Friday, August 17, 2012

Omega Pandora POS to 0.01 stable


  1. Agreed, agreed! Love and gratitude.

    1. and one etheric Hello to all Lightworkers! I love this community! Thank you all :)

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    1. untwine
      that is a funny profile pic did u pull it out of a new fram you bought today?

    2. :D
      i guess it's a bit small here but if you look you'll see the water in the front takes shape of a dolphin ♥ just found it on internet :)

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    1. Cobrasss
      #8 :-) I am so happy somethings is stable because my head keeps swiveling to see all the pretty colors! I wonder what the great pyramid will be like on 12- 21-2012?

    2. Rob,
      11-06-2012. We are faster as expected...

    3. Do you mean 6 November 2012? (it may seem obvious because we have past june already.)

      (And I guess Rob means 21 December 2012?)

      Please try to write dates in the non-confusing format of

      day/name of month/year


      name of month/day/year

      back-to-front EU/US styles are baffling if we don't know which each person is using.



  4. What is unconditional love? While I was meditating last night a thought came into my mind, why have all these people come together in a blog at this time in one place. All seemingly advanced in their seeking yet all so different in their outlook and experiences.

    After contemplating it the only l reason I could arrive at was that we are all here to learn from and teach one another. No one really has a grasp on the true reality of what is and what will happen in the next couple of years, yet it is abundantly clear that we all know something is happening.

    My next thought was maybe between us we have the answers, there are some here who are completely outward with there love and others that thrive on wisdom.
    Some are floating somewhere in between yet we all seem to have the same resolve.

    I know everyone one is different and everyone has their own path to walk, we can’t all be the same and tolerance/forgiveness should be held in high regard as this is where I feel unconditional love starts.

    This is more of a catalogue of thoughts than anything else so please don’t think I am trying to deal out lessons on love or wisdom because I don’t feel that I have any authority to go there.

    Personally I feel that I have concentrated too much on researching and trying to find definitive answers for some of the mysteries placed before us, not enough time has been spent on finding the space where unconditional love resides within.

    I feel love as an emotion as well as a feeling in the heart, I know that I have unconditional love for my wife and children, yet I have difficulty in expressing that same feeling to anyone else. Not because I don’t want to and not because I cant, I have many times, after having ecstasy, so I know that unconditional love is a well blended mix of love and communication and I think this is where the problem lies, in communication or the bridge between the heart chakra and the throat chakra.

    What I am trying to say here is that all you people who express love so easily are teaching me and hopefully many others to do the same, just as some here are teaching you wisdom and maybe even compassion. This is why I feel we have all been brought together here right now, to be given this opportunity to fine tune ourselves in preparation for what ever it is that we are waiting for, so I would like to thank you all for giving me this opportunity and let you know that even though I have not been here long it feels like home, I love you all like family and I will endeavour to communicate this more openly, so please be patient as I know there is much work to be done here.

    1. Co9,

      Your thoughts here are expressed perfectly, to me. So balanced! I, too, appreciate what every soul has to offer here. I can give love and compassion, but am lacking in the knowledge dept, while others are virtual encyclopedias and stun me with their depth of understanding and cool, composed delivery. And we all learn from one another. Thanks for the beautiful sentiment. :)
      Much love to you and all the cobrasssss (haha sorry potts, I have to steal your term of endearment!)

    2. Council of Nine ~ Unconditional LOVE is a state of Being. As in Unity Consciousness and Oneness. It's influenced by the higher mind connected to 5D consciousness where Duality has transcended into Unity. It's the comprehension that everything we do, think, feel, say, write, and contribute to support and feed, has an energetic resonant effect on everything else. It's the expansiveness of the Light/Star in the middle of your Heart that emits from your every Heart beat into the Unified Field of Consciousness. It's the LOVE you feel for humanity in general, when you perceive everything and everyone in their "wellness" and the stuff of compassion. The gratitude you feel for life and your family and community as well as the aspects of life you don't directly interact with, or if you do there is no condition or criteria to being in alignment with it.

      The Love you feel for your family members is based in LOVE but has the additional and more specific emotional and personal elements factored in.

      Often relationships and personal associations are conditional because they involve the 3D aspects of boundaries and choices influenced by experiences memories and protections. This Love is not as pure in the spiritual sense because the ego has a say where as Unconditional LOVE transcends the ego's desires, needs and perceptions.

      Thanks for the purity of your sharing and being so raw, we LOVE that around here ; )

    3. Yes 'we', i, do love it :) ♥

      I love you council of nine :D You ooze honesty. Thank you ♥♥ We all have a place and together we form a beautiful picture ♥

    4. Great Council of Nine. I think the connection between heart and throat is so important. I just went to a Reiki healer and she found a lot of blocked energies in that area for me. Clear, loving and truthful communication is quite a gift!

      Also, I've been feeling the need to do much grounding work. No matter how much energy we can take it, we have to let it flow out deep into the Earth in order keep our centers.

      Thanks to Cobra for providing us all with this communication platform - lets teach each other out of this mess we're in!

    5. Well, Council of Nine, I believe you've been around here for a while longer than I have. I look at it like we all are holders of different pieces of a puzzle. At times we're frustrated when some of the pieces don't seem to fit together and at others we get pretty excited when we find the ones that fit and a beautiful picture starts to be revealed bit by bit. I often wonder what the puzzle is going to look like once we put all of our pieces together! LOL, I've got a feeling that this is one of those HUGE ones with thousands of tiny pieces! How funny is it that things are at once quite simple and yet complicated?

    6. We R Luv ... the big box stores of 5D :-)

    7. Co9 that was beautiful very well said and resonated with me deeply. Some here bring love and others thrive on wisdom. And my first thought was yes, and usually that breaks down the gender lines, doesn't it? The amazing men come in here with invaluable information about ETs, physics, metaphysics, the occult, etc. and the lovely ladies come here and pour on their love and blessings. (of course I am only speaking generally. We have some very loving men here and some very wise ladies too.). And my next thought was, well that makes sense because love and light (wisdom), the divine masculine and feminine. And, bringing these two together in integration is part of what we are doing in this ascension phase. The Divine Feminine is not come here to rule over men, but to take her place beside the Father and to bring balance. So there you have it, a beautiful space where men and women are coming together to learn to integrate the divinity in us all.

      I also deeply resonated with your thoughts on the heart and throat chakras. I know my throat chakra is closed tight but my heart chakra is burst open! It is because in my everyday life I do not feel as if I can speak freely. All sleepers. I love them deeply and do not want to leave them (and do not feel I am supposed to) but nevertheless, I have not broken the silence with them about the matrix, etc. and do not know how. Even as I sit here I feel the familiar tightness in my throat. Any ideas welcome, my dear Cobra Family. Love (and Light!) to you all.

    8. thank you all for this wonderful blog. I love you all.

    9. For my opinion, the "unconditional love" is what you do to others and for others without any conditions. And it is your free will to do it and to give love.

      For me the emotions are on an other paper. And i am not sure, if all of the paper is white.

    10. Dear Co9,
      I agree with you so much. All of us here complete the puzzle of life.

      My experience with unconditional love is when I suddenly see everyone and every act as completely innocent.
      My heart opens in such moments and I know there is no reason needed to love. No reason at all. Love presents itself without any condition, without any mental justification. In reality everyone and every act is innocent and lovely.

      If you look carefully into the anyones eye you can see their true inncence.

      Thanks everyone for completing this great puzzle!

    11. We are always a part, and never apart.

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    1. the unfolding of the Divine Plan is Perfect klove
      hehe ;-)

    2. The 4's keep popping at me it's insane lol... clocks,signs,licence,tv ads,highway exits,model numbers....

      Klove wrote at 444 IAL 11:44

      Love and light!

  6. Head of UK national air traffic services Richard Deakin : 'Typically our staff encounters a UFO a month'

    BBC News

    1. 'i ask you but it's not my question' 'i answer you but it's not my business'



    2. Untwine,

      Nice one, - great affirmation that UFO's exist!!

  7. What is Love?

    A story by Hatton, channelled By Carla Rueckert

    There was once a little boy who had grown wise to the ways of the world about him, for he saw much in his daily life and understood much.

    Yet there were many things that puzzled him as he grew, and perhaps the chief of these things was that which the grownups kept calling love.

    He turned to his parents and said, “What is love?” and they said “Love is honouring your Father and your Mother, and obeying them”

    He accepted this and thought on it, and attempted to show love by honouring his Father and Mother. And yet he was not satisfied.

    So he went to his teacher and he said “Teacher what is Love?” The Teacher said “Love is doing what the Teacher tells you to do and learning what we ask you to learn here at school.”

    The boy realised that there must be some truth in this. But he was not satisfied. He went and asked his friend, “Tell me do you know what Love is?” His friend said, “I am not sure, but I have noticed that when people want something, they say, ‘I Love you’.”

    The boy pondered this and thought, “Perhaps this is closer to what love is than anything I have heard” He puzzled over these thing a long time to himself.

    One night when he went to sleep, he sailed away in a beautiful ship with wide billowing sails. He sailed over a rainbow bridge into the far waters, which he had seen before in his dreams, yet never so clearly as now. His ship, seeming to know just where to go, harboured itself upon a white beach.

