Tuesday, January 13, 2015

STRANGE EGG L3 infection cleared


  1. time to get back to 'work'! (play)
    full thrust on the imagineering engine!

  2. "Hey...my Eggs are Uninfected? all three layers!!! It's so Strange - DAM that pesky Resistance movement!" - said the kabal, when they woke up to find Cobra's friends had cleared the L3 Infection. And they would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for that Pesky Resistant movement.

    Has it occurred to anyone yet that regardless of whatever happens to you in the next 6 months to a year - even if you lose everything- The cabal & the AssChons have LOST EVERYTHING Forever!!

    Not only did they know they were going to LOSE because they leap-frogged thru time & changed the time-line so many times (in vain attempts to control it) - They've known for well over 20,000 years. Imagine plotting, planning, & scheming - murdering and destroying - pick & choosing - mating all your evil soldiers together for "choice bloodlines"....and where did it get them?? Where?

    They saw their own demise and now it's like a wave coming to kill their sand castles - every inch close & closer. Dig, Hide, Beg, Borrow, & Bitch- BUT the Event is coming - it's a causality certainty. If they are aware they exist then so must the Prime Creator EXIST because they sure as hell didn't invent themselves - which means Prime Creator USED THEM to further it's own agenda - to further understand itself. USED.

    THEY have always FEARED US - imagine the terror, the arrogance, the shame, the manipulative deceit it takes to enslave a planet cause you're SOO AFRAID of what humanity could do if it knew the Truth...Oh, You think you Fear the Unknown- Imagine theirs - Forever the Chumps of the Galactic Ascension game (maybe they'll get a Free T-Shirt?)

    Regardless of what happens tomorrow, next month, or next year - eventually The Media, the Debt system, Hollywood will crack & break and ALL the Lies, all the "Cool Kids" will run for cover - How you choose to react is up to you. I will be roasting Marshmallows possibly (I might be dead or just leave?) it hasn't happened yet - But it will.

    SO Sit today and have a beer (or whatever) and Laugh at what it must feel like to herd chickens for 26,000 years cause You're SO Insecure about them that you needed them for food cause your lazy ass was too fearful to evolve spiritually ONLY...to find everyday More & More chickens escape or just wander away. The sky looks threatening, 70% of your friends are gone, You've lost all your cool toys, and your hungry and every minute more chickens are escaping.

    PRETTY FUNNY!! Strange EGG indeed!
    Maybe this song will cheer you up? The HERD wants you to be Material & love Hollywood and Money - but YOU Don't Care - You'll Never be "Royals" You're a Creator God in this dream! They will Never Rule us - We USED them to Evolve and they GET Nothing.

    1. Gantz I've got to say that was amazing

    2. More chickens escape or just wander away.

      ROFLMAO I can't...stop laughing

    3. It's hard to even entertain the idea of forgiving such things. But the truth is they were a necessary evil so to speak, to further our evolution in every way. I forgive them! there is always a choice to change.

    4. PRIME CREATOR is not a being, it is everything - including you and me.

      May the LOVE be with you always!
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.


      Especially the new title for the losers - "AssChons"....;))))


  3. Those eggs get infected a lot........

  4. Raphael, Tom Kenyon and Hathors-

    Thank You so much for your Healing Codes and Geometries of Light.

  5. How much salmonella!! Or cabalella?!

  6. It's amazing what Mom's chicken soup, a shot of cognac and a bottle of orange juice does to infections.

  7. Today is May 7 and The Doctor is IN. Praise Tsunenaga for UDon soup - hot and salty with champagne and Moonstruck Chocolate.

    What do you get when you mix oil and water? Rainbows. And what kind of soap makes the biggest and best bubbles? Google is your friend here.

    Today We issue EO 9906 and turn 1099 upside down.

    Hagia Sophia remains intact and The Schism is averted.

    The Terms of Accord shall be adhered to. 

    When we make our enemies and Super Enemies our friends and Super Friends, there will be no more enemies. 

    All is fair in love.

    First Executive S.O.S.


  8. Maybe the eggs soon are ready to be hatced?

  9. Soulvvx: there are heaps of em supposedly

  10. Lou Crec:
    I am sorry to tell u but this is wrong. Humanity doesnt need all this shite to evolute. This was an anomaly and an abuse of free will. We cannot justify evil like this. Swallow the truth

    1. I agree - this was a gross manipulation & abuse of power. But - the Free Will universe allowed for this in the rules...to a point. That Point was 2012 and ALL the cheaters will held accountable. Trust me - I will NEVER stop "Trolling" the A-Holes who thought they were better than me. There is more than 1 truth. There are extremists on Both sides of this game.

