Monday, January 19, 2015


Although a large part of the scalar plasma grid has been removed after the opening of the IS:IS portal, a large part still remains. Breakthrough phase does not mean only rainbows and pretty comets, we are in the middle of occult war between forces of Light and forces of darkness.

Therefore it is of utmost importance for the people to be aware of the existence and the influence of the scalar plasma grid and other energy weapons that the Cabal under the guidance of Chimera group uses to suppress human consciousness and to prevent the arrival of Light. Here is a relatively good article about it:
The Event will NOT happen until the scalar plasma grid is taken care of.
Many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are primary targets of directed energy weapons because they are the primary security threat to the current slavery prison planet matrix and its handlers.
The first guideline for protection for targeted individuals is to try to maintain the state of balance and harmony amidst all daily activities. That means learning to master the skills of time and priorities management and learning when to say yes and when to say no, and to remove all toxic elements, situations and people out of your lives. It is also good to find some quiet time each day to spend in nature and/or in meditation to reconnect with your higher self.

Dragon sources have communicated an effective protection meditation protocol. It is recommended to use this protocol once or a few times daily and maintain this protection shield throughout the Breakthrough phase to maintain the vibrational frequency of Light:
1. Relax your body, emotions and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you
2. Visualize a brilliant white vortex of Light emanating from your Soul star chakra downwards throughout your body in a clockwise direction, purifying the energy fields of your physical, plasmatic, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. Maintain this vortex by connecting it to the source of universal Light and program it to maintain all your energy bodies purified
3. Visualize an egg shaped semi-permeable mirror shield around your auric field of your physical, plasmatic, etheric, astral and mental bodies. This mirror shield lets all positive energies into your energy field, but reflects and bounces all negative energies back to their source (return-to-sender). Program this mirror shield to alert you when any type of negative energy is directed your way and let it reflect it back to its origin
4. Visualize Light rearranging all parts of yourself and all parts of your energy fields back into state of balance and harmony. While doing that you can hum mantra OM because OM is the primaeval sound of Light and its resonance will restore harmony most effectively.

If you are under strong plasma/scalar attack, the so-called Violet Ray device can help you.  By applying the wand in your auric field you can remove negative plasma generated there by the scalar attack:
Violet Ray/Darsonval device is a Tesla coil device which generates a positive plasma field and transmutes negative plasma which was generated by scalar wave manipulation. 
Another decisive element in this occult war is to bring as many people as possible away from darkness and into the Light. There are many members of the middle management of the Cabal that are doing dark deeds only because they are forced into it or because they see no other option, being under financial, psychological and physical pressure or manipulation. They are the bribed congressmen, misled high level freemasons, greedy CEOs of companies, pilots operating killing drones, soldiers pulling the trigger, personnel operating scalar directional weapons, religious fanatics acting out their traumas on innocent civilians. 
This coded message has been communicated to those middlemen from a certain source that wishes to remain anonymous: 
»The capstone of the pyramid has been removed. The all seeing eye has been forced shut and does not watch you anymore. You are now safe to return to the Light of Love. Tubal Cain.«
Dragon sources have suggested a meditation to bring Light into the souls of those people and many of them will cross into the Light, thus effectively weakening the power base of the Cabal:
1. Relax your body, emotions and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you
2. Visualize a vortex of brilliant white Light descending from the Soul star chakra of all those Cabal middlemen into their energy field and their personality, awakening them to the reality of Light, guiding them to step away from the Cabal, giving them power to set themselves free from darkness
3. Visualize all those Cabal middlemen joining the planetary network of Light, putting down their weapons of destruction and deceit, learning to cooperate and joining the human society in a constructive way.
One of the biggest psychological blocks of the Cabal is their inferiority complex which they try to hide and mask with all that bragging about »bloodlines«. The inconvenient truth is that Cabal Khazar bloodlines originate from the primitive, crude, violent and less intelligent Neanderthal man, whereas the human masses evolved from more refined, balanced and more intelligent Cromagnon man:

Please understand that although the article above might be ideologically biased, most of hard science facts still stand. Just insert Khazarians instead of Semites/Jews when you read the article.
The Resistance Movement has issued a few warnings to the hard core of the Cabal to stop attacking Lightwarriors and Lightworkers with scalar directional energy weapons. Since those warnings were ignored, the Resistance has initialized »release the dogs« protocols. This means that they no longer hold back surface individuals and groups that would like to off members of the Cabal by their own free will and initiative. 
This means that the surface of the planet has suddenly become quite unsafe for the core members of the Cabal. This is why Donald Rumsfeld sold his house and escaped to New Mexico:
Joe Biden already had a taste of this new situation:
The Resistance Movement has communicated that if the directional energy weapons attacks do not stop, they might trigger protocols for the rapid arrest of the unholy four: Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush Sr. and Henry Kissinger. 
If those protocols are triggered, they will have drastic and destabilizing effect on the planetary geopolitical situation and although they would speed up the Event, the whole transition would be much more chaotic and violent. The Resistance is well aware of the connections of the unholy four with the Chimera group. The Resistance is hoping sanity will prevail and extreme measures can still be avoided. 
On a more positive note, RR6 will be activated the day after tomorrow and during this activation, plasma tail of comet Lovejoy will pass through Pleiades as seen from Earth. This cosmic event will send a wave of positive energy towards the plasmatic Tunnels of Set around the surface of this planet and will be a trigger for their transformation. Summarily, we can expect a lot of activity of the Light forces in the following week.


  1. We have experienced the εξεγέρσεις in all their iterations. Now let's experience and enJoy to the full the ἀνάστασις, the reviviĝo [Esperanto] in all The Glory and Power of The Most High.

    Boolean Algebra... two things which are equal to a third thing are equal to each other. Life is Love. Love is Light. Life is Lux.

    Wedding Planners. The Bride has one additional request. The lovely fragrance of Samsara.

    Wiconi Was-te.

    1. Hi 3DHD, I just saw the message you sent me a while back .. geez how many age's ago was that?! so I sent you a series of texts with my new number. Hope to hear from you as I am in full pissed off mode right now. Mom is in the hospital with a broken leg and I am barley holding it together at times. People may think of Canada as having the best Health care in the world and I must say that this is another Cabal lie ... one Dr. for a whole hospital of sick and injured people is intolerable. So anyways keeping up the good fight and would really Love some of these new life saving technologies to be made available ... this whole thing has got me really pissed off and if you need me to be all Peace and Love in my Heart well right now in this moment that is really not visible to me. Thank You for Your service to the Light

  2. Bring it on. the Cabal/Chimera are going down!


  3. In other words:
    The Gloves Are Off and We'll have ourselves a little Free-For-All. Oh My . . .

    Figuratively speaking, the RAT TRAP in The Cookie Jar has been activated, so the dark donkeys and asscowns better watch their fingers from now on - or something similar to that ;-)

    To make this very clear to everyone:
    In these Times Of Change I take full responsibility for what My role in this may or may not have been. I stand by everything I ever said on here and I take Full Responsibility for all the reactions My Actions have caused.
    Good, bad or indifferent. MY Actions on here and in 3D-Life, MY Responsibility
    I stand by my word, Just Sayin'

    And it will Be ALL GOOD :-)

    Love, Light, Unity, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Ascension for All and for Everybody.
    Gaia concurs

    Lars B.



    1. As any halfway decent Shaman will tell you:
      There's a Time and a Place for Everything, all about the TIMING; Baby.
      And today it was Time to put on the face paint to go along with the haircut. It's bright, it's light, there's white. There's stars and hearts :-)

      "Turn and the world turns on, we're riding out with the dawn
      All fired up again like a thousand times before
      Beneath the blessed sun and the coming day
      And the years don't change a thing - the rush remains the same
      And I feel like a knife, these days are calling
      I feel like a knife, sharpened like steel
      Touched by the hand of the gods on these golden mornings
      I feel like a knife for you

      Stopped on the way down to the sea on the wide and lonely roads
      The scent of summer nights and the warm fever of dreams
      Beneath the falling stars with the music loud
      We're dancing, spinning round in the wild cascading lights
      And I feel like a knife....

      These days to remember where it was that we came from
      What it was that we wanted before all the changes
      And the hardest part is choosing and watching all the doors closing
      No turning back, no turning back

      Well the years and the miles don't change a thing
      The blood remains the same
      It's a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream
      With the darkness rushing by again
      And I feel like a knife..."

      It is what it is, and it is . . . WoooHooo - What A RUSH !!!

      Love Y'All


  4. Really thought Chimera had been as good as dealt with by now...........pfffffffffff......really discouraging to me......dont know any more.

  5. Release the dogs is the only way. These dark ones in government know what there doing thats why there running and still choose not to change. There are safe havens they could go to if they really wanted to stop. So please for man kind RELEASE ALL THE DOGS NEEDED AND THEN SOME AND LET THIS BE THE LAST WAR!!!!!!

  6. Thanks to the One and all of you in service to all, shining your Light and spreading the Love with no fear! Let's reinforce our protection, stay conected to the Higher Source, we are in a beautiful but delicate phase, LET THE GALACTIC CENTRAL SUN SHINE IN!