    He went onto the glistening sand and walked into a softly forested area. There he saw a beautiful entity in white robes, glistening golden, not with sunlight but with light coming from the face of the entity itself.

    He asked the radiant being “Sir, tell me what is Love” The radiant being said not a word, but knelt down and looked into the little boy’s eyes. The little boy looked back into those luminous eyes. Suddenly his own eyes were changed and the world was transformed wherever he looked.

    He looked around the beautiful forested area. All seemed to be transformed. All seemed to be alive with joy and love, he was seeing it. It was visible to him. Every mote of sand danced with energy so joyful that it was indescribable to him. Yet he knew that it was Love.

    The being led him back to his ship. The boy sailed over the Rainbow Bridge, and back to his bed. When he woke up in the morning he remembered. He looked around his room, and his room was transformed. His mother came into the room, and he ran to her and hugged her, he said “I Love you.” And he saw his mother transformed into a being that was Love. He ran to his teacher and said “I Love you.” And the teacher became gentle and compassionate in his eyes. Each thing that he looked at with his eyes of Love sent Love back to him, and the little boy no longer needed to ask what Love was.

    1. Namasté! That moved me deeply.

    2. Hello Co9,

      The story above is actually an instruction.
      You don't have to wait for a lighted being to do it.

      There is some programming active to discourage us to look into eachothers eyes for longer than a few seconds.
      The program associates looking into eachothers eyes with anger or being in love. That is a false association!

      If you sit with any person and agree to look into eachothers eyes for (minimum) 5 minutes you will break through the programming.

      The only additional instruction you need is this:
      Keep you attention within your own body while looking into the eyes of the person you are facing.

      After a few minutes you will experience what is described in the story above.

      Love, erik

    3. Hi Erik,

      I have actually done that many years ago when I lived with a couple of Girls who were into "Kenja" the whole session was spent staring into a partners eyes, changing partners half way thorough, 2 hours of staring into another's eyes was a little disorienting, maybe I wasn't ready at that time.

      The story above was hattons reply to an 8 year old boy who was sitting in on a channelling groups session, he asked the question "What is Love" while the group was channelling and that was the answer he received.

      I find if you look into the story more deeply, the parts about honouring your parents, your teacher and then loving because you want something, these are programmed thoughts that have many meanings and applications in our present materialistic world.

      I think it was meant to provoke thought on the truthfulness of love in its purest form. Still it is a very nice story.

    4. Yes, that's waht i like about the story. There are so many confusion and untruthful ideas floating around about love.

      From when I was a teenager this question 'What exactly is love?' propelled my search for truth. I just couldn't believe the shallow explanations offered by my family and friends. Today I am still kind of pursuing the answers to this question, although nowadays I am more interested in direct experience than in mental understanding.

  8. I don't understand these cryptic messages... somewhere I saw to look in the faq, but where is the faq? Can anyone shed light please?

    1. This blog was created under instructions from the Resistance Movement with the purpose of instructing the surface population about certain developments in 2012. Many surface operatives of the Resistance Movement read this blog as it contains some coded communications for them. Internet is the easiest way to give them certain not very sensitive intel, at least that part which can be safely transmitted through this public channel. In the future, the Resistance Movement may decide to give some communications to general public and then this blog will become an official communication channel for the Resistance Movement on the surface of this planet.

  9. dear friends everybody that is interested of watching real space ships footage from ships of the galactic confederation and other light forces visit
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  10. Good afternoon,
    I have forgotten what the code Pandora stands for? Anybody remembers?

    1. I think it is to do with rescue for souls that have been part captured by dark forces causing people to be like the living dead. It is on the second part 2 of the MP3 of the second interview on Kaulipaule's blog. Had some problems hearing Cobra.
      Thank you Cobra. I am so glad it is stable and may it remain so.

  11. Cobras
    i was writing to a fellow Cobran? We were speaking Cobraeese? Anyway i was being conservative about whether everything was going to develop sooner or later and stated i feel it will be gradual most real change will be enacted later. Our fellow Cobran was trying to cheer me up. I really did not need cheering but was only waxing philosophical so I wrote him this letter. I decided to post the letter as as usual I went overboard so here it is:

    Well it looks like e have something else in common if you were also born in 57 the year of the Chinese calendars "fire cock". I am 55 now also born in March. Since my experiences with Carlos Castenada's teachings in 73 I too had major awakenings. This was my time as I stepped on to the path. I have been very fortunate and blessed with many Miracles" in my own life and feel very grateful for my life and my experiences.

    I am filled with dispassion and I am really more indifferent to whether or not I will see complete liberation of the planet. I can be very detached from the physical plane with very little effort. Though on occasions I get "involved" in my personal dramas for a period of time. My pity parties or emotional instability is brief however intense.

    This emotional leaking, regardless of how brief is one of the reasons I have not been able to maintain constant or prolonged face to face contact with the ET's I do communicate with.
    At least that is my excuse for not being able to have extend those rare experiences of contact, which I have had and so long to repeat on an ongoing and expanded level.

    I have always felt it was one of the traps of the new age to fall into what I consider "Arrogance" of feeling "special" because of ones experiences. This arrogance can bleed into a misconception that because IAM awake that others will all awaken and we will see the new age manifest on schedule as we want it or perceive it to be. This also goes for the coming changes and exactly what will transpire.

    It reminds me of the ending of the movie Romancing the Stone where they are all at the castle trying to get away in the very end. Danny Devito is on the dock and his cousin "Ira" has just gotten on his boat and Danny shouts across to him "Ira, Ira come back and get me" Ira shouts back '"I will, I will" then the boat starts up and Danny shouts "When Ira when will you come and get me"? Ira shouts back as his boat is leaving 'Soon Soon I will be back to get you"

    I always bust anyone who says the space family will appear on this date or this or that will happen. I am famous for saying it will happen at the right time not your time or my time or the space families time, but the right time. I have "Never given in to trusting Channels". So consequently I am never disappointed at any failures of these so called predictions. As much flak as I give them I secretly hope they are right.

    But the space family does not need anybody to announce their presence here that is a joke. But for those who are not aware or thinking about it a formal recognition might assuage any fears or doubts. I personally would be fearful of ET's who are working with the scary forces in our governments to "announce" themselves as the powers that be only want more power so….!?

    I personally feel no one will be 'the announcer" due to several different mentalities I have. First being a quadruple Aries myself, I am arrogant enough to recognize arrogance. Most knuckleheads interpret their own higher self and its attendant urgings and communications to be channeling from ET's. I also know that we can insert our own feelings and hopes into even real telepathic communications and distort the message. Furthermore I feel if anyone is going to know what is going to happen it will be me hahahah.continue

    1. In so many cases this is simply not the case. It is often the urging of our spirit guides and occasionally a real ET communiqué. The real reason so many people think they channel in my opinion is they do not believe in themselves enough to simply state the truths they are "receiving from their higher selves". They feel, and rightly so, that people will trust the information because it comes from somewhere else. Some "higher" being or another planet or dimension or something beyond. Many become involved in a psychic glamour of waiting with bated breath on every word from so called masters.

      It is sort of an ego trip of self-importance to be "chosen by space people" to be the messengers. Piffle really we are ALL special and it is our actions and established realizations which determine ones vibration. Heaven is "Here Now" hidden in every particle and moment of creation itself as itself! What is occurring is this reality and truth is to be outwardly acknowledged and established in our societal structure. Our consciousness development will be part and parcel of our daily life and culture as interplanetary cultural exchange becomes an OPEN phenomenon.

      I know the masters and space people exist, due to my own personal experiences however I do know that they also do not know "The hour" and must simply keep the carrot in front of the horse of an expectant and hopeful humanity. The Disciples of Christ thought it was all going down in their generation because they were looking for a temporal and physical "kingdom" to be established.

      The real shift is a spiritual relationship with God and devoting all of our moments in time to the eternal living flame/presence of the infinite isness/nowness of what is. Being into the Urantia book like IAM I know you understand this.

      This is known as "The Promise" or "The Return" of the light of the dove of the establishment of the spirit of truth, which has been outpouring on all flesh sine the time of Michaels of Nebadons' incarnation 2000 years ago.

      I know it is true that soon enough, the real Christ principal will be openly understood and accepted as the only game in town and will be understood as the true goal for all humanity, what life is really about. We on the material plane are the vanguard of spirit. We are transmuting darkness into light. In a sense our suffering is because we have bitten of more darkness than we can chew and have spiritual indigestion.

      The Pyramid principal is that of "Matter made Flesh", because life force Prana or fire is manifest from the higher planes through the nature of the pyramid. The Christ principal is that of "Matter or Flesh conditioned through time and space returns unto spirit". This is our journey to be free from entanglements and mis-qualification of matter or flesh by our attachments and desires on the material temporal world.
      The gift of the creator son to our world has been the thought adjuster or mystery monitor in each and every soul since Christ's incarnation. This indwelling spirit spark can be worshipped and consciously invoked to establish immortality and the fusion of our eternal divine aspect of our self into our fleshly vehicles.

