to think.


  5. Access to the global web, which provides a 5G network within the Internet of Things, helps the Dark Forces to create a "blockchain of human bodies" and manage behavior 24/7. The amount of data about a person increases by orders of magnitude, which allows the DFs to dramatically increase the accuracy of predictions – and the ability to "push", "herd" and "conditioning". The DFs are planning to launch in 2021 "neuralink" - an interface between a person and a computer that will be implanted through holes drilled in the skull, directly into the brain. This will further increase the amount of behavior data that can not only flow directly from the brain to the “cloud”, but also, conversely, from the “cloud” directly to the brain, realizing Dark Forces' dream to directly control the human impulses and urge before they have time to form into an emotion or thought.
    From manipulating the behavior of individuals, the Dark Forces since the early 2010s have moved to social engineering, knocking people into groups and developing swarm behavior in them. This allows the DFs, if the behavior of one of the group members does not match the forecasts, to direct other members of the group to correct the behavior of the lost sheep.
    Managing people and creating swarms is a much more complex product than just predicting. The Internet of Things dramatically expands the amount of data collected to manage the behavior of the masses. The IoT is riddled with hundreds of billions of sensors, microchips that record and transmit audio, video, and other information. They can already be embedded everywhere, for example, in walls, in household appliances, sewn as special threads in clothing. But sensors are not only "eyes and ears" — they also serve as actuators that start the machine in action.
    Microchips created by the DFs that scan people's emotions allow a robot or artificial intelligence to experience 64 trillion possible emotional states. Even today, such chips measure the "emotional pulse" of a person in real time and transmit it to the "cloud" to develop a "management product" with a "guarantee of results".
    In order to collect as much data as possible, the DFs need increasingly sophisticated networks that are built on machine learning principles and create successful management products. But a truly successful management product requires even more data flows, the IoT and 5G towers. A vicious circle that leads to a new organization of society - the NWO. (To be continued)

    1. >Lev
      This explains a lot of where the masses are at. I recommend Thomas Sheridan's videos made during the past 2 months during this Plandemic. They have been trained to only listen to propped up cardboard cutouts on TV like Doom Goblin Greta Thunberg as the authority on 'facts'.


    2. Thanks Lev for this information - after reading the updates, I always scroll down to see what you have added in the comments. This additional intel is awesome!

    3. Asi es lo que
      hacemos la mayoria.

  6. The New World Order is based on swarming principles. Data sets allow the Dark Forces to use the most sophisticated methods of social engineering, creating not only individuals, but also swarm communities, where the behavior of the masses of people is almost completely controlled, both online and offline.
    In February 2020 statistics already recorded the equality of time that people spend on the Internet and in apps with the time spent offline. Last summer, people spent half as much time on the Internet, but COVID-19 and the quarantine served as a catalyst for new behaviors. This is an era when people spend most of their lives online, including the most important part of their work. Man ceases to be a criterion of truth and falsehood, ceases to be a subject.
    The worst thing for the Dark Forces is if people in the mass realize that they are watched and controlled – because even the behavior of Galapagos turtles changes when they see that they are being watched.
    The decision the DFs see in creation of a global political system of controlled "end of history": to ensure the preservation of social and political engineering secrets, to manage people from birth to death ("no man - no problem"), to maintain the population optimal for the 3D Matrix work, to ensure political and social stability (while economic stability is desirable, but not a priority).
    An important task for the Dark Forces is to constantly screen people for sedition. The DFs’ system identifies dissidents – the expression "COVID-dissident" has already appeared – by analyzing all available content, but it is certainly best to get into their brains. By taking control of the brains of all mankind, the entire 3D Matrix, according to the DFs, can become much more stable.
    The "coronavirus war" is designed to cut all the Gordian knots that cannot be unraveled in peacetime. The Dark Forces launched a new project — instrumentalism, which uses digitalization to achieve a fundamentally new model of social division and social dominance. Through instrumentalism, the features of totalitarianism emerge, the mechanism for developing the "social unanimity" that is so necessary today for the DFs to impose their New World Order agenda.

    1. From the very beginning, the riots, like COVID-19, are carefully planned operations of the Dark Forces. CV-19 helped accumulate the necessary for the DFs fuel of social discontent due to enterprises closure, mass layoffs, isolation of people under the pretext of a pandemic. And as the strongest catalyst of despair and hopelessness, CV-19 continues its destructive work. It is designed for this purpose.
      COVID-19 is not an ordinary virus. It’s a nano bio-robot created by Chimera with built-in programs that explain the speed and scale of the epidemic, its high selectivity and lethality. CV-19 on its own automatically analyzes the composition of a persons’ blood, the frequency radiated by human organism, and based on them launches programs embedded in it. Which ones?
      Program for analyzing the presence of chronic diseases in a person, his age, racial and haplogroup;
      Program for scanning low-frequency biological characteristics of a person that influence to his/her level of moral (energy) consciousness;
      Program for connecting the virus to cell receptors and how to reproduce itself;
      A program for destruction of selected, most vulnerable organs - blood cells, blood vessels, lungs, kidney, liver, and so on.
      Chimera created CV-19 as the most perfect coronavirus known to modern science in terms of the number of genes – 230. This explains the presence of several different programs in its genetics and the destructive effect on human organisms.
      The presence of receptors in blood cells, blood vessels, lungs, and other body tissues allows CV-19 to attach to any cells of internal organs. The program for connecting CV-19 to the receptors of human cells decodes the substances’ frequencies recognized by the receptors (molecules of proteins, peptides, certain hormones, and other substances), thereby deceiving the cell and inserting its RNA molecules into it. CV-19 itself does not have a reproduction mechanism, but the human cell, taking its RNA molecules for its own, begins to perform their replication - copying and reproduction, which allows the virus to reproduce.
      The CV-19 programs track off-season changes and self-block virus activity in the warm season, triggering its hibernation. But the virus activity begins to attack in sub-zero and low positive weather temperatures. With this in mind, Dark Forces programmed the CV-19 for re-launch at the end of November 2020.
      As in the first wave, Chimera’s CV-19 targets will primarily be people of all ages who have chronic severe diseases, as well as all those who have low-frequency biological characteristics and negative emotions, actions and habits. Outside the risk group are children, and all high-frequency and morally spiritual people. CV-19 is ineffective against high-frequency positive vibrations. To destroy this Chimera’s nano bio-weapon will help the new 5D energy grid and the growing power of cosmic radiation, which is controlled and redirected to Earth by the Light Forces.
      But people can and should help themselves by resisting aggression and fear. Immunity directly depends on the psyche. In a state of fear, panic, longing, despair, the immune system is zeroing. A kind of psychogenic AIDS. Politicians wittingly and unwittingly become psychobiological terrorists. By creating panic, they cause an immunity mass loss, resulting in an increase of infectious diseases, hatred, crime, and mass riots in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Louisville, New Orleans, New York, Boston, Detroit, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dallas, Houston, Portland, Richmond, Phoenix, and Washington. The spark could have been anything.
      All that work only for the Dark Forces and Chimera. Their CV-19 is fuelled only with hatred and animosity. It helpless against love and large-heartedness.

