Thursday, August 2, 2012

Omega Pandora POS to 0.1 stable


  1. I had a POS once... a 1987 Buick station wagon with "wood panels". That thing was a nightmare. Leaking, smoking, stalling; always something with it. No matter what I fixed, something else always seemed to go.

    1. This is definitely my favorite kind of post :) thanks TheoDaGreek - 123 ;)

    2. POS! It took me a while, but now I get it! ;)

    3. Melody, you are most welcome ;)

      with all the violence, misery and whatnot, I figured some smiles and/or laughter are necessary.

  2. Thank you for the good news update Cobra! My heart gets the intel and I am grateful! Divine Love to you dear one! May all of the Light disregard detractors here.

    1. I second everything 5D just said - well put.

  3. Was today's posy "Good News"? I don't understand any of these codes.
    Many blessings.

  4. Healer
    you must read the faq page here to understand that these are messages to the resistance just like the bbc during world war 2 these messages are for those epople who are working undercover and cannot openly communicate am i really #8 oh ooooh oooh i love 8

  5. Wow! Exceptionally awesome news!

    Brave reporter, Ben Swann asking in his show, Reality check Fox News, whether we really need to audit the Fed or not.

    He talks about Jekyll Island, Morgans,ROthschilds,Rockefellers, the absurdity of the system.
    Finally truth about the FED appearing in the mainstream media!!At last..:)
    Highly recommended, a good video to start awekening friends/family

  6. Although I can't say I get it, I think these posts are important ;)

  7. I understand Cobra is interested in organizing informational seminars around the world. Why is he charging $100 per head with a 50 person minimum for the seminar? Why is he requiring every participant to sign a non-disclosure form? Why is he charging $250 a head for a VIP dinner for one on one Q&A with himself?

    1. Hi George Caro,

      Did you get this info by volunteering to help organize events? Or...?

    2. Have you seen how much war criminals like Tony Blair get for their speaking engagements?

      Why do they get paid for their time, their comments, their opinions, their lies?

      Why does everyone expect the darkest dregs of society have the right, the right!!!!, to charge fees and earn billions, but the lightworkers and freedom fighters must have what? - taken a vow of poverty and so must shun any and all income for any and all work they do?

      I never took a vow of poverty, but I'm relatively poor! I know nobody that has taken a vow of poverty! But I know many lightworkers who are living in poverty.

      There may be some monks, in some religious order, who have chosen that way of life, but I don't know any of them!

      I ask again, why to the shit-bags of this world have the right to riches? And the rest of us are almost crucified if we even dare to attempt to charge for our services?

      I've given hundreds of people free healing over the years, I given countless people free counselling/readings over the years. Did that make me a better person? No. Did they go the next month to another person and pay them for a reading? I bet they did, many of them!

      Giving service for free is a choice, not a must!

    3. Good point osw i am wondering also in regards to koves query. I hope george answers. There are travelling expenses etc.

    4. If ever there was proof of darkness attacking the light, it's in this issue of who is 'allowed' to charge and earn for their services without either a public roasting or a bitchy-back-biting comment.




    5. If your information is true, George. I can suggest some reasons:
      *The cabal has cut the above ground resistance's funds off, he is using his own savings to live on and maintain this site.( I have found separate verification of this cut off).
      *Because non of us here have 1000 dollars to help him.
      *Because he does not wish to ask for smaller donations from us because he is aware we do not have much.
      *To avoid riddling the site with ads, products, services.
      *To pay for his rent, food, shirts, medicines.
      *To pay for this website.
      *To give him income because he cannot manage an ordinary job.He is frequently up in the night working.
      *To pay for his air fares, taxis, venue hire.
      *To liberate the planet.

    6. @ourspiritualwealth, pottsman, Aradia

      I agree. Thank you for your support and understanding about this issue. Everybody should live in abundance. The reactions about the money issues from some part of the population have gone beyond ridiculous and I am sick and tired of reading negative comments about that, on this and other websites.

      Yet, this blog and all intel here is still free. The call for funding issued a few days ago has yielded $100 and I might as well start putting some ads on this website, although I have avoided that for as long as possible.


