Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Omega Pandora modulated and operational, POS progress to 0.3 stable. Major systems security breach enforcing master delta LOC, deflected.  HVBN stable. M attempt failure, decrease to 1.0.


  1. An amazing piece of work from Lisa Renne. Found it whilst trying to understand the polarity integrator starseed role. It is hard trying to understand 5th D concepts with 3D conciousness. This piece indicates to me that those doing the control and harm are as much trapped as the ones actually being imprisoned. She also indicates how those disaster predictions arose from Excerpts from
    When we have an accurate assessment of the Universal Holographic Reality (as it is strung out into various dimensional timelines of memory imbeds) we can begin to comprehend that the patterns of History always repeat itself.

    One such example of repeated events in history is the multiple genocide or holocaust memories embedded together throughout the timelines. All such events of the intended genocide of peoples are intimately bound together through the vibrational memory and the complex webbing of soul/monad matrix capture and its mind enslavement. These events cross into multiple planetary barriers of memory which interconnect into solar, galactic and universal memories.

    This is why understanding our Hidden Galactic History with Extraterrestials and its relationship to the current operating agendas on the planet make these patterns playing out in our current world - crystal clear. The underlying motivation, driving aspiration or the possession attempts to have control over others becomes obvious.

    The race conflict (war over God through genetics and blood) is taking place in physical matter at the lowest vibrational density in order to finish and resolve the original conflict from the highest densities of memory. These conflicts are millions of years old and are completing in this cycle on planet earth now! All memories and information are recorded within the smallest particle all the way to the largest stellar body, spinning out and replicating itself as it expands into the fractal Universes. Many of these memories exist as “alien implants” and are artificial. They have been programmed and holographically inserted by the Controllers.

    The perpetrator and the victim are bound together in the same vampiric matrice which ultimately fragment and distort the being. (This is the Victim-Victimizer polarity archetype, which creates insanity eventually.) As these repeated events are horrific to experience the soul fragments and descends into the insanity of the lower astral planes, unable to recollect itself back into wholeness. All the while these fragmented pieces of what used to be “people” and “living beings”, are lost into the vampiric use of their energy quanta. That energy quanta is harvested and fed to phantom spaces to those who choose to bully, dominate and enslave/kill others for their own service to self motivation. The danger of this during this time of “ascension” is the inertia and “purgatory” state it creates for the fragmented “soul self”. That is one specific reason why there is Guardian intervention at this time to recollect these beings/bodies from these phantom spaces that they have been entrapped on - both on the physical and higher planes of existence. We will not forget them.

    Ode to Zechariah

    History repeats itself. A replay of these memories passing through “The Ring of Fire” as told by the Ancients, has surfaced again in the planetary field. We are undergoing this (re)memory cycle right now and it has been the source of great confusion for those sensitive to these frequencies. In many cases it generated predictions of impending doom and prophecy of cataclysm and destruction to our planet. This was like seeing into the timeline looking glass without understanding what one was looking at – it is a memory field of our past history.
    Love to all and thank you, Cobra xx

  2. New great ufo compilation video from incarnatedsirian7
    must seee
    also olympic ufos comfirmed in the video. Watch and share

  3. I am so looking forward to what this means later. It'll be a great book. Love and gratitude.

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    1. I suppose your answer may lie in your story ;) If love wins out, is university and large loans the way to reach your dreams or is it an assumed means to an end? I can tell you I lived and learned that lesson and for me, following my passion was the answer. just a thought :)
      Follow your hearts friends! We live in a time when we can know the right answer within, the answer that lies beyond logic. Find the path that feels RIGHT!

    2. What is she studying at UNI? Because we are shifting to a paradigm that most of it taught in school will be absolutely fucking useless and it's mostly full of lies anyhow.

      These so called academics are going to struggle with full disclosure due to the fact that they will have to admit they wasted years being taught a load of utter nonsense and lies of the controlled education system that is funded by the likes of the Rockefeller foundation.

      The omniverse is the only university we need, and we all have wireless access via the pineal gland and there are no bullshit fees.

      I don't mean to make light of your plight with your loved one but I would not be wasting a single second of my time at school.

      And I certainly would not be accruing a massive financial burden just to be fucking lied to.

      We are all students of the university of life.

      And we are about to experience full graduation.

      No classroom or fees are required.

    3. @ClayDog. I love a well placed expletive. Lol

    4. @3DHD Oh me too, but the guy deleted the post I was replying to so it kinda makes it look like a random post and the sweary bit makes me look like the old drunk over the park that shouts at people.. LOL. Oh well..

    5. aw man. why did he remove that? i wanted to give support!

      @claydog...couldn't agree more! i know someone about to enter medical school and i just want to shake them! probably the worst "investment" ever. and yet they are put on a pedestal for even having that ambition. it will be sad when it all (finally) shakes out!

    6. Old science is analog and we are going digital. I would wait and learn some new stuff instead of investing in the old.

      I have an ex gf who is on here 4th year of studying anthropology. She is going to have to forget most of what she has been told.. Or continue being in denial.

      Academia as we currently know it is a very very watered down version of some truths and then outright fabrication.

      And unless you've got title and wealth you pay for the rest of your life for being lied to.

      Truly outrageous when you think about it, but I was kicked out of school at 13 for being "unteachable" so what do I know? LOL..

    7. Hey, I'm a silly drop out. Been through the ringer staying true to me by not engaging in a so called career. I knew early on my gifts didn't come with a salary. My family thinks I'm lazy, but I'm the first one they call in a crisis! ;)

      I feel especially bad for my teacher friends with their masters degrees. Paying off a second mortgage (essentially) on a teacher's wage. Me, Im extremely cash poor but I have what I need. And i am so grateful for that!

    8. Debt forgiveness comes with full disclosure so I stopped paying my bills quite some time ago, it's insane to keep paying in to a system that is based on pure greed and illegality. If you trust the energies then you have to trust to not keep paying in to the system of control that we are all witness to the downfall of.

      If we all stopped paying our mortgages then how can they repossess the world and their property? They use debt to control us and when they no longer control us then we have no more debt.

      As soon as I saw the event horizon for the first time I stopped being a wage slave.

      Cash is not the currency of the new Golden Age. HEART is the currency, so we will see the HEART of many people and that will be the only credit score they will ever need.

      The greedy are the one's who will suffer the most during the peak of the transition from dark to light, and this is beginning to come in to full effect now and even the MSM wont be able to hold it back for much longer.

      Money is not the root of all evil, but the greed for it is. And in an age of scarcity, money and power is a replacement for the light that is missing in a dark HEART.

      An age of abundance means we can all have our HEARTS desires, providing those desires our born out of unconditional love and a DO NO HARM lore.

      And then we can call ourselves humane-beings.

    9. Unfortunately a good heart does not feed 8 children ☺.......some of us must continue to rely on this corrupt system even though we know what it is and what it does.

      The secret is not to spiritually become a part of it but use it to your advantage.

    10. That's why I said money is NOT the root of all evil. Just an age of scarcity makes it the tool of evil. We will still have money but everyone will have abundance. If I still had children to provide for then of course I would still be more tied to the system ,but I only have myself to keep now. And I have to back up my words with the actions I find appropriate.

      So I choose not to pay the greed machine any more. Because the greed machine is dying and it wont recover, so feeding it only prolongs the outcome. Banking if theft, taxation is theft. I have to back up my words with the actions to suit otherwise it just makes me another hypocrite.

      Debt forgiveness is coming and a new eco-system system based on abundance.

      And I can hold out with very little until then as I am use to living in an age of scarcity. But it will soon be a thing of the past for everyone and not just the elites who parasite off our hard labour and fear.

      So you have 8 children then? So you really are a council of nine if you include yourself ;-)

    11. 10 with my partner : )

    12. I do know where you are coming from, I am also just keeping my credit cards floating in anticipation of a debt write off, really dont want to give them any more than i need to ; )

    13. When you think about it, society is steered via MSM and TV and marketing in magazines and TV advertising to simply look on in shame at anyone suffering to cope with the cost of living.

