Friday, August 3, 2012

A New Cobra Inteview

You might want to listen to this show from 1:58 to 2:34 minute mark:

The link is here:

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you!

    1. I have read alot of his posts and am excited, here's hoping mass arrests do happen this year! Alot of people are becoming skeptical as the elites delay their arrests month after month. I am awake but would love to see others wake. We need the mainstream news to report the truth and the elites removed to begin our ascension.

  2. Nice...going to listen now.

    1. Excellent interview, Cobra.

      Deborah isn't for me...a bit irritating and interrupted you too much...yakakakakaka! (IMO)

      But good on her for getting stuck-in and doing something like this, and for having you on the first show!


  3. good idea live stream as now we can make this all happen as non stop. here we go....

  4. The interview isn't loading. I tried about 10 times.

    1. Never worked for me either. Just would not load.

  5. Cobra,

    Great interview, looking forward to the info about timelines!(very much liked the not-so-disturbing voice modulation!!)

    I have two questions, would be greatful if you could answer them.

    1,Since the military now knows about the Archons and the infiltration from the Cabal inside positive goups has been thwarted, do you have the liberty to tell us why the Event can only happen around October?
    What are the things that need to be done during August and September? Do we have to wait NEil Keenan to refile the lawsuit? Why that late?

    2,Drake said "we would experience the most extraordinary things we could imagine in two weeks". Any comment on this?


    1. Drake has been saying 2 weeks for 6 months now. My suggestion is stop listening to him...
      But on a side note just because the "Event" as Cobra explains isnt happening until Oct. doesnt mean other wonderful things wont happen before then. I think we will see disclosure before October and before the event. Because in order for the event to happen we have to awaken ALL of humanity otherwise the event is not possible.

    2. I read we only need to wake 25% of humanity, I just hope it can be done in the next few months. I also hope for mass arrests this year or people will write off ascension as a hoax that didn't happen in 2012.

    3. I stopped listen to Drake awhile ago. His co-driver is simply too much for me.

    4. Me too. And, I think I know what you mean about his co-driver, McCroft.

      Drake's comment,

      "...the most extraordinary things we could imagine..."

      is intriguing.

      I wonder if it means the Lady D won't be mentioning the Big Bunny House in future broadcasts?


    5. @OSW
      LadyDragon was the one I was referring to. She is too much to handle.

    6. Yes, McCroft, I knew it was...


    7. If you look over July it is easy to see that arrests are happening, but they are slow and steady not mass and all of a sudden. Ever heard the saying "Slow and steady wins the race!"

    8. Ooo, I don't have spare 3 hours to listen somebody ranting and then find the 5-6,if any important sentences in the mess. I have done it 2 times, was enough. Also don't understand who this Lady Dragon is and what she is doing, really irritating, ego-champion.

      There is somebody to do the job, I just read the few bulletpoinst being made after every show. (Btw the linked page is really good in my humble opinion, news outside MSM, broad perspective.)

    9. Oh, yes, Brando! Certainly, there has been a very steady stream of arrests and revelations. I've been telling my hubby this, because he's a bit of a nay-sayer and not following along with alternative sources of info either...a little frustrating for me.

      But I see all the time now, change is defo taking place, no doubt.


    10. I need no proof of the changes happening in the "Real world" anymore lol I am experiencing them in full effect. The physical, emotional and spiritual changes I am going through are enough for me to know my own truth now. I still read all the updates and take the information into my heart so to discern it, but I do not really believe or disbelieve any of it. I just add it to my collective conscious knowledge and move forward. Its very easy to know, once you understand, that the path is perfect and it always leads home!

    11. brando, that is beautiful ^^^ and made my day. Thank you !

  6. Great interview, although I had to wait 2 hours.. (not that the previous speakers were not worth listening to)
    I liked your comments about free will, and i'm also keen in reading more about timelines..

    Relieved your voice sounded human for a change... in some previous ones -especially in one (don't remember which one now) the distortion was unbearable.

    Thanks Cobra, great vibes

    1. I fast-forwarded, lol. :D

      Not that the others were not worth listening to. Ha ha! ;-)

    2. Sorry, but this made me laugh :D

      Vicky, it was clearly stated that the important part is between 1:58 and 2:34, you just have to wait till it loads next time and then jump to 1:58(or any given time) straightaway :)

  7. The lightwave is doing it's job and lifting people in to making HEART based choices, and it only needs to reach a certain amount of souls and then the tipping point is reached. That tipping point has actually already been reached and we will begin to see the manifestations of this as the more positive vibrations that will increase in intensity.

    Everyone can add to this by maintaining their own positive vibration.

    I like to think of it as we currently have a shared operating system that is Life 3.0 or 3D. and an upgrade to life 5.0 is next. Or 5D. And the lightwave is providing this pacifying, cleansing, and healing resonance for all of us to indulge in and share with each other.

    It's the early days of the true spiritual re-evolution. And the shift of ages from the age of secrets to the age of truth.

    Overbearing negative is being replaced with overbearing positive, this accounts for the love buzz people are feeling but the next stage is intelligence as the DNA awakens. You then become centred with body mind and nature. If somebody is not feeling it yet then it's not long before the wave catches up with them but if this person is in denial of harbours greed, envy, hatred and all other bi-products of Fear then they can expect some resistance to this new paradigm.

    Letting go of the old and embracing the new can be unnerving for some as this is similar to a near death experience. If anybody has nagging issues of what to expect then this is the time for light workers to share their knowledge gained thus far. And it's only the beginning.

    There is no such thing as death, only the transition of spirit consciousness, when spirit has timed out in one body then it moves on to new experience of divinity. We are all divine in spirit and this is what connects us, our ancestry may differ due to lots of varying DNA and origins but we are all spirit consciousness currently having a human experience.

    So there is NOTHING to fear, When you think you die and the physical expires then it's far from the end, Death is a lesson for the remaining one's to overcome, not for the person who has transcended their consciousness in to another experience.

    I've had several NDE's now and they are always blissful, once you get over the intimal shock that what you have been in FEAR of all your life is merely an illusion. They are all waiting for you on the other side of the veil. It's not paranormal is perfectly normal but it's out of visible light and that's currently what most of us can only still see with our two eyes.

    We all have an eye in the centre of our brains, and it's there for a reason and it's also dumbed down environmentally by the Cabal and the mind control system that's currently crumbling.

  8. Just a note here, as I have listened to this episode/interview, and once again the circumstances of my personal life seem to be a microcosm of the greater things that are happening.

    Rock on Divine Feminine! Even this blog has shifted greatly in the type and resonance of comments; I have written to others about it and there is agreement. The Divine Feminine is growing in power and strength, not to destroy, but to overcome the injustices and the imbalances that have occurred, lovingly and in wholeness.

    I came back home to my earth children, my earth sons on August 1 -- well, the transition from the 31st to the 1st. I am here to reclaim the relationship with my smallest son, whom I had to leave when he was 2 1/2 years old. He is now 6 1/2. His father is still keeping him from me. But when I heard Deborah speak about the "Warrior Mother" I truly felt joy arise. There is nothing, not anything, that will keep this mother from her sons, just as the Earth Mother and all the goddesses who have been suppressed will also arise. We do it by standing our ground. We do it by not taking any more bullshit (lol - sorry for the language, but the Divine Feminine feels strongly about this :D). We do it out of the extreme love that a good mother, good woman energy, has for herself, for the planet, and for all her children --- the children of the stars, the children of the earth.

    I see the huge scope of this process only in the smallest of ways as my mind can handle it -- but I can see that the Resistance Movement is only a tiny piece of all, but working in concordance with the whole.

    I claim this goddess energy, and the energy of the Divine Mother, to not only resolve my own situation but for the greater whole of this planet and all that is at stake.

    May we all be liberated.
    So mote it be. ;-)


    1. Ah, Calliope! My heart surged when I read this. You ARE the Divine Goddess Mother Warrior. I do not have children in this incarnation, but I so admire you and thank you for taking on this role for all of us (me). You/we are all completing the puzzle, but only by working together. My role is only beginning and I hope to share it with you all soon.

    2. Beautiful, Calliope!
      Woohoo(!!!) and a high five and a hug to you, Mama.

    3. you go girlfriend the godess lives

    4. You go girl - just as potts said - synchronicity! It's a favourite term in my very Divinie Fem household, 5 of us! I'm the mama and I'm with you all the way Calliope ;)

    5. oooooooooo ....

      This just oooooooooozes with Goddess Strength and Power !

      My dear Calliope the Muse,

      You have an inspiring story for ALL of us to learn from.

      Through YOU and many other of our sisters, the Goddess Energy will help to heal EVERY PART of the Earth story ...

      We will do it for LOVE and we will do it for THE CHILDREN.

      I know that NOTHING will keep you down, Fair Lady, and your beautiful child will be blessed for having his GAIA MAMA by his side.

      I am humbled and honored to call you FRIEND :)


      Rock on Sister !

      So mote it BE !


    6. Very nice Calliope! There is great strenght in you!
      You excercising your goddess energy is essential for us, men, too.
      We need you to be your great feminine selves! It invites us to be less paternal / dominant.

      Love to you!