  7. How to help
    The planetary situation? Pick up the ones more connected to your soul will.

    Idea 1 - Help me creating other lists.
    Idea 2 - Spread THE RIGHT information to the ALREADY awakened.
    Idea 3 - Create chat and interaction groups (online or not online).
    Idea 4 - Organize protests via facebook, twitter, youtube and others.
    Idea 5 - Write books.
    Idea 6 - Help people in need YOURSELF.
    Idea 7 - Help animais in need YOURSELF.
    Idea 8 - Help the environment YOURSELF.
    Idea 9 - Participate on the weekly meditations and others, organize group meditations also.
    Idea 10 - Stop supporting false spiritual teachings.
    Idea 11 - Revoke your contracts with the darks.
    Idea 12 - Exercise your free will.
    Idea 13 - Guide activists groups.
    Idea 14 - Create objects for the benefict of all.
    Idea 15 - Create websites.
    Idea 16 - Use your artistic capacities.
    Idea 17 - Create atmospheric balloons .
    Idea 18 - Vibrate love, joy, hope and etc.
    Idea 19 - Spread love.
    idea 20 - Use alternative means of locomotion.
    Idea 21 - Become a vegetarian.
    Idea 22 - Record youtube videos.
    Idea 23 - Participate on internet forums, guiding the already awakened according to cobra's messages.
    Idea 24 - Visit the orphans, giving them love.
    Idea 25 - Watch less TV.
    Idea 26 - Help the light forces in astral projections.
    Idea 27 - Translate cobra's messages to other languages.
    Idea 28 - Pray and talk to God, asking what you want (free will being used).
    Idea 29 - Adopt a pet.
    Idea 30 - Unite and hang out with those more connected to your soul.

    1. I heard Blessing Tap water was good because it goes to a Larger Stream.

      You got to think BIGGER!! Astrally! Like Cover an entire State in PINK Goddess energy (Why not?) Make it Snow devine Gold 5-D Dust of Devine pure light from the Heart of the Galactic Central Sun ALL over California??.

      Try to Incinerate ALL the Dark Energy around people you despise with HOT Electric Blue & Indigo Violet Flames on the Astral Plane. Seriously engulf the haters!!! It's just your will that you want to BURN ALL the Negative Out them - Remember to be Specific!!! You're NOT sending "Hate" - you are intentionally engulfing them in Pure Violet Flame - if they're Not Evil - then it shouldn't Hurt right?? Hitting someone with a Giant Pink Heart of Devine Goddess Light shouldn't sting the ''average" human - only negative a-holes RIGHT??

      Go to a Mall and shoot Love Arrows at Random Strangers - Do it for Valentines day! Go to Strip clubs & tip them for smiles Not Dances (but, dancing is good cardio so maybe let her dance?).

      Bring Muffins, chocolate, or Gum to work and Pass it out!! - But before hand Infuse it ALL with Light, Love, & Devine Blessings from the Goddess - it can't hurt them.

      Heal Your Fuckin' Shadow! wait- LOLOL.

    2. great list, fellow creator :)
      i have also such a list which i've turned into a 'dream community' plan and am currently working on (expressing and) fulfilling my own needs first to be able to have a solid foundation to work on/with.
      i will link the full list here, which includes many ideas that i'd love to see manifested in this world, by whomever in whichever form:
      - Dream community: Paradise reality

  8. "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  9. Thanks for the update Cobra! Let's remember that we are all expressions of LIFE and that it is our conscious choice to focus on peace and cooperation, and refuse to turn our tools into weapons. May we grow ever stronger in our resolve and skill.

  10. Feet have been dragging way to long............the planet and all inhabitants have been murdered and tortured long enough..."RELEASE THE DOGS"

    1. I think he is also referring to the "Old Rules" of conduct that Bartzis explained that there have been "Light Beings" who were taken off the board for executions & murders of other players. By Taken off the board I mean They were not allowed to interfere or walk Earth anymore. (Not Actually "punished" per se).

      This is what I personally think he means - he might have meant something else (So, don't quote him) but this is why I suspected there isn't more "Rogue Mercenary" actions from the Light Side.

  11. This confuses me a lot..., i didnt think bloodlines or races had something to do with the soul, I mean,it is posible to incarnate as any race on the planet, right?, so Cobra are you saying that a Neanderthal or whichever race will have traits of it all of his incarnations? so if a cabal member wants to join the light he will still have the "primitive, crude, violent and less intelligent" traits of the Neanderthal all of his remaining lives???i dont know.. i dont like the idea of being stranded on one especific race every incarnation.

  12. Problem action solution. Agent provocateur. The very voice of lucifer. Is it any wonder they laugh? They attack you then expect you to believe thier lies. Its happening everywhere. Are you sure of what it is your placing your faith in? An Internet god and some anonymous voices should not for grand assurances make.

    1. Well by the very tenets of quantum mechanics, and the few studies that exist on the matter, what we are doing IS helping. Cobra has offered an outlet to send as much healing intent to the global situation as possible. He has also offered updates that have always filled us in on international news.

      What I want to know, is why so much fear-mongering? We know the situation, we know what is happening. Most of us have profound experiences with the divine, some angelic force has saved my own life multiple times. That same force guides us and lead us all here.

      In the physical world, the global situation is turning increasingly positive thanks to the likes of Putin and other international players. So something, somewhere, must be working. Besides, do you have a better solution to offer? You yourself are just an anonymous voice, and have yet to make a statement that lends any sort of trust to your character.

  13. I give up now. I think its all fake, and delay after delay.

    This can take another 1000 years.

    I go suicide tomorrow.


    Last grain of patience is ...GONE now.

    1. You fool.

      The reptilians will feed of your death, suck off your blood and laugh at you.
      And do you think it will be the end after you do that? Oh, no... You can't even imagine the real nightmare that it will be when you arrive in the lower astral plane... In the suicide woods. There you will realize that your life in the physical plane was a paradise.

      But it doens't need to be that way...

      Why don't you fight with your brothers and sisters to liberate YOUR planet? Do not wait for the event, WORK to bring it.

      Stop being a baby and endure this war!


      promoting anti-Semitic anti-Jewish propaganda isn't going to help. This article does more to separate and divide than to heal and reconcile.

      There are also many many non-Jewish Anglo members and architects of the cabals. George Bush, Sr his ancestors and his descendants are a good example. All ethnicities that are represented in the power structure of the cabals are just as guilty and responsible for the current state of affairs. This article and the context it was provided to us would lead us to believe differently.

      Evil has no preference of race religion or creed.

      There are better ways to get a point across then promoting and distributing anti-Semitic literature. This article is disgusting, filled with hate and it's counter productive to what we are trying to collectively accomplish.

      As the "official" communication hub of the resistance a higher editorial standard should be adhered to by its writer.

    3. Oh C'mon Remco - you should just LIVE everyday as a "Fuck You!" to them right? Seriously dude - There is Joy & Happiness in living to SPITE your enemies - Every Video, Every word, Every Troll I've ever uttered, shared, or unleashed has touched someone's life.

      But I can't tell you what to do. And in the FREE WILL Universe - no one is responsible for your choices but You sadly.

    4. suicide through violence towards the physical body, in a negative emotionnal and mental state, is very risky. you could fall into traps on plasma/etheric/astral and i wouldn't recommend it. the physical can be difficult but being trapped up there with reptilians and co will not relieve you.

      i know it's difficult and not fair, however you are the creator so what is going on in the world is also the result of your contribution. if you do decide to kill yourself remember to focus on your inner light and to create a path for yourself. which you can also do here on the physical. it is central to remember in all things that you are the creator. yes you didn't create this mess, it was born out of quantum anomalies. however it is free will which is in charge of the quantum process, and you are the creator, you are divine will, so remember that, remember who you are and create.

    5. unconscionable delays YES, fake NO!

      Given the current state of affairs. The RM and the Forces of Light plainly and painfully obvious inability to liberate the surface population in a timely and efficient manner we would all understand if you desire to unplug.

      However, know that you are not alone and that we are all suffering. I dont think it was ever possible for any of us to thrive in lower dimensions. If we got to comfortable we might not have awakened!

      Please understand that ALL of us are needed. Understand why you are here and why the energies the words and thoughts expressed in this forum found you. Without us there would be a void. The higher cosmic energies now engulfing the planet would be unable to find a host, unable to be reverberated into the collective.

      You are a bringer of a new dawn for humanity. Directly responsible for the eventual manifestation of heaven on earth. Our efforts and perseverance will NOT go unrecognized. There is so much to look forward to! Stay Strong!

      To the beings of the RM and Light Forces that might be reading or viewing this message now see the despair, suffering and struggle you have and are currently causing by perpetuating the enslavement of the surface population. Given the resources and our current environment we are doing the best that we can. Given the resources available to you, the RM and Forces of Light, your efforts and their results leave a lot to be desired. See Remco's message if you are unclear and uncertain as to effect your actions and efforts are having on the awakened population on this planets surface.

    6. Stay alive! I don't think there was ever a worse time to commit suicide.. Things are transforming so drastically, a new global system is shaping up thanks to the likes of Putin and others. You can see incredible physical changes. At the same time, persecution of targeted individuals (probably like yourself) is ramping up. We can take down this system, it starts with intent, and ends in physical action. If there was ever an important time for you to be in existence it is NOW!! There are millions of people suffering, who need your help to put an end to their harassment. People like yourself are being driven to suicide every day. Men, women, children, no holds are barred, they don't care. Human life doesn't matter to them. Let's stand up and put a stop to this injustice ONCE and FOR ALL!!!

    7. hey! why u want to throw your life Remco? u are healthy right? try to find and focus on positive things in your life. I guess u have some, must be something. And if u disappointed of Cobra just stop reading and stop waiting the event like a messiah. It is a process and it is depends on us the mankind. so better change your mind and stop worrying about this things. let your fears go man! u just feed the negative entities with your fears and worries. they will be happy if u throwing your life away. rather be a man, a strong man, and start handle your things. don't be stressful! every time u have some other option than suicide!!! bless u man! hope it helps

    8. Bye Remco. Sorry you did not find our volumes of support helpful. I wish you would reconsider, for your own sake. I think you will regret it once on the other side...because, after all, THERE IS NO DEATH. So if you think you are "escaping" eternal life and going into oblivion, or somewhere less harsh and cruel as this world can be at times, you are in for a rude awakening... you will be as shocked as the Islamic Terrorists when they suicide, only to discover they didn't actually end up in a "heaven" full of Virgins.