      Pouring shame on somebody suffering from poverty instead of thinking, hold on, why is the large proportion of this planet in such unconscionable debt.

      Ridiculing and keeping arms length of the victims of poverty like the one's that are currently homeless outside the Olympic stadium for just one example, and if You know that part of London then you'll know poverty. It's always been that way and homelessness in this day and age is truly shameful on the global consciousness.

      If they are not homeless then they are one or two missed rent payments away from being homeless and this is still the current status of unsolvable debt. Debt is not designed to ever be paid back and it's reached it's peak. It's about to truly burst open like the infection that it really is.

      Debt and the completely unbalanced distribution of wealth, wealth means for everyone. If it's not for everyone then it's scarcity and who can claim to not have to worry about bills or the general cost of living?

      And wealth is not just money, it's access to the same medical care and resources that is still currently the realms of the over entitled.

      Who gives them this sense of over entitlement and why does the general public still put up with it?

      How long as a collective consciousness do we allow for this cruelty to continue?

      How can we think of ourself as advanced and humane when we have such a class gap from people who own islands to people who own literally nothing.. Not even the price of a hot meal or a soft, warm bed to curl up in.

      And the people with it all look on those suffering as dirty and vile and the great unwashed. fucking shameful to even write it let alone be part of that sick little clique.

      Is it truly living or is it an enforced state of existence?

      We've just spent billions of tax on this Olympics fiasco which is just a big illuminati show off party if you can read the symbols. And the jubilee was, they were laughing at our gullibility as we waved our allegiance to the Queen.

      Not all of us of course, but still way too many people.

      I told one guy in my town who was putting up his flags and banners that he is celebrating the fact that he has a parasite feeding off him and he looked at me as if I was AL-QEADA. LOL.

      So I could tell what channels he watches 24/7 when it's not soap operas or X-Factor then it's probably Sky News.

      Murdoch is just a slightly more user friendly version of Joseph Goebells. His global network dictates to millions what they should think and that's the post war state of Nazi Germany and other fascist regimes. Just because it's a softer approach it don't make it any less sinister. Not when the news is used to sanction en mass the likes of the countries military involvement in war.

      And the war in Iraq was sold to us via Sky news and Fox news and other lesser news corporations.

      That is a straight up War crime and those involved need to be treated as such.

      The consensus on the street was NO to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the consensus of Sky and other MSM was war from day one and look what direction we got shoved in to.

      People need to focus on the cause of poverty and not the victims, and stop being fooled by all this rhetoric of false "inquiries" that claim to look in to things but really it's all just house keeping from the elites.

      We don't want to hear about the reshuffling of the house of cards we want the house of cards burning out of existence, and a new system of abundance for all to come out of the ashes of the dark embers of greed.

      And debt forgiveness will pave the way for this new reality of balance and freedom.

    14. For Paul: ((((big squeezes and squashes and squidges))))from me.

    15. Yes. I needed to read this just now. Thank you ♥

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    1. We need a love button on this blog :)

    2. LoL ! Yah, it might get used from time to time by ALL of us !

      Cobra, that's one for the suggestion box ;)

    3. Thumbs up on the love button! I don't know how to do the hearts thing. Hello, Prosperity! Haven't seen your name in a while. I may change my name here, I like typing all these awesome reminders...

    4. Hi Diane LightBearer !

      There is a keyboard method, but I just copy and paste the ♥


      Oh my God, I am not joking, the Captcha code for the number was Portal 5 !

    5. and just realized 2012 adds up to 5 ! :)

    6. Incredible synchronicities once again!
      Cobra, I second the motion for a love button. Every time I enter this "Potal 5" or 2012, I feel the bliss of being showered by light and love from many loved ones, like Paul, IAL, Prosperity... and many more.

      Bless you all

    7. Pleased to meet you Diane!:)

      I am love,
      Do you get that little rush in you when you see the signs? Isn't it amazing? :)...the universe is always speaking to us.

      The energy here is simply amazing.You may all be physically far but I feel your energy near me...

    8. Hi Vicky!I light up knowing I made you light up!:)

    9. Thank you Vicky - I AM Loving your contributions and Loving energy as well :)

      Yes Prosperity - I rubbed my eyes a bit when I saw this on the doorway :) and said - Hunh ???

      It's the coolest thing ever, isn't it ! Spirit uses numbers over & over for me ... funny cause I hate math, lol ! But the esoteric meaning of numbers is just inherently understood by us.


    10. Don't get me started ladies! One of the first forms of communication I established with my guides was that I needed confirmation after having any kind of revelation. It was either the 'shivers' or instantly! Wowzer, it's almost TOO much. Used to be double numbers, but 2 or three sets in a row. NOW it's triples! And today driving on the freeway and having a conversation with my Self, I had an epiphany about something and a big smile came on my face and as I glanced down at the speedometer, the trip count said 144000!!! Hahahaha. I assume you all know the number refers to our full soul family. I see 144 a lot, but this was super duper confirmation! xo :)

    11. definitely need a LOVE button!

      @Diane LightBearer - my life is full of 111's and 444's and some 555's too! pretty awesome. Love your posts! Thank you!

    12. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ is alt+3
      ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ is alt+13
      ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻ is alt+2
      ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ is alt+1
      ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼ is alt+15
      ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ is alt+14

      just use the num keys ♂♀ ☻

    13. Ooooh. I always wondered how those magical signs appeared on peoples posts! Sweet. Thanks Council Of Nine! That's dangerous information ;)

    14. Hey C09 - any tips for a laptop ? :) thnx !

      @ Diane Lightbearer - verrrrrry cool, love the 144,000 synchronicity ! Found a 777 at the grocery store yesterday too :)


    15. Sure,

      ♥♥♥♥♥ is 2665 then hold the alt and press X , this may not work in the message applet but will work in word or word pad then you just cut and paste to the applet.

      ♫♫ is 266A
      ☼☼ is 263C
      ☺☺ is 263A
      ☻☻ is 263B

    16. Yeah, it ain't working...ah well, there's always C&P :)

      Thanks for the info co9

    17. Hello ladies, reading and feeling so much about love, I just want to let you know that epiphanies with what feels like love spilling over me are happening to me on a regular basis most everywhere and also in most unusual situations. I still can't quite figure out what does this want to tell me, but there is enough to send lots of it to all of you. Love button, yes!
      Love and light

  6. Cobra, Thanks for the update. In time, we will understand what it means. Kudos to you and your compadres.

  7. @ Calliope,

    I think today is your travel day..sending you love and light!

    1. Crap! I just hit a wrong key and lost the long comment I was making. LOL! So annoying!

      BUT, I was sending a lot of love to everyone here.

      I made it to my destination just fine & things are strange but good. :)

      Here's more love! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    2. Glad to hear you arrived safe and well, CtM.


    3. Got the message CtM! I send them that way a lot, too. Now I copy the long ones before I hit publish! Ah, well, we need to practice the telepathy, right?

    4. Hey there Ms. Calliope :)
      So GLAD to hear that you made it ! And thanks for the LURVE honey, back atcha ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
      Get some rest and see ya here soon...

  8. Kudos to KP :


    Part of the recent events around the globe have included a number of reports about Galactics appearing here, there, going to land here, there, on this date, that date.

    “Well, they said August 4.” “Yes, but somebody said that those who said that were wrong.” “Who should we listen to?” “The Andromedans, or the Pleiadians, or the Arcturians, or the Agarthans, or the funny little green ones with big eyes, and no noses? Or maybe only the ones over 15 feet high?”

    “Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.

    “Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s right? Who’s wrong?”

    “Should I listen to Sierra? Or Steve? Or Tolec? Or Little Grandmother? SaLuSa? Galactic Federation? Or the Galactic Federation of Light? But somebody said the latter was kind of messed up.

    “Tell me. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Tell me. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Tell me. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Tell me!!!!!!”

    Sorry, folks, that’s not my game. Don’t expect any answers from me about those things.