    7. I am honestly wishing great success for you dear Calliope! :)

    8. Calliope, all shall be put right. I know you know that i know that you know what i mean :D Thanks for putting yourself on the line. Same goes to everyone here. We work as One. We are One in every way. I love you

    9. Thank you everyone, for the positive messages. :) Also, three of the responses end in :44 -- a number pattern that started for me consistently on July 30-31 and which has been going strong for me each day since. :) That is cool.


  9. @Cobra,
    How do I access the archives of the show? The link provided does not work on my android smarth phone.

    Love and light

  10. McCroft,

    The link is good but it won't work with my phone as well,(due to Flash Player?) listening now on pc

  11. Please use your own natural voice I found the voice modulation to be disturbing it's not something I would want to listen to for any length of time,and if people like me are turned off bye it then other may feel the same.
    Then what you set out to do get the message out is not going to happen.

    1. Cobra's message is already out there - you are on this blog after all, so this fact is obvious.

      But, I wonder...don't you think Cobra would NOT take such care as to use voice modulation if there was not a very good reason/need to do so? Again, obvious!

      You're having a laugh, mate!

    2. Quote (But, I wonder...don't you think Cobra would NOT take such care as to use voice modulation if there was not a very good reason/need to do so? Again, obvious!) Please enlightening us.

      There are many out there talking about the upcoming uplift, and they don't hide behind a voice modulator, if there is any truth in what he is saying then he should stand by the courage of his convictions and not cover his voice, even Drake does not cover his voice.

    3. Each to their own, in all things.

    4. @Jnr
      "There are many out there talking about the upcoming uplift, and they don't hide behind a voice modulator, if there is any truth in what he is saying then he should stand by the courage of his convictions and not cover his voice, even Drake does not cover his voice."

      Oh, yes! Lots of (mostly dark) rubbish out there :-). Lots of them give you dates and facts and when it comes to the point/date they have nothing to say.

      Now be honest to yourself and make a list (like my hubby said to me earlier today) with all the ones that gave you the 4th August as an important date or the Olympic Games as the time for mass arrests etc. and remember this the next time they give you the next date to catch your attention and mislead you. Many of them have no idea what they are talking about or they are unconsciously just repeating messages that come from the darks.

      Cobra is a genuine lightworker and is doing the right thing.

  12. Thank you Cobra -

    This is refreshing !

    I look forward to tuning in ...


  13. actually, Cobra does use his natural voice. It's the electronic disguise that is the problem. I was wondering if he could disguise his own voice, maybe talk like daffy duck or something.

    1. Dear Geoff,

      Thank you for your cartoonish humour.

      There is a saying in the spiritual community that the more LIGHT someone holds, the more the dark will try to attack it.

      Fortunately, the LIGHT is more powerful, so their aims will NEVER be successful

      Time has run out for team dark.


  14. Part 1
    I want to share something that happened to me recently. I haven't told a lot of people, because not many people outside this type of community want to hear about this kind of thing, or even if they do I think it's difficult to find real personal meaning in it because it probably requires direct individual experience.

    In any case, I want to share it because I gained information through this experience that nobody else seems to be acknowledging.

    I was in a restaurant, having dinner with friends. I was having fun, but it suddenly occurred to me that just having a "good time" was not satisfying me. I formed a thought, which was also like an invitation. I thought, "I would like to have a meaningful experience here, now." and instantly I began to vibrate.

    I felt as if I had been plugged into an electric current. Every part of my body raised its vibration to an almost sickening rate. The back of my head, where my neck meets my skull, became very hot.

    For an instant I hesitated allowing this experience to go any deeper, but immediately realized that I was getting what I'd asked for, so I should allow it. I went farther into it and became able to visually See and also to Know that we are all projecting this reality that we see around us. As I looked at everyone around me I could see that we were all doing this but nobody was acknowledging any understanding of it.

    This made me curious, so I asked questions in my mind, and the answers came as knowing, not as a voice. Here are my questions and the answers I received:

    "What is this?" : :
    We are all receiving data from the Central Source. We project the data out around us. Because we are individual points projecting the same data it creates a 3 dimensional hologram that we interact with. I drew a picture of how this works on the paper table cover to show my friends, and they kind of understood, but didn't feel like they were participating in it. Then I realized we're all pretending we aren't doing this.

    "Why are we pretending that we aren't doing this?" : :
    We are extensions of Source, still connected, but stretched out and spaced so that from this perspective we appear to be individuals. Absolutely everything in existence is Source, and everything is still connected to Source.

    When Source extended itself as us, it built in amnesia. If we had an in-tact awareness of our true nature as Source, we would not feel separate. We would still retain the same consciousness as Source, and Source would not change. But Source gave us amnesia so that we would differentiate ourselves. That amnesia causes us to SEEK. We have enough of a sense of our origins to know that we need to search. The nature of our searching causes us to extend ourselves, and in doing this we GROW Source.

    This is our purpose. Source grows itself through us. We are the long arms of the Law of One. We are God, pretending not to be. We are God, growing God. Little extensions with a very powerful purpose.

    Again, if we had not forgotten who we are, we would not have grown. If you imagine the point where the ocean meets the shore, we would keep lapping back up onto the beach if we remembered who we were.

    "What's going to happen next?" : :
    We are approaching a point along our path of extension where we will become truly aware of who we are, remember and fully experience our connection to Source and regain our understanding of ourselves as an extension of God.

    Then, we keep on doing the same thing! We keep on projecting this reality around us, because this is our purpose. We are how God grows. But when we do it with a full understanding, we create with intention. We create with a full understanding of what we're doing.

    We leave the shore, and there is no concern that our full awareness will lead us to lap back up onto the beach, because now we know how essential we are. We move past the breakers, out into open ocean. Creating with intention and joy.

    1. Unfortunately there is no "God" out there, the way humans want to believe. Actually there isn't a god at all. But you are and we all are (exist). How is it possible that we are something or an extension of something that doesn't exist?

      You may have to re-think this part, when the time comes.

    2. @prime
      I respect you but I feel a need to mention here some things about faith and "GOD" Also to address your previous post in regards to Christ " being a wonderful guy". I could not post that day so waited until this moment to express my self here. I am not trying to argue or to get an intellectual assent of some dogmatic belief of a worn out religion or ritual based superstitious belief system.
      I agree the anthropomorphic Idea of God as a human or a man sitting on a throne is ridiculous. Also all the religions and priesthoods are messed up and have done plenty of damage to our world and it's peoples.
      However the truth and life of the many messengers and saints has also changed many lives for the better. These exemplary lives and teachings have laid a foundation for truth and understanding of universal laws and truths. The many "faithful" followers of the world's religions are uplifted and made better by the truths that the followers adhere to.
      Considering the situation here as we know it is understandable that there are many errors and inconsistencies in the thinking of these 'faithful" who follow one particular teaching, especially if they exclude the other teachers and messengers of other faiths who actually espouse the same truths in many cases.
      Discernment is of paramount importance. Your statement the "you are and we all exist" is actually the truth and essence of the universal Christ or IAM consciousness. The supreme first cause is beyond all description and beyond all intellect.
      Any attempts to describe god or deny god are mans cloaking his ignorance in pompous expression. It is a Fact god cannot be proved or disproved as far as the materialist mind is concerned. Because: Something cannot come from nothing .... In the same argument Nothing cannot create Something! Both arguments for or against are a wash.
      Knowing God is an act of faith and an experience of the spirit and a Living reality in many peoples lives. I do feel sad that many are now on the NWO bandwagon of denying spirit and God as a reality in the universe.
      It is a cold cold world/universe for those who choose to see the universe as a materialistic machine with no loving creator. The fact remains whether people believe it or not there is order to the universe and there is a plan.
      There are many, many worlds of ever ascending awareness and light. The being known as Christ was a Creators son. There are many of them and each of them, over see the creation and life of 100 million worlds. These beings in whom we live and move are not themselves god the absolute.
      There is a plan and there are many descending Sons and ascending sons...(sons can be both female and male) Due to our ignorance most major incarnations of "Sons" have been masculine because of our situation. This is soon to change and we can look forward to many powerful female Avatars or "Descents of Light" in the near future.


    3. These orders of creation go way above and well beyond the denizens of various material worlds including the Pleiades and man all the other 'Federation" planets understandings and awareness.
      These space family themselves are different from us in that they do acknowledge the mystery of creation and are constantly learning and growing themselves in awareness of the ever expanding and infinite life and of creation itself. They have a humility and knowledge that they do not know it all!

