Tuesday, August 14, 2012

White Nobility

I have received instructions to reveal some occult information to the public.

This is the first among several blog posts that will reveal to the general public some positive groups that have never been revealed yet and have worked towards the liberation of the planet, some of them for millennia.

The first of those groups is the White Nobility. During human history, not all aristocratic families have associated themselves with the Cabal. Many have resisted passively, some even actively. Noblesse oblige was not an empty phrase for them but an actual imperative to help the less fortunate remainder of humanity. The most famous among White Nobility families are the Medicis that helped to bring about the Renaissance which laid the foundation of our modern world.

Common ground for all those noble families is the occult tradition that goes back a few millennia into the mystery schools of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. Mysteries of the Goddess are their greatest secret and their main occult weapon against the Cabal. Many of White Nobility families have a strong connection with Mary Magdalene and the Grail mysteries and are connected with positive Templar groups. 

Black Nobility families that are associated with the Jesuits are allergic to the Goddess energy. They would like to wipe it out from the surface of the planet and have tried to do so many times. Members of families such as Pallavicini, Orsini, Massimo, Borghese, Aldobrandini, Colonna, Pacelli, Odescalchi,  Ortolani  and Luzzatti are receiving their orders directly from the Archons and are at the core of conspiracy against the Goddess. They are waging an occult war against the White Nobility families that are trying to spread the Light and support feminine qualities such as compassion, receptivity, creativity, love…

Rothschilds are nobility wannabes (their lineage goes less than two and a half centuries back and they come from Bauer family which is German for farmer) and do not understand completely the occult war that is going on in the highest circles as they are left out of the information loop. They are too immersed into the physical matter as well. Meanwhile, Rockefellers are plain commoners and do not have the slightest idea about what is really going on.

Most of the White Nobility families are now located in Italy and serve as a counterforce against the Black Nobility. They have lost most of their wealth in the last two centuries, but their positive occult tradition is still very much alive. Their names must not yet be disclosed to the general public, they work tirelessly in the background for the benefit of humanity. They are not associated directly with the Savoy family as some people think. Some of them are involved with creation of the new and fair financial system that will replace the current one very soon, another group is focused on revealing occult knowledge of the ages. I have received instructions from the Resistance to involve White Nobility in Operation Dreamland that is part of the Plan for the planetary liberation. Those among them who are interested in becoming part of this can contact me at cobraresistance@gmail.com . Victory of the Light!


  1. Thank you Cobra, for this very synchronistic message :)

    I hope you don't mind me sharing the following :

    Calling All Goddesses !
    Maidens, Mothers, Crones ...

    Gaia has sounded Her call

    It is time for us to UNITE ...


    The Vision

    Every woman on planet Earth ... connected
    to the Divine Feminine within,
    with each other &
    with Gaia ~ !

    Imagine This Shift !

    If we join our hearts, our inspiration and our talents
    we can make it happen.

    A treasure trove of potential lies within us.

    It is TIME to stand up and support Her.


    Are you IN ?



    1. Hahaha, Cosmic Synchronicity, Love!

    2. Yeah, right??? Woo hoo!!

      I'm sure getting to flex my Goddess wings right now.

      Remember when Neo leaves the Nebuchadnezzer the first time to fight Agent Smith?

      That would be me right about now. :D

      But my bravery and fortitude is very much strengthened by the synchronicities that are occurring, here, there, and everywhere. I also realize what I am dealing with is a kind of hologram (perhaps a time loop as well), and that how I treat this situation with the Goddess Energy supporting me is absolutely a metaphor for what is happening on a much bigger scale. The microcosm mirroring the macrocosm.

      I'm claiming victory already, but I admit it is with some trepidation. I was about to write that I need to grow some balls, lmao!!! But then I realized I need to write the Goddess equivalent of that. I now have empowered ovaries?????

      OMG. So sorry. Where does this stuff come from, lol. All I know is that I start cackling like a Crone when this stuff comes to mind, hahaha! Clarissa Pinkola Estés wrote about this in Women Who Run With the Wolves. Meaning: she says Crones tend to make jokes that are rather, hmmmmm, "organic" in their nature, hahaha.

      Okay. In short: YAY! ;-)


  2. Cooter,
    Why take the time and energy to post a message that does nothing but propagate negativity? Your negativity sends out ripples across the planet and cosmos that helps to fuel the darkness, did you know that? Everything is energy, and by putting out negative comments, you are simply adding to the darkness. Do you understand this? Do you understand that when you add to the light quotient here on earth/Gaia, you are sending ripples of light across universe? Move into your heart, and make every comment and decision from a place of unconditional love so that you can help manifest all the positive lighted events set to happen this wondrous year 2012. Love and light to all.


    1. You sound just like the GFL channeled by Greg Giles

  3. Bly DOES sound like the GFL channeled by GG. "Do you understand this?"
    Bly has a good point too :-)

  4. I look forward to hearing more about the positive nobility that has been resisting the cabal for so long. Nobility is one group that's easy to lump together in a negative way so more knowledge of this paradigm will help to shatter that conception.

    Love and light,

    1. Christian L
      The positive nobility goes back to Ancient history when leaders were really concerned about the people they were appointed to lead. There have been many ET/Ed interactions here of a positive nature which having the peoples best interests in mind did responsibly act as guides to creating holistic sustainable communities and a sacred relationship with our earth mother.
      These positve ET efforts were always constrained by mankind's understanding and sociological and technological capabilities. Though in many cases ET technology was used to aid in the building of the society/culture infrastructure.

      The Egyptian nobility originally was sacred however was degenerated and infiltrated by Archon and hostile ET's also eventually. The world's earthly rulers who have supplanted them through the ages have carried on the myth of "Divine right to Rule". This divine right myth has been promulgated by the huge and selfish ego's of the various religious pundits, popes, and priesthoods from Brahmins to protestants. This error by the people of allowing these so called self appointed "divine rulers" to act as an intermediary between themselves and god has led to endless suffering.

      The level of human greed and selfishness allowed even well intentioned true leaders who did have their constituents' best interests at heart to establish dynasties. These leaders though taking the lion's share of the communities' wealth, can be accepted and understood to maintain control and establish a firm direction when enacting positive and beneficial programs for the people. However the traditional heir passing of power has been problematic.

      We are human and make mistakes and so do all the "Rulers" good or bad! Many times the progeny of the kind and benevolent leaders has become either selfish, complacent, arrogant or down right nasty and evil. You can rest assured Archon implant technology has worked hard to see to it that this has happened repeatedly throughout history. This unfortunately is one of the downfalls of having "heirs" to kingdoms be allowed to rule as a matter of custom.

      The nobility Black or White good or bad have access to the highest aspects of culture and knowledge. As a result of their position as leaders they can use this position of power responsibly to broaden their descendants and constituency awareness or they can jealousy guard the truth for their own gains. We know where this has led us for the most part. The sense of entitlement and air of superiority and arrogance is pandemic for those with power or even simply wealth. This ruler ship has been replaced by government for the most part except where "royalty' still exists. The governments are actually controlled by these historical royalty figures whether they be financial royalty military etc. If they play the game and go along they are "IN" and give a seat at the table.

      Historically speaking Royalty and their attendant supporting Court has been responsible for fostering and acting as a repository of knowledge and cultural advancement. If only this knowledge and advancement had been made to everyone freely without prejudice we may have had a different world. There are many "Noble" families who have been on the inside tack as far as developments by virtue of their being in hereditary positions such as lord, counts, etc. These positions fortunately have not been abused and have produced many truly noble beings capable of leadership and are capable and well educated. These worldly and character rich individuals are aware of the dark aspects of their peers in the "Royal" circles of power and have worked secretly to counteract the power hungry and unworthy aims of leaders throughout the world.

      These good forces are NOT all genetically guaranteed and NOT always coming from the same families. However there may be a few families whose traditions and character has remained relatively free of vice in regards to using their positions responsibly.

    2. At this point in time on our planet many of those underlings and worker bees who have been unscrupulously used by their leaders in Religion, military, government, finance, media, industry and science are now starting to jump ship.

      Thanks to the Internet the spoon-fed mis-information and controlled propaganda of history and railroading of the worldview into a tiny box. The "knowledge" that has been spread through "Education in Schools" as sacrosanct is no longer the only source of truth for maintaining the status quo.

      The average person today has so much awareness and access to knowledge available to them that the facade has broken down and the "wizard of OZ" behind the curtain has been exposed. Schools are irrelevant and many are breaking free of the current educational models. Though many refuse to look at the wizard and are continuing to watch the program out of habit and fear, many are choosing the Red Pill and waking up quickly. The pawns of the corporate military, government industrial complexes are surfing the Internet and talking amongst themselves and do not like what they see.

      Others within the power structures of the above mentioned segments of our society and communities world wide, now are waking up to the insanity as the far reaching plans and tentacles of the Dark Octopussy conspiracy.

      The revelations of pre-planned wars, endless false flags, mind control agendas, population reduction, abuse of human rights, enslavement of large segments of the world's population has created a stir. The realization by many of created diseases for profit, the hindrance of advanced technologies and suppression of extra terrestrial contact has led many to reflect into their souls and are many choosing responsible action and now using their positions to advance the light. These brave warriors are often the brunt of de-funding, ostracizing in their workplace and harassment and even targets of violence and murder. Truly noble are those who face such societal pressure and march forward.

      These "White Nobility" as Cobra calls them are similar to the whistleblowers I have referenced except that they are very wealthy and have maintained financial and political power through generations. Many of them are working behind the scenes as Cobra has revealed and are hopefully to act as fulcrums for civic stability as the dismantling of the NWO continues apace.
      Their vast wealth and connections in government, industry, commerce, finance and the power bases around the world will be vital for a peaceful transition. I hope my perspective has shed some light on this group1
      Warm Regards

  5. this sounds very synchronistic to me as well ...



  6. Cobra,

    Can you share more about Operation Dreamland please?

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    2. Agreed, thats a 5d beard right there. Very epic. Namaste :D

    3. ^^^^^ HAHAHAHAHA!! Awesome comment, Barda!! I burst out laughing!

      It is epic, JOKO!