      THERE IS NO DEATH. Fathom that. Consciousness, that spark of Divinity we are gifted with, is eternal. So yes, life is a gift, so why throw it away? What is the purpose of life? I am not joking. untwine is very wise about many things. You ARE the creator. If you don't like what you see, change it. Don't run from it, as THERE IS NO ESCAPE....

      (part 1 of 2)

    9. ...YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS. The Cabal wants you to think that you are. They want you to give up. Don't. But if you do, don't be surprised if some of them greet you on the other side, since you are turning AWAY from the Light and TOWARDS the darkness. Did you really think nobody would be on the other side of suicide? It is not a gateway to permanent vacation or relief from anything. At least here there is always hope, if you choose it by your own free will. No one will force you to be happy here, it is a choice we make DESPITE all the challenge in life. How else would we learn without challenge? Stop investing in your misery. Most of us talking tough love can do so because we have been there, to the depths. Don't think for one minute that we don't understand. Most of us do, we just don't cross that line. Have you ever seen a medium help a departed loved one talk to a living relative? You will be just as conscious on the other side. What if the event happens the day after you suicide. Or a week or month or year later...what is that in the vast timeframe of eternity? There are so many things I still want to do in life, and I am much older than you...I have struggled with depression and self-esteem issues and now I learn I am an HSP - a Highly Sensitive Person, which is a minority of the population. And I keep meeting others with this trait. Your sensitivity is a gift, dear one. You are not alone, even if it feels like you are. There is ALWAYS Divine Support available to you, but you must ask and invite it in, pour your heart out, cry, command, beg, whatever it takes to get the angst out. There will be plenty to laugh about once you stop having tantrums and start to see with new eyes. But you must look past the surface illusion! This is a beautiful world! People can be difficult, it's true, but most are nice once you get to know them better. If there are not nice people around, keep to yourself and study, spend time in nature. or perhaps if you had a pet who depended on you, you would have love and a responsibility to carry on and persevere. If you can turn your view around to see that YOU are special, and use your gift to help yourself, you will eventually feel better. We mustn't give up when we are so close to a breakthrough. We must learn to handle disappointment without letting it turn to despair. We must seek out simple pleasures and joyful moments. And pray, meditate, ASK for assistance from the Creator, Angels or whoever you look up to. They are listening, and often show us small signs. Please go find a place away from people and sit at the base of a tree, with your spine against it. Release your suffering to Gaia, and ground yourself. Breathe. One day at a time. Be here now. We do not know what or when things will happen, but do not live in the future, live TODAY. BE HERE NOW. All we ever have for certain is this NOW moment. In it you can find all the joy of life, regardless of the outer world or your personal circumstance. And then it is gone and you are in the next moment. Never make life-altering decisions while in an agitated state of mind. Be here now, and now, and now...and the wait will not seem so bad. The days seem to fly....

      (part 2 of 3 I guess)

    10. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, try to find one thing each day that you are grateful for, and that will draw more blessings to you. I wish you PEACE. You won't find it in suicide. But if you look within with gratitude, it will grow like a seed, and germinate and bloom inside you one day, before you even realize what has transpired. The peace inside you will exude from your eyes. You will be able to walk through chaos unscathed, and people will ask you how they, too can find peace. And you will tell them your story, how you looked all over for it, how you were in despair at the state of the world, and at people's behavior, until you gave up....not on life, not on yourself, but in looking outside yourself for peace. So you started to look within, and little by little a whole new world opened up to you. You found that whatever you focused your attention and love on magically grew a stronger presence in your life. You discovered that YOU ARE THE CREATOR GOD, and you wrote a new script and you even started to sing a new tune. This is your life, and you are the Star! This realization brought you peace and joy. You started to have fun...and suddenly, the Event was triggered, and it just got better and better and better. You feel immense peace now. "All is well in my world." (even if it isn't, we can retrain the mind to tame our feelings, so that we feel at peace no matter what. And life goes on. If you don't live your life, who will? <3 PEACE <3

      (part 3 of infinity, it seems...)

    11. Remco, don't do this to your soul/...the negative ones wait for souls that exited like you want to do it and trap you WORSE that here...stay here doesn't make sense to do this after so much're gonna miss the biggest event in the entire creation and a paradise waiting for us...look around, BRICS is proof and the GAS PRICES massive drop that MAJOR CHANGES ARE HAPPENING...

      with petrodollar collapse it is LOGICAL that we'll see changes in a very very short time...meanwhile, here is something you can do to save your soul: go to a nearby pharmacy to their natural vitamins section OR a health food store and buy NIACIN NO FLUSH (or VITAMIN B3) and start taking immediately at least 3-6 pills/day of 500mg each...but buy the NO FLUSH NIACIN version, not the regular one because regular one gives you skin redness and itchiness until the body gets used to it...although more potent for advanced depression...but NO FLUS is amazing is info on it:

      the minute you take it you'll feel better...THEN...go IN NATURE, WOODS/BEACH, etc and if it's too cold to walk barefeet on the ground, TOUCH THE TREES TRUNKS with your bare hands for GROUNDING your excess negative energy THROUGH the earth and to expose yourself to the SCHUMANN RESONANCE FIELDS of MOTHER EARTH which will help you balance your mental/emotional/physical states...STAY AWAY from computers UNTIL YOU FEEL BETTER...

      EAT VERY LIGHT FOODS/CRUELTY FREE FOODS (no meat, lots of potatoes, mushrooms, beans, rice, veggies, fruits, some nuts, seeds, etc) PLUS WATER...once you do this for a few days, the only things to watch on computer is COMEDIES (SEINFELD type, etc), CLASSICAL CARTOONS and MUSIC FROM 80's PLUS CHILL OUT type music...make every effort to avoid negative people...and BEING IN NATURE AS MANY HOURS A DAY plus all of the above will save you friend...don't go would be a colossal mistake your soul will deeply regret...

      the immediate astral dimensions are still not safe and a "suicided" soul is JUST what the dark ones are waiting for, trapping you far worse that what you believe here to be a painful existence...sending you LOVE LIGHT HEALING!!!

    12. @ UNplugging Wayshower,

      ironically Remco actually had send me the link from your dream and people where so excited about it when I posted in the Cobra group, don't know exactly, maybe about 70 likes you had got and this was because of his initiative......

  14. I received this pdf from a friend, it's called the handbook of psychic defense. Very simple and efficient, here follows the download link. handbook of psychic defense.pdf

  15. lol this was funny, thank you for this trigger. i laughed

  16. Yes i give up for now. Im so extremely angry, sad, and sick, and depressive, about all the delays.

    Last many times ...they say...chimera defeated...chimera, not deeated.....chimera defeated...and now again chimera not defeated,,,,STILL WAY TO GO!!

    And this goes on and on, reapeatedly...repeatedly....repeatedly, and repeatedly.

    After 1000 years.....there is nothing still read the same messages here, im affraid.

    But i think, i not live anumore then, and earth and its live, will be long destroyed then, by a cosmic casastrophe, and WW3.

    Im crying heavily now.....i gave up.Ive never felt soo bad, angry, sad depressive, dissapointed, and am physically and emotionally exhausted, and really really sick., becauuse, of the endless delays, promises with nothing happen.

    And at this moment, suffering n earth continues, and gets unbearable, and goes on, to reach extreme heights.

    plaease replyy, because i gave up now...really.

    Its like im in hell, and cannot escape, and someone says, i get you out some time in the future, but knowing, that that is daid repeatedly, and never will happen.

    Sorry guys, but i stop waiting for now. This can take another 1000 years, or who knows what.

    I not want be negative, but with all the delays....i see no other option, than....GIVE UP.

    Love and light,

    Remco Cannot stop crying, at this moment.

    1. Hi Remco,
      Sorry you are having a tough time; but we are all having a tough time. And we aren’t all giving up.

      I don’t know what you mean suggesting that Cobra has been jerking us around. He has never said one time the Chimera is defeated, then it isn’t, then it is, then it isn’t. You are projecting your wishes and desires into what Cobra has been posting.

      I have seen a few negative reactions posted to this update and I don’t see the reason why. Cobra said clearly last month during the interview with Rob Potter that the scalar wave technology must be completely removed before the Event can occur. If the RM tries to do the Event and that scalar wave technology weapon is still active, they will fry everyone’s brain instantly! There wouldn’t be anyone left to save; we would all be dead.

      I am encouraged by this update because it "suggests" the strangelet and toplet bombs are now all gone and they are going to clean up the mess where they were hidden (The Tunnels of Set). That means that Long Island is the only thing left to clean up. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that something 3D is much easier to take care of than a bunch of bombs hidden in the Abyss.

      Remco, it really isn’t going to be long now! Follow Cobra’s advice: go out into nature and get your head straight. It will do you a world of good.

    2. Hang in there and stay the course. Things are changing may not seem like it, but they are. There is no reason to give up this close to the finish line Remco. You do matter and people do care about you.

    3. Dear Remco,

      It sounds like you are being targeted and heavily attacked by the ankle biters.

      I urge you to use the new protection meditation, and if possible you may even want to get the violey ray device.