    Bottom line… We are here to learn to follow our OWN Guidance. Not the “intellectual” kind (which is really no guidance at all). The Guidance that you “GET” within. Instantly. You KNOW what “Rings the Bell”. And when the Bell is rung, that’s the Guidance.

    What I do for my own Self, is to let go of having to know anything, and especially, having to figure everything out. And just go out and BE the Essence, the Energy, of who I am.

    That Energy, that Vibration, that Frequency, will immediately draw me to whatever is mine to do (or not), or to participate in (or not), to go on an Energetic mission (or not). It is a full body Massage Message Energy of such High Vibration and Joy that there’s nothing that can keep it away. Nothing.

    And it is Full on, Forward moving, Upward moving, definitive Guidance, one micro-moment at a time.

    No thought, no questioning, no “intellectualizing”, no fear… AT ALL.

    So when I go on a mission, or any of those things, and I am in that “full body Massage Message Energy of such High Vibration and Joy that there’s nothing that can keep it away”, do I really NEED to know who is calling, or what? NO.

    Sometimes I DO get who it is, the Pleiadeans, the Andromedans, the Hawaiians, the Lemurians, Pele, or other Spirit Guides. BUT I DO NOT EVER HAVE TO KNOW, OR TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT, for a mission to be completed. NEVER.

    So this Galactic Soap Opera of, “Who’s Right? Who’s wrong?” That is not my opera. Do you think it’s theirs (the Galactics, that is)? These kinds of soap operas are just not part of my mind these days. (And I never have liked the taste of soap).

    My question to anyone reading this message would be, “Do you know what your mission is?” If you have “got” what it is, then perhaps it’s time to follow that. If not, perhaps it’s time to ask the Universe, “Well, what is it? I want to know.” Maybe you’re already “doing” it, or “being” in it, and just haven’t recognized it yet. In any event…

    You will get your answer. As I have got mine… one momentito, one micro-moment at a time.

    1. Double amen!!

    2. Gotta LOVE KP! He is anti-pseudo-spiritual-intellectual BS. If that makes any sense! ;)

    3. I am happy you posted this, was just about to do the same.
      So tiiired of these "channelers", I am not even bothering to read them, just skim the highlights on kauila's page.

      Btw which channelers do you(all) regard trustworthy?

      I have only come across Kryon by Lee Carroll, Neale Donald Walsch, Edgar Cayce, and probably the RA channelings that seem to be genuine and really coming from Light.
      Haven't read any Tobias or the Hicks's Abraham yet.

      Maybe Wanderer of the Skies and Matthew Ward.
      Salusa,Nidle,Dillon,Giles,Micah et al all seem to be artificial intelligence,negative/semi-negative astral beings/subconscious in play.
      Anyone's 2 cents?

    4. Yep, love "The KP"! :) (And love me some I AM!)

    5. Woah, and everyone else too! All these comments just appeared to me. :)

      This is for everyone on this "sacred space" comments section who lift me up every single day and help me to feel part of a family:


    6. I AM Love,
      Agreed and that's how it is.


    7. Billy Meier ALWAYS SAID, 99 % of the channelers were bogus cranks or operatives. He didn't trust anybody but himself...and paid a heavy price. THOSE other channelers...were they burdened like Billy Meier? How come COBRA does not identify himself? No photo, no video, no authentic identification just "trust me" because "I am the way, truth, and light"? How gullible and hungry are you stooges? What other scams are you willing to believe, because you need something to believe in with an ego victory along the lines of, "...I'm a worker in the light..." and therefore I affirm myself and find this social milieu of similar suited lost souls to promote this jargon crank fest. Am I wrong about tell me "just what do you get from this group?" and "what can you prove"?

  9. This post is for people that can't leave comments with blogger which I think is a glitch.It took me a few days to figure out back in April..First login/open account with at that point you could save it as fav blogs and always go through there. Or simply just go to blogger while logged in, open new tab/window come to this site and you will see your user name at the top of the page and under comment box.Bingo! Now you could comment.If you try to login directly from here nothing happens, unless it's changed now.
    Hope this helps and if it does Cobra could place it on the sidebar.

    1. I want to add,if chrome doen't work try firefox.I don't know about IE, never use it.

      Ps Past 200 comments click on load more (it might not work if using a phone)

  10. I don't know, I like it that you post here for us Cobra, it helps to know things are going on. Stand firmly on love and watch everyone, this promises to be an incredible show!
    Much love to you and to all of us.
    Thank you for your light!

  11. Back in 2008, i wrote on an impulse (in my forum) a piece with the title "Revolution". (intelectual that is...)

    A youtuber friend of mine read it, aparently loved it, and asked me if he could make a video using my text. I thanked him for honoring me this way and even gave him the same text in English, so the vid would be bilingual. I also insisted he use a song i really love, and felt was appropriate for this vid.

    i wish to dedicate it to all light workers and freedom fighters here...

    So here goes guys



    (PS: Sorry for the typos, my buddy isn't fluent in English and made a few mistakes when copying the text.)

    1. Wow, I got chills! Have you ever thought of turning it into a song?

      Chris De Burgh- another great song I haven't heard in such a long,long time!

      Is that your YT channel?

      Thank You Vicky
      αγάπη και φως!

    2. Yes, sweet Prosperity, that's my channel. (I guess part of my mission like IAL said, is what I do in that channel)

      No I never thought o making a song out of this... I don't think it would work out, as there are no lyrics, just plain text, but thank you for saying that, thank you for being you..

      Αγάπη, Φως, Ελευθερία :D

    3. Awesome Video, Thanks for sharing! Revolution!

    4. Wow, what passion ! Beautiful.

  12. Peoples perceptions are changing, found this article

    'End of capitalism': Bolivia to expel Coca-Cola in wake of 2012 Mayan 'apocalypse'

    1. Awesome! A direct quote Bolivian Foreign Minister Choquehuanca: “The planets will align for the first time in 26,000 years and this is the end of capitalism and the beginning of communitarianism.”

    2. The Eschaton is the end of time as we currently know it. So it only fits that capitalism which the economics of thinly veiled fascism at it's very core, has to go. It has run out of time and about TIME too.

      It's not true capitalism when the big contract always go to the same people. And the little companies have to flounder and feed of the scraps of crony capitalism.

      It's about as far from true democracy and capitalism as it can get. How can it be "free market" when we have no true understanding of the term "free" it's all cronyism of the elites

      It's not democratic when one side control all sides of the political process. It's just cleverly disguised fascism, we have been under the NWO for a very long time. But we don't have an accurate honest account of history in the mainstream.

      Just the smoke and mirrors that have been applied by the dark arts and their dark masters.

      I laugh at the youtoobers who claim that the USA is in danger of becoming a fascist state. It's been fascist since it's inception and most of the presidents have been freemasons. Who are satanic at the very core so we know it's nothing like democratic. Demonic more like.

      Then you get the trolls who argue that "you should read your history books you douche"

      Well if you want a straight account of real events then the history books are the last place to search one out.

    3. I love Bolivia! I don't drink any Colas or other soda fizzy chemical drinks. So, I'm happy with this on more than one level. :)

  13. Ah, just listening to Pandora at work (ya, I'm online too, haha) and this song came on by Matisyahu, ohhhh, I love the lyrics!

    sometimes I lay under the moon
    and thank God I'm breathing
    then I pray don't take me soon
    cause I am here for a reason

    sometimes in my tears I drown
    but I never let it get me down
    so when negativity surrounds
    I know some day it'll all turn around

    all my life I've been waiting for
    I've been praying for
    for the people to say
    that we don't wanna fight no more
    there'll be no more wars
    and our children will play

    one day
    it's not about win or lose cause
    we all lose when they feed on the souls of the innocent
    blood drenched pavement
    keep on moving though the waters stay raging
    in this maze you can lose your way (your way)
    it might drive you crazy but don't let it faze you no way (no way)

    sometimes in my tears I drown
    but I never let it get me down
    so when negativity surrounds
    I know some day it'll all turn around

    all my life I've been waiting for
    I've been praying for
    for the people to say
    that we don't wanna fight no more
    there'll be no more wars
    and our children will play


    Diane Lightbearer

    1. yes, and HERE'S TO THAT DAY !