    4. A 5D beard???? LOL ! Epic! :-D

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  8. You can't run away Cobra.
    Deleting my comments like a coward won't make reality go away.You have a lot to answer for,and if you had any morals you would have already done so.Keep deleting if you plz,I'll just keep posting and exposing you

    1. Blessings to you too, cooter and hoping you find peace.

  9. why Zagami is not listed on the black nobility? Leo Zagami has been claiming that he is one member of the core of Iluminati. And also, I read that Sinclair families are the bloodline of Mary Magdalane. There's another family name but I forgot..

  10. thanks for the info. sounds like just the tip of the iceberg though, eager for more :)

  11. Great picture!
    The crown is full of illuminati symbols.

    Wake up guy's. The mystery schools of rom worshiped the black sun saturn. Saturn = satanism.

    1. hmmm do you suggest we bombard the planet Saturn to destroy it then ? doesn't make sense to me

      To my understanding, symbols are just tools. like hammers. a hammer just amplifies the strength of your arm. you can kill someone with it, or build a house with it. What matters is the intent. Everything is originated from the one source, the real truth is Oneness, therefore all tools are potentially of the light/divine. Pyramids, crystals, pentagrams, etc, they just amplify your intent. They reflect the One. At some point we will be more evolved and will be able to manifest at will, as these powers the symbols represent are internalized. Until then we use them 'externally'. It's the same principle anyway since external and internal are One anyway, no separation, All is One.

    2. Good answer, untwine, good answer!!

    3. I like the crown. There'sa smiley in there!
      I didn't know the smiley is an illuminaty symbol!
      And yes, smieys can be used for the betterment of mankind :-))

    4. I rather suggest it is TIME we TAKE BACK all our SYMBOLS from the darks. And I suspect this is what Cobra has been trying to tell us in the recent interviews. And that is reflected in what Untwine said above.

      Symbols were not always the sole 'property' of the darks, in the same way Christian event dates, within the church, were originally Pagan festival dates.

      If I steal your car, is doesn't mean it's my car, it just means I took it from you, but you may wish to have it back.

      Look at the Swastika, an ancient Hindu symbol (if I'm not mistaken)but the Nazi's did a real number on that one, didn't they!

      Time for us to



    5. The story goes much longer back.
      It is a genetic thing. Some people (or maybe more than you/we expect...) are descendants from "Atlantis". Atlantis have been 12 cities all over the world. The so called 12 clans are the descendants of the 12 cities. Atlantis fall, because undercut by incarnation. So the 12 clans made genetic manipulations so that the satanic darks were not able to incarnate in. Only one of the 12 clans did not make the genetic manipulations. This clan was undercut completly, and the darks made their own genetic manipulations on it.

    6. one guy had a crown forced on his head it was made of thorns... all are kings and queens and of noble birth as we are all son and daughters of a living and loving god. Try not to conitually think all sybols are evil maky have been used by the dark force to hide and confuse you from the true meaning and intent of the symbol which is based on light love truth and the mathematical geomtry of creation.. with that said jesus told me as far as ruler ship goes and the return. "NO CROSS NO CROWN SECOND TIME AROUND"
      ps crowns were used to enhance connection to spirit and create a blanced scalr field by the use of the crystal lattices networks/pyramidal force within the gold and genstones. the indian used feather for this same purpose. get over looking for the wrong and being critical see the galls as half full not half empty and when your ready the cup will be full to over flowing. peace unto you
      ps love ur name

  12. How about using something like OpenPGP encryption and putting out your public keys when calling for rebels? Better than sending the plain text through the CIA's Google. For added protection, the senders can send from an internet cafe.

  13. Cobra, it's a compliment that you've attracted trolls to the site. I'm not sure what the consensus is, but I would be okay if you took the trash out from time to time. Even sacred spaces get a little dusty.

    1. Aw...you're one of those poor widdle oversensitive fella's aren't ya?Just because someone doesn't praise your almighty messiah Cobra doesn't mean they are a troll you mental midget.

      And as for this place being 'sacred' lol..well you have yet to prove that.Until the time that proof arrives you guys will be nothing more than sci fi dorks,asking the spacemen to beam you up.

    2. Hi Cooter Your ignorance is bewildering, seems to me you have just come in here to stir the pot a little because your undeveloped consciousness is just rattling around in your head screaming to get out and run away. I don't usually post semi insulting passages but I kinda felt that I might make an exception this time.
      You are rude and I dare say somewhat of a redneck if your posts are anything to go by, If you don't understand the "concept" of peoples thoughts in this blog then best you stay away.
      Not everyone here hangs on Cobra's or anyone else's every word, it is the company of this community that we enjoy and as such we respect others views even if we do not agree with them that is what mature people do in the real world.

      Ciao for now : )

    3. Hey Council of Nine....don't be insulting the Rednecks, now!!

      Hahahaha, Peace all!

    4. Cooter, why you are so angry? If the crowd here are not your type and you are smarter than anyone else, you are wasting your time hanging in here. Please find a better place that can nurish you! Insuting others does not get you anywhere. I hope that you find internal peace. love and light.

    5. Cooter. why exactly are you here?

    6. My understanding is that action from the light always results in an opposite reaction from the dark; this is why we see so many attacks here, that is all it is and is inevitable for now. Trolls! Lol!

    7. cobras please note cooter was the first to respond to the troll post still we should just leave him alone ... it really is not going to change an individuals thinking by forcing him to accept or ascent intellectually to a point of view. There is so much pain and ignoranve and suffering out there and people are looking for answers to many questions. intellectual answers are really endless steps on an infinite ladder and they will never end. the true answer is the small still voice within. cooter and everyone else should light their own candle in the darkness rather than trolling around sites such as these to find someone to turn the light on for them. always use discernment and Remeber the 4 agreements .
      1 dont take things persoanlly
      2 be impeccable in your word
      3 always do your best
      4 dont make assumptions
      This site is for those who are awake and occassionaly there are those who are asleep and feel a need to critisize. Let sleeping elephants lie.

    8. Okay Cooter, Now that I'm sober, I apologize for giving you such a harsh directive. As an empathic Crone, what I meant was ~ I feel your fear dear one. Do your self a great service and own it, accept it and process it. Let it surface in your conscious psyche and feel as bad as is, embrace it and Love it out of existence. Forgive yourself and those you percieve to be the cause of it. Know that those who hurt you were hurt by others before. The happy truth is that if you stop thinking and honour your self by feeling your way out of the Matrix and into awareness and the frequency of your higher consciousness ~ your Light within will expand and your perspective will shift. Let go of the need to know how things will manifest and TRUST the Creator and your higher mind's ability to align with LOVE. This is what is meant by surrendering. Your ego mind identity still has control within you as is evident by the reflection of what you perceive outside of you. This is your opportunity to come over to the Light. You are loved and you need to feel it, and know it, and truly is ~ the reason you are " here. "

    9. I would just kindly ask this Cooter: Who are you? Do you know who you are? What do you want? What is your intent? The answers to these questions are for you alone. We don't need to hear them here.
      Peace be with you.

    10. Dear cooter must be exploding from all the attention, energy and love pouring out to him here today.
      Hey cooter, if you wanna come back and be nice, you're welcome to!

    11. Agreed Rob.......but my it did feel quite good to vent a little : )

      Thats a great little book by the way.

    12. I´ve a cousin that uses to troll around, maybe looking for attention. Only thing he got at the end was getting banned from family reunions, then he looked for another soil. What I want to say is, at lack of attention the trolls eventually migrate.

      Best for all.


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    1. Hi Minglyn ~ Yes definitely ~ my breasts are getting firmer ; )

    2. Kochece
      Love your comment.

    3. Methinks Kocheche is a CRONE for sure!

      Just like CalliopeTheMuse!

      Ovaries & Breasts!


  15. Okay, I have almost finished commenting on other people's comments and will respond to Cobra's post.

    But first.

    You know what a "cooter" is, right?? Except in this case, the nickname and attached comments are kind of insulting to the sacred vagina, lol.

    Oh yeah, I guess I let a little ego slip in there, eh? WHOOPS. My bad. Ha.

    (*whispers* Sorry, can't help it. There's more. I think this particular cooter needs to be... Okay, well, what I was going to type really is too bad, so I will let everyone fill-in-the-blank. Let's just say he/she needs some sacred lovin'. *chuckle*)

    Anywho, this post was mucho interesting. I learned some stuff about the Medicis in the place I was living previously, and because of some of the crap that some of those family members pulled, would not have pegged them as White Nobility, but then again, I don't know everything about them. Just about a couple of famous ones. Like the ones who inspired famous French cookies. And gardens.

    But I'm open, and I will check some stuff out!

    I'm just really excited that the White Nobility are supportive of the Goddess. I am seeing more than ever how things have been so twisted around, and I know what is blossoming in my own heart. Let's just say it is very empowered feminine energy. I won't use any graphic anatomical words anymore, hee hee.

    Calliope the Muse

    1. haha Calliope you're awesome ♥

    2. First came the Empowered Ovaries, neatly followed by the Firmer Breasts, speedily followed by the SACRED VAGINA!

      It's official!

      The triple-whammy of the Divine Feminine Energy has arrived!

      The Goddesses have REVEALED the sacred Feminine Triangle!

      The Goddesses have given Word and Name to the

      Holy Trinity of Crone-ness!

      They have Un-Leashed the Tri-Une force of the deeply secret RITUALS of the legend known as


      The All-Powerful Nature Spirit of Feminine Energy has been ACTIVATED!

      To celebrate this Momentous & Righteous Occasion the Crones are offering everybody Their Unique Granny-Knows-How-To-Suck-Any-Egg

      3 for 1 special on all your favourite







    3. Woot woot!!

      Triply play, there, OSW!!

    4. (Sits in the corner, laughing quietly to Self.)


    5. Laughing with you, OSW and CtM! :D

    6. ;D ;D ;D
      SYNCH ! Lisa M. Harrsion interview re : The Divine Feminine!, Holy Trinity of Crone-ness!, All Powerful Nature Spirit of Feminine Energy!, Project: Pink Beam !!!


    7. LOL -

      here here !!!

      The Goddess at her most creative :)

  16. Love this Cobra1 Keep going. You have given me an appetite for more. Thanks.

  17. 'May all beings be happy. May all my thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to the happiness of all beings'


    1. Beautiful music and message.

      Thanks, Untwine. :)

  18. I am 56 years old. In my youth I did not care much about my future. In my 30’s I started paying attention. In the last eight years because of the internet I have become aware of many different beliefs. Despite all the other predictions the only one that continues to manifest is the NWO. (New world order) I have hope and faith for a better future but I wait in disappointment for change.