    2. Здравствуйте, пожалуйста, расскажите о роли иезуитов и их роли в большой игре?

    3. Thank you again. Please, continue.

    4. >Lev
      I have wondered if the Galapagos tortoises can live long lives because they do everything slowly. For them 75 years old is middle-aged. Most things we do today are done in a rush.

    5. @Lev

      That is why, when I contracted the Corona Virus last April. I was consumed by Negativity, it was the thought of dying that was always runs to my mind. It's like the Wetiko virus according to Native americans.

      I conqured it using "Command RCV Stardust" Protocol, Consuming high vibrational foods and raising my Vibration specially.

      It was a special experience, because of that I become more awoke since then ane unlocked new skills.

    6. >Lev
      About the CoVid-19 sophistication in your reply to your own comment, they have done it before. Its called HIV. The same Cabal that claims to care about the blacks very likely created HIV to depopulate Africa.

      Just like CoVID 19 was blamed on China's preference for exotic animals, the HIV and other viruses was sometimes blamed on the people of Africa's taste for 'bushmeat' that included chimpanzee.

    7. "Outside the risk group are children, and all high-frequency and morally spiritual people. "

      If it's like the quote above, what's the point in eliminating these people for DF?

      After all, they are the most useful to them, if they are eliminated, only DF will lose?

      A more rational solution would be to construct something working on LF?

      If you can't do it with LF, why do it at all?

    8. Lev, first of all thanks for your comments,I really like them and think they,re monumental.
      One Question though, do you know why the lf didn,t see this coming if this was planned long time before. e.g.éà&é summer olympics show where the pandemic played out.

    9. @Lev
      relative to the COVID 19 action to mimic the necessary amino acid -protein chains for reproduction- is similar to how glyphosate enjoins the body to accept its properties as human biome and thereby holds the immune system from attacking it. But because it is not a human cell it causes disruption in the Krebs cycle and digestive capability.
      Sneaky little buggers they are and probable pre-cursor for the robotic nano invasion.
      Our body chalices are being assaulted on so many levels it wears down with the least of negative attitudes.

      Therefore it is incumbent on us to maintain harmony with self correcting thoughts, speech, and action. It's called restraint;
      the great Pause.
      That resets the moment into peace and Light and is quite powerful each time one performs the Pause. And that also cuts the Gordian knot of neural networks caused by old attitudes, which is why many can't or refuse to change. They are hard-wired in old thinking.
      It takes practice. Like learning to ride a bicycle, it gets easier each time one gets on. then it becomes 'common thought' to where one doesn't even need to drive the thought as it has its own neural network -as in automatic.

      Purity in self is a result of the cleansing effect of Self correction. It takes only a nano second to do it, but an infinite Strength of Will and awareness to enact.

    10. Now, however, I have to complete what has been written because this is only part of the truth.
      There is no important point here about the purposefulness of all these activities. It is obvious that statements such as depopulation, power, control and money are not a sufficient justification for the occurring events.

      And here it is just beginning to be interesting.
      Well, there are no idiots sitting there, they better than we realize that solar flares are cyclical and unavoidable, they know better than we do that such an event will happen soon. So why are they bothering, devoting their time to creating such a system, since they realize that it will be at least in large part destroyed? Absurd.

      I explain.
      They know a lot more about the possibilities of people than the people themselves and hence the whole commotion.
      Well, we are REALITY PROJECTORS !!!
      What exactly is it about?
      For the most part, the world is not so dense that you can create something known to us as MATTER. In most cases, such a material world simply falls apart. We, however, have the ability to MATERIALIZE REALITY !!

      To understand this correctly, I must give an example of some physical action.
      Imagine a researcher, the first man to construct a microscope and SEE INCREDIBLE. This man, of course, was convinced that he went deeper into the structure of matter and received the image in the microscope as a thing. Quite common thinking, everyone would think so.


      It means that every next person will see THIS SAME THROUGH THROUGH A MICROSCOPE !!!

      It is obvious that the whole world surrounding us was created in this way!

      Here, however, we enter into the matter of energy, everything needs energy, especially to CHANGE MANIFESTACIA. This is due to the fact that MORE OF THE PROJECTORS (PEOPLE) HAVE TAKEN THE STATUS (IMAGE) AS A FACT AND STILL DESIGN IT THINKING THAT IT IS ALTERNATIVE !!!!
      Just as our first observer using the microscope thought.