      Once in a past life I got unleash "Judgment" (from beyond the grave in fact) on one responsible for a brutal death and afterwards I was horrified at the result- but in the end- I got it out of my system. What will my judgements be? How will I treat the enemies when they've fallen on this battlefield - I do not know.

      I hope I will excited enough doing other "Positive" things that it won't matter to me. I could unleash full-scale "revenge" (because Free Will right?)- I could choose the "Golden Door"- I'm kind of hoping my "missing Pieces" will guide me on what the proper course of action is. I am fine with Both "Peace" and "Revenge".

      To deny my pain & thirst for wholesale blood lust & destruction of my manipulators would be fool hearty & insincere to the parts of me that suffered these "Illusions"- Forgive but NOT forget may be my motto. Perhaps I will spend the next 26,000 years reminding them what LOSERS they are? Maybe I will seek to learn ALL their tricks so as use them against other like-minded "anomaly's". I may just want to have sex with some hot Pleadian babes for a 1,000 years (Yeah, I typed that)- we won't know till we're there.

    2. ger sey,

      I am in agreement with you, that this has been an abuse of free will. It is nice to see that I am not alone in this thought. I often hear free will used as a justification for suffering.
      It is my deepest desire that the free will of every being be honored, yet it must be understood that one's theft of another's free will equals lack of free will.

    3. ger sey you are right.

      As I already wrote years ago, this whole planet and what was done to it is just a vast crime!

      All these talking about that the "dark shit" is needed for "human evolution" is only bullshit and an excuse for the darks to harm, torture and kill beings. Nothing of this is true, all beings who are inside "mankind" are far more evoluted as it seems to be. The same dark criminals who telling these bs, have been the ones who split the consciousnesses of the beings down here and made us "artificial stupid".

    4. Of course, Earth is on Free Will Zone, anybeing can do whatever wants to do and nobody will stop them! So simple. No Divine Purpose, no Earth School excuse for all this aberration. Just universal Law of Free Will.
      Again: this was not for our Evolution. This is a trick of the Darks to accept the Evil.
      Same as i give you a kick in the b..
      s and then say: it is for your higher good, blahh blahh blahh
      Any cientific experiment shows that , if the environment is hostile, the.life forms grow deformed or not grow at all
      Have a look around you: can you affirm humanity has evolved that much in 25,000 years?

    5. I agree with you humanity does not need this type of mass suffering to evolve.

      The suffering meme is based a distortion of karmic laws. Most planets in the universe are not like Earth. There has never been this type of suffering that has been inflicted on intelligent species, EVER. No group of beings has ever suffered as much as the human race has suffered. Most intelligent species evolve through all the karmic lessons at a primitive stage. They go from being an enlightened tribal people directly to a space faring civilization without being spun through the ringer of industrial madness. It is easier to learn the karmic lessons when your most dangerous weapon inflicted on people is a bow and arrow. We are supposed to learn hey don't put arrows in your fellow humans. We are all connected, we are all one. The one who shot the arrow will be reincarnated to receive a bunch of arrows put in his body in another lifetime. That is karma. Pain inflicted to one human is inflicted on all of us. Eventually we should learn to love one another and evolve as a species. That is how it works on most planets. These karmic lesson are to be guided in a loving manner by nature spirits and the care of the mother goddess.

      It didn't happen that way on Earth. The loving lessons of karmic laws were stopped because the Earth was invaded by a dark power. Instead of evolving we have been going in reverse due to the industrial mass suffering. A human that dies because a bomb was dropped on his head does not learn anything. The spirit will reincarnate angrier than before and feed the suffering in a vicious loop. Now with chemtrails, poisons, mind control, constant wars, and people being tortured to death humanity has little change of defeating the dark ones. This is why the event is being pushed to liberate the planet.

      Beings from all over the universe have come to Earth to liberate the planet. There has been too much suffering inflected on the human race and it is no longer going to be permitted to continue.

      Visualize the end of all suffering on Earth. No more wars, no more violence, no more starvation and want. Visualize love, kindness, and forgiveness taking hold everywhere. This helps the process along. Victory to the light.

    6. Life on this planet has always been about privaledged b holes who think too much of themselves. It really is that simple and it continues to this day.

    7. @Wunmansho @GlassofStarLight @Novusod @Ger sey @Hamourapi2012

      Might I submit there IS Value & Evolution in "Surviving" the darkness. I have had many lives. I have personal "past life" memories of being the killer & the killed. I have been the executioner & the condemned. I have been both ruler & slave. In the end my own personal "Empathy" - my own "Inner reflective self" has instructed over many lifetimes how to react to such situations. I have been in power & powerless - In the End, I've made my choices based on MY Free Will. I could not claim to be as "well rounded" if I haven't truly seen both sides of violence.