    1. Ray, Hope expresses doubt, and the future is NOW ! Change within, so without ! As above, so below ! Hermetic Maxim. And it's not about beliefs, it's about knowing. Align with that which resonates in your heart and leave the rest, get busy creating via your imagination the world you want. Go to Youtube:
      2012 Light Workers Secret Knowledge for a clue ! Love& Light ; )

  19. Sorry not everyone will ascend????
    So read these messages year after year only to hear?? “you might not ascend!”
    I turned off the TV a long time ago. Time to turn off the computer!
    What a waste of time.
    It has been two years of the same excuses why you cannot do what you have said you will do.
    You depend on the individual new to this information to keep you going.
    I can continue to monitor this site and comment.
    Leaving will only allow new followers to believe.
    Put up or shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Where did you hear that Ray from Cobra?

      I think as free will applies in this part of the Universe, if you want to you will be able to if you don't then you won't, but I might be mistaken and everyone will ascend.

      HOWEVER In my humble opinion, our focus should be on dismantling the quarantine, building up a new fair financial system, free all the supressed technologies and provide everyone their needs,now our true history,set peace on Earth,build up infrastructure,turn deserts into green, build up a new society, travel the Universe and meet the galactic relatives,etc the Ascension might be only the icing on the cake.
      You shouldn't imagine it like salvation and jumping out from despair on the mighty 21st waking up in 5D dreamlands. It will be a process not a 1 night change.

    2. Ray, You don't understand ascension. It happens within and you have much inner work to do. Go on now, there's not much "time" left, don't waste yours crying here or we'll have to give you a LOVE S.L.A.P.(Strategic Location to Another Planet)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Ray, with respect, you appear to be under the impression that somebody in this blog, or Cobra, or the RM, owes you something.

      When the gate is open, do you expect to be carried through it?

      Better to walk through by your own choosing and using your own energy...

    5. Unfortunately there are a lot of people/forum/blogs out there who insist that ascension is a physical process where by they will just one day disappear into thin air ending up in a place with chocolate covered mountains, clouds made of marshmallow, a permanent rainbow across the sky with unicorn shit laying all over the grass.
      Don't forget the dog "I was wondering crappymoonflower, will my dogs ascend with me"??........of course they will!! ("she says, knowing that she doesn't have a clue but it sounds really cool and my blog is popular, so im gonna go with it"!!)

      Sorry I am still working on Sarcasm ♥♥♥♥♥

  20. Cobra,

    is "Plan 2012"( http://2012portal.blogspot.nl/2012/04/plan-2012-normal-0-microsoftinternetexp.html)
    still valid with the addendums from the "Plan expanded"?


  21. Hey siblings..

    You know what..

    I love you !!

    I was just thinking of all the way we've walked since the beginning of the year.. This feels already huge, at least to me.. Where were we at before starting reading Cobra and others ? Before connecting more, to source/one/all ?
    There has been some epic stuff going on, at least from where i stand.. And if we just imagine all the aspects we don't fully see yet.. And if we put it in perspective of the history of the planet, and possibly beyond.. This is huge.. Can you feel it ?

    Life is bigger than life..

    I'm thankful for all the journeys of all the different aspects of the One.. I'm thankful for being here now with all of you, such rich and beautiful beings. I love you. Divine cosmic golden, rainbow light, healing, bliss, hugs to all of you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ The journey is starting again, always, expanding and so wonderful.

    1. Love you too untwine!!! Yes, I'm feelig it!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    2. :♥)

      Beautifully expressed, thanks for sharing your ♥

  22. Ive been feeling it for around 2 years now, a strong feeling of excitement and anxiousness. I become conscious of the feeling many times a day but always have it there.

    I am unsure what I am excited and anxious about but, as there are no real given's here, everything thing is on information and faith but I can feel it getting closer.

  23. Ride the carrier wave, my friends!
    Just a few more days to let go
    of your unauthentic self.
    (or so i have noticed)

  24. Thank you Cobra for everything. I have still only listened to half of the last interview but it was great. 'Beyond the veil' was beautiful but heart breaking as it is beyond my wildest imagination.
    Blessings to you.

  25. There seems to be much confusion these days as to who is going to ascend. Some may attribute this to certain individuals who have allowed greed to cloud there consciousness and have tried to use scare tactics for financially motivated reasons, and others may say it’s the dark light working against us. Regardless of what you have been told in the past, I assure you that everyone who asks to do so will ascend when that time is here. Many of our friends, families, and allies have been and continue to go above and beyond to ensure that this is the way it is. Our father, or “God,” has always been an extremely passionate advocate of free will and he will go to very great lengths ensuring that nobody gets left behind. I also want to remind everyone that although they continue to be helpful for support and education to those who are looking for it the community internet sites were originally intended to unite and educate the light workers to help ensure a smooth transition, those who aren’t quite up to date with everything that is going during these times of change have nothing to be scared of or to be concerned about. There are many young souls on this planet that will have trouble understanding and accepting what is going on around them, and these individuals are those who will need your help the most. While I understand that the negative comments can be frustrating please try and put yourself in their shoes, the fact that many of you are empaths is the reason this gets to you so quickly in the first place, so seeing things from their perspective should be something that is easy for you to do if you just think about it, feel it. Also remember that the saying “God is in every one of us” is a literal phrase, any one of us can talk to God, and if we listen hard enough we can hear him as well, we just need to remember to follow our hearts as well as our minds. It would be much appreciated if all who are willing to do so would lend a hand to this great time of change and question or correct those who are saying that only certain individuals will ascend, for the fear created by allowing others to believe otherwise will just be counterproductive and slow down the whole process. May everyone let the light shine from their hearts and allow yourselves to become one with your Gods, leave the worry to those who are here to do the worrying for us and it will speed up the pace and smooth the path of your ascension.

    1. So beautifully said, Son Leo. Yes, thank you for the reminder. This is what we First Wavers have been trained for...to help those newly wakening ones with compassion and to lead by example. Otherwise what's the point of all we've been going through in our isolation? I took the Bodhisattva vow many years ago (In Mahayana Buddhism, the bodhisattva vows to work for the relief and liberation (moksha) of all sentient beings as long as samsara persists)and I will honor this vow. I may have to leave 3D momentarily and come back as an Ascended Master in order to complete this mission, however!! :)

  26. Thankyou Cobra and the Resistance for keeping us up to date. Thankyou white nobility for staying with the light and all the work you have been doing quietly in the background for millenia.
    I salute you for holding the Light till we awakened to join you.
    Love and gratitude to all and hopefully we will all meet soon in celebration.
    You are in my prayers

  27. Uplifting finished - 13th August 2012

    Today 9.00 pm Berlin time the Uplifting of earth, solar system and galaxy was finished.

    What does it mean for the people? This for example:

    * Now, after uplifting, all people, who die, are free.
    * All bodyfunctions are back to where they belong
    * The system of resonance is working now and replaced the system of karma.
    * Now the connection to your higher-self (the Elli or the group part) can be fully made. But everyone has to order this him/herself.

    1. btw. forgot the new wiki: www.presbeia-protoi.org

  28. Remarkable message. There is indeed such a tradition and it has not just flowed through the nobility. Indeed it moved from the UK over 200 years ago, to America and back to the UK around the turn of last century, in one significant stream.

  29. This news item gave me a laugh!

    Leader of anti-semitic party in Hungary is Jewish!


  30. Operation Dreamland = Taking magic mushrooms :D :_:

  31. Starseeds and psychedelics.. Activate your ET "implants" and prepare for 5D. Really interesting.


    I myself love magic mushrooms and 2c-D.. Really eye opening/dimensional opening for me.

    1. http://tinyurl.com/c6qh3oh

      The science of ascension and dreaming, what are coming and what we are becoming, true freedom, discussion between Alfred and Drake. Very interesting.

      Light and Love to all

  32. Hey everyone ~ I sent Cobra's post to Santos Bonacci for validation and this is his reply :

    This is exactly the truth!!!

    These aristocratic families will make themselves known soon as we wake up!!

    Thank you!

  33. Cobras
    i wanted to share this information from carlos castenada about what don juan has said about Archons. I personally came throught the shamanic aspect of awakening using magic mushrooms LSD and many other natural herbal remedies which help one to stop their internal dialogue. For those of from the western mind constantly thinking and judging is part of the ego/intellect/reasons trap. We are constantly holding on to a specific view of the world which has been drummed into us since birth.
    eastern minds and cultures have traditionally more accpepting of fostering the inner silence through meditation. Power plants and psychedelics effect the seratonin levels in the brain. This is a "light" neuro-hormone that forcibly shuts off the internal dialogue and allows us to see the actual movement of creation in real time. Don Juan called this stooping the world. Drugs act throughthe sub active process by removing toxins from the brain and body by a purge and thus allows for increased light activation and perception thus is is sensitized. Dosage is key if you tae too much the healing herb itself becomes a toxin and you will overload and "have a bad trip". The shamans are very experienced in percieving alternate views or perceptions of rality and they understoood the archon presence and its source millenia ago. here is don juans description of archons below

    1. oops typo stoppin the world
      CARLOS CASTENADA ON PARASITCAL SYSTEM from Pharoahs of ireland

      To confirm that knowledge of the system, and the predicament it leaves US
      in is widespread, and to integrate the abovementioned, an extract from the
      works of Carlos Castaneda is well worth a perusal. In his last book, The Active
      Side of Infinity, he engages in the following metaphorical exchanges with his
      teacher, Don Juan: ‘Don Juan Matus introduces Carlos to the sorcerer’s topic
      of topics: the existence of a dark predatory force that has enslaved humanity
      in order to farm it as a food source.’ He calls this force or entity, the flyer,
      describing it as...
      A predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of
      our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master.
      It has rendered us docile, helpless...they took over because we are food for
      them and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as
      we rear chickens in chicken coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in human
      coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.54
      When Don Juan states all this flatly to Carlos as an ‘energetic fact’ Carlos’s
      reaction is uncannily similar to that of Neo in The Matrix, following Morpheus’
      almost identical revelations. Neo says: ‘No...No I don’t believe it, let me out of
      here.’ Carlos describes his own reaction: ‘No, no,’ I heard myself saying. ‘This
      is absurd. What you are saying is monstrous. It simply can’t be true.’ Don Juan
      asks simply, ‘Why not? Because it infuriates you?’ Morpheus asks Neo a similar

      ‘Is it so hard to believe?’ Well is it? Don Juan explains:
      Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our
      ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our
      hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us
      covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent,
      routinely, and egomaniacal...In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak
      the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous manoeuvre...they gave us
      their mind...through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators
      inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them.

