Friday, January 16, 2015

Planetary Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. There is significant progress, but all intel pertaining to that must remain classified for now. However, here is a how you can participate in resolving the Chimera situation:
Tunnels of Set, plasmatic fistulae of disgust, are being cracked open by the Light, the infection oozing out, being transformed by the Light and being absorbed into the One. This is the occult reason for craziness happening on this planet right now. 
Since the initialization of the Breakthrough phase after the opening of the IS:IS portal in December, the Eastern Alliance is speeding up their plans to build an alternative financial structure to the petrodollar system which was the principal life support system for Chimera group to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth, utilizing Negative Military as their main operating tool: 

This new alternative structure includes GPS navigation systems which are not under control of the Negative Military:
All this alternative structure must be operational to a great degree at the time of the Event and will be the main instrument through which the financial Reset will be taking place.
Since the beginning of the year, the conflict between the Eastern Alliance and the Jesuit/Illuminazi financial/military industrial complex is escalating, Europe being the battleground of this proxy war because of its geopolitical position in the middle of main operating centers of both the Alliance and the Cabal, and because it is the location of many important vortexes in the planetary energy grid which hold significant key to the control of the planetary energy body.
The Paris false flag attacks were engineered by the Jesuit/Illuminazi Cabal with Paris being an important Isis vortex and as a warning and a threat to France as it was about to make a decision to join the Alliance:
Instead of being overly involved in the drama of that false flag I would suggest everybody to be more aware of this:
Much more awareness is needed in the alternative community about the situation in Nigeria.
In the European situation, the Eastern Alliance strikes back. First, in a not so surprising U-turn, Switzerland has de-pegged its currency from Euro wonderland and is joining the Alliance in preparing for the transition into the gold-backed financial system after the Reset:

Second, Russia has threatened to cut gas supplies through Illuminazi controlled Ukraine towards Europe in the middle of the winter and reroute gas through Turkey, effectively forcing European countries to choose sides: 
It is also an intel war and it appears that the following article is disinfo: 

Anyway, the Cabal is already sending their representatives to Bulgaria to persuade:
Meanwhile, the Alliance is rapidly building the new financial infrastructure to be ready when the Event comes:
Signs in the skies continue, the Goddess is returning. American Kabuki has found this beautiful photo of a Goddess figure in the plasma tail of comet Lovejoy from the Space weather gallery website:

Now comet Lovejoy is passing near the Pleiades, merging the energy of Joy with the Pleiadian cosmic Love energy. Those sensitive to energies might experience an increase of Love in their relationships as a result of this energy flow:

The Breakthrough is near!


  1. "Second, Russia has cut gas supplies through Illuminazi controlled Ukraine towards Europe in the middle of the cold winter, effectively forcing European countries to choose sides" - it would be greatly appreciated, if entities that easily label a country 'illuminazi' would kindly provide a list of the government officials of the said country that are members of the said 'illuminazi' faction. Thank you,

  2. Thank you Cobra! I'm excited at the prospect of a new world with-out the controllers and the start of the Golden Age.

  3. So, What has France decided to?
    Undecided or joined Cabal or joined Eastern Alliance?

    1. Russia gave France until end of this January to think about their Mistral withdrawal. After that Russia will sue them.

    2. Can you give a link to the "sue" part? please this sounds exciting :D

  4. Is there a world map that shows how many places joined the Eastern Alliance and how many are still in the Cabal group?

    Just to check how is it going everyday and if there is a change you can look at it.

  5. Not sure if this has been posted here before, but it has some very good information and pictures of Achons:

  6. Good news from the frontier, Love it.

    Wishing all the love for Boko Haram.

  7. Is something wrong with the planets orbit..? While the east coast was in the news for having freak snow storms, South Central Alaska had 1/2 an inch of snow at the end of October (more like a heavy frost), another 1 and 1/2 inches in November, and that is it... rain the other day... - 20 F and trees splitting from freezing cold would be normal this time of year... I can go out and cut grass or rake leaves where I should be stomping out trails with snow shoes.

    1. Harp was a lead up. I cant find it anymore but there there a utube video where a high ranking military officer said 'they're making it like before'. There's a reason all the old fail tales spoke about 'spirit beings' and the interaction with them. Most of these creatures exist in what is loosely refererred to as the astral plane. These tales were passed down to us from before the flood. The earth at that time exist AT A HIGHER FREQUENCY - closer to where these beings exist. The earth IS CHANGING FREQUENCY....but the metalic chemtrials are an ARCHETYPE for this occurring and are not actually the cause of it. The Nephilimic genetic differences which are being manufactured by black ops WILL NOT FUNCTION AT THE EARTHS CURRENT FREQUENCY. The desire of Luciferian psychopaths to accomplish this is the gate way to this happening...thinking they can control it. This frequency change is also why the weather is changing...and IS NOT THE RESULT OF TOO MUCH CAR EXAUST like the lying psychopaths wish us to believe. The archetype for the weather change is the desire of men to control it through HAARP technology...but it is not the reason for the entire scope of what's happening. Problem, reaction, solution. The very hands of Lucifer.

  8. I would like to show you my little video dedicated to a subject (or a meditation) "Life after Event"
    Hope, you'll enjoy! :)

  9. I am absolutely not happy of these visits in Bulgaria. Cabal ruined my country after "democracy" as they do now in Ukraine. And this month they are coming here as flocks of vultures! They will put more troubles here, my folks love Russia, but the government is turned in zombies.
    God save Bulgarian!

  10. ~~~<3°°° ~~~<3°°° ~~~<3°°° °°°Thank you Cobra°°° ~~~<3°°° ~~~<3°°° ~~~<3°°°

  11. Aloha,

    Mahalo Cobra for the helpful insight. The energy has been pretty crazy... But I have felt increased love, at the same time.... It feels like I am standing at the intersection of where the river meets the sea and there are cross-currents as well... Lots of 'chop' in these daily emotional and physical waters on earth.

