Saturday, January 17, 2015

Evaluate RUMSFELD grid ratio


  1. Wow that's a new one....Well I evaluate it and its good to go......

  2. Please resistance movement .agartha brothers. Galactics.get rid off these scumbags for good. I am tired of working none stop for no reason. Paying bills that never stop. We are not supposed to paying for in the first place. Anyway thanks for the great work and hoping this nightmare is over soon

  3. Donald Rumsfeld has a grid ratio?? It has got to be evil....

  4. Is it Donald Rumsfeld the Draco?

    1. He sure acts draconian - as if being "the Aspertame bitch" wasn't enough, as a reminder :

      According to CBSNews : “On Sept. 10, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared war. Not on foreign terrorists, "the adversary's closer to home. It's the Pentagon bureaucracy," he said. "According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions," Rumsfeld admitted. Rumsfeld promised change but the next day – Sept. 11-- the world changed and in the rush to fund the war on terrorism, the war on waste seems to have been forgotten.”

      And then the very next day, on 9-11-2001 the people who were investigating where did couple of TRILLION dollars of chump change disappear to? just like the twin towers, poof, into thin air, Abel Danger investigators and others were neatly bundled in one section of the Pentagon and "missiled".

      Who does something like that and talks about it on TV with a smirk on his face?? A sociopathic scumbag psycho, and I haven't heard not one of them apologizing for their crimes against the whole humanity, so who exactly are we supposed to forgive everything in love and light? Who?
      Psychopathic murderers don't understand "remorse", they think they are gods because they know how take life, kill and destroy, so…

      Veterans Today has done excellent work reporting this to those who want to know what happened, it's all on

      That said, I also would like to know "why haven't people woken up yet??"
      What does it take? Nothing seems to wake up those who continually choose to remain ignorant, even though the truth is right in front of their face, and prefer to stay sleep? So be it.

      Someone used a great line few days ago.."I rest my case".

  5. All is either 1 or else nothing. Reality in all is All. Heimdallr born in almost all of All throughout this age; Confucius shall rise and just as well, for the Mantle of Heaven is heavy indeed. All= required. Where do we go now?
    Us =Humanity= very smart. And wonderful: Icarus was told he'd never fly, jump did he but foolishly die . Reborn in imagination he did succeed . For now we cruise absent minded above any clouds. Open Palm==Gold=true. Why fight over Gaia while Chaos awaits? Prometheus Revival=? Survey.
    Undertake population uplift=1.
    Unite all vectors. Cannot divide...

  6. It's all good to go! Cobra, NESARA, and The Dragon Family! All Positive! Time to put the hammer down and Drop it on the Cabal!

  7. I hope this means that we will see something tangible manifest real soon

  8. Power of our divine I AM presence, with our whole being and our complete

    superhuman infinite WILL

    WE DECIDE to

    END all suffering now! NOW!!!

    EVENT, we are ready, come! NOW!!!

  9. "Donald" Rumsfeld? He definitely needs evaluating!!! ­čśä

  10. Rummy is the one who unleashed toxic, brain-tumor-causing Nutrasweet on us back in the 1980's. And I'm sure that's the least of his crimes against Humanity.

  11. Thats the alarm system on Ronald McDumbsfeld mansion. There going to deactivate it and arrest him.
    Woops! I ment Donald Dumbsfeld. I spelt it wrong.

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  13. Wow. Just.. Wow. If this is what it appears to be and Donald Rumsfeld is arrested in the near future then I'd say that's the physical proof we've been asking for. I wonder if Nikki Wonto still reads this blog?

  14. Not sure what this refers to specifically, aside from one of The Usual Suspects hopefully being rounded up. I am still not clear on how a grid ratio (despite reading numerous web pages) relates to Don Rumsfeld. Wondering if it is some type of x-ray death weapon he's trying to activate or something being used on him to neutralize him. Probably something else entirely. grid ratio = H/D or H/W. Maybe they are going to beam him off planet.

    I'd really like for them to fathom the err of their ways. Without it, there will be no remorse. We all know that feeling when we've made a mistake. Denying it can make us defensive and blind to the impact of our actions. Accepting that it was not a wise choice, acknowledging the repercussions and apologizing in retrospect is part of the process. Forgiving self and others is the final step towards liberation and healing. We all feel much better after we have forgiven ourselves and been forgiven. That's called grace. A huge weight is lifted, and we are humbled. We all know that feeling. We who have a shred of humanity left, anyway.