      'The good news" is not as Christians believe that all you have to do is parrot the words 'The lord is my savior" In a blind acceptance of worshipping the personality of this creator son like some rock star who will personally attend to your every desire on the material and worldly level/plane. The real good news is that by having faith and eventually "knowing" by experience that we all are already God.

    2. We are sparks of this infinite light by the very nature of our IAM self. By truly digesting this faith and acting with a knowing of this relationship, which is our divine nature, we are thus achieving. We understand our relationship to others and that is properly speaking as Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters of "The most High', "El Elyon" etc. As we see this we serve others as ourselves and thus become one with the Christ and our God self-mystery monitor.

      All ET races that are on the physical plane and others who still maintain material bodies even if these bodies are from higher worlds made from less dense "matter" know this. These denizens or non-material beings, (as we know it) from "higher" planes with more dimensions, already know this truth or Christ Principal. Though they may call it something else the understanding is the same.

      Their advanced cultures of our space family have infinite patience and amazing technology and overwhelming abilities to grow in Love. This is a result of and adherence to the Universal Laws and principals that originate in their Christ Nature. When a planet has established this understanding and right relationship to the divine they progress to a type of immortality. The life spans become longer and they can prolong their life indefinitely. The most advanced become fluent in communication with those worlds both below and above the dimension and plane on which they reside. The time is spent exploring eternity and serving others by bringing in more light to themselves and allowing its illumination to be shared with others.

      We are but babes in this understanding as a result of our situation in regards to The Archons and interference and conflict coming from the hydrogen based life forms, which we are dealing with in this sector of space. Our fellow ascenders in the scheme of creation are learning and growing too. Peace and harmony is a goal, challenge nay an imperative of the light.

      I do know victory is assured and that we will have peace and love all over the land. The externalization of the universes hidden teachings, which have been driven to the jungle and must now be nurtured into the hearts and homes of families. We must share with the communities the states and the nations and the entire world this light and love. It is not an argument to be won or intellectual ascent of certain metaphysical truths. Nor is it a waiting or worshipping or relying on the RM Ascended Masters or friendly ET/ED's.

      Though the awareness open recognition and eventual understanding and inevitable personal face to face relations with our fellow soul travelers is coming it is not here yet. When this "Promise" is fulfilled it will bring about massive and rapid expansions and growth to our world and to our personal lives and our relationship to all of creation. I simply feel this will be a personal and individual experience.

    3. I also think it will take many years to rebuild our world to be in harmony. There may also be some a pole shift, which may cause substantial loss of life. For a planet such as ours, without the big picture and established "Christ" culture and understanding of the eternal nature of the soul we are hard pressed. As well as the current "Archon" situation revealing this information to the public would be counter productive as long-term growth in the light is the goal and the essence of this earthly material and temporal world. I do not know any of this for sure but I have been meditating reflecting and searching for truth and have decided to not worry and let the future come in every moment of the now...ooppps wait i mean now! nnnnnow now ...haha it is simply ever and ongoing so it really is possible it will take longer than we think.

      I take this somewhat melancholy or reticent view which some may say is negative, because I would rather be pleasantly surprised than constantly disappointed in my egos expectations and desires for, what Semjase calls "The manifest" Dang I just really went off on another long winded, convoluted diatribe sorry. Here we go again…sigh!

      Any I too did read the Seth material I enjoyed and devoured it many years ago. I feel Seth had many wonderful things to share and feel his existence of his time traveling soul is a good description which we who study the Urantia book would call the "Morontia" worlds of life after death and the broader experience of the soul in it totality beyond a mortal material life/incarnation.

      I certainly have been a "system buster" . This is one of my fortes. I am able to see from inside the system and can explain very well the "matrix" and how to escape and get free to those who are willing to try or want to get out. One of my problems is IAM always on, trying to share with everyone. Most of my efforts fall on those who are growth resistant. Except for my speaking engagements and radio or newspaper interviews etc. I usually feel like I am force-feeding even those who are open to learning.

      My growth lies in trying to become more patient and understanding of the difficulties many face to break free of the matrix. So many want out but are living in fear. Fear of lack of no jobs, no money, no this no that. They are afraid to really commit to truth and the responsibility that comes with accepting the "System" is false that the matrix is a Holographically hijacked lie and we are implanted fed false information and are actually living lives as psychic food and are energetically being Vampirized by a hostile force.

      Our greatest gift, the powers of manifestation and material expression has become also our biggest hurdle. Our attention to desire, our despotic reason, rigidity in thinking and attachments to the material world has become an obsession. We are diverted away from the eternal principals and truths however by our own choice. Clearly we have lots of help as our freewill has certainly been highjacked and is railroaded by external forces.

    4. Nonetheless, as many have proven and achieved before us, peeling back the layers of lies and finding ourselves and knowing ourselves as infinite beings of love and light is not impossible. It can be done and like i said before its like jumping over the empire state building it CAN be done you just need how to learn how to levitate first.

      In regards to Barbara Marcineak and Bringers I do know her and enjoy her work as young man of 17. I was traveling with Dr. Bell at New Age shows in the late 70's and early 80's. We shared the bill with her many times and as Dr. Bell was physical contactee. Many who were ready to learn respected our companies teaching efforts.
      As you know all of us have been treated as hostiles and vilified by those who I call "militantly asleep". These are the people who when seeing the handwriting on the wall call it a forgery. No amount of "evidence" will release these sheep from their self-imposed paddocks/prisons.
      I have compassion for them but IAM not responsible for their growth and choose to steer clear of their negativity unless they become belligerent or rude then I give them a love slap. I know that failure is not an option and "The new day is dawn for those who stand long". I am just hesitant to say I hear the forest echoing with laughter just yet.

      I will wait and study and prepare serve as much as I can and wait for the call to action. I am engaged in smaller tasks back stage waiting with the ground crew for the show to begin. I have already grabbed the microphone. IAM singing acopela , with everyone else sitting on a cornflake and waiting for the band to come.
      IAM honored to be your friend in this Cobra family. No fears No tears and no cross no crown this second time around.
      Via a luce :-)
      sorry this was ridiculously long i dont know why my self imporatnce needs to yap so much but i do know this is the one place i can share my thoughts andexperiences and that some understand

    5. YO, Pottsman and all you other wonderful Babes of Light! I love this blog and it brings me great peace to read all of your posts!
      ****I am wearing a pyramid on my head! And soon will be wearing a "nuclear receptor." All thanks to you, Mr. Pottsman, for turning my on to Dr. Fred Bell, who has, fortunately or unfortunately, left this world, because, well, because some idiots didn't want the news out.
      *****Anyhow, I do agree with you, Rob, that waiting on a certain "date" for the "big event," is pretty counter-productive, and yes, we need to work on our I AM presence, and go about our daily lives in love and light, gently breaking all the rules, right in the faces of the so called "bad guys.' This brings to mind something that Bill Brockbrader, the navy seal that blew a big whistle, and is now in jail, "The Elite are our biggest resourse!" In other words, the "dark ones' who do a turn around into the Light, will lead us on. But I didn't actually mean to go there.
      I AM doing a "rosary" found in "Master Keys to the Abundant Life" by Kim Michaels. The book is basically a "channel" ha ha of good ol "Mother Mary." It rocks.
      Anyway, I have learned SO MUCH from reading Dr. Bell's "The Promise," and now his much thicker and way over my head book, "Rays of Light, Crystals of Truth." This exceptional man had many contacts with a one "Semjase," who gave him multo technical knowledge on how to help our human bodies survive amid all the polution of our dear Earth. I recommend him highly to all you seekers out there.
      So I will stop my rambling, and go about my small mission in this large picture. I, like you, am a SPARK of God!! Keep the Faith, Babes!! Light and Love, Suzie

    6. Wow Light glad you got the book just take it slow its not all physics and tech stuff. he had to go there in the book as some of this information as triggered many phycisists into new thinking. when it was released i was fielding calls from guys ib NASA who actually thought they were working on the real space program and trying to develop real advanced technology. It seems its like a secret club. If you are really bright and figure soe advanced tech on your own you are bought into Area 51 or S4 if you sign zee papaers to not tell anyone and hide it all from ever doing any good to the planet? Thanks for sharing your experience and light.

  12. Hey Rob ~ Thanks for the outpouring of LOVE ~ I'm wondering if you're my twin flame ! Kidding, I am hearin' and feelin' ya brother. After reading your ridiculously long missive, I'm pondering the feeling, or is it a knowing, that perhaps we are scheduled to wake up, or not. And it's not a one step process as we have discovered, there are several veils to pierce and we have more to go. I'll share with you a communication I received from Drake recently that helped me understand that at times I'm too specific in my articulation of my awareness and that sharing my insights in general terms, enables an incremental absorbsion of certain truths that can otherwise simply be too shocking for some. I have attempted to share my discoveries regarding the unveiling with many people. I'm always surprized when they can't zoom out far enough to see and then say things like "I don't want to live in a world were everyone is beige, and nice, how boring." Here we have an example of the third eye yet to be activated obviously. So what do you think Rob, gods and goddesses, is it likely that there's a graduating class of old souls who have completed the courses via many, many incarnations ? Souls who have learned as well as expressed individuality through being a man, and being a woman, being gifted and being stupid, being rich and then poor, eating meat, then being a vegan, being a parent and then a monk, being a student and then a teacher.