      After this boring, but very explanatory introduction, it will be easier for you to understand WHAT THE GAME IS GOING ON.


    11. And that's what they mean, they basically want to use us as tools so that their reality can MANIFEST. However, in order for it to MANIFEST, all projectors MUST BE CONTROLLED AND CONTROLLED AND SYNCHRONIZED to make reality be COHERENT.

      When they reach their goal and connect enough PROJECTORS to their network they will be able to do "EVERYTHING".

      So, for example, they will treat artificial people to heaven, artificial hell, artificial impressions and feelings. It seems fantastic to you, but there are books and movies that have already shown it clearly. For example, Stanisław Lem's SOLARIS. There the planet performed a similar function. Of the film examples, this is the American film "A.I." (Artificial Intelligence) I recommend for those who can not imagine it.

      Anyway, this is their main goal. The logical conclusion of all this is, of course, the conclusion that they cannot do it alone, and in addition there is the conclusion that there are few beings like people who can do it ...

      We are now living in a so-called world-split period. It seems, therefore, that some people will give up and go into artificial reality, they will be born and die there, another part will decide to get out of the illusion of PROJECTION OF REALITY. Of course, do not count on the fact that the world that surrounds us is "REAL", it is our projection combined with others but modified, hybridized in history, etc.

      The final modification of people in terms of control was "INSTALLING US BRAIN" Here I will not explain and write down, just give the source who read will know what happened Don Juan Carlos Castaneda.

      So much for today because my fingers hurt already :-)

  7. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  8. Just WIPE OUT the dark forces.

    I won't weep their destruction.

  9. Infelizmente as forças das trevas continuam vencendo e se as forças da luz não intervirem enquanto há tempo, a agenda negativa do apocalipse e da terceira guerra irão ocorrer. Coitado dos humanos !

  10. Well, if people could stop getting involved in the drama things would be much better, but here we are and we will continue to do our best until the moment of the event arrives.

    As always, Victory of the Light!

    1. Easy for those to say who are not actually in a drama..🙄😎

    2. It's always a choice to be or not to be involved.
      But yes, it has happened to me in youth, so it is so easy to know where the drama begins and not get involved.

      But don't worry, one day all this end and we can live in peace here or in another planet.

      As always, Victory of the Light!

    3. @Dede
      However, it will ONLY mean something, to ME, if it happens while I am both ALIVE and YOUNG enough to enjoy it.

      That goes DOUBLE with the fact that I, after this life, will NEVER, EVER reincarnate again.

      That 'one day' you mentioned needs to happen in MY lifetime for it to mean anything to me.

  11. Cant it all just get along 🤣😅

    🔥🎹 [ https://fb.com/the1g/videos/10103045197008213 ]

    ▪▪▪Latest Piano Transmission for these times《to inspire Peace, Strength and Authenticity》in our meditations.

    ☆ VotL! ☆

  12. Elon mask on Twitter "take the red pill" maybe his awake moment?

  13. "Sirius"ly Cobra, sometimes I feel like you and the Dragon family are watching over me🥰 It's like you have a way of knowing what I'm doing. Today I have been looking at Lotus paintings I really love them, they remind me of my own struggle to "grow" in muddy waters (in difficult circumstances). What a beautiful coincidence again!🐉

    Thank you for the update.👄✨💜🛸

  14. CoBra, does Elon Musk read this blog or the comment section?

    1. No. His demon wife, Grimes won't let him.

    2. He might not reas it but the bad guys do.

      Unfortunately most likely the bad guys will put more preasure on elon musk... theisual part of the game
      They dont want someone to be loosen up from their grip...

    3. R.T. I suggest you listen to this Grimes song: https://youtu.be/VWOy7MTh6a0 and re-evaluate whether or not you consider her a "demon"

  15. Sorry but, a moving mouse was found on the flying SpaceX’s engine firing . So, I thought that its launch was a fake pictured in a studio on the surface. It was fake, wasn’t it?

  16. As the Marathon reaches it's final strecht, guess what? We still feel strong and healthy in the Light and we'll keep on doing what we have done all this time: praying and meditating and grounding the Light! Victory of Love!

  17. Thank you all for your support and inspiration!

  18. I can see the desperation and the laziness of the entities trying to incite civil unrest. Obviously fake videos of fake situations between white and black actors, and lots and lots of fake comments on them even saying things like "This is real ya'll!!" Could they be more obvious???? I hope more people wake up to the trickery.

    I've always felt that Elon Musk at his core is a light worker. His odd behavior reminds me of other famous people who have seemed to be trying to break some kind of programming (MK-Ultra?) such as Amanda Bynes and Shia LaBeouf. Maybe even Brittany Spears. Considering that it takes a shattered soul to inject the programming, it's no wonder they act so erratic or "weird" when they are fighting it.

    I look forward to the meditations. I'm trying my best to keep things positive here when I feel the tension of happenings deep in my soul.

    1. This would be one of those times to not pay attention to digital media as the Light Forces would say. Some of the videos of riots and gunfire sound like straight from the violent gangster video game Grand Theft Auto.

    2. Agreed. I tried to inject positive, constructive messaging into the situation online, but the mainstream places like Youtube and Reddit are heavily infiltrated with pot-stirrers and essentially my voice has been censored.