    We couldn't figure out what was going on with the Swiss franc, but it is encouraging to know it is part of the positive transition.

    The whales, who are now on vacation in Hawaii.....(: ^ )... are leaping with Joy and Love because I suspect they see the goddess up there following the comet... This whole thing is so beautiful and cool...

    I am continually amazed at these photos of goddess energy in the sky...such as the one you posted a few days ago of Dou Mu in the skies above Asia. How could these photos be taken and how could this energy show up in a photo and is this real? It is wondrous.

    We will send love and light during meditation to the people of Nigeria, and so the love and light will drown out the negative.

    IMahalo and aloha...

  12. Lol, reading the last part of love and I head "This love, This Love, This Love" in my headphones cause I listened to a calm harmonious song called Bliss - This Love.

    Interesting to see all information above. Nice to know so many of the "dark" are joining the "light". :)

    Good times, and soon awesome times! 2015 -> The Cabal looses? Seems like it, if not we'll probably going to see it at the latest 2017, but the last few months have been totally amazing in what's happening!

    The RM and inner earth acting to bring peace and love in harmony helping the surface planet. The balance is there, because the dark have had an advantage for quite a time from Source who did accept this anomaly that finally is resolved! :)

  13. Regrads to the UPDATE of Friday, January 16, 2015
    ( incl. link to Untwine Cobra interview from 13th of January
    with information regards to our past spiritual knowledge. )

    Cobra interview 13th January 2015 done by Untwine

    Untwine : Is it true that the Earth postponed her ascension before ?

    Cobra : It's happening right now, it never happened before but it's happening right now, so that people have people have more time to settle their situations.

    U : What was the date that she had set originally ?

    C : The original plan was the year 2000, or 1999.

    <3 Question from Untwine regards to the return of the feminin aspect as this has been highly talked about and teached within the spiritual communities
    ( it's all about energy and NOT feminine as a individual person )

    lifeisbeautiful says:
    The source contains of both aspects and in the illusion of separation we saw a male individual as carrier of the masculine and the female individual as carrier of the feminine.

    But we have feminin and masculine energies ( which can also be refered to left VS Right brain, which left is masculine & right is feminin ) as source energy is of
    both and all together it is just source energy. That is why the separation occured within and not to the so called optical Matrix of the outside. Karen wrote about this in the article called:

    "The REbirth of the Divine Male in TRUTH"

    Mark Passio has also talked about this in this lecture
    "New" Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine

    U : And so would you agree that to be able to return in a healthy way, it needs to be connected with the masculine as well, that they both need each other ?

    C : Yes actually there is a certain phase when connection between masculine and feminine is required to continue the healing. It is not possible to completely embody healthy feminine without being connected with the masculine, and the
    other way around as well.

  14. <3 Lifeisbeautiful says regards to the distorted Spiritual Teachings <3
    Do remember this regards to the distorted Spiritual Teachings which was highjacked in order to promote and keep the illusion of separation ongoing and the energetic distortion maintain.

    This is also why you by this link can see and read about the real Matrix of the real constructed Projective Plane called the Roman Surface as a construction of duality and separation - That us THE MATRIX.

    As we more and more starts to feel through the rememberence is important to let go of all the labels as this was a concept of the illusion of separation. It is all within source of all, it all happens even if there is layers of higher consciousness which is just different levels of vibrations. Further the illusion of separation occured within and not to the so could illusion of the outside. Also this vibration is to be manifested in the physical and not just as a state of vibration an esotheric experience within, as many seems to believe and been taught within the spiritual teachings, which has manifested much confusion and great challenged for many as they have
    trouble staying and being grownded within the physical body.

    The vibration of fear has stronger and stronger been felt as this is NOT a natural state of being as source energy, because as you can read in this article from Karen Dover, and fear was a concept of maintaining the lower vibrational state in the illusion of separation to the individual itself oneself. So it is only within you oneself the UNITY OF ONENESS OR ONENESS IN UNITY shall be manifested as the seapartion and the perception of the optical illusion of separation is not real.

    The real organic natural evolution of humanity and consciousness the energetiv fileld has been higly distorted and therefore we have evolved according to these programmes in order to maintain these energetic lower frequencies to maintain intself oneself. Through eduaction, and different teachings and speacially through the mass media we was thaugh a way to behaive in order to maintain the illusion of separation, through these lower energetic waves of consciousness.

    Tobias Lars did talk about this spirtual esotheric energetic teachings in this video regards to the Tao munks and all the spiritual esotheric teachings, which
    further teached separation.

    <3 Tobias Lars - The Tao Monks and The Heart of Innocence<3

    In this video Tobias Lars talk about the same aspect of FEAR and the illusion of it as a aspect of what we referced to the construced of ILLUMINAZY / Archons or what ever. But we have to forgive and you can learn about it and the reason for it through the video of Tobias Lars called: ( which is perfect together with the video about the Tao munks )

    You want to Know God? - Feel & Heal your FUCKING SHADOW!

    <3 Tobias Lars - Sexual Spiritual Healing <3

    <3 Tobias Lars - The Spiritual Placebo Effect <3

    <3 Tobias Lars - We are the Gods - Channeling is over <3

    <3 Bruce Lipton talking with Lilou Mace <3
    Being a cell of Humanity & Letting go of the illusion of separation
    ( Evolution Of Concisousness )

    1. OMG - this cat was HYSTERICAL! the Heal your FUCKIN' SHADOW is brilliant. I got a good belly laugh - I don't agree with the Soloman stuff he mentioned (I think he's MisLead) - but the actual act of finding you shadow & realizing how bad your own Astral Shit might stink is GOLD!!