    By the way, what's the masculine equivalent of a Crone ?

    1. Message from Drake ~

      Mostly correct, yet what you are looking for is contained in
      a word 'pros' in the Greek.
      This defines the relationship between man and our Creator.
      With- absolutely and fully...
      Yet- distinctly independent of...
      Within this are the definitions of relationship.
      Looking into the other definers of context and story line,
      several expressions emerge. Even so, each holds a part of this paradox
      of separate unity.
      Taken overall, most lose several factors through the inability of language
      to offer true distinction as a part of inclusion.
      Once emitted, a spirit only loses its 'identity' when it can not be redeemed.
      Although carrying an equal identity at a pure spiritual level, the soul/life imprint
      remains in tact. That which makes you, you, your intellect/personality, simply reorients
      to the more spiritual than physical.
      Due to the immense amount/quality of the changes involved, we are given a hand hold
      all know as physical orientation, even though we have ascended to a higher level.
      In a short time, we will move exclusively through a separation/forgetful veil.
      This is one of two we will penetrate/pass through.
      When this is fully penetrated, more of the 'fog' between the truth at that level and this one
      will be dispelled. Adepts will experience an acceleration towards the next veil. Many at the
      apprentice level will be confused but listening, paying attention. Those at the idios level
      (uninstructed) will notice a certain amount of confusion, yet awakened.
      As this takes place, a greater understanding will be opened to the adepts...meaning
      there is much more 'we' are to know. I already know or am familiar with most of that.
      Completion/correction of understanding and perception takes place at that point.
      One of the main spiritual understandings deals directly with attainment of knowledge.
      Of the ways to garner knowing, only a couple hold water. Channeling is not considered
      a good way to achieve contact. The higher spiritual realities require a more direct and clean way
      of communication. Until one is completely devoid of any and all influences, they are not
      allowed direct audience with Creation or The Creator. This goes directly to 'purity'.
      Thus, those who allow spiritual habitation, also allow all the experiences and prejudices
      of the entity they allow to take over, to have full control.
      None of the well known 'readers' or 'intuitive's', operated in this manner using channeling as
      their technique.
      We are dealing with mostly uneducated people in this area. In order to 'awaken' them, this
      has to be explained in very general terms.

    2. cont.

      The specific area of true spirituality has no room for religion or any other form of man's
      ideas and belief systems. Forget it, it does not work that way, like it or not.
      All belief systems will undergo extraordinary changes from what we have now.
      Everyone will find the absolute truth as we progress through the ascension process.
      This is without incorrect influence of any kind, thus enters absolute purity of knowing, the
      source being The Creator.
      After taking all this in several times, it might be prudent to rescind the prejudices found
      in ALL our belief systems. I know of no other way to start getting to this absolute truth.
      I hear many calling for love, light, and enlighten, one must first know happiness.
      To be happy, one must understand the phrase, 'this is the day the Lord hath made, be glad and rejoice in it'.
      We are here only to provide the light of example, in knowing, we can joy again- or rejoice.
      Glad defines the base state of being where everything is the same glee of the child exploding into
      the creative 'light' of the beauty of to roll in the grass.
      Love is the ultimate combination of the above without condition or qualification of any kind.
      Until we understand that mere acceptance is enough, that we do not need to know every detail of how it all works,
      will 'We' (mankind), be able to partake of the grand majesty of even the smallest blossom.
      After many years of reading libraries of books and ideas, I have found a partial answer to knowing.
      There are two requirements.
      Know it is. Accept the unqualified commitment, between you and The Creator. If one wishes, study all
      of everything written about it...and you will still come back to acceptance of it. The unqualified knowledge.
      Take action on that knowledge, thus using the power of knowledge in action known as Wisdom.
      We are to teach children...our ability to maintain loving patience in this instructs us to see through the
      eyes of a child. Honest, unadulterated, unprejudiced, and pure.
      I strive towards the day when common conversation is about Freedom.
      God says, 'believe or not as you so chose'.
      Freedom of choice, breeds Freedom of will, and is sacred even to our Creator.

    3. I definitely understand where you're coming from when saying this, but something that should also be recognized is the fact that many of those “channeling” are perfectly aware that the actual physical “channeling” is either little more than an act to grasp the attention of others who seem to be overwhelmed by information or a technique used as an attempt to filter the subconscious opinion of the individual doing the channeling. Just because they bring the word in a show which allows them to hang on to the attention of others for more than a few sentences we should not be discrediting the actual message. Some might read this and jump to the assumption that I am one of those who are “channeling,” well I can assure you this is not the case. Just like any other area, there will of course be many that are nothing more than greedy, and the only way to avoid being used or hurt by these individuals is to follow your heart when making these decisions or doing this research, if you listen well enough it will not lie to you… I speak much more freely here than I would on any other forum, and that’s because I have come to understand that the vast majority of those using these particular forums have an average intelligence level far beyond the others. In many cases the “channeling” is not only effective, but necessary to “plant the seed” in the masses who haven’t quite reached the cognitive level that those here have. So to be blunt, don’t waste your time trying to discredit those who appear to be affecting their followers in a fashion that is good, I don’t care what their message is, if their bringing comfort and restoring faith to others around them then you can be sure that they are doing God’s work…

    4. I agree with you, Son Leo, and thanks for the compliment regarding our intelligence levels. I would like to "resemble" that remark!
      I get a lot of comfort from the channelings I listen to on youtube, from the komurusan channel, cosmicmother13, etc. And most ring true to my spirit, and what doesn't I just disregard. Interesting what Potts says about Shelden Nidle, because often he seems quite sensational, and not everything comes true... BUT, maybe it WAS about to happen... whatever the "prophecy." I like Nidle's stuff, but I do take it with a grain of salt...and I am glad to hear that he is totally sincere Thanks, Suzie <3 <3 <3

    5. son I agree with you as I have said previously many times if the information is spiritualy based and has some nice information it can only help. If the channel is aware they are not really channeling i think they need to fess up as there should be no room for dishonesty regardless of the intent. If they are think they are really in contact with some one or a group then they must tel it how they percieve it. The information is in many cases not that ground breaking however words of upliftment and love are always inspiring. It is the intent and how each individual resonates with the information that is the important part of it all

  13. Thank you for the inspiration Rob! Namasté.

  14. @ Kochese thank you very much this was nice and informative.Also as far as a male crone goes i guess i am it but i can still make babies? @bb thanks I do also want to say that there are for sure real channels people who step out f their body and another benevolent entity uses the vehicle to render teaching to us all. It is very difficult to find ones such as this. I have met a few. Ramtha I feel is one because I sold the infamous pyramid to here whne she had her Ramtha contact. she can back the next day and said "what the heck is going on with htis pyramid..she bought a paper one originally and I got her to buy a stronger one. she has a long talk with Dr. Bell and the rest as they say is history. I also have seen remarkable and profoundly true revelations from Kevin Ryerson of shirley McClaine fame. There is also edgar cayce. I also met one in my youth named Nyne cheynene he was a reluctant channel because it was a space ship taking over his vocal chords and not a dis incarnate being. Nynes eyes would roll way back in his head and his adams apple would really go up and down as he spoke and it was quite amazing really. the typical weird sounding voice etc. In this channeling which i was privy to were several genuine physical contactees who were recieving specific mission instructions. One was an oriental girl who was very quiet and almost silent the enitere time. Her instructions were very cryptic so no one else could decipher them kinda like cobra! The Voice said. Go the the Third peak of the mountains you know so well. do this 3 days later than the day of the month of your last contact. We will meet you there and give you the papers and you may give them to the person for whom they are intended. She did not stay or talk or enjoy the company that we all shared after the c
    "Channeling" "To know to dare to do and to be silent" was how she handled it. Nyne was semi abivalent in regards to his abilities and these "Voices'. Gabriel Green tols d me he was for real! there was a guy named Richard miller and he wrote a book called Star Wards he was a channel from the 50's and his information was amazing. He had physical contacts as well in the beggining. channeling was used to protect the contactee from Archon and government interference. Sheldo nidle is absolutely sincere also and has told me he actually sees the words the want him to speak like a telepromter. However his oinformation is very repeitive and can frustrate some people. He said mass landing were to occur in 1995 and they did not happen. As i ynder stand it there was a tremendous battle going on at that time and possible evacuation of the planet and mass landings WERE being considered at that time. Also many of the channels today may actually hae had some contacts or some sightings also that do co-incide with messages. These can be manipulated or interfered with by the dark also. So for my 2 cents a face to face contactee is allways more reliable and exact in preference to channelling. I also feel many are in the category of just tuning in and getting strong vibes and positive messages from their higher self. Who is to know who is who and what is what? Certainly not me I am just expressing my opinion and sharing here but the bottom line in my experience is use discernment. I had a channel once try to tell me something once and i asked them to tell me something so i would know they were who they said they were. the 'Channel told me I had banged my head in the shower that morning" which i had. so I knew it was the GF because at that time they were teaching me certain things and it was coming from different sources so i had to be carefull as it is hard for me to swallow something without really chewing on it. So I do not mean to hate or put doubts on all channels or spirit mediums but we must all make our own way and be careful in what is presented and be sure that it resonates with your highest good and pure intentions.