      One can not understand the value of CHOICE if one hasn't experienced the effects. Just as you can't value the option of being "Clean" if you've never lived in dirt. In the end - I think I have been "Tested" many times to just 'give up' and be selfish & think only of myself. To simply be a Beast or value force before "thought". I have sacrificed my life for others & robbed others out of survival - I've learned something each time.

      In the End, I've chosen "Beauty". I've chosen to serve that which I deem "Good" knowing full well that it could make me a target by the "system". The beauty is worth dying for in my opinion - who stands to guard it? Whom do I rely on to protect me & keep me "alert" of enemies? - You might've guessed- MY "Darkness"

      Yes, My Darkness Serves My Light & evolved Nature!- It is "Self Aware" and knows what is of "value" & what to protect. (by Darkness, Your Shadow Instincts) I couldn't have come to this conclusion without having been "Used" or broken by others prior. Just as my "Darkness" wouldn't understand the value of "The Light" without having seen amazing displays of Unselfishness, Beauty, Pleasure - This duality is a True Gift. I kind of laugh when I think if the "Darkies" ever realized they were the "Disease that Contains the Cure?". Light is Light & Dark is Dark - but what if someone chose "Light" even after being infected with the Dark? I think this is the evolution of the Anti-Hero or Trickster in modern mythology. We never get enough credit, I tell ya.

      You can't appreciate your skills, weapons, & instincts unless you understand their purpose. It's Experience - granted not in the order, manner, or way I personally would've chosen but every negative experience I consume & incorporate & CONTROL makes that much BETTER than the fear-sucking AssChons - I am creator GOD. They Can NOT do what I do.

      In Short- Control your Darkness & harness it to go out & bitch-slap the Darkness of others. Ignore your darkness at your peril. It does not ignore you. You must come to terms with it - it wants to help. Any fan of Pluto & Persephone will tell you this. Can't have one without the other.

    8. You mirrored my thoughts exactly Gantz.

      True, this whole system is a depraved perversion of the Law of Free Will, but to argue that there is no benefit from it is taking these past 26,000 years of torture, rape, murder and the psychological destruction of the human psyche and making it useless.

      Making it something that we just endured. You cannot be forged without feeling the heat, and enduring the hammer.

      What was created from this understands the totality of creation much much more than any being out there taking it easy...incarnating on the "vacation" planets.

      What has come out understands the value of love and beauty so much more than anything else ever has. The depravity we have endured....It made those points of light SO MUCH BRIGHTER.

      It made the miracle of finding that soul mate, or having a child, or completing your goals to your passions SHINE on a level they never could have before.

      It also grew a consciousness that fears NOTHING. And allows NOTHING to fear it. We will come out of this into our full potentials so much stronger and full of light than anything else in existence right now.

      For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The darkness got to levels that have never happened before. On the swing back, the same will happen to the light.

      Dont cheapen what has happened to us. Is it deplorable and atrocity? Yes. Will it stay in our memories forever? Yes. Did it shape us into something never before seen?

      Oh yes.

      In the grand scheme of things, 26,000 years is a blink of an eye. Looking back a million years from now, each and every one of us will still be this same consciousness. And we will still be vigilant. We will still be strong.

      And we will NEVER allow this to happen again.

      We have been made into systems busters.

    9. If I had a Threads Wall of Fame, this would be on it.

      I love reading it because it makes me smile and think of this song which brings me on a sailboat, where I can feel the brisk wind and the warm Sun on my skin.

      Bebel Gilberto - Simplesmente

    10. And yes, Pluto always wins - there's no point of resisting change, Pluto reveals everything, the deepest most hidden secrets, all of it, will be uncovered and no stone will be left unturned, that's Pluto.

    11. And that brings us back to Do.

    12. Epsilon 3 is complete. There will be no more OT.

      Grandmother Turtle says play nice now and share.

  11. This is most likely linked to the clearing of Chimera group and its
    STRANGE and TOP quark based technology.
    Here's an overview, it's exciting to see the progress, even without knowing exactly what is it...

