Monday, August 27, 2012

Operation Pandora on August 25th

And immediate effects of the activation of the compression grid:



  1. Seems we are open for business once again : )


  2. Cobrasss
    Friends I recently had a most wonderful Skype chat with Cobra. The archons were getting their butts kicked On August 25th and many who may be sincere but confused did succumb and were knowingly or unknowingly causing controversy and instability and doubt on this site.

    Cobras decision was to stop all posts of that nature as it compromises the site. The crop circle august 26th was a square and represented the RM's operation we know as Pandora('s box).
    (This is for real google it as several crop circles have been squares in the last several weeks! And especially aug 26th how is that for confirmation?)

    This is a real operation and is in process. It literally opened up a hornet's nest of gossip, lies and rumors innuendo's and half-truths. Sai Baba said in reference to the allegory of Pandoras box "if you cannot speak sweetly or kindly about others it is best not to speak at all".

    Calling an emissary of Light a Cabal agent is not cool or respectful. Pandora's inevitable success will allow for great change and when it is over, we as a planet will proceed more smoothly and more efficiently towards the EVENT.

    I ask you all to remain focused and steadfast to the light. Give yourself a gut check are you dissuaded by a few shouting people trying to distract you? When my kid gets smart alecky and disruptive I send him in the other room for a time out. That is what happened the other day we all got a time out. Lets not get all panicky and doubt ourselves and the intent and inclination that bought us here and think "oh cobra cant handle the truth or doubts or questions or is fearfull that people know who he is". I pressed him and he can handle all 3. He passed my vetting with flying colors.

    I talked to him/her about the revelation and speculation of who he/she might or who he/she might not be. He is unconcerned if people speculate. He has also said the Cobra site will be getting major revelations that will allow those with questions to understand and hopefully be satisfied if they can wait but a few days.

    If not we are announcing seminar events where all can ask any questions they like. We now have a link to these events here. I will also post and share on facebook very soon so become my friend (Robert Potter rlpmortgage@yahoo and see for your self.)

    As far as revealing who he or she is by naming names etc why would someone do that if they respect cobras work or privacy? To be a smarty pants? Then say "Whats the big deal" even if they are right or wrong! I do not know which and do not care as it is the message and not the messenger in my opinion. But it clearly showed arrogance and disrespect.

    Then to say all of Cobras posts have already been reported in another book. Which by the way is partially true so what? Does it make it any less credible today because someone else wrote about it before? It may be true that person may have gotten the information from Cobra or may in fact be Cobra?. I do not know and did not press for that answer as I RESPECT HIS/HER PRIVACY in this regard. I find all the information awesome and positive and uplifting I am glad it is here. Much of what is being revealed is NOT in the book and is being shared with us for the first time.

    I think you all know I have been around the block being 55 and having had my first real contact at 22. I experienced many other less physical contacts before this age. This battle has been going for thousands of years and many people simply are not that experienced with how the vampire energy of the dark side Archon works from the astral. IAM I have dealt with it repeatedly.

    I knew what was happening and that's why I did not post a word to "cooter". Though I was in process of responding to some others I did not post because cobra stopped the site temporarily.

    1. In order for any thing of value or importance to take place there must be clear communication amongst like-minded individuals. The cobra community is one such place. It is an open community and questions and wondering is understandable but when people start saying this is" BS or do not believe this crap or go to this site instead" etc., it is disruptive and interferes with the exchange of like-minded individuals.

      A cyber punk and doubting person should simply pack up their keyboard and move on, If they are not inclined to share in a positive way. Why must they disrupt the flow for everyone? Posting on cobra is a gift not a right!

      I know many will say what about free speech. I feel some, I will not name them here, others fell into this category. Cobra did agree with their right to doubt and post but it was not the honest inquiry that was the problem. it was the subtle emotional confusion and archon activity that prompted the shut down. The questions and controversy remains however. Cobra will address this openly when Pandora is farther along and the emotional confusion has steadied itself. Be patient please.

      I can tell you cobra has been threatened that he must denounce drake or else his family is in danger. Cobra remains steadfast and fearless. The Former White Hat site and person IS a disinformation person. The other people who are on that site are most likely questioning are sincere individuals with genuine concerns who want answers.

      My personal feeling ( I do not speak for Cobra) is they have been led by sophisticated psy ops with half truths to doubt. When viewed from their perspective many fears and insecurities can surface. I know this feeling as I have had it many times. My sincere intent and unwavering faith steadfast focus on the light within revealed the truth of our space family and many other things. My questions were answered and I got my proof. So will we all this I promise you. I cannot nor can Cobra give you these experiences we must all stay positive and active in growing our own awareness.

      There are many reasons to doubt and many unanswered questions for all. Cobra, will not answer everybody's questions on the Cobra site, It is impossible. He will address some concerns in his next post. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart he is for real not a cabal not a rip-off and 100% sincere.

      I personally was disappointed by our lapse, because this site has been so positive and advanced in the nature of topics and genuine sharing and open and honest communication that has taken place. I know we were all disheartened by the devolution of subject matter and disrespectful communication.

      IAM not paid, I am not a shill I am a fellow contactee of Semjase period. I have remained relatively quiet about this in public until recently. I have willingly spent considerable time and effort to share with you all here my honest and truthful experiences. If you want to hate on me go ahead. I can take it. It is nothing I haven't heard from my own family (in the early days) or many of my close friends. So go ahead and pour water off a ducks back it don't matter.

      My viewpoint is that many individuals who want to believe and who intellectually understand our problems and also feel that the ET is an important part of revelation for us all are still not clear. The post by several others on the former white hat site was filled with confusion. They speculated "Cobra is lady dragon cobra is drake etc etc" .all confusion and doubt. Then a proud pat on the back to each other for exposing a "Charlatan/ LIar" who wants to do tantra workshops to have sex with women and is scamming for money and says send me $3000.

    2. Sincere inquiry and honest questions devolved into a sad and pathetic smear nicely orchestrated and spoon-fed to others who took the kool aid. The truth is here will remain here is loud and proud so all you who thought it was all a walk in the park this process of light expansion, think again. Do you fall for the tabloid distractions in MSM? Most here do not so do not be fooled here either.

      The fact that this attack is so focused and hit the site all at once from others who have been colluding on another site is evidence in itself that something big was going on. I am more happy and confident than ever that we will be seeing major revelations from our space family in the very near future. All negative forces are being neutralized.

      The final roundup of earth based Nazi groups cabal and minions are immanent. Our petty doubts and worries are, just that. In the face of the reality that is about to hit this planet full steam ahead and wide open our little personal worries are as ants to elephants.

      It will not change one part of this planets liberation process or even be registered as a bump in the road. Even if this site is never seen by another person ever again, Pandora and many other operation moving towards the 'EVENT" will continue. We will be the only losers. Even so, go ahead make your choice wheat or chaff for love and light or fear and confusion it matters not in the long run. We all return to the light and love.

      Every knee shall bend and every tree shall sway and if we made the wrong choice we may gnash our teeth. We will get over our remorse and start fresh. Yes this site is a sacred revelation and a declaration of the spiritual host of light and our Agarthan family who have remained hidden for so long. Our brothers and sisters from the stars ARE HERE and the amazing omni-versal multi-dimensional spheres of light and life are soon to be made present for all to see. Free form dogma and manipulation by priesthoods of confusion and control.

      We are breaking down barriers of superstition ignorance and fear. Soon to come for the entire planet is personal sovereignty for every one, the arresting of major criminals whose insanity makes Dr Evil seem tame.

      The real and true history of our earth, our interaction with many different star nations and various cultures throughout our ancient history are soon to be known by all. Ancient record rooms and artifacts will be bought to the surface and interaction with our fellow sub-surface earth neighbors and ascended host will be the evidence all can touch and feel. Open face to face contact with our ET cousins and even revelations of advanced beings and spiritual teachings from the edge of the universe. It is all so close, how close? Just close we wont know until its here.

      Where will you be? Playing with your self and posting negative messages of doubt and prognosticating on others revelations? Or will you be sharing your own experiences of love and light in an uplifting way that allows for all with a sincere desire to know and intent to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

    3. The safety of the world's population is paramount and the cabal has a few major destructive campaigns up their sleeve. This will be dealt with accordingly. I know for a fact this site doesn't mean jack to the liberation of our planet really.

      It is a courtesy and a gift for us who have been guided here to learn and grow and to associate with and to share positive uplifting thoughts. Please let us all respect that.

      I agree with cobra and support our time out this site is not a trash bin for others to disrespect the host, trash his posts and speculate in a negative manner about things they know nothing about. So I have had my say and I may say more. IAM not a one liner snide remark kinda guy so if I have bored you or offended you please forgive me. IAM sincere and steadfast. This too shall pass and time WILL reveal the truth.
      Victory to the light
      ps it has also just been bought to my attention that some members names were used on this former wh site by those who were not posting there to cause even more confusion, trouble and dissension. this is even more validation for me of cobras power full truth that seems to threaten so many!

    4. Hm... haven't been here for awhile but I saw Cobra's statement about the shutting off posts for a short period.

      I think it was a good call. When people start to rant and attack on a personal level that speaks a lot about it self.

      Nobody is perfect... well yes we are all perfect! Rob sent an add on fb for you.. ;o) and well said my friend.

      Cheers Mc

    5. Thank you Robert and Cobra for your information! I was going to suggest that trolls be banned form this dialog as it is just flat out a distraction and a time waster for all who are sincere. If it remains a problem, maybe the dialog could have a moderator to screen posts before they are uploaded. Peace and Love and Light to ALL!

    6. Pottsman, Thank you so much for all your posts, but this one in particular! I have been searching, learning and expanding for 20+ years. While my knowledge is minute compared to yours, my "knowing" is pretty healthy. When this blog started I had my "healthy scepticism" buttons on. As time has gone by I have come to trust Cobra and fully appreciate all he and the RM are doing. His info aligns well with most of my studies and the info I receive from my guides. Mostly, I appreciate those on this blog. I never have a problem with those offering different viewpoints and opinions. I don't have to agree to enjoy the discussion. Claydog and Ave are always welcome in my book, but someone who simply rambles in with negativity and offers nothing to the conversation is a waste of time.

    7. Great Stuff, Rob. Thank you!

    8. Thank you for sharing additional information and your perspective.

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    10. Rob, I must say, I can't get enough of what you say :)..especially your experiences you've spoken about in more detail a few months ago.It's a great thing that you and Cobra hooked up.I hope one day to meet you both and all the wonderful people here!

    11. Thanks for your words Rob.

    12. Thanks Rob.

      You said it elequently. I don't have your expriences. I trust Cobra. Whatever s/he has said here been verifed for me. S/he has triggered a memory recall for me.

      As I said before in my posts I don't care about Cobra's identity and respect his/her privacy. That is a minor issue here.

      Do not understand the hoopla about it except that some trying to muddy the water for the message to get lost. But message is more powerful to get lost here. Plying on people's emotion is a well known tactic been used many many times. We need to stay calm and study the posts to see the disguied purpose in them and read between the lines.

      I am not an expert in spirituality field but have my own experiences that tells me that I am dealing with a real teacher here. I am blessed to find answers whenever I asked the question.

      The only thing that I can say about trolls here is that they are wasting their time. It would be beneficial for them to read and learn something here. What they do not realize is that everything is in divine order and time even their intrruptions serve a purpose here. All of us are lucky to be alive at this particular time in the history of humanity.

      We are in a changing time that is on a fast forward mode. Time requires us to be ready for coming shift and be ready for a reset in our lives. Drunvalo Melchizedek said that we become infants again after the shift and need to learn and grow to adulthood. I don't know about that but from my guides I was told that we need to learn how to work and live with the new energies. Looking forward to that.

      Blessings and light.