      Christ was more than a wonderful guy! He did come to teach a new revelation of the fact that we are all spirit born sons and daughters of a living loving god. Through this faith born understanding we can all see the spirit spark of "the father" in everything.
      All relationships are uplifted if we see the divine in everything. This reality will infuse all relationships with love and harmony and is the 'word' or Christ principle in all life. Christ certainly did not want a personality cult or personal worship or any religion or dead intellectual formula or tradition in regards to his life.
      Unfortunately his disciples after his resurrection put the emphasis on him and also misinterpreted his meaning about prayer and mistakenly many priests and religious teachers think Christ died for your sins and all we have to do is say "I accept Christ as my savior" and all work is done. This so called vicarious atonement has led to much error and confusion.
      The living word or Christ is the spirit of truth in all flesh and so collectively WE ARE THE COLECTIVE CHRIST OUR Actions and lives are the redemptive group messiah.
      It is through the realization of Christ or our personal relationship to this indwelling Christ or Krishna consciousness or Buddha nature etc that we return to "the father". The teaching could not be revealed or understood by his disciples completely and much of his teachings on the reality of going to heaven and other worlds "mansions and dwelling places etc", was omitted in king James's version of "the bible".
      This is a kingdom of spirit and has nothing to do with the earthly material world. His disciples continually were thinking he came to rule and change the earthly temporal material world of men.
      Now it is true when the humanity has entered this kingdom of spirit and is properly functioning on this higher level or vibration of relationship to the supreme, the world will be a better place on the material world. We will work in harmony with Natural and divine laws thus it will be possible to make our earth world into a more accurate reflection of the divine.
      So many want to throw out the Sweet Baby Jesus with the bath water ..gotta add some humor here!. He is recognized on many worlds as what is known as a 'creators son".
      Our misinterpretation and misunderstanding of this does not change the power and message of his life. Though he is not the only "creators son" he did promise 'greater things ye shall do and if lifted up will lift all up with him". The Angels or messengers of Love are uplifting us at this time.
      Peace and a single Blessing

    4. @pottsman

      thanks for your postings but it wasn't really necessary as I know how you think and they changed absolutely nothing in me. I am still "ignorant" in your eyes and I still believe that Christ is a wonderful guy and even worse, that he is one of us. I am not going to discuss this any further here. Y

      "These exemplary lives and teachings have laid a foundation for truth and understanding of universal laws and truths." Do you really think we/you able to understand universal laws and truths?
      "The many "faithful" followers of the world's religions are uplifted and made better by the truths that the followers adhere to." Do you really mean the dark-invented "ascended masters?" One of the biggest lies in the world?

      "It is a cold cold world/universe for those who choose to see the universe as a materialistic machine with no loving creator." We live in a cold world! Otherwise we wouldn't need a blog like this, would we? Love is a conglomerate of balanced energies and there is no need for "one creator". Every energy is a creator but they all have to work together to keep the balance, the love. The ONE creator most of you talk about is the one that created the imbalance problem and not the savior!

      "The fact remains whether people believe it or not there is order to the universe and there is a plan." Oh, yes! There is a plan, but it has nothing to do with one god.

      "He is recognized on many worlds as what is known as a 'creators son"." Sorry, but I don't care what others do, say or believe. This is their free will and mine is to decide what I want to believe or not.

      Have a nice day!

    5. @ prime my posting was actually more for others. i figured ont his type of response from you. Your life is your own and I would not presume to change or force anything on anybody.
      I personally had an experience of an Ascended master named Hilarion who told a man named Gabriel Green he was sending a teacher for me to Gabes house. This teacher did show up and turned out to be a govt military personel who revolted to his job at an underground abduction base in Arkansas in the late 70's. He was freed by " a really hot looking blonde woman in a space suit" who told him as he waited in a brig, "We like the way you think and we are going to help you". She passed her hand over the lock led him passed the sleeping gaurds and dematerialized admonishing him to" follow the Light". his mission was /is to act as a messenger.
      in this capacity he revealed to me many things on my contact with him. He took me to a location where i was blessed with and 'contact experience". This experience included an on cue appearence of a spaceship raining a "pillar of fire" and a telepathic commincation which has stayed with me ever since. This experience was with a total of 4 other people present and was not the result of fantasy or or hypnotic suggestion. I have too much experience with truth to be dissuaded by those who simply have not been in my shoes. You may believe as you will. I know what I know and said what i said.
      peace unto you and have a noice day also!
      warm regards

    6. @primeB
      The experience that JLY is describing goes far beyond ideas and beliefs. Our language is linear (1D) and this direct knowing is instant and multity dimensional. On top of that this knowing is riddled with paradoxes. All seeming opposites seem to have merged in complete truth. Inexplicable truth.

      There is no Right or Wrong within this experience described by JLY. Everything is seen/known just as it is. The fact that JLY can turn this experience into words is itself a beautiful feat. But he/she cannot escape the resulting dualism which was not present in the experience itself.

      The words of JLY are a pointer. They point to a greater truth. But like any pointer, if you want to see what is pointed at, you need to take your eyes off the pointer and make a 'jump' into the unknown in the general direction that this pointer is pointing to. I promise you, you won''t be 'disappointed'. :-)

  15. Part 2
    There were other things I observed also. I saw that because we are all already doing this together, we all are inescapably cooperative. It is our nature to work together. It's not true that we can't get along, because the only way any of this reality actually manifests is when we do it together.

    We are beautiful beyond my wildest imagination. We are equal. We are powerful. We are AWESOME!

    I wondered about duality, because I had always been taught that duality is one of the negative aspects of human existence.

    Well, I was also shown that duality doesn't ever go away. It's part of the mechanism of creation. But what does go away is our lack of understanding about what it is. We move beyond bouncing back and forth between polar opposites, feeling like we are at the mercy of forces outside ourselves.

    The understanding that was given to me can best be described as though we no longer create with one hand and then the other, but with both hands simultaneously, in balance. That duality is a tool, used for the manifestation of creation.

    Sorry if I'm repeating myself a lot. It's hard to explain some of this stuff as I saw/knew it.

    I also wanted to say that there is so much talk about negative influences, whether that's described as the Cabal, or negative ETs, or banisters, etc. And I wanted to just plant the little seed/reminder, that this is all still Source we're talking about here.

    It's my belief that everything that we are experiencing now is our own cooperative projection. That we are making stories to go along with the shifts in consciousness we are experiencing. The fact that there is a path we are traveling on is not a result of the stories we are telling - it would be happening anyway. We decide which stories we tell along the way.

    I am very sure that we are not victims of anything. We are too powerful to be victims. What we are experiencing is our choice and our creation. The beauty and miracle of it is that we have created it together. I am positive that as we reach this point of "open ocean" we will continue to create together, but are probably going to be telling very different stories as we do it.

    It seems to me that this is a really positive forum. I like reading the comments here. That's why I decided to post this. I hope somebody finds it useful. Thanks for reading :)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I, too, love this site for its comment's forum (and, obviously, Cobra's messages!). I love learning about other people's experiences - your's definitely gives me food for thought.

      Much love

    2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      I had this same experience 15 years ago. I know exactly what you mean by this vibration and the silent voice. Did you also perceive this 'voice' as absolutely ancient? Also, i was dimbfounded by the fact that I forgot and remembered at the same time!

      Again, thank you for sharing this!

    3. I feel that way. We are the creators of our journey

    4. I don't know, Erik, maybe it's because I've had a terribly sad few hours today, and have cried like a baby over something that I won't explain here...

      But, suddenly, I saw a comical side to what you wrote above, about the 'voice' seeming to be 'absolutely ancient'. Now this on it's own was not the trigger that cracked me up, but coupled with the mention of Lady Dragon earlier above, and the constant references she makes to the Playboy Mansion - bingo! I got my trigger:

      An absolutely ancient voice...'s Hugh Heffner!

      Sorry if it's not funny to you, but I thought I'd share this daft quirk of my brain, in case anyone does find it mildly amusing and is also in need of a laugh or a wee chuckle.


    5. Hi OSW, i do appreciate a good chuckle! And I am happy it made you feel better.

      But although you might not yet acknowledge it, this ancient voiceless voice is yours. (As well as Heffs real voice ;-)

    6. Oh, yes. Thanks for the reminder, Erik.

      It's all about remembering, isn't it...

      Cheers, friend! :)

    7. @ourspiritualwealth,

      Lol! Hef is the ancient voice, eh? He is certainly ancient in our time. ;)
      Just wanted to tell you I love your wild humour and fierce spirit! Love you! Keep that filter OFF!


    8. @JustLikeYou
      "It's my belief that everything that we are experiencing now is our own cooperative projection." RIGHT
      "That we are making stories to go along with the shifts in consciousness we are experiencing." RIGHT
      "The fact that there is a path we are traveling on is not a result of the stories we are telling - it would be happening anyway." RIGHT
      "We decide which stories we tell along the way." RIGHT

      "I am very sure that we are not victims of anything." WRONG but somehow also right. Most of us knew what we are here for before incarnating. But we were also aware of the fact that we are going to be victims to serve a higher purpose.

      "We are too powerful to be victims." WRONG
      "What we are experiencing is our choice and our creation." WRONG
      "The beauty and miracle of it is that we have created it together." WRONG
      "I am positive that as we reach this point of "open ocean" we will continue to create together, but are probably going to be telling very different stories as we do it." RIGHT. This is what happens all the time. Everyone does and no one knows what goes on. It's a part of the plan ;-).

    9. Yes, Heff is ancient in our time, Kelly - he's quite a phenomenon, a walking piece of archeology!

      But, seriously, now...thanks so much for your kind words and support, Kelly. I feel the "wild humour" and the "fierce spirit" stems from my mother's side of the family - the half of my blood that is Irish! Having said that, being born & raised in London will have had a massive influence because Londoners tend to have feisty, humourous characters too!

      I now live in a country where the national traits seem not to contain either of these qualities...and it's too depressing for words!

      We'll do a little jig of joy when we are all able to really choose what we want, you know, when we have our abundance and true free will, when this whole world gets to have a holiday in the LIGHT.