  15. thx again, Cobra, whatever the code means. hi folks, i was away from my earth home for 20 days - "healing sounds intensive" in Colorado, U.S.A., visiting with daughter of dr. Fred Bell in Chandler, Arizona. so many awesome things happened, including UFO sitings - probably the Arcturians sending me signals. it was revealed to me that my Arcturian healing group is actually my family. it was very emotional. also found my twin soul + more than a dozen fellow Arcturians.

    surrender, trust, gratitude. way to go.

    of course LOTS of love.

    check this out - my daily synchronized meditation group - Rainbow Peace Ambassadors

    1. hi lmy so you know megan? Do I know you? Just curious this is rob Freds assistant from way back!

    2. i met with her for 90 minutes in Chandler. no, u don't know me. i live in Hong Kong. someone posted the link for pyradyne here some time ago (was it u?) & i started to be a fan of dr. Bell immediately. bought all his books (hv not begun to read yet), went thru all youtube videos...... ordered the pendants, wearing a pyradome & nuclear bracelet..... would Rob know about the musical stuff which dr. Bell was doing? Megan has no clue. i talked to Steve Barish. he was helpful but did not know whom dr. Bell worked with regarding musical projects. (i am a composer & am producing spiritual & healing music so i am 200% curious.) i asked about the 35 irradiators in AZ but he did not know either. would u or Rob know? gee, what a surprise !!!!! hope u r the missing link or would lead me to answers somewhere down the road. i am also into energy healing. could u pls. go to my FB acct. & leave a message so i can hv ur email address? manyee.T.lam many blessings

    3. Hey, I don't KNOW Megan, but I have been corresponding with her by email, and, in my reading of "Rays of Truth, Cyrstals of Light," I came across p. 182, where Doc Bell is referring to a "tape" of Pleaidian sounds, which must have originally COME with the book. So I emailed Megan and asked her if she had any of these tapes available. She answered "No, sorry, they stole all of my father's stuff." or something like that.

      Sounds like an AWESOME experience you had in Arizona! I am jealous! xoxoSuzie

    4. lmy and light888
      I am the misssing link and i did leave a link here. I do have information on the holographic sound technology to which we were working with. Megan was not even born ye for some of this stuff but she is a wonderful and lovely girl and is really taking the company by the horns and trying to ressurect it at this time. Her fathers estate has some nasty archon activity is all i will say at this time. But truth cannot be held down for long. IAM glad you got a receptor!
      The musical information we should probably talk in a private e-mail. i want to respect cobras sight here. though dr bell had numerous phyisical contacts with Semjase in laguna he did not record the ship. he was given a copy of the tape eduaward meir made by col stevens he then worked with some tech boys to make several unique synthesier sounds which revolved around the harnonics of semjases craft. He made several albums one was called the Fellowship and is a space rock opera (very small) about his trip to the Pleiades. give me a holla at

    5. hi Rob, BINGO ! i already emailed u. man-yee

  16. ~ Equivalent of the almighty feminine ~ Crone ~ is Codger. Perfect.

    ~ I like Darryl Anka/Bashar's technique as a channeller/teacher because he teaches the technology of our bodies! By asking specific questions back to the asker, he shifts the askers frequency from a 3, to a 5D, higher minded perspective. No filters, direct to your 5D !

    Am I the only one feeling this ?, that Drake is an angel. A codger of an angel. He wouldn't be the first to manifest in physical form. Santos Bonacci says angels are angles of light...angels have a very high light and love quotient. Light is a quantum physcial play of information and unconditional love. Santos is an angel too.
    (I was in a dangerous situation yrs. ago when a man with a shock of white hair and compassion, wearing a bright blue,'70's bomber jacket ~ materialized, and was standing in front of me. His words snapped me out of a trauma seizer, he instructed me to follow him, we changed locations, and when I turned around to thank him ~ he had dematerialized.

    Drake seems to be saying something like ..hold on and get ready to go vertical ; )

    1. Kochece,

      The Drake you quoted above sounds nothing like the one I've been listening to on the radio for the past 5 months! But if it's really him, then he is revealing a side of himself that I truly respect. I wish he would "talk like this" to those freedom fighters he's got over there at americanmilitia or wherever he is these days. An angel? Not so sure I'm ready to go there yet but stranger things have been claimed in this forum. A codger? Yeah, definitely, heh heh. :)

    2. can i be a young codger? :-)

    3. Jennie, keep in mind he's shifting, we're all shifting. Define angel = HiGH quotient of light = knowledge = LOVE, unconditional love. As is evident by the dissemination of vital information. When light beings appear and are helpful in a crisis, and there's both compassion and passion = Angel.

    4. Kochece,

      I was in a similar situation...I was in my late teens and was with a friend,we just got dropped off at an intersection and we needed to walk to a bus terminal about 5 minute away, it was around midnight.The entire city was in blackout, no power.As we started walking a sports car appeared next to us.The guys in the car were asking us to get in the car..I gave my friend the eye signal to turn into the first house, so they think we live there so they could leave..this pathway to the front door had high shrubs on both sides and along the front yard. I actually knocked on the door but nobody would answer at the same time the guys in the car were just parked and not saying anything.Less than a minute later direct view of the car a man appeared and said "walk with me" in a humble tone, I felt safe and we walked with him.The entire time we were telling him what had just happened, over and over, we sounded like chickens,he didn't say a word.We reached the bus terminal and thanked him.Who did he look like was something else... he had long wavy brown hair and beard,he looked like Jesus or hippie, was wearing a lumber jacket with an orange vest (for school crossing) and jeans.I didn't think much about it at the moment but as days went by I questioned, who was this man that came out of nowhere?...

    5. Dear Kochese,

      Thanks for your post and cool definition of an angel.

      Sure, I'd extend that to Drake, and it made me think ...

      Who else might fall into that category...

      HIGH quotient of light = CHECK

      Knowledge = CHECK

      LOVE = CHECK

      As evident by the dissemination of vital information = CHECK

      Helpful in a crisis = CHECK

      Could it be that our very own COBRA falls into that category too ? ;-)

      I would certainly say Yes !

    6. So many incarnated angels, and so stupid imaginations of angels. It's all so easy. Maybe too easy...


    8. Hey Goddess ~I AM Love~, define Knowledge. When I hear it, I feel it by running in through the heart brain, rather than think it. Knowledge has an infinite and profound resonance that I can integrate into my Now moments. Information on the other hand, is pre knowledge, it gets our attention and post discerment we choose to integrate it or not.

      My criteria Now as I witness two suns in the sky, when discerning information is ~ whether or not it eliminates or injects a filter, does it clear or clutter my direct channel ? Does it get me closer to who I AM ?; )

    9. Hi Kochece :)

      Agree 100% with what you say of Knowledge - it is something that goes beyond the little mind/ego and connects with our Higher Mind, which is connected to Source. It is heart-felt and just 'KNOWN' - as an intuitive, inner sensation. Filters are always a unique aspect to each individual, based on a myriad degree of factors, until we can discern if our connection to 'Source' is acting as our 'filter'.

      For myself, after a lifetime of gathering 'information' and processing it into 'Knowing', at this juncture, 'thinking' and information actually hurt my brain a bit :)

      This is a fairly accurate illustration of what I'm referring to :

      This New Landscape
      is being superimposed over the old one.
      It's as if we started out in a library
      and now it is subtly, but steadily,
      changing into a sparkling forest.

      In the library
      we were busy doing things like
      reading, gathering information and making plans.

      While in the forest,
      there are no more books or desks,
      only trees, birds and animals.

      This makes it impossible to continue
      with the same activities as before.

      And there comes a moment when we realize
      that the book we are staring at
      is actually a leaf
      and our pencil has turned into a twig.

      Some of the familiar elements,
      people and situations around us
      do not move into the new forest with us,
      so they begin to fade away.

      The ones who are making the shift
      from the library to the forest
      are becoming stronger
      and more dear and precious to us.

      This is because they are aligned
      with the same resonance as we are.

      This dramatic shift of landscapes
      isn't just manifest
      in the changing physical details
      of what is around us.

      It's also about
      a vastly deepened

      This deepened Love
      is something
      that we've never felt before.

      It's a whole new universe
      of LOVE
      that was previously unknown to us.

      And it gives us
      a heightened connection
      with those whom we encounter
      in our New Landscape.

      excerpted from
      Surf update from Solara

      The forest is becoming a beautiful place ! Everything that is needed is Here and the 'need to know' is now a peaceful Knowing and Acceptance that everything is unfolding in a perfect manner, according to the Goddess's Holy Will.

      And we are all co-creating together, which is why as we get closer to 5D resonance, the images we hold in our minds are so important, as they increasingly come into instant manifestation.

      See y'all for the meditation !

      LOVE !!!

