Saturday, January 3, 2015

HF testing complete, HF.VSF operational


  1. I'd love to know the meaning of all of these codes.

    1. Speaking of codes, what is this code about:

  2. Thanks for the lovely code update even tho its not for us ...<3 I got to smile each time i see a post cause ...When i get that feeling that Cobra going to post something i have only been wrong think 4 times so far ...But its kinda freaky when i think in my head he going post something then later its here .....Peace Light Love I feel this going to be a very Alive 2015

  3. New victory of Light !!! merci cobra, la France suit tes publications !!

  4. 3DHD will enlighten us soon thanks Cobra

  5. Aloha....

    Suggest we all start thinking of the 501(c)(3) organizations that could use financial support and tell them to contact Cobra per the Jan 1, 2015 post on this website.

    Much better to just start thinking of worthy organizations than to (a) complain (b) pick apart the concept of a 501(c) (3) (c) wonder why the 'Rich Guy" can't figure out who needs money him or herself or (d) complain that "nonprofits are all run by the Cabal."

    People, change your vibe to positive and get moving! We don't have the luxury of time and energy to waste fussing around...

    I have already contacted the Ceres Project of Sebastopol, California, USA and asked them to write the 1,000 word essay to Cobra that Cobra is asking for. I am trying to think of other organizations as well.

    Thanks Cobra for giving us this opportunity...

    1. Everyone on this planet, even the animals, plants, dirt, rocks and air- are all worth it. Free As Gaia Intended is passionate about reminding all of Earth. This passion about giving the Earth back to Gaia and giving life access to the abundance of Gaia is just the beginning. Although everything we want to do is free from the resources the Earth provides, those suppressed resources have made this project desperate in the need of funding. With the donation exclusive to the United States, my home country, this will be the starting ground for a world-wide transformation. This will open the eyes of billions of people, giving them hope and freedom from fear of not having enough. Because there is enough—we just have to plant it.

  6. So many messages, lots going on. I hope this means progress.

  7. What "Activision Blizzard" actually is doing:

    "actually what i discovered is that blizzard is forcing you to be casual in the game "Hearthstone", this is the same case for world of warcraft.
    if you played hearthstone for a while you can find that out. this is actually a pretty bad thing to do. hope someone can spread this any way possible. The point is, they want you to feel having no choice in your life, because you get used to this feeling to be forced to do something. Especially when you play both, WoW and hearthstone. (2 sources of that feeling)"

    anything you wanna say about this Cobra? is this a good topic for a monthly interview? just to spread awareness maybe?

    1. don't ever confuse video games with misusing them, video games have made us to question reality, we literally build alternate realities. Off all the people that i know the most intelligent ones like video games, most of them spent quite allot of time in them. Video games impose a new paradigm where there is an obvious example of multi-verse. Even if it is in its inception, the evolution of "video-game" conception will go to incredible lengths where we will build entire universes. Similar to the way we got in this "reality" now.
      U can misuse anything, going to gym and running allot can be beneficial, but can ruin your intellectual and physical health so easy, not to mention that it can bring complete separation from your attention to mental and spiritual health, i would even say the society today is more misusing physical exercises than Video Games

    2. Uh..I've played wow for quite some time and I still play hearthstone whenever I have some extra time, I don't see how they're bad or evil. Sure, some people play those games a lot, but the same can be said about FB games, games on consoles, etc.

      It's entertainment. The same can be said about movies, sports (football, soccer baseball etc), tv, porn etc. If you let yourself get carried on by those things, you'll be blind to everything else around you.

    3. World of Warcraft was not like this, the original was playable from 2004-2006 and with time they modified it in a very bad way. the actual game from 2004-2006 has provided people the opportunity to be special in that game, they removed this aspect, now they generalize people.
      There is a "revolution" needed in that gaming sceen too, especcialy because Robert Kotick is the leader of so many games. Just watch some videos or atleast 1 video of Robert Kotick talking.

      @11thboris: I know how games can make a difference, i know, i played that game in the best way possible, i was really good at it and i took it with 2 and 3 people alone, im sure the Cabal noticed this and destroyed all the aspects which makes people feel that they are worth in this world. They changed the game surely and slowly, i observed their forums and their games during all expansions except the new one.

      I know what they are doing.

    4. @Neekian: I play hearthstone too. I have a lot of time which i want to spend on a game and Hearthstone simply doesnt allow that, it wants you to be casual or pay money for it. its just incredible how much you have to play just to open 1 Naxxramas wing. Farming 700 Gold by getting 10 Gold for winning 3 PvP games or 1-2 dailies for each 40g. Blizzard is a big example for many game creators and the current state of Blizzard is a very bad example.

  8. Sounds like ....
    Peace in the Heavens above are on the way!
    As above, so below!! :)

  9. Replies
    1. Hello Alcibiade,
      for example High Frequency (HF) Active Auroral Ionospheric Research Program (HAARP):


  10. Und die dunkle Seite so: Och nee...

    Und Ich: Ach ja, ich denke schon, das passt :-)))

    IZ - KO 1111

    And why the heck not? I don't have the letters G, O and D tattooed to the back of my neck without a reason.