    10. JLY - beautiful post! Everything you said resonates with me! I am so TIRED of the FIGHT! We are all one, there is nothing to fight against except our own illusions! All we have to do is move out of duality, above it, and accept all that it, because all this is is us! We are made of everything, God, and God is everything! When we accept that and move beyond it, all that we disagree with will fall away or better put, merge. And this is where we are headed. Anyway, thank you so much for this beautiful message, I wish this experience upon us all!

  16. Yes I think it is interesting and useful, thank you for sharing, and I want something like this to happen to me! I keep sending intentions out there (still a novice). It reminds me a little of the Celestine prophecies.

  17. FYI...


    TODAY --- 4PM-6PM PDT

    WHERE ---

    Friday's show: "Shining The Light on the Global Reality"

    We Each Play a Role in "Shattering the World Views" that are holding the existing Old Paradigms in place...

    * What is the Resistance Movement?
    * Who are the Archons?
    * How are Projection Chambers affecting our lives?
    * How have Timelines been manipulated - closer look at 2005
    * James Holmes movie theater shooting - the truth revealed
    * Looking more deeply - who is James' father?
    * More insight about COBRA's background
    * Expansion of multi-dimensional reality
    * Great news and reminders that "WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER"!

    1. If this was true Cobra would poszt it here...

    2. Not necessarily, it happened before that he let us know about an interview subsequently.
      Kalakaua is right:

  18. thank you so much Cobra, to you and your contacts and everyone helping liberation

    looking forward to new intel, and to the event

    happy peace and transcendence to All

  19. ** (Last post vanished….totally!!!!..........Trying again!!...will write out as a word doc in future, so at least it will be saved)

    Cobra: Thanks for your continued efforts on our behalf. Also for the constant updates, which are appreciated.

    I do have a question, regarding your interview with Deborah. Towards the end, you mentioned: “Hero, - Archons, - anger.”

    Can you please elaborate on that ?

    Unfortunately there was static at that point on the audio so it was not clear what was said.

    It is of personal interest anyway due to a potential powerful synchronicity occurring here for me.



  20. To see the type of deception done to us, and to know what the archons really are, you will need to look at the Nag Hammadi Library. Read the Apocryphon of John, codex II. This describes what transpired and the origin of this problem. As a metaphysician, and someone who has read the bible, I can see the truth here, and I can also see the deception written in the bible as untruths and lies of a controlling faction.

  21. I believe Cobra was referring to "The Hero's Journey" They are known steps a soul must take.Google it. In 1992 I was asked to act as an advisor to a russian orthodox archbishop. He was sincere in trying, through the church doctrine to incorporate the Goddess principle into the religion. He suffered over it, had many death threats, and they even killed his pet dog and left it's head at the bottom of his bed. Who did this? sounds like mafia? yes, it was jesuits.

    1. Debrah-Thanks 4 the feedback.

      I will look up those references see if they make any sense, vs -vs my own recent synchronistic experiences etc.

  22. That lifestream address turned out to be unworkable for me.
    But I found that video on youtube.
    This does work. :-)

    Here is the address:

    If at all possible, please do provide a youtube url alternative
    for any videos/interviews ...
    as other ways often turned out not working [very well].

    Up to now, I just saw a few glimpses of the show,
    but I like what those blond people said
    and I think it is very true.

    I'll get to listening to it more closely
    and especially the relevant parts soon. ;-)

  23. I wonder if I can convert the audio to MP3 to put on my player so that I can listen "on the run" as that is how I find time to squeeze things in --- while driving, washing dishes, doing laundry, sleeping -- oops, maybe not the last one!

    OK, was confused on the time --- there is a live interview on LiveStream at this very moment, the time listed was Pacific rather than Eastern.......

  24. We do appreciate all you are doing Cobra and we don't mind the distorted voice at all it is just very difficult to understand what you are saying. It's a bit of a waste of time to only understand about half of what you say.

  25. @am --- I'm sure there will be a transcript available sooner or later.......

  26. Thank you, Cobra, for being so available and giving out more to ponder. I'll for the show that is still live at the moment to archive so that I may give it a closer listen.

  27. I have been meaning to post an update on the progress of the healing work and removal of the quarantine of earth. And it has come to our awareness that the quarantine is down now and has been for at least a day. We have not had a chance to discern what that means for us as a planet but it seems to be perfectly planned for whatever is going to happen after Aug 4th and through the coming month(s).

    We noticed that the Archon projection chambers and sepia ink elemental were dismantled and cleared earlier this week. The combined efforts of the collective are to be acknowledged as well as Creator.

    As always we ask that you discern your own truth and act accordingly.

    L and L


  28. If we were to sum up today our understanding of how we (light workers) have been programmed and controlled by the dark since ancient times and how we are to de-program and heal ourselves, we would say:

    "Crystal imprint systems" and "dark forces/spirits" are the source and are responsible for programming and implanting "etheric implants" in Gaia, the collective and ourselves. "Etheric implants" are in turn responsible for most of the limiting beliefs and emotions that manifest in our daily lives. In order to clear and heal the later we must remove the "imprint systems" and "dark forces/spirits" first. Then the implants and emotions/beliefs may be removed permanently. This is in addition to any Trauma Based Mind Control healing of physic splits that may be needed for those victims.

    Thanks to those beautiful souls on this site that have assisted us. We have been able to uncover a whole new layer of programming in the form of Crystal Implants. At least it is new to us, and we would like to share it with you on our blog.

    Got here to read the whole article.


    Eiya and Tet

    1. Dear Eiya and Tet,
      Great to hear from you! I managed to get the hang of the healings as per Tet's instructions and have been doing them for about a week. Not too keen on 'God the Father' wording as I am a pagan! However I have followed the instructions by the letter. I do them usually after I meditate when I am more myself. There seemed to be some kind of shift Tues/Weds and I noticed I felt calmer, less fearful, although I may just be having a good patch. That crowd have been zapping me from around 6 months before I woke up but I have only recently realised what has been happening. I have not noticed anything adverse since I have been doing them(yet!) What a bunch of utter kill joys they are. I would be grateful if you educate on what is the sepia ink elemental essence?
      Thank you both so much for helping Earth.

  29. Thanks so much, Eiya and Tet, for the informative updates.


  30. Thank you Cobra for this update. Sound thingy improved.
    Our Spiritual Wealth, we can utilise when she talks to put the kettle on. Having said that, not even I can drink that much tea.

    1. Good idea, Aradia!

      But, like you, I'd have trouble drinking that much tea...we'll have to find something else important to do as well.


  31. Cobra,

    Excellent interviews! I want to hug you!
    Both of these interviews are exquisitely timed, too.
    Deborah has a real talent for bringing her visual references into simple analogies, which is much like a juicy ripe orange exploding with flavor, rather than "sound bites" in the news business. I love this one: Shadows are being revealed. Like trying to hold down 5 beachballs underwater, it is getting extremely difficult for the dark cabal to stay down within the shadows in the increased light.

    Humans in US public schools have been gradually programmed to entrap their own thinking by the sound bite paradigm/ immediacy/ instant gratification of peer support via cleverness, catering to ego. True reflection is not rewarded, by design. Same thing for MSM news.

    This type of thinking gradually limits the active synaptic capability in the brain, accessing less and less of one's total memory from lateral and base scaffolding of truths, built throughout one's current lifetime (bear with me here, of course all memory from past lives that is discovered helps eliminate the learning matrix forced upon us, but not all humans have accessed those memories).

    In essence, it reduces long-term memory through atrophy of information nodes.

    There's a time for brevity in conversation, and a time for exacting detail— acute examination/ discovery that is driven by one's own thirst for truth. Schools (including earth school), if unsuppressed, provide the venue for peers to learn together— envision each student as a node that alights with electrical charge (the lightbulb) when an idea arrives, and then envision this communication of the idea as a flash of electricity to all the other students that hear the new idea—these are the synapses of the brain in all systems. Hold this thought through the next paragraph, for a touch-back.

    Your discussions with Deborah about the effects of suppression regarding the divine feminine on both genders:
    Male – the wounded hero who does not know how to fight the dark cabal's atrocities, so he turns on his family, friends, rather than standing up to fight/ be a warrior
    – through manipulation by cabal [thought paradigms], men don't have the tools to fight these battles, or the emotional maturity [to direct their anger into useful, right action]
    – misunderstanding the power and grace of Divine Feminine via cultural manipulation
    Female – restricted in how their love can be expressed, they detach from their own feminine process
    – suppressed because they hold and carry Light and Love frequency
    – forced to stay in masculine roles, rather than receptive connection to source

    1. Oh, thanks for the reminder, the333meg!

      "Like trying to hold down 5 beachballs underwater, it is getting extremely difficult for the dark cabal to stay down within the shadows in the increased light."

      I also thought this analogy was very good.

      I'll have to try to get used to Deborah as a presenter/host, in between several cups of tea! ;)

    2. OSW,

      Tea? LOL

      I know. Still, I always try to consider how would I do it differently?
      We all have flaws, especially being new to this, Deborah will need to watch her presentations and make adjustments as she learns from the feedback. Better to give it to her straight than insinuate she's the wrong person for the job. Underneath that, she has a great soul!
      She is creator too

    3. Oh, yes, 333, she is definitely NOT the wrong person for the job. I think it's excellent what she's doing.

      I just need a while to get used to her, that's all, so I will certainly be tuning in again.