  19. Recently I got a proof for the Intel that Yidalbaoff / YALDABAOTH at present is in the role of the God of the Official religions. This non-human being during centuries had been rise on the energies of our worship and prayers. He is better known as THE FATHER OF ARCHONS.
    And liable for blocking of our spiritual growth.
    So we should revise to whom we are worship.
    Are them friendly to us – like working teams of our ascended ancestors or not.
    Somebody can ask about Jesus. At present active is Jesus the 6th, carrier person from Alpha Centaurus. There life starts just only from etheric plane, not physical. And people are not using religion, although there is cosmic night (Kali yuga). By luck, not deep, like a cosmic dawn.
    In addition I can tell that many people and angels of many people remember Jesus the 2nd, who was active within epoch between 11th century and December of 2012. Joyful person with the warm hearth.
    That epoch ended with WW3, when all life had died within 1 month.
    Similar tragedy had happened in May of 2018.
    Both times the guilty persons were Negative Military.
    Both from Russia and America.
    Both times the situation had been rewind like it was been before the war.
    Because it was easier.
    And both times angels of those Negative Military had been removed and key spiritual persons like Jesus had shifted. Even angels of many people were shifted too during such changes, because their evolution on Earth had came to the end; people under different guidance had changed too.
    Only one – Keepers of the Chronicles of Akashi are very, very unwillingly giving out Intel about those events. For not to cause unnecessary stress.
    Actually Planet Earth for a while is a SCHOOL-DESK for different cosmic civilizations, represented on surface as the different countries.

    1. >Maria108
      Quit all mainstream religions, follow your own path and connect with the Natural World. Block any dips**t who says 'you need God' or similar evangelism as a reply to any of your comments.

      Same goes for any numbskull who preaches to 'get on your knees and beg to God for forgiveness'. Tell that person to go F himself with that Abrahamic cancer and go down to get 'enlightened' by a child molester priest by himself.

      All this external savior crap should have ended by the time we entered the 21st century. You do that, you starve the beast.

      I would suggest the comments on social media are now turning against those who attempt to evangelize which is a good sample indicator of the real reason why the Yaldaboath beast is being starved.

  20. Thank you Cobra and Resistance movement.
    As you always said, information = Light.

    We will always hold the Light, the conciousness till the final break through!

  21. Skyfall
    song by Adelle

    This is the end
    Hold your breath and count to ten
    Feel the earth move and then
    Hear my heart burst again

    For this is the end
    I've drowned and dreamt this moment
    So overdue I owe them
    Swept away, I'm stolen

    Let the sky fall
    When it crumbles
    We will stand tall
    Face it all together
    Let the sky fall
    When it crumbles
    We will stand tall
    Face it all together
    At skyfall
    At skyfall

    Skyfall is where we start
    A thousand miles and poles apart
    Where worlds collide and days are dark
    You may have my number, you can take my name
    But you'll never have my heart

    Let the sky fall
    When it crumbles
    We will stand tall
    Face it all together

    Let the sky fall
    When it crumbles
    We will stand tall
    Face it all together
    At skyfall

    Where you go I go
    What you see I see
    I know I'd never be me
    Without the security
    Of your loving arms
    Keeping me from harm
    Put your hand in my hand
    And we'll stand

    Let the sky fall
    When it crumbles
    We will stand tall
    Face it all together
    Let the sky fall

    When it crumbles
    We will stand tall
    Face it all together
    At skyfall

    Let the sky fall
    We will stand tall
    At skyfall

    1. This is beautiful! Sky fall sounds like lifting the veil.

  22. Thank you :)

  23. We are clearly moving towards something of a climax. Thank you for keeping us informed and steady, Cobra. The regular meditations are clearly important in the necessary stage of bringing balance and harmony to outweigh the deliberate use of chaos.
    The information about Musk is interesting.
    Victory to the Light

  24. What quarantine is being referred to?

    Earth isn't under quarantine anymore though...

    So not sure what you mean

    1. Legal nu ai aprobare să părăseşti planeta chiar dacă ai racheta ta !

      Asta este CARANTINA.

  25. Acknowledged.
    Thank you ever so much Cobra.
    And, thank you for Kaulipele's new link. I haven't spoken to Brad in a very long time.
    Lean into the planned dissolution of the olde, no fear.
    Let's co-create something wonderful, as Nature does with every cycle.
    She doesn't mourn the leaves turning and falling away; she celebrates the fertile 'duff' they make that brings new life.
    Dark to Light
    hang tight
    it's quite a ride coming up.

  26. Thanks for the Update. Lets bring the light in!

  27. Give thanks brother Cobra!!! One Love to you sir. Victory of the Light.


  28. "Give Life Back to Music" - Daft Punk

    from the album



  29. Но опять же человек должен быть предсказуем для них правда же? И то что не может просчитать их система это количество любви в сердце... ☺️THANKING LION💚🦋💖🙏🌈

  30. I am confident that this polarization plan, just like the plandemic, will be defeated. Victory of the Light!

  31. I'm in.

    The situation with Elon Musk seems to be a little complicated.

    I have a feeling that the dark forces will try to create a lot of chaos all year long.

    Victory of the Light.

    1. I feel the same. I think they will all try until the end of the year. They will not succeed. I now see the importance that we starseed have that the planet is in the best possible transition to the event. I think December 21 will be so strong that there will be so much light in the eteric, astral plasma planes. And also in the Quantum plane that it will no longer be able to organize negative events on a global scale. It will directly prevent it. Until then we must all hold the light. This period is critical and we are about to win it.🙏🏽💪🏽


    2. @Galactiquewarrior17

      The dark forces are now creating as much chaos as possible and keeping people in fear.

      Yes. Yes, the endgame plans.

      Let's keep the light together.

      I'm grateful to have found this blog.

      Victory of the Light Brother.

    3. I will keep the light with you!!!
      stay strong, and protect
      yourself from attacks brother 💪🏽☝🏽. We will be victorious and it will be personally one of the happiest days of my life.
      Translated by Google.

    4. Well said.

      See you at the next mass meditation!

      Until then, stay fresh and healthy.

    5. Thank you. Same to you. See you in the next two meditations.☝🏽

      We're going to make it. I can already feel the energy from the next meditation. Let's stay mentally strong. We can neutralize them with this double meditation. Keep your head high.No matter what happens. No matter what the situation, our determination will pay off.

