Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Cobra Interview

You might want to listen to this Cobra interview here:

Or here:



  1. Wooo hooo first post I guess its a perk from living in england I dont know whay to say. I guess I willl just revel in it for now. but first i would like to thank my computer and keyboard my family and those gigabytes who have made this possible,,,,
    ps never take me siriusly

    1. LOL! Too funny --- there was one that popped up while I was reading the blog and I had to ask myself whether I wanted to be the first commenter or not and decided against it!

  2. Hey Potts -- then there are those of us with insomnia, lol. I guess I am on CET time still, ha.

    Two words about this interview: Bad Tacos.


    Lots of good info in it, though.

    Rob: ps never take me siriusly

    HA! Good one. I was going to try to do something "puntastic" back but nothing was coming to mind.

  3. Been up since 4am-getting to where it is hard to sleep. Great message!

  4. Okay, one more funny. Mostly because the building 8-8 energies have had me in a lot of physical tiredness and pain. Gotta keep the spirit light.

    Whenever I see the name of the site where the recent interviews have been posted, "Wake Up... Shift is Happening," I keep reading, "Wake Up... Sh!t is Happening!" Ha. You know, like the saying "Sh!t Happens." Hee hee!

    It's also kind of true. But that's okay. I have been a mom and teacher and overall have had to clean up a lot of sh!t in my lifetime. It's one of the things the divine feminine is really good at doing, and is in fact a divine act.

    So let the sh!t fly! The divine feminine will absorb and transmute it. I think it is one reason for my pain now.


    1. @CP!
      I'm with you and got the sense that most lightworkers has experienced a somewhat rough life path. (So have I).

      @Cobra - thanx for the great interview.

  5. loooooool
    i'm in need of stitches here guys! (CM and Potts)

  6. yo yall
    the humour muse is up and running. I love tacos coming from so california tacos are a staple of my diet! For sure the shift is hitting the fan. CTm is cet time in the states? if so it is sleepy time girl!
    I am going to the gym and then watching the olympics live.

    1. I was going to write in all honesty that southern Cali fish tacos are SUPER, but then I realized in the context of the jokes that comes out really *wrong.*

      But I wrote it anyway.

      CET is Central European Time and is where I was living a week ago. I am now in Mountain (Daylight? Right? That's now?) Time in the western US.

      It was only 5 am, nearly, when I got up. I managed to cat nap afterwards, but it's hot & I hurt.

      Hope you had fun at the gym!

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    3. Glad you enjoyed your time, Joko.

      Welcome back.

      You know me as Rule303 but I've not been able to log in on that account for a few weeks so I gave up trying to reset my password as it kept reverting back to the same page, probably Chrome playing up..

    4. JOKO! I was just wondering about you. We are now aligned in the Mountain Time Zone in ColoRADo. Wheeeee! :D

      I'll message you soon. :)

    5. Oh, I really like this one! "The Shift is hitting the fan!" How funny and how true. I can just see it happening.


  7. I have a colleague who has a wonderful system that explains in non-threatening ways using a special language to help people learn how to communicate with others that have a different understanding of reality. It took 25 years to develop so Cobra if you are interested in really works! I can also tell you many of the poorest have the biggest heart and can really help heal. My colleage is very, very spiritual.

    1. Hi, Universalbelonging,

      Can I get a copy of that so that I can communicate with my husband and my son?


      No, seriously! Give it to me now......!


    2. Hi Univesalbelonging,

      I heard about a similar language too. It is called 'direct speaking'.

      Here are the base rules:
      - Only speak what you can verify as 100% truth within yourself.
      wrong: 'you are arrogant'
      right: 'I feel insecure when you are around me'.

      - Avoid words that are not exact, or 'sliding', like: 'sometimes','often', 'always', 'maybe', etc

      - Preferably start a sentence with 'I ..." (I feel..., I see..., I notice within ....'

      - Check every spoken sentence for accuracy and truthfulness.

      - You can always retract your words/sentence and start over when you notice you can say it more truthfully or more direct.

      What happens when you practice this speech, is that the energy flow of speech start shifting from mind-to-mouth towards heart-to-mouth.

  8. Many thanks once again Cobra

  9. Cobra, thank you for the explanation about "Aurora" specifically - amazing how 'they' have used these things to subliminally implant their dark agenda, twisting and distorting light and beauty. The sooner people wake up to the mess they've orchestrated throughout lifetimes, the sooner the healing and elevating into light and understanding, the quicker we all rise into a clear perception of the beauty all around.
    Michael Franti's music video is awesome near the end of the first link!
    Also, Jamison (sp?), the musician/sound engineer guest made great points near the end of the first link as well. Thanks so much.