      (The tea reference is to be found in my comment above, with Aradia's comment.)


  32. (cont'd)
    The feminine in the brain is the stillness and quieting of random shit, white noise, and the junk paradigms/matrices the cabal has provided—like putting kids down for a nap. It is also the receiving of an idea from The Source.

    The masculine is the communication (synapse firing from one node to many others) in the brain.

    The balanced energy is the intent to allow (intent is masculine, allow is feminine) those newly fired synapses to access all bits of related stored memory in other parts of the brain/system and create new connections, which either strengthen the existing scaffold, or discard old connections and build new structures upon which increased connecting nodes will grow.

    Cobra, your analogy of the role of Ascended Masters at this time is phenomenal! So timely! Especially since they have been shielded from seeing what has been happening to humans on earth.

    It means we must all take on a masculine role while simultaneously strengthening our new system by being receptive (feminine) to NEW interconnectedness AS a communication/education system!

    Peers learning together is always more effective than teachers lecturing to them. Peers teaching to peers yields 90% retention of information for the student doing the teaching, and about 50% for those learning. Receiving a lecture from a teacher (hearing) without any interaction yields about 10% long-term memory, and 10% conceptual understanding. The more one views the teacher as a peer, the greater is the energy exchanged. By teaching you learn the most.

    You and Deborah made this perfectly clear:
    What people are doing when they download channeled info from Ascended Masters and do not question it or interact, is building upon old scaffolding that may actually need remodeling to be effective for what we are needing to DO right now. It is time for people to teach the Ascended Masters what we are experiencing.

    I am suggesting that people try to access all their sensory input when they recall their experiences of oppression by the dark cabal. CREATE a visual image in your mind's eye, from the memory of exact moment when you realized the incident of oppression that reached in and grabbed your heart, and would NOT LET GO. That gives the experience a context, like a complete scene in a play, with all the bkgd colors, lights, sounds, tactile impressions, textures.

    And now wrap it all up with the emotions you experienced within your heart. Wrap it in love and light so there is complete understanding when you gift this memory to the Ascended Masters, while simultaneously handing it up to The Source...

    And now, here is a simple primer to get you all working on a unified field in a physical plane: rain.
    Use your elephants to render the NEXRAD drought production crippled, hobbling, and toppled by your thought energy:

    Thank you Cobra, for brilliant interviews and your insight to get this woman involved!
    LaL to all!

  33. Cobra,
    where can I find an archived version of your interview from yesterday?

    1. I'm a little grouchy today, so pardon me if I come off as rude about this, but I am annoyed. I'm having the same trouble as LV.

      Deborah's site is a wee bit disorganized and it's difficult to locate videos (I used to be a web designer, so I know I am not just being a dork or noob when it comes to finding stuff on a site). I then went to the YouTube sight for Shift Is Happening, and the video that is entitled "Wake Up...Shift Is Happening Eps 3 COBRA Dismantling the Old Paradigm with Grace & Ease" is blocked in the US because of content from CCMA, Paramount, and UMG. (Where is Episode 2, by the way?? Episode 1 is the one linked in this post.)

      I was really hoping to be able to spend some time this afternoon listening and learning, and could use some encouragement, so it is disappointing to not have access.

      I *totally* understand the amount of work and effort that goes into producing something like what Deborah is doing, and it is inevitable that there will be glitches along the way, so I am trying to be gracious as I understand stuff like this happens. But my panties are in my crack about it, yanno?

      Not very Lightworker-ish of me, I know, lol. But still. I know a lot of us really enjoy and have quite a lot triggered in our own growth, development, and insight when we hear these interviews, and to have them advertised and then be unavailable is kind of the pits. Just sayin'.

      Here's some good juju that things will get in order soon and we can hear what Cobra has to say in the interview(s).

      Respectfully, if grouchily,

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @ LV -
      here is the link to Cobra's interview on 3 August, and very worth hearing: - episode 3

    4. "YouTube sight"


      Can I just claim jet lag on all of that? :D

      Thanks, trinityprof. Will check it out now.


  34. August 3- Cobra Interview
    I enjoyed Cobras interview to the point of having revelations. I had a problem with the idea of the Archons. I didn’t “get it”. Now that Cobra gave past dates and time frames I was astounded at how the timing of these events matched up with my life events. Please forgive me for writing such a long post that may be boring for others, but I had to write this.
    1996 Archon Invasion
    This was a turning point in my Life. It was in 1996 that I made a decision, out of nowhere, to leave NYC/CT to move to Atlanta, GA. This decision threw me into a parallel universe! I went from an area where we all seemed to get along and people of various cultures socialized together with great enjoyment. My experience was one of enjoying those from different cultures and learning from them.
    The move to Atlanta was like going back in time at least 25 years, a land of marked polarity where every prejudice and form of discrimination you can think of is magnified to the max! Every organized religion is represented. The same basic religion, however, has a church for Whites, African Americans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans and on and on. These Churches are housed in massive traditional church structures to strip mall store fronts. While many go to church on their day of worship they spend most of the week in hate and judgement of others. I was a “fish out of water” to say the least, but felt there must be a greater reason as to Why? I ended up here. Should I stay? Should I go? I stayed , completely fascinated by the level of ignorance. I thought I could have a positive impact even if it was in my small world of interaction. I have managed many young people in my time here, and I see a positive future for the region in its youth. Many of whom are better educated and more open minded than their parents.(Note: I do not necessarily mean “Formal” of “Higher” as education comes in many forms. I mean that the youth of Metro Atlanta have learned that 2+2=4! This is something their parents have yet to grasp.)
    2004-2005-Archons added reinforcements.
    I was going along with my life learning and observing this different culture in relative economic health and at least having what I needed with a couple of luxuries thrown in. I happily purchased a modest home in November 2004 and felt I was creating a comfortable nest for myself. June 2005 the bottom began to fall out with the loss of my job and then having to take a job with a 30% decrease in salary. From that point forward there have been years of struggle in all areas of my life. All of the struggle led to greater awareness and increased light. I learned that no matter how bad it got, somehow I was always protected and a solution would appear at the last possible moment.
    Today, I am getting better at living in the now, knowing, that all will always work out. I try to spread joy in the 3D world and be of service when called upon. In my meditations for the last couple of years I do my best to anchor Light into this area and call on the Violet Flame to transmute the negativity. I think that is Why? I was sent to this place. I sense that other Light Workers are here as well, and that is what we are here for.
    I recognize this post is not without Judgement on my part, but I am still on my journey and this is something I have to Clear. Thank you for understanding!

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Christopher.

      1996 was an extremely challenging year for me, and that went on well into the early 2000's. Then it eased off a little in 2006/7 and then it started again and here we are.

      Each feeling the sudden impact or the following ripples in our lives.


    2. Thank you OSW. Always appreciate your input. I am honored that you replied to my post:)

    3. Christopher

      thank you for your story. I feel you are right on, you are there to anchor the light and bring it in at that place. I live 7 hours from Atlanta, further into Dixie, and I FEEL your plight. I so understand what you mean. It can be a challenge to stay in a place of much separation.

      I had planned on moving from here when I had enough years to retire, and I looked forward to it for many, many years. I could not WAIT to get to a place where people had a similar point of view as I did, instead of me constantly encountering prejudice, ridicule and even anger at my beliefs. I have lived here all my life and all my life I have felt out of place.

      Moving did not happen. Sudden and unexpected health issues have kept me here for 3 year now, and I finally understand I am meant to be here and to hold the light, for myself and for those who can't or won't. It must have been a pre-arrangement for this life, and I laugh at myself for making such a plan. WHAAT WAS I THINKING! hahaha

      I could never have imagined all the trials and challenges I have been through these last 3 years. Never. Some of it is so strange. But that just proves the point I guess.

      Keep trusting your Higher Self, and know we are all together, all one. Much love

    4. Imtracyac: I guess our feeling "Out of place" is the biggest indicator that we are exactly where we should be! Another revelation for today! Thanks! Love to you!

  35. i on the other hand, am honored to have "met" you, Christopher. You resonated in me in a very uplifting way. Your post is another "proof" to my mind that hardships testing us, make us better people, increase our awareness, and if we use the energies right, our lives can be filled with light and joy, regardless of our life circumstances and situation. I wish there were more light workers like you around in my neck of the woods (Greece) today. As the old saying goes, "united we stand" the new aspect of this saying in my heart continues "and in joining forces, awakening and intensifying the awareness of people here, would go a long way.- as the larger part of the populace, has only processed the "shock and awe" treatment, and little else. Although they've been beaten to a pulp they still think this is all for the money... They haven't the slightest clue of the real agenda of dehumanization and total control behind the inhumaine "austerity" that they are now imposing with full force. The archons are here, physical and non physical... they're hitting the world with a vengeance...
    Things change, my world view keeps on changing, adding new pieces to the puzzle every day... one thing remains unaltered and deeply rooted inside me. Whatever they do, as much as they need to attack us, THE LIGHT WILL PREVAIL.

    I don't know if this is your first post here. Whatever the case, make no mistake, there are many light workers (like OSW who has already responded to you) that will bring you light and joy in this corner of the net, making you feel you're part of a larger, beautiful family. I know they made me feel this way.