    07-01-14 STRANGE EGG activation in progress

    07-07-14 Fall of the Chimera

    08-01-14 STRANGE EGG sigma complete, STRANGE EGG tau in progress

    08-05-14 Short Planetary Situation Update

    09-08-14 Planetary Situation Update

    09-12-14 TOP EGG modulation in progress

    09-16-14 A New Planetary Situation Update

    09-24-14 Untersberg

    10-01-14 "STRANGE EGG tau in final completion / TOP EGG in progress"

    10-07-14 Plasma and the Planetary Situation Update

    11-02-14 "STRANGE EGG tau complete , TOP EGG in progress"

    A New Planetary Situation Update

    11-10-14 TOP EGG L4 infection cleared

    11-17-14 TOP EGG L3 infection cleared

    A Short Update

    11-20-14 TOP EGG L2 infection cleared

    11-22-14 TOP EGG L1 infection cleared, Imperator in progress

    11-23-14 TOP EGG L0 infection cleared

    11-24-14 TOP EGG convergence complete

    11-29-14 TOP EGG primary clear

    01-01-15 STRANGE EGG L4 infection cleared

    01-13-15 STRANGE EGG L3 infection cleared

    Love and Light to all,
    the Breakthrough is near!

    1. Thanks Len for that info. It does sort of lay a trail . In the last inteview , Cobra informed us that there were still technological steps to be conqured. May the remaing STRANGE EGG levels clear as rapidly as the last few TOP EGG levels
      appeard to. May the Blessings Be

    2. in the last few months, a solid layer of familiarity has been constructed within the zero point, allowing all those who venture through the wormhole of transformation to gently release ancient residues.
      this layer of familiarity will be used as a foundation for swiftly, smoothly and sensitively transcending previously insurmountable boundaries.
      in other words, expansion of the area of motion within the old confined spaces of seeming captivity continues exponentially from this point on forwards, and without hesitation or resistance flowing gracefully back into the ocean of oneness.

    3. Tea, i drink with jam and bread.

      tEasy Love, thank you for acknowledging the Transitional Grid.

      We all owe a deep debt of gratitude to the Crystal, Rainbow and Indigo children who have so masterfully manifested this amazing work for over 3200 years. It reaches wide and deep.


  13. The time of STRANGE EGG complete is the time of the EVENT.

  14. Replies
    1. Please invite, spread and share this group-independent event for the WEEKLY LIBERATION MEDITATION facebook, it would also be very good to pinn it on your blogs for example. I am spreading that event, because more people can join, even if they are not in a group. This does include, that the other events for the Weekly Liberation Meditation are as well very good. It is ONLY about gathering and inspiring more people to join. It is just ONE of many ways, we can do something. I appreciate every tiny single effort any being does to serve creation and the divine plan. WE ARE ONE LOVE. Thank you, I love you all.


      Please post this text (or a better one):


      Please join us every Sunday at 7 pm UTC for the WEEKLY LIBERATION MEDITATION


    2. To not confuse people I created an extra event for the activation of the mandala (instead of including this visualisation in the inviting-text for the <3Weekly Liberation Meditation<3):


  15. Peter Joseph:

    I am always inspired when I see large scale group action of this nature. It shows people can unite for change. It's possible to feel that unity that is humanity.

    But have we seen anything of value in the context of adjusting root cause policy by the endless stream of protests and marches in the last year?

    Can someone explain to me what this Paris rally is set to accomplish? Is it "awareness of terrorism" or "awareness of religious extremism"? Is it encouraging "policy changes" -- and if so, how can such changes occur without more of a reduction in civil liberties, given the way the establishment legal/political structure views such acts?

    Or, perhaps, is it a general sympathetic union to express the sadness of tragic deaths. Ok. If it is the last one - then fine. Noble. But -- if it pretends to be anything else, then it is a pathetic and trite. Again, who then are they protesting? The "terror" idea? Government policy? The extremists? What does that do?

    I'm really confused when I see this. Why this, of all things? I'm tired of watching the world express itself via embracing temporal, abstract, pseudo-moral emotional whims.

    The establishment must sit back and laugh. The 99% seem to prefer getting angry at the "shock" death of 12 here or 5 there - they only see the drama of the injustice, not the proper relative context. Higher the "drama value", the more it seems to matter. If it isn't sexy - then it goes to page "D15" of the newspaper.

    And while we bask in this vanity of selective moral disgust, we ignore the 18 million killed a year by a social system.... or the vast range of social injustices that destroy our lives, piece by piece, in the everyday "un-sexy" manner of general life. We ignore the true environmental factors that will shut down the world in a few decades if serious adjustments are not made...and the overall state of human slavery that occupies the world.

    Where is the "3mn" person march for true social change to stop the spectrum of social disorder and human/ecological abuse that continues to stem from the current geo-economic social order -- the same abuse and resulting intolerance/apathy/dehumanization that creates this extreme terrorism to begin with!??!