  10. This is the message from The One and The Only.Please spread this message.
    Here is the link:

    1. @Senbonzakura
      This is one of the darkest messages I have seen in the last days. Terrible thing!
      The only word I am ever gonna spread regarding this site is: KEEP AWAY, unless you like being brainwashed by the darks.

      Btw. there is no an "One and Only". This is also a dark invention to keep us asleep. Time to wake up!

  11. FBI Files reveal UFO

  12. Yay, the one on KP's Blog is already in MP3 format! For the first show (I listened to the entire thing --- gleaned much interesting info from everyone there) I located a site that would convert the YouTube audio to MP3 (it took about 20 minutes to do that) then I have to save it to Rhapsody in order to get it onto the Sansa Fuze player I use. If the audio is already converted I can save myself the equivalent of doing fifty cartwheels! It's amazing how much listening one can do while driving to and from work or the grocery store -- or plopping a headset on and having something to help things flow better while washing dishes, doing laundry, mopping up the bathroom, etc., etc., etc. !!!

  13. Time's up, Cobra.

    The clock has chimed.

    So many people lied to. So many people fooled.

    The Eyes of Truth are always watching you.


    1. @garbanzo,

      care to comment on why the QUEEN gets to keep her crown?!
      that alone will make most people disregard this message.

      "There is however, ONE EXCEPTION…England….The Queen may retain her title provided that she concedes the crown DIRECTLY to Prince William when she feels he is ready. Don’t ask me why…that’s just how it is…

      For some reason I hear a lot of British accents in our future (that’s me commenting that, not them, sorry)."


    2. Hamourapi2012,

      Will you weigh in on this, please?

      Love and Light to you,

    3. YO G what up
      That is one funny ultimatum...looks like "Valiant" no relation to Valiant Thor, has made a date prediction promise to implement earth changes in september if the earth freedom fighters and space people dont do not fufill his wishes. He has has an elephant to tromp around and cause an earthquake?
      I have seen one other post by this person and the tone is so authoritative and menacing I am sure the space family is quaking in their space suits. Mr G are u valiant or just someone who wants him to be right?. Do you think he will stop posting messages after nothing happens in september? thanks for keeping the humour muses alive today. Keep em coming!
      warm regards

    4. Utter bullshit garbanzo.

      Really surprised you fall for this fear-porn guy , and now act as a brainwashd sect member.. :s
      From your early comments, I thought you are much wiser.

      Though I agree with the basic principle of the message, that we are in serious need of inevitable physical change and not just the "all is decided within, be the change..." talk.

      All the Ascension,space travel, Golden Age stuff is secondary for me, I just want to go to sleep one night happily and calmly, knowing that at the same time, no fellow human is starving,thirsty,without shelter and in unnecessary pain or dying from an illness for which we have had the cure for 60 years..

      That's why I don't like the "October or later" statement, without any explanation why nothing till then and also David Wilcock's silence.
      Weren't you guys expecting that by August something will start?

      Just watched "Truman show" today, I was amazed how it resembles our reality. Love how a few brave directors spelt out some truth in They Live,Enemy of The State,Matrix,V for Vendetta,Truman,COntact,FIght Club,.. Any more suggestions of films depicting our true reality?


    5. @ Lv
      Megkaphatnám az email címedet? mert szót szeretnék váltani veled pár fontos dologról!

    6. Kedves Pannónia,

      Minden jót,

    7. @Klove
      Ham is busy right now (working on the wiki, almost done) so I thought I just answer for him.

      The info is DARK as dark can be. Valiant is a dark one. They realised that they lost and try their best to intimidate you/us. This is also why they used an elephant pic to back this up. Don't bother at all. Everything written in there is WRONG and MISLEADING. There is only one word for it: RUBBISH.

      Valiant: "...And you have until August 31st to complete this…
      And don’t waste time whining, they know upstairs you have the power to do this NOW, so do it..."

      First of all Valiant and the rest of the darks are no longer in position to set a date or an ultimatum to the light.
      Second, none of the light forces can change a thing here, before the uplifting is fullfilled. This is the only reason for the uplifting btw. ;-).The darks know exactly that they don't have much time left as the uplifting is running for about 2 months now. Their time on Earth is definately over.

      Now imagine this (once more, as I am almost sure that hubby mentioned it before): Earth and our galaxy is on level 0 for a few billion years. About 26,000 years ago the darks pull it down to -1 (this is where we were until a few months ago). The dark plan was to enslave some light forces (incl. "creator parts") and use them for their purpose, which was to take over the full universe/s. Light forces came to help their own people/angels that were trapped on Earth, but the only way to do it, is a) to wake them up, so they recognize who they really are give a hand to help and b) to uplift the Earth back to level 0, so the light forces can finally also physically intervene.
      This is the whole story, this is what is all about. As soon as you understand this point, you'll be able to see the truth. But you first have to forget and ignore all you have been taught till now and face the truth openminded.