    Keep spreading your light.

    Love, Vicky

    1. Christopher, I was going to respond to you directly, above. But then I noticed Vicky's reply here, and she says what I would have wanted to say to you, so, if you don't mind, please read this from Vicky as a 2x response.

      I feel honoured, daily, by the wonderful people who come here to share; because I feel at home here (whether I'm being mad or sad or glad), and also because there is real passion and love and care here for the whole of creation (not just a bit or piece of it).

      We are all blessed to have found each other here, in what our dear Cobra rightly acknowledged recently has become a sacred space.

      Thank you, Vicky. I know you won't mind me 'hijacking' your reply to Christopher!


    2. OSW and Vicky! All I can say is WOW! I cannot express the Clearing I am having and an exponential increase in Love and Light today! Whatever some thought Aug 4th would be, it sure has been a special day for me! Love to You both and All the other wonderful beings on this site!

    3. Awwwwwwwww...!

      Christopher, did you ever contact Hamourapi2012 about your Ellie's, etc.?

    4. During Meditation I did ask for my Elephants to get on board with the Healing! Didn't know whether I had any or not, but I made the request!:)

    5. I suspect it might be a good idea to send Hammy a mail, ask if there is something he can tell you about that.

      If you want to, of course.


    6. OSW mind? i'm honored!
      in fact i'm hijacking you back quoting your wonderful phraze:
      "I feel honoured, daily, by the wonderful people who come here to share; because I feel at home here (whether I'm being mad or sad or glad), and also because there is real passion and love and care here for the whole of creation (not just a bit or piece of it)."

      LLF (Light Love Freecom)



    7. Alright, Vicky! Stop it. There's far too much nicey-nicey, honour and sweetness being bandied around here. And I for one have noticed it!

      Anyone would think there was a ton Love and Light infiltrating the planet and affecting us and making us crazy with happiness - even in the face of adversity!

      Oh, wait...there is!

      hahahaha ;)


    8. Lol I've been called many things, but "nicey-nicey"... now that's a first!


    A beautiful way for all of humanity to shift. Thank you Dr. Keshe

    1. i love mr keshe and his work

    2. Oh, yes, George.

      I came across this foundation a few short weeks back, and I am extremely excited at the prospects.

      Dr. Keshe has already sent invitations to all???, I think, Euro-leaders to come to view his work/products, and see about introducing them to us all. I haven't read that open letter for a while, so I might have some details askew in my mind.

      But, in any event, it's a massive step in the right direction.


  37. Hi Cobra and all Light Workers.

    Just wondering what you make of this:

    1. It didn't resonate with me at all. All messages and intel has pointed to a rapidly approaching point of no return. To say that Disclosure would occur no later than 2017 is complete disinfo in my opinion. I understand there is a discrepancy in how time translates in the 5th dimension, but we would not be receiving collective messages from sources who are preparing us for our reunion. It just doesn't make any sense and there is no backup to the claim.

    2. Don't believe a word of it. Too much dark elements in it.

  38. It's clear to see that people are manifesting the energies of the lightwave and today it has intensified, if anyone can feel a vortex of unconditional love energy building up through their energy chakra's then this is what it is.

    It's the energy of unconditional love and it is pacifying our species, and the love buzz that is getting us all communicating is just the beginning.

    We are all sub atomic particles that vibrate at certain frequencies, this frequency is lifting right now, despite the best attempts of the Cabal to suppress it with technology and environment abuse.

    Their best attempts at maintaining the MATRIX of control through mind manipulation has failed.

    And the mass awakening can now happen, and we will all witness this as it is NOW. And we live in the NOW. Not the past or the projected future of the MATRIX that keeps offering solutions and dates then they never materialise. Many more are seeing through this veil of deceit now. For it is TIME.

    We are co-creators and We are the ones We have been waiting for.

    Our birthright is the reunion and harmony of mind, body and nature. And the return to full consciousness.

    1. "It's clear to see that people are manifesting the energies of the lightwave and today it has intensified, if anyone can feel a vortex of unconditional love energy building up through their energy chakra's then this is what it is."

      Oh dear ClayDog, I read this and the first thing I thought was, "I wonder if that is why I feel like shit" LOL!!!

      Maybe I have some miasma that needs cleaning out. ;-)

      Actually, I think it is just jet lag and having my whole life go topsy-turvy, but I was thinking this is just the kind of thing that the lightwave can do.

      What I DO feel with it is an incredible amount of gratitude. You know that feeling you have when someone you love has died, and in those initial days afterward, there seems to be a special kind of grace that infuses life? People and friends gather around you and make you feel very grateful for their love and care? It's like that. I keep thinking about how I might be experiencing that "ego personality death" and "life review" that I have read about in a few blogs/newsletters/etc such as what Lisa Renee writes about.

      It is a very unique time and a very intense time. I want so for people to awaken. Judging from the subtle shifts I see in people around me, I do believe it is really happening.

      Thank you for all your wise and encouraging words!

    2. @ClayDog
      "We are co-creators and We are the ones We have been waiting for." Luckily I never waited for anyone as I always knew I am already here :-).

      "Our birthright is the reunion and harmony of mind, body and nature. And the return to full consciousness."
      Execellent, but still this doesn't answer the question WHY, we had to be born. Why were we so stupid to abandon full consciousness and incarnate in a body (that only does half of what it should) and then try to return to full consciousness? It's kind of ridiculous, isn't it? Yes, it is! So there must be a certain plan hiding behind such a suicidal attitude... But I just can't remember what it was ;-).

    3. This is a simple answer Prime......because we are here to learn lessons in balancing, lessons we thought we needed before incarnating here, if we remember who we are the lessons will not be learned due to our bias when we remember.

  39. Check this out...contactees of the 1950's...

    1. great link i knew dan fry and george king and george kings mission and group is still active today!
      there were mny others in this first wave of contactees including gabriel green and frank stranges and norm paulsen and richard miller to name a few. google them all and enjoy

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Watch and share this video

    1. I've noticed a lot of different people come here, post a video link with instructions for ALL to MUST LOOK, etc. without stating the subject of the video.

      I really think it is not prudent to click random site/video links, without at least having the belief that you are clicking to view a video about xyz.

      For all we know these random video links could be going to a sites that we would not knowingly choose to visit, or to nasty videos and we all sheeple along to visit them in good faith, thereby registering our IP addresses to them, or whatever happens when we click links.

      So, with respect to Herooka, I'm sure you mean well, but would you please come back and indicate the nature of this video?

      I shall not click any more links unless there is a short explanation given with the post.

      I'm speaking for myself here, I don't speak for anybody else.


    2. just thanking you for reply on this, ourspiritualwealth. Another vote for more "disclosure" before I follow anybody's link!

  42. Would someone be able to create a list of all channelings/channelers who stated that Disclosure (not a deadling) was to occur on August 4th, with a link back to the channeling? It's time to take out some of the garbage.

    1. Excellent, my friend! This is exactly what I wrote above like my hubby said earlier today. My posting was published 3 min. before yours = telepathy is working perfectly ;-).

      Thank you so much for that unwilling confirmation!

      Unfortunately I can't help, as I don't read any channelings myself, because most of them come from the darks.

    2. Thanks for your reply, primeBarakiel!

      For some reason I have a strong feeling that yesterday was a tipping point for MANY lightworkers. This idea resonates deep within me, to the point where as I sit here typing this, I am positive this is what is occurring. With so many souls focusing on such a breakthrough event such as yesterday's "Disclosure", there has been a momentous shift in energies, which causes Lightworkers to CRAVE a higher-quality of TRUTHFUL information. In the past, where the channelers who usually don't tend to excuse (and sometimes even acknowledge) themselves after having provided deliberate or accidental [d|m]isinformation, will now be held accountable for the information they provide to us. It is time to compile lists of Channelers (and channeled "Beings") who are:

      A) Delivering accurate, positive and empowering channelings.
      B) Cabal psyops.
      C) Fake channeler
      D) Follow-up channelers (Someone whos "Channeled" message repeats information stated by other Sources/Channelings posted less than 2 days prior).
      E) Rat in the punch bowl (Could be a mix of all of the above, mixing truthful information with deliberate misinformation)

      Does anybody here have the time to go through channelings from the past 2 weeks which speak of August 4th?


  43. @Cobra can you tell us about what happened in Michigan? Those millitary helicopters, and exploison sounds?! It's sounds like a war there..

    1. PAN old news it has been discounted by many as fear or propaganda. the reported deaths of 500 or more people would certainly seem to indicate that there would have been more evidence forth coming on th einternet. however with that said if there is any more information or evidence to be reveled!!?? i for one am open minded as to the possibility of such an event.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. I am going to be creating a website which will database all channelings. As I don't have time to go through each channeling, evaluate it and give feedback, would anyone be willing to administrate it?

