Monday, January 19, 2015

STRANGE EGG L2 infection cleared


  1. The victory is near!

  2. Getting Closer....................

  3. so when is the Event going to happen? is it even real, or just another wishful-thinking?

    honest question. no sugar-coating & sweet-talking & fake optimism/naivety here.

    1. It is very real and it is going to breakthrough very soon for everyone to see. With Love I tell you the truth my family.

    2. the event will happen when it happens

      "be here now" - Ram Dass

    3. Cobra said "The Event" will be timed with the global economic reset. It might happen around 2/19 (chinese new year) OR could happen Fall 2015/16. Impossible to know for sure.

    4. I believe the event will happen at the perfect divine time for the highest good of all :)

      so don't worry, be happy! (easier said than done, I know, but I feel as though worrying does no good, so why waste the energy on it)

      instead of thinking about when it's going to happen (because in my opinion, there is really no way to be sure that this "event" will ever happen) I suggest focusing your time and energy on bettering yourself and this awesome world around you (and it's inhabitants) in whatever way(s) you can.

      much Love <3

      p.s. sorry for the sweet-talking... i can't help it :p

    5. Hey Nikki, we were just talking about you in the Rumsfeld grid ratio comments. For a coded message that one seems awfully specific. If something major happens to Donald Rumsfeld or the Rumsfeld family in the near future, Scandal, arrests, they suddenly and obviously switch sides, etc.. I'd say that's your physical proof.

      If something like that does happen, that's when I'm going to start pointing everyone I know who's even a little awake at this site.

    6. Tranquil mind, couldn't agree with you enough! Spot on!

  4. How to help
    The planetary situation? Pick up the ones more connected to your soul will.

    Idea 1 - Help me creating other lists.
    Idea 2 - Spread THE RIGHT information to the ALREADY awakened.
    Idea 3 - Create chat and interaction groups (online or not online).
    Idea 4 - Organize protests via facebook, twitter, youtube and others.
    Idea 5 - Write books.
    Idea 6 - Help people in need YOURSELF.
    Idea 7 - Help animais in need YOURSELF.
    Idea 8 - Help the environment YOURSELF.
    Idea 9 - Participate on the weekly meditations and others, organize group meditations also.
    Idea 10 - Stop supporting false spiritual teachings.
    Idea 11 - Revoke your contracts with the darks.
    Idea 12 - Exercise your free will.
    Idea 13 - Guide activists groups.
    Idea 14 - Create objects for the benefict of all.
    Idea 15 - Create websites.
    Idea 16 - Use your artistic capacities.
    Idea 17 - Create atmospheric balloons .
    Idea 18 - Vibrate love, joy, hope and etc.
    Idea 19 - Spread love.
    idea 20 - Use alternative means of locomotion.
    Idea 21 - Become a vegetarian.
    Idea 22 - Record youtube videos.
    Idea 23 - Participate on internet forums, guiding the already awakened according to cobra's messages.
    Idea 24 - Visit the orphans, giving them love.
    Idea 25 - Watch less TV.
    Idea 26 - Help the light forces in astral projections.
    Idea 27 - Translate cobra's messages to other languages.
    Idea 28 - Pray and talk to God, asking what you want (free will being used).
    Idea 29 - Adopt a pet.
    Idea 30 - Unite and hang out with those more connected to your soul.

  5. Wow! Things are going really FAST now! Thank you Cobra, RM, Light Forces, and Agartha Network for all of your efforts on our behalf!

    1. Hi Mitchell, others,

      I ............................REALLY!...........................hope, something VERY huge, is going to happen, right now.....weeks, few months,

      Only when the event now is going to happen, i can cancel my suicide plans.

      After yrears of years, of promises, of this is going to happen...that is going to its time, for the .....EVENT...BREAKTHROUGH,

      You think, it is now very VERY close to the event now?

      When i read, more false flags planned, i have no hope anymore, like a endless unbearable battle, who,s end never comes.

      Hope the cabal, are all mass arrested, or removed now very soon.

      I prepared myself very good, and have for years, informed people whats coming, but alot do not belief it, and not want listen.

      Love and light.


    2. Hi Remco,

      YES! How many times do I have to tell you!? The Event is going to happen soon, probably within the next few weeks or months. Now, stop threatening suicide and worrying about yourself! Now is the time to join together in consciousness with other lightworkers/lightwarriors and make the final push to liberation. Cobra just posted an excellent update with all the information you need to help the cause with meditation. Be a part of the solution.

      Yes, the cabal are planning more and more false flags. That is what they do. They will be planning new false flags all the way up until the moment they are thrown into jail! It doesn't mean they are going to be able to enact the false flags they plan.

      Now be more positive and work together to liberate the planet!!

      (p.s. If you post to me again and I see the word "suicide" anywhere in your post, I will not respond. Now is NOT the time for that kind of negativity!!)