      The Shadow he refers to what I've seen referred in "Bleach" (an Anime about battling Soul Reapers) as "Hollows"- The main protagonist has incredible soul reapers powers but they were awakened in "near-death" experiment which also gave him powers of the enemy (The Hollows - lost Souls).

      The Hero (his name is Ichigo) later in the series starts to lose control of his powers and must learn to absorb his Hollow Self & control it. His Hollow-Self is very powerful and he risks losing his humanity if he gives into too much - However, everytime it erupts and fights it back he gains more power & control as a Soul Reaper. this short video shows him beating his Hollow to achieve "Bonkai" Powers (2nd stage release)

      My name (that I post under) was chosen by my Shadow - it's in homage to an Anime of the same name.

    2. Gantz is my favorite manga, especially because of the aliens on different frequencies :D

  15. As Karen Dover stated in here latest article make awareness about a lot of the highly distorted spiritual teachings, and also common teachings aswell.

    Everything is about Energy In Motion = (E)MOTION.= Consciousness)
    The experience of the feeling is what gives you the experience of the consciousness both in physical and non physical matter.

    The beautiful gift of being a human in physical form is the gift of experience consciousness in a physical state of beingness, connected to all there is by and individual, uniqe and sovereign adventure, manifested by our free will choice. But because of the illusion of separation and the energetic distortion, we got lost in the illusion of separation and got separated within ourself oneself, and felt the separation from the source of all.
    The only place to manifest unity is to fall back within you onself as it is within the separation occured. So if you want to help the collective and heal all there is, do let go of the optical illusion of separation experienced as the so called outside.

    The spiritual community and the spiritual teachings was distorted to keep the separation still in place and also through the vast focus on the meditation, to get humanity in a passive state by the visualization and all these inner esotheric connections ( almost like floating on the effect of drugs ) when deep in the state of meditative trance when connected to the esotheric plane ( or to THE MATRIX )

    Mark Pasio talks about some of these distorted spiritual teachings in this video and he also talkes about the distorted teaching regards to meditation and why meditations and Yoga when corret used is good. But to much meitation is yet again to get you out of balance and into the illusion experienced through the esotheric plane, which is an ilusion like a dreamstate, out of body experience or as a psychic experience, as for the reason of the Pineal Gland which the archons got their way into manipulating the conciousness through their Scalar wave Technoligy which was establish as THE VEIL & and also connected to the Strangelet Bombs systems.This is also why so much of the channeled stuff is highly distorted. The true way to feel secure is to establish security within and not to the so called outside or to routines, tradition, time or calleder or to others or to systems. Because this is the way we have used as referencepoints in order to know who we are, or where to fit in, in order to feel loved or to feel that we are someone or something. This is yet again the illusion of separation.

    You can hear Karen Dover speak about this in this 7 videos series called which I highly recommend for those who still have trouble keeping up with all that is happening in the illusion of chaos.

    Here is the first out of seven:
    TRUTH Codes - Finding PEACE within part one (7 parts)

  16. As humans we were created with as little Reptile brain as this was also done in order to trigger the reptile aspects used for the purpose to trigger these survivor-mode divide & concore aspectes when humanity was manipulated by these energetic scalar
    wave used by the archons.

    Energi/ frequency comes first and from there it creates thoughs and not the way around. Therefore you can not think your way out of this so called illusion of chaos. You must trust within and use the way you feel and therefore it is important to let go of these old routines and traditions by creating the illusion of security by using these old referencepoint by the mind as you were used to as to think your way out of the choas or find a solution.. as this is the same as to manifest these old energetic waves ones more, as it is frequencies that manifest matter. And if you use and manifest the old way of life even if you connected and gain higher vibration by still live in fear,.. you will only manifest the same all over again and will feel and experience no change. To live and feel and see the esoterich version as a visualisation as like a dream wil not manifest it in the phaysical experience as this you can see people complaining about, beacuse THE SEE & FEEL NO ChANGE.

    And do remember.

    We will not enter a NEW WORLD WITH ONE SYSTEM TO FOLLOW as that hyas been the formular in the MATRIX as it was taugh so because if not there would be CHAOS. So therefore you learned to follow the system. But now as we liberate ourself oneself we will let the beautifull flow of individuality and uniqeness flow as never before and it will manifest soo much beauty in so many magificient ways, waves shapes and forms as this is the only trut of expansion of love in trut of the source of all reshaping and reforming itself oneself for ever and ever.

    Approaching deep fear beliefs and walking through the veils
    Posted: January 16, 2015 - By Karen Dover

    But everything has to be forgiven and let go of in order to set us as individuals free from these energetiv waves needed for the archons to maintain their manifest.

    1. Here Here!! That's what many "3-D connected" people aren't getting. They have a Bus Stop mentality. The Event is not a Bus (or train) - You don't stand & wait for it to come and "pick you up". Why? Because "Time" itself is relative to each persons perception - "Time" is a 'Social Agreement' (in the 3-D sense).

      Disconnect YOUR Perception of Time in YOUR "Personal" Reality. I've been "UnStuck" since Birth as I am Bi-Corporial and while my Ego observes Linear 3-D time - My Spirit has always been more "Astrally fluid" (lets say) - Far more ABSTRACT than the average human. I am always aware of my Astral Self.

      You ALL need to remember how you thought as a child "Before" you owned a watch and you just "did stuff"- did you ever get Lost in thought? Did you ever play a game or hang w/ a hot girl and the time seem to "Fly By"?? That's NO TIME - You were UNPLUGGED. The Event isn't going to happen a 2:30 on a Tuesday in the month of Feb because it's on a calendar (The Negatoids created Calendars to CONTROL YOUR Thinking!!). Time is a River full of "Events" - like Moments in the Woods.

    2. Let love seek and let love find. Let love lead and let love flow.

      It's simple.