    1. Don't waste your time and energy. We are discovering that we all channel our higher Bashar does and admits. He allows people, by asking specific questions to channel their own higher minds, by his teachings of the technology of the body. When I channel for someone, I hear their higher mind and feel their subconscious agenda, when I present both to the individual seeking data from the unified field of consciousness, from the heart of my 5th dimensional unity consciousness, it is obvious that we are one and all information is available for everyone. When we seek knowing through another or a channel we believe is more divine than we are, and then address them as "lord" or think they have an in where we don't ~ we are misleading ourselves and others. The channel thing is old paradigm just like gurus are, that's all, it was an ego and marketing thing, let's just let it go and focus on the Now rather than investing in what is past and no longer serves Unity Consciousness ; )

    2. Congratulations on being able to access "higher minds". Now, understand that most people have not developped this ability, and that channelers have been useful in the past concerning bringing new information to light. More people than you probably understand follow channelings. I, understanding that the beings sending the messages to the channeler are not always of a higher-dimensional existence (I don't know where you get this idea that we all believe the beings sending us these channeled messages are Lords), am creating a medium to help others distinguish between legitimate channeled texts from higher beings, and channeled texts that are just meant to play on their emotion.

      Until we are all living 5th dimensionally, we are still in a battle for the control of minds. The outlet I seek to create will be one that helps users decide which information from which channelers can be considered legitimate based on that channeler/galactic being's past messages.


    3. We are in a battle for control of our own mind and there are no beings higher than us in another or higher dimension. Our past present and future is all happening at the same time, Now.

    4. I can really see why, c0ca5a8c-c459-11e1-8248-000bcdcb5194, is keen to create a site where people will have the chance to see which channelers have, in the past, been caught out with mis-info or dis-info or whatever that has not panned out or been proven to be true.

      And I can see why Kochece feels it's not worth doing.

      Personally, I wouldn't put effort into this venture, but that's mainly because I feel we are so close to Compression Breakthrough, and perhaps once that happens everybody will be much more able to discern for themselves, and it could be an exercise, a blog site, that risks, with the best of intentions, becoming obsolete before it is even complete.

      I don't know, but I think the best way to help newly awakening people is not to focus on old/ongoing channeled material, or the fake or glamour chanellers, but just to focus on bringing the matrix crashing down, in which case, we are all free of the whole mess anyway.

      Just my opinion...


    5. I also believe a Compression Breakthrough is imminent, however, that being said, it has not yet come to fruition. Until we reach that period, it is necessary that we keep trudging forward with the best and most precise information possible.

      I understand how you all think this could be alot of effort, but, I am a programmer by Career, and am roughly about 60% finished writing the code. Not to mention I started it about an hour and a half ago. If, in the end, I can help one Lightworker make an informed decision, or let them not get caught up in another "Deadline" that was imposed by Psyops/other means, I feel I've done a good job.

      It is always said these days, to get off your butts and participate in any way you can. Well.. this is how I can.

      Yes Dear friend, just do it! It is your Call. Most channelers are just empty channels, which the darks forces are using to weaken Mother Earth, they are not just after us but mostly after MAMA. They are using Her children to hurt Her.
      By the way, to all my Sisters and Brothers here, whenever you are trully sensing Yourself, being in the "NOW"(no intelectuallizing", you will be able to feel the truth or false of anything: channels, books, title of news, people, almost anythings; most painfull, your own lies. Focus, feel all the Time. In the present, we win and they lose. watch were and what they (channelers and co.) are pointing their finger to, sometime they just want us get occupied, looking at the wrong direction. Sorry Friends, I am doing anything I can to write things in english,easy. I would be happy if You understand even a wort out of all these

    7. @ c0ca...

      If you haven't seen both of Cobra's interviews, then you may not know that Cobra and Deborah both agreed that the channelers are using their skills for the wrong direction of communication.

      Ascended Masters have been shielded by the archon implants/ wormholes (sorry, Cobra if not exactly), therefore not aware of dark cabal atrocities against humans. They have not understood the degree of manipulation to human minds.

      Right NOW the most important thing to do is to SEND information to the Ascended Masters so they will be up to date. Example: St. Germaine was working off info from the 1800s.

      I admire your drive to get off your butt and DO something that you're good at. Excellent! But also consider this:
      Part of our evolvement requires us to exercise our discernment, connect to intuition and higher self. Each time you are correct, you are rewarded with renewed confidence in yourself. You also evolve through developing those skills.

      Also, each time humans discover the channel was incorrect, the audience diminishes. Look what has happened to DRAKE.

      Maybe some of these are machine intelligence channelings, and maybe some are dark cabal disinfo to distract humans, and keep them in a mode of waiting, waiting, waiting. Being so attached to the outcome of your expectations drains your energy, regardless of the outcome.

      You are going to do what satisfies your higher self or your ego. Don't let anger be your guide, rather, discern, and then have resolve.

      Please understand, this message is coming quite late and you're probably done, but the direction of info could be switched anyway. You're a pro!

      Best wishes for your success in this effort!

    8. Thanks for your response; that's essentially what I'm attempting to do.

      With a some channelers receiving dinformation (Greg Giles) and entities like Micah the Pleadian, I find it best to not only absord the messe using discernment, but to also compare it to their previous channelings. Alot of the times it's too hard to find the specific old channelings you're looking for, which is why having this database would be a nice simple way of checking out the Channeler/Chanelee's history. I remember some disinformation piece by Micah the Pleadian a month back or so, however when I read Micah's most recent article, I didn't quire remember the fact that his previous piece was disinformation, so I took the August 4th to heart. Had I checked a database to find that Micah posted a channeling a month ago, which was marked as Disinformation, I could have spared myself some heartache! Just trying to save others the disappointed feeling I had when listening to some channelers.

    9. You / We can't "save others" and feeling like you/we can is part of the design to distract you from saving yourself...time and energy...we are creators, not reporters !

    10. Each time a date has come and past I have learned another important lesson for myself and that may be the point. If we just draw only from our hearts they will not see what is ahead. Could it be that we are close to integrating our head and heart and these lessons were needed to teach us ? I had to look at myself and realise I let my desires feed into the idea and by so doing I gave away power. In the last few days/week I am starting to feel like things are right from my own heart/soul. In the last 90's I had a real spiritual healing with heat pouring out of my heart but it took a long time to let go entirely to get to that point. After I emersed myself in Reiki, Chi Gong,Yoga, etc. During my second Reiki class I had visions and for months I felt I was living in another dimension. Although some aspects dimmed others definately did not. For the last year I have been getting back to where I was. I believe I had awakened my third eye as I have been working on that and the same wonderful feeling is back. I just met another kindred soul today at a meditation and I am just now trusting myself to accept me. Instead of blameing others who may just be providing the learning experience directed by the galactics(without even knowing) I suggest it might help to look inward. It hasn't been easy but that is where I ussually find my answers and I am sure I will in the future. I am now firmly rooted in my knowing I AM. Anyone else think this might have validity?

    11. Yes, the last sentence very much so. As Claydog pointed out, we have learned much from the channel phenomenon. If all information provided from a higher source was accurate, it would have saved us much time and energy, yet would we be as wise as we are becoming? No way.Not as confident either.
      People agree to all kinds of things in the spirit world. Perhaps our Linda Dillons etc agreed to their roles before hand so that the lightforce would learn more surety. They would realise in time, ( and I can see this happening clearly), that there is so much muddlement out there, they have to try and connect to their core as it is the only place they are going to get any sense! Very humbling for me, this debate.

  45. I am seeing things. Earlier, there were 3 accountant adverts and a wrinkle advert. My heart has been aching as I know it was never what was intended for here. Yet now they are gone completely gone. How very strange. Did anyone else see them?
    RE channelling: This is my view. Soon it will become obsolete. A great resource now as more awaken would be to provide encouragement on higher self contact, mediation resources, guidance on how to receive higher guidance from spirit.

    1. c0ca5a8c-c459-11e1-8248-000bcdcb5194, i for one would appreciate such a presentation. i never bought the 8/4 "deadline", but many people who follow channelings did.

      Thank you for you effort.
      When you're done, please give us a link.


    2. waoo Aradia, RE channeling: "Soon it will become obsolete", it is as if you read my thoughts, about channls. For me it is already absolete. It is still having some effects on Us because of the Time "Factor", but as we know it, time (gregorinisch)is the creation of the darks "Teufelswerkzeug". Through Meditation,time become relativ, powerless. In higher states, We are the watchers right?.

    3. @Mcmoff,
      Not sure re we are the watchers, what this means? But I understand time is flexible, you can move around in it, go back and forwards and there are multiple possibilities that make accurate predictions very difficult. For me, like you, MOST channelling is over. But let us not forget some still great resources such as the Ra Material and a Course in Miracles. Ra has so much 'isness'.Yet all of this has its place in the scheme of things. It helps to give an idea of what is going on, maybe helps to waken people up. Being judgemental is never spiritual.
      I feel as though I have been a bit disrespectful re Channelling and would like to apologise to Coca508.... etc as I am sure what he plans will work out well.

  46. @Aradia

    Some of the so called channels have taught me valuable lessons of discernment. Greg Giles stuck in my throat almost instantly for one example and he is in my honest opinion a blatant victim of mind manipulation and a conduit for false info and there are plenty of other victims.

    But the fact that we have all at certain points been victims of mind manipulation needs to be kept in the fore.

    Most of it is just noise, designed to stop you from going inside.

    Not seen the ad's yet? ;-)

    1. @ Clay dog.
      Perhaps I am seeing things, don't feel crazy though. Odd you said that about all noise. I was just thinking how it can take you away from your core, there is so much of it and it just repeats. Used to make me feel almost dizzy. You make a wise point here, there is great learning to be gained from them. The most terrifying one I have come across so far is Marshall Vian summers. Gave me the shivers.