    13. Hey Rob, I hope you see this since I couldn't figure out from your profile how to contact you. Friend request has been sent on FB but I forgot to attach a little message to identify myself. My FB ID there is also Anglesea. If you check my FB profile I am the grasshopper, lol, and my banner has me (in human form) with my then 4 year old daughter standing between those icons, Mickey & Minnie (I'll forgive them their Disney association). There, that should distinguish me from the other Angelseas!

    14. Your fb didnt come up with those identification tools...maybe you could just copy paste your page for those of us who'd like to follow up '-)

    15. @agelasea i will send you link to face book thnks kami all u kind people

    16. LOL, all I did was type in his name in FB's search box and his was the first of the same name to come up.......

      Thanks Rob - you found me or I found you, not sure which :)

    17. Remaining Focused and Steadfast to the LIGHT! Glad to see the comments up again!! Light and Love to all you Warriors of the LIGHT!

      xoxox Suzie

  3. I already had a feeling Poof's message was related to Operation Pandora. :-) This is great! I hope we see some tangible evidence real soon!

  4. I have one question about later once we hit December 21. Since everything will be restored and much more great things. What do you guys think will be the situation of money by that time. Will it not be needed anymore,will we be able to live our life free? Is there money in the 5th dimension? Just wondering,I like money but I was wondering whats the point if everything we use it for,We possess on our own. Thanks. -Peace,Love-

    1. Hi SB, I would like to share my opinion if you don´t mind. Money is a common mean of exchange, in representation on value of a thing given it´s scarcity.

      Money can be also goods, as referred in a market or exchange rates for goods as well.

      Paper Money is a IOU system, supported by the issuer.

      In a state of abundance, it makes no sense of it.

      So, I don´t think we may need money at some things even at present times, but we got used to it, making it a necessity.

      Best for all.


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    3. Agreed. This issue has been bugging me forever. Channelers (like SaLuSa) state that Ascension begins to occur on December 21. It will be a time when we leave all we own behind, and start fresh in a new place with new surroundings. If that is true, why would the Light be orchestrating an entire financial event (Global Reset, Prosperity Packages, Global Settlements to eliminate debt), plus release of new technologies for free energy, healing and travel, if we have only but a few months to enjoy it all?

    4. In my opinion we wont be going anywhere, the whole disappear and rise to the 5th dimension, take your dog your cat and your neighbor is a fantasy powered by the new age fluff collection who are fueled by the negative posing as positive.

    5. Thanks Ish and Slouch. That's kinda what I figured. I guess it's just the greed of people that makes me feel that way towards money. As long as its used the right way,I have no problem with it and hope soon that everybody is comfortable. I hate to see broken homes,families and starving people. -Peace,Love-

    6. Money came about as a means of exchange to stand in for what was really being exchanged. In a way it makes things less complicated but then something went wrong along the way (in a very real energy way, but that isn't what Economics teaches, lol) and now we have a mess. We don't NEED money in the real sense. Just for right now I can work at my job and net about $5 an hour, then am able to pay my rent with 114 of those hours. It's easier for my employer to give me that value equivalent in the form of a direct deposit that I then pay my landlord out of than for the employer to provide me with a place to live. I feel that we will still have some form of a monetary system as opposed to direct barter since rarely do two "exchangers" have a complementary "give/get" pattern (hmmmm, this is bringing to mind all of the negotiations sports teams go through in trading players, somehow that is always figured out!). So it will be easier for me to sell my skills (whatever that will be since who knows if there will be need for retail clerks or bookkeepers or income tax preparers eventually) in exchange for something that is a stand-in for value that I can exchange for what I want since it's not likely that my employer will be able to hand me pizzas or beer or shoes (OK, my current one can give me shoes but what if someone else has the ones I REALLY want?). Hey , who knows, maybe we eventually won't be needing shoes or beers or pizzas anyway. I love the idea of a gift economy, so no one is doing anything for "compensation," but I am really having trouble imagining the amount of shifting it will take to get there! It would seem way too tumultuous to me to try to implement something like that in too short a time, though I think we could transition to it. The way things stand so many of us have so many things we don't need and not enough of what we do. There needs to be a shift in how we value things. And then maybe there won't be so much of the "how much is in it for me?" when choosing what to do and we do more of what we love and what is most uplifting for everyone instead.

    7. Money today is such an abstract construct it's almost ridiculus.

      The most popular form of money used in history is not the gem or metal coin, because those are still a "made up" market value that has no real use. The most used form of money is simply cattle or sheep. You don't need to transport them as they walk themselves, they feed off grass and you get more of them by breeding them.

      With the abstraction of value in coins, things like "interest" show up and there is a reason why these things were considered sinful in the past. So you have some pieces of metal, you lend them to someone, but you want more back? Why?

      If this was cattle, you can simply borrow a few, breed them and keep the offspring, then return the same number of animals. You took care of them for that time so why not?

      While metal does not make metal, and you're supposed to pay more when you return it??

      With the historical "cattle money", both benefit. With the modern metal money, one takes advantage off the other, who in turn are supposed to invest the money in something to be able to pay the interest. That's how the circus starts, and it's all because that first person, now known as the capitalist, wants more for nothing, and this causes a loss to the economy, as he doesn't produce anything. This loss gets greater as it is passed around, with more people down the line acting as capitalists by in turn lending out the money they borrowed, at an even greater interest rate (because they need to pay interest and have something left for themselves to live off) until it causes disaster, due to the lack of actual production.

    8. Shariff~~I don't think everything is going to happen overnight.... Like some huge change will happen on Dec 22... but we WILL gradually come around.... to the abundance funds promised by St. Germain.. and there is a thing called NESARA, which is a whole new system of money and much fairer.... It is hugely underpublicized but it IS on the books in Congress. There is very little true info about it, even online. But here is a good one:

    9. For anyone interested, I found this searching for "barter":
      Adams-Morgan experiment

      Best for All.


  5. Already noticing great effect, had to check these sites to assure I wasn't just picking up on the "funk" of this storm Isaac. To my surprise I am matching with ease the intuition I'm feeling with that of what Is going on/being said over these updates. One thing for sure Is that my abilities are heightened, physically seeing the sparks of energy of auric fields, especially whilst looking down at hands...much happier now..Loving spirit all around, we are all working hard and just wanted to shout out to those who are just as exhausted as me at the end of the day. Sending my best and love to those of light, :)

    1. Glad you found us, cupcake!!

    2. Yes, Cupcake & ALL of LIGHT, you Noticed!

      It is most important to 'manage our energies' (meditate/ground) & remember 'Who We ARE'. Notice & e-x-p-a-n-d the greater I AM presence withIN.

      All this 'preoccupation' with lower density (3D) concerns, is just another distraction from our connection to our OWN Divinity.

      Light~Light~Light, Love~Love~Love

  6. Hello! = marúawe (to 1 person), marúawebukwu (to 2 people)
    Something is happening. I can feel it. That bunch at are posting a significant drop at CITIGROUP: "August 27, 2012 at 10:27:50.900 Citigroup (symbol C) dropped 1.3% (from 29.80 to 29.42) in about 100 milliseconds."
    Seems they lost somewhere to a BILLION DOLLARS.
    "Visualize this process taking place..." "...TAKING PLACE..." Those two words: "...TAKING PLACE..." from the instructions for the meditation. Very Important. I believe: HATE = FEAR. Who in here plays: TEAM FORTRESS II? Ever see: dirty_belly? ha ha ha!
    So, we need to raise funds for 2012 Portal / Cobra? I say we do a MUSIC FESTIVAL somewhere in The Netherlands, such as MOULIN BLUES OSPEL, in Ospel, NL. I am on a DVD being sold from there: "13 Featuring Lester Butler". I could ask them for a favor, maybe.

    1. You guys and your code word talkin..namaste :D

  7. I have been feeling a great deal of energy rising up the last few days. On John Kettler's site there is an article about the battles going on. THE LIGHT IS WINNING!

    1. makes the hair on my neck stand up. lololololol

  8. been listening to, reading your blog for a long time. the job your doing is magnificant. the info is great. I love doing the weekly meditations so ive been squeezing a few in during the week. I just wish i could do more to help. but i understand things have to be done a certain way. keep up the amazing work,its greatly appreciated. i wish u nothing but the best. pete

  9. I have no clue what's going on behind the scenes at all, but last week I was able to perceive my aura for the first time. BAD ASS. Also noticed that I'm able to feel energies from other people & sometimes even nearby buildings/objects much better. I had my first vision.. a possible future timeline... on 8/25 also. It's been a really neat week. I cannot wait for full consciousness again.

  10. Well Said Pottsman,

    Of all you expressed, the word 'confusion' seems, IMO, to be most applicable to what is ocurring.

    So, that being said, I decided on Saturday night,-to shut down the computer, totally, for at least a day.

    I switched back on this (Monday) afternoon.

    Good to have a break from all the 'varying & diverse opinions' etc

    As a matter of fact, I awoke Sat morning (25th Aug) with some recall of my dreams.

    Very Powerful, - applying 'Huge Energy'(Chi?) 'similar to the Compression affect spoken of by Cobra?'

    I have felt for some time that TPTW are applying subtle disinfo tactics to divide & conquer.

    Why would they not come here, - they seem to be on just about every other such forum?!

    And some just cannot see through their maschinations, and get suckered into their negative diagogue.

    So I for one keep the faith,-that the Light Will win out,- and more to the point, doing the Daily 'manifestation, visualisation meditations'

  11. Thank you for this. There was some information from Inelia Benz today that validates the sort of negative/crazy making energy of last week. She talks about barriers and wanting to "retire" from everything, give up really. She has a blog about it here: . Peace and much love to everyone.

  12. Hello Cobrassss!!!!
    Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to get in touch with YOU ALL, again.
    I bless YOU ALL!!! And I bless ALL the LIGHT Warriors of the Earth!

    I hope that everybody is safe, and we will hear the GOOD NEWS from YOU Cobra, soon.


    By the way GUYS, have you checked Tolec's last post from Aug. 21st?! I urge YOU ALL to read it, because it confirms what Cobra is saying.

  13. Expect more whistle blowers from government office, the media, the arts, Hollywood, secret societies, the military industrial complex, pharma, the educational system, drug cartels that are really DEA ATF, special forces, the pentagon, even the very top so called elites, they are losing their connection to the malign unharmonious energies that are vaporizing so meltdowns will be common. And sympathy, empathy will come flooding and forcing the TRUTH from even the most closed minded.

    The transition from ego to HEART is well under way and it is TIME for this to be manifest.

  14. I do think something BIG happende over the weekend. Me, my daughter and my mother as well had the same dream about rats, there was a lot of them fleeing, dying and vanishing. In that order.

    I´m not saying rats are bad, but what the dream meant to us was a big cleaning.

    Best for all,


  15. Thank you Cobra, I look forward to learning more about the compression grid.

  16. Cobrasss
    Thanks for the suport all of you who sense the truth and sincerity of my posts. I have to say I was surprised at some of our comments here before .

    The galactic codex has been misunderstood and is here is to protect freewill not destroy it. Those who have been using they're freewill, to VIOLATE OTHERS FREEWILL! I would think this should be apparent to most of us? Cobras statements about these policing actions are clearly made to spare more pointless and endless suffering. It seems this is lost on some of us!? If so you should evaluate why you are here. You certainly have a right to your feelings and opinion and questioning is always good.

    Some even doubted the galactic codex which is a basic foundation premise of this site. This is their right and free choice.

    This codex and its enforcement here at this time is KEY to these posts and why Cobra is here! If you do not get this and it is sending alarm bells into your feeling nature I would say you are reacting according to the Cabal codebook of of sheeplization propaganda! "uh oh someone wants to end the enslavement by stopping the cabal...danger danger does not compute reject "

    I will try to make it real simple since I do not know those who think this way. I do not know they're personal life or who they care about. But let me give you an example.

    If someone who was much bigger faster and stronger than your mother (assuming she is alive) was punching her in the face repeatedly would you violate their freewill. Would you think about it? Would you consider your actions to intervene and protect someone you love to be a violation of freewill?