      Thank you Diane, beautiful lyrics. How great that this message is being heard ....


  14. Cobra,
    I absolutely was thrilled with "The Plan and What You Can Do". Your blog has been amazing the last three weeks, and though you've taken a lot of gaff for being direct and informative, it seems some people just are tired of the disinformation elsewhere and don't know how to trust. I think that is up to some of us to help them—as many here have done so, beautifully! The plethora of disinfo serves a purpose of making people face inward to their soul essence, and maybe then inertia is dislodged finally, to make people thirst for, and follow the truth all the way down the rabbit hole.

    Thank you for staying the course regardless. You are sooo needed on this planet, and we love and support you! I personally am seeing phenomenal visuals during the weekly meditations, and feel the incredible love energy outpouring from everybody.

    It is obvious so many visitors here have love and tolerance for others, and it's growing.

    Huge, huge HUGE disclosure of information in the Red Pill story, Layers of Conspiracy, and of course the pentagram machine information was stunning. Our capabilities improve each time we assimilate the information (I had previously read Svali extensively, and some of Springmeier's other works, lists of illuminati families, and the Cisco Wheeler interview, partial), and are able to process by Sunday meditation time. I am often aided by the impressive intelligence and love from the caliper of commenters here. Thank you all!

    Now, a few posts later, and newbies have no idea that is up in past blogs. No inclination to read backwards, so apparently implants/ chemtrails (still going on here in the Midwest) impede their drive to learn. Huge problem for students to connect heart and head.

    I am a planet Wanderer. You probably knew already, but I wasn't sure until the 27th( the Turning Point energy) and do have a story to tell about ascension, but I also want to place key info from your blog, linking back here.

    I'm so happy to see that you will do conferences. We can pull that together for this area. I will contact you.
    Again, thank you so much for your dedication to this cause!
    Much LandL from my heart to yours

    1. If COBRA does conferences...then he does not mind identifying himself...yes? Why would you trust any source that is too afraid and deceptive to identify himself with a real voice, face, identity...other channelers do DID YOU SEE BILLY MEIER try to make a buck or decieve anybody as part of a paid conference racket. COBRA is a con artist as proven by the failure to show his face, real voice, and identify himself. Imagine his following then....wouldn't that be a legit goal of our little con artist who nobody has ever seen with their own eyes? Did PHIL SCHNEIDER hide? Why hide? Wouldn't COBRA'S galactic friends and Arc Angels and spirit guides protect him from who?
      It's all a scam. Wake up. You...everyone of you...created COBRA because you needed something to resonate with as a way of creating hope that you were not a crank who is IMPOTENT in this world. You fight the reality of your social impotence, conjuring up the idea that your actually a galactic hero saving the day with others...who...DO NOT SHOW THEMSELVES OR SPEAK TO YOU DIRECTLY SO THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT IN YOUR MIND. You have created COBRA, and he planted the seed of "galactic hope" with no demonstrative evidence proving anything. No evidence of anything. No evidence of anything. THIS IS A JOKER WHO WILL NOT SHOW HIS FACE OR VOICE?

  15. @ 333meg...
    Oh, please post a link to that when you do! You are right on about connecting head and heart. We are so brainwashed to believe in instant gratification that we make instant judgements and instant dependencies without doing the work. I for one, have been asking my guides to show me how to restore my perfect vision, because I have been reading SO much and it can be a strain. The relief comes from meditation, where the perfect vision is found. And the integration of all I've read, so it's a two fold job. Thank you for your post!

    1. Diane,
      I will post a link. Lots of editing to 13 chapters to do first. Now that I understand, thanks to Hamourapi, why I've had to deal with so many "wesps". Not sure if I'll publish under this name. Still jittery.

      Everyone here has been contributing to this venue of personal responsibility for doing our own digging. This isn't grade school.Humans need to remember that Kahlil Gibran was right, "Advance, and never halt, for advancing is perfection. Advance and do not fear the thorns in the path, for they draw only corrupt blood."

      Advancing can be just finding enough stillness to actually see. Therein you find strength for your intent. And know that we all have two jobs now, but soon the numbers increasing will buoy our spirits, making it easier to continue.

      Thank you for your kindness!

  16. @All around here, without naming names,

    I am very proud and happy to be part of this online community of sovereign,free-thinker,loving, spiritually advanced beings, who can more and more see beyond the veil of illusion that has been put in front of our eyes and help&support each other along the way.
    As Cobra beautifully stated, the blog section has indeed evolved into a sacred place :)

    I believe the Law of Attraction is working at this blog, drawing very beautiful people around here. At the same time it also validates Cobra's credibility :)

    Wish you all patience(for myself too), acting from the wisdom of heart, and good luck on this 2012 Lumpy-Bumpy Journey of Light.

    1. I believe the Law of Attraction is working at this blog, drawing very beautiful people around here. At the same time it also validates Cobra's credibility :)

      Completely agreed, LV! I have been thinking much the same myself. :)


    2. It's a Sacred Space for Discerning Minds....keep it going, the Light's getting very bright, where do you all want to go??

    3. Here here !!!

      Beautiful words, and very true.

      Love the new 'moniker' Diane :)

    4. At the suggestion of a mutual friend ~I AM Love~! Well, my wording, but our sentiment :):):)

  17. Things are really starting to heat up with the Syrian debacle.

    "Big Russian fleet nears Syria. Iran to fight regime change as foreign forces pile up"

    1. let us pray that the "Stardust" may be activated if needed to stop any atrocity from happening. WE DO NOT WANT 3rd WORLD WAR!!!! Why can't they just see this? Oh, I see, they are in a very dark place indeed, we need to bring some light to them so that they may see!

      Cobra, please, STARDUST alert!


  18. "Stunning Crimes of the Big Banks: Worse than Your Wildest Imagination"

  19. Ok LV, you asked us, so here's my 2cents plus a bit more:

    I stopped reading channelled material completely around the year 2000. I had gone down a rabbit hole with a 'source' and their 'predictions' back then. I learned an important lesson.


    I began to read some material at the end of last year – just to see what might be being said after 11.11.11, to see 'who' was around and saying 'what'. At this point I will scan headlines, and if something sounds inspirational, I might read it - or not.

    But as far as counting on ANY of it for dates, timelines, events, or anything of major importance. No.

    I view much of the channelled material available today very much like the supersensational periodicals that are in the supermarket – they grab your attention, so while you're waiting in line, you pick it up, skim it, get a hit of adrenaline from whatever gossip/photos/rumours are within, and then when it's your turn at the checkout, you put in back on the shelf and proceed with your life, not really paying any more attention to what you just read. It might have been entertaining, titillating, stimulating and juicy, but would I live my life by it or consider it to be the Truth ? No.

    It can also be said that reading channelled material can turn into an addictive pastime – to the point of creating a 'co-dependent' relationship. To illustrate this, I would say – for example – think of how you feel after reading a book filled with ancient wisdom – maybe Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism or any Native wisdom. Most likely you would feel calm, relaxed & peaceful: in touch with yourself and empowered.

    Now think of how you feel after reading the latest 'It' channelling. If you feel as was just mentioned, you've connected with your own Source of wisdom through the energy in the material you read. Or, do you feel anxious, fearful, mentally or emotionally agitated and can't wait for the next ''Hit'' ? Did it raise more questions then it answered ? Did it make you feel empowered - or dependent and hopeless ?

    From my perspective ONLY, there are 2 sources, which have been discussed here, which I feel that it would be prudent to be approached with the utmost of discernment : Greg Giles and Linda Dillon.

    I also feel that it is unfortunate that it has been brought to the attention of Team 2012 Scenario, by many people including myself, the seemingly obvious lack of authenticity of these channellings. But it seems as if it is a case of the runaway horse effect: that at this point it might seem to be powerless to stop it.