    3. I can only repeat what Mitchell has just said, Remco. I can understand your feelings. Anyone with any goodness and light inside them will struggle on this planet. millions are suffering - not just you. When you consider suicide, think of the many people who have it worse than you.

      Hopefully the event and reset are not far away.

  6. Ugh energy is intense. Maybe thats cause im about to give birth but what a painful feeling day for a birth.... feels like garbage repressed is wide open... ouch... with such little support i feel down n a little out..... this is pretty intense time right now i hope all is well and this is just our past pain finding its way to light. What a serious time baby picked for birth pains! Feels as if the world is having them... feels a little push, a little chaotic, things being exposed, not enough support :(. Well this is the result of people holding in so much dysfunction.... out it comes.... ughhhh.... intense times

    1. Our true support.comes from within, from our mooladhara

    2. Intense times indeed! May you find respite at least by reading this: Until the, work continues. God bless, stay safe and healthy!

    3. I wonder if it makes any difference or changes with a soul on the day of the Event............

    4. Cytheerean try Yoga, mantras, yoga sutras read messages from the Arcturians there helping in this transformation, i like the simple way there explaining what we can do. Try meditating i do mantras i use a mala, and you can also try music that resonates at the healing frequency. God is inside of us the Mother, try doing her mantras she always gives her children what they need. God Bless you.

    5. Congrats! The baby picked a very good time to come back to Gaia. Soon these Scalawags will be gone and we will all be free.

    6. Dear Cytherean,

      We send you lots of love and good wishes on the birth of your baby! Hang in there!

      Your baby chose a very special time to be born as the compression breakthrough for the Event is like our own rebirth. Your baby should be your own little angel who send out lots of Love & Light.

    7. seriously, people here already kept saying about "intense times" for hundred times, yet still nothing happens at all.
      please get out from your wishful-thinking, and get back to the real reality.

      just being very honest.

    8. NikiWonoto, have you been meditating and walking on your spiritual path consciously? Then you would definitely feel the intensity of the energies coming in and the times we are living! "Nothing happens at all" when we are focused outwards and waiting for some Event to happen. Don't get me wrong - I too wish for humanity to be free and would like an end to all this nonsense going around in the world. However, change starts from within and when you are focused on the inside then you will see that everything is happening!

    9. I HONESTLY see that PLENTY is happening behind the scenes! Read the latest Benjamin Fulford post (link posted below), for one of many examples of news we don't hear from mainstream sources. There is PLENTY of PROOF ALREADY for those with eyes to see (DISCERNMENT). Also, Setting individual and group intention to shift the mass consciousness has NOTHING to do with "wishful thinking". While it's true one cannot force understanding, and the Universe knows Right Timing, it is also true that what passes for "REALITY" (consensus reality) is a far more limited experience than what we are capable of CO-CREATING. Those who join in the COLLECTIVE DREAM will reap the most benefit, in that they will be living for TODAY rather than whining about tomorrow, or living in the past.

      [Note to Self: Stop worrying about healing and saving the blind and lost. Save yourself, shine your light and maybe it will help others to see.]

      Or not. After all, we all have Free Will, so what we choose to believe has a direct effect on our daily experience. Therefore, we might ask ourselves, "How's that working out for you? Anything you'd like to change?"

      Yes? So be it! Blessed BE!


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  7. Um we have fb groups so far they are spreading whole lot of disinfo.... And ignoring it is not happening cause its leading the people to believe in this disinfo instead of putting the focos on the real deal what we are suppose to be doing Like Cobra said ..The disinfo is taking people away from what the groups wer made for in 1st place...And other thing is we can't be rushing the body into VEGY state it can kill us its going to take time for people to move to that VEG state ...I have the prepare for change group Pembina North Dakota i refuse to post things that have nothing to do with this here or prepare for change ...People are digging up info from number of links from many people stories ....Or channeling ect so on....Or telling people get ready the city lights are here they are waiting for you and that they been there seen it ....Sigh ****** Peace Light Love ....

  8. LovePower i am going to copy and paste your list to the groups on fb i know it will stay in my group but not to sure if it make it in others ..

  9. This is most likely linked to the clearing of Chimera group and its
    STRANGE and TOP quark based technology.
    Here's an overview, it's exciting to see the progress even without knowing what's happening exactly...

    07-01-14 STRANGE EGG activation in progress

    07-07-14 Fall of the Chimera

    08-01-14 STRANGE EGG sigma complete, STRANGE EGG tau in progress

    08-05-14 Short Planetary Situation Update

    09-08-14 Planetary Situation Update

    09-12-14 TOP EGG modulation in progress

    09-16-14 A New Planetary Situation Update

    09-24-14 Untersberg

    10-01-14 "STRANGE EGG tau in final completion / TOP EGG in progress"

    10-07-14 Plasma and the Planetary Situation Update

    11-02-14 "STRANGE EGG tau complete , TOP EGG in progress"

    A New Planetary Situation Update

    11-10-14 TOP EGG L4 infection cleared

    11-17-14 TOP EGG L3 infection cleared

    A Short Update

    11-20-14 TOP EGG L2 infection cleared

    11-22-14 TOP EGG L1 infection cleared, Imperator in progress

    11-23-14 TOP EGG L0 infection cleared

    11-24-14 TOP EGG convergence complete

    11-29-14 TOP EGG primary clear

    01-01-15 STRANGE EGG L4 infection cleared

    01-13-15 STRANGE EGG L3 infection cleared

    01-19-15 STRANGE EGG L2 infection cleared

    Love and Light to all,
    the Breakthrough is near!