    10. Oh and PS ;-)
      I will even give Drake a pass for when he announced that the Cavalry was coming ... errr ... on July 4th.
      And give thanks to Cobra for informing us ahead of time that it might not be the case ... and then for graciously covering Drake's butt in further posts ...
      THAT is unconditional love :)

    11. You ARE Love ~ New landscape, deepened LOVE, need to know = Goddess's Holy Will ; )

      " IMAGINE all the people..." JL - David Wolfe raw food activist and visionary."...fruit and nut trees growing everywhere, everyone doing what makes them happy..."

      Lisa M Harrison talks with Kelly La Sha about 5D LOVE.

    12. Thanks for all you do Kochece ♥
      I hope you and many others are in the forest as well, if it suits you.
      Loving the fruit and nut trees, hehehe
      Thanks for the link, will checkit out
      (and just to be more clear, I wasn't referring to myself in the last line of my last post) ;-)
      Much LOVE to you dear Goddess

  17. When our Brothers last stood as One

    I am attempting to make contact with a group of very specific individuals, old friends if you will. Those I am looking for will understand, to the rest of you, please disregard this post… There was a point in “time” when we last stood as one, side by side and aware of whom we were. If you know where this was then you are one of those I seek. If you believe that you are familiar with what I’m saying but have doubts about your identity, then by all means email me, our duality has always been cloaked with doubt, just like before we have a need to learn to look past it. I’m sure some of you I speak of have begun to fully awaken and have come to a realization of who you are and you should contact me as well. In your email, “A Brother” should be written in the subject, a message of no more than 10 words describing where it was that we stood, and an email address which I can reach you at. Do Not email me with your physical contact info, for anybody with curious enough eyes could be reading this interaction, the only need or desire I currently have is for myself to have the ability to send you a message once our groups awakening has been completed and each one of you is back into the “clarity” again. No questions, no summaries, no messages, or anything along those lines, all I am interested in is a response to my question by only those who know which answer I seek! I look forward to hearing from you brothers, for it has been far too long, and as it has always been said, we are more than just family….

  18. I'm sorry for the off topic, but someone here can explain why i see two Sun in the Sky almost every day? (and NO, that's not the Moon) it is very strange, and fear the sh.t out of me:S

    1. Hi Pannonia,

      Found this on youtube:
      TWO SUNS ?

      Maybe its something that looks like the sun?Lights up?

      Many years ago, late 80's early 90's I saw a planet that looked like Saturn with rings, maybe it was a planet maybe it was a ship, I never found any report except for a small newspaper clipping with photo in a local French paper,English paper had nothing, zero.. this round orange planet with color rings was massive, I couldn't see half the sky. The strange thing it felt so natural to see it.Did something happen at that moment?Did I see another dimension? Was something lifted? Has anyone else seen it or know anything about this?I have caused a brainstorm trying to find the answer...

    2. Pannonia, where on the planet are you seeing this and at what times? Can other people see it too? Any pics? What exactly does it look like and how does it behave?

    3. Jennie, I'm seeing the Sun rise in the east, and to the south another sun not as bright, visible by mid morning from the Gulf Islands, B.C. Canada

    4. We had to exchange the old Gaia. The new Gaia has it's own "team". Asun-wanderer and a soul-sitter. So we have now one Gaia, two suns and two soul-sitters.

      More informations about, what the planet-wanderer (Gaia), the sun-wanderer and the soul-sitter is, you can get on this wiki page:

    5. Kochece, can you get it on camera and upload it to youtube? Would be great to have a picture on a clear day. The youtube videos I found that are up are far from convincing. They just look like reflections of light off of a cloud.

    6. Jennie ~ What I saw was definitely convincing and yet the significance is just now coming to Light. A few weeks ago, I witnessed a bright yellow beam of light isolated on the head area of each of my two black dogs, I followed the beam with my eyes up to the sky where it travelled from an eastern direction across the sky and stopped directly south and then dissipated. Yes, I'll see if I can capture an image ; )

    7. I did read sometime ago that around this time in 2012 the infamous brown dwarf Nibiru would poke its head out from behind our sun and that we would see 2 suns for sometime.

      Maybe this is it?

    8. I have not really looked into the bright daytime sky for some time (and when I'm able to it's because it's raining and then I don't see ANY suns :p). I'll try to remind myself to take a look up next time I'm out during the day the next time it's not too cloudy, which is pretty frequent here. I haven't heard anyone mention noticing any "extra" sun, and am wondering if one's latitude might have something to do with what is visible. I am just north of the 40th (N) parallel. So it sounds like Kochece is a bit (maybe quite a bit?) north of me. Is anyone seeing it at 40*N and lower? I'm thinking that maybe the "original" sun would obscure it more at lower latitudes?

    9. Cobra told us weeks ago, about how the Earth had originally two suns, then advised us a second sun would be returning.

      I can't remember if it was given in an old post on this site, or in one of the interviews, but I remember it.

      Maybe we should not be so astonished or doubtful when witnessing occurrence/s that actually DO follow "prediction/s"?


    10. Hi OSW ~ Appreciating the reminder, thanks for the Light ; )

    11. Angelsea ~ comment from Santos Bonacci re: two suns. " Yep, I'm getting this from many, especially in South America "


    In light of the channeling discussion above I felt the need to share this channeling of Kaleidos from Pleadian Council.

  20. I'm seeing it as well, two suns, mid morning ; ) It's the Shift.

  21. I had read not long ago that our sun was blocking a second sun brought about by the transition to the Milky Way Galaxy. The second sun has been hidden behind our son but a bobble in the regular son was going to cause the 2nd one to be visible about now. The scientists had been freaking as they didn't know what it was about. Since then I understand that it is just due to movement to te milky way galaxy which we are being pulled to. Be grateful as our old sun is a red giant and I believe the new sun will heat planet earth. No one knew what was going on for a long time but we are just fine. I am ussually very upbeat of late but was having a sad day as I want to go home and the first people are leaving soon. I think I have a few things left to do but am not sure they couldn't be done by others just as well. Anyway, I went to the roof and mentally called my twin flame indicating I just needed to see him/ship. A few seconds later I opened my eyes and there it was. It came from behind a cloud not like any other craft with the triangle shape and floated for about 5 minutes before going behind a cloud again. I saw it peak out once more then I knew they were busy but my night brightened so much. I have had communication and just got home sick. I think the next few days are going to see some major changes so I am going to rest. If what I think will happen does there will be a lot of confused people. Disclosure will take time depending on how it goes but I do feel we are about to see some big moves starting. Namaste

    1. From:
      Subject: Re: two suns
      Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 12:03:57 +1000

      Hey Tracy i'm not sure co i don't see the morning sun here, only the night sun!!
      I have been hearing this many times by people all around the world!! People are seeing two!

    2. Here's a pretty good video from back in May:

  22. Blessings to ALL! Liberation can't come soon enough. People have lost hope. People are dying.!
    Lets bring hope and help to ALL.

  23. Karen. Define Hope. It expresses doubt, we can do better than that old paradigm concept, it sounds too much like hopeless.

    The key now is ~ Let's bring true knowledge and self empowerment to ALL.

    As we rise to the integration of a greater bandwidth of knowledge = Consiousness, 5th Dimensional Consciousness, we expand Oneness. Both polarities are amping up. Know where you intend to land, in liberation via higher minded imagination or in a 3D time loop ; )

  24. David Wilcock's latest update


    The discussion-forum website Godlike Productions has featured writings from an impostor, posing as me.

    Many were fooled by this campaign. I have now had it forwarded to me by about seven or eight different people through email chain letters.

    Let me be absolutely clear: there are no "member excusive" writings here or anywhere else. Any and all things I write, with the sole exception of the Source Field book, are posted freely online.

    Furthermore, I do not post writings anywhere else but on this site.

    I did not go to the London Olympics. No "First Contact" occurred. The whole thing is a hoax.

    It has been a while since I last posted, but that has mostly been due to the fact that I am working on several other mission-critical initiatives -- while suffering through a blistering heat wave that made it very difficult to work.

    I needed to buy an in-room AC unit and run it in addition to the central AC in order to make it barely livable in my office for the last three weeks.

    Furthermore, I am in the process of putting together the next step of the LIBOR timeline -- which is shaping up to be quite large. It also keeps transforming as time goes on -- faster than I can keep up with.

    The London Olympics rituals have been so blatant -- and there is so much on that topic alone -- that I am about to post an article just on that, before I can get the huge investigation piece finished.

    This attack was a fairly sophisticated operation. In the aftermath these same forums lit up with allegedly real people saying they would "never come back" to this website because I obviously lied to them.

    This is a very desperate and easily disproven campaign of disinformation. It most likely was intended to destroy my credibility at a critical moment -- while we are on the brink of genuinely freeing our planet from the Cabal.

    I hope to have the next piece up very soon. I have to work in the cracks now, as I am doing this at one of our Convergence events in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    1. Isn't the 'godlike productions' website an outlet for the cabal's disinformation anyway ?