      Stay present my friend

      "If you are depressed you are living in the past.
      If you are anxious you are living in the future.
      If you are at peace you are living in the present." - Lao Tzu

      some more great advice from this post that may help you is this:

      "remove all toxic elements, situations and people out of your lives. It is also good to find some quiet time each day to spend in nature and/or in meditation to reconnect with your higher self."

      know that you are loved greatly <3

  17. Very interesting info,thank you Cobra.

  18. Thank you very much for this information Cobra. This is exactly what I needed to know today.

    I was just thinking about this today and wondering if this is what has been happening to myself and others. It is my hope that once things are transparent and we fully understand how this works, and why and in what ways individuals have been targeted, then maybe we can heal. Maybe we can all heal.

    If this is what has been happening, then it seems almost as if they have incapacitated a few of us, but for some reason they are still trying very hard to finish us off completely. Are they so afraid of us even when we are down?

    I have been trying to maintain balance, and will continue to do so.

    The world is already full of chaos and violence. In every moment more humans are being drastically harmed, sometimes to the very core of their being, and not in one instance is this acceptable. It is time for this to end.

    1. I agree, and you and I are now free because we figured it out, with figured out their game which was based on deceit and lies, making all contracts I ever agreed upon immediately null and void as they were presented using deceptive disinformation, without telling me the whole truth, that I am immortal and, THAT is your cardinal sin against MY free will...You crazy? Hah!

      Ciao, C YA don't wanna be ya

  19. I'm taking this as a sign from the universe as it's the 2nd time today I've seen this protection protocol - so I'll give it another shot. Lately I've been pretty much blah. Have mountains of work to do, but sleep 10-14 hours a day instead. My dreams are strange too... somewhat bothersome strange and since I'm not getting deep enough sleep to repair, it's taking it's toll on me.

    There's also someone very negative around me that I can't just get rid of... my father. I know he's part of something dark, since back in the late 80's he was talking about "the inner circle of power" that he wanted to get in on... yea, THAT inner circle that would eventually send him to Kuwait with a message from the State Department that would kick off the first gulf war. He wasn't supposed to get out alive, but managed it and since then it's been nothing but bad mojo on him and by proximity my mother (had cancer), my sister (fighting anxiety and the screwed up meds) and myself. My mom and sister are doing much better since being far away from his influence, but I see myself getting worse. More anger, constantly distracted, can't focus... Every time I try to get away, there he is... stuck to me like white on rice.

    I try the meditations, but they're not helping. I carry crystals but some have broken while others have been lost or just completely discolor. I try to get out into nature but still can't get a clear enough head about me to get any positive energy in. I even sun gaze, but even that's taken a hit since my sleep patterns are completely screwed.

    To everyone of the light fighting the dark, can someone PLEASE get this person away from me? Don't care how, just get him away. FAR AWAY. As soon as possible. He's not improving anything and just collecting more and more bad mojo by scamming people out of their money so he can survive. He's even played the suicide card to extort money from myself and my sister. I can't deal with him anymore and need him somewhere other than here. I've exhausted almost all my options to get him out with my final option being leaving my house outright. Not something I want to do since I really love it here and know there's a reason for me to be here. Not to mention, he'll just find me again... after selling the house and making the money vanish which is his MO.

    1. it sounds to me like your father just needs to be shown the light

      and you can help with this by using one of the new meditations

      " Dragon sources have suggested a meditation to bring Light into the souls of those people and many of them will cross into the Light, thus effectively weakening the power base of the Cabal:

      1. Relax your body, emotions and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you

      2. Visualize a vortex of brilliant white Light descending from the Soul star chakra of all those Cabal middlemen into their energy field and their personality, awakening them to the reality of Light, guiding them to step away from the Cabal, giving them power to set themselves free from darkness

      3. Visualize all those Cabal middlemen joining the planetary network of Light, putting down their weapons of destruction and deceit, learning to cooperate and joining the human society in a constructive way."

  20. Let the patient and the wisdom do the final action. Keep strong on your beliefs, let the pure light shine through you!

    Is it? Yes, it is!

  21. and how about this less known quote by MLK:
    "Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to poverty, racism, and militarism."

  22. I guess people think if you say you are going to kill your self that is going to change and make the event just happen.... well its not going change nothing ....If i have to sit in this rotting trailer with 5 kids one with bad lungs so on and meditate grin and bare it keep pushing the love energy light peace healing while suffering of being poverty ...So can you too do it hang on you giving up is not going to change nothing ....Stop being all i want want want it now ..and push the love light peace so on to help this along...It is taking long for good few reasons that cobra has stated why ...Yet all we get is i am going to kill my self now or something other then that .....Get up help do something

    1. That's the warrior spirit!
      I hope your reality check slapped some people straight

  23. Heheheehhehe - Hehehehehe - Release the Dogs you say? Don't gotta tell me Twice. OPERATION CAT-GIRL begins Meow!!! - lol.

    This is a video of what Operation "Cat Girl" is kind of like...

    It's kinda funny if you imagine the guy with glasses as Rumsfeld and the giant woman as the Goddess Presence and the little boy represent the part of humanity controlled by 'Fear' in the Reptile Brain.

    I noticed something was up - I personally like to fire Devine Pink Goddess "Light Bombs" & Devine "Indigo Flame" bombs on random people in crowded spaces - Imagine what it looks like on the Astral Plane,

    I VOTE that this song becomes the official theme-song for the "Cabal Demise".

    Komm Susser Tod(2013 Version PianoForte)

    - I love some of these lyrics:
    I thought that I could live only for myself...
    I Wish....that I could turn back Time, Cause now the Guilt is ALL mine - can't face it all without the trust of the ones you Loved (or EnSlaved??)
    It ALL comes tumbling down - tumbling down
    It ALL returns to NOTHING!!!

    I swear When the Arrests happen & ALL of Hollywood & stuff is EXPOSED someone like me will make a video montage of ALL the Losers using this song as a Final FUCK YOU to the "Cabal".

    1. Well I'm glad you can be so gleeful about it all!

      You crack me up.

    2. Thanks Gantz! you just made my day :D

      If I see more of unbalanced, immature or hysterical responses that serve no other purpose but a desperate attempt to bring down the high vibes of Cobra's super charged update - that made 'me' go o h s n a p - I'll just turn my head, go back to your comment...and laugh again

      There couldn't be a greater morale booster to see some real Justice come to town for change so that the people with goldmines of knowledge can get to work, those who no one bothered listening to before and are not even aware of…and get a safe, decent production support behind them, in order to get their word out immediately. As of now there has been no one who would dare put out the real juice truth for all to hear.

      I hope that everyone remembers what we've been taught - that Calm Padawan, is the Jedi mind…Stay grounded and present, and Lighten up a little, it will get easier, we have all been through "that special treatment for targeted individuals", and seen the dark side up-close and personal.

    3. UH...well thank you Freia. I was Norse once you know. Came to America before all of you...and died of starvation- Yeah, It sucked to me that day.

      It's not about "moral" or anything "new Agey" at this point. It's about "Knowing yourself" and Not Bull Shitting your Ego, Inner-Child, or whatever the hell gets you "going" in this fight. I don't want power, praise, or a seat any 'special table' - There is more than 1 truth in play here after all.

      I do like a "fair game" though. And I personally love being a walking "Cheat Code" or Uncontrollable "Power-Up" for others - I love messing w/ the Matrix - I'm mostly just waiting to see these Dark Negative Douche'Bags get cancelled - I don't care who does it & I can't guarantee I'm not going to roast marshmellows over their corpses - won't know till we get there, GETTING there is the arrangement.

      Let's just say "I was Lied to about why I was to come to this incarnation" - I got virtually NONE of the things I was living for- Remco goes on about Suicide? - I'm past that. I'm in this as Soverign Free Will Spiritual Mercenary. I know I'm a good person & deserve more and I have Empathy for people more "virtuous" than I so I have things to live for....So I'm just going to BREAK, Hack, & Pick apart the Matrix - maybe liberate a few - pass out some "Cheat Codes" while we wait for the Toilet to Flush.

      It's all I can do. By the Big Macs are only $2.50 now so there's something to feed my Hollow - lol. We'll see how I feel in February

  24. i've noticed a very interesting energy wave coming up the last few days that is moving on top of the one started last december ... yesterday i noticed a quietness and today a huge ramping up energy that is still building now ... i found some interesting synchronicities with global meditations, alignments etc that coincide with this new energy wave ...
    19 jan: primary (noticeable) ramp of energy wave
    20 jan: physical grounding + supermoon
    21 jan: activation rr6 (galactic alignment), start of window of opportunity (cobra)
    22 jan: (empty space) <-- usually an energy spike indicator (or change)
    23 jan: core of release + "gateway of divine choice" (sandra walter and various others)
    24 jan: gateway continuation
    25 jan: eckhart tolle global meditation + gateway completion
    26 jan: (empty space) <-- usually an energy spike indicator (or change)
    27 jan: divine emphasis (helios crux)

    i'm also noticing that anger is a hot theme in this week and the last few days ... especially with sensitive people coming from an oppressed past ... and i feel by just giving this anger space, it has the greatest benefits ... so what i see is basically feminine empowerment through the return of the natural expression of anger ... very beautiful to see the beneficial results of this ... empowered feminine energy ... wow ...

    i also found it interesting that a beam or vortex and violet flame were mentioned again, in conjunction with the meditation video i recently completed:
    Earth meditation: rainbow & violet flame - YouTube

    a timeless and uplifting message i recently received feels like a message straight from the higher You back to you …
    "<..> the expanded space of myself is always present and aching to connect …
    and when i do connect, i feel love embracing me and feeling carried on this ever present wave whatever life experiences i may be going through …
    and if i may forget or lose this connection sometimes, i know that it is only momentary and i will see ‘you’, the united being that i am, upon my return, here, in this endless space of my Self …”
    Straight from the higher You back to you | Transmuting transmissions

    hang in there, these are just energies passing through us, and they Will pass!