    Christ. It's like we are all completely retarded as a species.
    (Silly monkeys.)


  16. I'm interested to know why you all think this Strangelet Bomb has not been given a name like the other 2 Strangelet Bombs that Cobra has included in various cryptic messages for the RM (i.e. STRANGE EGG sigma and STRANGE EGG tau).

  17. I don't know if this remote viewing is true, but it sure seems to fit what Cobra has been posting! And this "Booms" have been happening all over the world beginning in January. It just may be that the final push is on:


    1. An inter - dimensional war has been going on for years.

    2. @The Sacred Space, yes, there has been an inter-dimensional war going on for years. Cobra told us about that. But these loud, earth-shaking booms have not been happening for years. They have been only happening this month in January, 2015. So the war has changed in some way. Maybe it has become more violent, closer to our dimension, or they are detonating (in a safe way) strangelet bombs. I do think we are getting closer and closer to breakthrough!

    3. @ Mitchell Tr James: oh ok. :-)
      Thank you for sharing this information. Yes, I hope we are closer to the Breakthrough!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Wow my area has had no sun except for a couple of days for the past month.....They are spraying the chemicals so dense that its constantly cloudy and any rain or snow or even the air has almost an electrical or tingly feel to it........

  19. At my railway station there is a big big spray paint, it says:


    How you like that? :) <3

    1. Great! :)

      This came to my mind:
      For me it's about the task we have regarding the Event.

    2. ~so the youth has done great work of transforming by imprinting the physical with galactic starcodes~

      ~today a car appeared with the description: "EVENTPLAN"~

      ~few moments later a table with glowing letters: "Eventlocations"~

  20. Family, thank Yinz...

    Destiny is written is Rose-Gold, tungsten and Gossamer.

  21. Aloha...

    A rather interesting January 2015 interview: It's 2 hr 11 minutes. With Alfred L. Webre, USMC Randy Cramer and British Counsillor Simon Parkes ...

    This interview is about ... insectoids, Mars, Pleiadians...

    I believe interview originates at the new website http://newsinsideout.com ...


  22. Spread far and wide peeps: http://www.thetotalcollapse.com/french-police-commissioner-suicided-after-attempting-to-issue-murder-warrant-against-president-obama/

    1. They're getting close!!! It's like shaking a vending machine that stole your snack- LOL. One or 2 more shakes & the Salty Goodness will FALL - who knows what else might be "shaken lose"

  23. I'm American, and I'm quite aware of what is actually going on. We aren't all ignorant, but yes, we have been mind controlled more than most cultures...maybe more than all. There are a lot of us who don't eat everything we are fed.
    I have compassion for my fellow Americans because I can see how heavily they have been bombarded with lies and manipulations. Let's hold space for the ones who are still lost.

  24. I'm finished. The EVENT.. I think is nonsense. I/we've been meditating.. looking to the future in a light of freedom for YEARS but see NOTHING to support our efforts in this endeavor. I've seen no actuated lawsuits, REAL investigation in to the workings of the cabal, No arrests on the highest level and no real promise to do so. We should have seen some of this by now.. but nothing fruitful. Looks like business as usual to me. I will do MY best to live the rest of my life as drama free as I am able. That is the only real promise I have. Peace.

    1. you have the ability to materialize whatever you wish so be careful ;o)

    2. well francis, what have you materialized that has helped win this war lately? anything big or positive?

    3. DUDE!!!! You are using 3-D time & 3-D matrix rules. Liberate yourself from getting your "Wishes" in a 3-D way. You're engaging in too much Polarity - it's throwing off your understanding of the "Bigger Picture".

      Just Let it happen. Let it Go dude.

    4. yea well we are still there and I'm not actually using what you say. nobody here is liberated either. and we are stuck with the polarity till we aren't. the bigger picture is not known. on purpose. what we know here is what they let us or want us to. I'm not sitting back like you say and letting "it" happen either. i just don't like advice that isn't real for what we are left with to use. until whenever that is.

  25. Truth. Is any good really happening?

  26. I've stopped looking for the event. There is nothing to see that is leading up to it.. Just business as usual.

  27. Banned Manifestation Secrets by Richard Dotts

    Overview: In his latest work Banned Manifestation Secrets, Richard Dotts delves even deeper into the spiritual world of manifestations, the Law of Attraction, and the direct shaping of energy to explain how you can create whatever you want in life... every single time, with very few exceptions.