      Keep the light on until the end. We're going to make it, brother.

    6. Every day I hold the light as best I can.

      Sometimes I'm tired or have bad days, but hey I'm only human.

      Your light and your steadfastness impress me. Respect.

      I have my own way of holding the light.

      And you? How do you do it?

    7. Hey hey, thanks. I keep the light by the state of being and by the co-meditations. And yes, I too have my days when it is very difficult to keep the light. but by dint of falling, I get up faster. I will fight until the end. Whatever happens I come back and always stronger. Do not despise yourself when you sink is normal. They want you to stay in the shadows and not forgive yourself, so as not to move forward. Pay attention to you this week I already had a dose of pschysich attack. Your light is an example for me. Stay strong no matter what happens we are 6 days from the target. Thank you lightworker GER, it is a pleasure to speak with you. May the light protect you my friend.

    8. @Galactiquewarrior17

      It's my pleasure, too!

  32. For the German speaking community:


  33. Also, as mentioned in a previous post from the Cobra blog, the two breathing techniques in this video are beneficial, starting at this time stamp:


    1. Also, I haven't called to get learn the cobra breathing technique, but this is hopefully the technique:


  34. "We will bring the Light in, we don´t need to fight with them. We just bring the Light and the Light will do whtatever needs to be done." Cobra

    Absolutely love that! Thank you Cobra!

    Victory of the Light!

    Sieg dem Licht!

  35. "plandemic", every censor bot hate you for saying that ;)!

  36. Com certeza faremos parte. Eu e minha familia. Vitoria da luz.


  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Who can save China?

  40. If these global mass meditations are so potent and valuable in their impact of the world situation, then... Why are they not being conducted more regularly, like on a monthly basis? Compound interest accrued, positive reinforcement feedback loop created, etc. It seems like organizing one on an occasional basis isn't good enough to combat the dark forces more frequent attempts to derail the public mood with their psyop events. A Virtuous circle vortex needs multiple stirs to get it spinning in the desired direction, surely.

    People tend to set their intentions on the first day of the month (even normies), and the new moon for the more esoterically inclined and initiated; so I would have thought that either one of those two dates, or maybe on the full moon, would be obvious candidates. 1st Day of the Month @ Midday or 3:00pm UTC / GMT, every month. Anyone can remember that, and it would be something to regularly look forward to (instead of complaining about why the last one didn't decisvely solve the problems we face, once and for all).

    1. With the global meditations it is like with chocolat.. too much at the wrong time is no good

    2. "If these global mass meditations are so potent and valuable in their impact of the world situation, then... Why are they not being conducted more regularly, like on a monthly basis?"

      They are calls for the meditations on a weekly basis as shown on the blog on the right side bar

  41. The climax is the solar flash, right?
    Everything is 'pumped back' to the '0 point'
    Everything is building up to the 'harvest'


  42. Very beautiful and powerful meditation.

    I just finished it and will be probably be joining again in another 4 hours if I am free.

    I highly recommend people to join, the energies were incredible and the joy and peace I felt brought tears to my eyes.

    Goddess wants peace and peace there shall be.

    I just noticed the synchronicity between the divine feminine pink light and my profile picture. Amazing! No wonder I was guided to choose it by my higher self, it represents the goddess along with peace, love and healing.

    Victory of the light!!!


    In humble service, Love & Light,

  43. Death Eaters and Black Magic
    Harry Potter: Connection Death Eaters ― black magic

    TV crime thriller ― eating death ― for what?
    Staring at violence in news - eating death - what for?
    Lightworker ― looking at negative things ― advantage for dark ones?

    Not acting by violence, but by meditation!

  44. Does the cure for covid-19 already exist? Andreas Kalcker interviewed about chlorine dioxide as a lifesaving therapy for humanity

  45. Nichiren is a murder cult.
    The drug trafficking route in Asia is the one that believes in Nichiren.
    You are Arcone.

  46. We DO have a weekly Meditation every Sunday as you can see on the countdown clock on the right.

    There are also several other regular active meditations. Just visit


  47. 7 or so craft where shown live on FB recently outside of a town in Idaho called Pocatello. It lasted for a long time. The craft would phase shift in and out of sight. Clearly showing their cloaking abilities. I assume positive as they remained in a formation and people were excited based on comments.
    Ok, 1M meditated on 4/4 we all expected dramatic LF intervention and visible dominos to fall that we as the awakened could leverage to help awaken more of our family and friends. I am positive but 2 months have lasted and I have to admit I am a bit disappointed but I know there is a plan and to trust it. Victory of Light!

  48. Thank you Cobra, can you eliminate 70% of organic portals, would be a great help. thank you very much.

  49. And Cobra..please update!!!

    Bring us ALL the EVENT right now!

  50. THANK YOU Cobra and Light Forces for the Official Announcement! Now WE (Starseeds, Light Warriors and Light Workers) can make it happen!! We are Powerful Creators and there are absolutely no limits to what we are capable of creating. Astrologically, we are also in a magical "Manifesting 30 Day Window of Time" which means our manifesting power is greatly amplified!

    The stakes are even higher now than they were a few months ago and with the potentially explosive energy that will be coming into the planet the next 30 days, it seems imperative that we exponentially increase the participation in these Mass Meditations and create a Mandala of Light that is so Large and so Powerful that it will wipe out any further attempts by the dark forces to create havoc and destruction.

    That is why I just finished writing an invitational letter Calling for FIVE MILLION DESTINY MAKERS around the globe to join us on June 14th to Restore Peace On Our Planet.

    I was also strongly guided to ask that the same Five Million come together again on June 21st for the "Ultimate Freedom Meditation" on the Solar Eclipse to Accelerate our complete Freedom From the Matrix of oppression and control and seal humanity's DESTINY to Ascend and permanently anchor the 5D Earth Grid.