  25. The ELF towers are generators running off the frequency of the earth magnetosphere. Its a low gauss that's why the generator occurs on such a large scale. They are the power source for the underground bunkers and they will fail entombing the assholes right where they place thier faith. Putrefaction to all of the punks who found this world thier oyster up until now. Yes you do stink.

  26. I say go for it, arrest the cabalists. Sure, things might get a bit chaotic, but think about the sudden boost of motivation the light community would get! Also, people would certainly question those arrests, opening a huge door for BILLIONS of people to be able to go deep into the rabbit hole and wake up.

    Nobody cares if the sky looks funky or if some weirdo told them their food is full of poison, but if big govt ppl get arrested like that (some of them people that some revere as heroes like bush) that's a big wake up call.

    So please, do what you gotta do RM. You have my approval!

    1. This... and I know "SOMETHING" was deactivated last night so get at it guys.

    2. Yes, if they were arrested, it's like all the people who aren't awake but they have been in between, would definitely wake up then. Even then, the news media is made to protect them in the U.S....The word would have to spread somehow, I really wonder how this would be handled socially and info revealed to the masses.

  27. This was a good update. Thanks Cobra.

    Note the window of opportunity is half way past at this point. We all need to keep pushing. The battle is not over until the fat lady sings. To those thinking suicide don't do it. There is much to be hopeful for.

    For those who want to take a bigger risk, I have created a portal animation from the Goddess vortex Halaf Plate. Stare into it and use it to send light directly to long island. Visualize their buildings flooding with the light of the goddess. Drown them and disintegrate them with the power of your light. You are stronger than they are.
    (Warning powerful stuff)

  28. ALL of you need to relax. The situation is getting better and better, piece by piece. Instead of giving up hope and running for the hills or committing suicide or claiming that Cobra is a shill, realize that HUGE changes are taking place in the PHYSICAL plane of existence. The Earth is headed for it's final destination of peace, one way or another. Just look at Russia and the BRICS alliance, and Russia's attempts to remove these NAZIS from power.

    If you don't believe that Cobra is responsible for any of this, then fine, find and make a plan to PHYSICALLY help. That way much less faith is necessary. However, just look at the MASSIVE PHYSICAL effect that the recent meditation for Egypt had, and you can get the picture. Cobra has never let us down and has always provided us with on-the-spot updates of world affairs.

    I have never heard of anybody treating him like a God, to do so would be absolutely silly. We love and cherish one another in this community, but worship is not involved. And I'm pretty darn sure that the likes of Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and Putin are not anonymous voices.

    There is no need for fear-mongering here.

    1. Thanks for the fantastic post Ted. I like the matter of factness. I can't see how people can be so negative and doubtful when the proof of awesome changes are all around us.
      Actually I take that back, people are blind to the positive changes because they aren't able or willing to raise their vibration enough to see the massive positivity. Thanks for being able yourself, and for being matter of fact about it!

  29. Dearest Remco; if you are in distress, please call a crisis line. There is help out there. You have to trust me on this. I've been in your very position a couple times already, and it is not worth it.

    Spending time in a psych ward or seeing a doctor about Depression is OK, and totally worth a try. You are a very beautiful soul, more so than you can even image. You will just end up re-incarnating again with similar circumstances, so it isn't worth it.

    Please hang in there my friend! Sending you lots of Love :)

    1. Good idea, there is no shame in getting professional help, I've done it from time to time, both of my own volition and at the insistence of family. Funny, when I used to go out dancing a lot I never felt a need for therapy, but it was after years of therapy. You do not have to have your entire future figured out, it is ONE day at a time. don't worry about the Event, the world, or anything but you, right NOW. I never know if I will be working on any given day, if I will have rent at the end of the month, etc. but I have learned to live with a LOT uncertainty. Buddhist teachings were very helpful to me at one phase of my life, as you learn to sit with your pain instead of being thrashed by it. If you can afford it get a massage because human touch can be so helpful in easing stress and anxiety. But also consider a small pet. <3

    2. Adam1111,

      Crisis line, doctor or psychiatrist are part of the problem, not the solution. They are not going to give financial freedom for limitless self-expression and freedom for Remco.

      And no, no one is forcing anyone to incarnate anywhere. Even thought this physical life is just one big abuse against our free will, luckily, the crime doesn't continue to work "on the other side".. except if you believe in it.

      Just saying what I've learned & seen so far.

      And hey Remco, neither I have any reason to wake up. It's "oh no" every morning to wake up. Slavery, scarcity, lack, poor health, lack of time.. no joy, freedom, happiness, anything. Wish this shit would be over quick. Just be aware that there are countless of others in same situation, whether they realize it or not, and the fact that eternal joy is waiting for us.. whether it's going to manifest here or "on the other side". If it happens here, you get everything you have always dreamed. You will see your "dead" loved ones, will get very healthy, have the best food ever and grow spiritually (and due to that, become immortal).. all you can imagine. Strenghtening hugs for you.

    3. You ARE NOT A VICTIM! I know it's convienient to think so, and to a certain extent you could make the case so... However, you must truly realize peace on gay surroundings that can be perceived as hell. Peace is a state of being before it can be a place. You will never manifest a place of peace from a state of victim conciousness. .... Again, until you free yourself from the victim 'they' made you. You will always be a victim. Our controllers don't free us . We free us. Within

  30. Dear Cobra,
    This is one of the most helpful intels EVER!!
    And it's right on time!!!

    Oh my..... Talk about being visciously attacked.... I'm a prime example of it...
    (And it's been like this for a long, long, long time now).

    However, recently, for the last few months, it is so intense, that I feel like being in a horrible nightmare day and night.
    It is just unbearable....

    I'm a TRUE warrior. Yet, I don't know for HOW LONG can I stand up for myself?

    So YOU, (ALL OF YOU), got the answer:

  31. I find the website about Neanderthals EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE AND DISGUSTING. I wish you could have made the point about this in a different way without using that blatantly anti-semitic website. Talk about negativity, that is ridiculous.

    1. Yawn…get over it, so boring and unoriginal.
      Yawn…how boring and so unoriginal

      But even the cry-babies who can't handle the truth get a consolation prize - your comment earned you a top spot on the Wall of Ignorance.

    2. Funny, I found that website very interesting, from a scientific standpoint. I had always been taught that the Neanderthals had died out. I was fascinated by the movie "Clan of the Cave Bear" when I saw that (and it was very controversial also). I don't mind reading controversial, new perspectives. That is one reason I LOVE the Internet.

      I think that when we are introduced to the whole Galactic Family of beings out there, we will see how silly our racial prejudices really are. Cobra specifically said that he was posting the link for the scientific evidence, not the ideological viewpoints. Cobra doesn't have the time to write all new articles himself!!

      These are things we need to deal with if we are going to evolve as a society. I think it is better to start doing it now rather than later.

    3. Being offended is a waste of energy Corey. I believe you can let go of offendedness :)

    4. Would you feel better if you looked like a reptilian. Only thing that matters is what level soul occupies. Master Jedi level for me.

    5. Although I do understand the scientific standpoint that was being put forth, I believe that there is so much hate out there already, and I wasn't expecting to be directed to a hate-fueled website like that from here.

      And freia.....It's my party, i'll cry if I want to.

  32. Thank you for the protection meditation protocol.

  33. Eternal gratitude for this powerful information. I have been struggling for quite sometime now to maintain a tranquil mind at all times...

    these new meditations mean a lot to me... they are so beautiful

    thank you

  34. "Maintain this vortex by connecting it to the source of universal Light and program it to maintain all your energy bodies purified"

    I must ask, what is the source of universal Light? I assume that would be the one? But if this is the case, I have no idea how to visualize that

  35. Release the Dogs, or the Bees! Or the Dogs with Bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot Bees at you!

  36. I always seem not to notice when there is a new post, or I have left home that day plus the fact that the email notification comes much later than the actual post (like 12 hours later). Late to the party as usual!

    Despite my own precarious circumstance, I have been calm and optimistic and hopeful with things I've read recently, and seeing positive change in the world and dialogue at least over issues like civil rights and education and finance and ecology, etc. I also see through the ridiculous politicians and some news events as a kind of theater of the absurd, and don't take it too seriously as I have faith it will all change soon enough.

    But I have to say I was a bit taken aback, and mildly alarmed by this post, as the serious tone of Cobra's message made me feel like it was our Dad talking to us and urging us Lightworkers to behave and stop fooling around, and, as the Patriots like to say, "DO YOUR JOB."

    While I have learned many of the meditation techniques ages ago, I tend to forget to use a lot of the tools in my toolbox, though I have been going outdoors and avoiding toxic people and environments, and keeping to myself a lot more.

    However, I had to work to squelch the fear that arose towards the end of the post. I think writing to REMCO calmed me down and got me back in touch with my love of life. The LAST thing I want is a more violent, dangerous, chaotic world at war! As much as I'd love to see the unholy four arrested ASAP, it's not worth it if we have to sacrifice a graceful, safe and peaceful transition! Most people who are unaware of what has really been going on all this time on the planet will become fearful if the geo-political situation is destabilized and becomes more violent and chaotic. So please let's be in agreement that we want peace, harmony, and graceful transitions for the good of all. We are so close! Yet we are not on the front lines, so thank you to Cobra, RM, Galactic Family and all those who step up for humanity to handle the immense tasks at hand. May you be Blessed and Protected, and may Safe Journeys be yours.

