Wednesday, January 21, 2015

RR5 complete


  1. I volunteered for this so now it's ... Full On Battle Mode <3 Light Saber Charged and Ready

  2. cobra ... thanks for reporting ... well ... well ... event now ...... thanks ...

  3. This is good....But what happened to RR6 supposed to be activated today!

  4. This whole thing just keeps accelerating. I have really been breaking through a lot of old patterns, and am loving bringing light into the darkness.
    Thank you Cobra for your consistency, and hard work. We all owe you much gratitude for your amazing roll in this process.
    It feels like our ultimate reward is just around the corner now. Let's all keep up the protection process, and bring in as much light as we can! It's working!

  5. I don't profess to understand what RR5 is, but I do know something very wonderful happened in my life. Thank you Cobra, Namaste.

  6. The Handshake

    This is our new Legal System. It is worth all the Paper it's written on.

    Pactum De Singularis Caelum <==> Galactic Codex

  7. My, my, it's like someone opened up a can of sunshine & poured it out....Thanks RR6 do good work!

    Here's the definition of "Tunnels of Set" affected by RR6 activation:
    We threw ourselves into exploration of the Nightside of consciousness, eager to experience the backside of the Tree of Life, to crawl into those interdimensional wormholes that undermine prosaic Dayside reality. The Tunnels of Set: "a network of dream cells in the subconscious mind," reached by projecting consciousness through Daäth, "the gateway of the manifestation of non-manifestation" (Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden). Daäth, false Sephira, throat chakra, connected weirdly to the "lower throat" — phallus/kteis — glyphed by Yesod. In our subsequent workings, this identity - polarity returned again and yet again to our awarenesses, assuming considerable importance in the efficacy of our tantras.

  8. Thank you Cobra!

    Give light, love, and purple fire to everyone you love my friends!

  9. Cobra...what is this??

    1. There are only 2 things this could be.

      1. Fake.
      2. Lost.

  10. And what comes after rr6?

    Right, endless other numbers.

    Im sorry, but START!!! EVENT....NOW!

    .............................NO more wait please......billions of humans/animals are unbearable suffering.


    1. We understand your pain and sympathize but begging will not do anything.

  11. Btw, i wonder how Finland plays in all of this.

    1. That's a very good question. Been wondering the same while coming to a realisation that the truth really is stranger than fiction. I can't wait…it's probably something pretty interesting

  12. Cobra must be over worked. RR6 should have been the operation today not RR5. Earlier in the week the message came up STRANGE EGG L2 infection cleared. However he hadn't announced there was an infection on L2. (Last infection to be cleared was L3.) You need as much rest as possible young man!

    1. Oooo-eerrrr I was wrong. RR6 post now up, lol.

  13. It's incredible how almost no one pay attention to my message. They want to be free but do nothing to help.

    How to help
    The planetary situation? Pick up the ones more connected to your soul will.

    Idea 1 - Help me creating other lists.
    Idea 2 - Spread THE RIGHT information to the ALREADY awakened.
    Idea 3 - Create chat and interaction groups (online or not online).
    Idea 4 - Organize protests via facebook, twitter, youtube and others.
    Idea 5 - Write books.
    Idea 6 - Help people in need YOURSELF.
    Idea 7 - Help animais in need YOURSELF.
    Idea 8 - Help the environment YOURSELF.
    Idea 9 - Participate on the weekly meditations and others, organize group meditations also.
    Idea 10 - Stop supporting false spiritual teachings.
    Idea 11 - Revoke your contracts with the darks.
    Idea 12 - Exercise your free will.
    Idea 13 - Guide activists groups.
    Idea 14 - Create objects for the benefict of all.
    Idea 15 - Create websites.
    Idea 16 - Use your artistic capacities.
    Idea 17 - Create atmospheric balloons .
    Idea 18 - Vibrate love, joy, hope and etc.
    Idea 19 - Spread love.
    idea 20 - Use alternative means of locomotion.
    Idea 21 - Become a vegetarian.
    Idea 22 - Record youtube videos.
    Idea 23 - Participate on internet forums, guiding the already awakened according to cobra's messages.
    Idea 24 - Visit the orphans, giving them love.
    Idea 25 - Watch less TV.
    Idea 26 - Help the light forces in astral projections.
    Idea 27 - Translate cobra's messages to other languages.
    Idea 28 - Pray and talk to God, asking what you want (free will being used).
    Idea 29 - Adopt a pet.
    Idea 30 - Unite and hang out with those more connected to your soul.

    1. Perhaps we are all paying attention in our own way, and we just don't tell you about it ;)

      I'm sure most of us do at least part of this list friend. Thank you for your efforts.

    2. Great list and I appreciate that as I said before!
      Don't be discouraged my friend, bear in mind that the effects of our actions are rarely playing out the way we expect them...

    3. Done some of the above, hope more people will do it, not just talk.

      Watch THE STAR RACES at

      May the LOVE be with you always.
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.
      Official Website :

    4. Thank you for your very helpful list lovepower55!

  14. Thanks once again Cobra for your timely updates that keep us informed as to the progress being made by all of the light workers and light warriors. Much thanks to all of them as well.
    I feel energetically and am seeing multiple signs nearly every day that much is being accomplished. Positive world events are accelerating at a much faster pace which is a good sign that we are getting closer to our liberation


  15. They know every one is suffering but , screaming yelling to start event is not going to get it ..Things in the way of the event has to be removed 1st its worth the wait !!! Peace Light Love ....Do something to help it go faster don't just come here to wine want want want ..

  16. Thanks Cobra for all your work. Let's hope more "pressure" can be put on the unholy four. Although I'm sure theres many more than just four...