    8. OSW, i understand where you're comming from, ahd i can see your good intentions and loving soul expressing itself here.. However, it's never been a matter (in my mind at least) of the scumbags being "allowed" to earn this kind of wealth out of leaching off society...That is just an undeniable fact, resulting from the fact that humanity is actually tolerating if not allowing them (for centuries on end) to get away with bleeding the populace dry. While you make a good case on cobra's behalf, there's still something bugging me at the back of my mind, (even though i haven't made a federal case out of it). What's bugging me, in this "scenario", is that light workers are supposed to be ABOVE all that- having (supposedly again) transcended the rat race goal for material comfort- not that they don't deserve to live in comfort, all of us do- and all of us CAN live in comfort if only we'd claim what's rightfully ours, our God given birthright of sovereingnty and sharing what mother Gaia offers for all... but the way things are, money should not be an end in itself in a light worker's mind or their spiritual journey- especially when they're struggling for a "sacred" cause, such as the liberation of this planet. I'm really not a nationalist shawvinist or anything like that, but if we wanna talk about poverty at this point, i cannot help bringing up my land (Greece) as a typical sacrificial lamb example,(NWO's experiment to see how the rest of the world will "handle" this dehumanization agenda which they intend to inflict upon us all eventually) were the largest part of the population here right now, is suffering indescribable poverty, the way no other western nation has, for some centuries, to say the least. The lack of basics for a decent-human standard of living, is beyond the grasp of anyone not living in this country, with over 1 million (out of a total population o 9,5 mil) in unemployment and literaly on the streets . People who until recently had a decent life, lost their livelihood overnight... Their lives shattered along with their dignity, and this has taken it's toll brining our nation to No.1 position in the suicide rate in europe (at least) right now. So, as far as i'm concerned, any light worker who doesn't just theorize about unconditional love , but really lives by this principle, should first focus on so many people's plight and then worry about their personal comfort.

    9. Can somebody please explain to ME where I have actually said anything that conflicts with any thing that Anticomformistria is saying here?

    10. My intention was not conflict nor did I insinuate you were wrong.. I just went a bit further, and expessed my thoughts, triggered by your posts. Do you see something wrong with that? If so i apologize and won't be posting anything else addressing your comments, although i appreciate the thoughts you share and think highly of you.


    11. Dear George,
      I'm curious. Have you asked the same questions of any of the other presenters who charge fees for their seminars ?

    12. Vicky,I know you and I are usually on 'the same page', so to speak, which is why I said this:

      "Can somebody please explain to ME where I have actually said anything that conflicts with any thing that Anticomformistria is saying here?"

      To say the same thing another way, I could have said this:

      "Can somebody please explain to ME where I have actually said anything that is not in agreement with any thing that Anticomformistria is saying here?"

      In short, I did not suggest you intended conflict.

      I rather felt though that you had misunderstood my earlier post, and I was hoping for somebody else to explain to me if they could see where I had said something that was likely to have caused a misunderstanding.

      Clearly others too have 'seen' meanings in my words that were not there when I wrote them. But, for the life of me I thought it was clear enough.


    13. You WERE clear my dear OSW and there was no misunderstanding on my part. As i already explained, i took it a little further, wishing to express thoughts that were triggered by your post, which was well articulated and no disagreements from me there.. I guess i got a litte carried away and maybe went a little "off topic". At times, i'm an unbearable chatter box, i know ;)

      Peace, Love and Light


    14. ((((Vicky)))

      Glad that's all sorted out.

      Now let's kick some NWO butt! ;)

    15. Cobra,

      Please do what you need to do. It's insane to me that no one is out there attacking David Wilcock for charging for conferences, books, etc., and yet, you ask for a donation once or twice and everyone loses it. I see what other websites are saying and I'm sick of it. Do whatever feels right to you. Plaster this place with ads or a big fat donate button. Do both. :)

      We will still be here and we can help, too.

      Thank you,

    16. @George Caro -

      If you did in fact represent yourself as volunteering to help Cobra, only to turn around and start a shit storm here, congratulations. Unfortunately, for you, people who gather here have too much love and light to be down for long.


    17. For K Love: (((((((((hugs))))))))))

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What are you reading, Aradia, that I have written that suggests I need to apply to that fund. What have you read that suggests I feel Cobra is seeking more than subsistance?

    2. I get the feeling that although I am typing in English, other people are reading it in double-dutch!

    3. Dear Cobra,

      It seems my support of your plight, my defence of your situation has landed me in a mess of misunderstandings and misrepresentations.

      Now we both know how it feels, don't we?


    4. OSW - I totally get what you are saying. I'm just having an issue with the fact that people are so stuck on poverty consciousness, that they insist on projecting it onto others. I'll keep trying to understand it, but I thought this was something we were evolving out of. Not yet I guess.

    5. OSW's "vow of poverty" comment above prompted me to dig for this which I had remembered seeing two or three months ago, and it's a good one:

      (I found that if you're using Firefox you can just highlight the text for the link then right click and click on "open in new tab" in the popup menu, which is a bit quicker than copy/open new tab/paste. I figured there might be someone out there who didn't know this yet and might like a shortcut.)