    I forget what the RR6 is. I must have known before, as I have it in my tags for posting.
    Not sure if we will be having updates during the busy week ahead starting with the activation, but we can assist whatever is going on by following the meditation instructions as much as possible. Remember, we are still in the larger Window of Opportunity for a while yet.

    (thanks in advance to whoever refreshes me on the RR6).

    <3 PEACE <3

    1. "The turning point of this Window of opportunity will be on January 21st next year with a special activation codenamed RR6, which is important for the Resistance Movement and not so much for the surface population."

  37. This technique is powerful! Thanks.

  38. The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism by Michael J. Behe

    Overview: Michael J. Behe launched the intelligent design movement with his first book, Darwin's Black Box, by demonstrating that Darwinism could not account for the complexity of biochemistry. Now he takes a giant leap forward. In The Edge of Evolution, Behe uses astounding new findings from the genetics revolution to show that Darwinism is nowhere near as powerful as most people believe. Genetic analysis of malaria, E. coli, and the HIV virus over tens of thousands of generations, not to mention analysis of the entire history of the genetic struggle between them and "us" (humans), make it possible for the first time to determine the precise rates, and likelihood, of random mutations of varying kinds. We now know, as never before, what Darwinism can and cannot accomplish. The answers turn conventional science on its head and are certain to be hotly debated by millions. After The Edge of Evolution, life in the universe will never look the same.
    Genre: Non-Fiction, Science, Evolution

  39. I vote "to release the dogs" as the top echelon of the Cabal will never surrender! They are pure evil and most likely soulless. Sending our love & light out will very likely help the underlings of the Cabal and help them turn to the Light.

    Of course, I've been targeted by the scalar waves but fought real hard to bring myself back to health (with some of my health remedies & power of positive thinking) and am feeling good again.

  40. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum....

    Arrgh! Can ye heartily believe it be like the pleadian pirate days once again, matey?
    Aye, it be true... It says so right here on the Cobra page.

    Yarrrgh matey, ye've been boarded! Yer chimera scurvy, prepare to be gutted, quartered and walk the plank.

    Thar be plenty of booty here, the finest of the seven seas....


      Release me....

    2. Arrgh! Plank-Walking Ceremony at Sunset,
      when the sharks be quiverin' wit' hunger

      Who first? Cheney? Rumsfeld? Bush Sr., with wheels?

      Aye, but if they beg us forgive, or they show remorse,
      we must furl the sails and set a new course...
      -to the Brig with them then, to rot for now, alas!
      But the Queen, she'll be kicking plenty of ass.

      Aye, Matey, I secretly hope
      the pris'ners will hang at the end of a rope!
      Eternal suspension above the sea,
      Sharks jumpin' and nippin' scarily.

      But soon, we'll cross the storming sea...
      and the New Day'll dawn for you and me.
      A treasure the likes of which n'er been seen
      A bounty to make our hearts and eyes gleam!

    3. Um Yes. PlanK.'s+constant

  41. Chimera still thinks they are in charge! HaHaHa that ship has sailed.

    Special message to light warriors n workers...
    cause positive reinforcement is a wonderful thing...

    Victory to the Light

  42. Thank you Cobra for this protection protocol. It will be very useful in the coming days.

  43. whaoouh ! thank you cobra and RM

  44. The Event will NOT happen until the scalar plasma grid is taken care of... Looks like this will be the reason giving for NONE event during the Dec. 15 thru Mar. 15 opportunity. I'm loosing hope that any of this is real and true. PLEASE Mother Father God prove me WRONG!!

    1. Stop pining for the event and start shining your own light. This is the breakthrough phase, enjoy your roll as light bringer. It is getting easier.

    2. Thats nothing!

      Ive lost all my hope.

      I take a suicide pill, and go to the heaven/afterlife, where all my passed away, friends, grandparents awaits me, in a real paradise, that really exist.

      All my hope is lost here, in this hell on earth, as it is now.

      Not want be nagative, but never ever seen the world so bad, and worse, like it is now.

      Children/baby abuse/torture, and 1000 ,s of things, i not want think of, because, thats why i all gave up now, after years, of years, of years of patiently waiting, and working on inner self....prepare others, for what is going on here, and whats comming...nothing, as it seems now.

      The world as it is now, is the worst imaginable nightmare you can ever think of.

      Cant stop crying for 2 days now.

      2008, the big shift should happen....NOTHING.....2009, the shift, something big should happen......NOTHING. 2010...NOTHING....2011....NOTHING.......2012, when we all expected, biiig changes......again....NOTHING.......2013.....NOTHING.....2014, what should has be the year of again big changes.......NOTHING.........and now we are in 2015.........STILL NOTHING happened.

      And 2016 2017 2018........19 20 21......22......23......24.......2090?

      i guess the same thing..........NOTHING IS GONNA HAPPEN!! I think long before 2090, the total destruction of our beautifull gaia, WW3, and/or an cosmic catastrophe.

      Hope all souls of earth, are incarnate/transportated, to another REAL 5D planetwhere the golden age, already exist, after all life here on earth is wiped out. Totally destroyed by wars/cosmic catastrophes.

      And our souls, are safely gone over, but me, muuch earlier offcourse.

      I want be positive, but when i take a look, and read, at the reality, i have zero point zero, percent positivity anymore.


    3. Thats nothing!

      Ive lost all my hope.

      I take a suicide pill, and go to the heaven/afterlife, where all my passed away, friends, grandparents awaits me, in a real paradise, that really exist.

      All my hope is lost here, in this hell on earth, as it is now.

      Not want be nagative, but never ever seen the world so bad, and worse, like it is now.

      Children/baby abuse/torture, and 1000 ,s of things, i not want think of, because, thats why i all gave up now, after years, of years, of years of patiently waiting, and working on inner self....prepare others, for what is going on here, and whats comming...nothing, as it seems now.

      The world as it is now, is the worst imaginable nightmare you can ever think of.

      Cant stop crying for 2 days now.

      2008, the big shift should happen....NOTHING.....2009, the shift, something big should happen......NOTHING. 2010...NOTHING....2011....NOTHING.......2012, when we all expected, biiig changes......again....NOTHING.......2013.....NOTHING.....2014, what should has be the year of again big changes.......NOTHING.........and now we are in 2015.........STILL NOTHING happened.

      And 2016 2017 2018........19 20 21......22......23......24.......2090?

      i guess the same thing..........NOTHING IS GONNA HAPPEN!! I think long before 2090, the total destruction of our beautifull gaia, WW3, and/or an cosmic catastrophe.

      Hope all souls of earth, are incarnate/transportated, to another REAL 5D planetwhere the golden age, already exist, after all life here on earth is wiped out. Totally destroyed by wars/cosmic catastrophes.

      And our souls, are safely gone over, but me, muuch earlier offcourse.

      I want be positive, but when i take a look, and read, at the reality, i have zero point zero, percent positivity anymore.


    4. Remco, JUST HANG IN THERE! If they are attacking you this brutally, it means you are a grave treat to their existance! DO NOT GIVE UP! THINGS WILL GET BETTER!

    5. I feel the same way Phillip cyr. Same ol excuse after excuse after excuse. Donkey chasing the carrot on a line thing as usual. I don't care anymore. If it happens good, but I will keep living my life. I'm done listening out for this kind of info. If we all perish who cares as well. WIsh I could be proven wrong but I just don't even care.

  45. visualization like this :)

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. 1 Why, is the young generation people, of 14, til 24 years, totally fucked up in this 3D world today we struggle, and suffer?

    They use alcohol/drugs, are agressive, often shouting on the street, often, molest people, and use sick words, in their language.

    Why is this? The young generation, is getting a horrible piece of i said 100 times, everything is getting only worse and worse!

    Everybody i hear, and read, say the same...huge changes are happening right now!

    May i ask.......What changes?????

    Changes, that everything gets worse, and to a hellprisonplanet, are the only changes i see.

    I feel horrible, when i get outside on the street, go to the supermarket, affraid, and unsafe feeling, for meeting again, that horrible young people.

    I dont watch news, and not read any newspapers for 10 years now.

    Its not without reason, i stop wanting living here on this hell on earth.

    Only the breakthrough......ONLY occurs, within 2 or 3 weeks/months...EVENT, can safe me.

    Please reply.


    1. I am reading this blog since a while but never felt the urge to write a comment.
      However, there was the coincidence that in the ISIS report was given the same request that I announced the 15th on the evening to my meditation group: focus the intentions and thoughts on the positive you want to see.

      Thats why I also want to answer here to Remco.
      There is too much focusing on the negative (among all the people not specifically the comments here).
      Of course general media are not helping as they are relying only the negative things that happen. This created an atmosphere of fear and hate. And we should do all we can to keep free from that.

      How do we imagine the world after the event? And how do we imagine the event?
      In my opinion people should first think of whether they imagine and want a world where they replace the existing power by another one, as much light there may be, or if they want people to live in freedom and full responsibility and sovereignty?
      I have the impression waiting for ETs to come to solve our problems will not be a solution. We have to accept and live our responsibility and especially our creative potential.

      Every negative thought is nourishing what we hate.
      Hate and anger will increase the potential of creation for this reality.

      Focusing on a world filled with love, joy, freedom and abundance will help do create this reality. And as it is our reality we have to put this effort. Its not someone else who can do this!
      More and more the energies are coming and portals are opening, more we all become also co-creator of reality.

      Just decide whether you want to continue in a world setup where are victims, persecutors and saviors, or in a free world. Its us to put our creative forces in the game.