    I can say, however, that I have worked in depth with certain channelled material in the past. Barbara Marciniak's book Bringers of the Dawn was a profound read for me when it was published, and opened up the new world view of the matrix. There have been others, I have worked with as well, but are sources that have remained outside the ''loop'' … do not ''name names'', dates, events or make predictions, but focus on providing information to enlighten your soul and support your spiritual growth. In this way, they have been able to maintain credibility and authenticity.

    Everyone will be drawn to what works for them. You can find truth anywhere if you have the proper tools to discern it. Wisdom does not have to have a 'brand name' on it for it to be effective.

    If there were to be any recommendation, it would be consider following the path to knowledge that the ancient cultures used: let Gaia and Nature be your guide. Find a silent spot. Absorb everything. Listen to the trees, the birds, the breeze. Feel yourself at peace and the majesty within and without. Ask questions. Be patient. Trust that whatever you need to know will be revealed. It is a Universal Law that cannot fail.

    1. (continued)

      In sum, I would say that there is everything to be gained and nothing to be lost by not reading channelled material. Try it for a day, a week, and see what the effect is. At this point, especially with the enormous growth and healing needed leading up to ascension, to rely on anything other than ourselves is acting to retard our ability to access our own 'wireless network' within.

      Makes you wonder a bit, eh ?

      Channel your Self !

      I look forward to hearing what others might have to say on this topic as well.

      Blessings and Love beautiful peeps

    2. All I can say dearest IAL, is that my heart tells me you're more than totally/absolutely/100% right in all that you expressed here... you are inspired. And you're so very special. I believe you can hear the "angel whisper" of your guides, loud and clear.
      Keep shedding your beautiful light.
      So many of us need it. Every time i read you, i know i have the things you say, "stored away" somewhere in my core, I recognize your way of being as part of mine too, but It's great to see such thoughts- this way of being-, articulated so beautifully.


    3. Woo hoo!!!

      I am so tired right now, I think that is the only bit of comment left in me, but I so agreed with anticonformista about IAL's comment, which resonates so, that I had to type something.

      ("Woo hoo" is a strong term of agreement, IMO, lol.)

    4. Thank you I Am Love, it's so concise and well thought out, I will repost it on my blog translated if you don't mind.

    5. I AM Love,
      My heart has eyes, but my mind still cannot put into words what my heart sees. It can be so frustrating.


    6. Dearest

      My heart burst open reading your words, as I know that they came from Yours --- thank you so much for your inspiration ♥

      Calliope, a Woo hoo from you has made my day ! ♥

      LV - yes that would be great. Please also send greetings to our Hungarian friends. We hold a vision of an abundant and joyful future for us all, and look forward to that day when we will be celebrating together later on this year ♥

      Aurora - Follow your Heart. That's it. Put the mind to rest :) ♥

      Love you ALL

    7. ΙΑL, i also took the liberty of translating this wonderful piece for my forum.

      You'll see it here
      Your translated text is actually featured in a quotation box, and with italics, and the link to your original text is also given underneath.

      And just to show (not show off- just show) that we are "on the same page" as far as "bringers of the dawn" is concerned... here's a link to the first of 10 video parts, I subtitled a couple of years back in Greek
      just because I needed to share this with people...
      (those messages were a catalyst that tuned my my world view -or cosmotheasis as we call it in Gk- to my inner self, in a big way... )

      Yes, this could very well be all Greek to you, but then again, I have a feeling it isn't... ;)

      Love and keep the Light shining strong


    8. Hi Vicky,

      That's great, thanks for posting it, if you feel that it might be of some help to others. Yes, it IS all Greek, but quite Universal at the same time ;)

      Very cool connection about the Bringers of the Dawn video - many thanks for bringing this info to Light ! That book also served as an eye-opening introduction to our Pleiadian family. You too ?

      It's definitely a classic, and probably well worth taking it out for another spin around the block :)

      Many Blessings to you

  20. Maybe you can tell us what that means in plain English ???


    1. @Brett,

      Maybe you are new here?

      If you are, then you may not realise that the purpose of this blog is clearly stated at the top of the blog. Please take a look.

      Once you have read and digested that, you will realise your request for information to be explained "in plain English" will not be fulfilled.


    2. benkramer, it means something Beautiful is happening. That's all :)

  21. I agree with you totally IAL, I usually get about 3 lines in and close the page.

    Just so much "new age fluff" out there, I'm sure designed to distract the new age sheeple from finding a path to the truth.

    I will leave a link here for you to a group of channels that have been working for 40 plus years, take a look if you like i think you may be surprised.

    A small sample

    For the most part, service is an intimate thing, close to the heart and not easily perceived by others straightaway. Yet when a service-to-others entity is mentioned, smiles break out from all who know that person, for there is a loveliness to that person’s company and a rest and a healing in their presence, and whether or not what they do in the outer sense seems to be a direct line of service, it is indeed the service that they came to do. You are doing what you came to do and if it changes tomorrow, you will still be doing what you came to do.

    Trust that the way your incarnation works is that you set your intention to serve and the more strongly that you are able to set that intention, the more help you will attract, the more synchronicities will confirm to you that you are on the right track, the more feedback you will get from the creation around you.

    Give yourself over to this interactive, unified process, and lay your weary burdens down in thanksgiving and joy, for you are serving and serving beautifully and with utter perfection, right now and always.

    1. Dear Co9
      Wow, what an awesome quote :) Thank you ! ♥

      Thanks for the link. Fantastic that the Law of One material is online.

      Classic material like that is timeless, and always laden with gems...

      I'd never delved into it 'back then', but have been inspired by so many people here who have spoken so highly about it.

      Maybe Now is a good time ... :)

      Blessings and Love to You !

    2. The law of one is channeled from RA and consists of 5 books it is available online here

      The link I left for you is for mainly Hatton/latwii/oxal/RA who call themselves "principle of Q’uo" they are 6th density societal complexes, very wise and compassionate.

      love and in the light of the one original Thought Adonai

    3. Ahhhhaa...thanks for the correction ! I saw RA there and drew a conclusion, not being familiar at all with the Law of One :)

    4. I've read this blog and comments...and after a while...I see it for what it is: LONELY IMPOTENT LOSERS grasping for a group supported delusion so they can feel special and have that affirmed by others. WHY NOT JOIN A SOFTBALL TEAM? WHY not take up photography? Why create "COBRA" as your new false prophet? If you need instructions on intention or meditation or remote viewing...I assure you "you don't have any clarity" or anything but jargon bullshit to hide your impotence behind.

      This a band of jokers talking the same NEW AGE SHEEPLE DIP SHIT CRAP that amounts to what? I suppose many of you, hope to author a new NEW AGE BOOK, so you can have more money and you can feel successful....right?

      COBRA is a false prophet...afraid to show his face and real voice. WHAT MORE FRAUD EXISTS THEN A SECRET FALSE PROPHET? Only good thing about this site doesn't solicit money. Other than that, THE INFO COULD NOT BE MORE OBTUSE AND ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVENT.

      Want a prophet or story to snuggle up you can believe in something that makes you feel good. FOLLOW CHRIST'S WORDS EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE and avoid reading the rest of the Bible or any other holy book or philosophy. If you don't have "it" ALREADY are not gonna have it. Stop lying to yourself...acts not words. All I see here is a group NEW AGE SHEEPLE CLOWN ACT that mutually affirms each other (who all seem to hide their real identity behind psuedonyms...why hide your name?...what are you afraid of? with your real a man for christ sakes).

      You New Age SHEEP, really are a pathetic band of dipshits...absolutely worthless and confused and proven by your investment in this nuthouse, for what gain? ASK, what did I get from this site or this NEW AGE JARGON? Follow Christ's now....not COBRA'S new found FALSE PROPHETICAL OBTUSE BULL.

      COBRA hasn't said anything...has he?
      If he is who he says he is...HOW CAN YOU BE PART OF A REVOLUTION, WHEN YOUR FACE AND IDENTITY AND VOICE is hidden?