      ~ Collective Soul

  17. The archons is also a part in all there is and if we keep blaming, we blaming ourself oneself as you can hear Tobias Lars talk about in this video, regards to illuminati (archons) and the illusion of separation.

    <3 Tobias Lars - You want to Know God? -
    Feel & Heal your FUCKING SHADOW! <3

    "The dissolving of “comfort zones” and the resulting chaos in TRUTH
    Posted: January 15, 2015 By Karen Dover

    "We are not as a race trying to harmonise the higher frequencies to us, we are trying to harmonise our human vehicles TO the higher frequencies. There is a huge difference between the two scenarios with one taking us to serious discomfort and the other into ease and grace."

    There are many spiritual teachings that seek to persuade us to accept the physical discomfort as part of the process, this is highly distorted, to feel discomfort in our human vehicle and wear this as a badge to somehow “confirm” that we are “ascending” is to walk in distortion. This process of evolution is ETERNAL, it does not stop, so allowing the discomfort to remain is akin to putting rocks in our shoes and complaining that we cant walk very far due to the rocks. It is not necessary and is not a NATURAL part of the evolution process. It is a teaching that seeks to persuade us to control the energy coming into, through and around us. This is not free flow, this is containment.

    Asciension as you have been taught is also a distorted CONCEPT as EVOLUTION is always and forever. You can read more about enteing the NEW EARTH by energetic frequenccy vibration in this article by Karen Called :

    "Entering the Portal to the New Earth"

    "It is not a case of simply appearing in the New Earth, there are many spiritual teachings that seek to promote this and these are working to promote “expectation”. Each human being alive on this planet has their own way into the New Earth for it is a personal and unique process which has already begun. Having experienced the process for the last 2 linear years of this human life experience I can verify it is a process. The process is gone through by each person, how they interact with the process will determine which New Earth frequency reality they align with."

    <3 Mark Passio <3
    "New" Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine

    <3 The REbirth of the Divine Male in TRUTH - By Karen Dover <3
    Posted: December 29, 2014

    <3 Heart vs Logic vs KNOWING in TRUTH - By karen Dover <3
    Posted: January 11, 2015

    <3 The distortion that is the human “PINEAL” gland - By Karen Dover <3
    Posted: January 14, 2015

  18. The arrogance of the soon to be conquered elite (and then being not "the old matrix-elite" anymore) is unbelievable:

    "China is calling for a global currency to replace the dominant dollar (...). Both the United States and the European Union brushed off the idea."

    "In Washington, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner both rejected China's call for a global alternative to the U.S. dollar's role as the international reserve currency.

    And the European Union's top economy official said the dollar's role as the international reserve currency is secure despite China's proposal.

    "Everybody agrees also that the present world reserve currency, the dollar, is there and will continue to be there for a long period of time," EU Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said Tuesday after a meeting of the European Commission."

    How can the leaders of Europe be so stupid.....It is a shame....

    DON'T THEY understand that when the cabal are powerless and tightened, a much better thing can be installed then just a new financial system?


    Let us direct the light to the european leaders and influence their decisions.

  19. As I just wrote elsewhere, that ZeroHedge article has erroneously spliced together a 2009 Daily Mail article with a current Bloomberg one. Gas supplies were cut through Ukraine back in the winter of 2009 but not the case currently!

  20. May Nigeria be blessed with peace and healing <3

    So be it. So it is.

  21. Thank you Cobra for this Planetary Situation Update! I was really wanting to know the situation with current events in the world, and how close we may be coming to the Event. This update is perfect! I will read all of the links in detail. Victory of the Light!!

  22. Very interesting info..............Hope its not to much longer for the event......I must be blind....... I can see a form or shape in Comet LoveJoys tail......But how they get that its a Goddess is beyond me!

  23. Thanks you, Cobra. This update is filled with positive energy.


  24. Thank You Cobra for the positive energy Update

  25. <3 Thank you Patrick for creating the facebook-meditation-event for Nigeria:

    "Nigeria has recently been attacked by Boko Haram again. It is for this reason I ask that you please bless Nigeria with peace and healing, in whatever way you feel guided to do so (prayer, meditation, reiki, etc.)

    This will be an ongoing effort at 5:00 pm UTC/GMT everyday, as well as any other time throughout the day (whenever you feel guided to)

    You can find your local time for the event here:

    Peace and much Love to all "



    <3 A beautiful invitation from Katja Z.:

    "Please help that this killing in Africa and everywhere in the world stops. Recently we have had this attack in Paris, we did a worldwide meditation for peace. In Paris just few people were killed, meanwhile Boko Haram (affiliated to Al-Qaeda) killed more than 5,000 civilians between July 2009 and June 2014, including at least 2,000 in the first half of 2014, in attacks occurring mainly in northeast, north-central and central Nigeria. Somewhere I found the number of 10.000 people killed in northeast Nigeria. Further, about 20.000 are killed each year by terrorist attacks, mostly in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Nigeria, Siria, India follow the top 3. In Syria a three-year civil war has left an estimated 150,000 people dead.

    Let's consciously invoke the goddess energy and send it to Nigeria!

    You may connect with goddess Dou Mu, cosmical being of light physically present on powerful vortex in Asia channeling cosmic Goddess archetypes of Nut (sky), Maat (justice) and Hathor (love) for the planet."


  26. @Remco

    Hang on and learn something ... countless people have already died horribly through the ages so a few suicides at this stage is not going to speed up the Event.

    Deal with it.

  27. We The People are mightier than the gods of old. Zeus could thrown lightening bolts. We can drop Hellfire Missiles from a Playstation. Hades had Chimera to guard his secrets. We the CIA. Which is easier to assimilate?
    Let art reign beneath spired sky. Restored Dikē let Lightbringer shield, Truth or gold truth in shine of any, all unjust yield. Caught in wild disperse a misunderstanding will be Recovered.
    Dispel encouraged find 696. Let flux tide equal One. All Identify optimal course and all equal approach. Begin...