    Surfers Paradise, Baby ;-)



    1. One More Time for Good Times' Sake;-)
      It's still True, Oh It Is SO TRUE.

      Ladies and Gentlemen,
      Boys and Girls,

      You wanted The Best? You GOT The Best !
      The Source is dotting the i's and crossing the t's.



    2. Rehearsals are over.
      Getting Siriusly Sisrius now.

      Die dunkle Seite, Mund weit offen hängend: "What the fuck?! You cannot be sirus!"

      Und Wir so: "Volle Kanne, Hoschie. And We're totally Sirius."
      Yeah, darkies: Your time has come and Gone, you're screwed now. Your masters lied to you, and betrayed you.
      How about letting a little Light into your Life, kids? ;-)

      No Worries, you're Welcome



    3. Heat segment finished
      Babyface Comeback.
      Final SHINE Sequence.
      GO HOME

      And That Is FINAL




    4. Real Insider remark here:
      I've been letting my hair grow out for over two days; getting ready for the HAWK haircut again.
      You know what comes after that.

      Next Stage:

      Oooh, WHAT A RUSH !!!



    5. Short note from Lars B. (GroundCrew) down here:
      I really don't mind being the strange type of fellow on here who posts lots of weird-looking texts and let's music speak the message, don't get me wrong; I like the gimmick.
      This constant typing of cryptic messages that aren't even meant for me can get a little tiring in the long run, however.
      Just one dude's honest opinion. Nevermind, do continue.

      Which is why I keep these things to this little section of the comments - thanks for giving Me that space, it is highly appreciated.
      I really don't want to waste anybody else's time . So thank you

      SO !!!
      One More Round . . . ;-)

      HAWK high up, Flying Lariato.
      Time to clean some clocks and ring some bells.
      Don't worry, darkies - it's gonna hurt you a lot more than it'll hirt Me :-D

      "I hear St. Laurentius' bell's a-ringing
      NO roman-catholic choirs singing"
      Das fehlte mir aber auch grade noch, um Gottes Himmels Willen! :-D

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension for All and for Everybody.
      Forever. Forever! FOREVER!!!

      Lars B.

  11. Oui, la France suit et soutient le Mouvement de la Résistance et COBRA !
    Rejoignez-nous sur Facebook sur PREPARE FOR CHANGE FRANCE.

  12. The pressure is overwhelming i feeling so much heaviness

  13. Thank you SOURCE, LIGHT Forces, families, friends and neighbors who are helping our home world to be FREED. May ALL BEings be FREED and HEALED for EVER! Cosmic embrace to ALL! Love you! We R almost home. Victory of LIGHT is here! xo

  14. Ça va is decrypted.

    Let's get the Gazebo ready Family. <3 <3 <3


  15. The article below from 2000 covers a subject that quickly becomes the most uncomfortable, almost a taboo, to any one who started waking up and became aware of their own invisible prison, that lead to no holds barred solemn fight or flight, mind over matter, the red pill or the blue pill, know all or know nothing… fence-straddling is the one thing that does not last forever.
    We now have grown up to be able to handle the ugly part of the truth, right? Without them high vibes dropping down to the ankles? Okay then..
    It is a subject that everyone should become aware and knowledgeable of at least, so that eventually one day, we could feel more at ease in openly discussing, and even sharing the less sensitive parts of personal experiences, not for sensationalism but for solidarity only.
    So, take your time reading through while keeping in mind that awareness of something dark does not mean "getting stuck in it", it actually should have the opposite effect unless you still live fear-paradigm because, ultimately the truth sets you free because truth is very simple, it's a fluid movement, dots that create clear patterns, it explains why things are the way they are, and "why it has taken so long" (what ever means to you), so that we can leave these horrors behind, and move towards a new paradigm that only you can vision for yourself, do not let anyone else do it for you, again.

    After that, imagine what will you be doing during the Event? How do you see it? What happens? How does it affect you? What's your life like after the Event? What was your contribution to the Victory of Light? And also, what legacy did you leave to the chapter "Before the Event" in the book of records on Spaceship Earth? If you are at peace with your answer to the last question, you're golden ;)

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  16. ...and I also ask myself if it is very helpful always to speak about "duality" and "oneness". Sometimes it feels to me as if this would also create a separation...

    Just living in joy and not think about anything would be so great.....

  17. Also covering this subject in detail with great exprtise is the book by Robert Duncan "Project Soul Catcher". He does have a short video on You Tube

  18. Calibrate Claim-More Sword.


  19. All that is Gold does not glitter
    Not all those who wander are lost
    The Old that is strong does not wither
    Deep Roots are not reached by the frost

    From the Ashes a FIRE has been woken
    The Light from The Shadow has sprung
    Renewed IS the Blade that was Broken
    The Crownless again IS King

  20. HF human freedom
    VSF veil shutdown frequency