      If you are already feeling bad before even go outside, you will inevitably attract bad experiences. You are calling for them.
      If you go outside, focus on the present. See the bird on the street and feel love for it. See the wind playing in the trees, and feel gratitude for it.
      Experience the present and allow yourself to see all the gifts of the present. There are far more that you imagine.
      Allow yourself to see them, don't chase them away with the dark thoughts of what could happen.
      Enjoying the present is part of freeing yourself from the prison of hate and anger.

      The young generation does not need our hate or our fear. They are lost in this world.They need our compassion,

      Project love to them, and you may experience enriching encounters that you did not imagine.

    2. Remco
      You are seeing through the eyes of the parasite, It's a lie.
      Let's all send Remco light to shake off the parasitic mind that has such a strong hold.

    3. It's the spirit of REMCO talking or you give up of the "easy way" ? KKK

      I think that...
      I dont this...
      I feel horrible....

      C'mom mimimi for me !

  48. Thank you for the intel Cobra.

    When I use the mirror shield, I always say:" ...and may all that is hindering and disturbing the divine plan from happening be rejected and be immediately transmuted into elements that bring the divine plan even faster into reality" (instead of "back to sender").


    I like the coded message, I am sure, some have waited nearly their whole life for this moment.


    Also which is very good is to imagine yourself as a pillar of light and your twinflame (known or just visualized, however) also as a pillar of light. Then see those 2 pillars touching each other until there is a overlapping zone. Now you can transmute anything inside of that zone; the whole planet or any collective or personally issue you can think of, as this is as well a kind of "Heart of AN"-place and this is the energy that transforms duality into oness. I did that for example by connecting with Isis, being the energy of Isis and connecting her pillar of light with the pillar of light of Ashtar.


  49. VICTORY of the LIGHT!
    Am I the only one originally here from the very first blog? Do you remember 'smart dust', stranglet bombs, oh what else...Venus Transit, some kind of 'black box' held by the cabal. At first, the comments were not moderated, then a flood of spam, negative posts, hate, so called 'debunkers', then the moderation came about. Do you remember all of that? Who are all these new entities?

    Here see this:
    Epic cosmic radio burst finally seen in real time:

  50. Thanks for Cobra's update.
    Only Mathew here mentioned that the editorial comment promotes hatred and employs the old divide and conquer tactic... used by you know who by saying:

    Please understand that although the article above might be ideologically biased, most of hard science facts still stand. Just insert Khazarians instead of Semites/Jews when you read the article.
    What hard science?
    You’re an anti-semite ignorant writer who brings no evidence for the above.
    What hard evidence do you have?
    I wonder if you’ll publish this comment.
    I can bring evidence only for not having any hard evidence that Jews are Khazarians. There was no mass conversion to Judaism at that time in the discussed region (900 BC). Only the elite converted to Judaism
    Stating theories as facts doesn’t make them facts….. You should know this. It’s unfounded theory.
    You will obviously ignore studies like this

    1. Amazing to me that anyone who says ANYTHING about Jews is immediately and viciously smacked with the label anti-Semite. It's getting to be like a knee-jerk, reflex reaction. You missed his point, which was that the Illuminati "Bluebloods" make a big deal about bloodlines while hiding the true history of their own origins. Don't believe everything you find in the "history" books, as it is full of half-truths and distortions, and has largely deleted or ignored HER-story in order to perpetuate certain myths of HIS-story, and thus control the populace.

      Personally I don't give a shit what race, religion or bloodline anyone is. There are NO "chosen people". That was then, this is now. You and your people are not better than the rest of us, and vice-verse. Get over it. We're all human, and ultimately, while cultural differences are interesting (variety is the spice of life) we are a planet of people about to join Galactic family as ONE race, the Human race.

      Cobra is far from ignorant, he is neutral and dedicated to humanity despite being a Pleiadian Starseed who doesn't HAVE to be helping us at all, and certainly he is not egotistical, and he gets no pleasure from dealing with the ignorance and petty infighting among humans. Yet he remains infinitely patient, while trying to convey the urgency of our necessary participation and help.

      Much information that has been suppressed cannot be released (or available on YouTube or the internet) until after The Event, even though he throws out references to help us understand his point. He's actually kind of busy much of the time, saving the world, so take a chill pill and he'll get back to you later.

      If that's not a good enough answer, sorry, but maybe this forum isn't for you. We don't take kindly to people being condescending and rude to Cobra, whose depth of understanding far exceeds the sum total of the rest of us, and whose mission is selfless, without any agenda other than to expose the Cabal and help mankind to awaken and transition into the New World, with minimal collateral damage. He is not just a messenger but a dedicated, loving soul and somewhat reluctant leader, helping us to find our way into co-creating a new and positive reality paradigm. Or perhaps he is trying to light a firecracker under the butts of all of us Lightworkers, because we need to be more proactive to be effective and save humanity and the planet.

      Actually, it's not for me to say who can and cannot comment here, but please give Cobra the benefit of the doubt, and due respect. He cannot possibly convey top secret things he knows at this time, for reasons of security. But clearly things are accelerating, although we are about to enter a Mercury retrograde phase, that can be a good time to review and and go back to more thoroughly complete tasks and unfinished business.


    2. @Phoenix, thank you for this wonderful post! I wanted to respond to this person (stranger more like it), but I just didn't know the approach to take. I usually come on very strong, but I felt that was the wrong approach in this case.

      I think your response was PERFECT! Gentle and yet Strong at the same time. You are really masterful at that! Thanks for all your great posts! I really enjoy reading them! BTW, I am also an HSP..... :-))

    3. Hi Phoenix Boulay and Mitchell,

      An excellent text you wrote Phoenix and I share your feelings about Cobra 1000%

      However, you haven't replied any of my comments. You denied them totally. I wonder why. I don't blame you for being an anti-semite, but you are definitely not interested in confronting the issues that I raised. That's all.

      Victory of the light for everyone in this world. We are all the chosen ones.

      Best wishes to everyone.


    4. What is more amazing that all of the Jew are labeled as criminals.

  51. Remco:

    Not sure where you live...but the young people near us are lovely.
    I have great respect for how positive and upbeat and creative they are.

    If I look for the positive I will find it. If I look for the negative, I will find that too.

    Suggest you look for the positive, in yourself and in others.

    We can all meditate, turn the energy around with our own thoughts and our own will and restore love and peace to ourselves and also project love and peace to others, especially places on the earth that need it.

    This is the message from Cobra.

  52. <3 after energetical clearing of Long Island I fill the vacuum with Goddess/God-energy, otherwise it could get filled with even more obstacles <3

    ~Goddess energy fills all of creations empty spaces within this anomaly place, so the cracks within the veil get bigger and bigger~

    °°°until the breakthrough happens°°°

  53. <3 Interesting article about Comet Lovejoy <3

    "Secondly: with the 11,500 year orbital period detected by astronomers it is quite possible the last time this comet passed by Earth it was around the timeline accepted by many for when the destruction of Atlantis occurred.

    This leads to some interesting possibilities as to what this comet’s affects hold in store for us as it passes this time. I am not implying a doomsday scenario here. What I can see as one of many possibilities for long term affects is assistance in healing the karmic imbalances that led to the destruction of Atlantis (as held by current collective beliefs)."

  54. Cobra please answer this for everyone,
    As hard as we try to spread the word and inform people about what’s really going on we get shot down or the same question we always get “where’s the proof?”. I believe I’m the only one in my family and friends that believes this and I’m always being shot down or ignored. Why hasn’t any proof been shown to the public?

    1. The repercussions would be terrible if proof of any kind is openly given out. Focus on inner work now. Cobra's blog pageviews are steadily increasing by a million a month ... the news IS getting out ... by itself.

    2. Maybe because the unawake ones have been under mind control and that scalar wave attack type stuff, it still baffles me why some people are awake and others are not. The media has been protecting cabalists for decades...arrests would be a sure wake up call to the people.

  55. Interesting theory....Glass sky:

  56. Dear Cobra,
    for benefits of all, please explain along with your Guide details of Violet Ray therapy what is in Europe and former Soviet Union is named as d’arsonvalization in fame of French doctor and physicist Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval (1851-1940) who did introduced in medical practice this method of Tesla waves – with periodical fading oscillations.
    It is known that in CERTIFIED (like in Russia) d’arsonvalization (Violet Ray therapy) devices are involved just only frequency of 110KHz – having quality to relief pain.
    But other frequencies can harm.
    What can you tell about it?
    In low pressure air filled Geissler tubes used for d’arsonvalization (Violet Ray therapy), you can be able to see effects, named after inventor – Semyon Kirlian (1898-1978).
    – So just only in most cases low pressure air filled Geissler tubes shining in violet color.
    – When my sister who is Pleiadian operates such device or on her being applied d’arsonvalization (Violet Ray therapy) – IN THE SAME TUBE IS LIGHT BLUE SHINING.
    – But when my mom – who was angry woman during hers lifetime, when she operated this device or on her was applied d’arsonvalization (Violet Ray therapy) IN THE SAME TUBE OFTEN WAS PURPLE RED SHINING.
    Therefore – for to avoid scaring of operator and for more soft effects on patients are being in use neon filled Geissler tubes under low pressure. With barely visible effects of Kirlian.

    Question is – have d’arsonvalization (Violet Ray) therapy the same subtle effects if to use low pressure neon filled Geissler tubes instead of low pressure air filled tubes?
    Is there valuable color therapy with low violet light if to take in mind opportunity to scare operator with Kirlian effects in low pressure air filled tubes.

    What can you tell about d’arsonvalization (Violet Ray therapy) with very high voltage – around 100KV (100,000 V), instead of ordinary 15-20KV, seemingly to be more efficient on patients, but being banned since 1910's, because 2 doctors died being killed by a current of very high voltage.
    (Of course – there can appear some quantity of X-rays.)