    That is my answer to those of you who doubt the divine intervention that is currently taking place at this time. If you do not get this you do not understand people have a right to defend themselves and certainly do not understand how I ,Cobra the RM or the GF work.Freedom must be established in the outer world at last and must not remain a metaphor for the seekers of truth any longer. We will establish this freedom peacefully.

    We have been receiving help for thousands of years and as it has been clearly stated it is a delicate process. The entire planet has been held hostage. The universal Laws and the movement of our solar system in time and space is has made this removal and liberation possible at this time.

    MANY, councils of 9 and much larger numbers are determining what will be taking place here on our world. This is a fluid and evolving plan with allowance for changes and alterations to accommodate freewill and spare loss of life and prevent violence.

    These acts of liberation and current "Enforcements" are coming after years, maybe even thousands of years, of pleadings and warnings and directives to stop! The freewill prerogative for these criminals has been exhausted and patience has been shown.

    These are not willy nilly actions or carpet bombing like the cabal would do. These will be precise steps to dismantle the structure of COMPLETE PLANETARY ENSLAVEMENT.

    The structure has been analyzed and the key structural supports will be removed as non-violently as possible. All violence will originate from those who are violating OTHERS FREEWILL. We call this type of violence resisting arrest! Appropriate measures will be taken.

    1. We will not be forced into any thing by our space family only "Guided" we can take the suggestions and offers of help or refuse them. Trust me when I say we will accept them. They have done this type of action many times before and the revelations and truth that will be shared with us will make our rebuilding and restoration much easier and harmonious.It will be clear and evident love is the intent.

      This will happen despite those who disagree or do not understand the process. Including you and me. Many earthlings are being made aware of these actions to come so there will be less worry and concern and more awareness' can be shared. When i look at our collective level of co-operation on this site alone Iam heartened.

      Still the lies and deception that has so fractured our minds and limited emotional IQ is so long standing and ingrained in us that we cower in and shiver in our own shadows. The cause of so much fear and doubt and distrust that even we "the chosen ones" (just kidding but u know what i mean) are fighting amongst ourselves to wrest the truth from outside ourselves.

      We have got it in our souls why dont we use it? I aint gonna fight you no more we're gonna win the war with music. You got in your souls why dont we choose it? i aint gonna fight you no more lets heal our souls with music. Listen feel hear and move with the sound or creation the living word of your self. it is all good it is all good. invoke the light villify and vivify your minds with truth.

      We are actually being offered a chance to participate! The information is being given and the time has come to choose. It is all so exciting and when we give ourselves to the cause of peace and commit to really seeing the divine in each other great things become possible. The laws of allowance, allegiance and the spirit of co-operation will overcome attachment and greed, worry. The laws of abundance will flourish and true compassion for our fellow human beings will spring forth from our hearts and be witnessed inspiring loving kind and unselfish acts serving others. Grace and elegance will descend into hearts and minds of us all. Rise up of brothers and sisters rise up!
      Victory to the light

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanks Rob, for your uplifting words.
      It is a privilege to be here with all of you cobrasss.

    4. Thank you potts, your wisdom shines!

    5. Hello, ROB potsssss!!!

      Thank you for taking your time and... filling in for Cobra.
      I am honored to have such a wise, nice brother- teacher all the way in UK.

      Bless YOU... aaaammmmmeeeennnn....


    6. Well I suppose I should respond seeing as I seem to be the only one who was named in your monologue Rob.
      All I can say is that you have misunderstood me, the galactic codex TO ME given my beliefs and the information I have on higher dimensional beings does in my opinion abridge Free Will. I am not sure about the entities who you say are continually battling the dark forces trying to take over this planet, but it’s not because I do not believe what you say is true, it is because it just doesn’t matter to me. This is not because I don’t care about anyone, or care about the planet it is because my energy and position are focused on a completely different line of thinking.
      It just seems that my beliefs are not the same as yours and some others…. is this crime?? Am I less of a person because of it? Do I have to believe what everyone else seems to believe? Should I just tow the line, so to speak? If that’s what you think then that would mean that I am not being true to myself and my beliefs.
      Yours and others focus at this present time is just different to mine, this is not wrong just different, I am not being negative I am being inquisitive; I like to explore all possibilities. Not once did I denounce Cobra or call him a fake I only presented information (and quite tame information at that), information is just information what you choose to do with that information is purely up to you given your free will.
      I know that over the weekend some of my posts were a touch colourful, I am not going to make any excuses but I do apologise if anyone took them the wrong way, I have to admit I was in a very cheeky mood and I feel some of my posts reflected that……..I was not alone either it seems.
      I am more than happy for you that you believe what you say, this shows conviction on your part, but please do not judge me or others because of our convictions, as judgement is a part of our shadow side that is best left alone. I will copy a few paragraphs below to maybe help you try and understand my line of thinking which is conflicting with some information posted here.

      "In the most persuasive situation that we have found as members of the Confederation of Angels and Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, we found many thousands of years ago that it was an infringement upon the free will of those of Planet Earth to appear among you so that there would be no doubt as to whether or not we were real. We found that were we to allow entities to see that we were quite real, they would then perhaps consider that we were more advanced beings than they and, consequently, that they must listen to us. And in that case, we would be in the situation of those who are preachers or priests or rabbis or gurus and who are asking people to believe them and not do the work for themselves. And we found that we could not do that, that it pulled too much away from our polarity as service-to-others beings. Consequently, we have not appeared in physical form in your skies for many thousands of years.
      We realize that others have; those who are not so nice in their choices, those who specifically want to impose their will upon those of Planet Earth. However, in order to retain our positivity, we long ago chose to avoid coming among your peoples and appearing to speak from “on high,” as it were, so that we would eliminate the matter of free will from what people thought. For would they not be forced to believe that those who were able to ride the deep space of the cosmos as you ride airplanes and were able to do other things that seem far beyond your abilities as human beings [would] be those to whom one must listen?

    7. Continued

      "We do not wish to put ourselves in the position of authority. We wish each entity to be his own authority. And we wish to support and encourage each entity as he becomes used to taking responsibility for himself and thinking for himself. This is the role in which we see ourselves and in this role we find it a very persuasive value to hold the free will of each person high and not to do the work for that person but to allow enough confusion to remain surrounding a choice-point for that person that his choices are made in an authentic environment of free will. In such a way do we honor and respect you and know that each of you shall come to blooming and fruition in good time."

    8. Agreed Rob, re Gallactic Codex. Ditto.

    9. @ council I enjoy your posts and feel you are a thinker. I had removed all references to names i thought.... but the numbr 9 slipped through sorry. I did feel you saying cobra was a "cabal agent" to be more than cheeky.I would like an answer from you though if somewas ounding your mother in the face would you violate their freewill and physically restrain them? Not beat them to death in anger or punish them, but use al force necessary to restrain them? In my opinion if you say no you would stand by and watch, then you really do truly not believe in the galactic codex and could actually walk your talk. If you would stop someone then you are supporting the premise of the galactic codex.

      You have a right to your opinion and i do believe in free speech and cobra has told me he/she feels censorship is used as a last resrt to personal potty mouths.

      Unfortunately what happens is some people feel the need to respond or give enegy to those (dis-info or not) who are simply agitators. These efforts at logical discussion will never change those with such hostile and intrransient veiws. This ping pong banter devolves as peoples feeling nature is set off balance. it is relly about feelings.

      This is how the archon situation works. We should all never take things personally, always do our best and be impeccable with our words in my opinion. WE ALL FALL SHORT! We are human. I choose to interject when an intelligently stated view point in my opinion is erroneous and can lead others into misunderstanding! Admittedly that is FROM MY VIEWPOINT. I just add my 2 cents to counter the thinking so the readers will have a counter point to reference. I do not think you are an agitator so do not be offended but since the codex is a foundation of DIVINE intervention IN MY OPINION I give my 2 cents.

      I have no agenda. none of us here know everything especially me and cobra. He and i are are very sympatico due to our mutual experiences. I have some differing views from him as he has stated them though they are minor. I have not asked him every single question I want answered either. his posts are VERY brief and and leave so much room for conjecture and discussion.
      I feel this is good and this is the pont of this site to get us to think and to gauge our understandings with others. trust my the people "up-stairs" are watching this site and monitoring the general mindset of the population here and are projecting they're love towards us all.

      Even physical contactees recieve information from different groups who have slightly different and sometimes expemely differing views of earths history ths creates much confusion. I never get my panties in a bunch if information is 'off" for me If i get something good I tuck it away. I do not worship others like cobra or even Sai Baba like a rock star. We are all brothers and sisters trying to make our way home. Sai Baba was already home in my opinion and hailing me from the window to hurry up take off my shoes shoes get cleaned up and come on in. But in the end he was still my brother.

      I agree no authority figures are needed. However we all have roll models and subconsciously mimic and choose behaviors and model our core belief structures based on experience. this would go into the auirc egg and how we are ligh tbeings and percieve things by virtue of our "attention" viewpoint or description of the world.

      You are a beautiful embodiment of divine love I respect you as such let us respect our host and if we are here not denounce him as 'classic cabal" programmer. all other intelligent discussion doubts and and viw points are free speech and fair game.
      peace unto us all.

    10. I love the variety of insights.
      Above all, we are like-hearted! Being pulled in by the heart of hearts.
      We are syncronizing our buzz rate in order to pass through this tiny tiny portal, the gateless gate, the portal 2012. Appearing tiny from the outside, but humongus from the inside...

    11. Thankyou Rob I can also see that you like to contemplate matters and I do respect that.

      First of all I would like to rectify where you thought I had called Cobra a cabal agent, I believe I said that the one line I posted from the Galactic Codex may as well have been taken straight out of a cabal how to manual, as it breached free will. As Cobra (as stated here) did not write this codex then it is not possible for me to have placed him in the class.

      Nowhere did I state that Cobra was a cabal agent of diss-info agent. I would like to make it very clear that I have made no decision on Cobra, there is just not enough evidence either way to make a just and fair judgement, so I will continue to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      I do not usually thank Cobra for the information supplied because as I said the cryptic stuff I have no understanding of, it may or may not be code I just don’t know so it would be unfair to comment upon it. Most of the rest for me is information that I already knew, that has been easily accessible on the net.
      I have no problem with other people thanking for the information as most of them may not have seen it before.

      Now to answer your question about my mother being struck in the face, for me this is a little more complex than I feel you have stated and should be answered in two parts.
      My first response would more than likely be as you said, I would stop the person from doing it again as it would be an emotional response which is a completely human. However being as we are trying so hard to evolve and transcend the human emotions this would not be the correct thing to do.

      If I were void of all 3rd density emotions I would recognise that the person must be in a dark place and something must be very wrong in their life to make them feel they needed to do something like this, so the correct response would be to send love, compassion and understanding and forgive them for what they have.
      I understand how hard this would be for some to comprehend, but none the less this would be the correct response. Ask yourself “what would Jesus (Jehoshuah) have done”.

      Jehoshuah was an embodiment of the Christ consciousness; he was of the highest vibration of 5th density, which is the density of light or wisdom.
      When nailed to a cross and left to die, the only thing he said to the people who would murder him was “Forgive them father for they know not what they do”
      This is the truth, someone who does not seek the creator and is locked into the 3rd density merry go round of “thinking” does not know any better and therefore would not understand that they were hurting another self.
      Because all is one there is no distinction between self and other self, from a higher point of view hurting another is the same as hurting yourself.
      So from this perspective no I would not retaliate.

      To not retaliate is not being a coward it is simply a definition of our evolution of spirit, those from higher densities hold life in the highest value, yet they also see death of the body as a necessity to further evolve. Therefore it is not regard as a bad thing to die. I can understand this may seem confusing to some and they will not understand the reasoning behind it however I hope some will see the wisdom of this thinking.