    Writing from his own personal experience and pitfalls, Dotts shares why the Law of Attraction seems to work beautifully for some people but not for others. Or why it works in certain cases, for certain things, and not for others (for example, the "big" stuff). His study and interpretation of both ancient and modern manifestation traditions may delight and shock you.

    What most modern self-help and Law of Attraction books teach is essentially a 'watered-down' version of creating one's own reality. They take a very formulaic or recipe-like approach to manifestation: Do this, then that, followed by that... But this is clearly not the way ancient spiritual masters approached manifestations and the creative process. Ancient spritual teachers did not have a fixed formula through which to create. Instead, they used their inner states to shape and influence the energy fields directly. Modern man in a scientific age is trying to do what they did, through lots of
    affirmations, forcefulness, and rationalizations in a very convoluted way, resulting in lots of wasted and misdirected effort.

    As Richard Dotts points out in this book, the art of manifesting is not about what you DO. It is about what you FEEL and who you are inside. The key to successful manifestations lies in cultivating an inner state of being that is conducive to allow such manifestations to happen in your own life.

    Genre: Non-Fiction > Self-Help > Psychology

    1. I agree, not about doing. Take the Thought-Form and infuse it with your Intention, which must be FELT passionately and sincerely in the HEART. That is the fuel, heart-felt intention. At times, it is hard for some of us to sustain that feeling. So repetition is also helpful to reinforce. But also, putting it out for the Universe and TRUSTING in the process. So letting go, not of our faith in it but letting go of hyper-vigilance. Allowing it to unfold. The Universe knows right Timing.

  28. A recent interview with Cobra by Untwine. It is sooooo good I am practically speechless:


    BTW, I also downloaded the interviews Untwine did with the Agartha Network Representative. Also quite good:


    P.S. This book with the Agarthans really pisses off the Archons! While reading it, I got lots and lots of psychic interference. Just prepare yourself and do some protection visualizations/rituals before reading it. It is quite powerful, and a threat to the Archons.

    1. I think Untwine asks the best questions of all so far...............Its like attending a higher level school reading the discourse between him and Cobra....Great Stuff.....

  29. Phillip cyr: you wont see any signs on mainstream media or with your naked eyes.

  30. Hi Mitchell T James, and others,

    1 I hope, the event/breakthrough is very very VERY near now, because i and i see alot of others here on the blog, are giving up now,

    When are the archons getting removed, and the cabal totally removed from earth?

    At/after the event, or just before?

    So many losed their faith, and hope now, i read

    2 What are the archons, and what do they do with me, you, and others?

    How can i know, their influence at me?

    3 I have bad sleep, heartrateproblems......scary, horrible dreams...sometimes lukily dreams about the event happening, with bliss and joy.

    What can it be, that sleep, and heartrate/breathproblems, when at night, in my bed...try to sleep?

    4 What are the so called, interdimensional spacewars? Higher dimensional starbeeings/starbrothers and sisters, are only peacefull, and loving, and have no wars, and problems ,like we have still here in the third dimension.

    What are this so called interdimensional wars?

    Hope this is also all gone, at, and after the event/dimensional breakthrough/shift.

    5 How does the negative alien/reptilian/draconian aliens/influence, and themselfes, gone away, after the event...when there is peace on earth, and in the whole universe?

    6 Give me some serious hope, that the event/breakthrough...shift, from 3 rd, to 5 th dimension...VERY VERY soon goes happen?

    I already , and me not alone....give up, and plans suicide. Sure i not want suicide, but with the endless suffering, and endless waiting, for the event/breakthrough, then you see not much other options anymore.

    Not waiting for more months/years, that will be unbearable, for me, you, and alot of others, who are here, to experience the shift event/breakthrough, in all its bliss, luck, and euphoria.

    SOS....give me, and all of us, who will commit suicide, and stop waiting....some serious hope.

    Im always patiencely waiting for years, and years, and stay always as positive i can.....but on every thing comes an end.

    Please reply.

    I do a last pray, for the change/event, happens for us all............NOW! NOW!

    Love and light to you all dearest ones here on cobra portal blog.


    1. Whoa there Earthling....

      #1 The Event is gonna happen - when it happens - swallow that pill NOW. No about of Bitching or rambling on out part is changing that. Time is "Different" to 4-D beings so when WE see 4 months till May - They see a series of 'stuff happening'. Time is 3-D. Time is a Saturn construct (Saturn is home of the kabal - go figure) - Start getting your thinking & inner peace into "NO TIME" (Sacred Space). Even "polarity" is gonna mess w/ your mood - If Time is a Perception - you can change that perception. UNPLUG from the "Herd Time" in your heart - Stop re-inforcing the "Reality Grid" in your own mind and you'll notice you heal & emotionally relax faster! - Remember when you were a kid and you didn't really think about "time" - you just "did stuff"- had fun? Same thing.