      Don Juan asks Carlos to observe how ‘every human being on this earth seems
      to have exactly the same reactions, the same thoughts, the same feelings. They
      seem to respond in more or less the same way to the same stimuli’.This
      sums up, conceptually, the power of the system that dominates our minds and
      consequently, our world. If you return to your beliefs and gave them some thought with these ideas in mind, you may begin to question the validity of their source and true purpose.

    2. It appears our more negative 'issues' and beliefs have been imposed upon us by the dark forces via a series of implants and crystal imprints. They are not really ours at all and can thus now be erased. As described by Eiya and Tet, healingthe collective@blogspot.com

    3. yeah.. there is beings that honor life more than everything else, and there is also beings that do not honor life..


    4. I got in the last days, that it is not so easy with the implants. Many of them communicate with each other and form a swarm intelligence. Removing implants which are still able to communicate can have bad side effects.

      Some of the communications we could stop, but others are still running currently. So if you have a hint about it, you are very welcome...

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. It is the imprints that seem to be the worst, in a way. These are from Atlantean 'master harmers'.They were caused by a real physical crystals but upon death, remained as an etheric imprint and would reincarnate again and again with you, like a sort of multilayered foot print. The crystals were pre-programmed with what ever was decided for you, eg fear, anger, to give a vibration or potential vibration and the archons have been pranging us via these, to potentate them. They were put in those who did not 'tow the line' with the authorities and thus were a strange sort of restraining order.
      E and T have been teaching me how to delete mine. They need be gone over several times to clear them and only a few have gone so far, yet the difference is amazing to me. The calmness.

    7. We solved the implant problem. Thx for helps.

    8. Ham, there are some things on your site that I don't understand and the following is one:
      'So, awakening, the ability to wake-up, relates exclusively to the Angel Soul types and the Angel Group-Soul types. This is because through the awakening these Souls are able to return to their original state, which is different from that of the Human Soull.

      A Human Soul, therefore, cannot, strictly speaking, awaken/wake-up, but it can develop. '

      I am baffled by this . Firstly, my understanding is that there are gallactic and human souls, not angelic and human.
      Secondly, my understanding that ALL souls have the capacity to be awakened and truthfully, human souls have such a capacity to be divine that this has upset the archons for some reason.
      If human souls do not have the capacity to be awakened then what is the pint of so much effort being undertaken but us all, to enable them to ultimately realise their own nature?

    9. My understanding is that we are all the same, all a small spark of the creator.
      The only real difference is the progression of our evolution and the corresponding plain of existence.........All Is One!

  34. 3 Tell Tale Signs that Cobra is a Fraud/Scam/Scum for anyone with at least half a brain and a little common sense, and anyone NOT HIGH on GFL love & light hahahahahhahahaha God damn whats wrong with you GFL "lightworkers" you guys are so gullible it makes every sane awake person look stupid!

    1. If Cobra is for real he wouldnt need to ask people for $1,000 donations! Why can't the "Resistance" give Cobra money? what your trying to tell me their broke? lolololol And their the ones going to save us but they cant even pay for a website? If thats the case then we are doomed lololol Any logical person would see that as a red flag

    2. "Those among them who are interested in becoming part of this can contact me at cobraresistance@gmail.com" brahahahahhahaa I thought Cobra knew who they were? "Their names must not yet be disclosed to the general public, they work tirelessly in the background for the benefit of humanity." huh? lolol Cobra how do you know the names but then ask anyone who is so called white nobility please email you to tell you who they are? hahaha This is obviously a trap because he has no idea who this people are and if they really do exit, which I HIGHLY DOUBT, the cabal want to know who they are so email Cobra so they can round you up! lololol If their is a white nobility they wouldnt be that stupid to give themselves away by emailing someone who says he knows who they are but doesnt! Red Flag Fraud Alert Warning Red Flag Fraud Alert! lol

    3. In the Cobra interviews he can barely speak English, he speaks very Broken English and since English is the most common International language I would Expect someone of Cobras caliber to speak better English then the outsourced Indians that answer when you need technical advice lol! He/she almost sounds like meth addict Lady PufftheDragon i mean LadyDragon world renowned on-line video game seller lolol interesting coincidence right after LadyDragon started speaking on Drake shows she started to speak about Cobra updates bringing Cobra notability and fame! Now is that just coincidence? idk thats for you to decide. my opinion is she/he actually could be the same person when you listen closely to Cobra interviews compared to the way LadyDragon speaks its very similar broken English but theirs no way to verify without voice comparison software and also the Cobra blog was started around the same time Drake started speaking and soon after that, he "met" this ego trip meth addict LadyDragon and she pretty much only talked about Cobra updates interesting coincidences thats for sure.

    Those 3 obvious red flag giveaways that Cobra is a Fraud/Scam but not to worry about those because just like the obvious disinfo GFL and their channeler scumbag scam artists Sheldon Nidle, Greg Giles and others their still going to fool gullible humans high on GFL love & light! Its so easy to control and manipulate the masses awake or asleep!

    1. Ver most real light(doers)workers have money problems....

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. THANK YOU for pointing this obvious, logical, and common-sense truthful words!

      Like I've said again and again:
      how can you know that these things are indeed really real and not some made-up BS ?
      as far as I see, humans can make ANY kind of 'exciting, stimulating' story, just to escape this everyday harsh, boring, mundane reality/real-world!..

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. It seems People are really leaking today it seems. So much vehemence is being expressed! Lets see how may I put this?, how about adding some humor and turning it around and upside down.
      The tell tale sign that someone is a fraud is they resort to calling someone a hateful name and slur designed to intimidate and slander. They show how brainwashed and inexperienced they in understanding the complexities and what is involved in bringing peace on the planet. They make silly posts because they have no idea how changes will affect the infrastructure or how important an informed populace is in transitioning to a sustainable and conscious open and loving society.

      Any one high on their own ego and self importance who would laugh at those "High on GFL (its actually GF) and love and light" is obviously so cut off from their own feeling nature that they think they are the only awake and sane person and while damming god and laughing at others working for the reclaiming of the planet.
      1.) If the NWO was real or the government was real why would they have to take your money? Why would you be taxed and forced to give your money to a cause. What's the cause? Paying for your own enslavement. The military and police forces are broke you say? So your telling me we need austerity programs for the government? Your telling me the federal reserve is broke lollollollol And they are the ones who are supposed to save us and represent us? That should be a false flag, false flag . If that's the case doing nothing and supporting the Status quo is the only answer because things are going so well.

      2.) Why should there be any communication for you people who are trying to change things. How dare you reach out to people in positions of wealth and power! They are part of the enslavement team they won't defect. HAHAhahaaha We know who they are we know about everything and every one. (Reality check Cobra is human and is simply trying to put individuals who are willing to help together with others to be more effective) Still the free speech artist urges us to look away as there are no people of who plot against freedom and are working towards total tyranny. 'They don't exist here", he says "have some kool-aid and give up oh look a pretty shell".
      Because they work in total secret are willing to lie, cheat and murder, create wars and vaccines all in secret. False Flag alert False Flag alert False flag code Be Scared and skeptical there is no hope for the human race. (How is my interpretation doing gang?)

      3.) I don't know who Cobra is so I will make fun of him and declare that because, I think he is not American I will suggest he has no power. He is clearly not in contact with UFO's or any other such Resistance Movement because only a real American is capable of such things. I am a meth addict and I like to hate on anybody who is trying their best they can to share the truth and what is happening on the planet. I will suggest their language intonation and dialect idiosyncrasies are reason to deny the information. I am so full of my own ignorance and stupidity

      I will spout my negative horn even though I do not know jack. I will go ahead and call some others Scumbags as well, because anything in regards to love hope or promise is worth an attack on. Who knows I might get a lot of people thinking and fearful about having any faith or trust in anyone who is speaking about these things. You see it is so easy to manipulate you stupid people you masses are Goyim typical sheeple and my little post just put a lot of doubt in your head didn't I? I love to F^&* things up my name is Beelzebub.

    6. Gee thanks Paul for the lesson in either a govt. dis-info agent works or how a really lost soul needs to just hate on truth and rain on love and light and the service of our space family.

      Look Paul if you're the former go take a hike and get a new job the truth, the resistance force and the plans for liberation of this planet are going forward despite your rhetoric. Get a real job. Great Maybe you scared a few sheeple back in their pens and good for you. You know it won't matter in the end we are destroying the paddock anyway and we will all run free.

      If you are the latter I give you love slap. I get it you have not seen a UFO you do not believe a word you see on this site yet deep inside you wonder or why would you be here? Rather than take the Red Pill you presume to shore up the walls of the matrix by bleating to the others that we are out of line and better get back in the pen. Return and follow your pied piper of illusions to the world that was. Hook yourself back up to the matrix we'll give you a good job and a TV. The colors are running my confused friend and your picture of reality is not what I or many other people see.
      I bow to your truth and thanks for sharing it I will be happy to interpret for you again but you will have to pay me.
      LMAO sorry but I couldn't resist

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. JOKO311, you just simply rock.

      You put so nicely everything I was thinking, and for one, I don't think you are being sarcastic nor sound sarcastic in the comment.

      Paul and NikiWonoto --

      You've really missed the point, and it also seems that you don't really read comments very much, or else I think you would see what it is that people are doing here.

      I, for one, am here of my own free will, despite any "flags" which you have pointed out (which I also think are full of logical fallacies -- number one up there, false cause/false relationship; number two, black-or-white; number three, ad hominem fallacy (look 'em up at the link I posted). So, no, NikiWonoto, I don't think the arguments of Paul G are so very logical. Look at the site for yourself, and see where the fallacies are.

      The logic or illogic is really not the issue. What's really going on here, I think, it that you've got some other internal issue that is being triggered by your incredulity that some people here see and feel something you don't.

      If you look around at the community and links that are being formed here, in many ways you will see that this has nothing to do with Cobra at all.

      If you knew anything about the Universal Law of Attraction, you would probably see this differently.