      I won't explain this any further here. Whoever needs more explanation is welcome to contact us (hamourapi2012 or me). More to come in the wiki.

    8. @primeBarakiel,

      Thank you for your response! What can we do for garbanzo? Looking forward to the wiki....


    9. Thank you primeBarakiel. So we were pulled down to -1. That explains the mobile phone coverage issues I had in the past. You can't get good signal in a hole ;).

    10. @Paul Muad&#39
      Do you actually imply that you have a 26,000 years old mobile phone? WOW ;-).

      You are very welcome! I don't think there is anything we could do for Garbanzo right now, except give him/her(?) a virtual hug and be there if anything needed. We can only show the way and give everyone the time needed to find to it (or not).

      I hope wiki will be accessible for you in the next two days.

    11. @primeBarakiel
      Have some mercy on me, my abs are already hurting for laughing too much today ;).

    12. @Paul Muad

      Mercy?!?!? Do you deserve it ;-)?

      Keep laughing, my friend! Laughing is the best medicine and the very best we can do for each other, but please, do take care of your abs!!!

  14. @Klove

    The Queen does not get to retain anything that was stolen. And title is an illusion. And there are NO exceptions no this, The monarchist dynasty's are a parasite on our eco-system and it is dying along with all other forms of mass control over the populace.

    For her to retain her title, the individual has to submit to being her royal subjects. More mind control. And every sovereign individual has no title or recognises no title in others.

    HEART has no title, EGO applies title to justify it's existence and to enslave and enforce slavery.

    Elizabeth II symbolises the old dynasty of the dark age of secrets.

    We are NOT her royal subjects, we are sovereign. This marks the end of her tyranny and the onset of full disclosure.

    They created law to protect themselves and this is why law is mostly contrived bullshit draconian nonsense that only serves the law makers.

    Universal lore replaces Egocentric law in the Golden Age of Truth.

    The quote made me laugh though, The Queen know's she is truly finishes more than any of us. And so are her entourage of psychopaths that do her bidding.

    1. @Claydog...

      Seriously funny! How about all US leaders step down EXCEPT Obama and then he can hand over his title to GeorgeWBush whenever he feels like it. Not quite the same analogy, but just as ridiculous!

      "Valiant the Angel Oracle" needs to check his sources because I doubt they're angelic.

    2. @Klove

      If Obama is an Angel then he has both wings dipped in the blood of millions. Bush is not even their name, it's Scherf, and they are architects of genocide.

      They are running out of time and nobody is more aware of this fact than them.

      Funny to witness the blatant examples of dark age tech of mind control as it becomes more apparent and more importantly, it's losing it's allure as the positivity ramps up and another sovereign individual joins the unified field of global consciousness.

      We already reached the tipping point from overbearing negative to overbearing positive. And collectively WE begin to manifest this as our entrance to the Golden Age of Truth.

      We don't need presidents or other EGO centred examples of domination over the mass populace.

      All we need is ourselves and the energy of unconditional LOVE.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. @Claydog,

      Where did I say Obama is an angel? I didn't say that...As for the Scherf's I cannot WAIT to see them exposed for who they really are! I am aware of their history.

    5. @Klove. I was referring to the many that claim that Obama is an esteemed light worker. I was not quoting anything you said ;-)

    6. @Claydog

      Ok. We can be friends again. Kidding, kidding... ;)

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. A couple of Flow charts that show the extent of the Bush/Clinton crime syndicate.

      Flow Chart Link

    9. Clinton makes Jack the Ripper look like a children's entertainer. Plenty of prostitutes have vanished due to his sick little games.

  15. Dear Cobra,listening to the interview I was wondering if there is any specific healing methods we can study ,so that we will be able to help the victims of mind control when the time comes,or will this be dealt with on the hospital biospheres of the type Tolec talks about. Thank you again for all your work.

    1. Rosanna,
      Eiya and I have been documenting our step by step process for de-programming and healing victims of mind control on our blog at:

      Most of us have been subject to mind control and may need to heal a partial split psyche.

      We also work with removing "etheric implants", and for older souls and Star Seeds "crystal imprint systems". Also today we will be posting our newest updated info and large list of imprints and implants for all who are interested.


      E & T

    2. @ R
      I am sure cobra has some wonderful healing techniques as he has been in contact with Semjase. He has mentioned tachyon Technologies and we will probably be getting more information on this as time moves forward.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. No words needed.-->biiig hug my friend:)

    2. Joko,
      Welcome back brother of light. It is much better for Angels to Fly on scarred wings. Eternity is along time and all have made mistakes. the Law of Grace is always in effect.
      Peace Friend

    3. Welcome back, Joko. It wasn't the same without you, though we have been having lots of laughs recently.



    4. Joko I tried to write some words of thanks to you when you replied to a post I wrote maybe just before you left. So thanks now, for being you, and great to hear you're back and your journey is moving on fast in the right direction.