    12. As I finished this post above and posted it I looked at my phone and the time was 11.11 this is conformation for me that my beliefs are focused in the right direction.

      For at 2 years now I see 11.11 and 12.12 everyday sometimes multiple times.


    13. @ council thanks for your honest answer, i too aspire to perfection and turning the other cheek. I do understand that person is sick and needs healing I do not mean to punish but to ARREST or contain the breach of freewill by another. non violently as possible. However if i did not have a love bubble handy i would give my life to protect my mother. I do not think we have to appologize for that. I am glad you would protect your mother. The godees is happy and magic is afoot. when i have more time I will share what space people have expressed in words deeds and actions in regards to physical restraint. Basically it depends on the level of vibrational attuneent phyiscal being react physically others do not. For the present if you have never heard of galactic wars read the Mahabarata and the Bhagavad Gita these historical accounts deal with galactic wars. hopefully we can transcend violence forever. It seems to me we eventually will play the role of teachers and lead other worlds who struggle with non violence into a more peaceful path. We have a long way to go before this comes to pass. But it would be nice to give to others the assistance we as a people are receiving today. By the way i never judged you at all. though your post certainly seemed to indicate to me that you were calling cobra a cabal agent. I stand corrected forgive me for my error. Words can be misconstrued if not explicit and carefully thought out before posting. I will try not to make that mistake i totally think you have a right to think that about anybody i just feel if you or anybody really feels that way they should move on end of story. that is just my opinion. Let us move forward in the spirit of forgiveness and Ho'onopono'ono or whatever that cool hawaiian reconciliation word is

    14. Hi Rob, none of us needs to apologise for anything that feels like the right thing to do and what you feel is yours and has nothing to do with me.
      I have been contemplating our differences and I feel that I may have an explanation as to why we think differently, I feel that we have taken different paths in our seeking.
      Your path I feel has taken you more into what has happened here on Earth and information concerning Earths inner plains, Urantia may have been a catalyst because it was given by entities within our lower plains, I don’t mean this in a negative way its just different from the path I seem to have taken.

      Most of the research and the seeking I have done is concentrated more on the higher densities as this is what interests me more, I have done some research on earth but not as much as you have obviously done, there is nothing wrong with either of our paths they are just different. I feel this difference being diverse is a very good thing as with anyone who has a different outlook as it gives a seeker who reads this information a broader picture with which to work.

      I am familiar with battles but mainly the ones that have taken place here in our past, I Know that the war between Atlantis and Rama (between two conflicting ET races) was not only the premise for the introduction of the planets quarantine but also brought about our last pole shift and the destruction of Atlantis as too many ET’s were abridging the free will of Earths people.

      I am still unsure as to why you feel that I or others should move on because we do not necessarily support Cobras or maybe your viewpoint. From my point of view this is a public blog, it is not a cult and no measures have been taken to exclude anyone, if they were then I would have to seriously think about Cobra’s intentions.
      My capacity here is to learn something’s that I have not been exposed to that I may have overlooked as well as being of service any capacity I can.

      This is not my only reason for being here, I love the diversity of information but the people who frequent here are the main reason for me staying, I am not sure why as I am sure most seem to think I am some kind of loony and my views are just crazy, but that’s ok because I understand that they do not understand, this is not ignorance on their behalf but just the type of information they have been exposed to so I have no problem continuing to post my views. Frequenting this blog seems right for me at this moment and for me that is enough reason to come back.

      As you said in your previous post Rob, you like to put your 2 cents on the counter and offer your opinion, this is all I do, this is free will at work, you have the free will to contemplate the information or put it aside it is purely your choice. I do not question Cobra’s motives or indeed yours I only try to add my thoughts to the fray, I hope you can understand this as I feel we both have much to share, I read your posts with anticipation ( I do get my lunch and a coffee first though ☺ ) as you always have wisdom to share.

      Much love to you Rob

    15. RobI found this and thought it may be of some interest to you.

      I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is again a great privilege to be with you. I am speaking to you from a craft known to you as an “otevana.” It is a very, very large craft compared to your standards. It is several miles in length. We have been aboard this craft here above your planet for some numbers of years. It is like a world in itself, and is used for intergalactic travel. Aboard this craft we have all of the facilities that you have in your world, plus many others.
      At this time, I and my brothers aboard this craft are pleased to be in contact with this instrument. You have some question about how we are always so available to your contact. We are aware of your thinking because it is also our thinking. When you have, shall I say, tuned your mind so that it will operate at the same vibration as ours, then, if you think something, it is a mutual thought between your mind and ours. This is the way that it should be. It is not as it was intended for minds to be individualized as they are upon your planet. This results in much confusion and difficulty in communication. Individualization of mind is something that we do not desire. Many of the people of your planet desire to separate themselves and their thinking from all others. This is their choice. It is a choice given to them by their Creator.
      However, those of our planet are not so individualized. We are always able to contact those who avail themselves because we are always availing ourselves, for that is our mission and purpose at this time. There are always a great number of our people ready and willing to send to you that which you desire.
      I am aware of certain questions about our contacts. We of the Confederation in the past have contacted directly many people on your planet. The early contactees, as they are known, were not too successful. They were unable to approach through channels of communications on your planet the people of your planet with our messages as much as we would have liked for them to. The reason for this was that the people of your planet could not understand such a form of contact, and they were not prepared to accept messages of the nature that we were able to give there. However, we are now in the position to give them much more. For this reason, we are going to support channels in a very direct way.
      But there is a slight difficulty at this time. We in the service of the infinite Creator are here in great numbers. What we ask of you is very simple. We ask that you meditate. This is important, for if we are to contact you, this will be the way.

  17. More confirmation about the great clean up:

  18. Some people feel powerless to do anything to help or to change something so big as "The World." Each of us can make small, deeply meaningful changes in our lives. One I made in January 2012 was to become vegan. I came across a podcast this morning about the esoteric effect of "carnism."
    Here Mark Passio talks about meat eating being promoted as a religion. He says how it disrupts the entire balance of the local creation for us to be dominators and to eat the dead flesh of sentient beings. Something to think about.

    1. Fantastic, in 2012 I have put a lot of effort into this and am mostly vegan, having gone from eating animal foods 2+ times a day to averaging once a week, and I feel very good about this transformation.

    2. Another simple change that we can all implement, similar to meditation, is to lay down more often and rest the mind and body. Cut out more of the unnecessary expenditure of energy in extracurricular activities and devote this vital force to cell level healing. Even the healthiest of us can afford to slow down, rest our adrenal glands, and deepen our concentration in our daily present moment awareness. This will transform us into more sensitive, intelligent, compassionate, strong, and resilient individuals.

    3. Great advice Pierre! BTW, I live with a cat named Pierre, and he is the greatest!
      I listen to the DNA Activation music/soundscapes by Shapeshifter at It is music composed on many dimensions. It has helped me in many ways over the years. Not only is it relaxing, but it helps to balance the chakras, open the energy meridians, help with ascension process and so on. It is a large and wonderful body of work. It is one of those things that grows on you and grows with you.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Might want to check this out:

    Love Light & Angel Hugs To All!

  21. Lets crack that baby open, im sure theres alot of GOOD secrets in there too!

  22. Thanks Cobra for the update, and thanks to Pottsman for your insightful postings.
    So the box is in place and is waiting for the opener, will the opener be of earthly origin or et?
    Cobra or Pottsman, will the mystery school teachings become apart of our current education system after the Event?
    Regarding the shill/trolls, i say let them rant and stew in their own stupidity, engaging them is lowering your own intelligence and vibration.

  23. Hey Potts,
    Thanks for setting the record straight.
    You're a gem ...

  24. energetic subtitles:
    - this is one tough cookie.
    - hang on to yer feet.
    - it might shake a bit.

    i notice it becoming increasingly important
    to stay true to myself
    by choosing exactly what is right for me
    in every new moment.

    on the 25th i sensed a strong resistance
    which was released a bit on the 26th
    and lingered for a while on the 27th.
    i'm grateful this wave wasn't as intense (painful)
    as some other waves earlier this year ^^

    i currently (on the 28th) feel a certain spaciousness
    that is solid, stable and strong in nature
    which provides proper footing
    for a positive building block.

    // trivia remark
    i found it comforting to read
    about the old 'mainstream' (computer) system reset
    because i am also running (through) Windows
    and have built an excellent relationship with this machine
    who asked me to be rebooted about 2 days ago,
    which was highly inconvenient for me at that time
    due to the heavy processing of HD* energies.
    now, on the other side, it is time for some well deserved rest
    for all those involved in this intense process :)
    *HD = higher dimensional

  25. Hey about all those crop circles that pointed to the venus transit timeline being an important watch date?

    Oh thats right..they turned out to be a farce....kinda like this one will :P

    Alrighty can begin the typical scared and butt hurt accusations about me being a cabal shill for disagreeing with saint Cobra now :P

    1. Hey Cooter, Wow do they really pay that much to waste our time with your whinning. Pandora's box my friend......Pandora's BOX...... Look it up...... The small light the the room is more than enough to destroy the illusion of the dark! Good luck in youre near future...... NAMASTE.

    2. Hey cecillia..allow me to inform you how big of an idiot you are.

      STFU with the shill accusations every time someone else says something you don't like.All you brainwashed new age tards keep parroting the same thing and it's freaking annoying.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I saw the word "Gaiafag" on Reddit today, and thought, "YUP, that's me!! Wheeeee!" :D Hee hee hee!

      I've lived with people who have done 180° turns, and JOKO, I know you are one, too. There is a reason people in general come here, and I think it is because deep down, they see something real and true here. Lots of love & people trying to get along. There is something highly resonant here with the people who have been brought here by their higher selves. I can feel you all, and know how much love circulates. It's palpable.

      So, I send a huge load of love to everyone who comments here. To everyone who reads. NAMASTE, indeed.

      Love from,
      Calliope the Hippie Gaiafag (and proud of it, lol)

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I think I commented on a previous post that I had pretty intense dreams on Friday (or Saturday?) morning. My 15 year old also did, apparently; he told me of one he had (I'll loosely quote him): "There was a super nova or something like that, but nothing really bad happened, just the Earth got smaller." So Mom here had to pick it apart by asking whether just the Earth got smaller and everything else stayed the same and there was just less room for it, and us, all or if everything shrank together, and he told me that everything also shrank along with the Earth. But he was telling me this to help keep him from freaking out since he has always been very sensitive to dreams like this. He knew I'd try to come up with a message from it but I haven't yet with this one, only that he was sensing some enormous energy.

  27. A little more information to ponder.

    "you are part of the tribe of humankind and you carry the burden of the behavior and the choices of humankind. It creates of the universe a hall of mirrors for the spiritual seeker on Planet Earth today, so that the seeker is bumping up against truth. And often that truth is not what one wants to see.

    It is not all tied up in a pretty bow. It is not all positive. It does not seem to be fair; that is, it does not seem to be beautiful or true or just or equitable. And yet you see all these things because you are being bombarded constantly by fourth-density light.

    There is every reason to feel more tired than usual, to be weary with the world’s heavy energies. And yet you came here to serve. This is the moment for which you sacrificed so much. Now you are here. Now you are on the ground. Now you are in the midst of the fire, and it certainly is wearying. Yet comfort yourself with the knowledge that you did not come here to fix things. You came here to love things—to love yourself and to love those around you, to love all of the tribe of humankind and, above all, to love the Creator.

    Therefore, it’s all right to feel weary. One feels weary at sundown. And it is truly sundown for your planet and your people. At the end of this incarnation, each of you shall walk the steps of light. This is your last incarnation upon this particular planet in this particular environment. Consequently, rejoice in your time, however wearying it may seem.

    You are in the place you sacrificed comfort and family and the remembrance of how things truly are, [so that you could] serve and to learn.
    And you are serving, my sister and you are learning. And so are all of those who seek at this time."