    That being said, most of us would like them to stand trial first, so we can see them squirm as they realize they cannot deny the proof presented, although admitting to what they did and begging for forgiveness would also be acceptable. When I think of the environmental damage they've caused (oil, depleted uranium, clear-cutting National Forests, etc. etc.) I'd settle for seeing them in orange jumpsuits cleaning latrines in our National Parks and picking up highway litter.

  15. Message from Cobra: I actually meant "Evaluate Rumsfeld greed ratio" ;-) hahaha

    1. Greed ratio evaluated. 311,777,911:1

    2. That's way tooooooo high! Next step: Evacuate Rumsfeld off the planetary grid and contain him and the likes!

    3. lol those Royals... they are sooo Greedy!

  16. Evolution, I have also been thinking of Nikki the past few days. Not that I want him to return to sing the same old song, but I was just hoping he is OK and is hanging in like the rest of us hanging on by a thread. I have complete confidence in Cobra, RM, Positive Military and our Galactic family. We are like little kids waiting for Christmas, or waiting to leave on a trip. "When? When? When?" Then suddenly it will all change and we'll see how ready we are!

    I got a fortune in a fortune cookie once, it said "Don't postpone joy." Sage advice. As serious as this all is, we also need to seek out things and activities that uplift us. Laughter and joy raise our vibration and foster creativity. We are in need of creative solutions for many of the problems we now face and need to address, especially after the Event. Because after "GAME OVER" and the initial celebration, we'll still have a lot of messes to clean up. So dream big and write down your ideas, we'll be collaborating and co-creating miracles in the near future.

    1. I'm actually looking forward to cleaning up the messes. I'm aware of many suppressed technologies that could help repair the planet and it's people. I have some medical issues that I need taken care of first but afterwards I won't be afraid to get my hands dirty to help set things right,

    2. Nikki is still around. Just trying to pull people down on other sites. His last instalment was on acc. He is on every site and does nothing but slam or bitch.

  17. Anyone experiencing heavy psychic attacks recently? Just before the meditation, I was under intense archontic attacks; they were pushing my buttons, trying to make me cry. And during the meditation, I felt huge waves of dizziness. Anyone else?

    1. Some months ago I used to get black "fog" coming down over my head when I meditated but that stopped. Now it has started again. But I am not sure if it might depend on the depth of meditation I reach which has been quite good lately.

    2. Yes, in the last week or so I've seen attacks increase. I was excited because I knew something was happening, then to see Cobra's last update was assurance of that for me. It seems like the archons have been playing with everybody's emotions, the people around me have been much more on edge lately so it isn't just us. It's like their whole system is collapsing.

      On the other hand, I've seen a lot of angelic influence as well. I've been filled with an incredible feeling, found my purpose before and after the event, found some crucial info on a subject in synchronicity with Cobra's latest interview, and really felt complete lately. I'm sure the attacks will subside soon enough.

    3. I am feeling under attack today. Very unusual.


  18. Die Exponentialfunktion hat die ├ťbersclagphase erreicht :-))))

    Okay, the numbers involved are way too huge, astronomical, ginormous to even try to grasp them. These wonderful people measure Gaia's vibrational status. Until December 2012 Gaia always hovered around 5 - 6.000 BovisUnits
    By December 2013 She reached about 10 billion, which would be 10 x 10^9
    In 2014 things started kicking into High Gear, and the Vibration constantly rose and rose, 10 x 10^20 , 10 x 10^80 and so on and on. However, it was always counting up the "exponent", the number *behind* the ^

    To use smaller numbers as an example:
    It used to be a success to increase the vibration from 2^2=4 to 2^5=32
    Now the counting is from 2^5=32 to 3^5=243 to 4^5=1028 to 5^5=3125 and so forth

    A few days ago Gaia reached the Final Exponent, at least it looks that way.
    The exponent is 300 GoogolPlex (I may be wrong but I think trhat's 300x10^100^100^100.)
    And now they are actually counting how the number *before* the exponent is increasing, which is Huge News :-)))

    So Happy for You, Gaia. It's ALL HAPPENING :-)


  19. Hmmmmmm........... Maybe they got the wrong address...... Reporting shots outside of Bidens House today........................

    1. It was somebody in a car. If it was RM, I would hope they wouldn't try to do a drive by and then botch it up.

  20. In attempting to solve the coded message by Cobra, here's some "sleuthy ideas"--

    And from Alexander Meador's daily blog:

    Happy sleuthing!

  21. Victory of the LIGHT!
    I keep missing the 'Weekly Liberation Meditation' for two reasons:
    1. I get home from work very early Sunday mornings and sometimes sleep through it.
    2. Is 12:00PM PDT meaning Pacific Daylight Time or Pacific Daylight Saving Time? The DST, or Daylight Saving Time is one hour fast. The Standard Time is one hour slow or back to the original clock setting. Which one is it?