  28. This is totally nerdy but so much fun and quite a way to learn few things too. If you really get into it, it will definitely put things in perspective and all of a sudden, wars on this planet over space become embarrassingly uncivilized - all the while the pea-brained "intellectuals" and scientists still want to hold on to the absurd belief that "there's no one else out there and nothing ever changes". Oh my…
    Can't make the horse drink…non-fluoridated water.

    Look how enormously vast the universe is and how much space there is for everyone once we stop wars for oil and expand our perception of reality instead - there's enough for everyone!
    click on Play and use the left and right arrows

    This is worth another mention, watch it on the biggest screen possible with headphones.
    Morphing Platonic Solids (Sacred Geometry by ieoie)

  29. Thanks so much that helped. I had been having a difficult time finding my bearings with all the crazy going on in the world lately. I took the time to read all of those links and I feel like I have a much better understanding now. I care a lot about my family and other people I don't even know. That situation in Nigeria has really touched me.
    Cobra, if you can, will you please give info about if or how the negative forces use the religion of Islam to perpetrate terror and massacres? It seems like lately ,even more than usual in America, Muslims are being portrayed as the deadliest people on Earth and in general mostly psychopaths. I have caught myself a few times discriminating them all in thoughts..What's going on there?

  30. I'll just put this video here. Cobra shows the picture of a Goddess light being in the tail of a comet it reminded me of this song from Momoiro Clover Z. Neo-Stargate. it's about the girls in space being transformed by Goddess Cosmic energy

    They evolve and become 'Crystal like' beings as they sing about the 5th Dimension of LOVE - Open the Gate (Portal)- Open your Soul. The Lyrics will give you Chills and they contain SO Many references to this current "Awakening" - it's amazing!

    The song is Japanese - but the version I linked has English Subtitles!! - The song does, not the guy in the beginning. The Subtitles start when they Start to sing!!!

    This song was released in April 2013 around the time I started coming to this blog somewhat regularly. If you can watch this video without Smiling or Crying tears of beauty you might be an AssChon - lol.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Everything the cabal is doing, the source is using against them.
    The smart ones have already surrendered, lol.

  33. this is bad very bad and i'm say this for the weekly meditation, i did said to every i know and no even 1 understand what i'm saying but if i put my self on that i will say that is it hard to do it (meditation phase 2) maybe with voice it would be a bit eayser or maybe i will try harder and the reason is becuase peopole are sufering as i....

  34. encouraging intel update. Lots of new energy:)

  35. Power of our I AM presence, we the collective consciousness of Germany, decide now to break free from the rule of any powerabusing entities, realities and structures and to join benevolent forces and alliances.

    Power of our I AM presence, we the collective consciousness of Europe, decide now to break free from all destructive systems and are willing to do all we can to bring bliss to this planet.

    Power of our I AM presence, we the collective consciousness of America, decide now to break free from the secret ruling elite of this planet and to join the benevolent forces from China and Russia.

    We, the collective consciousness of planet Earth are NOW ready to step free from all slavery in all ways. We decide NOW to heal all life on planet Earth, join the freedom and love of the liberated universe and to allign with the universal truth and the cosmic law.

    We, the collective consciousness of planet Earth are ready NOW to meet our cosmic family and to share our love, bliss and abundance, being one family again.

    So be it, so be it, so be it.

  36. Is the Alliance & their member nations completely aware of what "The Event" is,... ??? And, w/ all of their human rights violations, how is China aligning it's own government w/ the humanity they need to move forward,... ??? How is China going to make that transition,... ??? Thank you.

  37. You can't tell me Source hasn't incarnated on this planet at this moment to watch what's going on and experience the change first-hand... All my dreams are telling me he has. Cobra, what do you think about that?

    1. TheoDaGreek,

      Source is everywhere and within all of us...It's pure Love Energy that we can all tap into on higher and higher levels as we "tune into" the Love through our meditations and actions and deeds in our own lives.

    2. Cobra already mentioned once that the power of One is too great to be able to incarnate into one specific being. Just like sunshine mentioned, the One is everywhere. We're all sparks of it, so your dreams are right, the One is watching through the eyes of all the 7 billion people here in this planet of ours ;)

    3. And yet He/She assumes many forms. That is the inconceivable power of Source. I am certain Source has His/Her representation on Earth at this moment.

      Sunshine is the effulgence of the sun planet.

  38. Hi Mitchell T James, and others,

    Why is it, that god/the source, has allowed long ago...darkness, in our universe, and on our planet, until now?

    And why is all the darkness, going away after the event? Why was it looong time darkness...and now going to be all light?

    2 So, all the bad/crimepeople, and all other darkness, will be gone after the event?

    How does that go?

    Hope all will be a infinite pool of loving light, bliss, and joy, for every living beeing.


    1. Hey Remco, not everyone is going to make it through this transition.

      The lie is being told that "ascension" is for everyone and this is done in a movement to counter the fear of all the fema camps, chem trails, new world order which is happening right and now and which will happen... these two sides, the organized apocalypse/fear on one and the false ascension/love&light on the other are part of the same sandwich, trying to trap souls here on Earth for when the Most Highs come back and unleash wrath upon the place.

      The whole ascension scheme that Cobra is a part of is something to give people the impression that they can keep going on about their lives the way they have been, eating meat, having hate in their heart, not connecting with Self, with nature, still poisoning their bodies, being distracted by events everywhere... But this is Judgment, Harvest, the End Times, this is not some game where you can play around and do whatever and be saved anyways, this is about You getting Right.