      The reason so many gather here is because we have been drawn here by our higher selves to participate in something that is growing and moving on a spiritual basis. It is based on the Law of Resonance, and on the fact that like-resonance-attracts-like-resonance.

      Sure, does Cobra's asking for money make me question sometimes? Yeah, but hell, if you never ask, then how are you going to receive? What Hamourapi2012 writes up there is absolutely true, and think of this, something Cobra said in an interview which I believe is spot-on: when you choose to be connected with your Lightworker status, then you choose to operate differently that the "normal world." What usually results is a kiind of "stripping away" of the physical life and more influence on the spiritual. Not that it is wrong to have abundance! Not at all.

      But as Cobra said in the interview, money has been encoded with dark cabal occult symbolism and through ritual dedicated to the ends of the dark cabal. The frequency of Lightworkers often rejects the dark frequency of the money, because of that same Law of Attraction. We have to work hard to overcome and re-route the energies of that money.


    9. Anyway, how do I know that this is not some made up BS?

      In fact, I don't.

      But I do have a very strong connection and trust with my higher self and my guidance team who has absolutely, no question, led me here, and I have learned it is best to follow my higher self. No, it's not blindly following a patriarchal god, but following the very ME that is connected and attached to me, and has a perspective on things that I don't.

      I choose to follow this guidance because I have found in my life that is what serves me and my life best.

      Maybe you need to try it out.

      I understand absolutely what it is to question and doubt, and so I fully understand your comments here. I understand at the heart of it you are discouraged (you used the words "just to escape this everyday, harsh, boring, mundane...world" so it seems you are not very happy with life).

      So it makes sense you would question with skepticism how it is that we can appear to "foolishly follow".

      Here's a little saying: the divine often chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

      Think about that.

      Know that not everyone who is here is an idiot, and most of us are here because not only are we intelligent, but we have through the sovereign god-beings that we are actively chosen to align with what our higher selves indicate we need to be involved with at this time.

      Simple as that.

      If you don't feel that or resonate with it, then you need to find a place where you DO. It's interesting that you feel compelled to visit here, though. Perhaps your higher self is trying to tell you something. Just sayin'.

      Calliope the Muse and Wise Crone

    10. I applaud your awereness for noticing that!

      I agree with you on some points..

      But I dislike that you believe that all here believe in GFL or even Cobra, also your use of words..

      You can always say things in a nice way! =D

    11. Thanks, kiKaz.

      I don't think I wrote that all here believe in GFL. For one, I don't. But I am a Pleiadian starseed (maybe walk-in? remains to be seen).

      And not to say that I don't doubt things, including Cobra or any other person who posts here. I think in many ways we all see "through the glass darkly." None of us has the absolute truth of anything, only Source! I just like taking risks in trusting. Trusting and taking leaps of faith have grown my soul by leaps and bounds, if causing a few bangs along the way, lol.


    12. Calliope wrote "But as Cobra said in the interview, money has been encoded with dark cabal occult symbolism and through ritual dedicated to the ends of the dark cabal. The frequency of Lightworkers often rejects the dark frequency of the money, because of that same Law of Attraction. We have to work hard to overcome and re-route the energies of that money."

      I'm glad you brought this up. There is something I've been wondering about since listening to that (second) interview and I may need to re-listen to catch it and am seeking some clarification. Cobra mentioned something like a crystal insert or something like that (in regards to "Federal Reserve Notes" I believe) and that (I think) we can change the charge of it with our intent possibly? I come into contact with several hundred to a few thousand dollars of US money (if you wish to argue that that's not what it *really* is, please be my guest! but you know what I mean) most days at work and have this opportunity if that is what Cobra meant. In any case, I've been focusing such intent while handling money whenever I can (sometimes there are too many distractions). This is not money that is given to *me* to keep as *mine* however I am it's caretaker for that time, so to speak so I do have that opportunity while it is in my care and temporary possession. Much of it is in the process of flowing in and out as happens in a retail business. In any case, I also like to visualize this flow rather than stagnating and staying "stuck" in one spot for very long. Hey, even electricity ("currency") as an energy will create a short-circuit when it can't flow.......

      Another thing I was wondering about is that the majority of transactions these days are electronic (more appropriately "plastic") transfers of wealth. Just brainstorming for some techniques for having these positive intentions flow with every transaction (or energy exchange, if you wish). Or am *I* just being full of it now, LOL? Just wanting to take that dark frequency and transmute it into light frequency.

    13. @ Paul G---
      I really had to LOL myself at your comparing LD to Cobra. It is obvious that English is not the native language of either but I find Cobra's English, diction and syntax to be perfectly understandable, the only limitation being that the voice modulation necessitates much closer listening to understand what has been said at times. His/her thoughts are organized unlike much of what Lady Dragon has to say(or had, as I understand that she will no longer be appearing on Drake's show) and (I can't resist --- sorry, my snarky side sometimes gets the better of me!) nary a mention of having been a guest at the Playboy Mansion. LD also (in my opinion) has a tendency to interrupt a lot and name drop, and just comes off as a self-important know-it-all. I would cringe through it whenever she spoke on Drake's show just to pick up snippets of what the others had to say (to be honest, I was the same with some of the repeat callers. I do greatly admire Denise -- and Drake and "Minuteman", both of whom have grown on me -- for how patiently they have handled both LD and some of the need-for-attention callers). Cobra does not come off as snappish and impatient, while still remaining authoritative in any of the interviews to which I have listened. So I laugh at your suggestion that Cobra and LD could possibly be the same person (though I will admit that a fairly decent actor could pull it off -- there, I'll concede that!).

      Hmmm, but I never suspected that Lady Dragon is a meth addict....... just someone who maybe could have been courteous enough to take their phone into a room where one or more birds wasn't squawking while she spoke during a live internet broadcast.......

      And, as far as English goes, it is the ONLY language I speak (schooling in both German and French did not yield someone fluent in either) and I barely speak it very well for someone for whom it IS the native language (which may have a lot to do with the unique dialect and horrible diction prevalent in my particular area), so I also greatly admire those who speak it so well even though it is not their native language.

      As for anyone being tricked into inadvertently turning themselves over to dark forces, I believe that anyone on the side of the Resistance Movement (which I suppose you feel does not exist in the first place) is going to be extremely cautious before revealing themselves. Don't you suppose that is why none of us knows Cobra's identity?

      And, in all fairness, I will admit that I am walking the fine line between remaining open-minded to anything being true and discerning what is most likely either misguided information or downright deception. You want solid evidence and proof? Sometimes all one has to go on is what one *knows* for no reason at all that one can come up with. Ha, sorry, that's the best I can do for now! Just that there is a lot I have come to *know* in the past several years.......

    14. Lady Dragon rambles, stumbles, stutters and chatters on in an extraordinarily discoherent fashion and in the manner of one who wishes to grab every moment of attention possible before another can get a word in edgeways!

      Cobra imparts information in a calm, clear, concise and coherent manner.

      How anybody can believe these two to be one in the same person is beyond me.

      I suggest those who do believe that they are the same person stop partaking of the mind-bending drugs!

      Cobra is a class-act.

      Lady Dragon more like a drag-act!

      In my humble opinion, of course!


    15. Exactly, OSW! But I'm still amused over that suggestion. It's almost like Lady Dragon is some sort of caricature so I managed to get through her rants and "excuse me [I have something very important to say]!" steppings-on of the other speakers by thinking of it as comic relief. (The shame of this is that I do believe, underneath it all, she does mean the best for all. But it's so very difficult for many to take her seriously.) In contrast, I find Cobra being often interrupted during interviews but he/she sidesteps those interruptions very patiently and gracefully.

      I have been toying with the idea of approaching Cobra with the idea for a regular BlogTalkRadio show (since that format seems to work pretty well for Global Voice) where people could pose questions rather than simply have an interviewer ask prearranged questions (of course, this would also likely attract the regular detractors like the blog does, but that's to be expected and "stirring the pot" ain't necessarily always a "bad" thing, eh?). I have not yet done so since it would involve on my part a bit more research, especially as regards to time commitment since, I'll admit, I am recently very entrenched in "survival mode" and my spouse and I are expending an inordinate amount of energy just to keep our heads barely above the water (and a roof over those heads) so I often struggle with feeling fairly depleted and overwhelmed, not to mention guilty about the decreasing amount of attention I'm providing my 15 year old. And of course, the other part of the equation would be Cora's availability --- we here probably cannot fathom how much time and energy Cobra already puts into what s/he does in assisting the RM. I've not yet ruled out such proposal but someone in the meantime may very well beat me to it. It sounded like Deborah Pietsch has planned some type of regular programming with Cobra though I'm not clear if the format would be more interviews or a call-in type thing or something completely different. I haven't seen anything planned yet for the near future listed on her site.

    16. I'd definitely vote for a call-in BlogTalk show with Cobra, and actually, the thought occured how great it would be if our own Pottsman would join in - what a great addition that would be with his own data base of knowledge. And moderating the few detractors ... no problemo for Potts ! :)

    17. Oh yah, and to further keep it in the family, now I'm hearing a theme song of some coooool Senagalese world beat music layed down by none other than ... our own untwine :))) ...

    18. LOL, he'd so kindly kick their butts they wouldn't know what happened to them!

  35. I'm sorry, but as beautiful & amazing as this is, I'm still highly skeptical (and I HAVE to! for my sanity actually).

    Like I've said again and again:
    how can you know that these things are indeed really real and not some made-up BS ?
    as far as I see, humans can make ANY kind of 'exciting, stimulating' story, just to escape this everyday harsh, boring, mundane reality/real-world!..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yeah, Niki -- what JOKO said up there, and also I addressed this in my comment just up above yours and his.

      Please check it out.

    3. thanks CTM iam loving your posts also very much .. you are full of humor life, joy as any muse should be. ps i live on calliope st. I thought it was an musical instrument like the circus used is this correct ... who is calliope in greek mythology? just curious 1
      love and light

    4. Niki you should contemplate and meditate on faith as it is only found within. Faith is a wonderful thing because if you believe in it then it can lead you to a much better place where life becomes joyful and much easier even if you have nothing, you always have yourself.

    5. I love your wise words JOKO!.. nothings is true, nothings is false initially.. you choose that yourself. You create your own reality!