    2. @Aradia,
      I just woke up from a dream (a few hours ago) that this site was covered in ads to the point where there wasnt much of the black background left! But, I dont see any at the moment. Strange. :)

    3. I still listen to them just as empiracle evidence to my own, expanding consciousness and this meaning that It's easier to spot the cracks under the thin veneer of polish. Mind manipulation is becoming clearer to the individual ad this is due to the veil lifting. There are some great positive channels out there and the difference is patently obvious.

      But the most important channel is self, and KNOWING can only come from self. The agenda of these egregious entities is to propagate false information to keep the fear and low vibrations permeating through as many as possible.

      And also to keep many in a unending timeloop of "IT's Happening SOON"

      When really in TRUTH. It's happening right NOW.

      Glamour channellers are victims of psychic vampirism.

      Full disclosure is a process and we are beginning to see the unfolding of this process and it's quickening. False prophets are exposing themselves and we can see this as individuals and in larger, ever growing expanses of global consciousness. The tipping point of global consciousness in my opinion has just recently been reached and this is the breakthrough that was needed to assist the rapid expansion of global consciousness.

      I expect to see this manifest in our realities and mass arrests will then come as the matrix is truly in tatters at this point.

      The level and extent and the funding that WE through taxation have unwittingly paid in to our own suppression will shock even those who claim to be fully awake.

      But we need to know this extent in order to accept it then move past it, and this time is now.

      That's my opinion at least ;-)

    4. Well thank you for sharing Your experience, @ Claydog. I feel my truth also in what you say, yet the needs of each of us is different at this time and we are all at different stages.
      I saw x 3 find an accountant ads on the right, and was startled by large adverts below the last post. One was origins wrinkle cream, another was for Anglia and was white, red, blue. One also flashed up for lose fat from stomach.

  47. Like others, I stumbled on the censorship issue
    of the second interview on youtube.

    Why restrict access to those interviews in any way?

    Why not make them available for download including smaller sizes
    and audio only versions like mp3 and ogg (on multiple sites),
    so that people do not need high end computers and bandwidth,
    so that people can listen to them offline,
    whenever and however they want,
    can share them with their friends ... ?


  48. For those interested in me creating a method to database to better manage channeled messages, this is what I have so far..

    At this stage it's very simple, where you can view Channelings (channeled messages from a "channelee" to a "channeler"), a list of Channelers (people who channel messages) and a list of channelees (beings who channel messages to "channelers".

    Attached to each Channeling will be the "channeler" who channeled it, the "channelee" who the "channeler" was getting this message from. It will also link you back to the original channel posting.

    I have added a "Classification" tag, which will let you, the user, know if this channeling was found to be [D|M]isinformation, legitimate, etc.

    Also, if the channeling makes any predictions to occur on a specific date, it will be able to be logged and displayed. After the "predicted date" has passed, we will be able to know whether or not that "predicted event" came to fruition.

    I am simply building the backbone to be able to manage channelings/channelers/channelees. I do not, however, have the time to maintain the list and post the synopsis of new channelings.. Are there any people here who have spare time to administer the database and post new channelings as they see them appear?

  49. Happy Sunday to all, I hope you will be joining in on the Sunday meditation today.

    May we look inside and trust our own Higher Self, and not rely soley on the messages of those outside ourselves for our truth. Messages of all types surround us, whether it be the words of a channeler or the seeing of a certain number, interesting encounters with animals, a book falling off a shelf ...the possibilities are endless. Messages hold opportunity for growth.....they show you what you DO want or what you DON"T want.....either way, you have received a valuable gift.

    May we all find the ability to look inside ourselves and seek our own truth, knowing that because we are each on a personal path, the truth can be different for each of us. Likewise, what was my truth yesterday may not be my truth today, and so it is for most of us. We are constantly in flux.

    May we not judge ourselves or others for our current beliefs and choices, for we all have experiences that sway our vision. What is RIGHT for you to believe or follow at a certain point in time may not be right for someone else. That does not mean someone is wrong for following a belief or path different from your own. We all do the best we can with what we have for the most part. ;-)

    When we get angry or feel fear or don't like what someone else says it shows us where WE are on our path. It is a barometer to measure our own tolerance for others beliefs and ways.

    Learning to detach from outcomes is a helpful thought process. Allow things to unfold as they will and rejoice when they seem to fall into your timeline and belief system, for that buoys your spirit. When they do not fall into your hoped for time plan or they show your belief to be in question, use it as a point of growth. And go easy on yourself, just trust that all is happening in a divine way.

    The main point is YOU know what's best for YOU. Find our who you are and trust that.

    Louise Hay says it wonderfully:

    "I open myself to the wisdom within, knowing there is only One Intelligence in this Universe. Out of this One Intelligence comes all the answers, all the solutions, all the healings, all the new creations. I trust this Power and Intelligence, knowing that whatever I need to know is revealed to me, and that whatever I need comes to me in the right time, space and sequence. All is well in my world."

    A sincere wish and blessing to all for a fabulous meditation and day, with much love. We are one and we are perfect

    Mitakuye Oyasin~~ Aho!

    1. Thank you Imatrayiac,
      Wonderful comment, wise and true. I was attempting, rather badly to say something similar. sidetracked by my apparently having seen things that do not exist. Happy Sunday to you also! Going to walk dogs and prepare for the mediation hoping I remain sane enough to do a decent job,
      Love CJ

  50. I want to talk about what occurred to me this afternoon about some older information, from such as Louise Hay, but not only her, any of the old information/guidance/self-help stuff from 80's/90's when I started reading this type of thing.

    Now, I had listened to Cobra's interview with Deb earlier today (the second one) and the discussion about the Walking Zombies with disconnected Souls, the Archon containment, the whole reminder of what we've been told recently about lack of free will, so we cannot have really created or chosen much at all...and then I went to do some chores, and whilst washing up the oven roasting pans...bah!...I suddenly had this realisation:

    I've spent the best part of 30 years on the so-called Spiritual pathway, reading, sharing, learning, etc, and when I look at what I have created, what I have achieved, I am astonished to find it is little or nothing! ( I speak in relative terms, of course.)

    When I look back at all the advice, self-help, etc. that told me if I just did this, or just did that, if I understood Universal Law and put it into practice I would see the benefit, the abundance, etc....

    But, no.

    It didn't work, did it? Not for me, and I suspect not for any of us really.

    Why? Well, that was the great mystery, wasn't it. Until recently, thanks to Cobra, it was the mystery. If we did all the books advised us, we should have been living a wonderful life, with full health, wealth and abundance. Bollox! I thought I was doing it all wrong. I thought I was at fault, that I couldn't create, where Louise Hay could, or where whoever it was could.

    What is the story behind this 'successful' guru types? Are they unwittingly the 'chosen' tiny percentage of Lightworkers who are allowed to have a positive experience so that they can share it with us, so that we believe it's available and try our best to have the same? Is that another aspect of the matrix? Is it a cleverly evil policy of the Archons mind control, you now, like let's give it to one, and let the rest keep on struggling because it keeps them in hope and the put up with the rest of the crap with less argument?

    I wonder about this stuff now. Yesterday, I was likely to assume the very successful Lightworkers (couldn't be the bankrupted ones) were on the 'dark side', but maybe some of them are, and some of them are not, but are the 'few' genuine examples of what can be achieved/created, those who have been used as the 'carrot' to our 'donkeys' by the system that keeps us, the majority of truth seekers in line?

    I don't know...but it makes for a logical argument in my mind right now.


  51. Very nicely said and appreciated. I have noticed a very nice thing here recently. The arguements are few and even when there are disagreements they seem to be on the issues and are not attacks so that tells me this group is growing spiritually. Just finished the meditation a few minutes ago but had done an hour earlier. This is a very dedicated group and there are thousands around the world. I feel this will happen when we least expect it and that the reality will not be as anyone thinks it will. There are illusions within illusions. We have the benefit of knowing about some of them but also have to understand the general public doesn't and I agree this has to come out at the right pace. Frankly, disclosure seems like the easy part. The betrayal people will have to deal with is my concern so all positivity needs to be focused on having as many out there without prejudice, forgiving and letting the real truth come out. We don't know everything or probably most things. We know a little more than people not awake. Letting go is very hard and I feel that is our test.

  52. @The33meg,
    I didn't realise this. I had been agonising as to why spirit told me we created this ourselves, in the light of the archons. This was 3 years ago, so perhaps he was still unaware. Hard to imagine how this is possible though.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Somewhere Dreams

    Dreams ride swiftly through the night
    Sense direction, instincts right
    Glimpsing sweetness just in sight
    Holding closely, softly, tight
    In my mind they wind around
    Telling much without a sound
    Stronger wider touching deep
    Whisper round the edge of sleep
    They meander through the drifts of time
    Thoughts born to me, from me, of mine
    Tell tales of sleepless, restless longing
    Seek other part of self belonging
    I place them in a crystal jar
    Each one labeled with a star
    Beckoning mine beyond the still
    Destiny sweetly always will
    At night I lay my head to sleep
    Each secret dream I get to keep
    Winding lightly round my soul
    Mending broken making whole.

    Night all x