      Many entities know what is coming, the fallen ones and others, and they don't want humans to make it through because they themselves have lost their souls or never had souls, they can't make it to the next level, they're trapped in 3d and so they distract the humans because the humans have a chance to go through - but many humans will perish for lack of knowledge, because they let themselves be swallowed up by all the illusions...

      So while Cobra's updates can be entertaining, a lot of it is tainted info, truth coated in lies... All this "event, disclosure, financial reset, energy and healing technology release, mass arrests" is part of a scheme to keep people dependent on the system rather than sovereign and connected to Self/Nature/the Divine, and therefore trapped here in the hell that is about to happen on earth.

      I'm not trying to scare you, just to prepare you, there is no sugar coating here, this is the raw truth, do with it what you want. Only a chosen few (maybe 15% of the world's population) who let go of the beast's system, who purified and healed themSelves, who connected with the Planet and Nature, who aligned their ways with the Most High, with the laws of Maat, who carried love in their heart, will rise up and go through to 5d, the New Earth. There is no technology or anything artificial of the sort necessary for this : everything you need is inside your Self and Nature.

      Yes, it can be confusing why darkness is part of things, especially when things are so very dark like they are now, I often wonder the same thing... but the Most High gave us a very deep universe within us and the free will to choose to be aligned with the Her/Him, to really embody the Creator's Ways in our thoughts, words and actions, to Master and Balance our Selves so that we would achieve the Power and Clarity we need to Be and Create Life and Beauty of our Own... But we're very far from that now, and most of us are very much living in our lower selves, not in our higher selves... That's our Choice, and there are many, many deceptions put out by entities of all kinds to keep us in this low dimension because they lost this opportunity already...

      So wise up and rise up my friend! You can find good info for this with da13thsun.

    2. @Remco, Source did not "allow" darkness. The number one rule of the Source is "free will". If there was no free will in the universe the universe would be a robot with programmed actions. So when the Archons arose they also had free will and the Source hoped it would work out, they they would learn and return to the light.

      But that didn't happen, so eventually the Source had no choice but to revoke the free will option of the dark forces. Source informed the light forces to return darkness to light, by force if necessary. If Source didn't make this hard decision, all of creation would be destroyed.

    3. @UNT, you might consider joining @NUT now. Do you speak for the MOST HIGH? No.

      Learn the meaning if this word: G-race.

  39. YES best update Yep THanks cobra

  40. Paris is an Isis vortex? I am in Paris now and for the next 2 weeks, is there something I can do to help?

  41. Dear ChristianB,

    Since you have awareness that the Event is going to happen, I think you'll kick into full gear and be a great helper for those who aren't aware of the Event coming and these people will be momentarily pretty shocked at all the sudden changes and Truths and information flooding the air waves....Your information will attract others to you and something for you to be proud.

  42. What about the global dimensional shift?

    About everything i read, and hear, at/after the event, we shift, from 3D conciousness, into 5 th dimensional conciousness.

    When starts the beginning, of the shift, from 3D, to 5D?

    In 2012, they expected also a big change.....nothing special happened then.

    What i found and me not alone, very dissapointed, and very strange.

    What is this? When everybody, expected the big shift, but nothing happened...only everything is getting worse, and worse, since then, and loong before then.

    1. The shift has begun. Before 2012. In 2012 the shift speeded up.
      The shift is happening NOW!
      The shift is not something like new year coming - in midnight of 31 December. Shift is like growing, shift is a process in order everybody to be able to prepare his self.
      Some of us prepare for decades, have you prepared your self?

    2. @Remco, there is a lot of disinfo on the Internet about the shift, the ascension. The best source of information is Cobra. Unfortunately, Cobra doesn't explain everything in one go; he says a little bit here and a little bit there. You have to have read everything from Cobra to put all the pieces together. I will explain what I have pieced together (simply from Cobra and the information he provides, no one else):

      Planet Earth is not normal in anyway whatsoever. The surface of the planet has not been allowed to evolve naturally for 25,000 years. However, the planet itself did evolve, and so did the Agarthans living under the surface of the planet. The Ascension was originally going to happen in 1999 or 2000, according to the Earth’s natural ascension timeline. However, because the surface has been stuck in a time warp, it would not have been pretty for the surface population. The entire surface of the planet would have to be “cleansed” of old 3D and that would pretty much have been a cataclysm. There would have been earthquakes, floods, a pole shift, and terrible weather until not one single building was left standing. It was the plan of the Galactic Federation to evacuate the entire population of Earth, as well as every living thing, until the shift was over. Then those capable of 5D would be returned and the rest would go to a different, 3D planet. The Archon invasion of 1996 put a stop to those plans.

      Now Earth has postponed her ascension until after the Event and after First Contact. When, How, and What is still classified. It may be that the surface of Earth will have an accelerated evolution after the Event so that the surface won’t need to be “cleansed” and we will all gently evolve to 5D. It could also be that we might still need to be evacuated, but everyone will be much more informed at that point. It’s hard to say.

      But I would stop hoping for ascension to 5D. At this point, such an ascension would mean the destruction of modern civilization.

    3. @Remco:
      I referce to what Karen Dover has written and talked about as the spiritual community has been higly distorted with its teachings.

      You can read about it in this article, which has to make awareness because of many feel the total confusion and no sence of nothing happening, which is all because of the individual which sence this is still in the vibrational state of the illusion of separation, which is also highly promoted as all about the talks about 3D / 4D / 5D or what ever dimention people claims we are in or heading for.

      Al dimension excistin all at the same time. Nothing is hidden and has never been. It's only about the frequency and everything has its own frequency which must resonate an alight with yours as for you to experience it in the physical form.