    <<<<< LET'S MAKE THIS INVITATION V-I-R-A-L A.S.A.P.! >>>>>

    The Matrix is allergic to Goddess Energy and Love and has been greatly weakened in recent months.....so let's 'infect' all their systems with the "Mass Meditation Bug" by mobilizing the Largest High Vibrational Light Offensive ever launched!!


    Here is the Link to the Invitational Letter. I hope everyone reading this blog will forward it far and wide!!

    Time is of the essence. Our Destiny.....Is Calling.


  51. Wouldn't it have been pössible for the Stardust to eventually paralize the chimera ???



    As I was reading Co.Bra.s blog book, I came across these posts that I felt strongly guided to share...

    Sunday, October 21, 2012


    Sunday, October 21, 2012
    Day of Decision New Update


    “Five minutes before the Day of Decision mass meditation starts, we can sing together Imagine by John Lennon. Imagine thousands of people singing the same song in unison around the world! This will unify our hearts and strengthen the power of our unified free will.”

    Was thinking maybe we could do this again 5 minutes before our Peace Meditation on June 14th.


  53. COBRA: «…As we are approaching the Eris-Pluto square on June 14th, tensions and potential for violence will increase for the next two weeks in the United States and worldwide. Dark Forces might attempt to use this astrological configuration, and the newly starting new solar cycle to drastically escalate the situation …»
    The Eris-Pluto square is an important, but not the only key point in the coming weeks. There are big space events ahead, the energy of which will directly and indirectly affect the situation on 3D Earth.
    This is not only the planned by the Light Forces full activation of the New Quantum Matrix in our Local Universe during the summer solstice on June 20 and the solar Eclipse on June 21, which will be the new moon in Cancer. The strongest impact on Earth’s events will have energy flows from the heavy planets of our Solar system - Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto. The Dark Forces will try to use their radiation for their destructive purposes. But the Light Forces will also use these cosmic energies to further dismantle the 3D Matrix.
    Which astro-events will help the LFs in June 2020? This is primarily a Large Retrograde of Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. These are also two eclipses, retrograde Mercury and the birth of a new cycle of Venus, which will help the Light Forces reset the Earth's Matrix, put an end to the past and open the doors to the future.
    All through June, Saturn is backing away, returning the Light Forces to the big unfinished operations. On July 1, Saturn will enter Capricorn for the last time from Aquarius, and will stay here for another 5.5 months before finally leaving it for the next 29 years. During this time, the Light Forces plan to complete their Large Construction Programs, which began in 2017, when Saturn first entered Capricorn and set such goals for them. Their successful achievement will be the basis for the LFs’ achievements in the future, when Saturn finally turns into Aquarius on December 17, 2020 until March 2023. This favorable time the LFs intend to use for the development of the most breakthrough, technological projects, freedom of expression in teams, strengthening earthlings’ friendship and creativity.
    Jupiter and Pluto are moving to their re-connection (active influence of the connection June 20-July 11). The exact aspect will take place on June 30. But from the second half of the month, the planets will enter 1 degree of orbis, which will help the Light Forces to exert severe pressure on the DFs. These two planets form a new 12–year cycle in 2020, linked to economics, politics, power, success, and well-being.
    In late March-early April 2020, the first conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto triggered tectonic shifts in the global economic and political 3D Matrix. Now, at the re-connection, the Light Forces can evaluate what happened in the first months of spring, and apply new approaches to solving problems, since at the moment of connection of these planets, Mars will make a positive sextile to this point. However, to finally understand the scale of the problems that began in March-April, and to form a plan for further actions, the LFs should fully use the time prior the third connection of the planets on November 12, 2020.
    The Light Forces will make the most of the positive opportunities of the new 12-year cycle of Jupiter and Pluto, which is being formed during 2020. Its cosmic flows give the LFs huge energy, financial, spiritual and mental resources to manage large operations, projects, and communication with masses of people.(To be continued)

  54. The Dark Forces are also trying to use planets’ Greater Retrogression for their negative purposes. But with the Quantum and Earth’s Matrices change already underway, this will only lead to a rapid fall of the DFs from the political and social ladder, loss of influence and power, deafening failures and bankruptcies, and financial catastrophes. All unresolved issues will multiply for the Dark Forces like a huge snowball, which will literally crush them with unaffordable problems.
    The energy of retrograde Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, which will last until mid-November 2020, will actively strengthen the energy of fast planets that affect the LFs’ current affairs this month. In June, retrograde Venus will be joined by retrograde Mercury. The rebuilding process will be accelerated by the most powerful and longest summer Eclipse season in 2020, which will help the Light Forces actively shape the future of our planet for years to come.
    The first week of June is very important. It is under the influence of the Lunar Eclipse of June 5 in Sagittarius - the first in the Eclipse Season of summer 2020. This Lunar Eclipse is of great significance for the LFs. Its energy coincides in time with the energy of three important cosmic events: on June 3, Venus joins the Sun in Gemini, their quadrature - to the conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury's retrograde in Cancer (June 2 — July 26). The energies of these stelliums create on 3D Earth a situation of great emotional tension and aggravation of the confrontation between the LFs and the DFs. The Dark Forces are still trying to counterattack, but they are hindered by unsolvable internal contradictions that go deep into the past of the 3D Matrix.
    The conjunction of Venus and the Sun lasts from June 1 to June 7 and will be the time to reboot all the 3D Matrix value programs. Venus will pass through the "heart " of the Sun, “burning” past scenarios. The "burned" Venus period is the most difficult days when the old 3D programs are dying out, and the new ones (5D) are not fully working yet. Therefore, important relationships and landmarks can pass a critical test of strength and glitch.
    At the same time, thanks to the energy of retrograde Mercury, for the Light Forces will become more clear what they need to change for the successful implementation of their plans, how to adjust the ways and approaches in processes, communications, interactions with people and the world. To the final clarification of how the LFs have to proceed will help the complete Mercury retrograde on July 12, 2020.
    In the second week of June, the peak of tension will gradually go down. At the same time, the entire period of The Eclipse Corridor from June 6 to June 20 is a very tough time, since it passes with a strong negative energy of Neptune. Especially difficult days for the Light Forces are June 11-13, when the conjunction of Mars and Neptune and the quadrature to this point of the Sun occur. This will increase instability in the world and in society, and situations may get out of control. Uncertainty, frustration, dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, will be expressed in antisocial behavior, protest actions, and an increase in aggression. The DFs will no doubt make every effort to exploit these events. If the Light Forces will allow it. .(To be continued)

