Friday, August 3, 2012

R13/6 complete. L0 radius: 3.0 m.


  1. where has my comment vanished to??!!

    1. Who wasn't very important now was could it be ignored if it was important?

      I hate to say it....none of you at this site can or will prove anything about anything other than the fact you experienced emotions and articulated obtuse gibberish...that amounts to what?

      Why do you people prefer fantasy over reality? There will be FEMA DEATH CAMPS for selected people, and The Galactics could care less as proven by there inability to get the job done today.

  2. I saw your comment Berkut! It's ok, love. I think it was on another post. FYI....if any post has over 200 comments its nearly impossible to see on a phone and you have to keep clicking load more until it won't load more to see on the computer. Xo

    1. Thank you for that klove.
      I have been trying for weeks to "load more" with no results. xxx

    2. Ktlove- Thanks 4 the feedback.

      However, that post you refer to on the other blog, was written, as a second edition, After my first attempt had been totally deleted. Most bizarre.

      Also the above post, the cryptic response asking where my post had gone to, was not posted on this one but on the main one, - again most bizarre…

  3. Yes, it looks like Cobra put up another post less than 15 minutes after this one and your post went on the later one. LOL, if my getting a driver's license had been based on my navigating skills here I'd still be in driver's ed! Or I'd just be lost all the time.......

  4. Head on over to Jean Haines site to read the rest of this article by Cameron Day :

    August 2, 2012

    The last couple weeks have seen a lot of stories in the “new age” circles on the internet about imminent “first contact” occurring as soon as August 4th during the 2012 Olympics. Predictably, once the original story was seeded, several “channeled messengers” started appearing supporting that idea. Alongside this are the “fear porn” aficionados who are predicting a “false flag” attack or even faked alien invasion scenario to happen around the Olympics.

    One of the stories making the rounds is that the Queen is negotiating a pardon for her crimes against humanity, and that the “galactics” have given a “hard deadline” of August 4th after which, they will take matters into their own hands. No mention, however, is made of the numerous “hard deadlines” that have come and gone in the past.

    I would be amused if this wasn’t so harmful to so many people’s psyches. For long-time readers of this blog, I have a question for you. What happens when a large group of people get their hopes up, only to be let down because the promised event did not occur? The answer: A major low-frequency energetic release! When a person invests the energy of anticipation and hope, only to be let down, they end up feeling disappointed, fooled, betrayed and usually somewhat embittered afterwards. All of these emotions are great food for the ankle-biters.

    1. ~I Am Love~*

      I too read this today.
      Have to say I am now experiencing a major low-frequency
      mood. I know we should concentrate only on our own journey but it seems that everything we are told will happen, keeps getting delayed.

    2. Hi there kmcg !

      yeah, it's true that things like this can be disappointing due to a level of expectation. We've all been there.

      However - You are AHEAD of the game for having observed and realized it !

      So, what would you be able to do to raise your frequency ?

      I find that in cases like this, when maybe our emotions just DON'T want us to feel better --- *grrrrrrouch*,--- it's easier to just approach it in a pragmatic way.

      Meaning using tools and techniques that will on an energetic level do the work for us, if we don't / can't do it naturally.

      Check out your bag of tricks ! Music, aromatherapy, frequency entrainment, heart chakra meditations, children / dogs / animals, your LOVED ONES ...

      What will get you out of your HEAD and put you into your HEART & the LOVE VIBRATION ???

      If all else fails, get your butt into NATURE !!!

      I just came across this - some interesting techniques, like the "7 palm rub" - I'll definitely be trying THAT one out sometime !

      In any 'event' - it's ALL Happening, whether it is visible to our eyes or not.

      The Divine Plan is unfolding .....


      Much, Much LOVE sent to you >>>>>>>>>>> ♥♥♥

    3. ps - my thought is that Disclosure doesn't happen in the way that we define and expect it, it will surely be happening in a more subtle way which is the perfect revelation for each of us.

      God doesn't make mistakes :)

    4. *if* Disclosure doesn't happen ...

      typing skills are def on the decline lately :)

    5. ~I AM Love~*
      Your love is greatly appreciated.
      The best thing about where I am now is the inability to dwell on negative emotions for any length of time. I feel the initial disappointment very deeply, but it is so easy to just allow and accept it without the "drama". I checked out the other link. Very simple solutions to help.
      I know deep down that humanity is not ready for disclosure as we expect.
      This stresses the importance of our own personal journey.

      Many thanks to you and much love back to you :)

    6. What makes you think this "Cobra" character is legit? HAVE YOU SEEN COBRA, IDENTIFIED COBRA, OR SEEN A PHOTO, OR VIDEO OR A REAL AUTHENTIC VOICE? If he is who he says he is...why not be photographed like Valiant Thor? If COBRA is a leader, why hide behind a psuedonym? Are you being suckered...for money? Are you being misled as a dirty trick? I haven't heard Cobra say or do anything proving he is legit...have you?

  5. More links :

    Channeling of Kaleidos from Pleiadian Council, August 1, 2012

    excerpt about the rumors of landing during the Olympics)

    Posted on August 4, 2012

    “S” shares: James Gilliland posted this and said ECETI is aligned with this thinking. Me, too… and I think most of us who read your blog…. please share if it resonates with you! <3

    I agree that this aligns with my thinking, and I offer it to you all to consider. There is also some interesting information about the problems with channeling as well as the readiness of the people on earth to receive our Star relatives. ~J