Thursday, August 9, 2012

Phoenix pivot ready


  1. mmmmmn aaahh no dont need a watch

  2. deploy them already. lets goooooooo.

    My head is hurting.

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  4. Something you may want to read.

    "A prominent political analyst says the United States has proposed a bio-weapon that would destroy the part of the human brain associated with spirituality."

    Full Story

  5. Cobra,

    When this is all over I challenge you to a cup race(of your choice) in Mario kart 64!!! Lets see what the Pleiadians have taught you!!! Lol..namaste :D

  6. Cobra,
    (latest interview,57:40)

    "There are some movies that have been created under the influence of the positive groups to distrube certain message to the masses and this is one of those films(Truman show)".

    Which other movies do you think of??

    I myself find They Live,Enemy of The State,Matrix,V for Vendetta,Truman,Contact,FIght Club to qualify for this description, but would love to hear about/ realize the message in others.

    1. here's a list of movies, i don't know what is the influence behind their making but i found them inspiring.
      I especially recommend the last one in the list for awakening, it's one of the only movies i know talking about positive ETs, shown as humans like us, a woman from an advanced positive ET planet goes to earth to learn and help the people, full of insights and very funny (you can watch full on youtube here

      list :

    2. (also the movie Ink is to me a pretty good depiction of what can happen in astral planes, with a nice message
      Baraka is a wonderful meditation, so beautiful
      the king and the mockingbird shows a totalitarian system, ridiculises it, and shows its fall and the liberation of the people, very funny, beautiful and poetic
      the shawshank redemption to me has good insights about how to get out of 'prison' (same goes with papillon)
      mr nobody is a nice take on the nature of reality

      these are all in the list above)

    3. LV & Untwine, great movies...I have lost count on how many times I've seen Shawshank Redemption and Contact..excellent!!!

    4. I think you should take a look at this film too (one of my most recent favorite):
      Nosso Lar (Our Home).

  7. The recently released Total Recall in theaters now is filled with symbolism, even referring to "The Fall" entrapping mankind and with its own "Resistance Movement".

    1. I agree. I saw the movie and found the plot similar to what is happening in our current reality, which is full of propaganda and false flag events.

  8. If this site is come the so called PHOENIX PIVOT is...unexplained? This site bills itself as "The Intelligence Hub" for the victory of light? Okay...why hasn't the NSA HACKERS taken it down, since it is so dangerous as an intel hub? I know for a fact, any website I visit and post info at, gets destroyed and tracked back to a human who gets a nice little serious visit from FBI BADGES. you want to lose this fantasy real soon...or, do you have special secret GALACTIC COUNTERMEASURES to employ?

    Why do you Gov contract spooks...mislead people who are lost? I never once, ever...misled anybody who visited my blog....ever. I'm not a goofball or a crank playing games with people's hope. I don't think this site master can say that.

  9. Hello Cobrasssss!!!!!!!!!
    Bless YOU ALL!!!!! Thank YOU ALLL!!!! HUGS AND KISSES big brothers and sisters!!!!

    As YOU can see, despite everything the "loosers" did to US, my brain is still working perfectly, and I'm connecting to you... this way... MY way!!!

    Today is August 26th. Yesterday, as soon as I read your post ( which was very similar with Tolec's last post ), I started praying constantly for YOUR group, and for the ALL EARTHLY LIGHT WARRIORS and RAINBOW WARRIORS as well. (Is it safe to say this now?) that as always, I asked for the help of my 144,000 ( -1 ) sisters and brothers, together with their soul groups, to protect YOU, to help YOU in any way WE could. Even, to make YOU invisible under the LIGHT Shield... aha!!

    Just now I read today's post, and there is NO doubt in my mind/ SOUL, that YOU had a very difficult BUT A VICTORIOUS DAY. (I hope I was there with you, in my astral body. I've been asking my Higher SELF for this, at least 2-3 months now ).

    Today is "The DAY of Laughing", because that's what I did after reading YOUR today's post... I didn't feel THIS happy for a long, long time...