    2. Thanks, Nine, it's always good to hear from David Wilcock! (at ***smiley***

      Not sure, Love, another misnomer, eh? lol

      ***while I'm at it, I sure wish there were a "Like" button! I'd prolly hit it for everONE of you Light Workers!!Its just those darn "prove your not a robot things" that slow me down!****

      love and gratitude, Suzie

  25. Cobra,

    The Gaia good girl, Gaia bad girl conversation is an interesting one, and was wondering if, in the future, you would be able to share any information from your sources on this topic.

    Many thanks !


    1. Old Gaia is in prison since today, for all she did to mankind. Maybe she heals there.

    2. Sending much love and light to Old Gaia, Xoxoxo
      Thank you Hamourapi, and thank you to this community, I enjoy reading your comments every day:)

      <3 <3 <3

  26. POOF for AUG 19: Detonations

    Greetings and Salutations;

    You know I don’t write these missives because I can’t let go of some ‘urban myth’. The st germain trust all along was preparing for the ’shift of wealth’ of the world when europe was still digging out of the dark ages. The dragons started storing up for the shift, before the crusades. So, it’s not a case of their not being enough. This has been the longest banking war, the world has ever known. The methods of the ‘art of war’ have been applied and when you have your enemy surrounded, you let them know and then prove it to them, they have no way out, except surrender or utter loss. The western mind believes you should kill ‘em all and let God sort it out’. The trick is, you win the battle but you don’t end the war…might take a generation but the war returns just with new faces. This very time is about ending it for all the foreseeable future..So the war is at heated pitch and those who are holding on to the past are suffering masses losses to their forces. These last number of messages I’ve given seem repetitive, in a way they have been. The ‘time’ is here and all the good guys can do, is clean up after their attacks and keep pushing for final victory, one that’s felt by the people intended…YOU. What ever shall the bad guys do, if they have no economic power over you? or psychological power to beat on you with?

    Even if you haven’t read ‘1984′, you are getting the full effects of ‘non speak’. Doing the opposite of your words. The ‘clean air act’ is one. Medicare Reform is another. One has to get past the words, because the devil is always in the details. Their assumption has always been, you wouldn’t understand because the PTB have kept you too busy ’surviving’ to pay attention to check the subtle changes being done behind the curtain. Now when the go ahead is given to start the announcements, the howling will begin and everyone will be talking up their innocence….while they’d be figuring out some way to steal from you again. In the early days of this country, campaigns were a whole lot more nasty and personal. We’ve seen nothing yet. The cabal has it’s back against the wall so don’t be surprised at anything you hear from now on. When people are given direct ’stimulus’ money…my my my won’t the world shift then? The only difference is, it’ll be hard to give money to the very people that are responsible for the mess. Unless you’ve deluded yourself, you wouldn’t want to to do that anyhow.

    If you are watching, more and more banking institutions are coming up on charges. Don’t be shocked when this goes past a slap on the wrist and also the politician that were conspirators in their crimes against humanity. Once again, I still see the failure to grasp how good this new banking system is with anything that attempts to disrupt it. Perhaps the bad guys wanted to see if they could create enough damage, so the folks in the rafters would give up. Somebody paid a Hacker to make a mess in the new system and he got prison for all his hard work and that’s called throwing somebody under the bus. Not a chance in hell of succeeding. No water for you mister…not the potable kind any how.

    Beyond a shadow of doubt, victory is here. It’s coming with extreme pressure to the point of knocking a hole in some folk’s reality. I have no idea how they’ll handle their results at the country club. Some judges are taking night classes to bone up on common law. Bar Attorneys will no longer be able to practice in them…ruh oh. I’m done talking about what will be. The ptb can tell you all about it, I’m going to the beach! There are 2 people in position to start telling you all about it and another to blow the roof off it all. From what I’m told a lot of politicians won’t be making their way back to dc from their vacations. They had no idea, the adults were watching the whole time as they threw sand and sticks in each other’s eyes

    See ya out there, have fun for God’s sake.

    Love and Kisses, Poofness

    1. Thanks Victory!lol.. I love the way he throws it in there "I'm going to the beach"

      It will be an interesting day when announced..

  27. Category : non-related humor for the good cause :)

    1. and i was checking the two suns thing and of course this is what pops up in my playlist

      Bjork : "Aurora"

      The glacier head
      Looking hard for
      Moments of shine
      From twilight
      To twilight
      Utter mundane

      Goddess sparkle
      Shoot me
      Beyond this suffer
      The need
      Is great
      Utter mundane

      Goddess sparkle
      A mountain shade
      Suggests your shape
      I tumbled down
      On my knees
      Fill the mouth
      With snow
      The way it melts
      I wish
      To melt
      Into you
      Utter mundane

      Spark the sun off
      Spark the sun off
      Spark the sun off
      Spark the sun off me

    2. LOL!! Thanks for that. :) The past couple of days I thought I lost my sense of humor, but I found it with this. ;-)

    3. Oooooh....Bjork! Such a sweet little swan. :) Cool.

    4. LOL! I had to study that for a couple of minutes! Too cute! I guess I wore my eyes out with a lot of close work today. I'm sharing it if you don't mind terribly (I'm sure my daughter will see it and want to make one). Keep 'em coming!

    5. Cobra told us weeks ago, about how the Earth had originally two suns, then advised us a second sun would be returning.

      I can't remember if it was given in an old post on this site, or in one of the interviews, but I remember it.

      Maybe we should not be so astonished or doubtful when witnessing occurrence/s that actually DO follow "prediction/s"?


  28. Hi everyone,
    We have been reading many comments from frustrated individuals along with the usual dis-information trolls, on the discussion blogs we frequent. And we have been wondering if there were any implants or imprints manipulating us and interfering with our ability to discern the truth when we read it. And the first thing we found was an implant to keep us "READING, ACCEPTING AND BELIEVING CHANNELED MATERIAL". Then there is an imprint and implant for "GIVING MY POWER AWAY TO OTHERS THAT I ADMIRE OR SEE AS MORE GIFTED". We also found implants/imprints that keep us complacent like the "EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT FINE" implant. This implant keeps us from acting when we should, and is another form of the"giving our power away" implant.

    I thought this article might be of some interest, you can read the whole thing at:


    E & T

  29. I am Love - What you say re Godlike Productions being disinfo, is correct, from what I have heard. I believe it was James Casbolt who said it emanates from Tavistock.

    1. Thanks for the info Noela, it seems to be just that.

      It would be good site, along with many others, for those who are working on their discerning skills then.

    2. I like james casabolt he is a brave dude so if he says disinfo it is . too bad lots of dis info going around these days

  30. World Peace ~ Drawing From Divine Love Within, I Am A Peacemaker
    Posted on August 20, 2012 by Gillian
    August 20 2012 | Thanks, Deanne

    From the Unity book The Quest, we read: “There is a level in every human soul which knows no conflict, competition or contempt, a level which knows peace, harmony and love.” The core essence of every person is Divine Love. Let us live from that essence and recognize our Oneness.

    People from all corners of the earth hold in their hearts the desire for peace. We demonstrate and promote peace with each act of acceptance, kindness and respect. As we pray for peace in the world, we can also pray to live peacefully within ourselves.

    Inspired by Divine Love, I observe my thoughts, feelings and behaviors today. I reinforce the attitudes that foster peace and resolve to heal those that do not.

    Let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.—Romans 14:19

    1. Let´s make that our today´s purpose.

      Inspired by Divine Love, I observe my thoughts, feelings and behaviors today. I reinforce the attitudes that foster peace and resolve to heal those that do not.

      I keep doing things for a day, a week, and a month. Eventually, I find myself doing it naturally.

      Best for All.


    2. I would say that much more than 50% of new age material that has been spoon fed to the populace over the last 40yrs originated from Tavistock or the CIA.

      Especially after the drama's the governments had with the youth in the 6o's........the whole peace & love revolution must have really dug a thorn into their sides.

    3. yes Co9, exactly so.

      It was the '60's revolution which prompted the cabal to decide to co-opt the counter-culture movement - outlaw mind-expanding drugs, take over the music industry & it's powerful messages for change, masculate the free-loving women & send them out into the work force, and keep the drug profits in their own pockets, among other things.

      That took care of the social movements, and the assassination of JFK sent a clear warning to the political establishment.

      The economics had been wrapped up since the '30's - or earlier - with the establishment of the Fed.

      Add in Big Pharma, Ag & the mass media, and voilà ...

      Ahhh, but it must be quite disappointing to see the best laid plans unravelling ....

  31. Monday, August 20, 2012

    Crescent Moon Phase - Moon in Libra

    Something is going to form (re-form) or come together today. To facilitate this, strength of will and character is needed. We tend to want to feel in control of ourselves and our environment, and this mix of energy is what will alchemize something for useable reality. A degree of flexibility is required to keep the form malleable, as is an openness or willingness to extend ourselves to others. Some people will respond to this energy through aggression or being overbearing or feeling that they are better than others. There is an element of competition to this that should not be acted upon. Everyone's creations are unique. For those who are still coming out of the dark, the energy is trying to help you let go of the situation. Don't persist with problems that have been solved.