  28. Ridiculous.

    Victory to Humanity!

    1. Good to see you have not lost your objectivity.

      What do you find ridiculous about it? or is it that you just don't understand, maybe it is just to hard for you to comprehend an existence without some kind of war or battle to fight even whilst entering a new era.

      That passage was channeled in 2010 by a group of incredibly positive and enlightened people, granted they are not mainstream but that is the way it should be. People are supposed to SEEK not be served with what they should believe, which do you think are the sheep??


    2. @ Council Of Nine

      Hello :-)

      I get the impression you assume my comment was directed at you? Because my comment is directly under yours? That isn't the case.

      I find any existence with any form of War hard to "comprehend."

      I'm not a fan of the term "Sheep" or "Sheeple." If we lived our Physical Existences here on this Planet equally, then neither one of those terms would even exist. "Sheeps" exist due to Secrecy, Lies, Manipulation etc. "Sheeps" are a result of Our current Human Situation or Condition.

      I'm concerned that People are being Served with what they should believe here on this Site, and others.

      Have you ever wondered Why the Majority of People who have created Sites like this one (and including this one) are Men??? Why Men??? There are very few Women out there with Sites like these. And even the few Women who are out there doing this type of thing present themselves and their information very differently to the Men. Why???

      This next question is completely unrelated to anything I have just spoken about, but I'm asking because I was asked this years ago and have still not come up with an answer. The Question has been "on my mind" recently.

      Why is it, that the Indigenous Peoples of the World did not expand their populations? As we have done in such a small period of time.

      And finally, you made a statement which was "Good to see you have not lost your objectivity." The correct word is Subjectivity. I hope you and everyone else is using theirs.

      Victory to Humanity! The Originals ;-)

    3. I apologise Pevy Sue It seems I did wrongly associate your statement with my post, please forgive me for not looking closer.


    4. I am not sure about the indigenous peoples not expanding so I will not comment on it but I can comment on why our population has increased so rapidly over recent years.

      The reason I believe that our world wide population has grown because of the influx of entities from all over ours and other galaxies, all trying to be a part of the most wonderful thing ever experienced. What has happened and what is happening on the planet at this time has never been experienced before and is a wealth of learning catalyst for further evolution of an entity.

      Some have come just to lighten the load, spreading their light so that more can be given the opportunity of harvest/ascension. But from what I understand this is a very exciting time and everyone just wants to be a part of it.

      I have read information as to why but i cant quite recall it and I will have to do a bit of checking to find the source.


  29. check out this video for info on the energies bombarding the planet and connecting to the heart center ...

    we are moving into the age of aquarius which is the age of 'knowing' which comes from the heart and intuition and not the mind.

    she mentions the cabals disinfo program to keep us connected to the mind and logic and keep us disconnected from our hearts and intuition. (sound familiar ? :)

    cosmic rays and the heart

  30. The reason for having to reboot on the 14th of this month is because MS have a thing called Patch Tuesday (google it), where they release patches for Windows on the second Tuesday of every month, which happened to be the 14th for the month of August...

    1. Reboots do not usually shut your router down so it has to have a complete realocation with your server. This happened to me 4 times from the 12th to 14th.

  31. I'm grateful for a couple of days of silence on the blog.

    Most of all I am grateful because opening up this post, before I have even read comments, what is posted here confirms to me in every way the discoveries and insights I gained in a couple of days of paying attention.

    I am overjoyed to see what is here, because I received the knowing of what this stuff means already, before seeing it here, by following where my intuition led me the past couple of days. And it was exactly to what is posted here. Bazinga. ;-)

    Now I can go and read comments. :)

    P.S. On or about the 14th (it may have actually been the 13th), my son insisted that I wipe my old version of Windows & load his WIN7 Pro version. I have been really pissed off at him (he's only 16, too, and full of hubris of boys that age) as things have been pretty wonky with my computer since then.

    I started learning about the reboot, though, and my jaw dropped when I saw dates that were mentioned, lol. No such thing as coincidence.

    Thank you, Cobra. You have confirmed so much for me. :)
    Calliope the Muse, aka Karin

  32. LOL. The ad that popped just as I was posting that comment was for Pandora internet radio, lmao! :D

  33. Ehhhhhrrrrrrmmmmmmm.

    Okay, so I read comments. *waves at Potts & says "hi" and "thanks"*

    Soooooo, is it okay if I still make Goddess vagina, ovary, and breast jokes or are those going to be off-limits, too? Hee hee. Kinda joking, and kinda not.

    Just curious.

    I vow to stay above the fray. I know what's what. Today's post confirms it in spades and I truly have gratitude.


  34. Bens Article for this week

    The old colonialist regime is Asia is falling apart fast and hysterical efforts to fan “territorial disputes,” will not save it. This can be seen in a flood of new revelations coming from the new regime in North Korea as well as in signals being put out by the new government scheduled to take power in China in November.
    The latest revelation from North Korea is the stuff of fairy tales. Yokota Megumi, the 13-year old girl spirited away from Japan in 1977 is a member of the Japanese imperial family, according to multiple Japanese, North Korean and Chinese sources. She was taken to be married to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in order to give the Kim dynasty imperial legitimacy. Her son, new North Korean leader Kim Jon-un, is now suggesting Yokota be given the title of “Empress Dowager.”
    The North Koreans are saying they are representatives of the old imperial Japanese regime that was pushing for a greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere during World War 2.

    The Chinese for their part, are also preparing for a “paradigm shift,” in power that will be preceded by a major purge of banks and industrial conglomerates linked to the old regime.

    First, let us look at the latest North Korean revelations as revealed by multiple sources including a retired senior North Korean yakuza boss in Japan.

    The story goes back, as we have previously written, to the end of World War 2 when remnants of the Japanese imperial army in China set up the nation of North Korea.

    After the war, they resumed their contacts with their Nazi allies who had now set up the Odessa underground.
    The Nazis, operating through the CIA, allied themselves with remnants of the former Japanese military regime in North Korea to set up a secret “anti-communist” control grid in Japan after the war.


    1. Thanks, Council, it's always good to hear the latest from Fulford. I'm glad he is still with us!

      Peace n Love ~~Suzie

  35. The Cube contains Inside Geometric Construction ... contains Inside Network ... includes Inside Design ... Inside a Grid ...

  36. Or a teseract that is 4th dimensional geography, the teseract is the key to mastering the transition for space/time to time/space.

    Teseract image's

    And Another

    1. *** YES * YEAH *** Tesseract ...

    2. @CO9, The teseract is the first thing I thought of when looking at the crop formation. :-)

    3. *** I Love Descriptive Geometry in the field of grain & poppy flower * symbol for the fight field ... Thank You Council Of Nine & ClayDog for participation ...
      Tesseract * INSIDE the Cube/Earth is a Grid with quantity exact straight Lines * at a Right Angle & Grades !!!
      YES ... for Space/Time TO Time/Space & heART ...

    4. This is an explanation of how a lower density craft would switch between space/time and time/space.

      You must put energy into a craft until it approaches the velocity of light and this of course requires more and more energy. The time dilation occurs by moving at an angle relative to a portion of a tesseract, the direction of travel changes this stored energy in its application of direction or in a sense so that you move out of space/time into time/space again at an angle relative to a portion of a tesseract. Then the energy would be taken out in time/space and you would re-enter space/time at the end of this energy burst.

    5. *** Thank you ... I love to sleep *** the whole time and space like a lighthouse *** little inspiration ...

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Potts resonates so deeply (my generation- co-traveller) and i just love the man, IAL touches my love and peace pulse, Clay Dog is incredibly articulate (uses so many Gk words, like he speaks Gk and he doesn't even know it) he touches my "justice" pulse and is in many ways my guiding light, Prosperity makes me proud to be Greek, a sister of the light, Calliope is such a high Gk spirit too, she's a real (freedom)fighter, makes me laugh too...
    God people, you're all such gems!
    i cannot continue mentioning names (nicks)- as i'm afraid i'll miss some and be unfair to them. I just want to say I'm happy to be here with you all, and that the great majority of you guys are simply a part of my soul



    1. :-) and a little heart thingy bu ti dont now how to make em

    2. one from me and Rob ♥♥ ;-)

    3. alt + 3 Rob (3 on the numeric keys)

    4. ♥ From my heart to yours Vicky

    5. (((((((((♥GROUP HUG♥)))))))))

    6. ♥♥♥♥♫♫♫♫☼Heart and song☼♫♫♫♫♥♥♥♥

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  38. This is a question for the ladies amongst us. With all the extra energies being absorbed, have any of you noticed changes in your menstrual cycles. For the last 7-8 weeks, my cycle changed overnight from every 28 days to every 14 days. Would be interesting to know if this is happening to others

    1. Boy have I noticed changes! At 52, the cycle was totally diminishing, reaching the zero point of menopause. Since Nov. 2011, the cycle returned with a vengeance. Every 28 days though, just as it was when I was in my 30's.

    2. Ooooooohhh goodie! We get to talk about periods now!! Woo hoo! *grin*

      Maybe TMI for some, eh, lol. Too bad.

      Yup, shortcycled this month, but sometimes that happens when I travel several timezones, which I did in the month. So I don't know if there is a connection or not.

      I do know this: as above, so below for me, and "below", time has become very bent and fluid. I am sure that it is above as well. My markers for time (cycle included) are all very stretched and warped. Crossover with past people and places, and lots of "déjà vu" and "reja vu" as well. It's all feeling very glitchy, Matrix-movie style and all.

    3. I was doing the every two weeks thing every once in a while about 10 years ago (am 55 now) after having been on-the-clock every 28 days for many years. Then things began to get very erratic, 90 days, 57 days, now I'm on 120 days, so just waiting it out (I do keep track with an Excel spreadsheet, numbers geek that I am) to hit a whole year so that I can then be "official." I am a bit disappointed for this to all be happening so "early" for me (thought I could make it to 57 or 60). And then there is the not knowing when and if another cycle will come up, so just have to deal with the not-knowing. What was really scary was one that started on Christmas Day in 2009 and never stopped and then got so heavy around the end of January that I thought I might bleed to death, so I was scared enough to go get that checked out (and thankfully everything slowed down and eventually stopped and resumed a more "regular" cycle again, but it left me a bit wiped out). My doctor told me she was pretty sure I'd be "all done" after an in-patient procedure that July (checking to see what was up), but nope, kept hanging in there until a few months ago.

      LOL, how's that for TMI? But then I'm usually an open book anyway. And as with many other things, bring on The Change!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Since you asked about the TMI:

      The inclusion of the word "spreadsheet" with this topic brought a disturbing visual that I will now have to suffer through for the next several minutes. THANKS!


  39. Connections to portal locations are being completed

    GaiaPortal Energy Message for 28 Aug 2012

    Connections to portal locations throughout Gaia are being completed for the 9-9-12 event. Such as those who are aligned with Gaia are being opened, in a sense, to receive and transmit the Higher Energies through, and into the planet.

    Those selected for the 9-9-12 in a physical and possibly “traveling” sense, know exactly their role, although instructions come moment by moment. We convey to you that these Hue-people are to be honored and supported by the Higher Realms in all they need to do.

    Preparation for the upcoming Grand Event are ongoing. The 9-9 is one step in the leading up to the 12-12 to 12-21 Ascension window. 9-9, 10-10, 11-11, 12-12, are exponential increases in Cosmic-consciousness and Cosmic-awareness.

    This planet is that Being of Light spoken of in the so-named Holy Books. And she is progressing on schedule, into becoming fully the Light Being that she is.

    Gaia is grateful for all participants at this time.

  40. Cobra,
    I propose a group meditation on the scale we had in May and June for the 9-9-12 portal and possibly for 9-11-12.
    I sense that our efforts strenght has diminished in the past two months and instead of attracting more and more people to the SUnday meditations, the number of people doing it and the enthusiasm actually decreased.