      I hope that Cobra finds a solution to the funding issue soon and I wouldn't mind seeing ads and donate buttons. I guess those who are moderately well-off don't tend to hang out much here, though there is always a chance that could change. I do now know where a share of any unexpected windfall may end up.......

    6. For IAmLove & Angelsea: (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

  9. Replies
    1. mc moff did you see my reply to you the other day ?

  10. Cobra,

    Please do whatever you feel is necessary -

    No explanations or justifications are required.

    Looks like money issues need lots of healing around here.

    Thank you.

  11. OSW, nothing! I meant to put in anticonformista, the Greek guy, but was doing several things at once and accidentally put OSW. None of my comments are meant for you, in fact, your comments made me think.. go girl! I shall take the one that caused you confusion off and re do it. Really sorry!!! xxxxxxx

  12. Just a little correction here, sweet Aradia...
    i'm a Greek gal (not a guy) :D

    I had a feeling you were addressing me on that one.
    Glad this little "mess" is clearing out.


  13. Wow, there seems to be a lot of negative programming active about money!

    Here is a little trick to uncover any negative programmng about money:

    Fill in the sentence: I think money is .........

    Then replace the word 'money' with 'power'.
    Hiw does the sentence (your belief) read now?

    Then replace the word 'money' with 'love'
    How does you your belief read now?

    Did you find any negative programming?

    Here are some suggestions.
    Treat money as you treat love.
    Money is not reserved for the elite/cabal, nor is power.
    Stop fearing power or money.

    1. Blimey, you're not wrong there, Erik!

      Thanks for this tip.


  14. @ George Caros

    Since this is listed on your profile,
    Works at ConocoPhillips

    {ConocoPhillips Company (NYSE: COP) is an American multinational energy corporation with its headquarters located in the Energy Corridor district of Houston}

    I am even more curious about the answers to the questions directed at you above.

    Thank you.

    1. Dear George -

      We would still love to hear a response from you.

      Until then, perhaps I can make the assumption that based on the background that you are working in, and see on a daily basis, with the billions of dollars of profits being served to these multinationals that do nothing but rape and pillage our planet and people ...

      ...that you feel that Cobra's fees are perhaps NOT LARGE ENOUGH for the beneficial work that he is doing to heal this planet and all of it's people ....

      including YOU dear George Caros.

      Looking forward to you joining back in, in the conversation regarding ABUNDANCE FOR ALL.

      Many thanks.

  15. Sorry dear girl! I keep waking at 3am and am a bit spacey as it's the 4th day. I am clearly just making things worse so will go away and concentrate on what I should be doing. Apologies again to OSW for the confusion. I got very confused myself reading her comment until I realised what I has done, instant karma.

    1. (((Aradia)))

      We're all tired and spacey at times...I understand.

      Gawd, what a life! ;)

  16. People, i think it is i who was a little misunderstood here. Money is NOT the issue - it never was for me. i get by with very little and no nagging about it. But destitution means misery nobody deserves.. So money is not THEIR issue either. (they have enough feed the world for heaven's sake!) It is their means to the end of dehumanizing us, stripping people who are NOT responsible for the mess THEY made, off their dignity and literaly their lives. I know these are not happy thoughts and that my anger/frustration at what i'm seeing happening around me is propably feeding their darkness, so i rarely sucuumb to this mind set. At times though, it takes its toll on me, and today is one of those times. Sorry for causing whatever negativity came out of all this.. the best thing i can do today, is shut up, so that's what i'll do.


    1. Hi Vicky,
      Just for the record, my comments weren't directed at you at all...
      Let's all be at peace ...

    2. No, Vicky, you are not required to shut-up and your truth, and the pain is valid, valid, valid.

      We, who have a tiny idea of what living in Greece must be like, are more likely in fear too, that it will be our nation next.

      When the English starved the Irish, nobody helped them, not even the effing Pope! We all know why now, don't we!

      It's the same thing over and over, oppression and starvation and war. But, in the past, there was confusion as the the links, the reasoning, only now we have connected the dots, haven't we, and it's horrifying.

      So, we all have to deal with the mind-eff that comes with our knowledge, add to that the emotions that come with our personal circumstances and what we witness each day when we walk outside our doors, if we even have a door!

      I hope one day to come to Greece, and bring with me a smile that I can give to every person I see there!

      Did you see that video i posted yesterday, Mr.Happy Man? If you didn't, you might enjoy him when you are in the mood, he's lovely and I cried when I watched it.


    3. I did see the vid dear OSW and i loved it! Thank you so much for that and for your kind words... i will be VERY happy to welcome you to my land someday... i know you (and so many others here) understand... nevertheless, i shouldn't have succumbed to the mindset they want me (us) to be in! i'm already fighting this. In less than an hour i'll be joining the solidarity group (formed in my forum) that supports the homeless, anyway we can.. It;s a lovely sunny day in Athens right now, and we are stubbornly defying all the reptiles with a smile!