      Would you believe PHIL SCHNEIDER if you had not seen him in video or live? fall over yourself for this lying con artist nut named COBRA, the new SNAKE FALSE PROPHET?

      Why didn't COBRA call himself "kitten" or "roscoe" or "trixie"? IS COBRA IDENTIFYING HIMSELF AS A SNAKE? Do you like reptiles? You want to follow a self described reptile named after a snake?

      Nobody who is legit......names himself after a snake, and talks about being in the


    1. That really is beautiful, isn't it. Made me a bit homesick :(

      They carry such a beautiful light and energy.

      I did not feel any of that for the Olympics light, no energy.

      Thanks for sharing this :)

    2. This is one of the few pieces of demonstrative could mentally masturbate over. But hey...if you want to spin this like COBRA ("who is this entity, and why hide?") go ahead. It's your time and energy, and frankly, I obviously do not belong here with jargon tweeting nutjobs, who believe what they want to a defence mechanism?

      I hope the almighty OZ, I mean COBRA THE WISE ONE (is our false prophet named after a snake today?)permenently bans me from this site. DO ME A FAVOR...if I wanted to talk to mentally ill adults who cannot grasp reality, then I'LL GO BACK TO WORKING AS A PSYCHIATRIC AID.

      PS: you clowns...are sick without knowing it...and deluded without realizing it. YOU NUTJOBS, scare really do. How can anyone spend this much time talking this much crap without saying anything that makes any sense????????????????

      HOW DO YOU GUYS DO IT, without laughing?

  23. Οne of the links Cobra gave us in the Red-Blue Pill topic, regarding Illuminati mind control etc, is directly related to the interview Fritz Springmeier gave to Alex here

    really interesting indeed.
    it was catalytic in my appreciating Springmeier's work even more, and felt respect for the man who went through so much because of his research and his stand against the Illuminati...

    1. Now you know where your false prophet gets his material. Like you...he knows how to do a google search. HOW COME the new age sheeple at this site, have not elevated ALEX JONES into a prophet? At least you can hear, see, and call Alex...has anyone here...seen or heard or identified your snake named false prophet named COBRA?

      LET'S SEE SOME DEMONSTRATIVE PROOF THAT COBRA IS NOT A JOKER, CRANK, OR jerk off playing an elaborate con you dipshits.

      Don't you ever feel like saying that...instead of "namaste" or "be in the light"?

  24. My latest song inspired by the RM and the Space Family of Love and Light

    ((((((((( LOVE ISN'T HARD TO FIND))))))













































    For the Cobrassss and ground crew all over this magnificent world
    With love

  25. Beautiful and uplifting Rob.
    Thank you!

    1. :-) thank you for your youtube it was nice i love Chris De Bergh//








      mmmmmmmmmm .... It's Everywhere :)

      Thanks for the inspiration Potts ♥

  26. @ IAM and Prosperity from the last post:Glad you both liked the mushroom aspect of that little "How the Pleiadeans make a Spaceship" piece i wrote yesterday!!
    i respond today because i am in england and we post at different times though they do overlap! I saw an infrared anaylisis of the Olympic opening ceremonies and the Ship certainly was not Bluebeam and i definitely feel it was legit. Step by Step one day at a time.
    Hopefully bigger and better displays which will spark more awe and wonder will occur to really open up converstations and inquiry by the masses.
    IAM glad you got a receptor they are quite pricey now if made of pure gold or platinum but very powerful scalar fireld resonators nonetheless. If you can get a small pen laser and beam it directly into the crystal and place it over your third eye i think you will be pleasantly surprised at the immmediate "upgrade" in potency and effects!
    warm regards

    1. Hi Rob,

      I wish I still had it, I gave it away a long time ago. It would be interesting to do the experimentation as you suggest.

      Guess we will just have to wait instead for our invitations to climb aboard once Disclosure happens :)

      Peace bro

  27. Very interesting.....

    Anyone with a PhD fancy accessing the Vatican archives? (Up to 1939 only.)


    Now the US Gov't owns the Rain!

    1. Yeah, came across this nonsense here too ... It's a nice try but it won't be workin for them :)

      We didn't have chemtrails for WEEKS, and now today I saw them again. *sigh*

  29. Mr. Happy Man (An Angel Soul for sure!)

  30. For those who want to hear more about the Archons, this is excellent source:

  31. "The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate. So it goes. ... Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

    -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

    1. The dark forces thought they could snuff out the light of Martin Luther King. But as he is quoted, the universe tends to bend in the direction of truth. Light snuffs out darkness and not the other way around.

      And we are going to be judged not by the colour of our skin but by the content of our character and if it is HEART centred then we will experience true freedom.

      Martin Luther King ascended as there is only the illusion of death. And his dream will no longer be a dream it was a vision of our soon to be reality.

    2. "And his dream will no longer be a dream it was a vision of our soon to be reality."

      Yes, thanks, Paul. It is right what you say, it wasn't only a dream, it was real vision of our future.


    3. "Through may defend you and your family and your hard earned possessions from those unable to follow the laws of society."

      THOMAS S. BEAN at "hollowmantrasofcrackedvision:diamond sutras for the"

      PS: "buy a gun and get ready for SHTF"

  32. Cobra,

    For You too


    Thank you :)

  33. FYI
    for those following the channellings topic and August 4th ...

  34. If anybody reading this is manifesting flu like symptoms or headaches, or feels nauseated then it's the effects of vibrational shifts and light workers are extremely sensitive to this. Our DNA is being light activated. This means the transition of carbon cells to crystalline.

    And many symptoms of body light activation are going to be manifested, but this is a landmark in our evolution and should be celebrated.

    Listen to your body as your DNA awakens and diet and hydration is paramount. Fractal foods such as raw vegetables and lots of raw nuts are particularly good

    Avoid any tap water, as this calcifies the pineal gland and manifest in headache. Headache is environmental and this is by design. It's to stop your pineal gland from flowering and when it's calcified, This manifests as migraine and cluster headache.

    Tap water is loaded with suppressants to stop our pineal gland from opening up because this is the worse case scenario for the cabal. So they poison us. We can severely limit this until it's completely eradicated.

    look inside your kettle and that's the pineal gland in a state of calcification.

    You can bless your water with words of unconditional love, water responds to intent be it good or bad. Look at the water freezing experiments on youtube to get a clearer analysis of how water is so vital and the condition of the water is so vital.

    I have amethyst crystal in my bottles of water, and that amethyst crystal is bliss coded with sunlight and unconditional love.

    Meat eaters are going to struggle as the lightwave energy ramps up and manifests in our bodies so meat is not appropriate.

    Slaughtered animals know they are being fattened up for this purpose and live in FEAR. Why consume this FEAR? It's insane to keep doing this to your body. And that's why red meat in particular manifests as cancer. Cancer is disorder in our bodies, and it's FEAR based.

    If it's not fear based then it's environmental and this is stress related, poverty is environmental collective stress. Many other manifestations of environmental abuse we are all victims of. And this will all change soon.

    The lightwave brings healing and we need to remember that with healing comes some pain, whether it's emotional of physical it's all due to aeons of systemic abuse and the deliberate dumbing down of the populace. But you have to go through it to get past it and this is happening right now.

    Watch for the symptoms of the purging powers of the lightwave as Gaia receives so do we. We are collective and individual Mother Earth consciousness.

    Aluminium should never come in to contact with our food so alloy canned drinks are very toxic and alloy particles are in the chem-trails. Again it's primarily to dumb down the pineal gland.

    Once the pineal gland flowers then all is revealed and at a pace that every individual can handle due to your DNA KNOWING.

    1. The Cabal lose one more sovereign entity once their pineal gland flowers and their DNA can be light activated.

      It's YOUR birthright to be sovereign, so take it the fuck back by being good to yourself and others.