    6. Oh wow, Rob, that is hilarious you live on Calliope Street! Hahahaha! I posted about it on my very first blog on my site, but here is the 411 from Wikipedia:

      In Greek mythology, Calliope (/kəˈlaɪ.əpiː/ kə-LY-ə-pee; Ancient Greek: Καλλιόπη Kalliope “beautiful-voiced”) was the muse of epic poetry, daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, and is believed to be Homer’s muse, the inspiration for the Odyssey and the Iliad. One account says Calliope was the lover of the war god Ares, and bore him several sons… Calliope also had two famous sons, Orpheus and Linus, by either Apollo or the king Oeagrus of Thrace. She taught Orpheus verses for singing. She was the wisest of the Muses, as well as the most assertive. She married Oeagrus close to Pimpleia, Olympus. Calliope is always seen with a writing tablet in her hand. At times, she is depicted as carrying a roll of paper or a book or as wearing a gold crown.

      And she chose my name, not me, back in 2006. :)

      Thanks for the props on the comments.

    7. :) CtM,
      I always wanted a daughter named Calliope. But, I have a sister instead and that is a-ok with me! Gonna have to write you a love letter one day...you bring many smiles and booooooming laughs to my life! :D
      Peace, sistah.

    8. I meant to reply to this yesterday. :) Thank you. And I am so happy to help with the laughter. To be honest, I use the humor to keep my own self afloat, a bit of laughing my way through the dark. Plus I know the ankle-biters hate it, especially when perfumed with divine feminine. :)

      I'm so honored to be a sister.
      Peace and love back to you --

  36. Unfortunately there are many out there, who some might say have not only wandered from the path, but have fallen completely off of it... I can't stress enough that everybody needs to remember that the true leaders of this "shift in time" will NEVER ask you for your money, they would offer it to you before asking for it. If anything you may see a donation link on their sites, but they will not ask for your money in exchange for information, this is something that has never been and never will be suggested and will continue to always be frowned upon, this world was designed to be a place without monetary systems, obviously our choice of consciousness yielded a need for it, but somebody's lacking of funds will never keep them from being educated or included, I repeat it will not happen! I can personally assure you that many of the individuals claiming to channel are frauds; they claim to channel those who are again walking among us during this time of change. I can't say that they didn't start down this path with the right intentions, but I can say that they allowed their judgment to become clouded and are nowhere near the path anymore. Please use your best judgment when researching topics online, follow your heart, if you listen close enough it will never misguide you.

    1. Son
      Your idealistic idea is a lofty one but not realistic! Even christ had funds and those who took up his work had to give all there possesions and finances to apostilic corps. Mathew was in charge of taking donations from believers to support his work. True spritual information is free. Have you paid a penny to be here or to view this site or to share with others? cobra is a person spending his own time and efforts for a cause what are you doing? He simply asked for donations from those that can affordit period. Cobra is not like Sai Baba an incarnation who can manifest everything and anything by virtue of his truth. Beings like that are rare although hopefully we will see many more in the years to come.
      Books cost money even a bible or other scripture costs money to print. Cobra is not channeling and has never claimed to channel maybe you did not read the Faq sheet?
      Yoga mats cost money and it helps my spiritual practice. my yoga teachers charge for their courses. Knowledge is knowledge and cobra is a teacher not an avatar or ascended master or some space being so he has to pay rent buy food pay for gas just like everybody else. Do you pay to go to a movie. Stop trying to discount spiritual teachings or teachers because they charge a fee to bring you information they have to travel. pay the printer for their books computers etc. A workman is worth his wages if you do not want to pay for anything dont but try not to project your personal idea of what is spiritual and what is not by the barometer of whether monety is used in the performance of the mission objective. I have listened to my heart and it tells me do not judge just be patient and support other kindred spirits any way you can.
      warm regards
      IAM Rob

    2. Rob, you are always so fantastic at hitting the nail on the head. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us do truly understand.

      There *are* con artists out there, and it does pay to be wise, but there is no reason in the situation with Cobra to have concern over this for exactly the reasons you outline. Thank you for putting it so succinctly!


  37. Ya, I must admit when Cobra asked for money and emphasized contributions should be $1000 minimum and monthly, he lost my respect and blew his authenticity out the portal. It doesn't prove that all of his info is fraudulent however, but it was the reason I ran his latest post by Santos Bonacci, who is knowledgable and doesn't hide his face or disguise his voice.

    I visit this site to connect with the beautiful people here and in service to others I comment in order to expand the Love, Light and Laughter ; )

    P.S. The Dragon Lady is a meth addict ? Ego maniac with a service to self agenda sure, it's obvious, but how do you know that ? Are you a synthetic drug addict your self ? Hang out with the broken ones do ya ? Your ego obviously gets off on feeling superior to others but what LOVE to you have to offer ? I suspect none ; )

    1. Ha, I like this guy, thanks for staying real!

    2. son kochese is a proud crone and we like her a lot :-)

    3. Thanks Rob, I like you a lot and damn ! you're handsome too ;)

    4. I agree. in my opinion - To act for the money is not to act on Unconditional Love.

  38. Some strong energies present in the comments today. Prince Philip is about to expire from this reality. It's the end of the monarchy and the dynasty of dark sun worship. His wife will be next..

  39. Niki please don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by everything you have been hearing, skepticism and doubt is something that comes with duality and has been necessary to keep us alive up until now, soon there will be no need for it but until then it would be in your best interest to just follow your heart. The proof will become obvious when you have allowed yourself to become one with the light; you will understand when you begin to reach that point. As far as what you need to do to get yourself there, meditation and prayer are truly the easiest and most effective ways to speed things up for yourself, adjusting your diet is something that also seems to help many. If you are looking for some type of sign that this is real then just ask your God, for he is inside every one of us, there is no requirement of psychic abilities to talk to him, believe it or not he is always listening if you want him to be (Please understand I use the term “him” loosely here, our God, or our source, has no need for anatomical labels as is a being that rarely takes a physical form and when doing so, just as often if not more often is a female). Another effective route is to call out to his (your) angels, they have a love for you that you probably wouldn’t even believe and will go to great lengths to give you a sign if you ask for one, it may not always be immediate, but I assure you it will be obvious.

  40. If there’s anything that I can say to help you see that this is real it would be to take a step back and view our world from a higher perspective. I believe that this is the first time since the beginning that almost every religion agrees on something, many of the major religions have put aside their differences and work towards a common goal today, and I am not just speaking of the many different forms of Christianity, but the religions across the board. Think about it like this, as far our current location in “time” goes almost every practiced religion agrees that this is the end of our negative energies, many agree that this is the point in “time” when heaven and earth are supposed to merge, some have viewed this as a clue that the world is ending, but in all reality this is the time that heaven is coming to earth. Everything that has happened throughout this great venture may seem cruel at first, but when you fully shake the conscious distortion you will realize that almost everything has happened for a reason, God does work in some unusual ways but he is much more intelligent than most give credit for. When it comes to those who have understood the “light” and are aware of the greatness of this “time” we are speaking of many different cultures that go back to the beginning of this project, many of those still exist today, some of them being the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Hindus, and the Christians, (Please understand that this is just the tip of the iceberg, I am not intentionally leaving out any religions, there are just far too many to list here) etc… The entire span of our time here has been spent watching many of these religions fight with each other over who is right and who is wrong, the truth is that they are all right in their own ways, the true product of religion is “faith,” and our faith is what drives the coming changes. Many people hear the term “New Age Religion” or “Extra Terrestrials” and immediately go into defense mode, the first term is just something that has become used to describe the ideas which most other religions now agree upon. The second term is something that has been created because of a feeling or a need to put everything into scientific terms and from the unfortunate theory that science and religion need to be separated. To give you an idea of how significant the fact is that all of these old cultures are actually on the same page today, the odds of you winning the lottery in the next ten minutes are probably higher than they are for religions and cultures across the world having faith in the same idea, and this is something that goes back much farther than many seem to remember, to a period when there were no planes, telephones, or radios. This is something to ponder, when you really start to think about it you will see what a significance this is. I also want to remind you that there are no requirements for what you should “believe” in, if you are feeling overwhelmed then by all means you should take a break from any research and allow yourself some time to think, often this is when you will start making the most obvious connections. Whatever it is that you believe, whoever it is that you worship, I would urge you not to allow your time to be used up with worry about what is right and what is wrong, we are far past that point and the most powerful thing you can do now is to have faith, no matter what it is that your faith is in!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I agree :)

      You have to look from a God point of view.. an Oneness point of view.. And I agree on your point that doubt, fear, hate etc is a consequense of duality..

      I think that good and bad is one thing! Everything is a part of our spiritual path towards total light!

      Break the chains from the mind!! :)

  41. Interesting dream I had last night about the Jesuits ..

    I was standing on a sidewalk on a hill, it was night time and walking from the top about 20 feet from where I was standing, 15-20 Jesuits and clan wearing black robes,all the top chiefs running this planet.They were stuck together like sardines and taking small steps, something like when prisoners are chained up when they walk.I moved to the side and threw holy water right before they walked through,they just kept on walking downhill, now I could see them from behind and at some point one of them said something to one in the group...(lol!) he looked angry.They just kept on going downhill...Yippee!

    Most of my dreams come true..hope this is one of them

  42. We realize that what we write about is not intended for everyone, and today especially we are directing this post to those Starseed lightworkers that resonate with the Atlantian and Lemurian energies, and would like to know more about what you can do to clear yourselves of etheric constructs from that same time period.

    Todays blog http://healingthecollective.blogspot.com/2012/08/etheric-construct-devices.html


    E & T

  43. oh boy, another inbetweener , godess. Isis.
    yet some come from that three of life injection, not all are that are of the light , some are older....

    anway that group "isis"part of is also mostly "alligned" though kept out a the loop on most current ongoings... to many slacking... all the way up the lines and down. for the rest.

    its a start to differenciate who where, why, etc. but this just the surface that beens shown. needed still so cheers cobra.

    now tell them some about the asian Ops that have been kept on the list, vs blacklisted wont happend stuff.

    also bouvet island anyone intel on current status.
    couple rv guys tried but failed, so them 2nd allied group must still be there thus shielding.

    also its not cabal = archons = all bad = 1 side
    1 coin. 2 sides. 3rd band that connect them are the enforcer family. greywalkers.. what most label as "cabal"is still mostly a 1sided view.

    anyway enough typed

    RA out

  44. yet some come from that three of life injection, not all are that are of that light but of the light , but are older.... (typofix)

  45. I have observed a change in labels used in the community.

    It is getting quite rare to see "The Cabal" called "Illuminatti" anymore. I don't believe that this is accidental.