      #2 Archons - Oh Geez- there is no exact "handbook" on the as I labeled them "ASS-Chons". I suggest going to YouTube and watching videos, lectures, Interviews about them featuring the likes of: John Lash, David Icke, and others (Bartiz, Wlicock, Weber?) all have mentioned them & how they fit into the "Domination & Control Scheme"- Perhaps a primer is in order - Try this video.


      The grid (or Viel) is often called the "Archonic Grid" it prevents certain electro magnetic frequencies from the cosmos from making your more "Awake" energetically than you'd be before it was installed. Essentially people would be "More Psychic" & energetically aware of the Earth & Energy if the Grid didn't exist. WATCH & learn all you can about the AssChons - plenty of stuff on YouTube.

      #3 can't comment - You're Astral Body might be "out of whack?" perhaps put some pure Sea Salt on your Tail Bone or Spine or neck and get away from ALL Electro magnetic things connected to the Internet? maybe? Seriously - I never sleep near my cellphone.

      #4 - Space Wars - Not qualified to answer this - maybe Potter is better?

      #5 - It's more cause & effect. I.E. if you are in a room and trying to study or do something and there is a giant trash bag full of flies, maggots, & rotten stench in the middle of the room, It's going to be distracting - You can't breath or concentrate or enjoy yourself - The "Removal" of the Negative Aliens ect - is Essentially the removal of the Trash Bag

      #6 Serious Hope eh?....hmmm.

      Why not live in DEFIANCE of the AssChons? Why not Live for You? Screw those Souless Alien backward Ass negative UnEvolved Fear sucking globs of Anomaly Trash! - They fear YOU. They get Gitty & Gleeful when you roll over and say "It Hurts". They will never create or Love as you can. Seriously go draw the worst stick figure you can & you are a BETTER Artist than ALL of them. They can only Mimic & Manipulate - they can not create or evolve. Drunken children have better creative skills, problem solving, & empathy than the highest AssChon.

      They are rigid controlling dogmatic freaks of creation - you can be Green Mouse Ice Cream on a Unicycle playing Mozart on a Kazoo making a figure 8 during a Soccer Riot in Calcutta - You ask "WHY?" AssChons Fear "WHY?" cause it means they can't control it.

      You do your own "adventures"- your own "Soul Searching"- Your own Heart - Centered evolution of the self - FREE WILL. It's all about YOU! Stop Plugging Into "The Herd" - go back to Nature or your Hobby's- Go Do whatever makes you "Happy" IN SPITE of the "Control Freaks" - their time is coming. The less attention you pay them "Negative controllers" - the more Power you take back for yourself.

      Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to watch Japanese girls dance & sing about Happy things while I plot my next Adventure - because I have Free WILL.

    2. Hi Remco,
      Okay, I will again give you my input to your questions. But really, I recommend you buy The Event Handbook or at the very least go to the beginning of this blog and read every post (I have done that at least three times already). Cobra already answers these questions! But I am concerned about your threatening suicide, so I will try to help you now:

      1.Yes, it is very difficult to cope now. A lot of the scalar wave technology was removed, but the Archons just responded by upping the chemtrails and the pollution in the air. My area is so polluted every day I can hardly see. But that is just a sign of them losing, not winning. You must keep your inner eye on the truth and ignore what your two eyes see every day.

      2.The Archons are beings who, through advanced technology, stupidly cut themselves off from Source (as some kind of supremely stupid experiment). Now they are insane. Practically every kind of negative emotion you have: greed, anger, fear, and confusion comes from the Archons. Humans are not meant to experience those emotions in the way that we do now. These emotions are “poisons” in the mind which come from the Archons. Remco, it sounds to me that you are very much under their influence. You should go out into nature where they have less influence. If that is impossible for you right now, project your consciousness into nature by listening to nature sounds and watching nature videos.

      3.You can most easily be attacked by the Archons when you are asleep. When asleep, you leave your body and your conscious mind is turned off to rest, this means your unconscious mind can be more heavily influenced by the Archons. You can ask angels for protection before you go to sleep, but I think the most effective thing is to feel in your heart that you are light and that you won’t accept any darkness- even when you are asleep. If your unconscious mind rejects the Archons influence, they will have little power over you.

      4.There are LightWORKERS and LightWARRIORS. For example, Archangel Michael is a lightwarrior, while Isis is a lightworker. The lightwarriors are the ones fighting the war with the Archons and forces of darkness. Darkness has affected practically every dimension, not just Earth 3D.