    5. Hi Joko,

      Thank you for your loving openness.
      It is hard to believe that you once had a dark mindset.

      Thanks for being an example for me for putting love into action.

    6. Welcome back Joko!
      We have all taken turns as victim and abuser. As you can see, everyone loves you here! Thank you for shining your light so brightly.

    7. Welcome home Joko,your pure love and light warms up my heart..

    8. You touched my heart,
      thank you an welcome brother!

    9. @Joko
      thank you for being with us!
      I wouldn't say you are a murderer, no matter what you have done in the past, because as you say, you thought you were saving something or someone. You have been poisoned to be made to think like that. Not your fault indeed. But it was your job to find a way out of that hell and you did it! This is the point! You got the power but you will never ever misuse it against a human being again, because it is your free will to choose not to do it.
      You are not a dreamer anymore (like the majority of the so called "enlightened" but a real visionary!

      Thank you!

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hey y'all !

    Thanks for the chuckles, and for setting the record straight with the Truth :)

    Cobra, looking forward to hearing this new interview. Thank you for your Light >>> :)

    MUCH LOVE & Blessings, & wishing everyone a graceful Lion's Gate shift !


  18. @Potts
    Was it you (or someone else?) who mentioned James at Wingmakers or Chris Thomas? Wondering whether to read more of them, or Eckhart Tolle, or Dolores Cannon ... or who??? Would appreciate recommendations as I continue learning. Still going within but feeling such a novice.
    Thanks ♥

    1. trinity
      For the semantics of being and how to understand manifesting the presence Eckhart Tolle is awesome. For pure meditation I recommend Kriya Yoga by the Self Realization fellowship and Yogananda also there are many other teachers. In 1978 I met Babaji of SRF yogananda fame. He blocked me to who he was at the time of our meeting only to have me remember later. I was very young 20 at the time and he looked just like his pictures about 19 to 20 years old.
      A kid grabbed my wrist and said "The master wants to talk to you" I usually have a lot to say to Masters but this cat was very unique. I sat in a tent with him and another girl. He said "I want to teach you a technique to know God". He was in a full lotus posture and then he rolled and I do mean rolled, like I have never seen before his eyes back in his head.
      He was literally looking upward to his pineal Gland then he began to do the Breath of fire, which I was already familiar with. This is a deep diaphragmatic breathing technique explained and demonstrated very well in the book BE HERE NOW. You may tighten your sphincter chakra and intend gods light deep into your body and move up and down very rapidly.
      The actual kriya technique is done a bit slower and essentially it is a very very slow breath. The body attempts to remain absolutely immobile. Look into the third eye and silence your mind. The deep diaphragmatic breathng is still in effect but much slower. Move the breath form up and down from your root chakra to each chakra one by one and then to your crown and to your rainbow bridge head to your IAM presence at the top of your auric egg. This sits about 3 to 8 feet above your head.
      I also recommend you read the Magic Presence and other books by Godfre Ray king they will inspire you. "The Christ Consciousness book by Norm Paulsen one of Yoganadas disciples is also excellent.
      There are many techniques a basic rule of thumb is keep your inhale and your exhale of equal duration; if you breath in a count of 4 exhale a count of 4. You may also like to super charge your prana in all of your vehicles by prolonged breath of fire technique say 108 breaths.
      Be careful and don't hyper ventilate too much. You can build up the length of this exercise gradually as your body gets cleared of the dross. You may also alternate nostril breathing.
      The Aertherious society is very good for many of these pranayama techniques. Keep a positive attitude and use a candle to gaze into and make it your sacred special time to connect with the universe.
      Your IAM presence will respond and the more you practice holding the presence the easier it becomes. It will not be a chore but a joy and a recharging of purpose and time of balancing.
      Do not give up or become frustrated. Some times a mantra is a good way to get the mind in to one pointed concentration. What is the sound of one hand clapping? this zen koan is what happens when you repeat a mantram like// om madm padme om which means i am not this thought . I like the hare krsna chant as it is fun to sing. or simly om namh shivaya. Or one of my recent favorites is simply IAM THAT IAM over and over.
      Dolores Cannon is wonderful and she has much information from many sources in her hypnotic regressions, she is very tuned in. Her books on Nostradamus were neat, many of those predictions thankfully never came true but many did.
      I love the Urantia book but is quit intimidating at first. Do take it slow and stick to the last 3rd of the book on the life of Jesus it really clears up so many misunderstandings. The teachings of Eckankar totally rocks and this is the science of soul travel or out of body experiences through conscious exit and lucid dreaming. The focus on the Shabd or inner sound current that all can hear and I have had great success and results with these teachings.
      I hope you may find something worthwhile for your growth from some of these sources.
      In the Light