      Here is the links to these articles where you can read about it:

      Asciension as you have been taught is also a distorted CONCEPT as EVOLUTION is always and forever. You can read more about enteing the NEW EARTH by energetic frequenccy vibration in this article by Karen Called :

      "Entering the Portal to the New Earth"

      "It is not a case of simply appearing in the New Earth, there are many spiritual teachings that seek to promote this and these are working to promote “expectation”. Each human being alive on this planet has their own way into the New Earth for it is a personal and unique process which has already begun. Having experienced the process for the last 2 linear years of this human life experience I can verify it is a process. The process is gone through by each person, how they interact with the process will determine which New Earth frequency reality they align with."

      Approaching deep fear beliefs and walking through the veils
      Posted: January 16, 2015 - By Karen Dover

    4. But evolve, and living in 5D, is my/our goal, i hope, its all worth it, so i can prevent me, from suicide.

      Hope, that the world is getting totally different, and peacefull, and full of bliss, after the event.

      I really wish, we live in 5D after the event, only then i can live in peace/bliss, with everyone.

      Hope all/the event is now on the corner, otherwise, i have no other choice, than suicide....i not wait anymore longer than a few months, at most.

      Its enough/more than enough now, living in this world, that is getting a real hell.

    5. @Remco

      O.k. then ... go ahead and do it ... (and good riddance).

  43. I dont get why cobra never mentions shapeshifting reptilians. These beings have infiltrated every part of society and are manipulating us through the media and other methods and cobra never mentions them??

    1. he has talked quite a bit about the reptilians

      for example:

    2. I read that post he talks about the astral and etheric reptilians but he never talks about the physical shapeshifting reptilians in the phsyical world that have infiltrated basically all positions of power. Most of the people on TV are shapeshifting reptilians including ALL news reporters and most politicians and a lot of police officers who wear sunglasses so you cant see their reptilian eyes

    3. from my understanding a lot of physical reptilians are no longer on this planet. but there are still some.. or were some as of 2012

    4. Nope not true. All you have to do is turn your TV on and you'll see everyone one the news is reptilian obviously they look human but their not and most celebrities politicians police officers military commanders are mostly human hybrid reptilians that are shape shifting to appear human and its a huge problem on the planet and cobra doesn't speak about them

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Indigo - "The Frequency Of Paradize Lovejoy"
    ( Life Is Beautiful 2015 Trancemix )

    Inspired by these intense energetic energies of lovejoy and the beautiful creation of all there is in all different shapes and forms as this is true expansion of love which just is and you are I share my creative music for yours to enjoy in the flow of joy, dance and happiness.

    There has never been any separation, just an illusion of it which did occured within you oneself. Now it is time for you to embrace you oneself in truth and let go of the illusion of separation.

    The true oneness in unity or unity ine oneness is to be found within you onenself as source energy in eternal expansion which is expansion of love in truth as source expand and experience itself oneself and its magnificient beauty of itself oneself.

    Prouced, arranged and recorded by Roger Larsen
    aka Indigo aka Mr. Flow aka Life Is Beautiful aka
    Trancefixion, aka Project Mantra, aka Bass Of Energy

    P 2015
    Freebeat Music prod, Norway

  45. There was such a beautiful sunset in New Jersey today that I thought Isis would manifest herself and float down from the sky. The energy took my breath away. We don't usually have nice sun sets here especially this time of year. The breakthrough is near.

  46. Let's all concentrate light and love on Nigeria right now.

    1. Yes. Here's a question: What is love?
      THE CREDO has its roots there.

  47. Something that bothers me a lot is my environment. I'm surrounded by very negative people, in a very negative environment. My family, my co-workers, the people I see around me at the grocery store, inside a bus etc, are just so negative it sickens me.

    This feeling became worse with time. The wiser I got both spiritually and mentally, the more I started to look towards those people with disgust. I know that my thoughts are wrong, but I just can't help it.

    They're all people that are deep into the programming. People that cheat on their spouses, that lie, that seek to do harm to others for their own benefit. They hunger for power, wealth, pleasure. They see things like violence as something great and fun. They think that the matrix is perfect.

    In the end..I feel bad for them. They're completely at the mercy of the cabal, and even when this system collapses, they'll be the kind of people that will be the most clueless, as their whole way of life will collapse. I honestly can't even imagine some of those people as people that can comprehend things like love and light.

    I just wish that I could live in a less negative environment. Sometimes I feel like a sponge, sucking all of the excess negativity around me. I feel like I spend most of my meditation time just cleaning that negativity from me.

    But alas, I still feel inside of me that something great is around the corner. And that's something that prevents me from moping too much ;)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Embracing the MALE in TRUTH, finding balance in the New Earth
    Posted: January 17, 2015 - By Karen Dover

    As from my experience regards to my own life and as a coach I totaly resonates with Karens article as what has happend is that when female has lived in an abusive relationship and had problems breaking away from it it has all to do with lack of their own male energy. The maleaspect is the the energy needed to manifest or to act, by responisble choices. To take care of oneself in full truth without surpressing oneself as the creative and loving female energetic aspect that both sexes has. So when the female surprees the female aspect and have problems of manifesting it, it is because of surpressing the male energy, as females was taught to surpress the male energy.

    As Karen do write about in this article regards to the male, he has been tauth to surpress the female energetic aspect as this also goes further into the old times when the male was taught to take care of the family and be strong. To get food and work to make a living for the survivor of the family. The male surpressed their female aspect also in order to stay strong and not getting emotional weak as this could cause the outcome of death when hunting or in other ways taking care of the family. So again the male were taugt to surpress their feminin aspect, which yet again caused highly distorted and surpressed energetic waves when surpressed enough, whether it's regrads to male OR female, when manifested physically it often become an acy or behavior that we was yet again taugth to controll or to punish, and put under controll.

    But both sexes has the need for the balance within and in the old earth it was the attration of the oposite sex, that we was seeking in order to balance ourself oneself, but that was the construct of conditional love, which in relationships or any relation caused the ownership of love and also the fear of losing the other, which caused the energetic waves of trying to controll each other based in the fear of losing the other. That further caused the co-dependency to this way of living in control, supression o sel oneself and in fear..a nd futher reapeating these neagtive patterns which often was very harrd to let go of, in order to lose ourself one self and not being able to survive or to feel loved again... as we therefore stayed and played the fasade and the social drama.