      5.As Cobra has said, all darkness will be absorbed back into the light. The Archons will be recycled in the Galactic Central Sun so that their “disconnect” from Source can be reversed. This will all happen at the Event or shortly thereafter.

      6.The Event is not a shift from 3D to 5D, but it will be quite amazing and wonderful nonetheless. Life will be so much better and you will be happy that you didn’t kill yourself so that you can see firsthand all of the wonderful transformations! It will be SO AMAZING! Again, things are happening so rapidly now that I am sure the Event is going to happen in 2015, and very likely in the next few months.
      Remco, you should prepare yourself and prepare to help others when the Event happens! That is the whole point/purpose of this blog!!

  31. Mercury Retrograde in a few days................ Now some real frustration will be showing up with many people........

  32. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/37775/37775-h/37775-h.htm

  33. Today I had some strange intuition that the "2015" behind 2012portal.blogspot shouldn't be there, that this has gone too far for some reason. Also somewhat relieved to read that I'm not the only one thinking of suicide (I wouldn't recommend it, you'd just reincarnate back into this toxic planet with memory reset). This has gone on for so long that I have hard time to rationalize my mind to keep up with this futile pain and turmoil. What's my motivation to wake up if there's just endless entity attacks, dark energies and loneliness waiting to deal with again and again? My soul just wants out from this body immediately after I wake up. What a lovely planet!

  34. Hi Mitchell T James, and others,

    Thank you very much, for replying to my long post.

    A Few Questions more.

    1 What is the reason, that in my neighborhood, and elsewhere in the world, are living rude young people..15...24 years...still exist, while we are so close to the event/breakthrough/ascension, when these people/crimepeople, are gone away from earth.....

    ...or transformed into loving peacefull beeings?

    I mean young ...15...24 old people, who are very agressive....often shouting....with sick bad words......molest people....using drugs.....alcohol.

    I read, that this people, who not (their soul) not want ascend.......reeincarnate, on another 3D planet.....and die in some way, before, or after the event?

    Please help me with this, i hope this kind of people, are totally gone away from earth, in the new world.

    2 Why, is everything on this planet, just before the event/breakthrough/golden age, only getting worse and worse?

    It looks like, everybody is getting more and more mad...crazy, and freaking out, instead of better, and calmer, in this ascensionperiod.

    Love And light.


  35. Despite all the mass meditations, and portal, after portal opening, everything (SEEMS) only getting worse and worse.

    Like a huge fire, that is only getting bigger and bigger.

    It hurts, it hurts....the world i and all of us are living in today.

    Its like were all cooked alive, in a hot pool, that is cooking for a while/long, and gets cooking more and more intense, while the fire gets burn harder.


  36. Mitchell T James,

    1 But what about the global shift, from 3D, to the 5 th dimension?

    How do that goes?

    The effect of the event, does have sure 5D characteristics to me, from all i know now of it.

    Tell me more about all the things, about, and when we, and earth, are transforming into 5 D conciousness.

    That is what it is all about, living in a world, whith 5 D conciousness.

    In 5D, there will be no money.

    Because we can create, and materialise with our own mind.

    Are telepatic. Can Teleport/transportate ourselfes, immeadeately.

    Can get out of our bodys, with our lightbodys, and much more.

    2 Darkness cannot go higher than the 3 th dimension, 4 th dimension maybe...but cannot go into the higher dimensions, is all i read, and hear, from aloot of sources,

    But you say, that darkness can go higher than 3D. Explain.

    In 5D and Higher, inly light, and oneness with the source can exist.

    3 Is all the darkness of the whole universe, all the dimensions, going away, after the event?

    Vanished/going into the central sun? Not only from our planet?

    4 How is the situation now, and after the event, on other planets, in our universe, and in higher dimensions?

    Liberated? I hear, that earth, is the last one, to be liberated now.

    5 How will live be, after the event, ang long after the event, when we are in the middle of the golden age?

    Beautifull, one with the source? Are there already liberated planets, who are in 5D, or higher?

    5 When the whole universe is liberated/free of darkness, but only light, will life be a pleasure then?

    6 I hope, the darkness/beeings, do/cannot come back, after the event, when all is liberated.

    Im sorry for all the questions, but have so much.

    If you are already in the latest updateblog...i copy/paste it there.

    All of you, thanks very much, for helping me with the questions.

    Much love and light to you all forever.


  37. easter egg got infected?, some 'secret' message and hundreds of silly replies, including mine :D