    2. Trinity,
      the humour muse had me read this and i said "tighten your sphinter chakra and move up and down" omg. i meant circuate the light up and down and feel each endocrine gland and chakra as your awareness moves through your body. Like a relaxation dialogue a hypnotist would use. However your are not relaxing per se your are feeling each and every cell and fiber of your being in invoking the light of your own god presence with a sure footed fervor and faithful zeal. See the presence like a light above you radiating into all of your subtle and physical bodies. see and feel it become one with it. keep your thoughts on the feelings!

    3. What an incredible read. Thank you for this info and for sharing these experiences pottsman!

    4. @potts - I would just say to hear the inner voice, Shabd,without initation of Sat Guru is a rarity and a really great gift...
      I am not as such advanced meditator as you are but just know because I've been initiated into Surat Shabd Yoga
      ( meditation to inner Sound and Light).

    5. Potts, thank you so much for such a full answer. I think I'll have enough to work on for the next day or so...! :)

    6. :-) ael

      knowthyself you may well be a much more advanced meditator. i do not feel this can be quatitatively judged per se as it is a subjective experience.

      trinity feel free to e-mail me if you need the links but a google search should do the trick

  19. :-)
    talking about lighter atmosphere,
    that mp3 starts without such a dreaded holdup
    and feels very much lighter to my machine too. :-)
    (I'm convinced, it can also easily be downloaded.)

    Now that the distractions from the technical aspects
    are very much out of the way,
    it's time to confront the contents of the message. :-)

    I sincerely hope everything is about to turn out good
    for all of us.

    Also hoping, we can get similarly light and easy access
    to any future interviews or whatever might turn up.


  20. Cobra,great interview and thank you for starting this blog!

    Thanks to KP for all the mp3's

    Love n light to all!

  21. @Pottsman,Tet and Elya thank you for the information.

  22. I think the problem for most people is that they believe mind control doesn't include them. I believe practically all of us have been brainwashed. We, the light workers, think we've broken out of it and it doesn't really apply to us but that seems like a trap to me. Remember, the more light you're able to hold, the more dark side will try to suppress you! I think this is one of the reasons why Hamourapi2012 tries to wake us up. The mind control goes much further than we think.

    The problem I have is that because I'm willing to accept that some of my thoughts and feelings are fabrications from the dark side, then how am I able to know what is truth and what is not? Some might say that go with what resonates with your heart, but how are we able to tell if that isn't just one of the clever dark manipulations?

    I feel like I've been cut off from my inner self for too long and knowing my true thinking within all the implanted thoughts is really difficult. Restoring that connection to my true self and hearing the answers is really really hard. I wish that the light side would be able to install/repair an internal lie detector within us all that would tell which one of our thoughts and feelings are true and which one are fabricated.

    1. @Paul,
      U make a very valid point here!

      I think that we as individuals are able to remove those implants by our selves. The dark side knows this why they are terrified.

      As long as the sheeple think they are trapped it will stay that way. The thing is that we are constantly raising our counsioussnes which is of great value and help gaining back our rightous powers.

    2. Paul, this is an **excellent** question, a logical one, and one that has been niggling at me ever since I found out about archons and an alien agenda this past March. I thought I was "awakened" before that with a kundalini energetic awakening and twin flame reunion starting six years ago, but then when I really woke up to the more deeply embedded things, this idea you raise here has been on my mind ever since.

      It's true: I have relied on "resonance" and "trusting my instincts" but those could certainly have been messed with through implants, too. In fact, I have personal evidence that they certainly have.

      I like to think that I have a bullshit detector that works, but in fact, it is faulty. How do I know? Two marriages that ended in divorce and a third that has its real issues, lol. I joke about that, but it is true. There are also certain things that *used* to resonate with me to the point where I made huge sacrifices for those beliefs or understandings that now I do not resonate with at all. It's a changing playing field, and no way of knowing for sure which team I am playing for even though I believe that I am doing what my guidance wants me to, and what I feel is best for me.

      Anyway, I grapple with this same thing, and somehow have been muddling through. It has helped me a lot to at least be aware there is mind control and there are implants. Knowing that puts a whole 'nother spin on things and gives me greater comprehension for why I and others act the way we do. I like to think that awareness helps the true connection with my inner support system, but I really have no idea for sure.