    Question is – is this story just only excuse for to justify ban of medical technology, about what seems that it is possible to destroy subtle implants too? Is may be true?
    (Why otherwise European Union clerks been so worried in 1990's and beginning of 2000's about East Germany made medical X-ray imagining devices, capable to work with voltages till 104KV ?)

    Thank you for great article! <3
    We all did waited this moment when Mother Earth started to refuse to bring Cabal members on hers back. It is time for Orion chimeras too.

  57. Astrology for the Soul, January 20, 2015 from Kaypacha:

  58. Attacks are very overwhelming today!!!

  59. I have to say that Obama was in rare form and full of fire again in tonight's State of the Union address. He was very confident and full of progressive ideas to lift the people and the nation up, with a full agenda of win-win solutions for the US and the world....which makes me think that he knows something we don't know, something BIG, about what is going on behind the scenes. He no longer appears to be under mind control!

    (Meanwhile Boehner squirmed in the background and tried to look bored and stare holes into the back of his head. He also remained seated without clapping during Obama's standing ovations, like that entire Republican side of obstructionists in Congress.)

    I cannot WAIT to hear Obama testify in court about what he knows of the Cabal and how that affected his ability to actually preside in the manner he had originally intended, but was not able to. He may not be able to announce Disclosure as he was supposed to, but it's coming, one way or another, and I am very excited with anticipation of the massive awakening unfolding and the coming announcements.
    hit the link "watch this program from the beginning"

  60. Cobra,

    Our best wishes to the RM for the successful completion of RR6. Sure hope it has something to do with that bootstrap contraption in Long Island.

  61. ... and unfortunately we haven't seen the last of Remco. He is going to resurrect himself for sure ... in less than a day (take that Sananda). What a useless distraction at this crucial period. Cobra ... why not unconditionally shut down all comments for a few weeks ? Do us all a world of good.

  62. Everyone--
    Please send love and light to Remco. His communications are a CALL for our help.
    Yes he needs to change his thoughts from fear to loving ones for himself - and with our directed flux of light - with just even one little twinkle - that energy may turn his beliefs around. Every bit helps. Isn't this what we are here for?

    1. Dear Marilyn,

      this is a wonderful idea, let us do this and let us please the Goddess to support him. I will connect to Mother Mary. May he recognize how much he is loved and may he understand why he is so much loved.

      Thank you! <3

    2. Yes!!!

      EVERY ONE on planet Earth is LOVED.
      Divine Grace is available to ALL.

  63. REMCO attention to diet and nutrition can help.

    How to Increase Dopamine Levels: Foods to Eat and What to do to Feel Good

    Follow us: @naturalsociety on Twitter | NaturalSociety on Facebook

    1. This is sooo important:
      Mineral deficiencies are screwing us even mentally.
      My constant anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts ended when i started supplementing with magnesium.

    2. Yes, ger sey, I stopped all supplements for many months last year, and went back to using them, noticing results quickly. I believe the fish oil, Vit D, B-complex and MAGNESIUM especially help, I am sleeping better and not having muscle cramps, not prone to anxiety as much. Investing in a good fish oil that is PCB free and has high levels of DHA is more helpful with depression.

      As important, I try to get outside and walk or sit in nature if not too cold. Focus not on what isn't, but on what IS, with gratitude. If you have arms, legs, a roof over your head and work you are more fortunate than much of the world's population. Be blessed by blessing, forgiving and cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.

      (See post further down in thread of Howard Wills Gift of Life Prayers)

    3. Magnesium is very good for depression and anxiety. I take it and it helps you sleep as well. Also good for aching muscles if you work out and helps the heart.It alkalises the body very quickly if taken in powder form with calcium. The one I take is Nano-Cal, quite dear but very effective. Magnesium has a lot of uses. A good book to read is The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean.

  64. Interesting coincidence - McDonald's has just put out a toy that is an Egyptian pyramid (from the movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman). No cap stone (no point on pyramid) instead a dog that comes out of the wall, can stand on the top. The goal of the game is to get the piece to the ray of light at the end (the one my daughter got only had one ray of light on the right hand side but in the below video there are two rays of light, one of the left and one of the right of the base of the pyramid. In the background of the game are several images of what look like Egyptian Goddesses (Isis). The game piece moves through use of a magnet. The goal is not on the top of the pyramid but on the bottom. ;) Here is a link to see the game -
    Light, love and all the best!

    1. lol about the pyramid and the dog. Cobra said "release the hounds!" (Ok, he said the dogs would be released but hey I can't help but think of Monty Burns on The Simpsons when I read that!)

  65. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
    ~ Update for Jan. 20, 2015

  66. "...There are great joys to be experienced all around you. Humanity has conditioned you to seek out what is wrong, but heaven encourages you to seek out what is right. Many of you would ask us, "But how can we ignore the darkness? How can we ignore what is wrong? How can we ever change if we do not look at the problems in our world." Dear ones, we are not suggesting you ignore the world's problems, but rather that you acknowledge them and then immediately set your sights upon a solution, about what is good, true, and right with the world. For in truth your vibration creates a deep and lasting change. The only thing you leave upon this earth permanently... is your love..."

    Light Illumines Darkness ~ Ann Albers

  67. Sanity Break
    Help for depression and anxiety

    Posted in: Depression

    10 Nutritional Deficiencies That May Cause Depression
    By Therese Borchard
    Published Nov 14, 2014

  68. Howard Wills - The Gift of Life Prayers


    Click here to listen to Howard talk about the prayers

    This information is to further your inner and outer development, encourage humility, heightened awareness, and well being through forgiveness, release, and peacemaking.

    The more serious our life problems, whether physical or other, the more often the Prayers and Affirmations should be spoken. Speak these prayers and affirmations once or twice a day for transformation and spiritual growth; three to five times a day or more to address more serious or life threatening problems.

    Deep breathe fresh air 3-5 minutes before speaking the prayers, and 3-5 minutes after. Whenever possible, face the sun, look toward the sun, close your eyes, and open your hands so that the light of the sun is on your palms. Begin to deep breathe long slow deep breaths, drawing in the fresh air and the light of the sun into your body through your eyes and palms. Breathe in on the count of eight, hold for the count of eight, and breathe out on the count of eight. Continue to hold the light within as you exhale. Fill yourself with the light as you breathe, charging yourself as if you are a solar battery.

    Humble yourself, drop all judgment, and allow yourself the gift of being open. Read, reread, and practice what you learn. Following these guidelines will bring you freedom, happiness, and immense rewards.
    About Belief Systems

    Belief systems can create limitations that inhibit our spiritual growth and awareness. The Infinite sends people blessings daily that often are blocked through scorn, judgment, pride, and other self-defeating attitudes. When using these prayers, if we will suspend our belief systems and speak the entire system of prayers aloud, word for word, we will share in the creation of a reality more beautiful than we could ever imagine – Direct Communion With the Infinite.
    Reference To The Infinite

    In the Gift of Life Prayers the reference to the Infinite as Infinite Light or God is formally a reference. Please address the Infinite by whatever name is appropriate for you. These prayers are meant for all people, all religions, and all beliefs. May the blessings of life be with you.
    The Roadmap

    Your Life Is Your Prayer

    As You Live, So You Are

    You Are The Maintainer and Creator Of Your Own Health And Reality

    The More You Love And Bless Yourself And All Creation, The More Your Self And All Creation Loves And Blesses You

    Live, Love, Enjoy And Appreciate The Gift Of Life

    Love And Bless Yourself And All Creation Daily

    And Be Filled With Life. Love and Light

    Work At It, Achieve It, And Maintain It Through The Practice Of Living

    Practice – Practice – Practice

    All Day, Every Day

    Give Thanks, Be Humble Always

    And Remember

    Life Begets Life.."

    Printable Versions of the Prayers
    (Using the word God) English
    (Using the words Infinite Light) English – Concise Prayer Program
    (Prayer of Freedom, Prayer of Bounty,
    Full Power Prayer and
    Prayer for Universal Healing)
    Dutch Danish German Russian
    French Spanish Portuguese Finnish
    Prayer for the World Affirmations for the World NEWEST PRAYERS!
    Transformational Concise Prayer Program

  69. Wasn´t the chimera and the stranglet bombs the only obstacles of th event? Now do we have to add the scalar plasma grid??

  70. This is highly suspect:

    David Crowley, Army Veteran and Gray State Movie Director and Family Found Dead
    Posted by Robert O'Dowd on January 20, 2015 | Veterans Today
    Independent film producer David Crowley and his family were found dead
    in their home on January 17, 2015. Many of his followers suspect murder.

    He didn't finish funding it, but here is the full rough cut:
    Gray State. The Rise By David Crowley (2:39:04)

  71. Who cares anymore. I'm done checking for this stuff. It's like every post they have something new to delay anything positive to happen. Yes I seek positive things already and there are good things happening everyday but this in particular seems phony to me. Always an excuse. Prove me wrong, but until then I really don't care what happens anymore. I don't. I'll live my life. WHatever happens will happen, but I sure won't be checking in on this anymore

  72. I do not understand why Pleaidians
    were saying, the microchip is our choice.
    when it is incorporated army for people like me
    and on the strength injected me?
    where people should gain critical mass of people? how people ignore the evil which is coming?
    Sometimes I have the feeling that I have more than 4 implants and still miss memory and minutes on the watch
    and why everyone is silent on this issue !!!!!
    Even while asleep we are not alone !!!

  73. En Español (traducido debido a los ejercicios de protección tan importantes!)
    In Spanish.