  10. cobra.....por favor...diga verdad...habra evento....o no...????.................cobra ..... please ... tell truth ... there will be event .... or not ... ????

  11. Anyway it is time to create our own "events". We are protected and free to do so. We can remove poisonous and hazardous farming on our own by removing those seeking to harm us from the land and farming it ourselves. We can also stop distribution of poisonous food if grocery stores are turning down healthier brands for contracts with companies, we can remove those distribution lines and have grocery stores contact the other food sources. There is a suspicion that many power companies have already been operating with free energy technologies. Regardless, we can expose every power company on our own. We can ask them to implement free energy technologies(still offering to pay for service), if they we refuse we demand it, however many billion strong. We can ask hospital higher ups when they are going to allow cannabis, reiki, matrix energetics, reconnective healing, ect. if they dont have a plan to or refuse we can shine the light on their darkness to the public (words, video, pictures). We can stop any remaining aerosol spraying, if it even remains, by requesting all workers and officials at airports small and large to refrain from allowing anything involving spraying. We can even walk strait up to the head-honcho of said airport and demand that he stop allowing it. If any refusal is taken we shine the light on the darkness exposing it to the masses. Us and however many billion strong can do ANYTHING here. We have the freedom and the protection to do what we want in public eye. Feel free to contact anytime. Until the "event" or "events" start happening we're going to have to create our own.

  12. Here my personal point of view of the meaning of Strange Egg.

    For me the strange egg, is like an energy bubble, a sphere which surrounds different levels of the earth. These eggs can either protect us or influence us negatively. Depending who influenced the egg. This/these egg/s could be on underground level, above ground, and in the atmosphere. That is why there would be several levels.

    Thank you everyone for helping clear the eggs. We are one. Everybody is contributing to this. Wanting to be liberated and to be positive is already a great contribution to this.

    The removal of the cabal is happening, and has to happen fully. It is not needed anymore. No thank you. We are progressing, and we are progressing on our own. Progressing in our own path. We trust our strength and light.

    We are persistent in the removal of the cabal. No feelings are attached to it. It is neither good nor bad, just something which has to happen. The full financial transition will be a sign of our success. We will see clearly and outwit any attempt of corruption of the transition. We will be relentless in our hunt and stay away from compromises. Any infiltration attempt of the cabal into the new system will be hunted down relentlessly. Stoical and determined. We will not celebrate victory until it is truly done. We will trust our strength, see clearly and fight any deceit.

  13. WOW! This is INCREDIBLE NEWS. We really ARE on the verge of a COMPLETE PARADIGM SHIFT! ~PB

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive." - Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

    Benjamin Fulford - January 19, 2015:
    Financial war coming to a head, Swiss join Pentagon/UK/BRICS alliance | HIPKNOWSYS

    My tags: Ben Fulford, Global Financial Reset, Euro, Yen, US Dollar, Franc, Switzerland, IMF, Christine LeGarde, France, False Flag, Rothschild, Russia, Ukraine, Channel Tunnel, Pope Francis, Phillipines, Typhoon, Freemasons, Joe Biden, Secret Service, Bush Nazi Neo-Cons, FBI, DOJ, David Patraeus, George Soros, UK/BRICS/Pentagon Alliance, Cabal Arrests, Shinzo Abe, Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia, Freedom, End to Financial Tyranny, Environment, Earth Cleansing,

  14. "True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring." ~Martin Luther King Jr.

  15. Remember:

    This Window of Opportunity will open on December 15th, 2014, will have its turning point on JANUARY 21ST, 2015 and will close on March 17th, 2015


  16. All ye of little faith, take heed:

    "...Energy to break down barriers within relationships is also winding its way through things. But there is a special element that addresses our relationship with our self. The energy wants us to break through illusions that we have about ourselves. This is especially true regarding our outlook on life. The energy wants us to switch from focusing on what’s impossible to what is possible. The way things are now is not the way they will remain. The “year of change” continues until April 17, 2015, so there is much more to come. Don’t put a final judgment on anything. Don’t succumb to gloom. Radical transformation is still underway..."

    THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, January 19, 2015

  17. GAIAPORTAL: Grestian convolutions resolve
    20 Jan

    "Grestian convolutions resolve.

    Traditional movements are seen for what they are, and are released.

    Stellarisations come to the forefront, as Illuminaries subside.

    Fraternal orders stand down.

    Maternal paradigms stand up."