      How about the rest of you? How do you try to solve this issue of figuring out what could be your connection to higher self and your guiding team versus more deception, and how do you know for certain you are not being guided by the influence of an implant or other mind control device, one that triggers a core issue, for example?

      Thank you so much Paul for bringing up this very pertinent subject. I think it is truly important.


    3. Calliope, it's my pleasure to help. I figured someone else might be thinking about this subject as well. I had read about "ankle biters" in May or earlier but it took me until July to really put two and two together. I suppose I figured that mind control didn't really apply to me or most of the folks. Obviously if someone says you're brainwashed you're going to deny it initially. I don't have the answers yet how to return to my real power, but I'm starting to believe that asking the right questions is a very important part of it.

      Meanwhile, I'll stay positive, forgiving, spread love and light and be open minded.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. CtM, A Kryon book where he talks about neutral implant came into my hands just as my life was really stuck. I thought what the heck I got nothing to loose so I may just as well ask for it. Lo and behold, just as he described in what may happen if I take the neutral implant 90 days on the dot my life was completely turned up side down. First people even those very close to me who were negative were just leaving on their own. A couple stayed out of love relationship, as it was described Now 10 months later new ones are arriving into my life of much higher resonance. The change is amazing, all fear is gone, love is everywhere, attachments are leaving in droves, and I find joy in just being who I am in a present moment. That is not to say that there are no hick-ups. I have made commitment to the light, I took a risk fully aware that my life will change for ever. Boy am I glad I did that!

    6. personally, believing anything that feels right (not necessarily a happy story) and following the effects on my life has been pretty much working for me..
      this kind of question raised here has a point, but also i think it has its limits : how do you even know there's a dark programming ? you don't, but your guidance tells you so.. what if that was a trick to bring the idea into the awareness of people, since what we see is what we create, to bring it into action.. ? Etc etc.. Doubt is a loop..

      I think we can all agree on the fact that we (co)create our reality with our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, intentions, etc.. I think we've all proved it right with experience right ? From that point alone, it's just better to believe in the best scenarios, the ones you like better, right ? I guess that's where we were pretty much all at before coming to websites like this ? Then we realized that as much as it's good to embrace the best scenarios, we also have to open our eyes to what really is going on.. On this point there is a big gap at the moment, as many people just wanna keep seeing the best scenarios and not hear the dark stories.. It looks like many can't handle it, it affects them, etc.. I've encountered many people like that, who do not read these stories, even though when i start telling about it they admit it is true, because it affects them.. But maybe it affects them because they don't end up reading.. In the end, we keep coming back to get info, often with such a thirst for it that we spend hours on the computer, refreshing 2012portal several times a day.. Because it empowers us right ? I mean personally, since i started hanging out here in april, i have been very much encouraged and liberated in my life.. If these stories weren't true, what would be the force that empowers me ?

      As i often say, i leave anything that makes me feel contracted and i take anything that makes me feel expanded

      Beyond that, since we (co)create our reality, that means we are creator.. Since we are creator, and All is, creator and creation are One. That for me proves that All is One, that means the 'One and All' always takes care of all its parts.. That's what Love is, God/Creator is Love because God/Creator is One.. For me that is the core of everything, every thought, action, belief, decision, etc.. Since All is One and therefore will always lovingly take care of all its parts, i can have faith, i can have faith in the infinite potential of my creative power, faith in a positive outcome in every aspect, etc.

    7. @Paul,
      I received some information about mind thought vs. spirit thought from Ramana Maharshi and Papaji through my teacher Isaac Shapiro:

      If your thought is pushing or pulling you in any way, it's probavly from the mind and programmed. This means all thought they says 'you should ...' ot 'it's better if you...' you can be shure it's mind.
      Ramana said: The mind is like a thief dressed up as a policeman. You think you are safe when you let it into your house, but in the mean time you're getting robbed (of your awareness).
      All thoughts from spirit (you) are mild, gentle and soft sounding (not loud). The scents of spirit are curiousity, humor, playfullness, spontaneity and mildness.
      Also, seriousness is a great indicator of thought from the progrmmed mind as are repeatative thoughts.

      I hope this helps a bit...

