Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Systems security breach deflected, LF testing in progress


  1. no meditation cobra??!??

  2. People are waking up.


  3. Thank you Cobra and RM.Bring it on!VICTORY, LIBERATION!

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  5. Greetings fellow isbe's

    Yesterday, I did a much needed hypno session. I found out that there is a free video called RELAX COMPLETELY. If you never done hypno you should try it. Pretty good. It helps you figure out the state of mind you should be in when you meditate. However, the con's is that it does not offer the real deep elements of hypno. Like everything you can imagine is real. (totally hard to grasp) But for those who have never done it, it's a great introduction. I personally started with Dr Skillas. He is one of the best around. Dr.Skillas used to work in anti submarine warfare and now he works for Big Daddy. Check out the two websites.

    Victory to the Light

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  7. I am Grateful for every update Cobra...a Heartfelt Thank You to You, the RM, All the Lightworkers and to those who are playing an active role in bringing in this New World.

    In Love and Light

  8. OK.....its about time to trigger The Event....... everything is ready and set up...........If as usual there is not enough people...... ask the Agarthans and RM if they would assist........Please..........

  9. Kaypacha mentions Pandora's box at minute 10:

    "Astrology for the Soul, January 6, 2015"


  10. Dragon Families - All. Please be careful not to break the Yo-LKs. We are not making cake here. We have already had that and eaten it too.

  11. Guardian Assassins. The Clay-Moore Sword has and indeed IS a Dead Man's Switch. STAND DOWN NOW.


  12. "So drop your pebble
    In the mainstream
    Start a ripple
    It will buzz you
    Like a tweak on your nipple
    Tickle your sensibility
    Speak just a little
    The words have enough weight
    To turn rock to metal"


    And there Is NOTHING holding you back anymore, my friends.
    Your Mind is a weapon of mass construction :-)

    And here it comes, here comes the Final Wave - LOVE

    Every cake You bake ;-)



    1. Speaking of Love, which can never happen often enough, I received my Final christmas present today.
      And to the best of my knowledge, it IS currently Christmas over in Russia, isn't it. Beautiful Timing once again, as could be expected :-)))

      As a charity thing for an organization against violence against women, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Mick Foley had a special one-day-only sale.
      And for only 15$ I got myself . . . a sock puppet :-)

      Yep, and it's the best christmas present ever! Hand-drawn and autographed by Mick Foley, Right There! ON Long Island, New York !
      *cheap pop*

      Just in case you don't know his autobiography, it is really breathtaking.
      I bought it three times;-)
      It's called (and I am not making this up)
      "Mankind - HAVE A NICE DAY!"

      So there you go. Merry Christmas, Everybody, once again.
      Have A Nice Day :-)))

      Lars B.

  13. ...and we're still not FREE! What a joke This whole mission has become!