      Healing starts with self so don't wait until the symptoms are too intense,

      No point only thinking of others and ignoring the domain of self, you'll contribute far more to humanity by having a core understadning that comes only from conection to sourse, and this connection is achieved via the portal of the pineal gland. and this is why it's in all religions symbolism and why we never here anything about it in our education system. Remember this is the last days of the age of secrets so of course the populace is still hugely in the dark.

      I've gone from a card carrying meat eater of 17 stone to 13 and a half stone in nine months. I've suffered with migraine all my life and since cleaning up my act all residual symptoms of deliberate pollution is fading and my DNA is actually speaking to me.

      Light and good water is the food of life. The appetite for junk disappears with light body activation.

      We are not designed to carry the weight of another person around our guts and arses and thighs. When your DNA awakens then gluttony will be utterly repugnant to you.

      You don't need expensive diets and all this co-opted franchise of mass marketing bullshit diet products. It's a massive marketing scam.

      Eat less but better, drink much more but clean water, and get out in the church of Gaia and connect with her, ask her to show you what you need to see, and tell you what you need to hear.

      Then come back and spread the word to others on places like this.

      The EVENT is the lightwave and this EVENT is happening right now, it's just going to intensify.

      Awareness is key and preparation will help exponentially as we all prepare for the shift of ages.

      The ligthwave is here so ride the crest of the wave instead of being swamped in the wash, watch for those who begin to manifest symptoms and act accordingly with heart centred compassion and shared intelligence.

      Transcend from thinking to KNOWING and all will be revealed, then connect and share. BE-LOVE ♥

    2. Oh, blimey, Paul! I've just been told I've got a body 830 times bigger than the Earth, and I was busy using that as a very reasonable excuse for the size of my...essentials...and now you lay this on me!

      Buggrit! ;)

    3. You are actually infinite in size ;-)

      I am not trying to preach, free will and all that. I am just putting in words my ascension experience thus far..

    4. Ι hear you Paul. Incredible words of wisdom once again from you. My symptoms are rather "light flue-ish", with coughing at times, running nose, and fatigue. Headaches have been quite a torment, initially i chalked them all up to my pre-menopausal symptoms, but i've leaarned to distinguish between the "hormonal turmoil" headaches (back lower part near brain stem) from the "pineal" ones (back, towards the center of the cranium). I absorb lots of sunlight (hot summer in Greece- and thankfully mostly clear skies lately)and i keep seeing something beauitifully strange when i lay in the sand (at the beach) and look to the skies. It's like someone is sprinkling some kind of stardust glitter... Maybe light particles I couldn't see before? Who knows. I recently had my eyes chedked to make sure I had no problem with my vision, and the doc said my eyes are just fine. i told him i was seing "weird" stuff at times, described some of it to him, he couldn't explain, but he insisted my eyes were ok. I've reduced meat to a minimum and will soon stop it completely. The results are already great. I've lost about 10 kilos (give or take 20 lbs) and feeling much better.

      Thanks again for your great input.

    5. What you see with your eyes is the veil of secrets lifting and the transition in to the age of truth. And the event horizon is full disclosure. We collectively manifest this based on HEART or gut reactions. The lightwave is coming right on time to lift enough people in to making heart based reactions and this brings the dawn of the Golden Age.

      That's the basis of every true LOVE story ever written.

    6. Anticonfimty, I've had the same experience on the beach sand with multi-colored packets of light. To me it feels like having an orgasm with a rainbow.
      Oh, go ahead and laugh all you other creatures! But your turn is coming and when the light from above gets into your mind and heart and soul with a buzzing high, you are going to love it.

    7. Oh, I just came back here and found some extra comments.

      Infinite, Paul...well, body massive or body infinite, it's not going to fit in my jeans is it! hahahaha!

      I used to be a veggie, quite a few years ago, and I'm afraid I gained weight at that time. However, I was single, and I was eating lots of processed veggie meals, which could/would explain that, I guess.

      I cook most meals from scratch these days, so it could be a different experience now. I'll have trouble weaning hubby off meat, but I can manage easily enough when I make the choice again...except for the cravings for a bacon butty from time to time!

      Cheers! :)

  35. Paul, I've just stumbled on these posts and want to say I have been feeling those exact symptoms all day to the point of thinking I was having a bout of malaria as I'm in Abidjan, West Africa in the middle of the rainy season. So here's to synchronicity!
    I have an early flight tomorrow back to Canada and I would like to share this track with all of you as I'm a little sad to leave Mama Africa. Its called 'Going to Zion' by Winston Francis. Not the Zion of the Cabalists but Zion as in the Rastafarian symbolism which means leaving Babylon (NWO)/going home/connecting with nature/Mother Earth, be at peace and in harmony with oneself...

    See ya all on the other side,

    1. Seek medical advice if not certain, I've had an MRI due to the intense pain and I am all clear. But I did it just so I can back my own words up otherwise I would keep my mouth shut.

      Light body activation manifests in the physical. It has to, so it's better to be informed instead of letting doubt flood the mind and then that leads to worry and it's a vicious cycle.

      Safe trip back to Canada.

    2. Well, I had headaches that were like mini atomic bombs going off inside my skull. So debilitating I took six Advil in one day. Had about a four bouts over the last three years. Oh the pain for the gain. Ouch.....Ahhhhhhh....Bliss.....

  36. Wow! Exceptionally awesome news!

    Brave reporter, Ben Swann asking in his show, Reality check Fox News, whether we really need to audit the Fed or not.

    He talks about Jekyll Island, Morgans,ROthschilds,Rockefellers, the absurdity of the system.
    Finally truth about the FED appearing in the mainstream media!!At last..:)
    Highly recommended, a good video to start awekening friends/family

  37. A most difficult day for me emotionally, my Friends. It was the second anniversary of the passing of the one who was most important to me and this often makes it hard for me to shake off the illusion. The suffering is and was real. This suffering (pancreatic cancer) and death I would love to avenge somehow and I also know that that is just catering to the dark. I will try to do some journaling and get some healing sleep and try to drag myself back up out of this pity party pit, reminding myself that there are others that have suffered far worse. This is not complete until there are no more homeless, no more juggling and struggling to pay bills while still managing to eat, no more cancer or any other illness, no more death, no more controlling factors, only self-determination. And Love and Light.

    Yeah, so I get pissed off, but being angry in a way can stir one to right action and is a step up from the mire of depression and hopelessness. I need my sleep tonight, but plan to also catch up on all of your comments in what Cobra has termed a Sacred Space.

    Thank You All for Being Here.
    --- D.

    1. Hugs to you Angelsea. Sending you peace, comfort, and much love. Xo

    2. Yes, Angelsea. Sending love your way as well. Peace to you.

    3. I'm stunned that adults who claim to be of the light.....are worshipping a false prophet named after a snake who IS AFRAID TO SHOW HIS FACE OR TRUE VOICE? How come you don't worship Alex Jones, or Jesse least you can see them, hear them and identify with a real person who actually exists?

      I cannot take this tripe any more...some head aches and you think your Ascending? Please show us a photo when you grow a crystal skull.

      What is wrong with you people? If you want to live in LOVE, avoid FALSE PROHPETS NAMED AFTER SNAKES who won't show themselves or identify themselves or use their own voice during an interview.

      How gullible are you New Age Sheeple?

      BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS who don't show themselves.

      Beware of spending energy on rabbit holes next to the galactic worm holes.

  38. Thank you so much klove and Calliope!

  39. Oh my...I am inundated with vegetarian messages. One of the well known and LOVEly angels here spoke to me about diet and now Claydog, too. I am making the change. Enough hypocrisy from me as an animal LOVER and protector and savior. Can't continue on with a meat eating diet. When you know better you do better. The light is officially on.

    1. @Klove. apart from the obvious barbarism of fattening up other sentient creatures just for food, and them knowing this. Meat is also far too dense for nutritional purposes when a shift in frequency is upon us and this is what is happening, light means much more than just visible light. Gaia is going through the ascension process, this means upliftment from density, we are her consciousness so we have a choice to follow or kick our heels in and resist.