    8. it does make sense erik thanks

    9. I'm loving the input on this thread! It is imperative that we learn to clear our fields every day, twice at least. Each night we travel and if you're doing Inner Plane work, then you going very high and are returning through astral density and dross and are very vulnerable to attachments, entities and other negative crap. Remember, you've been out in your Light body and light attracts the dark in equal strength. And last thing at night you want to clear any projection or programming that has affected you during the day, so you'll be able to carry out the Higher duties in Inner Planes. The only thing you can trust is your I Am presence. Run everything through this filter! Bring in golden Light as protection before establishing contact and then with all your authority as a Sovereign Being, ask your Great I Am for clearing of all fields, dimensions, and timelines. Remember to seal the space left by this clearing, visualize filling it with Golden Light or 'stitches'. Any and all other sources of information, healing, etc, are subject to distortion. We are ALL subject to distortion and so are the Angelics and Ascended Ones. Always verify the degree of purest light and truth of ANY one you contact/are contacted by. Not that they mean harm, but it's not Purest Truth. Hence the 'nice' channelings by 'masters' which just never come true. Not the Highest source of that vibration, that's all. Only YOUR I Am presence is 100% yours. It feels so great to turn off the computer and have a little chat with old I AM more often now, feel like I'm really in Service again now that the connection is reestablished! Peace and Love,

    10. Thank you for your comments all! I know this can be a bottomless pit if go far enough with this kind of logic. Let me try to expand my point another way. Let's say you find mold in the core of your house and it needs to be removed. You can remove mold only where it was found but you can't be sure if there's more somewhere else. Safer way to get rid off all the mold is to take out all the stuff you have in your house, inspect the whole building thoroughly and if needed take down several walls or even the whole building. Then you rebuild the house and bring back your old stuff after carefully inspecting them. And you make sure that the house is rebuild so that mold problem won't occur again. Other alternative to get rid of the mold problem is to move to a new house, but we might like the old house so much that we prefer to repair it even if it costs more. In both cases we're now aware of the mold problem and have taken necessary measures to solve it.

      Yesterday I thought of the "CHOICE" (red pill vs blue pill) and a somewhat hypothetical situation. Would you take the red pill and live a life full of hardship eventually finding the truth or would you take the blue pill and live like a king in an illusion? I'd take the red pill 101 times out of 100!

    11. Light would never take the blue pill.

      Shadow/darkness covers and hides everything.
      Light shows you every tiny flaw.

    12. Hello Paul, very good thoughts. Yes, i tried to wake up, because it is all deeper, as it is expected.

      But the real brainwashing are not all the implants. This is quickly cured. The real problems lie much deeper. Mankind has been manipulated for millennia. The real manipulation going over very long periods.

      They are located primarily in the area of faith and religion. The dark manipulations lie at several levels. The upper dark levels are obvious and obscure. And it was scheduled to be discovered. The lower levels of manipulations are hidden and bright. The aim of this "construction" of the manipulations is that the discovery of the upper levels will cause, that you are driven into the hidden layers of the manipulation, the shining layers and manipulations. Very many lightworkers are in the shiny levels of the manipulations. Caught by beautiful stories and philosophies. A bright net, spun from the darks.

      We have now officially the year 2012. And this means "2012 years after year zero, birth of Jesus."!?!

      But the year zero dates back 11,578 years. And for the earth 32,905 years have passed since then. So many things are not the way it is said. Details about many things will come into the wiki.

    13. Thank you Hamourapi2012 and primeBarakiel for confirming what I was trying to find out! It's all getting clearer now. This is all very serious stuff, but I have to make a small joke about it. This is the first time I'm thanking someone for confirming I've been seriously brainwashed!!! LOL.

      The depth of the manipulation starts to make more sense when you think of the information Cobra shared about mind control in a wider perspective (see Cobra's posting titled The Red Pill on July 22).

  23. I "stumbled" across this articel feelt it really resonated well with me.

    Our little galaxy is travelling through the Milky Way which is the reason for our travell from 3D density to 5D. :0)

    1. Thank you for the link McCroft!

      This one confirms what I wrote above about Earth's position and the uplifting.
      I am not sure if this article is accurate as there are no real scientific references to it. It would have been nice to have some good "proof" for what we say, and many people do believe that scientific proof is more worth than what comes from non-sccientists. I don't really care about proofs as I am a scientist myself and I know all about "scientific work".

      In general: What happens now is a part of the plan. The Mayans knew about this change and this is all they tried to pass on to us. The darks knew that this is their last chance to keep the Earth down and used the Mayan Calender to intimidate us. Don't let the darks confuse you. The change is on its way. It was predetermined long time ago and it happens NOW. We are not able to check the "timetables", so we better don't try it and we better don't hold on any dates given.
      No Armageddon, no cataclysms, no disasters for the humanity unless you belong to the darks ;-).

      Everything is working perfectly!

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    2. That is the best and most sane article I have read in months!
      Thanks Joko!

    3. Great article, this is actually something I realized a while back. An odd thing though - this article is basically the polar opposite.
      It makes sense too, but they definitely conflict in their message completely. Either this isn't SaLuSa, but a dark entity, (which would not surprise me)or they are both right...hmm...

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  26. WOW!! Wonderful interview!! Who is the Lady interviewing? I recommend listening to the mp3 version, good volume.