    Any new disease is given a name, the same as new discoveries such as the 'Van Allen Belt', so the Rumsfeld Ratio is like a 'poll' of sorts to see the reaction swing.
    Zeta / Reptilian clone.

    Victory of the LIGHT!

    1. @wingmakersdotus: If you click on "change your location" here, it shows your time:

    2. Simple ... just look at the countdown clock on the right side of this blog (not visible on the mobile version of this page or if your browser is not flash enabled) and synchronize ...

  22. I have seen the New Jerusalem coming down in a short flash-like vision.

    The crown of Melchisedek has entered the planet, his scepter and robe are arriving.

    The true leader of humanity is the Order of Melchisedek.

    1. (occult-mystically-spiritually)

      I would like to hear what Cobra knows about this and our true tasks related to it, coming soon. We might have to figure out on our own mabye also.

      It is not finished after the ascension. I want to go home, yes; yet, I always knew I will stay until the last one is redeemed. Is there a choice? How about you, Cobra?

    2. There is a letter M on most of the human's palm.

      May the LOVE be with you always!
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.

    3. I just found mine, it's beautiful.

  23. Hello Cobra, in the Window of Opportunity 2014-2015 post, you said: On January 21st there will be a special activation codenamed RR6, which is important for the Resistance Movement and not so much for the surface population. could you talk a little about it? Is there something in particular that we can do to assist the RM with this activation?

  24. How to help
    The planetary situation? Pick up the ones more connected to your soul will.

    Idea 1 - Help me creating other lists.
    Idea 2 - Spread THE RIGHT information to the ALREADY awakened.
    Idea 3 - Create chat and interaction groups (online or not online).
    Idea 4 - Organize protests via facebook, twitter, youtube and others.
    Idea 5 - Write books.
    Idea 6 - Help people in need YOURSELF.
    Idea 7 - Help animais in need YOURSELF.
    Idea 8 - Help the environment YOURSELF.
    Idea 9 - Participate on the weekly meditations and others, organize group meditations also.
    Idea 10 - Stop supporting false spiritual teachings.
    Idea 11 - Revoke your contracts with the darks.
    Idea 12 - Exercise your free will.
    Idea 13 - Guide activists groups.
    Idea 14 - Create objects for the benefict of all.
    Idea 15 - Create websites.
    Idea 16 - Use your artistic capacities.
    Idea 17 - Create atmospheric balloons .
    Idea 18 - Vibrate love, joy, hope and etc.
    Idea 19 - Spread love.
    idea 20 - Use alternative means of locomotion.
    Idea 21 - Become a vegetarian.
    Idea 22 - Record youtube videos.
    Idea 23 - Participate on internet forums, guiding the already awakened according to cobra's messages.
    Idea 24 - Visit the orphans, giving them love.
    Idea 25 - Watch less TV.
    Idea 26 - Help the light forces in astral projections.
    Idea 27 - Translate cobra's messages to other languages.
    Idea 28 - Pray and talk to God, asking what you want (free will being used).
    Idea 29 - Adopt a pet.
    Idea 30 - Unite and hang out with those more connected to your soul.

    1. Bless you for this! How could I connect with you?

    2. Bless you for this! How could I connect with you?

  25. I have to say most of The cabal (the ones that we know publicly) give me the creeps. Kerry, Biden, Cheney etc. But none more so than Rumsfeld does imo.

    I'm quite good at feeling instinctively from my solar plexus, and the evil that pours out of these people when you see them on TV, is unreal. I remember watching Rumsfeld constantly interveiwed during the Iraq war, and you could tell he was enjoying the war in some very depraved way. Let's rid ourselves of these parasites.

  26. Cobra,

    This is rela deal?

    Ship has been caught by ISS camera

  27. Judging from the dialogue, most are seeming to miss the point. What is happening is an evaluation of what unknowns may still primarily of the Chimera operations, as well as other activities related to the Cabal. In other words, how many unknown unknowns are there. How many known unknowns still exists. This exercise will greatly speed the onset of the event. I sense we are very near it now.

    1. Yes. And how many conundrums, mineral deposits and organometallic compounds. Oh yes and helicopters. lol

  28. Another asteroid headed our way, scheduled for its closest approach to earth Monday, January 26, The January 26 date is right after the Taiwan breakthrough conference, so maybe the two are related.

    Maybe the asteroid is attending the conference. Cobra: you might want to set up a few more chairs....

    Anyway, see article here:

  29. Gen:Is is Culture Systems & Reagents for Cardiomyocyte Differentiation