    When my mother first told me about the Illuminatti back in the 60s, I did not get the impression that they were actually ALL bad. I believe that to still be the case.


  46. A little humour-to lighten the mood methinks.


    [ Traffic Warden's Funeral.
    > As the coffin was being lowered into the ground at a Traffic Warden's funeral, a voice from inside screams,
    > "I'm not dead, I'm not dead.
    > Let me out!"
    > The Vicar smiles, leans forward sucking air through his teeth and
    > mutters.
    > "Too f***ing late pal, the paperwork's already done"]

    1. Wicked! Brilliant!

      Only the UK-ers will really appreciate this one, I suspect, Berkut.

      It's a classic.



  47. @thislittlelightomine from previous cobra post and for all cobrass this is the link to the report that david wilcok was given a contact experience with 70 other people


    it is not confirmed but may crete a real hulabaloo get ready if he confirms it...which he has not yet! It does seem weird the military was there as they usually steeer well clear of military types and do not "need their security however if true its about time and hopefully this will be followed up by many more.
    Victory to the light

    1. Oh well and oops it seems david has just confirmed to a friend of mine that this post and information was a complete fraud i will leave the post up so you can see it as it will probably get lots of attention soon....tsk tsk so many people focusing on confusion... im goona invoke the light now

    2. pottsmanAugust 15, 2012 2:33 PM
      i could e-mail it if you give me your e-mail

      thislittlelightofmineAugust 15, 2012 7:49 PM
      Check out my profile for that. And I knew... that I knew you from somewhere... figured it out. Hope to hear from you.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. http://youtu.be/IHLTUM62oKY

    Just came across this documentary. Please take the time to watch. Michael Ruppert put his heart out there. Will you be the 100th monkey?

  50. I can recommend listening to solfeggio frequencies and other chakra stimulating frequencies.

    I have listened to these every night before I go to bed, in 2 months, and I have noticed in some changes in awareness and perspective of oneness, and also calmness and connectivness to other people and to my higher self!!

    http://youtu.be/3h2mJnvRbZ8 936 hz - pineal gland/crown activation

    http://youtu.be/Us4-4RGEjcY - 852 hz - 3rd eye activation & Pure LOVE and Spiritual Order

    http://youtu.be/e-6H3HUVUaY - 741 hz - Conscious and Intuitive Expansion

    http://youtu.be/fc4_xaWsQC4 - 528Hz Love & DNA Frequency - UNLOCK Your Codons

    http://youtu.be/lajGp2mriao - 396hz - Release Deep Rooted Feelings of Guilt and Fear


    1. I have tried to meditate to the solfeggio frequencies but find them very monotonous, but that's just me.

      I was a live audio engineer for almost 20 years so ive had my fill of music ; )

      I am still a firm believer that the only way to clear your energy centres is to identify the blockage and work in consciousness, contemplation and meditation help but you must find the source of the blockage and work towards clearing them, most have to do with emotional or personal problems with regard to self-conscious understanding or acceptance of self, power manipulation and other social behaviors concerning those close and those associated with you.

      These things need to be addressed before in the first 3 energy centres before you can start work on the green ray or heart chakra, this one is associated with difficulties in expressing universal love or compassion.

      Nothing will clear these except WORK in consciousness.

    2. I love solfeggio ♥ .. sound, color, frenquency, light, energy, consciousness, it's all in the same basket for me :)

  51. I do not understand why some people put their awareness on negativity and complain about negativity that others have.

    You are creating that negativity in your mind.
    If you take it as negative, it becomes negative.

    If you take it as love (illusionized as negativity) you will awaken to the fact that hate/anger and negativity is all an illusion that our mind creates from its sub-consious, from all things we have been taught in school, reacts from society and negative responses from people in your environment.

    Negativity do not exist.

    Your reality is created by your mind and you must accept things as they are, and have a light heart = taking things as they come and take all external inputs with joy and as it would be in divine order..
    Even if it is bad news..

    Everything has its positive side.. You must only accept that it exist.

    Good and bad is one in my opinion.. All is perfect and divine justice is always created by the universal mind.

    No need to feel upset for the cabal. Divine justice has comed and more is coming.

    peace and love!

    1. and I mean, why would you want others to infiltrate you with their low hateful energy, when you in fact can spread love to exacly those people!

      And that is your mission lightworkers, to spread unconditional love and light to the most hateful, ignorant and fearing people.

      In that way they will notice that you CAN be nice to other people, and they ascend to their inner being of light that we all are.

    2. When someone is angry or mean to me I joke to him or answer in a positive way..

      Love KILLS Hate!

      Joy KILLS Fear!

      If you are positive to a negative person him/her become positive later to others, and the love-wave spreads to others like domino...

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Agreed only True Love can do the job. And it shall be all that is

  52. A sign of things to come.

    Thousands become ‘citizens’ of ideal nation

    Nearly 17,000 people have signed up to be ‘citizens’ of a small island nation, as part of an innovative arts project visiting the south west coast of England this summer.

    The nation, known as Nowhereisland, is a real island, 44 by 9 metres in size, from Svalbard, an Arctic region of Norway.
    Alex Hartley, the artist behind the initiative, excavated the island after it was discovered from within the melting ice of a retreating glacier during an expedition. With permission from the Governor of Svalbard, in 2011 Hartley’s team towed the island into international waters where Nowhereisland was declared a new nation.

    Full Story

  53. A chuckle for all.

    So the Zen master steps up to the hot dog cart and says: "Make me one with everything."

    The hot dog vendor fixes a hot dog and hands it to the Zen master, who pays with a $20 bill.

    The hot dog vendor puts the bill in the cash drawer and closes the drawer.

    "Where's my change?" asks the Zen master.

    The hot dog vendor responds: "Change must come from within."

  54. What if this Spiritual awakening stuff is all a hoax and all we do is make our lives more peaceful and joyous?

    1. I do not believe in that awakening is fake..

      In fact there has been many many people saying that the earth is changing! Why would thousands and thousands of people want to say this without proof?

      Even scientists have proven sun storms, earth polar shift in 2012, dna change (from sun storms), and energic storms from the Galactic Central Sun. something IS happening..

      But I can believe. 2012 being a big date for light and the advance of the human race, the reptilians/corrupt politicians/banksters are doing everything to keep humanity enslaved in hate, doubt, fear, hopelessness..

      I believe, that The dark cabal has surely infiltraded and spread lies and deception for control..

      For example.. some messages from GFL is created for duality. Indicating wait, hopelessness within oneself. But some GFL channelings have been for much help!

      But nothing is true and nothing is false.. That is the thing. You must think and make up your own mind!

      So infiltrating "light" groups, spreading false information of duality, giving fake channelings is a perfect tool for them to keep humanity enslaved in this system.. They are trying hard.

      So my advice is and has always been to trust yourself.

      Still, I really believe these changes are real.. There is SOO much on the web to explore.. When you read alot on the subject, you are able to connect the dots and get the full picture.

      So my advice for you and all lightworkers is to read on everything and get smarter! :)

      But awakening and change come from within, it is nothing external.. No one can make you ascend but you! Love is the key..

      So wait is not what you should feel. The beginning is now, acsension is now, you are ascending now! Ascension is a process..

      Engage in the awakening.. Live in Joy, peace happiness, dance the dance of love and help all in your environment to release fear and do Not fear in whatever situation you end up in.,.

      That is what lightworkers are here for.. To release fear from humanity and spread love!

      Fear is their ultimate tool.. And with a fearful mind of doubts and hate, you can not ascend.. You have to work with yourself. You have to face your inner fears and release them!

      Avoid listen/read to stuff that you do not like. Follow your heart in all situations!

      Does this resonate with you?

      Those are my tips for today.. good night :)

      I hope you all liked my messages! I write this only for you!

    2. I think you may have taken my comment a little to literally as it was meant in jest : )

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Just in response to your post, kiKaz MaFaQaz, I dont worry about dark, evil, cabal, GFL, GF or even GF"OMG".....I dont care about pole shift or earth changes or anything that even resembles fear or negativity, I really just don't care about any of it any more and haven't for some time.

    I still read all the news, reports, channels etc but I don't dwell on it, I just take it in then let it go.......add it to the 120,000,000 other articles I have read that now dwell in "Archived" somewhere in a lower basement of my brain...assuming that my brain is actually real on not just an illusion created by my true self : )

    I now live in the moment, and everything else is just a distraction, I feel calm and at peace and nothing really bothers me anymore.

    I went to the funeral of a long time friend two days ago, I felt happy for him and even a little jealous (not that I am in any hurry to join him) I did cry a little but only because I am empathic and the emotion from some people was so strong it washed over me like a tidal wave, but I felt no sadness at all only calmness and peace.

    Its a little cliche but basically my life motto is "Don't worry be happy" so I dont.

    Joy and peace

  57. About Symbols, sacred geometry, the law of attraction, rituals, synchronicities, divine energy and our consciousness

    By now many people are aware of the law of attraction, or how intent, thoughts, and actions create matter, reality.
    We have also seen how reality is built on mathematical proportions, geometry, with things like fibonacci or golden number encoded in nature, or the properties of pyramidal shapes to harvest energy (see Dr Fred Bell's work for example)
    Many people have also witnessed how the cabal is so insistent on using symbols everywhere.
    As we become aware of these things, many of us start having synchronicities, with numbers for example, seeing reoccurring patterns around us, when we look at the clock for example.

    I have been wondering what is the core principle that binds together all these aspects of our lives. How are they all connected, when we look at the bigger picture ?

    Something stroke me : occult groups seem to use both sacred geometry and symbols as one and the same thing.
    The cabal is one example of this. They use symbolic rituals like in the bohemian grove, and sacred geometry like pyramids or pentagrams, all alike.
    And now we have understanding that all these symbols and shapes are the same ones that are used for positive purposes.
    The cabal has largely used pyramid shapes, yet we have research showing pyramids harvest energy and promote life and health.
    We see pentagram shapes drawn by the planet Venus in its transit. This is probably the same principle than one individual drawing a pentagram on the ground.
    These symbols and shapes were actually positive all along, just temporary hijacked by unhealthy intentions. Their divine potential remain unaltered.
    They seem to be used, like crystals, to amplify intention. Like a hammer amplifies the strength of our arm. They are empowerment, doubly so as they also give us knowledge on the nature of our reality.