  55. The Eclipse Corridor also accounts for the reversal of Mercury in retrograde motion. This will happen on June 18 and last until July 12. After turning back, Mercury will begin to move to join the Sun, which will occur on July 1 during the third Eclipse of the season — the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 5. This so-called "lower connection" of Mercury and the Sun launches the LFs’ new three-month program of short-term affairs and plans, related to interaction with people and the world. Until then, the LFs will finish the current, "old" program that began 3 months ago, in February 2020, during the previous conjunction of Mercury and the Sun. Until the end of June, the LFs will actively complete the working stages of their projects in the framework of longer-term cycles.
    Retrograde Mercury overlaps with the Eclipse Corridor and the last lunar quarter, the days of Hecate, which precede the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21. This is the darkest and most difficult time in June, as these days will be very strongly influenced by Neptune. On the one hand, there may be positive trends for the Light Forces in solving the oil crisis and economic problems from June 8 to 21. At the junction of Mars and Neptune (June 10 — 16), the start of production of the COVID-19 vaccine may be announced in some countries, which will be positively evaluated by the markets.
    At the same time, the Dark Forces will try to provoke large-scale protests, mass demonstrations and discontent because of the great uncertainty and old unresolved problems on the Neptune topics (medicine, health, Finance, unemployment). The DFs will not give up trying to encourage a surge in crime, theft, looting, looting, and clashes on racial and religious grounds.
    The solar Eclipse of June 21, 2020 will take place at 1 degree of Cancer. This is the central and most powerful Eclipse of the summer season in 2020, which coincides with the Summer Solstice and gives all the operations of the Light Forces a great energy force.
    A solar Eclipse always launches a new life program. However, this last Eclipse in the series, which was formed in Cancer in the Northern Lunar Node, allows the Light Forces to begin the final stage in the radical restructuring of the 3D Matrix. In fact, the LFs have come to the point where they have finally found a solid foundation on which they can move on to new victories.
    Thanks to the solar Eclipse in Cancer, the Light Forces have the great opportunity to deal with the most complex, difficult to control old scenario models. The solar Eclipse helps to find solutions that were previously available, but not obvious. During this Eclipse, the Light Forces can assess what progress they have made over the past 18 years, including how fully and deeply they have implemented the solar program of the previous year. .(To be continued)


  56. However, all external activities this summer will once again undergo a strict energy control of Saturn. It will offer the Light Warriors a final test for maturity and responsibility. Immature and weak LFs’ teams will go through a severe crisis, which can end in the destruction of relationships. A particularly difficult time will be at the end of June - beginning of July, when Saturn will return to Capricorn during the third Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. And the final one not only for this season, but also for the entire cycle of the last 2.5 years on the Cancer — Capricorn axis.
    The solar Eclipse of June 21 is formed on the day of the Summer Solstice. This is one of the four power points of the year, when the longest day and shortest night of the year. This is the time of maximum disclosure of the LFs’ tasks and plans of the solar year, when all the Light Forces positive deeds are charged with a strongest cosmic energy. The first cardinal degree of Cancer will stimulate the LFs to upgrade their programs, to act radically, with an emphasis on fighting, overcoming, cutting off excess. Only a clear goal setting and active inclusion of strong-willed qualities will help the Light Forces to meet the challenges.
    After the Solar Eclipse on June 21, the second Corridor of Eclipses of this summer season will begin, and there is another important full Moon ahead — the lunar Eclipse on July 5, 2020, which will manifest itself as the final exam for LFs’ teams maturity. The junction of June and July will be one of the busiest periods of the year, since this time is the return of Saturn to Capricorn and the re-connection of Jupiter and Pluto.
    At the end of June, there will be another important event that will dramatically change the energy of the 3D Matrix from muddy-uncertain to militant-aggressive: on June 28, Mars - the planet of goals and energy will switch to its own sign of Aries. But the transition of Mars to Aries will occur in a harmonious conjunction with Saturn in 1 degree Aquarius (the exact aspect of June 28), as it was at the end of March 2020. And this aspect will allow the Light Forces to stabilize destructive phenomena on Earth, maintain self-control and direct more cosmic energies in a positive direction.

  57. Evento agora. Superfície em colapso. Chega de atraso. Chega de espera.

  58. Za slovenske bralce: https://zmagaluci.blogspot.com/2020/06/meditacija-miru.html

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220306748080801

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  59. I am happy to hear Elon Musk has changed sides!! Thanks for the update COBRA and Light Workers team!!

  60. when to end these dark bitches forever?

  61. hey cobra why didnt you mention that elon musk was in illuminati trauma based programming before?


  62. Jessica



    1. @RaJah, Anne Murray-snowbird


      Guess who was named Jessica in this post?



    2. That song is lovely, LongStar117, thank you.
      I would have said thanks earlier, but there were exactly 144 comments in this thread and I didn't want to be the guy who changes that.