    So let's do a 100000+ meditation at these important days. Might help accelerate the changes.

  41. Does anyone here know how to decipher the meaning of these crop circles? I understand from the post and Rob that this particular one is related to operation pandora, however does it have any other meaning? It is so intricate and complecated in its geometry that I think there's even more to it than just a box...

    I thank you in advance... :)

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Joko, how do you like this one? :)

    Andrea Bocelli- I believe

    One day I’ll hear
    The laugh of children
    In a world where war has been banned.

    One day I’ll see
    Men of all colours
    Sharing words of love and devotion.

    Stand up and feel
    The Holy Spirit
    Find the power of your faith.

    Open your heart
    To those who need you
    In the name of love and devotion.

    Yes, I believe.

    I believe in the people
    Of all nations
    To join and to care
    For love.

    I believe in a world
    Where light will guide us
    And giving our love
    We’ll make heaven on earth.

    I believe in the people
    Of all nations
    To join and to care
    For love.

    I believe in a world
    Where light will guide us
    And giving our love
    We’ll make heaven on earth.

    Yes, I believe.

    I believe in the people
    Of all nations
    To join and to care
    For love.

    I believe in a world
    And giving our love
    We’ll make heaven on earth.

    I believe.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. ...the right thing to guide us

    is right here, inside us...

  45. Love to all! It seems council of nine is generally misunderstood or misinterpreted, and I don't see too much love going in that direction. So hee's to you Council Of Nine: massive amounts of mad love! <3 <3 <3 I sympa- and emphathize with your D'Artagnan-position. Here's to diversity! For those of you who find diversity troubling; brace yourselves. A tsunami of diversity is coming. May light and love flow freely. Namasté.

    1. @brageboogie, great comment, full disclosure is going to rock the foundations of our entire so called his-story. And many comfort zones will be uprooted, but it's to be celebrated. I for one enjoy all of CO9's comments and I never judge a person only on their latest comment. That's what a linear mind would do.. people love to remain in their own created comfort zones and that's about to be completely shaken up as part of full disclosure.

    2. We are all of Free Will, and I respect every view that is voiced here. Regardless, the one thing I can not forget is we are all of the same "fabric" or of God (if you will) and that alone should say it all, in every aspect of what we say or do. How we choose to be, act or stand by should always be respected and honored AND that forgiveness is what we are here to learn in this transition. Every single person on the site, Cobra included has made a difference or provided a lesson in one way or another. If we could just be in the moment, in every moment, wouldn't you see the gift in that? And appreciate all that is, in that very moment....and forgive in what we saw in others as we would need to forgive in our selves? I guess is what I am saying is, lets clear the plate, forgive and create the world we deserve to live in. Namaste! Ho' oponopono (google it :)) )

    3. Thanks guys for your support, I must say when i saw your posts a tear came to my eyes.

      This has happened on many sites, some people just can not see that there may be a different story and tend to stay with what is safe, which is usually what everyone else believes.

      If you search deeper you can find some wonderful information full of love and warmth, totally free of any negativity.

      I love you all and wish you joy and peace.


  46. After reading a few posts about recent dreams, I just want to share the one I had last weekend. In this dream, I felt an earthquake ( not a big one tough ) and after that,I saw all the windows of my neighbour's house shatter at the same time. I went to the sidewalk and saw all the windows of my front neighbour shatter as well, and, as I walk on the street, I saw all the windows of all my neighbours shatter, not at the same time but one neighbour after the other and there was a rainfall of shattered glass everywhere.
    Maybe it has somthing to do with the activation grid. I have no idea. But I like to think it does !

    1. Very interesting dream Michelle...maybe it's related!

  47. Oooh nice disclosure on Larry King CNN

    Like Potts said, there's a tsunami of truth and love coming and we'll all swim in it eventually so i say, stay calm and don't worry about being right. Find love

    Love you all!

  48. Argh, is it just me? Maybe I didn't eat enough or ate too much or not the right thing, or stayed on the computer too much when there are other things calling out that they need attention ("Mount Washmore" and the dryer that needs fixin' and things like that), a meeting to get ready to go to in a few hours....... Or is there something else that my nervous system is doing its best to adjust to? Just feeling really antsy here -- not that feeling of "impending doom" that I'm so familiar with (the "how will we live until next payday?" and "been ripped off again!" syndromes, usually). Or is it something that's been missing for quite some time and it's taking some getting used to since it's unfamiliar for now?

    Ah well, will tear myself away from here and stayed "tuned in" otherwise while attending to the other things that may be part of the nagging and see what remains! Will check in with y'all in a few hours.......


    oh, a PS --- I checked this computer's update history and there was a ton that happened on 8/16 here rather than 8/14. I REALLY don't know of what significance that is, though --- I can crunch the heck out of numbers but not that tech savvy! This machine runs Vista and I have an Acer Netbook that's XP. That one has been giving me a lot of grief lately in how long it takes to start up (sometimes 50 minutes from turning it on to being able to go online, so I've gotten VERY good at Freecell and Spider Solitaire while playing during the wait (: ...). I'd like to not have to turn it off in the first place but it won't "go to sleep" and *I* can't sleep if it stays on. The desktop is on practically all the time and I love the convenience of that -- I try to remember to always disconnect the internet access every time it's unattended though, and it goes into standby quite nicely for us. Four years old and I hope it continues to hold up (fingers crossed).......

    1. Angelsea, the reboot on my computer was not on 8/14 but later in last week, the 23rd August I would say, although I don't remember. I have a Microsoft product too.

  49. I found a video of this crop circle at youtube:

    Would you believe someone, pointing a gun at you,
    that he was about to send you to paradise?

    Would you believe the picture of a gun pointing at you
    to be a good symbol for you?

    What about the picture of a bomb that is about to explode?

    Why would a picture supposedly representing the box of Pandora
    appear to be a good symbol for you?

    It must be because you are completely ignorant of the story
    of Pandora!
    Why did you never bother to look it up?

    Pandora was a bait created by vengeful goods in order to punish
    the people for developing too far.
    A more ancient version of the Trojan horse if you will.
    The box is the box that contained all the evils that where
    to be released upon mankind.

    And you would still believe this to be a good symbol for you?

    I am astounded, how such a thing could be pulled off.

    I was thinking as omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet
    and is often used to describe the end of something
    and as humanity seems to be in trouble already,
    that Omega Pandora could mean the end of the plagues that
    had been released upon mankind,
    but as we are presented with the box of Pandora,
    it seems more likely that this symbolism rather
    is meant to point at the last stage of more evils
    to be released upon mankind.

    I tend to not wanting such a thing to happen.

    There can sometimes be the idea that some need to
    "learn the hard way".
    I do not know if this is true, and I am uncertain
    if some of the "hard ways" would even provide
    the possibility to learn.

    I still believe everything can turn out good,
    even when unexpected turns may occur along the way.

    A quote (supposedly) from Benjamin Franklin:
    "The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason."

    1. There is another aspect, I forgot to mention
      and looked up anew meanwhile:

      The "Box" (of the Pandora) is recognized to be an
      error in translation (by Erasmus of Rotterdam)
      and it originally should actually have been a
      "large earthen storage jar".
      Instead of that his translation (to Latin)
      would mean a much lighter and more portable "can",
      nowadays even translated to English as "box".

      However you look upon it, this cubic 3D box symbol
      is rather far removed from the original Greek story
      of Pandora - if there is a connection to it at all.

      And I tend to like that fact. :-)

    2. Tech
      i think this box is a can of whup ass on the Cabal forces most of these Crop circles are having several functions. One is an energetic mandala of light encodements to the earth itself. Another is messages to the general populace and even another function are scientific messages. There are teachings as well as lots of warnings to the naughty people.
      This one is a can of whup ass as operation pandora has been reported by cobra before these circles appeared.

      Historically the common story is another earth myth that has been changed by the ignorant to make the godeess the scape goat. Pandora was a gift. Zeus presented her as a bride to Prometheus' brother Epimetheus. Prometheus had the gift of thinking ahead, but Epimetheus was only capable of afterthought, so Prometheus, expecting retribution for his audacity, had warned his brother against accepting gifts from Zeus.
      Zeus gave the gods-crafted Pandora as bride to Epimetheus, along with a box with a warning label telling the couple never to open it. Epimetheus was dazzled by his bride, Pandora. Perhaps he forgot the advice of his prescient brother. Perhaps he thought they were supposed to hold the box in safe-keeping for Zeus against his return -- that it wasn't a gift, at all.

      Pandora Opens the Box

      Epimetheus insisted that his wife obey the letter of the label. Unfortunately, one day Pandora's husband left her side for a few hours. Pandora was gifted with curiosity as much as the other attributes given her by the gods. For her the box was a gift, not something to be kept in trust. What business had Zeus to tell her not to open it? Perhaps she'd listened to her brother-in-law's tales of tricking the king of the gods. Perhaps she saw nothing to fear. Maybe if she just took a quick peak.... Looking around to make sure no one was watching, she opened the box Zeus had given them just a crack. As Pandora did so, ghostly forms gushed forth from the crack. Pandora had unleashed all the evils now known to man. No longer could man loll about all day, but he would have to work and would succumb to illnesses.
      At the very bottom of the container was the last thing to come out. It was something that wasn't evil. We call the good that Pandora unleashed by the name of hope.

      My Best scooby doo voice "RUH OH" the godess did it again. It may also possibly be another explanation of the Adam and Eve story which has been cleared up in the urantia book. A fact can be presented so many ways interesting you choose the fearful doggy downer view?
      respectfully another point of view

    3. For me what it all means is that this planet is the box. This planet is a big mess. The money/exchange system are based on slavery. The air, the waters, the frequencies we use in music, the food, the mass medias, school education programs, etc, are almost all full of poisons, to us and the planet and all of creation. This is fact. This is the bad stuff inside the box. The planet is also 'quarantined', which is a nicer way of saying locked down. This is the box being closed.

      ET's have been documented to shut down nuclear missiles for example. They are trying to help. I have personally seen ships many times and they are here to send good stuff/love, their timing and what i feel from them tells me that (and yes what we feel is not some kind of irrational madness like brainwashed doctors and sadists psychiatrists have been saying for centuries or more, thoughts and feelings are proven to have frequencies that extend far outside our bodies and affect matter, the scientific quantum physics research are out there for all to see)

      So these ET's are here to help us and as they do that they open the box, open the lock down imposed on this planet and this causes the bad stuff to come out.

      Don't forget the other part of the pandora box story. It is opened a first time and the bad stuff comes out. Shortly after it is opened a second time, and all see that only hope remain in the box and it is left open.

    4. Thanks Rob and Untwine.

      My first imperssion was Pandora box. Now, I feel it is:
      1. a warning that light has boxed in the dark,
      2. the secrets will be out in the open,
      3. Not to worry help is own its way.

      on the other note: has anyone noticed the shift in energy is going back and forth? Maybe it is me. My emotions have been palying with me and each time that I notice the up and down modiness, I ground myself to calm down. Something is going on that I can't put my finger on it yet.

      Blessings and light.

    5. I like your 3-part impression, sheedy angel!

      And YES! to your question. I am having more trouble than usual staying grounded. It's like the looking forward to things getting better is off the charts for me, then it's followed by severe anxiety over if things DON'T get better. I hope to escape the edginess by sleeping if I'm ABLE to sleep. Dreams have been very vivid for the past two or three weeks also, though I'd be hard-pressed to describe one in detail. It's like I'm experiencing deja vu in my dreams, dreaming of being somewhere that I recognize from one or more dreams in the past. Good thing I find weirdness entertaining!

    6. @A: I thought more people might be going thru the same emotional roller coaster. The good thing is as soon as you ground yourself, the situation gets stabilized.

      Blessings and light.

    7. Hello every One,

      Mmmmh I wonder...did somebody ask themselves...WHY Zeus asked Hesphaestus to create Pandora out of earth and water?