    I started wondering, what if symbols and sacred geometry were one and the same thing ?
    What is a symbol ? An agreement. That the symbol, a drawing or an action for example, represents a more general principle.
    We have a symbol that means radioactive. When we see it on a box we understand what is inside. We use symbols in the streets to direct cars.
    What if sacred geometries were symbols to direct divine energy ?
    In airports, a man on the ground shows symbols to planes for them to land. Similarly, when divine energy would see sacred proportions within our bodies, or a pyramid shape, it would show it the way.

    Essentially, within this free will universe, divine energy needs consent and intent to be activated and directed.
    Yet Oneness is Truth. No matter from where we stand, cellular, individual, planetary or galactic level, it is always the One, the source, that is, as we would often say, represented.
    There we are. Symbolism and representation. We are all symbols representing the One creator, source of all sources. As is all of creation, directing the divine nature to flow through it.

    Now i invite you to see this link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l1LfhOoGRU&feature=plcp
    There is an obvious ritual being set up all around us. Symbols are omnipresent. We are not aware of their power and therefore we are tricked into letting our energy being used for unhealthy purposes.

    I encourage all of us, as we become aware of this, to start telling our own story. We have the power to do so.
    Here is another link with more info on how to do this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l1LfhOoGRU&feature=plcp

    United and with knowledge we have the power to create complete peace, freedom, abundance, love and happiness for All.

    1. woops second link is meant to be this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_0g0Oh94jQ

    2. untwine
      awesome and excellent thanks for this detailed clarification it is spot on as the locals say in jolly old england. you havent mucked about on this have you ? i am feeling massive movements of understanding!....mind the gap
      R :-)

    3. Thanks :) I'd really love to discuss these things, i'm just uncovering stuff, surely i don't know it all, but i feel the pull, eager for more and more :)

    4. You may find this link interesting.


  58. Symbols are used as a focus point.

  59. Untwine writes:

    We are all symbols representing the One creator, source of all sources. As is all of creation, directing the divine nature to flow through it.

    But what if you change the word symbol into Crystal? :-)


    1. Hmm not sure but i think crystals work via sacred geometry on their cellular level.. So i meant, sacred geometry seems to be a symbol, an agreement made my the divine, to be its circulation signs. When you put the symbol on, divine energy comes in, it is like having a man in an airport giving signs to planes to land. Divine energy being the plane, and sacred geometry being the sign to 'Laaaand' :)

    2. I see were your coming from Untwine.

      I have a slightly different aproche :-) We are or becoming Crystals. At least that's what my Elephant (like that term hihi) learned me.And that's what I experienced. Were are bright and shining Crystal's :-. If we are grounded in Earth (and we are through our body) and connect with "Heaven" through our Elephant we are Senders and Receivers of Divine Golden Light. Just like the standing stone's pyramides ect...Then we don't need the symbols any more :-)

      Do you see what I mean?

      Much LOVE,


      P.s. Crystal's grow under pressure...Cobra's name hinted to that. Under the immense pressure were becoming that Crystals Crystal's

    3. Oh yes i agree with you. I think these divine energies the sacred geometry symbols call forth are within us, at least potentially. Intent alone has the power to create, anything ultimately. Like i said symbols are like a hammer amplifying it. Because at that point most of us are not able to manifest instantly, like for example, manifest objects instantly out of nothing like we would do in a dream.. As we evolve we become more able.. I heard what you say several times, that our bodies become crystalline as we ascend, and that makes sense.. What that would mean to me is that the symbols/sacred geometry is internalized on a stronger level, more divine energy flows through.. And yes it's already within All anyway :) Intent/thought/heart/spoken word/actions do hold the power. Ultimately in Oneness external tools are not separated from us, they are us.
      It seems a bit as if different stages of evolution are simultaneous, different aspects of the same principle.
      Just like if you look at our galaxy, you can look at it from a distance and you see the center and arms, or you can travel through it, on a planetary level, on a individual level, on a cellular level, etc. All this is simultaneous, just different views on the same one thing. Like looking at a picture taking one step back, or close to it, seeing it as a whole, or looking at all its parts. Ultimately you're looking at the same thing.
      Evolution seems to be similar in the sense that at some point the divine is seen more into parts, things are more externalized (we eat more, we use more tools, etc), and at some point things are more internalized (we are more self sufficient nutrition-wise, we use less tools (telepathy instead of phone, intent alone as a creative force, etc)). It is like looking at the same thing from different point of views, closer or from a distance, in parts or as one, ultimately we're always looking at the same picture :)

      This point of view thing seems critical to me. All is the one creator looked at from a different point of view, right ?
      What does the dark do ? Limiting point of views. Creating the idea of different cultures, borders, quarantines, tricking people to be isolated, etc. It's all about limiting point of views.
      It is often said that light is information. It's ultimately about bringing contact between different aspects of the One, different people, levels, dimensions, etc. Bringing Oneness.
      Much love :D

    4. Here is a great site about symbolism's used in everyday life, that no one seems to catch onto.


  60. I really like this explanation of who and where we are.

    "You are dancing thoughts. You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought".

    Go forth, then, in the great dance, empowered by the peace of the One Infinite Creator.

    I like how it kinda rolls off the tongue.

  61. Everything is OK with this SITE. You meet a lot of Teachers(Wisewomen/Men) here. Just keep on being "wise like a serpent". Be carefull with your "ATTENTION", that is what they are all after; your attention is dangerous for them, it is a powerfull energy, if You happen to know how it works. e.g knowing, You are not your body, that You are inside your body, that it is just part of You. in order to see or realize that, You have to claim your attention (focus) back and start using it. Be simple:
    Expect nothing.
    Demand Nothig.
    Desire nothing.
    Be nothing.
    What we call cabal, was right from the begining of this Site here and is still here. You feel them. They distract all time, changing topic or distorting things, praising in order to be praise. Mostly dividing.

    Do not please put all that importance on our famous english language, it is void of images, e.i, visullization is almost impossible with this "fantastic" english of yours.
    Believe nothing Sisters and Brothers, test everything. Maintain a watchman at the gate of impressions.
    Blessings from Afrika

    1. And much love to Afrika :) in which country are you bro ?

    2. wise words Mc Moff, thank you :)

    3. Am curious to know which country as well, I've just left Cote d'Ivoire hopefully to go back later this fall...

    4. McMoff, your words always give me the good kind of shivers, and a true and deep knowing. Thank you for your presence here.
      With gratitude,

  62. Hello to all you folk. I have followed this blog, and your comments for some months, and have wanted to 'join the party' so to speak. When Cobra said it had become 'a sacred place' I said amen, as it had become that to me. I feel I know many of you already, by following your comments, which have been an inspiration to me. So here I am with my first blog.

    I,ve noticed the recent comments re money - so thought I would add my 'two bobs worth'. Most of my life I,ve had very little, but have got by. At one stage more recently, when I had real worries about how I was going to manage - money started coming in, putting me in a position of having slightly more than I had ever had. So I started questioning - 'How had this happened?' I,ve never really been into 'manifesting' in the sense of visualising and asking for what I wanted. Rather, at this stage, I was somewhat fearful about the future. When I asked myself the question 'why now', the first thing that came tomymind was 'gratitude'. I have always been grateful for what I have - money, home, friends, whatever. It seemed to be natural,not something I worked at. Secondly, I have always carried around in my head a verse from the New Testament "Seek ye first the kingdom of God ...and all these things (i.e. food, clothes etc.) will be added to you". So - my attitude was gratitude, and my belief my needs would be supplied. Attitude and belief, it seems, are connected to what happens in out life. I,m not stating this as THE answer, but it has been how things seemed to have worked for me. Love to you all.

    1. Hey Noela, thanks for joining :)
      This is pretty much exactly how it's been for me too.. I put creativity and growth above security, many times it's been tight but i always somehow get the 'minimum' needed, often very out of the blue.. Much love back

  63. gods and goddesses ~ our imagination is key ~ the pineal gland is the projector of what we visualize ~ let's focus in on our new earth by imagining the specifics of what we intend to create ~ we are a fractal of The CREATOR ~ i woke up with this knowing and immediately listened to John Lennon's IMAGINE ~ i am overwhelmed as i release tears of gratitude that this struck me so profoundly today after absorbing yesterday's comments and conversations on this site ~ i went to sleep asking for the bottom line to be revealled and my first thought upon waking was ~ it's the magic ~ our free will imagining ~ the acceptance that we are magicians ~ imaginators ~ image creators so our Creator can take it from there ~ it's not about meditating anymore, this simply allows a quieting of the mind and is not the most important thing to do now ~ it's not about reporting what was ~ it's not about when they're going to collapse ~ or when they're going to land ~ it's not about who will and who won't ~ who gets it and who doesn't ~ let us all engage in zooming in on the power of our honed and detailed imagination, today, right NOW ~ exactly as this great sage told us ~ this is how we acheive living as ONE ~ TODAY IS THE DAY LENNON HOPED AND DIED FOR ~ let's wake up to this knowing ~ I love you all ; )


    Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today...

    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And NO religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace...

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world...

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will live as one

    JOHN WINSTON LENNON ~ Born 9 October 1940 ~ Killed 8 December 1980

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  65. This song came up on my Facebook page today. I have always loved it. For some reason it always brings a tear, and I was moved to share it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_xtYhPNzto&feature=player_embedded#!

    1. Karen, thank you for that.

      I'm going to risk putting something here because I was so touched by the music and how it connected to something I learned about recently, and it really hit me when listening to the above song. I feel deeply and strongly that this event/happening/situation is tied into the very things written in this post.

      My good friend, Dana Lone Hill, is working to restore ownership of this land to her people.

      If you would please go to this link, listen, read, and consider how you might help -- even sending love and light is a tremendous help to this situation. When you learn what Pe'Sla is and what it is for, I think you will find some connection.

      Thank you for your consideration to this matter. :)

      Posted with love,
      Calliope the Muse

  66. After a horrible drought, my extended farmer family received nearly 2 inches of rain today in Southern Illinois! It will help some of the crops. Thanks, Ellies :)

  67. Replies
    1. Unwine, Lozion


      I'm glad to be here Colliope, You cannot imagine how I feel Most of YOU on this site.