      Peace/Love/Light to you and to ALL!

    4. Excellent! :)

  17. I bet somebody has been doing the Planetary wotsits and calculations for today and the forecast is:

    Expect error, confusion and misunderstanding as the planets are in square bent right-angled and reversed retrograde anti-gravitational motion!


  18. i know they weren't my dearest IAL... i'm also waiting for your questions to be answered...
    peace indeed..
    so very much needed

    xxx to you and Aradia and all


    1. much much love dear Vicki

      so happy to be connecting with such beautiful, radiantly strong souls


  19. One more note about money.

    What if the concept of money could be charged and we colectively charge this concept negatively. Where do you think the money will flow towards?

    Probably not towards positively charged humans...

    We can change the charge money holds within our consciousness very easily! Treat the concept of money as you treat the concept of love. Spread it and receive it as if it were a hug.

    Love, power and money and hugs to all of you!

    1. I think you are onto something there, Erik.

    2. Fantastic thought Erik!

    3. I think we have a new job for the Ellie's.

      Hammy....! :)

    4. Well, I think this one can be tackled by the ants :-)

    5. This is a very interesting concept erik ... we will do well to think about this !

      I am going to begin as well to consciously hold a positive vision of abundance for Cobra and all our beloved Lightworker and Lightwarrior family ...

  20. Guilt about money, abundance is yet another reptilian program. It's a good one, keeping those most spiritually active in relative poverty. I keep forgetting our programming. That is the reason people are reacting in this way to the money things. It is not really us at all.
    Vicky, peace back to you and all of you in Greece. We do have rallies in England in support and there have been a few petitions here. Don't do much but the thought is there.

  21. Money is great if used for benevolent reasons, but when there is scarcity of light in the heart then money is used to replace this sense of loss. And greed is a massive bi-product of this overwhelming sense of loss, that's why some people who have all the money are still suffering from a vacuous hole in their hearts.

    Abundance means everyone has enough, and this manifests as realities of everyone having enough, and a feeling of balance.

    The only thing that is wrong with money is the blatant unfair distribution of it, but then that's how we collectively experience such emotions as greed, and then guilt. It's all experience and we are spirit consciousness having human experiences.

    The restoration of balance between body, heart, mind and nature is currently happening to Gaia. We are her collective consciousness so we can expect to manifest collective and individual scenarios of abundance for it is TIME.

    We already made the "breakthrough" So we can all expect this to manifest as a better overall life experience for everyone, for this is what abundance means. To share in knowledge and wealth, Wealth is shared, not coveted and hidden, That's what "occult" means. And that paradigm is fast disappearing.

    The longer you hold on to guilt and all other negative symptoms then the longer it'll take for you to experience abundance, so let it the fuck go.. And expect more synchronicity.

    The lightwave is providing healing from negative emotions such as guilt. All these emotions are bi-products of the biggest negative emotion of them all and this is FEAR.

    Allow yourself to be cleansed of aeons of systemic mind control by facing your FEARS, then you'll realise that the only thing you have to fEAR is FEAR itself and it's an illusion of the mind control matrix that is crumbling due to the shift of ages that is upon us.

    DO NOT underestimate your ability to daydream, as this is the thoughts and intentions of your possible soon to be realities. The possibilities are infinite in the higher realms due to quantum physics of everything that was, is and ever will be.

    Positive thoughts can bring positive outcomes and collectively we are co-creators of this new paradigm we are shifting to, so don't hold on to guilt as that's not where we are heading as individuals or as a global society of unconditional love. So it makes no sense to wallow in low vibrational energies such as guilt.

    Let it all go and create Heaven on Earth And realise that when you fully shift from mind to HEART then you have escaped the matrix of mind control.

    One star seed is all it takes and we are many. Plant the seeds of the new Golden Age and lets all watch it grow as abundance.

    Guilt cannot apply if you are HEART centred and you operate under a DO NO HARM paradigm of unconditional love. That's universal lore.

    We currently have everything we already need and all we have to do is take it back from the greed centre and distribute it openly to all. We could all have acres of land and property if the greed monsters like Elizabeth II was to relinquish her land and wealth that her bloodline has stolen from all of us in countless past life experiences..

    And as the Star Seed John Lennon wrote, "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" We will live as one for we are all ONE.

    1. "Money is great if used for benevolent reasons, but when there is scarcity of light in the heart then money is used to replace this sense of loss"

      You said it all right there.

      Let's all DO have a think on it !

      We can heal this issue right now in our hearts and shift to a new paradigm.

      Many Blessings and Abundance to you ALL !!!