      And the majority of this planet is still vastly unaware of this beautiful process.

      But as the lightweave intensifies then you'll notice this transition begin to manifest itself in even the most hypnotised among us who are still totally within the mind control matrix.

      If you are guzzling down density in meat and chemicals designed to continue to make you dense and unresponsive then expect pain to manifest.

      We are shifting from carbon base to crystalline base in the very fabric of our reality and physicality. Carbon is dense and crystal is light.

      So anyone who still thinks the ascension process is for them and they are still polluting themselves with the nastiness of the old paradigm as we shift to the new is certainly in for a tough time of it.

      I am not trying to create hysteria I am just trying to give people some insight in to preparation of the self as this cleansing process and upliftment really hits.

      I can feel it right now and many on here are true light workers, it's the duty of all light workers to share the process as it's somewhat staggered and there are first wave, second wave etc etc. Until finally there is nothing but pure light.

      If it happened in the blink of an eye then the transition would be devastating and that's when a shift can be a cataclysm. We've had the age of cataclysm and many of us still manifest the shared scars on our psyche.

      A FEAR of water is shared collective imprint of the age of catastrophe that saw the decimation of Atlantis and Lemuria and many other sub-continental areas still under leagues of ocean. The true migration of people was not from East to West as the corrupt history tells us, it's from West to East then back from East to west once the age of cataclysm and catastrophe subsided. Its why you'll find true Aryan DNA still in Iran and many other countries.

      Aryan does not mean what the Nazi party tried to usurp us in to believing, it's an ancient bloodline of intelligence and from a previous Golden Age. Ireland being very important in this. And the reason why the Vatican has been molesting and manipulating the identity of Ireland for aeons.

      So much is going to come back to the collective memory when the veil of secrets is finally fully vaporized and the mass awakening has swept across the globe with the lightwave.

      Preparation beings with self and not externalisation, once you have centred then it's time to externalise and share but many are nowhere even close to being centred as of yet.

      That's why starseeds have incarnated right now to begin the mass awakening of this prison planet or quarantined planet if prison sounds too dark to you..

      It's about the restoration of sovereignty to the individual then sharing this knowledge to start the domino effect to the return to full consciousness.

      It's difficult for many to even comprehend but in the higher realms there are no predators, this means the fish swim with sharks, the eagle flies with the dove, the lion runs with the antelope, and the human treats others as they wish to be treated. Nothing works outside of universal lore and this lore is sacred to al life. We are just one example if this life and EGO has turned us. Once we shift back to HEART then we all simply stop hurting each other

      An energetic shift occurs and this energy is also our food, combined with proper unpolluted water from natural source.

    2. This shift is happening right now, I can interpret the energies as my DNA and endocrine system has gone through nearly 10 months of intense detox.

      Your DNA will speak to you once you have a clean enough connection to source, consuming meat and other dense shit while your body and the planet is shifting from density to crystalline is very very counter productive.

      Light means much more than just visible light, visible light is the limited 3D density we currently all see and operate and manifest from. But it's shifting and more and more is coming in to plain view of the individual and the collective consciousness.

      If you carry on consuming density then you can expect to manifest many symptoms of this as the lightwave intensifies.

      It's just a case of being good to SELF. No gimmicks or special permission, or payment is needed, just shared information of unconditional love as we ascend from density to full consciousness.

      This is the EVENT everyone has been waiting for, so what are YOU eating for.

      This is not me directing this at any one person, I am just intellectualising the process I have experienced thus far.

      Take it or leave it with my profound intention of unconditional love.

      The lightwave is the EVENT and preparation would be prudent.

    3. I've noted my typo right at the end, "what are you eating for" I mean waiting of course, Don't stop eating LOL. I dont want to be accused of dis info. Just cut down on eating shit, and you know what shit is when it slows the body and mind down.

      Feed the light body, not the old dense body you are transition from.. BE-LOVE.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Paul, I need your input here. I just got back to Canada from Africa and the 1st thing I did, being completely dehydrated from my flights, was to go a grocery store to buy water as I avoid tap water. Looking at the list of ingredients I was flaggergasted that every brand of bottled water local (this is the land of lakes btw) or foreign has some amount of fluoride ion! I'm well aware of the dangers of that chemical but somehow was under the impression canadian source water was OK in that regard. What can you do in a big city away from wells and sources? Is there an "acceptable" amount (0.1 P.P.M)? I for one want to decalcify you-know-what so whats the solution here?
      Much L&L. Eric

    6. bless your water with intent from HEART, love flows faster through water and that's why you'll never see a Dolphin with a frown LOL.

      Piped water in the water system is like the negative frozen examples in the video, so you consume negativity.

      Other chemicals speed up calcification and this amounts to migraine symptoms and cluster headache, the nape of the neck and the cranial pressure is also a manifestation of pineal calcification, you will have to manifest detox symptom so my recommendation is to stop caring that it hurts and mind can overcome pain, try it.

      I don't trust marketing on labels so the figures mean nothing to me, all consumer water has suppressants to a lesser or greater degree, your water can differ greatly from area to area, check your kettle to see how quickly it scales up and think of that scale being wrapped around your pineal gland, this is going to hurt when the pineal gland decides it's time to flower, so preparation is vital to limit residual side effects of the light wave.

      Bliss coded water will shift the calcification and flush out pollutants this is why more water intake is needed.

      Bless your water with intent and consume the results. BE-LOVE.

      No gimmicks, special products or books to buy for this to happen.

      Just unconditional love that you apply to it with intent from HEART.

      I also bless my amethyst crystal and pop it in to my bottle, but I wouldn't recommend putting crystal in an open container, not unless you want to chip your teeth that is.. ;-)

      Everyone should watch this vid and many others and study the significance of water.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Much respect and many thanks. I watched the video and will do what is needed.


    1. Remember it's your own intent you put back in when you bless the water, so it cannot harm you as you've removed the harmful intent. Intent is a whole other dimension to visible light, and you can create positive or negative intent and people feel this vibe. We create this vibe of intent individually and collectively and this vibration is one way that the Cabal can manipulate us by maintaining this low vibrational intent, and then we manifest based on this low vibration.

      This understanding and much much more is the process of restoration of sovereignty to the individual.

      It's all part of full disclosure and it's here right now for you to receive.

      We have so much abundance of wealth, and knowledge available to us once we are true receivers of this knowledge.

      A detox of the individual persons endocrine system will assist in the connection of the individual to the Akash and the gifts of universal lore.

      One of the physical manifestations is that obesity and gluttony will disappear as people who are aware they are truly abusing themselves and adding to their density by eating toxins will simply stop doing it, and the manifestation of limiting all this processed shit and meat and sugar and cigarettes and alcohol will be a better looking, rejuvenated self.

      Light body activation is a process and it comes in waves and everyone will feel it's effects, if you consist of sub-atomic particles then I am afraid you simply cannot avoid it, so be good to yourself and prepare by listening to your inner voice and if HEART tells you something is not right as fuel for your body then listen to it instead of letting appetite feed appetite, that's a mind trick and that's why there are so many comfort eaters out there, myself I include in this category as little as a year ago.

      And then the lightwave caught up with me, and started telling me a few home truths..

      This is not aimed at anyone specific person so please no direct offence meant, I was a huge comfort eater until I went inside and asked why I am seeking comfort through food and money and materialism. It's a process of clearing out the old to prepare for the new.

      The new is the new Golden Age which is the event horizon for all of us. The Age of Truth.


      This is a link to a blogpost on TORSION ENERGY AS THE FIFTH FORCE ("The Grand Unifying Theory of Everything GUTE").

      It's on a blog, written a guy who does not like secret, false prophets who lead sheeple astray...for what purpose?

  42. His comment was something I had come to expect, but it was still striking all the same. .... Dr. Mike Reynolds, pastor at West Hall Baptist, told The Christian Post that the banners were put on .... Quite likely it was just thirst. ..... He is an extraordinary Church leader, and his devotion to mission and church ...
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