  49. But now as more and more remember and see through the illusion of separation, it is not about the other. It's about ourself oneself and falling back into ourself oneself and manifest balance within, between the male and female energetic aspects of ourself and together both eneries is oneness and it just SOURCE ENERGY which you are in truth. Therefore the spiritual teachings regards to the soulmate, soul or twinflames and everything reolated to these old constructed distorted concepts is further to promote at teach the separation.

    The only place and the only individual you need to fall into unity with is you oneself within as to be able stand in your true unique individual sovereignty as a free individual, taking full responsibillity for your expansion of love in truth and by doing so, you set you oneself free and you also set others free so every individual can fall back into unity with oneself, whin the source of all there is, which there has never been any real separation, but the illusion of it, which did ocuured within oneself and not to the so called outer world.

    So females that ending up with repeating so called abusive relations or relationships doing so because of surpressing their male aspect within, as this has been taugth in the illusion of experienced made that male are abusive, and because of it, female surpressed their male aspect and also closed their hearts as a security as you can read about Karens own experience.

    But for my part I did the oposite experiences as I with courage did tke my chance to leave my female aspect stay open and as much as i could stay in truth, honesty and in hubleness and because of it I have had experienced that showed my that because my open strong heart, and without fear, people could not frame me as they di not get hold of my energy and i have always had as strong male energy as this enegy has given me power to manifest and be in the flow of courage and with poenhearted honest love, even if I have stumble noew and then in this crazy old distorted world.

  50. So I did teached my clients when I was doing the coaching regards to theses personal experience, as for those clients t realy feel the energetic truth of it, as they really feelt it. But yes, it has been hard and I know within that love in truth is EASY and it not attached to pain and suffering, which this is the ol d distorted Teaching that life and true love is hard and connected with pain and suffering.

    Alll music and movies and whatever else has taught you this in the illusion of separation in all their beautiful lovestories based in the old way of LOVE IN NOT TRUTH. I was a construct and not the flow of expansion of love in truth.

    Now it all about surrendiring to you oneself in TRUTh and in full trust of you oneself as source energy. And to be abloe to trust others you need to open your heart and trust you oneself and the most important, TO let you oneself live the adventure of lif AND USE YOUR MALE ENERGY AND MANIFEST YOUR TRUE LOVING HEART and not just live the dream of it in the fear of having your heart broken again.

    As Kevin said in the movie HOME ALONE 2.:
    What is your purpose of having a heart and protect it so strong bu closing in order to not having your heart broken again. How in that stated can you be able to give you oneself a chance to really love again, bacuse of mistrust to others, because of bad experience? But as you now know..It's not about the s about you and the trust you now shall learn to give back to you oneself in the flow of love in truth.

    Dare to start loving you oneself again and open your heart fully and manifest it as you need to, in order to have the experience that LOVE IS GOOD and TRUE.




  51. Hi Cobra, due to the space and time
    anomaly, how long is one Minute here outside the veil? One week or up to one year?

  52. Thank you, Cobra! I love these updates, but for some reason they are posted 12-24 hours before the email notification arrives, so I'm always late to the party, or going out the door when I notice them, and unable to explore the links right away.

    Here is some interesting mainstream news:

    Three Earth-like planets sighted around nearby star

    "We've learned in the past year that planets the size and temperature of Earth are common in our Milky Way galaxy," Andrew Howard from University of Hawaii said. "We also discovered some Earth-size planets that appear to be made of the same materials as our Earth, mostly rock and iron."

  53. "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

    Leonard Cohen "Anthem" from his 1992 Album "The Future"

  54. Please contact I have been working without secrecy since becoming fully awakened in 2012. Love, light, and truth have been my shields for everything, especially love. We can also shift realities for protection on a soul ascension basis, the ascension process on Earth is protected from everything.

    Anyway it is time to create our own "events". We are protected and free to do so. We can remove poisonous and hazardous farming on our own by removing those seeking to harm us from the land and farming it ourselves. We can also stop distribution of poisonous food if grocery stores are turning down healthier brands for contracts with companies, we can remove those distribution lines and have grocery stores contact the other food sources. There is a suspicion that many power companies have already been operating with free energy technologies. Regardless, we can expose every power company on our own. We can ask them to implement free energy technologies(still offering to pay for service), if they we refuse we demand it, however many billion strong. We can ask hospital higher ups when they are going to allow cannabis, reiki, matrix energetics, reconnective healing, ect. if they dont have a plan to or refuse we can shine the light on their darkness to the public (words, video, pictures). We can stop any remaining aerosol spraying, if it even remains, by requesting all workers and officials at airports small and large to refrain from allowing anything involving spraying. We can even walk strait up to the head-honcho of said airport and demand that he stop allowing it. If any refusal is taken we shine the light on the darkness exposing it to the masses. Us and however many billion strong can do ANYTHING here. We have the freedom and the protection to do what we want in public eye. Feel free to contact anytime. Until the "event" or "events" start happening we're going to have to create our own.

  55. United New Thinkers
    I Am Not In Complete
    Disagreement With You
    We Are Not Waiting For Anyone
    To Save..Us..Some Of Us
    Who Read Cobras Blogs..
    And Have Been Doing Our Work
    For A long Time
    There Are Many Lightworkers..
    Though Who Are Not Doing
    Their Work.So They
    Are Behind Others
    Tara Grace

  56. Mind blowing stuff! It will all come together. Be sure to view past the 1st hour and you will see. In the series there are things you never heard before, ever! The rabbit hole goes very deep. We had better wake up.

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