    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. I could not find a translation of whup to my native language
      and I am uncertain about what exactly "whup ass"
      would mean.

      Crop circles do have many fascinating properties.
      Until a few years ago, I was not even aware,
      there was such a thing as crop circles.
      Now I do sometimes see pictures of them.
      Most of them I find to be very beautiful
      and somehow mysterious.
      I tend to be a little frustrated as I often times
      can not get any certainty about their meaning,
      but I certainly like the beauty of them. :-)

      I especially remember [the story of] the one with the Grey alien
      holding a CD in his hand with a ASCII code
      saying something about them opposing deception.
      I liked that. :-)
      Found it again:
      "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
      Much PAIN but still time.
      There is GOOD out there.
      We Oppose DECEPTION.
      Conduit CLOSING." Here:

      As far as I know this was referring to some (dirtier) deals
      of some government type entities with other aliens...

      Thanks for the nice telling of the Pandora story, pottsman.
      I liked it very much, how you told it.

      I can resonate with much of your views too @untwine -
      but I tend to be wanting to see the present situation
      a _tiny_ bit better. I really meant tiny only.

      I've heard/read about ETs making nuclear weapons unusable.

      In the last months I often times had some nice feelings
      with "no obvious reason".
      In spite of many "facts" that may be presented
      [on an intellectual level],
      I have a very strong feeling,
      that all is going to turn out good.
      I do not think this is a pure manipulation.
      But even if we would consider that possibility,
      it is still much more healthy, not to live in fear,
      but in some kind of positive expectation.
      (A short term jump and run situation may be an exception to that rule.
      But that should normally be a matter of a few seconds.)

      I mean we should rather expand the range of our
      perceptions not limit them.

      Yes I kind of feel help is on its way, even if I do not yet
      quite see how. And yes it feels very much so,
      that something is in fact going on. @sheedy angel
      Maybe it is just a little bit outside the range of
      where we used to perceive things.
      We may get to perceiving more details of this somehow...

      I tend not to remember the content of most of my dreams,
      but what is left of them and the feeling of it appears to be good.
      Usually better then my life on earth.
      Even that seem OK enough.
      It seems many bad things that might have happened to us,
      fortunately have not happened.
      F.e. there is no 3rd world war -
      and lets keep it that way!

      I feel, I can get along even with occasional downs
      (concerning appearances of emotions or physical energy),
      especially when not worrying about them,
      but rather seeing them as normal things that can
      occur [in times like these].

      @Marthe: After the descriptions above, I see the similarities
      to the Adam and Eve story,
      there is probably a reason for that ...
      There is much more to know, than we currently do.

  50. Referring back to this comment (since things seen to get "lost" when I reply to them in the middle of all the comments):

    If anyone on Facebook would like to friend me, you can find me there at ....... oh, and just mention that you know me from here or I might get confused :)

    1. Hi Angelsea, It doesn't seem to give me the option to friend you on facebook :/ My fb page is!/ClaireKatrinaTurner

      I also tried to reply to a comment that light888 made about a recent post I had written and it wouldn't post for some reason...

    2. Thanks CK -- I thought my FB account was pretty open as far as anyone being able to find me there, but I shall come looking for you! Maybe it's the "httpS" that one is stuck with once one opts for the secured connection. I got that your page doesn't exist when I wasn't signed in but it came up as soon as I did. Another example of not always needing to know HOW something works and only that it does!

  51. I can't wait to see the opening day of pandora's box ( call it in Latin, in Greek, in English names.... no difference ).

    Now it's a joke time. But before; thank you Rob for taking your time ( though I knew the legend ), and keeping enlightening us.
    Here is one thing I just can't comprehend.
    How could THE all mighty Zeus do such a stupid thing? ( ...orrrr... was he stupid? ) You don't give a beautiful box as a wedding gift ( a wife ) and then tell the groom - "Don't you ever open this one!" I. e. "Don't touch the bride".

    Cheer up Cobrasss!!! The name of this vitamin is - LAUGHT... hahaha....

    1. Reading this just brought to mind B E Taylor's song "Vitamin L" -- classic video if you'd care to search it on You Tube. Of course this one references the *other* vitamin L - perhaps we have L1 and L2! (OK, here's link if you're in the mood for a diversion:

    2. @HA: I read your post and it made me to think. It occurred to me that Zeus was not stupid. This was a test of faith. Pandora did not trust Zeus. The same way as we are being tested in our faith today. Don't get me wrong I am far from being religion. Faith has nothing to do with religion. Faith is trust and knowing. The second test that Zeus imposed was the fact that things are not what they seem to be. A beautiful package, in this cased a box, can be lethal. Again a test of faith. How many things in beautiful packages we have been given that were lethal?

      We are being tested every moment of our life and we make decision every second. All the stories that are being told generation after generation have a purpose, a hidden one. They are like a puzzle that we need to solve.

      I see ancient stories that I was told are being proved to be true. Now I am looking with another eye and understanding at those stories. They contain great knowledge. BTW I don't mean that every old story is true. Some are manmade!!!

      Blessings and light.

    3. On the greek pantheon: Yes, we call them gods, but they are only glorified archetypes of the human subconscious. As such they exhibit very human traits, like demanding faith, giving 'gifts' that at best are self-serving, at worst pure poison, demanding faith, engaging in adultery, acting on vengeance, tricking each other and the lowly humans, did I mention demanding faith? It says a lot about the mindset that spawned the greek pantheon that the romans (the empire never died) annexed their whole religion, including the myths. Whether or not those 'gods' were actual people of one kind or another is beside the point. They have become symbols of the powers that be. Power hungry maniacs, they were. There is no sign of The Source anywhere in those old tales, only these impostors demanding to be treated as gods. History, or myth, repeating. Let's not give them more credit than what is due.

      On faith: Faith can be demanded, but then by definition it cannot be given. Faith comes naturally, like grace. To demand faith is typical of the olden patriarchal ways. A scam if ever there was one.

      These are new times. The old myths (especially those held in high regard by the powers that be) do not apply anymore. The road signs will only sidetrack you.

      Those are my two cents on the issue. Thank you for your attention.

      May light and love flow freely. Namasté.

    4. A few pointers for clarification by a Greek: Parthenon comes from the word "parthena" which means "virgin" and that includes the high priestess. So Parthenon was the temple of the virgins. The worship and rituals did not include anything near negativity (nor adultery, vengeance, orgies, or anything of the kind). You seem to be confusing Rome with ancient Greece, but the fact that the Romans took the "gods", certain customs, set of beliefs and cultural models from Greece, and distorted (most of) them to suit their needs and mind set, does not mean that Roman culture was identical to the Greek one... The "gods" could very well have been very advanced extraterrestrials (this is what all evidence point towards), which became gods to the minds of the people - and yes they could have very well become "glorified archetypes of the human subconscious". But that' not all negative. As far as I'm concerned it was rather towards the light. They inspire me, but I do not worship them as gods. The fact that the illuminati have "stolen" symbols such as the sun (Apollo) and the pyramid (Egyptian civilization directly linked and interconected to Greece) does not make the symbols "evil"- it is the intentions and the interpretation behind them that glorify the dark. Apollo's basic symbol was the sun, and is also called lucifer by many (light bearer) and in many ways he was. But a light bearer-carrier is definitely NOT satan (evil)- to whom the illuminati directly connect Appollo... To us Apollo is light. Simple as that.

      I don't know how you understand or approach the meaning of faith, but if we disengage the word from mind control/manipulation programmes the dark ones were planting in the population's minds throughout the ages (via religions and political ideologies), faith in itself is anything BUT bad. For example, I have FAITH in the Light, in Love, in Harmony, in all the goodness that humans are connected to.

      The "gods" (ETs as far as I'm concerned) probably had their weaknesses, (even though they came from a much more advanced civilization) but that does not make their phenomenal contribution to the land -which extended to the planet- (with arts, maths, astronomy, sciences, philosophy, etc) less valuable.


    5. Hey anticonfo! I do not disagree with anything of what you just wrote. But it seems you have misread me. I wrote 'pantheon', not 'parthenon'. I use that word as it's defined in point 3 here: That is, as a number of gods seen by it's worshippers as a group. Like the hindu pantheon, the norse/germanic pantheon, the greek pantheon etc. All polytheisms (religions worshipping many gods, as opposed to monotheisms) have their pantheon; their group of gods. It also seems to me you might have misinterpreted me as having a thing against the greek myths. Not so. i absolutely love them. When I was a child, nothing put the stars in my eyes quite like the greek myths did. The Iliade, The Odyssey... absolutely love 'em. However, new times call for new (or no) myths. Everything is transitory. Further, it seems to me you interpreted that I have a thing against faith. Nothing could be further from the truth. Me quibble is with enforced faith, which is not faith at all, but mind control. Like I said, faith is like grace. I love grace; it continually saves and guides me. Alas...
      Keep the faith, and read everything twice, especially if after the first read you think you disagree. Sorry for that last normative statement. But keep the faith nonetheless. Namasté.

    6. Referring to HyeAngels comment.
      (Admitting not really having read the other answers.):

      A "gift", you may not use as you please (or at least as you normally would use it),
      is NOT A GIFT AT ALL, as I see it!

      A box that you may not open, is him storing his junk at your place, right? ;-)
      And if it is even dangerous, it is him disposing his hazardous waste at your place
      or even something worse!

    7. @brageboogie, true, i did misread... see, both words are Gk and the sun was glaring on my laptop screen.. (that's what happens when you take the laptop to the beach :P) but apart from that, I don't think I was really offtopic... The "clarification" was only regarding parthenon, which was my mistake as already admitted. The rest of my post was no "clarification", just part of my view, and I wasn't really disagreeing with you- so if that's what your take was, you also misinterpreted a little... That goes for "faith" as well. Apparently you think I have interpreted you have a thing against faith, when all I actually said was "I don't know how you understand or approach the meaning of faith"... "I DON'T KNOW" being the key phraze here...
      I never assumed anything, just stated my view- in the spirit of conversing with you, rather than clashing- and on "reading everything twice" -as you so...kindly suggested ;) - I think that your vew happens to be quite close to mine, seing that we both reject the "enforced faith".

      and Greetings from Greece


    8. sweet! said the representative of the norse pantheon ;)

  52. From Hye Angel to Sheedy Angel.
    Darling, I was in a very good mood. So, I just wanted to take it easy... And when I'm serious, I'll TRY to solve the rest... including Cobra's puzzles. LOL

    There is plenty of time till.... hmmmm... 12-12-12, 12-21-12... or may be, even until 13-13-13?!
    New AGE, new calendar!!!

    Wish YOU Joy, Laughter and Happy DAys!!!*****
    Victory of the LIGHT!

    1. @HyeAngel: I understood that you were in a good mood, I just wrote about my own thoughts of Zeus as a crazy man, LOL.

      Blessings to all, may your journey be filled with joy.

  53. Hello all,I love you all and know in my heart that all will be well and a new dawn is rising ! This is my first posting.Many blessing to you Cobra and thank you for all your hard work ,you are loved and so appreciated greatly !!! i SAW THIS VIDEO AND WANTED TO SHARE!


  54. Thank you very much for all who answered my question regarding the meaning of the crop circle. However I think my question was misunderstood (perhaps I was not clear). I get the connection between pandora and the box. What I meant was the actual crop circle...look at it and it's geometry (and forget about pandora's box for a sec). Look at the design. Pay attention to arrows pointing at different directions and aspects of sacred geometry...

    16 squres within a frame of 20 squares, just on one side and ten arrows pointing in one direction while the other 10 pointing at a different direction. Do you think it is done in such detail just so it looks pretty or is the more to it than that?

    I totally get the pandora aspect of it ( if related)... I am just fascinated by it's design and thought that maybe someone could shed light on what it all mean... If it means anything at all.

    Thank you very much


    1. I think what the arrows mean is where it will all open up..they are pointing outwards from the 16 squares resulting in a collapse.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I see 9 and 11 pointing opposite directions.