      Intentional or not, I have in fact seen the number of publicized comments like 121 (11x11), 125 (5x5x5) and others these last few days, I always do.
      Like the one time where this very Jessica post of mine wasn't made public at first but there were 121 comments in this thread at the time.



  63. David Wilcock 5/31: Cosmic Pep Talk and Global Peace Meditation


  64. Thanks Cobra for the update and all of your work.
    Traduction en français:

    Victoire de la Lumière

  65. Financial cost of wars in Middle East and Asia, CNBC, November 2019 estimate:

  66. Plandemic

    Omg thats fire

    Okay, sooo.... here's the plandemic!!
    I approve of your word play cobra

  67. Mais uma meditação e nada do evento. Fica difícil acreditar q as forças da luz não têm poder pra vencer as forças do mal sem precisar de meditação de humanos, pq até agora as meditações não serviram de nada e o mal continua vencendo a luz.

  68. June 5th,Eclipse 144k Mass Meditation

    Join Time: 2pm EDT (US)

    Start Time: 2:10pm EDT

    Eclipse Maximum: 3:12pm EDT

    Your Time Zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=144K+June+5%2C+Eclipse+Mass+Meditation&iso=20200605T14&p1=179&ah=2





  70. I am visualizing miracles, because cities in the US are under siege.

    I hope everyone here can join in these "every four hour" meditations.

    Please try!


  71. breaking news-monks clean up the water supply with their minds - the most powerful weapons in existance…..


  72. Article:
    Earth’s Chakra Points In The Ring Of Fire Extremely High Earthquake Activity, As Predicted! Demolition Rays Have Arrived Says Mother God!!

    Source: http://www.ournewearthnews.com/2020/06/04/earths-chakra-points-in-the-ring-of-fire-extremely-high-earthquake-activity-as-predicted-demolition-rays-have-arrived-says-mother-god/

    Much love! Maria

  73. and... Mother Earth Begins Demolition And Restoration Phase Now, In The Ring Of Fire Says Mother God!! Warning To Earth!! Huge “Ring Of Fire” Earthquakes, Tsunamis And Volcanic Activity Imminent!!

    Source: http://www.ournewearthnews.com/2020/06/04/mother-earth-begins-demolition-and-restoration-phase-now-in-the-ring-of-fire-says-mother-god/

    Much love, Maria

  74. This just came out half an hour ago at posting, government of Singapore to distribute tracking devices to everyone over a hoax:

    The Light Forces have to step up their game right now, or those of us here will have to proceed with whatever necessary measures to be taken to avoid being subjugated.

    Enjoy your Event, because there's an increased possibility I won't be around for the festivities.


  75. Everybody's Free
    To Feel Good


  76. Dear Cobra, any books that you'd recommend?

    Victory of the Light! 🌟🐉🔥

    1. Dear Starman: Cobra recommended Living With Joy channeled by Sanaya Roman. So I got it and it is REALLY good. Votl!

  77. It was stated last time, the c19 thing was their last ditch plan, but now they have another plan unleashed, and after that another plan will be unleashed, and after that another plan unleashed... they always have an ace hidden up their sleeves.

    1. With that attitude. Remember, you are a co-creator!!

    2. Until they DON'T�� & That Day IS Coming ��

  78. We are being called to surrender to our Higher Self 💟


  79. Connections with Central Sun
    Cobra: […] the Light Forces can be the intelligence and the consciousness of the Galactic Central Sun […]

    Vertical and horizontal connections for the Light Forces.

    Cobra: The only thing I can say is that the full Moon of May 7th (Wesak Full Moon of 2020) is the trigger through which Archangel Metatron will activate our Solar System into an Ascension portal connected to Galactic Center, with the exception of sublunar space and planet Earth itself, which still need to remain buffered to a degree.




  80. Cobra,

    there are rumours that the dark forces are planning a "second wave" with a new, more effective strain of the virus.

    Our Bavarian President Söder was always talking about his beloved coming second wave..

    German language only:


    Hope the Lightforces / RM are aware of this and watching them 24/7.

    Thank you and Victory of the Light!

  81. plight of the cabal.....

    twisted little goblins.....
    sacrifice from hell looms.....
    hearts so heavy.....
    like a lead balloon.....
    adrenochrome junkies.....
    born with a silver spoon.....
    soul sucking vampires.....
    sleeping in the afternoon.....
    under the cities.....
    the covens gather in the moon.....
    in castles and palaces.....
    the blood lust consumes.....
    incantations from the psychopath.....
    bringing in another blood bath.....
    and now the doubletounges…..
    are exposed by sacred suns.....
    so the humans break free.....
    from chimeras factories.....
    and their twisted little goblins.....
    blow away in the breeze.....

  82. @Randy Noel, questionable band but I like the lyrics

    You rape our hope

    Too proud to cope

    Youve built this house of shame


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  106. Mass meditation time chart update. Tommorow at 0810hours(am), is the correct Arizona Time with the exception of Navajo Nation.The WeLoveMassMeditation time table incorrectly says 0910hrs start time.

    Unlike most of the United States, Arizona does not observe daylight saving time (DST), with the exception of the Navajo Nation, which does observe DST. The Hopi Reservation, which is not part of the Navajo Nation but is geographically surrounded within it, does not observe DST.
    Wikipedia › wiki › Time_in_Arizona
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  108. But I think the dark force infiltration in PRC is NOT dismantled yet.
    Instead,the dark force is pushing their agenda harder and harder.
    As an awakened person,if you were living in here,you would find out which country has the darkest infiltration on this planet.
    This kind of infiltration might be a little bit different from those western countries,because it's so appropriately modified that can make sure the sheeple here never wake up by themsevles even when facing with a lot of evidence.
    In this country,Making money and spreading the family is the one and only lifetime purpose for 99.99999% of the people.
    Anyway,be very very very wary when you're dealing with any forces from PRC.

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