  32. OSW, I couldn't load more to reply on a comment you made on previous post about big pharma.

    They are dark for sure..
    This video from msm confirms it

    1. Oops!Here is the proper link

    2. This really pisses me off. It seems their goal is to try to make cancer (all types) a chronic illness to be treated with their "miracle" drugs to maintain life, but a cure would defeat that purpose, and of course they have to be careful to make sure the "therapeutic" agent does not also kill the patient, which is a very difficult balance to achieve. It does a parasite no good to kill the host, after all.

      I have to admit that I have some mixed feelings on this due to having a daughter who had childhood leukemia in 1994. She was possibly within hours of dying from internal bleeding when she was diagnosed and remission was achieved within a month and has remained since (they do not use the word "cure," though I suppose after more than 5 years one may consider it one). But this was not without a couple of life-threatening infections in the first year of treatment (which lasted for about two years). Would I have my beautiful 21 year old college student around if she had not gone through chemotherapy? (She was one of the ones who did not have any radiation or bone marrow transplant.)

      I'd like to think that if I heard the words "you have cancer" today that I would stop before considering conventional treatment and think about the various alternative methods I've learned about over the past few years. I can't fathom how frightening it can be. One very close to me was told that he would likely die within 2-3 weeks (with OR without treatment) from pancreatic cancer in 2008 but he managed to make it into a little over two years. The side effects from the chemicals were pretty devastating and he has my greatest admiration for not complaining very much. I just wish I could have convinced him to try Essiac Tea or something along the way.

      What is really maddening is that I'm sure the CURE for all cancers is available and being kept from us. Until that is revealed it's best to concentrate on prevention (ha, as if some of THAT information isn't also suppressed).

      And, not quite the same subject but definitely related, prevention reminds me of cigarettes. Many will argue that we are also only being fed the information that they are harmful when they aren't really. All I know is that I very much do NOT enjoy being around smoking or smelling the aftermath of it (yes, I live with a smoker). What is telling is how addictive cigarettes are -- when money is tight and there are many days left before the next payday, the smoker worries more about whether there will be enough money to buy cigarettes than if there is enough for food or transportation. (Hmmph, there would be no worry at all about the latter if the former were not a consideration.) And who knows what other things we are addicted to, not necessarily substances. I operate quite nicely without having television but know I would be mightily uncomfortable if I couldn't have my internet.......

    3. Thanks, Prosperity, the first link was very informative anyway! I'd also heard of DCA while researching cancer therapies. Oh but how they must pay homage to Lord Profit!!!

    4. Yes, I know, Prosperity. Thanks for the follow-thru!

      It's been a kind of campaign of research this over the last few years...and then to tell everyone I meet, anyone online or offline, who mentions doctors/pharma drugs, etc. to me gets the benefit of my opinion.

      People are addicted to going to these doctors who are nothing more than glorified salesmen and women working for the big pharmas. I never use pharma products (I don't say medicines, cos I don't think they are that) and, obviously, I never go to my doctor...I look after myself using real medicines that I have learned about.

      I highly recommend we all begin on this path, as it is sure not going to be long before all the big pharma B/S comes crashing down, and we'll need to know the old knowledge, as well, I hope, as having some new healing modalities.

      If the potential side-effects are worse than the ailment the drug is supposed to 'treat' then there is something clearly there to ring your alarm bells. Start reading, start thinking and stop partaking, if you are not seriously at death's door, then you should really be finding ways to naturally bring back your health, or at least treat your symptoms with natural remedies.

      And for pity's sake avoid vaccines, unless you have done your own research and are convinced they are not only safe, but actually do what they are claimed to do! I don't think either is true with current vaccines, but do your own research.

      I'm not a doctor, but I can read, and I have a brain, and I can make logical conclusions from what I read. No more lies. No more ignorance. No more head in the sand. They are seriously NOT interested in our HEALTH, just their PROFITS...and this has gone too far and for too long!

      As you can all see, this is one subject that gets me riled!

      Be safe, dear family.


    5. Well said, Wealth! I steer clear of the docs as much as I can, and you'd have to pay me a million to take a flu shot! At 60 yrs old, I take no "doctor drugs" (well, I do have a stash of pain pills for emergencies,) but thats it! Can't wait to see the walls come tumbling down on those two bedfellows, big pharma and the fda! love n light, Suzie

  33. Great Oldie..

    Aquarius (Let the Sunshine in)
    By: The Fifth Dimension

    When the moon is in the Seventh House
    And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    Then peace will guide the planets
    And love will steer the stars
    This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
    Age of Aquarius

    Harmony and understanding
    Sympathy and trust abounding
    No more falsehoods or derisions
    Golden living dreams of visions
    Mystic crystal revelation
    And the mind's true liberation

    When the moon is in the Seventh House
    And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    Then peace will guide the planets
    And love will steer the stars
    This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
    Age of Aquarius

    [Instrumental and tempo shift]

    Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in
    Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in
    Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in

    Oh, let it shine, c'mon
    Now everybody just sing along
    Let the sun shine in
    Open up your heart and let it shine on in
    When you are lonely, let it shine on
    Got to open up your heart and let it shine on in
    And when you feel like you've been mistreated
    And your friends turn away
    Just open your heart, and shine it on in

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Isn't it amazing what music does to the soul..keep on dancing Joko!

  34. Crystals, Symbols, and their Geometry
    I have read many different theories involving symbolism and geometry that have been posted on some of the different forums and I wanted to share my understanding of the importance of all three of the above mentioned. It appears that those who were around in earlier times actually held a fairly good grasp on these subjects as well, and some of their architecture without a doubt reflects that… I have heard some say that they thought certain geometrical patterns were associated with dark energy or with ill intention, personally I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that, but certain patterns may have been used regularly by certain groups, but they were just as often used by others. Symbols on the hand may read a little differently, the way I see it the alphabet consists of symbols that are related to a certain sound, words made from that alphabet create not only the combined sound of the letters but also represent one of several definitions depending on the context used, a sentence of those words represents a direction or idea, a paragraph represents the statement or theory of ideas, etc… Alphabets and Words require interpretation and imagination by those reading them; this can lead to the same paragraph of sentences having multiple possible definitions depending on the context there used in and the soul that’s creating them. Symbols on the other hand usually represent a fairly defined set of ideas and emotions, something which is much more difficult to misinterpret. Try and look at it like this, let’s say you want to express something you feel toward a significant other, saying the words “I love you” could be taken one of an endless number of ways depending on the circumstance, the environment, the mood, the tone, etc… Take the same two individuals and one of them quickly draws a heart in a frosty window or something like while passing by, the idea has been expressed and understood with little to no room for misinterpretation… Symbols have been used by many groups and societies since the beginning of time, some of the symbols created may stand for an entire collection of ideas such as a Country’s flag, or something as small as the love shown by a heart… Misinterpretation of languages and the intent by excerpts from them has led to war an uncountable number of times in the past, yet an international language of symbols is something that is relatively new…

  35. This is a good spot to bring up the crystals, quartz is a crystal that has been understood to record emotion and loop it back over time, this is something that you don’t hear about very often, but if we can record sound and picture onto magnetic ribbons or discs then why can’t we record sound and emotion onto quartz and play it back on demand? Or can we? Crystals are a powerful item that many think of as insignificant. Crystal healing, by example, is something that actually works and returns results, yet many hold onto the belief that it is that way because those using it believes it works, they self hypnosis theory. But this is not true; you can easily hear or feel the power of a charged crystal with little to no effort. Try this, while listening to a recording of very low hertz frequencies on headphones pick a piece of charged quartz up in your hand, then bring it up by your “third eye,” you will physically hear your perception of the sound change speed as you move it close to your chakra, also by setting a charged piece of quartz on your one of your chakras while meditating you feel begin to feel your skin around it move, you’ll physically feel the energy being absorbed by your body from the rock, this is another interesting result that can quickly open people’s eyes to the actual power and possibility of crystals. Now here’s where the subject of Geometry comes in to play, the fact that crystals refract light and act as a natural amplifier for certain types of energy is something that is well known, but the fact that the proper alignment of crystals in the proper geometrical patterns create unique vortexes of light is something that many still don’t believe… This is something that is most definitely true, the energy is something that can now be measured using different technologies we already have. So I would never say that a certain pattern represents any specific idea or group, but that geometrical patterns are something used in symbolism because of their significance of tools to any party interested in harnessing light, no matter what their intent…

  36. Yes, I want to help.. and will send you an email.

  37. Wondering if the "Essenes" are part of the Mysteries we are fixin to learn! Edgar Cayce says some far-out things about them!!

  38. I really like the Essenes. My own belief is that Jesus was either an Essene or very close to them, and many of the early followers of Jesus were Essenes. There is a book "Gospel of the Essenes" which is very beautiful. I,m afraid I cannot relate very much to the "Goddess", but the Essenes had daily prayers to "The angels of the earth" and "the Angels of Heaven" and that to me seems very similar - feminine and masculine together. "The law" to the Essenes was the cosmic law embracing everything, and that we should live in harmony with that law. They were way ahead of their time.

  39. The Essenes were definitely a sect of judaidsm at the time of christ and mary was one of the 'virgins' who was eventually chosen to be the mother of the planned incarnation of Yehoshua ben jospeh.
    They were vegetarians and lived a very pure and spiritual lifestyle.