  55. Will There Be a "Quantum Awakening" in December 2012?

    Written by David Wilcock Tuesday, 28 August 2012


    ...One of the most important principles is the forgiveness of self.

    For on a deeper level, within the subconscious and unconscious levels of mind, there is a powerful self-loathing, and disgust of one’s true nature as the mortal self, when these actions are taken.

    There is a reason for why these activities are allowed to occur.

    And, the karma is administered by these different levels of self – of which we have spoken in generic terms.

    Much like the paisley pattern on a shirt, there are infinite subtleties and curlicues in the ways in which the paths of life can unfold.

    These fractalized constructs of consciousness need not be all experienced – for the fractal is but an iteration of a very simple set of principles.

    The overarching desire is for the mortal mind to reach Oneness.

    You will find this is increasingly coming into your grasp.

    It shall not be as difficult to do this, after December 21, 2012 or thereabouts, as it is now.

    This is one of the fundamental realities that we can share with you.

    The sense of inspiration will be different.

    The sense of purpose. The sense of knowingness. The sense of inevitable reunion with the Divine.

    All of this will have decisively changed...

    Read complete article with great photos at

  56. For all you who want to hit me up on facebook

    I have event announcements there! Also expect a Formal Cobra announcement soon regarding 12-21-2012 the Portal activation event and what it means! The New begining of humanity

    The Mayan calendar time revelation is also the same as the Great Pyramid Calendar. The Great Pyramid calender however is older!
    victory to the light

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the Formal Cobra announcement ... looking forward to new beginnings :)

    2. @potts
      Your link doesnt seem to work, but interested to go there!

  57. I guess that Brageboogies knowledge about greek gods derives from the Xena and Hercules tv series.

    "Power hungry maniacs, they were"

    " did I mention demanding faith?"

    they had powers and they neither need or demand anything from humans,besides greek mythology is encoded and is not comprehensible to all of us.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Greek. It seems I have offended and/or confused you. This will probably happen again. So, I hereby apologize for having offended and/or confused you, and for all my future confusing offences. They will probably be legion. Now, I'm going to ask you a favor: The next time I, or any other person here or anywhere else, offends or confuses you, would you PLEASE address the offender/confuser BEFORE you start talking about said person publically? I mean, really, please? That way, at least the confusion may be deleted from the messy equation. Ok? Great! Now let's get on with being civilized adults. Thank you for your attention. Namasté!

  58. Hi All,

    I have a question about time. Does anyone feel a difference in time as how it is passing? Does it feel that its passing is faster than the time you see on the clock? Like in the dreams, we feel that our dream took hours and when we wake up, we see it has been minutes.

    Maybe this is the start of the shift!!!! lol.


    1. For sure there doesn't seem to be enough non-sleep time in the day (and night, when that applies) to accomplish everything on my would-like-to-do list (which is a bit different from a to-do list!).

    2. It's funny you brought this up,I was thinking the same thing earlier.Weeks feel like days,days feel like hours... :)

    3. @sheedy, the shift has been going on for a long time but it's beginning to manifest in more than just words and emotions. That's how I see it at least.. It's palpable and increasing as we approach the eschaton.

    4. @ClayDog, I agree with you on that. When I look at Earth, I see 2 Earths!! lol (imagining again Ha!!)

      I feel and it is just a feeling that Earth has moved into 4D and 5D but we are not equiped to know how to be in a higher dimension. I may be completely wrong. But have you noticed that we can manifest faster!!! It would be good to know how everyone feels about this.


      PS - The global meditation helps a lot more than we think.

    5. Time is a field not unlike gravity which is also a field, for many years now this field has been compressing inward, so in essence shrinking the field.
      The shrinking of the field has one outcome and that is that time is moving faster toward the 21/12/12 date, 1st 2nd &3rd densities are the only densities that exists within space/time all other's exist within time space or out of time.

      This is not to say that other densities do not experience time they do, just not as we perceive it, the higher the density the less time is a factor. From a sixth density entities point of view, time is sequential in that all moments happen simultaneously, like looking at a strip of film each frame is a moment of time.

      I have some information on the teseract and time travel I will dig it up and post later for anyone who may be interested.......I also have some information on to be vegetarian or not from 6th density entities, you may be surprised at what they say, I will post it later again for anyone who may be interested.

      ♥♥♥♥♥♥☼Joy and peace☼♥♥♥♥♥♥

    6. I experienced even weeks that felt like hours,
      (and then I realized, I did not get to watering the plants ...
      or some such things)
      but don't recall hours that felt like minutes in my case.
      It does seem, ideas can become reality faster
      like my programs getting nice new features every day. :-)

  59. The crop formation to me just means the outer circle is the current world we all live on, and the inner cube is multi-dimensional. Going inside is the key to exploring other dimensions, just like we do when we think we are sleeping, but really we shift in consciousness to other dimensions. I see more and more with both eyes closed than I do with them open and focus on all the bullshit external stimulus that is purely designed to over stimulate and to dumb us down to the fact that we are infinite and multi-dimensional..

  60. 'Unicorn' born in Italy

  61. Here is a passage from a 6th density entity who comments on the eating of meat, please remember this is only information, if it does not agree with you then please put it aside.

    Now, you have been given a physical vehicle. It is a physical vehicle with parameters of function. For each body to function there are unique parameters to be met, what the nutritionist would call “food values” to fulfill. There are various chemicals that your body needs to function. There are various enzymes, proteins, fats, carbohydrates: the stuff of your food.
    You asked specifically about the responsibility that you have for what you eat. For those who have not yet conceived of the possibility of choices in this area, their responsibility is minimal. One cannot make choices if one is ignorant of the choices. Therefore, the question that you asked is on behalf of those who have awakened to the fact that all is one. You are one with the clouds and the rain, the fire that warms the hearth, the water within your body and in all of the bodies of water within the planet.
    You are one with the birds, the animals, flowers, plants, rocks, each other and the Creator.
    There is only one thing in the universe and that is love.
    Indeed, you are seeking at this time to reduce the level of distortion in your thinking so that you may become more and more aware of that consciousness that lies closer to you than breathing, nearer than your hands and feet: the consciousness of unconditional love that is your true nature.
    Now, how shall an entity whose consciousness is that of pure love feed its body? We notice that you focus upon meat and the eating of it as the arena of choice. And before we address that question we would note that not only the animals but the plants also are growing within the creation of the Father, blooming and dying at a rhythm of their own. In a very real way, it is as much of an offense, one may say, to pluck a bean or dig a potato from the ground as it is to slaughter an animal, for you have interrupted the cycle of its life and its dancing with the Creator as you do so. But to focus upon this is to digress from your query. And so we would focus upon the slaughter of animals and the responsibility that an entity has if he chooses to eat meat.
    One valid choice that many of those who have awakened have made is not to eat meat and to find ways to furnish the body with the protein that meat offers by eating other substances, such as legumes, which contain protein.
    Another choice that an awakened entity has, as the questioner said, is to move to the purchase only of meats that have been humanely slaughtered. There are two sources of such meats that are generally available to entities within a reasonable amount of distance from where they live. One is to seek out a kosher store which sells meat, knowing that the priests of that religion have treated animals well and have slaughtered them in a sacred ritual which is taken most seriously by those priests.
    The other is to find a biodynamic source where the same feeling of sacredness surrounds the appreciation of mammals while they live and the humane slaughter of them when it is time for them to feed their humans.
    And as the one known as J said, barring those choices, there is always the metaphysically correct choice of relating to the animal in that timeless condition which is called “metaphysical time” wherein all things occur simultaneously, so that you are able to contact any animal, before you eat it, no matter how abused or how slaughtered. And as you contact this animal, you express your love of this animal and your appreciation for all that the animal has gone through in order to give you its energy, its consciousness, such as it is, and its love, which is very real. So, in praise, prayer and thanksgiving you heal the division between you and the meat and the animal from which that meat came.

  62. continued.........

    And as you do this to your meat, dancing with the meat, becoming one with the meat, you are in effect lifting that energy to the infinite Creator, blessing it and healing all that has gone before, for the animal and for you.
    Indeed, we would note that it is not only the eating of meat, but every single action undertaken by you, no matter how humble or small, that has the capability and potentiality of becoming sacred, so that you at all times are giving thanks, offering praise, and opening to the experiences that have been given to you to walk in.


  63. Morgan Stanley Faces Imminent Failure



      Gold Closed 1691.60
      Silver Closed 31.740

      Best for All.


  64. Here is an explanation of the crop circle geometry....

    Thanks again folks :)

  65. As soon as people start asking questions about cobra that fro him are to hard to answer he closes all replies, when will you people see the white light and not the hazy kind of light because that is all cobra has to offer, he deleted all my posts and the majority were neither negative or derogatory, but they were channelled messages pointing do not match with what cobra says....there is a reason for this and that is because he has nothing new to offer, ALL his so called free information is old or fabricated, Pandora's box..... please!!!, this crop circle has nothing to do with Pandora's box. I did leave a post to say goodbye then another and another and another but they were all deleted within 30 seconds, I know you are scared of Clay and I because will will not succumb to your pathetic form of mind control and that is enough for me to know you are not for real.......actually I knew it all along but kept my opinion out of the conversation so as not to be constantly bombarded by your defending drones, so I could hold conversations (such as they were) with the lovely souls who frequent here.

    Bye all Love and joyous peace to you all


    1. I did not read your posts, but I read the Claydog's ones. They were attaching Cobra like:"He's a liar, charlatan, and so on".

      From a certain point of view I would say that Cobra should let even this messages, and simply ignore them.
      But I could understand that he may want to delete them, not for some personal reasons, but because he don't wanna let the discussion on this blog degrade.

      About the main critic concerning the conference, that is the money.
      For me 200€ are an honest price considering the allegedly value of the conference. I paid even more for events like this, that on the most cases were worth that amount of money.

      So I would say it's just like when you go to the cinema watching a movie that you don't know anything, or little, about. You can be satisfied of your choice, or not, but for tell this you have to prove that.

  66. Hi Cobra & co from a UK fan and supporter – and a million heartfelt thanks for all you and your colleagues are doing for our battered but still beautiful planet and its ditto inhabitants!
    More about the crop circle in your photo:
    I spent several hours there Friday, it’s still standing and probably will be over the weekend as the farmer whose land it is on is cooperative and interested in it. (Easy to get to from the Ridgeway or the nearby road, check the site for exact location.)
    It’s an amazing formation, loads of detail that could no way have been done by anyone in boots – the thin lines between the ‘cubes’ are so narrow not even a bunny rabbit could get through them!
    I’m an energy sensitive and have been to lots of crop formations. Of course fake ones happen as well as ‘genuine’ ones that are dodgy, but this one is the real deal. Essentially these designs work like the template of a multi-dimensional energy field that feeds into the Earth, the surrounding landscape and the air and all the elements.
    This one is action packed with very dynamic but compact energies moving between the blocks of the main design and creating lots of positive charge. The basket weave around the edges is creating even more, as the charge gets built up in the contra-flow of the layers. The whole design is acting like a giant accumulator of positive and forceful energy that is being made available for the Light forces and Lightworkers to draw on.
    Check out the ground shots on the ccc site for some of the amazingly accurate details. Look too at Bert Janssens’s diagram highlighting the narrow circle that fits the design exactly but is off-centre. (The bunnies couldn’t get through this one either!)
    The most significant point of all, this fine line has a very intense and highly-tuned energy several octaves higher than the rest and I was shown that it represents the electric blue light from the galactic centre that we visualise in the meditations.
    The design is there to show us that we are coming into phase with the new paradigm of living in the Light, and the new grids are manifesting successfully to uphold the new ways of life that we so much need and long to get on with ...
    So a big thank you to those who brought it into being, for the encouragement and extra light it gives us!


    Nice digging:-)