    Anyhow, I AM inspired!! To use my I AM Presence even MORE, and to do the Violet Flame Meditation with our friend St. Germain.

    And the part about "praying over" (for lack of better words,) money that comes in, and to "crystalize" it and dedicate it to the light!! Onward, Lightworkers! This is a most exciting time!

    We ARE the actors in this play! Hop out of the audience and change the script!! Much love, Suzie

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  28. Drake gave out some exciting info yesterday, if anyone is interested here is a great compilation of notes. I feel from the notes he decreased the amount of fear-porn rant.
    They post regular notes after every show, so you don'T have to waste 3 hours for some potentially interesting bits..

    1. I only got to listen to about the last hour or so last night and don't recall hearing Lady Dragon at all. Was she not present for any of the show?

      Thank you for the link --- I usually am able to find plenty of things to do that don't require so much concentration that I'm not able to listen so I almost always download the archived shows in MP3 format but the actual downloading itself can be a pain.

      (Hmm, I have to be careful here to not reply as my 15 year old --- it seems like he signs me out and goes into his YouTube account (are both through Google) every time I leave the computer!)

      Also noticed this morning that Cobra has now allowed the ads on the blog. It's a shame that it has to be that way but I don't find them all that distracting.

  29. Cobra,

    "There are some movies that have been created under the influence of the positive groups to distrube certain message to the masses and this is one of those films(Truman show)".

    Which other movies do you think of?
    I myself find They Live,Enemy of The State,Matrix,V for Vendetta,Truman,Contact,FIght Club to qualify for this description, but would love to hear about/ realize the message in others.

  30. Cobra, it has taken me two days to find time to watch this, and I am so glad I finally got to it. I thank you for the time you took to do the interview and your honesty and calm patience with all that is happening. I do have a question for you. I have been receiving information/knowledge in small pieces since I was 11 or 12, possibly before that, and I am 57 now, but I have always been asked to provide proof when I said anything to anyone, usually they just looked at me funny. I would always respond to were did you see/read that with 'I just know, I don't know where it comes from. But with many of the things I have heard and seen recently they correlate. Am I receiving transmissions from outside myself, or have I just not been effected by the programing and this is coming from within?

    As I have grown stronger in trusting this information over the years, I have finally been effective in sharing with those close, and helping them to awaken also. Of course the internet has helped as usually I can find something that will offer some proof to go with my ideas.

    I do not listen to many of the others who have been channeling beings of light, but I have always known that beings are always around me who protect and serve me (hard to explain that one). I have always walked with goddess consciousness, although also present the masculine in much of my relationships (I am female). I have always known my purpose here was to serve and love all beings, and my entire life has been dedicated to doing that. I have always felt a love of life.

    I ask you the question, because I have found no other who I felt I would trust with giving me an honest answer or opinion. From the very first time I read your words, and listened to the first interview last spring, I have felt a kindred to you, even before I knew much about where you were coming or your place in all of this. So with much love, and light, I am hoping you might reply. But I do understand you are busy.

  31. Want to know how to locate and identify a charlatan?

    1) NO PHOTO.
    2) NO NAME.
    3) NO VOICE that is not covered up.
    4) NO SPECIFIC INFO that any one could rely upon.
    5) NO VIDEO PROOF of anything.
    6) No spefic facts or predictions.

    BILLY MEIER always said, that 99% of the channelers were phoney, bizarre, lowlifes who could not be trusted, and always screwed up the message. He got death threats and assaults and real time visits from spooks. I don't see any evidence that this "Cobra" is legit or bothers proving he is legit.

    Nice fantasy misled alot of desperate good hearted lost souls. Big thrill...huh?

    My name is THOMAS S. BEAN, at "hollowmantras of cracked vision:diamond sutras for the doomed"

    Prove your legit with a photo, a name, and something demonstrative that a lawyer could use in court because it is self authenticating. Prove your not a crank hiding behind a Mythi and so many other fronts. If you are who you say you are, then certainly the Galactics and Angels are protecting you from the dark ones.......right?

  32. If the shift is happening...then why do you need "Cobra" to tell you? What good or truth is at this site, and just what proof do you have? How can anyone take this seriously when...COBRA does not identify himself with a photo, name, ID, etc?

  33. Cobra has never told us he was a channel. Perhaps you could look into that for us. I don't follow Cobra as one would an authority, I take his words and match them to my own truths, and if they resonate, then I trust that he has some knowledge based on his contacts with other resistance movement members and light workers. He has not made any promises, nor does he ask me for anything other that my vision of love and light. He has not asked me for my picture or id, or even proof that I was not harmful to the resistance movement. Lurking here will not do you much good, perhaps you should go back to what you know.

  34. Does anyone here know if there is a transcript of this interview anywhere?